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Monsters, Mewmans, Magic

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Monsters, Mewmans, Magic

Arc 1: Consequences

Chapter 1-1: Defeat



It wasn't supposed to go like this.

No, what was it supposed to go like?

What did she expect to happen?

Not this.


Star Butterfly was not expecting this. One second she was dropped inside the wand itself, and the other, she was face to face with Toffee. She thought it would be different. How could she know he would turn into a giant slimy version of himself? Or that he corrupted seemingly all magic, save for a couple of golden fragments here and there? She couldn't have known. There was no way to know.

And now she's here. He's winning. Her mom is about to give him his finger back, and there's nothing she can do.


"No mom, stop! I can take him, just hold on, please!"


She swam towards him, but what could she do, poke him in the eye? Knock a tooth out? There was nothing, this was a desperate attempt, and she knew it.

And so did he.

He didn't even seem to bother too much, he simply shoved her away with a hand, no effort whatsoever. But she kept going. He brought his hands up in an attempt to crush her, but they were too liquid to crush a solid object. So he just grabbed her by the hair.

Toffee looked at her for a moment. Helpless yet determined. Afraid yet bold. Stubborn yet resilient. The eyes who contained blazing fury ready to reduce him to cinders, and a steel tough will ready to do whatever it takes to do so.

She almost reminded him of himself, back in his younger years.


 "Poor little Butterfly, you've lost your wings."

 Brushing away the unnecessary thought he focused back on the task at hand. He spent too much time in here. It was getting to him.

 "Now your majesty, do we have a deal?" He said, his puppet Ludo extending his right hand.


The queen looked hopeless, he knew she would give it to him now. She cares too much about her daughter for that. Slowly, she extended her hands, and handed him his finger back.

The moment the finger reconnected with the wound a heavy surge of vitality and strength found Toffee again. He felt victorious, he felt his pride swelling inside of him, as the look in the princess' eyes shunned from bravery, to fear.


And sure enough, Star was afraid.


What could she even do now? He had his finger back. The seemingly sole purpose of his quest has been handed to him. He had the upper hand in every way. What could she do now that would change that? There was barely any uncorrupted magic left around her. Even the ones she saw would soon join the dark green blackness that was his doing. There was nothing she could do, nothing at all. She was alone, helpless, and very afraid.

He started ascending towards the skies, turning into a weird pillar, and yet, his face stayed on the same level.

He was dragging her to him.

With a look of terror on her face, Star Butterfly gazed upon the septarian. The smirk on his face and the glee in his eyes gave a distinct predatorian vibe as she stared at him. He was the hunter, and she the prey.




Wait, what? No. What is he doing? He's going to leave her in here? No, he can't. He and his mom made a deal, he had to give her back. There was no way he would actually leave her here was there? No, he has to be joking. He has to be. He can't just do that. He said he'd give her back. She had to go back, she had to. Without her, Marco, her mom, her dad, her friends.... He can't leave her here.

"No, no. N-no!"


But it was too late, he left. He left, and she remained. Now she was alone. Alone in this ocean of blackness. Alone, and afraid.




The next thing Toffee felt after his farewell with the young princess was his finger.

His lost finger.

He felt regeneration, he felt his body building itself back from his finger. Bones, veins, blood, flesh. It was rebuilding itself back into him. He felt his ribs, then his skin. After a while he felt his suit. He felt his feet, hands and tail regrowing. He felt the neck, mouth, hair, nose.

And lastly, his eyes.



Once his vision returned, he looked at the world around him. The queen, the boy, and Buff Frog were looking at him, shocked. The tower remains scattered about in a crater. The sky bright as it always is in noon. Silence reigning in the air. Not a sound for miles.

Then, he vomited.

He vomited that puppet of his, Ludo. He was always so easy to manipulate. He hardly ever needed to try, it became more of a second nature to control him. That's how easy it was.


Standing up, he looked at his hand. There it was. The finger. It was back, it healed. He gave a wiggle just to make sure, but it was true. That wound always hurt like hell. Ever since the day he lost it, the wound has been a constant pain source. So the fact it was gone must have meant it was truly healed now.


"Where's my daughter?"

"Where's Star?"


"Oh, them."


Toffee, still with a look of bewilderment, turned his fully healed hand toward them, showing them the black half of the wand.

And then he crushed it. He crushed it, and poured the small fragments on the ground. Calmly, he recalimed his stoic expression, and with a monotone voice responded.

"She's gone." He said, turned around, and began walking away.


It hasn't even been ten seconds and he could already hear the queen rushing at him. Pure anger in her voice.

"Always the annoyance."

Slapping her hand away, he turned to face her. She threw a second punch, which he simply dodged. He grabbed her hands after she tried hitting him again, but what good would it do? She'll keep going. He saw her eyes slowly turning from anger to sadness, and then back to anger again.

She freed her hands, pulled out the other half of the wand, and pointed it at his heart. She started chanting that forsaken dark spell again.

The spell that costed him victory.

The spell that costed them victory.


He was not paying attention to her, he only stared at the wand. He wanted to see a reaction, he wanted to see if it would work.




It didn't.


Not letting the small shard of pride show, he grabbed her hand looked at her, and asked.

"Are you finished?"


The next thing he felt was a sharp pain where his heart should be. It couldn't be the spell, the wand was aimed at his face. Why did...?

He looked down, and saw the boy. He was crying. Normal reaction, nothing unexpected. If anything, he would be suprised if he wouldn't try anything. But really? A punch?

The wound regrew without any issues. Leaving the boy feeling even more useless. Toffee looked at him, he looked into his eyes. The boy was innocent, he did nothing wrong here. All he did was allow himself to be dragged into this mess. He was dragged into a dangerous situation by an irresponsible princess, and he suffers now beacause of it.

Toffee felt a small singe of sympathy for him, he didn't know why. Maybe it was that innocence? Maybe that broken will?

Or maybe...


No. There's no need to waste any more time. He's tired, he needs rest. This went on too long.

Grabbing the boy by the hair, he spun and threw him at a nearby piece of rubble. It cracked, and he fell down unconcious. He didn't want to kill him, he hadn't done anything wrong after all...

Or was it...


No. He had enough. Grabbing the queen by her hands, he shoved her into the ground, intent on immobilizing her. As much as it would to satisfy him to kill her, there was really no need. He gave up on those pure genocidal ways long ago. He was young back then. Now he's old. He's old, but also so much wiser. He dusted off his suit, and walked away once more. He kept walking until something took hold of his leg. He looked down and saw Ludo.


"Please, just tell me. Did I have... any part to play in this?" He asked.

"No." He replied coldly.

There was no point to lie to him, not anymore. He could have pulled this off with any monster, mewman or creature that found his half of the wand. The fact it was Ludo was almost pure coincidence, as once he discovered Ludo was nearby to the wand, he used the wand to create an illusion of the princess, leading Ludo to him. Ludo was known territory of manipulation to Toffee, so he was a preferable puppet. Still, no point in lying to him now. It's over. Lying to him won't achieve anything, so he might as well say the truth.


Climbing up form the impact crater of the whispering spell, he stood up, looked at his surroundings... and started walking away.




Star was desperate. She was alone, cold, afraid and tired.

After swimming in the endless ocean of pure blackness for a while, she found that some spots seem to be shallower than the rest. So she looked aroung until she found one she could stand on.

Looking around, she saw nothing but a vast expanse of the black abyss. Nothing to help her, nothing to soothe her. The tides began rising, waves have formed, and seemed to be getting more violent and large in both nature and size.

She looked around, and saw it.


A single piece of uncorrupted magic, in the distance. Floating there.

Abandoning all shallow ground she found, Star rushed to swim to that piece. When she got close, it dissapeared.


No. Why? She needed this. It was her last hope. This was all she had, she saw her cheekmarks flash gold, following by that piece of magic reappearing, and vanishing soon after. She tapped her cheeks again, once the magic revealed itself, she swam with all her remaining strength. She was so close. Just as she was about to grab it, it dissapeared.

"No. No. No. No. No. No."


She stopped, ad floated on the surface. Should she give up? Accept that this is the end for her. Is that all she can do? I there no way out? She was so cold. The dead magic was freezing to the touch. Her senses have gone numb. What can she even do?

The magic reappeared, deep beneath the surface, and she dived for it. She had to get it. She dived deeper and deeper, she has to get it. She has to. It's her only way out, it's her only way home. She swam closer and closer....



...and grabbed it.


Filled with some semblance of hope, she swam as fast as she could to get some fresh air, magic in hand. Once she emerged, she frantically searched for some shallow ground again. After a few minutes, she found it. Standing on the shallow ground, she inspected the magic fragment. It was so small, she doesn't even know what to do with it? Does she eat it? Rub it on he face? Point it to ths sky?

She didn't know. She tried so many things. None of which worked. It was pointless. It wasn't helping her at all. She went through so much to get it, and it was pointless.

" What do I do now? What am I supposed to..."


After a while, Star Butterfly laid down on the shallow ground of the Realm of Magic, clutched the magic fragment to her chest.... and cried.