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Dragon Age MGIT: I guess Portugal is Antiva now...

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A group of silver armored guards is dragging a dwarf, they enter a large stone building and throw him to a mahogany chair. The dwarf tries to sit up and he cleans blood off his mouth. When he sees a female shadow coming from the darkness of the poorly lit room. "I've had gentler invitations"- sighs the dwarf while guards are surrounding him. The woman comes out from the shadows and presents herself "I am Cassandra Pentaghast, seeker of the Chantry." He reclines himself on the chair and smirks "And just.. what are you seeking?" The stoic woman gets closer to him and makes her intentions known. "The champion and the Seer." "Which one?"- teases the dwarf. The women loses her patience, gets dangerously close to him and points her sword to his neck. "You know exactly why I'm here! Time to start talking dwarf. They tell me you're good at it."-she threatens him. The dwarf raises his hands in surrender and in a more serious tone finally asks her "What do you want to know?" "Everything. Start at the beginning."-she sheathes her sword.

The dwarf starts telling the story of the champion Eddard Hawke , as he bravely destroyed everything in his way, with his sword and shield, alongside his siblings. Until a high dragon appeared on the top of the hill, admiring his work. "Bullshit. That's not what really happened! And what about her? Where is she in your story?" - asked Cassandra exasperated with his lies. "Does that not match the story you've heard, Seeker?"- says the dwarf quite pleased with himself. " I'm not interested in stories. I came to hear the truth."- the seeker starts getting mad once again."What makes you think I know the truth?"- he says trying to change the conversation. "Don't lie to me ! You knew them even before they were the Champion and The Seer!" - she stabs a knife into the book the dwarf is holding. "Even if I did, I don't know where they are now."- the dwarf carresses the book fondly as if he's remembering them. " Do you have any idea what's at stake here?"- sighs sadly the seeker. "Let me guess your precious Chantry's fallen to pieces and put the entire world on the brink of war? And you need the only people which can help you put it back together."- he closes the book quite mad. "They were at the heart of it when it all began. If you can't point me to them, tell me everything you know."- she begs. "You aren't worried I'll just make it up as I go?"- the dwarf says quite surprised by her will. "Not at all."- she says and she crosses her arms. " You'll need to hear the whole story." - he puts himself comfortable and he starts his greatest story. "The Blight had been unleashed on Ferelden. Darkspawn poured out of the wilds, clashing against the army at the ruins of Ostagar. The battle was a disaster. King Cailan died on the field with his men, betrayed by his most trusted general. Unopposed, the horde marched on the village of Lothering. The village burned and many innocents were slaughtered. The Champion's family barely escaped in time, but while they were escaping they saved the one you know as the Seer now, even though she was the one that saved them more. She wasn't always as powerful and renowned as you may think, before all this she was just a poor innocent girl from a foreign land, called Marina...

Marina POV

"I'm late! Oh boy, I'm so late for class! Madame Martin will kill me! As if she doesn't hate me already.Why is it raining?! I hate this!" While I'm running in my green parka and on my probably drenched black converse, I see what seems like a really big White wolf. I must be seeing things. It's just probably a big husky .Oh well finals and the rain do that to you. The poor dog must be drenched. As I try to come near him he runs away. "Come here sweetheart, I won't hurt you."- I try to coax him but he keeps running. Might as well follow him, I probably missed most part of the class by now. "Wait! Don't go!" He runs away and I follow him throughout Lisbon's university campus until he turns to a alley. When I reach the alley the dog disappeared but a really intricate mirror stands in his place. It's black and it's decorated with vines and flowers. "Weird. This mirror seems familiar. But where have I seen it?"- I tap my chin with my small chubby hand in thought. "Oh well, might as well touch it. It's so beautiful." When I touch it, the mirror starts emitting a green light and starts pulling me. " Wait! No! Help! I don't want to go!"- I try to pull myself but it's too strong and soon I'm entirely absorbed into a dark abyss. I only heard a really familiar female voice: "I found you, young seer." After it I pass out.

In Thedas

Hawke's POV

"Keep running mother, we can do this."- I run while supporting my mother's with my arm. Bethany and Carver are taking care of the small darkspawn that were left."Where are we running to?"- asks Bethany out of breath while she's holding her sceptre. "Anyplace is better than here."- grumbles Carver while she slashes the last one. " We lost everything your father and I had built. Everything." - mother leaves my arm and cleans her tears. As we are recovering our strengths to keep running, I hear Bethany scream: "Hawke, there is a girl passed out near the sea but darkspawn are going in her direction! We have to help her!"- she points towards a body seemingly close to us. We quickly run towards it and start slashing and burning the group of harlocks. " Mother! See if she is alright! We'll take care of this!"- i leave her and she goes towards the body. She kneels near it and realizes it's a young girl around the same age as her younger children. "You poor thing. What happened to you? Where is your family?"- mother tries to check on her and realizes the girl is wearing really weird clothes. Soon enough we finish the beasts and we rush towards mother. " Is she alright mother?"- Bethany asks quite worried. "She's drenched, her clothes are definitely not fereldan and she seems antivan due to her tanned complexion. Besides all that she's only passed out and she's breathing evenly. Perhaps she's victim of a shipwreck."- mother looked at us. "Thank the Maker."- says Bethany, quite relieved. " We can't leave her here. She would be slaughtered by darkspawn. We'll take her with us."- I said quite confidently, I don't know why but something was telling me I should protect her. I grabbed her in my arms bride style and we kept walking. " Don't you think we have enough to worry about?"- asked angrily Carver. "We are taking her, Carver. We can't leave the poor girl here She's alone and has no one, unlike you."- I said rather defensively to my brother. He shut up and turned his head towards the ground ashamed of his words. As we keep walking I inspect her closely in my arms, she's quite... cute actually, she has dark brown wavy hair in a disheveled updo and she looks quite curvy actually. I wonder what colours her eyes are? As I end inspecting her, I realize she really is wearing weird clothes. I have never seen pants so tight and this coat thingy she's wearing is quite peculiar. Oh well, it doesn't matter. As I finish looking at her, she moves in my arms and cuddles closer to my chest."Mãe? Pai? Não me deixem! Por favor!"- She cries while she sleeps. As I hear her cries I promise myself I'll protect her with all I have. Suddenly we see a couple, a woman warrior and a Templar. They are fighting darkspawn, but the man looks quite injured. We rush to help them and Bethany and Carver end the last ones. " Are you alright? "- mother asks them. "Two mages! I cannot...hgh"- the man points towards Bethany and the girl in my arms, and holds his bleeding side. I guess you're a mage too, little antivan. " Wesley! They helped us. Can't you turn a blind eye to them?"- the woman said as she holded him. " I guess I can...hgh "- he painfully said. "Come with us, we could use another sword."- I said. "I'll help you."- she said. "I'm Aveline and this is my husband Wesley".- she presented herself. "I'm Hawke, this is my mother Leandra, my brother Carver, my sister Bethany and this girl in my arms, we don't know, we saved her from darkspawn some minutes ago. "Nice to meet you, let's be on our way."- Aveline nodded in our direction and helped her husband walk. We kept our path and then when we reached the center of a slope we noticed we were surrounded by darkspawn. We started walking to some rocks and I landed the girl near them and Aveline left her husband near her. "Wesley stay with her while we fight them."- Aveline begged her husband. I left her in his and in my mother care, while we fought the darkspawn. As I slashed and bashed them with my shield, they seemed to never end. Suddenly a Ogre goes in Bethany's direction and I scream scared for her life." Bethany! Watch out!"- I try to reach her but she isn't turning quick enough. As I start fearing for her life. I hear someone shout?!

Marina's POV

Aw, my head, where am I? This isn't my college! As I open my eyes I look around me and see... Leandra and Wesley from Dragon Age II?! They are kneeled next to me looking at Hawke fighting alongside his siblings and Aveline. As I scrub my eyes and pinch myself wondering if this is all a dream, I realize it isn't. Suddenly I see an Ogre towards Bethany! Bethany no! I've always felt useless when I came to this part of the game and I couldn't save her. Not today! I must do something, but what? Perhaps if I call him to attention, it will give enough time to Bethany run. So I do the only thing I can do right now... I scream! " No!!!!"- I kneel and reach my hand towards her. Everyone turns their eyes towards me for a second, when we hear a roar from the skies. Is that Flemeth?! Oh boy, it is! She will kill the Ogre. Flemeth burns every darkspawn in her way and throws the Ogre out of the cliff. Thank god, they are all ok! But why I'm in Dragon Age II, this can't be happening! This must be a dream. As the dragon turns into Flemeth, and strances in my direction, she talks to Hawke to make a deal with him, when suddenly she gets close to me and speaks: "This isn't a dream young seer, you've got more power than you think. When you finally accept it come to Sundermount and I'll teach you." Flemeth turned towards Hawke "Protect her she will be useful to you and she will be very important for your story."- she glanced at me once again and took off in her dragon form. As she left, everyone got closer to me and they seemed amazed and some scared at what I had done. Bethany got closer to me and thanked me."Thank you so much! You saved my life." As I start panicking, everyone started questioning me about my whereabouts and my "powers", I finally inspected Hawke. Oh boy it's Eddard Hawke my Character that I did in my game. He glanced and smiled in my direction. He had beautiful blue eyes, black wavy hair, he had some facial hair and he was tall and had a strong build. As I inspected his phisique, he talked in a really deep yet kind voice: "Guess I was right, your really something else, little antivan." Besides his words there was only one thing in my mind at the moment: Well shit, why did I made you so hot?!

Chapter I End

"Mãe? Pai? Não me deixem! Por favor!"-Mom?Dad?Don'leave me! Please!

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Marina POV

As I was trying to avert my eyes from Hawke’s, I realized everyone was staring down at me. As usual, I’m the shortest. I’m used to it. Back in college, it was the same thing. I was surprised by Hawke calling at my attention:

 “Little Antivan, that was some display back there! Are you alright?”, Hawke said while he was crouched next to me. I nodded my head and tried to get up, but I was too shocked to move.

“Here, take my hand.”, Hawke offered me his hand and I took it.

 “I’m okay, you don’t need to… HIIIIII!!!”, as I tried to get up by myself, Hawke lifted me with no effort as if I was a feather.

“No need to get scared, you’re so light that I almost lifted you in the air.”, Hawke teased me while patting me on my shoulder.

“Eddard, I taught you better than this! Don’t frighten the poor thing!”, Leandra scolded her son as she pointed her finger at him.

This situation was all very amusing because Leandra was half the size of her son and yet, he was looking very sheepish with all her scolding. Suddenly, I realized that I hadn’t introduced myself.

“I’m Marina da Marcela, but you can call me Mari. Nice to meet you.”, I said while I tried to clean the dirt from my clothes.

“Nice to meet you Mari, the man that lifted you is Eddard Hawke, my older brother. I’m Bethany and this is my twin brother Carver”, Bethany said while pointing to her siblings quite enthusiastically.

“Oh my, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Leandra, sweetheart. Pleased to meet you.”, Leandra smiled at me and waved at her older son.

“I’m Aveline and this is my husband …. WESLEY! Oh, dear maker! Wesley, hang on!”, Aveline noticed her husband was passed out near the rocks and started shaking him.

“Aveline, I don’t think …I will make it. Please kill me before…. hgh…I turn into one of those things.”, Wesley begged his wife while grabbing her hand.

Hawke patted Aveline in the shoulder, “I can’t make this choice for you, but if you can’t, I’ll be the one to stop his suffering.”, Hawke said quite sadly.

“No… I’m his wife, I’ll do it.”, Aveline cried and took her sword. Oh no, poor Aveline. This can’t be real!

“Goodbye my love.”, Aveline struck him with her sword in his heart and he stopped breathing. As Wesley died, I finally realized my situation. This is really happening; this isn’t a game. This is my life now; I’ll never see my family and my friends again. And as a finally understood all this, tears fell from my eyes.

“No, why?!”, I cried. Everyone was surprised by my empathy and Aveline was touched by my concern for her.

“There, there, sweetie. He is with the Maker now. Everything is going to be fine.”, Leandra grabbed my hands and caressed them.

“But, my parents! I’ll never see them again!”, I cried into my hands.

“What do you mean, Marina?”, asked Hawke, concerned.

I decided to pretend I was from Antiva to cover up my true origins. They wouldn’t believe the truth yet. I was always good at making up stories, even though I felt guilty for lying to them. It’s for the best.

“I was going to Orlais with my parents, because I had been accepted by a patroness to be her translator. My parents worked very hard to take me there. But…the ship we were in, wrecked, and I’m the only one alive. They sacrificed themselves for me.”. I cried with my hands in my face.

“Oh sweetheart, we are so sorry for you. Don’t cry. Your parents wouldn’t want that.”, Leandra hugged me slowly and patted me in the back.

“You aren’t alone Marina. You have us now. Come with us to Kirkwall.”, said Hawke quite determined.

“Yes please, Mari! Come with us!”, Bethany grabbed my hands once again quite excited.

“That’s a wonderful idea Hawke.”, Leandra said while she wiped away my tears with her handkerchief.

“Wait…You’ll take …me in? I don’t want to be a burden on you!”. I waved with my hands quite nervous and at the same time hopeful.

“Of course, honey, think of this a repayment for saving Bethany’s life. It’s the least we can do for you.”, Leandra said.

 “Thank you…thank you so much.”, I sniffed and wiped my tears from my face. As I was drying them, Flemeth appeared again. What does she want this time?

“Seer, you haven’t seen the last of me. I have something to help you on your path.”, she smirked at me and handed me a necklace with a tree craved in it.

“What is this for?”, I asked quite curious.

“This will help you hide your magic from the others, and it will be important to you on this long journey.”, she said. Wait! Magic?! That’s impossible!

“I see…You didn’t know you had magic.”, she smirks at me and crosses her arms.

“I didn’t, I never had it.”, I said shakily.

“Now you do. And you’ll need it. Well, let me take you to your ship now. I never break my deals.”, she said as she readied herself to transform. You must be shitting me?! I’m going to fly on a dragon/elven goddess/woman that probably brought me here?! I must be dead! Well…might as well die in style.

In the present

Interrogation room

“Flemeth?”, asked Cassandra, not believing  his words.

“I thought that might interest you.”, asked the dwarf, satisfied with himself.

“You expect me to believe a myth? Swooped out of the wild to save the Champion and the Seer?”, Cassandra throwed her hands in the air and paced back and forth.

“Oh, come now seeker. Do I need to recite the tale of the Warden as well?”, remembered the dwarf.

“No. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised to hear of her involvement.”, pondered Cassandra with her hand in her chin.

 “I liked my version better too.”, said the dwarf.

 “What else aren’t you telling me, then? Did she send someone with them?”, asked the seeker.

“In a matter of speaking.”, laughed the dwarf.

“So, it’s true. Continue. But if you tell me they all flew to Kirkwall on a dragon…”, glared the woman at him.

“Nothing so fanciful. I assure you.”, the dwarf shrugged his shoulders and kept going with his tale: “The witch kept her word and got them to Gwaren, where they took ship. They sailed north across the Waking Sea, lashed by terrible storms, something that didn’t help our young seer in her situation…”

In the Past

On the ship

Marina POV

The moment we got on the cargo hold of the ship, I isolated myself from the others and sat leaning against the wall. Bad moment to have an anxiety attack. Oh well, this is going to be great. I just need to control my breathing. As I tried to calm myself, Bethany approaches me.

 “Hi Mari, why are you here all alone? Come join us, silly.”, she tries to lift me by my parka when she notices that it’s still drenched. “Maker, you’re drenched! Why don’t you dry it with your magic, there’s no templars around here.”, she looks around to see if there’s anyone suspect.

“I…I don’t know how.”, I told her shyly. 

“Really? No one taught you?”, she asks me quite surprised.

“Not really, I… never had magic till now.”, I tried to tell her. She opened her eyes wide.

“That’s strange. Normally, magic unveils around our childhood.”, she pondered to herself. As she tried to make sense of my magic, I started to get more nervous. She must have noticed it because she changed the topic and kneeled next to me.

“Mari, can I braid your hair? It’s so beautiful and wavy. May I, please?”, she made puppy eyes and I nodded at her. “YAY! Thank you!”, she threw her hands in the air and takes away my hair tie until all of the strands are loose. “Wow, your hair is really long! You should wear it loose!”, she tried to comb my hair with her fingers and unknowingly, started to relax me.

“Mari, tell me about your hometown. Which city in Antiva are you from?”, she asked as she parted my hair in tree.

 “…”, I tried to contain myself.

“If you don’t want to…”

“I come from Rialto, a city by both the seashore and the riverside. The architecture is beautiful and the people are so …welcoming. The food is also great.”, I described Lisbon to her.

“Wow, I would love to visit it one day. It sounds amazing”, said Bethany, really excited. “And your family? Did you have a good relationship?”, asked Bethany softly, afraid I might burst anytime.

“I had a good relationship with my parents. My father was a very hardworking man and yet he was really funny. My mother was quite headstrong and yet a romantic. They clashed quite often but they loved each other. I had no siblings; my mother had some difficulties during my birth which made her incapable of having more children. Even though I had no siblings, I had a group of really close friends which were like family to me. I’ll miss them…”, I started remembering all the good and bad moments with them and I started to cried.

Bethany realizes I’m crying and in attempt to comfort me, she hugs me from behind abruptly and I start hyperventilating and remembering my past.

Não me toques por favor! Pára! Não!”

As Bethany tried to calm me down, I start to cry in Portuguese while flinching from her touch. Leandra, Hawke, Aveline and Carver see my state and rush in to help me.

Hawke tries to call to my attention: “Marina! Calm down! Everything is alright!”

When suddenly Leandra grabs my hand softly and starts to hum me a soothing lullaby. As she hummed, I remembered my mother. When she reads to me and her hugs when I have a panic attack. I slowly regained my breathing and I stop shaking.

I moved away from Bethany and I apologize: “I’m so sorry. I just remembered some things from my past and… I deeply apologize for my behavior.”, I sniff and clean my tears, once again.

“Marina, it’s alright. You are not alone anymore. You have me. I mean, you have us now.”, said Hawke as he caressed my hair fondly.

“I’m the one that should apologize, Mari! I hugged you without your permission! I promise I’ll make it up to you! I could teach you magic!”, apologized Bethany.

“Hawke is right, Marina. You have us now.”, smiled Leandra.

Carver and Aveline smiled and nodded in my direction.

“Thank you so much, I mean it. Thank you!”, I rose up and I smiled for the first time in a while. Their faces lightened up, including Hawke’s, who was looking at me with quite an odd look…

Hawke’s POV

When I saw Marina smile for the first time, I noticed how shiny her chestnut colored eyes were. And she had the cutest dimples in her cheeks when she smiled. Maker, she is adorable! I’m glad she’s calmer, but I wonder who had hurt her that much, that she’s afraid of people’s touch? Well, it doesn’t matter now. I’ll protect her. Oh, my sister braided her hair. She has long hair. I need to make her feel more included, but how? Oh, I know! I’ll tell funny memories of my childhood.

“Marina, do you know why Bethany has short hair?”, I asked her.

“No, I don’t. Why?”

“Brother! Don’t you dare!”, Bethany glared at me.

“One day, Carver nailed her braids to the headboard of the bed! You should have seen her face!”, me and Carver laughed at Bethany. And soon enough everyone started laughing. I kept going with my tales.


Varric POV


Two weeks they spent in that dark hold, packed in with the fearful and the desperate. And then they saw it. Kirkwall, the City of Chains. Long ago, it was part of the Imperium, slaves coming from far and wide to work the quarries. Now, it’s a free city. But I use the word loosely. Sail through those black cliffs and you’ll see what the slaves of old saw: the Gallows, welcoming you. That’s where their ship landed with all the rest.

Marina POV

We entered the Gallows and got out of the ship. It had been some of the most tiring two weeks of my life. And I’m a university student, so that’s saying something.

 When we got to the entrance of Kirkwall, a templar said we couldn’t get in. Miss Leandra said she had a brother living there and so, another wait began, for Gamlen to help us out. Even though I know he won’t...

A few days later

“I’m tired of waiting! We have to do something!”, said Carver.

As we all readied ourselves to get up and try our luck, Gamlen appeared and told us we could get into the city if we worked for one of the guilds he was indebted to: the mercenaries and the smugglers.

Hawke looked at me worriedly and said “Marina, you should go with Aveline. This is too dangerous for you! We’ve got this.”

I had two choices: going with the Hawkes and helping them pay the debt with the smugglers or staying safe with Aveline.


  • Option 1(go with Aveline) –

“You’re right Hawke. I would probably only burden you. I can’t fight, so I wouldn’t be much help. But I appreciate everything you and your family have done for me.”, I said sadly.

I hated to be a burden and besides all the support they gave me, he was right. I needed to learn how to fend for myself.

“I’ll go with Aveline, if that’s alright with you?”, I asked Aveline and looked at her, hopeful of my acceptance.

“Of course, Marina. I’ll help you.”, she said while smiling at me.

“But Mari, we will see each other again, right?”, asked Bethany hopefully.

“Of course, we will. See you in a year.”, I smiled at Bethany and at her family.

Hawke was relieved and yet he looked… almost disappointed. But why? It was his idea. Well, I need to practice my physical skills since my magic is volatile and I can’t control it that much. I discovered that while we were on the ship. Bethany tried to teach me some basics and I almost burnt my hand. She said I might need a vehicle or a conductor for my magic.  I don’t think magic is for me, I’ll try another weapon.

I said goodbye to them and Aveline decided to enroll in the city guard. She soon enough became a good guard and she trained me in hand to hand combat and archery.  I never had great accuracy but my will to be able to defend myself overcame that and in one year, I became proficient. Not the best archer in town, but good enough to not die that easily.

In that period, I helped Aveline with her patrols and she helped me in my darkest times. With the strength I had acquired, I decided to help in the alienage and in Darktown. I rarely saw the Hawkes and I missed them. But I knew that I would encounter them and all the other companions soon enough.

  • Option 2(go with the Hawkes) -

 “No, Hawke. If you don’t mind, I would like to go with you and your family. I know I can’t fight but you were the first people that helped me and I want to thank you for that. If I must work as smuggler to help you, so be it”, I was really determined to stay with them and tried to look as strong as I could.

“Marina, you can’t fight. You will only hurt yourself! What will happen then?!”, Hawke tried to change my mind, but he didn’t know how stubborn I can be.

“I will go with you and you will teach me to fight. Then, I’ll get out of your hair”, I said, with my hands on my hips.

“Very well, do as you wish. But if you hurt yourself, I’ll take you to Aveline!”, he finally gave up and smiled, exasperated.

“Yay, Mari! You’ll stay with us! I’ll teach you everything I know.”, Bethany jumped excitedly as she grabbed my hands.

“Welcome aboard, Marina.”, said Hawke.

“Thank you, Hawke!”, I smiled and joined them.

 I had to train my magic. Bethany said I had a lot of potential for someone who has magic for such a short time. I discovered that while we were on the ship. Bethany tried to teach me some basics and I created fire and ice out of nowhere. I was also able to dry my clothes without burning them. I must practice if I want to help them.

In that period, I trained with Bethany at home. I learned a bit about every type of magic. Soon, I found out I was best at Force and Healing magic.

 The Hawkes and I became very close. Bethany became like a sister to me and Carver was like the annoying brother I never had. Leandra reminded me so much of my mother and my grandmother, as she taught me embroidery and cooking. Hawke… well, Hawke was a friend and yet something made me feel that perhaps he could be more…

With the strength I had acquired, I decided to help in the alienages. I need to plan my future well. I wasn’t going to let any of the Hawkes die. Not on my watch.


Varric POV

Thus, began the Champion’s first year in Kirkwall and the Seer’s first year in Thedas. Word arrived from across the sea that the Hero of Ferelden had defeated the Blight. But Lothering was destroyed. Kirkwall was their home now. So, Hawke remained, paying off his debt. He made a name for himself in the Underwold and Marina trained as hard as she could. This was a busy year in the city, that’s when the qunari landed. A great storm had caught their ship and left hundreds of warriors stretched in the city, waiting to return home. That’s also when the trouble began with the Mages. The Templars had become very powerful under Knight Commander Meredith. But most importantly, that was also when I first met the Champion and the Seer.


Chapter II-End

Chapter Text

One year later…

In Hightown

Marina POV


If Marina is a mage your story starts here:


It’s been a year since I’ve been living with the Hawkes, Gamlen hates my presence in his “humble abode” and is the biggest racist I have ever met. Bethany has been teaching me magic and Carver has been trying to teach me some self-defense, but I’m damn clumsy. Hawke has been helping me to control my anxiety. Who would have thought that the future Champion of Kirkwall had anxiety when he was younger. And Leandra has been the mother figure I so much needed. She has been teaching me how to cook and how to embroider. The debt to Athenril is paid in full so now we need to make names for ourselves. Seeing that I played all the Dragon Age video games, I’ve decided to help them the best way I can, starting with Bartrand’s expedition. Perhaps I’ll be able to stop his betrayal before it even happens. I must try it, for them.


In Hightown


Hawke, the twins and I have reunited in the big plaza near the dwarven’s stores. There on the farther left corner is Bartrand, the dwarf planning to do an expedition to the Deep Roads, the expedition that could make anyone rich. Even so, it’s too dangerous and if we don’t plan this well, the twins could very well die. I must try to change Hawke’s mind.


“Hawke, I don’t think he will let us in that easily…”, I said as I tried to follow them as fast as I could with my small stubby legs.  


“We have to try Marina. We must protect ourselves, we can´t let this chance go.”, he said as he glanced at me.


Soon enough we reached the dwarf and Hawke tried to maneuver his way into the expedition:


“Bartrand, you know what we’re capable of, let us into your expedition!”, I watched from the back as Hawke and his siblings tried desperately to convince him.


“No! Andraste’s tits, human! You know how many people want to be hired for this new expedition?”, the blond-haired dwarf waved with his hands in the air, frustrated with their weak attempts.


“But we heard you’re going into the Deep Roads. Surely, you’ll need all the help you can-…”, Bethany tried to appeal to him.


“NO! You’re too late! Already done! This is the sort of venture that can make a man for life! I’m not about to take any chances hiring random humans.”, Bartrand points his finger at us.


“We’ve fought and killed darkspawn. How many of your hired men can say the same?”, Hawke started to speak louder, frustrated.


 “Get in line, human. Half of Kirkwall wants to be my best friend right now. You’re looking for a quick way out of the slums, right? You and every other Fereldan in this dump. Find another meal ticket.”, shouted the dwarf as he left us behind.


 “What are we supposed to do now? We’ve got nothing to stop the next person who tries to sells us out. This expedition was our last chance…”, Carver sighed exasperatedly. Hawke tries to comfort his siblings:


“We’ve made a name for ourselves this last year. We’ll find something.”, he smiled hopeful at them.


“We have to. We need coins, status, something we can hide behind. As long as we’re just refugees, we’re no one. Maybe Gamlen knows someone who can talk to Bartrand for us…”, Bethany sadly said.

Hawke pondered, with a hand in his chin,  “He always seems to know what’s going on.”


“We might as well ask. Otherwise, I don’t know what we’ll do…”, Bethany replied back.


As I saw them all mope in sadness, I decided to help them out: “I don’t believe Gamlen will help us much… But I heard around town that Bartrand has a more … empathetic brother. We could try.”


They stared at me shocked due to my information. “How do you know that Marina? Sometimes you surprise me with how much you know.”, asked Hawke surprised.


“I may not be the biggest social butterfly, but I’m quite observant of other people.”, I blushed softly with the attention and started twiddling with my fingers.


“Who would believe someone so little could be quite the spy?”, teased Carver as he messes with my hair. I tried to stop him but soon enough everyone was laughing.


Suddenly, a man shoved me and I noticed my necklace was missing.  My hand flew to my chest as I stare after the thief as he ran:


 “Hey! My necklace!”, I shout.


Hawke notices my state and we start running after him: “Hey! Get back here!”


 We run after the thief when suddenly someone shoots an arrow that lodges itself in his shoulder, keeping the thief stuck in a stone column. It was my favorite dwarf in DA, Varric! He looked just as I remember: strawberry blond hair in a small low ponytail with Bianca, his most trusted crossbow in his hands.


He approaches the thief and takes the necklace from him. “I knew a guy once who could take every coin out of your pocket just by smiling at you. But you? You don’t have the style to work in Hightown, let alone the Merchants Guild. Might want to find yourself a new line of work.”, he said and punches him before taking his arrow from the thief’s shoulder: “Off you go.”, he says as he watches the thief run off. 


He gets near us and throws me back my necklace. I thank him with a small bow: “Thank you so much! You must be Bartrand’s brother, right?”, I say as I put my necklace back on. He smiles and presents himself:


 “Indeed, I am. How do you do? Varric Tethras, at your service! I apologize for Bartrand. He wouldn’t know an opportunity if it hit him square in the jaw. By the way how do you know who I am…?” , he asks me, curious.


Oh boy, I have to make something up, he can’t suspect a thing!


“I…I heard around the alienage about you!”, I explain nervously.


“Interesting…”, he says. His eyes, travel through my body from top to bottom, as if he were inspecting me and trying to figure me out.


As I fidget under the attention, Hawke takes notice and changes the subject:


“But you would recognize one opportunity when you see one?”, Hawke asks as he puts himself in front of me.


“I would! What my brother doesn’t realize is that we need someone like you. He would never admit it, either. He’s too proud. I, however, am quite practical.”, Varric points at himself.


“There must be some way to persuade your brother to hire us on.”, Hawke ponders over it.


“We don’t need another hireling- we need a partner! The truth is, Bartrand’s been tearing his beard out trying to fund this on his own, but he can’t do it. Invest in the expedition. Fifty sovereigns, and he can’t refuse. Not with me there to vouch for you.”, Varric smiled hopefully at all of us.

“It sounds interesting – but if I had any gold, I wouldn’t need this job.”, Hawke crosses his arm in front of his chest.


“You need to think big! There’s only a brief window after a Blight when the Deep Roads won’t be crawling with darkspawn. The treasure you find down there could set you and your family up for life!”, Varric excitedly waves with his small hands.


Bethany looks at us and replies, “It won’t be easy, but it’s a chance. I think we have to take it. Better to work our way into this expedition than sit around waiting to be thrown in the Gallows.”


“We work together, you and I, and before you know it, you’ll have all the capital you need. What do you say?”, Varric reaches his hand hoping to close the deal.


“You have a deal!”, says Hawke as he shakes his head happily.


“Perfect! Kirkwall’s crawling with work. You set aside some coin from every job, and you’ll have the money in no time!”, Varric explains how to get the money.


“Maybe Aveline can find us some work. She’s got a position with the city guard now.”, Carver touches his brother on the shoulder


“I think you should try! you have nothing to lose, Hawke.”, I smiled at all of them with my hands behind my back.


“Very well, let’s do this!”, Hawke throws his fist in the air, hyped for the future.


“Best of luck with Aveline, Hawke! I’ll go back to Leandra, she might need my help.”, I start saying goodbye to them.


“Are you sure Mari? Don’t you want to come with us?”, Bethany pouted cutely at me.


“I do but I don’t feel right leaving your mother alone with Gamlen. Maker knows that man has a short temper.”, I explained.

“Very well Marina, be careful.”, Hawke said as he smiled at me.


 I part with them and go to Gamlen’s house in Lowtown. The Hawkes and Varric direct themselves to Viscount’s Keep in Hightown where Aveline, their old friend works as city guard.



If Marina is an archer your story starts here:

 Viscount’s Keep

As the Hawkes arrive at keep, they notice nobles and citizens in unending queues to wait for an audition with the Viscount. Hawke goes up the left staircase alongside his companions and enters through a wooden door. When he enters the room, he notices right away his friend.

“Aveline!”, Hawke throws his hands in the air and walks in her direction.

The stoic woman is distracted, looking at a wooden board on the wall. “Hello, Hawke.”, she answers deep in thought.

“Been a while. Hasn’t it?”, Hawkes says as he waves a hand in front of her head to call her to attention.

“What? Oh, right. Sorry, it feels like we just talked. I’ve been keeping an eye on you. Information is one of the few perks of this job. Watch out for Bartrand, he’s a son of a bitch.”, she shakes her head and finally stares at him.  

“Still having trouble.?I thought you were past all that.”, Hawkes asks worried for his friend.

“Lately, I don’t know. I’ve been pushed out to some dead patrols. Maybe I stepped on someone’s toes.”, Aveline vents as she leans into a stone column.

“You can be … forceful.”, he tries to compliment her.

“My charm, right? I should be able to go where I’m needed.”, Aveline smirks as his failed attempt.

“That’s a shame, wish I could help you. By the way where is Marina? I Haven’t seen her over a year.”, asks Hawke hopeful.

“Oh, Marina? She is alright. She had some difficulties at first with her training. Poor thing probably never fought once on her life. But eventually she got tired of failing and she became quite a good archer in just a year. That girl reminds me so much of myself at her age.  Stubborn and always trying to prove others wrong.”, Aveline answers, proud of her protegee’s progress.

“An archer, really? She has magic, why did she decide to use other weapon?”, he asks surprised.

“Hawke, she can’t use her magic correctly. Every time she has a panic attack, her magic comes out and it’s too difficult for her to control it. I can’t keep her here anymore, for her safety. Even though she has her necklace, people have started suspecting the sudden magic surges in the quarters.”, she begs worried of what may happen to the poor girl.

Hawke nods and smiles at his friend “I’ll take her in. Perhaps Bethany can teach her to control it.”

“Thank you Hawke, take care of her. I’ll call her. Marina come here!”, Aveline claps with her hands relieved and calls for her protegee.

Marina comes rushing from the training room with her bow and quiver on her back. She has grown quite a bit and is smiling as usual. As she notices Hawke she runs in his direction.

Marina’s POV

“Hawke, it’s been a while!”, I greet him as I get nearer them.


 “Marina!”, he rushes to me, lifts me, and spins me around.


“Have you become even more beautiful since the last time we saw each other?”, he teases me. I blush deep red and I beat in vain with my tiny hands on his broad back. He laughs at my weak attempts to get loose.


“Hawke put me down, I’m too heavy!” Hawke puts me down.


“Nonsense. I’ve told you, you’re light as a feather.”, he smiles at me with his beautiful blue eyes.


I blush even harder and avoid his eyes. “Sure, i am.”, I sarcastically answer as I cross my arms in front of me.


Aveline watches our affectionate display amusedly and coughs, to call to our attention, “I know you’re dying to catch up, but we have a matter at hands that needs to be taken care of.”, she smiles knowingly.


Hawke blushes and lets me go, “Aveline is right. Marina, she told me of your condition, and we thought best that you live with me and my family.”, he answers.


 “Me? Are you sure? I don’t want to give any problems to your family Hawke.”, I said quite surprised with his offer.


“I´ve never been surer before. Bethany will help you.”, he says.


“Very well, thank you Hawke and thank you Aveline for everything.”, I bow as appreciation for their help. I thank Aveline and I get my things to move to Hawke’s house. We leave Viscount’s Keep. Varric, Bethany and Carver are waiting for us outside. Bethany hugs me like she hasn’t seen me in years and excitedly tells me of their adventures. Carver nods his head at me and Varric presents himself. OMG! It’s Varric. He’s so cool. They tell me of their plans to enter the expedition and I tell them we should separate to cover more ground, because we need more teammates and we need a map of the Deep Roads.


  • Hawke wants to go home first to tell their mother of their plan.
  • Varric tells her that they need a map of the Deep Roads from a Grey Warden.
  • Hawke tells her they have a mission from a contact of Athenril.

Chapter Text

  • Hawke mission (Marina chooses to go with Hawkes to tell the news to Leandra)


The Hawkes arrive home and they see Leandra arguing with Gamlen.

“My children have been in servitude. Servitude! For a year. They should be nobility!”, Leandra, throws her hands in the air, frustrated.

“If wishes were poppy, we’d all be dreaming.”, retorts venously Gamlen. Hawke gets closer to his mom and he places a comforting hand on her shoulder

“This is the way things are Mother. Gamlen can’t change it now.”, he says trying to appease his mother’s anger.

“You don’t need to talk to her like that, Gamlen”, I said,  trying to avert his focus to me.

 “Stay out of this Antivan! As if housing this lot isn’t enough, I must house you as well!?”, he shouts at me.

 I have always hated conflict; his heated words reminded me somewhat of my parents’ arguments. What would I give to hear them fight again over my mother’s cooking skills.

Hawke notices I’m frowning due to his words and his dashing smile soon turns sour. He doesn’t like the way Gamlen is talking to me and confronts him face to face:

“Don’t you dare talk to Marina like that! You bastard!”

Gamlen gulps nervously due to the difference of sizes between him and his nephew. Hawke was like a giant, a gentle one, but a giant, nonetheless.

“Hawke, calm yourself! Gamlen, don’t speak to Marina like that! She’s family now.”, Leandra tries to stop the fight before it even starts and scolds her brother’s actions. Gamlen goes quiet and turns his back on us. Hawke calms himself and looks at me:

“Are you ok Marina?”, he asks worriedly.

“Yes, I’m fine Hawke. I’ve been told worst.”, I laugh sadly.

“Worst? Who was it?”, as if it wasn’t possible for Hawke to get angry, his eyes turned cold and he looked at me with an intensity that I wasn’t used to.

“It doesn’t matter Hawke, it’s all in the past. But thanks for worrying about me”. I smile assuredly at him.

“Of course, I worry about you. After all I…!”, as Hawke gets closer to me and almost reaches me with his hand. We’re distracted by Leandra that starts arguing with Gamlen once again. Hawke stops himself, gives me a sad look and tries to stop their fight. They’re arguing about their father’s will which stayed at the vault of the Amell. Eventually they separate and Hawke, the twins and I reunite in the living room.

“Maker, what a mess. I want to make things better for Mother.”, Bethany sighs sadly.

“Me too, but some of what Gamlen says…I’m having a hard time hating him. Playing caretaker for someone else’s life, stuck in their shadow…that’s no way to live.”, answers her twin.

I didn’t want to see them sad, so I give them an idea. “We should go the Amell’s vault and take the will from the slaver’s hands.”, I propose.

Their eyes gain some shine and they start to get hopeful. Hawke looks at me and says:

“That’s a wonderful idea Marina. I think mother said we can get in through the old cellar of the estate.”

Bethany shows a key: “Mother gave me the key; we can get through in Dark town.”

Carver excited for once in his life, throw his hand in the air. “What are we waiting for then?!”

We arm ourselves with our weapons and healing potions and we depart for Darktown.

In the vault

We all get into the cellar and we avoid the beartraps in the floor. We try to make as less noise as possible, but the floor is made with old wooden boards that creak a lot.

 As we inspect every corner of the room we were in, a door is opened abruptly and we’re suddenly surrounded by slavers. Carver and Hawke slash and bash them while Bethany and I attack from the back.

While Bethany burns her enemies I [shoot arrow after arrow/freeze them to the ground]. Soon enough, there are only corpses left on the ground and a lot of blood in our clothes.

As they inspect the bodies to see if they have any loot, I separate from them and enter a small poorly lit room. In the middle of it, I see a chest. I [open it with my lockpicks/freeze and break the lock]. Inside the chest there’s a letter.

Hawke appears behind me, “You found it! Good job Marina!”, he pats me happily on the back.

The twins appear and notice the letter.So that’s it! Grandfather’s will?”, asks Carver.

Mother needs to see that as soon as possible.”, says Bethany.

Let’s just take it and be done with it.”, dismisses Carver as he leaves the room.

I don’t think there’s any point in delaying the news.”, says Hawke.

I save the letter inside my pouch and we leave for Gamlen’s house.

Gamlen’s house

We all get home and deliver the will to Leandra, who decides It’s best to get an audience with the Viscount. The letter said that the estate and the heritage stayed in the Hawkes’s name.

Gamlen leaves the house and the Hawkes celebrate with each other. I decide to relax a little bit and I kneel next to Aegis, Hawke’s mabari. Poor thing needs some pets now and then.

As I scratch his belly and he pants happily, Hawke kneels next to me and pats his mabari on the head.

Marina, thank you so much for your help. You didn’t need to help us, yet you did.”, he smiles in my direction.

“It’s the least I could do. After all, you’ve saved me.”, I answer skeptically.

“We did it because we wanted to help you. You’re important to us.”, he takes my hand slowly into his and gives me a pair of earrings he saw in the slaver’s vault. They were small white roses.

I gasp and I ask him: “What’s this?”

“This is for you Marina. I…I saw them and thought of you. I want you to take them.”, he blushes and places them in my hands. As he offers me the earrings, I touch my own. My seashells that I never took off, not even to bed.

I thank him, sadly “Thank you Hawke but I can’t use them.”

“Why not? Don’t you like them?, Hawke sadly asks and holds my hand.

I try to explain: “No, no! I love them but these earrings are one of the few possessions I have from my home. They were a gift from someone important, on my 18th birthday.”

Hawke sadly closes my hand around the jewelry and stands up,  “Keep them. That person must be really important to you…huh. What a lucky guy.”

He leaves disheartened and Marina lets one tear fall on the earrings and remembers the person that gave her the ones she was wearing. “Mãe, tenho saudades tuas.”

Chapter Text

  • Anders mission( Marina decides they should find the Grey Warden first):


Varric reunites with us in the Hanged’s Man tavern to discuss his plan.

“So, here’s the thing: we need to find a way into the Deep Roads. Bartrand can lead us to the right place once we’re down there, but we need a good entrance.”, he explains our current situation.

“And where will we find out such entrance?”, asks Hawke with his arms crossed.

Carver is still in deep thought when he suddenly shouts: “Grey Wardens! They practically live there; they might have maps.”

Bethany pushes his shoulder and asks him: “And where will we find Grey Wardens, Carver?!”

“I’ve heard in the alienages that Lyrene has a Grey Warden working as their healer.”, I say to them, to make sure they don’t start fighting again.

Varric looks at me and grins “Hoho, Waves. I need to be careful around you. It looks like you know everything that goes around. We should make a duo.”, he proposes.

I look at him dumbfounded, “Waves? Really?”

“Have you seen your hair? It’s as wavy as the Waking Sea!”, he gets a curl out of my face.

“Thank you…I guess.”, I thank him confused.

We all decide to go to Lyrene’s Ferelden Exports in Lowtown. We get in her shop and I immediately wince at the number of desperate refugees asking for her help. Poor things. How can someone be so cold to another’s pain.

I get closer to the counter and I talk to Lyrene since I usually help her around. I believe she will help. We talk about her increasing number of clients and soon enough she talks to me about the healer. She indicates me the Grey Warden’s clinic, which is in Darktown.




We go through Darktown or, as like to call it, the slums. It’s so sad to walk around here. Everyone lives in rather precarious houses and most of the time they must fight for their food. Children and adults begged for coin and most of the gangs lived here as well.

As we get closer to his clinic I see a large queue at his door. Families and even mercenaries waited for their turn to be healed. I open the door at the side of them and inside I see him for the first time: Anders.

When we get inside we see him healing a little boy. After he heals him, he tumbles from exhaustion into a column until he senses us. The moment he feels us, he gets in an attacking stance and points his staff at us. As he stays put, I manage to study him. He had dark circles around his honey colored eyes and his strawberry blond hair was somewhat disheveled. Poor man even when he needs more help than the others, he never stops.  

“I have made this place a sanctum of healing and salvation. Why do you threaten it?”, he asks.

“We don’t want to hurt you. We need your help.”, I try to calm him by letting down my weapon.

“Yes, we heard you’re a Grey Warden and we need a map to the Deep Roads.”, Hawke asks.

He saves his staff and says frustrated: “I will die a happy man if I never think about the blighted Deep Roads again. You can’t imagine what I’ve come through to get here. I’m not interested. Although… a favor for a favor. Does that sound like a fair deal? You help me, I’ll help you!”, he offers his proposition.

“Yes, seems fair. What do you need?”, I ask more details, even though I know what he wants.

“I have a Warden map of the depths in this area. But there’s a price. I came to Kirkwall to aid a friend. A mage. A prisoner in the wretched Gallows. The templars learned of my plan to free him. Help me bring him safely past them, and you shall have your maps… These are my terms. If you want my aid with your expedition, meet me in the chantry tonight.”, he waits for my response.

 “We will help you, it’s the least we can do.”, I accept his plan.

 “Thank you…?”, he waits that we introduce ourselves. The team introduce themselves except me. Anders asks me: “And what is your name, doll?”, he smirks at me.

 I point at myself, “Me?”

He laughs softly at my confusion: “Yes, you. I don’t see anyone else here as cute as you.”

I blush hard and stumble with my words, “Marina…My name is Marina. And I’m not cute.”. I try to avoid his gaze as I twiddle with my fingers.

 He smiles at me: “Agree to disagree, doll. A beautiful name for a lovely lady.”, he reaches for my hand and kisses it.

Oh boy, I’m dead.

Hawke coughs into his hand and glares at Anders. “We should get going.”

I pull my hand away from Anders and hide behind Hawke.

Anders smiles at my shyness, “Yes let’s go.”



We arrive at the door of the Chantry and wait to hear Anders’s plan.

“I saw Karl go inside a few minutes ago. No templars so far. Are you ready?”, he asks for our approval.

I nod and ask everyone: “Yes. Guys?”. Everyone nods and ready themselves.

“I’ll handle the taking. You deal with the templars.”, he gives his orders and we get in. We notice a man with his back turned to us.

Oh no, not this scene. Poor Anders.

“Anders, I know you too well. I knew you would never give up.”, the man says with a really emotionless tone.

“What’s wrong? Why are you talking like…?”, Anders asks, getting closer to him.

The man turns to us and says: “I was too rebellious. Like you. The templars knew I had to be … made an example of.”

I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand. “Oh no they made him a Tranquil!”

Anders screams and starts getting out of control: “No!”

“How else will mages ever master themselves? You’ll understand, Anders. As soon as the templars teach you to control yourself. This is the apostate.”, he points his finger at Anders and templars surround us.

“No! (His spirit Justice possesses his body). You will never take another mage as you took him!”

Everyone starts battling. Hawke and Carver start to slash every templar in their way and Varric and I shoot (bolts of Metal/ lightning) at everything that moves.

Soon enough they are all dead.

“I…Anders, what did you do?”, Karl regains his normal tone and asks him, scared for his life.

“I’m so sorry. If only I got here sooner.”, he apologizes.

“Anders kill me please! I don’t want to go back to that life.”, Karl begs as he pulls Anders’s sleeves.

 “He’s right. There are things worse than death.”, I scratch my arm and I put my hand on his shoulder.

Anders gets a knife and parts with him: “Goodbye.”, he says sadly, and he stabs him in the heart.

Everyone goes back home except Anders and I because I felt he needed a friend now. I followed him back to his clinic.

Lowtown-Ander’s clinic

We sat each in one of his cots and he explained to me the whole deal he had with Justice, now turned Vengeance.

“You’re the first one I’ve ever told this. Thank you for not running away. My maps are yours. As am I, if you wish me to join your expedition.” He says,

I get up from my cot and I pat his shoulder.

 “Anders, everyone has their own ghosts whether they are physical or mental. You wanted to help your friend. You did it with the best intentions but sometimes that isn’t enough…”, I tried cheer him up.

 “Thank you Marina, I got a bit weighty the last time we talked. Sorry for putting that on you.”, he smiles and thanks me.

“It’s alright. I appreciate the help you’re giving us. Anders, you’re a human being. You can’t always be well, no one can. It’s not possible. If there’s anything I can do to help you, please ask.”, I smile at him and offer my help.

 “Anything? Be careful what you offer. I just…I hope I didn’t seem too selfish when I told you about Justice. I didn’t know what would happen. I figured a willing host, a friend… it had to be better than playing the demon and haunting some corpse.”, he explains his intent.

“You’ve done your best. No one can ask for more than that. Justice is lucky to have a friend like you.”, I caress his arm and smile.

“Well, would you look at that. Cute and kind. I must be quite lucky to have met a girl like you today.”, he flirts. But then he notices I’m quite uncomfortable. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t presume, I just…We’ve hardly met, and I feel like I know you. Am I making you uncomfortable?”, he tries to calm me.

“Oh no! I’m ok. It’s just I’m not used to so many compliments but thanks… I guess?”, I wave with my hands nervously as I try not to blush as hard.

“Well, I guess we have to change that. Growing up in the Circle, everything is about order and rules and the templars. The apprentices… we found ways to make that bearable. Karl and I… he was the first.  We could forget that out in the world we were nothing but templars slaves. We hadn’t been together for a long time. But still…it hurt”, he cried.

“He’s in a better place, Anders. At least, he’s not a Tranquil. You will find love again, don’t worry.”, I try to make him more hopeful and I smile. He smiles back and looks at me with an emotion I never have seen before.

“Thank you. Perhaps sooner than I thought…”, he rises up and we go get the maps.

Chapter Text

  • Fenris mission(Marina decides they should see Athenril’s contact):

Hawke talks with us about Athneril’s contact. I decide to go check it out with her contact. We reunite at night in Lowtown bazar.

Lowtown bazaar

Hawke, the twins, Varric and I were looking for Anso, Athenril’s contact. As we inspect each street we find a dwarf trying to calm himself. We talk to Anso, that almost jumped in the air when he found us. He tells us and explains our mission:  we need to get lyrium from a group of smugglers that stole from Anso. He tells us that the last time he saw them was in the elven alienage in Lowtown. We go to Lowtown alienage.

Lowtown alienage (abandoned house)

We get inside the known den of the smugglers and as we get closer to a chest, we see them surrounding us from all sides. Hawke slashes the first one in front of him and Bethany makes a barrier around me and Varric. Varric throws poisoned bolts at some of them and I (shoot three arrows at once/ Burn the rest). As we finish them off, we finally open the chest. There is nothing inside of it.

“We need to tell this to Anso.”, I say. We loot the dead smugglers and we get out of the house.


As we get outside the abandoned house, we notice slavers on every corner of the Alienage.

As they start closing us in, Bethany hits the ground with her staff and creates a barrier of ice icicles. Hawke bashes one of his enemies with his shield and Carver cuts the throat of another one that was coming behind him. Varric camouflages himself and I (shoot an explosive arrow/ Throw a firebolt) at a group of 5 slavers that were trying to close Bethany in. She thanks me and soon enough there are only corpses left. As we finished them, unknowingly their captain was the only one standing. We kill them all except for their captain. He comes straight at us and threatens us:

“I don’t know who you are, friend, but you’ve made a serious mistake coming here. Lieutenant! I want everyone in the clearing! Now!”

I laugh softly and cross my arms in front of me: “I don’t think they’re coming back.”

His lieutenant appears bleeding profusely: ” Capitan…”, he dies.

Soon enough, a white-haired elf appears from around the corner with bloody hands. As he comes around the staircase, he shakes his hands and says:

“Your men are dead. And your trap has failed. I suggest running back to your master while you can.”

The lieutenant came nearer him and grabbed his shoulder. “You’re going nowhere, slave!”

Before Fenris has the chance to look at him, I (burn/headshot) the slaver.

“He’s not a slave!”, I scream.

Bastard! I’m glad I killed the fool before Fenris could get his hands dirty. Honestly, people like him are what makes me lose the remaining hope I have in humanity.

Everyone looks at me, shocked with my anger. Usually I’m a calm person.

 Fenris looks at me shocked and thanks me: “Thank you… I apologize. When I asked a distraction for the hunters. I had no idea they’d be so… numerous.”

As he gets near me I’m finally able to inspect him face to face. He had beautiful white silky locks paired with his emerald green eyes and his mocha complexion. And his silver markings, so beautiful and intricate but the reason of his suffering.

Poor Fenris.

I get closer to him and smile kindly

God knows, the poor man needs some kindness directed at him.

“It’s okay we’re used to it, as long as everyone’s okay that’s all that counts. And we’re fine so don’t worry about it.”

“She is right.”, Hawke says.  

Everyone introduces themselves and soon comes my turn to present myself.

“I’m Marina and you?”

“My name is Fenris. These men were Imperial bounty hunters seeking to recover a magister’s lost property, namely myself. They were trying to lure me into the open. Crude as their methods were, I could not face them alone. Thankfully, Anso choose wisely.”, he says as he looks at their corpses.

I try to wipe the blood of my weapon as I look at him.

“We’re glad we stopped them from taking you.”, I say with a sigh.

“I… thank you once again. I’m not used to such kindness.”, he blushes softly and stutters his thanks.

Hawke looks at our display and hugs me with one arm and ruffles my wavy hair. “Well, get used to it. Marina here is the most kind person I know. I swear if she believed in Andraste she would be a cloister sister.”, he says.

I try to run from his hands, and I pout: “No I wouldn’t.”

Fenris nods at Hawke and draws a smirk: “I can see that. I hate to impose on you, but I would appreciate if you helped me once again.”

I get out of Hawke’s arms and I ask him: “Of course Fenris, what do you need?”

“I need to kill Danarius. However, he probably won’t be alone in his mansion. I could use some reinforcements.”, he says.

I place my weapon on my back and wipe the remaining dust from my clothes. “Then what are we waiting for?”

 We all go to Hightown and we get inside of Danarius’ mansion.

Hightown-Danarius mansion

As soon as we get in, I notice the eerie silence and the rotten smell of death.

I have been here in Thedas for a year and I still haven’t gotten used to this awful smell. As if someone could get used to it.

As we open the door to the main hall, I notice shades and rage demons everywhere.

Oh boy. Why do shades need to look like freaking dementors. And the rage demons look like molten lava. Why me?!

We got in position and started attacking them but more came out every time we destroyed one. Until, a shade slashed at Fenris back. He winces in pain but soon enough he finishes the demon. Finally, they were all reduced to dust and there were only scorch marks to remember their presence. 

Fenris inspects every room in a frenzy to look for his nemesis. Soon enough, he leans in pain into the staircase.

I get near him and ask him: “Fenris! Are you alright?”.

He waves dismissably and says sadly: “This is nothing. He’s…gone. I had hoped… no, it doesn’t matter any longer. I assume Danarius left valuables behind. Take them if you wish I… need some air.”, He leaves the house and we follow him.


He is pacing back and forth as we arrive.

“It never ends. I escaped a land of dark magic only to have it haunt me at every turn. It is a plague burned into my flesh and my soul. And now I find myself in the company of yet another mage. I saw you casting spells inside (talks to me/ Bethany). I should have realized sooner what you really were. Tell me, then. What manner of mage are you? What is it that you seek?”

I try to explain “Bethany is a good mage; she just wants to protect her family/I just want to help others and to understand why I’m here”.

Everyone gets defensive around Bethany and me, when Fenris throws his hands in defeat and says:

“I imagine I appear ungrateful. If so, I apologize, for anything could be further from the truth. I did not find Danarius, but I still owe you a debt. Here is all the coin I have, as Anso promised. Should you find yourself in need of assistance, I would gladly render it.”

I get out of the protective circle around me to get near Fenris and I smile: “It’s alright Fenris. You suffered a lot in mages’ hands. It’s understandable. We will gladly accept you in our team. The more the better.”

As we finish our conversation, everyone returns to their home, except for me. I follow Fenris back to Danarius Mansion, now his own.


Fenris Mansion

I see him, sitting on a long wooden bench staring at the fireplace in front of him. I knock on his door, to warn him of my presence and he glances at me curious of my intentions.

I get near him and sit on the bench next to his. I get my medical kit out and I see him sip on a wine bottle.

I take out the bandages and the elfroot cream, which I found out, is amazing. 

“I know you don’t trust magic, that’s why I’ll take care of that slash on your back the old-fashioned way.”

He glances at me and waves at me dismissably. “You don’t need to. I’m fine.”. He grimaces with the pain on his back.

“Fenris, take your breastplate. I need to take care of that slash. It might get infected.” I get up and try to look as serious as I can with my hands in my hips.

He sighs and gives up: “You’re really stubborn. Fine, but no magic.” He takes his breastplate and turns his back on me.

Poor Fenris… his back is littered with old faded scars and recent ones. I wish I could help more.

I sit behind him and clean the slash with a wet rag. He keeps drinking: “Agreggio Pavali. There are six bottles in the cellar. Danarius used to have me pour for his guests. My appearance intimidated them, he said, which he enjoyed.”

I wince at his sadness: “I’m so sorry Fenris. I don’t know why they felt intimidated, you’re a good person.”

I keep cleaning the wound softly, afraid that I might hurt him. I know his markings are very sensitive.

“Me? A good person? I killed hundreds of people Marina.”, he retorts back.

“You suffered a lot Fenris, it’s normal that you have put up your defenses. You killed to survive. You were just trying to live.”, I petted his back.

He looked at his hands and blushed softly: “I never thought of it that way. Interesting.” He drinks the whole bottle, looks at it and smashes it against the wall. Fenris smirks and looks at me.

“It’s good that I can still take pleasure in the small things…. Tell me have you never wanted to return home? To Antiva?” He asks.

How does he know? Do I really look like one?

I looked shocked at him and then I sadly smile: “Every day, if only I could go back. At least that’s what I would think when I arrived here. But seeing all these people, Hawke, his family, the alienages and suffering, made me want to stay to help them the best way I can.”

He sighs and ponders: “Having a place where you have a purpose. I understand. Still, to have the option…must be gratifying.”

I laugh sadly as I wrap his wound in clean bandages. “I don’t really have much of an option because I can’t go back, but I’ll try my hardest so that other people don’t lose their homes, like me… And you, Fenris? Are you staying in Kirkwall?”, I ask.

He laughs deeply: “I could see myself staying. For the right reasons… I should thank you again for helping me against the hunters. Had I known Anso would find me a woman so kind and capable, I might have asked him to look sooner…”, He says.

I blush softly and give a tight knot to his bandages. “Anytime Fenris. And… I’ve wrapped your wound. You need to change it once a day. If you want, I can do it for you.”

Shocked, he gets up and looks at me: “Already? I barely felt your hands. Normally people’s touch hurt me when in contact with the lyrium in my skin.”, he caresses his bandaged back to make sure it’s really finished.

“I tried to be as gentle as possible. I didn’t want to hurt you. And perhaps you just haven’t been near the right people.”, I get up and rearrange my medical kit in my pouch.

He looks at me with a tender gaze and says: “Perhaps you’re right. I sense that might change soon enough. But I will not keep you longer. Thanks for the healing.”, he nods in appreciation and his lips form a real smile.