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Guilty Conscience

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Mido's soft pink lips left feather light pecks on her (s/t) thighs, his hands laying gently on her hips. Compared to the brutality of Mondo, Mido was soft and sweet, never wishing to harm such a beautiful girl for his own gain. He made sure she felt as good as he did.

Mido had followed Mondo as he left, knowing the other boy had something sadistic in mind before he went for a 'ride'. Mido knew Mondo kept an eager eye on that foreign girl, the one they had saw during the 'liberation' of another school. Mondo had taken an extreme interest in her, only for her looks of course, not for her personality, which he had no idea of.

Mido stalked him to the alley way, pushing his back against the cold and wet red brick wall, he heard the muffled sounds of Mondo and the girl, hearing a plea for help that went unanswered. When he was confident Mondo and her were too focused on each other to notice him, he peered around the corner, the street lamp lit up the scene before him, Mondo had ripped open the delicate girl's shirt and bra, exposing her plush breasts. Tears slicked her pretty face, Mido growled at this 'Mondo, what the hell are you doing?' he thought as his forehead became damp with fresh sweat, he couldn't deny this growing feeling inside him.

Not a feeling of sympathy, but a feeling of arousal, the way she took Mondo in her mouth was lovely, the way Mondo moaned showing she was doing a good job. He felt his cock twitch in his pants, Mondo's impertinent to the girls suffering, but for some reason... Mido was enjoying it, enjoying the way Mondo abused the girl's mouth, he could only imagine how it would feel to have her lips around him, sucking him like she was Mondo. Unashamed he reached down to palm himself outside of his pants, his cock growing harder as Mondo continued his brutal assault of her.

He felt guilty, sure he's killed people, but getting off to such an obscene display, he should be helping her, telling Mondo to stop as he always did. But.… He couldn't, he couldn't bring himself to stop him from traumatizing the girl. His body was reacting in a filthy manner, his cock dripping with pre cum, Mondo didn't last long in her mouth, spurting cum inside her wet cavern, dripping from her mouth to her bust. As Mondo ordered her to stand up Mido reached his right hand into his slacks, grasping his hardening cock. He teasingly rubbed the tip, which was burning hot at the pained sounds she made.

He pumped it, doing his best to suppress his moans, God was she making him hot. His hand worked fast, bucking into himself impatiently, needing to cum before Mondo was finished with her, he couldn't let them see him. His eyebrows furrowed trying to concentrate, his cock twitching, ready to start spurting cum all over his hand. And as Mondo threw his head back in pleasure, Mido's cum spilled into his awaiting hand.

He pulled his pale hand out of his underwear and wiped it off on his pants, thank God they were white, hiding the fluid well till it dried. He heard Mondo say his cruel goodbye and he pressed his back against the wall in an attempt to hide in the shadows. This didn't help at all as a rough hand gripped his collar and pulled him just outside of the girls view.

"What are you some kind of freak, Tatsuma?" He grinned at the beautiful boy, he moved his face closer to Mido's staring intently like a manic into his eye "getting off to me fucking her, I prefer not to be watched" he threw Mido to the gravely sidewalk, he stepped over him and walked to his bike, spitting in the street before leaving. Mido sat up glaring at Mondo's back.

He stood up and heard the girls distressed cries, he felt disgusted by his previous actions. He felt the need to make up for them. He stepped out of the shadows into the girls presence, she was far to out of it to notice him, he laid a gentle hand on her trembling body "Are you okay?" She jumped and scrambled away, her hand fell from her mouth when she saw him, he laid his right hand to her face, wiping the warm tears from her cheeks "did someone hurt you?" His voice was calm but was filled with faux concern, he knew the answer to that question.

She nodded into his hand and snuggled closer into the soft flesh.

His long hair brush against her thighs, his lips trailing up her legs, soft skin coming in contact with pink tinted lips. His lips hovered over her wet panties, his hot breath hitching at the sight of her. His pale face was coated in a rose blush, eyes half lidded. "Mido" she complained, her abdomen was twitching in arousal, wetness soaked the white fabric, making it stick and outline her pussy.

Mido let out a shaky sigh seeing her this intimately, the little twitches of her abdomen turning him on more. Both had stripped everything off but their underwear, excluding her bra, that was one of the first thing to go, it now laid in a bundle among the other discarded clothes. His hands slid down her hips to rest on her buttocks, taking care to hold her firmly in place. He pushed his pretty face into her pussy, her abdomen twitched uncontrollably as his tongue lolled out of his mouth.

He pressed the wet muscle firmly into her, giving a slow lick up her clothed slit. She threw her head back into the pillow as her back arched, trying to force his tongue to press harder. Pale soft hands grasped the waistband of her panties from the back, as Mido's soft pink lips were lifted from her along came her panties. Her body stagnant as he lifted her legs above his head to pull the fabric from her body. He stopped at her ankles, only needing the pesky barrier out of his way. He laid on his stomach letting her legs rest on his shoulders and back.

His breath was unbearably hot, breathing heavily at the sight of her bare, drool was slipping down his chin. (Y/n)'s hands gripped the sheets in anticipation, wishing his tongue would meet her sensitive clit. Mido finally stuck his tongue out, dragging it along her clit, this earned him a satisfied moan from (Y/n), she firmly pressed herself into his face. Mido enjoyed her scent, it was making it hard to focus on her, the throbbing of his cock was distracting him. He began to rut against the bed, needed some form of relief, his moans from this vibrated on her clit, her legs shook at this, wanting to wrap around Mido's head, suffocating him in her wet heat.

Mido looked up at her, her body was glistening in warm salty sweat, matting her hair down, stray (h/c) strands sticking to her beautiful face. He brought a finger to her entrance, finger tip circling the tight hole, feeling it twitch with delight. He pushed the finger in, feeling the velvety walls clench around the digit, he thrusted the finger slowly, watching her face churn in pleasure was a lovely sight to him. Her eyebrows furrowed in pleasure, her eyes closed, and lip parted.

Mido began to suck on her clit and added another slim finger, the girl moaned loudly, hearing her moans only spurred him on, he wanted more of those moans, more sounds from her lovely mouth. Her legs clamped down on his as she orgasm, Mido grabbed them and forced them apart, giving him access to continue his relentless assault, the pleasure was too much, he never stopped even as her violently spasmed in pleasure. Her legs went limp, no longer spasming, signaling that her orgasm had passed. Her panties only looped around one ankle, dangling of her (s/t) flesh.

Mido sat up between her legs and leaned over her, his elbows propping him up and red cheeks resting in his palms, he had a good look at her face now, it was much more satisfying to see her expression up close. Her face was practically steaming, he could feel the heat coming off. (Y/n) opened a (e/c) eye "what?" She asked, her lips forming into an annoyed pout. He giggled "oh nothing" he turned his head with a gentle smug look on his face "it's just.…" He paused, blushing even harder "it's just your face is so cute" he laughed, she smiled as he leaned closer to her "it kinda make me want to cum all over it" his word shocked her, he's never said such things.

Her head turned away from his, flushed with embarrassment "You shouldn't say such dirty things" Mido let out another giggle and pressed a soft kiss to her burning hot cheek and than another on her neck. He pulled her closer to his hips, her pussy was pressed flush up against his erection, Mido pulled his face away from her neck. "Do you trust me?" he asked quietly, she looked at him, laying a hand on his cheek "of course I do" she smile, they both looked at each other, his eyes were so pretty, He gave her thighs a soft squeeze.

As he looked into her eyes and remembered that day, how he didn't help her. His eyes turned from his usual gentle self to a serious expression. His eyes stared deeply into hers, as he stared he felt worse and worse. He's never felt this way before, he's killed countless people, but somehow, for some reason, she was the one thing that got to him.

He's sure if he had just ignored her and left without saying a word, he wouldn't feel this way, but he didn't, he helped her after the fact, got to know her, felt something towards her. It was eating him alive, the voice in the back of his mind told him to tell her. But if he told her that he just stood back and watched as Mondo violated her, she'd hate him, he couldn't let that happen.… Shit, did he actually love her? He gritted his perfectly straight teeth, scolding himself for everything.

"Mido, are you alright?" ( Y/n)'s sweet voice laced with worry, Mido turned back to her and smiled, nodding his head "sorry, guess I was in lala land" he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he laughed, trying to reassure her. She looked down, her expression obvious that she didn't believe him, a rather sad look planted on her face. Mido gave a light thrust against her pussy to distract her from her thoughts. She gasped in surprise, his cock was so hard "don't get upset, you'll ruin the mood" he smiled and laughed.

"You're right! Let's do this!" She exclaimed, sucking in a breath, the look of determination in her eyes made a smile form on his pink lip. Mido slipped off his underwear quickly, biting his lip as the fabric slid off of him, the soft fabric rubbing painful on the sensitive areas of his cock. His hands found her hips and rested on them, his breath hitching as his cock rubbed against her wet pussy. He lined his cock up with her pussy, gently guiding the tip in, gritting his teeth he pushed deeper, half way in "you're so warm" he moaned out, she felt so good.

Her hands gripped the sheets, they felt expensive, a high thread count. Mido didn't move inside her, holding her still as her hips tried to force him to move to go deeper. He was too afraid to hurt her, he didn't want to be like Mondo, hurting the poor girl. "Mido!" She moaned, her voice was broken from such simple contact, the corners of his lips turned upwards. Leaning down he took her nipple into his warm mouth, gently sucking the sensitive nub.

He pushed himself deeper, all the way in, his cock was stretching her so good. Her hands unconsciously tangled themselves into his black hair, her nails sunk into his scalp, but Mido didn't mind, her legs wrapping around his waist, thrusting up into him. The way her warm body felt was wonderful, it made his heart hurt, the feeling of her around him, twitching in pleasure and desperately thrusting into him was exquisite, Mido thrusted slowly, taking control.

His drool slipped over her breast, he brought his hand to her other breast, squeezing and pinching the nipple. "Mido! You're making me feel so good!" Praise falling from her lips, her moans filled the room. "You're so good at pleasing me!" More praise, praise that Mido didn't deserve. Mido thrusted faster as her loud moans filled his ears, such a pretty voice. He removed his mouth from her nipple, a wet pop and a trail of spit connecting to his lip.

He gave one more faint squeeze of her breasts before cupping her face and bringing her into a heated kiss, his tongue massaged hers. The heat the two bodies gave off was uncomfortable, but overshadowed by the intimate pleasure between them. The sweat on their bodies shimmered in the pale moonlight coming from the window. Even if the night was cold it didn't matter to their bodies, their skin searing hot from their vigorous activities.

He broke the kiss and held her close, desperately thrusting into her wet heat, she wrapped her arms around his neck, mouth right next to his ear he could hear her broken moans. It was getting harder to control his breathing, his chest heaving with each thrust, rocking them back and forth. His hands rested on her back, scratching the (s/t) skin, leaving faint marks.

He reached his hand down between them, bring to slender fingers to rub circles in her clit, he received a hoarse moan as a award. He rubbed faster, the pressure of his finger caused her walls to tighten around his cock, bring him closer and closer to the edge. "Mido, I love you so much!" She exclaimed loudly as her walls convulsed around him, he thrusted sloppily looking for his release. The feeling of her velvet walls tightening around his aching cock was delightful, but not as delightful as the knowledge that he had made her cum.

He continued rubbing her clit and thrusting even as her orgasm subsided. With a few more thrusts his body stopped moving, his cum spilling inside her. He threw his head back, moaning loudly as it coated her insides, he thrusted one last time, making sure his cum stayed inside her for as long as possible. He hunched over her body, sweat dripping down his face as he panted. (Y/n) admired his gorgeous face, strands of long black hair stuck to his sweat drenched body, curling around his shoulders and neck.

Mido rolled off to the side, his chest heaving still as he laid beside her, his body finally relaxing somewhat, his face was coated in a rose colored blush. He turned his head to look at (Y/n), who was staring at him lovingly, a small smile on her lips. Mido rolled on his side and cupped her face, bringing her lips to his, the kiss was nothing more than a peck, but still full of love. He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer, resting his forehead against hers.

"I love you, (Y/n)" she laid a finger on his nose "boop" she giggled "I love you more" she hugged her body closer to his. The two laid there, it didn't take long for (Y/n) to fall asleep, her (e/c) eyes no longer visible as her eyelids fluttered close. Mido looked to the window, avoiding her face.

How could he look at her when he felt so much guilt.