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All Praise Queen Froppy

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"Froppy!" ( Y/n) shouted at the frog like girl, crushing her painfully into a warm hug. Their sternums crushing together, Asui wrapped her arms around (Y/n), though her ribs felt like they had been broken by the force of (Y/n)'s hug.

(Y/n) was wearing her hero uniform, well she wasn't an actual hero, more a hero in training. She didn't go to UA, she went to a school in a small town. Her and Asui had been friends for years, only confessing their love for each other before Asui got into UA.

(Y/n) went to live in the small town with her parents, but came back to see Asui when with her trainer. (Y/n) pulled away from Asui, leaving her hands on her shoulders, smiling brightly at her girlfriend. "Let's go for ice cream!!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, her voice high pitched and hurting Asui's ear. (Y/n) grabbed her hand and began dragging her onto the sidewalk.

"Why are you so excited today?" Tsuyu asked "well you see my lovely frog girl, I got a totally awesome internship with this super cool hero" she explained. "Oh wow really? That's pretty cool" Tsu responded. (Y/n) nodded, continuing fast walking to an ice cream stand.

They stopped in front of a cute looking stand "so, whatcha want?" (Y/n) asked, Tsuyu went over the menu for a second "Cake flavor, I guess" (Y/n) nodded and ordered one cake and one (Favorite flavor). The two sat down as they ate, (Y/n) scooted closer to Tsuyu till their legs were touching "sooooo, Tsu.… I love you" she whispered, Tsuyu's face lit up red, (Y/n) had never said that.

(Y/n) wrapped her arms around Tsuyu and smiled "I love you too" she finally said, let go and stood up "yay! She loves me!" She yelled, everyone in the streets stared at them, (Y/n) turned to the ice cream man "she loves me" she yelled to him "congratulations!!" He yelled back, smiling and waving at the two.

"Why are you acting so suprised?" Tsu asked, (Y/n) smiled brightly at her "well, I was talking to my teacher and I told her about you, and she was all like 'whaa!' And said 'how do you know she loves you?' And I was all like 'how do I know?' " she explained.

Tsuyu giggled "you should of said it sooner" (Y/n) laughed loudly and plopped down next to her, putting an arm around her and crossing her legs. "I should've, but like I forgot about that right, cause I thought like you knew" she explained again, Tsu nodded.

"Well, let's eat" (Y/n) began eating her I've cream, a small smile formed an Tsuyu's face.