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Jeongguk was good in every field he put his hand on, there was nothing his parents tried to make him learn and he didn’t do it in record time. He was born a smart kid learning things easily, it got his parents hopes high, they expected him to become more successful than they already were and that’s what he did, he brought Jeon Corporations to the heights that they would have not thought of, he became one of the richest man of the Korea, but to achieve this, he followed certain rules, his parents brought him up strictly, Jeongguk never saw life as a normal person of his age, he became strict with his schedule, doing only what is good for him, talked only to the point and only what was necessary, laughing was something he forgot to do, neither did he wasted his time in showing love, not even in his teenage years his only love was books, money and success, he never faced defeat nor even know what it tastes like. Life was running according to him, on his rules and it was good like that but only until his family decided to start looking for a date for him to make him settled with a girl.



Mrs. Jeon felt guilty for one thing, and that was making her son a breathing live robot, he was too much into the work that he forgot to live and love, she craved to see her son showing affection to her but it was only in terms of respect, after her husband’s demise Jeongguk took the responsibility of the company, he was younger than everyone there, so he devoted himself more to it to show them he is worth the post whatever age he was in. Mrs. Jeon’s friends suggested her to get her son married, that way he will find love but Jeongguk was against it, he was not in a mood to get settled. Mrs. Jeon was a stubborn woman so she planned blind dates for her son, she took help from her friends and searched a site setting blind dates and there she fixed some dates but to her disappointment Jeongguk didn’t show interest in any of them, disappointed she asked her friends again for help, the witty friends advised her maybe Jeongguk was confused of his sexuality and was not interested in girls, or there are bisexual people too, why not look for boys too, Mrs. Jeon was not confident or liking the idea but went with it to repent her mistake, and found some suitable matches for her son, the next thing she did was ask her son’s assistance for appointments to fix the meeting after a lot of coaxing Jeongguk agreed but on one condition that his dates will meet him in his office since it wastes lots of time to go out and do other preparations (that of course he never did but also didn’t like the idea of it) and few minutes will be fine for him to understand whether he liked other or not, though she hated the conditions but agreed anyways, she was satisfied with her hard work and just waited for her son’s response.



It was autumn time, Jeongguk was busy in his work, his break started five minutes ago, but he decided to eat his meal after completing the work, he was well aware that his mother has fixed a date and was also pleased to know that the person wanted to meet him in the office, giving him time to complete his work, he heard the knock on the door and ordered the person to enter, hearing a shy “hi” with a small giggle, he looked up peeking through the glasses that were set on his nose to see who it was to act so unprofessional, and was met with a breathtaking beauty in front of him, the strikingly beautiful and soft features, height just like him, his red hair reminded Jeongguk of the autumn leaves, wearing a very simple attire, a yellow cardigan with blue jeans but still looking different from anyone he has met so far, as the person stood across him extending his hand for Jeongguk to shake, he looked in those innocent orbs and was fazed.


“Nice to meet you Mr. Jeon” his deep voice made Jeongguk look at his face again, while shaking hands.


“You are?” he asks.


“Oh!” the boy smiles while settling himself on the chair not bothering to ask Jeongguk for it “I am your date Mr. Jeon” he took off his bag and placed it on the chair next to him.


No etiquettes. Jeongguk thinks. Rejected.



“I have heard about you, a lot” he looks at the water bottle on the desk then at Jeongguk “Can I drink water please, I came here directly from college, I didn’t want to be late for my date, you know how bad it is to make your date wait” he looks around probably for the clock and brightens up looking at the wall clock just to his right wall “look I made it on time, well done…”



“If you are thirsty then speaking that much will make it worst” Jeongguk interrupts him, not giving any sign of interest.



“Yeah right” he smiles taking the bottle and drinking from it, Jeongguk clearly didn’t allow him to, but only watches the other, doesn’t matter what other did he has already rejected him.



His date sighs in content and looks at him “Oops, how can I forget to tell you my name, it’s the first thing one should do while introducing himself, you must be eagerly waiting for it” he asks enthusiastically, while Jeongguk just rolls his eyes.



“I am Taehyung Kim, Professor of Fine Arts, SNU, everybody loves me in campus, my best friends tell me I am oxygen to them, and they don’t want me to go on a date, they are not bad just very protective, they wanted to know the person before setting us up, but I took my chance and came here without them knowing about it”



“Why are you so eager to date me? Money?” Jeongguk asks, leaning back on his chair, playing with the pen between his fingers, questioning his date as if taking the interview. Taehyung looks at him with a warm smile.



“Mr. Jeon, as I have told you, I am already employed so I don’t need your money to fulfill my needs and I am sure I have seen and been to many places to drool on your money and date you for that sake, for now it’s just a date not a marriage proposal so you can relax I just wanted to see what it is like to be in the office of the richest person”



“That’s the absurd reason I have heard to date someone” Jeongguk snorts.



“So you ask the same question from everyone?” Taehyung changes the topic.


“Yeah! Your answer is different but not so impressive”



“Cool, I knew it, since childhood I am different from others” Taehyung smiles wide showing his teeth on display and Jeongguk is not at all affected by it.


“Mr. Kim you got only five minutes left for your exploratory research on Rich men offices, so maybe if you want we can wind up early, I am not interested in you but I wish for you to find a suitable match in near future” he looks back at his laptop, showing no interest in other.



Taehyung looks at him with hurt “I have five minutes you could have kept your decision for the last minute” Jeongguk looks at him surprised, that’s all he had to say.



“Better said before, I don’t want to get your hopes high”



Taehyung huffs “I forgive you this time, but there won’t be next” and Jeongguk scoffs, this common person was so full of himself.



“Yeah I am sure there won’t be next” mutters Jeongguk, clicking on some mails.



“Why was I not given the chance to give my decision?” Taehyung asks after a pause, reading the expressions of the other.


“Because I am the one only who has the choice” Jeongguk shrugs avoiding eye contact, too busy in his work.



“Okay then let’s have a rapid fire question round, it will be fun, I may not meet you again but at least know you more for research purposes. What say?” Jeongguk thinks for a second finding no harm in it he agrees to it, making Taehyung smile brightly, and that smile didn’t install any kind of feelings in Jeongguk, not even wanting to see that smile more. Not that he will agree to it. Taehyung thinks.



“Pets” his expressions radiating energy.



“No” Taehyung’s energy lowers.


“Favorite place in Korea”


“Birth place”


“Favorite movie?”




“Crush” Jeongguk looks at him almost staring then answers.


“A senior in high school”




“My work”


“Passion for”





“Most beautiful person you have met?” Jeongguk looks at him again, taking in his features.








“Me?” Taehyung smirks “Me too”


“No, I meant you need to leave time is up”


“Yeah sure” Taehyung picks up his bag, standing up and straightening himself a pout plastered on his lips.


“It was nice meeting you Jeongguk, I enjoyed our mini date” Jeongguk just looks at him, unable to speak a word, he was still not over the happenings. Taehyung was like a storm.



Taehyung takes it as a cue to leave and walks towards the door, but before opening the door he turns around “Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments” he chuckles and walks away leaving a dumbfounded Jeongguk, sitting on his chair.



“Wait, I won right, I answered all the questions, so why do I feel like losing, no I never lose, not to a mere date, but I was not able to answer him for something he said in the last” he calls his assistant who quickly walks in, well dressed and mannered just like he wants people to be.


“Could you tell me the meaning of the line?” he asks, she glances at the paper her boss is holding and reads it, trying to hide her smile, enveloping it in her words.


“Sir, I will tell you in a minute” he nods, signaling her to leave. Jeongguk goes back to his work, not trying to think of the red head.


The assistant walks towards her desk, picking up the phone, she dials a number, which gets picked up in a second ring.


“Hey! Yujin, is Jeongguk doing fine?” comes a soft voice of a male. She smiles.


“Yes Sir, everything is fine, it’s just as you asked for it, the details of the date, today boss, got a little homework from his date, and he looked perplexed, which is new” she heard a loud laugh and something kind of cheering as if there were more people listening to her on the other side.


“So, can we know what it says, the lines”


“Yeah” she repeats the lines and hears the wheezing sound from other side, fearing if things were alright there.


“Tell me her name, if possible details, I want to meet this person” the male asks, then pauses “No wait, I am coming over there, I want to meet him”



“It was he, Sir will be on break at 2 p.m” she answers checking her screen.


“Good, now don’t let him wait more, give him the translation”


“Goodbye Sir” she says, looking at the paper.


“Oh! Just call me Jin” the other says and disconnects leaving a blushing Yujin.






“I hope I may never acknowledge any reason why minds that truly loves each other shouldn’t be together” Yoongi reads out loud sliding the paper back to its original place while he grins, the other two sitting next to him smile too, Jeongguk looks at them bored, taking off his glasses placing them softly on the desk.



“Say it” he looks at the three people in front of him.


“How was he?”asks Jin who was sipping his coffee.


“Of course, he would be handsome, I can feel it” Hoseok, Jeongguk’s friend and hyung, answers Jin, they knew each other while they were pursuing their education, sharing same interests, the three became friends. Jeongguk just rolls his eyes.


“The real question is what did you say to him?” Yoongi speaks, Jeongguk third hyung, beloved of Hoseok.


“I told him that am not interested in him and he can look for others” Jeongguk feels proud of himself.


“Quite you” Jin was not at all pleased with the answer. Jeongguk scoffs.


“Jeonggukie you need to loosen up a bit, what was wrong in him, try to be acceptable” Hoseok grunts.


“He was…..talkative..a lot..”


“So” Jin interrupts making Jeongguk glare at him.


“Not my type” he puts back his glasses, trying to focus on work again.


“Do you actually know what your type is?” Jin comments again.


Jeongguk groans “I have lots of work”


“Call him, right now, get to know him, then decide your type, an interview kind of meeting is not how you plan your date, he was kind enough to go on with your stupid plan, at least let him prove himself” Jin scolds.



“And I would say he is something who made you think of him even though he lost the battle” Yoongi smiles.


“Though did he?” Jin comments “I feel it was 1-1” the three smirk, making Jeongguk huff in annoyance.


“Would you leave?” he asks irritated.


“Not before you call him Jeonggukie” Hoseok answers.


Jeongguk contemplates on what to do, his hands were itching to call the other, because he just can’t lose. After few seconds of thinking and looking at the smirking faces of his hyungs he finally calls but to their disappointment, it is to his mother.



She picks up phone instantly, a cheerful voice comes from the other side “Hey, son, you liked him don’t you?”



“Not yet, but I have to clear some things so can you tell him to meet me again?” the three hyungs roll their eyes.


“Not at all, Jeongguk, what did we taught you about manners, do it yourself, it’s your date” the three snickers.



“But mother, I am busy”



“Oh then forget it, I will fix other date, we have many options..” Jeongguk groans.



“Alright, I am going to call him myself, could you take a halt with that thing”



“Fine, but do call him, you know we love you”


“Yes mother” he disconnects the phone, groaning in defeat, what is with his bad luck today, that he couldn’t do things without feeling pressurized.


“Ready now, are we, to call him?” Jin smirks, and Jeongguk really wants his hyungs to shut up.



“Hyung I don’t feel good about it” he answers.



“Oh yeah 1-2, we understand” Hoseok laughs.


Jeongguk dials the number, looking at the biodata of the other and waits for the other to pick the phone meanwhile his eyes roaming over Taehyung’s picture. He is beautiful, Jeongguk agrees.



“Hello! Who is this” he hears the deep voice again.


Jeongguk bites his lips “Hi! Is this Taehyung speaking, I am Jeon Jeongguk” there is a pause in the line as if other disconnected the phone and a shuffling, Jeongguk frowns.


“Mr. Jeon it’s a pleasant surprise, you calling your rejected date, I am honoured.” Jeongguk pinches his nose.


“Taehyung-ssi, I thought it was inappropriate of me to reject you just like that, I should have given you proper chance”


“Oh I thought you wanted to know the meaning of the sentence” Taehyung giggles and Jeongguk forgets to speak.


“That’s very thoughtful of you, but Mr. Jeon do I have a say in it?” Taehyung continues when he doesn’t get any response.


“Um…what do you want?”


“I know you are a busy person, you don’t like to go on dates like normal people to a dinner or movies, but I have some conditions”


“If they are rational then I have no problem”


“Yeah it is, I want a week time for us to know each other better, my classes gets over 12 and we can fix a time to meet after that, daily, I have no problem with meeting in your office, maybe I liked it” the other giggles again.



“That is….good, thanks for considering my work routine, so it’s a yes I guess, I will let my assistant know and fix a time for us and let you know too”


“Yeah, a big yes, see you tomorrow Mr. Jeon”


“You can call me Jeongguk, see you then bye!” he disconnects the phone and looks at the three Cheshire grinning cats in front of him.



“What?” he asks.


“Your face is red” Yoongi comments as they stand up to leave, true to their words.



He avoids their gazes, wanting to hide himself.


Jin stops in the track “By the way Jeongguk you didn’t realize it, but it’s 3-1 now” the three laugh out loud while exiting.


Jeongguk stares at the door, then comes back to senses. “I never lose, just you wait for tomorrow”






Jimin, friend of Taehyung, shorter than him, a really kind and soft, and loyal friend of him, who knows everything about Taehyung, to the point that he can read his expressions and know the mood the other was in, looks concerned at his friend’s direction, who was pouting while eating his breakfast.



“I am worried with the speed you are eating your breakfast, you are probably going to miss your class” he says.



“Jiminie” Taehyung whines. “Tae tae is nervous”



“Why did you agree in the first place?” Jimin asks irritated, keeping his fork down, just watching the oher now.



“Jiminie don’t you want me to settle down like you and Joon hyung?”



“Of course, I want, but he was so rude to you, I don’t really like him, I have heard about him a lot” not to blame him, media wrote every kind of articles about the other.


“Believe me, it’s not like it seems, and I like challenges, it’s going to be interesting but I am nervous somehow”



“You will be fine, that duffer would be the luckiest person to have you, may he realize it sooner” Taehyung giggles at that, finishing his food.



They both go to take their classes, Jimin was also a professor in the same university. The time goes by in a blink and Taehyung finds himself standing outside the building of the Jeon Corporations, it was like a dream to visit one of the best exporters of iron and steel of the country. He sighs before entering inside, as soon as the receptionist gets to know his name, she lets him go to his destination, wishing him good luck, Taehyung meets Yujin who greets him cheerfully, and asks him to go inside, he finds Jeongguk just like he was yesterday, nothing changed except his clothes, but the same style business suit, his face scrunched up in thought, fingers tapping on the keyboard, coffee mug probably untouched, files opened on the desk, Taehyung feels pity for the other.



“Hi, Jeongguk” he walks in.


“Hi” Jeongguk answers without looking at him. “I have ordered food for you since you are coming directly from your work” Taehyung smiles warmly looking at the food.



“What about you? Have you eaten anything?”



Jeongguk looks at him, Taehyung was looking like a fresh leaf of spring, vibrant and glowing but that can’t waver him “No need for formalities, just dig in” he says, not giving him another glance.



“I can wait” Taehyung walks towards the chair and sits across Jeongguk looking at him. Jeongguk closes his laptop looking at the other now.



Jeongguk was really handsome, somebody made for this work, the dressing styles, manners suits him so well and Taehyung was happy to get another chance.


“Why did you reconsider it?” Taehyung asks, he was thinking about it all night.


“My hyungs told me too” Taehyung was expecting answer like this, he sighs.



“Maybe I should have dated one of them” he responds cheekily.


Jeongguk stares at him “Yoongi and Hoseok Hyung are in a relationship, Jin Hyung is single but so full of himself that he won’t let anyone in”


“Interesting, sounds like you” Taehyung smiles looking at the annoyed face of the other.


“He gets on my nerves, but I am more close to him, we share almost everything”


“Oh so you understand what love feels like”


“Huh” Jeongguk looks at him sharply. Taehyung just shrugs not bothered to answer.


“So when am I going to meet him?”


Jeongguk doesn’t say a word for a while, his eyes focused on his laptop “Are you by any chance interested in him? Because I won’t let him meet you” Taehyung grins surrendering.



“Okay don’t get all possessive, I was just asking”



“Is this how dates work” he asks tired.



“Jeongguk you too know, we are far from normal dates, we are not even having lunch together” Taehyung pouts.



He pauses for a while, looking in the other’s eyes “Can we?”



Jeongguk thinks, there is no harm right and so he nods, making the red head’s smile go wider. He walks towards the table opening the lids of the beautiful crockery filled with delicious food.



“Wow, have you decided the menu?”


“No, my assistant did” Taehyung looks at him mischievously.


“Then maybe..”



But Jeongguk cuts him into it “I did” and Taehyung laughs, throwing his head back Jeongguk averts his gaze, he feels like his heart is melting with the sound.



Taehyung learns few things though he had a hunch of it before but now it was confirmed, Firstly, Jeongguk was really a busy person, their whole lunch date went by him being on the phone, sometimes talking in a tone that made Taehyung flinch and worry for the person on the other side, Second, nothing matters to him when he is working, not even the presence of other person, Third, he can get real mad on small things like for once when they were going to have lunch and there was only one pair of chopsticks on the table, it then came to their knowledge that it was planned by Jin, making Taehyung laugh and Jeongguk more furious, Fourth, he is a cleanliness freak, things should also be in proper order, he doesn’t like to watch his employees having messy desks, and would scold them then and there, the person who got the most scolding was Taehyung himself, in fact, he fixed the spot where Taehyung should dump his bag, though the other always forget about it, and he is the one ending up putting it there, Taehyung was also questioned of his dressing sense, according to Jeongguk, it was totally unprofessional, but Taehyung laughs it off and changes the topic. Fifth, he understands now that the above points were the reason why none of his dates worked.







“So are you two officially seeing each other now?” Jimin asks as they sit in the cafeteria.
They had a break between classes and thought of having coffee together, Jimin’s boyfriend Namjoon joining him in.


“Officially?” Taehyung looks at the two.


“Yeah, it is the last day of the week, I thought you both have decided whether to continue it or not”


“He won’t say it, I know him, even if he wanted to” Taehyung feels down just thinking about it.


“And what about you?” Namjoon asks.



“I…I like him, I want to meet him daily and” Taehyung huffs putting aside his hot chocolate “He is still young, baby at heart, and lonely, I just want to be there for him”


“Whether he wants you or not” Jimin frowns “And like you are the first person to say that about him”, Joon nudges him to make him quiet.



“Maybe others didn’t see that side of him”


“Maybe it is you who wanted to think it that way” Namjoon rolls his eyes, both him and Taehyung knows how protective Jimin gets for his best friend.



“Look Tae, sort your and his feeling, before you get more involved in him then you already are, I don’t want you to end up getting hurt, probably every member in that building knows about you now, yet you too are still standing on the same place you were before, look for the signs, if he is bad at feelings then at least make him realize of it”



“Jimin, do you want to meet him? He was telling me that he and his hyungs plans a get together mostly on Sundays when all of them are free, and he asked me to join them and come with my friends”


Jimin looks at Namjoon who nods thinking it as a good opportunity to know about the other.


That day they were not able to meet like usual because of some urgent work pops up for Jeongguk, but fixes the meeting for the next day with their friends.









It was just a pool side party with drinks and barbecue arranged and a warm sunlight to welcome them, in the breezy weather. A day made for get together. Jeongguk insisted on asking his chef to do with the food but Jin was more than determined to make them eat food cooked by him, so he was busy in the preparations, Yoongi helping him, with a wine glass in the other hand. Hoseok was setting the table for them, Jeongguk helping him in cleaning while they listen to music and make healthy conversations.



A butler walks in with the guest, clearing his throat to get their attention, and there they were his guests, Jeongguk jogs towards them to meet Taehyung and his friends before introducing them to others. Taehyung was more attracted to see a less formal look of Jeongguk, he was in his polo shirt and trousers, a new thing to watch to, looking more handsome than ever. Taehyung too was in his joggers and loose t-shirt, Jin instructed him to come in comfortable clothes.



“Hey” Taehyung calls a little hesitant, he was nervous all of a sudden.



“Glad that you are here” Jeongguk smiles a little, turning to look at the other two.


“He is Jimin, my friend I talked a lot about and his boyfriend Namjoon” they shake hands Jeongguk looking intensely at Jimin who was reciprocating the same. Taehyung shuts his eyes praying to God “please don’t say a word” but his prayers were left unanswered as Jeongguk speaks quickly.



“You are…” he pauses “Short” Taehyung sighs in defeat.


Jimin and Namjoon gapes at that, Jimin’s expression turning dark, he inches closer to the elite boy looking him in the eyes “Don’t underestimate me Jeon, hurt my friend in any way and you are going to face death” he threatens making Jeongguk gulp, who just nods dumbly.



Namjoon wraps his arm around Jimin’s waist trying to calm the ticking bomb, Taehyung peaks behind Jeongguk at the three friends who were watching them, he waves his hand smiling brightly, getting equally enthusiastic reply in return.



“Those are your hyungs” he asks cheerfully.



Jeongguk snorts “Who else” Taehyung ignores him, pulling his friends towards the other three giving Jeongguk an annoyed look.



“Oh my god, I am finally able to meet you” He chirps. “Hi, I am Taehyung and these are my friend, Jimin and Namjoon”



“We know about you, had our sources” Jin smiles, making the three gape again.


“I told you to lay off from my date” Jeongguk stands beside Taehyung, glaring at Jin who was not at all affected by it.



“Had to Gguk, for you” he answers and avoids Jeongguk completely introducing himself and the other two and getting comfortable with the three. Taehyung finds it easier to talk to them, actually it was easy with anybody other than his date.



They talk while having their drinks, Jimin and Namjoon mixes with them easily.


“Tae, don’t you want a drink” Hoseok asks looking at the lost boy looking around for something.


It is then that Jeongguk comes to him holding a soda can and opening it to offer Taehyung “He will not have it, can’t handle it” Jeongguk explains making their five hyungs raise their brow at it.


“Thanks Jeoonggukie” Taehyung smiles walking towards the empty chair near Jimin. Jeongguk sits opposite him near his hyungs.


“Who would have thought that Jeongguk could show interest in men” Jin comments making others chuckle.


“Let me correct you, I have rejected other dates I am only like this for him” Jeongguk chugs his drink as if he didn’t say the most romantic thing to Taehyung.



“I thought being rude and straight forward was a bad thing but it can be romantic too” Taehyung looks at Jeongguk in adoration.


“So that means you both are official now?” Yoongi asks.


“I have not decided yet, I don’t want to hurt him, what if I am just attracted to him? Just want him as a friend? I need time to sort out things” though Taehyung doesn’t show it, he feels disappointed.


“Well, then get your shit together, you can’t keep my friend hanging, he is beautiful and people will die to date him” Jimin fails to control his temper. The group falls silent.


“Indeed he is” Jeongguk answers after a pause making his his hyungs face palm themselves.


The rest of the afternoon goes by chatting, knowing each other, eating delicious meal, and bickering here and there. The one thing group fails to register is that both the boys secretly extended their dating plan to another week or more.







The staff of Jeon Corporations were used to Taehyung’s daily visit to their office, it was a normal occurrence for them now, they would sometime warn him too about the mood of their boss, whether Jeongguk approved or not but they chose him as Jeongguk’s boyfriend.



So like always Taehyung was warned again that the boss was really angry today with the work of marketing department and he should wait or come back later, but Taehyung didn’t take it seriously, after all, this was nothing new for Jeongguk to be angry or being rude to someone. He reaches the door only to hear the scolding being given to the employees, reminding him of the home room teacher, Yujin looks concerned for the kind of stupidity Taehyung was showing, going towards a raged lion’s den, so she convinces him to wait till the employees are out.



Taehyung waits till the employees leave the room and quickly enters inside, greeting the other.


“You are late” Jeongguk says avoiding eye contact.


“I was on time but thought to wait outside till your meeting ends” he looks at the frown on Jeongguk’s face. “Everything okay, you were very angry, I could feel it”



“I still am, my team fucked up and we lost contract” Jeongguk sighs, he hates to lose.



“Um…I have a way…when I and Jimin feel lost or worried we…” he walks towards Jeongguk looking at him, Jeongguk looks at him confused “Hope you don’t mind” Taehyung says and sits on his lap and before Jeongguk could protest, he hugs him, wrapping his arms around his neck.



“We hug” Taehyung smiles. Jeongguk was still processing everything when Taehyung rubs his fingers on the other’s scalp softly.



“Things will go fine, I believe in you, you are Jeongguk, you won’t lose” and Jeongguk closes his eyes, hands slowly reaching Taehyung’s waist, hesitantly, he just keeps it their unsure of what to do of this new feeling, but he knew things will be fine. Taehyung was indeed a storm he was growing fond of. He smells like the refreshing smell of the rain drops falling on the leaves and mud, soothing, heavenly.



Taehyung breaks the hug, looking the other in the eye. “You better now?” he asks softly, Jeongguk was lost in the other’s voice, features, unable to say a word so he just nods looking at his face. They stare at each other for a while when Jeongguk finally speaks.



“Taehyung you have paint stains on your pants and also on your cheeks”



Taehyung looks at him, then at his pants and back to his face and sighs followed by chuckling and shaking his head.


“Yes of course, what have I expected” he stands up walking towards the washroom when Jeongguk calls him again, he turns to look at the other.



“Next time when you feel lost or worried” Jeongguk looks at him “You are going to tell me so that I can hug you, not Jimin” and goes back to receiving the phone that was ringing. Taehyung grins feeling a progress in their relationship.










Jeongguk frowns as Taehyung’s drabbles on how disobedient students today have become and how he teaches them the perfect lesson was ongoing for quite a while, he told the other while Taehyung arrived at his office that he has lots of work and couldn’t talk to other, so Taehyung thought of doing it one way, and Jeongguk was not able to write a word because of it. He groans in annoyance, trying hard to concentrate but the other was ignorant of it, so as Jeongguk moved out of his chair walking towards him, he turns towards Jeongguk but the story goes on, telling each and every detail, until Jeongguk holds the arms of his chair, leaning close to his face, Taehyung breath hitches and he starts stuttering, forgetting the incident he was describing, Jeongguk smirks moving closer to his lips and then without further thought he crashes his lips with the other, making Taehyung gasp and shut his eyes with the sudden warmth running through him, the soft lips of Taehyung makes him want to taste more and more of it and they deepen their kiss, Jeongguk hands moving from the chair to the other’s nape, bringing him more closer if possible, tasting his every corner of mouth, they melt in the kiss, forgetting everything else, Jeongguk never felt something like this, he wanted to do it more, Taehyung was the wine that Jeongguk wanted to be high of, both breaks the kiss trying to breathe. Taehyung opens his eyes, looking at other with love.




“If only I had known that I had to do this to get a kiss, things could have been planned earlier” he speaks lost in the dark orbs. Jeongguk laughs and Taehyung’s eyes go wide, today was the first of their kiss, and seeing the other laugh. He smiles.



“You are so fucking beautiful” Taehyung mumbles, but Jeongguk catches his words, blushing with the comment. He stands straight, removing creases from his suit, for a moment he got carried away. He turns to walk back but Taehyung stop him grabbing his hand.



“Jeongguk I…I know you are still not clear with your feelings but I am” he pulls up courage to speak the next words “I have fallen in love with you” he smiles half heartedly knowing the other doesn’t reciprocates his feelings. Jeongguk looks at him seeing how serious Taehyung was and hesitates to speak.



“I am sorry” he says feeling guilty “I need time” Taehyung nods but stands up, going to pick his bag up.



“Please get to know it fast because I can’t wait for eternity, that only happens in movies” he walks out of the room leaving guilty Jeongguk behind.







Jeongguk was irritated, angry, frustrated with everything around, his employees, were scared to meet him and just wished that whatever the problem was with their boss can be sorted out fast. Taehyung didn’t show up for after they shared their kiss and he talked about his feelings, he tried to reach out other but the phone was off, It has been two days and Jeongguk was losing it, unable to control his feelings, he calls Jin and ask him to look for the other, he was too busy to do it himself, Jin agrees to it not before commenting.




“You are getting deeper in it, hope you realize your feelings faster” but Jeongguk just shrugs it off, he shrugs the emptiness he feels while the other is not around, and the number of times his eyes flicker to the clock, anticipating the arrival of the other, the times he checks his phone to see whether the other has texted or called him, or to the large portrait that Taehyung has put in his office, one of his work for Jeongguk, to not miss him much, the times he anticipates that the knock on the door is for the arrival of the younger but to his disappointment his workers only enter inside. It has only been two days but for him it has been two long fucking decades.



Jeongguk thinks that he is getting used to of Taehyung and it is toxic for him and his work but the thought flies away as soon as it comes to his mind when Jin calls him and tells him that Taehyung is not well, his fever is not going down and he is not going to his work too.



Jeongguk stands up, walking out of the room in hurry he asks Yujin to give Taehyung’s house address and cancels all his appointments for the day. First time in his life.


In almost twenty minutes he reaches the other’s shared apartment, making a very shocked and confused Jimin to let him in.



“Where is Taehyung?” he asks as he walks inside the apartment looking at the place.



“Hi to you too” Jimin sass but leads him the way.


“Who told you?” Jimin asks quite intrigued.



“Jin hyung” he hears a of course but doesn’t comments on it, Jimin was not looking like himself too, looked like he was the one taking care of Taehyung and was sleep deprived, hair messy, eyes having dark bags under it.


They walk inside the room and Jeongguk looks at the pale boy sleeping on the bed, the covers covering him to the neck, the side table had several medicines and Jeongguk frowns.


“How is he?”


“Not good, his fever is not coming down, the doctor says it will take time he needs rest, but he is getting really weak, I told him to get a check-up done in the hospital but he doesn’t listens to me, telling me he doesn’t want to move” Jimin’s eyes water.



Jeongguk walks towards Taehyung, taking in his features, he missed the other a lot, he realizes after seeing him, he takes out his hand sanitizer and cleanse his hands with it, then touches Taehyung’s forehead to feel his temperature, he was still burning, Jimin snorts, he liked the way Jeongguk was showing care but he was a show off. Jimin can be judgmental too, his thoughts train takes a pause when he watches Jeongguk removing covers from Taehyung and sliding his hand down Taehyung’s shoulder and waist to pull him up in his arms.



“What are you doing?” Jimin asks bewildered moving forward to stop him in the way.



“I am taking him to the hospital, I know the best doctors and hospitals” he pushes Taehyung body a little up, so that his head can lie on Jeongguk’s chest comfortably.


“And I do thank you Jimin ssi, I know you took good care of him, and consulted good doctor but give me a chance to take care of my partner



Jimin opens his mouth to say something but was speechless, he wonders if Jeongguk himself know what he said right now, he smiles, Taehyung was right when he said Jeongguk cares for him maybe more than that but doesn’t know it yet, he glances at Taehyung who was still sleeping with the effect of sedatives then at Jeongguk who was only looking at his partner, a mixture of worry, love, possessiveness exhibiting on his face. He moves away giving them the way and so Jeongguk without wasting any time walks away from the place Jimin and very confused Namjoon following him.



He stays with Taehyung while the doctor checks him up and does their test and sighs in relief when the doctor assures that poor diet and over exertion lead to the repetition of fever and there is nothing to worry the hospital will take good care of him, Jeongguk stays there for that day not moving away by his side, he missed other’s presence.



Taehyung finally recovers, he grins when Jimin tells him about everything that happened and how he ended up here, he felt happy when Jimin approved of Jeongguk, he was just nervous of when and how is Jeongguk going to voice his feelings out to him, or will he ever.


Jeongguk and his hyungs also come to visit him and the hospital room fills with their laughter and light bantering, all forgetting anything else that troubles them.







Taehyung calls Jeongguk for the nth time that day, pouting as the other was not picking up his phone, he was sure Jeongguk was free at this hour of time, maybe a sudden meeting was planned and so he walks up to his office thinking that he will wait till the meeting is over, but when he enters the building, the look that the receptionist and Jeongguk’s assistant gives him makes him wonder if things were alright with Jeongguk. He walks up to Yujin smiling at her like always, but gets a hesitant smile in return.



“What’s wrong Yujin, is Jeongguk not in a good mood?” he rests his hands on the counter.



“Um…yeah…he is alright” Taehyung raises his brow.


“Do you know you are bad at lying, what’s wrong?” Taehyung walks towards the room to open the door but Yujin stops him.



“Sir, I don’t think it is the right idea”



“What do you mean?” Taehyung frowns.



“Sir, his mother, fixed another date for him, he wasn’t having an idea…” but Taehyung doesn’t let her finish the sentence rushing towards the door and opening it without even caring to knock.



Jeongguk looks up at him surprised, and then turns the girl sitting in front of him to look at the intruder, she was beautiful, very beautiful, her red lips and sparkling eyes were making her features shine more, Taehyung looks back at Jeongguk who stands up instantly as if shocked by something and looks only at Taehyung. It is then Taehyung realizes he is crying, he is weak, he stops Jeongguk from moving any further gesturing him to stay where he was.




“Why? Where did I go wrong? I thought you finally feel the same way I do, I was so wrong, of course that’s why we were not official, you were testing us, I am an experiment for you, Jimin was right I am the only one who is going to hurt, we are not even in a relationship that I should blame you” he chuckle wiping his tears fiercely “Good bye Jeongguk” he walks out of the room, even after Jeongguk asking him to wait, and glances at Yujin who looks at him sympathetically.



Taehyung runs towards the elevator pressing the button aggressively, trying to run away from everything, but as he tries to step outside the building the guards stops him.
“Let me go” he cries.


“Sir, we have orders” but Taehyung tries to walk past them and when they stops him, he pushes away their hands angry and frustrated with them “Let me go” he shouts, losing patience, quite a scene for people in the reception area.



“Taehyung, hear me out first, this is not the way to talk things out” Jeongguk walks there taking cautious steps towards the boy, who glares at him.



“I don’t want to talk anything with you” Taehyung looks away.



“Taehyung” Jeongguk says hurt.



“What are you doing here?” he takes step back as Jeongguk approaches him.



“You misunderstood it”



“What part? The one where I thought that maybe you loved me, yes I misunderstood” Taehyung was furious now.



“Tae..” he looks around “Can we talk in our office” he asks softly.


“No, it doesn’t matter, just let me go” He says like a child throwing tantrum.


Jeongguk huffs, he should have known, he is dealing with a baby, a stubborn one, like him.



"I don’t understand why minds that truly love each other shouldn’t be together” Taehyung looks at him eyes going wide and Jeongguk smiles, not a forced one but an actual smile, the staff around them try to hide their shock and leaves the place giving the two the privacy they needed.



“Now I have your attention, right?” Taehyung just looks at him unable to speak “I was so busy to understand my feelings that I forgot to inform my mother about us two still seeing each other and so she thought she should get another date for me, I am sorry, it’s my part of mistake, I told the girl as soon as I met her that I am no more single now and am already dating someone” Taehyung sniffs, wiping his tears.



Jeongguk moves closer cupping Taehyung’s cheeks and wiping his tears “Another mistake I did was to not receive your call, I wanted to end the things first before talking to you, I am new to these feelings, but I have sorted it now”


He holds Taehyung’s hands “Taehyung, will you marry me? Because I think I have fallen in love with you” Taehyung’s breath hitches.


“You think?” he questions playfully though still teary eyes and Jeongguk laughs. Another change.



“No, now I am sure, I love you” he answers squeezing the other’s hand.



“It was always a yes, from the first day I saw you, and it only got deeper” Taehyung hugs him and Jeongguk doesn’t hesitates now to respond back “Idiot, I thought I lost you” Taehyung mumbles in other’s chest.



“Congratulations” they hear the claps and turn to the direction of voice, it was the girl Taehyung saw in Jeongguk’s office, she smiles genuinely looking at them. They nod, thanking her, while Taehyung’s possessive self hugs Jeongguk tighter hiding his face in other’s chest not wanting to see her.



“I love you” Jeongguk whispers in his ear.



“It’s better this way” Taehyung answers making other chuckle and plant a kiss on the crown of his head.








“Finally my son found someone and looks happy, I want nothing more” she kisses Taehyung on his forehead then his son, walking out of the room, letting the couple and their friends enjoy the small party they organized just to break the news, they also made it official and the news took over the media that the eligible bachelor was now finally of someone.



Jeongguk pecks on Taehyung's forehead whispering love you squeezing his hand. He was a changed man.


“So now I have another couple added to the list to avoid their PDA” Jin comments.



“Then go look somewhere else” Jeongguk rolls his eyes and Jin gasps dramatically.



“The only thing that I will regret while dying is how I failed to teach you manners to talk to hyung” Jin shakes his head disappointed while Taehyung just watches the two smiling wide.



“Jimin look hyung here is saying something about Taehyung that’s not at all positive” Jeongguk smirks as both Jimin and Namjoon turns with a deadly look on their face and looks at Jin. Dread runs through Jin and Taehyung as he worries for his hyung, mouthing them it was just a joke.



“Hey Jeonggukie! Stop bothering Jin hyung, he is single” and they all laugh making Jin snort.



“Jin hyung should ask for help from Jeongguk’s mother” Namjoon suggests.



“Oh yeah, I should have got Taehyung then” Jin wiggles his brows looking at Taehyung who blushes, Jeongguk glares at his hyung, pulling Taehyung to his side.



“He is already taken”



Jimin and Namjoon pulls Taehyung with them wanting to take a tour of the new house of the couple leaving behind the four friends.



“So who is gonna tell Jeongguk that this was the record breaking defeat Jeongguk had in his lifetime, I mean we lost the count” Yoongi smirks.



“He was whipped but too arrogant to accept it” Hoseok laughs.



“If it is Taehyung that I am losing with then I don’t mind, these defeats led me to him, it is worth it” Jeongguk answers proudly, looking at the direction Taehyung and his friends went.



“O God! So cheesy, where is our Jeongguk? This is not him let’s just look at the place instead” they whine together walking away from Jeongguk who follows them, laughing.