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In the Sewers

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“Big Mama is trying to claim your son again.”

Draxum didn’t look up from the documents on his desk. “My son?”

“Yes. Donnie, your science baby.” Lou crossed his arms. “Somehow, he managed to blow up her office again. I wonder how he did that.”

Barely noticeable, the baron’s lip twitched. “Yes, I wonder.”

His husband moved from the doorway to lean on his chair. “You really must let go of this rivalry with her."


Lou rolled his eyes.

When their sons returned, Donnie found three barrels of uranium in his lab.

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"I'll have you know, this is entirely your fault." Lou let out a groan at his husband's words. He was clutching a pillow over his head. It was a vain attempt to block out the "music" coming from downstairs. "'Try something new, it'll be good for you.' He's trying something new."

Lou removed the pillow. "I only suggested it so the house would be blown up less. I had no idea he would drag the other boys in."

This was Lou's fault.

In an attempt to lessen constant explosions, he had encouraged Donnie to try new things. Draxum really didn't understand. In his mind, love and science were the only things that mattered.

Donnie had decided to try music.

Only to drag his brothers in.

And...Lou had his limits.

"This is your fault." His husband reminded him. That sealed his decision.


"Yeah, all our instruments disappeared." Donnie told his father a day later. The two were working on their own projects. The father was working on his DNA project while the son was trying to improve his shell protector. "That was extremely weird."

"Yes, extremely weird." Draxum said, eyeing Lou as he walked by.

He was flashed an innocent smile.

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"So, what this should do…" Donnie finished attaching the last sucker to April's head. "Is measure your brainwaves. We'll be able to see if your brainwaves change while using-"

"While using your "spidey sense"." Leo said, waving his hands. He and the other two with Casey were sitting in the lab as well.

Donnie hummed. "While I do think that 'spidey sense' is a good way to describe it, we've seen that it is much more complex than that." He moved to the monitor, pulling up the program. "Spiderman's spidey sense only gives him a vague idea that danger is afoot. April's power was like that when she had no idea that she had it. But lately, with a bit of practice, we've also seen her use telekinesis and telepathy."

He was given blank looks.

Donnie sighed. "Moving things with the mind and mind reading."

" Oh ."

"So, should I just read a mind in general or is there one specific mind I should try?" April asked.

"Do me, do me!" Mikey yelled, waving his hand in the air. "I wanna try!"

"Okay, try Mikey's mind. Actually, we might get different results with different minds." He stopped for a moment, thinking about that experiment. He shook it off for later. "In three, two," Donnie flicked a switch. " Go ."

There was no sound. April's eyes slid shut. After a moment, Mikey's eyes followed. Donnie's eyes tracked his girlfriend's brain waves visible on screen.

"And...stop." Their eyes opened. "This is interesting."

"What?" Raph said, moving to look at the screen.

"April's brain activity spiked the moment she started the mental conversation with Mikey. I expected it rise a little bit, but not to these levels." He looked over the results. "I want to try some more experiments, but that can wait."

Mikey and Leo helped April peel off the suckers before the boys left. Donnie and April were left alone. The former was muttering to himself. "Maybe I can make a tracker…?"


"Yes love?"


"Anything for you."

April smiled before pressing a kiss to his cheek. Donnie flushed. "Love you!"

"Love you too."

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The night was quiet.

Draxum moved across the rooftops of New York City. Huginn and Muninn were on a spying mission to keep an eye on the Foot. Despite what he told them, he didn't trust them one bit. He didn't feel like going back to Mystic City and his quiet lab yet.

No, that's not it, is it?


Ever since he had learned his beloved was still alive, Draxum had felt breathless. Lou Jitsu and his adoration for the baron was a drug, an addiction. He had thought he had gotten over it during thirteen years alone. Then he had seen Lou in the turtles…

Well, his addiction had come roaring back.

It hadn't helped that Lou was still alive as well.

He wanted him. He needed him. He needed him to conquer the surface. He wanted his affections again-

Loud laughter broke through his thoughts. On a another rooftop, he could see the familiar forms of his creations. The eye burning yellow jacket showed their human friend with them. His heart let out a thump at seeing a cloaked figure among them. Lou pulled his hood down, revealing his gentle smile.

Draxum settled down, keeping his eyes on his husband.

Just long enough