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Scars show who you are

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Ochako was relieved it played like this. When she looked at Jirou and Mineta, stuck in each other’s bodies she was glad who she got stuck with. Looking at herself like this felt weird, seeing her body, she looked down when her head turned to her and her own, high pitched voice came out. Did she really sound like that?

− I am sorry Uraraka-san. − Deku said softly – If only I was a bit faster, I could’ve got us out of the way.

She smiled and looked at him.

− It’s alright Deku-kun, um, I’m glad I got stuck with you. – she spoke before looking ahead to where Aizawa was bringing Recovery Girl.

All six of them stood to attention, Jirou with hope, Bakugou and Todoroki finally getting scowls off their faces.

− We talked to the civilian who activated their quirk during rescue mission, her quirk lasts about twelve hours, sometimes a full day. I already tried my quirk, it cannot undo it. Recovery Girl will try hers, if heeling your bodies will speed the process. Who will go first? – he gave them no time to ask questions before giving the idea of getting rid of this faster

Jirou wanted to shout them first but was pushed aside as Todoroki and Bakugou barged in front. It felt comical to watch Todoroki, his body, usually calm and collected go off so hard, yelling in Recovery Girl’s face until she smacked him with her staff.

− Arlight youngsters, pucker up. – she said lening in to kiss Bakugou who was still holding Todoroki’s head, impacted by the punch before looking at Todoroki in Bakugou’s body who kneeled so she could reach him.

They looked at one another then at her before Todoroki, his body, exploded again with loud curses and shouts before Aizawa restrained them.

−Why me? – Todoroki asked looking down where he was restrained.

Uraraka couldn’t help but let out a series of chuckles before spotting Jirou’s face, actually Mineta in her body, there was something disturbing in the way his gaze went over other girls from their class, she stepped in front of him and turned him her back as erases started talking again.

−We believe that it is too dangerous to let you train today, so until this wears off you are not to use each other’s quirks, if any of you think you are not able to control the quirk we have a set of blocker bracelets. – he explained but Bakugou was already walking off

−Fuck that! I am going to MY room. – he said.

Even though he was the most explosive one, deep down they all knew he was the most responsible one as well. Not a moment later her own round face was in front of her.

−Um… Uraraka-san, ah, I think that it would be the best if you took the bracelet… - Deku said softly looking down at his right arm and Uraraka remembered seeing scars there.

She nodded and smiled.

−Yes, I will. – she smiled and went to Aizawa to get her bracelet on.

Then she followed Deku back to their classmates.

−Uraraka-san… I, um, I want you to know… That.. I’ll respect your privacy! – with flushed face Deku spoke before storming off, grabbing Iida’s hand only to make him float as he dragged him away.

She stood dumb founded until she realized what he meant. She blushed, but deep down she knew she could trust Deku not to touch or to look at her body more than necessary.

That being said she found herself in her room, touching Deku’s body. His shirt was ridden up to his pectorals, held by her left hand, pinky still up in the air as her right hand touched toned and defined muscles.

– Deku-kun worked really hard… – she noted with a smile before taking off the shirt, both of her hands lightly brushing over his scarred side.

Her gaze softened the more she looked at it, there were s many scars over his arms, abdomen and pectorals and with each scar she touched admiration in her swelled in size. She turned her back to the mirror, her head looking back to see defined muscles there.

–It must be nice… – she mused – Having a body like this, strong… Sturdy… Not round and soft.

She tore her gaze away and looked down at her, his?, arms. She remembers how he got that nasty scar. In her eyes Deku was already a respected hero, someone who carried old ideals of heroes. Ideals older than quirks, ideals of hero who selflessly helped, giving their all without asking for anything in return. She saw it in other classmates as well and felt embarrassed flush filling her cheeks.

Her goal felt selfish when compared to the ideal Deku presented. Yet he did not frown upon her reason, but smiled and welcomed her. She hugged his body, eyes tearing up.

Deku’s body was a proof of his hero persona, of him himself. With a fond smile she placed the shirt back on and sat on her bed. With all her heart she wished to be like Deku, someone so strong, so pure yet so determinate in fulfilling their goals.

She rose her hand up to the ceiling as she fell on her back, could she chase after him? Get on the level Deku was on?

She felt surprisingly lonely in the moment, it felt like the body she was in was so far ahead of her with many other silhouettes. She recognized one closest to Deku, Bakugou, Todoroki  was on his other side, Iida stood near them, with Momo, Kirishima, Tsuyu, followed by Koda, Aoyama, Tokoyami, Mina and Kaminari. She turned to her sideand reached for her pillow hugging it.

–I don’t want to go back…– she mumbled even though sleep was heavy on her.

First thing she heard in the morning was a loud explosive noise followed by “My room bro!”, she blinked up, that sounded like Kirishima, but he was all the way in the boy’s dorm. She opened her eyes and almost screamed, bright blue eyes were staring at her soul as she twisted and punched between them only to feel how soft they were, like, like a pillow. She looked back and realized she just punched All Might pillow.

With a sigh she rubbed her eyes before starling again, she did not have All Might pillow. She looked around, this was not her room, if all All Might figures were to say, it was Deku’s room. She blushed and sat up then realized, she was not in Deku’s body.

Disappointment flooded in her as she felt her own soft, plump belly. She stood up with a pout trying not to bite her lip, she turned around to at least fix Deku’s bed when her eyes landed on something near the bed, it was a photo. Deku looked so much smaller there, in frame at least, standing next to a woman who she guessed was his mother, both with tears in their eyes as Deku held his middle school diploma. She picked it up with a soft smile. Deku looked so scrawny there, he too lithe compared to how he looked now, almost a year after this photo.

Something bloomed inside of her, beside admiration it was hope, if Deku managed to change his body after such short time period to chase his dream so could she. With clenched fist and determinate smile she placed the photo back walking out of his room.

She was greeted with a rather strange scene, Todoroki and Kirishima were walking down the hall, Kirishima obviously burned and lightly injured while Todoroki held his flushed face in his hands clothes obviously burned.

–We did nothing, just fell asleep in my room!–Kirishima spoke hands going around as he explained and Todoroki just shook his head.

She couldn’t help but laugh before there was another explosion followed by Bakugou’s loud voice. If no one was awake, now they definitely were. Another person was running toward her and she smiled.

–Deku-kun!– she greeted him.

–Uraraka-san! Ah, sorry for the inconvenience.–he awkwardly bowed

She felt warm inside as she patted his shoulder.

–No, no. It’s alright. I’ll work harder!– she smiled and showed off her arms before biding him goodbye running to her room willing to put on some training clothes and go running before breakfast.

However once in her room she couldn’t help but lay on her bed just for a moment and her blush rose again, it smelled just like Deku. With a soft smile she hugged her pillow allowing herself a few moment before she was up and about her day.