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I Defy You, Stars

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Jotaro sees the knives hurtling towards her and he remembers. Remembers the fear he felt when Dio attacked him in the same way. He can't let his beloved daughter die.

He stops time, tries to save her, but deep down he knows that everything is doomed. A sickly feeling turns his stomach into knots as he moves Jolyne away. He knows what's going to happen next.

He thinks of his wife. He could barely call himself a husband-- always working for the Speedwagon Foundation or on a business trip. Jotaro never cheated- he prided himself on that. Their daughter was a product of the consummation of their marriage, he never slept with his wife after that.

Guilt worms its way into his brain. Two seconds have passed since he stopped time and he knows he has very little left. As he aims an attack at Pucci, his mind drifts to an old friend whose life he couldn't save.

Oh, Kakyoin.

They weren't exactly a fling. It was more a case of hormones and fear and loneliness overtaking their teenage brains. Jotaro refused to acknowledge it at the time, but Kakyoin began to pine for him. He'd sneak glances at his companion when he was busy. A thin tendril of Hierophant Green would wrap around Jotaro's waist when he returned to his own bed at night, which he would remove without response.

Jotaro shudders when he remembers the sight of Kakyoin's bleeding, lifeless body on a stretcher. Had he remembered to put flowers at his gravesite before going to Florida?

It doesn't matter now, I suppose.

Jotaro is aware of what will happen when time resumes. He's afraid to die. Will he see his Kakyoin again?

Four seconds now. He's only got two more to spare.

Kakyoin was the one who caused Jotaro to discover Star Platinum's true power. He discovered the secret of The World at the cost of his own life, and Jotaro would never forgive him for that. He spent years trying to rationalize the death of his boyfriend.

As he matured, shortly after he finished up the events in Morioh, he realized his true feelings for Kakyoin. It only took him eleven years to grasp that he had fallen in love. Any glance of bright red hair he saw on the street made his heart ache. He couldn't stand the smell of artificial cherries anymore, as they reminded him of nights spent in bed with a man whose shampoo smelt of cherry limeade.

Jotaro hid his affections from the outside world as best as he could. He was gay. His wife knew, she confronted him about it when Jolyne was three. She told him to leave and never come back, Jotaro Kujo how could you lie to me like this, I loved you. He cried then. He pretended to love the men he stayed with as he wandered. He never did, he never could. Kakyoin had a firm hold on his heart.

As time began to flow freely again, a single tear drips down Jotaro's cheek. He missed Pucci completely.

He knows he's going to die. He sees the knife fly at him and he accepts it completely. He's relieved when he feels his life drain away. It only hurts for a moment.

He's at peace once more.


I've been waiting for you, Jotaro. I missed you more than words can say.

Noriaki, I--

You're okay now, Jojo. You can rest with me.

I love you.

He still smelt of cherry limeade.