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𝒜𝓁𝓁𝓊𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒮𝓃𝑜𝓌 𝐸𝒾𝒿𝒾

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Once upon a time, there was a grand castle that stood not too far from the woods. And the ruler of that castle was very cautious of their looks…


Queen Yut-Lung.


He walked up to a rather large mirror and said, “Slave in the magic mirror come from the farthest space through wind and darkness, I summon thee!”


Then wind started to stir and howl up together, to eventually revealing a face in the mirror.


Queen Yut-Lung smiled, “Speak!”


The mirror looked at him, “What would you like to know, my queen?”


Queen Yut-Lung stared, speaking in a serious tone. “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”


“Famed is thy beauty, majesty. But hold, a lovely servant, I see. Rags cannot hide his gentle grace. Alas, he is more fair than thee.”  Said the reflective object on the wall.


Queen Yut-Lung narrowed his eyes, “Alas for him! Reveal his name!”


“Lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow.”


Queen Yut-Lung widened his eyes and gasped, “Snow Eiji!”


“Mmmhmmhm~” a black haired boy hummed softly as he scrubbed the marble set of stairs outside. He was named Snow Eiji, a lovely boy who supposed to be of royalty, a prince. But Queen Yut-Lung’s jealousy of Snow Eiji’s natural beauty got to him, and made the poor prince dress in rags and work as a servant in the castle.


Snow Eiji smiled at the white pigeons that gathered around him. He admired the cherry blossoms that stood low, much as to his adorable height.


He sighed as he got up, holding an empty bucket in his hands. The white pigeons flew, following him behind.


“Want to know a secret?”


The pigeons flapped their wings.


“Promise not to tell?~”


Nodding their heads eagerly.


“We are standing by a wishing well~”


Snow Eiji smiled, looking down at the well. “Make a wish into the well,” He pointed down. “That’s all you have to do~”


“And if you hear it echoing, your wish will soon come true!~”


Then he began to sing softly, “I’m wishing~”


A echo could be heard from the well.


“I’m wishing!~”


“For the one I love, to find me.”


Snow Eiji’s voice echoes once again, “To find me.






He wrapped his arms around himself, “I’m hoping!~”


“I’m hoping!~”


“And I’m dreaming of, the nice things!~”


“The nice things!~”


“He’ll say!~”


“He’ll say!~”


Then Snow Eiji frowned, sadly whispering, “Today…”


Suddenly another voice was heard.




Snow Eiji saw a man from the reflection of the water in the well, and he quickly looked up and gasped.




There stood a tall man with golden hair and his eyes were a captivating shade of jade green. He smiled warmly down at Snow Eiji. “Hello, did I frighten you..?”


Snow Eiji blushed and stepped away, and eventually dashed upstairs to his room.


“Wait! Wait, please. Don’t run away, please!” The blond said a bit surprised.


Snow Eiji hid behind the drapes of his window, with his heart beating rapidly. But then, he heard singing from the blond man.


“Now that I’ve found you, hear what I have to say!~ One song, I have but one song. One song only for you~”


Snow Eiji redden his face even more, peeking from the curtains.


“One heart tenderly beating, ever entreating, constant and true~ One love that has possessed me~ One love, thrilling me through~”


The tall blond smiled gesturing his hand up towards the black haired boy.


“One song, my heart keeps singing, of one love, only for you~~”


Snow Eiji sighed happily, but then he sadly looked down at his rags that he wore. But he puffed up his hair a bit, before slowly going down the steps of his bedroom, gravitating towards the young man.


Little did he know, the blond was a prince too.


The two stared at each other, admiring their features. For some reason, Snow Eiji couldn’t help but feel like he’s known the blond before.


He’s starting to become drawn to him.


The blond took Snow Eiji’s hand, with his other on the waist. And they slowly started to dance around the palace grounds. Snow Eiji giggled as the prince twirled him, gently. The pigeons watched happily in glee, with cherry blossom petals flowing around the two boys, swiftly.


“What’s your name, my love?~” the blond male asked.


“It’s Snow Eiji~” the dark haired boy smiled shyly.


“Snow Eiji...that’s so beautiful~”


Snow Eiji blushed, “And yours?”


“Oh, my name? It’s Aslan.”


“Aslan? That’s such a lovely name~” Snow Eiji smiled, as he stared up in Aslan’s jade eyes.


“Ohh, but you’re more lovely~” Aslan whispered softly, while caressing Snow Eiji’s cheek. They continued to stare into each other’s eyes, falling in love. But then, Snow Eiji’s lips parted with Aslan leaning in.


Their lips touched, gently pressing against one another.


It was all so sweet and blissful.


The blond slowly guided the dark haired boy back onto a cherry blossom tree, as Snow Eiji’s arms wrapped around Prince Aslan’s neck, hands traveling into his golden hair.




They were so close yet everything was happening so quickly, Snow Eiji hopelessly wanted more, but Aslan pulled away. The smaller boy sighed, nuzzling underneath the taller male’s chin.


Even though they had just met, it seemed like forever ago since they knew each other.


Perhaps they were maybe soulmates..?


“I have to go soon...” Aslan suddenly said.


Snow Eiji looked up at him with eyes widening all big and watery.


Aslan chuckled, “Now my love, don’t look at me like that...”


“When we’ll see each other again..?”


The blond held Snow Eiji’s hands, “Soon, my love, soon.”


“Aslan…” Snow Eiji whimpered.




“You won’t forget me...right?”


He shook his head, smiling, “I would never, I won’t forget you, Snow Eiji.”


Like it was nothing, Snow Eiji’s heart skipped a beat. It was odd but he just couldn’t help but feel so intimate with a man that he just met.


“Promise me that you’ll really see me, again…” the ebony haired boy pouted, looking up with his pleading honey eyes.


“I promise, my love~ Your prince will come see you, again~”


Snow Eiji grinned, rising up on his tippy toes, hoping to steal a kiss from Aslan. His thick black lashes fluttered, pink blush aligning onto his cheeks, just adorable he was.


“You’re so cute~” Prince Aslan whispered, before leaning in to kiss Snow Eiji’s rosy lips once more.


Everything seem content, the two were falling madly in love, and it was just all perfect…


That is except...Queen Yut-Lung was watching them from his balcony, he was disgusted by how quick Snow Eiji attracted a man with his astonishing beauty. ‘I won’t allow it! No, this cannot be allowed, I’m the only beautiful person in this kingdom!!’