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Broken Elevator

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„Connor.“ - „´Quel.“ - „Funny.“ – „ Huh. D´you think? Really?”

Connor quirks his eyebrows at Raquel in an attempt to make good and presses a button.

Raquel isn´t falling for it. “You´re a funny, funny man.”

He leans over in mock-conspiratorial comradeship. “Deep down, I´m really sad,” he stage-whispers.

Raquel almost chokes on the non-existent laugh in her throat. Her eyes flick sideways, but don´t find him.

The elevator jerks to a sudden stop. Oh no. Asshole.

“Asshole elevator.”

“Yeah, that´ll help.”-“Oh shut up, Connor.”

Their silence is a long, painful one. They don´t speak when the doors open at last.