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don't ask, don't speak

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For as long as anyone's known him, Bakugou Katsuki has possessed a driven, undivided focus on achieving his goals. He's never concerned himself with frivolous shit like dating or having sex. Had no time for it.

Anything that doesn't advance his plans is an unnecessary distraction.

But he's young, and he's surrounded by hormonal people, so sometimes he does get curious.

Briefly allows himself to entertain the idea of kissing a girl, or going on a date with her and yet the idea seems dull. Lackluster. It sufficiently squashes the curiosity, and the appeal continues to escape him.

It stays that way all throughout middle school, and follows all the way through U.A. His classmates were different—with the exception of one—and they were both easier to tolerate and actually worth knowing, but the subject follows him here anyway.

What a waste of time. If any of them were actually taking their future seriously like Katsuki is—doubtful—then they ought to know that a lame relationship would only serve as a distraction to what was really important.

Just look at All Might. The man put all his focus on his work, and the results showed. He was and still is the best of them all.

Katsuki learns to tune it out, so he doesn't know why he's suddenly paying attention now.

"Way to go, Midoriya!"

Right. Shitty Deku.

It was frustrating how easily that stupid nerd always got his attention.

"T-thank you, Ashido-san." Deku stammers, colouring a bright red as their classmate leaned into his personal space.

Katsuki withholds a snort. Already halfway through their second year and the loser still couldn't bring himself to talk to girls without becoming a flustered mess.

"I'm so happy for you twoooo!" Black Eyes coos.

Hah? What the hell was she yapping about?

"Ashido-kun, please return to your seat. Classes will be starting shortly!" Glasses declares loudly, karate chopping the air as he always does.

"Yes prez," The pink girl pouts, but not before melting Deku's brain with a hug. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Mina-chan..." Uraraka looks embarrassed for some reason. Her rosy cheeks were more pink than usual.

What the hell was going on?

Katsuki frowns, observing what he could from the classroom window's reflection. What did he miss?

Once Glasses finished annoying Black Eyes into going back to her seat, he turns back to Deku, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I must also offer my congratulations, Midoriya-kun! I trust that you and Uraraka-kun will conduct an appropriate behaviour in class."

"Iida-kun," the nerd stammers, beet red. "I-I wouldn't—!"

Their class representative nodded approvingly. "Very well! I wish you both a fortuitous relationship!"

"Geez, you're acting like they're getting married or something." Earphones remarks. "They're just dating, prez."

The rest of the conversation seems to fade away as he runs the new information through his mind.

Deku? Dating?

He doesn't know why the whole concept baffles him.

It's not like anyone has been blind to the way Deku and Uraraka have been circling around each other since first year. Of course this was the natural result, it was only a matter of time.

He thinks of how that confession would have went. It makes more sense for Uraraka to be the one that brought it up, but Deku has been asserting himself more and more the longer they've been in U.A. So it isn't too farfetched that he was the one that finally got the guts to say something, if Black Eyes' comments were any indication.

But for some reason the idea sits oddly with him.

He thinks about Deku doing any of the stuff their peers would talk about. Holding hands, cuddling, going on dates, kissing.

It makes him feel... something.

Katsuki's not sure what. But he knows he doesn't like it.

He chalks it up as disappointment.

It's still a distraction.

It's a distraction. And Deku should've known that when he has to uphold All Might's legacy. He should've known he won't have the time to juggle a relationship and his hero work if he actually has any intention to surpass Katsuki like he says he does.

Yeah. Disappointment. That must be it.

Whatever. It's not his problem if Deku was dumb enough to focus on the wrong priorities. Unlike him, Katsuki intends to go to the top.



The next few nights, he dreams of holding scarred hands, of tangling into wild curls, of bitten lips spread into a glowing smile.

Katsuki wakes up on those mornings with no recollection of any of it, but with a strange sense of loss.