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Jonathan Joestar, The First JoJo

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"Are we... inside a building?" Jotaro asked quietly to himself, looking around confusedly. Checkered tiles, long red carpets, stone pillars, long stair ways, armor suits here and there, large windows, a statue of a woman with a pitcher of water. "This doesn't look Japanese." He muttered to himself.

A sudden gasp and a question of "Huh?! Where are we?" from Speedgwagon made Jotaro bring out the turtle briefly to let him step out, before quickly putting it back inside his dark coat.

As Speedwagon looked around, realization dawned on him, "This is my era! This building... is Mr. Joestar's!"


Just then, as if he had said the triggering word, a tall man came dragging himself in through one of the hallways, clearly injured. Jotaro could only watch as his massive form slithered a few feet further, before completely collapsing on the floor, on his knees, breath ragged. There was something so familiar about him, the dark purple curls, the deep blue eyes, his huge build, but Jotaro couldn't put his finger on it.

"Mr. Joestar!!" Jotaro's eyes widened just in the slighest when Speedwagon called out that name again, he put the pieces together. Jonathan Joestar. Memories of what his grandfather had told him before they began their journey to Egypt were suddenly resurfacing to his mind.

'This bastard stole the body of my grandfather, Jonathan Joestar!'

As the realization dawned on him, Speedwagon was busy exclaiming in a high pitched voice, "Mr. Joestar! You're alive?!" But said "Mr. Joestar" couldn't form words past his initial face of shock as his eyes landed on them, his breath was ragged, shoulders rising and chest heaving as he fought desperately to suck in air, he had clearly been fighting for a while, his skin was lightly bruised and scratched, and now that he was slumped on the floor, Jotaro could see he was covered in sweat and had bits of grass and dirt smeared over his clothes and skin. One of his arms had a large gash on it, running down his bicep.

Momentarily, Jotaro recalled Joseph speaking of him as if he were the strongest and most noble man to have ever existed. He remembered the stories he would share about him, when they were holed up in a hotel room or they were the only ones awake when they camped out in the desert. He'd begin talking about his granny Erina, how she would huddle him closer as a small child and whisper the tales of a strong hero, particularly when Joseph couldn't sleep or had a bad dream, how his grandfather had a rough upbringing but he still tried his hardest to be positive and be a gentle soul, how, even though he got beaten over and over, he tried his best to defend Erina's honor and protect her, challenging anyone and anything if it meant protecting those he loved. When he would ask what happened to grandpa Jonathan, his granny would say he saved her from a horrible accident at sea.

Later in his teenage years, Joseph would recall with a sad smile, when he got curious and began speculating that he hadn't been told the whole story about his grandpa, his granny, along with Speedwagon, spilled the secrets on how Jonathan had the same power as him, Hamon, and with it he put an end to Jack The Ripper and herds of vampire zombies, how he sacrificed himself to save Joseph's grandmother and a stranger's baby from a quickly sinking ship, while he tried to finish Dio off, and on his honeymoon, no less. What hurt most was how his young life had been cruelly torn apart by Dio, how Dio had turned his father against him, burned his dog alive, murdered his father, bullied him, beat him up, set fire to his home, turned into a vampire using the Stone Mask, killed him. He'd then finish his story telling with a small murmur of "I always wished with all my heart I could've met the awesome man my grandfather was." And longing heavy in his voice.

And now, Jotaro was in his era, his time, about to meet his grandpa's hero and- damn it, Joseph was supposed to be here.

He had to admit, he aquired a bit of admiration for the guy, he would have to see if all the stories were true.

Jotaro snapped out of his walk down memory lane, Jonathan's shaky voice had finally perked up "Speedwagon?!" Suprising British accent thick and heavy. Speedwagon rushed forward, trying to reach his injured friend, but he was interrupted mid run when Jonathan shouted "Keep back! You musn't get any closer!" And soon enough, as the words left his mouth, a new silhouette jumped onto the stairway, a menacing aura surrounding his form completely.

"That's Dio!" Speedwagon shouted, finger pointing shakily at the new threat. 'That's Dio?! This must be how he looked like before... so that man really is Jonathan...' Jotaro thought, though having figured out the identity of the man a while ago. His train of thought was interrupted as Dio yelled at Jonathan, his voice laced with venom, and commanded his underlings to make a scream fest out of him. As Jonathan struggled to stand, Speedwagon remarked how he was too exhausted to fight.

Without hesitating, Jotaro quickly stepped up, taking up a spot next to Jonathan. "I won't let this happen!" He announced loudly, just as Dio commanded his zombies to attack, the flesh eating corpses scowering in through the windows and second floor.

He quickly summoned Star Platinum, plowing easily through the undead. He saw Jonathan fighting, a sort of electric sound emiting from his body, he could see electricity surfing through his skin and to his palms. He faintly remembered Joseph saying he fought using Hamon in his younger days, some sort of life energy, and he remembers him using it in some of their battles. For a man who was critically injured, Jonathan sure held his own when fighting, he could see the strange energy bubbling on his knucles, impacting powerful punches and blows onto the lifeless corpses. However, as the dead began surrounding him, claws eager to tear his flesh, Jotaro quickly ran to him, unleashing a flurry of punches and hearing the satisfying sound of skulls cracking and bones breaking. When the last zombie dropped to it's knees and fell over, the fight ended.

As he finally looked at Jonathan in the eyes, he could see endless curiosity, among the pain, in his oceanic eyes. But he didn't have time to focus on him, Dio was still the eminent threat.

Speaking of the Devil, Dio hopped down flawlessly, glaring daggers at Jotaro as the corpses began to fade away, crumbling into dust and dirt. "He's ploughing through the zombies as if they were made of paper.. " He muttered to himself, "Where did you get that... ability?" Jotaro's fists clenched inside his pockets. He wondered; if someone were to, say, smash in Dio's skull right now, would it prevent all the tradegies that would befell on the Joestar bloodline? And, furthermore, prevent all the death and pain this maniac has brought on to the world?

Before he could debate the pro's and cons of doing such an act, which by the way, he had come up with zero cons so far, a new voice pierced the air. "What's wrong? Looks like you're having some trouble here."

Jonathan's choked gasp resonated with Jotaro's own muffled surprise as a new man emerged, walking leisurely down the grand stair case. Speedwagon immediately jumped the gun and questioned his identity, casually comparing the new stranger to Dio. Blonde hair, killer glare, appearing out of fucking nothing, helmet and belt buckle that spelled DIO? Yep, that'd do it.

As the man took his place next to Dio, Jotaro could not believe the words Dio spewed; "Tch... Diego Brando?"

If Jotaro remembers correctly, Brando was Dio's last name. He wished he wasn't remembering correctly. Fan-fucking-tastic.

"Diego Brando?! Are you Dio's... big brother?" Speedwagon, asked, and ironically enough, Jotaro knew that wasn't gonna be the case, nothing was that simple when dealing with Dio. Besides, the man, Diego, looked too out of place to belong somewhere like the 1800's, his clothes were too colorful yet dull at the same time, and Jotaro wasn't an expert in history but he was pretty sure people in this period of time didn't wear helmets with big, bold letters spelling out their name. But then again, his great great grandfather was wearing what looked like a crop top, so what would he know.

As Diego made some ignorant comment about the limit of people's imagination or whatever, Dio abruptly cut him off. "Hey. Enough with the small talk!" Diego quickly retaliated, "Who said you were in charge? We're equals. That was the deal, right?" The two glared, or more like scoffed, at each other for a full minute. 'So, I was right, that Diego guy is Dio, but from another timeline? Yare yare, what a fuckin' mess.' Jotaro thought bitterly, as if one Dio wasn't troublesome enough.

"Hmph! So be it. I'll deal with you later..." Dio then turned his gaze to Jonathan, "My first priority is to put an end to Jojo!" Jotaro huffed, preparing silently to jump in front of his ancestor and fight for him, there was no way in hell Jonathan could even throw a punch in his condition. "Jojo... so he's this world's Johnny Joestar..."

Speedwagon immediately questioned that last statement, but Diego just ignored his remark, instead offering Dio to team up and take them out together.

Instantly, Speedwagon stepped up, "Mr. Joestar is too exhausted! We'll have to fight in his place!" Jotaro nodded numbly, taking a fighting stance. His voice perked up, "Step back, Jonathan. We'll deal with this." He commanded to the teen, who gave a shaky nod in return. He slowly stepped back, shuffling, or more like awkwardly dragging himself, until he was pressed against the manor's wooden doors.

"Jojoooooooo!" Dio snarled, leaping in the air and trying to pounce on Jonathan as Diego charged at Speedwagon. But Jotaro quickly got Dio's way, summoning Star Platinum to give Dio one hell of a right hook, sending him flying through the air. "Your fight's with me, if you wanna get to Jonathan, you'll have to go through me first." Jotaro stated calmly, not sparing Jonathan a glance as his eyes scanned over the scene.

From what he could tell, Dio didn't have a Stand, not yet anyways, but he was already vampire, judging from the fact he had the fangs, red eyes, he was already up from Star Platinum's punch, and most importantly, he was, quite literally, just standing sideways on the fucking wall, taking his sweet ass time to stare at Diego and Speedwagon's fight. His eyes drifted to Diego, he didn't know if he had a Stand, but he saw something blue slashing at Speedwagon from behind him and-

Was that a fucking dinosaur tail?

Honestly, he should NOT be surprised.

If Diego was, for some fucking reason Jotaro cannot even begin to think about, a dinosaur, that meant there was a chance he didn't have a Stand either. So, he had the advantage here. He decided Dio was more of a threat than dino boy over there, so he decided to help Speedwagon fight him off first before finishing Dio off. He needed his help, too, judging by the fact he was now recieving a thorough whip lashing from said tail. With Star Platinum behind him, he went to aid Speedwagon.


Getting whipped in the face by a razor sharp tail, fighting a pre-historic animal that went extinct millions of years ago, punching a horse that absolutely came out of fucking nowhere and having said horse kicking you back, being freezed by an inmortal vampire, and having tables and chairs smashed onto your face while trying to stop the younger version of your mortal (yet inmortal at the same time?) enemy from sucking the blood of your almost dying great whatever grandfather and stopping his doppelganger that was apparently from a universe where people could turn into giant lizards, because of course that was normal, from devouring the family's childhood friend were not on Jotaro's plans.

But, ignoring how infuriating and puzzling this situation was, he was glad he and Speedwagon, despite him not having a Stand, were able to bring both enemies to their knees as they struggled to breath properly, much like Jonathan has been trying to do since he appeared.

The latter was now behind them, watching both parties intently through the slits of his nearly closed eyes.

Dio was the first to stand, his feet shaky and trembling. "To think," He spat out slowly, voice dripping with venom, brows pulled and scrunched tightly and mouth casted downwards to form a prominent scowl, "...that there would come a day when I, Dio, would be made to kneel to mere humans! Y... You'll pay for this! Nnnggggh..." He grit his teeth, "Don't think you've won this! One day, I'll get every last one of you! I'll cut you all up and make you into a feast for my zombies!" He proclaimed rather agressively, fists curled tightly. But it seemed that "one day" was not today, since almost immediately after the words left his mouth, the bright purple aura engulfed his form and whisked him away from the plane or existence.

Jotaro sighed, just as Diego stood up, and decided briefly to ask him the question that was brewing in his mind while Dio was busy making threats and whatnot. "Hey, are you two also working for the Noble One?"

Diego actually scoffed, a disgusted little sound emitting from the back of his throat, as if the notion of working with literally himself from another universe was appalling. "Are you out of your mind? Our alliance is only temporary." He explained calmly yet coldly, clad hand resting on a jutted hip.

"One day, I'll finish Dio off once and for all... and the same goes for you." A pause. "In the end, I, Diego, shall claim total victory!" And, just in the same way Dio previously lashed out insults and disappeared, Diego's form was quickly enveloped by the light, vanishing.

A deadly silence followed. 'Little prick didn't even answer my question.' Jotaro scowled, what was it with these assholes making random threats and then disappearing like cowards?

"Dammit! He ran away!" Speedwagon cursed, long golden locks fanning out as he shook his fists in anger.

Both parties couldn't keep up their brooding session any longer though, for the once proudly standing Jonathan was now at his knees once more, knees sinking into the velvety plush carpet. A gurgled, or more like strangled, noise falling from his lips.

"Mr. Joestar! Are you alright?!" Speedwagon asked immediately, turning around and lowering himself on his knee in less than a second, eyes raking over Jonathan's wounds. In an effort to distract him, he began rambling. "I let the Holy Corpse guide me and gathered allies, just like you told me to!"

Jonathan could only give what looked like a small nod, breathing still very irregular.

"Speedwagon, now that you mention it, I don't think you've told us anything about yourself yet. How is it that the Holy Corpse is guiding you?" Jotaro asked briskly, biting his tongue from really asking 'How in the fuck did you get a piece of some flaky, rotten corpse and what the hell made you want to follow it?!'

Speedwagon sighed, sound heavy against his tongue, before he rose steadily and faced Jotaro, hand waving about. "Mr. Joestar's compatriots and I intended to make way for a small town called Wind Knight's Lot. We'd heard that after turning into a vampire, Dio had been hiding out there, you see. But just before we could get there, the anomalies appeared in our age! The Joestar residence, which burned to the ground in a fire, was suddenly resurrected and became swarming with zombies!"

He took a small pause to take out his Holy Corpse part. "This thing first appeared at Mr. Joestar's place..." Another pause to stuff said part back in his coat's pocket. "However, Mr. Joestar stayed back to fend off the zombies, and I wanted to stay with him and fight too, of course, but he handed me the Holy Corpse part, and told me to travel around to other ages and collect the rest of it."

'So that's why Jonathan was all beaten up.' Jotaro concluded. Speedwagon finished his tale just in time for Jonathan to regain his composure, standing up firmly. "Thank you... Speedwagon." And as if reading the other's worried thoughts, he quickly added, "I'm fine now." Though his voice was a tad strained, but at least his breathing wasn't all over the place.

"Hamon is life energy. If I can just get my breathing under control, then I can restore a good bit of my stamina." He nodded firmly, determination flaring up in his eyes. 'Hamon? That's the power gramps has. I was right about that energy I saw earlier, then.'

"Mr. Joestar, I'm sorry it took so long to bring help." Speedwagon apologized, guilt pouring into his words, he truly felt horrible he had left Jonathan on his own to fight, and took too long to comeback, and how exhausted he was because of not having backup. Jonathan only shook his head, a silent gesture meant to tell Speedwagon 'No, do not blame yourself, my friend.'

Jonathan then turned to Jotaro, staring at him with piercing Sapphire eyes. "I was really in danger back there, but you saved me." He began, his strong and powerful accent now clear by the lack of shaky breathing, his tone was laced with shades of gratitude, excitement, joy, a tinge of curiosity. With a higher volume of speaking, he excitedly exclaimed, "Thank you for saving my life! I am forever in your debt. My name is Jonathan Joestar. If I may ask, who are you?" His politeness shone brightly, a prime example of the finest of gentlemen.

Jotaro however, was not a prime example of a gentleman. With a gruff, he hesitated, should he mention the fact Jonathan was talking with his two times great grandson, or just plain out spit his name? The latter, of course.

"Jotaro Kujo..." He huffed out, hand casually waving before returning to the confines of his pockets.

Before Jonathan could boaster how nice it was to meet him, a chilling, or more like wretched, laughter broke through the air, making all three men jump and search for the sound.

"Jotaro Kujo, Jonathan Joestar, and the corpse guide, Speedwagon..." A woman, perched high on the second floor of the manor, was the owner of the shrill voice that was carrying throughout the confines of the room. "I'm going to execute you all right here!"

"Who the hell are you?" Jotaro bit back, seriously not in the mood for whatever more shit the universe was trying to throw at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, is this the first time we've met?" Jotaro could just feel the smirk radiating off the woman in waves. "I'm one of The Nine Egyptian Gods... Mariah, the Bastet!"

"The Nine Egyptian Gods? You're one of N'doul's allies? Still, you've got some nerve to come here and take us on all alone." Or at least, Jotaro hoped she was, that way they could end this much faster.

The woman, Mariah, gave a small chuckle, which then turned to full blown out laughter. "Hoh-hoh-hoh! All alone you say?"

"Jojo! You will pay for putting Hamon to ill use!" Someone's voice called out, making Jonathan turn around abruptly at the use of his nickname. Almost immediately, he froze up, hands locking up, breath hitched, eyes wide, mouth agape, sweat starting to break out on his forehead and neck as his gaze landed on the approaching figure, clad in white. 'No... it can't be!'

"Mr. Zeppeli...?!" His voice shook, shock and surprise evident, though Jotaro confused as to why Jonathan was suddenly all tense.

"Who...?" He asked lamely, staring at Jonathan for an answer. But it was Speedwagon who ended up filling the blanks. "Mr. Joestar's mentor... a Hamon master!"

"Anyone who defies the Noble One is too foolish to be redeemed! I should have never taught you about Hamon in the first place!" The stranger, now identified as Zeppeli, spat out, Jotaro could see the aura surrounding him was the name as the enemies he's encountered before, the guy was under mind control all right, and he was talking shit about the 'Noble One.'

"I-I can't believe it! Mr. Zeppeli! You're being affected by an anomaly too?!" Jonathan cried out, slight hurt affected his voice, but nonetheless he quickly stepped forward. Speedwagon quickly caught on, he told him he couldn't possibly fight in his state, only to be met with (naturally) Jonathan's stubborn voice. "No... I must! I have to wake Mr. Zeppeli up!" His eyes then drifted sideways to Jotaro as Mariah took a spot next to the hypnotized Zeppeli. "Jotaro," His name felt odd and heavy on his tongue, he could tell the guy was a stranger to foreign names, he added a slight 'u' after the 'Jo' and lingered on the ending 'o', but he looked at him nonetheless, "Please aid me in this battle, we must work together to defeat these foes and bring Mr. Zeppeli back!" He exclaimed, eyes practically lit with flames of determination.

All Jotaro could do was blink before shaking his head, "Yare yare..." But he strided next to Jonathan, Star Platinum already manifested behind him. It only took a few seconds, with Speedwagon backing away, for the fight to commence.

Jotaro knew that Zeppeli guy didn't have a Stand, but Mariah did, so he voiced to Jonathan that they needed to focus on him before he and Jonathan could team up to fight Mariah. However, things would be so much easier if the guy wasn't trying to electrocute his insides every time he got close and somehow was able to dodge Star Platinum's punches while Jonathan got launched to the nearby wall when Mariah's repelling barrier hit him. He reasoned, after getting thrown back two times with Hamon force and watching Jonathan get helplessly stuck on the outlet traps after sliding down the wall because it kinda slipped his mind he can't see the traps or the actual Stand, that they should really switch it out. Besides, you know what they say, fight fire with fire. Or, in this case, fight Hamon with Hamon and Stand with Stand.

"Jonathan! Take care of this guy okay? I'll deal with her."

He only got a firm nod in return before Jonathan ran to Zeppeli, blasting his fist onto the checkered tile. "Sendo Hamon Overdrive!" He yelled just as hamon began crackling onto the floor. Jotaro stepped back just in time as the sparks began shocking waves onto Zeppeli. He quickly turned around, seeing Mariah running up to him. He huffed, and they soon began a dance of punches, dodges and magnetic force. He nearly stepped onto one of her traps, but he quickly side stepped, just as she tried throwing a bunch of daggers at him, but he dodged and unleashed Star Platinum on her, the barrage of punches sending her flying through the air.

Unlike the long fight with Dio and Diego, this one didn't last as long. Jonathan had managed to keep Zeppeli on the offensive, blasting his Hamon punches and techniques through every opening possible, before he managed to unleash a flair of punches so powerful they knocked him out. As for Mariah, she had quickly gotten up from Star Platinum's attack and was fighting Jotaro again, so he and Jonathan had to team up with a combination of Hamon and Star Platinum to take her out. However, it proved to be harder than Jotaro thought. Not because Mariah was a strong opponent, but because she kept shooting sharp things at him, while repeling him with her magnetic barrier, and Jonathan was way too gentleman-y to even try to attack her.

"I-I cannot hit a lady! It's not what a gentleman does! Please do not make me hurt you!" He would yell at her, avoiding the bolts and swords Mariah would chuck at him while she would cackle, meanwhile Speedwagon was throwing words of encouragement all around.

"Jonathan for fuck's sakes, if you could just paralize her or something then I can knock her out!" This was ridiculous, maybe Joseph wasn't exaggerating the parts about Jonathan being the epitome of kindess and honor.

In the end, despite the internal conflict, Jonathan had to bite back his moral code in order to defeat her, so he blasted Hamon onto the ground so she would just be disorientated for a few seconds. That was all Jotaro needed to finish her off with Star Platinum's fury of punches. With a shrill, she went down.

Speedwagon now beside them, all three watched Mariah and Zeppeli on the floor, breaths a mess, much like Jonathan who had gone back to clutching his injured arm.

"Gffffh!" Zeppeli cried out in pain, before standing up, swaying slightly. "I see your skills have improved a great deal... impressive! But next time we meet, I'll end this once and for all!"

Jotaro heard Jonathan mutter a small "Mr. Zeppeli..." Hurt lingering on his voice. Soon after, Mariah followed his lead and stood up on shaky legs. "Ghggh... how dare you... you're going to regret this, you... tiny little turds!"

"What a foul language for a lady..." Jonathan muttered again, and Jotaro almost let out a chuckle. Only if the situation wasn't so serious. However, before any of them could do anything, the purple aura surronded both Zeppeli and Mariah, and as quick as they came, they disappeared.

"Mr. Zeppeli, please wait!" Jonathan cried out desperately, voice raw with emotion.

"They're gone..." Jotaro broke out the news, voice low and collected.

"I shall bring you back to normal, Mr. Zeppli... I promise..." The exhausted teen promised, more to himself than to his companions, refusing to let these evil forces mess with his friend.

"Jojo..." Speedwagon whispered gently, using his nickname, "I want you to take this. I've taken care of it up until now, but it belongs to you!" He dug around his pocket until his fingers came in contact with the small bundle. Gingerly, he proceeded to take out his Holy Corpse part, it levitated above his hand before making it's way to Jonathan, right into his open palm. He reached back and tucked it into his small leather backpack.

"Speedwagon..." Was all Jonathan could say before the pain took over, his face crunching up in discomfort, a small cry of "Urgh..." Escaping his lips before he collapsed again. Before Jotaro could catch him, Speedwagon was already by his side in an instant. "Mr. Joestar! Are you okay?!" He placed his hand gently on the taller teen's arm, using his palm to push him back slightly and preventing him from falling face flat on the tile.

"Sorry. Seems I'm a bit tired..." He expressed tiredly, his eyelids drooping gently.

"And no wonder! You've been holding out on your own all this time!" He turned to look at Jotaro, "Jotaro, bring out the turtle! We'll have him take a rest inside." Jotaro nodded in agreement, he searched in his coat briefly, taking out the turtle in a few seconds. He placed it gently on the floor. Hooking his arm around his shoulders, Speedwagon hoisted Jonathan up and walked slowly to the turtle, dragging an almost passed out Jonathan as the latter leaned heavily against him for support. Jotaro wondered how he didn't collapse under all that weight, after all, Jonathan was really tall and well built.

He watched as they were whisked onto the turtle, wondering how his grandpa would react to his ancestor.

He looked around briefly, giving himself a moment to think about where his next destination would be. A few minutes passed in calming silence, before his eye caught sight of another light rift. He looked at the creature by his feet, deciding it was time to go. But before he could retract the turtle, as if irony had been reading his mind a few minutes ago, another figure emerged. "Gramps?" He asked confusedly, an eyebrow raised.

"Have you collected all the corpse parts, Jotaro?"

Jotaro ignored his question and asked instead "Why did you come out, gramps?"

"I was enjoying the sofa in there when Speedwagon came and kicked me out. "We need to let Mr. Joestar rest," he said." He then slumped his shoulders, head down. "I'm a Mr. Joestar too, you know!"

"Yare yare," Jotaro shook his head, before leaning down and grabbing the small animal, putting it inside his pocket once more. "Do you even know who that was, gramps?"

Joseph looked up at that, posture straightening up significally. "No," He put his gloved fingers to his chin, "Who was it? Some distant cousing or something? I didn't really get a good look at him, Speedwagon basically pushed me out the sofa so I headed outside."


"Gramps, for God's sake." Jotaro almost face palmed. He looked at Joseph in the eyes as the latter stared confusedly at his grandson. "You always tell me stories about him and how awesome he is to you, and now that he's here, you think he's a long distance cousin?"

It only took five seconds for Joseph to react, and when he did, his hands flew to his cheeks, eyes wide. "OH MY GOD! Grandpa Jonathan?!"

Jotaro sighed, but nodded anyways. Joseph practically had stars in his eyes, and a small smile was beggining to form. "Jotaro Jotaro! Take out the turtle, I'm going in!"

"Hold it, old man. Jonathan's exhausted, he's been fighting for a while now, so take it easy." He looked around, he needed something to distract his grandpa so he wouldn't jostle up Jonathan's wounds. He then caught sight of the light rift he was previously looking at, it's bright light emitting by the manor's entrance. "How about we just go through the rift, and see what's up next. When we're done, you can see Jonathan."

"Aw man..." Joseph's shoulders slumped again, but he nodded sulkily anyways, following Jotaro idly to the light rift.

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"Jotaro, bring out the turtle! We'll have him take a rest inside."

Jonathan could barely hear what Speedwagon said, his head was dropping fast and all he wanted was to sleep. Something about a resting turtle? He didn't know, but he felt himself moving foward, with Speedwagon gripping his back and supporting his weight. He would apologize later for troubling his friend, but right now, the world was a blur.

Fighting countless amounts of zombies took a toll on him, nevermind fighting his mentor and a woman! If he ever saw her again, he would apologize to her as well. He tried his best to keep his eyes open, trying his best not to collapse again, and trying his best to shuffle his feet foward so Speedwagon wouldn't have to literally drag him. He didn't know where he was going, where they were going, but he just let Speedwagon drag him on.

He was painfully curious of who the stranger was, the tall teen who saved him and fought with him and for him, he swore he felt so familiar, a sensation in his chest had told him this stranger was special, someone he should know, but he couldn't put his finger on it, and he doubted he actually knew him, if his clothes were anything to go by. He was curious of what kind of power he possesed, for he couldn't see clearly how he was able to bring the enemies to their knees without making contact directly with weapons, punches or kicks, but he swore he briefly saw something fast and purple aiding him once or twice, but it was terribly faint. He was also curious of how Speedwagon had done on his journey and who he met, where were the other allies he spoke of and if he had found anything regarding the corpse parts. But he couldn't keep wondering any longer, his vision blurred and then, he was out. 


It was loud inside the turtle. Voices merged and stood out as Speedwagon stepped in, he could faintly hear laughter and faint yelling from beyond the door of the room he ended up in. He noticed absentmindedly that he was in the kitchen when he felt Jonathan's frame slump. He turned to him alarmed, feeling the grip Jonathan had on him slip as he fell sideways.

"Oh no, Mr. Joestar!" He yelled, panicked, as he rushed to use his free arm to catch him, laying him gently on the tiled floor. Kneeling besides his fallen form, Speedwagon put his ear close to his mouth, panicked that he just up and died or something. But immense relief washed through him when he felt the small intakes and puffs of breath. 'Thank goodness! He's only passed out.' He pulled his face back and stared at Jonathan. "Mr. Joestar? Can you hear me?!" He cried out in hopes Jonathan would wake up all of a sudden. But the gentle giant kept slumbering on, chest heaving softly.

Speedwagon sighed, he knew he couldn't possibly carry Jonathan all the way to the couch. But he knew someone who could help him! He got up, ignoring the coat of dust sticking to his pant legs, and rushed out onto the main area.

"Mr. Josuke!" He yelled out, interrupting any and all laughter and conversation. All eyes were on him, well, except for Joseph who was strewn over the sofa, hat covering his face, and Polnareff who was reading a magazine about swords intently with Kakyoin sitting on the arm rest, book in hand.

At the sound of his name, Josuke perked up, snapping out of his current conversation about comic books with Koichi to stare at the Englishman. He was tucked away in a small corner of the living area so he had to lean over and peak at him behind one of the chair's, which was occupied by Rohan at the moment. "Y-Yes?" He used the wall to push himself up as Speedwagon began talking, "I apologize for interrupting you, but I need your help with something! Please follow me!"

Not waiting for his reply, he marched back into the kitchen. Josuke blinked once, twice, before nerviously following the man, throwing Koichi a worried glance over his shoulder. When he stepped into the kitchen, he nearly choked on his own spit when he saw the massive body on the floor. "W-What the hell?! This guy's huge! Where did he even come from?!"

Speedwagon ignored his comment. He kneeled beside Jonathan and tried to hike an arm over his shoulders. "No time for that! I need you to help me carry him to the sofa."

Josuke had a lot of questions, but he would just have to ask later. He squatted down on the other side of the body, and, just in the same manner as Speedwagon, raised an arm over his shoulders. "Okay, on the count of three!" Speedwagon said, gripping Jonathan's arm. "One... two... three!" At the same time, they both pushed their legs up and raised Jonathan's almost lifeless body.

"Holy shit! Why is he so heavy?!" Josuke cried out, his knees were actually wobbling. "C'mon, Mr. Josuke!" Speedwagon yelled, he himself was struggling with keeping Jonathan's body up. Josuke huffed, eyes almost bulging out of their sockets, sweat forming on his forehead and neck as they tried moving foward, Jonathan's feet dragging against the floor painfully and his head hanging foward. They only walked four steps before Josuke's knees began wobbling again and Speedwagon's thighs cramped up, along with his shoulder letting out a painful pop. "Ah, my shoulder!" He hissed out, teeth grit.

"Man, screw this!" Josuke growled out, "Crazy Diamond!" Immediately, Crazy Diamond appeared behind him. It went in front of Jonathan and picked his legs up from under him, taking off some of the weight for the two men. Speedwagon blinked, eyes wide. "Mr. Josuke...?" He trailed off astonishedly, pointing at Jonathan's now elevated legs. Josuke raised a brow at him, confused, before he remembered the poor guy couldn't see Stands. "Oh, right. You can't see it but my Stand is carrying his legs so we don't have to deal with all the weight." He explained, but then he muttered, "But it actually sucks for me since I can feel the weight my Stand's carrying in my own arms..." He pouted, why did he always get roped into these weird situations?

"I... see." Speedwagon let out, almost breathlessly. Josuke sweat dropped, but nodded nonetheless. "Anyways, we should change our positions. Let's just grab him by the arms instead of having him lean on us." Josuke offered, to which Speedwagon nodded. They carefully lowered Jonathan a bit, before they each gripped one arm.

So now, Jonathan was being hoisted up by Crazy Diamond, Speedwagon on one arm and Josuke at the other. Slowly, they began walking out, Crazy Diamond leading them as it walked backwards to the direction of the sofa.

Once again, all eyes, or most of them, were on them as they approached the couch. "Mr. Joseph!" With no warning whatsover, Speedwagon rushed to shoo Joseph out the large, velvet sofa, leaving Josuke alone with Crazy Diamond to hoist up the sleeping giant. He began sweating again as he felt all the blood in his arms freeze, his back was hurting as he doubled over, barely keeping the person he was carrying, who he didn't even know, from touching the floor. "Please get up, we must lay Mr. Joestar to rest!" He exclaimed loudly, pushing an almost sleeping Joseph to his feet. It wouldn't have been a problem if he were sitting, but he was casually sprawled over the longest side of the sofa. "Man, can't a guy get some rest around here?! Geez! I liked you better when you were old..." He grumbled to himself, he was just about to get a well deserved nap!

Not even looking at Speedwagon or the supposed "Mr. Joestar", he walked off grumpily to the chair perched on the other side of the room, stepping on top of it quickly as he fixed his hat, and stepped out the turtle.

Speedwagon only shook his head slightly, hands resting on his hips. Jonathan's grandson sure was a piece of work...

Speaking of.

"Mister Sp-Speedwagon, could I g-get some help here?" Josuke all but wheezed out, his palms were beginning to sweat and he was losing his grip. Plus, he was starting to feel really embarrassed by all the curious looks he was getting from the other people in the room. "Oh of course! Apologies!" Speedwagon quickly went to aid him, taking hold of one of Jonathan's limp arms. Together, they hoisted Jonathan on the sofa, the dark material sinking under his form.

Josuke let out the longest sigh possible before collapsing on the carpeted floor, chest heaving as Crazy Diamond vanished. "Woah Josuke, are you okay?" Came Koichi's concerned voice, he was now next to Josuke's tired form, staring between the sleeping man and his tired friend. Meanwhile, Rohan let out a small laugh, it was fun seeing Josuke suffer.

Giorno, who had been leaning against the wall surrounded by his friends, had felt a strong feeling in his chest when he caught site of the figures moving what looked like a passed out body in a hurry across the living area, he and his small group looked on curiously as Speedwagon and- 'I think his name was Jasuko?' Narancia threw in, eyebrows furrowed- kicked out one of the elder Joestars off the sofa to lay the stranger in their arms on it. The feeling in his chest was now burning as he stared at the stranger, it felt warm and weird, like someone was pressing a lighter that never extinguishes onto his open heart. But it didn't hurt. He stared intently as they arranged his way too tall body on the sofa, before Speedwagon's little helper fell to the ground in a heap of limbs and ragged breaths.

'Who is that guy? I've never seen him before but... this feeling...' Giorno swallowed, he was being silly, he didn't know what exactly the feeling was, but it could only mean trouble. Or, maybe it was the stranger's Stand, it wouldn't be the first time a Stand has attacked while their user is unconscious or dead. But he knew that couldn't be the case, he knew Speedwagon and Jotaro wouldn't let someone who would attack them inside the turtle, they only let allies and people they could trust come in. He recalled Speedwagon had stepped out the turtle a while ago, and now he was back, with the stranger, so he had to be someone important, someone trusted. And he knew, if it were a Stand, the others would've felt the same feeling, but nobody was speaking up about it. He deemed the feeling harmless, for now. But even so, he sighed inwardly, trying to push the feeling down.

Meanwhile, Josuke had finally caught his breath. "Y-Yeah Koichi, I'm okay, it's just that the guy was heavy as hell!" Josuke complained vividly, leaning to sit Indian style as he patted his sweaty palms on his uniform.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Josuke! I didn't want to bother you like that, but I really needed the help. O'l bloke here was awake for a bit but he fainted on me as soon as we stepped in!" Speedwagon recalled with a small chuckle, arms crossed as sat on one of the sofa's arm rests. Josuke only nodded before he crawled up to the sofa, sitting near Jonathan's head, and layed back comfortably. "Yeah, don't worry about it. Who is he, anyways?"

Everyone was now watching and hearing intently, even Polnareff, his magazine was now thrown to the side. Koichi took a spot in the little available space on the sofa next to Josuke as Giorno and the others stepped closer, they huddled around one of the available chairs, with Trish sitting delicately on it.

Speedwagon was surprised slightly at the fact that Jonathan seemed to attract and make people gravitate towards him, even when he was unconscious. But he chuckled again before answering, "That there is none other than Jonathan Joestar, Josuke my boy. He's from my era. He's been fighting zombies none stop, and was forced to fight against his mentor and some strange woman with a Stand power afterwards, so he's pretty much exhausted. Excuse him for not being able to properly meet him you all, he needs to rest a bit!"

"Jonathan? I'm guessing he's from Englad like you?" Rohan threw in, eyes draping over the sculpted muscles and abs peeking from under Jonathan's short top. He would make a great model for a character Rohan was working on in one of his latest manga pieces. He took a mental note to draw him when the chance presented itself, once he was awake, of course.

"That he is!" Speedwagon confirmed.

"Hey wait, did you say he was fighting zombies?!" Narancia yelled, mouth agape.

"That's right lad! The first Holy Corpse part appeared in our time, and Mr. Joestar's mansion, which had been burned down to the ground, had suddendly reappeared out of nowhere was swarming with zombies! He sent me away to gather allies while he stayed back and fought the army of the undead, he's a brave young man." Said brave young man stirred slightly in his deep sleep, but otherwise, kept dreaming on.

"That's kinda impressive, he must have a pretty strong Stand then." Mista mused, fingers subconciously tracing his pistol's handle.

But he was only met with Speedwagon's laugh. "Ah, you youngsters and all your Stand nonsense. Mr. Joestar doesn't have a Stand, m'afraid." He smiled at the collected faces of shock and sputters.

'Well, as if I needed more proof it wasn't his Stand, there it is.' Giorno thought bitterly as Josuke shot foward.

"R-Really?! How does he fight then? I mean, no offense, the guy's obviously ripped, but against herds of zombies and a Stand user? I doubt his fists alone would do that much damage." He exclaimed, surprise pouring out his mouth. The others nodded and made hums of agreement, looking at Speedwagon for answers.

Speedwagon laughed once more, sound bubbly on his tongue. "Why, with Hamon of course!"

"Hamon? What's that?" Polnareff asked, not caring that his magazine was wedged between the chair cushions.

Kakyoin, who has been watching the situation quietly, spoke up. "Ah, Polnareff, don't you remember? Mr. Joestar, Joseph that is, can use that too, but he doesn't show it often."

"Oh right! It totally slipped my mind." Polnareff agreed.

"Well that's no surprise! Joseph is Jonathan's grandson, so he inherited the ability from him."

"Woah really?! I think Joseph mentioned him once or twice before..." Polnareff trailed off, eyes narrowed as if he were trying to recall an important piece of information and was ready to spill it in a second. Kakyoin looked at him out of the corner of his eye, knowing exactly what he was trying to remember. But Polnareff's train of thought was interrumpted by a small squeak of "Excuse me, Mister Speedwagon, what exactly is Hamon?"

It was Koichi, perched next to Josuke, who asked timidly, genuinely curious as to what this new power was.

"Well, my dear boy, Jonathan would be the best one to ask 'bout that, but Hamon is basically the power of the sun. You need to train lots in order to master it, Jonathan uses it with a special technique called Hamon breathing."

"The power of the sun..." Josuke repeated quietly, "Sounds awesome!" Koichi nodded eagerly in agreement.

"Can you use Hamon, Speedwagon? How does it work?" Giorno, who had quiet throughout the whole exchange, deep in thought as to why he was so interested in this stranger and why he had felt such a strange emotion earlier, asked quickly.

"Oh heavens no, Jonathan's mentor tried transfering to me a bit of his Hamon nearly just a few days ago, but the brute used too much force and knocked the wind outta me!" Speedwagon grumbled and crossed his arms, sure as hell hurt too. "As for how it works, well, I believe Jonathan has to channel the power through his breathing, and then he can use it freely."

"He tried to transfer it to you? So, to get that ability, someone needs to transfer it to you? And what kind of breathing does it take?" Giorno pressed on, for some reason he couldn't put his finger on, he wanted to learn all he could about this 'Jonathan' guy.

"Oi lad, you're asking a bit too much for me to keep up! Like I said, I don't master the Hamon techniques or Hamon breathing, so I don't know that much in detail. I do know, however, that Jonathan's mentor did something to him, I assume he transfered his energy like he tried to do with me, and took Jonathan under his wing to perfect his Hamon, and as for the breathing, I suppose he must regulate any erratic breathing or else he can't use Hamon. If you wanna know more about it, you're gonna have to talk to the big guy!" Speedwagon chuckled nerviously, he really wished Jonathan would wake up and saw all the fuss going on, only because of him.

Trish inclined her head, a single question leaving her plump lips. "Is he gonna be okay?" Her eyes swept over Jonathan's frame softly, his body was sculpted in unimaginable ways but his face, his lightly scratched cheeks, the slightly parted lips, the gentle pull of his brow scrunching ever so often, it just screamed 'He's only a boy who was forced into growing up.'

Speedwagon smiled gently, eyes crinkling at the edges, "Don't you worry about him, Miss Trish! His wounds will heal real soon and he'll be able to meet you all!"

"I can heal him!" Two voices shot up at the same time.

The voices of Giorno and Josuke, both had their Stands behind them.

Both teens looked at each other in bewilderment.

Speedwagon sweat dropped. "Ah... I may be mistaken, but I supposed you lot are talking about your Stands?"

Josuke spoke first. "Yeah, my Stand has healing abilities, it can heal whatever it punches." He shuffled his feet quietly, a light pink dusting his cheeks.

Giorno coughed into his fist, embarrased at his outburst. He was supposed to be calm and collected, not a giddy child. "My Stand, Golden Experience, can give life to any inorganic object. Therefore, you can say it has healing abilities, I can turn inorganic material into flesh to heal flesh and superficial wounds, I can turn the material into organ parts for internal damage and I can even create any singular body part." He then whispered quietly, "However, the process is very painful..."

Beside him, Mista shivered. The memory of Giorno "healing" his bullet hole wounds still made his skin crawl with pain.

"Oh boys, that won't be necessary! Mr. Joestar wounds aren't life threatening, just a few bruises, cuts and gashes. He just needs rest. Besides, if memory serves me right, I reckon Jonathan can heal his own wounds with Hamon." He let out a nervious chuckle.

At this new piece of information, both teens let out a small murmur of "Oh..." and "I see..." before getting back in their respesctive spots, their Stands retrieving.

Speedwagon was positively radiating. "Ah, it does make my heart swell with joy to see people caring for Jojo... his life has not been easy, and he is often surrounded by horrible things..." His voice became far away, his eyes glazed over as if he were remembering a horrorific event. "What this lad has gone through would break the toughest of souls. But no, not Jonathan, he strives to keep a positive outlook on life, a reason to keep fighting!" His eyes reignited with a burning passion. "No matter what life throws at him next, he'll take it by the horns and keep moving foward!" A fist to the air, shaking with silent adoration.

Koichi stared on, stars in his eyes, ignoring his sulking friend beside him, who had perked up at the sound of his nickname, but went back to sulking as he realized the conversation wasn't about him, though he was surprised Jonathan had the same nickname as him. "Wow, he sounds amazing! I can't wait to see that ability of his. I hope he's nice."

If Speedwagon were to smile any harder, his cheeks would crack open. "He is, my young lad. Jonathan's a gentleman through and through, he may seem a bit intimidating but he's nothing more than an overgrown puppy."

Before anyone else could make any questions, a sudden voice from above boomed, "Hey, Speedwagon! Can you come over here for a minute?" It was Joseph's voice.

"Huh? What could he possibly need me for? I do hope it's not about shooing him off the sofa earlier. Ah well, excuse me for a second." As he stood up, he looked at Josuke. "Mr. Josuke, would you mind looking after Mr. Joestar while I step out?"

Josuke nodded quickly. "Sure thing, Mister Speedwagon. Take your time." He waved a hand aimlessly. Speedwagon nodded before jogging towards the chair, his frame disappearing quickly.

Josuke then stood up, back popping in process, before settling down on the small coffee table, staring at Jonathan.

Giorno frowned, feeling jealousy start to pool in his chest. Why hadn't Speedwagon asked him to watch over Jonathan? 'I'm just as capable as Josuke. Also, why didn't he ask me for help to carry him as well? I know I don't look like much but...' He quickly shook his head, why on Earth did he even care?! He was being silly. Again.

As Josuke kept staring on, Koichi asked "Are you gonna heal him, Josuke?"

"Nah, you know what Speedwagon said, aparently he can heal himself with this Hamon stuff, it's actually kinda cool if you think about it. Besides, it'll be a good excuse to use later on, just to see his power." Josuke smiled, he wondered if he was in any way related to Jonathan.

"Oh, good idea Josuke! I'm really curious about that too." Koichi agreed excitedly, who knew there was something else out there besides Stand power?

A few uneventful minutes passed, and before long, Speedwagon reappeared, landing effortlessly on the floor. "Oh Speedwagon, how'd it go?" Josuke asked, twisting his head to look at the Englishman.

"Heh, it appears we'll have a new ally joining us later on." He chuckled mysteriously before thanking Josuke, who nodded in return. Soon, everyone went back to their previous activites. Josuke and Koichi now sat next to the chair Rohan occupied, rather than behind it, but instead of returning to their previous topic of comic books, they talked and speculated about the possibilities of this new 'Hamon' power, which left Rohan rolling his eyes as the speculations of it's origins ranged from a cosmic unknown power to aliens. Giorno and his friends stayed near the velvet sitting, now talking among themselves once more, mainly about Bucciarati, Fugo and the zombies, the latter being brought up by Narancia, with Giorno throwing inconspicuous glances at Jonathan ever so often. Polnareff went back to reading his slightly crumpled magazine while Kakyoin reprimanded him gently, very quietly advising him not to let out the information about Jonathan and what happened to his body, all the while Polnareff would mutter a small "Yeah, yeah". Speedwagon carried on to watch over Jonathan, checking his breathing, and forehead in case he would develop a fever, every few minutes. He began wondering when their new ally would step inside the turtle.

A long while passed before the calming atmosphere was interrupted once more. Two thuds, along with two of the unmanliest screams Speedwagon has ever heard, followed by another two thuds broke the calmness, all eyes settling near one corner of the spacious room. There stood Joseph, who had grumpily exited the turtle earlier, along with a woman and two teenagers, or well, two teenagers who were lying face flat on the ground.

"Man, that hurt! What the hell is this place?" Another British accent that wasn't Speedwagon's resonated out loud, it was the teen with brown locks who was currently sitting up, rubbing his injured nose. "Hey, you old geezer, you still have a lot of explaining to do-" And he kept rambling on, demanding answers from a standing Joseph next to him. The other one, a blonde with pink marks on his cheeks, stood up quickly, right next to the dark haired woman, painfully aware of all the stares. "Um... Jojo?" His Italian accent surprised Giorno and his friends. Even more surprised was Josuke at the fact he had the same nickname as him and Jonathan. He would definitely ask about that later.

Said 'Jojo' stopped his rambling and stood up as well, using his free hand to support himself on the tiny bookcase next to him. He finally took notice of the crowded room. "Uh... hello? Who the heck are you guys?" He spat out, somewhat muffled due to him still covering his nose with his hand. "We'll explain that later kid, c'mon." Gruffed out Joseph, who was beggining to walk away, Lisa Lisa close behind.

The younger version of himself, however, stayed put as Caesar threw him a raised brow. His Emerald eyes raked over each of the new faces, a man with freakishly white hair that somehow defied gravity and stood straight up, a man with a large reddish curl, some guy with doughnuts in his fucking hair, a hot lady, another guy with a weird arrow shaped hat, a kid with strange clothes, a guy with hair that looked like a row of corn, an even smaller kid next to corn row head, a man with weird pen shaped buttons on his coat, Speedwagon, a man passed out on the sofa-

His eyes widened significally as he took in the man's resting face, hand dropping from his nose, a single flick of blood could be seen making it's journey down his cupid's bow dimple. A single word left his shaking lips.

"Gr... Grandpa...?"

The room went deadly silent. The elder Joseph froze, he was nearly through the kitchen door when he heard it.

"That's... no, it can't be... grandpa Jonathan...?" Joseph whispered shakily, wiping the blood away, and slowly started to make his way to the couch, he'd seen numerous times the small amount of photographs in granny Erina's photo album, a dainty little thing she acquired in her younger days while traveling through India. It was made of cheap leather and wasting away at the edges. But inside, there were photographs of a young Erina, her family, places she went to, friends, and over all, a few photos of her love, Jonathan. He'd recognized the man in the photos anywhere. "Jojo...?" Caesar asked quietly, watching worriedly as his friend stalked foward in a seeming daze.

The older Joseph sighed, quickly walking foward and resting a gloved hand on younger Joseph's shoulder, stopping his journey to the couch. "Kid." He drawled out, busy focusing on the colors of the old scarf he used to wear instead of younger Joseph's focus of view, he knew if he saw the sleeping soul on the couch he would get the same as his younger counterpart. "Like I said, c'mon. I'll explain everything in a minute." His voice game out gruff, annoyance evident.

Young Joseph shook his head, "Let me go you old man, I have to see him! That's... that's my grandfather over there, he isn't supposed to be here!" His voice trembled, and even as the words left his mouth, he made no move to keep walking, as if he were frozen at the mere sight of a resting Jonathan.

"Don't be such a brat! Listen to someone for once in your life and don't be so selfish. Come on." The words poured the elder Joestar's out like a waterfall, he really wanted to just talk and explain everything thoroughly.

Instead of acting calmly on the spot and thinking rationaly, young Joseph's shoulders shook with a sudden anger as he whirled around aggresively, eyes lit with a burning something the older Joestar couldn't name and fists curled impossibly tight.

"Shut the hell up!" He all but screamed, teeth grit. Everyone watched in silence, surprised at the booming voice. Caesar was about to interfier but he felt a pressure on his shoulder. It was Lisa Lisa, lips pulled into a thin line as she gave him a serious look, it screamed volumes of 'Do not get yourself involved, Caesar.' Caesar was shocked, but he nodded solemly, just as young Joseph began speaking again.

"You call me selfish? How dare you! Is it really selfish of me for wanting to see the grandfather I never got to meet?! The grandfather who passed on his ability to me, the grandfather who fought to hell and back to save innocent people, the grandfather who sacrificed himself to save my granny?! I can't even begin to understand how he's here, sleeping, breathing, alive. I just want to talk to him, I want see he's okay with my own damn eyes. And you're denying me that?! Who the hell do you think you are?! In case you've forgotten, he's your grandfather as well. If you were really a Joestar, if you were really me, you'd understand that! But apparently you don't, so do me a favor and don't poke your God damn nose where it doesn't belong, you oaf!"

Just then, Jonathan's arm slipped from it's position on his chiselled belly onto the carpeted floor, his fingers making a soft 'thump'. His head turned sideways, as if he were drawn to the screaming voice of, unbeknown to him, his grandson. His lips moved quietly, a small unhearable murmur escaping them, brows pulled tightly as if he were trying to wake up. Elder Joseph held his breath, waiting for the man to awake.

But when he didn't, brows going lax and lips staying slightly parted, the elder Joestar rushing foward, grabbing his younger self by his striped scarf and shoved him against the nearby wall, barely knocking the wind outta him.

"You're wrong. You're so damn wrong!" He hissed lowly, careful not to startle Jonathan into waking up. "Don't you think I wanna meet grandpa Jonathan as much as you, you little shit?! You don't even know what's happening or who's our enemy, but you still wanna jump in guns blazing don't ya?" By now, Hermit Purple had begun untangling around Joseph's hands, a silent sign of how angry he was. The same could be said about young Joseph. His hands, which had been curled into fists by his hips, were now clacking with energy, he seriously wanted to sock this geezer in the jaw but he refrained.

"Listen to me, we're gonna go into the God forsaken kitchen, we're gonna talk like adults, and then you can meet grandpa Jonathan, if he wakes up, got it?" The last bit was spat out, silently challenging him to defy his words.

He didn't even wait for a reply. Retracting his Hermit Purple, he kept one fist closed around the scarf and began dragging him away. "Come on then, let's talk. You too, Lisa Lisa and Caesar." He called over his shoulder as he went through the wooden door, his silent and brooding younger self close behind. No words left their lips, but soon, Lisa Lisa and Caesar followed them, the door closing as soon as they were through.

Silence reigned over the living area. Everyone had been shocked by the outburst of the teen, and then by the eldest Joestar's response. A few minutes passed before Speedwagon, who sat still on the arm rest, blinked a few times, a single phrase passing through his lips. "What... what did he mean by Jojo sacrificing himself...?"

The feeling in Giorno's chest came back, burning stronger than ever and incredibly painful now, as the thoughts of the stranger named 'Jonathan' and the word 'dying' clashed together to form a deep feeling of dread. He frowned, eyes closed. Why did it bother him so much the thought of this man, this stranger, sacrificing himself, getting killed, dying? But now was not the time to think too deeply about this, it was obvious they couldn't stick around for this supposed grandson (or more like grandsons?) and grandfather reunion.

So, with slightly shaky legs, Giorno stepped foward, coughing into his fist to gather attention. "Perhaps it's not my place to say but, if Mr. Joseph came back, and with company, then Jotaro must have found new allies in a different era. I suggest we go outside to explore, and over all, to give them privacy. As soon as they finish talking, I can guarantee that young man will want to be by Jonathan's side until he wakes up. We shouldn't intrude upon their family matters."

With that, Giorno walked off to the lonely chair by the wall. He honestly, truly, deeply wanted to meet this Jonathan man, but he knew family came first, especially if he hasn't even met them. 'Because he died before he could.' Giorno's mind shot at him bitterly, making him scowl. Without thinking twice, he stepped on the chair and exited the turtle.

And slowly, one by one, each occupant of the living area began exiting, some quickly, other slowly. Before long, Speedwagon was the only one left. With tears pricking at the corners of his eyes, he slid off the arm rest. He walked foward one or two steps before he stopped, kneeling in front of Jonathan, who had begun drooling in the slightest. Taking the limp hand that ghosted over the carpet, he held it for a moment. "Jojo... Mr. Joestar... I... I don't know what horrible fate you meet in the future, but whatever it is, just know I'll always be by your side." Solemly, he gently placed Jonathan's hand on his chest.

Rising slowly, he whirled around and marched towards the chair. Placing a foot on the soft cushion, he raised an arm high above his head. His finger tips tickled the surface, and as he was whisked away, a silent tear slid down his cheek.


Joseph walked foward numbly, they had just finished talking in the kitchen. The old geezer had been the first to leave the turtle, not sparing a glance to their grandfather. Lisa Lisa soon followed, and now it was him, Caesar, and Jonathan.

The current Zeppeli was sitting on the edge of the small oak table, fingers laced as they supported his chin, staring intently at the slumbering figure.

Meanwhile, Joseph had stopped walking. He stood in front of Jonathan, hands idly tucked into his jean pockets.

'First of all, like I said before, I'm you. You from 50 years in the future, I should add.'

His eyes were casted downwards, staring at Jonathan's resting face. His granny was right, he did look a lot like his grandfather.

'Second of all, yes, that man out there is our grandfather. But if he's alive then that means he hasn't sacrificed himself yet, he's not dead. Do NOT mention that to him, got it? I'll handle that bit later.'

He looked around mindlessly, walking briskly to grab one of the velvet chairs. He dragged it foward, not caring for crumbling up the crisp carpet.

'How are we all here? Well, some evil force out there has aquired something known as the Holy Corpse, it enables us to travel through different eras and time. That's how we got to your time, we go through these lights and end up at the place, how it's decided we don't know.'

He stopped when it was placed directly in front of the sofa, and without much thought, he slumped down on it, fingers scratching anxiously at his thighs.

'It looks like, so far, it takes us to different times in which there is one or our own, a Joestar. Or at least, someone related to us. We picked up grandpa Jonathan before arriving in your time.'

Caesar looked at Joseph, his Emerald eyes were clouded over, no evident thought on them.

'You should know something. In my time, Dio is still alive, because he killed Jonathan, decapitated him, and put his own head on his body. Due to certain circumstances, we went after him and fought him. We thought we killed him, but it looks like he's the one behind this, somehow. That, Joseph, is the complete truth of grandpa Jonathan's sacrifice. Something I didn't even know up until recently. He saved our granny, tried his best to finish off that monster, but Dio, just being a head, took his body and kept living on.'

Joseph felt vile rising in his throat, but he pushed it down. What kind of monster would do such a thing? And he thought the Pillar Men were bad.

Joseph kept recalling bits and pieces of information his older self had confided in him, but he was too focused on not punching a whole through the damn wall to give it much thought. "Can you believe it, Caesar?"

Caesar looked at his friend, his eyes were very clear now, he could point out an obvious emotion: fury.

"What, Jojo?" He asked quietly, the atmosphere was tense.

"That bastard, Dio, he stole his body, he just couldn't let my grandfather rest in peace! All this time, I thought my grandpa had finished him off, but the little cockroach came back as a head, Caesar, a head! And as if killing him wasn't bad enough, he took his body. He kept killing people, hurting others, manipulated whoever he wanted, he tried and almost killed my future self and his friends. He dared to use his body for such despicable acts!" Though he was angry, his voice was kept as a hiss, careful not to wake Jonathan up.

Caesar sighed. "No, Jojo, I can't believe it. I thought my grandfather's fate was worse than your grandfather's, but it looks like I may have been mistaken. I'm sorry you found out about this so suddenly, it must be a real shock." He then stood up quietly, hand coming to rest on Joseph's shoulder. "I'm gonna go outside and talk to Jose-" He cut himself off and coughed. "Talk to Signor Joestar, see if he knows anything about my grandfather. I'll be outside if you need me or if you want to talk, Jojo." He then walked off. He didn't want to leave his friend alone, but he knew in times like these, it was best to be left alone and think on your own.

Joseph didn't pay much mind to Caesar's departure and the deafening silence that soon followed it, for he was too focused on not rushing foward and gripping his grandpa's arms and shaking him until he woke up. How many nights had he dreamed this? When he was a small child and his granny would tell him stories about his grandpa, he'd be left leering, excitement of having such a strong and heroic grandfather coursing through his veins. He'd then drift off to sleep, dreams full of a strong heroe protecting him from the monsters of his nightmares. When the sun would rise and he'd wake up, drool smeared on his pillow and hair a mess, he'd wish it had been real.

He had to admit, whenever Caesar would get all in his face about family pride and his ancestors and the Zeppeli ties and whatnot, it would annoy him to hell and back. But he knew, he knew he was just the same as him, only not as expressive about it. And certinaly not as smug. He wasn't about to let his life be controlled by his late ancestor like Caesar's life was, who would kindly remind him ever so often the sacrifices his own grandfather made and how honorable he was. But Joseph kept Jonathan's story in the back of his mind whenever he would train or fight, a silent reminder of who he was aspiring to be, even if he didn't admit it, a strong and brave man who looks at danger in the face and smiles boldly at it.

Joseph stared at Jonathan, hunched over with an elbow pressed to his thigh and chin resting on a gloved hand, the material of his fingerless glove rough against his skin. He stared at him for what felt like an eternity, or more like ten minutes, in total silence. He sighed, he felt like his head was about to explode. Too much information to process, a grandfather who died long ago in front of him taking a nap, an inmortal vampire who is trying to destroy the entire Joestar lineage and take control of the universe itself, his self in 50 years was outside somewhere, and apparently, he was gonna have kids someday since the old man mentioned his "punk grandson Jotaro" before? What a bloody mess.

He leaned back in his chair, readjusting his scarf briefly, and crossed his arms, eyes falling closed a second later. No matter how anxious he was, he needed to stay calm and not shake his grandpa awake. Even though he really wanted to.

With another sigh, he laid his head back, feeling tiredness drape over his shoulders like a blanket. The earlier fights, plus all the training they'd been doing, now left him exhausted. He knew his grandfather wouldn't wake up for another good while, so, with a yawn escaping his lips, he settled against the chair comfortably, letting sleep taking over. In no time, he was out cold, soft snores making their way out his parted lips every few seconds.

If he had stayed awake for another few minutes, though, he would've noticed Jonathan's eyes were beginning to dance wildly behind his eyelids.

Chapter Text

He was running. Running as fast as his legs could carry him. Why was he running? He couldn't remember. Everything was dark, so dark. He couldn't see ahead, he couldn't see the floor beneath him, he just. had. to. keep. RUNNING. 

"Jojo..." An ominent voice whispered, spilling over his ears like liquid gold. "Jojoooooo..." The voice called again, this time drawing out his beloved nickname.

He ignored the voice, instead chosing to run even faster, his thighs were cramping up horribly, his feet hurt, he was exhausted, almost out of breath. He couldn't afford to stop, to turn around and see who was calling him, every bone in his body screamed at him to keep running.

But that voice, why did it sound so familiar? 

"Jojo... everything will fall in it's place soon. Your cursed bloodline will fall at my feet." The voice whispered, cool to the edge and cold.

His bloodline? What bloodline? He was an only child, his father was dead, his mother was long gone. There was Dio, but he didn't have the Joestar blood. Did he have family outside of England? 

He kept running, trying to get away from the voice, but it felt like the voice was glued to his back. But all of a sudden he stopped, as if his feet had been grabbed by the darkness. He panted, his breath coming out in puffs. It was cold, so cold. He tried to move foward, but his feet were stuck. So he just stood there, cold and alone, arms coming up to wrap around his torso and chest, trying to keep warm. His breath was ragged, he couldn't use Hamon in this state.

He tried to calm down, tried to look around and make out his surroundings, but it was futile. It felt like someone had put a drape over the sun, there wasn't light anywhere.

"Run all you want, you can't hide from me, Jojo..." The voice whispered again, taunting him. He raised his fists, eyes darting around wildly. 

"Who are you?" His voice trembled, but he tried his best to sound firm.

"Oh, don't you recognize me, Jojo? Why, I'm hurt." The voice taunted him, but Jonathan could feel it was closer now. As was the cold, it intensified. 

He suddenly felt a sharp nail drag against his arm, making him turn around violently. But he was only met with more darkness. "What do you want?" He spoke again, ignoring the chills shooting up his body. 

"I want to rid this world of your useless lineage," Searing pain. He felt an indescribable amount of pain. He looked down, feeling liquid drip down his torso. A hand, a hand coated in his own blood, was piercing his chest. He was frozen in place, he couldn't talk, couldn't move, couldn't scream. Then, he saw gold.

Golden locks flowed as a figure moved to stand next to him. 

"D-Dio?!" He gasped out in desperation, pain blinding all his other senses. The figure only smiled wickedly, and with a small effort, pulled the hand out. Blood splashed and poured out the gaping hole in his chest.

Jonathan fell foward, face flat against the suprisingly cold floor. He coughed violently, blood flying out his mouth. The blood kept pouring out his chest, his cheek felt sticky as it spread, a puddle was forming under him.

"I will end you, Jojo, I will end you and your cursed family."


Jonathan's eyes flew open, panic surging through him. His oceanic orbs flew around the room, relief washing through him when he noticed the darkness was gone. 'Oh, it was only a terrible dream.' He sighed in relief, but then the relief was replaced by confusion. 'But... where could I possibly be? This doesn't appear familiar at all.'

He realized he was laying on a sofa, the material was soft under his skin. He allowed himself to lay still for a second. 'What an awful dream.' He frowned slightly, remembering Dio's words. He wanted to destroy his lineage? What lineage? And why did he look so different? The Dio he knew didn't have long hair, or such a strange outfit. But he rationalized he couldn't question a dream, those were never on the normal spectrum.

Shaking his head slightly, he decided his dream was the last thing to worry about. Right now, he had to figure out where he was, where Speedwagon was and what was the situation. With minimal effort, he gently sat up, hissing slightly at the gash on his arm. He felt much more relaxed, and less exhausted, but he still needed to heal his wounds.

Idly, he placed a hand on his arm, Hamon beggining to cackle softly beneath his palm. As the wound began to mend, he looked around the room, noting the spacious area decorated with velvet furniture. Only then, when his gaze drifted slightly to the side, did he notice the sleeping figure resting beside him.

He held back a gasp of shock, out of respect since he didn't want to wake the teen, but he was startled nonetheless. He would've expected Speedwagon to be by his side, not a stranger. Said stranger was slumped in the chair, head bent awkwardly to the side and arms crossed across his chest. His mouth was agape, and drool was making it's way down his chin. His brown hair was a mess on top of his head, hairs sticking up wildly in all directions. His outfit was slightly strange, the dull green top and bright green and yellow stripped scarf were very foreign to Jonathan.

He looked at own his bicep, noting the gash was healed completely. As his Hamon disappeared, he looked at the teen again. 'I wonder who he is, by the look of it he's been here quite a while.' As Jonathan studied his face, he came to a shocking realization. 'H-He looks just like me! My, the resemblance is striking!' He stared at the stranger, eyes wide. A few seconds passed, before Jonathan shook his head. 'Could it possibly be another anamoly?' He considered the possibility, but then he felt a strange feeling in his chest. It was the same feeling he got when that other fellow fought with him back in his time. He felt like he knew this person, felt like he should know this person. But once again, he couldn't put his finger on it.

After a few seconds, he pondered if he should wake the stranger up and ask him a few questions, mainly why did he look so much like him, or investigate the room and find some answers on his own. It seemed like they were the only ones there, and it made Jonathan wonder if the stranger had been looking after him, due to the proximity of the chair he rested on.

Both actions, however, were rude. He didn't wish to disrespect the teen's slumber, but he also didn't want to search around a space that most certainly did not belong to him. After deliberating for about a minute or so, he decided to wait politely for the stranger to awaken. Or for someone to come by the room. He shifted in the sofa, taking his slightly numb legs, and swung them over the edge, wiggling his toes within the confines of his shoes. He raised his arms high above his head and stretched, a few bones popping and groaning. He felt parts of his skin sting in protest, signs that there were still wounds to heal.

He learned very quickly earlier that zombies had claws sharper than knives.

He leaned back against the couch, raising his shirt slightly to see scratches and bruises along his stomach and hips. He knew he had more where those came from littered around his body. "Confounded monsters..." He whispered under his breath, voice groggy and thick. He let his shirt go, in favor of grabbing one of the straps adorning his arms, and slid it down. The other followed and soon, the satchel laid next to his thigh. Gripping his shirt once more and, making sure no eyes were present, slipped it over his head. Placing it gently on his lap, he did a check of where the other pesky wounds were, noticing some across his chest, lower back and shoulders. Quietly, he began to focus on healing his bruises, cuts and scratches.

For a while, the only sound resonating within the room was the soft cackle of the Hamon energy, along with the occasional snore or deep intake of breath from the slumbering teen.

Soon, all his small wounds were healed. Gingerly, he slipped his shirt back on, smoothing over any wrinkle. He then took a hold of his bag and sat it on his thighs. As he began to open it, intent on checking for any damage, or more like something to keep him busy, he failed to notice the stranger's eyes were beggining to flutter open.

Joseph stirred, eyes opening slowly, hazy mist clouding his Emerald eyes. He blinked a few times, trying to get rid off the slightly blurred vision, before his eyes shot open, fully aware at the fact his grandfather was no longer laying down, but was rather sitting, hands busy within the space of his satchel. Joseph's mind went into overdrive, mouth hung open, eyes now wildly looking at the man.

Honestly, a small part of him had kinda told him this was all an illusion. Or a dream. Or both.

Jonathan stilled, hands ceasing any movement, before he perked up, eyes landing on Joseph's blatant stare. "Oh!" He pushed his bag off his thighs, attention now on the awaken stranger, "Hello, I see you've woken up. Would you mind sharing with me where I am? I'm afraid I'm a tad lost." He expressed politely, eyes soft but full of questions.

Joseph's mind went blank. How should one approach this situation? Should he calmly and rationally explain the situation, jump the gun and tackle Jonathan into a bone crushing hug, or call in Speedwagon?

Jonathan frowned slightly, worry filling his blue orbs as the seconds ticked by and the stranger wouldn't utter a word. "Young fellow? Are you alright-" And as soon as he spoke, the words were cut off by a screaming teenager throwing himself at him, ensaring him in a tight hug.

"Holy shit, grandpa!" The teen yelled, as Jonathan let out a small "Oof!", taken aback completely.

His face buried in Jonathan's chest, arms locked around his torso, knees digging into the cushions as he bent over. Jonathan blinked, confusion rolling off him in waves as he was hugged. "Oh dear... young man, are you alright? I don't seem to understand what's happening." He chuckled nerviously, considering briefly if he should push the stranger away, although he was mildly surprised to hear the teen's British accent.

However, when he felt cold droplets collecting on his shirt, he frowned. He thought it was his fault he made the stranger before him upset. Clearly, he had him confused for someone else, and his words could hurt him deeply. A gentleman's job is to always care for those in need, not upset them!

He didn't even know who this person was, but still, Jonathan took one hand and placed it softly on the teenager's brown locks, the other hand coming to pat him on the back. A way to show the teen a bit of comfort.

"Forgive my intrusion, I did not mean to upset you." He said gently, "I am only confused, and wish to know where I am." He explained, laying soft pats on the teenager's head and back.

Joseph pulled back abruptly, making Jonathan flinch slightly in surprise. His Emerald eyes were just a bit red and his cheeks were tear stained. "You didn't upset me! I just got emotional is all, sorry for jumping on you like that..." He muttered, now embarrased by his outburst. He quickly rubbed his eyes and cheeks. "I'm just... so glad you're here grandpa!"

But, naturally, he was only met with Jonathan's confused gaze. "Ah, I believe you have me confused with someone else! I don't have children, never mind grandchildren. But I do admit, you do look quite similar to me! I was hoping to ask you why once you awoke."

Joseph blinked, once, twice, before his head dropped, a sigh leaving his lips. "Guess I have some explaining to do..." With that, he got off his knees, sitting properly on the sofa, looking at Jonathan firmly. "I'm your grandson, my name is Joseph Joestar."

"P-Pardon?" Jonathan choked out, shock spreading on his face, but Joseph chose to ignore him and began rambling.

"I was born on September 27th in the year 1920. My grandmother is Erina Joestar. I inherited my Hamon ability from you, and my granny always tells me I look just like you. Thanks to all the anamolies and corpse parts, my self from fifty years in the future came into my time and told me about the situation, and when I came here I saw you on the couch passed out, he told me before coming to my time they picked you up. I've been waiting for you to wake up and I guess I kinda overslept. But I'm so glad you're here, I've admired you since I was a kid!" He finally took a breath, a deep inhale, before looking at Jonathan with a big goofy smile, "Nice to meet you, grandpa!"

Silence engulfed the room.

Jonathan could only stare, eyes impossibly wide, mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

"Y-Yourself from fifty years? Erina Joestar? And y-you're... my grandson?" He breathed out, fingers shaking as he pointed at himself. "B-But I'm not even married, and how does Erina carry my name?!"

"Correction, you aren't married yet! You don't know it, but you marry Erina eventually."

"I marry her? And you.... is that why you look like me?" Jonathan asked breathlessly. His eyes were wide, trying and failing to process the information.

Joseph frowned. "Yeah, you do. And yes, that's why, granny Erina always tells me I look just like you..." He then had an idea as to how to make Jonathan believe him.

Carefully, he grasped his scarf and unwrapped it from his neck. "I don't know if this is true, but my granny told me once the people born in the Joestar family have this, and that you had it too," He started, the soft material slipping off his body. "So, here."

Gingerly, feeling Jonathan's confused stare, he turned around and tugged at his top, lowering it enough so his neck was exposed. There, a striking contrast to the green, rested a lilac star shaped birthmark. Jonathan gasped, hand subconsciously coming up to trace his neck, right over his own birthmark. 

Joseph then let go, hand falling to his side, and turned around, just in time for Jonathan to begin speaking. "I-I can't believe it... you have the same birthmark..." So that's why he had felt that strange feeling earlier. The feeling that he knew the person before him. He then clasped his hands together, a very sudden smile forming on his lips. "It is true! I have a grandchild! My very own grandchild! Why, I'm so happy!" He lunged foward, grabbing an unsuspecting Joseph, and pulled him into a tight hug.

Jonathan laughed, sound happy and bubbly, while Joseph only gasped, trying to suck in air. "G-Grandpa I-I can't b-breath!"

"Oh! My apologies!" He chuckled nerviously, releasing Joseph from the death grip, but kept him at arms length. "I never considered this a possibility, to have my own family, it brings me such joy." A small smile graced his lips, eyes soft and caring. "I can tell just by looking at you that you're a fantastic and honorable young man, Joseph. I'm honored to be called your grandfather!"

Joseph nodded, a goofy grin decorating his lips. "I never thought I'd get to meet you-" He then cut himself abruptly, biting his tongue. "Uh I-I mean-" He sputtered nerviously.

But Jonathan only closed his eyes, hands falling from Joseph's arms. "You do not have to explain yourself, Joseph." His voice was sorrowful, it made Joseph's shoulders slump in defeat. He could feel the atmosphere had taken a somber turn. "My life has taken a horrible twist, it is not as wonderful as it used to be. I know of the dangers that surround me, and I'm very much aware my life may be cruelly ripped away from my grasp at any moment." For the second time in less than one hour, Joseph wanted to cry. How could someone as young as him live a life as painful as that?

"But," Jonathan continued, eyes reopening. "I'm still deeply thankful for what I've been given, for a father who loved me, for a lovely lady who's always been by my side, for my childhood best friend Danny. And now, to find out I have a grandchild who has not forgotten me, to find out I marry my love, Erina, it's more that I could ever ask for." A small, yet sad, smile graced his lips, eyes wrinkling at the edges. "It appears that, even without my precense, you turned out to be an exceptional young man, for that I am thankful. I haven't known of you for more than a mere measly minutes, and I do not know what becomes of my future, but I already feel immense pride and love towards you, my grandson."

Joseph bit his lip, he could feel the tears just wanting to escape. "Ah grandpa, you're gonna make me cry again!" He exclaimed half heartedly, hand reaching out blindly to his scarf. Once it was in his grasp, he quickly pressed it to his closed eyes, fighting the urge to cry. Jonathan only laughed gently, hoping Joseph was talking about the happy kind of tears.

Once Joseph felt the threat of unwated tears was gone, he wrapped the soft material around his neck once more, before planting his hands on the sofa, his eyes now full of stars. "Thanks for saying you're proud of me. Now... is it true you defeated Jack The Ripper?!" He asked excitedly.

Jonathan blinked at the sudden change of mood, but he smiled nonetheless, chuckling. "Indeed I did, but I cannot take all the credit, my mentor gave me the courage and push I needed to defeat him." He stated proudly.

"Woah, that's so cool! Is it true that you always defend my granny? She always says so!"

"Mhm, I do. I remember how we met, some wicked lads were making fun of her and taking her precious doll, I didn't even know who she was but I quickly stepped in to help her." He then laughed, hand coming to subconsciously rub at his neck. "I pretty much got beaten to a pulp, I'm afraid. That was before I knew of Hamon. But I don't regret it, I just could not stand idly and see her cry."

"My granny sure wasn't kidding, you do pride yourself in being a gentleman."

"Ah, well, I do try! I firmly believe in fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Even when your opponent is stronger than you, you must always fight for what is right and believe you will win."

"That's some really inspirational shit!" Joseph exclaimed amazedly.

However, that just made Jonathan wince. "Joseph, language please."

"Oh right, sorry grandpa." He nerviously scratched his head. "You're just like granny Erina, she always scolds me for my bad language."

"Well, good! Proper language and good behavior is important. But I understand you, my father would always scold me when I would forget my manners." His voice held a tinge of sadness.

"I'm sorry about your dad." Joseph mumbled, remembering when Speedwagon told him of the night George Joestar sacrificed himself to save his son from Dio's attack.

"Ah, my apologies if I turned the mood sour. It upsets me greatly when I think of how unfairly he died, I never imagined myself missing his scoldings." He admitted sadly. "But thank you." And then, a light bulb turned on. "Oh, but how do you know of my father, Joseph?"

"Speedwagon, grandpa. It wasn't until recently that he and my granny told me the truth, about your life and everything you've gone through." Joseph bit his lip, careful not to let out what his old self had told him earlier about Jonathan's sacrifice.

"I see! Well, it does make me happy Speedwagon stayed by her side. I am awfully curious about what occurs in the future, especially what happened that didn't allow me to be by Erina or by your side, but I suppose you cannot tell me, correct?" 

'Oh, if only you knew.' Joseph thought bitterly, wanting nothing more than to run outside, find Dio, rip his head off and burn it. "Sorry, I can't grandpa. But you'll know soon enough."

Jonathan muttered a very small "Oh", before falling into silence, eyes casted downwards as curiosity swirled in his endlessly blue eyes.

Joseph frowned, this had to be harder on Jonathan than anyone else, he'd just woken up in a strange room with some random guy claiming to be his descendant, and said random guy sorta let it slip out Jonathan just dies at some point, and he couldn't even tell him how or why? Well, shit, wasn't he the best grandkid ever?

Joseph then had an idea as to how distract Jonathan. "Hey grandpa, wanna train with me? I think it's just what you need to cheer up!"

Jonathan laughed gently, "Ah, that's alright, you do not have to try and lift my spirits. I wouldn't wish for you to waste your time on me." He expressed politely.

"Don't say that grandpa!" Joseph then leapt to his feet, finger pointing at Jonathan accusingly, which made Jonathan flinch slightly in surprise. "Training with you wouldn't be a waste of time at all, on the contrary! So c'mon, pretty please?" 

Jonathan smiled, all bright and happily, before nodding. "Well, if you're so sure, I suppose I must comply."

"That's the spirit grandpa! C'mon!" He then took Jonathan's hand and practically dragged the man to his feet, waiting a few seconds for Jonathan to slip his satchel back on, before tugging him towards the chair perched by the wall. Jonathan tilted his head to the side, brows furrowed. "Um, Joseph, where is the door?"

"Oh, right, I'll explain this place later, let's just go." He grabbed his hand again and jumped up on the chair, a very confused and shocked Jonathan close behind.

It was only when, in a flash, they stepped out onto stone floor that Jonathan noticed they had just come out of a turtle. "What on Earth...?" He mumbled confusedly, but he had no time to even begin to question that or ask who were the people outside when the eager Joseph continued to drag him foward, in what looked like the direction of a lone teenager.

Said teen was leaning against one of the stone walls, arms crossed and eyes slightly guarded. If Jonathan had been thrown off just a little by Joseph's choice of scarf and top, the blonde was another whole case. He didn't even know what to make of the little wings sticking out of his hair. 'I've never seen such article of clothing before, how curious.' Jonathan thought as Joseph stopped in front of him, hand clasped around Jonathan's bicep as he sported a big goofy grin.

"Caesar," Joseph began as he let go of Jonathan's arm, making the teen straighten up properly, "I want you to meet someone! This is my grandfather, Jonathan. Grandpa, this is my friend and training partner, Caesar." He introduced, looking eagerly between the two.

Jonathan then thrusted his hand foward, a gentle smile on his face. "Hello, pleased to meet you!" 

Caesar's hand met Jonathan's a second after, slight hesitation swimming in his clear eyes. "Pleasure is all mine, Signor Joestar."

Jonathan's eyes brightened, and he let out a small laugh. "Please, call me Jonathan, or Jojo if you'd like. I see you are of Italian heritage, that's very interesting! You're the second Italian person I've met in my entire life." 

Caesar raised a brow, "Really? And who might be the first?" But he already knew, who else could it be anyways? 

"Oh, his name is William Zeppeli, and he's my Hamon mentor actually! We met in a very strange way, but I'm happy to be acquainted with him. I don't think I would've ever learned the ways of Hamon without him. I'll introduce you if the chance presents itself! I believe you'll get along fine." Jonathan rambled on, a content smile on his lips as his hand slipped from Caesar's.

Caesar looked at Joseph, eyes practically screaming, 'Have you not told him who I am, you idiot?'

 Joseph just shrugged, goofy smile present. "Grandpa," Joseph interrupted, making Jonathan stop his ranting. "Caesar's last name is Zeppeli. He's William's grandson."

Shock spread immediately on Jonathan's face. "R-Really?!" His mouth hung open, eyes impossibly wide.

Caesar nodded, "Indeed, and I too inherited my Hamon ability from my grandfather. But I've never met him. Do you happen to know why that is?" His tone had a slight cold tone, eyes narrowed as he watched Jonathan flinch, obviously taken aback by the sudden change in atmosphere.

Joseph quickly stepped in, hand coming down a bit forcefully on Caesar's shoulder. "Don't you dare, Caesar." He muttered very quietly, fingers starting to curl on his shoulder. The Zeppeli turned to glare at Joseph, the latter returning the stare equally as hard.

Jonathan looked nerviously between the two, very much aware of the rising tensions. "U-Um, boys, I don't know what has happened between my time and yours but please, do not get into conflict on my behalf. Caesar," He then turned to the blonde, who's icy blues had simmered significantly, "I apologize if I've somehow caused some sort of turmoil for you, it truly wasn't my intention and I hope you can forgive me." 

Caesar sighed quietly, just as Joseph's hand slipped from his shoulder. "It is okay, Jonathan. I apologize as well, it wasn't my place to say that." 

Jonathan nodded, the smile coming back quickly. "I understand, and I wish to ask what you meant, but I know I won't recieve answers." He then let out a quiet huff, brows furrowing. "The future sure is complicated." 

"Sorry grandpa." Joseph apologized again, "I know it's frustrating but you'll know soon enough."

"Ah, it's quite alright. I'm sure this is very hard for you as well, so I musn't complain." 

"Jonathan, could you tell me how you met my grandfather? I've always been very curious of the tale." Caesar asked, changing the subject a bit as he leaned against the wall once more. He had never actually found out how his grandfather met the Joestar, and now that he was here before him, curiosity had gotten the better of him.

"Oh, but of course!" Jonathan exclaimed, hand coming to hold his chin. "Now, let's see..." 

As Jonathan began to recall that day in his mind, Joseph began to notice the curious looks they were recieving from the people gathered around the arena, specifically the scrutinizing gaze from that kid with doughnuts for hair, which seemed to be stuck on Jonathan entirely. He glared slightly at the blonde, only to be met with a small glance of deep blue orbs, an uncaring gaze to them, berore they shifted to Jonathan once more with curiosity. Well.

All of a sudden, as soon as Jonathan began describing how sunny day that particular day had been, Joseph rushed foward and took the wrists of both men, dragging them away, with a confused chuckle from Jonathan and a scowl from Caesar, until they were directly in front of the pool of steel spikes. "Good heavens, that looks dangerous!" Jonathan said, feeling his skin itch at the thought of those things punching holes through his body.

"What's the deal, Jojo?" Caesar hissed, mildly annoyed Joseph interrupted Jonathan before the latter could tell him the story.

"Well, the only reason I brought grandpa out was so he could train with me, so I think it's about time we do so!" Joseph shot back, hands on his hips. "It'll just be a quick match, you and me against grandpa. Let's go, Caesar." He nudged his head toward the pit before he walked foward, ignoring Jonathan's gasp.

"Joseph! What are you doing?!" He asked in a panic, half ready to jump into the spikes before Joseph could and push him out. Erina would never forgive him if he let their grandchild impale himself in a spike pit.

"No need to worry, Jonathan. Look." Caesar told him, pointing at Joseph's feet. Jonathan's brows furrowed, before he gasped, eyes wide as he saw Joseph walking flawlessly on top of the spikes. "It's quite easy, just focus the Hamon on the soles of your feet and focus on your breathing. And, just walk." Caesar explained, walking a few steps before stepping onto the spikes. Unlike Joseph, who by that point had almost reached the center point of the pit, Caesar waited by the edge. "My grandfather teached you about Hamon, this had to be because he saw great potential in you. Make him proud, and believe in your abilities." And with that, he walked off, heading in Joseph's direction. 

"Mr. Joestar!" A voice spoke behind him, and he already knew who it was before he even turned around. 

"Speedwagon!" Jonathan greeted the man as he went to stand beside him, a chuckle escaping his lips. "I was quite worried when I woke up since you weren't around, but I'm very relieved you're here. You're the only person I know, after all." 

"Ah, I'm very sorry Mr. Joestar, I was watching over you but then we had some unexpected guests... I see you've met Joseph." Speedwagon commented, gaze curiously watching as Joseph and Caesar began to bicker in the distance.

"It's alright, my friend. And that I have, he seems to be a bit rash but a wonderful young man, nonetheless." Jonathan laughed gently, "It has sure been an odd day, and one full of many surprises. Who knew I would have a grandchild? I wonder if I have more family I do not know off." 

Before Speedwagon could even begin to tell Jonathan about that, Joseph's voice pierced the air. "Hey grandpa, c'mon! We're waiting for you!" 

"Ah, excuse me, Speedwagon. I agreed to train with Joseph earlier, so I must be off now." Jonathan informed the golden haired man, before facing the pit in front of him. Caesar's words echoed in his head. He was right, Mr. Zeppeli took him under his wing for a reason! So, breathing deeply and keeping the air flow steady, he began channeling his energy onto the soles of his feet. Pushing fear into the back of his mind, he began walking foward, feeling the spikes prod gently at his boots. His fists clenched, and sweat formed on the back of his neck, but eventually he stood proudly in front of the teenagers. If Mr. Zeppeli could see him now he'd be so proud!

Speedwagon whistled, "Well I'll be, I ain't ever seen Mr. Joestar walk on spikes before. But that's Jonathan for ya, bloke can overcome and adapt to any bloody situation." Speedwagon commented to himself proudly.

 A tap on his shoulder made Speedwagon turn around, only to be met with his helper from earlier. "Excuse me, Mister Speedwagon, what's going on?" Josuke asked, finger pointing at the three souls gathered in the spikes. Koichi and Rohan were behind them, Koichi staring amazedly as Jonathan walked on the spikes, but Rohan had an impassive look on his face.

"Oh, hello! I believe they're going to do a training session. If I remember correctly, you were awfully curious of Jonathan's Hamon ability, you should stay and watch!" 

Josuke nodded eagerly, now slipping next to Speedwagon with Koichi and Rohan. In the distance, Giorno scowled slightly, remembering the not so subtle glare Jonathan's grandson had delivered to him a while ago. It felt like the tall teenager was trying to tell him 'Back off.' without using words. And why the hell would he tell him that, anyways? Jonathan wasn't related to him, he was just another stranger thrown into this Holy Corpse and different planes of time mess. Even if he was curious about him, he didn't share a bond with him like Joseph did, so there shouldn't be a reason for them to silently throw glares at each other because one has the complete attention of Jonathan.

(But in Joseph's defense, the kid had been staring way too curiously at his grandfather.) 

"Woah Mista, look!" Narancia exclaimed in astonishment, interrupting their conversation, to point at Jonathan and the two teenagers and asked, "Can we go check it out?", to which Mista nodded. The two Stand users didn't waste time and ran off, leaving Trish and Giorno alone near one of the lion statues.

Giorno sighed quietly as he saw people beggining to gather by the spikes, including his two friends, along with Jotaro and his own allies, who's names Giorno still had a bit of trouble pronouncing, with the exception of Mr. Joestar's name, and Josuke, who had helped Jonathan to the sofa earlier.

"Are you okay, Giorno?" Trish asked quietly, currently she sat on the small space next to the lion statue, one knee pulled up, arms over it, head tucked slightly in her arms as she stared at Giorno.

Giorno blinked, shaking his head a little before turning his gaze to Trish. "Yes, don't worry." 

But Trish only lifted a brow, rising her head away from her arms. "Liar." She then looked at Jonathan, the latter rubbing his neck while laughing nerviously as his two companions bickered on. "You feel a connection to him. But you don't know why." 

The golden haired Stand user masked his surprise, but his eyes widened just in the slighest. Before he could ask, Trish beat him to it, "How did I know?" She then smiled sadly, eyelids falling close. "I can see it in your eyes, the way you look at him, you're confused as to why you feel a bond to a stranger, but you can't stop feeling the curiousity. Don't forget, I felt the same connection to my father, even though every fiber of my being wanted to kill him."

She then stood up, hands coming to delicately pat her skirt of any dust and dirt. "I know you're curious of his abilities, so come on." She then walked quietly, heading in the pit's direction, with a very silent and lost in thought Giorno, the girl's words sinking into his mind deeply.

By then, everyone was gathered around the pit, except for Lisa Lisa who was resting in her private chambers. Some looked on excitedly, others in bewilderment, others attempting to do the same (said 'others' being Narancia who had to be pulled back by Gold Experience) and some with mild curiosity.

"So, is anyone gonna tell me how the hell are they doing that?" Mista asked.

"It's the Hamon." Elder Joseph explained, all eyes setting on him. "They focus it on their feet and are able to walk freely on the spikes." He then smirked, eyes falling closed as he pointed at himself. "I used to do that all the time back in the day, piece of cake. Looked pretty damn cool too."

"You said it yourself, you used to do that. Don't go trying it now old man, you'll slip and fall." Jotaro commented boredly, making Joseph choke on his own spit and deliver a glare at his very rude grandson.

Meanwhile, Jonathan looked nerviously between his grandson and his mentor's grandson, as the two were arguing about some sort of rule their own mentor, a woman by the name of Lisa Lisa, had established when they were to spar.

"But she isn't here, don't be so strict!"

"We must respect the rules she's set for us Jojo, no weapons unless she says so!"

"Oh, then how about you go and disturb her rest to ask her the stupidest question ever! "Excuse me, Lisa Lisa, I apologize for disturbing your rest after you got mind controlled by evil forces and was forced to fight us, but could you possibly tell Joseph that we musn't fight with weapons for a quick training session that won't even last ten minutes with his grandfather?" Go on, do it!"

"Ah, boys that's quite enough!" Jonathan intervened before Caesar could lash out, "Joseph, perhaps we could train without the use of weapons? I don't have one myself, so I believe it would be unfair if you carry one." He then smiled gently as Joseph's shoulders dropped, a defeated sigh leaving his lips.

But he nodded nontheless, putting away his Clackers a second later. "Only cause you said so, grandpa." He then glared at Caesar, considering briefly if he should just team up with Jonathan and beat the Zeppeli to a pulp.

Caesar ignored the glare, and chose instead to raise his hands poisedly as Joseph got into a fighting stance. "Alright, let's begin."

And thus, the hamon clash began.


"Zoom Punch!" Jonathan yelled as he unleashed a fast punch near Joseph's head, knuckles barely grazing his brown locks, not quite impacting his body directly but close enough to send the boy staggering back. Caesar was a bit further away, trying to keep his breath steady, while also focusing on standing on the spikes, after Jonathan knocked him down with a swift Hamon charged kick.

"Woah!" Joseph yelled as he was pushed back, breathing cut off, making him lose his concentration. The hamon at his feet began to weaken as he stumbled.

"Oh no, Joseph!" Jonathan yelled in a panic, quickly noticing he was about to fall backwards from the impact. He sprinted foward, hands flying out to catch the boy. In less than two seconds, Joseph found himself being hoisted up by the waist, an arm wrapped around his slim hips as Jonathan carried him with one arm, leaving him pressed against Jonathan's side.

"This is what I worried about!" Jonathan exclaimed, free hand coming to rest at his beating heart. "You need to be more careful young man, no matter what you musn't lose your focus." Jonathan scolded him gently, erratic heart coming to a slow. "I think that's enough for now, we should take a break before I get a heart attack." He chuckled nerviously. Without a care in the world, he gently walked over to a doubled over Caesar and picked him with his free arm, in the same manner as Joseph.

"Apologies if I make you uncomfortable, but I'd like to get you both safely out of here. I don't think your grandfather would ever forgive me if I put you in danger." Jonathan chuckled warmly.

The Zeppeli sputtered, caught completely off guard. "Per l'amor del cielo, what would my grandfather think of this..." Caesar muttered very quietly, hands coming to cover his face in embarrassment as he was practically manhandled by someone his own age. But he didn't try to get out of Jonathan's grip, he knew the man was stronger than him, and his breath was still shaky anyways. Oh, if only his pride wasn't scraping through the floor right now.

"Damn grandpa, you're super strong!" Joseph commented, eyes admiring Jonathan as the latter quickly shuffled foward, trying to get out of the potential 'death trap' as fast, yet as careful, as he possibly could.

Meanwhile, the ones gathered around the spike pit had been watching intently the fight unfold before them.

"That... was... awesome!" Josuke yelled, excitement bubbling over his lips. "I definitely need to ask him about that ability!"

"I must admit, it was quite impressive." Giorno agreed. His curiosity in Jonathan had now, quite literally, tripled. Is it bad he wanted to offer Jonathan a cup of tea and invite him to tell him his life story? And for some reason, he knew Jonathan would gladly tell him.

"Are we just gonna ignore the fact he's carrying two bulking teenagers over six feet tall like if they were hand bags?" Mista deadpanned, looking at his own skinny arms in shame.

"Aw, don't feel bad Mista, once we're home you can get a gym membership!" Narancia laughed beside him.

"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"Both of you shut up." Jotaro growled loudly. 'I swear, they're worse than the chicks back home.' He cringed internally, his ears already stung just thinking of all that whiny bitching.

Speedwagon turned to Mista. "Believe it or not lad, Jonathan wasn't always buff like that. I've seen pictures of him before, mate used to be as scrawny as a toothpick!"

"Really? How'd he get so jacked up?"

"Well, if my memory serves me correctly, he took a bit of boxing and began playing rugby as well. But by the time I met him he was as big as he is now." He laughed, but his answer just made Mista sulk.

"You never got to meet your grandpa, right Mr. Joestar?" Polnareff asked, half whispering, to elder Joseph. 

Joseph sighed, eyes misty as Jonathan finally got out of the spike pit. "No, unfortunately not."

"Are you gonna go introduce yourself? And tell him... you know." Kakyoin trailed off, words left mysteriously hanging on thin air.

"Yeah, no use beating around the bush, I guess. We'll eventually face you know who again, and it's better he hears it from me instead of that monster." Joseph spat very quietly, lips pulled into a frown.

"Just be careful old man, don't go dumping it on him outta the blue." Jotaro commented.

"Yeah yeah." Joseph shook his head, before his eyes lighting up. "Now if you'll excuse me, it's my turn to meet grandpa Jonathan!" He yelled excitedly, walking away eagerly.

"Hey," Josuke squatted, whispering to Koichi, "I'm still confused, that old man is that Joseph guy but older?" 

Koichi whispered back, "Yeah, apparently." 

"You're so stupid, Josuke." Rohan grumbled, hand coming to a slow over his sketch page. He'd taken the opportunity to draw some of Jonathan's features as he fought. "Wasn't the man screaming "grandpa Jonathan" at the top of his lungs not a big enough clue for you?" But Josuke paid no mind to him, as he kept exchanging whispers with Koichi. "Dumbass." He hissed as he began to give shape to Jonathan's hair.

Meanwhile. "Thanks for training with us grandpa, you're really tough!" Joseph said excitedly, as if the experience was too good to be true.

"Yes, thank you Jonathan." Caesar expressed politely, any malice or coldness he held toward Jonathan had evaporated completely.

Jonathan smiled, eyes crinkling at the edges. "No problem boys, it was quite exciting!"

"Do you feel better now?" Joseph asked, hopeful he fufilled his secret mission of taking Jonathan's mind off the tradegies surrounding his life.

"Mhm, I do indeed! That sparring session was delightful. Or, well, up until you almost fell, Joseph." He sighed, "I believed my heart momentarily sprouted wings and flew out of my chest. Perhaps we could train somewhere safer next time." He suggested, smile present once more.

At this, Joseph scowled. "I did not almost fall in! I just needed to regain my balance." He crossed his arms, but smiled nonetheless. "It's not every day you get to meet and train with your grandfather, and show him off to everyone else, so I declare this to be a very awesome day."

Jonathan blinked. "Show me... off?"

"Yeah grandpa, didn't you notice all the freaks over there obsessively watching you?"

"Joseph, don't be rude!" But Jonathan turned around anyways, now fully aware of the small group of people gathered by where he had previously been training. "Oh dear." He then looked away bashfully, embarassed by the thought of these strangers thinking he had been showing off.

"Ah, Signor Joestar is coming." Caesar noted, making grandfather and grandson look in the direction he was pointing at, and sure enough, an elder man was walking toward them.

"Oh great, what does the old geezer want now?" Joseph huffed.

"Did you say Joestar?" Jonathan asked, brows raised, before they furrowed. "Joseph Joestar, you show some respect young man! Always be polite to your elders."

"Can't be nice to the old when it's your old self we're talking about, grandpa." Joseph shot back, which made Jonathan choke on his own saliva.

Before he could ask, said "old self" reached his destination.

"Excuse me, Jonathan Joestar?" A gruff voice asked.

Jonathan whirled around, blue eyes meeting light greens.

"Y-Yes? Can I help you, sir?"

This made the old soul before him chuckle, before a gloved hand extended foward. Jonathan's own semi-gloved hand coming to meet his a second later.

"It's an honor to meet you, grandpa."

Chapter Text

"It's an honor to meet you, grandpa."

... Excuse me, what?

Jonathan's hand ceased all movement, going frigid instantly. A gasp escaped his lips as his eyes widened enormously, which made the old man snicker slightly. "Ah, guess I shouldn't have started with that right off the bat, huh?" 

He then took his hand out of Jonathan's, thumb coming to point at himself. "Name's Joseph Joestar!" He tried to say it smoothly and coolly, but the giddiness was there, hidden between the words. 

Jonathan's mind then went into overdrive, stammering. "H-Huh?! But, Joseph is right there!" He then pointed to the scowling teen, before facing the old man once more, "Or, is it you were both named Joseph?" He then held his chin, eyes looking upwards. "It would not be the first time a name has repeated itself within my ancestors..." 

But Joseph just grinned, eyelids falling closed. "Well, I guess I did tell the little brat not to say anything." 

"Hey, I heard that!" Young Joseph huffed, arms coming to cross over his chest. "And I did tell him briefly about future me." 

Jonathan whirled around to face the Hamon user, "Oh, that's correct! You did tell me about that, but I thought perhaps you might have been joking..." He then rubbed his neck, "This is very confusing..." 

"Don't worry, I'll explain everything soon." Joseph then placed a gloved hand on Jonathan's back, "C'mon!" He nudged Jonathan foward, and the two fell into a steady walk. Jonathan twisted his head to face his grandson, or apparently, the younger version of his grandson, and delivered him a small wave and a nervous smile. Despite his annoyance, young Joseph raised a hand and waved back gently. However, when Jonathan faced foward again, old Joseph turned to face his young self and stuck his tongue out, mocking him. 

Young Joseph scowled, he really had half a mind to send his Clackers flying at the old bastard's head. 

"Calm down, Jojo." Caesar scoffed beside him, a weary glance directed at Joseph, "No need to get worked up simply because someone else has your grandfather's attention. Stop behaving like a jealous child." 

"The hell you just call me?!" 

And so, as old Joseph led Jonathan away, Joseph and Caesar began to bicker again.

Joseph walked with Jonathan, hand falling from his back. "There's some people I'd like you to meet, is that okay grandpa?" 

"Of course Jose- Uh, apologies, Mr. Joestar? I'm quite conflicted as to how to refer to you." Jonathan chuckled nerviously, "You're my grandson... but you're older than me, my father always taught me to respect those of higher age and refer to them properly." 

Joseph chuckled. "Just call me Joseph, grandpa!" He then smiled, eyes wrinkling at the edges, "You truly are a gentleman, my granny sure wasn't kidding about that." 

Jonathan smiled warmly, "It appears Erina has spoken a lot about me to you both," He refered to younger Joseph, "I do hope they were all good things!" 

Old Joseph laughed, "Of course they were all good things! The woman adored you." And Joseph would've continued talking about his beloved late granny, and he definitely should later, due to the sheer amount of love and wonder that filled Jonathan's orbs at the thought of Erina's love for him, but he noticed they were close to his own grandson and their companions. "Ah, here we are."

As they stopped in front of the small group of three, Jonathan quickly recognized the one dressed in the black uniform.

"Oh, hello Jotaro!" Jonathan greeted excitedly, though he slowed to pronounce Jotaro's name, "I didn't know you were familiar with him, Joseph."

Polnareff went to speak, but Kakyoin seemingly read his thoughts, since he ever so subtly jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow a second later. Polnareff bit his tongue due to Kakyoin's jab, and he turned to glare promptly at the read head. "Jonathan, are you feeling better?" Jotaro asked, hands tucked into his pockets. He gave the teen a glance over, noting the gash on his bicep was gone. 

Jonathan smiled, Jotaro sounded totally indifferent, and maybe a bit too serious, but Jonathan could tell there was a small hint of worry among his words. It made him happy a stranger was worried for him. "Why, yes I am! Thank you for asking. I apologize for not being able to properly thank you earlier. I thank you deeply for saving my life."

"It's fine." Jotaro grunted. It was a bit awkward, if he was honest, he wasn't used to such a raw form of gratitude.

Joseph coughed a bit, gathering attention. "Right, well, grandpa, you've already met Jotaro, but I wanted you to meet our friends. This is Kakyoin," He motioned to the red head, "and that's Polnareff." He then motioned to the white haired man.

Kakyoin offered the teen a small smile, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Joestar." 

"Oh please, call me Jonathan, or Jojo if you'd like, everyone calls me that. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Ka-" His brows then furrowed. "Kakoin-Kaky- Oh, I apologize, I've never heard these names before so it's quite hard for me to pronounce them correctly."

Kakyoin laughed gently, "It's alright, you can call me Kak." 

"Just call him cherry boy." Polnareff snickered beside him, making Kakyoin glare at him and Jonathan to tilt his head in slight confusion. "And like Mr. Joestar said, my name's Polnareff but you can call me Jean until you get used to it." 

Jonathan grinned, forgetting all about Polnareff's earlier side comment. "Alright, Kak, Jean, thank you both! May I ask where you gentlemen are from? Your names are very unique, I don't believe I've ever heard them throughout my years in England." 

Jotaro shifted his hat a bit before speaking, "Polnareff's from France, and Kakyoin's from Japan, like me." 

Jonathan gasped softly, eyes widening with wonder. "My, that's quite amazing! I would love to hear more about your countries and cultures if you allow it, preferably over a cup of tea!" 

Before Jonathan could gush further, Joseph interruped him, "Ah, there'll be time for that later grandpa. C'mon, I have to talk to you about a few things." 

"Oh," Jonathan said, tone edged with slight disappointment. "Well, alright then." He turned to Kakyoin and Polnareff, "It was a pleasure to meet you both!"

He then faced Jotaro, "I hope we can conversate later, I am still deeply thankful for you coming to my rescue." He then smiled before turning around, falling into step with Joseph.

"I don't recall Mr. Joestar telling us what a nice guy Jonathan was." Kakyoin commented, turning to face Polnareff and Jotaro, "If I remember correctly, I've only heard the tale of his accident and his body."

"The old man's told me countless stories about him, about how noble he was and all that crap."

"The guy's from the Victorian era, what did you expect?" Polnareff commented beside him. He walked backwards a few steps and stopped to lean on the wall. "Being a gentleman probably runs in his veins."

"Dio is from the same era as Jonathan and look what a monster he turned out to be." Kakyoin shot back, lips pulling into a frown, "I still can't believe he did that to your ancestor, Jotaro." 

"Hey, speaking of, does he not know who you are?" And on that, Polnareff suddenly turned to Kakyoin, finger coming to point at him. "And why the hell did you hit me in the ribs earlier?!"

"Because I knew you'd spill about Jotaro being Joseph's grandson. I think it's quite hard swallowing the fact he has a grandson he didn't know about, plus the same grandson but years older. He didn't need you spilling out unecessary information without Mr. Joestar's permission."

Jotaro answered Polnareff's first question. "No, he doesn't know I'm a distant grandkid. Or that I'm related to Joseph. Just let the old man deal with that." 

Polnareff huffed, "Well, that still doesn't excuse you hitting me! And how does it feel meeting a dead relative anyway, Jotaro? Isn't it weird?" 

Jotaro sighed, hand coming to pull at his hat once more. "Nothing weird about it, just strange knowing what happens to him when he doesn't." His gaze then turned to Jonathan and Joseph, the latter talking and pointing to the spike pit, with Jonathan nodding slowly every now and then. "I think I know who I got my resilience from..." 


"I see! So you used to train here to master your Hamon." Jonathan nodded along, taking in the sight of the tower. "That's quite interesting! I'm sure you must have loads of interesting stories."

"That I do! But as much as I'd like to tell them to you, and as much as I'd like you to tell me all about yourself, we have to move along now." 

Joseph pointed at the turtle, which Jonathan remembered he and young Joseph had come out of. "Let's go inside." And, without warning, Joseph then walked foward, disappearing a few seconds after with a small flash.

"J-Joseph?!" Jonathan asked in a panic, looking around frantically. He then stared at the turtle, watching as it languidly walked across the coblestone floor. "Oh, he must've gone inside." He then placed a hand on his chest. "You kids are going to give me a heart attack."

Jonathan shuffled foward, stopping to crouch down before the small creature. "I wonder how on Earth you are able to transport people into a room." He then took his index finger and gently rubbed the turtle's head, "I do not know if you can understand what I say, but you have an amazing ability." 

He then touched the turtle's shell, curiosity roaring as he saw the strange key atop it, but before he could even gasp, he was sucked into the room he rested in before.

Naturally, due to this being the first time Jonathan has been exposed to a magical turtle with teleportation powers, it was expected that, unlike like Joseph who landed on his feet, the young Joestar would not land on his feet. Instead, he landed flat on his back, a small groan escaping his mouth. 

Joseph was half concerned, half trying not to laugh. "Oh man, I'm sorry grandpa! I should've warned you first."

"It is alright." The young Joestar replied, eyes cracking open. "I've had far worse." A small laugh escaped him as he sat up, not caring of any dust sticking to his clothing or bag.

'I know...' Joseph thought bitterly. "Come on, let's go to the kitchen."

He waited for Jonathan to stand, only to have the latter sputter once he did so. "T-This turtle has a kitchen too?! Wow!" Jonathan exclaimed astonishedly, following Joseph through a wooden door, "I think you should explain to me this creature first, Joseph!"

"I'll get to that grandpa, don't worry." Joseph replied as he walked to the cabinets.

Drinking in the sight, Jonathan sat on the wooden table. It was quite spacious, with polished floors and pale walls. There were cabinets aligned on the wall, a trash can tucked in the corner, a sink, a large counter, a-

"Joseph, what might that be?" 

The elder Joestar stiffed his movements, hand half risen to grab two glasses from the cabinet, and looked at what Jonathan was pointing at. 

"That's an electric stove, grandpa." 

"Electric?! Wow!" Jonathan gasped, eyes full of wonder. "The stove back in my home runs on gas I believe, what an invention!" 

"Oh, you should see the other things that have been invented. Would you like something to drink?

"Yes, please." Jonathan then interlocked his fingers. "Say, Joseph, why is it Joseph- Excuse me, younger Joseph, has his distinct British accent but you do not?"

"That's because, after a bizarre adventure that took me through Mexico and Europe, I decided to move to America! I guess the accent wears off when you're not surrounded by British people." He chuckled as he rinsed the glasses carefully. "I don't think I'll ever get it back, not even if I tried."

"What an interesting story! You have to tell me more about this 'bizarre adventure' of yours." 

Joseph chuckled, "Sure thing. I'll be right back." He then walked through the open door, glasses clutched in both hands.

Jonthan hummed in acknowledgement before looking around the room once more, mind starting to reel. Honestly, he's doing such a good job at handling all of this new information. For anyone else, finding out so suddenly about family they didn't know they would have would surely make them faint or go crazy. Although he was very surprised, he couldn't deny the proud feeling blooming within his chest when he saw Joseph training, or the way both boys (or more like, one boy and one older gentleman) spoke about him, with such an air of admiration and pride. Oh, he couldn't wait to get back in his time and tell Erina!

However, there was still the ever present question in the back of his mind. 'What happens to me?'

Of course, whatever fate he meets is alright, he already accepted the horrible twist his life has taken, fighting vampires, killing zombies, the undead trying to tear him apart around every corner. But, after meeting his grandkids, he's starting to wish it wouldn't be this way, him dying, possibly by an enemy's doing. Well, nobody's told him yet how exactly he dies, or if he dies at all. For all he knows, Joseph's earlier words of never getting to meet him could mean anything, maybe he gets kidnapped and is never seen again, or perhaps he gets lost in a jungle somewhere and lives his days among wild animals. 

Jonathan shook his head, 'I'm being ridiculous!' He huffed, brows furrowing. 'Joseph will explain everything soon.'

Speaking of Joseph, the recently turned Stand user was currently kneeling in front of the small fridge in the living area. He looked over the drinks, soda cans, bottled water, juice boxes, even a small milk jug rested in the back. 'Who the hell keeps this thing stocked?' Joseph thought wearily, hand coming to grab two cans of Cola and a small ice cube tray. He dropped three cubes in each glass, put the tray back in and closed the fridge. He then busied himself pouring the liquid in each glass. 

'Heh, if granny Erina knew I was giving grandpa soda instead of tea she'd yank my ear off.'

A small, yet sad, smile graced his lips, eyes casted downwards as memories of his grandmother flashed through his mind, all the scoldings she gave him and the expensive birthday suits she bought for him with love, the dreaded tea times and the exciting stories she told of grandpa Jonathan. He missed her, he really did. For the longest time, she was his everything, his only source of happiness and, quite literally, his only family. 

But right now, in this moment, he felt beyond happy. He never, not once in his entire life, did he think of the possibility he'd get to actually meet his late grandfather. Before this whole ordeal, the closest thing he got to that was seeing Dio's body, which left Joseph recoiling in disgust whenever he remembered who it belonged to. He reminded himself, everyday throughout their journey to Egypt, that while he was doing this mainly to save Holly's life, he was also determined to get that body back, for his dear granny. In a way, they did it, by letting the sun disintegrate his body.

Joseph felt it in his heart that day, his grandfather's soul, the very one that awakened their Stands and tried to fight Dio to the very end, was free, able to rest in peace among the heavens with Erina.

Just then, he stood up, drinks in his hand. He left the empty cans near the fridge, making a mental note to throw them away later.

He then returned to the kicthen, the glasses full of a dark liquid and small chunks of ice making Jonathan eye the drinks curiously. The elder Joestar set them down on the table. "Here, nice and cold!" He then took a sit next to Jonathan.

"What is this liquid, Joseph?" The younger Joestar asked, fingers coming to grasp the glass gently, taking note of them being quite different than the wine glasses he had back home, "Is this black tea with ice? How curious."

Joseph laughed and took his own glass, taking a small sip. "It's called Coco Cola, grandpa. I love this stuff! Take a sip, I know you'll like it." 

Jonathan nodded, and, carefully, raised the glass to his lips. With a slight tilt, the liquid made it's way into his mouth and down his throat. A few seconds passed as he indulged in the flavor, it was a whole new drink for him, after all. "It... tastes sweet. And it is bubbly. I've never had this drink before." 

"It's a bit ahead of your time, I think, but I've loved this ever since I was a kid." Jonathan nodded as he took another sip, "I remember this one time, I broke a police officer's finger with a Cola cap-"

"You what?!" Jonathan choked, free hand coming to form a fist over his mouth as he coughed violently, eyes screwing shut.

"Oh my God, grandpa!" Joseph shot out of the chair, using his full height to his advantage as he delivered powerful slaps to Jonathan's back, "Are you okay-"

"Y-You injured an officer of the law?! Joseph Joestar, why on Earth would you do such a thing?!" Despite of the fact that Joseph was way older than him, Jonathan wasted no time to interrupt him with a scolding, which made Joseph jump back in surprise.

"Hey, it was either that or him shooting me between the eyes!" Joseph argued, hands flailing, "And besides, they had it coming-"

"They?! You injured more than one officer?!"

"But-But grandpa! They were beating up a kid and I had to do something!"

At this, Jonathan's scolding ceased, but his mouth opened and closed a few times. "Why where they beating a child?"

"Because the kid stole my wallet, and they were corrupt cops. They had what was coming to them!"

Jonathan's shoulders dropped, and he let out a sigh. "I suppose I cannot argue if it was solely for the purpose to protect a defenseless child."

"Y-Yeah, totally." Joseph chuckled nervously. For now, he'd keep hidden the fact he also punched the other cop so hard his own finger tore through his nose and a couple of his teeth flew out. He seriously didn't need Jonathan having a damn heart attack right now.

"I do hope you reprimanded that young man for stealing your belongings." Jonathan commented after a beat of silence.

"Eh, it was all good. We became very good friends afterwards, and he even became the mayor of a city!"

"Oh!" Jonathan beamed, "That's wonderful! I am very glad he was able to make such an accomplishment and not diverge into the path of a thief once more. I do hope I can meet him at some point." 

"Sure, grandpa." Joseph chuckled, he found it sweet Jonathan wanted to meet and talk with everyone he came across. It was a bit strange calling someone fourty years younger than you 'grandpa' though, but Joseph didn't mind, he already got used to it. And Jonathan was so polite, too! Just like granny had always told him. Oh, if only Jotaro had inherited Jonathan's gentlemanly trait.

"Oh, Joseph, you have not told me how you are here before me, but another Joseph is out there."

"Well, it's due to the Holy Corpse and all." Joseph then laid his chin atop his gloved palm. "From what I've gathered, the corpse parts takes us to different times and eras in which we can find potential allies, or, most likely, someone in our bloodline. So far, there are four Joestars. You, me, my younger self, Jotaro... yeah, that's all of us."

He almost told him about a certain someone, but he decided to keep that bit of information to himself for now. 

"Jotaro?" Jonathan asked, eyebrows raised.

"Jotaro's my grandson."

Jonathan gasped. "G-Grandson?! Then that means..." Jonathan's brows furrowed, before quickly shooting upwards once more in surprise. "He's my great great grandson?!"

"That he is, has the star birthmark and everything." Joseph grinned, a proud feeling blooming in his chest.

"I cannot believe he's related to me! I felt as though I knew him, but I just could not figure out why." Jonathan then smiled gently, "I never imagined this. I have never considered I would get to live this, to get such a wonderful gift, a family of my own. It truly does make me happy." His eyes burned slightly, tears threatening to spill started clouding his vision. 

"Oh man, don't cry grandpa!" Joseph said nerviously, hands starting to wave wildly, "Uhhh, I've always sucked at this but please cheer up!"

Jonathan chuckled warmly, fingers coming up to wipe away the small tears. "Do not worry, Joseph, they are merely tears of joy!" He then smiled brilliantly, "It's been quite a while since I've been this happy."

Joseph let out a breath of relief, "Phew, I'm glad you feel happy!"

Jonathan started speaking. "Indeed I do! I have an even bigger desire to speak with Jotaro, now that I am aware he is my grandson! Or, well, great great grandson." He then switched topics, "The corpse part first appeared in my time, as did the anomalies. My home, which was burned down due to a fire, suddenly reappeared and was infested with the undead. I sent Speedwagon to gather allies while I stayed behind to fight the zombies. I am glad he was able to find you and the others!" 

Joseph nodded. "Interesting! Well, it's really fitting if that it first appeared in your time, our legacy began with you, after all."

He then finished his drink, whereas Jonathan's glass was still halfway full. Mhm, perhaps not a huge fan of the soda like Joseph was. 

Jonathan wanted to ask what he meant by 'legacy', but now he was far more curious of the other things Joseph mentioned before. "Say, Joseph," He began as Joseph got up, the latter walking briskly to the sink to wash his empty glass. "You said there were other matters you had to tell me. Could you perhaps discuss them with me now?"

Jonathan almost missed the way Joseph flinched, but he saw it, the quick rise and fall of his shoulders and stiffened back. Well, that wasn't good.

His fingers then gripped the glass, the material threatening to break under white knuckles hidden behind equally white gloves.

'This bastard stole the body of my grandfather, Jonathan Joestar!'

But, he rationalized, he didn't have to start immediately with all the bad things, what's something positive he could tell Jonathan...? Just then, as if on cue, Hermit Purple began to untangle softly around Joseph's fingers, maybe due to the fact he was gripping the glass with too much force.

Well, of fucking course.

"Ah, there's much I need to tell you, but I think I'll start with something very important." He then placed the glass back in the cabinet and walked off, taking back his seat next to Jonathan. He raised a hand, his Stand still wrapped around his arm and fingers. "Can you see this?" 

Jonathan squinted, focusing on Joseph's hand. He indeed see... something... purple, and it looked to be swirling around Joseph's hand, down to his elbow. "What is that? It's a bit faint but I certainly see something wrapped around your hand. Is that an ability you possess?" 

Joseph beamed, eyes full of wonder and mouth forming into a big smile. He, not so subtly, yelled, "Holy shit! You can see Stands!"

Jonathan's head tilted sideways, and though he really wanted to correct Joseph's language, he instead asked, "... Stands? And what might those be?"

Joseph took his other hand and gripped his chin, one eye falling closed. "Well, it's a bit complicated but, Stands are basically a manifestation of one's soul, they can also be called spirit Hamon. Only those with a strong will and an even stronger soul can aquire one naturally. The stronger your soul, the stronger your Stand is, and one's Stand has abilities and powers according to how strong your will is. This is my Stand, Hermit Purple." At this, Joseph extended his arm, laying it across the table for Jonathan to see closer. "Only those with Stands can see other Stands, but you can see mine, even if it's faintly." 

By the time he was done, Jonathan's mouth was hanging open, his mind was racing, trying to process Joseph's words. "I've never heard of this ability before..." He whispered softly, eyes strained on Hermit Purple. "Does Jotaro have a Stand as well? When he was fighting earlier, I swore I could see something aiding him, it was really fast and purple colored." 

Joseph nodded, "Yes, his Stand is called Star Platinum. It's one of the strongest Stands we've come across." 

"I see!" Jonathan nodded, "That's interesting, I'll have to ask him later to show me!"

A second passed before Jonathan spoke again.

"You said only people with this power can see Stands, correct?" At Joseph's nod, Jonathan continued. "Then, how am I able to see them? I don't have a Stand, as far as I'm concerned. You did say it can be classified as spirit Hamon, but I'm unsure if the Hamon ability I have is spirit Hamon." 

"Oh, well..." How did he explain Jonathan was probably able to see Stands because, in the future, his body would be attached to Dio's head when the vampire acquires his own Stand? "Ya know, reasons..."

"Joseph," Jonathan continued, staring intently at the elder Joestar, "What are you not telling me? Is it... connected to the reason why you were never able to meet me?"

Well, this plan backfired faster than Joseph thought.

How come granny never told him how smart this kid was?! 

The elder Joestar sighed. "Grandpa, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this." He then took a deep breath, "In 1889, after having defeated Dio, you went on your honey moon on a ship in the sea with granny Erina. It turned out Dio, just being a head, was still alive, and he sneaked into the ship. You fought him, trying to stop him while people began to turn into zombies and the ship burned. You saved my grandmother and a stranger's baby, but he... he killed you, grandpa. He killed you and stole your body and locked himself in a coffin that sunk to the bottom of the ocean. A hundred years later, some treasure hunters found the coffin, and he was free. Somehow, he gained Stand abilities, and since his body was yours, your body gained one. Your soul, your strength, your honor, your will to defeat Dio, it was all so much that you awoke mine and Jotaro's stand, and my daughter's as well. It was all you, grandpa. I believe that's how you can see Stands, you're the sheer reason alone I, Jotaro and my daughter posses one. This goes without saying, but... he's killed and brainwashed hundreds of people, thanks to him three of my friends died and he nearly killed me, Jotaro and my daughter, Holly. We defeated him before this whole mess started, but it looks like he's the one behind all these bizarre events with the Holy Corpse." 

Joseph then risked looking at Jonathan. Oh no. 

Jonathan, though he was still sitting, had a look on his face that could only be described as sheer fury. His brows were scrunched up impossibly, his teeth were grit with such force Joseph feared they would break, his fists were curled so tightly that it surely would've drawn blood had it not been for the leather glove.

"Dio did what?!"

At this, he abruptly shot up, hands coming to slam on the table, causing the glass still containing soda to spill. Contrary to Jonathan's previous interactions and voice, the ones full of politeness, attentiveness nerviousness or happiness, this one was a pure scream, raw against his throat and booming with force, like that of a beast. 

Jotaro looked up, eyes narrowing as he looked at the turtle, "Did I just hear Jonathan's voice and 'Dio'?" 

Kakyoin looked at the reptile in concern, "I think Mr. Joestar just told Jonathan about him." 

"Really, you think?" Polnareff scoffed, "I'm seriously glad I'm not in the same room as him, he sounds mad as hell."

Just as Jotaro and his companions heard Jonathan's powerful voice, the same could be said for a certain blonde haired teen.

A chill shot up Giorno's spine, shoulders shooting up in a flinch as he whirled around, eyes stuck on the small animal. He didn't hear correctly, right? He could NOT have heard correctly. It had to be a mistake, he missheard, he most definitely did NOT hear what sounded like a voice pronouncing a name that made Giorno's veins run cold.

"Whoa Giorno, you okay?" Narancia asked, the conversation the four of them were having was cut off the moment Giorno abruptly turned around. 

"Did you guys hear that scream?" Giorno asked quietly.

"Yes, it came from the turtle." Trish answered, eyes glancing at Giorno's back, "I'm sure everything is okay."

Just then, as if the universe itself was trying to disprove Trish's words of comfort, a very flustered, or more like a visibly shaken up and angry, Jonathan stepped out of the turtle, eyes ablaze and teeth grit. A second later, the elder Joestar stepped out as well, a nervous look to his face with a few sweat drops collecting around his forehead and cheeks.

"Where is Dio?!" Jonathan all but shouted, beggining to walk foward quickly as his fists shook with anger. 

Everyone in the arena froze in surprise, and some in fear. Giorno felt like he couldn't breathe, it felt as though Jonathan's words formed an invisible fist and pounded him in the gut, rendering him breathless.

"Grandpa?!" Young Joseph walked foward, interrupting Giorno's trance. The Hamon user passed by him quickly, roughly bumping shoulders with Giorno, without a care in the world as the latter stumbled slightly, a half confused Caesar following behind. "What the hell did you do, old man?!" 

Jonathan, in a seeming daze of rage, ignored the young Joseph, continuing his walk foward, "I will smite you, Dio! I'll knock you down until you cry like a girl!" His fists were cackling wildly with Hamon energy, and his hair was starting to spike up in different places. 

"Shit." Joseph muttered alarmed, speed walking to catch up to Jonathan, hands flying to grab the latter's bicep in a futile attempt to stop his journey. "Grandpa, stop!" He shouted in vain, teeth coming to grit as he felt the intesity of Jonathan's Hamon surging through this skin. "Caesar! Lend me a hand will you?!"

"Jonathan, please calm down!" Caesar yelled, hands curling around Jonathan's other arm, feet trying and failing miserably to plant firmly on the stone floor in an attempt to halt Jonathan's aggresive walk.

"What the hell's going on?!" Josuke jogged to the scene, Speedwagon and Koichi trailing behind him nerviously, along with a serious faced Rohan, whose sketchbook was tucked under his arm. Josuke stood next to Jotaro, a rushed, "Is he okay?!" Escaping his lips.

"Tch, he's having a moment of blind rage." Jotaro explained gruffly, mildly concerned. "I told you not to dump it all on him out of the blue, gramps!" 

"I had no choice!" Old Joseph replied, his tone full of urgency and shock. "Grandpa, chill out!" He then ran after Jonathan, who's fast steps had simmered down significally, due to the two teenagers clinging to his arms, pulling him back with all their strength. But he still walked, one foot at a time, teeth bared. 

"Hermit Purple!" Joseph shouted, shooting vines to wrap around Jonathan's right foot just as he lifted it to take another step. He planted his feet onto the solid ground and wrapped a hand tightly around the vines, using enough force to halt Jonathan's next step. Sweat trickled down his brow, the fingers in his flesh hand were starting to hurt. Jonathan was, unknowningly, sending waves of Hamon throughout his entire body, the vines were conducting the energy to Joseph's gloved hands and to his body, he could feel it running down his legs and torso. Jus then, Jonathan managed to move his foot anyways, harshly planting with force on the ground. Old Joseph stumbled slightly, trying with all his might not to send his own Hamon onto Jonathan.

Jotaro scowled, hands coming out of his pockets as he marched foward, quickly side stepping by Giorno and old Joseph. "Star Platinum." He stood to the side of young Joseph, Star Platinum manifesting behind him immediately, fists raised. "I'm sorry about this, ancestor..." Jotaro said, and before anyone could so much as look in his direction, he pointed at Jonathan, making Star Platinum launch foward, fist drawn, and...

Well, all Jonathan saw was a flash of purple.

Star Platinum's fist made contact with Jonathan's jaw, making the Joestar's head fly to the side harshly with a sickening 'crack', his whole body turning around as he flew back in a heap. Joseph and Caesar's grips on his arms were ripped off abruptly, leaving scratch marks on his skin due to the unexpected attack. Jonathan's massive form fell foward, but before he could crash on the ground, Star Platinum rushed to him and stretched an arm over Jonathan's chest, stopping the now unconscious teen merely a few inches from touching the stone.

For a few seconds, nobody moved a muscle, all eyes stared in shock as the seeming titan went down, but the silence didn't drag on for long.

"What the fuck did you do?!" Young Joseph all but screamed, eyes angrily landing on Jotaro. "I have half a mind to kick your ass right now, you damn punk!" He took a step toward Jotaro, but old Joseph rapidly went to stand in front of him.

"You need to relax." Old Joseph said, staring at his younger self's angered expression.

"Relax?! That freaking bastard just somehow knocked our grandfather unconscious, he could have killed him! And you're defending him?!"

"You're forgetting, he's my grandson, meaning he's your future grandson too. I won't let you go and pick a fight with him, especially one you can't win. Grandpa Jonathan will be fine, it was either that or him going off in an even deeper rage mode." 

As the two Joestars glared at each other, Jotaro closed his eyes, muttering a small "Yare yare...". He walked briskly to Jonathan's limp form, squatting next to him a second later to throw an arm over his shoulders.

With minimal effort, he stood, Star Platinum taking Jonathan's other arm over it's shoulders. Together, they began to drag him foward. 

"Hey, where do you think you're taking him?!" Young Joseph shouted. He was so focused on Jonathan and the goddamnasshole next to him that he didn't even notice Jonathan's other arm hanging mysteriously in thin air. 

"To the damn turtle." Jotaro replied, an annoyed edge to his tone, "And stop with the bitching already, you're worse than a highschool girl with a crush."

Jotaro then turned to Josuke, "Hey, your Stand has healing abilities right? C'mon." He demanded briefly, not allowing any room for Josuke to deny his request, not that he would anyways. He nodded vigorously, falling behind Jotaro as they approached the turtle. As Jotaro went in, Josuke closed his eyes, feet carrying him two steps more before he was whisked into the room. He seriously still wasn't used to the reptile.

Joseph stared in shock, left eye twitching dangerously. "What the hell did he just call me?!" 

Old Joseph huffed, hand coming to give himself a face palm. He forgot how annoying he used to be. 

Caesar turned his attention to older Joseph, "Signor Joestar, I have questions regarding that young man's... ability." 

"Ah, of course. I knew you'd notice that before this brat did." 

"Hey! Stop calling me that!" 

"Come on, I didn't want to mention that little detail before since it would be way too much for you two to take in. We should go inside." At this, the Joestar motioned to the arena's tower. "And you're coming too, Joseph. I can't let you out of my sight or else you'll go cause trouble. Jonathan's in good hands, don't worry about him." 

Without warning, old Joseph walked off with Caesar, leaving the younger Hamon warrior behind. Joseph blinked, before threading his fingers through his messy hair, tugging at the locks. "Ugh, this is so damn frustrating!" Grumbling to himself, he begrudgingly followed the old geezer, his will alone (and not wanting to upset Jonathan) holding him back from smacking the man upside the head. He really hoped that punk was taking care of his grandfather, or else he'd get an ass kicking by yours truly.

"That... was intense." Mista suddenly said, "What the hell was he so mad about anyway?"

But his question was left hanging on thin air. Giorno was far too gone to even register the question.

"I... I have to go." Giorno stated numbly. With shaky legs and no further explanation, he promptly walked off, ignoring his friends' worried gazes.

With his lips pulled into a frown, he headed for the turtle quickly, mind racing like crazy as he tried to make sense of all this. Jonathan knew Dio. Jonathan knew who Dio was. Jonathan was related to Dio. Dio did something to Jonathan. Jonathan hated Dio? Jonathan wanted to kill Dio. What did Dio do to Jonathan? Who exactly is Jonathan? What-

His fists curled, a silent gesture to make himself stop overthinking so damn much. 

He neared the turtle, and in a blink, was quickly ushered inside. He landed with a soft thud, feet barely making a sound from within the corner he landed in. He half crouched behind one of the velvet chairs, endless blues scanning the scene, immediately falling on Jotaro and Josuke. They were currently rearranging Jonathan onto the couch, tucking his arms on top of his stomach to make him fit properly. 

"Okay, do your thing, Josuke." Jotaro grunted, to which Josuke nodded in reply.

"Crazy Diamond!" At once, Josuke's Stand, a big mass of soft pink and baby blue muscles, appeared behind him. Kneeling next to Jonathan, and with his Stand next to him, hands raised, Josuke began to heal the purple haired teen's bruised (and possibly dislocated) jaw. 

Jotaro suddenly looked over his shoulder, eyes narrowing at the chair perched in the corner. "I know you're there, come out now before you regret it." He announced threateningly. 

Giorno sighed, fingers coming to grip the chair's arm rest for support to stand fully. He stood to the chair's side, back straightening out completely as he stared at the two Stand users across the room.

Jotaro raised a brow, and even Josuke was confused as to why someone was hiding behind a piece of furniture.

"What do you want, kid? Can't you see we're busy?" The normally stoic teenager asked.

Giorno stared, eyes going from Jotaro, down to Jonathan, next to Josuke, and back up at Jotaro. With a never ending determination lit in his deep blue orbs, he uttered six small words:

"What do you know about Dio?"

Chapter Text

"What do you know about Dio?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, he recieved one of the deadliest glares he's ever seen. Jotaro's eyes were basically nartowed into slits, and his mouth was pulled down into a deep scowl.

But Giorno held his ground, locking eyes fiercely with the taller teenager.

Josuke stared nervously between the two, beside him Crazy Diamond was moving onto the scratches on Jonathan's arms. His mind was racing to remember the little information Jotaro, or the one in his time anyways, had told him about a guy named 'Dio'. But before he could recall, Jotaro finally spoke. "Tch. Get lost, you have no business poking into that."

He then turned to Josuke, just as Crazy Diamond finished healing Jonathan's biceps, "You done?"

Josuke nodded slightly, "Yeah, just got done with the scratches on his arms." Crazy Diamond vanished, and Josuke stood up to his full height, "I know hand how painful one of your punches can be, so I'm glad he won't feel any pain when he wakes up." 

Jotaro only nodded, before he looked at Giorno again. "You're still here? I said get lost." 

Giorno's brows furrowed, "Not until you tell me what you know about Dio. I have my reasons." 

Jotaro rolled his eyes. His patience was seriously running thin with all the Holy Corpse and time travel bullshit he's had to deal with today, and to top it all of, he just punched someone he never wanted to fight, and now some fucking kid was proding him for information about the one piece of shit he despised to hell and back? 

Sure, cause why the fuck not.

But, as Jotaro glared at him, he came to a realization. This kid, he reminded him of Dio. A silent chill shot up his spine. The way his eyes coldly pierced daggers into him, the blonde hair, the cocky posture. 'But, his eyes, they remind me of-'

"Uh, I'll be going now." Josuke said awkwardly, stretching his legs for a second before making his way to the chair. "Lemme know if you need anything else, Jotaro!" He said, way too cheerfully for Jotaro's liking, before disappearing into the outside world.

A throat cutting silence hung in the air, accompanied by Jonathan's soft breathing. 

Giorno looked at the once more unconscious man, and walked foward. His eyes stayed on his resting features, but noted out of the corner of his eyes the way Jotaro silently followed his movements, his look was guarded and his shoulders shifted slightly, as if he was getting ready to pummel Giorno into next week if he so much as breathed too hard around Jonathan.

But the blonde stopped when he reached the small table a few spaces from the sofa. He sat on the edge, legs crossed and posture straight. Jotaro, now seeing he wasn't going to get closer to his ancestor, crossed his arms. "I'm not going to tell you shit unless you explain yourself. Why do you want to know about that? And how do you know about him? I know he-" He took a moment to glance at Jonathan, "-was screaming his name earlier, but you're pretty damn sure of yourself and who you're talking about." 

Giorno's eyes closed, hand slipping inside his pocket for a familiar leather object. He fished out his wallet, tossing it without a care to Jotaro. "Open it." He then opened his eyes, watching as Jotaro caught it with ease. Just as he opened it and his eyes landed on the mysterious picture inside it, the words left Giorno's mouth. 

"Dio is my father."

Jotaro freezed, eyes widening immensely and fingers tightening around the cheap leather. "You gotta be kidding me... he has a son?" He glared silently at the picture inside, leave it to Dio to hand out stupid ass pictures of himself to the women he leaves high and dry. He gazed at the star shaped birthmark, eyes glancing at Jonathan for a brief second before he closed the wallet, tossing it back at Giorno.

"Tch. I was wondering why the hell the Holy Corpse took us to your time, since it's only taken us to people in our bloodline or someone that knows us. Looks like I got my answer." 

Giorno looked at him confusedly, "What answer? All I said was that Dio is my father. Is he related to you-"

"No." Jotaro interrupted way too quickly, as if the very notion of him being related to Dio was a fate worse than death. "I'll tell you, but nothing leaves this room for now, got it?" 

Giorno nodded eagerly, to which Jotaro sighed. "First of all, just to make sure, do you have a birthmark on the base of your neck?"

A quiet gasp. "How did you-"

"Yes or no? I don't have all day, Giovanna." 

Solemnly, he nodded. "Yes, I do."

"Show it to me." 

Before he could even ask, Jotaro continued, "Just do it." 

A frustrated sigh left Giorno's lips. But he nodded anyways, standing up. He turned around and tugged at his collar, lowering it so at an angle that he hoped would make his strange birthmark pop out. 

He then faced Jotaro, the latter had two fingers hooked over his hat's cap, pulling it down over his eyes. But Giorno could see it, the way his lips were pulled into a frown and his fists curled. 

"I don't understand. How did you know about my birthmark? And why is it important?" 

Jotaro let his grip on his hat go in favor of staring at Giorno, his scowl ever present. Without saying anything, he began shrugging off his uniform's coat until it hug around his elbows. He then turned around, "I know because I have it too." 

Giorno choked, eyes widening immensely as he pointed at the lilac mark on Jotaro's neck. "How is that possible... no, don't tell me you're-"

"I'm NOT Dio's kid." Jotaro growled out in disgust as he turned around, pulling his coat back around his biceps. "Look, I'll cut straight to the point. Do you know anything about Dio?"

Giorno's head bowed, memories of his childhood came rushing through his mind. "No. All I have is the picture. He left my mother before I was even born."

Jotaro then looked at Jonathan. Surprisingly, the man had not shifted or made any movements, oblivious to the unfolding conversations before him. He felt a small tinge of guilt in his gut, the sound of Star Platinum's fist conecting to Jonathan's jaw played in his mind like a broken record. 

'His eyes, they remind me of Jonathan's.' 

And now that made sense, too. 

He looked back at Giorno, who's eyes were strained intently on him. "C'mon." He gestured to the two velvet chairs on the other side of the oak table. Jotaro trudged foward, a quiet Giorno behind him. The two sat down, with Jotaro staring at Jonathan and Giorno staring at him.

"What I'm about to tell you is all true, I don't care if you believe me or not. And don't complain about how I word things and all that crap." Jotaro then mumbled something about 'Why couldn't the old man be here, he's better at this shit than me.' Before facing Giorno, eyes dead serious. "Your dad's been screwing shit for my bloodline for years and years. He's from the 1800's, and the first person who suffered by his hands was Jonathan."

Giorno stared, brows shot up nearly into his perfectly styled hair. "The... the 1800's? But, how?" 

"He's a vampire." Jotaro answered casually, as if they were talking about the weather. "Gramps told me about this thing called a Stone Mask, it's capable of turning anyone that puts it on into a vampire. It belonged to Jonathan's mom, and Dio took it from him and somehow discovered it's ability to turn people into blood sucking demons." 

"T-That's impossible!" Giorno exclaimed, "There's no way something like that exists-"

"I told you, I don't care if you believe me or not." Jotaro cut him off again, "And lower your voice, you're gonna wake him up." He gestured to Jonathan, "Now, you gonna let me finish or not?" 

Sweat drops were beggining to collect on Giorno's forehead, but he nodded anyways, fingers starting to curl on the seat's armrests. 

"My gramps was the one who told me about Jonathan's life. All I know is that Dio became Jonathan's half brother and made his life a living hell, and when he became a vampire, some guy named Zeppeli taught him about Hamon and he set off to defeat Dio. He succeeded, or so he thought. Jonathan got married and went on his honeymoon in 1889, but Dio was still alive, as a head. He snuck on the ship, turned people into zombies, set it on fire. Jonathan fought him, but he gave up his life to save his wife and a baby on the ship. His wife managed to escape, but Dio killed him and the two sunk with the ship." 

Silence hung in the air.

Giorno blinked rapidly, his mind was racing to process everything Jotaro said. He didn't even know what was he supposed to say, he felt numb if he was honest. He was sweating, but his legs and hands felt cold, his head was spinning wildly and he felt the air left his lungs completely. "I-I... I don't know what to say..." He muttered quietly, eyes now glued to the carpeted floor. "Dio... killed Jonathan?" For the first time in a while, that word came off cursed off his tongue, he didn't want it related to Jonathan at all.


Giorno then snapped out of his seeming trance, "But, you didn't explain the birthmark..." 

"I was gonna get to that." Jotaro huffed, rolling his eyes momentarily. "Dio didn't just kill Jonathan. He stole his body. The birthmarks only appear on those in the Joestar bloodline. The birthmark on your father's neck isn't his, it's Jonathan, it's his body. He has a scar around his neck from where he attached his head and where Jonathan was decapitated."

Giorno abruptly shot up, eyes glaring daggers at Jotaro. "That can't be true! There's no way my father would-"

"You didn't know who your dad was up until a minute ago. Calm the hell down." Jotaro interrupted, and Giorno's eye twitched at the fact he was cut off again.

But Giorno just breathed deeply, "Where is Dio now? How do you know so much about him?" 

Jotaro debated briefly. Tell him he was the one behind this mess or tell him what happened in Egypt? If he was honest, the moment the kid revealed his origins, any trust Jotaro had in him vanished immediately. They could be working together for all he knew.

"Gone." He stood up, eyes looking coldly into Giorno's lit ones. "I know because we hunted him down, turned him to ash in the sun. I killed him."

Giorno took a second to register the answer, and as soon as he did, he scowled endlessly, teeth bared and fists curled, Gold Experience manifesting behind him. He let out a guttural scream, "You killed my father."

"Your dad's right there." Jotaro replied calmly, Star Platinum beside him as he pointed harshly at Jonathan. "And Dio is worse than scum." 

But Giorno was too far gone in blind anger to register the words, and Gold Experience was rearing back for an attack. Jotaro let out a 'tch' and prepared silently to punch the living daylights out of him. Unlike the small guilt he felt for the incident with Jonathan, he was more than a-okay knocking this idiot into next month.

However, before any of the teens could do anything, a small sound pierced the air.


Both froze, eyes switching quickly to the sofa. Jonathan's head was lolling to the side and his eyes were fluttering. And then, striking blues shone through.

"What... happened..." Jonathan mumbled, eyes looking curiously around the room. Jotaro looked at Giorno briefly, eyes screaming 'I will end you if you think about fighting now.' Before making his way to the sofa.

Giorno blinked, frustration was radiating off him in waves but he held back, and Gold Experience vanished as quick as he came.

"Jonathan, you okay?" Jotaro asked gruffly.

"J-Jotaro?" He sat up quietly, noticing alarmedly he was back on the couch once more, "What happened? Last I remember Joseph was-" He then cut off, eyes widening almost comically. "T-That's right, Joseph was telling me of... Dio... and what he did... m-my body..." He clutched his chest, and his face turned into a pained look, "I was so furious, and I could not control my anger, I just wanted to get ahold of Dio and finish what I started... but how did I...?" He gestured to the sofa. 

"I brought you here." He then grabbed his hat, "And I had to punch you to knock you out. Sorry, but you were really pissed and nobody could stop you." 

"Oh... it's quite alright." Much to Jotaro's suprise, Jonathan smiled brightly. "You did what you had to in order to stop me, it was my own fault for being foolish and letting my anger consume me." Well, shit, if Jotaro was being honest, he half expected him to try and punch him back, but sometimes he forgets how honorable Joseph makes him to be.

Jonathan's brows furrowed, "But why am I not in pain? I've seen you in battle, your attacks are quite powerful so I have no doubt I should be in some sort of discomfort."

"Did Joseph tell you about Stands?"

Suddenly, Jonathan beamed, "Oh, yes, he did! He also told me you have one, could I see it, please? I'm awfully curious. During our earlier fight, I could see something purple aiding you, was that it?" His eyes shifted to Giorno suddenly, "Hello there, do you have a Stand as well? I've only just learned of their existence but I wish to see as many as I can!" He then let out a brightful laugh.

Giorno's stomach churned, but he nodded anyways. "Y-Yes, I do." He then walked foward, with Jotaro watching him intently. 

Jonathan nodded, his bright smile never leaving his lips, "It must be quite exciting to have such a powerful ability! Oh, but why did you ask, Jotaro? Am I not in pain due to a 'Stand' ability?"

"Yeah, you don't know him but a guy named Josuke healed you." 

"That's quite amazing! But he did not have to waste his efforts on me, I am capable of healing my own injuries with Hamon. Still, you must introduce me to him, I have to properly thank him."

"I'll introduce you later. And I should go look for another light rift, so I'll show you my Stand later." 

Jonathan nodded excitedly, but he then remembered, "Oh, and Joseph told me something else..." He then stood up, staring directly into Jotaro's eyes, "He told me you are his grandson, which means you are my great great grandson..." His eyes softened at the edges, and Jotaro thought, as strange as it sounded, especially coming from a guy like him, that he looked like a puppy.

A tall, buff, vampire slaying puppy.

"Yeah, he's told me a lot of stories about you, whenever he gets the chance, really. After I saw you fight, I realized I inherited my resilience and will from you." 

His words lit an endless happiness in Jonathan's heart, and he carefully placed his hands on Jotaro's shoulders. "You have no idea how joyous I am feeling, when I saw you I felt I should know you, I felt a sensation that you were important. And would you look! You're my grandson- er, great great grandson, but still! It's so nice to meet you, and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity."

Jonathan finished his small speech with a tiny, content smile, and even Jotaro had a hard time fighting off the infectious smile that was tugging at his lips. 


Both teens turned their heads to the source of the noise, in other words, Giorno. 

"Ah, apologies." Jonathan let go of Jotaro in favor of facing Giorno, "I got caught up in the moment, I suppose. I believe we haven't met, I'm Jonathan Joestar, but you can call me Jojo! And you are?" 

Jonathan stared at him for a moment. The sensation, the same one he got with Joseph and Jotato, started to burn weakly within his chest the moment he caught sight of Giorno's deep blue eyes. It wasn't quite as strong as when he first saw his grandchildren, but it was still there nonetheless. Before he could dwell on it, though, Giorno finally spoke.

"I'm..." A deep breath, "Giorno, Giorno Giovanna." 

If Jonathan noticed Giorno's stiff shoulders and nervous look, he made no indication of it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Giorno." Surprisingly, his name rolled off easily off his tongue. "I'm sure you must've seen my silly dilemna earlier, I apologize, to you both." He gestured to Jotaro, "It's quite unlike me, but I was just so angry." He mumbled dejectedly, shoulders dropping gently.

If Giorno was being honest, it kinda broke his heart to see Jonathan so sad. He watched as Jotaro told him it was okay and gave him a small pat on the arm, when he suddenly remembered Jotaro's earlier words.

'Your dad's right there.' 

He let out a choked noise of surprise, which made Jotaro raise a brow and Jonathan to look at him in concern. "Giorno, are you alright?" 

"I-I'm sorry, Jonathan, but could you possibly give me a moment with Jotaro? I have to speak with him." 

Jonathan nodded, "Of course! I think I shall explore this creature and it's rooms." He then looked at Jotaro, "There's no mistaking it, Jotaro, my blood flows within you." He took a step closer and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I'm honored to be your ancestor, and I am quite proud of you already." With a small smile, he then walked off curiously, hand trailing the wall before going into another room.

A beat of silence passed before Jotaro spoke.

"Bold of you to say that, considering the fact I was one second away from punching your teeth in." He looked at Giorno with a glare, "I think the only thing that was keeping you safe just went into another room."

"You won't." Giorno defied him silently, "I haven't known Jonathan for long, but if you try to attack me, he'll come rushing back and stop you." And it's not like Giorno couldn't take this guy on, which he could, even though Jotaro was a walking mass of six foot tall muscles, but he felt warm saying those words. The thought of a real parent, a real father, well, it made him gush. But he would never admit that, not out loud anyways.

"What, too weak to fight yourself that you gotta cower behind someone else?" 

"You saw me fight earlier, you know I'm capable of taking you on." Giorno shot back quietly, "It's not that I'm a coward, it's that I know you won't risk fighting here when you know Jonathan will try to stop it. You already hurt him once, I don't think you want to again."

"Tch. In case you still wanna believe in your good version of Dio, just ask Jonathan all the shit he's gone through because of him, and that's excluding the things he's done in my time."

Giorno remained silent, his mind was everywhere and nowhere at the same time, all the information and answers he's wanted for so long were suddenly dropped on him like a ton of bricks, and they were things he never even dreamed of, but anger was still bubbling in his chest. Maybe he should ask Jonathan about what Dio's done, but then he remembered what Jotaro said, that the supposed vampire killed him, and the anger was quickly replaced by disgust, sadness and guilt.

"Jonathan's already acted towards you more like a father than Dio ever did." Jotaro commented all of a sudden, a bored look to his face, watching half amused as Giorno flinched.

"He is not-"

"Idiot. From the neck down, it was Jonathan's body. Unless Dio can make a baby with his fucking eyes, I'm pretty sure that makes you his son. Don't believe me? Check his neck for the mark."

That made Giorno shut up, but his fists were curled tight.

"Jonathan's the best possible choice the universe can give you in terms of a father, especially compared to Dio. Consider yourself lucky that you're related to him. I'd tell him the truth before this whole mess is over. Maybe then you'll know what it's like to have a real father." Jotaro then turned abruptly, heading for the chair.

It took Giorno a moment for the words to sink in, and then, "Hey! Where are you going?"

"Outside. Have fun." He looked over his shoulder, "Don't do anything to him, Giovanna, because Jonathan's kid or not, I will kill you." And he was gone.

Giorno scowled, what the hell was he supposed to do now? Charge in there and start calling Jonathan 'dad'? 

'If it's really true... is that why I was having the strange feelings earlier?'

Just as he began wondering, he heard a loud crash coming from one of the rooms. 

"Jonathan?!" Panicked, he ran and burst into the room, which was the kitchen, and saw Jonathan laying on the floor with dozens of pots and pans around of him. This should've been hilarious, really, but Giorno's heart was too much in a frenzy to laugh. He saw two of the cabinet's doors opened all the way, and got a pretty good idea of what happened.

He kneeled beside Jonathan, the latter slowly sitting up on his elbows. Giorno let out a small laugh once he saw he was okay and removed a pot that was adorning Jonathan's head. "Oh dear, I've made a mess." The Hamon user tried his best to sound regretful, but there were hints of amusement among his voice. 

"I can see that." Giorno chuckled, "Were you trying to find something in particular?" He asked before setting the pot on the floor, and on a whim, sat next to Jonathan.

"Not really." Jonathan admitted bashfully, "I was awfully curious of what was inside those wooden boxes, I was very surprised when these fell out and I suppose I stumbled back. I really did not expect to be ambushed by..." He poked one of the pans near his thigh, "Um, what are these objects exactly? These look similar to a couldron," He picked up a pot, "But, much smaller." 

"Oh, these are pots, pans, kitchenware really." Giorno explained calmly, taking the pot from Jonathan's hands. "They're used to make food. You heat them up and cook food on them, with oil or butter or other ingredients."

"I see! That's quite useful. I may even have had these back home and not even realized, since the various servants were the ones that prepared dinner and such." Jonathan chuckled, eyes following Giorno's movements carefully as the latter began stacking the kitchenware, in an attempt to clean up the mess, and soon followed his actions.

Giorno raised a brow, amused. "Oh? I assume you must be well off." 

At that, Jonathan sighed a little, "I... My father, he was wealthy, he was always able to provide me with everything I could ever want. But I would trade any riches to my name in favor of seeing him again. I miss him dearly." 

Well, all Giorno wanted now was to slap himself.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know." 

But Jonathan only smiled gently, "It's alright, please do not worry yourself."

A beat of silence, and then.

"If I may ask, how did he...?" He trailed off, but Jonathan caught on quick enough.

"My half brother tried to stab me, but father got in the way and took the blow for me. He... died in my arms." At this, the handle of the pan he was holding suddenly bent under his grasp, his fingers were curling tightly around it. "Dio... you have taken so much from me..." Jonathan whispered hoarsely, his voice was trembling and silent tears were beggining to collect in his eyes. In an uncharacteristic move, he tossed the object to the side, not caring for trying to fix it.

"Dio?" Giorno asked silently, as if the name was foreign to his tongue, but his heart was starting to beat incredibly fast.

"Dio is my adopted brother, we are not connected by blood. My father took him in as his own, but... he has rather made my life quite hard, and... well, you saw my outburst earlier, correct?"

At Giorno's nod, he continued.

"Joseph revealed to me earlier that he managed to kill me and steal my body as his own, and he's used it to cause so much harm to my family, and to people around the world. I just got so upset, and I snapped." 

Silence lingered in the air as Giorno absorbed the words. He highly doubted Jonathan was lying, he may seem intimidating but from what Giorno has seen, he's just an overgrown gentleman with a true spirit for kidness and justice. With a temper, but a gentleman nonetheless. He felt highly inclined to believe him, and it really would explain the warm feeling in his chest he got whenever he looked at the Hamon user. Jotaro already did tell him about his body, but hearing it from Jonathan himself was surreal, and it hit closer to home. He didn't feel like asking Jonathan about what other things Dio has done to him, just hearing the fact he was the cause of his father's death made Giorno sick to his stomach, and a bit of hate to develop for him.

"It's alright, I understand how you feel." Gingerly, the Stand user placed a hand on Jonathan's bicep.

Jonathan smiled gently, eyes raking over Giorno's features. "Now that I properly look at you, you remind me of him. Dio, I mean. But I'm sure you are a kind person, otherwise you would not be here helping us, after all."

Giorno's stomach dropped, that statement made his blood run cold. All of a sudden, being compared to Dio felt like an insult. "You see the good in everyone, don't you?" He asked instead of voicing his offense, and pushed away the now stacked kitchenware away from his legs. 

Jonathan laughed a little, "I believe everyone has a kind side to them, unless they prove me otherwise. It would be extremely ungentlemanly of me to judge or critize others, or assume horrible things of them, before I get to know the person." 

Giorno grinned, "You're a really nice person. I think out of everyone here, you have the kindest soul." 

Jonathan's cheeks turned a light pink, "I'm sure that is not true, but thank you." He then rubbed his neck bashfully. Giorno followed his movements, Jotaro's earlier words echoed in his mind.

'Don't believe me? Check his neck for the mark.'

"Say, Jonathan, sorry if it's a bit random, but do you happen to have a birthmark in the shape of a star on your neck?"

"Oh, I do!" At this, he shuffled out of his backpack and tugged his shirt's collar down, turning to the side briefly so Giorno could see. "My father had it as well, and so does Joseph and Jotaro. They revelead to my they're my grandsons! Or, more like, both Joseph's are my grandsons and Jotaro is my great great grandson. But I did say earlier Jotaro was my descendant, so you probably already knew of him. My father always told me that everyone born in the Joestar family has this birthmark."

"I... see." Giorno muttered as Jonathan let go of his shirt. "It must be shocking to find out so suddenly of your future family, yes?" 

"Mhm! But I am deeply happy about it, and I feel like there's more to come." He smiled brightly, the notion of possibly having more family members out there awakened the true epitome of happiness within him.

So, it wouldn't be totally crazy for Giorno to suddenly tell him he's his kid? Though, how would he even react? Sure, he was a gentleman through and through, but technically speaking, Giorno was made using his stolen body, he could might as well develop a deep hatred for Giorno and be disgusted by him. Buuuuut, there could also be the same reaction Jonathan's had with his descendants where he gushes about them and tells them how proud he is of them...?

Well, honesty is the best policity, right? 

"Um, Jonathan, how would you feel if you met someone that turned out to be your child?"

Jonathan's smile shifted to pursed lips, fingers coming up to grip his chin in thought. "I think it'd be quite different than meeting Joseph and Jotaro, it'd be more personal even. But I believe the result would be the same," He then scratched his neck, a shy smile adorning his lips, "I would blabber on about how wonderful it would be, and I'd perhaps cry a bit. Why do you ask?" 

"Jonathan," A deep breath, "My father... is Dio, I've never met him but Jotaro told me about him earlier, and since his body was yours... you could say... t-that it makes me... your son..."

As soon as the words left his mouth, he bit his lip in worry, fingers tightening around the material of the pants hugging his thighs, he had gone from confidently staring into Jonathan's eyes, which he realized he got his own deep blue from, to staring at the cluttered mess of kitchenware around them. 

Meanwhile, Jonathan was reeling. He honestly half expected, with the way Giorno was asking and prodding about fathers and family and such, to name someone as his child. But he never imagined that he was! 

He didn't speak, his throat was far too dry and his eyes were already blurring with tears, but with shaky hands, he gently placed his semi gloved hands on Giorno's shoulders, and it took all the blonde's willpower not to flinch. Damn it, Jonathan was gonna use Hamon on him and he would have to use his Stand and fight him and Jotaro was gonna fight him too and Jonathan would hate him forever and-

Oh. He was being hugged. 

Jonathan pulled him foward gently, arms coming to wrap around Giorno's back as he was nestled softly into the Hamon user's chest. Giorno tensed, he wasn't used at all to this sense of comfort or love, but when Jonathan whispered hoarsely, tears starting to flow down his cheeks, "My son..." He meekly wrapped his arms around Jonathan's torso, his own eyes starting to blur with unshed tears.

"I'm sorry, for not being there for you." Jonathan whispered, cheek nuzzling against Giorno's forehead, and the latter's arms were tightening around Jonathan's back, "I don't know what to say, it's all so very sudden. I know this must be very hard for you, to meet a complete stranger and to learn he is basically your father, and then to learn such truths of the man you knew your whole life to be your father. But I'm forever grateful fate has allowed me to meet you, even if it was through such bizarre events."

"I-I... Thank you." Giorno whispered into his chest, his feeble attempts at not crying were failing miserably, his cheeks were already wet with tears. "I never knew much about Dio, or anything at all really, but when I first saw you, I felt the sensation, I felt as though I needed to know everything about you and it made my heart ache when I thought about you dying." At this, he hugged him tighter, "I think... I already consider you more of a father than Dio ever was."

Jonathan gave him a tight squeeze before pulling back, thumbs rubbing softly at Giorno's cheeks to swipe away the tears, and Giorno cursed silently at how weak he was being. More than he'd like to admit, he's often wondered how he would react if he met Dio, what he'd say, what he would do, but nothing compared to learning the truth, to suddenly have a new pespective on who basically was his father, and what a nice guy he was, nothing compared to the murderous fiend Jotaro and Jonathan have said Dio is. 

"Do not cry, it's alright." Jonathan smiled comfortly, eyes crinkling softly at the edges, and Giorno found himself nodding, Jonathan's gentle nature and seeming comforting aura made him relax instantly.

"I'm sorry, I'm not usually so weak... I haven't cried since I was a small child." 

Jonathan's hands fall to his thighs, his head tilted lightly to the side, "Crying does not make you weak. It simply shows you are strong enough to know when to show your emotions, or when you've been so strong for too long that you've reached a breaking point." He then let out a small laugh, "Believe me, I have cried many times. Enough to last me a lifetime, really. I last cried a few days ago, when my father departed this world." 

His tone held a tinge of sadness, but then he gave his signature smile once more. "I'm honored, well if you are comfortable with it, to be called your father. I know it must be a difficult transition but-" 

"Padre." Giorno interrupted quietly, eyes starting to fill with unwanted tears again. Then, louder, he repeated. "Can I call you Padre? I've lived in Italy since I was small, so I use Italian words in my speaking. Padre means father, so if you allow it, I'd very much like to call you that."

Although Jonathan was the first one to suggest calling him father, Giorno has jumped the gun and actually called him that in a bold move, so he had the irrational fear in the back of his mind that Jonathan would react badly. Jonathan raised his hand, and in that moment, Giorno was reminded of when his step father would raise his and strike him repeatedly, and without his command, he involuntarily flinched and closed his eyes.

But any fears he had were washed away instantly the moment Jonathan's hand landed softly on the top of his hair, ruffling it with such care that Giorno wanted to cry again. "Of course, you may call me whatever you'd like." 

Giorno nodded, for the first time in a long time, a true genuine smile that even reached his eyes made it's way to his lips, "Okay, Padre. I wish we could have met under better circumstances, if I'm honest, I had no idea you existed until a while ago. I've never met any Joestars until Jotaro appeared in my time."

Jonathan nodded, "I understand, there was no way you could've known of our family. Tell me, what year are you from?"

"2001, and you're from the 1800's correct?"

Jonathan sputtered, eyes going wide, "T-That's so ahead in the future! Wow! You must tell me all about the future and it's advances!" He gushed for a moment, before coughing into his fist, a light pink dusting his cheeks, "I apologize, I tend to get far too excited over things. Anyhow, yes! In my time, the year is 1889." 

Giorno smiled, "I find that interesting, you should tell me about how things are in your time." 

Jonathan nodded eagerly, "I'd be more than happy to." He then looked around, "Oh, perhaps I should put these away first." He picked up the bent pan he tossed earlier and chuckled nervously, "I really should control my anger a bit more. Does this creature understand my language? I'd like to apologize for ruining it's posessions."

Giorno put a fist to his mouth, trying to stiffle his laughter. "No, I don't think so. It's still a turtle, it's only that it's Stand is able to take us to this room. However, I don't know how it's stocked. But I'll help you clean up." 

Giorno went to stand, but Jonathan quickly stood up and held a hand to stop his movements. "No, it was my doing alone that caused this mess. Don't worry yourself! Please, rest up, it must've been quite an emotional roller coaster for you just now." He smiled before kneeling, taking some of the pans and pots, except the ruined one, onto his arms with ease. He turned to the open cabinets, balanced the kitchenware on one arm, and began to carefully place and push them to the very back of the cabinets, probably so they wouldn't fall on the poor soul who opened the cabinets next.

Giorno smiled involuntarily at Jonathan's kindness, how could someone so tall, well built and powerful be such a kind and sweet gentleman? Maybe that's where Giorno got his gentlemanly nature. Or, y'know, when he wasn't stealing wallets from people and in a gang. 

The Stand user chuckled lightly before standing up, taking the damaged pan, and placing it on the table. "Say, Padre, how old are you?" He asked out of curiosity before plopping down on one of the chairs, taking one of his hands and planting his chin on an open palm.

"I'm twenty!" He replied as he picked up the last pans off the floor, "What about you, Giogio?" 

It took a second for Giorno to register his new given nickname, and another second for him to form a fist in front of his mouth to hide his enormous grin. "Giogio? And I'm fifteen. My birthday is in April." 

"Oh, mine too!" Jonathan said excitedly, closing the cabinets, "My birthday is on April 4th. And yes, Giogio!" He then took a seat next to Giorno on the table, "Your name is Giorno Giovanna, it reminds me of my nickname, Jojo, because of the Jo in Jonathan and the Jo in Joestar. The first letters of your name is Gio, and the same is in Giovanna, so I believe your nickname should be Giogio! Well, if you'd like." 

"I would very much like it if you call me that. Also, it's very interesting we share a birthday in April." 

"Indeed it is! What is the exact date of yours? We must celebrate when it comes around! We need cake, and lots of tea, and possibly a clown, and your friends must come as well-" 

Giorno chuckled, eyes watching warmly as Jonathan gushed on about party festivities and what flavor the cake should be, all the while his heart was feeling really fuzzy. As far as he could remember, nobody ever celebrated his birthday before.

Before he could tell him his exact birthday date, new voices suddenly resonated from the living room, and soon enough, Narancia was poking his head into the kitchen. "There you are Giorno! Hey guys, he's in here!" 

He walked in, followed a second later by Mista and Trish. 

"Hey guys. What's going on?" Giorno asked and stood up, curious as to why they were suddenly looking for him.

"Jotaro found a new light rift." Mista explained, "He told us to get into the turtle, so here we are. What happened to you, anyway? You suddenly left earlier."

Giorno looked at Jonathan briefly before facing his friends, "I just needed to talk to Jotaro about something. Anyways, I need to introduce you guys to someone." At that, he gestured for Jonathan to stand, which he did quickly, and stood next to Giorno with a smile on his face.

Giorno continued, "Guys, this is Jonathan. Padre, these are my friends, Narancia, Mista, and Trish." 

It only took two seconds for Mista's mouth to drop, for Narancia to flinch back in shock and for Trish's eyes to widen, only slightly. "P-Padre?! He's your DAD?!" Mista and Narancia both screamed simultaneously, pointing at Jonathan as the latter offered a small wave.

"Hello, nice to meet you all. You can call me Jojo." 

"W-W-What?! But how?! And why didn't you tell us you were a Joestar?! And that he's you dad ?!" Narancia demanded loudly, which made both Jonathan and Giorno sweat drop. 

"What the hell's going on?" Just then, a young Joseph stepped into the kitchen, "Grandpa! Are you okay?" He rushed to Jonathan's side, stepping by the shocked teenagers, and glanced at his jaw in worry.

"Hi Joseph! Don't worry, I am alright. Have you met Gio here?" He gestured to Giorno.

"Uh, no. Why?" He asked coldly with a raised brow, arms crossed over his chest. He just now noticed how close the kid was standing to Jonathan, and how he looked at him with, although he tried to hide it, pure joy in his eyes.

"He is my son!" Jonathan said cheerfully. 



"Giorno, let us go and introduce you to the other Joseph as well!" He then took a hold of Giorno's arm and dragged him foward, completely unaware of Joseph's developing mental breakdown, and exited the kitchen.

Joseph stood rooted to the spot, eyes bugging out of his head and mouth agape. "S-Son?! What?!" He then rushed outside, following Jonathan. 

Trish smiled a little, and with a bit of force, pushed the still standing dumb struck teenagers towards the door. 'So that was the connection he was feeling.' 

Meanwhile, as Jotaro was about to step through the light rift, a shriek of "OH MY GOD!" resonated in the turtle, making him shake his head.

"Yare yare..." 

What a bunch of weirdos.

Chapter Text



"Joseph, language!" Jonathan scolded gently, with a nervous looking Giorno next to him. "But yes, he is-"


"Fifteen." Giorno interrupted.


"Joseph," Jonathan calmly placed his hands on the hysterical teenager, "Please calm down. And you too, mister." He referred to the elder Joestar, who was equally having a mental breakdown. But Joseph just kept pacing in circles, pulling at his hair, and his older self was waving his arms around from the couch.




"Joseph, er, Josephs! Both of you, stop it!" Jonathan scolded, quite flustered actually. His cheeks burned in embarrassment, noticing everyone looking on at their scuttle with curiousity.

"Mr. Joestar, perhaps you should keep your voice down." Kakyoin offered from one end of the sofa, the book he was previously reading now laid closed across his lap. 

"Yes, the same goes for you, idiota." A bit more harshly, Caesar directed at younger Joseph, arms crossed as he leaned against the wall. Lisa Lisa was perched next to him, eyes strained on the gentle giant at the center of the current scene. "You're making an unnecessary scene." 

"How the hell would you feel if you suddenly found out your grandpa somehow has a son?!" Joseph pointed angrily at Caesar, mouth open to argue some more, but then his finger started to tremble. He utteted, "He-He's like... my uncle?!" 

Caesar blinked. "I'm surprised you managed to figure that out on your own." 

This only made Joseph pull his hair harder, "Ah! I'm going to lose my mind!" Without warning, he suddenly stormed off, muttering quietly to himself, as if he was trying to save his mind. Jonathan watched worriedly as his grandson disappeared down the hall.

Older Joseph stood up as well, "I think I know how..." He looked at Giorno, before looking at Jonathan, "We'll uh... talk later, grandpa." He then walked off, presumably following his younger self. 

Jonathan looked at their retreaving backs nervously. He looked at Speedwagon, silently asking him to make sure they were okay. Speedwagon nodded, taking off after them.

"Well, that was... something." Giorno commented dryly, all the while Jonathan sighed.

"Honestly, I did not know how they would react. I apologize if they made you uncomfortable, Giogio." He then took a seat where Joseph was previously sitting.

"It's alright, padre." A second passed before he too sat down, close to Jonathan, and the latter grinned at this. 

"Earth to Giorno, you still haven't explained anything to us?!" Narancia yelled as he motioned to himself, Mista and Trish.

Giorno looked at Jonathan. The Joestar was humming quietly to himself, half unaware all the attention was on him as his eyes explored the room, drinking it in curiously, perhaps more than before now that he knew this was the work of a Stand. He looked at Jonathan's neck, grimacing internally as he practically envisioned a nasty and bloody looking scar surrounding it. "Sorry guys, it's... private. I just found out myself." He looked at them from across the room apologetically. 

"Pfft." Narancia mumbled, a small pout adorning his lips. "Lucky bastard, you got a zombie fighter for a dad..." 

Giorno chuckled to himself, and would've carried on the small talk, had it not been for a timid voice that spoke up near Jonathan.

"E-Excuse me, Mr. Jonathan." 

Both the Joestar and Giorno turned to the voice, a small looking boy in a school uniform fidgeting nervously as he stood a few spaces away from Jonathan. Giorno's seen him inside the turtle a few times, and in the arena as well. He mainly hangs with Josuke and the guy with a sketch book. Giorno never payed much attention to him, or anyone else that wasn't in his limited circle of friends or Jotaro, but upon inspecting his face, he nearly choked on his own spit. Wasn't he that kid whose wallet he stole and together they fought Polpo's Stand? Shit. Giorno quickly looked away, just in case the kid remembered he stole all his possesions and started calling him a thief, which would NOT look good in front of his newly found father.

"Hello there." But Jonathan, ever the gentleman, just offered a small grin. "How can I help you, young fellow?" 

Koichi looked back at Josuke and Rohan, a nervous look to his eyes, but he nodded to himself in self assurance. "Sorry to bother you, but me and my friends really wanted to ask you about your power." 

"Oh, do you mean my Hamon?" He inquired, to which Koichi nodded vigorously. He let out a hearty laugh. "Why, of course!" 

Koichi beamed, and quickly beckoned Josuke and Rohan to come closer. He then took a seat next to Jonathan, and Josuke sat on the oak table. Rohan just rolled his eyes at the enthusiasm, but nonetheless, he came a bit closer, sitting in the available chair near the corner. 

"Well, um, Mr. Speedwagon already filled us in about what Hamon is, but we'd like to hear it from the Hamon user himself!"

Josuke added quickly, "And if you could show us some of it, that'd be awesome too!" 

"Sounds simple enough. Sure!" He agreed.

Josuke nodded excitedly. "Thanks, Mr. Jonathan!" 

Jonathan blinked, feeling dejá vu creeping up on him. "Please, you can call me Jonathan, or Jojo, that's my nickname! But alright, what would you like to know first?" 

Josuke and Koichi looked at each other, silent questions bouncing between them, as if they hadn't thought they would get this far. Luckily, Rohan saved them.

"How does your power work?" 

Jonathan's head turned towards him curiously, just like the others in the living area, but he nodded. "Good question! My Hamon, even though it's the power of the sun, is controlled with my breathing. Therefore, I must have it regulated at all times. Breath in," He took a deep breath to emphasize, "Keep it steady," He raised a fist, "And channel it through your body." On cue, a soft cackle filled the room, all eyes widening at the sight of the electric looking energy surging around Jonathan's fist. You could say the only two who weren't as mind blown as the rest were Lisa Lisa and Caesar, seeing as the two were already Hamon users. 

"That's so cool!" Josuke admired the energy, and Giorno silently agreed.

Jonathan blushed. He wasn't quite sure why they were refering to him as "chilled", but he supposed it was a different time, and with how enthusiastic the boy sounded, he assumed he was complimenting him and his ability. "It's truly not that impressive, but thank you." He then raised his other fist, silently channeling energy onto it as well. 

"How did you learn to do that?" Koichi asked.

"Well, I had to train quite a lot in order to master it, through situations that were life or death. My Hamon master, Mr. Zeppeli, first introduced me to Hamon by passing on some of his own onto me, effectively healing my broken arm." 

"You can heal yourself with Hamon?" Mista asked with raised eyebrows. "Does it hurt when you do it?" At that, he glared at Giorno, making the latter roll his eyes.

Jonathan lowered his fists, making the Hamon disperse."Yes, I can! And no, not at all. Jotaro told me someone healed my wounds earlier." At this, his eyes sweeped across the room. "I believe his name was... Josuke...?" Surprisingly, he nailed the pronunciation. Maybe he said it so fluidly that he thought it was 'Josque'. 

At the mention of his name, Josuke's posture straightened significally. He raised a hand slightly, "O-Oh, that's me!" 

Jonathan beamed. He looked at the teen, and for the slighest of moments, felt that feeling in his chest, the same one he got with Joseph, Jotaro and Giorno, but he quickly discarded it, thinking this time it was just in his head. "Ah! It's so nice to meet you. You did not have to waste your efforts on healing me, but I truly appreciate it. Thank you." He let out a smile. "You have an amazing ability, young man."

Josuke's cheeks turned a light pink, a flustered smile tugged at his lips. It's not every day people compliment him. Or, at least, people that aren't his mom. "T-Thanks! Really, it was no problem. But Stands are a common thing nowadays, I think your Hamon ability is way cooler!" 

Koichi nodded excitedly. "Yeah! I was starting to think Stands were the only power out there."

"Mhm, it seems people have stopped practicing the ways of Hamon." Jonathan sighed, shoulders dropping slightly. "It's quite a shame, Hamon is a wonderful ability, and quite useful against creatures of the night, like zombies and vampires-"

"V-Vampires?!" Narancia cut him off with a yell, eyes wide. No one voiced their surprise quite like him, but some eyes widened, mouths opened slightly, and some hid the surprise well.

Jonathan blinked, "Yes, vampires. If they are not common in your time, it's for the best. This means there are no Stone Masks in the future, and that makes me quite relieved." 

"What's a Stone Mask?" Polnareff asked next to Kakyoin.

Before Jonathan could answer, Lisa Lisa's silk like vocie spoke up. "It's a device made of malice, a mask capable of turning ordinary humans into blood thirsty beings, into vampires in other words. The sun is their only weakness, and therefore, Hamon is the only power that can be used to kill them." 

Jonathan turned to her, his bright orbs meeting the dark of her shades. "Ah, are you familiar with Hamon as well? Correct me if I'm wrong, but would you happen to be named Lisa? Joseph and Caesar's mentor?" 

Caesar felt Lisa Lisa's shoulder stiff just slightly, and looked at her in concern. But her eyes were guarded by the dark shades, and her face gave no other indication she had reacted at all. But she spoke up again, "Yes, that's me."

The Joestar smiled, "I see. You've done a wonderful job training these boys. They have quite the potential." 

Lisa Lisa only nodded, and was interrupted by Narancia. "I've never seen vampires before! What are they like?" He asked excitedly, sitting on the carpeted floor closer to Jonathan. 

"Well, they're not pretty, I can guarantee that. Their skin turns into an ugly color, they gain red eyes, sharp fangs, long claws, and they feast on human beings for their blood." While Jonathan answered, Lisa Lisa took the chance to follow after Speedwagon. She needed Joseph, whichever one really, to confirm her suspicions. Caesar looked at her worriedly, and decided to follow her.

Jonathan watched as they left, concerned, but the young boy's excited boy brought him back. "And the zombies?!" Stars were practically glowing in Narancia's eyes.

"Those are quite bothersome too. But they are more mindless, more easy to control, and tend to be more agressive. I healed my wounds earlier, but they left many bruises and scratches around my body."

"Ouch." Josuke silently commented, wincing. "I wish I could've been there, I could've healed you super fast!" 

Giorno quickly threw in, "I can heal any wounds you have too, padre." 

"Don't believe him!" Mista pointed at Giorno, "He healed my bullet hole wounds one time and it was more painful than actually being shot!" 

"I told you my Stand's ability isn't exactly healing, it's regenerating living material. It was your own fault for not listening to me." 

Jonathan's eyes widened. "You were shot? Oh my, I truly hope the ruffian that did such a horrible act was caught!" 

At this, Mista coughed lightly. "Yeah uh, the bullets were mine, so..." 

Polnareff raised a brow. "You shot yourself?" 

"Well, not on purpose!" Mista huffed, crossing his arms, "The guy I was fighting had a Stand that made a suit thingy around his body, and it reflected my bullets back at me." 

"So, your Stand is composed of... bullets?" Jonathan asked with a tilt of his head. "Could I see?" 

Before Mista could even begin explaining how only Stand users could see other Stands, a high pitched voice resonated next to Jonathan's neck. "Hey hey, look here!" 

Said Joestar flinched, turning his head to see a... yellow-ish object standing on his shoulder. He focused hard and noticed it, strangely enough, had the number 1 on it's "forehead", along with tiny legs, arms, a tear drop like face and... eyes, looking directly at him. Despite his fear, Jonathan swallowed hard and raised a hand, waving lightly. "H-Hello..." 

Suddenly, he felt a small presure on his raised hand. "Heyyyyy, look here too, electric dude!" 

Jonathan's head whirled around, and saw another yellow-ish creature standing on the tips of his fingers. It looked the same as the one on his shoulder, except this one had the number 7. "E-Electric... dude...?" 

A small tug of his bangs made him look up, a small gasp leaving his parted lips as he saw, yet again, a small creature grabbing onto his hair. "Yeah, electric dude!" 

"Cuz' you can control electricity!" Before he could see what number was messing with his hair, another was currently busy jumping up and down on his thigh, the number 2 bright on it's forehead. 

"I-It's not electricity..." A quieter voice spoke up, this time on Jonathan's left forearm, this one sported the number 5, and it looked really sad, with it's small eyes drooping and it's lips pulled down. "It's called Hamon, guys..." 

Suddenly, the small creature lurged foward, almost falling on top of the one jumping on his thigh, had it not been for Jonathan's hand rushing foward and catching it on his open palm. He forgot the one with the number 7 was standing on his fingers, and now it was holding onto his index finger. 

"Shut up, you crybaby!" This one was agressive, baring it's teeth at the creature on Jonathan's palm. He had a 3, and his eyes looked angrier.

"U-Um, please calm down," Jonathan said, half concerned, half scared, and the fact that the creature on his palm looked like it was about to burst into tears made his nerves worse. "No need for violence now..." He looked at Giorno, eyes screaming, 'What's happening? Please help me.'

"Hey, knock it off, Sex Pistols!" Mista scolded, "Who the hell told you guys to come out?!"

Jonathan blushed at the mention of such a crude word, but the creatures spoke before him. 

"He said he wanted to see us!" Number 1 spoke up. 

"Yeah, you were just gonna say no!" Number 6 stuck out his tongue, blowing Mista a raspberry.

"W-Wait... these creatures... are your Stand?!" Jonathan's mouth fell open.

"Damn right we are!" Number 3 yelled, hopping down from Jonathan's forearm to his thigh, next to number 2. "I'm Number 3, this is Number 2!"

"I'm Number 1!" The one on his shoulder yelled.

"I'm Number 6!" The one messing in his hair jumped down to his other shoulder. "And that's Number 7." He pointed at the one hanging from his finger.

"A-And I'm-" The quiet voice got cut off abruptly, due to Number 3 jumping on Jonathan's palm and slapping the small creature on the back of his head. 

"He doesn't care about you, dumbass!" Number 5 rubbed the back of his head as tears started to leak out of his eyes, and soon, he was wailing.

Jonathan jumped at the sound, and quickly took the crying bullet into his free hand. "A-Ah, please do not cry!" He kept his hands at a distance. "Please continue, your name is?" He said gently.

Number 5 sniffled, rubbing his eyes. "I-I'm Number 5..." 

Jonathan poked Number 5's head with his index fingers, softly patting it's head. "It's very nice to meet you, Number 5." He looked at the other bullets, "And the rest of you as well. This is the first time I've... interacted... with a Stand, so excuse my impoliteness." 

Meanwhile, Giorno's brows were raised in amusement, Trish was giggling to herself, Narancia was trying to hold in his laugh and Mista was flustered, cheeks red. "S-Sorry about this, Jonathan, they're really annoying sometimes." He absentmindedly reached behind his head and slipped his fingers inside his hat, scratching right where he felt the soft pats. 

Koichi and Josuke were admiring the whole display, watching in amazement as the Stands took their turns talking on their own. All the while Kakyoin and Polnareff were shell shocked. The closest thing they ever saw to a Stand talking were all the Ora Ora's from Star Platinum. And Rohan... well, Rohan was busy capturing a flustered Jonathan with the little bullets all around him on paper. 

Jonathan chuckled nervously, "Ah, it's alright. They just caught me off guard, is all." He let out a small laugh as the bullets started to pull on his hair and jump up and down on his shoulders. The only one who wasn't messing around with him was Number 5, who was still planted on his palm. He still looked upset, so in an effort to cheer him up, Jonathan emitted a bit of Hamon, harmless really, onto his thumb. Number 5 perked up at this and started poking his thumb softly, watching in interest as the Hamon emerged.

"Cut it out, Pistols! Leave him alone!" Mista facepalmed, but his voice was drowned out by the Pistols' high pitched laugh and squealing. 

The other bullets quickly noticed Number 5 playing with the Hamon in Jonathan's hand, and they decended onto his open palm to see. They tried to fit on his palm, and when they kept pulling and pushing each other, Jonathan opened his other hand and held it next to his already open palm. He emitted the Hamon to his fingers, and the bullets began to happily poke the energy and try to wrestle his appendages. 

Mista looked like he was about to blow a fuse, so Jonathan quickly spoke up. "Please don't worry, young man, I really do not mind." 

Mista looked at Giorno desperately, begging him silently for help. Giorno chuckled before quietly summoning his Stand. Gold Experience manifested in front of Jonathan, making the Joestar do a half jump, half flinch in total surprise. The Pistols yelled as they hid behind Jonathan's fingers. 

"It's the gold Stand!"

"What does he want?!"

"H-He's gonna take us away-"

"Like shit he'll do that!" A small fist raised up, "Come and get it, ya bug eyed bastard!"

"Charge at him guys!"

"Yeah, he can't stop all of us!"

Giorno raised an eyebrow at Mista, only recieving a shrug in return, and looked back at the Pistols. "Guys, I think it's time you leave padre alone, mhm?" 

Gold Experience opened it's palms, "And I think Mista said he was gonna treat you all to some lunch." 

As soon as he said the word 'lunch', the Pistols jumped onto Gold Experience's palms, yelling out what each wanted to eat. The Stand carried them over to Mista, where they began floating around him and yelling. Mista huffed, dragging himself to the mini fridge and began rummaging for food to feed his bullets. 

All the while, Gold Experience wandered back to Giorno before disappearing briefly.

"Was that your Stand, Gio?" Jonathan asked with widened eyes.

A voice answered for him. "Y-Yes, that's Gold Experience..."

Jonathan looked at his hand in surprise, and saw that one of the bullets, Number 5 to be exact, stayed behind. "Number 5," Giorno began gently, "Why didn't you go with Mista to eat?" 

Number 5's lip quivered, "Because Number 3 always hits me and steals my food. I'd rather stay here. Jonathan is nice." 

Before Jonathan could answer, Jotaro's voice suddenly resonated from above. "Hey, gramps."

A second later, a grumbling elder Joseph walked out of one of the rooms, hurried over to the chair and disappeared. 

"I hope everything is alright." Kakyoin commented worriedly. 

A few seconds passed before the Joestar's feet landed inside the turtle again, followed by three screaming voices as they fell in a heap on the floor. "Alright, come with me." Joseph said, already walking away. The people, two seemingly looking adults and a child, hastily stood up, eyes widening enormously when they saw all the people in the room, but they quickly scurried after the elder Joestar. 

Silence, and then, "Who... was that?" Josuke asked after they disappeared, brow raised. 

"If I had to guess, I'd say Jotaro found new allies." Giorno answered.

"Should we go outside?" Trish spoke up quietly.

A young Joseph suddenly interrupted. "No." He was casually leaning against the wall, followed by Lisa Lisa, Caesar and Speedwagon. "The old man just said that one of the new people didn't follow him in, so there's probably some crap the punk is still dealing with out there." 

"Ah, I see." Jonathan nodded as the two Hamon users and former thug sat on the couch. "Alright, we'll stay inside then." He looked at the bullet in his palm, "How about we get you something to eat?" Number 5 nodded eagerly, and Jonathan laughed. 

He then looked at Josuke and Koichi, "Ah, I am sorry, you gentlemen wanted to know of my Hamon and we strayed from the topic." The giant stood up, "Come, we can continue talking!" The two boys nodded and stood, stretching their arms high above their heads.

He tugged Giorno's sleeve, signalling him to stand up as well. Together, all four, plus a tiny Stand, went to a corner, "I'm unfamiliar where the food is located in this creature. Giogio, could you get something for my small friend here?" 

Giorno laughed, "Sure."

Jonathan nodded, "Alright, Number 5, why don't you go with Gio here and get yourself something to eat?"

The bullet in his hand nodded, sniffling. Jonathan offered him a small smile, "It is alright, do not be afraid to have bravery and stand up for yourself. I know what it is like to feel outcasted, but I know that your friends care about you, and so does the young man." He referred to Mista, "I'm still very confused as to how Stands work, but just know I'll be here if you need another friend." He smiled.

Number 5 managed a small, tiny smile and nodded. "T-Thank you..." He then wandered towards Giorno, who walked towards the direction of the fridge.

Jonathan grinned and looked at Joseph, who was still leaning against the wall, and signalled him to join them. Internally, Joseph cursed at the thought of being close to the blonde brat, especially after the old man explained how it was possible for Jonathan to have a son, but he joined them nonetheless, happy to spend time with his grandpa despite the circumstances. One by one, they sat in a small circle, with Jonathan leaving a small opening for Giorno to sit by his side.

Speaking of, the golden haired Stand user went to kneel by the mini fridge, half amused as he saw Mista's bullets gobbling up a large piece of salami by the floor. "Hey Giorno, have you seen Number 5?" Mista asked as he himself ate an apple, leaning against the wall, right next to the fridge. 

"I'm here, Mista." The bullet answered, hovering over Giorno's shoulder, as the latter grabbed a container from the fridge. He lifted the lid, seeing a pile of brownies inside. He grabbed two, handing them to Number 5. 

Mista shook his head, watching amusedly as Number 5 sat on the top of the fridge, quietly munching on the chocolates so he wouldn't alert the others. "Thanks Giorno..." The bullet whispered.

Giorno just grinned and nodded, tucking the container under his arm. He closed the fridge and stood to his full height, just as Narancia bounced over and striked up a conversation with the gunslinger. 

Giorno went to sit next to Jonathan, just as the smaller boy of the group introduced himself. "And I'm Koichi!" 

The Stand user sighed internally in relief, it appeared like this version of Koichi was pre-Italy, so he didn't know Giorno yet. 

"Koi... chi." Jonathan nodded to himself, repeating his name slowly. "Your names are quite foreign, I have never heard of them before." 

"Me and Koichi are both from Japan!" Josuke explained.

"Just like Jotaro and one of his companions I see. Well, I am from England, and so is my grandson here!" He ruffled Joseph's hair affectionally, making the latter grin. "I'd love to hear more about your cultures later on."

Josuke nodded happily, "Of course."

Jonathan then looked at his hair, his head tilted, "Though I do say, this is the first time I've seen hair like yours." His eyes were full of curiosity, and his lips pulled into a straight line. Josuke instantly tensed, shoulders going stiff. Koichi started sweating, knowing full well how Josuke got when it came to his hair, and Josuke seriously, really, truly didn't want to bash in Jonathan's teeth. He looked like such a nice guy! But the moment Jonathan's lips broke into a smile, and he said, "It suits you quite well, you should teach me how to style it like that sometime." Josuke breathed a sigh a relief, because of course Jonathan wouldn't insult others or make them feel bad. Now Josuke felt bad for even thinking such thing.

"T-Thanks!" Josuke grinned, "Just give me some gel and a comb and I'll style your hair myself." He laughed, and Koichi sighed in relief.

Giorno then gingerly took the lid off the container. There were a hefty amount of brownies, so he took one for himself and passed it to Jonathan. "Here padre, grab a few for yourself pass them around." 

Gently, the taller teen took the container from Giorno's hands. "What... are these, exactly?" Although confused, he grabbed two and passed them to Joseph.

"They're brownies." Joseph answered, taking a few for himself and passing them to Josuke and Koichi. "Chocolate squares, basically." 

Jonathan perked up immediately, "Oh, I love chocolate!" He looked at the square curiously, "What a strange name, I don't think I have ever heard of such a name like 'brownies' before."

"Try them!" Josuke said, "They're super good."

Jonathan nodded, and with determination, he gently bit one of the ends. He chewed slowly, his eyes widening a second later. "It's... delicious!"

Giorno smiled, it was endearing watching such a large man like Jonathan get so excited over something so simple like a piece of chocolate. His eyes were even twinkling as he admired the treat. 

As he swallowed the treat, he suddenly remembered. "Oh right! If you gentlemen have any inquiries about Hamon, my grandson here knows how to use it as well." 

Josuke nodded, "How did you both get the ability? Were you born with them?"

Joseph began, "I was born with it, I inherited it from grandpa Jonathan."

"But I was not born with such gift. It was quite bizarre, really. A strange man was following me and my beloved as we walked, and he suddenly appeared before us and knocked the wind out of me. He actually passed on some of his Hamon onto me, which is what I explained earlier, and he took me under his wing to train me in the ways of the sun." Jonathan chuckled, "Ah, it must seem quite odd to you boys." 

Koichi answered, "Trust me, we've seen weirder stuff in Morioh!"

Jonathan's head tilted in confusion, but Josuke quickly explained. "Morioh is the name of our town, back in Japan. You should totally come with us for a visit." 

Jonathan smiled, "That sounds wonderful! I've always been curious of visiting other countries, but the chance never presented itself." 

"Then I really need to take you to Italy, padre." Giorno spoke up, "Breath taking views, amazing food, you'll love it." 

"And you need to come with me to New York!" Joseph threw in, "Trust me, they have the best Cola and street hot dogs you'll ever taste." 

"Hot... dogs?" A raised brow. "What is that?" If he was being honest, the words made him think of an actual dog, served hot, and he instantly thought of Danny. Oh, he suddenly lost his appetite.

But before Joseph could answer, Jonathan perked up. He... felt something, or someone, was about to fall into the room, and possibly get hurt. He stood quickly, looking around in worry.

The ones gathered at the floor looked at him in concern. "Padre? What's wrong-"

Suddenly, a high pitched squeal was heard as a girl started to fall into the room. It appeared as if time slowed down, Jonathan lunged foward with his spread arms wide open, with speed that most certainly could not belong to someone with such height and bulking frame. Just in time, he managed to catch the falling girl safely, bridal style. He planted his feet harshly on the floor to stop himself from crashing into the wall.

Jonathan sighed in relief, before looking down at the person in his arms. He suddenly realized the amount of skin she exposed, and quickly looked into her eyes out of respect. "A-Are you alright, young lady?" 

The girl's eyes widened, but she nodded. "Yeah, thanks." She looked around the room curiously, "Where is this?" 

"It's the work of a Stand, I believe." Jonathan half shrugged, "I was not familiar with Stands up until a few hours ago, so I'm not too sure." 

Jonathan then realized he was still holding onto her, and quickly explained, "A-Ah, I apologize if I made you uncomfortable just now. For some reason I felt someone would fall inside and I did not want you to get injured. I will set you down now." He chuckled awkwardly, and carefully, set the girl on her feet. 

"It's fine. I appreciate it." She then looked around, "Um, my dad said his "gramps" would explain what's happening?" 

"Mhm, I do not know who your father is, but my grandson Joseph can explain the situation!" He offered her a smile, "Please, accompany me." The girl nodded, and he lead her towards one of the rooms. "I believe he's in here." He knocked gently, before opening the door and poking his head inside.

Ah, the kitchen. The elder Joestar was currently sitting on the table, with the three souls that fell in the room earlier.

"I'm sorry for interrupting, but Joseph, could you please explain the situation to this young lady?" He stepped inside, with the blonde and black haired girl next to him. 

One of the people sitting on the table, a young man with, quite literally, the strangest shirt and pants Jonathan has ever seen, shot up from his sitting position. "Jolyne! Are you okay?!" He then glared at Jonathan, "Who are you? Why are you standing so close to Jolyne?" 

Jonathan flinched and the girl, 'Jolyne' apparently, just sighed. "Calm down Anasui, he was just showing me where to go." 

Joseph answered Jonathan's earlier question with a grumble of 'Why do I have to explain everything?' But he nodded anyways, signalling Jolyne to sit at the table. 

Jolyne looked back at Jonathan, "Thanks for earlier, mister." She then walked foward, and Jonathan nodded with a grin and went to exit the room.

That's when he saw it, the brightly colored birthmark on the base of her neck. He choked on a gasp, stumbling through the door. 'Did my eyes see correctly? Was that the... star birthmark?'

He furrowed his brows as he stood right outside the door, biting his lip in deep thought, but he was soon interrupted by a calm voice. "Padre? Is everything alright?" It was Giorno, looking up at him with slight concern.

Instantly, Jonathan brightened up, "Yes Gio, just thinking about something." He walked with Giorno back to the living area, silently deciding to ask Jolyne some questions later. He then noticed the room was remarkably empty. "Where is everyone?" 

"They went outside. The light rift hasn't appeared yet, so everyone is exploring. I stayed behind to wait for you." 

Jonathan smiled, taking his hand and patting Giorno on the head. What a nice young man. "Thank you, Giogio."

Giorno nodded, "By the way, were you able to see Sex Pistols clearly, or were they blurry to you?"

Jonathan blushed again. Oh, why must they have such a name? "I was able to see them clearly, actually. Maybe it was because they are quite small, unlike Jotaro's Stand, or yours. Perhaps if I see more Stands, they'll become more visible for me." He then said, "Let's go outside." Together, they walked to the chair, vanishing into the seemingly gravity defying landscape.


Elder Joseph sat in the kitchen alone, hugging a glass of Cola. He was staring deeply at the table, deep in thought. He had finished talking to the newcomers a while ago, but now his mind was engulfed by something one of the girls, Jolyne, had said.

'My dad is Jotaro Kujo.'

He closed his eyes, planting his forehead on an open palm. His head was starting to hurt, and if he had to repeat the same Goddamned words and explain to every single new person that appeared he was gonna choke himself with Hermit Purple.

'What the hell is up with all these parent and child situations? First, it turns out grandpa Jonathan has a kid, kinda, and now Jotaro has a daughter in the near future...?' 

It's like the universe was pushing him into revealing... that... little detail. He forgot to mention to Jolyne he was Jotaro's grandpa, but she was bound to find out soon enough. If how things were unraveling with Jonathan were anything to go by. Through him, everyone found out he and his younger self were his grandsons, the blondie put two and two together and discovered Jonathan is his father, and he ended up finding out Jotaro is his great great grandson. 

If he was doing the math right, Jonathan is at the very top, with Giorno as his kid. Then he and younger Joseph are his grandkids, and Giorno is their uncle? Jotaro is his and younger Joseph's gransdon, that made him Jonathan's great great grandson. Giorno would be Jotaro's great great uncle, or half anyways. Jolyne is his great granddaughter, and Jonathan's great great great grandchild. He didn't even wanna think about what to call Giorno in terms of Jolyne. Where all the terms he said correct? Who knew, this was one hell of a mess.

And then there's him...

He cursed silently, raising his glass and chugging the remaining liquid. Silently, he made his desicion. He stood up slowly, depositing the glass in the sink before making his way to the living area. It was deadly quiet, since everyone was outside. 

He sighed and walked to the chair, landing momentarily outside. He looked around. Yep, everything was still strange.

He looked around briefly, quickly locating his grandfather. He was looking around at everything with endless wonder. Giorno was next to him, chuckling to himself. He noticed the teen with the pompadour and his small friend were close to them, laughing to themselves. 

It's now or never...

Taking a deep breath, he briskly walked to them. Jonathan noticed him first, and he offered a small wave. "Hi Joseph. Have you seen how peculiar this place is?" 

Joseph nodded, "Yeah, quite bizarre. Anyways, can I talk to you for a sec, young man?" He asked Josuke, which made the teen perk up.

"Huh? Oh sure, macho gramps." Joseph's eye twitched at the stupid nickname, but he waited for Josuke to tell his friend he'd be back in a minute before he walked an area with no one around, next to the turtle to be exact. Juuuust in case he needed somewhere to escape to. Not that he would, but... 

Josuke however, maintained his distance from the small creature next to Joseph's feet. He fidgeted nervously. "S-So, what did you wanna talk about?" He kept his eyes strained on the creature.

Joseph took a deep breath, and on a whim, planted his palms on Josuke's shoulders. He mustered the most serious look he possibly could, and it seemed to have an effect, since Josuke stopped fidgeting and straightened up, "H-Hey, what's wrong? You're kinda scaring me here, macho gramps..." 

Joseph stared deeply into Josuke's bright purple orbs, fingers shaking as he grasped the boy's shoulders.

"I'm... your father..." 

Chapter Text

"I'm... your father..."

Well, in all fairness, he should've really made an effort to connect the dots. He kept hearing that name, Joseph, over and over again, Jotaro called him "gramps" more than once, and his last name is Joestar for fuck's sakes, so how did he not realize this was the younger version of Joseph Joestar, his elderly dad back in Morioh that he met for the first time in his life just about a week ago? 

Josuke wouldn't consider himself to be brilliant, or a genius, but how could something so blatantly obvious escape past him? 

Which is why, right now, he couldn't speak, he couldn't move, or even blink. He was frozen, eyes as wide as saucers, the air leaving his body as the seconds trickled along. His heart felt like it was about to implode on itself, his gut wrenched, as if someone was manually twisting and turning his organs into a jumbled mess. 

Joseph bit his lip, feeling the boy's shoulders stiff immensely under his grasp. "I'm sorry... this must be very sudden to you-"

"Shut up." Josuke muttered quietly, lowering his face. A dark shadow overtook his eyes, but it was obvious anger was quickly starting to take over, if the way his fists clenched were anything to go by.


"SHUT UP!" Josuke all but screamed, ripping himself away from Joseph's hands. This gathered the attention of everyone nearby, including Jonathan, who had been caught up in a conversation with Giorno, but was now staring worriedly at the forming scene.

Joseph's lips sealed shut, sweat starting to collect near his brow. The teen's shoulders were slowly rising up and down, and his chest heaved, as if controling his impending fury was one of the biggest's struggles he's ever faced. 

Josuke then raised his gaze, pure anger and fire swirling in his eyes. If this were his other dad, the elderly man who often gets lost and wastes all of Josuke's money, then maybe he wouldn't be so angry, but this, this is another version of him, a younger version, and probably, the version that decided to leave his mother heartbroken and desperate to see just a glimpse of him for sixteen years, the version that decided to never call her and check how she was doing, the version that never bothered to, even if secretly, try and help her raise the Goddamn child he concieved with her.

No. He wouldn't vocalize any of these things to his elderly dad, for fears of screwing up things even more with his family, or just fears of causing the man a damn heart attack. 

If he was honest with himself, the anger he had felt back then, along with a whole different array of emotions, had subsided when he saw how selfless Joseph was, so much that he risked his own life to save a baby that wasn't even his, but right now? Oh boy, the emotions were back and in full swing.

"You... you bastard." His teeth unclenched, but veins were starting to contract against his forehead, "How dare you?"

The Joestar took a breath, "I-I'm sorry-" 

"Don't apologize now!" A pink aura was starting to envelop him, spiking around him, "Do you have any idea how much my mom suffered because of you? How many sacrifices she's made to support me because you abandoned her?!" In a flash, Crazy Diamond unconsciously manifested behind him. 

Jonathan's breath hitched as he caught sight of the mess of blurry pink and blues, and without warning, he rushed towards Josuke, ignoring Giorno's warning yell.

He quickly did a side step around the Stand, his hand coming to land on the teen's shoulder. "Josuke-" 

"Piss off!" In a haze, without realizing who it was, he did a full swing, Crazy Diamond's fist reared back, ready to punch the living day lights of whoever was behind him, his fist aimed for the Joestar's chest.

"Grandpa?!" Young Joseph yelled, dread filling him as his gut, his instinct, warned him something was very wrong when he watched the guy with the freaky hair to a complete turn around.

"Padre!" Giorno ran foward, Gold Experience already behind him. Panic surged through him as he lost his composure, the first word he could think of to let Jonathan know he was in the danger zone was, "Dodge!"

But Jonathan didn't dodge. 

No, he did quite the opposite.

He caught Crazy Diamond's punch, Hamon surging around his fist and feet grounded to the floor as he closed his fingers around the ghost like apparition's wrist, teeth grit. The fist tried to push foward, but Jonathan pushed back, keeping it's knuckles from barely grazing his shirt. "J-Josuke! Please calm down!"

His voice seemed to do the trick, because at once, the angry pull of his brows, popping veins and grounded teeth were reduced to an agape mouth and widened eyes, "J-Jonathan?" He then realized his Stand's fist was trying to impact his body and flinched, retracting it quickly. "I-I'm sorry- I didn't... I'll just-" He turned away quickly, tripping over his own feet, and quickly scurried to the turtle, going inside without a second thought.

Jonathan blinked as his fist closed around thin air, and then turned his attention to a frozen Joseph. "Joseph," His voice was deadly serious, so uncharacteristic for the usually polite and bright gentleman that it made the elder Joestar jump. Oh God, he really sounded like granny Erina when she was about to give him one of her long lectures, "What happened?" 


"Joseph Joestar, how could you do such a thing?!" Jonathan's voice boomed, making the elder Joestar shrink back slightly. 

Currently, Jonathan, the two Joseph's and Jotaro were gathered in one of the areas in Cape Canaveral, specifically, on one of the wooden floors next to the bent looking structure that Giorno had explained to Jonathan as a 'rocket'.

An extremely worried Jonathan had dragged a jumpy old Joseph, a confused young Joseph, and a serious Jotaro up there, mainly so Joseph could tell them what happened and why Josuke was so agressive, yet upset, earlier.

That's when Joseph dumped it all on the table.

'Okay, please don't kill me grandpa, but there may be a small chance that one time I went to Japan and I got in bed with another woman and when I met Josuke here it turned she's his mom and that would explain why Josuke is here cause there's a big chance he's my son and with the way he spoke I think I he's never met me so I assume I never found out she had a son.' 

Which brought them to now, with Jonathan frowning, Jotaro pulling his hat over his eyes and young Joseph facepalming. "I cannot believe you abandoned a lady to take care of your child by herself!" Jonathan continued, sounding livid for the first time at one of his descendants.

"Yare yare, you really screwed up now, old man." Jotaro shook his head, "Lemme guess, grandma Suzie Q doesn't know about your little escapade?" 

Something clicked in Jonathan's head. "Wait..." He looked at Jotaro, "Grandma?" He then looked at Joseph, face horror stricken and looking like he was about to throw up, "You cheated on your wife?!" 

Meanwhile, young Joseph choked. "H-Hey wait a minute! Suzie Q is your wife?!" He did the math, "I-I'm gonna marry Suzie Q?!" 

"H-hehe..." Old Joseph started sweating bullets, scratching his cheek nervously, "It was a one time thing, really... and yes, you're gonna marry her." 

Jonathan wanted to faint. "H-How could you do this, Joseph?" He whispered, starting to pace in circles, "Marriage... marriage is something holy, precious, sacred. You have to honor your wife and the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with until the day you die! This... this is inexcusable! I know Erina didn't raise you with such horrible morals mister!" 

"Now I'm really not looking foward to growing old..." Young Joseph muttered quietly. 

"I'm sorry grandpa!" Old Joseph wailed, "I had no idea she would have a kid from that one time!" 

"No excuses mister! If you had the... the..." He struggled to find the right words.

"Balls?" Jotaro filled in. 

Jonathan blushed. "Jotaro, language! The... guts... to do such act while married, then you should've had the guts to tell your wife the truth and kept in contact with the other lady!" Jonathan's shoulders dropped, "I'm very disappointed, Joseph. Josuke is such a wonderful young man, but every child needs both parent figures in their lives, and he appeared so upset, it broke my heart." 

Before Joseph could try and throw more apologies and regretful words in, his younger counterpart then piqued in, "Hey wait a minute, if he's your kid, then that means he's my kid, holy crap! He's a freaking Joestar!" 

"For fuck's sakes, he's my damn uncle? In what world is an uncle younger than his nephew?" 

"Jotaro, language please." Jonathan's brows furrowed, "Mhm, it appears he is. This means he's my... great grandson. While the thought makes me happy, I wish it would have been under more... faithful... circumstances."

If he was being honest, the thought made his heart soar with joy. How wonderful for this polite, respectable, strong young man to be his descendant, and he couldn't wait to express this to Josuke and build a stronger bond, now forged by the the blood they share.

He chose to continue. "I did get a feeling earlier that I knew him, it was the feeling I got when I first saw each of you," He looked at Jotaro, then young Joseph, then old Joseph, "And Giogio too."

"That makes sense." Old Joseph commented, desperate for a new topic that didn't involve his past decisions, "You're like the family patriarch, it's only reasonable you can sense someone in our family just by feeling." 

"The patriarch?" Jonathan's head tilted.

"Yeah grandpa, you're like the leader." Young Joseph nodded to himself, "You were the first, and it's only fair that you're the boss."

Jonathan chuckled, scratching his neck, "Well, I don't know about that but..." He sighed, "I am sure Josuke does not want to see you right now, Joseph. I'm quite worried about him, so I will go make sure he's okay." He nodded to Jotaro and young Joseph before making his way down the bent rocket, taking a slow pace. 

'Oh Joseph, what have you done?' He sighed heavily, genuine sadness filling in his chest. Infidelity... he just could not wrap his mind around it. The thought of doing such a heinous act, especially to his dear Erina, made him sick to his stomach. He couldn't imagine how difficult it must have been for the lady to be left alone all of a sudden, and then have to raise a child by herself. Sure, he had been raised without his mother, but she was a wondeful and faithful woman who would have been there for Jonathan throughout every stage of his life, and that alone brought him immense comfort. And, of course, his father was wealthy, so the various servants cared for him when he couldn't. Somehow, he knew that wasn't Josuke's case. But she must be a strong and caring woman, since Josuke turned out to be a great person. Jonathan could only hope they were alright and cared for, and the same went for all his descendants. 

He neared the turtle, lost in thought, and was oblivious to a pair of deep blues following his movements. Giorno frowned, watching as Jonathan walked foward in a seeming daze.

"Is he okay?" Narancia asked.

"I don't think so. I'm assuming it has something to do with what happened earlier with Josuke." Giorno sighed, "I think he's gonna talk to him, so I'll just wait a bit before making sure he's alright." 

Meanwhile, Jonathan's feet carried him to the turtle, disappearing in a flash a moment later. This time, he managed to land on his feet, though he stumbled slightly. His eyes surveyed the area, quickly locating Josuke. He was sitting on a lone chair, his back to Jonathan. But the Joestar could still see he was upset, his head was down and shoulders slumped.

Carefully, Jonathan approached, trying not to startle him. "Josuke?" He asked softly once he was next to the chair. 

Josuke's shoulders twitched, but he didn't look up. "Hey..." 

"How are you feeling?" Jonathan asked after an awkward pause, looking down at him in worry.

"Like crap." Josuke mumbled, eyes stuck to the floor, "I... I'm sorry, for attacking you earlier. I just got really mad..." 

Jonathan shook his head, "Please, do not kick yourself down. It's alright, I understand your anger." 

Josuke just nodded, "I think you already know what he told me so... Back in Morioh, I met him. Joseph, I mean. But he wasn't this version, he's much older, and has to use a cane to walk. He's frail, so all the anger I had, the sadness, I couldn't dump it on him, I couldn't hurt him, but this guy, I'm pretty damn sure this is the version that my mom first met. That bastard, he just used her as a damn outlet and left running as soon as he could!" 

Jonathan sighed, "I'm sorry, Josuke. This must be very hard for you, I cannot even begin to imagine how much. Please know that here if you want to talk." 

The Stand user nodded numbly, muttering a small "Thanks". 

Jonathan frowned, seeing the boy's fists curling tight against his thighs, but then he got an idea. "Josuke, how about you make my hair like yours?"

At once, Josuke's posture straightened up, eyes wide as he stared at Jonathan, mouth agape. "H-Huh? You want me... to style your hair?" 

Jonathan nodded, sporting a small smile. "Yes. If you'd like." 

"But why? I mean, no offense, but a lot of jerks I've met would rather die before having a hairstyle like mine. I actually get super angry when people insult my hair, it's something special to me and I hate when someone makes fun of it." 

Jonathan nodded, "I understand. I could tell you were uncomfortable when I first mentioned your hair earlier. But, I can tell you are very upset. I'd like to cheer you up, even if by little, and If I manage to do so by letting you style my hair, then I'd be more than happy to do so. And, like I said, it suits you nicely, I think it's a wonderful style." He smiled, eyes soft. 

Josuke stared, cheeks turning a light pink. When was the last time someone genuinely complimented his hair? "O-Okay, sure!" He hastily scrambled to his feet, "I think this thing has a bathroom somewhere?" 

"R-Really?" Jonathan's eyes widened, "Now that would be interesting to see."

Josuke nodded, "Totally. Let's see if we can find it." 

Together, they set about poking into each of the doors they came across, with Jonathan knocking politely in case there was someone inside, something Josuke found kinda dorky, yet so Jonathan. Finally, Josuke checked one of the last doors, finding a bathroom inside. He let out small whistle, it was spacious alright, with polished floors and walls. It had a marble bathroom sink, a large mirror with light bulbs embedded on the edges, a sparkly clean toilet, and from what he could tell, a bathtub hidden behind velvet shower curtains.

"Hey Jonathan, I found it." 

Well, now he could really tell how spacious it was, since Jonathan was able to walk in with no trouble and move around easily. Which he was doing with stars in his eyes currently, as he marveled the room.

"My, this is quite different than the restroom back home..." He said as Josuke looked in the cabinets under the sink, finding a can of high quality hair spray, a small cup, a pink blow dryer, and a comb a few seconds later. He saw a small bottle of hair gel, and decided to grab it as well. Just in case the hair spray failed.

"What year are you from again?" Josuke asked, setting the supplies atop the sink before rising to his full height.

"Oh, the year is 1889 in my time." 

"That's really cool, actually. A lot of the stuff we have today aren't in your time huh?" He then looked around, locating a stool perched in the corner. 

He dragged it in front of the mirror, "No, it's quite interesting so many advances in technology and common home items." 

Josuke nodded, "You know, once this mess is dealt with, you should totally help me with my history homework!" He looked at the stool, praying Jonathan's massive frame wouldn't break it, and patted the stool, "Take a seat." 

Jonathan chuckled, and carefully, sat on the surprisingly sturdy stool. "It would be my honor. Do you do you well in school?" 

"Most of the time yeah, my mom always makes sure I do my homework and study before I get to play video games." He took the cup and twisted the tap, filling it to the brim with water before setting it on the marble surface. 

"Video games?" The Joestar asked with curiosity.

Josuke choked, eyes going wide. "You don't know what video games are?!" He then shook his head, "Ah, I forgot that in your time that doesn't exist. They're virtual games you can play on a console, usually connected to a T.V." After a brief second of thinking, he decided to shed his prized school coat, not wanting to risk it getting stained. He turned to hang it on a clothes hook near the door. That's when Jonathan saw it, through the mirror's reflection, the small lilac star on the base of Josuke's neck, a striking contrast to the alarming yellow that was his tank top.

If it had been a few hours earlier, he'd be choking out gasps, but now he just smiled, chest filling to the brim with pride. "Well, I do not know what a "T.V." is, but they sure do sound fun." 

He then said, "I see you have a star birthmark." 

"Oh, yeah." Josuke turned back to Jonathan, hand coming to palm the area with the mark, "I don't know how I got it, but I've had it since I was a baby." 

Jonathan smiled, taking his satchel and slipping it off his broad arms. Once it was tucked safely on his lap, he took ahold of his shirt's collar, for what felt like the hundredth time that day, and tugged it down. "I have it as well. Your are Joseph's son, therefore you are a Joestar. Everyone in the Joestar family is born with this special birthmark, and it's always located in our necks. I have it, as did my father, and so do both Joseph's, Giorno and Jotaro." 

Josuke blinked rapidly, mouth forming a small 'o'. "W-Wow, Joseph never told me about that back in Morioh." Something clicked in his head, "If you're Joseph's grandpa... that means you're my great grandfather?!"

The built teen offered him a gentle smile, nodding, and then chuckled. "Yes, that is correct." 

Josuke smiled brightly, fist pumping at the air, "This is so cool! You're a really awesome guy, and with amazing powers, so being related to you is cool!" 

Jonathan smiled warmly, "I'm glad you find being my descendant something astonishing. I felt as though I knew you earlier, and now that I know it's true, I am quite happy. You do not have to call me grandfather or anything of the sort, but I do consider you my grandchild already-" 

"I can't just call you Jonathan anymore!" Josuke interrupted, arms crossed. "Gah, I have to think of a name for you that's like grandpa but cooler sounding. But that'll come later, let's move onto your hair!" 

Jonathan laughed quietly at the boy's enthusiasm, "Alright then, call me however you'd like." His eyes focused on the mass of hair that was Josuke's, "I noticed that you must have quite long hair for such a style, my hair isn't much now but I hope it won't cause you difficulty." 

Slim fingers dipped into the cup filled with water, "Don't say that, you've got a serious mane of hair here." Carefully, Josuke began to thread his digits into Jonathan's hair, intent on getting it damp. "Actually, your hair feels, like, super fluffy!" 

"I take that as a compliment, thank you." Jonathan chuckled, "Have you ever styled someone's hair before?" 

"Mhm, not really. I used to pretend to give my teddy bears pompadours, that's what this style is called by the way, when I was little though." More water to his fingers, "Like I said, a lot of people often make fun of my hair. Pisses me off." He let out a 'tch', carefully taking strands of the, apparently, fluffy hair and damping them with water.

Jonathan frowned, "Well, that's very rude of them. One should always respect others, no matter how they look or chose to live their life. Is there a particular reason it upsets you greatly?" 

"Yeah." Josuke nodded, now moving to Jonathan's side. He took one of the rolled towels and unfolded it gently. "When I was a child, I became really sick. My mom tried to take me to the hospital but it was snowing a lot, and the tires of our car got stuck in the snow. We would've gotten stuck all night had it not been for a stranger suddenly appeared behind the car. He took off his coat and put it in front of the back tires. He told my mom to drive foward, and when she did, he started to push on the back of the car. He managed to push hard enough that the car was no longer stuck," He then began to towel off Jonathan's hair, "And my mom managed to drive off. Had it not been for that stranger, I could've died before getting to the hospital. Mom tried to look for him day and night after that, but she never found him. Anyhow, he had a hairstyle just like this, and clothes too. The reason I started styling my hair like this was because of him, he saved my life without even knowing me. He's my hero, so that's why I don't let anyone talk badly about my hair, they're disrespecting a man who saved a child's life out of the kindess of his heart." 

By the time he finished, Jonathan was close to tears. He was confused as to what a "car" was, though he assumed it was like a carriage, but it didn't matter, he was too emotional to think about it. "That is very inspirational, Josuke." He gave a shaky smile, "I'm so proud of your for standing up for yourself, and for your hero." 

"Thanks." The teen gave a small grin of his own. He finished patting off his hair. "Do you have a hero too?" He grabbed the comb, beggining to push Jonathan's bangs downwards to get some insight as to how long it was when straightened.

"I consider my Hamon mentor to be a hero, for teaching me the ways of Hamon and for trying to rid the world of evil creatures like vampires, and to get rid of the Stone Mask." He scrunched his nose slightly when he felt some of his hair tickle it.

"I've seen some weird crap in Morioh, and I even have an alien friend, but it's really surprising hearing things like vampires and zombies actually exist." Once he saw how Jonathan's damp and combed hair reached past his nose, he set about coming it backwards. "Weren't you scared the first time you encountered one?" 

Jonathan let out a small sigh, "It was certainly frightening, being so suddenly thrown into a world I never knew existed. But I have overcome it, and I want to rid the world of such creatures." 

"That's a really honorable thing to do, trying to save the world when it's not your job." He then turned to the blow dryer, grabbing it and untangling the cord. 

"It is nothing, really." Jonathan chuckled, but his eyes wandered to the strange contraption Josuke was holding, "Josuke, what is that?" 

Josuke crouched on his knees, connecting the dryer to one of the electrical outlets. "It's a blow dryer." He then stood, "It's used to dry wet hair or straighten it." 

Nothing, not all his gruelling Hamon training, fighting endless hordes of zombies, this situation with the Holy Corpse and Stands and his future family, could prepare him for the moment Josuke clicked the small switch on the device. The contraption suddenly spurred to life, it's noise so loud it scared Jonathan half do death. He flinched violently, fists raising automatically and eyes alarmed. "W-What is that?!"

"S-Sorry!" Josuke yelled over the noise, fumbling for a second before shutting off the device, "I should've warned you first how loud they are." 

Jonathan lowered his fists, sighing in relief, "Goodness, what a scary contraption." He put a hand to his chest, feeling the erratic beat slowly simmer down.

"Sorry, again." Josuke said sheepishly, "I promise it's safe though, you'll just feel hot air on your head." 

Jonathan nodded, placing his hands on his satchel, "Alright, I trust your word. Go ahead." 

The device whirred to life again, and this time, Jonathan focused on gripping the leather beneath his finger tips. He fidgeted when Josuke approached, but he willed himself to relax. He was doing this for Josuke's sake!

Carefully, Josuke took the comb and started to sweep Jonathan's bangs backwards once more, with the dryer blowing hot air this time. After a few minutes, he set down the comb on the edge of the sink, in favor of grabbing the can of hair spray. 

"Okay, this stuff is used to keep hair in place, but don't worry, it's not permanent or anything!" He explained briefly, shaking the can, "It'll come out like a spray, so don't get spooked when you hear it," He managed to wedge his thumb under the cap and pull it off, it fell on the marble surface. "But it's really bad if it gets in your eyes, so close them, okay?" 

"Alright." He closed his eyes, feeling the strange sensation of the spray graze his forehead. 

It was quiet for after that. Josuke alternated between the spray, comb, and drying his hair, humming to himself a mindless tune from a pop song he heard earlier that day, his attention fully focused on the task before him. Jonathan felt relaxed with the way Josuke carefully threaded the comb through his scalp, it felt like a mini massage. Although he gripped the bag on his lap whenever the dryer came on, it was rather relaxing. And the silence was comfortable, too. 

After a while, Josuke suddenly stood back, a proud smile on his face as he admired his work, "All done!" He set down the dryer and the now half empty can, and proceeded to crack his knuckles, "Whew, I can do this all day with my hair but it sure is tiring doing it to someone else!" He was glad he the spray had worked, using the gel would've been too messy.

Jonathan stood, back popping in slight protest. He looked at Josuke, who had his hands behind his back and was sporting a big smile, "What do you think?"

Jonathan looked in the mirror, eyes raking over his new hair style. It wasn't as as long as Josuke's, but sure enough, there was a rounded mass of hair sitting atop his forehead. "Mhm, it's strange not seeing my usual messy hair, but I think you did a wonderful job!" 

Dark pink coated Josuke's cheeks, but the smile never left. "Thanks!" He then looked at the floor, fidgeting, "I... know that you're just doing this to cheer me up, take my mind off things, and I really appreciate that. Not a lot of people would let someone drastically give them a new hair style just to make them happy. You're a really cool guy!"

Jonathan smiled, "Anything to make my family happy." Without much thought, he careffuly patted Josuke's head and set about slipping his satchel back on. 

Josuke blinked. Did he really just let someone touch his beloved hair? He quickly looked in the mirror, relief washing through him when he saw not a single hair escaped or was out of place. Usually, if someone so much as breathed too hard around his hair, he'd flip his shit and quickly take out his emergency comb. But it actually felt nice, the loving pats to his hair. 

"We should definitely take a picture!" Josuke then said, grinning.

"Oh, do you mean a photograph?" 

Josuke nodded, "Yeah! Let me see if I can find a camera somewhere."

Josuke then rushed out of the bathroom, taking his coat with him, and left Jonathan alone to look at himself in the mirror. He sure did look strange, but it was worth it to see the smile on Josuke's face. Eventually, he will have to face Joseph, and talk things out, but for now, he was outside, happily opening drawers and closets for a camera to capture this moment. 

Eventually, a small yell of "Found one!" brought him back to Earth, and he wandered outside the bathroom to see Josuke holding up a small rectangle shaped object with a grin.

"Is that... a camera?" 

Josuke nodded eagerly, and Jonathan chuckled, "It is very, very different from the devices used to take photographs back in my time. How does it work?" 

"It's super easy! Just turn it on here," He pressed the small switch, and Jonathan watched curiously as a small rounded... thing... protuded from the center of the rectangle. "And you press another button to snap a picture! Here," He beckoned the Joestar closer, twisting the camera so the rounded lense faced them. 

Once Jonathan was next to him, Josuke raised his free hand to make a peace sign, formed a grin, stood on his tippy toes (which he will never admit, he was still a growing boy damn it) and said, "Say cheese!" 

A bright flash filled the room, which made the Joestar flinch in surprise and rub his fists into his eyes, "Ah, what a devil!" He blinked rapidly, seeing the colorful blobs cloud his vision.

Josuke eagerly checked the photo, laughing to himself as soon as it came on, "Man, we gotta take another one!" 

"H-Huh? I do not get it, where is the photograph? You haven't had the chance to develop it yet." 

Josuke inched closer, showing the small screen to Jonathan. The latter was in awe, observing the very image they had just taken, only it was, well, there! Not in his hands physically, but rather on the very device. But then he noticed what Josuke meant, the small grin Jonathan had been sporting for the photograph was erased the moment the flash blinded him, and now he appeared in the photo with his mouth half opened in surprised and his eyes wide. 

He chuckled awkwardly, "I see what you mean, I will try to not be so surprised this time." 

Josuke nodded and turned the camera around once more, "Three, two, one!" This time, Jonathan saw the flash coming, so he was able to keep his grin and kind eyes for the photo. 

Josuke checked the picture, grinning, "Okay, this one is way better!"

"I'm still very amazed as to how the photo shows up by itself," The Joestar said, amazement swirling among his eyes, along with a few tears due to the intensity of the flash. "I am wary of that bright light, but could we take more, please Josuke?" 

And thus, what followed was a series of photo sessions (after Josuke figured out how to turn off the flash), featuring an excited Jonathan and a laughing Josuke. They took various photos, all ranging from super serious expressions with pursed lips and half lidded eyes, to silly poses, with stuck out tongues and crossed eyes.

By the time they had taken more than twenty pictures, Jonathan noticed his small pompadour now had more than a few hairs sticking out here and there, and it was starting to come undone in some places. "I apologize, Josuke." He frowned, tone remorseful, "You worked very hard to give me this style and now I've ruined it." 

But Josuke just shook his head, "Hey, don't worry about it! It's all good-" 

"Yo, grandpa!" A sudden voice resonated from above, the thick British accent ever so clear, "You done in there?" 

Jonathan looked up, shoulders shooting up in surprise when he saw Emerald eyes peering into the room. Well, that was slightly... unnerving. "A-Ah, I'll be out in a moment, Joseph!" 

He looked back at Josuke, an apologetic smile plastered on his lips, "Would you excuse me for a moment, Josuke?" 

Josuke nodded, "Yeah, no problem. I'll stay here looking at the pictures!" With a small grin, he made his way to one of the nearby chairs, plopping down on it a moment later with the camera in his hands. 

The Joestar smiled and walked to the chair, setting a foot on it carefully before propping himself up. He was whisked away instantly, and he ended up in front of a crossed arms, messy haired teenager. "It's about damn time-" He stopped short, eyes zeroing in on Jonathan's hair, "Uh, what the hell happened to your hair, grandpa?" 

"Oh, isn't it wonderful, Joseph?" Jonathan poked his hair, "Josuke gave me a new style! I believe it's called a... pompadour?" 

But Joseph's mouth just dropped, hands starting to wave wildly, "Oh no, no no no, get back in there and take that shit off!" He turned Jonathan around and tried to push him foward, but Jonathan just looked at his grandson in concern, feet stuck to the ground.

"Um, what is the problem, Joseph?" He chuckled awkwardly, "Are you trying to get me to move somehwere?" He didn't realize Joseph was trying to use all his strength, if the grit teeth and the vein popping near his neck were anything to go by, to get him inside the turtle.

"Padre?" A sudden voice made Jonathan look the side, seeing Giorno and Jotaro approach them.

"Hi Giogio, and Jotaro." He waved slightly, walking foward to meet them halfway, unaware Joseph nearly fell foward.

"Hi-" Giorno stopped short, just like Joseph had, and his eyes drifted towards the taller teen's hair, "Padre... what happened to your hair...?"

Ah, déjà vu was such a funny feeling.

Jonathan blinked, "Josuke styled it for me!" 

"Why?" Jotaro grunted, eyebrow raised. 

The Joestar huffed, cheeks puffing out slightly. "Because he was feeling blue! As a gentleman, my duty is to cheer up those around me and not permit anyone to feel under the weather!"

"But why did you let him give you that stupid hairstyle?!" Joseph suddenly threw in, right next to Jonathan. 

Jonathan gasped lightly, before his brows furrowed, arms crossed. "Joseph Joestar, do not be so rude! Josuke values his hair greatly, and for very good reasons. It is something precious to him, and upon letting him give my hair a new style, it made him extremely happy. It also made him forget of the... earlier situation..." He looked to the distance, seeing his elder grandson chatting away with Lisa Lisa and Caesar, "Of course, it is inevitable that they must talk and solve the problem, but it was my mission to lessen his emotions and evolve them into something positive. It worked, therefore I am happy as well. So I believe getting this style is not a big deal." 

He then smiled, "Besides, it is not permanent. The product, a spray I believe it was called, will wear off soon. And we took many pictures to remember this day!" 

Giorno let out a small laugh while Joseph facepalmed, "Well, I'm glad you're feeling happy, padre."

"Did you tell Josuke he's a Joestar?" Jotaro asked, fingers gripping his half empty cigarette box inside his pocket. His head was starting to hurt, and the more he thought about how messed up and all over the place his family tree was the more he wanted to smoke whatever was left in the box. 

At Jonathan's nod, Joseph sighed heavily. "This is one hell of a mess. Goldilocks here is your kid but you're from the 1800's, my old self is literally over there talking to my friends and coach, but now I have a freaking son too?! And what's worse, this delinquent is my grandson!" He pointed harshly at Jotaro.

"Shut up, gramps." 

Joseph sputtered, "G-gramps?! Don't call me that, you damn punk!" 

"I said shut up, old man." 

"What, don't like being called what you are? An uncontrolled, delinquent, son of a-"

"Joseph!" Jonathan cut in, placing a hand on Joseph's shoulder. With a bit of force, he pushed him back slightly to get some distance between him and Jotaro. "Now now, we are a family. We must treat each other like one, and I do not know what a "punk" is, but if Jotaro doesn't like being called that, or a delinquent, which he most certainly is not, then please do not do so," He cast a glance at Jotaro, "The same goes for you, Jotaro, please treat your grandfather respectfully."

"B-But grandpa!" Joseph whined like a child, "He literally socked you in the jaw and you're taking his side?!" He seemed to ignore the part where Jonathan told Jotaro basically the same thing. 

Jonathan shook his head, "Joseph, he merely did what he had to do in order to calm me down. If anything, it was my own fault for acting so brash and letting my anger consume me. I am not taking anyone's side, I'm asking you both respectfully to treat each other with kindness." He then turned to Jotaro, "I cannot control what either of you do, even if I am your grandfather, but please refrain from calling each other names that make you both angry. Let's try to get along!" 

Joseph grumbled, and Jotaro just scoffed, but nodded anyways. Without another word, he silently turned and walked away. Jonathan, albeit worried, raised his voice slightly, "See you around, Jotaro!" Jotaro's shoulders hunched, but despite his stoic nature, he raised a hand and made a waving gesture.

Joseph sighed, "You're way too nice, grandpa."

"Well, I sure do hope I am!" Jonatha grinned, hand coming to ruffle Joseph's hair affectionaly, "Being a gentleman is of upmost importance." 

"Yeah, I know." Joseph's lips curled up into a small grin as Jonathan's hand left his hair. Suddenly, making sure no one was looking, he quickly dived in and gave Jonathan a tight hug, "I'm really happy you're here, grandpa." He then jumped away, giving Jonathan a big grin.

Jonathan blinked, but then his eyes softened, "I am happy to be here too, Joseph." He smiled, feeling tears starting to prick at his eyes.

Elder Joseph called his name, making Joseph look away, scowling when the old man made signs for him to go closer. "Ugh, what does he want now?" He grumbled, "Talk to you later, grandpa!" He then walked away, already starting a yelling match with Caesar.

"Everyone seems happy when they're around you, padre." Giorno, who was quiet throughout the entire ordeal, suddenly piqued in.

"Mhm?" Jonathan looked away from Joseph and Joseph bickering to look at his son, the word sending chills down his spine and his heart into a frantic dance, "Why do you say that, Gio?"

"Just a guess." He half shrugged, trying to keep a grin at bay, "You get people talking, laughing, smiling, intrigued even. Personally, I feel content when I think about the fact, even if it's quite sudden, that you are basically my father. I can tell Joseph is beyond the moon, Josuke is happy too, and Jotaro looks less... ah, angry, when you're around."

Dark pink coated Jonathan's cheeks. He took a moment to let Giorno's words sink in, and then he let out a startled laugh, hand coming to rub at his neck bashfully. "I-I am sure my precense alone isn't such a big deal... but thank you for saying so, Giogio." 

Giorno nodded, "Will you be keeping that hairstyle from now on?" He decided to ask.

Jonathan hummed, eyes looking upwards at the small mound of hair resting over his forehead, "No, I do not think so. I let Josuke style it so he could forget his rage and occupy himself on something that makes him happy. I should probably tell him I will undo it, since it's already falling apart." 

A nod, and then he looked at the ground, spotting loose pieces of metal and other rubble. He quickly bent down and picked a stray, small, piece of metal and an even smaller peble. They fit perfectly in the center of his palm, and carefully, he closed his fingers and thumb around the objects, shielding them from Jonathan's curious, yet confused, eyes. 

Carefully, he walked towards Jonathan, taking one of his hands gently and pulling it towards him. Giorno placed his closed fist atop Jonathan's open palm, "If I was given the chance to choose who I would've wanted as my parent, as my father, I would've chosen you. If I was given the chance to meet anyone, even Dio, I would've still chosen you. In such a short amount of time, you've acted towards me what my actual parents never were, and treated me as your own. You had no reason to do so, you could have hated me even for being the product of your stolen corpse. But no, you embraced me and threated me with nothing but kindess. I will forever appreciate that." With a small smile, he softly took a hold of Jonathan's other hand and directed it to close around the objects that were previously adorning Giorno's hand. 

And Jonathan... well, Jonathan's eyes were glazed over, lip caught between his teeth as he tried to keep his emotions in check. "Thank you, padre. I do not know how long we will deal with this mess... but I hope I will somehow be able to be around you. And if I can't, please take this to remember me by." With one final smile, he patted Jonathan's hand and walked away. He appeared calm and collected, but his heart was thumping wildly in his chest, and small drops of sweat were rolling down his neck. 

Dumbstruck, he stood there, Giorno's words leaving him frozen and striking his heart, in the best way of course, deeply. "You are... most welcome." Jonathan finally whispered to himself, mouth now forming a bright smile as he struggled to keep the moisture in his eyes from escaping. As he watched Giorno go back to his small group of friends, he remembered his clutched hands. He looked back at them, wondering why he had put them in such position. He expected to find the metal and whatever else Giorno had randomly scooped up from the floor, but as his hand lifted, he was shocked when he saw striking blue.

A single blue rose, without the stem or leaves, was sitting on Jonathan's palm, it's petals bright and in full bloom.

The Joestar was awestruck. 'How on Earth did Gio just...? But, I saw all he had on his palm was what he picked off the floor! Is this a magic trick of sorts?' He observed the flower, softly touching the petals with his thumb. That's when he felt a small tickling sensation across his thumb, and soon after, a small ladybug was seen crawling up to his nail. "Oh, I didn't see you there." He chuckled, watching the miniscule creature crawl back to his palm and up one of the petals. He watched it's bright red back disappear into the dark blue flower, "You know, this reminds me of Giogio's clothing, the blue suit is the same color of this rose, and the ladybug is the same as the ladybug shaped brooches adorning it. Could that be the reason behind this? A way to remember him if we are forced to seperate?"

As he muled this over in his head and got lost in thought, he was suddenly brought back by yet another lock of his hair escaping the pompadour and falling down his forehad, tickling his nose. Right, he had to go to Josuke. 

Carefully, making sure the rose wouldn't be crushed under his fingers, he closed his hand a bit and wandered over to the turtle. Before he went inside, he looked at Giorno in the distance. He was between the small boy who was interested in the zombies and vampires and the pink haired lady, and if he was remembering correctly from Giorno's rushed introduction, his name went along the lines of Naranchia or Narancia, and her name was relatively simple, Trish. The boy was currently telling what looked like a wild story, judging by the way his arms were flailing, and the young man next to him- Mista, was it? Oh, he was the owner of the little bullet Stands, he hoped Number 5 was doing okay- was throwing in his own hand gestures and laughs. Jonathan grinned and shook his head at their silly antics. He was very glad Giorno was surrounded by friends, Jonathan would never wish upon him or anyone the solitude he was exposed to as a youngling. Though, what Giorno said about him being more of a parent than his actual parents ever were, and in such a short amount of time, greatly concerned him. He should talk to him about that later.

When he looked back, Giorno was looking at him, a barely visible smile was directed his way. Jonathan raised his free hand and waved, throwing back his own smile, before walking a step further to land inside the turtle. Thanks to the previous entrance he made, he was able to land on his feet once more. He surveyed the area, quickly finding Josuke in the same position he was in when he left. 

Josuke heard the small thud of feet landing against carpet and looked up, "Heya, great gramps!" 

"Great gramps...?" Jonathan asked confusedly, walking foward until he was next to Josuke. He noticed he still had the camera in his hands.

Josuke nodded, "Yeah! You're my great grandpa, so I can't call you Jonathan anymore. Don't worry, I'll think of a cooler name later." His eyes drifted to Jonathan's hair, "Man, it's coming undone faster than I thought." He pouted, setting the camera on the small space available in the chair before standing up. 

"Yes, I was hoping I could use the small plastic object you had earlier to accomodate my hair to it's original state." 

"Do you mean the comb?" At Jonathan's nod, Josuke continued, "We should probably get the hairspray stuff outta your hair first, so follow me!" He led Jonathan to the bathroom again, where he left all the supplies from earlier. "Okay, I don't think your head can fit under the faucet so... the shower head will have to do!" He walked towards the shower, pulling back the shower curtain to reveal the porcelain white bathtub. 

If the word confused came with a picture in the dictionary, it'd have Jonathan Joestar's face next to it.

"...Where should I stand?" He chose to ask instead, briefly checking the rose in his hand to make sure it wasn't crumpled, which it wasn't, and decided to leave it somwhere safe first. He looked around for a second before deciding to leave it on the counter next to the sink. Carefully, he set it down, admiring it's striking blue in contrast to the white marble for a second, and then he walked next to Josuke. 

Josuke rolled up his uniform's sleeves up to his elbows, "Right there, actually!" He said as he grabbed the shower head perched on the wall. He fiddled with it for a second, "Just lean over the edge of the tub and I'll use the shower head to-" 

A small thud interrupted him, and Josuke looked up alarmed to see Jonathan doubled over slightly, rubbing his forehead with his face contorted in slight pain, and it didn't take him long to realize he had made a direct contact with the metal rod that held up the curtains. "Crap, are you okay?!" He asked hurriedly.

"Yes yes, do not worry." He chuckled awkwardly, "I did not see that metal pipe there. Sometimes, being tall has it's disadvantages." 

"I noticed! Wish I could say the same though." He pouted, "How old are you, anyway? No offense but you're freaking huge." 

"Twenty! And you, Josuke?" 

Josuke sputtered, "T-Twenty?! Wow... Oh, I'm sixteen."

Jonathan nodded, and this time, carefully, avoided the metal rod and leaned his upper body slightly over the tub. "Well, I think you are a fine young man! If you keep eating your vegetables and drink your milk, you'll grow much more in no time! Or, at least, that's what my father used to tell me. I do not think I can get taller than this." He laughed, sound hearty and booming against his throat. 

"You sound like my mom," Josuke replied, snickering. He tempered with the shower's faucets for a moment, "She always tries to make me eat my greens and drink a glass of milk. It drives me nuts sometimes."

Once he figured out how to turn the shower head on, he placed it over the back of Jonathan's head. "I'm sure she means well, she only wants the best for you-" Just then, Josuke chose to turn the water on, sending an, unbeknownst to the teenager, ice cold waterfall onto an unsuspecting Jonathan.

The Joestar sputtered and flinched back violently when he felt the freezing water hit his neck, and he made contact with the cursed metal pole once more, but this time the rod stood no chance against the power of one uncontrolled Jonathan Joestar, and the ends that were glued to the wall snapped, sending Jonathan flying backwards. He would've crashed onto the floor, had it not been for a sudden presence grabbing the back of his arms forcefully.

Jonathan looked up in a daze, half startled when he saw a slightly blurry face with pink and blue hues. "Holy crap, are you okay?!" Josuke asked worriedly, pushing the shower curtains away with his foot.

"Y-Yes, just me and my clumsiness like always..." Jonathan's cheeks burned in embarrassment as his feet found sturdy ground. He looked behind him, finding the Stand hovering over him. "Um, th-thank you...?" He looked at Josuke, asking silently for a name. 

"Crazy Diamond." Josuke filled in as he picked up the bent metal rod. 'Remind me to never get on this guy's bad side...' Josuke thought nervously when he spotted part of the tiles on the walls had come off and were still attached to the metal ends.

"Crazy Diamond..." He smiled uncertainty, not knowing if the Stand could talk or if it had it's own personality like the Sex Pistols. Naturally, Crazy Diamond's neutral expression didn't differ, and he returned to Josuke's side a moment later.

"I apologize deeply Josuke, it wasn't my intention to make such a mess." Jonathan said regretfully, remembering all the times his father scolded him for being such a clumsy child.

"Don't worry about it! It was my fault for not warning you about the water. And besides, Crazy Diamond can fix this up in no time!" He then realized, "Oh wait, are you hurt?" 

Jonathan's fingers reached behind his head, "I do not think so-" He cut off, flinching when he pressed against the bump forming where he had hit the pole. "Ah, I do have a small wound on my head but I'm sure it is nothing-" He stopped talking the moment he saw the Stand approach him again. He was unnerved by how quiet and serious it looked, but he tried to relax when it raised it's hands and held them near his head. He held his breath as pink aura surrounded it's hands, and in a second, the small irritation he felt on his forehead and the dull throb at the back of his suddenly vanished. 

"My word, what an amazing ability!" Jonathan marveled as he raked his fingers through his hair, and indeed, the small bump that was starting to form was gone.

"Wait till you see this," He raised the metal pole to where it previously was attached, "Crazy Diamond!" Immediately, Crazy Diamond left Jonathan's side to stand before the busted rod. With a few yells of 'Dora!', his punches landed on the bent metal and where it snapped off, and Jonathan was left to watch in complete awe as the objects meshed and blended together before restoring to their original form, as if the accident never happened.

"W-Wow!" Starry eyed, Jonathan touched the newly fixed metal rod, as if his brain was trying to see through an illusion. "This is such an incredible power..." He quietly muttered to himself, and now he saw how Josuke healed the sure bruise Jotaro's punch would've left on him. Sure, Jonathan himself and Mr. Zeppeli could heal wounds with Hamon, but he considered this to be even more astounding.

Josuke grinned, "C'mon, let's wash that stuff out of your hair." 

This time, Jonathan was ready for when the water dropped onto his hair. Instinctively, he reached up and buried his fingers through his hair, scrubbing away the spray substance. After a while, Josuke shut the water off, hooking the shower head back onto the wall. "Stay still for a sec, I'll get you a towel!"

He turned and grabbed a nearby fluffy towel, unfolding it briefly, before dropping it on Jonathan's head. "Thank you, Josuke!" Jonathan said as he, still leaning over the tub, took a hold of the towel and began to dry his wet locks. Once he was done, and avoiding the rod again, stood up straight, handing the towel back to Josuke. 

"Yeah, no problem! I don't think you'll need to comb it, so it should be back to normal once it dries completely." 

Jonathan nodded, and carefully chose his next words, "Are you... feeling better about the situation?"

A deep intake of breath, and then "I... yeah, I am, thanks to you, actually. I'm still kinda pissed but... I won't lash out like earlier, I'll keep my emotions in check." 

The Joestar grinned, and gently, placed his semi gloved hands on Josuke's shoulders, and now the teenager could really feel the mega height advantage Jonathan had on him, but he listened fully to his next words, "I know this is quite difficult, I cannot begin to imagine how so. Eventually, you will have to face the situation and try to accept it, but even if we have not known each other long, please know what I meant earlier, I will always be here if you wish to speak or let out your frustrations. We are family, and we must look out for each other." And then, a blinding white smile.

Josuke's eyes widened. How on Earth was Jonathan able to say such... well, wholesome things really, when he had just met him a while ago and didn't even know who Josuke really was? And, especially, when Josuke lost himself for a moment and nearly punched Jonathan into next week? In his book, that guaranteed at least some sort of fight or a verbal backlash.

But no, Jonathan wouldn't talk badly to him or fight him, because he's a gentleman Goddamn it. 

Earlier, when he said basically the same thing, Josuke hadn't bothered to take him that seriously, since his mind was in a foggy place, but now that the words were rained down upon him with such sincerity, and knowing Jonathan was his ancestor, and an extremely caring one at that, it made Josuke obligated to believe him.

Realizing he hasn't responded, he quickly gave a nod, "Y-Yeah, I will. Thanks." He gave a small grin.

Jonathan nodded, patted Josuke's shoulders and then backed away. He then looked in the mirror, noticing his hair was nearly dry. "Well, that was quick!" He ran a hand through it, forcing the excessive water drops to escape his locks. He then got an idea, "Josuke, could we take one last photograph?"

He was half surprised, but Josuke nodded quickly, "Yeah of course! Lemme go get the camera." He santered out of the bathroom, and Jonathan followed.

He smiled at the boy's eagerness, and waited patiently for Josuke to get ahold of the device. This was all very sudden to him, a bit confusing if he was being honest, and really hard to believe, that out of someone with a half ordinary life like him could give way to such strong, polite, selfless descendants like Jotaro, Joseph, Giorno and Josuke. Though, he should really talk to Jotaro about his language and Joseph's... bluntness.

He suddenly realized, as Josuke was making his way back to him, that all of his future family, except for Giorno, shared the characteristic 'Jo' in the beggining of their names, even the one he suspected was related to him, Jolyne, and quietly chuckled to himself. Looks like the tradition of the 'Jojo' nickname was carried on even after his passing, and that brought him a big amount of pride.

"Just be aware of the flash, I turned it on again so the picture comes out clear. Ready?" Josuke said, bringing Jonathan back to Earth, and in that moment the Joestar realized Josuke was next to him, sleeves rolled back to their original state, camera in position.

With a nod, Jonathan focused on the device and let out one of the biggest smiles he could form, hoping the photo would capture the sheer happiness he felt being around his new family members. He noticed Josuke sported a small grin and his hand was raised, his index and middle finger were lifted in the air and seperated from each other. He realized he had done this earlier, so he assumed whatever the gesture meant must have been important to him. So, as Josuke got ready, he also raised a hand, although with a small amount uncertainty, and put some space between his index and middle digits.

When Josuke noticed this, his grin transformed into a big smile, and standing in his tip toes to appear taller once more, said the magic words, "Three, two, one!" 

Once the flash subsised and the colorful blobs in his vision disappeared, Jonathan excused himself for a moment and left Josuke to check the photo. He walked into the bathroom and grabbed the flower, hoping his small ladybug friend was still nestled inside, and by the time he returned to Josuke, excited to see the picture, a yell of "Grandpa!" made him turn his attention to a very sudden young Joseph landing inside the room. Josuke watched amused as Jonathan, before he could even ask, was pulled away by a very impatient and attention demanding grandchild, and a few seconds later, his son and whatever the hell Jotaro was. 

Josuke watched as they, and 'they' being his past, present and future family apparently, started to fuss around the gentle giant. He himself kept his distance, chosing to sit, once again, in one of the velvet chair, and decided to examine the newest picture in the camera. It was similar to their previous ones, but this time it just felt different, you could see the glee go from the soft smile to Jonathan's eyes, deep blue orbs filled with glowing happiness, hand gesture half stiff and rigid, but he tried his best to copy Josuke's movements, something the latter found kinda sweet, if he was honest, since he could tell Jonathan was trying his best to make Josuke happy. Josuke himself could only be described as joyful and, like always, cool, with his signature peace sign and pompadour in perfect condition. If he was being honest, this picture was his favorite, and half hoped whoever left the camera in the turtle wouldn't be missing it anytime soon.

As he looked over at a nervous Jonathan switching his attention worriedly between a bickering Joseph and a bored out of his mind Jotaro, with Giorno sandwiched next to his bicep, he came to an inevitable conclusion.

Yeah, he had one cool ancestor.