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JJBA: Eyes of Heaven; Dialogue Exchange!!!

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So basically the reader is taking my original character's places, because most of the jjba stories that are posted now were originally not set to be reader inserts but I decided to change it lat minute and let the readers take place of my characters. Now that that is out of the way, let me explain the family tree and what the reader will be called when they take a certain OCs' place.

Just so you know most of my characters die in the story lines. But I will put an alternate line where they end up surviving events the jojo went through

Phantom Blood: 

Clada Rocha (Grand Aunt to Clarice)

Hamon User

Equipped Weapons; Dagger and Whip

Battle Tendency:

Clarice Rocha (Grand Aunt to Claire, Clara, and Clarissa. Grand Niece to Clada)

Hamon User

Equipped Weapons; Staff and Hip sash

Stardust Crusaders:

Claire Rocha

Stand User

Stand Name; Wild Card

Diamond Is Unbreakable:

Clara Rocha

Stand User

Stand Name; Lady Vixen

Golden Wind:

Clarissa Maria

Stand User

Stand Name; Rising Phoenix

Stone Ocean:

Claret Rosales (Aunt of Clark, Cousin of Claire, Clara, and Clarissa)

Stand User

Stand Name; Beast's Shadow 

Clark Reyes (Nephew to Claret)

Stand User

Stand Name; War God

Steel Ball Run:

Clarimonde Rocha

Stand User

Stand Name; Viper


Clarinda Maria

Stand User 

Stand Name; Mariposa 


Okay so to make this brief reader is going to have a lot of relatives involved. but I wont change their names unless they are supposed to have the same last name, it will go something like this; Ex;

PB:[Y/n] [L/n] vs BT: Clarice [L/n]

PB; [Y/n] [L/n] vs GW: Clarissa Marie

There will (Obviously) be some crossover, and some more fun stuff.
Hope you Enjoy!

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[Y/n]: Yo Kujo, can I borrow your jacket again? Its cold

Jotaro: Tch, so annoying, besides you already wear a sweater and jacket.



In SCD, Jotaro occasionally lets [Y/n] use his jacket when it becomes too cold for her. Though he did find it annoying the first few times she asked for it, he began to see it as an endearing habit he later picks up on. He also found out that colder temperatures leave her restless and slightly ill tempered and grouchy in the morning.

Sadly after her death he occasionally caught himself nearly removing his jacket to offer to her, he keeps a kitten patch in his pocket, it used to be on [Y/n]'s jacket.

She gave it to him as a small token of friendship.

If Jotaro won;

Jotaro: *huff* Maybe next time

If [Y/n] won;

[Y/n]: Warm Jacket! Warm Jacket! Warm Jacket!!! :3

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Joseph: You know, you remind me of your grand aunt Clarice

[Y/n] [L/n]: You mentioned it before, its the looks isn't it?


Since SDC [Y/n] is related to BT Clarice, they nearly look exactly alike. So on some occasions Joseph is reminded of Clarice, they were close but to the SDC crew they are not sure how close, Jotaro and [Y/n] have a feeling that old man Joseph and Clarice shared a pretty close relationship that is beyond friendship.

Though Joseph can't help but be protective of [y/n], he feels that it is his responsibility to look after her since Clarice is dead, in a way Joseph feels guilty for Clarice's death and the only way to honor her is to watch out for [Y/n].

If Joseph Wins;

Joseph: At least you don't have her vicious temper

If [Y/n] wins;

[Y/n]: You should tell me more about her sometime, my family never got to know her well.

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[Y/n]: I'll kick your ass if you come any closer to me Karz!!

Karz: You have our people's blood running through your veins, yet you choose to side with these low beings, how unfortunate...


So all of the [L/n] bloodline come from a pillar woman who separated herself from the pillar people before Karz massacred them, thus leaving the pillar woman ancestor to live with humans. Karz never got the chance to bring back the pillar woman, for she escape him many times, and eventually she had fallen in love with a human and had the first pillar/human child to ever exist before she died in an act of sacrificial suicide to protect her legacy.

Thus eventually leading to Karz and the other Pillar men to sleep until the awoke decades later, and found the pillar woman's descendent; [Y/n]. Karz had made another plan to bring [Y/n] to their side, by either force or coaxing, for [Y/n]'s immunity to the sun indicated another evolutionary step for the pillar men to win against the hamon users.

Unfortunately [Y/n] died before Karz could use her for his plans


If Karz won;

Karz: Come along now kitten, you'll face your punishment for betraying your people

If [Y/n] won;

[Y/n]: Ha! I told you I'd kick your ass to the ground, right where it belongs!!


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[Y/n]: So- wait-??? Uh-Uh- Jotaro, you and I–

Jotaro: Now is not the time [Y/n], good grief 



When [Y/n] finds out she's Jolyne's mom, she finds it odd that she turned out to be a mom, because she never saw herself as a mom or taking a parental role. But when she finds out Jolyne is hers and Jotaro's, she's shocked and flustered because she never thought their relationship would go beyond friendship. Jotaro is also quite honestly surprised as well, but he feels like his feelings were revealed too soon and they were not on his terms. 

In the end though they pull through with it, and [Y/n] will occasionally lightly tease Joatro about having another kid. (Jolyne wouldn't tell them about her two younger siblings, she'll let them find out on their own.)


[Y/n]: I never saw myself as a mom... I hope I did a good job in raising Jolyne though...

Jotaro: ... Gimme a break...*sigh* I'm sure you'll do great [Y/n]

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[Y/n]: Hey Kakyoin, have you seen my bag of snacks, or did Iggy get into it again?

Kakyoin: No, I thought you keep them stored in stranger places


[Y/n] tends to keep her smaller snacks on her person, she'll be even occasionally store them in a space in her bra, Kakyoin once  saw her pull out a small candy bag from her bra and got flustered. When she offered him some, he politely declined and later he began to find that habit of hers endearing.

He also found out she tends to carry her snacks in her duffel bag most of the time, she also shares with him and the others when they get a bit hungry during the journey. But Iggy sometimes tends to get in and eat her sash.

If Kakyoin wins;

Kakyoin: Now that I think of it, I did see crumbs around Iggy's mouth

If [Y/n] wins; 

[Y/n]; Aw man! Sorry Kak, jot found out that the perpetrator was Iggy

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[Y/n]: So my air hamon against your bubble hamon

Caesar: Ah~ [Y/n], is that a way of you saying that you know how to lift my spirits~


Simple really. Caesar has hamon that is bubble based, while [Y/n] has air based hamon. Even though [Y/n] is a descendant of a pillar woman, she is still able to use hamon due to the evolution of her bloodline. Caesar knows that [Y/n] is a decedent of this pillar woman, but he doesn't see her as an enemy because she is different, she is still human despite where her bloodline comes from. Caesar also has a tendency to fluster [Y/n], he finds her flustered state adorable and quite a sight to see, [Y/n] will get pouty but otherwise finds it bearable to an extent. She will not hesitate to introduce Caesar's pretty face to her staff of pain. [Y/n] isn't used to playful teasing outside of her family, compliments also tend to fluster her, but flirting is something she that can make her whole face turn red!


if Caesar wins;

Caesar: Is that a blush I see [Y/n]!~

If [Y/n] wins;

[Y/n]: Sh-shut u-up you stu-stupid flirt!

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Giorno: I never knew ladies like yourself carried around tasers and pistols under their skirts

[Y/n]: One, I am not a lady, and two... No child should ever have to go through what I've been through



 [Y/n] had a rather harsh upbringing after the death of her mother and one of her younger sisters, she was raised to be a fatal weapon but escaped that life with her other younger sister to find her father. When [Y/n] was introduced to Passione many were skeptical of her abilities, but Giorno was rather suspicious of her. That was until the group witnessed her abilities, she was dangerous even without the usage of her stand. As time passed Giorno began to discover more about [Y/n] and was rather empathetic when he began to figure out that [Y/n] often made herself alone and it was rather hard for her to trust. He slowly, but surely, helped her get out of her bubble with the help of the others, and began to become rather close to her. [Y/n] was rather grateful that he did, but it still took some time.


If Giorno wins:

Giorno: [Y/n] please, you don't have to be alone in this, let me help you

If [Y/n] wins:

[Y/n]: I understand what you are trying to do... But please give me more time

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Jonathan: I don't really wish to hurt you while we train [Y/n], are you sure about this?

[Y/n]: You really are a gentleman aren't you Jonathan? Worry not, I will be fine, for I did help you with picking up nice throws



[Y/n] was introduced to Jonathan when they were younger, for she was taken into the Joestar manor and off the streets, thus leading them to become good friends. Jonathan did know how to fight, but after witnessing [Y/n]'s skill in combat, he asked if she can teach him a few good tricks and some pointers that could better his skill. This continued even when [Y/n] had studies, especially after Dio entered the picture. Then after the events of the Joestar manor burning down and Dio turning into a vampire, they were on a path of healing with Eirina until a certain Zeppeli popped up and told them about the mask and Dio surviving. Training with hamon then begun, and it brought back memories for both friends.

If Jonathan wins;

Jonathan: Are okay [Y/n]? I wasn't too harsh, was I?

If [Y/n] wins;

[Y/n]: *Laughs* Oh Jonathan, I told you I'd be fine, see there is nothing to worry about! It was a nice match

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Josuke: So why does Jotaro pat your head a lot?

[Y/n]: It's a long story



[Y/n] is one of Clarie's younger cousins, Jotaro knew Claire well enough for them to be friends. Jotaro picked up a habit of patting her head to lightly tease her about her shortness. So when Claire passed and he ended meeting [Y/n] in Morioh, he couldn't help but pick up the habit again. Josuke caught on to the action and he too began to pick up on the habit, but he mostly messed up her hair lightly, [Y/n] doesn't mind though.


If Josuke wins;

Josuke: You wouldn't mind if I did it too would you?

If [Y/n] wins;

[Y/n]: Try not to get it tangled, kay?

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[Y/n]: Trish, it has been a while, wanna show these fools what we can do?

Trish: [Y/n] long time no see, and yes, let's show these idiots what we are made of!



 Trish and [Y/n] were childhood friends before they were eventually separated. They both made each other bracelets to remember each other by once [Y/n] moved away, they still remembered each other and were very happy to see one another again during the events of part 5. They both shared a bond that they consider to be platonic, though outsiders would view them as lovers considering how close they are, they share a very close sisterhood bond. So when [Y/n] died, Trish was the most affected even though she didn't have time to grieve for her friend's death.


Trish: I can't believe I actually expected something more, what a letdown

[Y/n]: Agreed, this was very disappointing, I can't believe I was expecting more

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DIO: So, you're Clada's niece... you look just like her...

[Y/n]: But I am not her, and you killed her!


Some of Clada's future relatives share her features to the point where they almost look alike, it is both scary and an interesting genetic trend. When DIO first laid eyes on [Y/n] he did momentarily believe that Clada was reborn, but when he heard that [Y/n] was related to Clada he didn't know what to think of it at first. Until he just decided to maybe take [Y/n] and lead her away from the crusaders, it is hard to describe the relationship that DIO and Clada shared. DIO actually had plans of using [Y/n] to "bring back" Clada, once he finished off the other crusaders of course, but the plan was never carried out.

If DIO wins;

DIO: With you, I can bring back Clada and fix what I have done, I can fix what we had!!!

If [Y/n] wins;

[Y/n]: Clada is gone, nothing you could do can bring her back you monster...

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[Y/n]: Come on Wammu! We'll use your wind and my air hamon together!

Wammu: So be it, together we shall get rid of this nuisance


While [Y/n] has the ability to create hamon in the air she can't exactly manipulate the wind, while Wammu on the other hand can. So if [Y/n] obtained the ability to manipulate the wind she would've been fine, she still is a strong enemy despite the fact that she can't control the wind but she would be more deadly if she could. So if Wammu and [Y/n] were to team up they would be a pretty deadly power couple together, like a wind duo of sorts.


Wammu: I still question why you side with humans, you should come back to your real people

[Y/n]: This was a one-time thing!

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[Y/n] and Jonathan stand together as [Y/n] brings out her whip, staring down their opponent. [Y/n] smirks as she dashes towards them.

[Y/n]: Ladies first Jojo!

Jonathan: Of course [Y/n], right after you!

[Y/n] cracks her whip against the opponents head, making them reel back in pain as she slides past them while her whip ties around their feet, with a smirk and glowing (e/c) eyes she lets hamon flow into the whip as she uses her gathered strength to swing her opponent around while slamming them against the floor and walls before releasing them in the air.

[Y/n]: Jojo now!

Jonathan prepares himself as he takes deep breaths to let hamon flow into his body, with a sharp look in his eyes he raises his fists until the opponents near his proximity. Once they were close enough they were bombarded with a series of hamon filled punches.


With a final punch, Jonathan grabs the opponent and throws them towards [Y/n], and as soon as they were in the right position [Y/n] spin kicked their stomach making them crash into a wall making a crater around their body.

 Jonathan: That was amazing [Y/n]!

[Y/n]: Thanks Jojo, you were great yourself!

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[Y/n]: Seriously?! Again with the stupid dress!

Joseph: What!!??? What is wrong with it???


Summary: Kay we all know that Joseph is attached to that dress! XD, [Y/n] is not too fond of that dress and thinks that Joseph should have used a better disguise. Of course Joseph, on the other hand, thinks that the disguise can fool anyone. Still though, [Y/n] is a bit surprised that Joseph can pull off some skills in that dress, not that she'll ever tell him that. Though [Y/n] will probably give him some pointers on the makeup if he were to ask her for assistance, while she'll grumble about it she won't admit that it is both amusing and fun.


If [Y/n] Won:

[Y/n]: Stop clowning around hand it over Joseph!


If Joseph Won: 

Joseph: Don't you know it is rude to tell a lady to undress! 

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Jotaro: Grandma [Y/n]? The Old Man told me you were something to reckon with in your youth...

[Y/n]: Eh? Look kid I'm not tha- Wait you called me Grandma [Y/n]!?!?!?



[Y/n] did not expect to have kids, hell, she did really see her self being able to support her family since she was afraid of having a bad relationship with kids of her own since she didn't have a good relationship with her own mom in the beginning. So it comes to her as a surprise that Jotaro is one of her grandkids, but it does give her a bit of hope that maybe she does have a chance of reconciling with her mom and a balanced family. She is also a bit surprised that she ends up with Joseph. Jotaro, on the other hand, is also taken back from how his grandmother was in her youth, as well as how drastically different she is from her current age (in his timeline) and her past age. From her, he finds out many hidden abilities that he too can perform, if he wants to of course. He kind of finds her cool, but her ability to literally spit out her stomach acid almost scares him.


If Joatro Won:

Jotaro: You- you can spit acid? How is that even possible?

If [Y/n] Won:

[Y/n]: How the hell do I end up with Joseph?! Hey! You have more explaining to do!!

Chapter Text

[Y/n]: So you're the fallen Johnny Joestar.....

Johnny: Your sounds too soft to be- hm?!?!



[Y/n] has heard of Johnny despite the fact that she usually tends to stray away from society. She never cared for gossip but she does pick up on things that could potentially be useful. She hardly cares for the fact that people could often mistake her as a man since her clothes cover the majority of her body, but it does amuse her. When she and Jonny first meet, he originally thought that she was a man since he didn't speak to her, but later when he and Gyro first speak to her he is mostly taken by surprise that "he" turned out to be a "she".


If [Y/n] Wins!:

[Y/n]: Hnn...not too bad, boy.......


If Johnny Wins!:

Johnny: You- You're a woman!? But-But you look-

Chapter Text

[Y/n]: We'll work together this once, the enemy is too dangerous to roam this earth!

Dio: My~ My~ Never did I think we'd be fighting side by side~



It is a bit hard to describe the relationship that Dio and [Y/n] have, but there was something between them. [Y/n] served as a bodyguard to Dio and Johnathan despite the fact that she was a girl, and in being so they all shared a different relationship with one another, [Y/n] often was the middle ground when it came to fights going on between Dio and Johnathan when they were young. But when it was solely Dio and [Y/n], Dio was slowly but surely opening up to [Y/n] yet he still saw her as a more valuble pawn, so he eventually began to have mixed feelings when it came to [Y/n], the most he came to see her as was an asset that he found valuable. In his youth, he was conflicted about his feelings towards her, until he came to understand them as an adult.



[Y/n]: Don't get too comfortable Dio

Dio: Ah~ [Y/n], you wound my non-beating heart~

Chapter Text

Gyro: You look quite dangerous, I can almost hear your jingling bullets from here 

[Y/n]: Really now........



The thing that many could notice about this [Y/n], is that she is not much of a talker, but if someone were to notice her potential to be lethal, she is more cautious around them. Gyro is one of the few people that took notice of how lethal she really is, and was pretty cautious around her in the beginning. They both share a respect for one another and eventually, a friendship was built off of this shared respect. Gyro never knew of [Y/n]'s stand until he eventually gained a stand of his own along with Johnny, that was when it was revealed that [Y/n] was a born stand user.


If Gyro Wins!:

Gyro: A bounty hunter, never expected to run into those....

If [Y/n] Wins!:

[Y/n]: An executioner.... what an interesting twist....

Chapter Text

[Y/n]: Come up with any ideas Giorno?

Giorno: I have a few, but I'd appreciate your opinion on them



Giorno understands that [Y/n] knows how to kill and corner enemies, he knows that she is lethal as a person without her stand assisting her. So often when he formulates plans he would like her take on it, and [Y/n] does assist and gives out several pointers on what he should keep or change. In this way, they bond, because even Giorno can be unsure of himself and [Y/n]'s expertise comes in very handy, it also gives him a sense of reassurance. Giorno keeps [Y/n] on stable ground because while she is experienced in taking down her enemies there are times where she even forgets to tone it down, this is where Giorno's assistance helps tame her more dangerous nature.



Giorno: The plan went well, thank you for the pointers [Y/n]

[Y/n]: Anytime Giorno, I am always here to assist    

Chapter Text

[Y/n]: Alight Jolyne, let's kick some ass!

Jolyne: O-of corse mom-! I mean- Ah- crap!




In this AU, [Y/n] becomes Jolyne's mom, and she and Jotaro don't divorce but Jolyne greatly admires her mom. So when Eye's of Heaven happens, she is overjoyed by the fact that she is able to meet the younger version of her mom, sure she gets to see her dad too but she heard of her mom's stories and ended up idolizing her as a result. She finds it pretty cool that she is able to fight beside her parents and actually get to know them both before they got together to eventually have her. She does tell them of course, but she doesn't give more info, her younger siblings will stay a surprise.



Jolyne: Woah! Mom that was totally badass! Eh! I mean-!!!!

[Y/n]; Nah its cool Jojo!~ Man, no one told me I'd make an awesome kick-ass kid!

Chapter Text

[Y/n]: H-how? How do you have Dio's and Jonathan's energies combined in you?

Giorno: Dio? Did you just say Dio? Please, I have to know more about him-!



As we all know Giorno is the son of Dio, but he also Jonathan's son since Dio technically used Jonathan's body to make all these children that are out and about roaming the eath. And as we all know Giorno is one of them. So if Phantom Blood [Y/n] were to meet Giorno it would toss her in one hell of a whirlwind, she would be very confused about it but for the most part, it is a pretty intriguing subject for her. If they both settled down to have a chat it would likely surprise Giorno that he would have two biological fathers, I also feel like Giorno would be very delighted to listen to all the childhood stories [Y/n] has of Dio and Jonathan when they were all young.


If Giorno Wins:

Giorno: Please, tell me what you know about my father


If [Y/n] Wins:

[Y/n]: How do know of Dio and not Jonathan? Unless....oh dear

Chapter Text

Anasui: You're Jolyne's mother aren't you!? Please, accept our marriage!!!

[Y/n]: Jolyne? Marriage? Mother? Buddy, you have got to slow down!



Okay, we all know how Anasui is and how he has a tendency to act But I actually have a feeling that Anasui meeting young [Y/n], the mother of Jolyne Kujo, would be very amusing and hilarity would ensue. [Y/n] obviously didn't know she was going to be a mom, and with Anasui saying all these things would really confuse this [Y/n], if Jotaro was there beside her he too would likely find this situation very weird and off, he'd likely step in if anything got too out of hand, but hearing [Y/n] being a mom to this "Jolyne" would likely interest him as well. 

So, generally speaking [Y/n] would likely find him very weird and find him very off, though if Jolyne were to pop up out of nowhere and announce that what Anasui said was true, she'll likely have one hell of a headache. And once all is made clear she is definitely iffy about Anasuui trying to marry Jolyne, she keeps an eye on him for the most part.


If Anasui WIns:

Anasui: Don't worry Mrs. Kujo! Jolyne will be happy with me I promise!


If [Y/n] Wins:

[Y/n]: To hell with that! Look buddy, you gotta start making sense if you don't want me to beat your ass straight to hell!

Chapter Text

Josuke: [Y/n] please stay behind me, I don't want you getting hurt

[Y/n]: It's okay Josuke, I'll be alright as long as I am around you!



So, [Y/n] was with Yasuho when they found Joseuke, and obviously Yashuo and [Y/n] bonded with the amnesic JoJo. Josuke was just as attached to [Y/n] just as he is attached to Yashuo, so often he takes it as his personal responsibility to look out for her, [Y/n] appreciates Josuke and is often the one to put a smile on his and Yashuo's faces' if they are ever down. Josuke is often a bit protective of [Y/n], Yashuo as well but not to the same extent as Josuke, the reason for this is because [Y/n] is a bit clumsy and he wouldn't know what to do without her in his life. [Y/n] is often bubbly but knows when to get serious when the situation calls for it, though she is often perceived as being playful when put in these situations, this kinda leads to Josuke often attempting to cover her anyway. Josuke cares for [Y/n] and [Y/n] returns that sentiment back to Josuke, so when [Y/N] eventually meets her end, it affects Josuke and Yashuo greatly. Anyone unfortunate enough to hurt [Y/n] in front of Josuke is gonna have a bad time.



[Y/n]: See Josuke, there is no need to worry, we got it!

Josuke: I suppose we did, didn't we *chuckles*