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Case Closed: One Truth Prevails

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"(M/n)! Wake up! You'll be late!"

(M/n) groaned at the sound of his older sister's voice. He rolled off his bed and slowly got up, taking his sweet time getting ready.

I hate mornings.

After getting dressed, he went downstairs to see his sister putting plates on the table. He rolled his eyes when he saw the black and white bear head. His red eye creeped him out, but he didn't mind.

Of course she's wearing that.

The boy smiled anyway, knowing how much of an otaku she can be.

"Why do you insist on staying up so late reading those boring mystery novels?" his sister, (S/n) sighed. She sat down and drank her coffee.

"Cause they're fun to read, unlike those picture books."

She gasped dramatically, "They're called manga!"

He rolled his eyes as she drank her cup of coffee.

(M/n) gagged, "You're still drinking that?"

"It keeps me up in the morning."

"Whatever. Oh, guess what? I just bought this new book, and--"

The (h/c) haired woman put a hand up, "As much as I would love to talk about all that nerdy mystery stuff or whatever, you have to get to school."

The younger male huffed, "You just don't want to listen to my amazing deductions."

"If you love solving mysteries so much, why don't you become a detective like your friend?"


"But your deductive reasoning is just as great as his. I think you'd be a great one. You could also be a famous high school detective if you wanted."

(M/n) waved the suggestion off, "Unlike him, I don't want unnecessary attention. It would distract me from my work."

He checked his watch before finishing the remainder of his breakfast. He gulped down all of his orange juice before taking all his stuff.

"Aren't you forgetting something, young man?" (S/n) raised her eyebrow.

The young mystery solver rolled his eyes playfully before leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek. He then bid her farewell and headed off.

And in only a few minutes, he ran into one of his best friends.

"Hey Ran," he greeted casually.

The brunette smiled, "Hey (M/n)."

"You know, I can imagine seeing that dork with that stupid smile on his face," he smirked.

Ran sighed, "I can too, unfortunately."

They chuckled before seeing their friend walk by with an odd smile. They sweatdropped before walking to him.

Ran hit him with her rolled up uniform. The other male snorted.

"What are you doing? Looking like an idiot by laughing for no reason?"

"Are you angry about something, Ran?"

She turned away, "No, it's just that thanks to you, my dad's business has gone down a lot. I'm a little uncomfortable."

"Oh yeah, your old man works a detective agency."

Shinichi scratched his head, "Don't blame me for your dad's lack of work. It's only because he doesn't have enough skill..."

Ran laughed, the high school detective nervously laughing along with her.

(M/n) sighed, "You've done it now, dork."

She punched a lamp post behind the detective and still had that smile on her face. She ended up breaking it, leaving him wide eyed.

"So... like I said... I'm not angry."

"No wonder you're the captain of the karate team..."

The (e/c) eyed man laughed loudly before they headed on their way to their school. A soccer ball rolled by, so Shinichi kicked it into the goal, stunning the football players.

"If you didn't quit the football team, you would've been a hero on the national team by now."

Shinichi turned to his friends, "I only play football for the physical exercise, which is essential for a detective. Just like Holmes--he enjoyed fencing!"

"That's only a story."

(M/n) rolled his eyes, "Detectives don't always have to be physically fit."

The detective waved his finger, "How else are they supposed to catch the crooks?"

"That's what the police are for."

"You can't always rely on others. And besides, your training would be helpful for your dete--"

"For the last time, I'm not interested. I'd rather live my normal, teenage life before I'm forced to find a job once I become an adult."

"You could still become a--"

"Not my thing."

"At least (M/n) has his priorities straight," Ran narrowed her eyes at the blue eyed teen.

"You know, you could always become a mystery writer like your dad. You don't have to work as hard."

"I don't want to write ABOUT a detective, I want to BE a detective! To become the Sherlock Holmes of the 90's! The feeling of forcing a criminal into a corner... it's really exciting!"

He winked, "You only need to become a detective once... then you'll know how it feels!"

He wrapped his arm around his other friend, "Right, (M/n)? You know how amazing it feels to solve a mystery, don't you?"

(M/n) pushed his arm off, "You're such a dork, you know that?"

"But I'm your dork, aren't I?" he smiled cheekily.

He rolled his eyes, then looked at his brunette friend. He saw a tad bit of jealousy in her eyes.

Of course, he's perfectly aware that his best friends like each other. He was just a third wheel. There's honestly no need to be jealous of a third wheel, right?

And plus, they were both guys. That'd be weird.

He grinned, "Hey dork, shouldn't you be saying that to your girlfriend?"

His friends looked at each other and turned red, denying his statement horribly.

The (h/c) haired male would tease his friends and they would deny it. That's how their routine had always been since childhood.

He just wants them to get together already, goddammit!

But he knows that they both need time, as much as it displeases him. On the bright side, if they do end up together, that gives him one more excuse to tease the hell out of them.

Shinichi takes out envelopes, "Look! These are all letters written by detective fans! See how popular detectives are?"

"...But your mind is probably full of girls, why don't you be serious with just one?" Ran told him.

"Serious with just one?" the detective looked up, then looked at Ran with a flushed smile.

"Why are you looking at me?"

He flinched back, "Eh? No... no reason! If we don't hurry, we'll be late!"

"Ah, wait!"

"Tomorrow's promise, don't you remember?"


(M/n) grinned, "That bet we made."


"If you don't remember, then I'll happily explain it to you," he cleared his throat.

"We made a bet on whether Ran would win or lose the karate championships. You clearly lost that bet, so now you have to take her on a date to Tropical Island."

"Wh-What!? Why would I--!?"

The black haired individual gasped, "I remember now!"

"So take her to that d--"

"Wait a minute!I said that I would take both of you to Tropical Island! You mentioned nothing about a date!"

The (s/c) boy hissed, "Dammit. I was sure that would work."

*Time skip*

The three best friends were walking toward a roller coaster, dressed up in their normal clothes.

The (h/c) haired boy came dressed with a black shirt that said 'Have a Horrible Day!' on the front and 'I Don't Really Mean It!' at the back. He wore (f/c) pants along with leather boots that have chains hanging on the sides. And of course, he couldn't go without his black leather gloves with chains hanging off them.

(If you don't like your outfit, you can change it if you want.)

"Look! There's still spaces on the Mystery Coaster! Let's go!" Ran walked on ahead while the other two spotted three children sneaking in the ride.

"Those kids want to sneak in for a free ride! Kid nowadays..."

(M/n) waved it off, "Let 'em have their fun. They're still kids, after all."

The three teens walked in and waited in the line. Unfortunately, this was a certain someone's time to show off.

"Talking about the amazing skills of Holmes... When he first met his assistant Watson, with only a handshake he knew that Watson had been a military doctor."

In order to prove his point, the detective grabbed a woman's hand.


"You're a well-trained gymnast, right?"

"H-How did you know?"

"Is he your friend, Hitomi?" a woman in a red sweater and glasses asked.

Ran looked at him and the woman quickly in shock.

"It's because of the blisters on her hand! When a woman has a lot of blisters on her hand, then she must have been constantly gripping metal bars or something similar."

"But... you'd get blisters playing tennis too!"

(M/n) snorted, "What a load of BS. The perv just looked up her skirt when the wind blew it up."

Shinichi sweated, "W-Well, you looked up her skirt too, didn't you!?"

"You don't need to look up a woman's skirt to know that a gymnast has strange bruises on their thighs. You just have to practice on parallel bars in order to get them."

The blue eyed boy stared at him in shock before being reminded that he was still holding the woman's hand. He immediately let go and someone else butted in.

"Hey! You separated us from our friends!"

"Are you friends? If so... shall I give our places to you?"

"No, it doesn't matter..."

"We shouldn't bother Aiko and Kishida-kun."

Shinichi saw the same man kissing a woman, then looked up with a strange look on his face. Unbeknownst to him, his friend was right behind him.

"Thinking about Ran, are we?"

"Ah!" he jumped before being pulled by the very girl in their conversation. The detective grabbed his other friend and all sat at the front, with the (s/c) male behind his friends.

While his friend annoyingly blabbed on, he noticed that two men in black rushed to the back of the coaster. He's never seen them before, but just one glance at them made him dislike them completely.

He let it go for now.

"Can you give it a rest!? I don't care about Holmes or Conan Doyle! You're an annoying detective NERD!"

She sighed, "I was hoping for a day out with my friends... Why don't you understand my feelings like (M/n)?"

Shinichi stuttered and tried to remedy the situation until she laughed and nudged him.

"Baka! What are you nervous about? You should know that I'm only pretending! If you fell for this so easily, how can you be a detective?" she teased.

The high school detective heard snickering behind him and turned his head as far as he could to see the man trying to hold in his laugh.

He knew perfectly well that he had feelings for the girl, which was why he was constantly teased about it. It annoyed him, but at least his friend supported him.

To an extent.

The coaster moved forward and slowly ascended.

"But... I was really looking forward to this," she held his hand, and held onto the safety restraint before the coaster speeded up. Everyone screamed except for the detective and his mystery-loving friend.

He heard his black haired friend mutter to himself before feeling something quickly fly past him. He gasped before the coaster was out of the tunnel, only to reveal one of the passenger's head missing from his body.

After the coaster stopped, the police started the investigation right away.

"It was only an accident, we haven't got time to waste here. Let us go!"

"You're wrong, it was a murder!"

Everyone turned to the famous who was about to do his job.

"Also, the criminal was sitting in the same vehicle as the victim. The murderer is among us seven people."

"Honestly Shinichi, where did you disappear to?"

"I told you he'd be fine, didn't I?"

"Is what you said just true, Kudo-kun!?" Inspector Megure said.

Everyone in the place looked up and gasped in shock. They murmured amongst themselves as the focus of attention smiled.

Though, his friends weren't really affected by it.

The mystery-loving male walked toward his friend before being stopped by an officer. Shinichi told him he was okay before the officer moved out of the way.

The inspector laid down a layout of the coaster and the passengers on board.

"In other words, excluding yourself, Ran-kun, and (M/n)-kun, the criminal is among those five people! Sitting in the first row... the victim's friend A, and friend B... Sitting together in the third row... the victim and his girlfriend C. Then... in the last row behind the victim... the men in black... both D and E. But all of them were held under safety restraints. The only person with a chance to kill... is the lady sitting beside him."

"Hey, can you hurry it up? We haven't got time to play detective with you!"

(M/n) looked up at the men in black. He narrowed his eyes at them, not trusting them the slightest bit.

They look like they've killed before, and won't hesitate to do it again. They're definitely bad news.

"Inspector! There's a knife in this lady's handbag!"

"No way! I never knew this kind of thing was in here!" the girlfriend exclaimed.

And there was the knife, covered in a bloody handkerchief. Or so everyone thought.

"Aiko... I thought that you and Kishida-kun were in love. Why did you...?"

"No! I didn't!"

"The criminal is the woman. Now... can we leave?"

"Okay! Arrest that lady!"

"Hold up a sec!"

(M/n) felt eyes on him, taking that as his cue to continue.


He sighed before stepping aside, "Your time to shine, dork."

The detective walked toward the victim's girlfriend and two friends. He looked down solemnly.

"There is always only one truth! The criminal is..."

He pointed, "...YOU!"

He pointed at the gymnast. That left almost everyone in complete shock, including the accused culprit.

"What are you talking about? The knife is in Aiko's handbag!"

"There is no way that knife can decapitate a person's head. Also, considering a woman's strength, it would be impossible! You wanted to frame Aiko-san... so you put a knife in her handbag earlier."

"But, she was sitting at the front of the coaster, doesn't that make it impossible?" the inspector countered.

"If you use the speed of a roller coaster and a piano wire or metal loop, then it becomes possible."

Shinichi winked, "Would you like to help me demonstrate how this murder played out?"

(M/n) blinked before glancing around, "Are you talking to me?"

Before he knew it, he was sitting at the back with another officer.

"Look, everyone! Pretend that I'm the murderer, and (M/n) is the victim."

Why am I the victim? Why can't I be the murderer?

"First, before the safety bars are down," he placed a handbag behind him, "I put something... like a handbag... behind me. Then, I pull down the safety bars."

Shinichi pulls down the bar, then slides out, "Look! Because there's the extra space, it's very easy to get out."

He makes sure his knees are in the bars, "Next, I take out what I had prepared earlier--a metal rope with a hook tied on it. Then, after securing my legs to the safety bar... with my body leaning to the back..."

He crawls toward the 'victim', "I put the loop around the victim's head... Of course, this is all done inside the dark tunnel..."

The detective throws the hook, "Then... take the hook and throw it onto the rails. With just that, I would make use of the roller coaster's speed and momentum, which would be more than enough to cut the victim's head off!"

He gets out of the ride, "You are a trained gymnast, so this acrobatic maneuver wouldn't be a problem for you."

(M/n) got out and threw the rope away from him. He checked his watch to see how long this had gone on out of boredom.

"Stop joking! Where is the evidence then?"

The (s/c) boy stepped forward, "Where's your necklace, ma'am?"

She gasped and looked down at her neck, then saw that her necklace actually was gone.

His (e/c) eyes narrowed, "You were wearing a pearl necklace before going on the roller coaster, right? Or are my eyes just playing tricks on me?"

This was the detective's cue to take out a bag with the hook and a couple pearls.

"Is this part of it?"

She couldn't find any words. He took that silence as his answer.

"There is also another piece of evidence... your tears. You knew the victim was going to die, so you started to cry before you killed him."

So that's what the detective had muttered about.

"There are still traces of tears on the side of your face. If you didn't start while riding the roller coaster, then the tears wouldn't be flowing sideways."

The woman finally fell to her knees and sobbed in her hands.

"It's all his fault! He dumped me!"

"Hitomi, were you and Kishida together before?"

"That's right! Before we were in university... before we met Aiko and Reiko! So... I wanted to... in the place where we had our first date... using the necklace he gave me... kill him."

Some of the girls, including Ran, we crying for the woman. The detective and his friend watched it all happen.

After her confession, the woman was arrested and everyone was released. The three friends walked out together with the brown haired still crying.

"Hey, hey! Stop crying!"

"How can you be so calm!? Both of you!?"

"I've been to so many types of these scenes and I'm so used to them!" he put a hand behind his head.

"How terrible!"

"Do you know how insensitive you sound right now?"

"You'd better forget about it! Get used to it... this kind of thing will happen all the time."

"No they don't!" she sobbed harder into her hands.

"It wouldn't kill you to be a little more sensitive about this, even if you are a detective," he was about to full on scold his friend, but seeing one of the men in black made him forget to do that.

"Sorry guys, can you start going home without me?" he ran off with a wave. Ran took a step forward before stopping abruptly.

(M/n) froze, his entire body tense. He gritted his teeth, but kept up his calm exterior for Ran's sake.

At that night, he knew... he was never going to see his detective friend again.

Chapter Text

After taking Ran back home, (M/n) walked back to his place, dreading for a worried older sister to bawl on him.

As he walked, he couldn't get that feeling to go away. When his detective friend left, he felt some kind of, what was it? A premonition of some sort?

There was nothing strange about his behavior. He would've known right away.

Did it have something to do with the men in black? Had to be. Why else would he leave his friends behind? He had no one waiting for him back at home except for Professor Agasa, as sad as that sounds.

He accidently passed by his place, distracted by his own thoughts. After feeling a bit of wind on his face, he snapped out of it and found that he was at Shinichi's place.

I don't remember getting here.

Since he was worried for his friend anyway, he decided to check to see if he was home.

Though, he had a feeling it won't be that simple.

The mystery-loving boy strolled inside and heard voices inside. Maybe he is home! He eagerly walked faster--


He blinked and shook his head before that strangely brief and warm feeling went away.

The hell?

He decided not to question it further, and walked into his friend's library.

"Hey dork! You home?"

The boy walked in to see the professor, Shinichi's good friend in an awkward stance. He doesn't question it, knowing how he could be.  

"Oh, hey doc. Is the dork home yet?"

"Uh, well--umm, you see--!"

The (s/c) male heard a loud noise behind the desk. The professor made an attempt to stop him, but he already sees a little boy behind it.

"Hey there, kid."

The child turned around and was met with a pat to the head. He smiled at the older boy before asking who the child was.

"It's... it's my relative's child," Agasa answered nervously.

Doc's lying.

"What's your name, kid?"

He backed up, "My name is Shin... no..."

(M/n) noted this child's strange behavior, but doesn't bring it up. He leans in a bit closer as the black haired boy's back reached the bookcase.

He looked behind him then looked back with a smile.

"Conan! My name is Edogawa Conan!"

"You're named after a writer who authored Sherlock Holmes?"

"It's because my dad's a fan of Conan Doyle's novels, so..."

This kid's lying too.

"You know, you remind me a lot of that dork."

Agasa pounded his fist into palm, "Oh yeah, (M/n)-kun! Sorry about this, but can you take this child and let him live with you for a little while?"

Conan ran toward him, "Stop joking--!"

He grabbed the boy, "This child's parents are in a hospital because of an accident, so they asked me to look after him... but I'm a single man."

What's going on?

"Sure, I can do that. But I'll have to talk about it with my sister."

"Really? You can do that? That's great, Conan."

Conan and Agasa huddled and whispered to each other after that. He had no idea what was up with those two, but he was going to leave it alone for now.

He has enough to worry about as it is.

After bidding farewell to the professor, he took the child with him. They walked with each other in silence for a couple moments before the older boy broke it.

"Hey kid."

Conan jumped, "What is it?"

"Is there anyone you like at school? Possibly a crush?"

Conan blushed a bit, "I... I haven't!"

(M/n) smirked, "Well, I have friends who like each other a lot. Ran and that dork."

The child blinked, "Shinichi-niichan?"

"Yup. That's him."

Conan's face flushed, "S-So...Ran-neechan and Shinichi-niichan... like each other?"

(M/n) chuckled, not paying attention to the boy's behavior.

"Yup. They've liked each other since we were kids. I was always the third wheel. And I played that role perfectly, if I do say so myself."

Conan mumbled incoherently to himself.

"You say something?"

Conan waved his hands wildly, "Ah, no! Not at all, (M/n)-niichan!"

The two boys walked on home with a calming silence, since no words were needed for their newly formed bond.

"(M/n)-niichan? Do YOU like anyone?"

(M/n) shook his head, "Nope. I'm single and will never be ready to mingle. Unless my sister forces me to."

"Why don't you become a detective?" Conan tilted his head curiously.

He had no idea why, but he couldn't trust this child. He may not seem like much, but he's not one who should be messed with.

To make things stranger, the boy seemed to be clever despite his age. The older male can see it in his eyes.

Sometimes he wished his instincts would just up and walk away, then never come back.

He shrugged, "All I want is to live a normal life. That's all there is to it."

Conan didn't seem convinced, adding to the older's confusion.

What was that about?

He decided against questioning the boy's odd behavior, seeing as they've both had a long day. Tomorrow's going to be even longer with his sister.

But he is curious about one thing.

"How did you know I was talking about him?"

Conan flinched, "H-Huh!?"

"I didn't mention his name. So how did you know I was talking about him?"

The boy stammered, "Well, uh... t-that's...!"

The older male didn't expect this kind of reaction out of him. Guess he was right about this boy and the professor hiding something from him.

Probably something of major importance.

"S-Shinichi-niichan talks a lot about you! You always call him a dork and you love solving mysteries, but you don't want to become a detective!"

(M/n) knew he was lying, but for some odd reason, he couldn't help but feel... special? Was that the word?

He pushed the feeling away and decides to distract himself by asking question after question. The child looked relieved that he chose to not make his life harder.

"What else has the dork said about me?"

"He always tries to make you a detective. Being well known is the best! The thrill of putting criminals in a corner is exciting! He wants you to enjoy it too!"

For a six or seven year old, he sounds a little too excited about catching criminals. Almost reminds me of--!?

(M/n) abruptly halted his footsteps. He looked down at the boy, unaware that he stopped walking until turning around.


The older male glowered at him, making the child sweat under his intimidating gaze.


A suffocating atmosphere fell upon the both of them. How long did this last, they had no idea.

Conan felt so exposed. He felt as if his clothes had been stripped off his very being for all the world to see. He just wanted to cover himself up and run away until he finds a corner to hide in.

The older sighed, "Sorry 'bout that, kid. I'm just a little out of it."

Finally, after the awful quietness, the two arrived at the older's house. It could've been a mansion, but he didn't feel the need to live in an unnecessarily large home.

He had to listen to his sister complain about it until she got her ice cream.

The older opened the door and quickly moved out of the way before the woman could get her hands on him.

(S/n) gasped and picked up the little boy.

"You're so CUTE! I love you already!"

"C-Can't... breathe!" Conan's face turned blue.

"Sis, you're killing him! Put the kid down!"

She pouted, "Aww, meanie! You never let me have my fun."

The woman placed the boy down as he recovered from the bone-crushing hold.

(M/n) sweatdropped, "For someone who's almost two decades older than me, you're not very mature."

(S/n) punched his arm. He gritted his teeth and held it, hoping to ease the nearly unbearable pain.

"Don't you know it's rude to make fun of a lady's age?"

He grunted, "You... are no lady..."

The older boy gritted his teeth as he felt another punch on his already bruising arm.

"Hmph. You never learn, do you, Mr. I-Don't-Want-To-Be-A-Detective?"

(M/n) rolled his (e/c) eyes, "This is my older sister, (S/n)."

(S/n) flicked his forehead, "You make me sound like some sort of burden."

He rubbed his forehead, "Sis, this is Edogawa Conan. He'll be staying with us until his parents are discharged from a hospital."

"Really!?" she squealed excitedly, then proceeded to hug the life out of the boy.

Conan choked, trying to get out of her death grip. (M/n) sighed loudly, sweat dropping at the sight.

While Conan ran all over the place away from (S/n), the mystery lover walked into the kitchen and picked up a phone, dialing a number. It rang a few times before hearing a familiar voice.

"Hey, Ran's dad. Sorry for calling so late..." he pulled the phone away from his ear to avoid hearing damage.

"You finally got a case? Good for you..." he nodded as he pulled the phone away from his ear.

"Say, you mind if I tag along? I definitely wouldn't want to miss you own that case like it's nothing..." he had to pull the phone much farther this time, before hanging up.

He felt a tug on his pants before looking down to see Conan breathing heavily.

"Hey kid, you wanna head out? It's a lot better than staying with my sis, I can promise you that much."

Conan blinked, then watched the older female eagerly looking around every corner for him. He turned to the older male and nodded quickly before grabbing his hand and running out.

He might lose an ear, but he'll worry about that later.

There was a cab outside of the house, and a loud shout came out of it.

"Oi, (L/n)! Hurry it up, will ya!? This case is a huge one!"

"Coming, sir!" (M/n) smirked at the man's excitement before dodging the opening door. He and the boy climbed in, and were greeted by another familiar face.

"(M/n)! I didn't know you were coming too!" Ran smiled.

"Hey Ran."

"Who's he?"

(M/n) gestures to the boy, "This kid's Edogawa Conan. Weird name, I know. His parents got in an accident and I'm keeping an eye on him until they recovered."

Ran smiled brightly, "I'm Ran. It's nice to meet you, Conan."

Conan flushed and returned the feeling (idk). (M/n) noted this seemingly strange behavior as embarrassment.

"Why'd you bring a kid here!? Get him out of the car!" Kogoro yelled.

"We're on a highway! We can't do that!"

This went on for a while, Kogoro wanting the boy out of the car while Ran told him that it was impossible. The two boys sweatdropped and silently hoped that the trip would end quickly.

*Time skip*

As if hours had passed, they all finally got out of the cab. The male teen and boy fell on their stomachs in relief.

"Get up, you two. You'll get your clothes dirty," Ran scolded. The boys got back up.

"What made you want to come along, Ran? You usually stay out of this stuff unless you can't help it."

The girl flushed, "W-Well, I..."

Just from that behavior alone, (M/n) didn't take long to figure it out.

"You were hoping Shinichi would show up as soon as your dad got a case."

She nodded timidly. He could clearly see that Shinichi's disappearance affected her greatly. She had it worse than he did, seeing that she views him as more than a friend.

Bastard. If Ran cries, I'll make sure you don't get away with it.

Two older men and women welcomed them into their home and guided them to the backyard.

"The child that was kidnapped is my only daughter. Her name is Tani Akiko and she's ten years old. My housekeeper, Aso, saw it with his own eyes."

Conan snatched the photo from Kogoro's hand and examined it. He asked Aso to describe the kidnapping in full detail.

"Who is this child?" the company president asked.

The detective laughed before telling his daughter and her friend to keep an eye on him.

(M/n) kept a closer eye on the boy after that. He had a feeling the kid would help more than the detective himself.

"At that time, the young Miss had just come back from school and she was playing in the garden. Suddenly, from the corner of the garden, a man in black jumped out and grabbed her."

As he told his story, (M/n) watched Conan processing it before asking another question a child wouldn't ask, earning him a punch from the detective.

While watching the boy kick a ball around, it reminded him of Shinichi kicking a ball whenever he needs to think.

That strange feeling he got on his way home came back, but he distracted himself by thinking the case over.

The case made almost zero sense. If the criminal abducted the child at her home instead of outside the school, which was risky. There was also a witness, making him careless. He doesn't want new notes, making him confident in his request.

He was starting to think that Aso had been lying.

It's a stretch, but it made a lot more sense than a kidnapping. This took place in their home, and some of the residents should have noticed something strange other than Aso's distressed shout.

But he doesn't have proof that he's lying. This is only a speculation. Baseless conjecture. If only he had something that could confirm his--

Everyone had gathered after hearing a loud bark. They see the dog lick Conan's face.

"How strange! Jumbo is usually only friendly to people within the household."


Aso said the criminal used this pine tree to sneak in and out. This dog should have noticed him and barked, alerting the household.

That's it! This is exactly what we need!

"This dog will bark if it sees a stranger, right?" Conan asked the president. The teen male narrowed his eyes.

Looks like the kid figured it out too.

The boy smiled in relief as Kogoro stopped Aso from walking away.

Just who is this kid?

The detective interrogated the butler, making the president furious, resulting in an apology. The girl was in a nearby restaurant.

Everyone sweatdropped at the detective as he yells out his victory.

Now that this case is solved, they can all rela--!?

Dread took hold of his heart.

Something's not right.

One of the servers ran to them with a phone in her hand.

"Tell them I'm busy. Ask them to call back later!" the president demanded. He takes the phone anyway, with it on speaker.

"Is the 300 million yen ready?"

"Who are you!?"

"Didn't I just call you? I'm the one who kidnapped your daughter."

"It's impossible! The criminal has already...!"

If this guy is serious, that means the girl was kidnapped at the holding place after her first kidnapping.

"My patience is running thin. If you don't provide the three million yen in time, who knows what will happen to your daughter."

The president fell to his knees and pleaded for his daughter to be unharmed. The little girl tells them the location of her holding place.

A school storage room with a chimney out a window?

The criminal hung up, leaving the detective and president to come up with a plan resulting in no casualties.

"The kidnapping happened not too long ago. That means they have to be at a nearby school," (M/n) took the map from Conan's hands and conveniently took out a red pen. He circled locations on the piece of paper and displayed it to everyone.

"They have to be in one of these five buildings. I don't think we can narrow down the locations any more than this, so we're gonna have to be quick. President, we might need that money if things don't work in our favor."


Conan got on the dog and rode away with (M/n) right behind them. Kogoro and Ran chased after them while the president got the money ready for their backup plan.

The two boys and the dog searched every possible location, hoping to find her before the time limit.

There aren't any schools you can see chimneys from!

Maybe we got it all wrong. Maybe the girl and kidnapper aren't he--!?

He stared at a tall building, then faced the child. They both nod at one another before taking off once again.

They run as fast as they can around the building.

That's it! She mistook this building for a chimney! And the only school you can see this building is--

"Futatsubashi!" they yelled simultaneously before heading there right away. Conan and Jumbo ran in, leaving the older male behind.

He ran in after them, only to see the dog running and whimpering. His breath hitched before running into the building.

The criminal raised the bat to an injured Conan before bringing it down. Luckily, he managed to stop the bat from hitting his head.

"What the!?"

(M/n) disarmed him and gave him a barrage of punches, following with leg sweep tripping him. Finally, he elbowed his stomach, making the landing much more painful than it needed to be.


(M/n) untied the girl, "Here you go, kid."

Ran, Kogoro, and Jumbo came running in right after. The detective kicked the unconscious man before laughing his idiotic laugh.

*Time skip*

It turned out that the first kidnapping was planned out by Akiko herself. Aso carried it out. All she wanted was to spend time with her father, which was clever for someone her age.

This case ended well, which was rare. Most of the time, there are no good endings. Everyone ends up hurt after the truth has been uncovered.

The male watched his friend and child get along while her father released a haughty laugh.

After getting his payment, they all got a taxi and headed home. The two boys sighed, dreading for another painfully long trip.

"You know, (L/n), I could take in the kid!" Kogoro offered.

All three of their faces blanked, "What's the catch?"

"What? I solved a case easily because of him! He might be my lucky charm!"

(M/n) chuckled, "I'll talk about it with my sister. We'll come up with something."

"Oh yeah! How's (S/n) doing? I bet she's doing wonderful!" Kogoro laughed obnoxiously. He creepily shouted her name with a creepy look on his face.

Ran and Conan sweatdropped while the male blanched at the adult's behavior.

They had to deal with this for the rest of the trip, and even back home. Let's just say that poor (S/n) had to stay up all night dealing with a drunk Kogoro.

Chapter Text

(M/n) had made a compromise with his friend for Conan's custody. It had taken them a while to actually come to an agreement, all thanks to (S/n). She refused to let someone look after the boy, especially Kogoro.

After many hours of debating (it was everyone against the woman at this point ), they agreed that one family will take custody of the boy for a week, then another will look after him the following week. (M/n) was sure the blue-eyed boy would hate the idea of having to move between homes after the end of every week, but he and Ran made sure to make it bearable for him.

(S/n) and Kogoro can be very overbearing (from experience).

This week, it was Ran's turn to babysit Conan. Though (M/n) wanted to keep him just a bit longer, a deal was a deal. And he never backed out of deals.

But he started to consider going back on it when the boy gave him "the look". It was how Conan was able to get away with a lot of things (because his older sister couldn't "resist his cuteness"). The high schooler wouldn't even blink and just move on with his day. But now he knows what the older woman was talking about.

He could barely resist this boy's cuteness.

"Look, kid, we made a compromise. We have to stick to it. Ran'll give me hell if I don't get you to her place before morning."

"But I don't want to leave, (M/n)-niichan!" Conan pouted (adorable, might the older boy add).

"I know you don't want to live with Ran's old man for a week, but she'll be there to make the week manageable."

The six-year-old crossed his arms with a huff, leaving the older boy conflicted. A deal was a deal, and he had to stick by it. No questions asked.

Now if only this boy would stop being so goddamn cute! Seriously! It's almost as if he knew how much of an effect he had on him and his sister!

The (h/c) haired male sighed, "I'll visit you as much as I can. That's all I can offer."

One thing his friends didn't know about (M/n), he was a sucker for cute and adorable things or people. He was too proud to be ashamed of that particular fact about him.

Shinichi was obviously a big nope for him. That cocky detective would never let him live it down. He could just see that teasing grin, begging to let out a howl.

"You like stuffed animals!" is what he would say if he found out. And he'd be damned if that nerd ever finds out!

Other than that, he wouldn't have minded the teasing from Ran. Actually, he could see him and the female going on endlessly about the most adorable animals.

(M/n) silently begged the child to stop teasing him, knowing that the child himself was unaware that he was teasing, to begin with.

"You'll visit me every day, right? You'll answer all my calls, won't you?" Conan's eyes were wide with expectancy.

Sometimes the older boy wished the child would go back to being strangely mature and grown up for his age.

His demeanor heavily reminded him of his detective friend when he stumbles upon a mystery, trying to solve it once it plops itself in front of him.

He's sure that dumb detective was working on some big case. He knew the boy could take care of himself, but he couldn't help worry a little.

There was no doubt that Shinichi was going to come back. Everyone is going to welcome him home and he'll finally ask Ran out!

The (h/c) haired boy didn't have anything that remotely reminded him of the famous detective. All he had was the tie he borrowed three years ago and Conan...

He looked right at the little boy, burning a hole through his head. He thought about that case when a company president's daughter was kidnapped (twice, might he add).

Conan seemed to handle the situation well, despite it be a kidnapping. In fact, he asked questions a kid shouldn't be asking anybody. He should've been running around that yard, playing with the dog.

He was also unusually sharp for his age. Had to be about as sharp as the (s/c) male. He managed to figure out the kidnapper's hiding place just from the victim's description alone.

The high schooler can't leave out the fact that the child was kicking the soccer ball the way he shouldn't have. It looked like he was thinking. It almost reminded him of -

"(M/n), stop giving him that look. You're scaring him!"

(M/n) blinked and held his probably-bruising arm, gently rubbing as he tried to will the pain away. It wasn't until he realized the boy was hiding behind his sister's legs, barely peeking from behind.

He let out a breathy laugh, "Sorry about that, little guy."

"Was it something I said, Oniichan?" Conan blinked innocently.

"N-No, no. You just... remind me of someone. That's all."

He sighed, "Say whatever you gotta say. I won't get mad. Promise."

"Do I... remind you of Shinichi-niichan?" Conan asked cautiously. (M/n) attempted a chuckle, but it came out as a barely audible huff.

"The guy's a jerk. All of a sudden, he leaves and now he's off on some big case. It's not that I miss him, I'm just mad because he didn't tell us. Now Ran is worried sick and I have to help her in his place," Conan watches the older boy's fist clench tightly, holding in all that anger, worry, and something else he can't quite put his finger on.

"He's always like that. Going along with his detective instincts, getting into trouble. The more cases he solves, the more enemies he makes. The dork can live a normal life, no danger to stand in the way of it all. But no! He wants to be a detective of all things!"

Conan was taken aback at how strongly the teen reacted. How he really felt about the detective's disappearance. It must've been so difficult to keep all of that in.

And he stayed strong. All for Ran.

"Does he have any idea how worried he makes everyone? Trouble looks for him, he looks for trouble. And he just brushes it off like it happens all the damn time! It's true, but he doesn't have to be so nonchalant about it!"

(M/n) rubbed his temples, "Damn idiot. Getting me agitated for no reason."

For once, going against his judgment, the little boy ran toward the other and jumped to hug his upper body with the slightest sign of hesitation. The high schooler regained his balance after getting caught off guard. He hugged back, lulling them into a silent embrace.

"What was that for, little guy?"

Conan flushed at the other's smile, looking down and gripped his shirt tighter.

"Y-You looked like you needed a hug, (M/n)-niichan," he muttered shyly into the older's shirt.

"...Thanks, Conan."

(S/n) simply smiled at this touching moment. The two (L/n) siblings nodded at one another before (M/n) made his way out the door.

The (e/c) eyed female headed to her room and gently sat at her desk. She cracked her knuckles and stretched her fingers before taking an ink pen to glide across the paper.


"Must be hard doing housework while taking care of your old man," (M/n) picked up a bottle, throwing it in a trash bag with a scowl.

"I manage," Ran smiled as she and Conan play a board game. The older detective gets up to answer the door with his weary scowl before doing a double take.

"What's an idol doing in this dump?" Ran slapped her friend's arm, but smiled anyway.

"The truth is, I have a problem."

Kogoro dashed into another room and was tidied up milliseconds after. The two teenagers and child gave him a look.

The client and detective sat down while the high schoolers and the little boy stood behind him. Conan and (M/n) paid close attention to the details Okino Yoko provided.

The corners of their mouths twitched at their interaction. They got into a cab and (M/n) crossed his arms while staring into the distance.

He watched the lights go by, pulling him into the complexity of his mind. With one leg crossed over the other, it gave him a place to tap his fingers. The rhythm of the taps soothed him while a hurricane left behind the debris of incomplete thoughts.

Conan blinked curiously, watching the male teenager's mind wander from his body. The boy knew perfectly well that it was a habit of his.

Crossing one leg over the other and tapping his knee while he was in the recesses of his mind. While it appeared normal to anyone else, to Conan, it was a way to process something he didn't understand and try to break it down until he has even the smallest clue that could help him figure it out.

He felt a sense of pride and accomplishment, being able to read the (e/c) eyed male. Though quite difficult, he got used to using subtle clues to indicate what makes (M/n) tick. Being able to tell what he was thinking was a different story.

Conan relied on his keen insight and observation to get an idea of what might go on in a person's mind. Body language that told him things nobody else knew.

But all of that was useless. At least, with (M/n).

You'd have to know him like you know the back of your hand. You'd have to know his thought patterns, you'd have to be (M/n) in order to get a glimpse of that intelligence he hides beneath that cool exterior.

And that frustrated him. They have been friends since childhood, and still, he came no closer to solving the mystery of (L/n) (M/n)!

Just when the blue-eyed boy thinks he has (M/n) figured out, he's always left with more surprises and many questions come right after.

The boy didn't have a clue as to why he was obsessed with cracking this particular code. There was nothing fascinating about him, nothing stood out as strange or outlandish. He was just...


But his instincts screamed "Mystery" when he laid his eyes on the average boy. And he couldn't go against those instincts.

The mystery fanatic felt eyes burning a hole through his head, making him hyperaware of his surroundings. He turned to his right to see the little boy with narrowed eyes and two fingers holding his chin.

The idea that a child was able to muster that much concentration on something scared the (h/c) haired boy. The way he was focused on the teenager made him a little uneasy.

Now that he thought about it, that look reminds him of the look Shinichi would ma-

"Wow! That's where you live?"

Yoko nodded. They all got out of the cab and walked toward the tall building, amazed at the beauty of it.

This was not the mystery fanatic's cup of tea. He couldn't deny that he loved the idol's home. Really, he did. He just didn't like how big the building was.

There were so many ways to get lost in here. This was actually starting to become a bit of a nightmare!

Suddenly, a scream invaded everyone's ears. They ran to the idol's room in a hurry and were shaken at the sight.

A body has been discovered!

(M/n) should be questioning why there were three other children besides Conan, but the investigation was the first priority.

The police came over as soon as they could. Ran comforted the children while Conan scoffed at them.

The fanatic noticed the boy get on his hands and knees with a magnifying glass. He thought it odd for a child to try and take charge of an investigation, especially a homicide case.

His observations were beyond the capacity of a six or seven-year-old, and he was very articulate with his words.

This was exactly how Shinichi acted during investigations.

Watching the boy, he didn't notice Ran coming up behind him and hit his shoulder. He flinched in surprise and was at the receiving end of his friend's glare.

"You're giving Conan~kun that look. Stop that," Ran scolded like a mother would scold her child for bad behavior. He smiled, allowing embarrassment to take over his facial features.

"Sorry, I was spacing out," the detective hit the little boy's head, making the male teen chuckle in amusement. He walked over and ruffled Conan's head to compensate for the abuse Kogoro gifted him.

"Maybe I should do the talking, kid. I'll make sure no one stops you," Conan flushed at (M/n)'s affectionate smile before giving a nod. He ran off to continue his investigation.

The manager slipped near the corpse, making the detective and inspector flinch. The (s/c) boy didn't fail to notice him grabbing something from the body as he stood up. The boy seemed to catch on as well because he dragged it with his foot.

"What's that?"

Conan narrowed his eyes to the older boy. He didn't know whether it was safe to share his observations with him. It could put him in a very bad position, but (M/n) made no attempts to stop him.

The child couldn't read him at all!

He wanted to throw a tantrum, but he didn't want to stoop so low. He just wanted to pick at the older's brain just to find out what kind of food he liked to eat.

He was the "Heisei Holmes", dammit! He could solve every mystery that comes his way! Leaving no stones unturned, giving the bad guys what they deserve!

But not even his out-of-the-ordinary skills could give him even the most insignificant detail about him. How frustrating!

As if he could sense his struggle, (M/n) chuckled and ruffled the child's hair. He was rewarded with a slightly colored face.

"You can trust me."

Conan's eyes softened, albeit slightly, "Why?"

For the first time, (M/n) had let his walls down, only enough for the boy to have a peek at what goes on in his mind.

The brown-haired boy couldn't help but look deeper into those eyes. They weren't very special, but they were beautiful in their own way.

Before he could dig deeper into those gorgeous windows, (M/n) sighed.

"I know talent when I see it. And you definitely got it."

Even though it wasn't entirely for the "Heisei Holmes", the boy felt his pride skyrocket. The fuzzy warmth of being acknowledged made him want to be even better. So (M/n) could keep complimenting him. See him as an equal.

And possibly show him what goes on past that barrier.

Conan made his choice.

"The manager slipped on purpose to grab this single piece of hair. I don't know why he wanted to hide this."

(M/n) nodded, "You think it could belong to..."

"Possibly. I can't be sure until I have all the facts."

"Doing great, little man."

Conan ran off once more to be the nosy little brat he is. But he's the only nosy brat the (s/c) can tolerate. He had the potential of becoming a great detective.

Just like Shinichi.

"Usually, when a person is killed inside a locked room, the criminal tends to be the owner of that room."

"How can that be!? How can I kill someone!?"

"It's too early to make conclusions," the detective, inspector, and idol looked right at the (s/c) boy.

"All we know is the victim's cause of death. The time of death was obfuscated because of the heater. We don't have nearly enough evidence to assume Okino~san killed the victim."

(M/n) hated that the inspector and detective were looking at him. They were like lost puppies, waiting to be told what to do. He can't imagine how irritating the forensics people would be.

How the hell does Shinichi deal with this?

"Okino~san, did you make any spare keys for your apartment?"

"I did make a spare set for my manager," Yoko answered. Kogoro jumps to conclusions once more, accusing the manager of killing the victim.

(M/n) walked toward the boy while he was crawling on his hands and knees. He tapped his shoulder, startling him until he realized it was just the teenager.

"You find anything?"

Conan shook his head. He ducked his head to look under the sofa and spotted a glint. He got back up and asked the high schooler for a handkerchief. He took one out and gave it to the tiny detective, and took out an earring.

"Good find," Conan handed the item to the older.

"Keibu, I believe you might want to take a look at this."

Inspector Megure took the handkerchief with the earring and examined it. Yoko came up beside him.

"That's Yuuko~san's!"


"She became a star around the same time as me. Her name is Ikezawa Yuuko."

Yamagishi added, "Right! Because Yoko got to be the main actress in the long drama, Yuuko hated her!"

That's one more suspect.

"The criminal is Ikezawa Yuuko! Go and arrest her!" the rambunctious detective hastily ordered the police.

(M/n) sweatdropped, "I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves."

Megure ordered his men to call the new suspect over to the crime scene. Everyone waited until the woman finally enters the apartment.

And boy, was she a bitch.

"This is the first time I've ever been here, so it's got nothing to do with me!"

(M/n) could barely focus. That woman gave him a headache whenever she opened her mouth. He had nearly lost it the first time, but Conan was there to prevent an outburst.

The fanatic blinked.

They look exactly the same from behind! And how did she...?

The little detective and teenager made eye contact and nodded at one another. The (h/c) haired male coughed, fanning the smoke away from him.

Of course, she smokes. Wait, that lighter...

"Wow! That's a peculiar lighter!" Conan grabbed the Statue of Liberty lighter from the table.

"Onee-chan, if you haven't been here before, how did you know this was a lighter?" the suspect froze, along with Megure and Kogoro.

"That's right, how did you know?"

"My friend has a similar one."

"Where's your friend then?"

"That is..."

Conan smiled curiously, "Where is the toilet? This is my first time here, so I don't know."

Yoko pointed, "It's right down the hall."

"Right, you even knew where the toilet was! This means that Ikezawa Yuuko, you are the murderer!" Kogoro accused.

"You wanted to frame Yoko-san, so you killed the man in this room!"

"No! No! I didn't kill him! That man suddenly attacked me, I just fought back! I did come here a few times. I used the key I stole from the break room. I was looking for some evidence to start a scandal. But, when I came here this afternoon, that man followed me! At that time, I used up all my strength against him and eventually escaped."

"And that's why you killed him!"

"I said I didn't kill him!"

"Keibu! The dead man has been identified. Fujie Akiyoshi, twenty-two years old, graduated from Kounan high school, and he worked in Kakubeni Industry."

"Kounan high school?"

The idol's body went stiff. (M/n) caught it in a heartbeat.

"Yoko-san also went to that high school."

"That's just a coincidence! Right? Yoko!" Yamagishi hurriedly intervened.

"I... I know him! He was my boyfriend when I was in high school!" Yoko bowed apologetically to her manager.

(M/n) could see the little boy struggling. He watched him pace near the large blood stain, trying to make sense of the entire case.

The teen figured he could help the poor boy a bit.

Conan bumped into a crouched (M/n). He stood back up and blinked curiously at the older boy.

He winked, "If there's a hole in your deduction, then it's most likely you don't have all the pieces yet. Once you figure that out, that's when the truth will come to light."

The blue-eyed boy flushed at the other's smile.

(M/n) had never smiled at him like that before. It was always a grin or a sneer. No.

This smile was told him that the (h/c) haired male believed in him. He believed the small detective could solve this mystery.

Conan took his words into consideration. He had gone over every possibility, recalled all of the suspects' testimonies, but he came up empty.

So what was he missing?!

(M/n) continued, "Mysteries are like jigsaw puzzles. You start at the corners and work your way in."

Conan was slightly irritated at the riddles his friend was giving him, but he appreciated the help.

Start at the corners... what does he mean by that?

Did he overlook something at the crime scene? Maybe. He was frighteningly thorough in his investigation.

(M/n) knows something he doesn't. It bothered him. He wanted the teenager to tell him already! An innocent person was about to be arrested on false charges, dammit!

Corners...? What are these 'corners' (M/n) is talking about?

Examing the spot where the body was found, he found a small indent on the floor. He got on one knee and got closer.

The high school fanatic watched the gears in the boy's mind turn and smiled when Conan finally reached his conclusion.

All of a sudden, an ashtray knocked out both the detective and one of the children. (M/n) turned to see Conan run behind a chair where Kogoro lay unconscious.

He decided to check that out.

"The truth isn't like that. Yamagishi, if you were the murderer and wanted us to find the corpse, you would have asked me to investigate, and then prepared some evidence proving your innocence."

Yoko turned her head, "Yoko-san, the same goes for you. This is because the first person to be suspected is the owner."

"Then, the murderer is Ikezawa Yuuko?"


"No! It isn't her either! If the criminal killed someone by mistake, she wouldn't have said she met that man before."

"But what you said before..."

"Yes, this is only a psychological guess. There is no direct evidence proving that any of these people are the criminal. But, there are many other pieces of evidence that can prove otherwise! Yamagishi, you pretended to fall and took the chance to take the hair from the corpse's hand."

Megure grabbed the manager's collar, "So you are the murderer!"

"It's not him. The person who was stabbed at the back was holding onto the murderer's hair. Don't you think that's suspicious?"

This wasn't the Kogoro (M/n) knew. The Kogoro he knew was an absolute nightmare at his job. But his deductions were spot on.

That boy never ceases to amaze him.

"The criminal's plan was to make people believe she did it. It was to make Yoko-san seem guilty of the crime!"

The (e/c) eyed male leaned against the chair, "So that means..."

"That's right! The criminal is... Fujie-san himself!"

The entire room stared in surprise.

"Impossible! How can you stab a knife in your own back!?"

Conan looked right at (M/n) and smiled, "(L/n), if you would."

This boy...

"Of course, Mouri-san."

(M/n) paced, "This trick is quite easy. After Fujie-san turned the heater up and took hair from Okino-san's comb, he stands on the chair. He aims his back at the knife embedded on an ice block."

'Kogoro' continued, "On the floor near the corpse, there is a dent made by the handle of the knife. The scattered pieces of ice will soon melt in the high temperature. But isn't Fujie-san's plan a little too extreme?"

Megure got up, "Are you talking about the tuft of hair?"

"Yamagishi-san thought Yoko-san killed him. So, he secretly hid it."

The idol turned to Kogoro, "But, why did Fujie~kun do such a thing?"

"I guess, he was still very much in love with you. Haven't you noticed? Since you two look similar from behind, he mistook Yuuko-san for Yoko-san and approached... No. He only wanted to talk to you. But Fujie-san was so shocked that Yuuko-san fought back so vigorously. He was hoping he could win back her love. In the end, he felt hopeless."

"But, he left me! Why...?"

"You're wrong, Yoko. The truth is, I asked him to break up with you."

"How...How could..."

An officer ran in and gave the diary to the inspector. Megure read it aloud to everyone.

While listening to this sad story, (M/n) wanted to laugh at the cruelty of it all. Unfortunately, all he could muster was a bitter smile.

He never understood why Shinichi wanted to become a detective. All the truth ever does is hurt others.

If finding the truth only brings pain, then he'd rather not find the truth at all.


Damn you, Shinichi.

Chapter Text

"People are staring."

"Just ignore them, (M/n)."

"It's a lot more difficult than you think."

Ran and (M/n) were buying groceries while babysitting their favorite mini detective his friends. Everyone else went on with their chat, but the (s/c) male couldn't ignore the whispers as he walked by.

Apparently, they were seen as a young couple who took care of their own children. The attention made him uncomfortable. He didn't see the joy in it just as Shinichi had.

The part about taking care of his own kids wouldn't bother him as much. He actually wouldn't mind babysitting as a part-time job. But assumptions about being in a relationship, especially with Ran, don't do him any justice.

It's not that being with the female would make him barf. The girl was absolutely stunning. He hadn't seen any other girl who could compare to her.

She had a fantastic personality as well. She was considerate of other's feelings, but she wasn't a pushover. The brunette was also capable of taking care of herself, seeing as her father could barely keep them under a roof because of the lack of cases.

Overall, she would be the perfect girlfriend.

But the thing is, the (e/c) eyed teen had never in his life seen her in such a way. He was curious about how relationships functioned (his sister made it sound amazing when he was a child), so he asked his only female friend to help him experiment.

He didn't get the results he wanted, but he liked to think they grew closer because of that.

(M/n) didn't get why that bothered him. He and Ran were simply friends, and it doesn't hurt to occasionally try to imagine both of them as an item. They weren't a match and he was perfectly fine with that.

Shinichi and Ran would be a supreme match made in heaven, that's for sure. He knew all the signs of a crush or a romance in bloom.

It was plain as day they were head over heels with each other. It was so obvious, they might as well wear sweaters saying they were infatuated with each other or something.

Every day, he still wonders why those two aren't going out yet. Or even confessed their undying love for each other. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs.

Before he could do so, they all stop in the produce section before continuing their conversation.

"Wow, Ran-neechan and (M/n)-niichan know Kudo Shinichi?" Ayumi screamed.

"Y-Yeah, kind of..." Ran's face colored a slight bit. (M/n) gave a humble smile.

"That's so great!"

"I can't believe you know that famous high school detective."

Genta grinned at the older girl, "Maybe he's even your boyfriend?"

On cue, Ran reacted strongly toward the larger child's comment. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But what did strike the mystery fanatic as odd was Conan's reaction. It was in no way shape or form directed towards him, yet he still felt the need to make a point.

While the female interrogated the little boy, the other kids noticed their other babysitter giving their friend a look that terrified all three of them.

"(M/n), stop it! You're scaring the children."

(M/n) flinched at the flash of pain in his arm, "Uh, sorry about that. Just spacing out is all."

She sighed, "Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that cooky brain of yours."

Seeing a flustered smile taking form on the (h/c) haired boy's features, Conan's face had reddened and experienced an odd sensation for a split moment.

He shook his head, telling himself it was nothing.

The three children walked home, the two teenagers and Conan head to the detective agency they all know and love. Just as they had set everything down, the doorbell rings.

Ran opened the door and boxes upon boxes fell on top of the little boy. A flustered man walks in and apologizes, offering the blue-eyed child a hand.

(M/n), being the indifferent male he is, normally wouldn't care so much about cases, unless he were to somehow end up involved. That usually happened when he spent time with his intellectual but idiotic friend.

Honestly, there was never a day Shinichi didn't investigate dead bodies.

No wonder Ran and that stupid detective never went on many dates.

"My name is Ogawa."

The (h/c) haired boy thought he'd pay some attention to what this client had to say. Though, he was much more interested in Conan.

He wanted to see if the little boy had what it takes to solve such a perplexing case.

"For two years now, I have received toys and money every month. There was no name or return address on it, so I got kind of freaked out."

Kogoro examined a box, "Do you have any children?"

"Hai. I have a five-year-old son named Yuuta."

"I see. How much did they send you?"

Ogawa answered without hesitation, "One million yen a month, and including this month, a total of twenty-five million yen."


(M/n)'s reaction was no different than everyone else. He almost fell over the seats hearing it come out of the man like it was his daily salary.

Unless he worked a high-paying job. He didn't need handouts, the man could make his own money. And now that he thought about it...

What was his occupation?

"Maybe it was one of your patients. You're a surgeon, right?" Conan hummed.


"Then, maybe it's one of the patients that you saved. This is your way of saying thank you."

"I see... Wait. Did I mention my occupation?"

Hold on. How did he...?

Conan elaborated, "When surgeons operate, they hold the threat tight with their two index fingers as they sew up the patient. That's why you get a mark on your index fingers."

"Is that true?"

Ogawa looked at his hands, "I just performed an operation this morning. I'm impressed that you knew this, little boy."

"That was really something! It was almost like..." Ran trailed off, now getting lost in her thoughts.

(M/n) noticed her go silent then trained his eyes on the young boy.

He had been impressed by the blue-eyed boy's keen observation, but that level of coming to a conclusion with very little clues was a feat even the (s/c) male couldn't do on his own. The only person he knows who's able to deduce something just by looking at people's hands.

It reminded him of...

Conan screamed as a jack-in-the-box popped out of its hiding place. All previous thoughts were thrown out the window.


Kogoro took the letter from his client and took out an unbelievable amount of money. It kind of hurt to see so much in one place.

"The money usually comes in a bigger package along with the toys, but today was different."

He gets more than that!? Seriously!

The detective takes out a letter from the envelope and reads it to himself. (M/n) looks a bit over his shoulder and reads the letter's contents, memorizing every word.

Conan turns after examining a box, "How come there aren't any stripes on this thing?"


The boy points at Kogoro's cigarette box, "Like on that box."

After searching a couple of boxes, he silently praised the small boy. He wished Shinichi could see this child at work.


He liked Conan, but there was something that still bothered the (s/c) teen. Sure, it's possible he could be a prodigy of some sort. But even so, he shouldn't be so mature and his mind was much too complex than that of a six-year-old.

Conan had Shinichi's mannerisms, his habits, oddly serious behavior when encountering a case. (M/n) had severe doubts about this, but maybe his theory wasn't too far off, no matter how ludicrous it sounded.

Maybe... maybe Edogawa Conan isn't who he says he is. Maybe... he's actually Ku-

"(M/n), stop giving Conan~kun that look!"

(M/n) flinched and grabbed his arm, "Jeez, did you really have to hit so hard?"

Ran crossed her arms, "I had to get your head out of the clouds somehow."

"But did you really have to hit me?"

As if their mini argument never happened, Ogawa and Kogoro continued their discussion. They talked about the toys, claiming they were either used or pre-bought, even damaged. They sent all that along with a shit ton of money.

What could this mean?

"It's most likely... Just a prank!" the detective concluded.

(M/n) fell over, "REALLY!?"

He stopped for a moment after noticing Ran's eyes burning a hole through the boy's head. It looks like she has some doubts about the child as well.

But for the sake of making things interesting, a little intervention was necessary.

"You scold me for staring impolitely, and here you are doing the same exact thing."

Ran jumped, "Great, you're starting to rub off on me. And not in a good way."

"Maybe the sender is trying to buy something from Ogawa-san. From the letter, it can be implied that way."

Ogawa perked, "Oh yeah, there's this painting at the hospital that I heard is worth about twenty million yen."

"That has to be it! The sender probably wants you to sell that painting."

Before Conan could join in, the (e/c) eyed high schooler placed a hand on his head. The little boy looked up, confused as to why he was interrupted.

After feeling Ran's burning orbs, he promptly understood and pulled on the older teen's pant leg and begged to be carried. On cue, the older boy picked him up and subtly watched Ran's gaze morph into doubt.

"Let's go take a look at that painting, shall we?"


"This is a pretty big hospital."

"I was also surprised when I came here two years ago because I came from a very small hospital in a rural area."

A nurse walks up to them to hand them a pot full of flowers. She left shortly after saying her goodbye.

Morning Glory? Interesting gift...

(M/n) took the pot from the brown-haired boy before the child brought up patient records. The surgeon brought them to the records room and left after to investigate the hospital's painting.

As soon as Ran left, Conan got straight to work. He flipped through pages and pages of records in no time flat and slumped in the chair.

It seems he didn't notice the (h/c) haired teen at all. Well, (M/n) was known to be almost invisible when necessary.

He was aware that his female friend never left. She was behind the door watching them, more specifically Conan. She had her suspicions just as he did.

And looking at the child now, Shinichi's image almost resembled him. In fact, they looked exactly the same!

This bothered (M/n) a lot, but now wasn't the time to dwell on it.

Watching the door until it opened an inch or two, the (s/c) teen speed walked to Conan and made the most curious face he could muster so as to not alarm the boy.

"What did you find, little guy?"

Conan leaped in his chair, "(M/n)-niichan!"

"You should be a little more careful," the teen subtly jerked his head to the side. The child finally noticed the door was slightly ajar. He put on his child persona and smiled happily.

"(M/n)-niichan, I don't know what to look for. Can you help me, please?" Conan beamed adorably. (M/n) knew it was fake, but he couldn't help flush at the boy's face.

"Remember how the doctor said those flowers are delivered once a year?" he glanced at the door before turning back to the kid. Conan nodded.

"Then that probably means the sender must be one of the patients who had something to do with this hospital. Following along?"

He nodded.

"Since the money, toys, and flowers were sent first two years ago, and since Ogawa-san has been working here for three years, it'll narrow down the suspects into the year before those gifts were sent."

The boy picked up a record and flipped through it, "Among those people, only eight have to do with February nineteenth. The sender must be grateful because Ogawa-san saved their life."

Conan jumped out of his seat, "But something's wrong. The flowers were grown in a greenhouse... and that letter..."

(H/c) hair covered both of the teen's eyes. He clamped his mouth shut, clenching his fists as tight as they could. The black leather gloves he wore prevented his fists from tensing any further. The older male wanted to laugh. He wanted to laugh so loud, the entire world could hear him. Not because he was amused...

...But because he was ashamed.

"You were always such a showoff, you know that...?"

Conan scoffed, "It's not my fault I was born a genius-"

Realizing his mistake too late, the boy's body stiffened. Every hair on his body stood up, and he never wanted to run away so much in his life.

(M/n) could sense the shock, the betrayal directed towards him. Their delicate bond of trust shattered like glass hitting the floor.

He dared not look into the child's eyes. He hated himself deeply, wanting to take back that comment. The trap he had set up for his prey to fall in.

All because he was so... damn... selfish!

"Cool, it's Game Man!"

(M/n) flinched back.

"And look! There's even Yaiba's Adventure!"

What's the idiot doing? He's cornered, so why is he doing this!?

"Go Yaiba! Kill Onimaru!" Conan played on the device, mashing the buttons.

I'm... confused.

While Conan played around with the game settings to try and throw the teen off, he found something peculiar on the scoreboard.

Going back to the desk, he picked up a file and flipped through its contents before finding what he was looking for. Conan stands on the chair and turns to (M/n).

"(M/n)! Bring Ogawa-san here as soon as possible!"


An image of Shinichi appeared behind the boy, "Hurry up! There's no time!"

Dumbfounded, he ran out the door and bumped into Ran who was leaning against it the entire time. He orders the girl to stay with Conan while he raced to get the surgeon and detective.

He dodged nurse after nurse, and apologized to every doctor he encountered. Finally, he found them still examining the expensive painting. The adults turned to the panting high schooler.

"Ogawa-san! Mouri-san! You need to come with me right away!"


"What's going on?"

(M/n) swallowed, "We figured out who the sender is!"


Running back to the records room, they found Ran in a dream-like state while Conan held a file under one arm.

"Have you really figured out who the sender is!?"

The child opened the file, "It's most likely to be the parent of the child named Ogino Tomoya."

Ogawa took it, "Ogino Tomoya? Oh! This boy died three years ago from appendicitis."

Kogoro asked, amazed, "You can die from appendicitis?"

"Yes, if it is treated too late. It was too late when that boy came into the hospital. But, the boy's dad wouldn't except the truth."

"Then, why would he send you things? It's a different story if the operation was successful."

"Well," (M/n) averted his gaze from Conan, "based on the kid's deduction so far, he wasn't sending Ogawa-san gifts or used toys. They're most likely the property Ogino~kun, the boy who died three years ago."

The child continued, "Therefore, the sender has been sending you the mementos of his son filled with grudges and hatred. The flowers being sent to the hospital once a year mark his son's death. The letter sent to you means that he will take your son's life on the day of his son's death!"


"Where is your son now!?"

Ogawa paled, "It's around the time my wife picks him up from kindergarten."

"Go call her immediately!"

Everybody ran to the nearest telephone and the surgeon put in a quarter, dialing as fast as his shaky hands allowed him.

A few agonizing seconds on the phone later, he paled a considerable amount.

"Where's the kindergarten?"

"It's not far from here."

(M/n) took off before anyone could comprehend the situation.

He had to get away. The male teenager had to get away from him. Get away from his own guilt and humiliation.

He couldn't face Shinichi. He just couldn't!

He sprinted outside the hospital, frantically searching top to bottom. Finding this boy comes before everything else!


The (e/c) eyed boy spots a gleam and leans over the railing of the bridge. He gripped the rails tightly, just noticing that everyone else had caught up.

He watched the man raise his knife at the little boy, slamming it down before a flash flew between them. The (h/c) haired teen turned to see the blue-eyed child fall on his stomach.

Did he do that?

Shaking his head, he jumped over the rails and ran toward the two with the other right behind him. The sender held his knife to Yuuta's neck and threatened them, especially Ogawa.

It didn't take him long to get on his knees and lose all bitterness and malice, crying in front of the very life he was going to take.

Not that (M/n) didn't care about such a tragedy, but he wanted to avoid the little boy as much as possible.

"H-Hey, Ran. Do you mind if you take care of the kid next week? Thanks!" the (s/c) boy ran off before the brunette could call out her friend's name.

(M/n) despised what he had done. The chagrin he caused himself was almost unbearable. He had cornered his best friend after gaining his trust.

Was it his fault for letting his curiosity get the best of him? Maybe not.

But it was his fault for acting upon it. The high schooler had broken his number one rule. The one rule he swore to never break.

Shinichi was never going to forgive him for this. He can never gather the courage or have the guts to say he was sorry.

He was a coward.

When he arrived at his doorstep, his gloved hand hovered over the doorknob. (M/n) sweatdropped, not stopping his body from violently recoiling at the pain he was going to feel.

(S/n) is going to be pissed.





If your curiosity gets too deep, you'll end up in the sea.

Chapter Text

(M/n) sprinted across every corner, every street, everywhere he could possibly lose them. They lose his trail, only to find him once again because of his very distinct scent. He almost trips but regains his balance as more join the pursuit.

The (h/c) haired male was pressed against the wall, surrounded by those who were after his virgin ass. He cursed to every higher power he knew and to everyone that didn't have to be on their toes twenty-four seven.

He was done for.

Just as he was praying for the slightest chance of survival as they closed in, he heard growls and whimpers before eery silence.

(M/n) gradually opened one eye only to press his back further against the wall.

This was the last person the high schooler wanted to bump into!

His hero turned his head, revealing blue eyes, dulled with lust and concern. Before he knew it, the (s/c) boy's wrists were pinned above his head. He ignored the flash of pain in his wrists.

Shinichi released a possessive growl.

"I won't let them touch you, (M/n). I'll make sure they don't."


Five Weeks Prior...

(M/n) was in his room with the air conditioning at an ungodly temperature. He had only his underwear on and held an icepack to his forehead. The thermometer was at the lowest setting as well.

But it did nothing for his dreadful heat.

He hated this time of year. The time where every alpha and omega went into this god-awful frenzy just to mate.

The teenager wished he were a beta like (S/n) and Ran. They didn't have to worry about getting heats and hiding away until the mating season has passed.

"Why is it always so cold in here!?"

"Don't you know how to knock!?"

(S/n) crossed her arms, "I just wanted to remind you that if all the electricity goes out, you're responsible for it."

He waved her off, "Yeah, yeah. Now go away. I don't want anyone to pick up my scent."

She smirked, "Times like these make me happy I'm a beta."

"Just get out already!"

His older sister's giggled could be heard through the closed door. He crawled under his bed to take out a box, opening it to find it was almost empty.

"By the way, I'm not buying you any suppressants."

"Goddamit (S/n)!"

He ignored the fading footsteps and slid down his bed with an agonizing groan. The icepack was long abandoned and he could no longer feel the frosty temperature in his room due to his heat getting progressively unbearable.

(M/n) couldn't risk leaving his home without suppressants! He might as well wear a gigantic sign that said he was an omega.

Nobody knew of this except his older sibling and his only female friend. This was a secret he was willing to keep because of many selfish reasons.

First off, he didn't want to be humiliated. Stupid, but he'd rather keep having heats than let the whole world know that one of Kudo Shinichi's friends (who was a boy) was an omega.

Second, he didn't want to mate with some random alpha. That's how most people get together, which is something he doesn't want.

And lastly, Shinichi was an alpha. He thinks the (s/c) boy is a beta, and he'd like to keep things that way for obvious reasons.

Looking into the nearly vacant box with misery planted on his face, he decided to suck it up and take however much he needed without using all of the supplements.

Sure, his scent will be noticeable, but hardly enough to know where it's coming from. He'll just have to buy some more.

Too bad he was completely broke.


The (h/c) haired teen see his friends waiting for him before they're on their way to school. Ran gives him a knowing look, something the detective doesn't fail to notice. He keeps it to himself until an opportunity presents itself.

The entire walk to school was torture for the (e/c) eyed boy. He could feel his body temperature rising every second. He felt the need to take off his uniform jacket, but then the detective would be able to smell him.

He nudged Ran and gave her an urgent look. She knew instantly and started another conversation with their detective friend in an effort to help.

While he was distracted, (M/n) took out the last of his hormone suppressants. Before the blue-eyed male lost interest, the mystery fanatic shoved them in his mouth and silently cursed at himself for not bringing water.

His body goes back to its normal temperature and he didn't have to try to swallow large gulps of air just to breathe.

Ran's worried frown turned into relief to see that he was alright. Shinichi, once again, notices their interaction and has had enough of being left in the dark.

"Okay, what's going on here? You guys are obviously keeping secrets from me!"

Before Ran had a chance to retaliate, (M/n) gave an arrogant grin, making her too surprised to say anything.

"You're a detective. I'm sure you'll have this 'mystery' solved in no time, right?" (M/n) gave a sly wink, making his friends hyperaware of his charming smile.

His smirk grew as Shinichi accepted the challenge without any words.

And this was a challenge he wasn't going to lose.


"It's fine, Ran. I can manage."

"You don't have enough to last you even an hour. Just take it!"

(M/n) pushed Ran's hand gently, "Ran, I can't possibly take all this. This is almost half your savings!"

"You don't have to pay me back or anything!"

"I can just ask my sister or request more hours-" the (e/c) eyed teen noticed tears about to fall from the girl's eyes and panicked.

If there was one thing he vowed to do, it was to never ever make Ran cry. It's not that she'll go on a tantrum if she does. He just views her as an innocent teenager who hasn't seen nearly enough of the world.

He loved her all too dearly to harm a precious hair on her head.

"I-I'm sorry! I'll take your money, I'll make sure to buy more than enough to last me an entire lifetime. I swear!"

The brunette sniffed, "I know I can't do much. I can't even begin to imagine what you have to go through. I thought finding a mate would be great but seeing you agonize over it hurts."

His heart clenched at how vulnerable and ashamed his friend was. He wanted to take her to a place far away from everything that made her sad and angry and then keep her all to himself.

"It's not about just about the money, (M/n). This is the least I can do to ease your burden, even a little."

(M/n) wanted his happy and snarky Ran back. It hurt him to watch her begging him with those sad eyes.

She insisted she could earn it all back, but it won't be a while considering how much her father gets paid.

And he didn't couldn't think of a part-time job that could make up how much she gave just so his virgin ass could stay safe for another season.

He could help her earn it all back. Of course, being the feisty and self-sufficient girl she is, wouldn't allow him to do so.

But that doesn't mean he won't do it secretly.

"I understand," he gingerly takes the envelope from his friend's hand, brushing it a little.


"I'm confident this is enough to get what I need."

"Are you sure? I'll give you more if you n-"

(M/n) beamed, "Your generosity is one of a kind. I'm not worthy of such kindness."

The blue-eyed girl blushed, "You have everything a girl wants in a guy. I'm still wondering why you don't have a girlfriend yet."

"Not you too. I already have to live with one (S/n)."

They didn't notice their detective friend sneak up behind them. He slowly snaked his arms around their shoulders until he felt a sharp pain to his abdomen. He holds his stomach and nearly falls forward.

The brunette and (h/c) haired teen held their fists, emitting smoke from their knuckles.

Ran crossed her arms, "You never learn, do you Shinichi?"

Shinichi recovered, standing back straight and giving a simple smile.

"Sorry I took so long. What were you guys talking about while I was gone?"

"Definitely not talking about you behind your back."

Ran and (M/n) laughed their asses off as the detective became progressively redder the more he retaliated.

It ends shortly when Shinichi tilts his head slightly upward and sniffs the air. Ran stops, curious to what was going on in his mind. (M/n) stops too, but for other reasons.

"You guys smell (f/sc)? It's very faint," he sniffs the air until the scent disappears. He blinks, then puts his chin in his hand.

"That's strange. I thought I got a whiff of something."

"You probably just imagined things," the (s/c) high schooler shrugged coolly.

The brown-haired teen muttered in certainty. While trying to sort out this strange occurrence, Ran and (M/n) glanced at one another before reverting their gazes so their detective doesn't catch on.


"Why aren't they working!?"

(M/n) had been putting Ran's money to good use, and taking the hormone suppressants regularly. He never took too much or too little, and there wasn't exactly a label on the bottles.

So why weren't they doing their job!?

It was the last week of the mating season. He had hoped nothing would go wrong since everything had gone so smoothly thus far.

It was in the morning when he knew something was wrong.

His classmates were being much more polite to him than usual. In fact, they were even being kind to him. They offered their lunches and offered to have their notes or homework copied.

He didn't notice anything odd at first, other than the unusual behavior his peers exhibited. It wasn't until a girl (a beta) had bumped into him.

"Sorry, Seiko-san," he offered a hand and helped her back on her feet.

"Arigatoo, (L/n)-san."

She sniffed a bit, "You smell good today. Did you use (f/sc)?"

(M/n)'s body froze stiff from her sentence. And that's when he discovered the appalling truth.

He became immune to the suppressants.

She blinked obliviously as she watched him stumble back and ran in the opposite direction.

Ever since then, he had evaded everyone who had a distinguished scent.

A/n: In my version of this AU, betas have faint scents. They can also detect other scents, but they don't go into heat.

And now, he was on the run, eluding every alpha from his school and many other places.

The thought of Shinichi discovering one of his friends was an omega the entire time didn't make things any better for him. Because of that, he ran as far as he could to places he had never been to before.

He had never ventured very far because he gets lost like a child who loses their mother in the supermarket.

But that was the least of (M/n)'s concern. All he thought about was escaping from these vicious animals!

(M/n) sprinted across every corner, every street, everywhere he could possibly lose them. They lose his trail, only to find him once again because of his very distinct scent. He almost trips but regains his balance as more join the pursuit.

The (h/c) haired male was pressed against the wall, surrounded by those who were after his virgin ass. He cursed to every higher power he knew and to everyone that didn't have to be on their toes twenty-four seven.

He was done for.

Just as he was praying for the slightest chance of survival as they closed in, he heard growls and whimpers before eery silence.

(M/n) gradually opened one eye only to press his back further against the wall.

This was the last person the high schooler wanted to bump into!

His hero turned his head, revealing blue eyes, dulled with lust and concern. Before he knew it, the (s/c) boy's wrists were pinned above his head. He ignored the flash of pain in his wrists.

Shinichi released a possessive growl.

"I won't let them touch you, (M/n). I'll make sure they don't."


A/n: This is where the good part starts :3


"Shinichi-" he felt the detective's slightly chapped lips move on their own.

"So it was you I've been sniffing this whole time."

If Shinichi wasn't in heat, he'd be showing off his skills and telling his friend how he had reached his conclusion. Sadly, his mind was clouded with lust to think properly.

And in normal circumstances, the (e/c) eyed boy would've easily overpowered the detective. But because of mating season, his body instinctively submits itself to whoever was an alpha.

Oh well. Better Shinichi than some stranger.

"You're not resisting," Shinichi breathed against his neck and was happily rewarded with a shiver.

(M/n) breathed out a chuckle, "I am. My body's just not letting me."

The two detective geeks could feel their insides burning, aching for each other's touch. Being pressed against each other wasn't enough to quench their unwanted lust. Their skin was sensitive to everything, making stimulation less of a task.

"I love that about you. You don't go down easy," the blue-eyed detective's tongue traced the other boy's ear.

"What about Ran...? She'll be devastated..." (M/n)'s pathetic attempt at resistance had no effect on the detective.

"She'll understand. She's a smart girl," Shinichi licked the corner of the other teen's lips.

"But," he felt warm, chapped lips on his neck, "you... like her, don't you? Why-"

Once again, the detective silenced him with another needy kiss. Shinichi's tongue explored every inch of his friend's throat, intoxicated from the unendurable pleasure blessing them at this very moment.

They needed this now.

"I never said I liked her, baka."

(M/n) would laugh at the irony of being called an idiot if not for the fact that he desperately needed air!

"I-I... I know you do! The way you look at her..." he feels his tie is undone. A warm hand slips under his shirt and starts to touch every skin it can find.

A groan barely escapes the (h/c) haired high schooler's lips before clamping them shut. He could feel his friend's lust-driven confidence before his collarbone gets sucked and bitten.

He wraps his now released arms around Shinichi's neck to pull him closer than he already was. They grind against each other, craving more of the delicious friction.

Somehow, (M/n) was barely in his right state of mind through all the stimulation.

"S-Shouldn't you be doing this," he threw his head against the wall, letting his friend have more access, "with Ran? A-And..."

He hissed as he saw a flash of white, "We're both g-guys... We shouldn't be..."

His screams were muffled by Shinichi's now moist lips. His shirt was completely undone, hands roamed his flushed skin.

The brunette pulled away somewhat, "So I can't love you because you're a guy. Is that what you're saying?"

Huh? Surely, he can't mean...

"Don't believe me? I expected as much," Shinichi cupped the back of (M/n)'s neck and kissed him.

What surprised the (h/c) haired male was that this kiss was completely different. The detective's tongue only grazed his lips before retreating back into his cavern.

It wasn't a craving for pleasure. There was only the slightest bit of lust (thanks to their heat).

This kiss was loving, caring, no sign of guilt anywhere.


A/n: This is where the content of the mature ends. :3


At that moment, all doubt the (s/c) boy had in his mind before was thrown out the window. Whether it was because of his insatiable body's demands to be relieved or Shinichi's genuine love being poured into that one kiss, he won't know for sure until this is over.

(M/n) kissed back with as much passion as he could muster, adding a fierce stubbornness to it. The two males slid down and took their precious time, exploring each other inch by inch, leaving no skin untainted.

The (e/c) boy couldn't deny the butterflies in his stomach, or his heart always nearing its limit whenever Shinichi performs a gentle gesture as he tested his boundaries.

Despite his mind yelling at him to be reasonable, think of the consequences if the deed were to be done...



He supposed he could give it a try.

Chapter Text

(M/n) was currently in the far corner of his room as he watched the barricade in front of his bedroom door collapse.

He paled when a chair and lamp broke while the door came ever closer to falling apart.


(M/n) gulped loudly, "I-I'll start bringing him over soon! I promise!"



The (s/c) male comically shook his head and prayed to whatever deity or higher power that he makes it out alive and ends up with broken bones if he's lucky.

The barricade comes down and in comes an angry (S/n). Her face was entirely red and smoke blew out of her ears. As she slowly stomped over to her cowering brother, he looks out his bedroom window and ungracefully jumps out of it, not bothering to open it at all.

Blinking her (e/c) eyes, the older female stood dumbfounded before walking away with a blank look on her face.




(M/n) wheezed and greedily swallowed all the oxygen he could. He collapsed on his bottom and wiped the sweat off his forehead before heading inside the building.

He was greeted by the usual. The detective was on his television and Ran was doing her chores. The (s/c) boy happily let himself in, knowing that he was welcome any time.

"Oh, (M/n). I haven't seen you in a while."

(M/n) tilted his head, "Sorry, Ran. I've been busy lately."

"Conan~kun missed you. I would've brought him over, but I didn't want to be an inconvenience."

The (h/c) haired boy tensed and averted his (e/c) eyes everywhere so he wouldn't have to make eye contact with his female friend.

"Is that so...?"

He abruptly stood up, "I hate to cut this short, but I should get go-"

The male flinched when the little boy walked in with a girl who couldn't be too much younger than him.

Conan and (M/n) briefly made eye contact before the older averted his eyes somewhere else. The girl took her seat and looked down at her knees as Ran put down a cup of tea she made.

"My name is Akagi Ryoko. I have somebody I want you to find. He suddenly disappeared and I don't know what to do."

She looked through her bag and took out a photo, "This is his picture. We were dating."


"You were dating Shinichi!? I didn't know that he..." Ran trailed off with a pale face.

"But... But he's..." (M/n) repeatedly glanced at the little boy and client with utter incredulity.

"We've even kissed if you don't believe me!"

"K-K-Kissed!?" Ran's face turned a dark shade of red as she strained her voice.

"I bet he claimed he was investigating a case, but he was with a girl," Kogoro grinned at the hilarity of it all.

The nerve!

(M/n) knows for sure that Shinichi loves Ran too much to date anyone else! How dare this girl lie to their face like that!

And as much of a moron the young detective was, he isn't the kind of person to lie like that. Unless he was cornered, he'd always tell the truth!

And if they were dating, (M/n) would've known. He wasn't dumb.

"Okay, I'll tell them that! Bye, Shinichi-niichan!"

The (e/c) eyed boy froze and looked straight at Conan.

"He said he'll call Ryoko-san later, so don't worry."

The girl stood, "So Shinichi-san's going to see me!? I'm so glad!"

The brunette placed hands on her hips, "Let's go to her house then. We might be able to catch him."

She threw a kick and leaned into the client's face, "You don't have a problem with that, do you, Ryoko-san?"

"Not at all," Ryoko sweated.

Kogoro crossed his arms, "I'm not going to some fight between two kids."

As ridiculous as this all sounded, (M/n) was slightly intrigued. This case didn't sound exciting at all, but he'd rather not come home to an angry (S/n) trying to send him to a graveyard.




Ryoko unlocks her door and walks inside with Ran following after. Conan holds the door and the (s/c) male sees marks on the keyhole.

Forced entry?

(M/n) made sure to be as far from the child as possible. He decided to look around her place out of curiosity and avoiding the blue-eyed boy.

He did notice that the girl was scrambling to find what she needed despite living there herself. He ignores it and walks into a room after reading a sign hanging on the door.


The room looked as if it was struck by a tornado. He wondered how someone could make such a mess.

He found a photograph on the ground while searching and picked it up.

Mamoru... Huh? Where have I seen this person?

Putting the picture down, he returns to the dinner table to see the TV on. Everyone was watching the Sunday Cup finals.

Hide... He's that guy on the picture! Then Mamoru is...

The soccer pro, Hide, was purposely making bad plays on the field. Ryoko watched the screen with stress and anxiety.

Looking at all this, there's no doubt that this was...

A kidnapping!

The phone on the fax machine rings and the client picks it up. Already having a hunch about this, he wanders throughout the apartment until he hears a voice. (M/n) strains his ears and listens closely to the voice until he recognizes it.

He presses his ear against a door and listens in, rolling his eyes for having spot-on deductions as usual.

Suddenly, he hears Ran's voice behind the door. Sensing the fear behind, he made it his mission to protect Conan until this case was solved.

"(M/n). Is Shinichi in there?" he shivered at Ran's intimidating smile.

"N-No, it's just the kid. He didn't want to be left alone while he was doing his business."

Ran blinked, "Oh... If you see him, let me know, okay?"


The female brunette walked away, ashamed of herself. (M/n) waited until she was out of the clear, and glared right at the door.

"You owe me."

The voice behind the door laughed nervously, "Sorry, sorry (M/n)!"

He sighed, "What have you got so far?"

"We both know this was a kidnapping. A child named Akagi Mamoru was kidnapped probably this morning when Ryoko-san came over to make breakfast. I have the letter Mamoru wrote. 'Niichan, resurrect me'."

(M/n) processed all of this, "Here's what I've got: I found a photo of the kid and another person. That person must be Akagi Hide, the pro soccer player of the Tokyo Spirits. Akagi-san made some pretty bad plays, but they seemed intentional."

Shinichi breathed lightly, "You've seen the state the room is in, right? I'd like for you to investigate that for me."

He scoffed, "You can't do that yourself?"

"Ran'll kill me if she sees me."

"Maybe she oughta."

"(M/n), please..."

Feeling the regret and vulnerability in the detective's tone made (M/n)'s heart skip a beat before the organ returned to its normal pace.

His face was warm, but he willed it away with all the effort he could muster.

"Fine. But if Ran finds out, I'm not helping you."

If Ran finds out... Why would he...? Oh.

"Everything will be alright. I promise."

It was (M/n)'s turn to blink. He had no idea where that came from. Of course everything will be alright. They were working together, after all.

The teen returned to the table and watched a bit of the game with Ryoko. Conan came in after and watched with a stoic expression.

They all paled when the Tokyo Spirits scored after the ball made it in the goal. They didn't miss the player's face lose color.

The phone rang and a piece of paper came out of the fax machine. Ryoko pulled it out and fell to her knees after reading it. The two boys read over her shoulder and gritted their teeth.

(M/n) marched into Mamoru's room. He deduced that the room wouldn't be such a mess, even if the child had retaliated.

He knelt down when something had caught his attention. He picked up the box and gasped.

"Onimaru Quest... But is it empty? A kidnapped victim wouldn't be able to take it with him. (M/n) set up the game and read the names of the characters.

"There's the victim, the soccer pro, and Akagi-san... but who's Naoki?"

Right. Uemura Naoki joined the Spirits last year.

"Maybe the dork might be able to piece this together," the (h/c) haired male walked back to the bathroom door and knocks on it. He could hear the detective jump.

"I've got something for you."

"Thank you, (M/n)... Seriously."

(M/n) scoffed, "There was an empty packaging for the game Onimaru Quest. Mamoru named the main character after himself, but there's another name that just got added to the equation: Uemura Naoki. The player that joined the Tokyo Spirits last year."

"That's right... in the game, you have to resurrect the main character. So the letter Mamoru wrote, he was going to be resurrected."

"What about Uemura?"

"Hide and Naoki know each other, so it's safe to assume Naoki knows his brother as well. Maybe..."

While Shinichi was silent, the gears in the (s/c) boy's head began to turn.

There were marks on the keyhole, Mamoru's room was in an awful state, and there's a new character they have to worry about.

So if he could just think a bit harder, then maybe... maybe...

I got it!


"Already on it!"

The phone in the living space rang and was immediately picked up.

"I know where Mamoru~kun is."

He could hear the poor girl from the other room.

"Before we get to that, do you know a person named Uemura Naoki? By any chance, did he often come here to play with Mamoru~kun?"

(M/n) couldn't hear the girl over the phone, but he had a good idea of what was going on.

"Mamoru~kun wasn't kidnapped. The forced opening of the door lock, the mess made in Mamoru~kun's room, all of this was done on purpose by the kidnapper to make it seem as if a real criminal had done it."

(M/n) was starting to wonder where his female friend was. He hadn't seen her since the whole investigation.

"The letter that Mamoru~kun left probably said, 'I'm going to Naoki-niichan's place to get resurrected'. The kidnapper ripped that up and used it."

(M/n) jolted and shivered at what he saw in front of him. His face has grown as pale as a ghost.

"That's right. The kidnapper is Uemura Naoki. Mamoru~kun is probably at his house."

"I finally found you, Shinichi."

The male behind the door froze.

"Come out now, Shinichi! I know you're there!" Ran yanked the doorknob.

"B-Baka, I'm on the toilet right now! I can't come out!"

"Is that right? Oh... I see. I understand," the brunette gets into a karate stance. The (e/c) eyed boy sweated, already praying that the detective survives with only bruises.

"Wait, Ran-san!"

Ran stops mid-punch, "What is it!?"

"Shinichi-san says he has something to tell you over the phone."

"If you have something to say, just say it here!"

(M/n) watched Ran stomp over to Ryoko and snatch the phone from her hands. Just as she put the phone to her ear, he heard the door open and a trail of smoke left behind before hearing a crash.

They all ran over to see Conan on the floor.

"Shinichi-niichan just left in a hurry!"

"So where did Shinichi-san go?"

"He said he was going to help Mamoru~kun."

Ryoko spoke to herself, "Maybe he went to Naoki-san's place."

"Naoki? So Shinichi is running toward Naoki's place?"

Ran grabs the girl's hand and drags her, "Tell me where it is!"

Conan and (M/n) chased after the two girls all the way to another apartment (which made the older male groan inwardly).

Ryoko rings the doorbell and yells for the little boy as soon as it opens. Ran kicks it down and rushes it to look for him.

Everyone runs into the room and settles down to watch the game.

Normally, (M/n) wouldn't bother to listen to the criminal's confessions, but he needed to get his mind off of other things.

Naoki's intentions were never malicious. He never planned to hurt the child at all. He just wanted some payback.

He cried into his hands, knowing that the soccer pro had no idea one of his teammates kidnapped his kid brother.

Ran ruined the moment by demanding for the detective. Ryoko gives her his fax number and dialed his number.

Out of the corner of his eye, (M/n) watched Conan quietly sneak out of the room and hears a phone ring. Ran runs out the door with her male friend right behind her.

They both chase him all the way to an alley, the blue-eyed girl reduced to tears and the other scoffing at his ridiculous antics.

Suddenly, a light shined brightly and Shinichi's silhouette was visible.

"Ran, hear me out. I'm innocent. So, don't cry."

"What? I'll cry and whine if I want!"

"I'll worry... I'm going to worry if you cry..."

Ran's tears stopped, "Why...?"

"And (M/n)..."

(M/n)'s hand flinched, then forced itself to relax.

"I forgive you."

He choked, "E-Eh?"

"Well, I gotta go now."

Watching the silhouette disappear, Ran chased after it, not stopping until she got her answer.

The (e/c) eyed boy headed on home, replaying the detective's words in his head. He vividly remembered that foreign sensation when Shinichi had left himself exposed for that split moment back at the Akagi's place.

He remembered his face heating up for not more than two seconds.

(M/n) figured it was just the stress of the kidnapping. Emotions were never his area of expertise.

He pushed it all aside and stood in front of his house, contemplating if he should go in and risk his life once more, or if he should stay at the Mouri's place.

Not wanting to be an inconvenience to Ran, and... having to see him again...

The (s/c) boy figured it wouldn't be so bad to sharpen his survival skills.

And boy was he in for a ride.

Chapter Text

Everyone was gathered at the chapel, all in their own group of friends or acquaintances. Ran, Sonoko (a friend of Ran's), (M/n), and Conan were in their own little circle.

"It's been a while since we've seen Matsumoto-sensei," (M/n) snickered at the memories while Conan glared right at him.

"We might be able to hear her beautiful singing again at the reception!" Sonoko added. She gave the (s/c) male a look and crossed her arms.

"I see you still don't have a girlfriend yet, (M/n)~kun."

(M/n) sweated, "I-I don't have time to think about committing to a serious relationship right now. And I still haven't found someone yet."

She winked flirtatiously, "Well if you change your mind, I'm still available."

He chuckled, "I appreciate it, Suzuki-chan."

"How many times do I have to tell you? Sonoko is fine!"

The girls laughed as the poor boy covered his flushed face with his (h/c) hair while still maintaining a smile. The child narrowed his eyes at the display.

And he calls me a showoff.

Sonoko looked up then back at her friend, "Oh yeah. Where's that guy? Remember? He was never in tune during music class and Matsumoto-sensei was always at him."

Ran chuckled, "Oh if you're talking about Shinichi, he said on the phone that there's no way he'd come."

"So instead of that toneless guy, you brought that little kid?" (M/n) snickered at the child's face with he glowered right back at the older boy.

"He said that he really wanted to come."

The three teens and boy walked into the building, asking where they could find their former instructor.

They all open the doors to see a white dress with a familiar face, faces red at the magnificent sight.

"Mouri-san! Suzuki-san! Oh, and (L/n)~kun too! What a pleasant surprise!"

W-Whoa... she looks amazing...

The bride blinked, "Say, where's Kudo~kun?"

Sonoko scoffed, "Said he couldn't make it."

She snapped her fingers, "That's too bad. I wanted to show off this dress to that cheeky little punk."

(M/n) held back his laughs, "I'm sure he'd be really proud."

Matsumoto jogged to Conan, "Little boy, have we met before?"


Ran takes out a recorder, "Alright, both of you look this way! We're gonna be in charge of the filming today."

"Please make sure to make a great kiss scene!"

"You can count on it!"

Another woman opens the door, "Sayuri, I bought some warm lemon tea for you."

The bride happily took the bag, "Arigatoo!"

That's right. Matsumoto-sensei always drank lemon tea.

"Don't drink it like that or your lipstick will smear off," the instructor's friend took out a straw and put it in the can.

"Kazumi, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Toshihiko-san."

Kazumi slapped her friend's bottom, "What are you talking about at a time like this? Just you wait! At the reception, I'm gonna tell everyone that the groom was my ex-boyfriend!"


"I'm just joking! Well, I'll see you later," the playful woman exited the room with a smile.

"That Kazumi..."

"Who was that just now?" Sonoko asked curiously.

"One of my 'bad' friends from college. Oh, I have one more. Does anyone want it?"

Sonoko took the bag, "Arigatoo gozaimasu!"

A large, intimidating man opens the door and enters, making the girls go in a defensive stance. The (e/c) eyed male went stiff, but he didn't find it necessary to work himself up.

A familiar face and some others walked into the room.

(M/n) blinked, "Keibu? What are you doing here?"

"What kind of person would I be if I didn't attend my bosses' daughter's wedding?"

"Boss?" Ran repeated incredulously.

"That's right. That man is the police chief and my father."


"You guys can leave," the man ordered. The inspector and his men left the room.

"Sayuri, are you sure you want to marry that guy? I can introduce you to a young guy in my division who has got a lot more backbone than him."

"What are you telling me at a time like this? Sheesh! When will you stop treating me like a child?"

"You'll always be a child to me. How long do you plan to keep drinking things like this?"

Matsumoto snatched the tea, "What's the problem? I like it. But why don't you say something? Your daughter is standing right in front of you in a wedding dress!"

The police chief hesitated, "You're beautiful... but you're no comparison to your late mother."

"Jerk," (M/n) mumbled.

He averted his gaze to the unnerving boy with an apathetic expression. The older boy swore that he saw some sort of familiarity in his eyes.

"Do you happen to be a relative of Akira Yuri?"