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Tunnel Vision

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“Why do we have to take pictures of people?” Eijirou asked, leaning back in his chair with a pout on his lips. Kaminari snorted next to him.

“This is a portrait photography class. What did you think you were gonna have to do?” Kaminari answered, fiddling with his camera. 

“I don’t know who I should use for my model. There’s not a lot of people I would like to take pictures of for a whole semester,” he said with a sigh. Really, there wasn’t anyone at all he wanted to take photos of for a whole semester.

“What about Hana?”

“No, she hates getting her picture taken.” 

“Well, what about me?” Kaminari asked with a smile. Eijirou stared at him for a moment.

“I think I would feel nothing if I took pictures of you,” he answered bluntly.

“Shut up. You just need to pass, don’t you? Don’t think too hard about this. You don’t need to find a muse or something,” Kaminari lectured, using a slight mocking tone.

He was always saying this stuff, but Kaminari had the ability to make anyone look good. Eijirou wasn’t like that, not at all.

“Who are you using?” he asked. Kaminari smirked.

“Momo and Jirou said they’d help me out. Taking pictures of cute girls is easy and fun,” he said, a look of excitement crossing over his face.

“I’ll find someone, I’m sure,” Eijirou said, sounding more like he was trying to convince himself. 

“Just pay someone if you can’t get anyone.” 

“I don’t want to produce shitty, staged work. What’s artistic about that?” he complained. He could hire a model, but it would feel so empty. And it would probably be expensive.

“There’s plenty if you have good ideas. You don’t have ideas though, only talent,” Kaminari jabbed.

“You’re such a dick. I’ll get higher grades than you, I swear,” he said, sounding completely unconvincing. Kaminari snickered.

“We’ll see!”


Eijirou sat on a bench overlooking the river surrounded by trees. He snapped a few photos and started scrolling through them on his camera, breathing in the fresh air. 

He never liked taking pictures of things that made him feel nothing. What really captured him were landscapes, cityscapes and nature. He found so much beauty in these candid, unstaged things, and he’d gotten this far in school without having to use models. It didn’t look like he’d be that lucky any longer. 

He didn’t know why he signed up for this class. Portraits were never his thing. His photos of other people looked the same as photos that a little kid took with his mother’s iPhone. He was completely out of his comfort zone, and he was being judged on it.

This was one challenge he never should have accepted.

Kaminari was definitely gonna get better grades than him. He always had so much creativity when he took photos. He was right about Eijirou, he had a knack for taking pretty photos, but his ideas were lacking in comparison. 

He scanned the area looking through his viewfinder, and that’s when he noticed he wasn’t alone.

Without thinking, he snapped a photo and then removed the camera from his face. He sucked in a breath.

It was a man. That was all Eijirou could think of to describe him. He was a man. 

But for some reason through the viewfinder he’d looked so pretty. The setting sun lit him up perfectly, enhancing his sharp features. Eijirou couldn’t have asked for a better set up, even if he had staged it himself. 

He hadn’t been noticed staring, and Eijirou thanked god for that. He wondered if he should approach the man and say something, but what would he say? 

Hey dude. You’re really pretty and I wanna take your photo.

That seemed unnatural and weird. There was no way he could do that.

Before he even got the chance, the other man’s phone started ringing. He checked the caller ID and answered it quickly. He couldn’t hear was he was saying, but he started to walk away. 

Eijirou wanted to call out to him, but no words came. 


“How do you take pretty pictures of people?” Eijirou asked, making himself at home on Todoroki’s couch. 

Todoroki took a moment to think about his answer. Eijirou didn’t think it would require any thought. Not from the best portrait photographer in their year.

“Love,” he answered simply. Eijirou frowned. A disappointing and unhelpful answer.

“I’m in love but my pictures still suck, even of her,” he pouted. Todoroki shook his head.

“Not romantic love. A love of taking photos of people. If you don’t love it, it shows in your photos. If you want good photos, you have to fall in love with taking these photos,” Todoroki continued. 

It still wasn’t overly helpful. How could he fall in love with it if all his photos of people turned out badly? It didn’t matter how hard he tried, they always sucked.

“How do I learn to fall in love with it?” he asked, feeling discouraged.

“Find someone who makes you excited to take their picture,” Todoroki answered, as if it were that simple.

“But Hana doesn’t like her picture taken,” he responded.

“You’re missing the point. You don’t have to be in love with this person. You just have to like taking their picture. It could be anyone,” he explained.

He remembered hearing other people talking about their muses, and how there was no romantic connection at all. It was just someone who made the artist inspired.

The first person that came to mind was the man Eijirou saw by the creek a few days ago. 

“You have someone in mind?” Todoroki asked, as if he could read Eijirou’s mind. 

“Kind of. But I don’t even know his name and that’s an issue,” Eijirou sighed. He really had no idea how to contact this random person that he saw near a creek. He might go to the school, but there was no way to know that for sure.

“That is an issue.” 

“Who did you love taking photos of?” Eijirou asked out of curiosity.

“Izuku,” Todoroki answered bluntly. Eijirou rolled his eyes.

“You just told me it had nothing to do with romance and you’re gonna say your boyfriend was your muse?” Eijirou complained. 

“It doesn’t have to be. But taking photos of someone is intimate. It’s easy to fall in love for real that way.”

Eijirou hummed to himself. He could see it being an intimate thing. The models often felt exposed, and photographers feeling like voyeurs. Eijirou suddenly felt more motivated to find the man.

“So it is actually better if I use a man, because I won’t fall in love,” he said, basically to himself.

“Maybe,” Todoroki shrugged. Eijirou glared at him.

“Maybe? I’m straight and I’m dating someone,” Eijirou said. Todoroki shrugged again. 

“I’m just saying it’s really easy,” he said, and it sounded like a warning.

“You just have a thing for freckles.”

“I do now.” 

“Gross. Shut up.” 


“Morning,” Eijirou said with a yawn. Kaminari waved as he sat down in his seat. 

“Hey. How’s the project coming?” he asked. Eijirou pouted. 

“I’ve taken one good picture and it was just by chance,” he said, clicking through the ones he had taken over the weekend.

He had no idea how to start looking for his mystery man, but he experimented with others. Not one turned out well.

“No way! Show me,” Kaminari demanded.

Eijirou clicked until he found the photo of the pretty stranger he’d taken a week ago. 

As soon as he opened it, Kaminari gasped.

“Is that Bakugou?!” he shouted, too loud for Eijirou’s sleepiness.

“You know him?!” Eijirou shouted back.

“Everyone knows him!” 

Eijirou had no idea he’d stumbled upon someone so popular. He felt so lucky in that moment.

“Really? Who is he? I’d love to shoot him again,” Eijirou said enthusiastically.

“He goes to school here too. He’s famous,” Kaminari said, expression turning to one of annoyance.

“Famous? For what?” Eijirou asked. By the look of Kaminari’s face, it wasn’t for something good.

“Having the worst attitude ever,” Kaminari groaned. 

Eijirou was surprised to hear that. He might have looked a little angsty, but did an angel like that really have such a shitty personality?

“It’s that bad? But he looks so pretty,” Eijirou pouted.

“Pretty? He’s a nightmare. I have art history with him and he’s always being mean and yelling. His grades are at the top but he still puts others down,” Kaminari explained.

For some reason it didn’t deter Eijirou one bit.
“You should introduce me,” he requested.

“Did you hear anything I just said? The dude is literally satan.” 

“I heard you, but he’s the only person I’ve ever taken a decent photo of. This could be a breakthrough for me!” Eijirou said, borderline begging at this point.

“You’re seriously a masochist. I have art history after this, so if you come with me you might run into him. He never misses class.”

Eijirou felt like his luck was finally turning around.

“You’re a lifesaver! Thank you!” he said, wrapping his arms tightly around Kaminari’s body. 

“Just don’t come crying to me if he bites your head off.”


Eijirou waited outside Kaminari’s art history room. It was almost time for class to start, but Bakugou hadn’t arrived yet.

Kaminari said he never skipped, but he was starting to think today would be the first time. So much for good luck. Eijirou was feeling discouraged once again.

Then he caught a glimpse of fluffy, blonde hair. Without thinking he reached out and grabbed Bakugou by the arm.

Bakugou immediately yanked his arm free and stood only an inch away from Eijirou’s face. He was certainly intimidating. He looked like the type who would be ready to fight at any moment.

“Touch me again and you’re fucking dead,” he grumbled, not even asking any questions.

But up close like this, Eijirou could admire his features. Sure, he was rough around the edges, but his skin was clear and pretty, his eyes were sharp and deep red, and his blonde hair looked like it would be soft to touch.

He was perfect. Eijirou almost cried.

“You’re Bakugou Katsuki right?” he asked.

“And what about it?” Bakugou answered, clearly leaving his guard up.

“I’m Kirishima Eijirou. I’m a photography student here,” he introduced.

“Good for you,” Bakugou said before attempting to walk away. But, Eijirou cut him off again.

“Here’s the thing. I need a model for a project and you would be just perfect. Would you let me take your picture?” he asked, clasping his hands together in front of him.

“No,” Bakugou answered bluntly. Eijirou should have expected that.

“Please, I’ll even pay you,” Eijirou begged.

“Why the fuck does it have to be me?” Bakugou snapped.

“It’s hard to explain. It just needs to be you,” Eijirou said. Bakugou seemed unimpressed and unmoved with his vagueness.

“Fuck off, I have class,” he answered before shoving Eijirou to the side and entering the classroom. Eijirou sighed.

If only his muse had been a cute, friendly girl. That would be much better than this. If he couldn’t get Bakugou to agree, he’d be back at square one. He was likely already behind the rest of the class.

“Why were you talking to Bakugou?” a voice said behind him, startling him into turning around.

Now this was the muse he wanted. This girl was small, all round cheeks and big eyes. What a wonderful angel.

“Oh, I wanted his help for a class. I knew it was a long shot but I thought I’d try anyway,” he explained. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“What kind of class?” she asked. She kind of seemed to have her guard up as well.

“A photography class. I need to do photos of people and I’m really bad at it. But, I think Bakugou must be my muse or something, because I took a photo of him a week ago and it was gorgeous. So I asked him to let me do it more,” he explained.

“Is this some sort of prank?” she asked.

“No! I wouldn’t do something like that. Really, I just want him to let me hang around while he does his normal stuff. But, he doesn’t seem like the most sociable person,” Eijirou explained, scratching the back of his head nervously.

The girl stared at him for a moment.

“Do you want his number?” she asked, finally. Eijirou beamed.

“You have his number?!” he yelled.

“Yeah, we’re friends. Kind of,” she said, taking out her phone.

“You are seriously my hero right now,” Eijirou said, logging the number she showed him into his phone.

“Here, take mine too,” she said. “My name is Uraraka Ochako. You can text me if he gives you more problems.”

“I’m Kirishima Eijirou. It’s so nice to meet you. Seriously, thank you,” he said, almost in tears.

“You better be as nice as you seem. Bakugou might seem tough but if you hurt him I will kill you,” she threatened. Eijirou smiled.

“I really don’t intend to do anything mean. I really just wanna take his picture,” he reassured.

She eyed him, probably attempting to pick out any signs of lying. He knew she wouldn’t find any. He had no ulterior motives.

“Okay… I’ll believe you for now. It’s been a long time since anyone reached out to him, so don’t make this hard,” she warned. Eijirou smiled brightly.

“I won’t, I promise.”


Eijirou wondered how Bakugou would react to him texting him out of the blue. Probably not very well, but Eijirou wasn’t the type to give up.

He laid on his bed and opened up a new message.

You [8:20pm]: Hey Bakugou. This is Kirishima, we met earlier today. I was wondering if there was any way I could convince you to model for me.

He put his phone down on his bedside table and put his hands over his face. This guy was definitely gonna freak out.

When he heard the familiar buzzing noise he didn’t hesitate to snatch his phone back up and check the message.

Bakugou [8:22pm]: What the fuck? Are you fucking stalking me now?

You [8:23pm]: No! Uraraka gave me your number. I just want you to hear me out.

Bakugou [8:24pm]: And why the fuck should I do that?

You [8:26pm] I told you I’d pay you! Plus you wouldn’t have to change anything you do, I swear. I’ll just follow you around and take your photo as you’re doing your thing.

He wasn’t really sounding convincing, even to himself. He mentally prepared himself to get chewed out.

Bakugou [8:27pm]: Why are you bothering me so much? Find someone else.

You [8:29pm]: I can’t find someone else. You’re literally the only one.

Bakugou [8:31pm]: What the fuck do you mean by that?

You [8:33pm]: I mean that you’re gorgeous.

Shit. Eijirou had pressed send before he realized what he was saying. If he didn’t sound like a creepy stalker before, then he definitely did now.

You [8:33pm]: I mean! My photo I have of you is gorgeous, and I really want to take more. Usually my photos of people suck, but when it’s you it’s different.

Okay, that didn’t sound all that much better, but it was at least a little less creepy.

Bakugou [8:36pm]: You have a picture of me already?

Fuck. He probably shouldn’t have said that. He definitely shouldn’t have said that.

You [8:37pm]: Yes! I took it by chance at the creek near school.

Bakugou [8:38pm]: Send it.

Eijirou was weeping internally. This was going different than he planned, but he couldn’t tell if it was worse or not.

He already had the photo sent to his phone, so he sent it to Bakugou without any fuss.

Bakugou [8:40pm]: How much are you willing to pay?

Eijirou almost gasped. Did this mean Bakugou was accepting his offer?

You [8:40pm]: Like minimum wage… I don’t have much money, but I wanted to offer something at least.

Bakugou [8:41pm]: You don’t have to pay me that much. How about twenty bucks per session?

You [8:42pm]: But that’s so little! Modelling can be stressful!

Eijirou really wanted to take the twenty dollar offer, his pockets were basically empty. But he knew how annoying it was to be completely underpaid for artwork.

Bakugou [8:43pm]: It’s nothing. You’re not paying me more than that. You can find a new model if you want to argue.

You [8:44pm]: OKAY!! I’ll accept these conditions.

Bakugou [8:45pm]: Meet me at school in the foyer tomorrow, and we can start.

You [8:46pm]: Thank you! You’re literally a lifesaver.

Bakugou [8:46pm]: Whatever.

Eijirou wanted to squeal. Bakugou actually accepted his offer. Bakugou was really going to model for him. This felt like a dream.

He felt like a kid whose crush agreed to go to the school dance with him.

His phone buzzed again, and he wondered if Bakugou was taking back his offer.

Hana [8:50pm]: Just got home. Love you!

Eijirou smiled at his phone before he typed back.

You [8:50pm]: Love you too, baby!

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Eijirou jogged lightly to the foyer to meet Bakugou, feeling the corners of his lips turning up the whole way. He had his camera’s memory emptied and ready to go. This really felt like his lucky day.

He wondered if Bakugou would get annoyed with him quickly, or if he’d let him take pictures for a long time. Either way, Eijirou was excited to get started. He couldn’t remember ever being excited to take photos of a person.

He spotted Bakugou and waved happily. Bakugou looked at him, but didn’t return his enthusiasm.

“Hey! Did you wait long?” Eijirou asked. Bakugou shook his head.

“Are you done class for the day?”

“Yup. Just gotta take photos now,” Eijirou said happily, holding up his camera bag.

“I was gonna go back to my place and study,” Bakugou said, his tone sounding vaguely inviting.

“Sure. I’ll just tag along if you don’t mind!” he replied, bouncing enthusiastically.

Bakugou started walking, and Eijirou followed. He stuck close to his side, and he felt Bakugou inch away, just a little. He wasn’t offended, some people liked their personal space.

“So, what’s your major?” Eijirou asked as the walked, attempting small talk.

“Art history,” he answered simply.

“Oh! So you’re probably the intellectual type. That’s cool,” Eijirou said. He wondered if Bakugou would look so angry while he was studying.

“Yeah, I am.”

Eijirou snorted. Bakugou was cockier than expected. It was fine with Eijirou, confidence would probably help him with getting photographed.

“So you’ve got brains and good looks? That’s not really fair,” Eijirou teased.

“Life’s not fair.”

Bakugou was pretty rude, but Eijirou wasn’t minding this at all. His bluntness was really entertaining, and confidence didn’t look bad on him at all.

Talking to Bakugou was kind of fun.

“There’s not many art history majors at our school. Most people do hands-on stuff,” Eijirou said, attempting to continue the conversation.

“That’s because they don’t know how to study.”

“Hey! You’re right but you don’t have to say it,” Eijirou said with a laugh.

As they walked, they passed the creek that Eijirou had first seen Bakugou at. He pointed at it, bouncing more.

“You know, over there is where I took the photo of you. It was such a breathtaking moment, I couldn’t believe I got so lucky,” he spoke honestly.

“You really come off as a creep. Taking my photo without me knowing, getting my number from someone else, texting me all last night and now you’re saying this shit?” Bakugou snapped.

Eijirou felt himself turn red. Okay, he was probably going too far. It was time to dial it back. At least a little.

“Ah, sorry. If I make you uncomfortable just tell me, I’ll stop,” he apologized. Bakugou shook his head.

“That’s not what I was saying. I just don’t get you,” he muttered. Eijirou smiled.

He was happy to hear that Bakugou wasn’t uncomfortable.

“You’re not a hands-on artist, that’s why! There’s a certain love we have for our craft.”

“Whatever,” Bakugou responded.

They got to an apartment building not far from the school and Bakugou led him up. The halls looked clean and nice, unlike the halls of the dormitory he was staying in.

As Bakugou unlocked the door to his room, Eijirou felt excited. He was finally gonna be able to take pictures of him. Even though he hadn’t been waiting that long, he felt like he’d been anticipating this forever.

“Wipe that stupid smile off your face a get inside,” Bakugou said, snapping him back to his senses.

“Right! I’m coming!” he said, briskly entering the apartment.

As he took off his shoes, Eijirou admired the size of the apartment. It was huge in comparison to his dorm. It looked like it even had multiple bedrooms.

“Wow, this place is nice. And big,” Eijirou commented.

“Not like I live alone,” Bakugou replied. Eijirou should have assumed as much.

“Who do you live with then? A girlfriend?” Eijirou teased. Bakugou looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

He wasn’t answering, and it was starting to feel awkward.

“Come on. I study in my bedroom,” Bakugou said, ignoring the question and walking to a room on their left.

Eijirou followed, and he couldn’t help but notice the apartment smelled really nice too. Living here seemed so lovely. Having your own room seemed lovely.

Bakugou closed the door behind them when they got to his room. He got comfy on his bed and laid out his books in front of him.

“Mind if I start?” Eijirou asked. Bakugou shook his head.

Light was filtering in through the blinds, and Bakugou was dressed in a loose, black t-shirt. His hair was especially fluffy today. He looked adorable.

Eijirou took out his camera and set it up to the appropriate settings before he started taking photos. He moved around the room, hoping he wasn’t disturbing Bakugou took much as he photographed him.

He was giddy. He hadn’t looked at them yet, but he knew these photos were gorgeous. This atmosphere was perfect. Although, Bakugou could look lovely in any environment.

And his expression did relax as he was studying. Just enough for Eijirou to notice.

“Hey,” Eijirou said, and Bakugou turned his head toward him. As soon as he did, Eijirou snapped a photo. “Just wanted one of you looking at me.”

Bakugou clicked his tongue and moved to lay down on his stomach. He went back to studying, and Eijirou took more photos.

“How many do you need?” Bakugou asked. A good while had passed, Eijirou wasn’t even sure how long.

“I don’t know. Hundreds. Maybe thousands,” Eijirou answered, taking more.

“Why so many?” Bakugou asked.

“If you don’t take lots then you’ll miss something good. Better to have more to choose from,” he explained.

“Aren’t you bored of taking my picture?”

“Nope! Like I said, you’re the only one who I can take proper photos of. It’s very exciting,” he said. “Wanna see?”

Bakugou nodded. Eijirou nudged him over, and laid down next to him. He started flipping through the photos, and as he expected, they looked great. Bakugou didn’t look very stiff or anything. Doing the first shoot in his bedroom was probably a good idea.

“Not bad,” Bakugou mumbled. It was probably the nicest thing he’d heard out of Bakugou’s mouth.

“Right? It’s because I found my muse,” Eijirou said. Bakugou clicked his tongue again.

“You’re too bold for your own good,” he said. Eijirou didn’t know what he meant by that.

Bakugou rolled over onto his back and looked up at Eijirou. He looked quite cute, so Eijirou’s first instinct was to take another picture, so he did. And then another for good measure.

It was then that he realized that light wasn’t coming in through the window anymore, and he was feeling hungry. He checked the time on his phone, and it said it was eight already.

And he had several texts from Hana.

“Oh, shit! It’s late. I promised my girlfriend we’d have dinner tonight!” Eijirou shot up from the bed and started packing up his camera.

“Girlfriend?” Bakugou asked, sitting up as well.

“Yeah, hopefully she’s not too mad at me,” he said, sending her a message to say he was on his way.

Bakugou blinked at him with wide eyes. He almost wanted to take his camera back out and get this expression he was wearing.

“So, you really just wanted to take my picture?” Bakugou asked.

Eijirou was confused. Was there a different reason Bakugou invited him over? What else could he have wanted?

“Yeah! I told you I needed a model,” Eijirou said. Bakugou frowned.

“Whatever. Go then,” he said, laying back down and turning back to his studies.

He seemed irritated. More than usual. Scary.

“Well, bye! I’ll email you your payment later and send you the best pictures!” Eijirou said. Bakugou just grunted in response.

Eijirou left his room and closed the door behind him. As he walked to the door, he was surprised to see both Uraraka and Midoriya sitting on the couch.

“Kirishima?!” Midoriya shouted, almost dropping his bowl of popcorn.

“Hey! Do you guys live here too?” he asked, surprised to see that Midoriya also seemed to know Bakugou.

“Yep! Nice to see Bakugou accepted your offer!” Uraraka said with a smile.

“K-kirishima l-leaving Ka-kacchan’s room? Wha-what is- are you-” Midoriya stuttered with a red face.

“He’s my model for my portrait photography class. Now, I have a date to get to. Bye!” Eijirou said before putting on his shoes and running out.


“Hana!” Eijirou called out.

She sat in the cafe they said they would meet at, and Eijirou managed to only be ten minutes late. It wasn’t his worst time since they started dating.

“What took you so long?” she said with a pout on her lips. Eijirou took the seat across from her and took her hand, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles.

“Sorry, I lost track of time. I guess I was a little excited to have a model,” he explained. The irritation disappeared from her face.

“Did you take lots of photos?” she asked. He nodded.

“Yeah, a whole bunch. I’m gonna have to filter through them later, I’m sure there are a lot of duds,” he said. She smiled softly.

“Can I see?” she asked, holding out her hands for the camera.

“Of course!” he answered, handing it to her.

He watched her flip through the pictures, feeling a little proud of himself. He liked how much interest she took in his work, and this time it was something he was really happy with.

“They’re really good. This guy is handsome,” she said, not taking her eyes off the camera screen.

“He is, isn’t he? Apparently he’s famous at my school for having a bad attitude though,” he said with a laugh.

“Really? What do you think of him?” she asked, still going through photos.

“I think he’s a little sassy, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I handle you first thing in the morning, don’t I?” he teased. She lightly kicked his shin under the table.

“I can’t believe you took these. You usually suck,” she teased back. Still he felt warmth spread throughout his chest.

“Ha ha. I’m just lucky I found him. He photographs really well,” he said. Hana handed him his camera back.

“What is it about him?” she asked, suddenly seeming serious. He hummed to himself.

He couldn’t say that Bakugou was just good looking. He’d photographed good looking people before and they never turned out this way. And it’s not like he knew Bakugou on a personal level at all.

“Not sure. I really don’t have a clue.”


Eijirou laid in bed, filtering out the good pictures of Bakugou he had taken.

Bakugou was so cute. Eijirou couldn’t believe he was thinking this way about a man, especially one like Bakugou, but he really was cute.

He got to the pictures of Bakugou laying on his back and he stopped.

Right before he had taken these, Bakugou said he was being bold, and then he seemed to get angry. Eijirou ran his mind over the afternoon, trying to think of what he could have done wrong. He was clear with his intentions, but Bakugou still seemed surprised that his intentions were actually what he said they’d be.

What else could he have thought?

Eijirou turned his attention back to the photo, and something hit him. Something in Bakugou’s expression. In his body language. He felt his face turn red.

Did Bakugou think he was interested in him?

It started to make sense. Bakugou brought him home to his bedroom, and he even gave Eijirou a clear opening. Then when he found out Eijirou had a girlfriend, his attitude changed.

Fuck. He fucked up. And he went on and on saying Bakugou was gorgeous, and even got onto his bed.

Eijirou whipped out his phone and opened his conversation with Bakugou. But he froze.

What should he say?

Hey, sorry for accidentally coming onto you.

I’m actually straight but I hope you’ll still be my model.

I have a girlfriend, but let’s be friends still!

God, they all sounded awful. He did feel bad for giving Bakugou the wrong idea, but he could also be jumping to conclusions. There was nothing leading Eijirou to believe that Bakugou was gay, besides these photos.

Actually, Midoriya’s reaction to him leaving Bakugou’s room was pretty extreme. He shook his head.

You [12:32am]: Hey, sorry for leaving so abruptly. Can we meet up again soon?

He sighed to himself and shoved his face into his pillow. He felt his phone buzz a couple minutes later.

Bakugou [12:35am]: Sure. Whenever is fine.

Eijirou almost screamed. Bakugou wasn’t gonna ditch him. He was going to let him take his photo again.

Either that or he was luring Eijirou out so he could kick his ass. But, Bakugou seemed like the type who was all bark and no bite.

He hoped.

You [12:37am]: How about in two days?

Bakugou [12:38am]: Sure.


“What happened to your face?!” Eijirou shouted, moving his hands to cup Bakugou’s cheeks.

Bakugou moved out of his reach and clicked his tongue.

“I got into a fight. Not like it’s anything new,” he replied, sounding a little like he was talking to his mother.

His face was bruised on one side, a band-aid haphazardly tossed on top of what Eijirou assumed was a cut on his cheek. His eyebrow had a cut too. He looked so rough, Eijirou was really shocked.

So much for being all bark and no bite.

“Why did you get into a fight?!” Eijirou said, still shouting.

“Just because. What? Does this ruin your precious photos?” Bakugou asked. Eijirou paused.

“Not really, I just want to make sure you’re okay,” he said. “Your face is still handsome.”

He nearly choked on his own tongue. Why was he going on with the compliments after what happened the other day?

Or at least what he perceived happened the other day.

“Whatever. Where should we go?” Bakugou asked, changing the subject quickly.

“I was thinking down by that creek. The sun will start setting soon, so I bet it’ll be pretty,” Eijirou said, smiling.

“Okay,” Bakugou answered simply.

Eijirou took some photos on their way down to the creek, beaming on the inside. The pictures were turning out so well. They looked similar to the first one he took of him. The sun shining in his hair was so pretty, like a halo or a crown.

“What’s your project supposed to be anyway?” Bakugou asked when they reached the water. The sun’s reflection in it was beautiful, Eijirou took a few photos without Bakugou, just for fun.

“It’s a pretty open class. It’s more about fleshing out the styles we already have. Since I take pretty candid photos, I just need to take candid pictures of you, and as long as they turn out well it should be fine,” Eijirou explained, turning the lens in Bakugou’s direction.

The sky was starting to turn orange. Bakugou looked so pretty, even with his beat up face. And he seemed so comfortable in front of the camera. How did Eijirou even get this lucky?

“If it’s a stupid kind of class like that then why are you trying so hard?” Bakugou asked.

“I always try hard. I came here to make art, not to get a degree. I want to improve. What’s the point of half-assing it? I won’t get better that way,” Eijirou explained.

He had never understood the point of paying to go to school, and then not trying. He treated all his classes like important experiences.

Bakugou didn’t respond, just hummed. He started walking along the creek and Eijirou followed him, taking picture after picture of his gorgeous model.

“So, who did you fight?” Eijirou asked.

“Just some guy who thought I owed him something. It’s really not a big deal, I can take care of myself,” Bakugou said. His tone told Eijirou not to ask anymore.

“Your roommates seemed really surprised to see me the other day. You don’t normally model, huh?” Eijirou asked.

“I don’t typically bring people home at all. They probably don’t know how to react with my guests,” Bakugou said.

“I see. I didn’t know you were friends with Midoriya. I’ve known him for a while,” Eijirou said. He was about to continue, but Bakugou’s expression changed.

“We’re not fucking friends,” Bakugou snapped. Eijirou was startled.

“Sorry! I guess not all roommates are friends. Uraraka is a nice girl though,” he said, trying to gauge how he felt about her.

“I guess,” Bakugou responded, sounding exasperated.

“Are you dating her?” Eijirou asked. He bit his own tongue again.

Why was he asking about Bakugou’s dating life? He really wasn’t playing a convincing straight guy right now.

“I don’t date,” Bakugou said, answering quickly.

“Really? It’s such a shame. You have such good looks,” Eijirou said in the most professional voice he could muster.

He was not flirting.

“Looks aren’t everything.”

“Of course not.”

“People don’t like my personality. And I don’t like people. I only like superficial relationships that end quickly. Nothing high maintenance, or intimate,” Bakugou explained.

Eijirou was surprised that Bakugou was actually talking to him about this stuff. He seemed private, but maybe he just didn’t offer up information unless asked.

And if Eijirou’s theory was correct, then Bakugou definitely didn’t invite him over on a date the other day. It must have been…

He felt his face heat up, and covered it with the camera again, snapping more photos.

“Your girlfriend. What’s she like?” Bakugou asked, turning his attention to Eijirou fully.

He felt a lump form in his throat. Why was he looking at him so intensely? Their eyes weren’t even meeting directly, only through the lens, but Eijirou felt like his soul was being dug into.

“She’s really cute. She goes to a different school, she’s aiming to be a doctor. She’s pretty, funny, smart and sweet. The whole package,” Eijirou said. He didn’t mean to brag, but he really was proud that he managed to snag her.

“Why’s she with you then?” Bakugou asked. Eijirou snorted.

“Shut up. I have many good qualities too,” he said confidently.

“I bet her parents aren’t happy she’s dating an art student,” Bakugou said. Eijirou pouted.

“Don’t rub it in! I’ve tried making them like me but I think it’s a lost cause,” he explained.

Hana’s parents were the conservative type. They wanted her to marry a doctor, or an engineer. Something that required a lot of studying and intelligence that Eijirou didn’t have.

“And your parents are thrilled?” Bakugou asked.

“Yeah. I think anyone’s parents would be happy if their kid started dating someone so perfect,” he said. He had only recently introduced Hana to his parents, but they couldn’t have been happier.

“I see…” Bakugou trailed off.

The mood seemed to shift. Something about Bakugou’s voice sounded melancholy.

“What do your parents think of their son being single all the time?” Eijirou asked, attempting to lighten the mood.

“I’m sure they’ve given up trying to marry me off by now. I’ve never brought someone home to meet them,” he said, running his fingers through his hair. Eijirou made sure to catch it.

“You’re really smart right? It was probably weird to raise a delinquent with excellent grades,” Eijirou teased. Bakugou’s frown deepened.

“Who says I’m a delinquent?” he snapped. Eijirou laughed loudly.

“Your attitude and the bruises on your face mostly. What did the other guy look like by the end?” Eijirou asked.

He was genuinely curious who won the fight. And he didn’t even know who Bakugou was fighting.

“A lot worse than me. I’ve never lost in a fight,” Bakugou bragged.

“See? Delinquent.”

“Do you wanna fight?” Bakugou threatened. Eijirou raised his hands up to surrender.

“No! I’m just teasing. You get worked up so easily,” Eijirou said, taking more pictures while Bakugou was looking at him.

“Teasing?” Bakugou asked, like he’d never heard the word before.

“You’ve never been teased before? I’m making fun of you, but in a friendly way,” he explained. Bakugou frowned again.


“Yeah, ‘cause we’re friends,” Eijirou said confidently.

“Says who. You’re just paying me to hang out with you.”

“Well, I like you. Do you like me?” Eijirou asked. Bakugou rolled his eyes.


“So blunt. That’s what’s cute about you,” Eijirou said, snickering.



“I mean, cute like a kitten!” he said, trying to cover his ass. Although it didn’t sound much better. Bakugou raised an eyebrow at him.

His face was probably as red as a beet, and his heart was pounding.

Why the hell was it pounding so much?

“You say a lot of weird shit,” Bakugou said. Eijirou shrugged.

I know, just please ignore it.

“I’m saying normal things.”


Eijirou walked back to his desk and sighed. It wasn’t exactly the meeting he wanted, but at least it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

“What’s wrong? What did he say?” Kaminari asked.

“He said these pictures are good but he wants to see more expressions out of the model. That means I have to try and make Bakugou look like he has feelings besides cranky,” Eijirou complained. Kaminari snorted.

“You’re screwed. He’ll never smile or anything,” Kaminari pointed out, as if Eijirou didn’t already know.

“Maybe if I get him talking with someone he likes?” Eijirou wondered.

“Who would Bakugou like? I don’t think he likes anyone in this whole world,” Kaminari said. Eijirou couldn’t really picture it either.

“Everyone has someone they like. Maybe that girl Uraraka. She said they were friends,” Eijirou thought out loud.

“Isn’t he friends with Midoriya too?” Kaminari asked. Eijirou remembered Bakugou’s outburst when he mentioned the two of them being friends.

“Definitely not. They just live together,” he said. Kaminari hummed.

“You’re fucked then,” he said. Eijirou wanted to hit him.

“Maybe I’ll just take him to do things he really likes. Maybe an art museum,” Eijirou said.

“Like a date? Is Hana gonna be okay with that?” Kaminari teased. Eijirou shoved him by the arm.

“Very funny. You can do that stuff as friends too,” he said. Kaminari gave him a look that he couldn’t quite decipher.

“What if Bakugou starts to like you? Taking photos of someone all the time, taking them to romantic locations? It could happen,” he said. Eijirou blushed.

“Do you think he’s gay?” Eijirou asked. Kaminari laughed.

“I’m pretty sure you’re the only straight dude who attends this school,” he said. Eijirou was pretty sure he was right about that.

Eijirou felt his cheeks get even warmer. It was quite possible that Bakugou was into guys. He really didn’t want to give him the wrong impression.

But he really wanted to keep seeing Bakugou, and taking his photo, and talking to him. He was becoming enamoured with him as a subject, and he wasn’t willing to let that go. At least not yet.

“I told him I have a girlfriend. He doesn’t seem interested in me, at least nothing long term,” Eijirou said.

“Did he hit on you or something?” Kaminari asked. Eijirou almost flinched.

“No! He just said something about not wanting anything serious,” he stammered. Kaminari clicked his tongue, looking at him like he didn’t believe him.

“I’m just saying, be careful with his little heart, okay?” Kaminari said, and Eijirou couldn’t tell if he was joking anymore.

He wasn’t sure if he could shrug it off as a joke either. He was almost certain it wasn’t a joke at all.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe Bakugou is the guy who you were talking about,” Todoroki said, shoving some of his food into his mouth.

“Ah, yeah. I guess you would know him too, huh?” Eijirou asked. It would be surprising if he didn’t know his own boyfriend’s roommate.

They sat in the cafeteria at school, and Eijirou wasn’t so surprised that Todoroki had heard who Eijirou’s muse was.

“Of course I know him. He’s my boyfriend’s roommate. He has a way of making himself known,” Todoroki said, sounding just a little bit bitter.

“Right. Well, I’m just happy I found him.”

“You sure he was really the one you saw?” Todoroki asked. Eijirou nodded.

“One hundred percent,” Eijirou said, remembering how pretty he looked that day.

“He lacks a sort of…” Todoroki started, pausing for a moment, “anything that would make him a desirable model.”

“I kind of thought so at first too, but he’s actually doing really well. I like working with him so far,” Eijirou said after snorting.

“I can’t believe he even said yes,” Todoroki said, sounding even more bitter than a few moments ago.

“Me neither. However, I was pretty insistent.”

Todoroki hummed to himself, giving Eijirou a look. One that Eijirou didn’t particularly like.

“What?” Eijirou asked.

Before Todoroki could answer, Midoriya pulled out the chair next to him grinning ear to ear. He didn’t know whether to curse him or thank him for interrupting.

“Hey guys! What are you talking about?” he asked happily.

“Bakugou,” Todoroki answered honestly. Midoriya let out an exasperated sigh.

“Kacchan has been extra hard to deal with lately. Seems like he got into a fight recently,” he said. “At least, he says he got into a fight.”

Eijirou wondered what he meant by that. Would there be a different reason that Bakugou got all beat up?

“Kacchan? When I asked if you guys were close he got all snappy with me, but you seem to have nicknames for each other,” Eijirou asked, recalling Bakugou referring to him as Deku.

“Oh, yeah. We’re not really close. Our families are close. Our moms are the ones who set us up to live together, and we let Uraraka move in afterward. He doesn’t really like to talk to me much,” Midoriya explained. “We’re probably more like siblings who don’t get along than friends.”

It sounded like something Bakugou would hate. Being forced to move in with your mom’s friend’s kid? That kind of thing would definitely tick Bakugou off more than a little bit.

“Interesting. I’m surprised he’d go along with something like that,” Eijirou said. Maybe he was closer to his parents than he let on.

“You seem to know him pretty well. How long have you been friends?” Midoriya asked.

“Ah, we’re not even really friends. He’s just my model for this class, we met officially around a week ago,” Eijirou explained. Midoriya started muttering quietly to himself, something Eijirou had seen him do before.

“You must not be one of those types of friends then,” Midoriya asked, his cheeks getting redder.

“What do you mean?”

“Like… a friend with benefits?” he asked again more clearly but just as nervous.

“No! I have a girlfriend, you guys know that,” Eijirou said, slightly offended at the notion that he would cheat.

“I was just clarifying. Kacchan never brings those types of friends home with him anyway. It’s more often that he leaves for a few days and then comes back,” Midoriya said. Eijirou gulped.

“Do you think he’s seeing someone?” Eijirou asked, out of curiosity. Midoriya’s expression turned shocked, and then troubled.

“Kind of. I don’t think they’re in a relationship necessarily, but there is someone he’s seeing frequently. He won’t tell me or Uraraka though,” he answered.

“Maybe he’ll tell me,” Eijirou said happily.

“You think he would?”

Eijirou shrugged.

“Maybe. It’s worth a shot.”

Midoriya smiled.

“I’m glad he’s hanging out with someone like you lately. Even though we’re not really friends, I still get worried,” Midoriya said. Eijirou winked at him.

“I’ll be spending lots of time with him. I’ll take good care of him Midoriya, don’t worry!” Eijirou said.


“Our eyes are the same colour. I just noticed,” Eijirou said, snapping a photo of Bakugou sitting across from him.

“Really? You’ve been relentlessly photographing me and you just noticed my eye colour?” Bakugou asked. Eijirou couldn’t tell if he was offended or not.

“Hmm… I must have noticed subconsciously before, if I even did. Your eyes have a nicer shape though,” Eijirou said, admiring how sharp they were in comparison to Eijirou’s round ones.

Bakugou didn’t respond, just sipped from his drink and looked out the window next to them.

They came to a nearby cafe to eat, since Bakugou was complaining about being hungry. Really, Eijirou just wanted to be outside in the nice weather taking pictures of Bakugou in the sun, but he would have to settle for the indoors for the time being.

“Well… I talked to Midoriya and Todoroki about you the other day,” Eijirou mentioned, bracing himself for a scolding.

He said it so he could photograph a reaction from Bakugou, but he was disappointed when his brow just furrowed a little. He took a photo anyway.

“Why?” he asked, sounding irritated.

“Just trying to clarify to them what our relationship is. I said we’re just friends and that I’d look after you,” Eijirou answered honestly.

“I don’t need looking after. Especially not from someone like you,” Bakugou sneered.

“Say that when your black eye heals,” Eijirou said, noting the faint bruising still visible.

“I told you I won, didn’t I?”

“Yeah but it would be better if you got in no fights at all,” Eijirou said. There was really no way Bakugou could argue that.

Bakugou humphed and went back to eating his food.

Taking pictures of his in the restaurant wasn’t so bad. There was a certain ambiance to it that seemed really relaxing.

“You always have that dopey smile on your face,” Bakugou pointed out. Eijirou hadn’t even realized he’d been smiling.

“Of course I do. I’m happy,” he answered. Though, it was a little embarrassing to be caught smiling while he took Bakugou’s picture.

“For what?” Bakugou asked.

Eijirou was caught a little off guard by the question.

“What reason do I have to be unhappy? I have good friends, good grades, good parents, a girlfriend. Things are going well for me,” Eijirou explained. Bakugou shrugged. “Are you not happy?”

“What reason do I have to be happy?” Bakugou asked him in return.

Eijirou felt guilty. He’d just bragged about how good his life was, and he didn’t consider that maybe Bakugou’s wasn’t as lavish.

“You don’t have reasons?”

“I guess I have a few. I’m getting good grades, and I’m making money from you for being attractive. But other than that…”

“You have Midoriya and Uraraka,” Eijirou pointed out. Bakugou rolled his eyes. “What about your parents?”

“They don’t like me much. We’re definitely not close,” Bakugou said.

“Are you dating anyone?” Eijirou asked, slipping in the question nonchalantly.

“I already told you that I’m not.”

“Well… what about me?” Eijirou asked, pointing to himself. Bakugou raised an eyebrow.

“What about you?” Bakugou asked as if he didn’t understand the question.

“You have me. I like you a whole lot,” Eijirou said honestly.

Bakugou stared intensely. Eijirou was starting to fidget in his seat, nervous under Bakugou’s gaze.

“I don’t get you,” Bakugou said after a while, averting his eyes. Eijirou felt like he could smile and relax again.

“You say that a lot lately. But you don’t really need to get me for us to be friends,” Eijirou said.

“You’re still on about that?” Bakugou complained.

“Yes. I like you and I want to be friends,” Eijirou replied.

“Whatever. Let’s go outside,” Bakugou said, standing up from his seat.

Eijirou followed him enthusiastically to the counter where they paid, and then outside into the sun. He didn’t waste a moment, taking out his camera and snapping numerous photos of his model.

Bakugou didn’t seem to pay any mind to the camera anymore. He just let Eijirou take as many photos as he wanted without questioning it. Even if people on the street were giving them weird looks.

“You’re as pretty as always today,” Eijirou said. As soon as he said it he wanted to smack himself.

“I’ll always have this face, I don’t get how it’s surprising,” Bakugou said.

“Yeah but even people with pretty faces have days where they aren’t photogenic, but you don’t ever seem to have those,” Eijirou complimented.

“Isn’t it just because you’re the one taking the photos? You’re good at what you do, aren’t you?”

Eijirou felt a little flustered. Bakugou was sort of complimenting him. But why would that even make him flustered at all? It wasn’t like it was the first time he’d been complimented.

“You’ve been my key to taking good photos since the beginning. My muse,” Eijirou said sarcastically, attempting to make the mood a little less serious.

“I don’t believe that. There’s nothing special about me. We’re not even close,” Bakugou said, undoing the lightheartedness that Eijirou tried to create.

“It’s true though. You increased the quality of my photos by like a thousand percent. I’ll show you some old ones one day to prove it to you,” Eijirou said.

He wondered if Bakugou would come back to his dorm room with him one day. He’d have to clean it first. And make sure his dumb roommate wasn’t there.

Bakugou leaned against a fence, probably tired of walking with no destination. Eijirou took more photos of him. He wanted to squeal, everything Bakugou did made him feel things in the pit of his stomach.

“You. What do you think of me really?” Bakugou asked after a long silence.

“I mean, I’ve told you,” Eijirou said.

“Tell me again,” Bakugou said, seriously with no anger in his voice.

Eijirou felt nervous again. He could feel his palms starting to sweat. He wiped the one that wasn’t holding the camera on his pants.

“I think you’re a cool guy. Handsome, smart, fun to be with. You’re a little blunt and can be rude sometimes, but I don’t really mind that. I really like taking pictures of you,” he answered, hyperaware of how his voice quivered a little.

Bakugou looked at the ground and hummed to himself. Eijirou wondered what he was thinking. He usually radiated confidence, so needing reassurance seemed very out of character for him.

He seemed sad.

“I think you’re an idiot,” he responded and started walking again.

Eijirou froze for a moment before running to catch up with him.

“You’re so mean. I just wanna be friends,” Eijirou whined.

Bakugou didn’t answer him, so Eijirou took more photos.

As always, Bakugou looked good. His oversized white t-shirt showed off some skin around the collar, and his tight jeans showed off the nice shape of his legs. Really, it was a pretty basic outfit, but Eijirou was entranced by it.

Well, only as a photographer. If he didn’t think his model looked good, it would be kind of a waste.

His thoughts were interrupted by some water dripping onto his hand. He looked up and realized that dark clouds had moved in. They didn’t look like they’d be light rain.

Within five minutes it was pouring down on them, thunder and lightning crackling through the air. Eijirou shoved his camera under his shirt, cursing himself for not taking his camera bag with him.

“Let’s go back to my place, it’s just around the corner,” Bakugou shouted over the heavy sound of the rain.

His mouth was too close to Eijirou’s ear, he could feel the warmth of his breath. But, Eijirou just nodded in response, and followed him.

They sprinted back to Bakugou’s apartment building and as soon as they were inside his place Eijirou took his camera out from under his shirt and checked it out. He turned it on, and everything seemed to be functioning okay.

“Is it okay?” Bakugou asked. Eijirou nodded.

“Think so. I’m sure it’s seen worse,” Eijirou said with a chuckle.

“Come,” Bakugou said, and he led him to his bedroom, closing the door behind them.

Bakugou reached down to a laundry basket and pulled out a towel, handing it to Eijirou.

“Thanks!” Eijirou said, first wiping down his camera before attempting to dry his hair.

Eijirou peeked over at Bakugou, who was drying his own hair and peeling the wet fabric of his shirt away from his body and Eijirou watched it snap back to his chest.

Would it be weird to snap a photo? The image of Bakugou’s white shirt sticking to his skin was something he wanted for some reason.

His throat felt dry. His face felt hot despite being soaking.

“Here,” Bakugou said, tossing Eijirou a t-shirt and some sweats. “Change.”

He didn’t have time to ask questions before Bakugou was pulling his own shirt over his head. Eijirou yelped and slapped a hand over his eyes.

Why was he covering his eyes? Bakugou was just another guy. A bro.

He’d never felt embarrassed at looking at another guy before. What the hell? What was wrong with him?

Bakugou didn’t pay him any mind, and when Eijirou snapped himself from his thoughts, Bakugou was done changing into dry clothes.

Eijirou turned his back to Bakugou before changing himself. He really had no reason to feel nervous at all, so what was his problem?

Maybe it was the silence. That must be it. It was too intimate with no other noise besides the rain outside.

“Thanks, man! I thought we might have had to find a shop and wait out the storm somewhere else,” he said, genuinely thankful that Bakugou invited him back.

“Whatever,” he replied, looking through the blinds on his window. “Looks like it won’t be done anytime soon. The sky is black.”

“What a shame. I was getting such nice photos too,” Eijirou whined.

“Don’t pout. You can stay here until tomorrow,” Bakugou said, laying down on his bed.

“Oh, no it’s okay. I’ll go home later,” Eijirou said, feeling panicked all of a sudden.

“In the rain with your camera? Are you an idiot?”

Okay, he had a point.

“Thanks, bro! You’re so kind,” Eijirou said, but it sounded fake even to himself. Bakugou scoffed at that.

He turned on the tv in his room, but nothing was showing up on screen. Bakugou sighed.

“The storm is affecting the cable too. I don’t think I have wifi either,” he said, looking at his phone screen. Eijirou checked his too, and found he didn’t even have any service at all.

“Rough. What should we do?” Eijirou asked. Bakugou shrugged.

“I’m studying. You do whatever you want,” he said, leaning down and pulling out some books from under his bed.

Over the next few hours, Eijirou was at a loss for entertainment. He photographed Bakugou for a little bit, but after a couple hours he got bored, especially since Bakugou wasn’t changing position or anything. His phone still wasn’t functioning properly due to the storm. He couldn’t even watch tv.

He laid on the wood floor of Bakugou’s room and closed his eyes. He wondered what Hana was doing. Probably studying, the same as Bakugou. They were both such nerds.

He hadn’t seen her for a few days. He felt bad, but he knew she was even more busy than he was. Being a med student was time consuming.

Still, he felt guilt pooling up inside him.

He felt a foot nudge into his side, and he opened his eyes. Bakugou looked down at him and Eijirou fought down smile that threatened to come out.

“You sleeping or something? I said I’m making dinner,” he said, sounding cranky.

Eijirou smiled up at him. He noticed his eyelids felt heavy, and his mind was a little hazy. He checked his phone, and it was quarter to eight.

“I must have drifted off. Dinner sounds great,” he said, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Come on,” Bakugou said, exiting his room.

Eijirou followed him to the kitchen and Bakugou grabbed some stuff from the fridge. He slid Eijirou a cutting board with a knife and some vegetables on it.

“Make yourself useful,” he said, turning on the tap for Eijirou to use.

“Got it, Boss,” Eijirou said before starting to wash the vegetables he was given.

Eijirou hummed a song as he went, and he was enjoying the atmosphere. The sound of him humming, the movement in the kitchen, and the patter of the rain against the windows was so pleasant. Especially in a dimly lit space like this one.

He felt warm.

“You suck at this,” Bakugou said, looking down at the vegetables. They were cut unevenly, some pieces were too big, others were too small.

“I’ve never been much of a cook,” Eijirou said with a laugh.

“Can you do anything besides take pictures?” Bakugou asked.

“I’ve been told I’m a really good kisser,” Eijirou said smugly.

Wait, why did he say that?

“Everyone and their mother says that,” Bakugou answered, as if Eijirou hadn’t said something completely embarrassing.

“You’re right. But I really am,” Eijirou said, feeling like he should defend his own honour.

“Sure. Just cut better,” Bakugou said, ending the conversation.

Eijirou felt hyperaware of how their shoulders brushed every so often, and how he could see a light sheen of sweat forming on Bakugou’s forehead from standing over the hot stove.

Eijirou swallowed hard and tried his best to focus on chopping and washing the food instead.

He finished his job and sat at the table, waiting for Bakugou to finish up the cooking. While he waited, the door to the apartment swung open.

“Ah, we’re soaking,” Uraraka whined.

She and Midoriya walked in dripping wet, kicking off their shoes and immediately pulling off their socks. They looked like they were in worse condition than Eijirou and Bakugou had been.

Uraraka’s expression brightened when she saw Eijirou sitting at the table.

“Kirishima! You’re here!” she said, waving at him. Eijirou waved back with a smile.

“Yeah we were close by when the storm hit, so we came here. Hope you don’t mind my intrusion for the evening,” he said.

“Of course we don’t mind. You’re Kacchan’s special friend after all,” Midoriya said, snorting after he said it.

“The fuck did you say?!” Bakugou yelled, turning his attention to his roommates.

“Well, we’re gonna change. See you guys in a bit!” Uraraka said before both of them disappeared into their respective rooms, giggling on the way.

He felt like he was witnessing an inside joke that he wasn’t a part of.

But still, Eijirou decided to tease Bakugou a little bit as well.

“I’m special? That’s sweet, Bakugou,” he said in a purposely flirtatious voice.

“Shut the fuck up. You don’t mean shit to me,” Bakugou snapped. Eijirou snickered.

“I don’t think you mean that. You’re the one who took me here, and you’re letting me eat your food and stay the night. You don’t normally bring people home do you?” Eijirou continued.

He wished Bakugou was facing him. Maybe he’d get to see him blush a little.

“If you keep talking you’ll be back out in the storm. Is that what you want?” Bakugou threatened.

“No thanks,” Eijirou surrendered.

Bakugou finished cooking, and they ate together at the table without speaking much. Eijirou didn’t know Bakugou could cook so well, it tasted delicious. He’d have to invite himself over for dinner more often.

He finished eating in record time, and he stood up and took his dishes to the sink.

“I’ll do the washing since you worked so hard on the cooking. Are you done eating?” Eijirou asked, already reaching for Bakugou’s empty dish.

Bakugou let him take it and he started cleaning the dishes. Soon after, Bakugou stood next to him.

“I’ll dry, give me the clean ones,” he said, holding out his hand.

Eijirou smiled and did as he said.

It became clear that Uraraka and Midoriya weren’t going to join them. It was only just after eight, could they both be asleep already?

Not that he wasn’t enjoying being alone with Bakugou. It felt so peaceful and sweet. He felt warmth pooling in his chest.

“What are you smiling about?” Bakugou asked for the second time that day.

Eijirou hadn’t even realized he was smiling again. He felt his cheeks flush.

“Not sure. Just happy, I guess,” he answered. Bakugou whipped him lightly in the arm with the cloth he’d been drying with.

“Freak. You go shower first. I’ll finish drying and then I’ll go after you,” he said, pointing in the direction of the bathroom before slapping him in the back. “There’s towels in there, I’ll give you clean clothes to sleep in.”


Eijirou tried to ignore the fact that Bakugou had seen him with hardly any clothes on twice in one day, but it kept eating at him. He should have asked to take clothes into the bathroom with him so he didn’t have to walk around in a towel.

He sat on the floor of Bakugou’s bedroom, waiting for him to finish showering. The storm was still going, but Eijirou had cellphone service now. He immediately texted Hana.

You [9:23pm]: Hey! I had no service all day bc of the storm! Miss u!

Part of him still felt guilty for some reason. Maybe because Bakugou had been in the forefront of his mind all day, and he felt like he had put Hana on the back-burner.

Hana [9:25pm]: I was wondering where you were. Are you at the dorms?

You [9:26pm]: No, I’m at Bakugou’s place. Probably staying the night here.

Hana [9:27pm]: That’s good. I hope he’s taking good care of you.

You [9:29pm]: Of course he is!

Despite feeling guilty, he felt happy to talk about Bakugou. In turn, that made him feel even more guilty than before. Why was Bakugou occupying so much space in his mind? Is this what having a muse is supposed to be like?

He pulled the shirt he was wearing over his nose and buried his face in his knees.

It smelled good. Right, it was Bakugou’s shirt. This was the way Bakugou smelled.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeper. It smelled so sweet.

The door burst open and Eijirou shouted gibberish in surprise, like he had been caught doing something perverted.

Which he kind of had.

Bakugou had thankfully gotten dressed in the bathroom, but he was still just wearing boxers and a t-shirt. Would it kill him to cover up a little more?

“I’m tired. Let’s sleep,” Bakugou said, without asking if Eijirou was tired or not. He didn’t even acknowledge Eijirou’s shouting.

He was kind of tired though. It felt like it had been a long day. A long, confusing day.

“Sure. Where should I sleep?” he asked, looking around the room for a futon or something.

“With me. Where else?” Bakugou answered simply.

Eijirou paused.


“With you?” he asked, just to make sure he heard correctly.

“Yeah, unless you wanna sleep on the floor or the couch. Or you could sleep with Angel Face or Deku and explain that to your girlfriend and Icy Hot later,” Bakugou said, already climbing into bed and under the covers.

Okay, Bakugou was definitely the best choice for bed sharing, but he could just sleep on the couch outside.

But would that be weird when Bakugou was offering him a place in his bed? Who would choose a couch over a bed?

He was definitely making this a bigger deal than it was supposed to be. What could be wrong with sharing Bakugou’s bed with him? It wasn’t like things were going to happen. He had a girlfriend after all.

And he was straight. Definitely. Totally straight.

He was pretty sure.

He shook his head, ridding himself of all thoughts, and got off the floor into bed with Bakugou.

Chapter Text

The rain made noise against the video, and Bakugou was breathing lightly. For some reason, it still felt noisy. Too noisy for Eijirou to sleep.

He laid on his back and stared at the ceiling, even though he couldn’t even see much. He felt hot, so he kicked his leg out from under the blankets.

“Stop fidgeting,” Bakugou groaned. Eijirou jumped.

“Sorry. Thought you were asleep,” he said, pulling his leg back under the covers.

“I can’t sleep if you keep moving around,” Bakugou complained.

“Sorry,” Eijirou repeated.

The room went quiet again, and Eijirou swallowed roughly. Why did it feel like there was so much tension in the air? He was hyperaware of every one of Bakugou’s sounds and movements. He deliberately tried to quiet his own breathing, since he felt like this tension wasn’t a one-sided feeling.

“Are you this tense when you sleep with your girlfriend?” Bakugou said, breaking the silence.

“No,” he answered honestly. He slept like a baby next to Hana.

Bakugou turned around to face him, and Eijirou could just barely see him staring at him.

“So you think I’m gonna make a move on you or something?” Bakugou asked. Eijirou’s face got even hotter.

“No! It’s not that,” Eijirou said.

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t really know. Maybe it’s because I haven’t shared a bed with a guy in such a long time,” he said, but it sounded like a bad excuse to him too.

It hadn’t even been that long since he shared a bed with another man. He did it often when he went drinking and he’d crash at his friends’ houses.

“You’re so weird,” Bakugou said, and Eijirou was starting to get used to hearing it.

“You’re tense too. Why?” Eijirou said. He could practically feel Bakugou’s stiffness as well as he could feel his own.

“I’m not tense,” Bakugou lied. Eijirou snorted.

“You so are,” he said. He could vaguely make out Bakugou’s pout.

“If I am, it’s because I don’t want to share a bed with you,” he grumbled, shifting a little bit.

“Am I that bad? I can go sleep on the couch if you want,” Eijirou said, starting to sit up.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Eijirou laid his head back down on the pillow and faced the ceiling again.

Eijirou wasn’t really used to feeling awkward around people. He was always forward and relaxed whenever he was with basically anyone. His extroverted personality was no match for Bakugou apparently. He was an entirely different enigma.

He suddenly remembered Midoriya asking him to find out if Bakugou was seeing someone. If Bakugou had lied before, maybe the intimacy of sharing a bed would get him to spill this time.

“Bakugou, are you dating anyone?” he asked after a long silence.

“I already told you I don’t date,” he said, irritated. Eijirou wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

“Okay, well, is there anyone you see repeatedly?”

“None of your business,” Bakugou answered quickly.

“So there is,” Eijirou said. If there wasn’t anyone, he would have just denied it.

“So what if there is? What’s it to you?” Bakugou replied, increasingly annoyed.

“Was just curious. Do you think she’d be mad if she knew we were sharing a bed?” Eijirou asked.

He tried to picture the kind of girl that Bakugou would go out with. Someone rough around the edges for sure. Someone who probably wanted as little of an actual relationship as possible.

Definitely not someone upbeat. Or interested in commitment.

Bakugou scoffed.

“You still think I’m into women?” he said simply. Eijirou’s heart almost jumped out of his chest.

“You’re gay?!” he asked, way too loudly, sitting up. Bakugou sat up too, almost like he was ready to defend himself in case Eijirou decided to punch him.

“Shut up! Yeah, I am. You got a problem with that?” Bakugou said, and Eijirou swore he heard his knuckles crack.

“No, I just didn’t know. You never said before,” he said, more relaxed now that the information had set in.

“I guess a straight guy like you wouldn’t notice,” Bakugou mumbled, laying back down. Eijirou laid down too, facing Bakugou this time.

“Maybe that’s why I feel a little different with you,” Eijirou said, although he knew that couldn’t be it either.

He had plenty of gay friends. And none of them ever made him feel the way Bakugou made him feel. He’d shared a bed with Kaminari, who would fuck anything that moved, and it hadn’t been an issue at all.

Something about Bakugou was different. He just couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

“What do you mean different?” Bakugou asked, and it sounded sincere.

Bakugou wouldn’t really know how Eijirou acted with others since they were always alone together.

“Dunno how to explain it. My friendship with you feels different than all my other relationships,” Eijirou said. Bakugou hummed.

“So weird,” he mumbled. After a few moments of staying quiet, Bakugou spoke again. “Honestly, until you said you had a girlfriend I thought you were trying to hook up with me.”

Eijirou knew he’d been right about that. For some reason he felt giddy.

But, that also meant that Bakugou had accepted his inadvertent advances. His stomach felt tight.

“Is that why you invited me to your bedroom the first time we hung out?” Eijirou asked in a teasing tone.

“Shut up! I thought it might be fun for one night,” Bakugou whined, clearly a little flustered.

“Were you charmed by my good looks?” Eijirou said sarcastically. Bakugou shoved him lightly.

The place where he touched burned.

“Not a chance. Was just pent up,” Bakugou said, but it sounded like a lie.

“But, I’m the only one you actually brought here right? That’s something special,” Eijirou said.

“Don’t flatter yourself. I just don’t want the other types of guys I hook up with knowing where I live. They aren’t the most respectful people,” Bakugou explained.

“Really? Why do you hang out with those types of people?” Eijirou asked. Hearing that made him a little worried.

“Dunno. I’ve just always hung out with those types,” Bakugou answered.

Eijirou kind of figured Bakugou didn’t hang around with the best crowd, but he was hoping he was wrong. Bakugou was smart, and had a bright future. He hoped he wasn’t getting caught up in bad things.

“If I really was interested, you would have played me even though you knew I was a nice guy,” Eijirou said, pouting.

“Yeah, probably,” Bakugou answered. “Doubt you would have left me alone though. You already had my number.”

“You’re right. I am persistent,” Eijirou said cheerfully.

“Annoyingly so.”

That kind of sounded like Bakugou would date him.

No, he shouldn’t think like that. It was pointless.

“So this person you are seeing regularly… he isn’t a good person?” Eijirou asked. Bakugou laughed, just a little.

He’d never heard him laugh before. It was such a nice sound.

“Why are you so concerned? I can handle myself,” Bakugou said.

“We’re friends. Of course I’m concerned,” Eijirou said. Bakugou paused before he responded.

“Well, stop it,” Bakugou said in a low whisper. It sent a shiver up Eijirou’s spine.

“No,” he whispered back after swallowing roughly.

Bakugou stayed quiet for a while, and Eijirou’s ears were filled with the sounds of their breathing. It seemed impossibly loud.

His skin was tingling, and he tried so hard to repress the urge to reach out and touch Bakugou. Why the hell did he want to touch him so bad?

But, Bakugou touched him first.

A hand covered Eijirou’s head before lightly shoving it back. Eijirou was surprised and blinked a few times at nothing in particular.

“You’re a pain in my ass. Go to sleep,” Bakugou said. He turned around so his back faced Eijirou.

Thankfully, the tension was gone.

Eijirou snorted and pulled the covers up higher on himself.

“Yeah, yeah. Goodnight!” he said before closing his eyes, his lips stretched into a smile.

Bakugou didn’t say it back. Eijirou wasn’t expecting him to.


When Eijirou woke up he was warm. Was this bed always this comfortable? Did it always smell this nice?

He felt a strange wave of peace break over him.

He forced open his heavy eyelids, and squinted when he saw a phone screen. The brightness was too much so early, but he found himself trying to read the letters on the screen anyway.

Tag [9:24am]: You didn’t come over last night.

This didn’t make sense. Eijirou didn’t know a Tag. Did Hana know a Tag?

It must be her. This wasn’t his phone. He wasn’t the one typing.

He finally registered the body in his arms. He squeezed her a little.

You [10:01am]: I had other things going on. And there was a storm.

Tag [10:07am]: So we don’t cancel on each other properly anymore?

You [10:08am]: Since when have we done that?

Tag [10:10am]: Feisty today. Do you wanna be taught a lesson?

You [10:12am]: I’ll be the one teaching it if this is how it’s gonna go.

Who was this guy? He seemed rude.

Hana’s replies were ballsy. She wasn’t the type to be walked all over, and he really liked that about her.

Eijirou closed his eyes and buried his face into the side of Hana’s neck, in her long black hair. He tightened his hold around her waist and pulled her back against his chest.

She smelled different when he inhaled. And felt different when he slipped his hand under her shirt to touch her stomach.

Something was not right. There was no long, smooth hair touching his face. The skin he was touching was soft, but harder than Hana’s was.

Oh no.

His eyes shot open, and he quickly released his hold and backed away so hard that he fell off the other side of the bed. He looked up at Bakugou who sat up and stared down at him.

He was spooning Bakugou just now. Cuddling him. Reading his texts. Touching his skin directly.

Eijirou wanted to die.

“Why didn’t you push me away!?” he shouted, unsure of why Bakugou was just allowing him to be that way.

“I tried, you just came back,” Bakugou said, leaning back against the pillows like it was no big deal.

Eijirou groaned and rested his increasingly hot face on the bed. The sheets felt cool, but he wanted them to be cooler.

“Sorry. You must think I’m a freak,” he apologized. He didn’t think he’d ever been more embarrassed than this moment right now.

“Not really. Though that is the first time I’ve been cuddled since I was little,” Bakugou said, and Eijirou could hear him typing away at his phone. “Gross.”

He was probably texting Tag, whoever that was. Some angry friend. Or maybe a lover.

Right, Bakugou was gay. He was used to being touched by men in much more explicit ways. That probably wasn’t a big deal to him in the slightest. Especially since Eijirou was asleep during the ordeal.

The feeling of him was vivid in Eijirou’s memory. Bakugou really had a waist that tiny, and despite being super muscular, he was really soft. And it smelled really good when he had his face in his neck.

Eijirou wanted to slap himself. What the fuck was he thinking?

“Stop acting like the whole world fucking ended,” Bakugou grumbled. Eijirou heard the typing stop.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Eijirou said, standing up and promptly leaving the room and shutting the door behind him.

He thought he might have a moment to catch his breath now that he was away from Bakugou, but Midoriya and Uraraka stared at him from the kitchen table. Uraraka snorted, covering her mouth. Eijirou swore something came out of her nose.

“It’s not like that!” Eijirou shouted without thinking. That probably made things look a thousand times more suspicious.

“Not like what?” Midoriya said, playing dumb. He looked like he wanted to laugh too.

“Don’t act stupid. We just slept,” Eijirou said, his face at a temperature that must be bad for his health.

“You know, we have a couch. It’s pretty big and comfortable too,” Uraraka said, her voice breaking from trying to keep in her laughter.

Eijirou sighed and walked over to the table, taking a seat next to them. He hadn’t felt himself frown so deeply in a long time.

“Don’t tell anyone. I don’t want any weird rumours going around. I’m still in a relationship, you know,” he said.

“Right, I keep forgetting,” Midoriya said, looking disappointed.

“You don’t seem happy about that,” Eijirou pointed out. Midoriya’s eyes widened in panic.

“It’s not that! I just think that he seems really into you so it might be nice if he got a nice partner for once,” he said. Eijirou sighed.

He could understand that. Bakugou didn’t even want the guys he saw to know where he lived. His friends would probably be relieved if he had a decent partner.

But, Eijirou wasn’t going to be that partner.

“I know you guys want it, but I am already in a happy relationship. Can’t you set him up with someone else?”

“Easier said than done. Bakugou only likes you,” Uraraka said.

“I don’t think he really sees me in that way though. I mean he’ll barely let me say we’re friends,” Eijirou said.

“I don’t know about that. If you were single would you give him a chance?” Uraraka asked. Eijirou was surprised at the question.

Mostly because an answer didn’t pop into his head immediately.

“Come on, guys. I’m not even into men,” he said with a laugh that he knew sounded pained.

“Really?” Uraraka asked.

That was a good question. Lately he wasn’t entirely sure.

“Pretty sure,” he said. She looked at him with a warning in her eyes.

She was a little scary for someone so cute.

“Stop leading him on then,” she said.

He felt something ugly pool in his stomach. Was he leading Bakugou on like this? He’d made it clear to him that he’s unavailable.

Was Bakugou still waiting for something to happen?

Would Eijirou be willing to let it happen if the circumstances were different?

“I won’t.”


“Hey, how did you figure out you were into guys?” Eijirou asked, under his breath so the whole class didn’t hear. Kaminari looked up from his laptop.

They’d been working next to each other in silence for the last hour, but Eijirou had to ask the question that’s been burning in the back of his mind. An annoying smirk made its way onto Kaminari’s face.

“What? Have you finally realized you’re into Bakugou?” he teased. Eijirou smacked him in the arm.

“Shut up! Just tell me,” Eijirou demanded.

“Actually, it took me until I was actually kissing a guy before I realized. During spin the bottle or something during middle school. I thought it might be funny to do but I actually ended up liking it,” Kaminari explained.

“So do you think I’ll have to kiss someone before I know?” Eijirou asked. Kaminari snorted at him.

If he had to kiss someone, there was no way to end this confusion without breaking up with Hana.

“You’re so upfront. Honestly, the fact that you’re seriously thinking about that while you’re in a relationship with a pretty girl suggests more than just sexual attraction. What the hell happened?” he asked.

Eijirou wondered. His interest in the topic of possibly being bisexual had heightened a lot since he started hanging out with Bakugou. It had only been a couple weeks, but he really felt different around him.

If it wasn’t attraction, what else could it be?

“I don’t know. I guess I find him attractive. And spending a lot of time taking his picture doesn’t really help,” Eijirou said with a sigh.

“Yeah, you should probably hang out with him less,” Kaminari said. Eijirou put his head down on his desk and whined.

“I don’t want to though,” he said, pouting.

He didn’t want to lose his model. His muse. He was an important figure in Eijirou’s life right now. He couldn’t just toss him aside.

“Then sleep with him,” Kaminari suggested instead. Eijirou almost choked on his own spit.

“I don’t want to do that either!” he said, way too loudly.

That would mean ending his relationship, which he wasn’t willing to do. Did Kaminari just completely disregard the fact that he had a girlfriend too?

“You gotta do something. Or you can just stay sexually frustrated forever,” Kaminari said, going back to his laptop.

Eijirou was a little angry that his friends constantly ignored the fact that he was in a relationship. But at the same time, could he blame them?

All he’d been talking about was Bakugou. All he’d been thinking about was Bakugou. Eijirou was completely consumed by him. It was no wonder his friends kept forgetting he had a girlfriend.

This really wasn’t fair to Hana. He needed to make it up to her. She deserved way better than to have a boyfriend in the midst of a sexuality crisis.

But at the same time, being attracted to someone else didn’t mean he didn’t love her anymore. Attraction happened all the time with everyone. She was his girlfriend, she was special.

He didn’t even know if he was for sure attracted to Bakugou. Maybe he really was just attached to his muse. It could happen.

Eijirou thought about what he would do if he was single. Would he have kissed Bakugou while they spent the night together?

Bakugou’s lips looked soft. Kissing him would probably be nice. And considering his experience, he was probably good at it too. But, he was a man. Would it feel different than kissing a girl? Would he like it?

He let himself picture it. Pulling Bakugou closer and kissing him softly, touching him gently. Bakugou probably wouldn’t want it to stay gentle for long. He’d probably turn it into something heated very quickly. Eijirou pictured himself getting rougher, pushing Bakugou over onto his back.

Eijirou shook his head. His cheeks were so hot he started fanning himself with his hand.

Maybe this whole thing was more troublesome than he was making it out to be.


“Hey, come in,” Hana said, stepping aside so Eijirou could enter her apartment.

Seeing her felt refreshing. Like his mind had reset. All his troubles felt like they would just disappear.

She looked so pretty too. Her long hair was tied up, and she was just wearing comfortable clothes, but Eijirou thought she was so cute.

“Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule for me,” Eijirou said, getting comfortable on Hana’s couch. She smiled and sat next to him.

She looked tired. Med school must be a bitch.

“No problem. What have you been doing since I last saw you?” she asked, her voice sounding a little strained.

Hanging out with Bakugou.

He didn’t really want to say that. Hana never showed any signs of jealousy, but Eijirou still felt guilty.

“The same old stuff, you know. Taking photos, homework,” he said. It wasn’t a lie.

“I’ve been so busy too. Med school is rough,” she sighed, closing her eyes and leaning against the back of the couch. She seemed so exhausted.

“I bet. All I do is take pictures all day. You must be dying,” he said with a laugh.

She opened her eyes gave him a look that seemed troubled. He swallowed roughly.

Something didn’t feel right. Something was definitely off today.

“How are your projects going?” she asked.

“Good! Really good!” he said, without talking in detail.

“Even your portrait class?” she asked. Eijirou almost flinched.

“Yeah, although I still have some stuff to work through,” he said, trying not to delve too much into it.

Right now isn’t about Bakugou.

But it seemed like she was pushing the conversation more and more in Bakugou’s direction. Why was she doing this if she wasn’t jealous?

Maybe she was just curious about his work. That could be it.

“Like what?” she asked. Why did she have to ask?

“Bakugou isn’t very expressive. So I need to think of ways to make him make different faces. You could basically copy and paste his face on any of my photos and it would look the same,” he explained, chuckling a little.

“Oh… what are you going to do about that?” she asked, but she didn’t seem like she was actually interested at all.

“I’m thinking of inviting him to an art museum or something. Something with old school art, since that’s what he likes. Maybe I’ll hang out with him and someone he’s close with,” he answered. She nodded as he spoke.

Maybe he was overthinking everything after all.

But, as soon as he thought that, Hana’s expression changed. She looked even more troubled than before. Eijirou’s stomach twisted, and he felt like he might throw up.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, reaching out to rub her back.

“I’ve just been so busy lately. We haven’t been spending time together at all, and we’ve barely been talking,” she said. Eijirou knew this was coming.

He really hadn’t been treating her fairly. He just had to tell her he’d be different from now on.

“Ah, I know. I’m sorry. Once the semester ends we’ll be back to normal,” he said, attempting to reassure her.

She shook her head, and Eijirou’s heart sank further.

“My parents set me up on a blind date. They want me to marry someone more to their tastes,” she continued.

A lump formed in Eijirou’s throat. Her parents were always going after her about marriage, but she always turned them away before. Why was this feeling so much different?

“You’re turning it down right?” he asked. She didn’t answer right away. “Right?”

“Eijirou, I really like being with you, but-”

“Hana, don’t,” he cut her off, the lump in his throat making his voice crack.

There was no way this was happening.

“It’s just that with my parents always on my back about you, combined with the stress of my studies. It’s just too much. I didn’t want to end things for your sake, but now…” she said, trailing off.

“But now what?” he asked. What could possibly be different now?

“Your attention isn’t on me anymore. Ever since you found him, you’ve been entirely focused on him,” she said.

Fuck. He’d been so selfish.

“I’ll stop. I’ll completely stop talking to him if that’s what you want,” he said, taking her hand. She pulled it free immediately.

“You don’t understand. I love you, I really do. But, when you found him, when I saw your photos of him, I felt almost… relieved. You had someone else. I didn’t need to hang onto you anymore,” she said.

Eijirou could feel tears stinging his eyes, but he held them back.

What did she mean he found someone else? Hana was the only one.

“But, I don’t want him. I want you,” he said softly.

“I’m really sorry Eijirou. I really hope you find happiness in him. Actually, I know you will,” she said. She smiled a little, and it just hurt so much more.

What was there to smile about? Wasn’t she sad?

“I don’t know what you mean,” he said, his voice sounding more and more choked up.

“He’s special, right?” she asked.

Eijirou couldn’t answer it. Because, yes, Bakugou was special. But, Hana was special too. He didn’t want to break up with her. He wanted to be with her for a long time.

“This isn’t what I want,” he said.

She leaned forward and kissed his cheek that he hadn’t realized was wet with tears. She cupped his face with her hands, and looked into his eyes. Her eyes were teary as well, but she was holding it together for him.

She was so pretty. She looked so sad too. If she didn’t want to end things, then why was she doing this? Eijirou didn’t understand.

He wanted this feeling to stop.

She wiped his tears away with her thumbs before pulling him into a hug.

“I’m so sorry.”