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you could see the entire night sky shining in his eyes

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His face would cloud with something like anger, but you could see the entire night sky shining in his eyes. I grinned, teeth flashing in the light of the moon. I summoned Void Gear, it's gleam blending in with the darkness surrounding us.


He summoned his own Keyblade, it's shine momentarily blinding me. He saw my weakness as a time to strike. I managed to dodge in time, the Kingdom Key going over my head as I ducked. "I didn't expect you to go for for a cheap shot like that Sora." He rolled his eyes at me. "Color me surprised."


"I didn't come here to talk Vanitas, just fight me." He told me. My molten gold eyes drilled into his night skies, and we both pounced.


He tried to go for a quick combo of slashes across my torso, but I jumped over him. I aimed for a kick at his back, but he rolled backwards and shot a firaga at me. It was a large game of tag. Both of us trying to hit each other with our attacks. But none of them struck.


I looked at his face and saw a large grin, with his skies full of elation. He was happy, excited, that someone was fighting him. It was night time but his face never grew dark. The fighting stalled for a moment as we stopped to catch our breath.


I barked out a laugh, "How long has it been since you let yourself free, Sky Boy?" He unsummoned  his Keyblade and flopped on the sand, staring at the moon. It was silent for a moment, then he spoke. "It's been years Vanitas. I've been held down by my so called 'responsibilities' for so long. I've done so much for them, but they can't give me the one thing that I actually earned." He looked at me, his skies twinkling like stars. "It's fun to fight without having to worry about my life and others."


He looked at his hands. "I used to wish that I could turn back time. If I did that then I wouldn't have to worry about all this, all the darkness and fighting." He stood up and smiled. "But I don't anymore. Because if I did then I wouldn't remember all of the people I've met, all of the friends I have gained."


I started to actually study him for the first time in my life. In the dull light of the moon I could see some the little scars marring his skin. Some etched deeper than the others. I looked into his twin skies and saw the night sky, with a simmering darkness hiding beneath all the stars. "You have darkness in you." It was a statement. "Why?" I asked him.


He looked a bit surprised at my question. He ruffled his hair. "I guess I got it when I became a shadow? It really wasn't explained to me." So he became a shadow? "Interesting." I muttered. In an instant I was in front of him, studying his darkness in all of its entirety.


He wasn't ready for me to move in front of him that quick, so he reacted. With his reflexes he quickly re-summoned Kingdom Key and aimed for a swipe at my head. I managed to move back in a nick of time, a sharp corner slicing my cheek, drawing blood. He panicked, arms flailing around. "Ah! I'm sorry!"


The blood slowly rolled down my cheek, leaving a trail of liquid pain. Luckily it didn't hurt too bad. I was just about to use Cure on myself, even though the cut was as long as my pinky finger, but Sora beat me to it.


There was a small voicing of a "heal" then the space around me lit up. There were bright vines of green surrounding my head, leaves pulsing out every second.


One caressed my cut cheek and flew off to join the others. Leaving a trail of green along with it. The cheek wound was healed, a small faint green line following where the cut once was. I smiled faintly, a warm glow in my golden eyes.


Cure always left me feeling warm, but it soon went away. It always tried to battle the freezing blizzard of darkness that was inside me, but it never worked.


"Are you ok?" He asked me. The smile slid off my face and I sneered. "Of course I'm ok. Did you think a little cut like that would kill me?" He looked abashed at my comment. "I'm sorry Vanitas. I just didn't expect you to pop up like that in front of me. You were really quiet, it's not like you." Did he expect me to be loud and insulting all the time? Even if I was quiet it wouldn't make anything else better.


Sora was quiet for a few moments, he seemed to be thinking something over, then he rushed forwards and pulled me into a hug. I stood shocked. I don't think that I was ever hugged by anyone in my lifetime. Everyone was too busy hating me, for the things I done to them.


I stood there, my arms hanging at my sides. Sora hugged me tighter. His brown hair entangled with my black. I let my arms guide themselves to hug Sora back, my head resting on his shoulder. He was warm, so warm. I felt something wet roll down the same cheek that was cut but soon healed.


They kept coming down in streams, and I let them. It felt good to be in someone's hold like this. To be cared for, to be protected . A faint smile came on my face, but this time it didn't leave.