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That Time 1-A Found out Izuku may or may not Have Jumped

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All was quiet in the 1-A dorms, not a sound was hea-BOOM- Well that lasted. Kyoka slipped from her seat and Mina’s coffee ended up repainting the far wall. The worse reaction, however, was Shinsou, he dove behind the chair he was on, very much not used to quirk use in the dorms.

“FUCK OFF PONYTAIL!” Katsuki stomped down the stairs his hands going off like firecrackers.

“I’m just asking you to do a better job filtering yourself, is that so hard?” This was one of many regular arguments that just so happened to include Momo. Tenya had long given up this particular one.

“Well yeah, he has no filter,” Shinsou was of the antagonistic type so he butts in on things, “Not with the way he curses.”

“Honestly man,” Kirishima knew this topic well having tried himself with far less success than anyone else, “You don't even know the half of it.”

“I can filter myself! Fuck off,” Katsuki was sick of hearing this shit, worse Milissa had gotten involved. Katsuki had to grin though as Mei was right alongside him, of course, she didn’t know why she would filter herself which was funny at times.

“The fuck you can,” Izuku stepped out of the kitchen, his horrible concoction of eggs, orange juice and possibly nanomachines, wouldn’t put it past Mei, half empty in hand. There were things to be said about the pink haired inventor, not in front of Izuku though.

“The hell do you mean?” Katsuki turned his rage on the green haired quirkless Deku that had somehow made it into heroics. There were few things that Katsuki could respect, scoring first in the entrance exam at eighty-four points even without a quirk, yeah that qualified.

“You literally told me to jump off the roof,” Izuku simply stared at Katsuki, the vacant look in his eyes showing all the emotion needed for that sentence, None. Momo froze in place, her jaw hung open in shock. Shouto glanced over, realized Izuku was alive, shrugged and went on his way. Mina melted her mugs handle and allowed the mug to shatter on the flour. Kyoka faceplanted as she tried to get back up off the flour.

“Your still here aren’t you?” Katsuki gestured at the boy, “So not like you did.”

There was a beat.

“I mean, at least I don’t think you did.”

“Honestly,” Izuku stretched and downed his… breakfast thing, “Neither do I.”

“WHAT!” Kirishima’s voice was hard to miss, “The hell does that mean?”

Ochako both as the go-to peacekeeper and a person in on the whole affair shrugged and answered in place of the green haired boy, “I’d imagine suicide would be hard to remember if you actually did die and came back.”

“That doesn’t make this better!” Momo needed to get more answers. This couldn’t wait damn it! Why would Katsuki tell someone let alone one of his closest friends to commit suicide?

“The shit was less than useless at the time, no quirk, no training and he still wanted to be a fucking hero,” Katsuki laughed at that, “At the time it was his fastest option, be glad he probably didn’t.”

“Probably didn’t!?” Momo was nearly panicking she needed to know if Izuku needed therapy or, or... Anything damn it!

“As we established, we’re not sure,” Izuku shrugged, there wasn’t much to it really, so what if he may or may not have jumped the point is he was alive now.

“Just ah, don’t tell Togeta-san, “ Izuku looked out at his classmates, “He may get... Ideas .”

“Enough! Did you or did you not jump off a building!” Tenya was sick of beating around the bush.

“Yeah he did,” Mei stumbled down the stairs… on the Boy’s side, “Whole lot of ‘em.”

“What’s up bolts?” Katsuki turned to the girl, “You look like someone said you were banned from the fucking support labs.”

Everyone else stared at the girl, none trusting their sight fully. How did she get up there let alone in the building? Mei was dressed in a Deku themed t-shirt that went down to her knees. Wait, there was Deku merch already?

“The hell? What are you doing in the boy's dorms?” Kaminari shouted after the girl as she went to the kitchen.

“Forget that, how did she get in the building!?” Mina was alarmed, it shouldn’t be that easy to get in. Mei ignored them all and walked straight into the kitchen to grab her own food.

“Hey wait a minute!” Tenya called out suddenly, “That didn’t answer my question, nor did it reassure me!”

“Dunno what to tell ya, man,” Izuku’s grin spread wider, “We don’t know, simple as that.”

“You don’t even recall deciding to do it?” Kyoka didn’t like where this was going and Mei’s presence didn’t bode well. Whenever Mei and Izuku were together things got.. Confusing, let’s go with that. There was a lot to unpack about Izuku, this just added to the pile and no one really cared about Katsuki’s involvement at this point.

“Nope, not at all,” Izuku plopped down on the coach, “Honestly don’t remember much from around that time, went by in a blur if ya know what I mean.”

“Alright, I’m good! What’s going on?” Mei practically skipped back into the room, her usual cheer back in place.

“What were you doing in the boy's dorm?” was the first thing blurted out by many students.

“Me and Izu banged, why?” Shinsou fell on his ass laughing, Katsuki probably woke the entire school with his. Momo merely sighed, it was probably true. Izuku chocked.

“Mei!” Izuku’s face was lit up like a tomato at this point, “You don’t just say that shit!”

“I have to agree,” Tenya looked back at his friend, “While it is not my business what you do in your free time I should point out that that is the case, It isn’t my business .”

“Nor is it anyone else's!” Momo called, Mina seemed to disagree however as she looked like she wanted all the details.

Aizawa stared at his students and then glanced at his coffee cup. The pro walked into the kitchen, poured his cup into the coffee pot and proceded to take the entire pot with him on his way out. He was not paid enough for this shit.

On his way, Aizawa encountered All Might and promptly stopped him. All Might glanced at the teacher

“Why do you have a full coffee pot?” Aizawa rolled his eyes as if that was important.

“Doesn’t matter, just do me a favour, tell 1-A that their classes are cancelled for the day and that I want all talk of whether Izuku jumped off a building to cease by then.” Aizawa took a long gulp of coffee before rushing off.

“Hey wait! What do you mean he jumped off a building? When? Where? Is he okay? Why weren’t we told?” All Might went to rush after his fellow teacher before realizing it was futile, “Guess I’ll just ask the class then.”

Back with class 1-A plus one, the chaos had died down slightly due to a lack of real answers

“Hey Izu, wanna go for round two?” Izuku considered for a moment before shrugging. Izuku and Mei bolted up the stairs and into Izuku’s- I mean, their room.

“Soooo, Izuku and Mei are a thing I guess,” Mina flopped down with her replacement second coffee in hand.

“That’s the point you're going to latch onto?” Kaminari stared at the pink girl, the hell kind of thought process is that.

“Oh god we’re all doomed,” Shinso sat bolt upright, this was not good. Several members of 1-A bolted from the living room to write their wills at that point.

The most common item on the 1-A wills seemed to be ‘Find Mineta and kick him in the balls’ Odd.