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Routine, for Park Jimin, is a breath of fresh air.

Everything about having a routine is the most important part of his life - whether that be in the cleanliness of his home, his sleep schedule, his bi-weekly brunch with his parents, or when it comes to the person he’s dating.

And the person he’s dating, well, they just have to understand that his routine is what keeps him grounded, it’s what keeps him sane.

Jimin is always home at a decent time due to working as a kindergarten teacher - he wakes at the same time every day and is home in the early afternoon with enough time to still get a handful of errands done that day if he needs to. And he enjoys his schedule because it's safe and easy, and it allows him enough freedom to have an actual life.

However his boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook, works somewhat odd hours at a gym, most of them being in the evenings. And his school takes up most of his time as well due to it being his final year. And his schedule, needless to say, is not routine.

And maybe, just maybe, lately everything has started to clash in a way that is not familiar, and definitely not comfortable for Jimin.

Jimin makes dinner for two every night even though he knows Jungkook won’t always be there, and he tells himself that that’s okay even if it makes him kind of sad sometimes. He saves Jungkook’s portion on a ready to heat plate wrapped up perfectly sitting on the middle of the stove for whenever he gets home. And he doesn't ever know when he's getting home, necessarily, since Jungkook is the worst at letting him know and communicating in general.

Tonight is no different. Jimin eats by himself balled up on the couch in the living room of their apartment until the sun goes down. He watches some TV until he finds himself yawning, then he takes a shower and completes a nightly routine of washing his face and brushing his teeth, and then he snuggles inside the comforter of his blankets. It’s not late necessarily, maybe only 10pm, but he has work early like he does regularly on weekdays and so a full eight hours is important.

Because he likes his schedule and he likes his routine.

Right before he’s about to drift to sleep, he hears the door to the apartment open and close softly.

Jimin always leaves the light over the stove on in the kitchen when he goes to sleep, but the rest of the apartment is dim so that Jungkook knows he’s already in bed. And he presses his lips together as he hears Jungkook try to be quiet as he shuffles around removing his jacket and placing his keys on the table.

He hears the unwrapping of the plastic on the dinner plate he’s made for him, then the open and close of the microwave door. For a solid minute that’s all he hears, until Jungkook catches the microwave before it can start beeping (which is considerate), though he’s not quiet about slamming the door shut.

And then, for another ten minutes he hears him shuffle around the kitchen, and Jimin imagines him eating while standing against the counter in the near dark, eyes staring mindlessly at the ground as he chews, until finally he hears the plate drop in the sink. And no, Jungkook doesn’t clean it and Jimin will tomorrow morning before work.

Finally, Jungkook comes into the room, closes the bathroom door, changes into night clothes, and gets into bed.

Jimin pretends to be asleep with a frown, until eventually he actually is.

The next evening after school, Jimin makes dinner as usual and sets up a small craft section on the floor of the living room. He moves the ottoman to make room for many different pieces of colored construction paper that he’s spread on the ground. He puts on a late night talk show on the TV and sips on a small glass of wine. Then he goes to town cutting the paper into pretty strips and dividing them into piles.

It’s earlier than expected when Jungkook unlocks the front door to the apartment, and it catches Jimin by surprise. He checks the clock and notices that it only reads 7:00pm. When Jungkook enters, Jimin looks up at him from the ground and Jungkook offers a sideways smile, but nothing too sincere.

“Hey, baby.”


Then Jungkook drops his stuff on the table as usual and heads into the kitchen, and Jimin is sitting there with the scissors in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, and his face sort of drops a little bit. He hears Jungkook put the plate in the microwave and the resulting humming sound it makes as it warms up his dinner. Then Jungkook emerges holding the plate in his one hand and has his phone in the other. And for just a second Jimin is watching him - this beautiful and completely sculpted young man that he’s fallen so in love with. He admires the way he chews on his food, the big doe of his eyes, his overall stature and how fucking phenomenal it is to be dating a guy who works out the way that Jungkook does.

Jungkook sits carelessly on the side of the armrest to the couch in the living room and puts his phone down just enough to shovel some more food in his mouth. This simple action causes a flutter to erupt in Jimin's chest. Is he going to stay out here with me? Should I clean up? Are we actually going to spend some time together?

“What are you doing?”

At Jungkook’s simple inquiry, Jimin smiles a little and gives into the question way too easily.

“Oh! Well my afternoon class isn’t going to be at school tomorrow so I thought I’d help the third grade art teacher with a little craft they’re doing,” Jimin shuffles through the construction paper on the ground to reach out and grab the final product. “See! We’re weaving them into these little baskets!”

He holds up the craft in excitement, but the moment his face lands on Jungkook’s it completely drops.

Because Jungkook is on his phone again, his mouth half-way full of food, and it’s evident that whatever is on the screen is way more important than what Jimin is saying to him.

Jimin narrows his eyes. “See?”

When he says this, it’s with a little more push which causes Jungkook to look up without a clue in the world. “Yeah, that’s awesome. I’m gonna get on the computer, Taehyung wants a round or two.”

“But - ”

Jungkook is making a stand already, executing the short walk to the kitchen to dump his plate, and when he exits his eyes are still glued to his phone even as he heads into the spare room.

Jimin’s arms drop, the paper basket crushing in the process.

And so the night continues on as usual, with Jimin being alone in the living room while his boyfriend plays video games with his friends, and he tries really hard not to have it impact him in this awful kind of way but it does.

Eventually he takes a shower and gets in bed, and thankfully tonight he’s already asleep by the time Jungkook joins him.

It’s the next night that has Jimin feeling more down than usual. He hugs at the pillow on his couch while he watches reruns of an old sitcom, and he misses Jungkook in these late hours. He’s barely seen him, barely said ten words to the love of his life and he doesn’t feel that it’s fair. And it’s conflicting - to miss someone but also feel so angry about it. He just doesn’t understand how oblivious Jungkook can be when it comes to taking care of him, or at least acknowledging his presence every once in a while.

So he suffers through the sitcom until he’s drowsy, then takes a shower and goes on with his nightly routine of cleaning up. And when he’s nice and dry he climbs into bed while laying mostly on his chest and on his side, hands under the pillow as it’s his favorite sleeping position.

As sleep starts to creep on him, he hears the apartment door open and close. And like clockwork he listens to Jungkook’s own little routine - the removal of his jacket and the setting down of his keys.

Next, there should be the unwrapping of the plastic and the hum of the microwave.

Except tonight Jungkook comes straight into their bedroom.

He stays still in the bed as he hears Jungkook brush his teeth in the bathroom, then there is the fumble of his pants and his undressing isn’t as quiet as most of his clothing drops to the ground somewhere. Then the bed shifts at his weight when he crawls in under the covers, and he lays on his back and just sighs like he’s letting out the entire weight of his world.

Jimin is on the left side of the bed — his side — on his stomach with his arms hugging under the pillow but his face turned away from Jungkook. He says softly, “You weren’t hungry?”

At his voice, Jungkook reacts immediately. He makes a little noise, like a grunt, and turns his body towards Jimin. His arm darts under the covers to find a place on Jimin’s back. “Sorry, thought you were sleeping already.”

“You could have at least put it away, you know,” Jimin says with an attempt at a steady tone.

“Put what away?” Jungkook breathes out unbothered.

“Your food.”


“Your dinner, you left it sitting out,” Jimin grits.

“I ate before I came home, baby.”

Jimin bites on his tongue quite literally in an attempt to keep his words in check. Because he’s never been so instantly aggravated in his life, even if it seems a little irrational. “I get that, I’m just saying you could have at least put it in the fridge so it won’t spoil overnight.”

“I mean, I just got in bed — ”


Jimin moves quickly next, throwing the comforter over his body a little dramatically and stepping out of bed before Jungkook can even protest. And he wearily tries with a hard drop of his arm in the spot where Jimin just was and an audible sigh to follow. “Jimin.”

But Jimin ignores him and heads out to the kitchen, securing the food on the plate before placing it in the refrigerator where it belongs. He closes the door and keeps his hand on the handle for just a second longer, his eyes closing in the process and his teeth capturing his bottom lip as he tries to internally calm down.

Because he’s not mad necessarily. He gets it — that Jungkook is busy with school and work, that’s he’s younger and doesn’t always care about things like putting the food away or being home on time and spending evenings with the boyfriend he shares a bed with every night. He has friends to spend that time with and college to enjoy, and he has to make what little money he can at the gym to contribute to their well-being, and that place is open late sometimes.

He gets it.

Jimin remembers his final year of college two years ago, remembers how tough it was to try and balance everything and to actually see a future outside of the classroom. He remembers how scary it was to not feel confident about that future and to be so tired all the time from his years of hard work.

And so he’s tried to be patient and sympathetic while Jungkook goes through the same experience, and honestly for the most part everything has been fine.

Yet for some reason, on nights like tonight when Jimin was just feeling a little more lonelier than usual, maybe a tad more sadder that his boyfriend wasn’t home to watch silly evening TV shows with him, these little habits of Jungkook’s crawl right under his skin and try to make a nice little home there.

So he stays at the fridge for another minute longer on top of the one he just took making sure that he’s taking in nice breaths and clearing his head from irrational thoughts. Because his mother always told him not to go to bed angry. And he doesn’t want to be angry with Jungkook. Not at all.

But he is.

Regardless, his time away from bed has not gone unnoticed.

When he returns, even in the darkness of the room as his eyes try to adjust again Jimin can see Jungkook sitting halfway up in bed. He’s shirtless and his hair is floppy, and maybe on another night he’d look absolutely worth devouring except Jimin is just not in the mood. Jungkook’s arm is still laying around Jimin’s pillow and he’s leaning on his side as he approaches.


“It’s fine.”

Jimin can’t ignore Jungkook’s arm that is clearly wanting to have some part of it wrapped around Jimin once he lays down, so he doesn’t even bother with asking him to move. He adjusts back into his favorite sleeping position — half on his stomach, half on his side — with his back facing Jungkook and his arms under the coolness of the pillow as he was when Jungkook first got into bed. And Jungkook’s arm is immediately there again, wrapping around his waist and even creeping under his nightshirt to be flush with Jimin’s skin.

The contact is — nice.

Jungkook’s hands are always calloused and rough from the gym, regardless of how much lotion and ointment Jimin begs him to use. There’s something about it that Jimin likes, anyway. It never really bothered him to say the least.

His palm finds a spot on Jimin’s side, and the bed shifts again as Jungkook shuffles closer. And although Jimin doesn’t mind, as this is how they sleep and the routine is nice, there is a small annoying part of him that is still upset with the way Jungkook had carelessly acted. And he hates that part of him because he doesn’t want this to be a big deal.

“Jimin —" Jungkook says quietly with his voice barely a whisper. Jimin can’t help the little sigh that comes out, an automatic response to his slightly difficult mood that he’s fighting internally.


Jungkook is quiet, and in the silence Jimin feels like he’s holding his breath though he doesn’t intend to at all. His eyes are open and he’s staring through the darkness at the wall just waiting for this boy to say something, anything, that will give Jimin the comfort he needs.

“I got an A on my English final, my grade came back early.”

And no, this is not what he expected or wanted to hear in this moment — a moment where it should be obvious that Jimin is upset with him. But even this sentence and information throws Jimin off. He scrunches his face and lets out a scold.

“Your final? I thought your finals were next week?”

“No, they’re this week. That’s why I wasn’t home right away. I stayed to get my grade and went to work an hour late so I had to stay there a little while longer to make up for it.”

Jimin finds himself chewing on his tongue again, but this time he’s not able to hold back what he wants to say.

“Thanks for telling me.”

Jungkook shifts behind him and Jimin can feel him sit up slightly. “What?”

“You didn’t even tell me you had your finals this week. Or your work schedule. Or anything,” Jimin huffs to himself, and it’s not that he’s gotten loud necessarily but he can feel the build up coming.

“You didn’t exactly ask me,” Jungkook says back.

“Shouldn’t have to,” Jimin is immediately there in retaliation, his words coming out before his brain can keep up. And it’s not that he’s regretting stating his opinion on the matter because Jimin has always been honest with his emotions and what he’s feeling, yet it’s difficult to do that if he doesn’t get to spend classic quality time with the boy he’s in love with.

“I’m not a psychic, Jimin. I don’t always know what I should and shouldn’t tell you.”

“Whatever, Jungkook,” Jimin sighs angrily, and he hates when Jungkook says things like that in general — so passive-aggressive and childlike. Maybe Jimin just feels too old for these kinds of games.

Jimin half expects Jungkook to turn over to his own side of the bed and for the two of them to fall asleep, for Jimin to wake up before Jungkook and go to work as usual. He’ll have a good day because he loves his job at the school, and he’ll come home to an empty apartment and the cycle will repeat itself until Jungkook is apparently done with his finals and on his way to walking across the stage with his diploma after all his hard work. And then they can forget that this stupid little fight even happened since they’ll have so much more to look forward to in their lives together.

But Jungkook stays right there, his hand still under Jimin’s shirt and on his hip. And through the silence Jimin can faintly hear Jungkook’s heart beating if he listens for it close enough, and he can practically see Jungkook fidgeting at what he should do - from the nervous twitch of his lip that he does when he’s unsure of something or the slight shaking of his eyes when he’s contemplating his next choice of words.

Then Jungkook is pressing his forehead against the back of Jimin’s neck, and he lets out a sad sigh. “I’m sorry.”

Jimin shrugs him off. “That’s twice now.”

“Twice what?”

“Twice you’ve apologized to me tonight but I don’t think you know what for.”

Jungkook chokes slightly and Jimin’s heart breaks a bit as a natural reaction. Because he’s not a cruel person and he doesn’t say cruel things on purpose and he definitely doesn’t want to hurt Jungkook either — yet his feelings, he believes, are valid in this moment.

And sometimes it can be exhausting with Jungkook being so fucking oblivious.

“I’m sorry I didn’t eat what you cooked for me."

“That’s not it, Jungkook —" Jimin groans.

“I didn’t eat because we had food at work. I had to eat at work because there wasn’t any time between my finals, and by the time I got there I was starving.”

“Jungkook, stop —” Jimin is already annoyed with what he’s saying and how he’s trying to validate everything with facts.

“I thought I told you about my finals. I thought you saw me studying or assumed that’s why I was at the library all week.”

“Jungkook! Just stop!”

At Jimin’s small outburst, Jungkook flinches backwards. Jimin squeezes at his pillow, grateful to not be facing Jungkook right now to see his expression and the roundness of his eyes that would probably throw Jimin right into a grave. But Jimin is upset. And he just can’t listen to this anymore.

“I was just —"

“I know what you’re doing. I know you have reasons for everything you do and unlimited excuses as to why you keep me out of the loop.”

“I don’t do it on purpose,” Jungkook tries to retaliate softly.

Jungkook is not a fighter, not even one to speak a lot in general. Jimin knows this, and they rely on texting and location sharing and things of the sort to try to keep up to date with each other in ways when words don’t seem to work. But even those things — those small, menial things that Jimin relies on so much when it comes to keeping his sanity while dating Jungkook is starting to crumble.

His trust is crumbling right along with it.

And that thought alone is enough, in this moment at least, to cause Jimin to let out this sound — as if he wants to say something witty but all that comes out instead is an audible ache from inside his chest that somehow manifests into a literal expression.

And Jungkook, well, he doesn’t like that sound at all.

“Baby —"

“I’m fine.”

But they’ve been dating long enough for Jungkook to know otherwise. Jungkook’s body is closer now than it was before, arm snuggling around Jimin a little more tighter, and he’s trying to pull Jimin back against him even though the older boy is being stubborn in his favorite position on his stomach. He leans over him instead to put his mouth next to Jimin’s ear, his head pressing against the side of his.

“What’s wrong, really?”

Jimin doesn’t say anything right away although Jungkook is patient. His hand slides from Jimin’s hip to his arm that is mostly shoved under the pillow still, and he rubs down it in an attempt to try and comfort.

“This isn’t just about dinner or school or work, I see that now, okay? So tell me what’s wrong.”

Jimin rolls his eyes, not at Jungkook but at himself. Because truly, though these things about Jungkook are tedious and frustrating, they are things they can work on. And the trust that they’ve built, this little home they’ve built with one another, can still be built stronger.

Swallowing pride is the hardest and most difficult thing for anyone. Especially for Jimin since he’s older. He’s been out of school for two years already and he has a career, a good paycheck, his own place to live and he feels secure at least in every social aspect of his life. And when Jungkook entered that comfortable life not too long ago Jimin made room for him, allowed him to fit there and make a home with him since they were in love.

And no, he was never vain or gullible enough to assume that he’d always be right in this relationship when it came to dating someone younger. Or that some of the fault wouldn’t be his own, or that he’d always get his way without repercussions.

So when Jungkook says what he says, even though to Jimin he stills sounds quite oblivious to the bigger issues, Jimin can’t help but let his body relax and he exhales a sigh.

“I was just really missing you tonight, that’s all,” Jimin admits. “I guess it brought up some feelings I’ve been pushing away since you’ve been so busy. Sometimes you do these things around the apartment that are frustrating and you're just not here as much anymore. But maybe I overreacted.”

Jungkook’s lips find the side of Jimin’s hair and he kisses him softly, but his next words come out quick. “Don’t say that. You're not overreacting. And I don’t want you to keep anything from me.”

“I just prefer to talk about these things in person, but you’re not really spending time with me right now.”

Jungkook’s lips are back again, this time closer to Jimin’s ear, and he can’t help the reaction at the contact of Jungkook’s breath hitting the sensitive nerves around that area.

But Jungkook isn’t saying anything right away, and Jimin is almost a little grateful since sometimes Jungkook can say the absolute wrong thing in any given situation. So Jimin continues instead, but gently. “I know you’re busy but you’re not giving me enough attention. I’m sorry if that sounds really needy but it’s just the way I feel. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you how I felt sooner,”

“You should have said something, baby,” Jungkook sighs. "I want to make sure you're getting everything you need from me, you know that."

“I don’t always want to tell you to give me more attention, Jungkook. It’s embarrassing enough saying it out loud but mostly it worries me that you just don’t want to. It’s really conflicting, okay?”

"I hear you, I understand."

They’re quiet for a few moments longer while Jungkook runs his hand up and down Jimin’s arm, and Jimin can feel Jungkook's heart beating now instead of just hearing it. Until Jimin is the one that’s sighing now with a little sass. “I’ll try to do better at telling you how I feel, even if it should be obvious.”

He hears Jungkook snicker slightly behind him. “You are the one always telling me to not keep things from you and here you are —"

“I know, I know. I’m a walking hypocrite,” Jimin cuts him off before he can finish his playful scold, and Jungkook’s small laugh inside his ear is enough to make Jimin smile. “I guess you have to remind me sometimes, too.”

“I will if you will.” Jungkook’s voice has dropped an octave, whether on purpose or not it doesn’t matter because Jimin bites down on his lip at the change in his voice.

“I will.”

“Let’s talk about everything this weekend, after my finals. And I’m off work on Saturday.”

Jimin feels a fresh new feeling in his chest now at that comment. He turns his head slightly. “You are?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about spending some time with this guy I know.”

“Lucky guy,” Jimin smirks to himself, and it’s easy to welcome the change of mood between them now. The shift is comfortable, it feels good. And though he hates the crappy feelings he had to experience and the somewhat cruel words that had to be shared in order to get here, Jimin wants nothing more than to go back to feeling safe and in love.

“You should meet him,” Jungkook continues with his little tease. “He’s the most generous person I know. He always makes dinner for his completely undeserving boyfriend.”

“I like making you dinner.” Jimin lightly protests, but not exactly urging him to stop.

“He always has my favorite beer stocked in the fridge for rough nights.”

“It’s my favorite beer too,” Jimin giggles, until Jungkook’s mouth is hovering over his ear fully now, lips brushing against the skin and it causes Jimin to shiver.

“Always keeps his body so fucking irresistible.”

And his mouth clamps down slightly, teeth scraping against his cartilage as Jimin sucks in air. Jungkook’s hand slides down Jimin’s back, gathering up his shirt in the process until it’s jumbled in his hand, and he gives it a tug which causes Jimin’s body to lurch backwards a little bit.

“He sounds — sounds like quite a guy,” Jimin says back weakly.

Jungkook smirks and leans over Jimin’s body further, his lips finding his cheek a few times while Jimin lets out a little groan and starts to give in easily.

“I haven’t fucked you in weeks,” Jungkook’s voice comes out raspy and mellow.

“No, you haven’t,” Jimin says back with a swallow. And maybe he wasn’t exactly expecting this tonight, so the nerves manifest easily and result in the squeeze of his pillow and the way too submissive crack in his own voice. “I was gonna go to sleep, though.”

Jungkook grumbles at this remark, the low hum in his throat vibrating through Jimin in an obvious way. “You’re tired?”

Jimin swallows again, his pride for the night seeming to be a sinking ship at this point. “Yes.”


Jimin lets out a little whine at Jungkook’s words. “Exhausted.”

He feels Jungkook’s hand trace down his back, down the curve of Jimin’s ass and he gives his cheek a gentle squeeze over his shorts. Then his mouth is at the dip of his neck, his nose fumbling around the material of his shirt to find Jimin’s skin, and when he does he presses his lips against it and digs his tongue into the flesh. And as quickly as that happens he’s moving again, nose brushing down his shoulder and to his back where his shirt is wrinkled and wayward, and for each patch of bare skin he finds his mouth there with large kisses that are consuming.

Jimin lets his breath stutter while his right leg comes up slightly, and before he realizes it he’s starting to grind on the bed just a little bit, just enough to find friction. Jungkook is quick to notice of course, and his hand gives him a squeeze while his mouth nibbles at a place on the small of his back.

“Jungkook —" Jimin whines softly, his face halfway pressed into his pillow and his mouth falling open.

His boyfriend takes the hint well and sits up, hands going to the hem of Jimin’s shorts and ushering them down over the curve of his ass. Jimin hears Jungkook moan slightly, as if he hasn't seen Jimin's body and bare skin in years, before he's leaning back over Jimin with his face close to his own. “Can I stretch you, baby?”

Jimin automatically ruts backwards into Jungkook’s hands that are rubbing all over him, palms squeezing at the skin and even tugging it in places. Jimin nods into the pillow, wanting to feel helpless almost, wanting to be taken care of.

Jungkook leans further over Jimin to open the nightstand drawer and pulls out their lube. As Jungkook pops open the bottle, Jimin wiggles his shorts down further, mostly to expose his cock, and when it’s only met with the pressure of the mattress under him he finds himself whining again as he grinds.

“Slow down,” Jungkook coos at him sweetly from behind.

“Feels good,” Jimin mumbles as if he’s in his own little daydream.

“I’ll make you feel way better,” Jungkook states the obvious and with one hand spreads Jimin’s cheeks the best he can, and then he’s pressing a slick finger against his entrance.

Jimin hisses out with a little jolt. "It's cold,"

“Relax for me,” Jungkook says softly and pushes just a bit at the tightness. Jimin responds by letting out his breath and clamping down on his lip. “Okay?


And Jungkook works him like that for barely a few moments, because as much as he wants to go slow and not hurt Jimin in anyway since it's been some time, Jimin can tell that Jungkook is quickly impatient. It makes him smirk to himself, bite at his cheek and think that maybe Jungkook should learn his lesson about being so damn busy all the time.

The lube keeps him slick so when Jungkook squeezes in one more finger, Jimin feels it good this time. He lets out his moan purposefully high-pitched and whiny, like a beg without direct words, so that Jungkook gets more worked up by just the sounds that Jimin is capable of making whenever they’re intimate.

He hears Jungkook suck on his teeth, feels his fingers part inside him in response and this causes Jimin to quiver again without restraint.

“Still so tight,” Jungkook practically gripes and Jimin giggles into the pillow cutely.

“Shouldn’t make me wait so long.”

“You’re right,” Jungkook leans down to nip at Jimin’s skin on his back and this puts pressure down on his fingers that are lodged in Jimin’s ass. Jimin grips at the pillow with a gasp in return. “It’s my fault, so let me make it up to you.”

And then Jungkook is moving his wrist faster, his fingers inside him stretching and dipping as they glide against the lube. Jimin is in heaven, his hips rocking against the bed while his cock slides against the sheets under him, and Jungkook’s hot breath is all around his neck and shoulders, and he can’t help the next few words that drip from his mouth like honey.

“Please, I’m ready - please.”

“Still tight —"

“Don’t care.”

Jungkook grunts and once again reaches over Jimin’s body to the side of his nightstand and fumbles for a condom, and with the few seconds where Jungkook is occupied Jimin lifts his right leg higher so it’s practically parallel with his body, exposing himself so openly and loving the way the lube drips down between his cheeks leaving behind a nice sticky residue.

He hears Jungkook laugh a little behind him, and Jimin turns his neck slightly. “What?”

“Just you, in this position,” he says as he straddles himself over Jimin’s left leg that is outstretched on the bed. “Want me to fuck you like this so you can just pass out in your favorite spot afterwards?”

“That’s the plan,” Jimin grins cheekily, then feels himself flush at how Jungkook leans down to kiss at his head in a really sweet way. 

“You look beautiful.”

Jimin shyly smiles now, feeling a cute wave of insecurity rush over him in a fleeting way. But it doesn’t last long, it can’t last long, because Jungkook lines himself the best he can and starts to push.

And between Jimin’s long, unrestrained and desperate moan coupled alongside Jungkook’s deep, groveling one, he lays flat against Jimin’s back and grunts against his ear once he's fully inside. “You feel — you feel so fucking good.”

Jungkook moves slow, but Jimin’s been craving him for a few weeks now. And sure, he enjoys the sweet and soft intimacy just as much as any other couple. But there are parts of Jimin that loves when Jungkook gets as equally worked up as he is. And the nights when Jungkook doesn't hold himself back are the nights where Jimin will probably contemplate not working the next day.

“Jungkook —"

“I know,” Jungkook is already there, and he leans back on his knees again to take Jimin’s waist in both hands. And the angle is — perfect. In fact, it feels so good so fucking quickly that Jungkook’s first real thrust in this position has Jimin’s head jolting backwards from its comfortable spot on the pillow.

“Oh, god,” he pants instantly, though this doesn’t stop Jungkook one bit. “Oh, oh fuck - "

The mattress moves with them while Jungkook thrusts hard, his calloused hands bundling up Jimin’s meaty bottom and stretching him while he fucks him, his grunts coming out like the sounds he makes when he’s lifting at the gym.

Jimin loves that sound, loves the way he makes it so powerfully, and he calculates the timing of Jungkook's grunts as he lays submissively on his stomach while Jungkook goes to town. His cock is so hard under him, almost painful, and Jimin digs his tongue into the roof of his mouth and whines out on purpose to keep Jungkook satisfied with his own sounds.

Jungkook fucks him to his own pace, his own rhythm, and Jimin craves being on the receiving end of his pleasure. He urges him on by sticking his ass up so Jungkook can grip it and smack it the way he wants, and Jimin responds encouragingly with doglike pants.

“God, you - you always fuck me so good —" 

And as the moments pass and Jungkook’s thrusts slow, he dips down to smother Jimin’s neck and hair with his mouth. His breathing drives Jimin insane. He grabs at his pillow and ruts backwards knowing that Jungkook is so close.

“Babe, Jungkookie - "

Jimin moves his arms from under his pillow and sits up on them, and Jungkook takes the hint and helps him to all fours. Jimin groans at the change in position and the freeing of his cock against the mattress at last, and he leans his neck backwards. Jungkook finds a place right next to his cheek, his own cock still lodged inside of him. And he moves subtly, barely.

“What do you want, baby?” Jungkook nibbles on his ear.

Jimin breathes out lazily. “Babe, congrats on that A.”

Jungkook chuckles in response. “Thank you.”

“Now fuck me like you failed.”

Jungkook makes a sound that seems to suck in every particle of air out of that room. And Jimin expects the goddamn pounding of a lifetime at that remark, to get fucked so hard while he’s panting on all fours that he’ll definitely have to call out of work tomorrow from seeing so many stars.

But Jungkook surprises him, as he does sometimes, and before he knows it he’s pulling out and flipping Jimin on his back. His head flops on the pillow as his breath is sort of swept away at the motion.

“Jungkook —" his voice is airy, like a wayward cloud, but it's cut off by Jungkook’s lips on his. And it just now hits Jimin how they haven’t even kissed tonight, that sometimes they’ll go all day without sharing sometime intimate such as a simple fucking kiss. And at the contact and capture of Jungkook’s mouth against his own Jimin finds himself spinning like he’s on a rebellious ride.

He opens his mouth and kisses Jungkook like there isn’t enough time for anything anymore, like the world might end in several seconds but as long as they are sharing this moment together then it wouldn’t really matter. And the way Jungkook’s fingers trace down Jimin’s cheek and the short stutter in his breath between each movement of their heads is more than enough to remind Jimin of how loved he is.

Until Jungkook is pulling away to look down at Jimin from his place above him, eyes dark, and the mood and air between them shifts from something quite romantic to something much more risky.

And Jimin knows this look — the one that makes his heart fucking stop, makes his insides feel on the verge of combustion.

He doesn’t break eye contact as Jungkook sits up on his knees and settles so tight between Jimin’s legs before pushing himself back inside. And when he’s completely consumed within him again Jimin’s mouth opens with a soft mewl that’s barely there.

Jungkook hooks his arm under Jimin’s left knee and leans down to put pressure between his legs like he’s pushing on a leaver. His palm presses flat against the mattress while his cock hits Jimin deep at this angle. But still, it’s that look in his eyes that's matched with the small grind of his hips in certain motions — it’s Jungkook being patient, examining Jimin’s expressions like he's his prey.

He’s searching for something.

Jimin wets his lips with a stutter. “Babe - "

His fingertips are pressing into Jungkook’s thighs. He meets Jungkook’s slow grinds with his own, feeling just as desperate for Jungkook to find what he wants. He feels sweat on his brow, feels his cheeks heating up from just the way this boy is practically studying him.

Until he finds it, and Jimin’s eyes open further with his lips shaping into a perfect oval.

“Oh, oh,"  Jimin gasps with his nails digging into Jungkook’s flesh as Jungkook's cock hits his prostate, and his body simply electrifies.

“There?” Jungkook’s low tone asks with an acute urgency.

“Y-Yes. Yes,” Jimin pants out without any restrain. "Oh god, yes."

And that’s all that Jungkook needs.

Maybe it’s the gym rat in him that just needs something specific to focus on, Jimin isn’t sure. But it doesn’t matter when Jungkook starts to fuck him like he failed his final just as Jimin told him too, and instead of seeing a few stars he’s seeing fucking galaxies.

Jimin throws his head back. “Oh fuck, fuck!”

And then he’s incoherent, words and phrases spewing out like nonsense and his head dancing around his shoulders as the pleasure is beautifully overwhelming. His hands find random places on Jungkook’s body to hold onto as he cries out, and Jungkook keeps him locked in place in that position, not stopping for a second even though Jimin has started to get very loud.

He grunts and works every muscle on his body, hips slamming against Jimin’s skin and the sound of the slapping and the squelching from the lube is enough to make it almost unpleasant, but it’s covered up by the crying out from Jimin’s throat saying he’s close, he so close.

“Fuck baby,” Jungkook groans lowly while Jimin is on a completely other level.

“Jungkook, oh my god!” Jimin squeezes his eyes shut and grips onto whatever is nearby — one hand against the pillow by his head and the other digging his nails into Jungkook’s bicep.

He cums then with a matched cry, feeling the liquid land randomly against his shirt, and Jimin continues to whine and squirm underneath of Jungkook as he continues to fuck him, not needing long with just a couple more final thrusts before he’s right there with him.

Only seconds pass until Jungkook’s mouth is on his again in a lazy way, coddling Jimin’s lips and kissing them with praise and love. Jimin feels both on fire and out of breath, so full and satisfied at the same time. Jungkook brushes his nose against his before saying what he says next. “I love you.”

Jimin chokes a little and makes a cute sound, managing enough energy to bring up his hand and brush back his floppy strands of brown from his sweaty brow.

“I know you do.”

“I’m gonna tell you more,” Jungkook says to him, and Jimin feels his chest flutter in a childish way. “Gonna make sure you know from now on.”

“I do know,” Jimin tries to lightly argue, and he leans up to kiss him quick. But Jungkook shakes his head.

“Let me do this,” Jungkook tells him softly, his words confident but his voice shaking a little, and Jimin only nods in response. He takes Jungkook’s face between his hands and kisses him again.

“Okay,” Jimin says with a little smile. “You won’t hear me complaining, anyway.”

Jungkook looks away with a shy grin, then sits up on his knees to pull himself out. Jimin lets him move to do what he needs to do with the condom and watches his ass as he walks towards the bathroom, even licks at his lips a little with a silent giggle at how fucking amazing Jungkook’s body is.

He stretches and lays there a mess, hands going to the side of his head as a stupid smile finds his face. Feeling quite satisfied, even after his sour mood, it’s even more exciting to hear these things from Jungkook — to know that they’re only moving forward.

Jungkook returns with a towel and after some wiping down they find themselves back in bed. Jimin reverts to his position — mostly on his stomach with his hands under the pillow and his back to Jungkook — and the younger boy only laughs in return.

“Some things never change with you.”

“It’s my favorite position,” Jimin snuggles into his pillow with a cute pout.

“I know all about your favorite positions,” Jungkook’s arm finds its way to Jimin’s back, calloused palm settling against the curve of his waist. And Jimin smiles at the familiarity of it all, the constant comfort of the boy laying behind him even if most nights are the same and uneventful, or even if they're something out of this world.

He smiles because he’s so in love with Jeon Jungkook that he’ll face those trials a thousands times again. Routine or not, nothing else really matters so long as these calloused hands find their way on Jimin's body every night - right where they belong.