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Fairy Tail/My Hero Academia One-shots

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The sun shown brightly on the scarlet mages face as she made her way to the cake shop just a block away from her apartment.

She smiled as she spotted Lucy just a few feet away checking out all the delicious cake. The celestial mage waved as she saw Erza make her way past the crowd of people who were looking to by some cake.

"You look cute as always Erzieee~" Lucy squealed. Erza wore a bright pink dress with 1 inch high heel's.

She also had a rose in her hair that she picked out the day before for this special day. She wanted to look perfect. Perfect for Lucy.

When it was their turn to pick a cake to buy Erza smiled as she whispered to Lucy "The strawberry one looks good"

Lucy chuckled, knowing that Erza loved strawberry cake and she would probably choose that over golden earrings if she had the chance.

Lucy payed for the strawberry cake, and the two mages walked out of the shop.

The two sat on benches near a park and shared their cake.

"Erza, at least save some for me" Lucy whinned, noticing their were only a few pieces left after only 5 minutes of them sharing it together.

"This cake is just so good" Erza replied, going in for another bite of yummy strawberry cake. Lucy cut her off, pressing her lips against the red harried mage. Erza was quite shocked and blushed a bright red. Lucy had her hands around Erza's neck, pulling her in for a deep passionate kiss. They parted and Lucy said sarcastically "Now you better share some cake with me next time" Erza chuckled and grabbed the celestial mages hand as they walked across the park

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The day was cool and nice. Gray felt the cold breeze from one of the windows ruffle his dark black hair. He shivered as the cold breeze rushed to his skin. 

"Grrrayy.." A sleepy dragon slayer murmured from under neath all the blankets. You would think since he is a fire mage that he was able to just use his magic and be fine. 

But he wanted to feel cold enough to need to wrap around Gray's body. The dragon slayer slowly wrapped his arms around the ice mage's waist. 

Gray felt the heat of his lovers body wash over him. He felt warm. Warm and safe. 

Gray let a low sigh out before pulling Natsu in closer to his chest. Natsu muzzled up to Gray's chest and purred.

It was the first time that Gray had ever heard the dragon slayer purr. It was actually kinda cute in a way. 

Another purr escaped the dragon slayer's mouth as he shifted closer to Gray. Gray chuckled. 

The Ice mage began to ruffle around Natsu's soft salmon hair.

Sheesh, how did I fall for you pyro? '  Gray thought. For once Gray actually felt happy. Happy to be with Natsu. His Natsu. The one and only Fire dragon slayer of Fairy Tail, also nicknamed Salamander. 

He didn't even know how it happened. One day he wished he could just never see the damn flame-brain idiot than the next he wanted to be as close to him as possible. Was that even possible to fall in love with the one you hate the most? 

It was technically Natsu's fault because he lost a bet with Erza. Than they ended up kissing.     


One month ago...

Erza squealed as Gray walked into the guild hall. Natsu than knew that he had lost their little bet that the settled on the day before. The dragon slayer sighed and got up from his seat.

The red haired mage smirked as she said mischievously "You know what to do."

Natsu made his way to the ice mag as he saw his rival seat himself at one of the booths. Natsu stood there, nervously. 

Erza made her way a few feet behind the two, hiding behind a table, to make sure she wouldn't be seen.

But in reality she just wanted to bang their heads together and make them kiss already.

She could hardly contain herself. 

Gray looked up to see Natsu standing before him, his face a dark red from embarrassment at what he was about to do. 

"G-Gray...ummm I-I wanted t-to ask you s-something.." The fire mage stammered, his voice hardly a whisper. 

Gray leaned in closer, trying to pick up what the dragon slayer had said. "What was that ash for brains?" He asked, a little annoyed. 

' You can do this, It's just a kiss. How hard can it be? ' Natsu thought to himself. He had never really kissed anyone before, so he wanted to make sure he did it right the first time, especially since this was Gray. 

Than in less than a second, Natsu grabbed Gray by the waist and pulled him in for a kiss.

At first Natsu thought Gray would have punched him for doing something so sudden like this but he noticed Gray didn't pull away or move back. 

The ice mage actually kissed back.

Their lips collided and their bodies against each other.

Gray feeling the warmth of Natsu's body he began to wrap his hands around the dragon slayers neck.

When they both parted Gray said "Well, you could've told me you wanted to kiss flame-brain".  

Erza peeked from her hiding position with Mira to see the two hug each other, and joke around.

It  was a success.

Mira and Erza both smiled at each other as they just witnessed their one true ship come true.



Looking back on that memory Gray chuckled to himself at how odd that had worked out for both of them. 

Although Gray had always liked fighting with the dragon slayer, he knew he wouldn't really hurt him in a serious fight.

He cared way to much for the fire mage to let anything happen to him. 

He moved closer to the dragon slayer, feeling his hot breath brush against his chest as Natsu breathed softly, sleeping peacefully.

Gray finally scummed to his needs, and fell asleep with Natsu peacefully beside him.