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*.。 ✿・*。❀・。


Xie Lian fixes his robes after the wind blew at him. He glances back at Hua Cheng who follows close behind. He smiles when he notices Xie Lian’s gaze on him and speeds up a little. They have been wandering around for the whole day, naturally Xie Lian doesn’t feel tired at the slightest but now that he’s not alone in his journey, he can’t help it. Despite Hua Cheng’s build and character, for Xie Lian he will always look vulnerable and delicate. So now, while Hua Cheng walks next to him, not once complaining during this trip, Xie Lian only wants one thing–to make Hua Cheng rest.

He stretches his arms and coughs trying to be nonchalant while asking: “Isn’t San Lang tired?”

“Not at all,” Hua Cheng flashes a smile at Xie Lian and the other can’t help but return it back, his heart aches a little. “Is Gege?”

“Me?.. Uhm…”

The first answer is of course ‘no’ but Xie Lian bites his tongue and considers his options. If Hua Cheng doesn’t feel tired, then he won’t rest. But if Xie Lian says that he’s tired, that might as well work.


Xie Lian immediately feels embarrassed as his answer doesn’t sound convincing at all. Hua Cheng also cocks an eyebrow at him hearing his response but doesn’t say anything. He nods and looks around.

“We can rest here, Gege. There is a river nearby if you want to clean yourself.”

“Won’t you go with me?”

Indeed, sometimes your mouth is your mortal enemy. Xie Lian slaps his forehead as such a shameful question is said out loud. He doesn’t have any hidden intention but he still wants to run away from Hua Cheng’s merry gaze.

“I would if Gege wants it but…” Hua Cheng lightly caresses Xia Lian’s cheek before retreating back. “I need to build a campfire first.”

“Yes. Of course. Yes…” Xie Lian coughs again and looks around trying to find a path to the river but Hua Cheng beats him to it.

“This way, Gege.” He points to the left and smiles.

“Thank you!”

Xie Lian almost trips when he runs forward, not from Hua Cheng but from embarrassment which only builds further up. Xie Lian knows very well that Hua Cheng doesn’t mind it at all but even though Xie Lian doesn’t want to lose face in front of him. So, the only option he has in this kind of situation is to run as fast as he can.

Hua Cheng is left behind in the forest. He observes how Xie Lian’s figure disappears among the trees and only then he lets out a single wraith butterfly to follow after the white-clad man. After all done, Hua Cheng goes to the opposite direction to search for wood.

It doesn’t take too long for him to organize their lodging for tonight. He’s taken his time to make His Highness’ bed especially comfortable. As it’s been done, Hua Cheng squints down to take care of the wood for the fire but halfway through he stops as he sees with his right eye something very eye-catching.


*.。 ✿・*。❀・。


Xie Lian leans on the tree catching his breath after running in circles–as he was drowning in pity he couldn’t care less about where he was going. He’s lucky enough to not fall into the river though.

When he comes to his senses, Xie Lian staggers to the river and kneels down to check the temperature. The colder the better, right now he really needs to cool down a bit. But unfortunately, as the summer’s approaching the water feels just right. Not that Xie Lian had the intention of really washing himself up, but now he’s tempted and not that he’s in a hurry.

Xie Lian lets out a sigh and shakes off his outer robe. Then he stops-a thought nagging at him.

Isn’t it a little unfair towards San Lang? While he’s trying to make a place to sleep, I’m here…

Xia Lian looks back from where he’s come and shakes his head. When he returns to Hua Cheng, he’ll make him go here as well.

He unties the sash and gets rid of the robes, staying completely naked. Xie Lian knows better that there’s no one around but the feeling as if someone watching him makes him caution. He quickly steps in the water and sits down. RuoYe follows him flying around and then rests on the rock not far from Xie Lian.

Only when Xie Lian feels safe enough, he remembers that he hasn’t tied up his hair and now it’s too late. He lifts the soaked locks a bit and lets them go down, after all he unties the ribbon in his hair completely.

Water indeed feels really nice. Xie Lian doesn’t feel fatigue after traveling for long but in this particular moment he’s content as his body and bones are relaxed. He‘s found a good place to rest and leans against the rock closing his eyes and letting the water wash away every concern. Xie Lian thinks that he should have taken Hua Cheng with him, at the same time he senses something flying in front of him. At first Xie Lian thinks that it must be RuoYe but still he opens his eyes and notices the white silk lying peacefully on the rock.

Xie Lian looks around and doesn’t spot anything strange. It’s probably insect, he thinks, but next moment there is glowing light on his left. Xie Lian turns his head and finally sees what’s that little thing bothering him–a wraith butterfly!

It flutters its wings and flies closer to Xie Lian but then, as if recalling that it mustn’t be discovered, it changes direction and hides behind the rocks. Xie Lian grins to himself and moves closer to where the butterfly’s sneaked to. He tries to peak but when he gets too close, the butterfly lifts off and flies away again.

“Ah, wait!” Xie Lian extends his hands towards it, and only then the wraith butterfly freezes in the air. “Did San Lang send you here? Don’t fly away please.”

It doesn’t take too much effort for Xie Lian to convince the butterfly. As if waiting for this moment, it quickly turns to Xie Lian and lands on his index finger.

“San Lang?”

He knows that Hua Cheng’s butterflies all have different abilities, and as there is no response from another party, he decides that this butterfly is only here to watch over him. Even if it’s really the reason, Xie Lian still can’t help but say:

“You should’ve come here too, San Lang. It’s very refreshing!” He smiles and lets the butterfly go. As Xie Lian is about to go back to his spot, he stops and looks at the butterfly again-a new idea in his mind.

“So…” He swims towards the silver butterfly again, his face remains neutral. “Does it mean that… San Lang is watching me now?”

There is no response as expected but it doesn’t discourage Xie Lian. He continues:

“How naughty…” He grins and shoos the butterfly away.

This idea might be appealing but no matter what Xie Lian isn’t that courageous to continue, nor does he know what he should do next.

Xie Lian swims to the middle of the river, watching for a moment how the wraith butterfly still flies around the place, and then he closes his eyes and submerges into the water.

After getting used to the water, Xie Lian slowly opens his eyes and gazes at his hands. He can see small rocks under his feet and when he looks up there is a vague magnificent silhouette of the moon. His hair, now completely wet, floats around him, sometimes grazing the skin of his body. At this very moment Xie Lian feels as peaceful as RuoYe that lies on the rocks right now.

Xie Lian closes his eyes again and where there is not enough air to keep holding his breath, he emerges from the water. After brushing his wet hair off of his face, Xie Lian opens his eyes and gasps.

Now there is not one silver butterfly but hundred? Thousand? Just how many butterflies came here?!

Xie Lian briefly looks around, admiring the view of this current scenery. Now it’s too bright here for the nighttime. Wraith butterflies are flying around leaving a trail of glittering dust behind them. Xie Lian lifts his palms and several butterflies instantly fly to him. When they land on his hands, they flatter their wings as if trying to show off.

“San Lang, what are you doing?” Xie Lian tries again but there is no response this time either.

There is rustling on the side, and when Xie Lian turns his head, he sees RuoYe flying around among the butterflies.

Other silver butterflies are resting on the rocks, some of them are floating above the water surface. Xie Lian can’t decide where to look.

“Wonderful.” Xie Lian looks up as butterflies leave him and fly up into the sky. “That’s wonderful, San Lang.”

Right now he really wishes that Hua Cheng would be with him so he could hear Xie Lian’s gratitude. But if the other is not around, there is only one available way for Xie Lian.

“Come here.”

He beckons the silver butterfly that’s the nearest to him, and it obediently comes to him resting on his palms.

“Thank you, San Lang.” He leans closer to the butterfly–its light illuminates Xie Lian’s face. Xie Lian closes his eyes and leaves a fleeting kiss in front of the butterfly. “Go!”

It flutters around him for some time like it’s not able to leave him anymore making Xie Lian laugh quietly. At last, it’s decided to rest on his head.

“Ah?” Xie Lian lifts his hand up but still the butterfly isn’t scared by it. Xie Lian thinks that it starts glowing even brighter. “Interesting.”

He lets it settle there for some time and turns his attention back to what’s happening around him.

Xie Lian doesn’t dare close his eye even for a second, afraid of breaking the spell of this magical moment. His heart beats faster and faster, the only reminding that it’s not a dream–it’s really happening thanks to Hua Cheng.

“Does Gege like it?”

Xie Lian stumbles forward scarred of a sudden voice behind him. He immediately turns around and faces Hua Cheng who’s sitting on the bank with his sleeves rolled up and legs in the water. He smiles at Xie Lian who blinks a few times before realizing that it’s not his imagination.

Xie Lian sinks down into the water, the lower part of his face submerged. The butterfly that has been resting on the top of his head flies up and then heads towards Hua Cheng who extends his hand to catch it.

“It’s stolen my kiss, huh.” Hua Cheng frowns but it’s only temporary before he smiles again and looks up to Xie Lian. “Why doesn’t Gege give me my kiss now?”

Xie Lian doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry as it seems so innocent but at the same time something tells him that when he comes closer, there can be a trap. But when he sees the wraith butterflies in front of him he can’t stop himself. Xie Lian feels too overwhelmed.

“If San Lang wants to receive a kiss from, then why don’t you join me?” Xie Lian looks away and coughs when Hua Cheng seems to be taken aback by such response.

“Hm…” Hua Cheng observes him for a while, then stands up abruptly and unties his sash. “Only if His Highness will accompany me then.”

Xie Lian averts his gaze but the more he tries not to look the more he wants. He glances briefly once, twice–and then shamelessly stares at Hua Cheng’s bare back. Xie Lian takes a few steps back and bumps into the rocks.

When Hua Cheng’s done with the clothes–which now are scattered everywhere on the ground–he steps into the water and slowly approaches Xie Lian. There is a proper distance between them but Xie Lian still feels as if he needs to move as farther from Hua Cheng as possible. The pressure between them is so heavy that it makes Xie Lian dizzy. It’s always this way when Hua Cheng’s next to him but in this kind of moment it’s only worse for Xie Lian to handle.

“Isn’t Gege cold?” Hua Cheng comes closer and stands next to him leaning on the rock. The butterflies spread everywhere shooed by sudden movements but now Xie Lian can’t admire them anymore as his attention is focused on only one person. “Gege?”

“Mn?” Xie Lian looks at Hua Cheng who pretends like nothing is happening. Xie Lian doesn’t know if it’s good or only makes him suffer more. “What? No…”

“Then…” Hua Cheng takes a few more steps closer to him, his hip brushes against Xie Lian’s. “I’m here now, Your Highness.”


“My kiss…”

Hua Cheng hovers over Xie Lian’s face, his hand rests on his waits. He doesn’t move further and Xie Lian guesses already what the other wants from him. Well, he’s said himself but yet…


Xie Lian’s startled from his thoughts and then in the rush he places his hands on Hua Cheng’s face and kisses him. It’s gentle, barely there kiss but it leaves Xie Lian already breathless. He feels how Hua Cheng’s hand on his waist tightens a little, feels how his eyelashes flutter against his skin. He doesn’t let Hua Cheng deepen the kiss and slowly pulls away observing Hua Cheng’s face–his eyes still closed as if he’s waiting for another kiss.

“Enough?” Xie Lian whispers and barely holds himself from laughing when there is pout on Hua Cheng’s face.

“Never enough.” Hua Cheng whispers back and pulls him into the kiss once again. This time not so gentle, somewhere in between.

Hua Cheng’s wet tongue probes Xie Lian’s lips open, and this time Xie Lian can’t do anything with him and lets Hua Cheng do what he wants to do.

Xie Lian places his hands on Hua Cheng’s shoulders squeezing it when Hua Cheng bites his lower lip lightly. Then he breaks the kiss and looks at Xie Lian expectedly.

“I gave only one kiss to the butterfly. Aren’t you greedy, San Lang?” Xie Lian pulls away from Hua Cheng’s embrace and puts his arms on the rocks resting his head on them.

“Gege can’t blame me,” Hua Cheng’s eye roams Xie Lian’s glistering back while the other is oblivious to it. “You’re the one provoking me.”

“How so?”

“Calling me naughty.”

Xie Lian hears how Hua Cheng moves closer and closer. Soon enough he’s standing right behind him causing Xie Lian’s breath to quicken.

“Kissing the butterfly.”


“How can I stay calm after it?” Hua Cheng places his hands on both sides from Xie Lian trapping him.

“Wait… San Lang…”

Xie Lian bites his tongue when Hua Cheng presses his body against his–this way Xie Lian can feel every curve of the other’s figure.

“I think you’re cold, Gege,” Xie Lian feels Hua Cheng’s breath on his ear and shivers. “Let me warm you up.”

“San Lang?”

Xie Lian doesn’t expect what’s coming next. Hua Cheng pulls himself up from the water and then extends his hand to him helping to get out from the water. He’s done it so easily as if Xie Lian is as light as a feather. 

“I thought you wanted to bathe with me?”

Hua Cheng drapes a robe onto Xie Lian’s shoulders, then wears one himself. He takes Xie Lian’s hand into his and tugs at him signaling for Xie Lian to follow after him.

“We did it, now I’m going to warm Gege up.”


Xie Lian isn’t sure if he really needs to ask as he has a feeling that he knows where it is going. After all, Hua Cheng caught him in his trap. Not that Xie Lian doesn’t want it but well… At least, he didn’t think that they would do it outside!

“San Lang… really… isn’t it risky?” Xie Lian trips and Hua Cheng slows down a bit steading him. “What if someone sees..?”

“As if I let somebody see His Highness.” Hua Cheng scowls and stops suddenly.

When he turns to Xie Lian, the other can’t help but make a few step back lifting his hands up as if he’s surrendering.

“San Lang, wait please.”

“I don’t dare rush Gege.” Hua Cheng grins widely but it doesn’t ease Xie Lian’s nerves.

“Really?..” Xie Lian’s back hits the tree and there is no other way for him to escape.

His robe is loosely tied and with every movement it shows more and more skin. He sees red flashes in Hua Cheng’s eyes, and Xie Lian’s knees go weak instantly.

“Your Highness?” Hua Cheng still doesn’t move from his spot, he patiently waits for Xie Lian’s permission. He would gladly grant him but as if he can’t talk anymore, Xie Lian only blinks owlishly.


“Can I come closer?”

Xie Lian nods quickly and presses himself more into the tree. His hair is still wet and Hua Cheng’s too. Xie Lian doesn’t know why but he wants to ask if the other feels cold but he shakes this thought off.

He himself isn’t cold at all, especially when Hua Cheng touches his chest, his palm lingers up and down. Xie Lian whines quietly when Hua Cheng’s thumb grazes over his left nipple.

“Don’t… I…”

Xie Lian wants to ask him not teasing him too much today but even if Xie Lian has never confessed it, isn’t it the best part of this? It isn’t as if Xie Lian like to torture himself, he just likes to be teased by Hua Cheng.

“Any special request from His Highness? I will obediently serve him.” Hua Cheng whispers lowly into his ear, making Xie Lian tremble in his hands. “Anything.”

“Just…” Xie Lian bites his lip and thinks. No, he isn’t that shameless. He’ll never be. But yet. “You. I want you.”

Hua Cheng chuckles and kisses him on his nose, cheeks and avoids his lips for the unknown reason, so Xie Lian rests his hand on Hua Cheng’s back of the head and guides him to his lip.

Xie Lian sucks a breath when Hua Cheng grazes his tongue over his lower lip and leaves a fluttering kiss, then he trails down his chin and neck. Xie Lian aches his back a little to accommodate Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng’s robe isn’t even tied. His chest is exposed to Xie Lian’s eyes and hands, so he doesn’t miss the opportunity and trails his palms from Hua Cheng’s chest to his abdomen. He stops only when he feels Hua Cheng stirring under his hands.



“I want to do many sinful things to you. Forgive me.”

Xie Lian doesn’t even have time comprehend what he’s just heard. Hua Cheng turns him around in one swift move and pulls him close to his chest.

“San Lang!”

Xie Lian feels Hua Cheng’s hand tracing his hip up and down, he lifts his robe up exposing Xie Lian’s body more. Xie Lian shudders but he’s not sure that it’s because he stands here naked.

He can’t see or even guess what Hua Cheng’s next move will, that’s why he lets out a surprised sound when he feels the other’s hand on his lower back smoothing him gently.

“I know it’s not an appropriate place but Your Highness must forgive me for my impatience.”

Xie Lian nods but he isn’t sure if Hua Cheng’s noticed it.

Hua Cheng leans closer and slips the robe from Xie Lian’s shoulder to leave a wet kiss there. Then lower–on his shoulder blade. Every touch is so sensual it drives Xie Lian crazy.

Xie Lian turns to Hua Cheng to demand: “Kiss me, San Lang.”

The kiss is immediately granted, and Xie Lian doesn’t want to let go, only hooks his arms around Hua Cheng’s neck and brings him closer. Xie Lian is oblivious of what Hua Cheng’s doing, he only senses that one of his hands isn’t on him anymore while another supports him pressing on his stomach.

“Gege.” Hua Cheng pulls away and hugs him tightly with one hand.

Xie Lian nods again and then notices from his peripheral a vial of oil in Hua Cheng’s hand. He doesn’t ask when he brought it, only smiles and turns away.

Hua Cheng pulls him over to himself making Xie Lian bend more. Xie Lian should’ve got used to it already but every time he can’t help but let out a moan when a cold finger slowly enters his body.

Hua Cheng doesn’t start moving it instantly, he waits for Xie Lian to relax more and only then he moves it around trying to find the sweet spot in order to make Xie Lian feel good. And so he does. Xie Lian jolts forward and yelps when it hasn’t taken too long for Hua Cheng to find it. Hua Cheng smirks and brushes over bud again holding Xie Lian tightly when he shudders violently.

“San Lang…”

Xie Lian shuts his eyes tightly giving himself in to the feeling absolutely. Then there comes the second finger and Xie Lian has to press a hand to his mouth so he won’t make any embarrassing sounds. He is fine with when they’re in their bed but now... outside! What if someone hears him!

“Why did Gege close his mouth?”

Xie Lian can’t see Hua Cheng’s expression but he’s sure that there is frown on his face. He is aware that Hua Cheng doesn’t like when he’s holding himself but right now there is no other choice. There is absolutely no way!



Hua Cheng stops moving his fingers and looks at Xie Lian. He doesn’t wait for Xie Lian to comply so he extends his hand and removes Xie Lian’s palm which’s been covering his mouth.

“Don’t be afraid, Your Highness. Only I will hear you.”

Xie Lian believes him, he doesn’t even know why but he doesn’t try to cover his mouth again and drops his hand down.


Hua Cheng keeps probing his entrance slowly, dragging his fingers carefully inside of Xie Lian and this time he moans but is still able to control the volume.

“Do I make Gege feel good?”

Xie Lian nods and moans again when Hua Cheng’s middle finger grazes over his sweet spot.

“Do I really?”

“Yes… Yes, San Lang.” He nods vigorously just for the sake of it and lowers his head trying to stable his breathing.  

“Will Gege let me make him feel even better?”

Xie Lian nods again and again and again. He can’t even catch a moment when Hua Cheng’s fingers leave his body empty. There is only hand on his waist keeping him from falling on the ground.

Xie Lian feels his lower half burning with desire, his body is so hot that he probably is able to warm up the water in the river. He wants to lean his head on the tree but Hua Cheng’s arm doesn’t let him move even a little from the spot.

He straightens up only when he feels the head of Hua Cheng’s cock probing his hole but he doesn’t thrust inside–only circles his rim teasing.

“San Lang!” Xie Lian turns around but Hua Cheng only smiles innocently at him.

“Gege, bend down please.”

This request makes Xie Lian’s face flush red and he turns back facing tree. But anyway he does as Hua Cheng asked.

“San… Lang…” Xie Lian grits his teeth when Hua Cheng slowly, oh-so-very slowly slides inside. His own aroused cock twitches but Xie Lian can care less about it.

Hua Cheng withdraws almost to the hilt and then slams back into him, his hand holds Xie Lian at the place. He repeats the same action several times, Xie Lian can’t even find the breath to say anything. He moans louder with every push of Hua Cheng’s hips.

Only when Xie Lian’s got used to the rhythm, he clenches around Hua Cheng’s length making the other falter and groan loudly. He subconsciously presses Xie Lian into the tree and places his hand on it as well.

When Xie Lian sees the tattoo on Hua Cheng’s forearm, he immediately grabs it and leans closer to leave a kiss there. Hua Cheng hesitates for a second and then starts rocking his hips again.

“Do… do I make San Lang feel good too?”

It’s a fever really. Every time they’re doing it, Xie Lian can’t think properly. All his senses, thoughts, every part of his body–everything belongs to Hua Cheng.

“Too good.” Hua Cheng trails his tongue over Xie Lian’s shoulder and bites it.

Xie Lian intertwines their hands as Hua Cheng thrusts deep and hard again and again. Xie Lian’s eyes are glossy as tears welling up in the corners. He wants to say how good Hua Cheng’s doing him, that he’s the best but he can murmur only the other’s name over and over again.

“Ah!” Xie Lian’s tears spill when he feels the pressure around his erection as at the same time Hua Cheng brushes against this spot inside him again sending a wave of pure pleasure over his body. “San Lang!”

“Let it go, Gege.” Hua Cheng kisses his neck and presses his forehead into the crook.

The movements of Hua Cheng’s hips become erratic as he feels his climax approaching. Xie Lian looks down at the hand stroking him and this view is enough for Xie Lian to send him over the edge. He spills into Hua Cheng’s hand and clenches around his cock once again.

Xia Lian can only close his eyes shut when he feels Hua Cheng’s seed inside of him and his hot body close to his.

“Gege… gege…” Hua Cheng leaves soft kisses on his skin breathing heavy.

Xie Lian gathers all his power to turn around in Hua Cheng’s embrace and pull him into the kiss. It takes a few second for Hua Cheng to acknowledge what’s happening but then he passionately kisses Xie Lian back.

“Gege?” Hua Cheng’s gaze is hazy, and Xie Lian supposes he looks the same.

“I think…” He coughs and looks down, Hua Cheng follows suit. But when Xie Lian sees a white almost transparent liquid dripping down his legs, he pushes Hua Cheng’s head up. “We should go wash again!”

He quickly ties his robe and pulls Hua Cheng in the direction towards the river.

“Don’t be shy, Gege.” Hua Cheng laughs and squeezes his hand.

“I’m not.”

“If Gege says so.”

This time the butterfly that has received a kiss from Xie Lian decided to rest on Hua Cheng’s head. 


*.。 ✿・*。❀・。