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Yoongi was sat at the head of the table as he stared down at pictures of you. He had one of his men follow The Diabolo gang and more specifically you. Yoongi and the rest of the Bangtan Sonyeondan gang were going through the plans for tonight before they were interrupted. Yoongi couldn't help but let rage boil within him looking at the photos that were taken of you. You were wearing black lacy lingerie in the middle of getting dressed in front of a sky rise hotel window. It was like a slow-motion picture as he flicked through all the photos of you. Yoongi gripped the photos a little harder as Bonhwa came up behind you trying to undress you again pulling you to him by the waist. The photos captured you shoving him away and then they also showed Bonhwa grab you and slap you across the face. You disappeared after that photo and Yoongi felt uncontrollable rage roll through him. He scrunched the photos and threw them fiercely to the ground as he stood up shoving his chair into the wall.

"What now?" Hoseok asked in a serious tone as he looked up to his boss.

"I should just go in there and kill all of them," Yoongi said pacing back and forth dragging his tattooed hands through his hair in frustration.

"Well we know that wouldn't be smart" Taehyung chimed in earning a smack on the back of the head from Seokjin and a glare from Yoongi.

"Namjoon has anything changed since when you scoped the place out?" Yoongi said directing his attention to the technologist of the group. Yoongi could always rely on Namjoon to get into all the secrets of places and conversations.

"One hundred percent nothing has changed, everything should go as we planned, they like to have meetings in their clubs basement as we already know, getting in as planned will be easy," Namjoon confirmed with a nod making Yoongi smirk, they have been following The Diabolo gang for three years now. Ever since they took what was suppose to be theirs, suppose to be Yoongi's.

"She should be there, but as planned we will make sure first and then go in. They won't be expecting us, we can't fuck this up! I have been waiting way too long for this." Yoongi declared earning nods from his members, his family, his gang.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say that we have your back Yoongi no matter what" Jimin spoke up making everyone agree.

"I've always wanted a little sister" Jungkook mumbled as he flung his feet onto the tale crossing them making the others laugh.

"I will beat your ass if you hurt her," Yoongi said looking Jungkook dead in the eyes making Jungkook raise his hands, if looks could kill.

"Let's go get our family back" Seokjin spoke up as he stood and patted Yoongi on the shoulder.

"Regroup in one hour," Yoongi said sternly as everyone got up walked their different ways to do last minute preparations.

"We can do this" Hoseok said with a firm nod to Yoongi before walking off. Picking up the photo of you half dressed from the floor he couldn't help but remember the day it went all wrong. Your father needed the money and offered you to him, to Bangtan Sonyeondan. He remembered when he first saw you, it was like love at first sight. He couldn't believe your father would want to sell someone as beautiful as you. He couldn't help but frown when he remembered finding out that The Diabolo gang offered double the amount of money to your father after! he had already paid him for her. He regrets not taking you straight away, but you weren't packed and you didn't even know your father had sold you. That day flashed through his mind when he turned up outside your house with his gang and Bonhwa had you slung over his shoulder and tied up as you thrashed and screamed for him to let you go. Bonhwa smiled at Yoongi maliciously as his gang backed him up and started shooting at Yoongi and the others. Bonwha already owed him large amounts of money before this all happened and then he went and stole his girl. Yoongi still remembers looking your father in the eye with his gun held to his head. Your dad obviously didn't love you or want you for that factor wanting the money for alcohol and drugs. He remembered the fear that shook through your dad's body before he pulled the trigger. Jungkook and Jimin disposed of the body and they took their money back and the money Bonhwa gave your dad. This wouldn't even cover two percent of what Bonwha owed him. He has only seen you a few times since then, every time they had a sudden run in or fight for territory. Each time you looked more and more beautiful as he made eye contact with you and saw fear, want and survival flash through your eyes. You don't know much about him but he can't wait to change that.

"Don't worry my flower, I'm coming for you" Yoongi mumbled placing the photo on the table before walking away.


The bass of the clubs music vibrated through your body as you held a tray with a bottle of whiskey and ice in glasses. You were making your way to the back of the club down a flight of stairs to the basement where your so-called boyfriend and his gang have their private meetings. Stopping at the door before the stairs you couldn't help but look behind you feeling like you were being watched. You scanned the crowd of people around you dancing and rubbing their bodies up against each other in their drunken and drug-filled state. Shrugging off the feeling you made your way down. You couldn't help but release a little sneeze never getting used to the cigarette smoke that filled the air as you got closer to the table they were all situated at.

"What took you so fucking long?!" Bonhwa yelled at you as you leaned forward putting down the tray he slid his hand up under your mid-thigh dress aggressively grabbing your ass.

"There was a line" You answered back as he suddenly grabbed your face with your lips between his thumb and pointer finger as he squished them making you face him. You couldn't help but whimper at the force making your cheeks hurt.

"What did I fucking say about talking back?" When you didn't try to mumble a word he brought his lips to yours forcing a rough kiss. You mentally vomited at his dry ass lips and tongue that tasted like cigarettes. "Go dance for me," He said shoving you away as you made your way over to the dark dance floor placed directly in front of where he was sitting with the others. You joined the other girls in the flashing lights as you started to sensually sway your hips and dragging your hands all over your body and through your hair. You made eye contact with Teayong suddenly as he gave you a sympathetic look. He was the only person here that you could consider calling a friend. Quickly looking away to Bonhwa as you watched him lean back in satisfaction dragging his eyes all over your body.

"Fuck man you're so lucky you got her!" Youngjae commented watching you as well making Dowoon point his gun at him.

"It's okay Dowoon" Bonhwa said making him lower his gun. "She's just an easy fuck really" Bonhwa shrugged making the others laugh. If only they knew how much of a fight you always put up while Bonwha tried to fuck you.

"Has it really been three years already?" Jaehyun asked as he snorted up some cocaine releasing a groan and sitting back satisfied. Bonhwa sat forward out of ears reach of you before he replied.

"I couldn't let Suga have her, he doesn't deserve shit after what he did to me" Bonhwa took another puff of his cigarette. You felt rage as you heard their conversation over the music but not catching his whisper as he leaned forward. You will always hate the person you use to call dad for selling you to this fucker of all people. You had spent the majority of your life looking after him after mum killed herself then in repayment he sells you as soon as you turned eighteen, pathetic.

It was when you were in the middle of doing a slut drop your back facing them as you bent forward showing them some panties. The door slammed open with a bang making some of the girls scream and stop dancing, you looked over your shoulder frozen in the bent forward position and your heart started racing. It was him, the one they called Suga dressed in all black outfit, button-down shirt tucked into deliciously tight jeans that had a belt holding them in place finished off with a leather jacket. You inhaled quickly as you noticed he was looking directly at you with a tilt of his head and a smirk on his face as his fellow gang came in behind him. You still remember when you first saw him during a fight over turf, his intimidating stance and look sent shivers down your body. The amount of power he showed during those fights made you think anyone would be stupid to fuck with him and made Bonhwa look like a little pussy. You couldn't stop thinking about Suga ever since then, you couldn't help but feel extremely attracted to him. You kept eye contact with him as you came to stand up straight slowly when all the lights turned on suddenly and guns were aimed everywhere and at everyone. Suga slowly made his way down and stopped to stand in front of Bonhwa, Suga seeming to be unarmed but walking with confidence.

"Come here slut!" Bonhwa suddenly yelled at you making you jump a little as you rushed to him and he pulled you onto his lap making you frown. "What brings you here, Suga?" Bonhwa asked as he raised his arm to tell his men to lower their guns.

"You know why," Suga said bluntly staring down at Bonhwa. Your heart was beating rapidly against your chest, you never thought you would get to meet Suga up close.

"What's going on?" You stupidly questioned as Bonhwa suddenly glared at you making you regret speaking immediately.

"Sweetie" You cringed at the sudden pet name, the hand on your hip suddenly tight."What did I say about talking when you weren't fucking spoken to?" Bonhwa said through gritted teeth as he pushed the end of his lit cigarette butt to your knee making you yelp out in pain. "Sit on the floor like the bitch you are!" Bonhwa yelled shoving you onto the sticky carpet. Bonhwa smirked noticing Suga turn his hands into fists.

"Not for a drink? That's a shame" Bonhwa laughed loosening his tie staring back at Suga. "It's been three years and you're only trying now? I figured you were over it." Bonhwa said laughing and his gang joined him as he stood up lazily. You couldn't help but let out a whimper as you waited for Bomhwa to kick you in the stomach and you covered your face with your arms as you lay their curling in on yourself. Bonhwa took another long drag of his cigarette and blowing the puff into Suga's face, flicking the butt of it at you when he was done making you flinch.

"Not only do you owe me a lot of money you also stole from me, give up Bonhwa, hand her over" Suga let out a menacing laugh acting as if he was turning away only to snap back and connecting his fist to Bonwha's face. Bonhwa faced you spitting out the blood from his mouth at you making you flinch in disgust. Considering Bonhwa was a head taller then Suga you couldn't help but feel impressed. Suga suddenly withdrew his gun pointing it a Bonhwa's head making your eyes widen in fear. Bonwha's men lifted their guns as well and suddenly everyone was pointing a gun at someone as he slowly turned looking back at Suga withdrawing his own gun. You peaked through your arms again and looked at Suga, he looked ready to kill but you couldn't help but feel like you saw pain behind his angered face.

"We have plenty of women, which one do you want?" Bonhwa yelled out with a bloody laugh and grin leaning back like he had no care in the world. You couldn't help but wonder why Suga was going through all this for a girl, does his gang not have enough. You sat up onto your knees now that Bonhwa attention wasn't on you anymore.

"Why this beautiful flower right here, come here to me," Suga said as his eyes flickered to you making your heart race. Why would he want you, you couldn't help but think you're nothing special and you certainly don't recall ever being stolen from Suga. But your heart raced in hope, will this be your chance at escaping Bonhwa. But what if Suga is worse then Bonhwa, you shoved that thought back right away deciding no one could be worse then him. You suddenly felt another pair of eyes burning into the side of your head.

"You fucking slut, you like jumping on everyone's dick?" You looked up to Bonhwa and the smile that crept onto your face unknowingly suddenly got slapped away.

"Well, it's not my fault I need a magnifying glass to see yours." You retorted glaring back at him as he suddenly pulled his fist up to hit you, you turned away bracing for impact.

"Don't touch her again, it's not her fault. His dick is so small, satisfying women for him it Mission: Impossible." Suga smirked pleased with his own joke as others tried to wipe the smiles off their faces. Suga pulled the trigger back on his gun as others repeated the action getting ready to shoot. When you looked up a black gun bag came into your vision, not that far from you, that is when you decided you will go with Suga but not without a fight. You slyly looked up at Bonhwa who was still having a stare down with Suga as you slowly inched away. You looked around at the others to see if anyone was noticing your advancements. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed the one they called Jay making subtle hand gestures to you. You looked at his face for any translation but he was focused on the guy that had his gun pointed at Suga. The hand signals Jay was making seemed like he wanted you to come to their side but you were only a few inches away from the gun bag now. Suddenly the guy named Kook moved from behind Jay moved closer to Suga causing a big commotion about not moving. You couldn't help but roll your eyes as they kept yelling at each other to back the fuck up.

"Stay the fuck where you are! You're not having the bitch, you'll have to pry her from my hand- Hey!" Bonhwa went to grab your hair but you weren't where he had left you. You turned around standing up quickly with the handgun you retrieved pointing it at Bonhwa. Suddenly His gang didn't know who to aim at. "oh, feeling brave are we, babe? Put the fucking gun down or you'll pay for it later." Bonhwa said angrily.

"Funny you think I'm gonna stay with you," You said as you made your way behind Suga between the members you know as Jay and Kook. They didn't even look shocked or even flinch at your decision like they always knew you would come with them.

"You're pathetic you know? Think you're so tough now, you don't even know how to use the gun you're holding!" Bonhwa said with a laugh making his men laugh with him and shake their heads at you. You held your stance holding the gun at him and with a cock of your eyebrow you clicked off the safety and pulled back the trigger get it ready to fire. This action made Bonhwa stop laughing and look at you in shock. "Just wait until I get my hands on you!" Bonhwa's hand started to shake with the gun from rage.

"My girl will always come to me. Kook, take her." Suga said firmly you're sure they must have been a smirk on his face as your heart fluttered from him calling you his girl. It was like someone had put everything on fast forward as you were suddenly thrown over a shoulder. You dropped the gun from the sudden force from being lifted and suddenly everyone scattered and bullets went flying. You tried to look at what was happening but as soon as Kook the shoulder you believed to be on turned back around you were faced to the member they called Jin's back as he covered us. There were multiple more shouts heard as you exited out of the basement back door with a loud bang.

"They're getting away!" Someone yelled.

"RM get the fucking engine started!" Kook yelled as he suddenly threw you into a van like a sack of potatoes making you scream a little with a grunt.

"Sorry sweets!" Jin yelled as he dragged you in further and suddenly a cloth was over your face, the last thing you remember is hearing more yelling, gunshots and Suga running towards you.


You released a content sigh as you lay on your stomach and snuggled further into your pillow. You peaked your eyes open and saw the black hair of Bonhwa, closing your eyes as you stretched out you pushed his head away knowing it would piss him off like every other morning.

"What the fuck was that for?!" A voice that did not belong to Bonhwa yelled making you jump up in shock and falling off the bed with a hard thump on to the floor.

"Suga?!" You yelped now remembering the events that happened before as he peered over at you on the floor with a small tired smile on his face.

"You can call me Yoongi baby," Yoongi said getting up and stretching with a yawn.

"Yoongi." You said letting it roll off your tongue earning an approval hum from him. You looked down quickly and released a sigh in relief noticing you were still wearing the same clothes and the blankets you had pulled down with you.

"You would remember if we fucked babe, don't worry" Yoongi smirked at you making you blush as he walked over to you lending you a hand pulling you up to him. He pulled you up like you were as light as a feather making you tumble into him unexpectedly. Yoongi pulled you close as he looked into your eyes putting his arms around your waist. You looked up at him as you placed your hands on his chest, you let your thumb move against the silk pajamas he was wearing. For the first time in your life, you felt like you finally found where you belonged. His arms around you felt like the final puzzle piece as you lay your head on his chest and wrapping your arms around his neck. Somehow pulling each other into a tighter hug, Yoongi placed a kiss on top of your head. You don't know how long you were standing there for but the sudden knocking on the door pulled you apart as Yoongi walked away to answer it. You couldn't see who it was as it was down a mini hallway in the room. It was now that you realized how big this room was making you do a full spin trying to take everything in.

"Dinner is nearly ready babe," Yoongi said making you turn around and look at him giving him a small smile.

"Is it okay if I took a shower first?" You asked in a small voice.

"Of course, here's the bathroom," Yoongi said grabbing your hand and leading you to another door across from the bed. When he opened the door you felt your mouth drop, the bathroom was nearly as big as the bedroom. It was all black and white themed with a clear glass shower big enough for a whole family to fit into and many tap handles. In the corner was the bath that looked like it could double as a spa bath as well, basically, The Diabolo gang had nothing like this! You looked at Yoongi as he released a small laugh at the look on your face. "If you like this wait till you see our wardrobe." He said pulling your hand along and opened a door to another room which was a giant walk-in wardrobe. You walked over to one side that showed off many types of clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and even a vanity with what looked like high-end makeup.

"I-is this all for me?" You stuttered as you turned around and found Yoongi already looking at you. You couldn't help but feel a little emotional you have never had so many things in your life.

"You deserve all the most beautiful things. Whatever you want baby, I'll get it for you, okay?" He said brushing hair behind your ear softly brushing his thumb against your cheek making you lean into him.

"T-thank you, I don't know what I did to deserve all this." You couldn't help but pull him into another hug.

"Go have your shower and I'll get dressed, wear whatever you want. I'll wait for you downstairs in the dining room with the others. I can't wait to introduce you to everyone," Yoongi spoke giving you a kiss on the forehead as he looked down at you. You turned around for the bathroom still in ore, you couldn't help but notice him looking at your ass as you passed a mirror catching him in the reflection.

After figuring out how the shower worked you went and raided the wardrobe, you couldn't help but blush when you found your bras and underwear. Deciding on a black lacy pair, your favorite kinda style. You threw on an oversized plaid button up that slipped off one of your shoulders, you decided to leave the top two buttons undone. Low enough to show you have boobs but not low enough to actually flash anyone. You decided to pair it off with some black skinny jeans that had rips on them, with a huff and one finale look you made your way downstairs. You poked your head out behind the bedroom door and looked down the hallway. This house was bigger then you expected as you had no idea which way to go towards. You suddenly could hear boisterous laughing and decided to follow the noise. You found your way to the stairs leading downwards, as you got to the bottom you were faced to a huge lounge room.

"There she is!" A loud voice yelled at you making you jump slightly and turning around with your hand on your chest.

"Sorry, I hope I haven't kept you all waiting." You replied with a smile and a bow, they were nowhere near as intimidating as they were last time you saw them. They wear all lounged about the dining and kitchen area wearing their casual clothing.

"It's okay babe, Seokjin and I just finished cooking it all," Yoongi said smiling as he placed his hand on your lower back bringing you closer.

"Seokjin? " You questioned no one imparticular.

"Ah, Yoongi you need to introduce us!" The one you knew as Jin suddenly said with a laugh that reminded you of windshield wipers. They all stood up and made their way over to you, you couldn't help but notice how good looking they all were.

"Ah! you must be Jin?" You realized quickly putting the two names together, Seokjin must be Jin, duh.

"Babe, I would like to introduce you to Seokjin as you know," Yoongi said as Seokjin snapped the cooking tongs with a wave. "This is Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, and our youngest Jungkook," Yoongi said pointing down the line as they gave bright smiles, waves, and even a wink.

"But I'm not the youngest now, you are!" Kook cheered as he flung his arm around your shoulders making you laugh a little and flinch at the sudden contact. You couldn't help it, after being with The Diabolo gang you were used to getting hit by Bonhwa.

"Jungkook" Yoongi said seeming to notice your flinch as he shoved his arm off you.

"O-oh! It's okay, I'm just not used to friendly contact I suppose" You said awkwardly with a shrug and a shy smile. "I'm glad I can finally meet you all properly" You smiled and introduced yourself.

"They must have been shit to you?" Namjoon spoke up with a sad smile.

"Is it true they shared you around?!" Taehyung practically shouted making Jimin smack him on the back of the head. "ouch"

"Don't be so rude!" Jimin yelled making you try to hold back a laugh, you noticed Yoongi pulling you closer to his side eyeing off his members.

"It's okay, I'll answer any questions!" You giggled, "If you must know, No I wasn't shared around. Bonwha literally shot any male who tried to touch me, I wasn't so easy for him either though." You said with a soft smile, you figured they would have seen the bruises on your legs not needing more explanation.

"You don't have to baby," Yoongi said rubbing your side, you couldn't help but look up at him with admiration.

"So what do you know about us?!" Jungkook asked beaming, this guy has some energy! He was practically bouncing as he stood there.

"Suga, the leader, boss, and mastermind. You're known as an ex-street fighter and you're trilingual?" You started off looking at their impressed expressions of how much you knew about their boss.

"I'm impressed, what else do you know?" Yoongi putting both hands on your hips pulling you into him. I suppose this is what happens when you snoop around live with a gang that is obsessed.

"Jin! The muscle and enforcer and also known to be an expert in torture. Jay is second in command, also a businessman and an excellent blackmailer but you're a master planner great at coercion." You couldn't help but wonder if it was creepy that you knew all this, you went quiet not knowing if you should keep going. "The girls in The Diabolo gang talk about Jin all the dam time!"

"Don't tell him that, you're boosting his already large ego" Namjoon moaned as Seokjin let out another windshield laugh.

"Woah! This is crazy, how do you know all this?" Hoseok said in shock looking at you making you shrink back a little.

"I may have snooped around Bonhwa's office at some point, they are obsessed with Bangtan Sonyeondan...." You said nervously playing with the end of your hair as the roof suddenly became interesting.

"Keep going, but let's sit down before the dinner gets cold" Yoongi announced and everyone took their seats. You stood awkwardly at first not knowing if you were allowed to join, eventually, you were shoved next to Yoongi near the head of the table. In The Diabolo gang, you weren't allowed to join and sit at the table, you had to wait for all the men to finish eating and then you got the scraps. When they looked at you questionably you explained to them what you are used to and they made sure you understood that you are family now and to forget what life used to be like. They promised that's not how things run around here and started shoving all kinds of yummy foods onto your plate.

"Keep going, I want to hear what they wrote about me!" Jimin suddenly spoke up making you laugh so you started where you left off introducing them in the same order Yoongi did.

"RM is the eyes and ears and Hacker so basically the Technical Expert, The Diabolo gang get angry and can't figure out how you do it." You said with a smile looking at Namjoon as he laughed.

"It's a secret" Namjoon winked back.

"Chim, you're the weapons expert and the curator and dealer. You're an expert particularly in guns and an excellent sniper." You felt like Jimin was someone who likes compliments so you threw on that last bit even though it was true. The Diabolo gang were always on the lookout for him scared they would be shot down, he is known to get a clear shot for miles. Jimin let out a loud laugh and smiled the rest of the time confirming your suspicion. " V does drug dealing and working with poisons. You are also an expert with cars whether that's breaking into them, fixing them or driving them. I have seen you street race and I'm always impressed but not when you won my favorite car off Bonhwa." You pouted and shoved chicken into your mouth.

"It's okay! I still have it, if Yoongi allows it I'll take you for a drive!" Taehyung said in excitement, you could really tell Taehyung enjoyed racing and his cars.

"Really?!" You asked back in excitement as well as you looked back at him from across the table and then back at Yoongi.

"Over my dead body, I just got you and I'm not letting you go out any time soon." Taehyung sat back in his chair defeated.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." You said placing your hand on his arm, you felt defeated but it would be selfish of you to want to fight against him.

"What about me?" Jungkook asked nudging your arm with a pout making you smile at him.

"Kook you are also muscle but you are an expert in combat fighting. I think I read somewhere saying that you specialize in mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, I'm sure the list goes on! I've seen you fight, it's awesome crazy. Besides that, you are also known to fill in when someones down, so I guess you're good at everything" You couldn't help but be amazed, if there is anyone you don't want to pick a fight with, you decided it would be him.

"He's our golden maknae." Yoongi said with an appraisal. "I'm lucky to have all of you, I hope you know I'll do anything for any of you, my family," Yoongi said making your heart pound as he looked at you and held your hand with a soft smile.

"Don't get all sappy on us now." Hoseok laughed showing a bright smile.

"To us! Ride or die!" Taehyung suddenly cheered holding up his glass for everyone to clink theirs. He's still waiting as they all looked at him judgingly but he's not letting up "Don't make me say it again."

"You need to stop watching Fast and Furious Taehyung." Jimin murmured next to him like he was getting second-hand embarrassment.

"To my ride or dies!" You shouted with a laugh and clink your glass with his making everyone join in laughing as well.


It had been a few weeks since Yoongi took you away from The Diabolo gang and you still had many questions to ask him. The only times you have seen him though is in the mornings when he is getting up to leave. You would be lucky if he ended up coming home early with the guys and you would watch a movie or he would go to bed tired. One thing you were starting to get frustrated about is that he hasn't tried to kiss you or have sex with you. You thought he was attracted to you that being one of the reasons that he took you but there was obviously more to it that he wasn't saying. The house turned out to be a mansion and the guys lived here too occasionally if they couldn't be bothered going home. They seemed to rotate on who was home depending on the job for the day. Yesterday you caught Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook playing the board game Cluedo and dragged you in to join them. Turns out you are an expert at that game making guesses on who the murderer, weapon and what room it was after only 4 turns. It was only a few days before yesterday when you were cooking some kimchi soup for dinner. You were dancing around in one of Yoongi's black button up shirt that you stole, it fit on you like a dress. You liked the way it smelt of his cologne giving you some form of comfort. You were busily stirring the pot and singing, shaking your booty when you were suddenly interrupted.

"This I definitely can get used to seeing." Someone murmured and grabbed your hips from behind as you screamed, you turned around quickly with a wooden spoon as a weapon of choice. "Woah, it's just me baby!" Yoongi exclaimed in shock grabbing your hand with the spoon. You let out a big exhale of breath you didn't know you held from fright.

"Y-you scared me" You released another breath putting your hand to your chest.

"Sorry baby, we finished early and I wanted to surprise you not scare." Yoongi sighed pulling you closer as he sniffed at what you were cooking. You leaned into him for a hug tracing your hands up his chest and into his hair.

"Sorry, just don't grab me like that from behind when I don't know you're there, it makes me go on full defense mode." You shivered at the memory of how Bonhwa would do that to you and do horrid things.

"I'm sorry I should have known better, I know why, you don't have to explain," Yoongi said with a kiss on your forehead. "That smells delicious is there enough there for the guys too?" Yoongi cheered as he stirred the pot with the wooden spoon giving it a sniff again. You couldn't help but smile at getting to have dinner as a family again and grabbed some more meat out of the fridge.

You smiled at the memory as you decided today was a good day to make use of that pool out back. Hoseok had been the one to stay back today claiming he needed a break and was currently waiting for you in the said pool. You decided to wear a blue two-piece bikini liking the way it looked. It was an off the shoulder falbala top with straps over the should and a high waisted and high cut leg styled with multiple straps on the sides with skin peeking through. Grabbing a towel you made your way down and started walking over to the pool. You had to pause and do a double take as you spotted Hoseok. He suddenly rose from the water shaking and brushing his red hair back out of his face with one hand as water dripped down his fit tattooed body making his arms flex.

"Hey, are you gonna join me or just stand there?" Hoseok suddenly shouted with his smile as bright as the sun today. You immediately jumped to keep walking and blushing at the fact he had caught you ogling at him. You chucked the towel onto the chair and dived into the deep end nearly running into Hoseok as you rose up without looking. You blushed at suddenly being so close to him and you looked down at his chest seeing his tattoo close up.

"S-sorry!" You sputtered out pushing yourself away from him, your cheeks felt like they were on fire.

"It's okay Angel, just don't let Yoongi catch you, I like having my head attached to my body" You laughed awkwardly and smiled at the nickname the guys started calling you, they said you were their angel and have been calling you that ever since. You couldn't help but look back at his chest tattoo, the only tattoo he had actually. It was the sun that had rays shining from it and around it was a dragon that started from his ribs up. You wanted to ask about it but felt like it would be too intrusive of his privacy, not like you know a lot about him anyways. "You like my tattoo?" Hoseok asked with a smile, dammit you had been caught staring again!

"Yeah, I think it's beautiful." You admitted.

"Mine is nothing compared to Yoongi's, he's practically covered," Hoseok said amusedly but quickly his face turned into a frown at your unsure expression.

"I-I wouldn't know, to be honest..." You said feeling awkward again.

"What?! Do you guys have sex with your clothes on or something?" Hoseok questioned again making you blush and sink further into the water in what felt like shame. When you didn't reply is when you're sure Hoseok was about to explode from shock. "You guys haven't fucked yet?!?!" He practically screamed making you shush him in fear someone else would hear as you looked around. "You're beautiful how the fuck has he kept in his pants for so long?!" Hoseok said in shock and disappointment as your face burned red from embarrassment.

"Thanks? I guess I'll take that as a compliment?" You brushed it off and went swimming in a few leisurely circles as you looked over at Hoseok, he had sunken down so his eyes peaked above the water staring at you like prey.


What you didn't know is that Hoseok had spotted Yoongi standing inside in the shadows behind the glass sliding doors. Hoseok laughed internally thinking Yoongi was stupid to be so obvious, that's when an idea started going through his head. They didn't call him the master planner for no reason, he couldn't help but smirk.


"W-what are you doing?" You asked nervously getting no response as he started to swim his way over to you making you laugh in fear trying to swim away. Suddenly arms wrapped behind you lifting you up making you squeal as he spun you around making you both laugh.

"Ah! Stop, stop!" You yelled with laughter in between as he suddenly dropped you into the water, "You're going to pay for that!" You tried to be serious with laughter breaking through as you jumped on Hoseok. You tried to tackle him, tried being the key word as you now had your legs wrapped around him and arms around his neck. What you didn't expect was him to stand up to his full body length making you hold on to him for dear life.

"If you wanted me you only had to say so, princess," Hoseok said as his hands suddenly found your ass making you gasp. You pushed at his chest and fell back into the water at the same time you heard the back door slam open. Yoongi came storming out hands in fists, you were in shock, Yoongi was never home this early.

"Fuck, here we go." Hoseok sighed.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing touching my girl like that!?!" Yoongi yelled, his face turned red the veins sticking out of his neck. What you didn't expect next was him to jump into the pool and tackling Hoseok making you scream. You felt like they were under the water for ages before they both suddenly rose and Yoongi had Hoseok in a headlock.

"Yoongi stop! You're gonna kill him! Stop!" You shrieked. Yoongi suddenly held Hoseok under the water before rising him again, it was like he couldn't hear you.

"Don't worry I'm not that easy to kill," Hoseok spoke in between breaths and gasped trying to release himself from Yoongi's death trap.

"Yeah, we will see about that!" Yoongi grunted shoving him in the water again.

"Yoongi you need to stop!" You tried to say calmer, at this point everyone had run outside to see what was going on.

"Are you just gonna stand there and watch him kill Hoseok?!" You exclaimed at the guys as they stood there in amusement.

"He'll be fine," Jungkook said nonchalantly making you look at them in shock. You walked over to Yoongi and Hoseok as they rose from the water again with Yoongi holding Hoseok in a different headlock. You grabbed Yoongi's arm and squeezed hard enough to get his attention.

"Yoongi, we were just playing and having fun, nothing serious, let him go." It was like on command he listened to you and released Hoseok from his headlock.

"Took you long enough." Hoseok gasped and coughed for air and smiled, Yoongi went to go at him again but you stood in front of him with your hand on his chest.

"What the fuck Yoongi?!" You couldn't help but yell at him.

"I have never seen Yoongi let someone tell him besides Hoseok what to do," Jimin mumbled not very quietly to himself. Hoseok pulled himself out of the water with a smirk on his face grabbing his towel.

"Why are you smiling you just got your ass handed to you?" Rm asked in shock.

"Yeah, that's what it looks like, I'll explain," Hoseok giggled as the others followed him inside.

"I can't believe you would treat your own family like that!" You were furious as you tried to storm off the water making it difficult to do it quickly. Yoongi suddenly grabbed your arm pulling you back towards him making you huff and cross your arms across your chest.

"I don't care who it is, I don't want them touching your ass like that." He replied angrily, "Am I not enough, do you feel the need to go after someone else? What do you want? I'll give it to you!" Yoongi half yelled as he turned you around and made you look at him holding you tight as his fingers dug into your hips.

"Yoongi, I want you! You are more than enough, but I'm confused! I thought you wanted me but you haven't kissed me and we haven't had sex. Am I suddenly un-attractive to you, did I do something wrong? I never see you anyways because of work..." You ended sadly and looking away, Yoongi's wet hand suddenly touched your face making you look at him. His thumb wiped under your eye making you realize you had released a tear. That's why he doesn't want me, you thought, you're weak. Without warning, he suddenly crushed his lips to yours, his lips felt soft like clouds. He nipped at your bottom lip making you open up and deepen the kiss, he tasted like mints as your tongues danced with each other. You dragged your hands up his wet shirt and into his hair with a moan when he pulled you closer and grinded his hips against yours. Yoongi pulled back making you chase after his lips as he looked at you brushing your hair back from your face.

"I'm such an idiot, I'm sorry. I didn't want to rush anything and make you feel like I was using you or something. Because I know how you were treated beforehand and I didn't want to be like that. But I didn't realize you would feel this way, I obviously haven't been giving you enough attention. I have never done this whole serious relationship thing before so I hope we can forget what happened and work on thi-" Yoongi started rambling making you look at him in adoration, you felt you overreacted just a little bit. You pulled him in for another kiss cutting off whatever he was about to say next.

"I'm sorry too, I should have just talked to you. I guess I'm new to all this relationship stuff too." You giggled with a blush.

"No, baby I'm just an idiot." Yoongi said in between kisses all over your face making you smile, "I hope to always keep this smile on your face," He said kissing you before pulling you in for a hug, "Not when I'm fucking you though, I only want to see pleasure on your face as you scream and moan my name," Yoongi whispered into your ear making you gasp as he suddenly pulled you to wrap your legs around his waist.

"To be honest I'm curious to see what's under that shirt of yours" You replied breathily pulling his shirt up from his pants and started to unbutton it. Yoongi pulled you into another deep kiss helping you with the buttons of his shirt, finally getting it off and throwing it away you heard it land in the water with a slap. You pulled away to catch your breath but it's what you saw tattooed on his chest that made it difficult to breathe. It was your favorite flower, a lavender-colored rose, and your name written curved around it over where his heart would be as it blended into more tattoos down his left arm.

"Do you know what a lavender rose means?" Yoongi asked looking into your eyes.

"It means, love at first sight, it's my favorite flower" You replied in shock looking at his face and then back to the tattoo.

"W-when did you get this?" You murmured out of breath from shock as you traced the flower with your fingers.

"Remember when we had that turf fight in front of the flower shop before the fight I saw you admiring the lavender rose bouquet. I remember what looked like you asking Bonhwa to get them and he grabbed them and threw them to ground. We weren't meant to fight that day, we were just passing through but the broken look on your face made me so angry. Anyways I got the tattoo a few days after that, you were supposed to be with me but I was stupid." Yoongi started to frown at the memory making you rub your thumbs across his forehead to to stop his frown.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Will your curiosity finally be filled.

"Babe, your dad asked me to take you first, long story short Bonhwa gave your dad double the money we did and took you from me. I should have taken you the same day I paid, instead, I waited because I wanted to give you time to pack and prepare, i-i'm sorry. I tried so hard and planned for three years to get you back, I'm sorry it took so long." Yoongi explained. You were balling your eyes out now, you were supposed to be with Yoongi from the very start. "I'm sorry baby, please don't cry. When your dad showed me you for the first time I-I fell in love with you and I never stopped fighting for you." Yoongi was now hurriedly brushing the tears off your face and trying to kiss them away.

"It's okay," You said looking up at him grabbing the side of his face and leaving a soft kiss on his lips. "I packed but didn't get to take my bags anyways, if I had known I was meant to be with you I would have fought harder to escape." You let out a little sob, you couldn't believe this whole time you could have been with Yoongi. "To be honest I have wanted to be with you since the very first time I saw you. Let's not dwell on the past anymore, we are together now and that's what's important" You said looking up at him to be greeted by the most breathtaking smile by Yoongi, you couldn't help but smile back as he pulled you into another kiss again. This time it was more urgent and rough like you had been starved of each other and couldn't get enough. You let out a shiver from being cold as you realized you were both still standing in the middle of the pool. Yoongi started kissing down your jaw to let you breath nipping and kissing down your neck to your collarbone until he got back to your ear.

"Are you cold baby? I know the perfect way to warm us up." Yoongi growled into your ear sending heat straight between your legs. You let out a gaspy breathe as he suddenly lifted you and got out the pool. You attacked his neck leaving kisses, sucking and biting where he moaned the most leaving little red marks as you made your way back up to his mouth. Yoongi kissed you hungrily as he carried you up to the stairs and nearly tripping making you squeal with a giggle as he held you tightly. He placed you onto your feet once inside the bedroom as you continued to kiss passionately. Yoongi kissed down your neck and leaving hickeys as he ventured his way to your breasts, quickly reaching behind you to release you from your bikini top. He took a step back throwing the bikini behind him carelessly as he stared at your chest, suddenly feeling self-conscious you tried to cover up only to be stopped.

"No don't, you look so beautiful," Yoongi whispered while looking into your eyes and giving you another deep kiss while used his hands to start massaging your breasts. You let out a moany whine as he attacked your nipple with his mouth sucking and flicking his tongue. You didn't have to wait long before he gave the other breast the same attention as you dragged your hand into his hair trying to get him closer. He kissed his way back up between the valley of your breasts and up your neck to kiss you again. His hands went down to your ass as he suddenly grabbed them and pulling you closer as he grinded himself into your crotch. You both moaned as you felt how hard he was getting even with the jeans as a barrier.

"Yoongi please, can you touch me?" You asked with no shame, you were losing your mind at how amazing he was making you feel. You have never been treated this way by a male before, considering the only male you had been with was Bonhwa and that was by force.

"Your wish is my command baby girl, I can't wait to see how wet you feel," Yoongi mumbled against your chest between kisses as his hands pulled down your bikini bottoms. You gasped as Yoongi slipped a finger between your folds. "Fuck, baby you're practically dripping, tell me who made you like this?" Yoongi asked breathily as you moaned at his teasingly slow pace he was moving his finger. Teasing your entrance and then never reaching your clit where you wanted him to touch you the most making you move your hips in hopes he would touch you there.

"You did Yoongi, it's all for you!" You gasped at the end as he suddenly attacked your clit moving his finger in figure eight motion.

"You sound so pretty when you moan baby girl, don't stop," Yoongi said attacking your nipple again biting a little making you moan his name.

"Please, I need more." You whined

"More what, use your words baby girl," Yoongi said stopping all motion and looking you in the eyes making you whine.

"Stick your finger in p-please Suga!" You whined accidentally calling him by his gang name but calling him this made something click. Suddenly he shoved two fingers into your pussy pumping them fast while using his thumb to rub at your clit vigorously. You felt the pressure down low start to tighten making you grab onto Yoongi like your life depended on it as your legs started to become weak.

"Hmm, I like that. Say it again my flower." Yoongi moaned as he started to bite and kiss your neck.

"Suga, fuck me p-please!" You half yelled as he inserted a third finger, he curled and pumped them in a come here motion perfectly rubbing against your g-spot. "I-I'm, fuck I'm g-gonna cum!" You moaned out loud as he moved his hand faster and attacked your breast and nipples again.

"Cum for me baby, cum right now," Yoongi growled pushing you over the edge to a white bliss as he kept going riding out your orgasm when you were whining at how sensitive you had become. Yoongi was practically holding you up now as your legs were ready to give way, you looked up and started kissing him appreciatively.

"That was so amazing." You mumbled against his lips, you let your hands travel down to his belt and started undoing it and the jean buttons.

"You want more baby girl?" Yoongi said smirking at you, you took notice of your juices covering his hand. Yoongi noticed you looking at his hand as he slowly brought his fingers to his mouth sucking off all your juices making you moan. He pushed your hands away taking his pants and boxers off a lot quicker than you as you watched his boner finally bounce free. You went to kneel down to suck off his juicy member that was red and leaking with pre-cum making you drool. His hand stopped you from going down under your chin as you looked up at him with a questioning look.

"I appreciate the offer but I can't wait to be inside you." Yoongi moaned pulling you up and towards the bed. He laid onto his back and you admired how thick and long his boner was as he motioned you to come to him. "Come take a seat baby, I want you to ride me" Yoongi smirked at you with a wink, you were starting to wonder if his member was gonna fit inside you. "Take your time my flower," Yoongi said pulling you in for a slow kiss that made your heart race as you sat above him and lined him up to your hole. You moved back and forth moaning when he made contact with your clit as you covered him with your juices. You both started panting heavily in anticipation, his hands gripped your hips leaving one to brush hair out of your face making you look up at him. "Focus on me babe" Yoongi moaned as you made eye contact and slowly lowered yourself onto his tip. You let out a gasp earning a moan from Yoongi, it was only the tip and the stretch was a little painful. "Are you okay, talk to me baby" Yoongi questioned rubbing your hip with his thumb.

"I have never been this stretched out" You yelped as your legs gave way a little inserting more of him into you.

"Fuck! You're so tight babe, take it slow, take your time it will feel good soon." He moaned and gasped at the tightness. You took a deep breath and released it slowly to prepare yourself "It's okay, I've got you baby" Yoongi gasped as he grabbed your hand on his chest as you suddenly pushed him all the way in making you both moan and gasp. You have never felt so perfectly full, it was like you were meant to be together, two puzzle pieces slotting perfectly together. After a few moments to adjust you slowly started to move your hips up and down. Each time you got higher until you reached the tip and slid back down with more force.

"Yoongi~" you moaned letting out pretty moans rocking and riding him as hard and fast as you could but you could feel that pressure down low again making your legs want to give way.

"Call me Suga, baby," Yoongi grunted.

"Suga fuck me harder, Suga please" You nearly yelled as Yoongi started to fuck up into you making you take him fully making you scream and moan. "I'm gonn- fuck - I-I'm gonna cum Suga!" He could tell you were struggling to keep up so he flipped you on to your back and started drilling into you. He lifted your leg over his shoulder making him somehow go even deeper hitting a whole new sensation making you whine. The bed head thumped into the wall in time with Yoongi's thrusts into your pussy.

"Cum with me baby, I'm close" Yoongi groaned releasing grunts as his pace became even more brutal, he started rubbing your clit again making you moan and whine, you were about to snap.

"I'm gonna cum Suga! I can't hold it any longer." You yelled gasping for air as your legs started to shake from the intensity.

"Just a little bit more!" Yoongi grunted, at this point, you were sure you were making a new hole in the wall as you held onto him making you move up the bed from the force. You were positive you won't be able to walk after this and will have bruises covering your hips where he gripped onto you. "Cum baby, cum for me! I've got you, it's okay" He grunted as he felt your walls squeeze around him making it hard to move he came with one final thrust. You could feel him coat your walls with his cum as he rode out your orgasms with a whine he finally stopped.

"I don't think I have ever felt that amazing." You sighed in delight as Yoongi stayed inside you and buried his head in the crook of your neck. Yoongi giggled as he made soft kisses up your neck, he stared at your fucked out expression with adoration. "What?" You asked curiously as he lay above you staring.

"I just think you look so beautiful right now, that's the best sex I have ever had." You blushed and slapped his arm at his confession becoming shy. "Hey, don't get shy on me now." He mumbled catching your lips into another passionate kiss, you could feel him going soft as you stayed connected not wanting to leave his embrace feeling both your juices run between your legs. You don't know how long you both stayed there but eventually, he got up making you whine. "Let's take a shower together and I'll clean you up." He said leaning forward to kiss your nose and lift you towards him, you went to stand but your legs gave way immediately. "Hmm, maybe a bath instead" Yoongi smirked.

"Yoongi?" You spoke up quietly as he looked down at you into your eyes.

"Yes, my flower?" He asked in curiosity.

"I love you" You couldn't help but blush at the sudden confession.

"I love you too baby, ever since I first laid eyes on you and I continue to love you more and more each day," Yoongi said looking deep into your eyes before giving you a kiss that literally swept you off your feet.

You would be lying if you said you didn't fuck again halfway through taking a bath. The guys in the house also didn't hesitate on letting you know how loud you two were either.


You have been with Yoongi for more than eight months now and things have been more than perfect. You had designated dates nights, family nights and on weekends Yoongi would always try to come home early. And right now you were trying to bribe him to let you come to the practice room where they practiced their combat fighting and using their weapons. The thing is, you wanted to prove to him you're not completely helpless.

"Please Yoongi, I want to learn to fight and protect myself." You looked up at him wrapping your arms around him. You have had this conversation at least five times now and even the guys think you should learn some self-defense.

"You don't need to because I'll protect you," Yoongi mumbled refusing to look at you.

"Okay let's find a halfway point.....let me come watch!" You tried to seem nonchalant about it but your heart raced as you traced your finger along his neck veins hugging his side. You looked back up to his face as he looked deep in thought. "I want to see my man train, it's kinda sexy to see you kick ass." You drew out looking away then back up at him to see if he would break.

"I know what you're trying to do," Yoongi grumbled grabbing your ass "Don't start something you aren't willing to finish baby"

"Please! Come on!" You whined like a child, truly at your lowest. The thing is, you had something to show him and your fingers have been itching to do it for ages now.

"Wow babe, Fine!" Yoongi grumbled walking off towards the training room with you smiling in victory.

You finally made your way to the training room and your eyes drew straight to the weaponry you were looking for.

"What is she doing here?" Namjoon spoke up, the only other person who thought you being down there was also unnecessary.

"Hi to you to Namjoon," You said sticking your tongue out, you did as you agreed and sat there watching. And just like you thought, fuck he looked good! But you couldn't stop your eyes drifting to were all the knives are laid out on the wall. You got up acting like you were just having a look around, you didn't notice Jimin and Jungkook watching you from the workout machines. They were wondering what you could possibly be up to as Yoongi was busy trying to take Seokjin down and the others were distracted.

"Don't touch those!" Yoongi suddenly yelled out making you jump a little as you looked over at him in the ring still.

"What? Touch them?" You smiled evilly grabbing a throwing knife off the wall. You looked at the human target on the wall to your left and threw the knife watching it hit straight in between the head of the target with a smile. You couldn't help but notice the girly shriek you heard when you threw it.

"You almost killed me!" Namjoon shrieked as you looked behind you as everyone had suddenly gathered to you.

"It was no were near you and you screamed like a girl!" You laughed and stopped immediately looking at Yoongi's angry face.

"Nice fluke, now get out," Yoongi said angrily, he has never been angry at you until now but you needed to do this.

"If I can do it again can I stay?" You challenged. You're pretty sure the vein on his head was about to explode.

"No way, you will hurt yourself!" Yoongi raised his voice as you stood your ground being stubborn.

"Let her try" Hoseok backed you up, he gave you a, you better not fuck this up to look.

"To be honest, she threw that knife like she's had the experience," Jimin added with an impressed expression. Everyone sighed knowing Jimin would have the most knowledge about knife throwing. Taking that as a sign to try again you took two throwing knives off the wall and they all stood back making you roll your eyes. You threw both knives this time as they sored through the air and right into the middle of the targets chest. You've still got it you cheered and ran back to the wall to grab a hand full. One after the other this time you aimed around the targets head throwing one after the other forgetting the audience you had. You huffed in happiness at how good it felt to throw knives again, it was just throwing knives but it made you feel powerful. You were suddenly scooped up and spun around causing you to giggle as you looked down at Yoongi as he lifted you higher.

"My girlfriend is a badass but I'm so angry!" Yoongi yelled pulling you into a kiss that made you lean all the way back and up again.

"How? and when did you learn that!?" Taehyung asked with wide eyes.

"Well, you guys know Taeyong? He was basically my only friend in The Diabolo gang. When Bonhwa was busy Taeyong would sneak me out and he taught me how to throw knives." You said simply with a shrug of your shoulders, you hoped Taeyong was doing okay.

"I'm going to thank him and then kill him for being too careless!" Yoongi announced.

"No no! Anyone but him, yeah? I'm pretty sure I would have not survived those three years if he weren't there." You said matter of factly, he is the one that told you to submit to survive and to hold your chin up. Now that you think about it, he probably knew Yoongi was coming for you and that thought made you smile.

"I can't promise anything," Yoongi said with a wink and held your hips.

"Sorry I misjudged, please don't throw a knife at me!" Namjoon shrieked making you laugh.

"I just hope in the future you can trust me better, teamwork makes the dream work." You said with a smile.

"Jimin, get those knives and teach her more," Yoongi ordered him making you jump up in the excitement. "If anyone is the best here at that it's Jimin, oh and your ass is getting spanked tonight" Yoongi leaned down and whispered into your ear making you blush as everyone started walking away.

"Wow! Our team just keeps getting better and better!" Seokjin exclaimed making the others laugh in agreement.

"I have the coolest little sister I have always dreamed of!" Jungkook cheered hugging you and then messing your hair up and you tried kicked him the butt, tried being the keyword. Jungkook has definitely taken on the big brother role seriously and you lived for it.

"Okay, you ready to learn a few things?" Jimin asked holding up a throwing knife with a smile.

"More than ready," You said with determination. You were ready to fight alongside the person you call your soulmate Yoongi and alongside the men that you call you brothers. You have never felt more right than being with them, you could finally say you had a family and you wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone. You were more than ready to stand alongside the people you proudly call your family.