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Transmigrated Shen Jiu wants to live in peace

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A figure dangling in chains seems to be very small in the dark dungeon. Where limbs should be, there was only stumps left. He was unaffected by the loss of his limbs. Even when his tongue was pulled out, even when his eye was gouged out from its socket, or even when his core was destroyed making all his cultivation he painstaking worked before vanished like a wisp of candle light blown by the wind he still endure the pain without giving the beast in from of him any satisfaction from torturing him. He even gave the beast a smirk to taunt the beast as if saying, ‘Is this the best you could do to me?


Day in day out, the agonizing pain from the tortures inflicted on him accompanied him and he lives his life this way, expecting this is how it would be till he die. Preferably in some time soon as he wonder how long would his broken body can last. Oh how the man once known as Shen Qingqiu had fallen so much not even a glimpse of his old image as a noble scholarly immortal peak lord can be seen if you look at him now.


The door to dungeon slammed open and a man with red demonic symbol on his forehead walks in leisurely. Beast, as he so fondly called him without ever acknowledging the person’s name as if saying it is the most undesirable thing to said. Well, at least it is to Shen Qingqiu. A sinister smile accompanied with his demonic aura pressure Shen Qingqiu weak mortal self but he still just stares at the demon king in front of him with indifferent.


“Shen Qingqiu, enjoying your life in the dungeon? I hope it fits you well.”


Luo Binghe mocked his scum shizun with glee. This time, what he will do next will surely brings out a more preferable emotion from the human stick in front of him. He is excited to see the reaction he will get. He crouched down until he was on the same level to Shen Qingqiu. He roughly grabbed his once teacher’s chin and forced him to face him.


“Do you know, I sent your torn legs back to your sect. Zhangmen-sect leader, without listening to the other elders and member of the sect rushed out here without hesitation just to save you.”


He stops his sentences and looks at Shen Qingqiu to see if there was any changes. The remaining one eye was filled with rage, trepidation and glimmer of some emotion he couldn’t guess. Nonetheless, this makes him happy to finally able to makes him react to what he did. So, he continue what he was saying. Never would he thought that he would break Shen Qingqiu or that Shen Qingqiu would die the next day due to this.


“With no preparation, he came here. He demands for me to release you. How laughable. He starts attacking my demons and tries to breakthrough thousands of demons to get to you. Of course, I planned earlier for this. I purposely assemble weak demons on the front and some mid strength demons. When he was tired from using all his strength and was only got a few more meters from the dungeon rains of arrows falls on him as per my direction.”


Luo Binghe laughed sadistically as he finished narrating what happened to Yue Qingyuan to Shen Qingqiu. He was so elated at the despair colouring the scum’s face. Gently, he points Shen Qingqiu face towards the opened dungeon door to show him Yue Qingyuan’s still body that had been pierced by uncountable numbers of arrows.


As a finale to his act, Luo Binghe then used his demonic energy to decapitate Yue Qingyan’s head and brings it in front of Shen Qingqiu face. He drops he head to the ground and then, he drops the shards of Xuan Su in front of him as well.


“Here, I brought him to you so you could say hi to him. Oh, he is dead but you could still talk to him whenever you’re bored.”


Shen Qingqiu face was filled with tears of blood, his body struggling in the chains, trying to worm his way to the decapitated head of his dear brother. He blankly stares at the face whose eyes were forever closed and then, he laughed maniacally. The sound of his laughs however, was really heart wrenching to anyone who can hear it. After a while, he just went mumbling words that are hard to decipher without his tongue helping him speaking clearly. Only garble moaning of despair of a broken man. Seeing this, unlike how he was before, Luo Binghe did not feel any satisfaction and instead a heavy feeling in his chest makes him feels suffocated. He frowns and ignore the man he had broken at the floor and walk away to leave him. Maybe this feelings will be gone when he spend time with his wifes. Maybe, tomorrow he will have to try think something new to get the man give any other reaction to him as he recomposed himself into the cold indifferent scum he was.


Echoing in his mind was the thoughts of the broken man supplied by the dream demon who thought it would be fun to make him hear what the scum was thinking.


‘I’m sorry Qi-ge.’






‘It is all… Xiao Jiu’s fault.’


At first, Luo Binghe wonder who does Shen Qingqiu means by [Qi-ge] and [Xiao Jiu] but then he figures that it is probably the brothers true name before they changed their names when the got their position in Cang Qiong Sect.


‘...Qi? …Jiu? Aren’t those just numbers? How is that a name? Their parents must have a really bad naming sense. Not like I am able to comment on anyone’s name. ’




Absent-mindedly, he thoughts on their names and how his name is. Afterwards, he just shoved it aside and decide not to bother anymore and left. Although, he was quite surprised to find out that the scum can have feelings like being sorry. He was not aware the dark jealousy he felt when he thought the only person who Shen Qingqiu was feeling sorry for. The only person he loved and cares even if he claims that he hated the person.


Broken and lost the will to continue living, Shen Qingqiu drag his body towards Xuan Su shards that was thrown on the floor beside Yue Qingyuan’s head. He bites one of the biggest shard he can find. With his last vestige of strength, he tries his hardest to stabs it to the floor in vertical position. After a few failed attempts, he managed to do so. Accompanied with strong determination to end his own life and to follow Yue Qingyan to afterlife, he slammed his head down on his brother’s sword shard.


The last thing Shen Qinggiu saw before falling into the nothingness was a gleam of light from Xuan Su shard covered by his blood.


‘Qi-ge, I’m coming now. Wait for me. This time… don’t leave me alone, please.’




His soul floating around in the darkness. He doesn’t even know for how long have he been floating around. Did he finally die? Is this how it is after death? Shouldn’t he go to the deepest of hell for everything he had done, for everything he had caused, for the pain and misery he had brought to everyone around him? Why was it just nothingness? Is it… that he don’t even have a place in hell that he was thrown into nothingness? The time he was floating around in the black empty space feels unbearably long. He had no form, just as a small flicker a soul that was unable to do anything. He once thought when the was nothing, he would finally be able to be at peace. However, this experience prove him wrong. After so long, the emotions bubbled out. His emotion was the only thing that he can feel and the negativeness engulfing his soul, slowly eating away his sanity. The only holster to his sanity was the strong feeling of wanting to be able to meet Qi-Ge once before whatever that is fated to happens to him happened. Nonetheless, it was probably a useless hope as he doesn’t deserve his last wish. Suddenly, he feels a strong pull to his soul and he feels like he was soul was dragged so fast it was dizzying and then, he was forcefully stuffed into something to contain his soul. Is this his punishment? For his soul to be sealed forever? Maybe it was for the best, lest that he’d do any harm anymore. Shen Qingqiu finally, let go of everything and let it loose as he feels his consciousness leaving him.

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His soul floating around in the darkness. He doesn’t even know for how long have he been floating around. Did he finally die? Is this how it is after death? Shouldn’t he go to the deepest of hell for everything he had done, for everything he had caused, for the pain and misery he had brought to everyone around him? Why was it just nothingness? Is it… that he don’t even have a place in hell that he was thrown into nothingness? The time he was floating around in the black empty space feels unbearably long. He had no form, just as a small flicker a soul that was unable to do anything. He once thought when the was nothing, he would finally be able to be at peace. However, this experience prove him wrong. After so long, the emotions bubbled out. His emotion was the only thing that he can feel and the negativeness engulfing his soul, slowly eating away his sanity. The only holster to his sanity was the strong feeling of wanting to be able to meet Qi-Ge once before whatever that is fated to happens to him happened. Nonetheless, it was probably a useless hope as he doesn’t deserve his last wish. Suddenly, he feels a strong pull to his soul and he feels like he was soul was dragged so fast it was dizzying and then, he was forcefully stuffed into something to contain his soul. Is this his punishment? For his soul to be sealed forever? Maybe it was for the best, lest that he’d do any harm anymore. Shen Qingqiu finally, let go of everything and let it loose as he feels his consciousness leaving him.


The first thing he noticed was that he feels like his body was crushed under a boulder. Not a single part of his body that is not in anguishing pain. The pain consume his mind and makes his thoughts blank. His sight blurring badly to the point he could not see anything at all. In his haze, he heard faint voices surrounding him. He was unable to make out what those voices are saying. He noted that those voices sounds like they are in panic and there are traces of love, concern and care. He would not believe it was directed to him though. Slowly, the darkness consumed him once more.


The next time his consciousness comes to him, warm breeze softly brush his skin. He can hear happy chirping from the birds. There is a calming nature scent that makes him feel relaxed as it reminds him of his abode from a long time ago. He tried opening his eyes. After a few failed attempts he managed to regain his sights. He was in a big white room. The room design look nothing like what he usually see before. He moves around his eyes to look around the room he was in. He is laying on a bed with white cloth as a bed sheet. It feels very comfortable to touch. Underneath his head is a soft, cushy pillow that was so much different from the hard porcelain pillow that he was used to. A simple white side table with closed top drawer and an open storage area underneath made of some kind of metal stands next to the bed. There are a few cuts of rabbit-shaped apples in the plate on the side table. There is also a jug and half filled cup next to the plate. A vase of flowers complement the arrangement on the side table. A chair placed next to the bed had a blanket draped over it and an open book is on it. A few feet away, a set of settee with a black marble coffee table are set next to the window with a light blue curtain.


A figure facing his back is standing next to the window. He is fixing the curtain and opening the window to allow better air circulation. The person is a stranger to him but at the same time, gives a familiar feeling to him. He stared silently as he saw the person used a white block to point to another big white block that blows a cool air and then afterwards, blows a much warmer air. The person than put the white block on the coffee table and pick up another black block and points it to a black flat big rectangular that is mounted on the wall at the room edge. A sound comes out and moving pictures suddenly appear on the previously black surface. He was surprised but he held it in.


A moment later an unfamiliar song coming from the person’s weird looking clothes. The person fished out a hand-size flat block covered by unknown colorful material and put it to his ear. The person then talks alone.


“Hello, Ge-ge. Emm.. yes I’m in his room at the hospital.”



“I just clean up a bit and makes the room look better for when he wakes up. You know how he is. He would be furious if the room he is in was in a mess.”


“Hmm.. okay. See you in a while. Bye, Ge-ge”


The person then gives out a long sigh. The figure of the person from the back gives a melancholic feeling and his body looks so thin and tired. This makes him feels like a string in heart is being tugged roughly and he feels pained to see the figure looks like that. He tries to call out to the person but the only sound that came out of his mouth was groaning and he coughed out badly due to dry throat. The person seems to finally noticed that the person on the bed had woken up and quickly turns around to face him and help him out. Nonetheless, both froze when they saw each other. Shen Jiu froze because he was shocked to see the person had a same face as he did when he was a teenager. The other, however, froze for a few seconds before his eyes welled up with tears and a happy smile graced his face. He then throws his body onto Shen Jiu and glomps at him.


“A-Jiu!! You finally wake up! Do you know how long you made me wait for you to wake up?!”


Shen Jiu thin clothes that cover his body is wet with his doppelgänger’s tears. The said doppelgänger hugs him tightly to the point it feels painful while mumbling complains. Somehow, it makes his heart filled with warmth. Shen Jiu feels confused with the turn of event and before he could pick up his scrambled out thoughts another surprising thing happens.


The door of the room is opened up from outside and another person who also looks like him comes. He looks like he is in twenties. Two figure slowly walk in from behind him. A man in his twenties who looks like Qi-ge. Another Qi-ge who looks in his teen. Shen Jiu never thought he will be this overwhelmed, ever. He really could not make out what to think or say about what is happening to him right now.


The one who look like older him slowly walks to him and carefully rubbed his head. The hand that is on top his head was stiff and awkward but the familial care was there. The older Qi-ge hugged his older lookalike’s shoulder and smiles warmly while the teenage Qi-ge hesitantly come to his side and hold his left hand.


‘What the hell is going on?!’


Gone was his poise that he maintained after he had been the Qing Jing Peak lord and his street rat self resurfaced, with what he have to deal with just when he had just only wake up to the living. As soon as he thought the word living, he began to wonder if he was just having a dream. When he thought his soul was being locked away, his last stubborn wish was to meet Qi-ge again for one last time no matter what but he does not expect this to happen.


The commotion caused by the one who was still hugging him caused more people to come into the room. More familiar faces appearing in front of him. A man who looks like Mu Qingfang asked the others to give him some space and went on to check on him. Shen Jiu  glanced to the card that was clipped to his white.. robe(?) that had a picture of the man and some word, which he guess was his name or some info about the man. [Dr. Mu Qingfang] was written on it. Shen Jiu supposed this person is his shidi or another version of his shidi. Next to Mu Qingfang, another handsome man was following him around while holding a plank of wood with papers on it and writing some things on it. He also had a card with his picture and name in it; [Zhuzhi Lang - Resident]. Throughout all these, he remained quiet and only stare and moves according to Mu Qingfang


‘Huh… The demon general of Tianlang Jun working with Mu Qingfang. Who would have thought that is possible. …No, wait. That is not the point here!’


After poking and nudging him Shen Jiu here and there, Mu Qingfang start showing fingers and asking him how many fingers he was holding up, does he feel any pain anywhere, does his head hurt, and some other questions and procedures. Mu Qingfang decides that for now there was nothing wrong with Shen Jiu. The whole people who was happy to see him woke up all looks like they are ready to celebrate but Shen Jiu had to break their happy mood by asking a question that he had been wanting to ask since the start of the perplexing experience that leave him dumbfounded. Looking straight to their face, he asked them.


“Who are you people?”


His eyes narrow with distrust and his voice tone carries suspiciousness. Although these peoples in front of him gives him a good feeling and he did not feel that they would hurt him or have anything bad against him, his guarded self could not believe anyone would have good feeling to him even if they have the same face as the one he used to trust so much and even if they look like himself. Especially since Qi-ge once betrayed him and of course, this is including his own self too, had failed him.


His teenage lookalike stare at him his stunned look. The other also give him bewildered look.


“A-Jiu, y-you are joking, right? No way you don’t remember us. Come on, this is not funny.”


The others nodded in agreement but Shen Jiu gave a sharper glare to them all. Mu Qingfang then tries to help him and the people in the room by asking him what he last remember and Shen Jiu doubt his memory and what his remember will help and his instinct told him to not say anything about what he remember. He said he does not remember anything and despair colored the faces of the people in front of him. Mu Qingfang said maybe the impact his head had before affect his brain and thus interrupt his memory. His amnesia might be for a short term or a long term. He might need to do more test before he can decide and asked them no to aggravate Shen Jiu so that it will not make his condition worse. They reluctantly agree to slowly and carefully handle Shen Jiu’s amnesia. Mu Qingfang then went out followed by Shuzhi Lang.


Awkward silence fills the room. The older looking him was the one who breaks the uncomfortable situation on hand. He introduce himself as Shen Qingqiu, his older brother who was 30 years old and a professor, in charge in Humanities department in Qing Jing University. The teenage lookalike the enthusiastically introduce his name as Shen Yuan, his one and only younger twin and stated they are both 15 years old. Older Qi-ge introduced as Yue Qingyuan by Shen Qingqiu as his husband, age 33 and CEO of Qiong Ding Enterprise while the teenage Qi-ge is, Yue Qingyan’s son; Yue Qi and is 17 years old.


‘So Qi-ge is, Qi-ge. The older us is.. my brother.. his father.. married? Are they really us.. part of us.. or are they a separate entity? I… have a twin? Shen Yuan?’


Except Shen Yuan, the name was familiar yet so strange he could not grasp his thoughts fully. They look at his expectantly, as if hoping what they said could trigger something like his memory from before but his reaction left them disappointed. Nothing else comes to his mind except his curiosity on his current situation. Shen Qingqiu, being his older brother with calmness and composure like the past peak lord of Qing Jing persuade Shen Yuan not to push the matter and burden Shen Jiu for now. Yue Qingyuan, resemble the past Zhangmen-Sect Leader gently agrees to what Shen Qingqiu said. Shen Yuan was unhappy but really care about his twin brother so he was forced to hold himself back for the moment. Yue-Qi, some how not only his name was similar to Shen Jiu’s [Qi-ge] but the way he act also reminds him of the brother that betrays him and died for him. The way Yue Qi look at his had a tint of sorrow and guilt even if he tries to hide it behind calmness and warm treatment.


Later on that night after everyone had left, Shen Jiu recollect his mind and reorganize all his thoughts before he tiredly falls asleep.

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Confined to bed leave Shen Jiu nothing to do but to pass his days in boredom. It does gave him the chance to reorganize his thoughts. The memory of his body comes back gradually but he still is curious if the memory as Shen Qingqiu is his past live that comes out due to the shock from his accident and he was reincarnated in this modern world or does his soul takes over the body?


Shen Jiu learns from the memory that he and Shen Yuan was raised by his older brother since they were five years old. Their mother went out to buy groceries one day and did not come back no matter how long they waited. He thought it is probably because she was tired with them and decided to throw them away from her life. His brother, Shen Qingqiu refused to part with them when the social worker wanted to take him and Shen Yuan to orphanage and he almost quit his school to take care of them.


An old man called Master Qiu comes and said he was their mother’s acquaintance and adopts them in their Qiu clan. Their life is a mirror of his previous life; the three siblings were abused by Master Qiu and his son, used as their punching bag to release their stress while being controlled not to tell others of what they are facing and not allowed to socialized with people outside of the Qiu clan. Their light of hope, Qiu Haitang the young miss of the family always protected them. She then became Shen Qingqiu’s fiancée. As how it was destined, the Qiu downfall is brought by Shen Qingqiu. He pretended to be obedient and loyal to the clan and retaliated by collecting the evidences of all the dirty dealing they had done and exposed it to the world. The old Master Qiu died of heart attack, the son was jailed and later died in the prison while Qiu Haitang went overseas and never comes back.


Among the dirty dealings the Qiu had done, it was the murder of their mother and their grandparents. Their mother was a maid who used to work for the Qiu and was forced upon by Master Qiu during his drunken night. She had Shen Qingqiu but couldn't bring herself to abort him so she hides her pregnancy, gave birth to him and left him to her parents. Years later she faced the same predicament and decided to quit and takes care of her three children. Master Qiu was angry that she quit and even angrier when he found out she had his children without him knowing and hunted for her. Even after torturing her parents to death to find out her whereabout, he failed to find her for a few years. After on a run for so long she decided to stop and start a new life on a small village but that proves to be a mistake that cost her her life. The day she went out for groceries, she was found by them.


After the devastating truth, Shen Qingqiu did not breakdown but steels himself for the sake of his twin brothers and then starts a business with his childhood friend, Yue Qingyuan who had just comes back from oversea at that time. Later on, Yue Qingyuan chased after him and after so long he managed to get Shen Qingqiu to marry him. Yue Qi was a child from an arranged marriage Yue Qingyuan had before he reunited with Shen Qingqiu. Yue Qingyan and the wife both married for the sake of family connection and power and both did not have any feeling of love to each other. The wife later on died in a car accident.


The last memory of the body is, Shen Jiu remember enjoying the view on top of a hill after hiking up with other students on a school trip. He then felt a shove behind his back before he went tumbling down the hill. Shen Jiu frowned at the thought that someone was attempting to kill him. A cheerful greeting from Shen Yuan draw him out from his thoughts. Shen Yuan comes everyday after school and stayed until the end of visiting hours. He even tried hiding himself to stay pass visiting hour to accompanied his twin but was caught by the nurses. He insist that he need to stay with Shen Jiu and even gives them puppy eyes towards the nurses but to no avail. They nurses scolded Shen Yuan that his presence will disturb Shen Jiu rest so he had to reluctantly go home when the visiting hours ends. In regards to this, Shen Jiu feels helpless and awkward. Having a family a a twin who act so close to his gives him indescribable feeling but it was not a bad feeling.


“A-Jiu, how are you today?”




“Some of our friends said they will come to visit you later.”


“Are you listening to me??”


Shen Yuan babbled on how his days at school, what they learn-he will share the notes later, his lunch, the teacher’s asking on Shen Jiu and so on. The last sentence though, left him stupefied. Friends? Someone like him, have friends?


Shen Jiu, “Eh, ahh.. Yes.”


Shen Yuan, “Geez, what with that look. Of course they will come to visit you. They are our friends. They care about you, you know!”


Shen Jiu, “I know, thanks.”


Imagining himself having friends and that they care about him is an idea that almost made him scoffed at how ridiculous it is but at the same time it also makes him feel a bit hopeful. Shen Yuan continue talking on one topic to another for a while. Through a small window on the door, Shen Jiu could see Yue Qi lingering outside but did not comes in. Noticing Shen Jiu’s stare, Shen Yuan also look at what he was staring at and saw Yue Qi. He promptly strands up and went outside and then drag Yue Qi inside the room excitedly. Looking at his face who looks like he was uncomfortable to be there makes Shen Jiu feels as if Qi-ge.. no, Yue Qi did not want to be there. The thought sour his mood.


“If you don’t want to be here, go away. I don’t want someone who was forced to be here to visit me anyway.”


Both Shen Yuan and Yue Qi was shocked by his harsh words but Shen Yuan then thought Shen Jiu remembered the fight he had with Yue Qi the day before his accident and thinks he was probably upset to see him due to that. He winks at Yue Qi as a sign and runs out to give the both a chance to made up.


“That.. I.. Xiao Jiu, you misunderstand. I’m not forced to be here nor do I not want to be here. Qi-ge is always here for you”


Shen Jiu glares at him, “Don’t call me that. Don’t lie too. With that expression on you face, what else if you are not forced then?”


Yue Qi, “Xi- That.. A-Jiu, I just.. I don’t know how to come in without making your mood down, not because I don’t want to see you. I end up making you angry though. Forgive Qi-ge?”


Shen Jiu is still angry and it may be effected by his past memories being abandoned by his Qi-ge but Yue Qi patience and gentle look make him feels petty if he continue so he just keep quiet and nods his head. Yue Qi brighten up at his small gesture like it was the best thing ever happened and brings himself to the seat next to Shen Jiu’s bed and peels a few apple for him.


‘He.. is like Qi-ge. What if? It… cant be, right? But if I can remember, others might too. And he..’


Shen Jiu suspect Yue Qi is his Qi-ge but he has no was to ask or prove it for now. He was lost in thoughts while Yue Qi was also in his own happy cloud. Shen Yuan comes in later and is happy to see they are in civil mood and thinking both of his family member had made up make him happier. After working hour, both Yue Qingyuan and Shen Qingqiu comes in together to visit him. It was weird to see his brother who look like his older self together with Yue Qingyuan as a couple. The peaceful days continue on with his family visit daily like that.


Some of their friends who came later on was Qi Qingqi, who is actually Shen Qingqiu old friend who is both Shen Jiu and Shen Yuan’s homeroom teacher. She had light banter with their brother during her visits. Then there was Gongyi Xiao who was really concern about Shen Jiu, making Shen Yuan thinks he may have feeling for his twin brother. Ming Fan, who always follows Shen Jiu around like his henchman also came for visits. Lu Qingge, to Shen Jiu surprise also came and he was surprised to find out that Liu Qingge is courting his twin Shen Yuan. They both had and argument and Shen Jiu was fully against it, Liu Qingge was ignoring Shen Jiu unwillingness to give his blessing and just told him he was informing him while Shen Yuan is exasperated with them. Liu Mingyan, comes later to visit and apologize for her brother rudeness but her eyes twinkle with weird light when she look at both Shen Yuan and Shen Jiu and it gives him a shudder. Ning Yingying, a junior he was close with also came for visit and it seems that she and Liu Mingyan gets along though looking at the together gives him bad sense of premonition.


Shen Jiu feels that all this is not bad after all. This life, his second chance to live properly is something he really appreciate. To live a peaceful life like this is what wish for. Nonetheless, life a bitch. Just when he think this life is peaceful, he got a visit from someone he did not expect to meet again in this life.


A boy with features unforgettable to him. The face of his torturer, the boy who he used to abuse, the one who was never acknowledge by him and whom he called beast frequently; Luo Binghe.


‘What is he here for?! WHYYYYY!!’ 

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First thing that come to Yue Qi’s mind when he regain his consciousness was how much he was a disappointment to his beloved younger brother. Drowned in heavy guilt of his failure of yet again unable to save Xiao Jiu from the demon king grasp and even falling straight to his demise leave him in daze. Then come the confusion.


A boy approximately eight years old was thrown out desperately by an elegant looking woman. She look like she is dying and suffering greatly. The woman however tries smiling reassuringly at the boy and told him to get away as far as he can quickly. The boy looks around him. Blazing fire surrounding the area. He was brought in an embrace of an older man in sudden and the man rums and jumped away from where he was as far as he can. A loud booming sound came from the car followed soon. A woman loud scream of excruciating pain resounding together with the boom before slowly died down the bigger the fire burn. It… sounds really familiar and the child’s heart feels a heart wrenching pain. A despairing sound uttered by the man holding him in his embrace before the man faint the next moment. He observe the man. He look like him. Then, it slowly came to him. The woman who burns to death was his mother in this life and the fainted man is his father, Yue Qingyuan. He is Yue Qi, currently a child in his primary age. He and his parents was on their way to a beach for a vacation before the realised the car malfunction halfway through, the car lost control and crashed.


His body was in pain from the accident, his heart is in pain of the tragedy happening in front of him and his head is in pain of the clashing memories of the two lives flashing in his mind. He also succumbed to his pain and falls unconscious next to his father.


The next time he woke up, he was in a hospital. There are no long lasting injuries that will affect his life. The trauma of seeing his mother burn alive is another story though. Her screams haunt his dreams every time he falls asleep. Her death was so pitiful. There was not even bones left to bury after the fire. She was burnt to ashes. Yue Qi wonder why the fate of his mother in this life is so unfair. The loathsome, greedy relatives however disagree on her funeral ceremony that she was unlucky. She live her life like a princess her whole life, having wealth, beauty, brains and even happy family with a really good looking husband and cute son. Her death is her payment to the god for everything good in her life they said. If the was really a child, what these people say may be detrimental to his psych but he had his past life memories now. He was not a sect leader for nothing. He understand these so called relatives are those among the lowest kind of people.


His father did not let the matter go. He brought ruins to those mocking and humiliate the sacrifice of his wife. Especially after the investigations proves that these relatives are the one who schemed the car’s malfunction. The accident are their machination in their attempt to kill the three for their inheritance. It sicken Yue Qi at how family member’s greed would lead them to harm their own blood.


After everything was over the parent and child decides to leave the place filled with so much pain for them and to move to some other place to start their new life. Yue Qingyuan seems to have changed after the accident. He always look like he was frantically searching for something. The older Yue did not say anything but Yue Qi knows that they both lost and regain something on that fateful day.


They arrived to a peaceful country that was where his father used to stay during his childhood. Yue Qingyuan first finds them a large but cozy villa for them to stay. The man then hires a lot of private detectives here and there to find someone. He said it is to fulfill a promise. An important promise that is the reason he still carry on with his life.


Yue Qi insisted on going to a public school instead of a private school like what his father had preferred. This decision is the best thing he had ever done in his opinion. It leads him to his dear Xiao Jiu. To be able to reunite with Xiao Jiu is what he had been wishing for after he recover his past life memories. This time he will not fail and disappoint his brother anymore. He found out that in this life, his dear brother still fall into the Qiu’s hand. He will save him this time. What he did not anticipate is that Shen Jiu have two other sibling.


Fate is a funny thing, sometimes. The one that his father was searching for is the oldest of the Shen siblings. Shen Qingqiu was his father’s childhood friend and his father even had proposed the other when they were children. Courting his childhood love proves to be difficult when the other is already burdened with the Qiu bad treatment to the Shen siblings. Shen Qingqiu trust nobody, refusing Yue Qingyuan attempts to help him out. It took him three years for the oldest Shen to warm up to him, another three years to get together with him and another year to finally marries his love.


Seeing an older version of him as well as that person is his father in this life marries someone he had considered his brother in his past life is awkward. Xiao Jiu dislike being called ‘little’ so he changed the boy endearment name to A-Jiu. A-Jiu, however does calls him Qi-Ge and it makes him so happy to finally able to hear it again. Technically, he status is the nephew but considering his age, he is like an older brother to the Shen twin. Shen Jiu is like his previous life Xiao Jiu, plus his over protectiveness of his younger twin while Shen Yuan is like the naive and innocent version of the boy if the boy is raised up in proper household instead being a street rat and abused slave.


Taking care of both Shen twin and being their older brother figure can be hard sometimes but this is his happiness. He did not expect to meet Liu Qingge again in this life. The other did not seem like he had his previous life memories. Shen Jiu and Liu Qingge proves they both unable to get along but Liu Qngge somehow is attracted to Shen Yuan. The boy then claim to want to take the younger Shen twin hand in marriage when they are an adult. Shen Jiu almost hide away his dearest twin before he is being able to be persuaded to let the matter go as they were children and who knows what will happen in future. That did not stop the older twin from being anachronistic against Liu Qingge from that day onwards.


Yue Qi soul almost fly out of his body when one day, Shen Yuan told him about the epic proposal Shen Jiu got when they went to get Shen Qingqiu home after a meeting. His mind blows up when he finds out the other party was Luo Binghe. No way he would let A-jiu to suffer under the beast hand this time around. He couldn’t figure out if this Luo Binghe is the same as his previous life but he suspect that he is. The disturbing obsessed desires in his eyes for Shen Jiu spells danger in Yue Qi’s eyes. He tries his best to distance Shen Jiu from the sick ex-demon lord. The devastating blow hits him harder when Shen Jiu accept the beast as his fiancé. The boy convinced him he knows what he is doing but Yue Qi will always keep on his guard as high as possible when it is regarding Luo Binghe.


When life seems like it is going well Yue Qi should have expect that nothing could last forever. The twins had an outdoor school excursion on one fine day but when the afternoon came that day, he received emergency call from Shen Yuan who was sobbing hysterically, telling him Shen Jiu falls of the cliff and the younger twin wasn’t sure he will survive due to the serious injuries he had. At that moment, Yue Qi felt like his heart stopping and he almost faint if not the fact he reminds himself that he need to be where Shen Jiu is as soon as possible.


Maybe the god above do listen to their prayers. Shen Jiu miraculously survive even with his slim chance. He is under a coma for half a year. When he woke up though, he did not remember any of them and it makes them all feel so desolated. Shen Jiu later does remember bit by bit but he somehow is changed. Colder and much more suspicious as well as being really guarded towards everyone around him. Its like he build a wall to keep others away from him. It is almost as if… the past life Shen Jiu. He hold his suspicion but no matter what, to him, Shen Jiu is Shen Jiu. If it is like what he suspected, he only wish to to free his beloved brother from his lonely cage to the warmth they can shower him with. This is what he decides as his resolution in this life.

Chapter Text

A teenage, almost adult approach the private room on the VIP floor. He stops in front of a room with the name of the patient name [Shen Jiu] written on a white plate on the door. The handsome youth fixed his appearance, making sure he look as impeccable as he can. He fixed his white collar and black tie properly, straighten both his black jacket and dust off imaginary dust off his black slack. Lastly, he checked if his shiny black shoes look perfect. He is going to see his important person. The only one who deserve only the best.


Luo Binghe waltz into the room like he own the place and flash a model smile at Shen Jiu. The smile brings Shen Jiu bad vibes and send shivers down his spine. This person presence brings a massive anxiety to him. He could not decide his next course of action in this sudden encounter with the one the never expect nor wish to see ever again in his life. He had tried to access the memories of this life he had received in this brief moments but he could not recall anything related that connect the current him and Luo Binghe. Is he a friend or foe to him is the only thing that is important to him.


‘Will his mistakes forever haunt him and destroy his life over and over again? No! He can’t let that happen again. He does not care what happens to him but to allow those close to him suffer due to his action is not something he could bear after everything that has happened.’


Warily eyeing the person standing in front of him, Shen Jiu opened his mouth to ask why he was here and what their relationship is. They both tried to start a conversation at a same time making it awkward for both. Shen Jiu feels like this situation is something laughable, if only he is not too overwhelmed by the gripping sense of dread when facing Luo Binghe. They both are saved by the sound of opened door and Shen Jiu’s twin, Shen Yuan came into the room while dragging another boy his age into the room.


“W-wait, I don’t think this is a good idea. I mean he is still confined to the bed. He should rest to get better.”, Shang Qinghua.

“What are you talking about, we are just going to talk about the novel not like making him do anything strenuous.”, Shen Yuan.


Both boys back and forth tugging between one trying to flee and the other forcing the other to come into the room halt when the both realised there was another person visiting the room besides them.


“S-see, there is a visitor. How about we do this on another time”, Shang Qinghua.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

Shen Yuan tighten his grip on Shang Qinghua’s shoulder to ground him on the spot and gives him a sinister smile as a warning. Shang Qinghua lets out a shrieking sound that sounds like a squished animal. His face pales down before he looks resigned and looking as if his soul had flown away. Putting back a cheerful smile on his face, Shen Yuan turns back to Luo Binghe and his twin, greeting them.


“A-Jiu! I come visiting you with a friend! Oh, Binghe-ge, you are finally here.”


Luo Binghe nods at his greeting while Shen Jiu frowns at that. Shen Yuan and Luo Bimghe knows each other? It doesn’t sits well with him. Wait, Ge? Luo Binghe is older than his this time?


“A-Yuan, you know this person?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Isn’t he your fiancé?”


The answer he get froze him. Shen Jiu thought that he must have heard it wrong. Even Shen Yuan’s friend looks like his eyes is going to bulged out from its socket. It sounds so ridiculous to be true. However, Luo Binghe seems to radiate happiness and looks pleased with what he heard from the younger Shen twin.


The stunned look on Shen Jiu’s face tells Shen Yuan that his twin does not have any inkling of what he is talking about. He then remembered that some of his twin memories aren’t back yet and may requires a trigger for him to regain it based on what his doctor; Mu Qingfang had told the family the last time.


“A-Jiu, you don’t remember him?”

“I… don’t think so.”


Shen Jiu was hesitating to say he did not know Luo Binghe but it is true that him not knowing the other wasn’t a lie. He knows him based on his past life but his current memories of him is non-existent at the moment. Shang Qinghua, being ignored and almost blended into the background hopes it stay this way. Maybe he can try creeping away later. Of course life wouldn’t make it easy for both unfortunate people in the room when Luo Binghe speaks.


“it’s okay. I’ll try my best to make him remember me. If not, we will just create new memories between us. By the way, who is your friend there Shen Yuan? I don’t think I have been introduced to him before.”


Luo Binghe grasp his fiancé hands in a tight grip with a gentle smile. From others view, it looks like he is trying to reassure his fiancé. The person whose hands was gripped tightly feels as if he is going to hyperventilate if not thanks to his long practise of steadying his poker face in his past.


Shen Yuan, being the oblivious naive one did not notice anything wrong with his future brother in-law. He introduced the forgotten visitor as Shang Qinghua, a boy from next class who he finds out is the writer of the novel he was engrossed in reading at the moment. Shen Jiu, reminded of the distasteful novel shown by his twin few day ago glares at the cowering boy. Facing the sharp glare of the older Shen twin, Shang Qinghua explain that it was all a coincidence in panic. Luo Binghe however is curious of the said novel. Shang Qinghua tries to deter the older teen from reading it by saying it is just an amateur writing he did for fun.


Shen Yuan is excited to share the novel he was so hooked on to Luo Binghe and proceed to show him that the novel was available online and can be accessed easily using the on the smartphone. He told him that the protagonist of the novel even shares the name with his future brother in-law. In fact, other than himself, almost everyone he knows have appeared as a character in the novel. Even his twin was written as the villain in the said novel. Shen Yuan then talk on and on about the plot to Luo Binghe.


In his intrigue, Luo Binghe raised up one of his eyebrow silently questioning the writer in question about his writings. He suspect the other is the traitorous peak lord and having the memories of his previous life. The other lived for a while to be able to see his life close enough for quite some time before he was killed of by Mobei-Jun. The similarity of the plot of the novel to the experiences he had in his past life is too uncannily similar.


Shang Qinghua understands the gesture and quickly gives excuse he need to go as soon as possible and that just remembered he had something important to do. He the flee from the site in seconds. Luo Binghe ignore the cowardly writer for the moment. His own amnesiac fiancé is his current priority.


Luo binghe may dons a gentle, caring fiancé on his face and all would believe him except the person who is receiving the look. It is always said eyes is the window if the heart. The gaze on the older twin is like a beast locking its target on a prey and Shen Jiu truly believe he is being preyed upon by his so called fiancé. The look in the eyes of his fiancé is totally the same one he got from the half demon in his previous life. He almost could confirm the one in front of him is the same beast that destroy him previously based of the look in the eyes alone.


Shen Yuan grumbles and pout when Sang Qinghua flee and he was not fast enough to catch the other. He then look at the awkward couple in from of him and he can  see how Luo Binghe is trying to approach his twin while the other is so stiff like a wooden doll when being approached by Luo Binghe. He is a bit confused to see his twin reaction. None of the visitors induced such a reaction from him. Shen Yuan deduced that his twin probably react as such because he did not remember the older teen and being concious of the other due to the fact Luo Binghe is his fiancé. He, trying to be a considerate sibling to his twin and trying to give them space to figure out their situation, he walks out while winking to them saying he need to go get some lunch as he was in hurry before and didn’t get any. This, of course, is a lie. Shen Yuan teased the two before going away, telling them to reignite their love while the had their time alone together.


Shen Jiu, although starting to have brotherly affection and care for his twin, at this moment want nothing other than to curse the other for leaving him alone with his tormentor. He cries without tears in his heart. A person who hated him to death now love him? That is absolutely impossibly!


‘You idiot twin!! How dare you betray me by leaving me with this beast. What do I do now… TT^TT ’

Chapter Text

Luo Binghe lived a very long life. He did not notice before that his heart feel hollow and frozen over the time after the death of the man he hated most in his life. The lives of his wives and children extinguished multiple times throughout his life. The one who stayed longest with his was Sha Hualing. The demoness fiery personality and the fact that her race is a long lived one is why she was there for him centuries long. Nonetheless, her life ended shielding him from deadly attack in a war where the whole world is bend on persecuting him.


Liu Mingyan, is his main wife. She lived long and she reached to the point of being able to ascend. Somehow she did not and just let her life reached the end. He still did not understand her last look that she had given him before she is gone forever.


Ning Yingying last a while after the scum is gone but she seemed to lost something after he was gone. He did not understand why. She should hate their shizun as much as he did if not more based on what she had to faced, right?


Then there was Qiu Haitang who was that man’s ex-fiancée that joins his harem after he helped her get her revenge that she craved for so long. The poor woman however went insane one day and could be find. He did not care much of losing one of the many woman he have at the time so he ignored it. After so long though, he did wonder what happened to the woman who was strong enough to stay alive to exact her revenge would suddenly go crazy?


The princess of Huan Hua Palace did not last long. She bad personality and ignorance caused her to be schemed on by some of the other women and died miserably. He didn’t even remember her name anymore. She was one of his pieces needed in his plan to cause shizun’s downfall. Afterwards, he did not care much of her as she herself acts very undesirable in his eyes. Always causing troubles for him. His final straw is when his father in-law tried to climb his bed. He was so disgusted he gives the old cot to those lower class demon as plaything and be tortured to death. Of course, on public the palace master is said to have retired, passed his position to his son in-law and go travelling the world to find enlightenment in his dao.

Many other women, be it his wife, concubines or just night stands comes and goes just like that. Their affections is just something fleeting to him. They have sex with him and that just it. Other than that, he did not care as he had so many things he need to attend to.


His children lives is a blur to him. He admit he did not act as a father to them as he was busy handling both human and demon world affairs. His offspring killed one another, coveting his position and ended up being cut to death by him with Xin Mo’s blade. Some, just went away as righteous cultivator and then, he did not know about them anymore. There are several that lives as common human and just disappear from his sight forever. All was a disappointment to him and none leave an impact in his hard.


By the time he realised why all his family member is gone, it is already too late. He had already been left alone in this world. He wonder what went wrong. When did his heart become so cold when what he ever wanted in his early life is treated like nothing in his eyes when he got it. Now it is all like sand, slipping away from his grasp no matter how tight his hold on it.


He wanted to blame the dead man who was supposed to be his mentor. If only Shen Qingqiu gave him what he wanted, what he needed when he was under his apprenticeship. Deep down though, he know that is not true. He was the one who changed.


Now, at the end of his life, he is once again facing the biggest betrayal by the one he did not expect. The truth. The machination of some of the things that happened throughout his life. Done by the one he thought was a mentor to him; the Dream Demon. Their relationship start with mutual benefit as their main interest. He thought that over the time, whatever they shared had make them closer. That this is the closest of a teacher figure in his life. He, in the end is just a tool too. Just like how he used to treat other as disposable, he is one too in the end.


“this is my final lesson to you.”


That was what the Dream Demon said to him. How laughable that was. The dream demon show him things he did not know before, mocking him of his stupidity.


Liu Mingyan last look, was due to her being shown by the Dream Demon that her martial uncle did not caused her brother’s death but an accident from his brother’s own qi deviation. She thinks Luo Binghe manipulated her into punishing the wrong person. She was addled by the guilt, thus the reason why she choose not to ascend. Luo Binghe did not fully know about it. As all the others, he had assumed that Shen Qingqiu killed his shidi due to their bad blood and the fact that the traces of both peak lords qi clashing violently in the cave where it happened. It makes all the more suspicious then the accused keep on denying and insisting he did not remember what happened. Liu Mingyan died in hatred and guilt and blamed him for it.


Ning Yingying lost someone dear to her when their shizun died. She was taken cared by the man since she was born and he was like a father to her. The bad rumors are just rumors. She herself never denies or confirm it as she was told not to care about it by the man. She had reluctantly stand by the sidelines when he was imprisoned and punished in the dungeon as she did not know much to the extend the man face and the man’s pride would never forgive her if she ever interfere. Her disappointment on Luo Binghe and her guilt for not taking any action makes her unable to continue living anymore and just like that, one of Luo Binghe dearest is gone. What Dream Demon machination involved in this is he gave her nightmares of what happened to Shen Qingqiu in the dungeon, burdening her mind so heavy and inescapable.


Qiu Haitang heavy hatred and burning desires of revenge means it doubles her guilt in finding the truth. The Dream Demon only need to show the all the memories of Shen Qingqiu when he was living with the Qiu clan. She tries to deny it but getting the truth from people who was there before, the towns people who had seem him being abused, the old female and children servant of the Qiu’s who wasn’t killed that night, always hearing his tortured screams thru closed doors in the Qiu mansion is not that hard when people feels the guilt keeping something wrong as a secret. Qiu Haitang couldn’t bear all that and lose her mind. She was so blind before and the truth is too painful for her to accept.


His last humiliation is the fact he marries the child of the man who caused the start of everything that went wrong in his life. No matter how good was Luo Binghe in manipulation dreams, going through the mind or looking at the memories the one who imparting the knowledge is on another level than he is.

The Dream Demon had hide the information that his birth mother and father was schemed by the old palace master due to his obsession on Luo Binghe’s mother. It makes sense to him now why the old man used to look at him with indescribable look and his attempt to jump on him despite him being married to his daughter.


The Dream Demon, taking over his body and in process destroying his soul by making him despair works well enough. Luo Binghe feels like his life is a biggest joke written by gods above. Using all he had, he direct his power, his soul and everything he can into Xin Mo hoping to make it go berserk and destroy everything.


Luo Binghe thought everything is going to end after he done what he did. He opened his eyes and was greeted by blinding bright light. An old wrinkly hand hold him gently and wraps him with a big towel and wiping his small body. The old woman looks like his mama.


‘Wait… Mama? Is this heaven? But can a half demon like me even go to heaven? And souls went to reincarnation circle after the end of their life. So, did I reincarnate? This seems the most plausible thing. Look at my small body…’

Engrossed in his thoughts, the newborn did not realized the hand above his butt until a sharp pain spread on his cheeks. He go with his instinct; howling and cries. The old woman smiles seeing the reaction and passed the baby to a a beautiful woman whose face filled with exhaustion but also mixed with anticipation. A handsome man next to her smiles warmly and proudly at her while making her comfortable in his embrace.


“Lady Su, here is your baby. His features are like you both. He will be a heart breaker when he grows up.”


“Thank you Mama Luo. Tianlang-Jun, look at our child! Isn’t he cute?”


Su Xiyan asked her other half excitedly. Tianglang-Jun take a look at the baby and frowns.


“He looks like a monkey. Where does he look cute.”


Tianlang-Jun got a whack on his head by the Mama Luo who admonish him for saying such thing. She explained that newborn baby skin would look all scrunched up at first but they will look so cute later on. Tianlang-Jun eyes expressed that he doubts that. Moreover, he already is feeling jealous of the newborn will occupies his beloved’s heart and less attention on him. Su Xiyan lets out exasperated sigh, knowing full well what her man was thinking about. She ignore the matter and asked him what they should name the baby boy.


“Mama Luo is very important to you. Seeing he is born in her home town and she was the one who first greet him to the world, he should used her family name Luo. And his name is.. Binghe.”


Tianlang-Jun randomly said as he look around trying to think a name on the spot and he saw a freezing river through the window. Both women in the room almost argue with him of how inappropriate what he did but the baby gives out a happy giggle to answer the name he was given so both just let it go. The baby himself look happy enough as it is.

Tianlang-Jun who was saved by the baby from being lectured by both women had better impression on the kid. Mama Luo, meanwhile is very touched by both youth she had known since they were children until now that they had become parent themselves. The feel like her presence as Su Xiyan wet nurse and nanny is well appreciated, like she was a part of their family member and for Su Xiyan and Tianlang-Jun, this is the truth. The elderly woman is more like a family compared to to their so called elite family that are more distant than a stranger. As for Luo Binghe, although we was overwhelmed with the fact he was reborn he is happy to meet his mama. Getting to know his parents and of course, having his original name.


Luo Binghe grows up hidden from the world his parents in as they had married in secret. Htey had their difficulty that they had to solved before he can be introduced as their child. He understand this and he know it is for his own safety. Both Tianlang-Jun and Su Xiyan always express their unconditional love to him. He was also raised with love by Mama Luo so he feels like his life it not lacking anything, beside the small part in his heart that still feels hollow. He did not know why it is so and decided to ignore the feeling until he can figure it out one day.


When he was 10, his existence is finally revealed to the world after both the parent destroyed all their enemy and any resistance they had before. Being the heir of the high and mighty Tianlang-Jun; the mogul of business world as well as the son of the famous and elegant fashion designer Su Xiyan does brings him a lot of trouble when he is being showered with the limelight.


Kidnaption attempts, people trying to win him over with fake affection and revolting high praises from high society elite bores him. His life go on as such until he was 15. He was told to went for a meeting with a new up and coming new corporation by Tianlang-Jun. He needs to make sure a successful cooperation is establish. He took up the challenge by his father not realizing he will find the one to fill up the hollowness he had feel for so long.


The moment his sight landed on the older man, the familiar face, the familiar name almost stir something in him. His soul however reject this. The name and the face is similar but this man was not the one. Shen Qingqiu, the representative that was send for the meeting is someone he have difficulties handling be it because his past memories as well as the man himself is a great negotiator. No, it is more correct to say the man was a strategist. He had a few meetings with the man before he could conclude their cooperation that benefit them equally and that they both would agree on.


Their last meeting ended and they both shake their hands professionally. The door of their meeting room was suddenly slammed open and a figure dashed in and hugs the waist of Shen Qingqiu. The man tries to hid it but there was a flustered aura radiating from him. The older man gives out and apologetic smile to him and then hits the head of the one hugging his waist. A face resemble the man but younger appear from his back.


‘Not this one either.’


Luo Binghe soul cries out the short disappointed cry when he saw the teenager. The teenager smiles at him while ignoring the older Shen.


“Hi there! I’m Shen Yuan. Ge-ge said you’re a tough opponent even though you’re still a teenager. You seems like a cool guy!”


It would be a lie if he said he was not stunned by the boy statement. The boy’s brother also almost lose his poker face when he heard the younger said that. The business mogul heir thank him for it and said he is being overestimated by the older Shen. A knock on the door grab all of their attention. The door opened slowly and a face half pop in. The gesture seems cute but then somehow, the owner manage to carry himself with grace and elegant and enter the room politely, voicing out that he is there to fetch his twin. Cold and strict expression on the cute boyish pretty face struck Luo Binghe’s heart in a heartbeat. The face was exactly like the one who just entered previously but at the same time is not entirely the same. The expression and the gesture.. this is it. The one. Without really aware of what he was doing, he kneels on one leg while grasping the one who just entered and proposed to him. What he did froze the Shen siblings and the subordinates that accompany both sides.


Harshly slamming thing hand holding him, the one to first react is the one being proposed. Of course, the boy; Shen Jiu he later find out the name after investigating him reject the proposal on the spot. Luo Binghe, now finding the one his soul was looking for, for so long would never give up and let Shen Jiu escape him in this life. He try everything he can to make his obsession accept him. This time, he will have him.


He was so elated when his hard work proves fruitful after courting the other for persistently to the point the other relented and accept him as his fiancé. He was 18 when his father send him for one year training. When he got back he was informed that his fiancé was in hospital, in critical condition and almost lost his life. One can only imagine the fury and wrath he had unleashed upon those poor people he had stationed secretly around Shen Jiu before he went abroad.


Investigating the incident and handling other matters hold him up from being able to visit Shen Jiu. Only after a week his fiancé had awoke was he able to visit him. He was greeted with wary eyes the moment he stepped into the room. Mistrust and.. is it fear he sense from him? These negative reaction seems to radiate from the boy laying on he bed. Learning the boy did not remember him upsets him. Somehow though, the boy now resemble his obsession much strongly than he did before. It… pleased him in sick pleasure the stronger the boy reminds him of his past life shizun.


‘Shizun, I’ll have you no matter what this time. You don’t remember me? It’s okay. I’ll fill your mind with me slowly. We will be together forever. Mine. Only mine.’