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the keepers need to be kept

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Father Schmeichel: let me show you a cool young keeper who trains in Man City.

----------------- Peter Schmeichel invites Karius to join the group chat------

Little Karius: oh, there are so many famous keepers.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: handsome!

Lion king Kahn: Don't be too polite. These are all your predecessors. You can talk to us if you have something to worry about.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: ah, I just remember a young German keeper are training in Man Utd.

----------------- Van Der Sar invites Zieler to join the group chat------

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: is he handsome?

Beauty Zieler: Hello, my predecessors

Father Schmeichel: shit, I forget to invite my son into this group chat.

----------------- Peter Schmeichel invites Kasper Schmeichel to join the group chat------

Schmeichel Jr: daddy, am I still your biological son?

Father Schmeichel: sorry, I’m busy in comforting others.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: Suddenly I thought my son is good to be a keeper.

Lion king Kahn: flag alarm!

Timo Hildebrand: I think the child should follow his lead whether to be keeper or not. What if he has to play as a striker?

Little Karius: Kasper!

Schmeichel Jr: little Loris!

Little Karius: Just now Hart came to see you and found you out. He asked me to tell you that he was not free this week and had no time to accompany you to Disney.

Schmeichel Jr: let him go.

Father Schmeichel: @Schmeichel Jr explain to me what you have to do with that Englishman!

Schmeichel Jr: oh shit, I forget my daddy is in this group.

Father Schmeichel: You know I'm YOUR father.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: @all members look on Schmeichels’ battle

----------------- Karius invites Joe Hart to join the group chat------

Sweet Hart: what’s group?

Father Schmeichel: this is YOUR FATHER’s group.

Schmeichel Jr: You calm down, daddy.

-------------------- Van Der Sar privately chats with Kahn ----------

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: see he protects the son so much. I can't imagine when Joe or Lynn will show me the other half

Lion king Kahn: I don’t care my son so much. But if my daughter show me her husband, I will get more crazy than old Schmeichel.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: I really think my daughter Lynn is perfect enough so that the average person can not catch up with her.

----------back to group chat, Peter Schmeichel is very angry-------

Father Schmeichel: I don't care if you're gay or heterosexual. I am against to you two being together!

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: What are you doing with the children's date? Calm down, Peter.

Father Schmeichel: you shut down, Edwin!

Lion king Kahn: He's crazy. See who bites who.

Schmeichel Jr: Daddy, Hart is nice to me. Why do you hate him so much?

Father Schmeichel: I must not allow you to be with a bald man

Schmeichel Jr: How do you know he's going to be bald?

Father Schmeichel: Which English male is not bald?

Little Karius: I’m sorry, Hart.

Sweet Hart: It's all right. No blame. Sooner or later, I'll see Kasper’s parents.


Sweet Hart: in this moment I chat with you.

Father Schmeichel: You can. You're good.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: Okay, children have their own destiny, you are angry with Hart, Kasper does not hurt? Forget it.

-------------------- Van Der Sar privately chats with Peter Schmeichel ----------

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: Why did you react so violently? Don't frighten your son’s partner.

------------------- However, the irrational Peter Schmeichel did not see whether it was private chat or group chat and sent the message directly.---------------

Father Schmeichel: I'm angry to think that my son will be f**ked by that bald man in the future.
Lion king Kahn: what I know?

Flying Adler: I do not think the truth is that

Schmeichel Jr: daddy……

Father Schmeichel: I'm sorry. You two can f**k whatever you like. Keep clean sheet and don’t disturb me.

Father Schmeichel: Let me be quiet for a while and ease my son's abduction.

------- Peter Schmeichel withdrawals from ‘the keepers need to be kept’group chat--------