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Two Worlds Collided

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Klaus was insufferable for the entire taxi ride, rubbing his hand up and down Diego’s thigh. As they pulled up outside the apartment building he leaned over and latched his lips to Diego’s neck, causing the taxi driver to glare at them in the rear view mirror.

Diego kept him firmly at arms length as they rode the elevator up to his apartment. When they finally reached his front door and he fumbled in his pocket for his keys, Klaus pressed in closer. His chest was warm against Diego’s back, his arms coming round to begin undoing his shirt buttons.

It took Diego three attempts to get the key into the lock. As soon as they were through the door, he grabbed Klaus by the waist and pushed him firmly back up against it.

“Behave yourself,” he growled, then leaned down to start sucking on his neck.

“Yes, Officer,” Klaus breathed, his head falling back against the door to offer better access to his neck. He pressed a thigh between Diego’s legs and rocked forwards.

“Detective,” Diego corrected, groaning at the friction. His cock was now straining against the tight denim of his jeans. He grabbed the man’s thighs and lifted. Taking the hint, Klaus wrapped them tightly around his waist. He giggled, his arms fastening around Diego’s neck to keep himself in place. They stared at each other for a second and then Diego leaned in to catch the man’s mouth in a kiss.

Klaus responded teasingly, moving one hand to cup Diego’s jaw so as to control the pace, preventing him from deepening the kiss.

“Alright,” Diego said. He tightened his grip on the man and lifted him away from the door, carrying him across the room to the couch. “You think you’re in charge, huh? We’ll see about that.”

He stumbled as he tried to set the man down and they landed heavily in a tangled heap on the couch cushions. Klaus didn’t seem to mind. He stopped trying to tease Diego, and pulled him insistently closer, pressing their mouths together with renewed fervour.

Diego bit at the man’s lower lip, eliciting a low moan, before pressing his tongue into his mouth. Klaus’s hands were roaming over his chest as they kissed, when the man froze, his body stiffening. He pushed Diego off him with surprising strength, and then swung his legs around to straddle him. He was staring down at Diego’s chest, fingers slowly tracing the outline of his nipple ring through his shirt.

“Well, hello,” he said. He tugged gently, smirking as Diego’s eyes flickered closed in pleasure. “This is a nice surprise.”

Klaus leaned down and licked a wet stripe over the fabric of his shirt, tongue flicking at the ring through the thin material. Diego groaned, fisting his hands in the man’s hair in order to hold him in place.

Klaus laughed against him and began undoing his shirt buttons at speed. As he unfastened the last button he pushed the garment open and ducked his head to start lavishing attention on the bare skin with his tongue.

“That’s good,” Diego managed to huff out. Klaus’s hands were now running over his stomach, tracing the lines of his muscles. The man’s tongue was working insistently at his nipple ring. He caught it gently in his teeth and looked up at Diego from beneath lowered lashes. Diego instantly found himself wondering what the man might look like with his mouth wrapped around his cock.

Klaus ran his hands down the last few inches of his stomach, tracing the dark trail of hair that led to his belt buckle. He pulled back to meet Diego’s eye. His eye makeup was smudged and his hair was sticking up wildly. He raised an eyebrow as if half expecting Diego to pull away. Diego thought the man was wildly overestimating his self-control.

“May I?” Klaus asked, putting on an air of exaggerated politeness that didn’t quite disguise the flicker of uncertainty in his eyes.

“You’d fucking better,” Diego said.

“Well that’s a relief.” Klaus tugged furiously at the buckle, pulling his belt open. “I really thought I was losing my touch.”

“Losing your touch?” Diego scowled at him in mock annoyance. “You telling me you’ve done this before?”

“Never.” The man batted his eyelashes, an expression of utmost innocence appearing on his face. “I’m a blushing virgin. Be gentle with me.”

“Things taste better the longer you wait for them,” Diego said. He let Klaus get as far as unzipping his jeans then flipped them around on the couch and lay the man down underneath him. He grinned. Klaus looked pretty fucking good down there.

“Do they really?” Klaus smirked wriggling his hips. He gestured crudely at his crotch. “You want to test that theory?”

Diego snorted in amusement. “Your blushing virgin act is wearing a bit thin.”

Klaus’s arms snaked up to encircle his neck, pulling him down to lie flat on top of him. His lips brushed Diego’s ear, and his hands slid down his back to slip under the waistband of his open jeans. “I’ll be whatever you want me to be, baby.”

Diego thought that statement turned him on a bit more than it really should have done. Or maybe it was the way Klaus’s hands were groping his ass. Or maybe it was just the man’s very existence that was doing it for him. He groaned slightly. Yeah, that was probably it.

He set about unfastening the buttons of Klaus’s blouse, kissing the skin as he uncovered it. He paused half way down to lavish attention on his nipples, running his tongue over each in turn.

“I have no fucking clue how to get into these pants,” he said, when they were all that was left to remove. He tugged at the lacing in frustration. “Do I have to undo this?”

“No, no, no,” Klaus sat up rapidly, batting his hands away. “It’ll take me ages to do them up again.”

He lifted his hips off the couch just enough to be able to peel the tight fabric down, before lying back again and kicking his legs free. Diego stared unapologetically. Klaus wasn’t wearing anything underneath, his engorged red cock falling back to lie heavily against his stomach. The man was slim, but the outlines of hard muscles were visible through his pale skin. His eyes were wide as he looked up at Diego, reaching out an arm to pull him closer.

“You want to move to the bed?” Diego asked him, breathing heavily.

“Only if you’re planning to carry me again,” Klaus said.

“You’re gonna be a bit of a pillow princess, aren’t you?” Diego asked pulling the man to his feet.

Klaus wrapped his arms around him, allowing himself to be hauled across the room towards the bedroom. “And you are going to love it.”

As soon as he was pushed on to the bed, Klaus reached out to pull him in close again. “I want you back on top of me. Now.”

Diego stayed standing for long enough to kick off his jeans and briefs. He was aware of the other man’s eyes roaming up and down his body, and took his time getting on the bed. He braced himself on his elbows above the man, purposefully lining up their hips.

Klaus moaned wantonly gripping Diego’s ass and digging his fingers into the flesh. He bucked up to meet him, sliding their erect cocks together, both already slick with precome.

Diego cursed in pleasure, glanced down to watch their cocks rubbing against each other. He dropped his weight onto one elbow and reached down to wrap a hand around both of them. When he looked back up at Klaus, the man was biting his lip and visibly sweating.

“You good?” Diego asked. He tugged gently on the hot flesh in his hand. Together, they were too wide to get his hand around fully, so he gave up and focused on Klaus instead.

The man moaned when Diego’s hand fastened completely around him, throwing his head back and covering his eyes with his hand.

“Fuck, sorry,” he groaned, words muffled. “You’re gonna need to slow down or I’m going to…” he trailed off, his cheeks flushing.

Diego sped up instead, lifting his own hips slightly in order to get better access to Klaus beneath him. He pumped his hand roughly up and down the man’s length, ignoring the fingers fastening around his wrist and trying to pull him away.

“Diego,” the man moaned. “Seriously, I can’t… I…”

Thick spurts of come coated Diego’s hand and both their stomachs. Klaus lay panting beneath him, eyes squeezed close, cheeks flushed a rosy shade of pink. Diego lifted his fingers up to the man’s face and tutted at him.

“You’d better clean that up, baby,” he told him.

Klaus opened his eyes, and huffed a laugh. “You play dirty,” he complained. He took hold of Diego’s hand, and slid the index finger into his mouth, cheeks hollowing as he did so.

Diego rutted against his stomach, achingly hard, as the man sucked on each of his fingers in turn.

“Can you really not think of anywhere else you want my mouth right now?” Klaus asked him conversationally. He licked lazily at the pads of his fingertips, watching him with a smug expression on his face.

Diego rolled on to his back and pushed purposefully at Klaus’s shoulders, encouraging him to shuffle down the bed. He wrapped a hand around the man’s neck and pulled him in.

“Say please,” Klaus murmured, already running a hand up and down the length of Diego’s cock. He leaned in without waiting for an answer and fastened his lips around the head.

Diego growled, tangling his fingers in Klaus’s hair and pushing him down to meet his hips as he lifted upwards. The man gave a low moan, looking up at him, as his lips were forced wider apart.

“You like that?” Diego asked, voice low and rough.

Klaus nodded, his lips still wrapped around Diego’s cock, before beginning to bob his head.

Diego’s hands tightened in his hair, holding him still while he took over setting the pace, fucking the man’s face. His eyes were fixed on Klaus’s, who continued to stare up at him as he moved.

“Oh, shit,” Diego growled, his rhythm stuttering. He was so close. He gestured for the man to pull off. “You might want to…”

Klaus pressed downwards, taking his cock almost completely into his mouth and then hummed, the muscles of his throat vibrating around him. Diego’s release shot down the man’s throat, and he groaned Klaus’s name, running a hand through the curls of his hair.

Diego lay on his back, allowing his eyes to drift closed. It was past midday now and the pale winter sun was hitting the bed through the window. The sheets beneath him were twisted and crumpled, made slightly damp with sweat.

His fingers carded through Klaus’s hair, tugging gently at the tangles. The man rolled into him despite the warmth of the room, throwing an arm over his stomach and pressing a light kiss to his bicep.

Diego pulled him in, ignoring the sticky sheen of sweat covering both their naked bodies. “That was amazing,” he kissed him on the forehead. “You’re amazing, baby.”

He drifted into a light doze with Klaus’s arm still wrapped around him. He hadn’t expected this level of intimacy from either of them, and if he hadn’t felt so content he might have paused to consider whether or not it was a good idea. But he was warm and comfortable, cocooned in post-orgasmic bliss. Klaus’s fingers were trailing pleasantly through the dark dusting of hair on his chest.

Diego woke to the sound of clothes hangers scraping along the rail of his closet. Klaus was stood with his back to him, rifling through his closet and muttering to himself as he did so. He was still naked, but dripping wet and smelling strongly of Diego’s black pepper shower gel.

The room was misted with a light haze of steam and the sound of dripping water drifted through from the bathroom. Diego groaned as the man began tugging things off their hangers.

“Your wardrobe needs serious work,” Klaus told him, without turning around. “I can’t find anything to wear.”

“Good,” Diego propped himself up on his elbows to get a better view of the man. His eyes lingered on the plush curve of his pale ass. “Stay like that.”

Klaus ignored him, pulling aside the last few items in the closet and then letting out a low gasp. He pulled out a short, satin dressing gown in dove grey with a black lace trim. Diego groaned, rubbing a hand over his eyes. It had belonged to Eudora, and he had completely forgotten it was still in the wardrobe.

“Now this I like,” Klaus pulled the garment on, glancing over his shoulder at Diego as he did so. He raised an eyebrow. “But it doesn’t seem like your usual style.”

“She… we broke up,” Diego said, unsure why he felt the need to explain himself. “I forgot it was there.”

Klaus turned to face him, tying the belt loosely, and placing one hand on his hip. He pouted. “Who wore it better?”

Diego grinned. That was not a question he wanted to answer. Klaus looked way better than he should have done wrapped in the silky fabric. He sat up fully and lunged forwards, grabbing the ends of the belt and pulling the man back towards the bed. Leaning in he tugged the gown open wide enough to press soft kisses to the man’s stomach, hands running up and down the silky material at his sides. He lazily licked up a droplet of water as it ran down Klaus’s hip bone.

“I think that’s my answer,” Klaus murmured, rubbing a hand through Diego’s hair and looking down at him intensely.

“I’m gonna shower,” Diego said, pulling away reluctantly. His stomach and hands were still decidedly sticky.

Klaus flung himself down on the bed as Diego stood up, watching him cross the room. “And then we’ll get your handcuffs out,” he said.

Diego stopped on his way into the bathroom. “Uh… we will?”

Klaus stretched out slowly on the covers and lifted his hands above his head to press against the headboard, wrists pushed purposefully together. He winked.

“Yeah, ok,” Diego said. He resolved to make his shower a quick one. “That could work.”

Diego had just turned off the shower when the doorbell rang. He grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist and paused briefly to glance in the mirror. Klaus had left a bright red hickey at the base of his neck. He rolled his eyes and threw another towel around his shoulders before heading back into the living room.

He paused in the doorway. Klaus appeared to have made himself a milkshake in his absence. The cramped kitchenette that took up the corner of the room had been left in a state of complete disarray. The blender was out, with a softening tub of ice-cream at its side, and a milky puddle was spreading slowly across the counter. Klaus had gone to answer the door, still dressed in the silky robe and sipping at his drink through a straw.

“I’ll get it” Diego protested, even as the man pulled the door open.

His stomach lurched when he saw who was standing behind it.