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‘Why did I decide to come here?’
Technus, would-be ruler of the kingdoms, thought to himself as he ran for his life.

‘Why are there so many of these things?!’
He changed direction, racing to the left at the sight of another one off to his right, among the trees.

Another pair of glowing eyes growled -- they were almost on top of him, now!

All he’d wanted was to win the Keys to the Kingdoms! He’d heard some young knights had seen them deep inside this forest -- completely unguarded!
… It was obvious that this was a trap.
-- But NO MATTER! He -- the great and feared TECHNUS! -- would conquer every obstacle in his path and become the Ruler of the Kingdoms, and, eventually, THE WORLD!

But then… IT showed up. At first, he thought it was merely a normal forest creature, such as a wolf or a lynx -- not a small threat, but by no means… this.

It was far larger than any wolf Technus had ever encountered, and… it ran on two legs.
He knew it was a werewolf -- but he thought they were solitary creatures?! WHY WERE THERE SO MANY!?!?
More and more had shown up soon after the first -- but they didn’t attack. Just… staaaarred at him. With those… BLANK expressions.

Not to be so easily deterred from his prize, he’d intended to check 200 meters in every direction around the area said to hold the keys -- but.
They followed him. Staring. Just… staring.
By the time he’d made it halfway to the keys -- HE COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

Screaming at the top of his lungs, the GREAT and FEARED Technus ran into the village -- and straight into his cottage.