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Inside the office...
"Your order to shoot all the prisoners. All of them! Secret Squirrel is on his way now with the keys to the armory. Pick a dozen men, distribute rifles and ammunitions, and make a start in A-block. Then, ah... as many men as you can find sill at their posts. Arm anyone who isn't already armed and get on with the job. The prisoner will be expecting this. They've been lock down for six days, they're aware of the current situation. You cannot allow yourself to be deterred, do you understand? Thank you, Chief Bogo. Goodbye. "

"Chief, what does all this mean?" Office Dibble confusing. The ox, he answered to him.

"It's mean there's going to be a war, Officer Dibble. Why don't you have yourself a seat?"

"There's no doubt?"

"The order I've just given came from Townsville and Zootopia. They wouldn't have done that unless the situation had been deemed irreversible. Republic City Peace Treaty can't be restarted. Lord Haters and Marvin the Martian demanded those Techno-Technos, ISA, and Capellan Confederation fleets out of the Omicron Persei 8. I don't know. But we can't have murderers, defectors, spies, drugs dealers, con-artist, obsessed fanboy, perverted guys, and some of these guys running loose in an barren wasteland, that would be just plain untidy." Said Chief. "Great." 

"How long?" Officer Dibble demanding Chief while he searching his whiskey, Jack Daniel inside the cabinet of the desk.

"Next week, tomorrow. Every Mega-Tri-Atomogrens' flight time over the galaxy and the universe is something like an hour for all we know they're already their way... Go home now, Officer Dibble."

Officer Dibble was shocked and he's ready to upset.

"My home is in New York City..." 

Chief see Dibble's upsets. 

"Okay. Well, you and I going to stay here and have a drink with my last whiskey." As he placing his SIG-Sauer P228 on his desk. And placing two empty glasses on his desk too. "You're more than welcome to join me, if you like."

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As Chief done speaking with Dibble. Two of them looking at the horizon, the gorgeous sunset for the last time. And waiting. Until their fates is dimmed.

Cut to the scene where two M1A1 Thompson on the floor and amount of bullets have been scattered nearby the submachine gun. Then we see the casts of the gang holding M1 Thompson, M16A2 and Low-Five holding Browning Hi-Power. 

"I guess Benny and Choo Choo have run out too..." said Penny the Squirrel.

"Uh-huh. These blockhead just went to the shelter, because right under this block is the bomb-shelter for the prison staff. Come to think if it. Anyway." Secret Squirrel responded to everyone.

The entire sector of the prison were covered with scattered empty shells, magazines, and blood after the mass killing of the prisoners. 

"You serious?" said Morocco Mole.

"It was put during the era of Pokemon - Digimon Civil Wars, Eggman Empire WarUltra War, and Mutilverso War. When all this halfwit politics and entire galaxies started going bad, we got orders to open it up and renovate it. Chief assigned me and Morocco Mole to look after the contractors. Got a nice bunker down here, fully stocked with canned foods, water, armory, and much more, sealed against the ultra-radioactive fallout..." 

"Secret, What on Earth at this point? I mean of suriving this?" asked Fancy-Fancy.

"Nah, whatever" Secret look at the remaining magazines."One more to go." 

The gang of Top Cats, Secret, Mole, Low-Five, and Penny readying to going downstairs to the block D, as they starting to talks.

"There is?" Spook questioning.

"Don't you know who Secret means, Spook?" Morocco Mole answered to Spook.

"Don't know who got down here" chuckling Top Cat

"I've never been here before. This is D-block." Morocco Mole talks to Top Cat as they walking downstairs.

"Yeah, yeah. Really Rotten, Ms. Meany, Wally Walrus, Katz, an' much more of 'em woulda beaten an' one old man woulda killed every inmates we got, they hadn't shut him up here. This scientist old timer had his own insane minds like murdering aliens, treason, illegal arms dealing, and took out like many, many, or million, and then, some guys send him to this penitentiary like feeding a predator meat!"

As they unlocked the gate, the sign said: MAXIMUM CAUTION.

The gangs continuing going inside in the narrow hall, except only one prison cell.

"Come on guys, take a look at his face." Top Cat advised the gang.

They take a look and ready to draws the submachine guns. Penny, Morocco and everyone readying their weapons.

"Come on, let's get this--" Just before Secret was finished his sentence. Entire lights instantly gone and everything is pitch black. Everyone was confusing and afraid.


"What's going on?!? "

"What's happening to the light?!?"

"I don't know!? Felt like an earthquake and --Gosh! the noise!"

"Oh, great. I know what it was!"

"You guys gotta kidding me!!!"

As everyone panicking and don't know how to solve the problem. 

"Quiet! Guys!" Secret shouting the gang. 

"Keep it together, guys! The bunker, remember? When we finished here and we will get down there! We're just gonna be fine!"

"B-b-but Secret--"

"Shut up, guys! Quit talking!" 

"Great! Brain, will you let go my rifle?!?"

"I wasn't hold your rifle, Top Cat" 

"And who was holding my rifle!?!"

As the group stopped responding, they smelled the lingering alcohol breathe from someone is nearby.

"OH NO--"





Outside of the ruined... 

"Come on, move it! Let me outta!" said by Jeff, crawling out of the ruined sewer... And he look at the skies for the first time...

"Holy shit. Rick. Rick? What’ve they done to the sky?”  

"Don't know for sure."

"But it looks like the skies are burning with red."

"How it can be-?!?"

"Don't know. Come on i-i-if you're coming with me..."

"I sure as heck ain't staying here. Gosh, I thought I gonna die on that goddamn tunnel..."

Rick take the Geiger detector to checking the radioactive levels. 

"Out here's where you're going to die. Inside seventy-two hours, from the looks of things." 

"Rick! We've been down in the bunker almost a year!" 

"And t-t-take thousand years or zillion years for background radiation to drop to safe level. I told you that when you said you wanted to joined with me."

He packed up his navy duffel bag and strapping his rifle, Colt AR-15 SP1 on his shoulder.

"Move, Jeff!"

Jeff looked back at the ruined penitentiary.

"Goodbye Redemption-Punishment. Not how I thought I'd be leavin' this place."

Jeff and Rick began their "uncanny" journey.

"You really goin' to Cartoon Network City? You think Black Hat was on the level?"

"Yes, definitely. And what's your excuse?" Rick responded to Jeff.

"Crap, it's like I told you rottin' away in the fuckin' bunker. Anyway, it's the end of the universe or multiverse. And I can't thought anything better of that!"




As Rick and Jeff's journey to the CN city, they continued walking and heading to the highway, the highway is clogged with wrecked and abandoned vehicles. And even, dust, dead bodies and ashen along with the decrepit vehicles. As they walking across these abandoned vehicles, Jeff see a dead mother and a child in the unnamed sedan.



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My name is Rick Sanchez, they used to called me "Rick" with many different realities. I had a wife and a daughter, but they died a long a time ago on the evening at my home. I blamed these unknown entities, time traveler or everyone else for their deaths. I went to war with friends, honor, loyalty, murderers, and assassins, with bureaucrats, politicians, and parasites who preyed on innocents. That innocent was a feeding ground that stretched beyond the greater infinite. That abomination, cretinism that it fed would never end.

The sky is dark and the "dark snow" falling. 

"They just sat here and died?" Jeff questioning Rick.

"Look at like it, news get worse. Everyone was heading for the safety areas and bunkers at once. Attack itself was a surprise, or there'd be more evidence of chaotic. Neo-EMP just fried the engines and everything across the planets, and the worlds -- fallout isn't far behind." 

Jeff Randall was a strange kid with a long list of phobias out of Aberdale, found himself in R-P when he made the wrong man look like twat of the year. Now there is no Aberdale. There are no marks. the game is over. Like Jeff says, he can't think what to do.

We see other things on the walk south. A refugee camp or a transitional shelter something that become a mass graves. Fire-trails and blazing from the gunfight, at what might have been a soup kitchen or food distribution. Signs of life that all too quickly turned to death. It begins a black snowing soot so hard that progress is impossible, in a civvies bus full of suicides corpses we settle down to spend the night of death.


Inside the bus. 


"Three bad decades. Fire Nation was one thing. Earth Kingdom, Gem Homeworld, Principality of Zeon, Irken EmpireGilgamesh Confederation, Balarant Union, Earth Federation, New Galactic Empire, Techno-Technos, Helghast Empire, Imperium of Man, and even Eggman Empire. You shout WAR ON TYRANT at the Galactic Federation and Gatlantis Empire and they laugh so hard the Multiverse blows in your face. That's the strife with a war you never want to end."
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Rick handed the canned food to Jeff.

"Eat something, kid..."

"What the heck for?"

"Please yourself."

"Seriously, What for?! Why are you keeping goin'?!? "

"Work still to be done."

"You mean slaughterin' right?"


"Oh dear..."

"There's still a choice between true and false. Do the first, you're not my problem. That hasn't altered. "

"What about Mojo Jojo?"

"Mojo Jojo went berserk. I hadn't shot him he'd have opened up the hatches, exposed all of us to radiation."

"Katz, and Major Man."

"They tried to eat Mojo Jojo's tissues and his liver."

"But why would it've mattered, I mean what've we got to--"

"You're going rotates in circles or spherical with this. I know where I'm going. I know why kid. If you can't say the same, too bad."

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                                                                                                                                        ---------- ----------- -------------- --------------- ------------------







"Townsville got a direct hit. Near miss on Endsville. Near enough, though. Look like they really plastered Elmore."

"Earth soaks up the blast at ground level. Airburst give you a largest kill-zone. You know I never been to Orchid Bay City before?


"Cartoon Network City."



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"Always knew I'd make the trip someday."

In the rubble and bones of we fund ourselves a vessel, and slowly make our way across the river. Jeff mentions something I'd forgotten: we've seen nothing living since we left the shelter. He was expecting continuity, humanity learning to adapt and overcome, a settlement. A sign.  Instead there's not even a rat or a cockroaches.

You don’t adapt, improvise, or overcome. You don’t build a stockade to keep away the mutants or inbreds, any more than you find yourself reborn with superpowers.
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All you do is what we’re doing now.



After the incident of Colony known as Side 2 and riot in Mega City-One, they closed a lot of spaceports, and many thing you won't know. They sank a large bunker nine hundred floors down was the truth somewhere in this city. 



After they reached the Park, the Park is fill of abandoned sedan and hummer. Dead trees. The smoldering of the dust. Rick checking the basement that wrecked by the abandoned station wagon.
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"This one"

"Oh god... Wait--"

Jeff puking after exposing to the radiations.

Jeff and Rick heading toward to the basement, through a nearly square opening in the tiled floor, sprawling on a flight of stone. Nothing but rubble and brick. Jeff took a notice. 

"There's blood in it."

"There ought to be."

Inside, Rick lighting his torch at the sign: DO NOT ENTER

"Almost there."

"What makes you so sure?"

 "Just like Black Hat described it. Look around for a keypad."

"Hang on a sec, did he gave you a real code?!"

"He was dying”

The door opening, revealing the elevator.

"Get in"

They get in the elevator.

"Be ready, the incapacitating agent kicks in as soon as the door close."

"What?!?" Surprising Jeff. 

The gas is initiated and causing two characters knocked out of cold. Eye closed, and as Rick opening his eye, image starting getting clear after the blurring. All is he can hear the sound of the people talking, and the clanking of the metals.

He was in the surgery room. On the operating table after many minutes passed.

“You guys, are just very sick." said by Eileen Roberts

Eileen, Margaret, Cloudy Jay, in the hazmat suits. Operating and observing Rick. 

"How long..." questioning Rick.

"A matter of hour." 

"Who are these bear...a...and the...the child?"

"They're just guards, Ice Bear, Panda, Grizzly and Chloe Park. Well. Yours." said Eileen

"Thing aren’t too well here. Some all of us aren’t coping as well as we thought we might. We’ve have suicides, but also a couple of murders. So nobody's taking any chances, if you see what I mean. Everything you had on you was contaminated. These are all I find in your size. So what did happened you, exactly?" 

CJ put the new clothes aside with Rick. 

"I mean, you don't have to tell me, but they'll want to know... Did you come in a armored vehicles like BAE Caiman, Humvee and have a breakdown, something like that? 
At first I thought you were from New New York or Brit-Cit -- but we haven't been able to raise the D.O.O.P HQ for a months, we figured it was a total loss. And we know Petropolis and Zootopia got eradicated right off the map.
Lord, you didn't make it all the way from Danville or Miracle City..."

Rick done clothing the new outfits and standing up from the operating table.

"You have to be one of us. We have the code for the elevator" Said Margaret.

Rick take the scalpel. Rick grab Eileen and threatening her with the scalpel. Eileen, look frightening. Rick threatening Eileen with the scalpel on her face. CJ and Margaret was afraid that Rick may slit her throat.

"I'll slit your throat. You'll get what I've got. Call those four fuckers in here now."

Three bears with a Korean child entering the room.

"Eileen? Is there something wrong?" Said Chloe.

"He's-- um-- he's having trouble with his standing--"

Rick violently throwing Eileen at them.

Rick slit Panda's throat and throw at Ice Bear, Grizzly, Chloe Park, CJ, and Margaret.

"Get the @#$% off me, Pan-Pan!!" shouted Grizzly.

He stomped on Ice Bear to make sure Ice Bear is dead. Eileen, look frightening. Rick threatening Eileen with the scalpel on her face and she saw her friends were slained. 

"Wake Jeff."

"I don't felt so good..." said Jeff, who is exhausted.

Eileen, frustrated and angrily telling.

"Look, what is wrong with you guys?!? What do you want?!? We have plentifully of canned supplies, plentiful of rooms -- But both of you two will be dead by the morning! I'm sorry! There's absolutely nothing I can do! We can make you guys more comfortable, I can even -- well, if you want I can make it easier , but I simply cannot reverse the kind of the tissue-damage and pulmonary hemorrhage you've suffered! Assaulting us like this, it makes no sense! IT DOES NO GOOD AT ALL!"

Rick blasting his Glock 18 on Eileen’s back, behind her back.

Eileen's corpse collapsed.

"Wh... Wh...?!" Jeff confused.

"She was part of it..."

"Let’s go..."

Rick pack with dual-Steyr MPi9 from the corpse of Grizzly and Ice Bear. And leaving the laboratory while Jeff was confusing and still questioning...

Once upon a time there was a bunch of evil fucktards. Hardly anyone knew, because they were so naivety, pure and good at keeping it quiet, but these particular abominable fucks owned the multiverses.

Rick mowing everyone in the cafeteria with dual-Steyr MPi9. Kill Archie, Dipper, Bug Bunny, Mabel, Stanford Pines, and everyone on the canteen..

"What's was that!?!?" shouted Sally Acorn.

"Are we being hit by--?"  said Rotor The Walrus.

"Gun shot from the cafeteria!"

"EVERYONE!!! We need more firearms and heavy support to create the defensive perimeter!! I will raised alarm to everyone to evacuate everyone to the Level G!!" shouted Muscle Man.

"Fall back!!" shouted one of the guard carried his M60.

All the security guards, remnants of G.U.N, Freedom Fighters, the Park workers, and everyone else brandishing their firearms, M16A4, SCAR-H, Galil 7.62, Uzi, P90, G3A3, FN FAL, L1A1, SIG SG 550, HK21, MP5K, G36K, L85A1, XM8, Colt M72A1 and Howa Type 89

The alarm blaring and the explosion. Several teams using Beretta M12 and Colt XM177-E2 to kill Rick but quickly taken down by Rick.

"The site is experiencing multiple shootouts. Full site lock-down initiated!" 

And they made the Multiverse a cynicism and depravity place. They ran the great industrial, megacorporations that soiled the air. Their megacorporations transformed the worlds into slaves. The moneys and currency they made could have fed and healed the populations of the multiverse twice over -- But all that they could think to do with it was hoard it. They got away with it by being expert businessmens. These were Cogs, ACME, McDuck Enterprise, Ekonomat, and all of them could sell anything to anyone. 

They made puppets out of governments and started wars for profits. Eventually, they came to believe that there was nothing that they couldn’t do. 

And so one day--


Protecting and prepared for their worst. Then, Rick mowing them down for any seconds. With G36K and switching to M134 Chaingun.

At the level G, the whole remaining teams is protecting the the War Room.

Mowing them down in a brutal way just like the destruction of the multiverse.

They pushed the Multiverse’s luck too far. 

He dropped his M134, he carried the M60 from the corpse of Skips. Shadow, Pops, Muscle Man, 

"You think they're here...?"

"In the event of the breaches, they seal themselves in the Command and Control Center AKA: War Room. The troops are supposed to deal with any fracas."

Rick typing the code of the outdoor. 

"Standby procedure."

When Rick opening the outdoor, it is revealed all the characters inside the C.C.C room.
The whole cabalist, wealthy and powerful...

Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Gladstone Ganders, Professor Layton, Lord Boxman, Hilda, unnamed staffs, Flintheart Glomglod, and everyone.

"Time’s up"

"Who’re you?!" said Scrooge McDuck

"You people should have killed Black Hat."

"Oh dear" said Johanna.

"Who?" Scrooge McDuck angrily questioning.

"The guy from Black Hat Foundation, the founder is him..." said Johnny D. Rockerduck.

"The mastermind villain with Evil Con Carne designed this place." said Rick Sanchez.

"You should have eradicated him, not just framed him, not just had him sent to R-P. That was where he throw me under the fucking bus." Rick bursting his tear and angrily at the groups.

"The day the war started, Black Hat was in the prison hospice. Which saved his life because the hospital next to the D-block, and that was where they built the shelter. Black Hat saw a doctor and a bunch of guards headed down there, and he followed them. All of us survived in that hell hole for a little under a months. Eventually there was trouble, and Black Hat was stabbed before I could get to him. It was while he was dying he told me all about all of you. Billionaires, Teachers, Senators, Pope, Priests, Cardinal, Statesman, Financiers, Scientist, Bankers, Industrialists, Sermons, Pastors, Anatomists, Civil Engineers, Secretary, Architects, Technologists, Machinists, Chemists, Economists, Monks, Philanthropists, Army General, and all. Black Hat called you The Orders of Neu. He said you wove a spell that lasted from the Golden War to the Great War. Yet, you hired him, his gangs, and all of those mastermind design the bunker for all of you.
One, each in Moominvalley, Zootopia, Terra 2014, Mega City-One, and Cartoon Network City: Neat and close for when you needed them. Deep enough to survive a nuclear attack, capable of life supporting for over a 80,000 years each one containing a banks of frozen embryos, and clonage. -- provided by you and the scientific personnel to oversee them. You guys could sit out the war you knew was nigh, the way you were running the multiverse. You guys could stay down here and breed, orgy, and if the women couldn't conceive you knew you had a back-up plan. 
One way or another, the future would be yours. Everyone else could burn or erased.
Black Hat started having doubts about the ethics of all this, so you fired him. He kept asking question and preaching about the veil and "conspiracy", mentioned going to the mainstream media. So you guys framed him. No would listen to him once he was in Redemption-Punishment. But like I said, that was a big mistake.
He gave me all of the locations, blueprints and maps where all of you lived. He had dozen of stab wounds to the chest and his abdomen but he made himself to live long enough to tell me everything. He knew I’d wait until the radiation levels dropped enough, so I could make it to Cartoon Network City. Then I’d come down here and Kill. All. Of. You."

"But-- who are you?" Said Gladstone Gander

I'm the thing that you let loose."

Rick pointing the M60 and preparing to slaughter but...

"NO!!" shouted by Flintheart Glomglod.

"Wait. I'm begging you. Please just wait." Said Alfur

"You're going to kill us anyway. What difference will it make to listen to us for just a couple of minutes.” Said Hilda

“I'm not going to try and buy you off, currency and Kublar is obviously meaningless now. I'm not about to offer you a place here, because -- well, you're quite clearly dying, so it wouldn't do you any good.” Said Mr. Burn.

"This is the last time we've received the last voice messages a weeks ago." Said Professor Layton. 

Activating the Audio Visual and Combined Operation Centers

The channel opening the recording of gunshot and screaming sound like Hell.

"Want some ASS?!?"


"CRY MOAR!!!!"

The screaming of Jared in the channel. Everyone were shocked...

"That is Warden and Jared" said anxious Dr. Ellidy

"In the Mobius Prime bunker they used firearm on each other. In Zootopia, they used firearms on someone else. On Moominvalley, we heard the audio log of the inhabitants of Moominvalley and other from Waterland are killing each other. We don't know for sure. Mewni, Heneissen, Mega City-One, New Mouse City and all over the Multiverse. We heard them, they left the channel open. What’s happened to the Multiverse, the implications — it’s beyond what the individual psychological can process. There were others, there were signals from smaller groups all over the Multiverse -- but they dried up inside the first twelve months. No one and nothing can survive out there. Do you understand what it is I'm trying to tell you? We are the last Toons left alive on Multiverse." said John D. Rockerduck.

"But we do have a bank of frozen embryos and clonage. And we do have the expertise to ensure their survival." Said Ludwig Von Drake.

"We, and us alone, can restart the multiverse and our species." said Goldie O’Gilt.

"And that's all folks... Well, that's all I wanted to say. Do what you will." Said Mr. Burn as he smirk...

A bullet hit right into Dr. Burn's forehead. 
As Rick open fire on everyone. He kill Scrooge McDuck, Dr. Layton, David, Gwen, Gladstone, Goldie and everyone. He gave no mercy to them for what they did to the multiverse.

Jeff was horrified at Rick slaughtering everyone and he can do is to hear the hellish and bloodcurdling scream.

Expert Businessmens. They could sell anything to anyone.

Except me.

Webby, Louie, Huey, Dewey, O.K, Professor, guards, Hilda, Johanna, David, Frida, Benson, Mr. Maellard, Enid, Lord Boxmore, Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander, John D. Rockerduck, Ludwig Von Drake, Mr. Burn, Dr. Ellidy, Flintheart Glomglod, Jeeves, Benson, Gwen, Goldie O'Gilt, Professor Layton, Techno-Technos, Maganats, Lord Boxman, and many many... are all dead...

Rick drop M60 on the floor, everything went silence. No single survivor from the Rick's menace. Except Jeff.

"The’ve seen what that leads to."

"How does a prankster get sent to D-block?"


"You knew all along...?"

"I suspected."

"I set a fire incidentally to a bunch of paleo-building. A picnic things. Except the house were next to a school an' like a couple dozen kids got crisp to charred. The guys in R-P woulda eviscerated me apart.

"How come you didn't say anything before?"

Wanted to see if you'd confessed it. What about you?"

Jeff is getting tearing

"Did you want to be judged or could you just not summon up the balls for suicide."

"You see what I mean about the Multiverse?"

"Oh god, you gotta be fucking kidding me." Jeff is crying about his confession and his fatal flaws.

Rick strangled Jeff until Jeff become a lifeless corpse. 

Then, the whole bunker is silence once again with the mountains of corpses. 

Rick Sanchez, the last Toon left alive in the Multiverse.


























When I open my eyes, the sun is shining. It’s April the first. 

I’m waiting for them. 

That thing... I could have stop it before they get out.

I could have save them.
These are killers from interdimensional, enemies with weapons intent on eradicating each other, and none of them cares just what might happen in the cross fire.

My family, Morty, Diane, Beth, Jerry, and Summer



Maybe this time I'll be there in time to save them.
































































20-8-5 5-14-4









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