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the keepers need to be kept

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In 2009

Enke:Adler, Ulreich, don’t care about media’s saying. The future belongs to you. And these potential guys, the Schalke one is so competitive, you two should protect him.

------seeing the message, Alder contact Ulreich------

Flying Adler: how about Robert? His mood is bad. I heard he sufferd from indigestion, but it shouldn’t seem like he go to suicide.

Ulreich is handsome: I really care about him, I contact him.

Ulreich is handsome: I think when Robert adopted Lala his state of mind can turn better. Does he get rid of the shadows or not?

Flying Adler: Enke is a really good man.

-----Kahn who is addicted to golf after retirement suddenly talk------------

Lion king Kahn: @all members

Lion king Kahn: so sad news to inform you

Lion king Kahn: our talented keeper Robert Enke threw himself under a train.

Timo Hildebrand: ???

Gigi-love Iker-Buffon: ???

Flying Adler: WHAT?

Ulreich is handsome:???

Lion king Kahn: His wife said he was depressed and had been taking medication for a long time. He refused to say that he was afraid of losing Lara's custody.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: What a pity

Father Schmeichel: Sometimes I just think we played with underdeveloped network, criticism may went when the thing passed. Now these young keeper play in a heavy atmosphere.

Dignified CEO Van Der Sar: I heard that when Robert in Barce, the coach made him to save as me. I feel it is me that push him to death little by little.
Father Schmeichel: Edwin, every keeper has his style. All the bad reasons come together so the tragedy came out. All we can do is just protecting them in public against criticism. Let the youngers feel we old guys care about fellow.

Lion king Kahn: agreed with Schmeichel

Lion king Kahn: I propose that some of our retired old guys join forces together if the media criticizes the young people we will scold them back. I don't care what other people think. If inconvenient for you to say, let me say.

Father Schmeichel: protect young keepers+1

Gigi-love Iker-Buffon:+1

Iker Casillas: with me

------in this time Kahn privately chat with Schmeichel---------

Lion king Kahn: Does Buffon this guy fall in love with Iker?

Father Schmeichel: From my experience, the true is that.

-------back in group talk------

Lion king Kahn: the active keepers don't get involved. don't get into trouble.

Lion king Kahn: another thing is Robert's funeral will be hold in Hanover. Go where you can.

Flying Adler: I’ll go. Say goodbye to Robert.

Ulreich is handsome: thanks for his caring.