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Hey! I'm Slicing Here!

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"Hello, this is Hey! I'm Slicing Here! Will this be for delivery or carry out?", asked Skye. "Oh hello, Mr. Basilone... Uh-huh... Sure thing, Mr. Basilone. We will have that up for you in thirty minutes... Uh-huh, bye!", she continued.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Skye proceeded to ring up Mr. Basilone's usual order. She then went to Nebula so that the pizza order could be made. Skye then went up the backstairs to the managers offices.

Darcy was busy looking at the numbers that the store had gotten the week before. She was distracted by a knock on the door. "Come in", she said.

Skye proceeded to come into the office. "Hey, boss lady! Just to let you know that Mr. Basilone just called for his usual order and that Clint still hasn't arrived at work yet", she said informing Darcy of what was going on.

Darcy then began to rub the side of her temples. "Of course he isn't. You know... He insists on taking this order every week, so I let him do it. But since he isn't here and I don't see why he won't let any of the girls go over there, I will take the order", she responded.

Standing in shock, Skye looks at Darcy wide-eyed. "Are you sure that you don't want Quill to take it?", she asked. Darcy shook her head. "No... I need to get out of the office anyway. Plus, we all know how Quill's ego can get the best of him with certain customers. Just let me know when it's ready", she said.

Skye could only nod as she slowly walked backwards towards the office door. She didn't like the idea of Darcy going somewhere that Clint forbade any woman going to . But she wasn't about to argue with her boss.


Mr. Basilone was an old man in his seventies. A medium height man with a good size belly and thick white hair.

He had looked over the quiet lounge for a good part of his life. So much had happened at the lounge that he didn't surprise easily anymore.

But to see Darcy Lewis, the owner of Hey! I'm Slicing Here!, walk in with their usual pizza order. He was sure that his heart skip a beat.

"Miss Lewis?", he asked. Darcy gave him a blinding smile. "Hello, Mr. Basilone!", she said. "What are you doing here? Where's Clint?", he asked. Completely baffles by his questioning, she answered him. "Well, Clint wasn't at work and I volunteered. I needed to get out of the office anyway."

Mr. Basilone looked at the end of the lounge, towards the private party room. He quickly looked back at Darcy. "Well, thank you. It was a real treat to see you, Miss Lewis. I hope that you have a wonderful day", he said hoping that she would leave immediately.

Darcy smiled brightly at him. "Thank you, Mr. Basilone. I hope that you do too!", she said heading towards the entrance of the lounge.

What Darcy wasn't aware of, was that there were two pairs of eyes watching her. Two pairs of eyes that could and would change her life forever.

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Clint woke up with a jolt. A tad bit confused about what time it was, he looked over at his alarm clock. It was twelve thirty in the afternoon.

Panicking, he tossed off his wife's arm from his body. She grunted at the action. But Clint ignored her and rushed to get to work.

He hated the fact that he was late. Clint was never late.


Darcy had just gotten back from the delivery. She seriously didn't get why Clint got so fussy about it.

As soon as she entered the front door, Clint entered thru the back door. They both looked at each other for a second. Darcy then went to go put up the delivery bags. Clint tried to get to her, but was blocked by the employees.

When Clint got past the employees, he saw that Darcy went up the stairs to the offices. He quickly shot up said stairs to get to Darcy.

Rounding the corner to the offices, he saw Darcy enter hers. He quickly let himself in.

"Darcy, I am so sorry for being late! I seriously didn't mean to do it", he immediately said to her. Darcy waved Clint off. "It's fine, Clint. We all have those off days. Don't worry about it", she replied. Clint sighed in relief.

He was about to leave the office when he remembered something. "Oh, and don't forget to tell me when Mr. Basilone's order is ready to go", Clint said. Darcy sat down behind her desk before answering him. "There's no need. I just came back from delivering it", she said.

Clint stopped in his tracks to his office. He then turned around to face Darcy. "What?!", he partially yelled. Darcy waved him off again. "It was fine. Seriously. I don't even know why you're worried about me or the other girls going over there", she responded.

Pacing back and forth in the Darcy's office, Clint started to stress out. "Oh, no. No, no, no, no. This isn't good. This really isn't good. Please tell me that you didn't go by yourself", he said.

Darcy looked up for her paperwork. "Clint, I really don't know why you're freaking out about it. But it was fine. It was seriously just another regular delivery order", she said.

Trying to calm down, Clint slowly sat down in one of the chairs opposite of Darcy. "Darce, you have to promise me that you will not go back there. Please, I am begging you to not run any deliveries there. I will do it", he begged.

Lifting an eyebrow, Darcy looked over Clint. He was seriously stressing out about this.

"Ok, fine. But I want to know why", she said.

Clint rested his elbows on his knees. "Basilone's Lounge is one of the major places for Hydra to hang out at. If anything happened to you or any of the girls because you went there, I could never forgive myself", he said.

Darcy got out of her seat to go lean on her desk in front of Clint. "Ok... I promise that I won't go back there or that any of the girls will. But I didn't see any Hydra members, okay?", said Darcy. Clint then stood, looking down at Darcy. "Darce… You never know if they are looking at you. They stay to the shadows", he responded.

Pushing him towards his office, Darcy was done with the conversation. "Ok, I get it! Now let me work!", she said.

Clint nodded as he entered his office. "Love you, short stack", he said. "Love you, too, birdbrain", Darcy said in return.


After a long day of work, Darcy finally went home. After locking everything up, she took the stairs on the back of the building. They led to the third floor, where Darcy's apartment was.

Once she put things away, like her keys and spare change, in their spots. Darcy felt like she could breathe.

She immediately changed into more comfortable clothes, a pair of leggings and a Culver sweatshirt.

On the way to the kitchen, Darcy caught one of her favorite sights. The bachelors next door (across the alley) were finishing up dinner.

Changing her course of direction, she opened the window that Darcy was looking out of. Tossing a small bit of lose cement at their window, Darcy waited for them to open their window.

Both men looked up at the sound of their window getting hit. Immediately smiling at who it is. The brunette of the pair got up and went to the window, opening it.

"Hey, Darce!", said Bucky. "How you doing, doll?", he asked. Darcy blushed at the nickname. "I'm doing good. And yourself?", she asked.

Steve, the blonde of the pair, had then joined them. "We're doing pretty good. Better now that you're here", he said.

Darcy hated herself for blushing so easily. But she would be lying if she said that she didn't like their attention. "So what did you boys have for dinner?", she asked to changed the subject.

Both guys smiled at her. "Oh, nothing special. Just leftovers", said Bucky. "Yeah. Nothing like your cooking, sweetheart", Steve said.

Getting the hint, Darcy responded back at them. "So, you're saying that I should come over again soon, huh?". she said. Both men nodded. "You know how much we love having you over, Darce", said Bucky. Darcy gave them a thoughtful look. "Does tomorrow night work, boys?", she asked.

Bucky and Steve looked over at her, dreamily. "Yeah, sweetheart. That works for us. Say, 7:30?", said Steve. Darcy beamed at them. "7:30 it is!", she said.

"Alright, doll. You get a good nights sleep and we'll see you tomorrow", said Bucky. Darcy smiled bashfully. "You too. Good night boys!", she said. "Good night!", they said in unison.

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The next morning, Darcy is greeted with a humongous floral arrangement consisting of two toned roses and carnations accented with babies breath. The smell from the bouquet engulfed the entire room. Darcy smiled to herself as she took the little card sticking out to be read.

May you enjoy the beauty of these flowers.
Even though they do not compare to your beauty.

Darcy blushed at the words. But she was perplexed why the card wasn't signed. It had to be from Steve and Bucky, right?

'Oh well, I'll ask them later', she thought.


That night, Darcy gathered all the ingredients that she needed to make dinner. Once she put everything into a canvas reusable bag, Darcy headed next door.

As soon as she was about to knock on the door, Bucky swung it open. "Hey, doll!", he greeted. "Hey, Bucky", Darcy replied sheepishly. Bucky then moved over to the side. "Come on in, beautiful", he said. Darcy then ducked into the apartment.

Once she was in the kitchen, Darcy started to get the meal ready. But she was caught off guard when Bucky wrapped his arms around her waist and blew a raspberry on her neck.

"Aaaahhh! Bucky!", Darcy said. When Bucky blew another raspberry on her neck, Steve emerged from his room. "Come on now, Buck. Leave Darce alone. Otherwise we won't get any of her delicious cooking", said Steve. Bucky pouted as he continued to hold Darcy from behind.

"Now I wouldn't say that. You would most definitely be getting dinner, Steve. I'm undecided on Bucky", said Darcy.

Steve then came in front of Darcy and Bucky. He lowered his head until his forehead leaned against Darcy's. "Hiya, sweetheart. How are you doing?", Steve asked. Darcy wiggled her nose at him. "Better now that I have both of my boys", she replied. Steve gave her a huge smile.

"Come on, Buck. Let's let Darcy do her thing", Steve said. He then straighten up and kissed Darcy's forehead before leaving the kitchen with Bucky close behind.


After dinner, all three of them were on the couch. Darcy was leaning up against Bucky, who was leaning against the arm of the couch. And Steve was on the other end with Darcy's feet in his lap.

Darcy moaned as Steve started to rub her feet. "Oh my god, Steve... This should totally be illegal... Bucky, tell him that what he is doing should be illegal... How are you sooo good at this?", Darcy said. Both men chuckled at her words.

A little bit later, Darcy remembered her flowers.

"By the way, thank you for the flowers. You guys didn't have to do that", she said.

Steve and Bucky gave each other confused looks. "Uh, we didn't get you any flowers, Darce", said Bucky. Darcy looked between them. "Seriously?", she asked. Steve slowly nodded, "seriously." Darcy scrunched up her face. "Huh", she said.

Bucky tightened his arms around Darcy. "Apparently, we have some competition. We got to step up our game", he said. Darcy shook her head. "No, you don't. Both of you are more than enough for me", she said.

Steve then lifted her leg and kissed her ankle. Darcy giggled at the feel of it.

'Yeah, way more than enough', she thought.

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For the following weeks Darcy kept getting random presents. She still didn't know who the sender was.

First, someone came by to repaint the front of the store. Then a black pearl and black diamond necklace with matching earrings showed up. Her favorite perfume that she rarely wore because it was too expensive had shown up. A fresh bouquet of flowers showed up when the first bouquet died. And another after that.

Darcy had once again asked if Steve and Bucky sent her anything. Nothing. She could only think of one other person who would send her these things.

Darcy then took out her cell to text her secret investor.

DL: Hey, I was just wondering if you have been sending me gifts. If so, thanks.

The response time was almost immediate.

SI: Noooo… And what kind of gifts are we talking about here.

DL: New paint job, jewelry, flowers, perfume.

SI: Nope, not me.

Right then Gamora came into Darcy's office, dropping off mail, The very first envelope caught her attention. Darcy practically destroyed the envelope. She starred at the contents of the envelope before texting again.

DL: You sure?

SI: Yes, why?

DL: I just got a box seat ticket to the opera tomorrow night.

SI: … Which opera?

DL: Don Giovanni

SI: Damn... That's a good one.

DL: What should I do?

SI: Well, you have a free ticket. Have fun.

DL: What about the other things?

SI: Don't worry about it. I'll look into it.

DL: Ok, thanks.

SI: No problem, kiddo.


The following night, Darcy found herself wearing a long dark blue, off the shoulder dress that had crystal embroidered in it to look like stars. She wrapped her black shawl around her shoulders as she was escorted to her box.

Once she entered, Darcy stopped in her tracks. The employee who showed her to her box proceeded to the table in the box.

"As you are aware, we normally don't have refreshments in the boxes. But we were informed that a special guest was coming. I do hope that you enjoy the show and refreshments, ma'am", he said before leaving Darcy.

Still shocked about what was happening, Darcy proceeded to fill a plate full of cheeses and chocolate. As she got a glass of champagne, the show was beginning. So Darcy sat down to enjoy her favorite opera and complimentary refreshments.

What she wasn't aware of were the two pairs of eyes watching her.

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The next morning, Darcy was busy in her office. She was still experiencing a high from the night before. Darcy was so inside her head that she didn't notice Skye by the door.

Looking up at the sound of a knock, Darcy saw Skye looking very nervous.

"Hey, Skye. Is everything alright?", she asked.

Skye looked back over her shoulder before answering.

"There are two men here who want to invest with the store", said Skye. Darcy scrunched her eyebrows. "Ok... Well, we really don't need more investors, but I guess that I can talk to them", she said.

Skye nodded before she showed the men in.

The first man was about five feet ten inches. He was wearing a light grey suit with a baby blue shirt, the top two buttons were undone. Darcy could tell that he was Italian by his olive tan skin. He had scruff covering his jaw in a delicious way. His honey like eyes roamed every inch of her as she was looking at him. But his hair got her attention. It was cut short on the sides, but long on top so it slicked back.

In the back of Darcy's mind, the word 'boss' was screaming at her.

The second man was about six foot two inches. He was dressed in a dark grey suit with a metallic blue shirt, the top two buttons were also undone. He too had scruff covering his jaw, but it didn't cover the scar on the right side of his jaw. His eyes were a shade of green that Darcy had never seen before. And thought his hair was slicked back, Darcy saw that it ended at the nape of his neck.

'Enforcer' is what her mind was telling her.

"Hello, gentlemen. I'm Darcy Lewis. Co-owner of Hey! I'm Slicing Here! What can I do for you?", she said as she rose from her seat. Darcy then moved around her desk to shake their hands.

The first man took her hand and shook it, but didn't let go. "Hello, I'm Brock Rumlow and this is my second hand, Jack Rollins", he said. The second man, Jack, tipped his head in acknowledgement. "What you can do for us is just tell us about your company. We are 'very' interested in investing with you", Brock said before he turned her hand to kiss her knuckles.

Darcy stood still for a moment, completely caught off guard at what Brock did. Clearing her throat, she smiled at them and motioned for them to sit as she moved back to her seat.

"Well, as you know, the college campus is right around the corner. So we try to accommodate to the students and faculty. Every single day is a different deal. Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's are our busiest days. Friday, pizza's are five dollars. Saturday, stuffed crust is ten dollars. And Sunday, slices are a dollar", she said.

Brock's eyebrows shot up. "Your food is that cheap? What type of money are you making?", he asked.

Darcy gave him a small smile. "We easily make about a little more eighteen thousand a week. So by the end of the month, it is close to ninety thousand dollars", she said.

Brock started to rub his jaw as he looked over to Jack. Both men had a silent conversation in front of Darcy. Jack finally nodded to Brock to agree at words that were not said. Brock then turned back to Darcy.

"We would really love to invest with your company. Along with some other added benefits. So what percentage can we be expecting out of this?", Brock said.

Darcy cleared her throat. "Unfortunately, gentlemen, I already have an investor. And his percentage is a very good one", she said.

Jack then scooted up in his seat. "I believe that you misinterpret what we mean, Miss Lewis. We want to date you", he said.

Blushing at the words that Jack said, Darcy tries to get out of this dilemma. "I'm sorry, but that doesn't work out for me. I am already in a relationship. And my investor would not like knowing that I'm mixing business with pleasure", she says.

Brock then moves up in his seat. "And who exactly is this investor?", he asks.

"Me", said a male voice.

Darcy looks up at the door as Brock and Jack turn around.

In the doorway was Clint. And he was accompanied by Tony Stark. Both men did not look happy at what was in front of them.

Tony then stepped forward as he began to talk. "I am the investor. And I only get one percent. Darcy and Clint are the majority shareholders. So if you gentlemen will be so kind", he said as he strode to Darcy's desk to lean on it. "Please leave. And don't show your faces here again", he said with no air to argue.

Both Brock and Jack looked at each other before Brock looked back at Tony. Brock then nodded and both he and Jack left the office leaving an uneasy feeling in the room.

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As soon as the office door shut, Tony turned to face Darcy.

"What the hell was that?!", he demanded. "Why were you alone with those two? Are you trying to send me to an early grave? And I thought that we all agreed if there was to be a meeting, that we would all show up for it. Was I mistaken?", Tony said as he got redder in the face.

Darcy looked over to Clint before looking back at Tony. "No, you're not mistaken. And those men just showed up for the first time", she said.

"You do know who they are, right?", Tony asked as he lifted an eyebrow. Darcy just shrugged. "Those two are the ones who have been sending you all those gifts", he continued to say. "Okay... Well, now that they know that I'm in a relationship, they should stop sending them", Darcy said. "They are also the head of Hydra...", Tony said to finish his argument. Darcy starred at him wide-eyed. She then quickly looked over to Clint, who was nodding in agreement. Darcy looked back to Tony. "Well... shit", she defeatedly sighed.

Tony took a moment to look between Darcy and Clint. "Ok, so... Who is going to tell me what is going on? And why is Hydra involved?", he asked. Darcy took a deep breath before explaining everything as to why the two men were there.

"So, you're telling me that because of this man's contortionist of a wife. Which is too much info even for me. You had to deliver to Hydra?", said Tony. Darcy and Clint both nodded. "Jesus", Tony murmured as he started to rub his temples.

After a couple of minutes, Tony claps his hands in front of him.

"Ok... Here's what we are going to do", he said. Tony then points his hands towards Darcy. "You are going to return any and everything that they gave you. And will continue to return anything until they get the message", Tony said. He then turns to Clint. "And you... You are not going to be late for work again. Understood?", he said.

Both Clint and Darcy nodded at Tony. "Ok... good. Now that is said and done, meeting adjourned and whatever. I'm out", Tony said before leaving the room.


That night, Clint found himself on the couch with his head on his wife's lap. He was trying to not worry about what happened earlier in the day.

"What is bothering you, my hawk? I know that something is bothering you", said Natasha. Clint huffed. "I fucked up, Tasha. I fucked up big time and now Darcy is paying the price", he said. Natasha started to run her fingers in Clint's hair to soothe him. "Tell me what happened, my love", she said. Clint huffed again, but told her everything that has been happening at work.

Natasha kept stroking her fingers through Clint's hair. "So now Darcy has to deal with Hydra?", she asked. Clint nodded. "And Tony thinks that they will just go away?", she continued to ask. Clint sighed as he nodded again.

But what Clint didn't know was that his wife was formulating a plan. One that could change everything.

"Don't worry, my love. I'm sure everything will turn out ok soon", she said. Clint smiled up at her. "You usually are right about everything", he said. Natasha smiled down at him. "I really am", she said.

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The following few weeks had changed drastically. Darcy did exactly what Tony said to do. And surprisingly enough, the gifts stopped showing up. Darcy seriously felt like she could breathe again.


Clint was on time for his shifts. But he was still apprehensive about the gifts stopping. He knew that Hydra did whatever to get what they wanted. They were just biding their time, he thought.

But they never talked about the visit. Mainly because it was finals month at the college campus. Which meant that it was non-stop busy at the pizzeria. So if anything, they appreciated the distraction so that they didn't have to talk about the elephant in the room.


Darcy, Steve and Bucky continued with their dates whenever the boys were available. Darcy knew what she was getting into when she started to date them. Sure it was hard sometimes dating F.B.I agents, but they made it work.

They were in Central Park enjoying one of their dates. The weather had been perfect for a picnic. Steve and Bucky had finished a game of frisbee as they joined Darcy on the blanket.

Steve sat behind Darcy so that she could lean up against his chest. Bucky sat next to them, getting everything spread out before them to eat. Putting his arms around her waist and his chin on her shoulder, Steve kissed Darcy's cheek. Darcy smiled at the attention.

"So you never did tell us who was sending you those gifts", Steve said. Bucky looked over at them. "That's right. You didn't. Did everything turn out okay?", Bucky asked.

Darcy took a deep breath. She knew how the guys were going to react.

"Well, Tony found out who was sending the gifts. We had a small meeting and I returned everything. And I haven't received anything since", she said. "So who was it?", Steve asked. Darcy was regretting this already. "Brock Rumlow and Jack Rollins", she said in a soft voice.

Steve and Bucky looked at each other in disbelief. They then looked back at Darcy. "What?!", they said in unison.

Darcy sighed. "It's fine. They hadn't sent anything in a few weeks. Everything is fine", she said, trying to calm them down.

Bucky rubbed his face with his hands. "Darce, it's not that easy. Ok?... Hydra never gives up until they have what they want", he said. Steve nodded in agreement.

Shaking her head in disagreement, Darcy choose what she was going to say carefully.

"I love you both so much. But please... Please trust me on this. They haven't sent anything to me in weeks. They know that I'm not interested. So please trust me that they are leaving me alone", she said.

Both men looked at each other before looking back at her. They both nodded in agreement to trust her. Even though they felt that Hydra wouldn't stop.

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A couple weeks later, Darcy started to get a weird feeling. She really couldn't tell what the feeling was at first. But after a while Darcy was able to identify it. She was being watched.

Now normally she would never say that she was the type of person to get paranoid. But she only felt it at her apartment. Sure she had cameras up at work, but this was at her apartment that she felt creeped out at.

This continued for a couple of weeks.

Then one morning, she felt like she was being everywhere. Her apartment, work, hell even the grocery store. Darcy hated that she was starting to become so paranoid. But she luckily knew of a solution that would help her.


Darcy had just gotten back from Tony's place. And she had taken, unbeknownst to Tony, what she needed.

As she entered her apartment, Darcy turned on the device that was in her hand. It immediately started to pick up things in her apartment. Slowly Darcy went around and started collecting everything that the device detected.

Once Darcy cleared her apartment of all the devices, she was completely shocked. In a box, there were about thirty cameras and bugs. And that was only her apartment.

When she entered the pizzeria, the device went haywire again. Darcy started to panic. How many were in the store?

The answer was forty. Forty cameras and bugs. Darcy was officially freaking out now. Why would someone bug her building?

She went back up to her apartment to think about this whole situation. Thinking a good twenty minutes about what was going on. And Darcy was becoming very angry about what she was thinking.

There were seventy cameras and bugs that were in her building. All to watch and hear her. And there were two men that she told about her situation with Hydra. Plus they knew her building inside and out. Of course they would do something like this. Especially since they could get ahold of cameras and bugs.

In the back of her mind, Darcy knew that she was acting irrationally. But the two men that she loved and trusted had betrayed her. Darcy knew what had to be done. It would hurt like hell, but it was the only solution.

Chapter Text

Steve and Bucky had just gotten back from a three week assignment down in Florida. God, did they hate the heat and humidity. Why did the Spanish have to settle there way back when?

As they reached their apartment, Steve noticed a good sized box at their door. He picked it up as Bucky unlocked the door. Bucky lifted an eyebrow, but Steve just shrugged. Bucky then went to go put their stuff away as Steve put the box on the kitchen table.

When Bucky came back into the kitchen, he noticed that Steve really looked pale. "Steve?", he said with concern. All that Steve did was give him a note that was apparently in the box. He was reluctant to read it, but knew that he had to.

My dearest Steven and James,

With all the time that we spent together,
I thought that we all respected each other.
I was clearly mistaken. So it is with great sadness
that I must end this. I can only hope that you both
find someone that you clearly trust.

With a broken and hurt heart, Darcy

As Bucky dropped the note to the floor, he noticed that his cheeks were wet. He realized that he was crying. Why did Darcy end their relationship? What happened while he and Steve were gone?

Bucky looked into the box just like Steve was doing. They were both surprised about the cameras and bugs. The sheer amount was astounding. They then looked at each other. Steve and Bucky were not expecting this. Because while they were out of town on an assignment, someone bugged Darcy's building.

Both Steve and Bucky knew that Darcy wouldn't talk to them because she thought that they did it. But with the threat of Hydra near by, they knew that they needed help. And fast.

Chapter Text

Once Darcy dropped off the box of cameras and bugs, she went back to her apartment. She felt like she had made a very hurtful mistake, but Darcy knew that it needed to be done.

When she entered her apartment, Darcy was very dumbfounded. She was one hundred percent certain that she left the lights on. However, she now had to navigate through her apartment in the dark. As she click on the living room lamp, Darcy was not prepared for what was in front of her.

Brock Rumlow was sitting in an armchair, readjusting a sleeve to his suit jacket. At first, he had an unreadable expression on his face. Then he looked at Darcy and smirked. "Hello, baby girl. Miss us?", Brock said.

"What?", Darcy whispered as she scrunched her eyebrows. She then turned about halfway to look behind her.

Jack was leaning against the front door with his hands in his pockets. "Hey there, princess", he said with a smirk of his own.

With a worried look, Darcy turned back to Brock. She started to nibble on her bottom lip. "What do you want?", Darcy asked.

Brock then stood up and walked to her. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "You", he said. "We want you. And you will come with us. Do I make myself clear?", Brock continued to say.

Darcy started to shake as she stood still. How did her life ever get here? Would she ever see her friends or family again? All that she could do was jerkily nod to Brock.

He then moved towards Darcy. "That's a good girl", he said as he maneuvered her to the front door. Brock wrapped an arm around her waist to further encourage her to go with them. Kissing the top of Darcy's head, Brock nodded to Jack to open the door.

Once Darcy saw the limo to take them away from her building, she started to backtrack. She knew that she made a huge and horrible mistake. She didn't want to go and be with Brock and Jack. Darcy couldn't be apart of Hydra.

Jack opened the back passenger door to let them in. Brock just held on Darcy tighter. "Now, now, baby girl. Don't you want to be good for us?", Brock said. Darcy started to shake her head 'no'. Brock then grabbed her chin to make her look at him. "You really want to fight us on this? Do you really want to do something that will jeopardize your family and friends?", he whispered in her ear. Darcy shook her head 'no'. "Then get in the damn car", Brock said.

As soon as Darcy got into the limo, Jack followed behind her. He sat on the bench seat in front of her. Brock then came and sat next to Darcy, closing the car door. Brock then put a hand on Darcy's knee as the limo went on its way.

"Good girl. Especially since we don't want to get daddy involved, do we?", Brock said. Darcy looked at Brock in shock. "that's right, baby girl. We know about your daddy. So are you going to be our good girl?", Brock asked.

Tears started to go down her cheeks. She couldn't get her dad involved in her mess. Darcy nodded to Brock, hoping that it would end the conversation. Brock just smirked at her and patted her knee.

Chapter Text

Within half an hour, they arrived at a tall, dark glass and steel tower. As soon as Darcy exited the limo, she looked up at the building. She never felt so intimidated. How could a building make you feel like you're headed for doom?

Brock then wrapped an arm around her waist and led her into the building.

When they had entered the lobby, Darcy felt engulf by the dark interior. The floors and check-in desk were black marble. The walls and ceiling were a dark gray. The modern chandeliers were made of dark crystals.

Darcy thought that she had entered hell. Her suspicions were confirmed after the elevator ride.

As she entered what she presumed was Brock's penthouse, Darcy was ready to go home. The floors were the same black marble as downstairs. The walls were a sleek black with white trim. As Darcy got further into the penthouse, she realized that it was on the corner of the building. The windows went from the floor to the ceiling, covering both the main floor and the second floor above them.

While Darcy was taking in the surroundings, a hydra goon came and whispered in Brock's ear. He nodded in understanding to what was said.

"Hey, Jack", Brock said. Jack turned towards Brock. "How about you take baby girl up to our room. It is getting late. I can only imagine how tired she is", he continued to say. Jack nodded to Brock. "Of course. Come on, princess. Let's go to bed", Jack said as he escorted Darcy upstairs to the second floor.

Brock then went to his office, where he had to deal with some business.


Darcy had just gotten done exploring the second floor when she heard a blood curdling scream. She turned, wide eyed, to go towards the stairs to go see what was going on.

However, Jack wrapped his arms around her. "Now, now, princess. You don't want to go down there", he said. Darcy tried to get out of his hold. "Yes, I do. I need to see what's happening", she replied. Jack brought his mouth next to her ear. "Brock's just getting some work done before bed. He'll be up in a moment", he told her. Darcy started to shake and whimper at up Jack was implicating.

Not even a minute later, Brock was jogging up the stairs. He smirked as he saw Darcy being embraced by Jack.

"Hey, baby girl. Are you ready to go to bed?", he asked Darcy. Darcy herself was trying to get away from him and Jack. "No, no, no. I just want to go home", she said as she shook her head.

Brock then moved in front of Darcy and held her face on his hands. He took a hot minute to look at Darcy's face. Seeing that she was serious, he was not happy.

"Baby girl... You need to realize that you ARE home. Wherever Jack and I are, you will be too. You are ours", he said. Darcy's eyes then started to spill tears down her cheeks. "Everything will be alright", Jack said.

Darcy knew that they wanted to go to bed and drop this discussion, but she wanted the answer to one question.

"Why? Why did you put cameras and bugs in my building?", she asked.

Brock and Jack looked at each other before looking back at Darcy.

"Baby girl. We didn't put any bugs or cameras in your building. But because you removed them, we were able to come get you", said Brock.

Darcy looked at Brock wide eyed. If they didn't do it. Then who did?

Chapter Text

The morning after Steve and Bucky got home, they walked into the FBI building with the box that Darcy left them.

Once they got to their desks, Bucky put down the box unto his desk. Putting his hands on his hips, Bucky looked around the office. He hated being gone for periods of time, only to catch up on other work. But he sat down and started to look at the paperwork.

Steve was about to join Bucky, but Agent Sharon Carter rounded the corner with two cups of coffee.

"Hey, Steve. Missed seeing such a handsome face in this office", Sharon said.

Steve looked away awkwardly as Bucky just rolled his eyes. "Um, thanks? Good to see you", Steve responded sheepishly.

Sharon stepped closer to Steve. Bucky wanted to dump Sharon into the closest harbor. Steve just wanted this to be over.

"I got you your coffee, Steve. Black with two sugar cubes", Sharon said with a wink. Steve just gave a small smile as he accepted the coffee. "Thank you, Sharon", he said.

Stepping closer to Steve, Sharon put her available hand onto his chest. "You know, Steve. I am still available to meet up for something more than coffee. If you know what I mean", she said.

Steve then took a step back and looked at Bucky, who was glaring at Sharon. He shook his head and then looked back at Sharon.

"Thank you for the offer. But I really don't mix business with pleasure", Steve said. Sharon just shrugged and started to walk away. "Your loss", she said over her shoulder.

Bucky shook his head as Steve sat down and tossed the cup of coffee into the trash.


Couple of hours later, Steve saw their boss and hit Bucky's desk to get his attention. Looking where Steve was looking, Bucky realized what they needed to do. But as he reached for the box, their boss called them.

"Barnes! Rogers! Come with me!", said Nick Fury.

Still holding the box, Bucky followed his boss with Steve on his heels.

"Boss, where are we going?", asked Steve.

Fury put on his black trench coat with a bit of aggression. "The big man, Rogers. The big man", he said.

Chapter Text

While all three men were waiting to talk to the "big man", Steve once again was getting unwanted attention.

For the past ten minutes, the secretary would wink and give Steve looks. Very unwanted looks. And well, Steve just tried to ignore her. Unfortunately, Bucky had obviously notice what the secretary was doing.

"Stevie, what is it with you and blondes?", he whispered to Steve. All that Steve could do was shake his head and tell Bucky, "I have no clue. I don't even like blondes. You know this." Bucky nodded.

Luckily the opened to reveal a man about six feet tall and in his sixties. He gave everyone an unimpressed look.

"So... I'm guessing that you've been here awhile. Well hurry up and get inside", he said.

Once Fury, Steve and Bucky went into the office, the man turned to his secretary.

"And you, 'Mrs.' Lorraine. Please do refrain from flirting with others who want nothing to do with you. And please do your job correctly and efficiently. There are plenty of other people who can do your job", he said. The secretary looked away ashamed.

As the man closed the office door, he faced Steve and Bucky.

"Do you know who I am?", he asked. "Only that you're the 'big man'", said Steve. The man huffed at that. He then went and sat behind his desk.

"I am your bosses boss. I am Director Chester Phillips", he said. Both Steve and Bucky went wide eyed. Phillips then indicated to a guy over by the window in the office. "And that is Tony Stark", he deadpanned.

Steve and Bucky looked at each other and then over to Nick. Fury only lifted an eyebrow at them. Steve then cleared his throat and looked back at the director. "What can we do for you, director?", he asked.

Director Phillips then leaned forward on his forearms onto his desk and threaded his fingers together. "What I need from you both is of highest priority. And this is also going against protocol, but it needs to be done. Do you understand me?", he said.

"Yes, sir", Steve and Bucky said in unison.

"Alright. Stark, you want to tell them what the situation is?", Phillips asked. Tony nodded and came to lean against Phillips desk, much to Phillips displeasure. He took a deep breath and crossed his arms across his chest.

"My daughter has been missing for two days. That's forty eight hours for technical speech. No one has seen or heard from her. And this is not like her to go off and do stupid stunts. And this is not like her to not respond to texts or phone calls. Her business partner, friends and family are all worried about her. And if I remember correctly, she's very close to you two", Tony said.

Steve and Bucky looked at each other. They were completely confused by what Tony said. Who was his daughter that they apparently knew?

"What's your daughters name, sir?", asked Bucky. Tony gave him an undead glare. "Her name is Darcy Lewis", he said.

"Shit!", said Bucky. "Language, Buck", Steve lightly reprimanded his friend. They were completely blindsided by this. "Wait! So then you're the Tony that she was always talking about", said Bucky. Tony nodded.

Phillips then cleared his throat to get their attention. "Not only is Tony Darcy's father, but she is also my granddaughter. And I told Nick that I wanted the best on this. And when he told me that you guys were dating her, I knew that she could trust you to help her. Now do you understand why you are here", he said.

Bucky put his head in his hands. Steve just looked defeated. Darcy... Their Darcy was missing and she had left them around the same time that she disappeared.

Suddenly Bucky remembered the box of cameras and bugs. Plus he thought back to the conversation about Hydra.

"Sir, if I may", Bucky said. Phillips nodded. Bucky brought the box to the desk. "A few weeks ago we were on a date with Darcy. She had brought it to our attention that Hydra had contacted her", he continued.

Phillips looked sharply at Stark to confirm. Tony nodded as he rubbed his face.

"She told us what she did with them and that there wasn't anymore contact with them. So we left it alone. But Steve and I just got back from an assignment and when we got to our apartment, this box was waiting for us at the door. Someone had planted cameras and bugs all over her building. Now we don't recognize them, but maybe you do", said Bucky.

Tony, Phillips and Fury looked into the box. Fury picked up one of the bugs with a sad look on his face.

"Yeah, I recognize them. And I think this is the reason why Darcy is missing", Nick said.

Chapter Text

Two days. Two days had gone by. Darcy had tried to go to work, but Jack and Brock had stopped her from leaving the penthouse. For two days she tried to persuade them to let her go to work. Nothing.

So here Darcy was, sitting in the living room, starting to get cabin fever and feeling depressed. Because she wasn't allowed to talk to anyone except Brock and Jack. No friends, no family. Not even work.

Jack came into the living room from the kitchen. He was carrying a cup of tea for Darcy. He then sat next to her, placing the up of tea on the coffee table in front of them.

"What's wrong, princess? Why are you so sad?", he asked as he put an arm around her shoulders. Darcy tried to move away from him, but Jack just pulled her close to him.

Darcy knew not to fight him or Brock, especially after hearing what she heard in Brock's office. So she leaned forward to get the cup of tea. She needed something to keep her occupied. Once she leaned back into Jack's embrace, she gathered the courage to speak.

"I would say 'nothing'. But I think that we both now that it isn't true", she said. Taking a sip of her tea, Darcy already knew what Jack was going to say. "I want to go back to work, Jack. I need to go to work. I know that people are worried about me and I need to let them know that I'm alright. Please!", she finished.

Jack placed Darcy's cup onto the coffee table again. He then turned Darcy's head for her to look at him. Caressing her face, he studied Darcy for a couple of minutes before speaking.

"You know that you can't. You are not allowed. This is your home now. Hydra is your family and friends. Besides, you know that Brock and I want you to relax and not work. Stress isn't good for you, princess. Do you understand?", Jack said. Darcy nodded. "Good... Because I'm pretty sure that you don't want Brock to get involved with this conversation", he said.

Darcy stilled and went wide eyed. It took her a second before she responded to Jack.

"No, sir", she whispered. Jack smiled at what she said. Kissing her forehead, Jack wrapped both arms around her. "Good girl", he said.

Chapter Text

All five men went back to the precinct building. It was interesting how a normal sized office became cramped.

Nick had asked his second in command to get two people.

Phillips and Stark stood in a corner of the office, talking in hushed tones. Steve and Bucky stood by one of the vacant walls that only had one of those inspirational picture frames. And Nick, well, he sat behind his desk praying that he wasn't right.

A minute later, there was a knock.

"Enter", said Fury.

Two slender, but athletic, women entered the room. The first had vibrant red hair. The second was a dirty blonde.

"Detective Romanov, Detective Carter... Have a seat", Fury continued to say. Both women did as directed.

"I have asked Detective Rogers and Barnes to come hear an update on your case and possibly help. Mr. Stark and Director Phillips are here to hopefully pull any stops to get what you need", said Fury. He was absolutely lying to the two detectives in front of him, but they didn't know that. The other men kept very good poker faces while Fury talked. Fury motioned for Romanov and Carter to report on what they had.

"As you know, we have been on the Hydra case for about a year. It was difficult at first to find them", said Natasha. "But we were lucky to find the lounge that the head of Hydra visits regularly." Sharon nodded in agreement before speaking. "They stay in the shadows or underground. We have followed a few of the associates to nightclubs and high end restaurants", she said.

Nick nodded before looking at the other men in the room. He turned back to the women.

"Anything else? Stake outs or such?", Fury asked. The women shook their heads 'no'. Nick nodded again.

Sighing deeply, Nick hated what he was about to do. He pulled out a few bugs and cameras from his pocket to show the two detectives. When he looked at their faces, he wasn't surprised at their reaction. Natasha merely raised an eyebrow as Sharon looked like a child who got caught doing something that they shouldn't.

"Now these and a few more were found in a box in front of Detective Rogers and Barnes apartment. They were apparently found throughout a building that belonged to their girlfriend, or rather ex-girlfriend. Do you know anything about that?", Nick said.

Natasha sat rim rod straight. "There was a woman who caught Hydra's attention. We had to see if she had any connections to them and if we could use her to get what we needed", Natasha said.

Nick exhaled deeply as he bowed his head. He now was getting the bigger picture between what he had heard from everybody.

"Romanov... Carter...", Fury began to say. "You have gone against protocol. Not informing myself or any higher up of your intentions. And with that you've put a target onto an innocent woman's back. A woman who has been kidnapped by Hydra because of your recklessness. And not just any woman."

Natasha and Sharon looked at each other before looking back at Nick.

"The woman is named Darcy Lewis. I'm sure Natasha knows her very well. She is the Director's granddaughter and Tony Stark's daughter. And I hate to do this, but it needs to be done", he said.

Both Natasha and Sharon were starting to look worried.

"You both are to turn in your guns and badges. You will turn in everything you have on Hydra to Detectives Rogers and Barnes. And with that ladies, you are suspended without pay for two months", Nick said.

Natasha suddenly felt like she had the rug pulled out from under her. She couldn't let this happen.

"But, sir-", she said.

"Three months", said Fury.

"We had-", Natasha continued to say.

"Four months. Keep it up, Romanov. I'm not afraid to give you more or completely get rid of you", Nick said with a final tone.

Natasha was in complete shock. Nick would easily get rid of her and Sharon because of some women. All that she could do was nod.

Both women stood up and left the office to do what Fury told them to do.

They had completely fucked up.

Chapter Text

Darcy stared at herself in the full length mirror. She was wearing a dress that Brock and jack had gotten her. It was a strapless red dress covered in black lace that ended midthigh. Her hair had been curled for extra bounce. And her make-up was a little on the heavy side. Darcy hated everything that she was seeing.

Brock then came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He dipped his head down to kiss her exposed shoulder. Darcy held a shiver that coursed through her body.

"You look so beautiful", Brock said with a small smirk. "But then again, you always look so beautiful. If anything, the way you look in that dress makes me want to rip it off and have my way with you", he continued to say. Darcy looked down to the floor in complete embarrassment. "But then we wouldn't make it for the opening tonight at the nightclub", she said.

Brock stepped back and made Darcy turn to face him. He cupped her chin to make her look at him. He smiled at her while leering over her body.

"That is true", he said. "Come, we mustn't keep Jack waiting", Brock said as he led Darcy to join Jack downstairs.


The Lemurian Star was the newest nightclub in town. It was owned and run by a man named Batroc. He was a former MMA fighter and secret Hydra member.

When Darcy got out of the car, she was surprised how the exterior looked calm and collected. It looked like a normal brick building. But the bass coming from inside was telling a different story.

It was a two level club. The first floor had the main bar and dancefloor. The second floor, 'The Balcony', was the VIP section that overlooked everything and it had its own bar.

Once they were shown their section, Brock had Darcy sit across his lap. He put an arm around her back so his hand held onto her side. His other hand was placed on her thigh where the dress met skin. He idly began to rub his thumb under the material.

After about half an hour of sitting on Brock's lap and drinking high end champagne, Brock drummed his fingers on Darcy's thigh. Darcy looked over at him. He was giving her his signature smirk, nothing was ever good with that smirk. Darcy gulped.

"How about you go downstairs and dance for me and Jackie?", Brock said over the music. Darcy looked down at the dance floor and then back to Brock. He inclined his head for her to go.

Realizing that this would be alone time from him and Jack, Darcy slowly nodded. Even though she would rather try to find places to hide, Darcy knew that Brock wanted to watch her. He wanted a show. A show that she wouldn't try to escape and obey him.

When she got to the dancefloor, Darcy looked up to see Brock's penetrating stare. She quickly move to the beat of the music and gave him a show. While she moved to the music, Darcy started to look around. Trying to find exits or even people that she might know.

As soon as another song began, Darcy saw a familiar head of blue hair. Nebula was at the bar with a bald, muscular man with tattoos. It was her roommate, Drax. Nebula physically lifted her head when she saw Darcy. Darcy knew that Nebula and Drax would help her. But she didn't want Brock or Jack to catch on.

Moving along with the beat of the music, Darcy shook her head to convey that Nebula shouldn't come to her. Nebula nodded her head in understanding. Nebula then said something to Drax. He looked over to Darcy and nodded. Darcy kept on dancing to the song as she saw Nebula and Drax leave the nightclub.

She hardly had time to think about what would happen with Nebula when two hands grabbed her hips from behind. Immediately she knew it wasn't Jack or Brock. No, they were on 'the balcony' giving death glares.

Darcy turned around, coming face to face with an up and coming MMA fighter. 'This isn't good', she thought. She then tried to get out of his grasp, but he wasn't getting the message. She really didn't want anything to happen to him because of her. So she put a hand on his chest to back him up. "I'm sorry, but I'm with somebody else", she said, but he ignored her.

She looked over her shoulder to see that Brock and Jack were gone. Darcy looked back at the guy with fearful eyes.

"You need to go", she said over the music. The guy looked confused. "Why?", he asked. Over his shoulder, Jack appeared. Darcy started to shake and the guy took notice. He turned to see who was scaring her.

In a split second, Jack was holding the guy by his neck and moving him into the shadows where the office was. Darcy tried to run in the opposite direction. But Brock grabbed her wrist. He began to drag her to the office as well.

As soon as she and Brock got into the office, Brock let go of Darcy's wrist. It was already starting to bruise. And Darcy immediately noticed the cricket quiet in the office. No sound, no music, completely soundproof. 'This isn't good', Darcy thought.

The guy that had touched her was in the middle of the office. Batroc and his men surrounded half of the office. Brock's men surrounded the other half.

As Brock went to stand in front of the guy, Jack came behind Darcy. She didn't realize he was there until he held her from behind.

"So, this is the guy who thinks that it's okay to touch something that isn't his. This is also the guy that is, you", Brock said as he pointed to Batroc, "say, is being cocky and putting his nose where it doesn't belong". Batroc nodded. Brock assesses the guy in front of him. He finally took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose.

"There is no mercy with Hydra. Just order. And order only comes with pain. And apparently you really like pain. You ready for yours?", Brock said as he pulled out a cloth mask that had a skull on it.

Once Brock had the mask on, he caught the guy off guard by kicking out his patella bone in each knee. The guy immediately fell onto the ground screaming. He was on all fours as Brock grabbed his hair and lifted his head. Out of nowhere, Brock produced a knife and stabbed to man's eyes out.

Darcy tried to get out of Jack's hold, but he put an arm around her throat. She knew that she couldn't leave. She had to see what Jack had tried to stop her from seeing before. There was no turning back as she began to spill tears.

"You really should've been more careful, boy", Brock said to the blind man on the floor. He then grabbed the man's tongue and cut it out. The man's screams became muffled even though they were getting louder. Brock then moved with swift moves and cut the man just right to have his blood start draining out of him.

Completely shaking in Jack's arms, Darcy was grasping for breath. She stood in complete fear as the man who grabbed her die before her.

Brock then turned to Darcy and Jack. Moving in front of Darcy for her to look at him, Brock placed his hand onto her cheek. Darcy flinched, very aware of the blood on that hand. But Brock started to caress her cheek with his blood covered thumb.

"Look at me, baby girl", he said. Begrudgingly, Darcy did as he said with tears still falling from her eyes. Brock's honey eyes bore into hers. "Who do you belong to, baby girl?", he asked. Darcy blinked a couple of times to steel her nerves. "You and Jack", she whispered. Brock nodded.

"Hail Hydra", he then said. Everyone repeated the phrase. Brock looked at Darcy expectantly. "Hail Hydra", she whimpered.

Brock ripped off the mask and kissed Darcy with such fierceness that she was too afraid to move. She was officially theirs. There was no going back now.

Chapter Text

Clint was walking up the stairs to his and his wife's apartment. He will gladly admit that he has been put through the ringer. Ever since Darcy was taken, his work load has gone up with the stress of not knowing where his bestfriend was.

As he entered his apartment, he was surprised to see his wife at home so soon. But he could clearly see that she was upset by something.

"Tasha? What's wrong? Why are you home so early?", he asked. Natasha could only hang her head before she spoke. She knew that Clint would be angry with her. Angry wasn't the right word. Furious. He would be furious.

"I did something", she said in a small voice. "Something real bad." She turned her tear stained face to Clint. "I'm so sorry. You're going to hate me so much", she continued to say.

Clint was more confused then ever. "Tasha, what did you do?", he asked. Natasha looked down at her lap.

"After you told me about Darcy's encounter with Hydra, Sharon and I bugged her whole building. I thought that it would help me with my case on Hydra. But if anything, it put a huge target on her back", she said. She then looked at Clint, who had slid to the floor with his head in his hands.

"I just wanted you to be proud of me", Natasha whispered. Clint rubbed his face before looking at his wife.

"That's the thing, Natasha... I was proud of you. But now... Now I'm just disappointed in you", he said.

Clint then got up from the floor and headed to the bedroom. Natasha followed him with her eyes. He came out a few minutes later. Natasha's eyes widen. Clint had a packed duffle bag.

"Clint, please don't kick me out! I know that I made a mistake! Please, Clint!", she cried.

Clint stopped at the front door and raised a hand to stop her from talking. He slowly turned to Natasha with a blank look on his face.

"Just stop, Natasha. I'm not kicking you out. But I certainly can not look at you right now. I'm leaving. I don't know when I will come back. But I just can't look at your face right now", Clint said before walking out the front door.

Once the door shut, Natasha felt like her heart had been ripped into two. She started to sob and scream at the pain. For once, this was something that she couldn't fix.


Clint hesitated for a second before knocking on the door in front of him. He could hear shuffling on the other side of the door. When the door opened, he was happy to see a familiar face.

"Clint?", said a raspy female voice. Clint's shoulders sagged in relief. "Hey, Nebs. Got a spare couch I can sleep on?", he asked.

Nebula opened the door wider for him to come in. With a growing smirk she responded, "Oh, I've got more than just a couch for you".

Chapter Text

She felt like she was flying. No, that wasn't right. Floating. No, that wasn't it either. Swinging! That's it. Darcy felt like she was swinging. But why?

Darcy went to lick her lips, but was blocked by something in her mouth. Was that a gag? Why was she being gagged?

She slowly opened her eyes, (why were they closed to begin with), before she went to remove the gag. That's when she realized that her arms were literally roped up. They were tied behind her back, while her legs were tied to each side of her. Plus, she was completely naked. The frog tie came to her mind at that moment.

'What the hell', she thought. Darcy tried to wiggle out of her predicament. She kept at it for a good minute before she was movement out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't tell if it was Jack or Brock.

"Hey there, sleeping beauty", he said. Darcy recognized that it was Jack. "How are you doing, princess? Ready to have some fun?", he asked.

Darcy started to shake her head 'no'. She then doubled her efforts to get out of the ropes. Suddenly she felt Jack's hands on her sides and his torso pressed against her arms. Darcy stopped moving in fear of what he might do.

"Relax, princess. Relax", he said softly. But Darcy didn't trust him.

Brock then entered the bedroom. He was completely naked. He smirked as he looked her over. Brock was very impressed with Jack's work with the ropes.

"Hey, baby girl. Look at you. Looking so beautiful, so open. Just ready for the taking", Brock said as he walked towards her. "I still can't believe that you are ours. Beautiful."

Darcy was so focused on Brock that she didn't realize that Jack was no longer behind her. That was until he put a syringe of lube up her ass. She tried again to move, but Brock moved forward and held her still. Darcy then felt Jack put a butt plug in her.

"Now behave, baby girl. Behave and we all can have some fun", said Brock as he caressed her thighs. He then started to rub Darcy's clit with his thumb to get her wet.

Darcy closed her eyes and prayed that it would be over soon. Brock then slapped her thigh, causing her to scream, to get her attention. Darcy could tell that her eyes were filling with tears as she opened them.

"Keep your eyes on me, baby girl", Brock said. Darcy nodded. He then positioned his length at her entrance. Brock then slowly started to thrust into her.

As Darcy was too focused on Brock, before she suddenly realized that Jack had started to play with the plug. He then begun to pull and push it and out of her. Darcy was starting to get overwhelmed by the sensations that Brock and Jack were sending through her body.

Jack had finally played enough with the plug that he set it aside. He then lined himself to Darcy's other hole and begun to push. Luckily he shot up enough lube for him to easily enter her.

Feeling Jack enter her, Darcy was internally freaking out. She had never done anal before, and she was not a fan. Darcy tried to protest, but Jack and Brock only shushed her to continue in their pleasure.

This continued for half an hour. And by the end, Darcy had cummed several times as Jack and Brock finished inside of her. They slowly unbounded her and rubbed her limbs for the circulation to flow through her veins.

After going through a shared bath with them, Darcy was finally able to lay down in bed. She silently cried herself to sleep, praying that her ordeal would be over soon.

Chapter Text

For the past twenty four hours, Steve and Bucky went over everything that Natasha and Sharon had collected on Hydra. There were so many loose ends and dead ends. On top of everything, nothing could be connected to Rumlow or Rollins. They covered their tracks too well.

As Steve was looking over possible known locations of warehouses, Bucky walked into the conference room that they were using. He put down a tray full of coffee onto the table. Steve looked up and saw a folder under Bucky's arm.

"What's that?", Steve asked. Bucky grunted as he removed the folder from under his arm and in front of Steve. "That", he pointed to the folder, "is the newest possible Hydra involved murder. It happened at the Lemurian Star. An up and coming MMA fighter was seen there, but he wasn't seen leaving. His body was found this morning at the docks over on the southside. And the Lemurian Star is owned and run by a man named Batroc. And... he is known to be apart of Hydra."

As Bucky was talking, Steve was looking through the file. Hopefully it would lead to something really good and they could find Darcy. They needed anything that they could get their hands on.

"Are there any witnesses?", Steve asked. Bucky shook his head. "No. No witnesses so far. But hopefully we will find someone", said Bucky. "Seek and ye shall find", Steve mumbled.


Clint pulled up to Natasha's precinct. Once he parked, both him and Nebula walked into the building. He quickly looked around the lobby as Nebula talked to girl at the front desk. She then indicated to Clint with her head to follow her.

They passed a few bullpens before getting to a conference room door. Clint knocked before entering with Nebula following him into the room. She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. Clint walked up to the table where Steve and Bucky were sitting.

Steve and Bucky looked at each before looking at Nebula and then Clint. They really didn't know what they wanted, but they hoped that it wasn't bad.

"Clint? What's up? How can we help you?", asked Steve. Clint put his hands onto the table and leaned towards Steve and Bucky. Both men were starting to get nervous. But Clint just smirked at them.

"Well, guys... personally I think that Nebs and I can help you", Clint said. Bucky raised an eyebrow. "How?", Bucky asked. Clint just smiled back at him.

"Because Nebula here knows where Darcy is."

Chapter Text

They had been at Basilone's Lounge for about an hour. Brock and Jack were sitting at the center table in the room that they always use. Darcy was sitting at a table in the corner with a Hydra member that she could've sworn that she had seen before, but didn't know where. This had been their routine every other day for the part couple of weeks.

Mr. Basilone had ordered their usual from Darcy's former company. And Darcy was starting to get hungry. But apparently that wasn't about to matter.

There was a commotion in the front of the lounge, Darcy tried to see what it was with no luck. Suddenly Steve and Bucky entered the room. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. Darcy looked over to Brock and Jack, she immediately knew that they weren't happy.

"Brock Rumlow. Jack Rollins. We need you to come with us", said Steve. Brock raised an eyebrow. "That's fine, but I need to make sure that my girl gets home", Brock responded. "Oh, don't worry. She's coming with us", said Bucky.

Brock then glared at Bucky before turning his glare to Darcy. Darcy physically tried to make herself smaller under his stare. Brock looked back at Steve and Bucky. He finally nodded in understanding.

As Brock got Darcy and started to guide her to the front door, Jack had pulled out his cell phone. Once they got to the SUV's, Jack nodded to Brock who lazily nodded back.

On the way to the precinct, no one spoke. Darcy knew not to say anything about what was happening. And most importantly, she knew that she couldn't talk about the night no matter how bad she wanted to go home.


As everyone entered the precinct, there were three groups going in three different rooms. Steve and Brock went into an interview room together. Bucky and Jack went into another room. And then Sam and Darcy went into a room.

In the room that Brock was in, his lawyer was waiting for him. The man was short and balding with glasses. Steve couldn't pinpoint it, but he didn't like the guy.

"Ah, hello Detective! I am Arnim Zola and I am here to represent Mr. Rumlow and Mr. Rollins", the lawyer said. Steve nodded, "Well, Mr. Zola... I only have a few questions for your client. I do hope that is okay." Zola gave him a smug smile.

"Of course, of course. Shall we get started?> My clients are very busy people", said Zola. Steve nodded again. All three men then proceeded to sit down.


When Darcy entered the interview room, there was a medium height and build man. He had brown hair and glasses. He smiled a small smile upon seeing Darcy and Sam.

"Hello, I am Miss Darcy's lawyer, Mr. Baron Zemo", he said. Both Sam and Darcy looked at each other completely surprised by this man. Sa m then looked at the man and nodded.

"Very well, shall we get started?", Sam said as he gestured for everyone to sit down.

As soon as Darcy sat down, Zemo sat next to her and put his hand on her knee. She gave him a surprised look, but he didn't seem fazed by it. So Darcy turned her attention towards Sam.

While Darcy and Zemo sat down, Sam had opened a file in front of him. He quickly looked at the notes before proceeding to ask Darcy questions.

"Where were you the other night, Miss Lewis?", asked Sam. Darcy was about to answer when she felt Zemo squeeze her knee. Right then she realized what was happening. Zemo smiled at Sam.

"Miss Lewis was with her boyfriends that night", Zemo said. Sam raised an eyebrow. "I see", he said. Sam then looked back over to Darcy.

"Now, Miss Lewis. You were seen at the Lemurian Star a couple of nights ago. Can you confirm this?", Sam Asked her. Zemo squeezed her knee again. Darcy simply nodded, not saying anything. "Why yes, she was there with her boyfriends. Why is this so important?", asked Zemo.

"Because it is believed that a man was murdered there", Sam said coolly. Zemo lifted an eyebrow. "And what does this have to do with my client? There were many more people there than just my client. Have you asked any of them?", asked Zemo.

"Because she might have been seen with the murder victim. We just want to know if she saw him. And we are in the process of talking to other witnesses", Sam said with a force.

Darcy was starting to get anxious about all of this. Zemo simply leaned forward and lifted an eyebrow.

"Do you have any video proof?", Zemo then asked. Sam gritted his teeth, "No". Zemo then gave Sam a small smile.

"Well then, in that case. My client and I will be leaving if you don't have any actual evidence that she is involved with the murder. Have a nice day, Detective", Zemo said as he and Darcy stood up.

Zemo then led her out of the room and into the entryway where Brock and Jack were waiting.

Sam joined Steve and Bucky as they watched Brock smugly looking at them as he, Jack and Darcy were leaving.

"Nothing?", asked Sam. Steve exhaled heavily. "Nothing", murmured Bucky. Sam shook his head, "Damn."