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Poise Like a Queen, Hips Like a Whore

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The next time it happened, Jungkook was having a mental breakdown in the shower.


He was having an extremely passionate monologue which consisted mostly of him cursing at himself and mumbling about one unfortunate vertical he couldn’t seem to get right. It also resulted into Taehyung telling him to halt, hop off and leave the arena.


It’s been some time again since he felt that stupid, four weeks, to be exact. For the past four weeks, after getting on better terms with Taehyung and his own pre-lesson anxiety, he managed to let go of his stress and actually handle his lessons well even when he was watched.


One thing seemed to be the problem: Jimin.


Since that one lesson, Jimin’s been quite busy, so today was the first time since then that Jimin could come and watch.


At first, it was okay. He was handling Helena just fine and was not getting tense, because as unpleasant as they were initially, public lessons helped him focus more on himself rather than his surroundings.


That was, until he saw Jimin. And the thing with Jimin was that since he caught Jungkook and Taehyung red-handed, Jungkook hasn’t been able to get Jimin out of his mind. Caught a little confused in what that meant for him and why he suddenly had the urge to rest his eyes on Jimin for a little longer, all while being jittery as fuck, he was easy to crumble.


So when he saw Jimin in the lesson, he panicked. He didn’t know if it was because of the fear that Jimin might be silently judging him, or because the last time Jimin was present in his lesson, Jungkook ate dirt, or because there was something about Park Jimin that wouldn’t let him breathe.


Anyway, he freaked out.


 And from then, it’s easy to imagine.


Stiffness, hands, crookedness, wrong lead, hollowed back, uneven strides, chipping, looking at the jump.


And that’s how Taehyung told him to “get the fuck off and go cool your head down.”


So he did. He’s been cooling his head down for about forty minutes now, still undyingly pissed at himself and lowkey pissed at Jimin too. Because it wasn’t like it was Jimin’s fault, no, it was simply Jimin’s presence being way more distracting than it should be.


He also cried a bit, but convinced himself he didn’t, because you know, tears aren’t visible in the shower. And as he was standing there, mumbling to himself and winning imaginary arguments, Taehyung sneakily appeared in the locker room and gave Jungkook a small heart attack when he hopped in the shower unannounced.


After that, he proceeded to fuck Jungkook into the wall, slapping his ass until it was flaring red, and departed with a satisfied smirk when Jungkook deliriously slid down the wall to sit on the floor with cum running down his thighs.


And that’s how it went for a while. Jungkook wasn’t sure how Taehyung made this method work, but when he started getting too nervous and messing up in lessons, Taehyung figured he needed his back broken like a glowstick and fucked his brains out.


Except it started getting a little repetitive with the fact that every time Jimin showed up in a lesson, it was the same old story.


Just like this time.


“I’m going to cut his dick off and shove it down his throat,” Taehyung palmed on his face quietly after Helena refused a jumped and knocked a pole with her nose. Jungkook miserably sprung forward, but managed to sit it and steer Helena the hell away.


“Or I can just stop coming to your lessons,” Jimin responded. Taehyung shook his head.


Jungkook wasn’t sure if Jimin actually wanted to watch his lessons, rather, he was convinced Taehyung bribed Jimin to be there and ingrain it in Jungkook’s brain that Jimin is not a threat and he has to be able to work well even under the pressure of being watched by someone better.


“Because you can bet your hot, thick ass that there will be better people watching you,” Taehyung would tell him.


So Jungkook tried to push through. Before every single lesson, he would tell himself that it’s not a big deal, that he can do it. That this time, he would do everything just like he’s told. That this time, it’s really fucking up to him to do what he has to and Jimin sitting there won’t change a goddamn thing.


But it always did.




As Jungkook was untacking after another not quite successful lesson, he noticed Taehyung pacing around while talking on his phone. He curiously stuck his head out of the cross ties and tried to listen. Damn, he knew he shouldn’t, but that was just human nature.


“Yes, I’m here right now,” Taehyung mumbled nervously, and paused briefly before continuing, “no, since yesterday. Not a single one.”


Jungkook didn’t hear anything juicy, so he turned back to take Helena’s boots off, but the urgent tone in Taehyung’s voice was enough to keep him listening.


“I don’t know,” Taehyung said, “I checked. He was rolling a lot last night, but I though he was just being dumb until I saw the stall clean. No, he’s not even supposed to be here, who would do his stall. I do my own shit here. Yes. Okay. Okay, I’ll be here.”


With that, he seemingly hung up. Jungkook peeked out again. Taehyung leaned against a wall next to the cross ties and palmed on his face.


“What happened?” Jungkook piped, curious. Taehyung lifted his head and frowned.


“Million is colicing,” he mumbled, scrolling through his phone, “I gotta wait for the vet.”


Jungkook tsked. “Yikes. Is it bad?”


Taehyung shrugged. “Well, he hasn’t taken a shit in like a day and Seokjin said he saw him kick his stomach earlier today, so I would assume it’s probably not fucking good,” he murmured with an annoyed frown. Colic was a bitch, it could happen out of nowhere and stay as long as it wanted or kill the horse off the same night it began, depending on the type. Jungkook once almost lost a horse to one, so he felt Taehyung on a spiritual level.


Taehyung sighed deeply. “Ah, fuck, two months before the fucking Puissance, too,” he grunted and threw his head back in frustration. Jungkook didn’t really know what to say, so he just nodded absently and went back to Helena who started pawing because she clearly disliked the lack of attention.


“ ‘Sup bitch,” Jimin’s voice came from nowhere as he happily bounced to them, lightly slapping Taehyung on the shoulder, but retracted quickly when he saw Taehyung’s pissed ass face. “Damn, what happened to you? He wasn’t that bad,” Jimin said, gesturing to Jungkook.


“Thank you,” Jungkook said sadly, earning a snort from Jimin.


“Million is colicing,” Taehyung repeated and rolled his eyes. Jimin hummed.

“Well that’s unfortunate.”


“Your birth was unfortunate.”


Jungkook snorted and started hosing Helena down. Jimin clearly had something to be happy about, because “that’s unfortunate” was quite the understatement for a colic.


“Do you have a vet coming or something?” Jimin asked, finally growing a little serious.


“Yeah,” Taehyung nodded, “should be here soon. Might put him on a drip if it’s bad.”




“It’s your fucking fault,” Taehyung scoffed, “you deadass wished a colic upon my horse.”


Jimin burst out in a fit of laughter as if it was a joking matter.


“Yeah, well,” he pretended to wipe a fake tear from his eye, “that’s what you get for calling Thalia a tank.”


“I’m pretty sure that’s not really equivalent,” Jungkook interjected, earning an appreciative nod from Taehyung.


“See, that’s a smart person,” Taehyung scowled and walked up to Jungkook, only to very obviously smack his ass. Jungkook yelped and frowned at Taehyung, who just snorted.


“You called him a washed-out piece of cock like thirty minutes ago,” Jimin reminded him with his eyebrow lifted, causing Jungkook to nod sadly. Taehyung rolled his eyes and elbowed Jungkook playfully, as if to signal he did not really mean it. Jimin shrugged and started pacing and hopping around.


Taehyung eyed Jimin suspiciously. “And what’s up with you? What do you have to be so happy about?”


Jimin’s eyes glimmered. “Oh, nothing. Just excited about the pregnant lady.”


Jungkook cocked his head. “Who?”


“This bitch has a broodmare,” Taehyung explained as Jimin giggled excitedly.


“This bitch has a broodmare,” Jimin confirmed, “and she’ll be foaling any day now.”


Jungkook leaned on the wall with his arms crossed. He knew Jimin owned Thalia, but he didn’t have an idea he had another horse, especially a broodmare.


“I didn’t know you had another horse,” Jungkook mused, thoughtfully tilting his head at Jimin. Jimin sighed delightfully and put his hands on his hips.


“I do. Name’s Bellona, you probably don’t see her around because I haven’t ridden her in a long time,” Jimin answered. Taehyung cackled.


“Yeah, she’s been chilling and gaining weight,” he smirked, earning a slap on the shoulder from Jimin.


“Oh come on,” Taehyung laughed defensively, “you gotta admit she’s out of shape.”


“She’s pregnant, you dumb fuck, of course she had to gain a little,” Jimin fumed, “and round is a shape.”


“Yeah, Thalia would know too-“  Taehyung burst in a fit of giggles as he haphazardly attempted to avoid the slaps on the shoulder from Jimin.


“Stop fucking bullying my horses, Kim Taehyung,” Jimin snapped and managed to shove Taehyung into a wall, the older one still giggling.


“Or what, you’re going to jump all the way to my knees?” Taehyung didn’t lose the nerve and looked down at Jimin with a grin.


“I’m literally in your face, you’re not as tall as you think,” Jimin scowled and pressed Taehyung into the wall threateningly, their chests aligning, and Jungkook tried to be a good third wheel in the situation and giggle along, ignoring the stir of something in his stomach as he watched Jimin’s face an inch from Taehyung’s.


“Oh come on, take that stick out of your ass,” Taehyung snickered and slapped Jimin’s ass, “make room for something else.”


Jimin tsked and pulled away, seemingly giving up and chuckled defeatedly.


Jungkook gulped and his eyes widened. Was that what he thought it was?


Did Taehyung just flirt with Jimin? Right in front of him? His stomach turned and tightened as he tried to take in a breath, because the whirlwind of thoughts in his head was not going the direction he expected it to.


“For your mom’s strap,” Jimin snapped back, but was grinning already. Taehyung rolled his eyes. He lifted his eyebrows when he saw Jungkook lowkey frozen in place.


“You good? Your horse is chewing on someone’s halter,” Taehyung pointed out and snorted when Jungkook sprang towards Helena. He completely forgot she was there.


He was heated up. Why was he so heated up? His cheeks burned, the image of Jimin ramming Taehyung into a wall, the deadly blade of his jawline straining as he lifted his face towards Taehyung’s and their chests pressed together. He shook his head before steam could start rising from it.


“Hey Kim, your vet is here,” a voice came from somewhere and Jungkook jerked, as if he was being talked to. He sheepishly walked Helena away from the cross ties, his back turned on Jimin and Taehyung.


He exhaled loudly. He’s going to have to give that a thought.


He walked back to where Jimin was leaning against the wall, unbothered. Taehyung seemed to have left somewhere, so Jungkook started stupidly cleaning random stuff scattered on the floor and probably accidentally putting things where they didn’t belong.


He squatted to pick up a hoof pick that he realized was one he thought he lost. For real, bitches here had no shame and would steal his shit and not even bother to make it look like it was theirs in the first place. He stood up and turned around to put the hoof pick back, but a small slap of panic stopped him in his tracks.


Jimin was no longer looking into his phone. His gaze was aimed on Jungkook, his lower lip pulled between his teeth. And Jungkook felt that goddamn gaze.


“I just found a hoof pick someone snatched from me,” Jungkook stammered in an attempt to break the tension, pulling a nervous smile. He hoped Jimin would break the gaze. God, please. He felt so exposed. Like Jimin was reading him.


“Love that for you,” Jimin chuckled and finally broke that scrutinizing gaze.


That was not scrutiny and you know it, Jungkook’s mind yelled at him. He was checking you out.


Jungkook exhaled and turned back to put the hoof pick into his case. His heart raced a little.


“Are you staying here tonight?” Jungkook asked, setting his hands on his hips with a loud huff. Jimin nodded.


“Yeah,” he scratched the back of his head, “she’s due in like three days, but she could literally spawn it any second. You know how it is.” He smiled endearingly and sighed.


“Do you sleep at all when you stay here overnight?” Jungkook inquired, because it genuinely baffled him. What does one do at the barn at night, alone, having to check on a horse every other minute?


Jimin shook his head. “Nah, not really.” He sighed, stretching his hands above his head.


“It’s not really worth it. I binge watch some shit and have her on a baby monitor,” he responded, but then his eyes glimmered, “that’s what I usually do.”


Jungkook swallowed thickly, noticing the emphasis on the usually.


Holy shit, what the fuck was Jimin doing? Was this another form of desensitization Taehyung didn’t tell him about?


Jungkook nodded nervously. “S-sounds fun,” he uttered out, immediately hating himself for saying that shit.


Jimin laughed brightly, the glimmer in his eyes still present. “Yeah,” he agreed, licking his lips, “it can be a lot of fun.”


Before Jungkook could get even more flustered, Taehyung, in all his loudness, appeared.


“So my ass has to stay overnight, because my fucking dehydrated child ate a treat that gave him a fucking tummy ache and he has to be on a drip,” he hollered when he came in, ruffling his hair tiredly.


“What treat?” Jungkook piped.


“I made that up.”




Jimin tilted his head questioningly and crossed his arms on his chest.


“So you’re staying overnight?” he inquired, and god fucking help him, the same stretchy, honey tone creeped into his voice. Fuck, Jungkook was getting a little hot there.


It didn’t help when Taehyung seemed to have picked up whatever wave Jimin was on. A barely noticeable smirk tugged on the corners of his mouth and his eyes narrowed, his head softly nodding.


“Yeah,” he breathed, “seems like I’ll have to pull an all-nighter.”


“Aw,” Jimin cooed and walked over to Taehyung, placing his palm flat on Taehyung’s chest, “seems like I’ll have to keep you company. It gets boring here at night.”


Okay, Jungkook decided, time to get the fuck out of here.


Taehyung murmured a response, and Jungkook was pretty sure he saw Taehyung’s hand move to Jimin’s ass, but he couldn’t look. He couldn’t turn around and look because he wouldn’t be able to look away.


What the hell was happening?


“H-have a good night, guys,” he piped, gathering his shit frantically and turning to leave, quickly, quickly, so he could think about what the fuck was happening.


“We will,” Taehyung chuckled. Jungkook groaned quietly.


Then, with his mind spinning and lower body heating up at the idea of what was going on, he sped out of the barn.







“Do you think it worked?”


“Fuck yeah it worked.”




“Please. That was his ‘I’m horny but I’m trying really hard not to be’ face. I’ll bet you all my blue ribbons he’s gonna have to rub it out the second he gets home.”


“How do you know he has that kind of a face?”


“Because I do shit to him in lessons sometimes.”


“Is that what he’s paying you for?”


“Only sometimes.”


“Shit like what?”


“I pull up my pants, bend over, grab his ass, kiss his neck. Then stop suddenly and make him focus. And that’s the face he has. ”


“You’re evil.”


“You’re envious.”


“Please. I can get that shit anytime I want, can’t I, Taehyungie?”


“Shit, you know it. That’s the plan for tonight, anyway.”


“Good. Before I get my hands on him, do it to me like last time.”








Jungkook slammed the car door behind him and leaned his head back on the seat, taking a second to process what happened.


First, Jimin.


Jimin, who knew very well Jungkook got fucking anxiety fits when he was in the same room with him, probably decided it would be a cool idea to fuck him up even further by very obviously checking out his ass.


He got used to it with Taehyung. He no longer got nervous and extremely flustered when he felt Taehyung’s gaze on him, he just went straight to being turned on instantly.


Now that Jimin did it, it was that familiar tingle of anxiety and stir of something oddly pleasing in his stomach again. Because damn it, he was going to be honest with himself. Jimin was fucking beautiful. He noticed before, but never dared to let it sink in, because Jimin seemed like a different entity. On top of that, Jimin never spent as much time in the jumper end as he did now. So it only made sense to Jungkook it started hitting now.


The question was, why did Jimin do it? Why all of a sudden? Maybe because of his connection with Taehyung. Yeah, that had to be it. He also wasn’t sure Jimin just wasn’t fucking around, either. Because why would someone like Jimin pay attention to him, really.


Jimin’s attention was bound to be directed to someone who was worth it, Jungkook thought critically, and remembered Taehyung. He remembered the way Jimin pushed him into the wall, their faces inches apart, remembered the sultry tone of Jimin’s voice offering Taehyung to spend the night together, and he immediately had to take in a breath, because there it was again. The twitch, the tightening, the buzz. The heat.


There was something flying between the Taehyung and Jimin, something he never noticed before. Or something that’s perhaps never been there before? No, more like it’s been there all along but only started surfacing now.


He thought about it. He knew there were no strings attached between him and Taehyung, not like either of them were seeking a stable relationship. So he didn’t expect to get jealous when it came to his realization that something happened between Jimin and Taehyung before.


And he didn’t get jealous, either.


Because it was only fitting. It was only fitting for someone with such a close relationship, not mentioning they both looked like literal gods, to fuck around here and there. He always sort of knew it might’ve happened but never realized it until now. He didn’t want to assume, of course, but a few things were pointing to it.


He never realized it until now, when he had to swallow a few times and tame his imagination because it was getting out of hand. He didn’t know if Jimin and Taehyung were just fucking with him and were jokingly flirting, maybe to rile him up, maybe to just prank him. But whatever reason they did it for, it sent his blood rushing and mind wandering to places he never thought it would.


Because shit. The image of Jimin on his knees for Taehyung was a guiltily pleasurable image to think of.


Jungkook swallowed drily, reaching for his water bottle on the passenger seat and downing the remains to cool his throat down. He huffed loudly, still a little taken aback, and started the car.


He really, really hoped that nothing of what the two were doing was going to repeat, because they did it for a few minutes only and it weighed in harder than it should have.


And it weighed it in a different way than Jungkook thought it would.


He blindly reached for his seatbelt, trying to not think about all the things Taehyung and Jimin could be doing this night.


Nothing, his rational side interjected, they both have to check on their horses constantly.That’s why they’re staying in the first place.


Yeah, good reasoning.


Everything, his flustered side joined, everything Taehyung did with you, tangling their lips and kissing along jawlines, wrecking Jimin to tears and making him see the stars on the table of his office-


Okay, time to go home and take a cold fucking shower.





Jungkook got to the barn unusually early today. It was getting hot outside with the approaching summer and he decided it would be good if he got there and did his chores before the sun got too high, yet he still ended up sweaty after a few minutes of cleaning Helena’s stall.


He didn’t see Jimin or Taehyung anywhere, so that was good. It was Friday and he knew that Taehyung usually showed up about an hour before his five o’clock lesson, and it was still only about two.


He huffed and wiped the sweat from his forehead as he leaned against the shovel. Helena didn’t seem to give two shits about him and continued to yank on her hay net, completely unbothered. He lethargically patted her on the butt.


“Are you gonna throw me today?” he asked rhetorically with a small smile. Helena didn’t answer.


He sighed and went back to mucking, sweaty again. By the time he was done, he was about ready to take a shower, but knew there would be no use. So he just yanked his shirt to send some air under it.


After finally finishing Helena’s stall, he decided to clean his tack. He realized that he stress cleaned in the barn, too bad he didn’t do it at home too. If only his apartment was half as neat as his locker.


As he mindlessly rubbed the leather cleaner into his saddle, hoping that maybe having clean tack would magically make him a better rider, his thoughts wandered to Taehyung and Jimin again.


He might or might have not let his mind slip last night. He might or might have not pushed his rational side away and started imagining things.


He might or might have not come twice to the thought of Jimin riding Taehyung.


And now, he felt quite stupid. But could he stop thinking about that shit? No, absolutely not. He didn’t even want to imagine what it would be like to come face to face with either Jimin or Taehyung, god forbid both of them.


It was like they targeted an attack at him, knowing too well it would work on him.


“Cat got your tongue?”


Jungkook jumped, knocking the container of leather cleaner over. In a quick moment of panic, he looked up, but it was just Seokjin who seemed to have just arrived.


“What?” he mumbled, gathering his shit and going back to rubbing the saddle, even though it was pretty much squeaky clean by now. Seokjin giggled.


“Damn, it’s like it’s few months ago all over again. Why are you so jittery?” he inquired with a grin as he entered the tack room with a bag thrown over his shoulder and a cup of some iced tea from Starbucks.


“I’m not jittery,” Jungkook snapped and finally decided that his saddle was clean enough. He heavily set it in the locker and wearily walked over to the couch, next to Seokjin.


“Yeah, you are,” Seokjin argued and took a delicate sip. “What’s up?”


Jungkook rolled his eyes. Nothing slipped past this fucker.


“Nothing, damn,” Jungkook insisted and took a sip of Seokjin’s tea without asking.


“What, is Taehyung not fucking you anymore?” Seokjin snickered.


Jungkook choked and spat the tea in his mouth on the table, immediately gasping for Seokjin to hit his back so he could get the tea out of his goddamn windpipe. Seokjin, losing his shit in laughter, started banging on Jungkook’s back until he finally managed to cough the stupid dragon fruit strawberry beverage out.


“Dumbass,” Jungkook cursed at him, still wheezy from coughing. Seokjin continued laughing and caringly patted Jungkook’s back.


“You good?” Seokjin snorted, earning a glare from Jungkook.


“Fuck no,” he answered with a frown and exhaled loudly.


“Well? Is he?” Seokjin had the nerve to ask again.


“Oh my god! Why- I’m not talking with you about this-“ Jungkook mumbled, heat rising into his cheeks. He chaotically stood up and took his phone to get out of the tack room. Seokjin sat sprawled on the couch, still smirking.


“Whatever, kid,” Seokjin laughed and went back to sipping his drink without choking, unlike Jungkook.


Jungkook shuffled out of the tack room, looking for something to do, still clearing his throat.


He wandered the barn for a few minutes. Taehyung still was nowhere to be seen, so he just roamed, letting his feet mindlessly carry him towards the dressage end and the outdoor arenas. He knew he could bump into Jimin and he knew that the dressage end officially knew him as the screamer that Taehyung fucked, but somehow he thought it was a fantastic idea to check the dressage end.


He sped out from the indoors, because people were noticing him. They knew he was not from there, the glances of everyone he walked by proving it, so he decided it would be better if he went outside and left the enclosed space.


It was sunny outside, the air almost a little too heavy for riding, yet there were still horses strutting the outdoor arenas. Jungkook sheepishly shuffled towards the bleachers of one of them to watch.


He never really enjoyed doing dressage, it was too classy, too difficult, the stirrups too gangly, and on top of it, riding a dressage horse was like operating a control panel in a nuclear plant. He once tried a former dressage horse and couldn’t get him to walk, because every time he applied leg, the horse started half-passing.


But he still liked watching it. He found it fascinating how dressage riders could make so many different movements and exercises while moving their legs and hands completely unnoticeably.

So he sat himself on the bleachers, knowing that no one will watch and judge him here, because they were all too focused. There were three horses in that exact arena, one of them cooling down seemingly.


Jungkook slid his eyes over the remaining two, the first one being a dark bay gelding with a young woman on his back. She seemed to be struggling with a passage, a man with a long whip lightly tapping the horse’s legs being a help to her. She loudly patted the horse’s neck every time he lifted his legs properly.


Jungkook moved his attention to the other horse, the rider’s back facing him, and his eyes widened suddenly when he realized the horse was Thalia and the small rider on her back was no one other than Jimin. He was doing a piaffe just for the hell of it apparently, because it was a piaffe equivalent to ones Jungkook saw at the Olympics. Not like he was a great judge of that, dressage riders would surely be able to spot a difference, but to him, it all seemed the same.


He squinted in interest, because watching Jimin ride was something ridiculously educational. Jimin had the right position, soft hands, steady legs, everything Jungkook strived to achieve. He sat upright and natural in his flawless poise, barely moving even with Thalia’s gaits.


Jimin turned Thalia sideways and Jungkook could finally see Jimin’s face, focused, chin up and eyes forward. Jungkook gulped drily, trying not to slide his gaze over Jimin’s jawline and instead look on the movements and focus on how Jimin worked his seat, but he caught himself in the red zone when his eyes landed on Jimin’s hips, sat firmly in the saddle, fluidly moving up and down with the movement of the trot.


See, this is what we’re not gonna do, he told himself, shaking his head, and decided to start looking at Jimin as a whole instead of only looking at parts of his body.


Like this, it seemed to be way more helpful, as he could finally see the subtle touches of Jimin’s heel, the spring in his elbows, the way his hips were completely relaxed in the motion of the passage.


Jimin’s shoulders softly released their position to allow Thalia to move from the passage into extended trot and after they hit the short side, he probably gave a cue Jungkook didn’t see, and Thalia instantly came to a walk. Jimin wiped his forehead and tossed his reins on Thalia’s neck to let her stretch.


Jungkook still watched curiously, even though he knew Jimin was likely done with his ride. He supposed that Jimin couldn’t afford extremely long rides with a broodmare to look after, even if he probably had someone checking up on her.


Jimin sighed and patted Thalia’s neck, exchanging a few words with the girl who struggled with passage before. She laughed at something and gestured towards her horse’s butt.

Jimin responded with a smile. He left the short side to get out of the way of the horse who was cooling down, and as he finally turned to Jungkook with his front, Jungkook had to do a double take.


The wide collar of Jimin’s white shirt, flimsy and stretched out to fit the hot weather, revealed way too much of his neck and collarbones, specifically the right side of it, which Jungkook didn’t have a view of before. Along with two deep purple marks decorating it.


In that instant, Jungkook put two and two together, and before he knew it, his mind went haywire, thoughts flooding it. It hit Jungkook like a tidal wave. The bite marks on Jimin’s neck were like a trademark. Jungkook knew it, because he had ones like that on his thigh.


In the same moment, Jimin noticed him. And it didn’t help that he granted him with a faux innocent smile, as if he didn’t know very well what he was doing.


There was no way he was getting this turned on. This turned on from the thought of Jimin under Taehyung, whimpering as Taehyung sucked the marks on his neck, making sure everyone saw. He should feel a little jealous, he should feel like Taehyung replaced him and that he probably wasn’t that good.


But he didn’t. All he felt was heat. In his cheeks, his mind, his chest, his groin.


Jimin waved at him and smiled one more time, and of course, grabbed his shirt under the collar and yanked it a few times to wave some air on his sweaty neck. There was no doubting it. Jimin was set on something. Something involving making Jungkook horny like a teenager.


In a haze, his heart pounding and blood rushing to places it shouldn’t be rushing an hour before his lesson, Jungkook stood up and stumbled from the bleachers right to the bathroom.







“Yeah-y, fuck, you’re so good at this-“




“Shit- yes, come on-“




“Do you want me to mark you, Jiminie?”


“Yes, fuck, I felt that in my fucking guts- yes,“




“Yeah, so Jungkook can- fuck, yes-  so Jungkook can see.”


“You’re really set on this, huh?”


“Yeah, yeah- ah, that hurt- is he a good bottom?”


“You have no idea- shit, do that again-“


“Better than me?”


“He’s fucking amazing from the back, but c-can’t ride like you-“


“Would you like to watch me ride him, Taehyungie?”


“Fuck yes, oh god I’m close-“


“Want me to ride him in front of you?”


“If-if you don’t stay true to these words tomorrow, I swear to god-“


“Ah, right there! Again, ah- yeah, tomorrow-“


“I can’t wait to fuck you both stupid, shit-“


“One more, g-give me one more, so he can see.”


“Yeah, he’ll see.”




After chaotically leaving the bathroom, dazed out from both shame and ecstasy, he finally got to tacking Helena up for the lesson. Taehyung was still nowhere to be found.


The barn seemed somehow dead today, besides Seokjin walking around for no apparent reason.


“Do you have a lesson or something?” Jungkook asked as he put Helena’s boots on, looking up at Seokjin from below Helena’s legs.


“No, just killing time. You have a lesson though, don’t yo-“


“No, don’t you dare!” Jungkook panicked immediately. No way he could handle one more person watching now that Jimin and Taehyung decided to sexually frustrate him.


“Damn, I didn’t even say anything,” Seokjin said defeatedly and leaned on the wall.


After Jungkook didn’t respond to that, Seokjin started analyzing him.


“Should I ask?”






Jungkook shakenly finished tacking Helena up, huffing at the heat of the air. It was getting really fucking unbearable, and it wasn’t even July yet. He slowly put on his helmet, gloves, and after eight head tosses and almost getting his nose broken, he put the bridle on Helena.


“Wish me luck,” he muttered to Seokjin, who just snorted.


Jungkook walked into the arena and was surprised to see it empty. Taehyung was usually there at least fifteen minutes prior, ready to start the lesson immediately, and most of the days he was there before Jungkook. He tilted his head and a little hesitantly closed the gate behind him. Did Taehyung forget? No, he wouldn’t, that was not like him.


He decided he’s just going to warm up and wait, and if Taehyung doesn’t show up for five o’clock, he’d just call him.


He got on, and the silence in the arena felt almost dangerous. Like anything could happen to him an no one would be there to see it.


“Please don’t spook, if I fall and break my neck, no one will find me,” Jungkook mumbled to Helena and sent her to a walk. He wasn’t sure what to start with, so he just focused on the basics Taehyung would bitch to him about, his hands, elbows and posture.


Taehyung did have a colicing horse, maybe he just couldn’t come to the lesson because of that and forgot to cancel?


He was making up some more scenarios that could be the reason for Taehyung’s absence, but then the gate creaked, signaling someone entered. Helena spooked.


For a second Jungkook thought that Taehyung finally got there, but when he turned around, much to his shock, he saw Jimin.


“Hey,” Jimin said casually, smiling like a sunshine and walked over to the middle.


“What-“ Jungkook piped, a little confused, and terrified out of his mind, because if this was what it looked like, he was straight up going to die today.


“I’m doing your lesson, Tae can’t make it,” Jimin announced and smiled at Jungkook, still wearing that loose ass shirt that revealed the hickeys on his neck. There was no way he didn’t know he had them, they were huge and dark against his skin, not even close to being at least partially covered by his shirt. He was showing them off, he was fucking showing them off and Jungkook had a strong feeling it was for him.


Jimin must have noticed the expression of sheer panic on Jungkook’s face, so he decided to have mercy and laughed.


“I’m just fucking with you,” he said with sneaky smile, “Tae is just arranging someone to check on Million while he does the lesson. He’ll be here soon.”


Jungkook exhaled, immediately relieved, but still knew Jimin was going to watch his lesson again. Maybe even try to teach it. And of course, it came to that.


“Before he gets here though, we can do some flat, right?” Jimin suggested and his eyes sparkled. Jungkook groaned internally.


“I-I guess,” he stammered, knowing very well he didn’t want to do flat. Like, shit, Jimin was the god of flatwork. Jimin was the reason for his anxiety in lessons and the tension, and now, Jimin was also walking around with hickeys on his neck, hickeys that Taehyung gave him, showing off the glowing skin of his collarbones and throwing Jungkook eyes and smiles.


“Oh come on, pretty. Don’t be so nervous,” he said playfully. “You’re a good rider.”


Panicking over the fact that Jimin just called him pretty, Jungkook gulped and gathered his reins. “Okay,” he exhaled heavily, already mentally preparing himself for feeling like a piece of shit.


“So,” Jimin started, “I noticed a thing Tae does when you guys do flat. He makes you lift your hands to form a line from your elbow to the bit, right? He makes you pick her shoulders up.”


Jungkook nodded. God fucking damn it, he was anxious as shit, but he tried his best to listen to Jimin and do all he could, but Jimin’s neck was not helping at all. He almost started thinking about shit he wasn’t supposed to think about again.


“But that’s fine, he’s a jumper. I mean, he’s good with flat, there’s no good jumping without good flat, but he does things a bit differently,” Jimin explained. “I want you to lower your hands. Keep them just a touch above her neck, quiet, with your thumbs on top and elbow bent.”


Jungkook lifted his eyebrows. He’s been taught what to do with his hands a lot of times, and it was different many times too. He was no stranger to this hands down and quiet technique, but it got rusty on him when he started jumping with Seokjin and Taehyung who both taught him to keep his hands higher to lift Helena’s nose and shoulders.


“I think the problem might be that even if you lift your hands and her shoulders, your hands are not steady enough for it to be completely efficient,” Jimin thought out loud, tilting his head. If he doesn’t fucking stop doing that, Jungkook thought, and redirected his gaze towards Helena’s neck, “so I think if you tried being quieter and lower with your hands, the bit wouldn’t bother her so much. ”


Jungkook nodded and headed to a trot. “Keep the elbow as usual, bent, free to move,” Jimin reminded him, “but hands down, quiet and soft.”


Jungkook tried, he really did, but years of riding that probably weren’t completely right ingrained a little bit of automatic stiffness into his hands. He did feel Helena soften under him though, maybe too much.


“Keep her on the bit though, she’s totally not on the bit right now,” Jimin pointed out, “don’t lose her. Soft, but in contact.”


It was odd to hear a trainer without swearing and sexual innuendos. Jungkook already got used to all of the shit Taehyung said in his lessons, so he expected Jimin to swear any second now, but it didn’t come.


He did what Jimin asked him to and tried his best to pull his shoulders back.


“Yes, good,” Jimin nodded, “see how she gave you that nice bend? I think she’s happier like this, you know? No shade towards your hands, she’s just sensitive. In my honest opinion, she also doesn’t need a full cheek, that’s unnecessary lateral pressure. Especially when he wants your hands higher, it hits the corners of her mouth and can’t slip around because of the extensions.  But I think Tae would drag me if I told him that.”


Jungkook chuckled softly, slowly relaxing into the atmosphere. It really did feel better when Jimin directly told him what to do instead of whispering it, and the energy in the arena felt almost comfortable and serene. Then, of course, someone had to fill the entire place up.


“Good evening, sluts, how is it going?”


Taehyung walked into the arena with a bang of the gate, but surprisingly, Helena stayed calm.


“Damn, is that collection I’m seeing? Jiminie, what have you done to him?” Taehyung snickered and smacked Jimin’s ass when he walked past him. Jungkook inhaled. Why the fuck was he doing this? In a lesson? It wasn’t uncommon for Taehyung to do nasty shit in lessons and leave Jungkook ready to be fucked until he couldn’t see, but he felt like this time, they were targeting him.


“Lowered his hands. He has a sensitive horse, shaky hands and an all-over-the-place bit and you want him to keep his hands up in flat,” Jimin said accusingly. Taehyung scoffed.


“The bit is not that strong. And yeah, I want his hands up because otherwise he’s humping her neck,” Taehyung deadpanned and turned at Jungkook, gesturing to pick his hands up.


“Taehyung, it’s literally working,” Jimin interjected, pouting and frowning, “couldn’t you see how nicely she carried herself? She was so supple too, bet she could slow it into a passage-“


“Okay, Charlotte Dujardin, we get it,” Taehyung mumbled with a smirk, to which he earned a few angry whines from Jimin.


“Also that bitch could not do a passage in a million years,” Taehyung added.


“Yo, what the fuck,” Jungkook said sadly, coming to a walk, feeling a little offended. He didn’t really have a reason to, Helena was not exactly a built dressage horse and making her into a one would be a long painstaking process, but Taehyung still didn’t have to throw shade.


“At least take the full cheek off her, tell me why the fuck does she need a full cheek-“


“Jimin, darling, my student, my rules,” Taehyung snapped.


Jungkook huffed at the pet name Taehyung endeared Jimin with. What other names did he call him when they-


“No, Taehyung, there’s not a single fucking point in a full cheek, if anything, he needs a Weymouth to slow her down-“


“Jimin,” Taehyung growled, “the full cheek is for her dull ass right side when she decides to counterflex and fall in to the left.”


Jimin scoffed. “I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you, but do you know what the fix for a counterflex is?”


“Are you serious?” Taehyung laughed in disbelief, “Yes, yes I do. But if she likes to ignore my inside leg, do you think she’s not gonna ignore his?”


“Okay but he has trouble slowing her down, not turning-“


“Park!” Taehyung barked and clapped, lifting his eyebrows at Jimin, “she still needs schooling. And yes, turning! She needs more control on the lateral from the bit because his leg is not enough for her, she needs something to solidify the inner flex when the leg can’t do the job. It’s just a schooling aid, so of course she’ll move from a full cheek later, for fuck’s sake. But her nose hits the fucking fence when she’s on the rail.”


Jungkook sat there like a miserable sack of potatoes in the saddle. It was true that Helena didn’t use a full cheek at first and it was true that it had very little to no effect on slowing her down, but it did help with her turns. Especially in jumping, when his leg sometimes just wasn’t enough and he needed that extra bit of pressure from the bit on the side of her mouth.


Jimin groaned, but seemed to have given up, murmuring something to himself. Taehyung cursed at him.


“Jungkook,” Taehyung interrupted his thoughts, “I got a little pole exercise for your wobbly ass that’s going to keep her steady and in rhythm.”


Jungkook nodded and watched as Taehyung set a line of five poles ended with a small cross rail. He didn’t want to be dramatic or anything, but he already could see the multiple ways he was going to die.


Helena loved to rush. Helena was difficult to slow down and tended to get heavy, so he already anticipated her demolishing the line of poles. There  was no such thing as Helena maintaining that steady of a canter, not enough to pass five poles with no problems. Or, with him, at least.


But, as it would seem, Taehyung just had plans for Jungkook that involved killing him.


“Get a left canter, fix your hands and sit on your fine ass,” Taehyung started with his usual ways.


For some reason though, they started hitting differently today. And he knew it was because of Jimin strutting his shit with hickeys on his neck and that lovely ass. And of course, with both Jimin and Taehyung still on the same wave.


God damn it, Jungkook scolded himself, focus on the fucking lesson.


With a sharp exhale, Jungkook clumsily picked up a left lead and tried his hardest to keep his hands as quiet as when they were down, but he still felt the slightest bit of pull as he transitioned. Helena would always hit the bit as he transitioned, making him tip forward and sometimes cause her to pick up the wrong lead.


“Keep the hands up and don’t fucking tip forward, tipping is for restaurants, not for riding,” Taehyung reminded him and pointed to the poles.


“Tell me, what are you going to focus on?” he asked, and Jungkook grimaced, because this was the shit he hated. He hated when he got questions, because he was supposed to think and prove he knew exactly what he was going to do. Problem was, he usually didn’t.


“Uh,” he panted, “sit back, relax my elbows and, uh, not be stiff, and keep her straight and steady?”


Taehyung hummed. “Mhm, don’t answer my question with another question, but okay. And how are you going to achieve the straightness? You’re on the left,” Taehyung reminded him and crossed his arms on his chest.


Left was Helena’s bad side, she would always fall in a little more than on the right, losing her entire shoulder and resulting in disasters like crooked jumps and wrong leads. Jungkook knew by now that he needed a fuckton of outside aids to keep her from overflexing and another fuckton of inside aids to keep her shoulder from falling in, but he had a strong feeling he was going to achieve only about fifty percent of those.


“I,” he stammered, thinking really damn hard while still attempting to make Helena not fly forward, “will, uh, use the outside rein and inside leg.” He almost added a questioning tone to the sentence again, but stopped himself in the last second.


“Make a turn off the outside leg,” Taehyung reminded him, “and open the inside rein, keep the outside in place, but do not pull on it, because she’s going to counterflex. Slow her the fuck down and sit, you look like a wasp on a lollipop.”


“A what?” Jungkook heard Jimin snort, but he didn’t get an answer, as Taehyung was already focused on setting Jungkook for the line of poles properly.


“Okay, relax, remember to sit up and go into light seat over the poles, her canter feels like a rusty seesaw even when she’s not doing poles,” Taehyung mumbled.


“Why do you keep roasting everyone’s horses,” Jimin complained and stretched on the chair in the middle of the arena, looking like a whiny kid bored in the store while his mom talked to an old friend.


“Because they’re all worse than mine, duh.”


“At least they’re not colicing.”


“Die in a ditch.”


Jungkook didn’t argue with it though, Helena’s canter wasn’t the most comfortable in the world, so he did go into a light seat.


“Open the inside and keep the outside in place, do not pull on the inside! And light-“


Just as Jungkook expected, Helena clipped the second pole, stepped on the third and jumped the gap between fourth and fifth like a ditch. He got fired on her neck and quickly sat back up before she jumped the cross rail. The cross rail felt like a speed bump compared to the fucking leap she took before it.


“If you don’t start listening to what I’m saying I’ll put a fucking shock collar on you!” Taehyung shouted from behind him as he cantered past. Jungkook groaned to himself and pulled Helena’s face up, having very little success, but at least managed to keep his ass in the saddle.


“What are you jumping, a Taxis? It’s a goddamn cross pole, slow down!” Taehyung lamented, “It’s just cantering with some shit in the way!”


Jungkook huffed and forcefully pulled his shoulder back. He started getting a stitch, but it was not like Taehyung would give a fuck, so he tried to breathe through it and went around one more time.


“Open your hips and actually sit,” Taehyung said, pinching the root of his nose, “you’re kind of scary to watch right now. My dick hurts only looking at the way you’re sitting, please sit back.”


Okay, this was getting fucking difficult. When Helena’s canter got too rushed and bouncy, sitting got harder. It was all fun and games to sit a calm, fluid canter, but at this point, Jungkook got bounced up with every single step due to how rigid his body was. He exhaled, glued his ass to the saddle and tried his best to calm down.


“Sit the turn, don’t leave the rail too soon,” he heard Taehyung yell, “and use the fucking outside rein, pin your outside hand in place and don’t move it, that’s what you have a full cheek for! Inside leg to shape the turn, Jeon.”


Jungkook pressed his lower back in to open his chest and hips and gave Helena a small kick with the inside leg, which efficiently straightened her, but also sent her forward a little too quickly. Jungkook gasped and grabbed at the reins to shorten them, but she was already firing at the line. She was straight, sure, that was an accomplishment, but she was also speeding like a freight train.


“Jungkook, you’re going to die,” Taehyung reminded him sweetly, “slow her down right now, and stop waving your elbows.”


Yeah, Jungkook knew he was going to die.


“Half-halt, you dumbass! You’re doing ground poles, not a Puissance! Sit! The! Fuck! Back!” Taehyung shouted, clapping with each word to accentuate them.


Jungkook couldn’t slow down nor sit back, because his core muscles were burning the hell up. His forearms were straining, his whole core was rigid like a wooden block and his shoulders slouched a little, because he didn’t actually have the physical strength and stamina to pull himself into a proper upright position anymore.


Helena, of course, knew this, and she was quick to find out that when she pulls, Jungkook won’t pick her back up. Instead, he will fall forward and give her the freedom on the bit she wants.


So it was really no surprise when she zoomed through the poles and stepped on two of them, kicked one of them forward, and almost tripped on the last one.


“You’re in actual fucking danger, Jeon, slow down!” Taehyung hollered from the side, his hands up in his hair with utter despair. And Jungkook would try to slow down again, but Helena took the jump over the cross rail very eagerly, because why not, not like there was anyone to stop her, and after gaining momentum and not meeting any resistance, she took off.


“I said slow down!” Taehyung yelled, clapping his hands repeatedly, as if he didn’t know what else to do with them to show Jungkook he was fucking serious.


Jungkook tried, he leaned back and pulled his hands alternately to get her up, but all of the weight he put on reins, Helena fired back to him by engaging her hind end a bit too much and transforming into a rocking horse.




He actually panicked right now, because how else was he going to slow her down? The brakes were not working. Seat, sure, that was the default, but sometimes it just didn’t work with Helena and with how blocked his brain became with the panic. The shakiness and stiffness came back and he actually felt Helena try to rear, not showing any signs of slowing down, and for the first time in a while, he actually started feeling scared.


“Halt!” Taehyung yelled, clearly frustrated and completely hopeless. Honestly, so was Jungkook. He knew he could only get mad at himself, but sometimes he just had no idea what else Taehyung wanted him to do.


No, no. He knew what Taehyung wanted him to do. And he knew how it would’ve worked if Taehyung got on Helena. He just couldn’t fucking do it, and he didn’t know how else to prove to Taehyung that he was trying, and it just wouldn’t go right.


He sank into the saddle and lifted his hands to bring Helena to a halt, but it was like pulling on a brick wall, she would not react, would not give, and would not slow down.


“Stop pulling on the fucking reins and halt! You’re throwing yourself forward like a whore on rich men, that’s not gonna slow her down!” Taehyung yelled, the booming of his voice doing very little good to the growing anxiety in Jungkook’s entire damn body.


“How the fuck am I supposed to slow her down when I can’t pull on the reins?!” Jungkook snapped back, the nervousness finally taking over in a quick wave of sass as he zoomed past Taehyung.


“Stop talking back to me or I’ll fuck your face the second you get off that horse,” Taehyung growled, “and with your seat, so fucking do it!”


Jungkook cursed, flicking a short glare at Taehyung, because this was not the fucking time. He was in danger of getting thrown into a wall from a horse which was speeding in a third lap of gallop already, so maybe Taehyung could shut the fuck up with his ‘threats’.


Jungkook noticed that Jimin made an expression perfectly equivalent to the eyes emoji and bit his lip, but had to quickly redirect his gaze because he was still fucking galloping, completely lost and rigid, bouncing in the saddle like an idiot.


“Jeon Jungkook, halt right fucking now!” Taehyung yelled, and it was how fucking pissed off he sounded that finally made Jungkook collect all of the strength and anger he had left and very drastically lifted Helena’s head up into a halt while physically cementing himself in the saddle to slow down her hind end.


Finally, finally, she took the pace down and after a few exhausting trot steps, she came to a walk.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Taehyung scowled at him, his arms spread on his sides. Jungkook shook his head defeatedly, not knowing the answer.


Was it Jimin again? No, he barely noticed Jimin today. Maybe because Jimin showed him something that worked and he had to stop doing it? He had no clue.


“And you think she needs a softer bit? Try a D-ring on her, he’s going to fucking die,” Taehyung turned around at Jimin, gesturing towards Jungkook, who sat in the saddle with a dark cloud hovering over him.


“I didn’t say a D-ring,” Jimin scoffed and stood up, “I said Weymouth. That’s the literal fucking opposite, because apparently, he needs help slowing down.”


“He can’t use a Weymouth, that’s too strong and she’s going to fucking throw him,” Taehyung mumbled, “so get off my dick.”


Jungkook lowkey wanted a Weymouth, maybe just to try it, because the concept of Helena actually slowing down when pressure to the bit was applied was a wild one. At the same time, though, he knew he would be scared to use it properly and knew his hands weren’t steady nor quiet enough to efficiently use it. All he would do would probably be just make Helena pissed, considering how much he was pulling moments ago.


“Then you have no choice but to use the seat,” Jimin said matter-of-factly, seemingly not in the argumentative mood anymore.


“Yeah, but as you can fucking see, the seat is not working for us. If he could bounce on my cock the way he bounces in the saddle instead, maybe we’d get somewhere,” Taehyung spat and Jungkook couldn’t help but feel a little offended. He did get flustered, too, because who the fuck speaks like this when they’re angry, but he kept quiet and let himself be flamed alive. This was exactly what he expected this lesson to go like. Not only he got his riding roasted, but now his dick taking skills too? Damn, that shit hurt. Taehyung never even let him try to ride him, but he had an idea of why that was.


Guess he shouldn’t have planned to fail, but it be like that sometimes, right?


Jimin pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, probably a little surprised at Taehyung words too.


“So,” Jungkook piped, finally daring to speak after the barrage between Jimin and Taehyung, “what should I do about slowing her down? If the bit is not working?”


“I might try a straight bar tomorrow,” Taehyung spat, “but for jumping, the full cheek is on. The reason you had full cheek today was because we were supposed to jump and focus on straightness, not on speed control. She was supposed to be calm through the poles and steady from your seat. But apparently, we can’t sit on our asses and lift our hands in this household.”


“Get off,” Taehyung groaned weakly and gestured towards Jungkook, “I’ll get on her. You’re out of it today, can’t do shit with her anyway.”


Of course. Having to get off before the lesson was over was the peak of humiliation.


It’s happened to Jungkook a bunch of times with other trainers as well, but of course, it felt more intense now. Jimin was here. Jimin, who seemed to have some hope in Jungkook’s riding and who actually gave him some useful advice. Now, there he was again, fucking up big, big time.


And being told to get off because he sucked so bad that he literally couldn’t continue the lesson just hit differently, and not in a good way.


In a pitiful shame, he hopped off and pulled the stirrups up, biting back tears. His forearms ached from how strong Helena got on the reins and he knew they shouldn’t ache, he shouldn’t be using his hands this much. He felt even worse after Jimin pointed out that Helena doesn’t need a full cheek, and when a dressage rider tells him he needs softer bit because his hands suck, it probably means something.


“What’s wrong with you, Jeon?” Taehyung asked as he took the reins from him, sounding very tired. Jungkook shrugged and sniffled. He did not want to cry again.


Jimin stood up from the chair and walked over to pat Jungkook caressingly on the shoulder.


“We all have shitty rides sometimes,” he said softly, and Jungkook resisted the urge to roll his eyes and tell Jimin to shut the fuck up. He knew it was true, but in his eyes, a rider like Jimin telling him he has bad rides too was the equivalent of a student that always gets hundreds saying that they’re screwed for a test.


“Yeah, he just seems to be having them a lot,” Taehyung mumbled and Jungkook gasped quietly.


That kind of hurt, too. Apparently, Taehyung decided to put Jungkook through an emotional fucking rollercoaster, and it was really doing shit to him. One second Jungkook was feeling horny as hell and the next he was a millisecond from breaking down in tears and quitting riding forever. Parkour!


“Come on,” Jimin said gently as he pushed Jungkook away from Helena, signaling to leave the arena with him.


“This is what I meant when I said he was a hardass,” Jimin comforted him as they walked out, leaving Taehyung behind. Jimin’s arm was loosely thrown over Jungkook’s shoulders and it somehow felt very comforting, as if Jimin had a little bit of a different energy.


Taehyung was too hot, too energetic, had too much of a powerful presence, so his touches were rarely comforting. And when Taehyung got mad, oh boy.


Jimin, not that he didn’t have a presence, was gentler. Elegant, graceful, smooth. And even though Jungkook witnessed Jimin being a very obvious flirt, he looked almost soft when he wasn’t trying.


“It’s okay,” Jungkook sniffled as he tiredly took his helmet off when they entered the tack room, chucking it on the couch. It fell off. Jungkook groaned at it but didn’t pick it up, throwing himself on the couch instead with a loud, long groan.


Jimin sat next to him quietly and started softly stroking his hand, making Jungkook’s eyebrow rise questioningly.


“He gets like that,” Jimin said softly, as if Jungkook didn’t know, “don’t blame yourself. We all suck sometimes, and don’t get me started on what fucking up is like when you have a bad trainer.”


Jungkook smiled weakly. “Well you started already,” he dragged and Jimin responded with a chuckle, still lightly stroking Jungkook’s hand.


“I once had a trainer,” Jimin started, sounding like a grandpa reminiscing about the old times, “that was a straight up dick. A good trainer, but a dick. Now, Tae is kind of a dick too, but, you know. He has a charm.” Jimin winked and Jungkook had to nod, because yeah, that was painfully true.


“Anyway,” Jimin muttered with a small frown, “he would cancel, like, every other lesson. I know it sucks to have to end a lesson early because the trainer loses it. Because what this asshole would do was literally come to the lesson, yell at me for the way I held my reins and then just left. That was it. And I still had to pay him.”


“Why didn’t you stop doing lessons with him, then?” Jungkook asked, feeling a little wronged on Jimin’s behalf. Jimin laughed, the sound of it ringing in the air and making Jungkook shiver with something fuzzy.


“I couldn’t,” he sighed, “he partially owned Bellona back then and he threatened to take her from me all the time. That was until I finally saved up enough money to buy her off him and get the hell out of there.”


“Oh, right,” Jungkook’s eyes widened, “what about Bellona?” He knew that a mare about to foal didn’t have to be checked thatfrequently if there were no prior complications, because it was not like she would need help anyway. Horses gave birth alone, ideally with no assistance at all, and one would usually just find a foal in the stall the next morning out of nowhere. If a horse needed help in labour, something was probably wrong.


Still, Jimin’s been away from her for some time now, specifically for about two hours, counting his own ride, the time before Jungkook’s lesson and the twenty-something minutes that he got from it.


“I got someone to check on her here and there, plus  I left the baby monitor somewhere here,” he mumbled and started looking around, presumably for the baby monitor. He noticed it on the side of the table and reached for it, bending over quite unnecessarily and making Jungkook avert his eyes before he blushed.


“She’s good,” Jimin commented as he scooted back, promptly resting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and drawing a shaken breath from the younger. The monitor showed a very round grey horse peacefully munching on some hay, not showing any signs of incoming labour.


“How long have you had her?” Jungkook asked conversationally and rested his hand somewhere near Jimin’s thigh. Jimin hummed.


“About five years. I’ll sell her and keep the baby later,” he answered, to which Jungkook nodded. Jimin set the monitor back on the table and leaned into Jungkook.


Jungkook groaned quietly, still beating himself up over Taehyung being straight up pissed at him. “He hates me,” Jungkook whined. Jimin rolled his eyes.


Oh please, he doesn’t,” he giggled, “it would be a different shitstorm if he actually hated you, trust me.”


“But he like, thinks I can’t do anything right,” Jungkook complained and leaned his head back in frustration. “Like for real, I can’t imagine him thinking I was good at something.”


To this, Jimin hummed, and leaned closer into Jungkook, placing his hand on the younger’s thigh and gingerly running it up. Jungkook stilled, hesitant, but then Jimin leaned his head back to get closer to Jungkook.


“Well, if it makes you feel better,” Jimin murmured, turning his head, grazing his lips right over Jungkook’s neck and sending immediate wave of shivers down his spine, “Tae said something along the lines of you being a great bottom.”


What the fuck. That was so goddamn sudden and blunt it made Jungkook’s heart skip a beat. His breath hitched instantly and goosebumps jumped up on his skin, his heartbeat increasing immediately. Jimin wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore, he was straight up coming for Jungkook.


Jimin was forward, not like Jungkook never noticed, but saying shit like this out of nowhere only further proved to him that Jimin and Taehyung were very closely affiliated. In terms of riding skills, looks, behavior, shamelessness.


They’ve fucked before. It was clear as a day. And Jimin made it known that for some reason, they wanted to add Jungkook into the equation.


“H-he- what,” Jungkook croaked, closing his eyes and inhaling sharply with his nose, because Jimin started rubbing his small hand up Jungkook’s thigh. What was everyone’s deal with his thighs?


Jimin did it differently than Taehyung, though. Taehyung grabbed his thighs hungrily, with demand, completely charged to get what he wants and making Jungkook unable to resist. 

Taehyung never gave Jungkook too much of a chance to claim himself, it was always Taehyung grabbing Jungkook and fucking him into the nearest surface with absolute control over him, each time more powerful than the first time. He praised him a lot, he called him names, he was a bit of everything.


Jimin, on the other hand, seemed dangerous in a very gentle way, one could say. Tantalizing enough to shoot a dosage of endorphins from Jungkook’s brain immediately, and faintly drowning out the feelings of anger and failure. His hand was small but intense on Jungkook’s thigh, running his fingers over the bends in his pants, knowing very well he was close to the dangerous zone which Jungkook tried very hard to control.


“He said you’re a great bottom,” Jimin repeated purposefully, and holy shit, gently flicked his tongue over the vein on Jungkook’s neck, immediately sending shivers down his spine, “but I think I have to disagree.”


Jungkook stilled and gripped the side of the couch, while his other hand somehow on instinct moved to Jimin’s thigh. He was being completely obviously seduced, and he was giving in. Was that how easy he was? Why was Jimin doing this now, too? He just came from a lesson, damn. That was nasty.


“Why,” he managed to breathe out when Jimin’s hand moved to the waistband of his pants and started fiddling around it, untucking the shirt gently. Fuck, they were in the goddamn tack room. People could come and go, he literally heard voices outside the closed door, and he was about a second from getting hard.


“Because I think you’d make a wonderful top,” Jimin giggled, this time actually gently licking a small stripe along Jungkook’s neck, to which Jungkook automatically tilted his head to the side, exposing his sharp jawline. Jimin instantly caught to the side of it with his lips. A small groan left Jungkook’s lips, and at this point he was half hard, but had no fucking clue what to do. He couldn’t say no, he wouldn’t say no. Because whatever the fuck Jimin was doing, Jungkook liked it.


The thought of Jimin and Taehyung popped up in his mind again, and quickly realized it was not a good idea, because the heat pooling in his lower belly started swirling faster.


“When-when did he-ah,” Jungkook gasped softly when Jimin latched himself right under his jawline, nibbling at the skin and leaving a tiny mark, “when did he say it?”


Jimin pulled away to whisper into his neck again and ran his index and middle finger over the warm, smooth skin of Jungkook’s waist as he slipped his fingers under the fabric of his shirt.


“Oh, you know. While we were fucking yesterday.”


That did it for Jungkook. Confirmed, affirmative, positive. They fucked. Jimin being the bottom, Taehyung doing all the things he did to Jungkook to Jimin too. And it was so fucking hot that Jungkook got hard the second the words left Jimin’s lips. He forgot how bitter he was feeling towards Taehyung, too. Jimin’s power.


“Fuck,” Jungkook breathed, shutting his eyes tightly and leaning his head back.


“Do you like the idea of that?” Jimin whispered into his ear, the tickle of his breath shaking Jungkook up all over. He nodded feverously, because he’d be damned if he didn’t like the idea of that.


Jimin filled up to the brim, his beautiful face flushed in pleasure and silver hair sticking to his glistening forehead while Taehyung ruined him like would always ruin Jungkook. Shit, that was a nice fucking thing to imagine.


Jimin chuckled through his nose, and after he realized Jungkook was hard, he slipped his hand away from under his shirt and redirected it to the bulge in Jungkook’s pants.


“Shit-“ Jungkook whimpered when he realized Jimin started digging into his zipper.


Jeon, come untack your fucking horse!”


Jungkook jumped away from Jimin as if he got electrocuted when Taehyung’s booming voice echoed from outside the door. Giving Jimin a quick look of panic, Jungkook stood up and just started, both of them flustered and hot, especially Jungkook.


Jimin looked somehow satisfied, his tongue running over the plush of his bottom lip a few times. Jungkook wasn’t sure how to face this situation, so he just frantically started rummaging in his locker to pull out a big hoodie that would reach to his mid-thighs.


He pulled it on, turning his back to Jimin so the older wouldn’t see his disheveled face. He heard Jimin hum, and he knew he was done for. Jimin got him.


Without giving Jimin another look, he sped out of the tack room, hoping his flushed face and rock hard dick hidden by the hoodie weren’t too obvious. He found Taehyung standing by Helena, who was already standing in the cross ties, looking as unbothered as ever.


Taehyung lifted his head from his phone, only to tilt his head lightly. He narrowed his eyes and looked Jungkook over from head to toes, but didn’t say anything. Thank fuck, Jungkook thought he would get exposed the instant Taehyung saw him.


“Are,” Jungkook started carefully while he started fiddling with the girth straps, “are you mad?”


Taehyung sighed. “Yes. No. I don’t know,” he mumbled and walked over to Jungkook. He rested his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and possessively rubbed his ass.


Okay, this was a good time to panic. If Taehyung moves his hand to his front, Jungkook is fucked. His boner still didn’t go down and his skin was still way too hot, and knowing shit didn’t just slip past Taehyung, he realized the danger he was in.


But, naturally, he couldn’t push him away. He couldn’t push him nor Jimin away, like he just had the pleasure of discovering.


“I kind of am, but I’m calmer now. I was really fucking pissed back there,” Taehyung chuckled into his neck and pressed his lips into it, sucking gently. “At this point, I’m that kind of mad that a hard fuck would fix, but you seem tired.”


Fuck, they were right in the middle of the fucking barn, yet Taehyung had absolutely no restraints per usual. That, and he was now pressing his lips and tongue onto the burning skin on Jungkook’s neck, right on the other side of where Jimin’s lips were a few moments ago.


Shit, Jungkook never thought he would be so turned on by this. He didn’t know which was more thrilling, the fact that Taehyung didn’t know that Jimin was doing the same to him moments ago, the fact that they were in public and he was hard still, or the thought of both Taehyung and Jimin kissing either sides of his neck at the same time.


He groaned internally. Yeah, definitely both of them kissing his neck at the same time.


But suddenly, Taehyung’s lips were gone, and all that was left was faint sting on his ass from a quick smack.


He turned around, red in the face, and Taehyung smirked at him, his face so smug that Jungkook almost thought that Taehyung knew exactly what went on in the tack room. He gave Jungkook a quick look as he licked his lips and then disappeared somewhere out of his sight as the wall of the cross ties blocked the view.




Taehyung would always do this, rile him up and leave.


And then, as an opposite, before they fucked, he would start out of nowhere. That was what Taehyung usually worked like.


Jungkook went back to the girth he didn’t get a chance to take off completely and aggressively tried to ignore how much his pants were straining. He has to take a goddamn shower and do something about that little problem.





When he got back from the shower, a little delirious from the orgasm and from long minutes in the cold water, it was past seven. There were still people walking around, some getting ready for lessons.


He noticed Jimin and Seokjin standing right outside the tack room talking.


He shuffled over to the cross ties, moving past Jennie and her expensive ass Hanoverian mare who was tacked up for a jumping lesson, and started packing up his shit he left in the cross ties before he hurriedly left for a shower.


“Yeah, I’ll just, I don’t know, go sleep for a few hours before Mina leaves,” he heard Jimin say.


“Why, is she checking on Bellona?” Seokjin’s voice sounded, and Jungkook had to wonder who the hell would take their time to look after someone’s horse for almost a whole day.


“Yeah,” Jimin answered, “I’ll take over for the night, obviously.”


“About fucking time, she could’ve foaled and you wouldn’t even know.”


“I have a baby monitor, thank you very much.”


Jungkook snorted, knowing too well Jimin probably hasn’t looked at the baby monitor since the two of them were in the tack room.


“Hey you,” Seokjin greeted someone, “you staying overnight again? How’s Million?”


Oh. So Taehyung. Fuck, if stays overnight again-


“Yeah,” Taehyung answered, and Jungkook clenched his teeth involuntarily. How the fuck was going to sleep tonight knowing that him and Jimin would be going at it again.


Suddenly, a small buzz of excitement exploded, and of course, Taehyung’s voice was the loudest.




Taehyung yelled so loud that a horse in the stall across the cross ties spooked a little. A wave of whooping and chattering sounded from behind the wall and Jungkook had to stick his head out.


The three of them were huddled around Hoseok, patting his shoulders and showering him with hellos.


Jungkook had to come out and say hello too, because damn, that was a nice surprise after such a shitty lesson. It’s been a long fucking while since he saw Hoseok. The guy had to stop riding for good five months because of how badly he fell in his most recent event. He arranged someone to ride his horse while he was recovering, but this someone was in an entirely different barn, so Hoseok’s horse had to be moved. Hence why he rarely showed up here anymore.


“How have you been?”


“When are you coming back?


“Haven’t seen you in ages, you fucker!”


“Are you still up Yoongi’s ass?”


Hoseok looked endearingly overwhelmed, smiling at them and chaotically nodding and answering the questions. Taehyung loosely threw his arms around his neck. Hoseok noticed Jungkook peeking out from the cross ties and waved at him.


“Hi,” Jungkook smiled, coming up to him. Hoseok returned the smile with way more energy. He was always like this, bright and positive, the guy could end up last in his round and he’d still be the happiest bitch alive because at least he got to buy some good hotdogs at the show or some shit.


Even after his fall, when he was glued to a hospital bed and was told he can’t ride for five months, the dumbass smiled and shrugged, saying he can at least finally finish watching Teen Wolf.


“Hey!” He greeted Jungkook cheerfully. “How are you doing?”


Jungkook smiled sheepishly. “I’m okay,” he sighed, “but this ain’t about me, how are you doing?”


Hoseok stroked his neck. “It’s alright,” he answered, “I can slowly start riding in like two weeks, the doc said. Rehab’s been good, so I brought Sprite back here. You know, so he can get homey again.”


Hoseok’s horse, Sprite, was a lively Thoroughbred that got out of the fall completely fine. The same couldn’t be said about Hoseok.


Cross country courses were a do or die. After getting a wrong distance in the canter, Sprite hit his knees on a log, resulting in a nasty rotational fall that cost Hoseok three broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Sprite got up, shifting most of his weight on Hoseok in the process, which gave the poor guy some contusions too, but the horse got out sound.


“Nice,” Taehyung nodded appreciatively, “can’t wait for you to start killing yourself again, dumbass.”


“You just hate cross,” Hoseok rolled his eyes.


“Yeah, I prefer my bones whole and horses alive.”


“Your vertebra has left the chat.”


“Shut the fuck up.”


Jungkook giggled when Taehyung slapped Hoseok’s shoulder. He realized how fucked up they all were, broken bones and ruined organs, yet they still loved what they were doing with all of their hearts. Hoseok laughed, wheezing a little afterwards.


“Do you have any major consequences?” Jimin inquired, his arms crossed on his chest. Hoseok sighed heavily, nodding.


“I have a little trouble breathing. They saved one part of the collapsed region, but at this moment, there’s still a fucking dead space in my pleural cavity,” Hoseok said as if it wasn’t a big deal, smiling widely afterwards.


“Wow,” Jimin hummed, “do you ever just breathe to flex on Hoseok?”


“Do you ever just have a normal sized horse to flex on Jimin-OW WHAT THE FUCK-“


Jungkook laughed when Jimin kicked Hoseok in the shin. Bullying Thalia’s size appeared to be a running gag, and Jimin didn’t appreciate it, as it would seem.


Hoseok hissed and returned the hit with a light punch to Jimin’s arm until Seokjin stepped in between them, saying something about the abuse of the disabled.


“Yeah, exactly,” Hoseok huffed. “We shouldn’t fight with the disabled, I’m sorry, Jimin.”


“I swear to god I’ll break another three ribs of yours-“


Jungkook just stood by and laughed, finally feeling a little relieved and not pestered by the thoughts of Jimin or Taehyung for a while. Hoseok always brought this kind of energy, so it was only natural.


“So, Taehyung,” Hoseok turned to him when he was done beating Jimin up, “what is your fancy ass doing here? How did our humble abode deserve the visit of a prestige personality like yourself?”


Taehyung grimaced at the last sentence and pulled a crooked smile, pointing his head at Jungkook.


“I’m giving lessons to a few people here, this little shit being one of them,” he answered, prompting Jungkook to frown.


“Thank you,” Jungkook commented sadly. Taehyung giggled wholeheartedly and scooted over to Jungkook to wrap and arm around his waist.


“I’m kidding,” Taehyung hummed and went out of his way to secretly slide his hand down and squeeze Jungkook’s ass, almost drawing a small whelp from him, “he’s great.”


“That’s not what you were saying an hour ago,” Jungkook mumbled.


“Yeah, this is the first compliment I heard on Jungkook from you,” Jimin noted.


“It’s not,” Taehyung smirked and winked at Jimin, prompting him to oohand smirk as well. Jungkook honestly didn’t know how the fuck was he still in his body.


Hoseok and Seokjin exchanged a questioning glance, but seemed to know the two long enough to conclude that it would be best for everyone if they didn’t even try to understand. Hoseok shook his shoulders lightly.


“What are you all up to, anyway? Did y’all ride already? I wanted to watch you,” Hoseok asked casually and rested his hands on his hips.


“I’m staying overnight, my fucking horse has a colic,” Taehyung complained, all while keeping his hand on Jungkook’s ass, rubbing softly. Jungkook tried his goddamn hardest to just focus on the nicely flowing conversation and not at how his dick was getting a heartbeat again.


“I’m staying overnight too because Bellona is foaling soon,” Jimin stated proudly and grinned when it got the exact reaction he wanted from Hoseok.


“No shit!” Hoseok gasped in awe, “that’s amazing, who’s the sire?”


“Rubin Royal,” Jimin announced like it was the news of the year, which it probably was, because Hoseok’s and Seokjin’s eyes widened, both of them emitting whooping sounds of surprise.


“Are you shitting me? You didn’t tell me!” Seokjin exclaimed. Jungkook raised his eyebrows.


“Why, who-“ he trailed off, because Seokjin immediately gave him a look that called him a dumbass without words.


“That’s like, the closest thing you get to Valegro,” Seokjin said loudly, flailing his arms around.


“Valegro is a gelding-“


“That’s not the fucking point!”


Hoseok sighed. “Rubin Royal is basically an elite stallion, third in the top ten of worldwide best dressage sires, according to WBFSH. Not sure about his correlation with Valegro-“


“It’s the only dressage horse Seokjin knows, that’s the correlation,” Jimin snickered and earned an upside smack on the head from Seokjin.


Jungkook oohed. “So that’s the father of Bellona’s baby?”


Jimin nodded, still looking immensely proud.


“It’s gonna be a superfoal,” Jimin stated, resting his hands on his hips triumphantly. Taehyung scoffed.


“In size or-“




Hoseok shook his head with a weary giggle. “Damn, I still have to let Sprite for a run. He’s been a little too fresh lately, the riding probably hasn’t been enough for him.” He sighed and took a deep breath, grimacing a little. His lungs probably still weren’t in top condition, and likely would never be.


“He probably just misses cross,” Jimin hummed and smiled, understanding.


“Probably,” Hoseok said sadly, “but I don’t think I’ll be able to do as much with him as I used to..”


He trailed off, looking down. Jungkook knew it was hard. Accepting that you’ll never be able to go back to riding like you used to was always hard. It was crazy how exactly doing what you love the most could literally stop you from doing what you love the most. In Hoseok’s case, it just seemed to slow him down, but he still looked upset about it, and it was to be expected.


Hoseok loved cross country, it was his thing for as long as Jungkook remembered. He’s seen Hoseok do multiple events, and it was mesmerizing to watch. It was mesmerizing, because Jungkook would never be able to do it.


Cross country obstacles weren’t like show jumping ones, they could not be knocked down. They were firm, they were logs, bushes, ditches, banks and whatnot. One wrong step, one unfortunate bump, and the results could be catastrophic.


And one thing the rider wouldn’t get away with was staring the jump down, something Jungkook still struggled with. Hoseok didn’t. Hoseok looked ahead, forward, neither him or his horse hesitating for a second before a jump.


Until, of course, Sprite failed to see a distance on a jump on top of a hill.  The momentum he had from going uphill made the fall even worse, and that was saying a lot, because rotational falls could be deadly even in trot.


But Hoseok never seemed to think about it. It wasn’t like this was his first fall, he’s had shitty falls on cross country courses before this one, but never for a second he lost his passion and love for it. And Jungkook knew he hasn’t lost it now either.


It was evident from how down Hoseok looked, as much as he tried to hide it, because deep down he still loved cross with his entire heart and knowing that he would never be able to do it the same way again was something that didn’t settle well.


“You’ll be okay,” Jungkook had to say, feeling like he had to comfort Hoseok somehow, “just start slowly, don’t rush it.” He felt a little dumb after saying it though, because he was sure Hoseok knew all of this, but damn, it sucked to see him that down. His smile wavered, and that was unusual to see.


“Yeah,” Hoseok nodded and pursed his lips, “I have a lot of time, don’t I?” And then he smiled, finally back to himself a little. Seokjin consolingly stroked his shoulder.


“So anyway, is no one riding?” Hoseok sighed, realizing he never really got an answer to this question when he asked it before. Seokjin nodded.


“I am,” he responded and nudged Hoseok gently. “You can come with me, I was just about to tack up.”


They took off, talking happily.


When they were far enough, Hoseok turned around and gave Taehyung and Jungkook a quick scan, noticing the way Taehyung’s arm was wrapped around the younger’s waist, maybe even lower.


“Are they fucking?”


“Yes,” Seokjin answered without a second of hesitation, knowing exactly who Hoseok had in mind.




Hoseok smiled to himself. Not a single thing changed about Taehyung. He was a good guy. But he was also too much to resist and too easy to give in to. Hoseok knew it from experience.





“Hey, Jeon.”


Jungkook was just about to leave, packing up all of his shit in the tack room. He raised his head as he coiled his phone charger, looking up at Taehyung who called him.


“Yeah?” He tilted his head and shoved the charger in his bag. Taehyung leaned on the doorframe and brushed his hair back, revealing a little of his sharp gaze accentuated by his eyebrows.


“What are you doing tonight?” he asked and left the doorframe, moving over to Jungkook.


Jungkook immediately started feeling like a cornered animal, but managed to stutter out an answer.


“N-nothing, going home,” he breathed, eyes locked with Taehyung’s. Jungkook felt caught, because he knew exactly what Taehyung’s intentions were, but like every single time Taehyung approached him with that kind of look in his eyes, he had nowhere to run. And no desire to run in the first place.


“You should stay overnight,” Taehyung said softly, running his hand along the side of Jungkook’s neck to stop it at the nape. A thought that this was the side that Jimin kissed flicked in Jungkook’s mind, and he had to breathe in sharply. His heart started pounding as always and the beat of it shook his entire upper half.


Stay overnight. A whirlwind of thoughts went off in his mind, clouded by the returning images of his fantasies that as fresh as they were, had immense power. Jungkook was not stupid, he knew what this would hold. He knew Taehyung was not asking him to stay the night to help him with Million and binge watch Game of Thrones.


“Do you want to stay with us?” Taehyung asked, moving his lips to Jungkook’s ear to lick over it lightly, immediately rising goosebumps on Jungkook’s neck.


With us. That was the thing. Jimin was going to be there, and he now knew what Jimin and Taehyung did last night when they stayed here. And he also knew that Jimin had his sights set on Jungkook, he’s already managed to crack him open and confirm it to himself that Jungkook is willing. So there was no way Jimin was backing down, Jungkook knew that.


He threw his head back, leaning back into Taehyung’s touch as he kept his hand on Jungkook’s nape and gently bit his ear.


With us. With both of them. Jungkook wasn’t sure what exactly would that contain, but the thought of watching Jimin and Taehyung do their thing sent him on a different level of horny, one he’s never really reached, because he had no idea it existed.


Taehyung was hot. Taehyung was too fucking much and Jungkook’s had the pleasure of experiencing it multiple times.


Jimin was hot as well. He was so strangely alluring and soft, but driven at the same time, and Jungkook got a sneak peek of that too.


He was being offered this fucking five course meal on a silver platter while having his ear licked and ass squeezed. So the answer was obvious.


“Yea-yeah,” Jungkook nodded feverously, panting into the side of Taehyung’s head. He smelled like a mix of apples and the typical masculine scent that shampoos for men had, and it was sooddly intoxicating.


The second he panted out his answer, Taehyung pulled away, but kept his hand on Jungkook’s nape. He pulled Jungkook up, capturing his lips with his own and immediately licked along the pout of Jungkook’s lip, asking for access.


Jungkook pliantly opened his mouth and whimpered into the kiss, hungrily sucking on Taehyung’s tongue. Taehyung was not too much of a kisser. He was a good kisser, that’s for sure, but most of the time, he just went straight ravishing Jungkook’s neck or eating his ass as a greeting. They did make out before, a lot of times, sometimes not even as a part of foreplay.


Sometimes it was just out of boredom, it was for Taehyung to have a little play with poor Jungkook, but as soon as it started, it was always over. So Jungkook basked in it, let himself enjoy it to the fullest, because Taehyung kissed really fucking well.


Taehyung ran his index finger along Jungkook’s jawline to tip his head sideways a little, getting a better angle to tangle his tongue with Jungkook’s and softly pulled the smaller bottom lip between his teeth. Jungkook felt a hand on his ass again, pulling him close and clashing their hips together, and he gasped around Taehyung’s lips, because Taehyung was half hard, the press of it into Jungkook’s own rising erection too evident.


“Now, wait a little,” Taehyung chuckled as he brought his lips away, “be patient. There’s still a lot of people here.”


Jungkook whimpered. As if that’s ever been the problem. Taehyung once fucked him in the shower with another person changing in the locker room,  Taehyung’s hand clasped over Jungkook’s mouth to muffle his cries, rolling his hips slowly and deeply to avoid the telltale slapping of wet skin.


“Shit,” Jungkook whispered quietly as Taehyung finally pulled away, the heat from their bodies dispersing.


“We’ll be in the dressage end, I moved Million there yesterday,” Taehyung breathed heavily, straightening his shirt, and brushed his hair back again. Jungkook couldn’t help but smirk a little, because he saw that as much as Taehyung tried to hide it, he was equally turned on. Taehyung wanted him, it was obvious, and it made him feel a little in power. And also a little flustered, but that was not important.


“There’s a club room in their end, that’s where we’re staying overnight,” Taehyung said, “I still have to change Million’s drip and wait until it’s done. Jimin is still asleep, so I’ll come get you later. Do some shit you have to do meanwhile. Like for example clean your bit, that shit’s filthy.” He pointed to the bridle hook. Jungkook sighed, knowing his bit was indeed very dirty, so he just nodded and defeatedly grabbed the bridle.


“I’ll be back for you,” Taehyung said lowly, deliberately licking his lips afterwards, and then left. Jungkook huffed, blowing out air loudly.


He sat down on the couch and mindlessly started taking the bit off. He tried paying no mind to his boner and attempted to somehow mentally force it to go down, but the feeling of Taehyung’s hands on him and memories on Jimin’s lips on his jawline started infecting his mind again and he decided to accept that he’s going to live with a permanently hard dick.


On top of it, there were the images of Taehyung and Jimin together. He groaned quietly for himself. Why was the thought of it so hot? Why couldn’t he stop fucking imagining Taehyung biting Jimin’s silky neck as he pounded the living shit out of him?


Probably because he didn’t want to.


He sighed and stood up, still uncomfortably hard, but thank god he put sweatpants on after he showered today. His boner was quite fucking obvious under the grey fabric, but he decided to leave that to his hoodie and once again pulled it over his head before leaving the tack room to make his way to the sink. He didn’t even know why he took it off in the first place, considering that every single second he was in the danger of popping a boner.


As he was absentmindedly washing the bit in the sink, scratching the dried bits of hay and other shit that Helena chewed from it, he finally felt his dick soften. Thank god, otherwise he’d faint from fucking anemia soon.


He finished washing the bit, his hands cold from the water, and he clumsily put it back on the bridle. With a deep sigh, he lowkey collapsed on the couch, looking at the ceiling. He decided to stay on the couch and rest his eyes just for a second, because something was telling him that he wouldn’t get a lot of sleep tonight.





Taehyung got back sometime after nine. A few people entered and left the tack room, eyeing Jungkook sprawled on the couch.


Taehyung nudged him awake from the nap.


“Come on,” Taehyung said gently as he helped the sleepy Jungkook stand up and grab his stuff. They left the tack room calmly and quietly.


Jungkook checked on Helena before they left the jumper end, throwing her a carrot. Taehyung smiled at it.


“How is Million?” Jungkook yawned as he followed Taehyung sluggishly, too sleepy still to tear his eyes away from Taehyung’s delicious ass in front of him.


“Better,” Taehyung answered and nodded softly, “not as dehydrated anymore. He also kept poking his flanks yesterday, he’s not doing that anymore.”


Jungkook felt a slight bit of relief. From what Taehyung told him and from Million needing a drip, he assumed it was impaction colic. This type was a major pain in the ass, especially affecting chronically dehydrated horses, which Taehyung said Million was.


They kept walking, shortly entering the dressage end. Some people were still around there, gathering their things or just finishing up their chores, most of them just leaving. Jungkook sighed. He was still pressed about the lesson, and despite everything Jimin and Taehyung have planted in his brain, he felt a little down. The feeling that he’s never going to be as good as Taehyung wanted him to be was just too goddamn strong.


They stopped in front of dark wooden door and Taehyung swiftly shoved a key in the lock to open it. The door revealed an extremely cozy room with warm lighting, a few stupid horse tapestries on the walls and fairy lights along the ceiling. In the corner was somewhat of a bed, composed of a thick king sized mattress on top of a few wooden pallets, covered with fuzzy blankets and pillows. There were two couches and a bean bag too, a table and a cupboard, teacups placed right by a sink, a kettle, and a small fridge. Quiet music played from the radio on the shelf and the whole room smelled of pinewood, tea and leather.


Jungkook frowned. “Why don’t we have shit like this in the jumper end? This is so cool,” he mused as he walked around, touching the tapestries.


Taehyung sighed. “They took down five stalls to make this happen. This room isn’t in the original layout of the barn, but bitches here just decided they need a cozy room to kill time in.”


“That’s pretty dope,” Jungkook admitted, smiling, “how come do you have the key?”


“It’s Jimin’s, duh,” Taehyung stated and closed the door, “but even if you’re a jumper and ask nicely, they might get you one.” He turned his head a few times, cracking his neck, and then heavily sat down on the bean bag. Jungkook followed, deciding to make up for his fuckups by straddling Taehyung.


He lifted his eyebrow, but immediately gripped onto Jungkook’s hips.


“Are you mad?” Jungkook asked again, knowing very well that it wasn’t a personal thing and Taehyung had no real reason to be mad. As a trainer he’s definitely encountered worse cases, but there was already some sort of intimacy between them and he just had make sure it was intact.


Taehyung closed his eyes and hummed, pulling on Jungkook’s hips to get him to push upwards a little. “Not anymore. I’m sorry for saying mean shit, I know it’s hard with her. I just get a little frustrated when you do everything but what I tell you. It’s fine now, but you can’t lose your shit like that,” he said almost benevolently, his head still thrown back and eyes closed.


Jungkook felt the grip on his hips tighten and he tentatively rolled his hips, and smiled to himself when he saw Taehyung’s eyebrows twitch a little.


He didn’t know where Jimin was, but after finally catching Taehyung in the mood and alone after being pent up from him for the past few days, he told himself he’s going to just enjoy his hot, big dicked trainer alone for a while.


“I’m sorry,” Jungkook said quietly, rolling his hips subtly but firmly against Taehyung, “I really fucking couldn’t stop her, and I just, I don’t know how to slow her down without using hands so much…”


He kept speaking quietly and apologetically, because damn, that’s how he was feeling, but he knew Taehyung wasn’t mad anymore. Not with how hard he was getting under Jungkook’s ass.


“It-it’s fine, we’ll work on that,” Taehyung breathed. His eyes were still closed, his neck exposed as he had his head thrown back. Jungkook noticed a vein tense under the golden skin of his neck, and his throat bobbed as he swallowed.


“Also, maybe a stronger bit would be good,” Jungkook went on in his quiet, faux innocent voice, “because at least I’d be aware that it’s too strong and I’d be forced to not use my hands so much, you know?”


Taehyung’s hands moved from Jungkook’s hips to his ass, pushing him to deepen the motions of his hips. Jungkook almost smirked to himself.


“Yeah, sure,” Taehyung panted, his eyebrows furrowed. Through the soft material of his sweatpants, Jungkook could easily feel that Taehyung subtly moved his hips upwards too, chasing the friction. He was hard enough for Jungkook to feel it clearly now, and it indeed did things to Jungkook too, but he had to catch the moments he had of Taehyung not thinking clearly.


“So we can try the straight bar,” Jungkook mused, extending the motion of his hips to deliciously drag his ass across Taehyung’s prominently hard cock under him, “and if I watch my hands, we can do Weymouth for jumping-“


“Jungkook,” Taehyung’s eyes snapped open and he lifted his head, pinning Jungkook’s hips in place, “stop fucking talking about bits or I’ll fuck that babbly mouth of yours.”


Jungkook almost groaned, but somehow enjoyed playing with Taehyung like this. His eyes were glazed over, darkened and staring right back into Jungkook’s, so he knew he truly was in danger of getting his face fucked until he was drooling and choking, but then he remembered Taehyung dissed his dick taking skills, and started feeling ever so frisky.


“I don’t know,” Jungkook hummed, pretending to be in though, and started rolling his hips again, “I was thinking that French link could maybe work too, though on that one I’d still probably use my hands a lot..”


In a second, he found himself violently pushed off. He stumbled back, but got caught by Taehyung who rammed him into the wall that instant.


“Get on your fucking knees right now,” Taehyung growled and flipped them, so he was resting against the wall, Jungkook’s chest pressed into his.


At that moment, with all the firmness in Taehyung’s voice, Jungkook slowly started losing the daring mood. He started simmering down, and sank to his knees like a good boy. He began fiddling with Taehyung’s belt, the clinking of it so familiar that Jungkook’s dick twitched in his sweatpants.


“Yeah,” Taehyung breathed, looking down. “Suck. Now.”


And Jungkook almost did.


“Damn, starting without me?”


Jungkook jumped away and stoop up quickly, his head snapping towards the door. Jimin, standing in the door, looked a little amused. Jungkook looked panicked for a second, but then noticed a plastic bag and the baby monitor in Jimin’s hands and cocked his head questioningly.


“First come, first served,” Taehyung stated and lazily buckled his belt back. Jungkook gulped, not sure what to do.


“Why are you packing up the meal then?” Jimin snickered as he walked over to the table and set the bag and the monitor down. Jungkook noticed Jimin’s eyes flicking between him and Taehyung, and he felt heat rise to his face.


Taehyung chuckled. “Oh, I just remembered I have to check on Million. That’s why I’m here after all,” he said, actually sounding quite serious. He grabbed his phone and left without another word, a mere smirk in the door being a quick see-you.


Jungkook stood there, dumb, completely forgetting about his boner for a second. Jimin sprawled himself on one of the couches and Jungkook took a second to check him out, because he’s never really seem Jimin out of his riding gear.


The fucker had a very similar shirt to the one he rode in, also white, the collar not as deep, but still pretty revealing, and black cargo pants that narrowed at the calves and prettily accentuated his legs. Jungkook gulped again when he realized he was staring. And Jimin, of course, realized Jungkook was staring too.


“You know,” Jimin started playfully, promptly getting Jungkook’s heart rate up, “you’re allowed to touch the goods.”


Jungkook made a pained face, the words going straight to his already hard cock. He realized there was no hoodie to hide him now and that Jimin could see everything, but he didn’t want to chicken out, so he pliantly sat down next to Jimin, pulling his knees to his chest.


When he thought about it, it was almost scary, how always he got caught only with one of them and lost his shit immediately, so he didn’t even dare to imagine what it would be like when they were both in the same room with him.


He knew shit was going to go down. Neither Jimin nor Taehyung were tiptoeing around it. But he couldn’t wrap his mind around it very well, especially with how cloudy it was.


“Hey,” Jimin said softly when he noticed Jungkook was tense, “show me the goods too.”


At first Jungkook didn’t know what Jimin meant, but one touch to his thigh with a tentative amount of pressure to push his knees from his chest, and he understood.


He slowly let his legs rest freely, revealing the hard outline of his dick under the sweatpants, and he heard Jimin moan softly.


“Look at that,” Jimin honeyed into his ear, leaning in just like he did in the tack room earlier, “so hard and pretty in those sweatpants.”


Jungkook was quick to realize something. Taehyung was not much of a talker. He commanded, he praised, but he didn’t necessarily comment.


Jimin had a filthy mouth.


Jungkook groaned and bit his lips to keep any voice from slipping out, but Jimin already had his hands on his bulge.


“Do you have an idea how good you look in those, Jungkookie?” Jimin whispered and pressed his palm down, emitting a quiet cry from Jungkook.


“Don’t you know grey sweatpants are like gasoline, pretty?” he went on, apparently decided on cooking Jungkook’s brain. He ran his lips over Jungkook’s neck and hummed happily when Jungkook tilted his head.


No, he didn’t fucking know they were like gasoline. He didn’t know he’d find himself like this, ready for devouring.


“Jungkookie,” Jimin almost whined, now kissing along Jungkook’s collarbone, “I want your dick.”


Shit, that was sudden. It sounded almost playful, but so fucking blunt, so straightforward. Jungkook had no idea it would rile him up as much, but it did. It was too fucking hot for Jimin’s own good.


Jimin started palming him better and a sharp inhale ripped through him, one that he didn’t realize he had to take in. With the other hand, Jimin ghosted over Jungkook’s chest and stopped at his chin, only to tip his face closer, making sure the shiver of Jimin’s words would send and electric shock down his neck.


“I wanted it the second I saw it bouncing around in those goddamn sweats,” Jimin said softly right into the skin under Jungkook’s jawline, and Jungkook could swear he felt himself twitch under Jimin’s hand.


He let out a shaky ‘oh my god,’ feeling so submissive already that it scared him. He had no idea this is what Jimin hid behind that pretty smile and squeaky clean riding gear, this foul mouthed flirt.


Jimin pulled his face away from Jungkook’s neck, only to use the hand he had on his chin to turn Jungkook’s face at him. Jungkook saw the way Jimin’s eyes glinted with want, and he’d be damned if he’d ever get sick of seeing someone so fine so lusting for him.


“Don’t be so nervous around me, pretty,” Jimin whispered almost inaudibly, and then, with one quick motion, pressed their lips together.


Jungkook wasn’t sure where it came from. Maybe the tension’s always been there, maybe it was the past few days, but the second he felt Jimin’s lips on his and the soft tongue pressing against his bottom lip, he grabbed Jimin by the waist, and as if he weighed nothing, pulled him on his lap.


Jimin let out a small, high gasp, giggled quickly, and was back again, licking into Jungkook’s mouth and eagerly sucking on his tongue. He moved his leg to straddle him, the weight putting pressure in all the right places, and Jungkook unwillingly bucked his hips up.


Jimin’s body was small, way smaller than Taehyung, but somehow felt more ferocious, gentle in a way but also hungry. He tangled his hand in Jungkook’s hair, the other one wrapped around his neck, and kissed him harder, letting his tongue slip out for a second only to come back with a small bite to the lip. Jungkook groaned into the kiss, feeling himself grow even fucking harder under the pressure of Jimin’s ass, and when Jimin pulled himself closer into Jungkook’s stomach, he felt that he wasn’t the only one.


“Shit,” Jimin panted when he separated for a moment, “I want you so bad.”


“Yeah, likewise,” Jungkook slurred, looking at Jimin with absolute desperation, and once again, their lips crashed. Slithering his hands down Jimin’s small waist, Jungkook made his way to his ass to grab it properly, and shit, if this is what Taehyung felt when he grabbed his ass all the time, then he suddenly understood him completely.


Jimin started whimpering into the kiss, growing more feverous and impatient, doing more licking and biting than actually kissing, and Jungkook just went with it. Keeping the grip on Jimin’s ass, he found himself bucking his hips up again and teeth snagging on the fullness of Jimin’s lower lip.


Oh, another thing. Jimin could fucking move. His hips stayed glued to Jungkook, but the way he subtly pushed them back and forth in the rhythm of the kiss was surreal, so smooth and enticing that it had Jungkook on the verge on coming just like that.


And he maybe would, but then the door opened, and Jungkook knew it was Taehyung so he panicked again and he pushed Jimin away. He wasn’t sure what to do, realizing how funny it was he got caught in the exact same situation with different men in the past thirty minutes.


He snapped his head at Taehyung, looking for something to say, but he only caught a glimpse of Taehyung’s pleased smirk before Jimin forcefully grabbed his jaw, turned him back and shoved his tongue in Jungkook’s mouth.


It was not a kiss anymore. It was a fucking show, and Jungkook realized it, it was obvious how Jimin was putting effort into properly opening his mouth and making sure Taehyung saw their tongues slip past each other, making sure with his sideways glances that Taehyung was watching.


And that’s when it hit Jungkook, Taehyung was watching, watching him with someone else’s tongue down his throat, and it really shouldn’t make him as hot and bothered as it did.


Finally, Jimin pulled away, panting wildly. His cheeks were red and eyes glassy and the look of satisfaction that veiled his face while he stared Jungkook down was priceless.


“Who’s starting without who now, huh?” Taehyung snickered as he closed the door behind him, making sure to lock it. He walked over to them, and Jungkook almost grabbed him and sucked his dick right there and then, because for one, Taehyung was hard again, and for two, the look he had on his face could not be described as nothing but horny.


“Aw, come on, don’t get jealous,” Jimin cooed, and then it happened.


Jimin reached his hand up to grab Taehyung by the shirt, aggressively pulling him down, and their lips pressed together.


Jungkook was pretty sure his brain just straight up fucking gave out. He stilled, his mouth agape. His eyes got locked in one spot and he couldn’t fucking look away.


Jimin had his hand on Taehyung’s nape to keep him close, and Taehyung was leaning down, because Jimin was still straddling Jungkook’s lap. They were so fucking close, Jungkook could see everything.


Jimin smirked a little into the kiss and pulled away for a second, only to give Taehyung’s lip an obvious lick, and then went back, and just like he did with Jungkook, he made sure every single movement of his tongue against Taehyung’s was very well visible. Taehyung let out a low groan and grabbed Jimin by the hair, yanking his head back to get a better angle, and a small ah escaped Jimin’s lips. Then, he was back in, tangling their tongues together.


Jungkook shifted in his seat, and in a split second, he saw Taehyung slide lower and nibble, no, bite, on Jimin’s lower lip, moving back up to lick into his mouth afterwards, and he gave Jungkook a sideways look, eyes sharp and purposeful, saying ‘are you watching?’


And Jungkook nodded. He didn’t know for who, he just nodded, because this whole display was a huge yes, the two hottest motherfuckers in this world putting on a show for him and fucking their mouths with their tongues was a huge yes, and he’s never, ever been this hard.


Finally, finally the two separated, their eyes still connected, and Jungkook saw they were proud of themselves. They turned at him, Jimin’s hand returning to Jungkook to wrap around his neck, as if they were waiting for verdict.


“That,” Jungkook wheezed weakly, “was so fucking hot.”


They seemed to be pleased with his answer, because Jimin smiled and leaned in to kiss just below his ear and Taehyung ran his hand through Jungkook’s hair. Taehyung was standing, so the outline of his hard cock in his jeans was right in Jungkook’s face, and Jungkook had to bite his lips and grip on Jimin’s thigh because he’s never wanted to suck a dick so badly in his life.


“Did you like it, Jeon?” Taehyung rasped, his mouth ajar and tongue in the corner of his lips. His hand tugged ever so slightly at Jungkook’s hair as he nodded, squeezing his eyes shut.


“He did,” Jimin confirmed, and he swirled his hips, causing Jungkook to moan at the friction, “he’s so fucking hard.”


A pleased grin tugged at the corners of Taehyung’s mouth and he brushed his hair back, emphasizing the ravenous stare.


Jungkook whimpered and stirred his hips up, desperate for anything. He needed one of them to touch him, he needed a fucking dick down his throat, and most importantly, he needed Taehyung’s dick down Jimin’s throat.


“Please,” he got out, “please, just-“


“What do you want, pretty?” Jimin asked softly, stroking his neck. Him and Taehyung contrasted so wildly, while Taehyung gripped Jungkook’s hair to keep his face up, Jimin was caressing him.


And he wanted some of each.


“I want to see you two fuck,” he spat immediately, because there was no point at all in acting like it wasn’t true. He was a little shocked with himself that he just let it out like that, but it’s been on the table for long enough for him to try to deny it. Since the possibility of it popped up in his mind, he hasn’t been able to get it out. He was also pretty sure they knew it. “Please.”


Jimin looked up at Taehyung, one of his eyebrows lifted and a small, half smile on his lips.


“What do you think, Tae?” Jimin asked sweetly, still rubbing Jungkook’s neck softly.


Taehyung shot Jungkook a glance, tightening the grip in his hair. For a second he just looked, looked at Jungkook from above, and Jungkook felt so inferior and so pliant under his gaze that he’d literally do anything this fucking god told him to.


“Well,” Taehyung hummed, “since he asked so nicely.”


Jungkook whined again, feeling relieved and excited for some reason. He still couldn’t process it, too out of it to think about it, all he could focus on was how much he wanted them. Wanted them all over each other and then all over him.


Jimin shuffled off his lap, and Jungkook couldn’t miss how Taehyung let out a small, breathy grunt.


“Shit, look at him,” Taehyung said quietly, sounding almost choked. Jungkook looked down where Taehyung’s eyes were glued, and noticed a small wet spot on his grey sweatpants. Shit, was it that serious?


Another contrast Jungkook noticed was how Taehyung was the rougher one, but cracked easier than Jimin. It was evident, because Taehyung’s face was flushed suddenly, his tongue licking over his lips way too many times and his eyes didn’t move for one second. He looked so fucking hungry.


Jimin, on the other hand, looked satisfied.


“Damn,” Jimin purred, not hesitating to grab Jungkook’s cock through the cloth again, “look how nice and wet you are, pretty. Do we turn you on that much?” The buzz of Jimin’s silky voice triggered things in Jungkook’s brain he didn’t know were possible.


“Yeah, god,” Jungkook exhaled with a pleading look on his face, “so fucking much.”


“Do you want to see me ride Taehyungie’s cock before I hop on yours, baby?”


One more fucking word from Jimin and Jungkook swore he was going to bust at the spot.


“God, yes, please,” he nodded feverously and involuntarily pushed his hips to meet the rubs of Jimin’s hand.


“Shit, he’s actually fucking wet,” Jimin said under his breath as he worked his hand around Jungkook’s clothed erection, and he lifted his head to give Taehyung a communicating look.


 Taehyung got the memo and reached down to feel for himself, and the pained expression that tore through his face momentarily revealed his already cracking façade.


“Jimin,” Taehyung breathed, “stretch yourself. Quickly. Because I don’t know long I’ll last before fucking his brains out, but he wants you to go first.” Jungkook moaned in agreement.


Jimin hesitatingly withdrew his hand from Jungkook and complied. He stood up, stumbling a little, and walked over to a nightstand beside the makeshift bed and started rummaging around in one of the drawers. Meanwhile, Taehyung sat next to Jungkook and this time actually slipped his hand into his pants, and both of them quietly gasped. Jungkook at the direct touch, Taehyung at how wet Jungkook was.


“You’ve never been like this,” Taehyung grunted and grabbed Jungkook by the nape to turn his head around for a kiss, “it makes me want you even more.” He pressed his lips into Jungkook’s carefully at first, gradually becoming more forceful, and poor Jungkook could only whine and groan into the sloppy kiss as Taehyung fiddled his hand around his leaking cock.


Taehyung pressed his thumb right under the overly sensitive spot under the head and Jungkook actually had to pull away from the kiss and gasp for air, because the feeling spasmed his muscles.


“Look,” Taehyung said into Jungkook’s lips, pushing his head to the side, “look at him.”


Jungkook opened his eyes and shuffled around to get a better view. The second his eyes landed on Jimin, he had to push Taehyung away, or he would’ve come that instant.


Jimin was sprawled on the bed, his legs spread and head thrown back with lips apart and eyes closed. His silver hair fell over his eyes as soft whines escaped his mouth when he pushed two fingers inside of him, dragging them out and back in. Jungkook had to swallow and smack his lips when his sight moved towards Jimin’s pretty cock resting against his stomach, the head flushed and glistening. He was incomparably smaller than Taehyung, but that changed absolutely nothing about the fact that Jungkook wanted to suck him dry right there and then.


“He’s so fucking pretty,” Jungkook whispered, mostly for himself, but Taehyung reacted, leaning in to bite Jungkook’s neck gently.


“Isn’t he?” Taehyung said playfully and grabbed Jungkook under the chin, his hand still sticky and wet. Jungkook leaned into the touch, burning up at the thought that the filth on Taehyung’s hand being smeared around his chin was him, and kept his eyes on Jimin.


Jimin seemed to be aware of all the attention he was getting and he resorted to letting his mouth fall open and let out breathy moans, visibly pushing his fingers against his sweet spot, until he added the third one. He winced, but quickly came back to his overly erotic face, putting on a proper show.


He probably had some sultry shit to say, as he opened his mouth and looked straight at Jungkook, but was interrupted right away and gasped, probably hitting himself just right.


“Are,” Jimin managed to get out breathlessly, “are you guys going to join me?”


Jungkook nodded dumbly, eyes still locked on Jimin. He didn’t know where to look first, whether Jimin’s face, or his neck, misted with sweat and decorated with those damn bite marks, or his lower half, red and flushed, with his fingers knuckle deep inside of him. Not to mention, Jungkook really, really wanted a taste of his dick. Badly.


“Jimin,” Jungkook voiced out a little shakenly, earning a look from Jimin, “can I please suck your cock?”


Jimin laughed weakly, stopping the movements of his hand. Then he gave Jungkook a dark glare and one firm, almost commanding nod.


In that moment, Jungkook was out of his seat, wobbling towards Jimin. Taehyung followed him, a little quiet, just enjoying the show. He sank on the bean bag right next to the bed and lazily started unbuckling his belt, eyes fixated on the two.


Jungkook pushed Jimin backwards to get more space on the bed, their eyes locked for a second.


“Stop walking around with that dick print like that,” Jimin threatened, “or it won’t be you doing the sucking.” Jungkook just giggled and climbed on the bed, centering himself between Jimin’s legs.


“Suck, pretty,” Jimin panted and gently grabbed Jungkook by the side of his head to guide him between his legs. Jungkook didn’t have to be told twice, and the next second he had his nose against Jimin’s pubic bone. He felt a sense of pride at being able to take the whole dick, because with Taehyung it was kind of impossible. Jimin was thick, though, and Jungkook relished in the feeling of his lips stretching around the girth, drawing satisfied whimpers from Jimin.


Jungkook had to stop and ponder for a second, because he’s known Jimin for a long while now, they just never really interacted, and now there he was, with Jimin’s cock in his mouth.


He rolled his tongue around the head, lapping up the sticky precum that tasted way better than he expected, the thrill of the moment probably just fucking with his taste buds.


“Fuck, he’s good,” Jimin said quietly, probably speaking to Taehyung. Jungkook heard the addressed hum, and he opened his eyes to peak sideways, and he could swear he felt a drop of precum seep into his underwear the second he saw Taehyung.


He was sitting on the bean bag, legs apart, his hand gripping his cock and slowly stroking it, while his eyes were drunkenly focused on Jungkook. He was biting his lip, eyebrows furrowed slightly, and his strokes were almost stiff, as if he was trying not to cum too fast.


Jungkook unknowingly stopped moving his head for a second, just staring at Taehyung in awe with Jimin’s dick still in his mouth.


“Keep going, Jeon,” Taehyung commanded, the deep tone of his voice instantly sending a rush of blood for a rip around Jungkook’s body.


“No, don’t,” Jimin murmured and pulled on Jungkook’s hair gently to drag him off his cock. Jungkook gasped for breath, as if he came up for air, and sloppily wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.


“You taste really fucking good,” he complimented Jimin with a small smile on his lips. Jimin replied with grabbing Jungkook for a filthy, wet kiss, tasting of Jimin’s precum and spit, and Jungkook couldn’t fucking get enough.


He had no idea he was this pent up, and he came to a conclusion that this shit’s been on his mind ever since Jimin found out him and Taehyung fucked for the first time.


Back then, he wasn’t sure if Jimin meant the request to include him, but now he knew that Jimin absolutely did.


Jimin pulled away from the kiss and granted Jungkook with a quick smirk, before he walked over to Taehyung.


“Sit back, pretty,” Jimin dragged, looking at Jungkook over his shoulder as he straddled Taehyung, “and enjoy the show.”


From then, Jungkook was convinced he had an out of body experience. He almost forgot about the fact that he was still fully dressed and he chaotically took of his sweatpants and underwear, both damp and stained with precum, and he jumped lightly when he finally wrapped his hand around his cock.


In a haze, he locked his eyes on the curve of Jimin’s back, widening at his perky ass. He shuffled on the bed to get a better view, and it almost knocked him the fuck out. Jimin and Taehyung were making out wildly, their cocks rubbing together as Jimin straddled Taehyung’s hips. Taehyung had his hand on Jimin’s ass and Jimin subtly rolled his hips forward with the motion of the kiss, but something was telling Jungkook that this was not the peak of Jimin’s performance.


Taehyung lightly pushed Jimin away and turned his head at Jungkook. He was flushed and his lips were damp, bitten red, and he smirked, baring his teeth.


Jungkook took in a sharp inhale, squeezing the base of his cock to control himself. Fucking hell, this was too much. He didn’t know where to look first, Jimin’s body, or Taehyung’s, or their lips sliding firmly against one another, and fuck, Taehyung moved his lips to Jimin’s neck and started biting and sucking, giving him marks-


“Taehyung,” Jungkook whined, and the urgency of his tone seemed to have gotten Taehyung’s attention, “fuck him, please, just-“ He couldn’t finish the sentence, the words got choked back with how heavy his breaths got only from thinking about it.


He pulled his hand away from his dick and considered sitting on it, because he couldn’t guarantee he would come the second Jimin slid on Taehyung’s cock.


“You heard him,” Jimin chuckled, “fuck me.”


Shit,” Taehyung murmured into Jimin’s neck and nodded. He grabbed Jimin’s dainty waist and signaled him to lift his hips up.


Jungkook took a deep breath. He had to get ready, he didn’t know if he could actually handle this. The arousal was too much already, it was making his muscles tremble, he was continuously leaking precum, his head was getting dizzy.


He had to see this, but he knew it was going to take him like a freight train.


“Come on up,” Taehyung told Jimin, and he obliged, lifting his hips up to align his entrance with the glistening head of Taehyung’s cock. Jungkook gulped, because he could swear he saw it throb. Fuck, he really hoped his refractory period was going to get its shit together because he knew he had more than one orgasm coming in tonight. He put his hand back on his cock, trying to keep the rhythm slow and gentle, avoiding all extra sensitive places, because he was scared he’d come too soon.


Taehyung shot Jungkook one last glance to make sure he was watching, then gave Jimin a small nod, and gently pushed him down.


Yeah, Jungkook came the second Jimin started sinking on Taehyung’s cock.


The image of Jimin lowering himself down, his ass deliciously pushed apart by the thick girth of Taehyung’s cock, was too much. Jungkook threw his head to the side and let out a loud pant, but kept watching and kept squeezing his dick, the cum spilling over his hand. He shivered, his muscles tensing into the wave of pleasure, and when he started relaxing, Jimin was already all the way on Taehyung’s dick.


Taehyung had his head thrown back and mouth open, his upper lip lifted in his typical, satisfied half smirk.


“Move,” he whispered to Jimin, who was strained forward, panting.


“Give me a second, you’re poking my fucking diaphragm.”


“Yeah, because you’re four feet tall.”


“Your dick is four feet tall.”


“That’s not an insult, Jimin.”


Jungkook almost chuckled lightheartedly at their conversation. It was clear that these guys were friends, really, really close friends that liked to fuck it out sometimes, but never let go of their ways.


This short moment of relief didn’t do any good though, because quickly, Jimin huffed and lifted himself up, letting Taehyung’s dick slip out of him almost entirely, and the slammed himself back down. He leaked a high pitched cry, and dug his fingers into Taehyung’s shoulders. His entire upper half shivered and Jungkook felt a sizzle of newfound arousal somewhere in his lower belly, waiting to rise another boner the second his erectile tissue was ready.


“Sh-yeah, like that,” Taehyung grunted, his face going back to scrunched eyebrows and mouth slightly agape. Jungkook noticed how his hands gripped Jimin’s hips to guide his for now slow movements, and his heart was going fucking mayhem at the sight of Taehyung’s cock slipping in and out of Jimin with such ease.


“Okay, speed up,” Taehyung said quietly, gripping the sides of Jimin’s hips more firmly, and Jimin just nodded, and that’s when the storm began.


Let’s put it this way. Jimin could ride.

Jungkook grimaced at the double entendre, but nevertheless, he couldn’t fucking take his eyes off Jimin.


Jimin held himself up on his knees as he kneeled on either side of Taehyung’s hips, his own hips snapping up and sinking back down quickly and intensely, yet sensually enough to let himself, Taehyung and presumably Jungkook too, enjoy Taehyung’s cock sliding past his rim and letting the head snag on it every now and then. His movements were directed both up and down and back and forth, making some sort of a fluid wave that allowed him to hit his prostate with every single thrust, all while squeezing Taehyung’s cock in all the right places.


Jungkook’s mouth went dry, and his head went a little light when his cock started twitching, slowly getting hard again, because who the fuck was he to not get hard at this sight.


It was so, somuch better than he expected. He didn’t know what to focus on first, if Taehyung’s face frowning in complete pleasure, head thrown back and hands grabbing Jimin’s ass in bruising hold, or Jimin’s wanton moans and high mewls and every single loud ahthat made its way out of his mouth when Jimin sunk down.


“Fuck,” Jimin whined, biting his plush lip, “ah, deep, fu-“ Jungkook knew exactly what it was like to have Taehyung’s cock so far that is probed at the speech centre in his brain, so he completely understood the destroyed little whines that Jimin was emitting.


“Yeah,” Taehyung moaned and a wild grin tugged at the right corner of his mouth, “fuck, you’re doing all of it, Jimin, sh-shit, I don’t even have to do anything.”


“That’s not something to brag about,” Jimin giggled, the giggle disappearing immediately afterwards as Jimin slammed himself down particularly hard, probably ramming right against his prostate on the way, because his body bent at the waist as if he got punched and he took in a loud gasp. Jimin’s body alone was being so loud and telltale that Jungkook swore he could feel it for him.


“Why a-are you so huge today?” Jimin panted as he started speeding up even more, enhancing the lewd sounds. Taehyung smirked and lifted his head. Then he turned at Jungkook.


“Because we have an audience,” Taehyung breathed and momentarily, his darkened and he had to hiss. Jungkook knew why.


It was because Jungkook looked like a fucking whole meal, his naked body showing off his flushed cock, hard once again, with his eyes drunken and fixated on the display, and so impossibly horny that he barely had a clue where he was. He didn’t dare to touch his cock again, because at this point it was so sensitive, and the act in front of him has become so intense, that he knew what would follow.


“This is how you ride a cock, baby,” Taehyung said to Jungkook, jerking his head to Jimin who was now frantically bouncing up and down with his head banging up and down like on a rollercoaster.


Jungkook nodded dumbly. He should feel offended like he did when Taehyung mentioned it in the lesson, but he didn’t. He fucking didn’t, because what Jimin was doing was pure fucking performance, and a swing in his hips like that couldn’t be taught. All Jungkook wanted to do was watch, and then have Jimin do the same thing on his dick.


He remembered Jimin did say he was going to get on with that, and his heart might’ve went into slight fibrillation.


“Look how nicely he’s fucking himself,” Taehyung grunted, reverting his gaze to Jimin and giving his bouncy ass a slap, one that made Jimin jump higher.


Jimin indeed was fucking himself nicely, he managed to hit his spot and do it for Taehyung at the same time, all while keeping the movements of his hips fast and intense, still giving Jungkook a perfect view of his ass being stretched and filled with Taehyung’s thick cock.


“M-My thighs hurt,” Jimin babbled, but kept riding nevertheless.


“Oh come on,” Taehyung snickered, “it’s like rising trot.”






Please shut the fuck up.”


Taehyung snorted, but seemed to have a little mercy and snapped his hips up, throwing Jimin off his rhythm, but apparently it worked, because Jimin straight up screamed.


“Shit! That was so fucking deep, oh my god, d-do it again,” Jimin spat quickly and tried to get the sensation himself, only to have his hips lifted by Taehyung’s hands and harshly pulled back down to meet Taehyung’s upward thrust.


“Fuck! Yeah, yeah- bite my neck, god-“ Jimin threw his head to the side, and Jungkook had to move a little, now practically sitting on the side of the bed, having a perfect view between their bodies. He bit his lip at the sight of Jimin’s cock getting fucking drenched against Taehyung’s stomach, making a mess on his black shirt, the wet stains glistening against the material.


Jungkook ignored the dizziness and almost painful throbbing of his cock and decided to enjoy it for just a while longer, especially when Taehyung started biting and sucking on Jimin’s neck, on the other side this time, and it prompted Jimin to slow down a little.


“Jungkookie,” Jimin spoke, lightly turning his head in Jungkook’s direction. “Do you want me?”


All Jungkook do was nod stupidly, his mouth open and eyes unfocused. His entire lower body was on fucking fire and there was currently nothing he wanted more than Jimin’s ass.


“Yeah,” Jungkook confirmed, “really fucking bad.”


Jimin smiled, his face looking almost innocent and not matching the huge cock up his ass and purple marks on his neck, and he tapped Taehyung’s shoulder. Taehyung lifted his head. Sweat glistened on his temples and he stopped his upward thrusts, until Jimin slowed down and stopped too.


“It’s his turn,” Jimin panted, shivering lightly. Taehyung hummed.


“So you’re willingly giving up cum in your ass?”


Jimin rolled his eyes, but then slid his hand on Taehyung’s cheek and gently turned his head in Jungkook’s direction.


“Yours, yes. His, no,” Jimin concluded, and then his eyes sparkled, “and I’m going first.”


Then he wiggled a little, searching for support in his knees. “Take your dick out of me, I can feel your fucking heartbeat in it,” Jimin complained with a hint of grin. Taehyung slapped his ass, and Jungkook had to bite his damn hand to keep it from gripping his cock, because the way Jimin’s ass jiggled after the sharp slap sent some more blood south.


He was so fucking hard it hurt, and he didn’t know what to do with himself. He looked at Jimin, pleadingly, almost.


“Come here,” he murmured, stretching weakly towards Jimin. Jimin tsked and pulled off Taehyung’s cock, and Jungkook lost his fucking breath for a second, because Taehyung was still rock hard, red and pulsing, and a string of either lube or precum connected Jimin’s flushed hole to the head of Taehyung’s cock. Jimin stumbled away from Taehyung’s lap, and turned to Jungkook. And Jungkook knew he was fucked. Literally.


Jimin might have been the one taking it up the ass, but he was the one who fucked them.


He crawled up the bed and pushed Jungkook into the wall until his back was resting against it, and wasted no time straddling the younger.


He ran his hand up Jungkook’s shoulder and stopped at his neck, and Jungkook thought it almost felt intimate, but then their cocks touched and he flinched so bad he almost hit his head on the wall.


“Fuck, ride me,” Jungkook grunted and couldn’t resist gripping Jimin’s hips. He noticed Taehyung walked over to them and sat on the side of the bed, the interest and lust in his eyes mildly distracting.


“Oh, I will,” Jimin assured him, but before that, he sunk his hips and deliciously rolled them right into Jungkook’s cock, making him gasp. Jungkook felt a drop of precum drip on his lower belly and he had no idea if it was his or Jimin’s.


Suddenly, a hand was on his jaw and he noticed Taehyung leaning in. He had to breathe in to cool down a little, because Taehyung looked so fucking hot it was frustrating.


Jungkook thought that maybe getting with the two of them at the same time wasn’t that great of an idea after all, considering they were both too fucking hot to handle and he didn’t know who to look at first, let alone how to breathe through the force of the arousal both of them were sending through him.


“Fuck him well, Jeon,” Taehyung whispered into his ear, “I’ll be watching.”


“Damnit, shut up,” Jungkook whined and redirected his gaze to Jimin. He took a second to bask in the beauty of the man, the sharp collarbones littered with beautiful marks descending to a toned chest, through a thin waist down to a dark pink cock drenched with precum sliding from it, and he wanted to be inside of him now.


Jimin, as if he saw into Jungkook’s mind, lifted himself up on his knees and grabbed the lube on the nightstand he used before, squeezing some of it on his hand and with a mischievous smile, he brought it to Jungkook’s cock.


“He has a nice dick, doesn’t he?” Taehyung said sultrily, speaking to Jimin.


“Fucking beautiful,” Jimin agreed and moved his slick hand up and down the shaft to coat it properly, all while Jungkook had his hand clasped over his mouth, because he couldn’t help but shake with pleasure at how big his cock felt in Jimin’s small hand. “Can’t wait to sit on it.”


“Oh my fuck, do it then,” Jungkook got out through clenched teeth, and Jimin seemed to think it would be a fun idea to give Jungkook whiplash, because literally a few seconds after the words left Jungkook’s lips, he was sinking down on Jungkook’s cock.


It took him less effort and time than sitting on Taehyung’s, but something was different.


The second Jimin sank down, quick and stretched out, he let out a stupidly loud cry and he strained forward, ruined “shit!” ripping its way out of his throat. Jungkook had to squeeze his eyes shut and grip Jimin’s waist, because despite having Taehyung’s fucking eight inches in him moments ago, Jimin was dumb tight. And he was warm, god, he was scorching from the inside.


Then, Jimin immediately started riding him. And with that, it was like someone turned on an overpaid porn star mode on him.


“Yeah, fuck, yeah- oh god,” Jimin was slurring as if he was high, kind of losing the composure he had while riding Taehyung, as if all he could think of now was rubbing his horniness out while fucking himself on Jungkook’s cock. “Right there-right, fuck- right fucking there-“


Jungkook had no idea what was going on, but if Jimin was enjoying that much, so was he. Okay, he would be enjoying anyway because shit, Park Jimin could fuck. He was obviously no stranger to dicks up his ass and he could work them, and Jungkook kept forgetting how to breathe because with every single slide of his cock in and out of Jimin’s tight heat, his vision blacked out.


“What is it, Jiminie?” Taehyung rasped, looking at Jimin both curious and confused, “You didn’t moan this prettily for me.”


“He-ah, shit, he’s-“ Jimin tried to get out, but Jungkook saw the poor guy was somewhere else, “He’s more curved than you, ah- yeah, like that- he hit it right-right away.”


Jungkook had to groan out loud, because no one’s ever appreciated the curve in his dick this wildly, and he decided to get the most out of it. He was fucking out of it, the pleasure shaking through his hips and making his entire lower body tingle, but the way Jimin was fucking drooling as he repeatedly rammed into his prostate just told him to fucking keep going and ruin him.


“Shit, right- oh my god, ah-“ Jimin’s sentences were completely incoherent by now, but he seemed to have mustered up some sanity for a second and he took it to look Jungkook right in the eyes.


“What did I say, ah-about you being an amazing top?”


Taehyung grunted from the side at his words, and Jungkook noticed he was gripping his cock again, and he decided to be a little shit about it.


“I don't know, am I a good top, Taehyung?” Jungkook asked him, tilting his head to the side, making sure to give him his best look. He knew he didn’t look his best best right now (and by best he meant with tears in his eyes, cheeks and lips flared up and cum and spit running down his chin) because he was topping, but he knew Taehyung was an easy prey at this point. It was funny how a fucking dom like Taehyung could fall apart when he was too horny for his own good.


Taehyung leaned in and seemed to have an answer, but Jimin’s high pitched, very desperate sounding moan interrupted him. They both looked at Jimin, and Taehyung’s eyes widened.

Jimin’s hips were snapping too fast at this point, grinding chaotically back and forth, completely gone and forgetting everyone and everything but himself.


“Jungkook,” Jimin whined, almost tearfully, “I-I’m-“


“Holy fuck,” Taehyung interjected, his eyes wide in disbelief, “I think he’s going to cum. He never cums from taking dick only. ”


Jungkook almost fucking fainted. So not only Jimin adored his dick despite it being smaller than Taehyung’s, he was also going to come from it? No fucking way, this was too damn good to be true, and it rushed him to his orgasm so quickly he had to bite his lips. He started thrusting upwards just like Taehyung did, and Jimin fucking lost it.


“Yeah, I never- ah! Never do, your cock is just-so g-good, Jungkookie, ah- it’s hitting me just right- yeah- there, again-“


So, there went Jimin’s dignity and composure his normal, sex-sober self had.


“Keep going,” Taehyung urged Jungkook from the side, his eyes drowning in the sight of Jimin fucking himself on Jungkook like he was nothing more than some sex toy, using him just to pleasure himself and utterly forgetting about his surroundings, “he’s going to cum, keep going.”


And Jungkook did. Because he was right on the tip of coming too, and it kind of hurt, he had one orgasm through him already and he was sensitive as shit, but he couldn’t stop, not through the pain of another orgasm building up in him to the point of his thighs spasming.


He needed to see Jimin come and he needed to come too, he had to fill the pretty ass until it was dripping.


Jungkook noticed Taehyung started sucking on his neck. “Don’t forget, Jeon,” Taehyung whispered, almost inaudible through Jimin’s slurred obscenities, “you still have my cock to take.”


Jungkook squeezed his eyes, his knuckles turning white from how strongly he held Jimin’s hips and ass.


“Jiminie’s not the only one to get his lovely ass pounded,” Taehyung continued, and Jungkook knew he was going to take no more than few seconds at this point.


Jimin screamed, ditching the up and down movements and started rutting on Jungkook’s hips, his eyes rolling back and his cock bouncing against his stomach, completely soiled and sticky with the clear liquid. His hips started twitching and spasming.


“He might be good at riding,” Taehyung said sweetly, and sucked a painful mark right on the side of Jungkook’s neck.


“Cum for me, Jimin,” Jungkook whispered and reached his hand to grab Jimin’s ass, helping him to drag the thrusts for as long as he could, all while listening to the filth Taehyung kept whispering into his ear, and even though he was just about do come, he already couldn’t wait to get his ass filled up until he lost the ability to speak. Again.


“But no one takes my big cock from behind like you do.”


Jimin came, the sound that ripped its way out of his throat almost feral. His cum spilled on his stomach, the force of his orgasm shooting it almost up to his chin, and he bent backwards, almost falling, if it weren’t for Jungkook’s hands holding him by the lower back and ass.


“Fuck!” was the only word Jungkook understood in the mixture of profanities and words of approval that left Jimin’s mouth melted into a whiny, completely wrecked scream, and he clenched so hard around Jungkook that he followed immediately.


His second orgasm slapped him brutally, a worn out groan that resembled a growl escaped him, and he bent forward to lean his forehead into Jimin’s chest while he blissed through his orgasm. Breathing hard, he let the rhythmical contractions of his cock fill Jimin up with cum, earning another few incoherent mumbles from Jimin.


“Yeah-yes,“ Jimin drooled, his eyes somewhere on the ceiling.


“He loves that,” Taehyung noted, shoving the fucking air out of Jungkook with the few words, and he reached towards Jimin’s chest to pick up some of Jimin’s cum with his fingers, and he brought the hand to Jimin’s mouth.


“Suck, Jiminie,” Taehyung commanded, “clean up the mess you’ve made.”


And Jimin did, loosely wrapping his lips around Taehyung’s fingers, so dazed and fucked out he had no idea what he was doing, and Jungkook was filled with sort of an unwelcome sense of pride at the fact that it was his dick that got Jimin into this state. Well, it was sort of Jimin’s work mostly, but still.


Then, Taehyung turned at Jungkook, and out of nowhere, smashed their lips together. Taehyung started fucking Jungkook’s mouth with his tongue right away and then licked over his upper lip, humming around the Cupid’s bow.


“Now, let poor Jiminie come back to himself,” Taehyung said softly, “and let me eat your ass before I fuck the sense out of you.”


Jungkook shivered at the words alone and nodded, a flare of tightness rising in his stomach through his chest. He gently grabbed Jimin by the hips and pulled the smaller boy off his lap, both of them wincing at the sensation of pulling out. Jimin flopped on the bed softly, immediately smearing the cum leaking out of his ass on the blankets, and he frowned.


“They’re gonna kill me,” he murmured, and tried sitting up, but the most he managed was to crawl against one of the big pillows and rest on it.


“Who will?” Jungkook asked conversationally, acting like Taehyung wasn’t already attacking his lower neck with bites and running his hand on Jungkook’s inner thighs. Taehyung’s erection never went down, and Jungkook saw that it drove him insane, but he knew Taehyung’s self-control, and knew that Taehyung will last acting like he has it together for only few more minutes.


Especially with how eagerly he started kissing Jungkook’s collarbones.


“Everyone,” Jimin breathed. “Don’t forget I’m from this end. They know I have the keys and this is the fourth time I’ve left cum stains somewhere in this room.”


Jungkook just stared at him with wide eyes, shocked at what Jimin said. Truly, he had no idea the small dressage rider was so nasty, and he was there for it.


“Yeah, and it was never yours,” Taehyung interjected, and Jungkook wanted to let out somewhat of a snort, but suddenly got grabbed by the waist and pulled closer to Taehyung.


“On all fours,” Taehyung said into his ear, voice low and nearly aggressive, and Jungkook knew it was because Taehyung was so damn impatient at this point that he couldn’t control himself from snapping. And Jungkook, per usual, found himself embarrassingly aroused at the commanding tone in Taehyung’s voice.


He turned around to get on his hands and knees, and his eyes locked on Jimin resting against the wall. Jimin still looked utterly out of it, sweaty, stomach and chest splattered with cum, but his breathing seemed to have calmed down. His eyes focused on Jungkook, and a small snicker escaped him.


Jungkook wanted to ask him if he was okay, but the very next second, he felt a hand on the small of his back that roughly pushed his upper half into the mattress. His elbows buckled and his face landed in the blankets, with his ass up.


“You’re so filthy and wet everywhere, shit,” he heard Taehyung mutter from behind, and he realized it was probably because of all the sloppy wetness Jimin got on his abdomen sliding down towards his ass.


He hummed, buzzing with anticipation. He cooled down a little after the second orgasm, and his cock started softening again, but he knew it was not going to last long.


Taehyung roughly gripped Jungkook’s ass, kneading it for a few moments, murmuring words Jungkook couldn’t hear, and then aggressively shoved his face between his cheeks. As predicted, Jungkook’s high started rising again, his exhausted brain receiving way too many signals to send blood down, because there was more to come.


He immediately gave up trying to be quiet and let his moans soak into the blankets as Taehyung started hungrily sucking on his entrance, not pushing in just yet, only vigorously licking across the rim and pressing it between his tongue and upper lip. Jungkook squeezed the sheets, his knuckles turning white. There it was again, getting too hot and too hard, the feeling of his stiffening cock rippling through his stomach with oddly pleasurable stabs of pain, and started pushing his ass against Taehyung’s face to get more, more, more.


It never ceased to amaze him how fucking good Taehyung was with his tongue. Jungkook wanted more, wanted for Taehyung to finally push inside and hit his prostate with the warmth of his tongue, so he rocked back more violently, and instead of getting a slap on the ass like he expected, he got a hum. Taehyung hummed.


No, it was not a hum, it was a moan, it was a low, guttural moan stifled somewhere in the back of Taehyung’s throat, and then his tongue finally pushed in, emitting a choked cry from Jungkook. He bit his lip and his eyebrows knitted together, because the way Taehyung’s wet tongue pressed against his soft walls was enough to vibrate through his entire body and electrify his damn nerves all the way to the tips of his fingers.


Taehyung sunk his fingers into the skin of Jungkook’s ass again, this time so firm that Jungkook hissed in slight pain, but then, Taehyung spread his cheeks further and the stiff tip of his tongue slid right over Jungkook’s prostate.


Oh my go-yeah, again-“ Jungkook pleaded into the sheets, and quickly turned his head to side and rested it on his cheek to make his words clearer, “again, p-please, so good-“


Taehyung groaned again, this time loudly and clearly, sending the vibration right against Jungkook’s ass and Jungkook quickly realized something.


The way Taehyung’s hands squeezed his ass, hard and painful, roughly pinching the skin and shoving Jungkook’s ass as close into his face as he could, the way his lips kept rhythmically pressing and kissing all along Jungkook’s rim and his tongue digging in to the point of Jungkook shaking, and the way Taehyung moaned into it as if it was the most delicious fucking thing in the world all lead Jungkook to realize that Taehyung ate ass for his own pleasure.


And the second the thought hit his brain, he cried out at it, shivers went through his body, and he weakly attempted to pull away, because the thought was so fucking hot that he needed Taehyung’s cock in him this instant.


“Tae-Taehyung,” Jungkook got out, literally unable to fight back, because Taehyung was deadass eating Jungkook’s ass for his own enjoyment and he barely heard Jungkook through the sounds of his own moans.


“Taehyung,” Jungkook repeated, louder this time, voice still shaking with the rhythm of which Taehyung kept relentlessly shoving his tongue in and out of him, “s-stop, Tae-“


Taehyung finally seemed to have registered something and he stopped, pulling his tongue out. Jungkook gasped at the coldness and at the fact he felt way more stretched than he thought, and clumsily turned around, letting his ass fall to the side, and his head spun the second he saw Taehyung.


Seriously, how many more time is he going to get punched in the gut with how fucking hot Taehyung or Jimin looked tonight?


Taehyung had a face Jungkook knew very well, wet and dripping with spit and lips blood-red, eyes glazed over from lust and focused on Jungkook, but tonight, something was different. There was something way more urgent in Taehyung’s eyes, something primal, something so wild that his eyes locked on Jungkook like a tiger ready to devour his prey alive. And Jungkook was oh so ready to be devoured alive.


Taehyung’s cock stood upright, completely soaked with precum that presumably hasn’t stopped leaking since he fucked Jimin, and it looked even fucking bigger than usual. And the way Jungkook needed that to rearrange his goddamn guts could not be put into words.


“Taehyung,” Jungkook panted, but Taehyung was already crawling to him. “Fuck me, right now. Right fucking now-”


And Jungkook knew it was like fuel for Taehyung, because he seemed abandon every single bit of rationality he might’ve still had and grabbed Jungkook by the waist, only to ram his face into the mattress again.


“Yeah,” Jungkook whined, “from the back, pound me like you’re mad at me-“


“Jeon Jungkook,” Taehyung growled as he leaned forward, right into the side of Jungkook’s neck, “I’m about to fuck you so hard you won’t be walking tomorrow.”


Fuck! Yes, please, god-“ Jungkook spilled, nodding feverously, and started pushing his ass into Taehyung’s cock. He honestly didn’t know what to do with himself, he felt like jumping out of his skin with how much he wanted it, he wanted it so bad he was trembling. He started making small up and down movements, dizzy with how hard Taehyung’s cock was between his cheeks, and he found himself on the verge of losing his sanity again.


“I need it in me, come on- please, Taehyung- please, just fuck me-“ Jungkook slurred, grinding his ass into Taehyung’s cock harder. He knew he wasn’t stretched out with fingers properly, but he hoped he was loose enough from getting his ass eaten like a fucking birthday cake, and didn’t know if he would psychically handle waiting while he got stretched out with his fingers.


“Taehyungie,” Jimin’s voice sounded suddenly, and Jungkook looked up to see Jimin finally looking sober, his knees pulled up to his chest and eyes sliding over the two of them, “look how good he’s being. So, so needy.”


Jungkook nodded for some reason, and he heard Taehyung hiss.


“Shit, he’s being needy, alright,” Taehyung growled, and fucking finally, Jungkook felt the tip of his cock press against his entrance.


Jimin cupped Jungkook’s chin, making him look up, and relished in the sight of Jungkook’s destroyed face for a second, before he directed his eyes back at Taehyung.


“Fuck him, Tae,” Jimin said gently, “he deserves it.”


Taehyung scoffed. “Never said he didn’t.”


And then he pushed into Jungkook, slowly, taking his time to marvel at how willingly Jungkook’s unstretched hole took him in, twitching around him to take in more and more. Jungkook would cry out, but Jimin lifted his head and shut him up with a kiss, swallowing all of the mewls that rolled of Jungkook’s tongue.


“Ah-shit, f-fuck, he’s so fucking tight- it’s impossible,” Taehyung grunted with his head thrown down as he leaned on Jungkook’s hips for support. Sweat dripped from his chin, and he kept his hips in movement.


Jungkook pulled away from the wet kiss and started panting, tears collecting in his eyes from the pain and pleasure at the same time. His calves shivered when Taehyung brushed past his prostate and kept pushing deeper, he clutched the sheets and aligned his lips with Jimin’s one more time, and then, Taehyung was all the way in. Jungkook pulled back again, but kept his lips on Jimin’s. His mouth fell unhinged and a hot breaths escaped it, right against Jimin’s plush lips, because his voice got choked back. He’s never, ever been this full in his life.


“How-the fuck are you so huge,” Jungkook sniffled, his voice breaking. Jimin giggled.


“Because of you, pretty,” Jimin answered on Taehyung’s behalf. “You drive us both fucking mad,” he said, this time slowly and less playfully, but rather in a low tone tinted with stretchy desire. It baffled Jungkook how Jimin had shit to say again, and he wanted to respond with something snarky, but then Taehyung moved, and there was nothing he could say that would make sense anymore.


Taehyung didn’t waste time with going slow and gentle, he knew Jungkook’s ass better than that. Rather, he promptly started fucking into Jungkook with forceful thrusts and slamming Jungkook’s hips backwards to meet them.


“Look at- look at that,” Taehyung panted and jerked his head towards Jungkook’s back, arched so deliciously it looked painful. His chest was flat on the bed and his back bent so low and sharp that his thighs were almost parallel with his torso. “Look how, ah, fuck- look at that fucking ass and back, god fucking dammit-“


Taehyung’s words worked like fire, consuming Jungkook whole and burning him from inside out, along with how impossibly deep inside of him Taehyung’s cock was, pressing against all the right places and sending shoots of numbing pleasure through all of his body.


It hurt, it all fucking hurt, he was so hard it was painful, his cock drooling precum on his stomach and dripping on the blankets, Taehyung’s cock in him like that hurt too, because he was so stupidly huge and deep that Jungkook felt his goddamn insides moving around, and on top of that, he felt his third orgasm coming for him. Thank fucking god his first two were not prostate orgasms, because he would be dead by now.


“So,” Jimin panted from his observation spot right next to them, “fucking hot.”


Taehyung snickered, but his face scrunched up in pleasure right afterwards, and he picked up his pace.


“Hard-harder- I’m- Tae,” Jungkook mewled embarrassingly as he felt himself getting closer to the edge. It was quicker than he expected, and he tried relaxing his hips to let Taehyung fuck into him like he was nothing but a piece of meat, willing to get used and fucked to unconsciousness, because that’s how Taehyung’s manhandling made him feel like.


And he’d be damned if it wasn’t the best feeling in the world.


“Yeah,” Taehyung said breathlessly and roughly bit into his lip, “me too.”


Then, Taehyung looked at Jimin and jerked his head towards Jungkook’s plumped up ass with his cock slamming in and out.


“And this,” he said to Jimin, “is how you take a cock from the back, Jiminie.”


Through how drugged up he felt with pleasure, Jungkook felt pride swell in him. Taehyung really went and said the same thing to Jimin that he said to Jungkook before. Clearly, Taehyung had it sorted out and knew who was better at what, and Jungkook felt quite justified when Taehyung used him as a model for how to get fucked from the behind like a ragdoll.


“Yeah,” Jimin nodded and licked his lips, moving around to get a better view on Jungkook’s ass, and Jungkook briefly noticed Jimin had his hand on his once again hard dick. Jungkook’s mouth watered.


“J-Jimin, ah- ah! Jimin-“ he started panting through Taehyung’s thrusts, trying to get Jimin’s attention quickly, because he knew that he wasn’t going to last long, and judging from the way Taehyung’s cock inside of him flexed and throbbed, neither was Taehyung. And he really, really wanted to do this.


“Yeah, baby?” Jimin whispered and moved to Jungkook.



“Cum in- ah, in my mouth- shit, quickly-“ Jungkook managed to get out and urged Jimin by opening his mouth like a good boy, because he knew Taehyung was right on the verge of cumming.


“Fuck-“ Jimin said under his breath, in complete disbelief, “he’s fucking nasty,” he murmured, and obliged, kneeling in front of Jungkook, who lifted his upper body up on his feeble elbows.


“Yeah- isn’t he? Shit, I’m-“ Taehyung groaned and sped up to the point of Jungkook’s voice becoming one unbroken string of cries, but was quickly shut up when Jimin shoved his cock in Jungkook’s mouth.


He immediately got to working it, licked the tip and sucked right around the slit, then quickly came back to lick along the shaft, but then he realized the situation he was in, and from then, it went quickly.


Taehyung’s dick up his ass, Jimin’s stuffed in his mouth, tears springing in his eyes from how painful the long approaching orgasm was, and the second it hit his mind, it took one last sharp, morbid thrust from Taehyung to his absolutely ruined prostate, and he came for the third time. His entire body got hit by a shock wave, muscles contracting, and his cock twitched weakly with final spurts of cum landing on his stomach and the blankets. His vision went white for a second and he cried out against Jimin’s cock, taking in sharp breaths through his nose.


It must have been the vibrations that sent Jimin over the edge, because the next second Jimin was twitching in his mouth and he felt Jimin cum down his throat, pushing himself in Jungkook’s mouth to the hilt and snapping his hips to ride it out, briefly fucking the younger’s face.


Seconds later, Taehyung came as well, and Jungkook knew it was going to be violent, because Taehyung was the only one that hasn’t come yet. As anticipated, Taehyung gripped Jungkook’s hips so hard he pushed against his bones, and the movements of his hips got stuck and erratic as he fucked through his orgasm, and his dick throbbed so prominently Jungkook swore he could count Taehyung’s pulse.


Despite already coming once, Jimin still had a lot left and Jungkook didn’t have the breath to swallow it all, and it started spilling past his lips, around Jimin’s cock still in his mouth and down his chin, mixing with his spit.


“Oh my fuck,” Jimin gasped with his head thrown back, slowing the thrusts until he completely stopped, breathing hard, “shit, he’s really fucking good.”


At the same time, he felt Taehyung’s cum fill him up, the familiar explosion of warmth so indulging that he pushed his ass back weakly, but his hips got pinned in place.


“Don’t, fuck- Jeon,” Taehyung grunted at the overstimulation, riding out the last bits of his orgasm, still slowly rolling his hips into Jungkook’s cum filled ass.


They stayed like that for a while, Jimin and Taehyung soaking in the final throbs of their dicks inside of Jungkook, and their eyes locked over Jungkook’s back momentarily.


“He’s fucking perfect,” Jimin stated, heaving. Taehyung nodded.


“No offense, Jiminie, but this is the best ass in the world.”


“None taken, he has the best dick in the world too.”


And Jungkook, out of his goddamn mind, with Jimin’s cock still in his mouth and Taehyung’s in his ass, filled up like he was nothing but holes, listened to the words of praise on his person, breathing through his nose to get his heart rate down and let the pleasure slowly spark away from his veins.


He felt the cum from his mouth drip down his chin, and he knew the same thing would happen the second Taehyung pulled out, but for now he just stayed like this, barely holding himself up, and just enjoyed being full of dicks.


When did he become so damn filthy?


Probably when he met Taehyung and when Jimin joined in. Because not that Taehyung wasn’t enough, no. Taehyung was more than enough, he was too much, actually. And he still had more of a connection with Taehyung, anyway.


But Jimin looked like no less of a god, and it was the image of the two of them together that started the fire, gradually growing into the desire of both of them having their way with him.


And it came true, and fuck, was it perfect.


Jimin slowly pulled back, letting his softening dick slip out, dragging a string of cum and saliva out of Jungkook’s mouth, and he sat back to take a better look.


“God, he’s so fucking gorgeous,” Jimin groaned and reached his small hand to wipe Jungkook’s cheeks, wet with tears he didn’t realize slipped from his eyes. His face was wet and sloppy, from multiple fluids mixed, sweat precipitated on his forehead and cheeks, not to mention the filth that spilled from his mouth and ran down his neck after Jimin pulled out.


“So ruined for us, pretty,” Jimin honeyed and gently wiped around Jungkook’s mouth. The poor boy only managed a small smile, too fucked out and dumb to register. His eyes fell half-lidded, tired from his body signaling him he’s had enough.


“Jungkook,” Taehyung breathed softly and stroked Jungkook’s back, “can I pull out?”


Jungkook nodded weakly and braced himself, hissing lightly when Taehyung pulled out. The cold air hit him and instantly, there was cum leaking out of his ass and sliding down his thighs, and fuck, his ass hurt really bad. He was still stretched and wrecked, oversensitive when he tried to as much as clench.


He whimpered and his arms gave out, causing him to collapse on the bed. Shit, if the first time he and Taehyung fucked was enough to make him unable to walk properly for a whole day, he didn’t even want to imagine what would happen now.


“Shh, it’s okay,” Jimin said gently when he hear Jungkook whimper again, “stay down, baby. We’ll clean you up.”


Taehyung shuffled over on the bed, sitting next to Jimin. They both just sat for a while enjoying the sight of Jungkook absolutely fucking wrecked before them, laying down like a broken puppet.


“He’s so goddamn pretty,” Jimin whispered.


“He takes dick so well,” Taehyung added.


“Sucks it well.”


“Been there, done that.”


“We should’ve done this sooner.”


Taehyung sighed, and Jungkook dazedly lifted his gaze to see in his face.


“Probably,” Taehyung agreed and reached to Jungkook’s head, gently running his fingers through his hair.


“Why,” Jungkook wheezed, his throat dry and voice unstable from how much he choked when Jimin fucked his face, “why didn’t we?”


Jimin chuckled softly. “I don’t know. I wanted you the second I met you. I did tell you guys to include me the next time you fuck, but it took you four damn weeks.”


Jungkook blinked. “So you decided to, uh,” he paused, still catching his breath, “tease me until you broke me, huh?”


“Something like that,” Jimin’s eyes sparkled.


“Jiminie said he’d like to join sometime,” Taehyung interjected, “but we didn’t know if you’d be down.”


Jungkook snorted weakly. If they only knew.


“So we tried hinting it,” Jimin took the word, “and saw that you were…interested.” He paused, and gave Jungkook a quick wink. “Especially when you saw my neck,” he said mischievously and Jungkook blushed lightly.


“Wait,” Jungkook squeaked, “so that shit was on purpose?”


Jimin grinned. “Maybe.”


“Yes,” Taehyung snitched, “he asked me to do it, so you could see.”


If Jungkook wasn’t practically dead, he’d probably die at that point. So they really were plotting to get him like that. He felt so stupid and so flattered at the same time.


“And then, in the tack room,” Jimin went on, “you just sealed the deal. You appeared to like the thought of me and Tae fucking very much, huh? Who would’ve thought.”


“The tack room?” Taehyung tilted his head. Jimin covered his mouth, probably remembering he hasn’t told Taehyung.


“Yeah, I sort of gave him a boner and kissed his neck in the tack room yesterday.”


Taehyung looked at Jimin, dumbfounded, then frowned in thought. “So that’s why he was hard and burning up as if he had a fever when he came from the tack room?”


Jungkook finally got the strength to lift his head and he felt heat rise to his cheeks.


“Fuck,” he murmured, “you noticed?” That was exactly what he was scared would happen, but thought it didn’t.  Not like he was surprised though, he sort of expected Taehyung to notice everything.


Taehyung smirked. “You had a fucking tent in your pants. Your skin was burning, your breaths were shallow. I’ve been fucking you for long enough to know what you behave like when you’re horny.”


Jungkook groaned and palmed on his face, getting a bubbly laugh from Jimin. Jungkook hid his face behind one of the blankets.


Okay, so that one part didn’t go like he expected, but whatever. Not like it did any harm.


“You are lowkey whipped for me, though,” Jungkook said, his voice still quiet and wheezy. Taehyung lifted his eyebrows.


“Lowkey?” he snorted. “I almost lost my goddamn mind tonight, Jeon. I don’t think you fully get how much I love fucking you.” Jungkook grimaced and whined quietly.


“Don’t say it like that-“


“For real,” Taehyung hummed and looked at Jungkook with hooded eyes, “I was so fucking pent up today. First, I was angry, and then you decided to tease the shit out of me. I don’t know if you noticed but my fucking dick hurt, I needed to get inside of you.”


“Thanks,” Jimin scoffed, but had a smile on his face. Taehyung rolled his eyes and grinned at him.


“You too, don’t you worry,” Taehyung assured Jimin and lightly slapped his ass, “not everyone can sit on my dick like that.”


“Yeah, because it’s fucking gigantic.”


“Jimin, once again, that’s not an insult.”


“It might be, not everyone enjoys big dicks-“


“Good thing that you do.”


Jimin shook his head and laughed, probably giving in. Jungkook had to agree, not only he wouldn’t be able to move like Jimin did, he also wasn’t sure he’d be able to sit on Taehyung’s cock, being aware that angle like that had different consequences.


But hearing all the praise from Taehyung about the way he took dick was nice to listen to.


“I have to go check on Million,” Taehyung announced, and when Jungkook remembered the true reason they stayed overnight wasn’tto have a threesome, he felt a bit of guilt.


Jimin nodded. “I’ll wash the baby up.” Jungkook frowned at him.


“The baby, huh,” he mumbled and wiped the remains of cum from his chin to accentuate his words. He felt so fucking filthy and used, fucked out and destroyed, and he came to a conclusion that this feeling was something on his list of favourites. He shivered when he moved a little and more cum leaked out of his ass, and he realized he needed a shower.


“I need a shower,” he said out loud, looking up at Jimin, while Taehyung was standing up and getting dressed. “And so do you two.”


“Yeah, soon,” Taehyung mumbled, but made a face at the unpleasant stickiness when he buttoned his jeans. Jungkook was glad he had sweatpants, but then remembered they were probably dirty. Taehyung ran off, muttering something about being tired as fuck.


Jimin stood up, stumbling a little, and he walked over to the sink and took out a towel from the cupboard over it. He wet the towel and walked over to Jungkook who was still splayed on the bed, kind of asleep, kind of not.


Jimin quietly sat next to him and started washing his stomach and chest, careful around all the sensitive areas. He dipped between his thighs to get most of the cum off, but he knew he would have to take a shower to get it all out of him. Jimin then washed the towel and came back to gently wipe the drying fluids on Jungkook’s face.


Jimin stopped for a second, just staring at Jungkook, and appreciated how pretty the boy’s face was, with his pouty lips and red cheeks.  Before Jungkook could question it, Jimin leaned in for a quick, soft kiss.


Jungkook smiled at him. It was cute how soft and gentle Jimin was now and how his behavior changed. Jungkook always got some kind of aftercare from Taehyung, but Jimin just seemed to be a gentler, more affectionate person in general. He leaned his head back and let himself be cleaned with the damp towel that rose pleasant goosebumps on his skin.


“Oh no,” Jimin murmured, and Jungkook lifted his head, “he gave you bruises.” Jimin said it almost sadly, his eyes big and lips pouty as he swiped the towel over the skin on Jungkook’s ass and hips. Jungkook chuckled through his nose.


“Not the first time,” he hummed and Jimin’s eyes sparked.


“I should get cleaned up too, huh,” Jimin said, mostly to himself when he was (mostly) done cleaning Jungkook. He dipped the towel in water again and started washing himself down by the sink, furrowing his eyebrows when he touched anything too sensitive.


Suddenly, something came to Jungkook’s mind.


“Jimin,” Jungkook said, and his eyes widened, “Bellona.”


For a second, Jimin just stared at Jungkook, comically standing by the sink with the towel in his hand. The next second, he bolted towards the table, accompanied by panicked “shit, shit, shit, shit!”


He reached for the baby monitor and turned it on from the sleep mode it went to, his eyes wide and then he visibly relaxed.


“Damn,” Jimin exhaled and put the monitor back on the table, “ooh! We good. No foal. She’s asleep.”


Jungkook felt minimal relief, and he leaned back on the pillows, comfortably burying himself in the blankets. Jimin went back to the sink to finish washing up.


Jungkook, as always, took the time after sex to think about it. The last time he thought too deeply about it was when him and Taehyung fucked for the first time, but now he had to give it some thought too.


It happened fast, faster than he could process, but at the same time it took so long. He’s always deemed Jimin attractive, hell, hot even, and the general idea of ‘would smash’ naturally crossed his mind multiple times, but he never thought it would escalate like this.


That, and he never knew he had a thing for watching someone have sex. Maybe not someone, maybe just Jimin and Taehyung. Yeah, that must have been it. He already felt the default dicklust towards Taehyung, and it for some reason seemed to have multiplied when he realized that Taehyung and Jimin have done the nasty before. Which rose a question, and he decided it would be a good idea to ask it while he was still a little high on oxytocin.


“Jimin?” he started, turning his head towards the sink.




“Can I ask you something?”


Jimin tilted his head and set the towel down in the sink. He walked over to the bed and huddled up next to Jungkook, covering his cooling down, naked skin with one of the fuzzy blankets.


“Sure,” Jimin answered softly and leaned his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. Jungkook gulped, because Taehyung never really was the cuddling type. Not that he minded, no, it was just something different.


“How long have you and Taehyung known each other?”


Jimin hummed and started tracing some patterns on Jungkook’s knee with his finger.


“I told you, a few years, through Seokjin-“


“No,” Jungkook stopped him and inhaled shakily, “I mean, how long have you… known each other, like-like that.”


“Oh,” Jimin chuckled, amused, “you mean how long we’ve been fucking?” Jungkook wanted to avoid the bluntness now that they were both back to their normal selves again, but Jimin didn’t seem to care about that, so Jungkook just nodded.


“Well, yeah. A few years, through Seokjin-“


“What?” Jungkook sat up abruptly, shooting Jimin a shocked look. “Seokjin-“


“No!” Jimin burst out, laughing. “No, we didn’t fuck Seokjin. But we met through him. And, uh, before we were friends, we slept together a few times. Kind of like friends with benefits without being friends.”


Jungkook listened, not really as surprised as he should be.


“Anyway,” Jimin continued, “we became friends after that. We just realized we clicked really well outside of the bedroom too. God fucking bless neither of us fell for the other one, and I don’t think we ever will. He’s really my best friend, and we just sometimes…you know. Go at it. To take the edge off. No strings attached at all.”


Jungkook nodded, understanding. It made sense, honestly. It was apparent when Jimin first sat on Taehyung’s dick and they immediately started bickering.


“Okay,” Jungkook said with a nod, “I was just curious.”


“No, you just like the thought of that.”


“That too.”


They giggled and laid back down, Jimin’s head resting on Jungkook’s lap. The room was airconditioned in the summer, and when the steam and heat from the sex disappeared, it left the air quite chilly.


In a few minutes, Taehyung resurfaced from the barn, clearly happy about something.


“We got a poop, y’all,” he announced with a happy grin.


 Both Jimin and Jungkook sat up, excited to hear the news. Bowel movement during colic was always a good thing, and healthy feces were usually a sign of the colic coming to an end and the body getting it together slowly.


“That’s great, did the drip work then?” Jimin asked and he pushed his hair back to get a better view at Taehyung.


“Yeah,” Taehyung nodded and started taking his pants off, “I thought it might chase him to diarrhea because it was quite a lot of saline, but it was just right.”


He then walked over to the bed in just his underwear and shoved himself between the two, wrapping his arms around both of them.


“Who are you?” Jungkook joked, earning a scoff from Taehyung.


“Tired and affectionate is what I am,” Taehyung replied, “let me be while the endorphins simmer down.”


“Sweaty and covered in cum is what you are,” Jimin corrected him, “go take a damn shower or at least wash your dick.”


Taehyung only hummed, evidently not planning to do either of the suggestions.


Jungkook let his head fall on Taehyung’s chest, and as much as he knew he needed a shower, he couldn’t help it but feel himself get lulled to sleep.


“Taehyung, you’re dirty, I can literally feel how sticky your thigh is,” Jimin hissed into the silence.


“Then don’t touch my thigh?”


“You’re pressing it into my thigh, do you mind at least moving it?“


“It’s my fucking thigh, why should I-“


“Because it’s unsanitary!”


“Jimin there was cum in your ass like twenty minutes ago, please shut the fuck up about what’s sanitary.”


“I cleaned it out.”


“Good for you.”




“It’s fucking two in the morning, I’ll take a shower in four hours,” Taehyung concluded.


Jungkook giggled softly, already adrift to deep sleep. They were at it again.


“No, you’ll take it now,” Jimin kept goading Taehyung, until he lost it.


“Okay, fine,” Taehyung snapped and slapped Jimin’s hand which kept repeatedly pushing him away, “five minutes. Let me please breathe through it and cuddle my favourite sluts for a while, thank you.”


The last sentence was probably something that Jimin deemed cute and sweet, because he let out a quiet ‘aw’, and then nodded. “Fine. We’ll all go take a shower in five minutes.”




They didn’t take a shower after five minutes. They fell asleep.


Jungkook woke up first, not feeling rested whatsoever. His legs were tangled with Jimin’s and he panicked a little when he realized Taehyung was spooning him, his arms thrown over Jungkook’s waist.


He tried to work his way out of Taehyung’s embrace, feeling all gross and sticky. The room still smelled of sex faintly, but the air wasn’t heavy and thick anymore. Jungkook smacked his tongue and grimaced when he felt the overnight taste mixed with whatever the hell he had in his mouth yesterday, and he decided he immediately needed to at least wash his mouth out.


He wormed his way out from under Taehyung’s hand, as pleasant as the embrace was, and finally managed to shimmy out without waking either of them up.


He sat on the side of bed and stood up to walk over to the sink.


He fell.


“Ow!” he whisper-yelled, the pain from his backside combining with the pain in his knee which he hit right as he fell. He sat up on the side, knowing at this point that sitting on his ass was not happening, and he rubbed his knee.


The thud woke up Jimin. He sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Jimin said in a low, raspy morning voice. Shit, that was hot.


“I fucking fell,” Jungkook answered, still whisper-yelling, and leaned on one of the wooden pallets under the mattress for support.


“Oh,” Jimin nodded, and didn’t say anything more. He sat one the bed, slouched forward and looking around, looking like a sleepy, confused puppy. His hair, messy and fluffy, was sticking out in all directions possible.


Jungkook managed to stand up, but fuck, every single step hurt. Any sort of muscle tension around his ass got a hiss out of him, and he heavily limped over to the sink, huffing loudly when he leaned on it. Taehyung wasn’t lying when he said he wouldn’t be walking.


“Do you want water?” he asked Jimin, but regretted it quickly, because he realized that he probably won’t be able to carry two glasses. Jimin nodded.


“Sure,” he said in a small voice and yawned. Jungkook’s eyes softened. “What’s the time?”


Jungkook shrugged. “Like six, I think. Saw it on the baby monitor,” he said as he ran the water and immediately sunk his face under it to splash some on his face. He slurped some of it in his mouth at the process to get the nasty taste out, but bitterly regretted that he didn’t have a toothbrush.


After he poured himself and Jimin a glass, downed one of them, refilled it and finally made his way to the bed, thankfully without spilling, Taehyung seemed to stir awake.


“Jimin, I am so sorry,” was the first thing Taehyung said, his voice way, way deeper than Jimin’s, husky with the morning sleepiness. Shit, that was hot too.


“For what?” Jimin asked weakly as he sipped his water.


“For not listening to you yesterday,” Taehyung lamented, “because this shit feels fucking gross.” He shuffled around and sat up, and Jungkook involuntarily bit his lip, because Taehyung looked so different than usual.


His face was a little puffy, his eyebrows scrunched up, and he looked like he was trying to figure out where and when he was. He looked soft, so unlike his sharp, loud self.


“Can I have some too?” he asked and reached for Jungkook’s water. Jungkook handed it to him.


“For real, we need to take a shower now,” Jimin concluded, and this time, no one objected.


Except it took them about forty fucking minutes to get it together and get a barely walking Jungkook (and a little limping Jimin) to the showers. They stopped by at Million’s and Bellona’s stalls, only to see they were both fine, and they finally arrived to the locker room.


Taehyung instantly shed all of his clothes, all while complaining at how fucking gross he felt. Jungkook kind of did too, because he remembered that Jimin didn’t completely clean him out, and he made a displeased face when he felt remains of dry cum around his ass.


“This was a huge fucking mistake,” Taehyung murmured as he stood under the stream of water, frowning as he washed all of the filth from his lower half, “please don’t ever let me fall asleep like this again.”


“I tried to convince you to shower for like ten minutes,” Jimin reminded him as he hopped in the shower with him, pulling the front curtain.


“You should’ve tried harder,” Jungkook heard Taehyung’s voice from behind it, the sound muffled through the water.  


Jungkook took a little longer undressing, having to sit down a little too often, but finally managed to get in the shower next to them. The showers didn’t have stalls, they were just kind of separated by three curtains. Jimin and Taehyung got into one together, so Jungkook decided to pull the separating curtain away to not feel so alone.


How shocked he was when he pulled his curtain away and found the two of them making out, Jimin pressed against the wall and Taehyung’s hand on his ass.


“Oh my god, what the fuck are you guys doing?” Jungkook croaked, whining in frustration when they didn’t respond. Somehow, though, the fact that they were so into it that they chose to ignore him was hot enough to make him hope his dick wouldn’t react this early in the morning.


However, Taehyung’s did.


Jungkook stared at them with wide eyes, at Taehyung’s half-hard cock pressed into Jimin’s stomach as they sucked faces, and shortly, they separated.


“Why,” Jimin piped, which made Jungkook realize that this must’ve been entirely Taehyung’s initiation.


“Guess I’m still in the mood,” Taehyung said lowly, and snapped his head at Jungkook. It took one look. One single look and Jungkook knew what went on.


“On your knees,” Taehyung rasped, “both of you.”


That instant, both of them dropped simultaneously. Jungkook shuffled closer to them, so he was right under Taehyung, rubbing shoulders with Jimin.


“Fuck, I love it when he’s like this,” Jungkook said under his breath, mostly to Jimin, but Taehyung must have heard it too, because he smirked. Then he gripped his now fully hard cock in his hand and took in the sight of Jimin and Jungkook’s pretty faces under him for a second, before locking his eyes with Jimin.




And Jimin did. And if there was one more thing on Jungkook’s bucket list, it was this. It was Taehyung’s cock completely disappearing in Jimin’s mouth, the telltale bulge of it showing in Jimin’s throat with every bob of his head. Taehyung had his hand in Jimin’s hair, gripping tightly to control the rhythm, his head leaned back with absolute delight.


Don’t get hard don’t get hard don’t get hard was all that was in Jungkook’s mind as he kneeled there and watched Jimin suck the living hell out of Taehyung’s dick, waiting for his cut.


Which came sooner than he expected. Taehyung grabbed Jimin by the hair more firmly and pulled his head away off his cock, leaving him panting. Then, Taehyung redirected his gaze at Jungkook, grabbed his hair and jerked his head towards his dick. Jungkook straight up jumped to take it into his mouth.


It’s been a while since he sucked Taehyung off and he forgot how much he missed it. The second his mouth was on the head, he gave it a good lick and started sucking just below it to get the sensitive spot, and smirked  when Taehyung uttered a breathy “fuck” and tightened the grip in Jungkook’s hair.


“Fuck, yeah- just like that,“ Taehyung grunted, still kind of in his deep, morning voice, and it made something in Jungkook’s stomach stir. He also noticed Jimin’s face turned to him, watching every single of his movements, and he decided he wasn’t going to be left in shame and took as much of Taehyung’s dick as he could.


Boo for him though, because he knew he couldn’t, and the second it hit the back of his throat, tears welled up in his eyes.


“Go on, Jeon,” Taehyung scowled, looking at him, and started tugging on Jungkook’s hair to move him in a rhythm that suited him, “what did I say about fucking your mouth?”


Jungkook squeezed his eyes. Shit, he knew he wouldn’t avoid it.


Not like he wanted to, but still.


And the next moment, Taehyung was thrusting his cock into Jungkook’s mouth, using the grip on his hair to adjust what Jungkook’s head did, and the poor boy had no control over his movements at all.


He gagged with every other thrust and his eyes were tearing up, he felt spit dribble down his chin, but the sight of Taehyung’s face from the bottom, drunken in pleasure as he fucked Jungkook’s face was worth it. So he just tried his best to relax and not swallow the spit too much, letting his airways free for an inhale every time Taehyung pulled out for a few moments.


He thought he might have to ask Taehyung to stop (though he wasn’t sure how exactly he would do that) because he started feeling a little dizzy, but suddenly Taehyung pulled Jungkook off, and went back to Jimin.


Jimin, needless to say, was doing a better job at this whole getting his face fucked thing. Jungkook has figured out by now that Jimin’s gag reflex was completely absent, and Jimin seemed to actually be enjoying it to the fullest when Taehyung grabbed him by the hair and started ramming his cock down Jimin’s throat.


Jimin’s eyes were closed, his soft, plump lips closed around the thick girth of Taehyung’s dick, and he was letting out the prettiest choked, gargling sounds as he tried his best to just breathe, likewise getting his spit everywhere.


Taehyung once again pulled Jimin off, almost violently enough for him to fall, and went back to Jungkook.


Jungkook was feeling delirious, tears rolling down his cheeks, his nose stinging. He hoped it would be Jimin that would get the dose of cum, because Jungkook would probably choke at this point.


When Taehyung changed spots for the last time, thrusting into Jimin’s mouth for the last few seconds, he threw his head back and hissed, cursing loudly, and then looked down at them.


“Faces,” Taehyung ordered and pulled Jimin off his cock, finishing himself off with his hand. Jimin and Jungkook both got the memo very quickly and set their faces, pushing their cheeks together. Jungkook noticed Jimin stuck out his tongue.


Moments after, Taehyung let out a long grunt, and strings of cum landed right across Jungkook’s cheek and lips. Jimin got out a little less clean, getting some on his stuck out tongue, nose and right cheek. Jungkook blinked when a little landed right below his goddamn eye.


Taehyung finished and took his hand off, proceeding to dip it under the shower which was still running on their left. Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other for a second, then started giggling.


“That’s nasty,” Jimin laughed and grimaced a little, and he stood up to clean his face. Taehyung let out a satisfied sigh.


“Didn’t seem like you were opposed,” Taehyung hummed. He helped Jungkook up and actually went out of his way to cup some water in his hands and wash Jungkook’s face, lifting his eyebrow when Jungkook’s tongue flicked out of his mouth to lap up the drop of cum that was right above his lips.


“Okay, enough sex, I’m fucking spent,” Jimin announced and coughed. “I’m gonna need some honey tea, you fucked my tonsils out.”


Taehyung snickered. “Consider it a favor, didn’t you say they kept getting inflamed?”


“Yeah, wow, thank you,” Jimin rolled his eyes and coughed again, gagging a little. “You bruised my goddamn esophagus, too.”


“Esophagus is cartilage, you can’t bruise that-“


Trachea is cartilage, you dumbass.”


“Shut the fuck up, I failed biology.”


“Didn’t you do a vet school for two years?”


“Yeah Park, I failed biology.”


Jungkook snorted at the repetitive bickering, feeling comfortable with how moments after getting his breath fucked out of his lungs, Jimin still held a completely casual conversation with Taehyung. It was endearing, really.


He let Taehyung finish washing his face and coughed a little as well. Taehyung has done this to him before, but for the past few days, everything seemed to be way more intense.


“What, you too?” Taehyung said gently and gave Jungkook a small smile, brushing his dark hair out of his eyes gently.


Jungkook nodded softly. “My throat hurts,” he announced.


“Got a little carried away,” Taehyung said with a wink and turned the water off. Jungkook shrugged.


“It’s fine, never said I didn’t like it.”


At this, Taehyung’s eyes just sparkled a little, and he turned around to make his way out of the showers.


Jimin and Jungkook followed him shortly, and took some goddamn time to get dressed again. Their clothes were not exactly clean, especially Taehyung’s, who ended up having to change into his spare breeches, which ultimately lead him to deciding he would take Helena for a hack. Jungkook, aside of being impressed yet again, was grateful, because it would mean Helena would have less beans on his Monday lesson and might not kill him.


Jungkook gathered his shit, leaving Helena in Taehyung’s hands, and said his goodbyes. It was Saturday, and on Saturdays people who worked during the week tried to get the most done, so riders started flooding the barn just when he was leaving at about seven.


He needed some time to sleep it out and let his body recover. His jaw hurt from the multiple dicks in his mouth over the course of the night and the morning, not to mention how hard walking was, and on top of the excessive physical activity, he got barely four hours of sleep.


How the fuck was Taehyung able to ride, he didn’t know.


Well, probably because he never took it up the ass.


As Jungkook drove home, his mind wandered to Jimin. He didn’t know how it would work now, whether Jimin would only be included if it was all three of them or if he was free to sometimes fool around with Jimin only, if it would ever repeat again, that was.







It did repeat again.


On Monday, Jimin and Jungkook might or might have not fucked in Jungkook’s car after his lesson. Which was, by the way, quite the debacle, and he ended up getting yelled at by Taehyung (“You can make Park Jimin come untouched but can’t push her into a proper transition?!” ) and almost falling when Helena spooked at a coffee cup someone left on the jump standard.


After that, fuming and angry at both himself and Taehyung, Jungkook was ready to drive the fuck away and go home, but Jimin seized the opportunity when he saw him leave and they ended up steaming up the car from the inside as Jimin once again came only from taking dick.


It helped Jungkook relax and let off some steam, and he ended up sleeping well, which he probably wouldn’t have if he stayed up thinking about how shitty his lesson was.


When Jungkook got to the barn on Wednesday, a little jittery about his lesson, he found out that Bellona foaled Monday night, and for a second he thought it happened when him and Jimin were fucking. He felt a little guilty about that, but Jimin cleared up that the foal wasn’t born until about eleven pm.


Jimin ended up naming the baby mare Cantiana, saying that he has to go for a boujee name, because she’s going to be a damn champion. Jungkook hasn’t seen her yet.


As Jungkook was tacking up for his lesson, feeling a little under the weather, he started thinking about Taehyung. He didn’t speak to him since Monday and he didn’t want to feel like he was now paying more attention Jimin, because he wasn’t. He knew Taehyung got, once again, pissed at him due to his incapability as a student, not because of who he was as a person, but still.


Maybe it was the bit. Taehyung tried the straight bar Saturday morning like he promised, and said it sucked balls. On the other hand though, Jungkook didn’t want to go back to the full cheek, and he got his hands dragged tremendously on Monday, so Weymouth probably wasn’t an option either.


So he decided to overcome his shakiness and stopped Taehyung while he walked past the cross ties.


“Listen,” Jungkook started carefully, back to his unsure student self, “what do you think about the bit change?”


Taehyung frowned. “What bit change?”


“Well, uh,” Jungkook huffed and reached to the back of his neck nervously, “I told you about what bits I thought we could try and you said that yeah, sure.”


Taehyung being commanding with him in the bedroom and Taehyung being pissed at him as a trainer were two different things that sparked entirely opposing emotions, and currently, Jungkook was caught in that one where he felt like vaporizing himself would be the best idea to avoid dealing with this.


“What?” Taehyung shook his head, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “When did I say that?”


Jungkook tsked. “Well, uh, on Friday.”


For a second Taehyung stared at him with narrowed eyes, as if deciding whether Jungkook was a dumbass or a total dumbass, and then laughed.


“You actually think,” Taehyung snorted, “that I was listening what you were rambling about bits while you were grinding your ass into my dick? Really?


Jungkook’s eyes widened in slight disbelief and he felt a slight blush rise to his cheeks. Honestly, no, he really didn’t, but he thought Taehyung would remember at least scarcely.




“Do repeat it, please,” Taehyung said and crossed his hands on his chest.


“I said that, uh,” Jungkook mumbled, knowing very well that this was a daring suggestion, “if I tried Weymouth, I’d watch my hands more because it’s heavy?”


“Out of the question,” Taehyung said right off the bat. “What’s the other idea?”


Jungkook frowned. Yeah, okay, that was kind of what he expected.


“The other one I thought was French link,” he admitted and looked down at the tips of his boots. They were dirty with sand. He should probably swipe some leather cleaner over them, too.


Taehyung didn’t say anything for a while, and Jungkook lifted his head carefully, waiting to perhaps be called stupid. To his surprise, Taehyung hummed.


“You know what,” he mused, looking at Helena and scratching his chin in thought, “we actually can give it a shot today. I have a spare three ring French link in my office somewhere, and I have a course for you today, so we can try that.”


Jungkook let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, and nodded. Okay, that went better than expected.


But,” Taehyung warned him, his finger pointed in the air threateningly, “your leg has to be tip fucking top. We’re doing a course and you won’t have the full cheek to save you in turns, remember that.” Jungkook nodded eagerly, accepting the responsibility.


Taehyung walked off, presumably to get the bit.


Jungkook sighed and went back to Helena’s saddle and started tightening the girth, for which he, as usual, earned pinned ears and attempted bites from Helena.


Recently, Helena’s been kind of lazy, which was not something that happened a lot, so he actually had high hopes for the new bit. He felt that little knot of anxiety tie itself in his chest again, one that would pop up right before the lesson, but he hasn’t felt it for some time now.


He had to get his shit together, it was in his power and no one else’s. This wasn’t about luck or ‘I hope I have a good lesson today’, no, this was in his hands to go through and to make it work, because he was the rider and he knew he had it in him to make Helena spot on. He’s done it before, and he was going to do it again.


Okay, that approach was probably a little too positive for his style, but he had to try. And he would.


He put Helena’s boots on and tightened the girth some more only to get lightly bitten in the forearm, and shortly, Taehyung was back. He handed Jungkook the bit.


“Here,” Taehyung nodded, “the rings might do a little something along the lines of the full cheek extensions. Not exactly the same thing, but the French link might give her more pressure to slow her down and give her time to react to some lateral pressure instead of just, like, zooming ahead.”


Jungkook nodded, pleased that his idea actually wasn’t disastrous and Taehyung took it into consideration to the point of letting him try it.


Taehyung disappeared to the arena and left Jungkook to finish up. He hesitatingly adjusted the bit on the bridle, hoping that he put it on right. With shaky inhales to calm himself down, he put the helmet on and brushed his hair away from his eyes.


It’s not a big deal. It’s just a lesson. He’s had enough shitty lessons in the past two weeks, and he told himself that this is where he draws the line. Maybe the bit won’t work but fuck it, he’s going to kill it.


He took the reins and set course to the arena, accompanied by the clops of Helena’s hooves behind him, and he could swear his knees weren’t shaking as much anymore.




Jungkook was so fucking happy.


The lessons started on a good note, Taehyung thankfully not showing any signs of being mad. He stood in the middle and used a bottle of water to point at things.


Jungkook’s been over a few jumps at this point, and he couldn’t stop grinning at the fact that he had Helena under control. She was still a little speedy, sure, especially after a jump, but he could feel her come back to him when he lifted his hands and gave her a firm half-halt. And Taehyung noticed too.


“Looks like the bit might be working after all, huh?” Taehyung grinned as he moved a jump two holes up, standing next to it with his hands on his hips afterwards.


Jungkook nodded eagerly. He was feeling ecstatic, but still a little nervous about the fact that he’s going to have to do a full course now. He sat back and let the reins fall on Helena’s neck while they were taking a walk break. He’s done a seven stride bending line from a cross rail to an oxer and a small vertical, and he knew Taehyung was going to incorporate those two into a full course. It worked so far, but Helena would still get more energy after a few jumps.


“I like that you bring her back after the jump,” Taehyung stared, slowly nodding, “but keep her like that right when you land. That bending line is a seven and you barely got it, so slow her down. Pick up your reins, we’re gonna do the course.”


Jungkook nodded, his focus coming back to earth as he picked up his reins and waited for instructions. He had an idea of what the course might be, so he listened to see if it really would be what he thought.


“Starting on the blue vertical we did,” Taehyung started, pointing his bottle to said jump, “then right here on the diagonal bumblebee filler. Then you sit the fuck down and slow her down because next you have that cross rail on the long side, and you know she gets fast on the long side. After that you have that green vertical, it’s kinda far and you have time to get her back, so you better fucking do it, and the last is the bending line.”


Jungkook grabbed the reins in determination, giving Taehyung a firm nod.


“Okay,” he breathed and cleared his brain, going over the course mentally and calculating the straight tracks to them.


“Remember that for the red bending line she’s going to fucking rush,” Taehyung reminded him, “like, it’s after four jumps so she’ll be going. You need to get her back instantlyafter the green, right?”


“Yeah, got it,” Jungkook answered a little absentmindedly as he picked up the canter, fairly slow and calm. He stayed surprised for a second when Helena gave him a nice bend in her neck and went almost collected.


“Get more of that canter, especially from the start!” Taehyung urged him. “Send her off the inside leg, but keep the outside rein in place, otherwise she’s going to fall in and eat shit.”


Jungkook gave Helena a small nudge with his inside leg, causing her to instantly move from under him a little, but he surprisingly got her right back when he flexed the outside rein.


“Good,” Taehyung hummed, “keep her straight and chill, so basically, everything that you’re not.”


Jungkook snorted at his words, but knew better by now than to get distracted. He sat deep and back, manually pulling his shoulders back and made a steady turn towards the jump. He looked at it for a second, but mentally scolded himself and instantly lifted his head to look over it.


Helena got a good distance, and Jungkook heard Taehyung yell a ‘yeeees’ before she even took off.


He landed in firm two point and sat back right away, slamming on the brakes and getting Helena to come back to him. He turned his head to the right to look at the next jump and pulled his elbows back a little. He noticed the lack of full cheek extensions when Helena momentarily counterflexed in the turn, but he put his damn spirit into his inside leg and fixed it so quickly that Taehyung didn’t say anything about it.


“Okay, now sit and hands up, little taller,” Taehyung urged him, “tall, taller, taller-“


Jungkook really did try to sit taller, but he remembered he was doing a filler jump, and against his will, he looked down and his hands dropped to his crotch. And who the hell was Helena to take that shit, right?


“What the fuck?” was the last Taehyung yelled before Helena drifted slightly, tipping her neck over the jump, but instead of stopping completely, she made quick turn and avoided the jump, almost slamming Jungkook’s face into the standard. He cursed at himself and picked up the canter immediately before Taehyung got a chance to bitch him about that particular thing, and listened to what he had to say.


“Okay first of all!” Taehyung yelled and pointed at Jungkook, “when she stops, you don’t let her just- leave, you push her fucking face into the middle and jump it from the spot for all I care!”


Jungkook nodded. Fuck, there it was again, he was messing up. He frowned for himself when he noticed his posture falling a little, and apparently, Taehyung noticed it too.


“Second of all, didn’t we fucking talk enough about looking at the jumps? I trust that you are familiar with where you’re supposed to look, right?”


“Yes!” Jungkook shouted back, because he just got to the rail and was ready to take the jump again, and fuck, it was going to work this time.


“And third, don’t you dare drop your hands!” Taehyung pleaded. “For the love of god, keep them up and relax your shoulders and allow your upper half to lean back, you were stiff like my dick when you wear cream breeches.”


After a moment of panic where Jungkook realized he had cream breeches on right now, he did what he was told to and decided to exaggerate the correction a little, which proved to be the right decision, because just when he was feeling like he was leaning back too much, Taehyung clapped.


“Yes! There you go, tall, like that,” Taehyung said with a hopeful grin, “and look over, it’s a fucking filler, she’s going to throw you if you look at it again!”


This time, Jungkook physically forbid himself to look at the jump, and reminding himself to keep his shoulders back and tall, he only used his seat and legs to send Helena forward. He lifted her nose up to let her see over the filler and let her figure the distance out. Just look ahead.


“Fuck yes, so good! That was a spot on distance!”


Jungkook grinned happily, but didn’t have a lot of time to rejoice after the jump, because he had the long side upcoming. He felt Helena’s canter shuffle a little as she switched her lead on the diagonal, which involuntarily pulled his shoulder down a bit.


“Sit on your ass!” he heard Taehyung yell from behind him. “And sink down, get her back right away!”


Pulling his elbows back to his hips, Jungkook managed to take Helena’s pace down, and she came back to him, actually not flying him over the jump. He gave her very little release though, and the bit yanked back on her mouth and Jungkook’s locked elbows, which resulted in Helena kicking out over the jump sassily.


“Fucking shit, sit!” Taehyung boomed, and took the time Jungkook had from this jump to the next one to explain. “Get her back right after the landing, give and take, be firm with the half-halt. When she gives it to you, then and only then is when you soften. Don’t pull right until the last second, no, pull her back up instantly after you land and then soften all the way and over the next jump, got it?”


Jungkook nodded to himself an pulled his shoulders up and back. Good, this was working, oddly enough, because the second he did what Taehyung told him, Helena’s stride shortened, and she remained on the bit with just enough impulsion for her to go forward, yet just enough collection for Jungkook to soften. He pushed her off the outside leg to straighten the turn towards the green vertical, and did the ingrained leaning back.


“Good, soften if you can,” Taehyung hummed appreciatively and quietly counted the strides for himself, “three, two, one..”


Jungkook got a perfect distance, and the softness he had in the reins from the earlier correction allowed him to release properly, letting Helena stretch her neck and use her hind end to catch up to it.


“God damn fucking yes! That was great! Now slow, slow, remember, it’s seven!” Taehyung reminded him as he pointed towards the bending line. Jungkook snapped his head up, focus his eyes on the cross rail, and the second he was on the straight track, he redirected it towards the oxer upcoming.


He hastily lifted his hands to shorten Helena’s stride, because otherwise she’d land too far to get a proper seven, and followed with the fluid motion of her jump.


“Slow, slow,” Taehyung kept repeating, but was not yelling anymore, “yeah, good, you got it.”


Jungkook knew he got it when he felt no strength on the bit whatsoever. Helena remained in contact, but not pulling, kept enough energy, but was not rushing, and he relaxed into the last few strides, looking ahead over the oxer.


“Just relax and go with her, hands up,” Jungkook heard Taehyung say softly, more for himself, “and three, four, soften, six, seven-“


“Seven!” Jungkook said to himself as he pushed his hands up Helena’s neck and lifted himself up to two-point, happy he actually got the strides even this time. The last time the seven was very quiet and he almost knocked a pole because he let Helena rush too much and then tried to slow her down too late in the game.


He landed, accompanied by Taehyung’s loud ‘yeeeeeeeeeees’ in the background, and he sat back down, gathering Helena a bit, and softened his hands until her canter softened as well, just enough to be made into a swift trot.


“Good fucking job!” Taehyung clapped and laughed, running up to Jungkook, who slowly came to a walk. “Jeon, why do you always start working so well out of nowhere?”


Jungkook laughed, letting Helena’s reins fall loose and loudly patting her sweaty neck.


“I don’t know,” he answered honestly, but had a feeling that it was probably the few minutes of hyping himself up before the lesson. “Maybe it was the bit.”


Taehyung scoffed and slapped Jungkook’s ass when he leaned forward to pat Helena’s neck again. The younger frowned and sat back, looking down at Taehyung as he walked by his side.


“Bit can’t solve all of your problems, Jeon,” Taehyung said matter-of-factly, “you could have the best bit in the world, but if everything else sucks, it’s not going to work.”


Jungkook nodded in agreement, and kicked his stirrups off to shake his legs out and turn his ankles around a couple of times, releasing the pain from shock absorbance.


“Similarly, you could go bitless, and if you know what you’re doing, it isgoing to work,” Taehyung said, but then frowned, and corrected himself, “well, probably not you, but you know, I could.” He looked up at Jungkook and snickered, endearing Jungkook with one of his sincere boxy grins.


“But,” Taehyung went on, “I think she does like this bit. Her mouth is foaming too, nice job.”


Jungkook leaned to the side, and truly, Helena’s mouth was foamy, happily chewing around the bit. He felt something jump inside of him, because he’s never gotten Helena to be this relaxed and comfortable around a bit, or in general.


“Really, good job, Jeon,” Taehyung hummed and lifted his hand to rest in on Jungkook’s thigh. “Stop by in my office after my last lesson, I’ll eat your ass. You deserve it. ”


Jungkook choked a little, but nodded, becoming slowly but surely used to Taehyung throwing shit like this around in a normal conversation.


“Who are the other people you’re having lessons with, anyway?” Jungkook asked when he realized he actually didn’t know.


“This kid called Yeonjun, he’s training for the nationals,” Taehyung said, “he’s like nineteen. You should come watch the lesson sometime, he has the steadiest lower leg I’ve ever seen.

And then Jennie, sometimes. Only like once a week, to clean up the small errors, because she’s really fucking good. Not better than me, but eh. Has a really good horse too.”


Jungkook oohed, but something bit at his mind.


“They are both great, really,” Taehyung muttered. “And no, I’m not fucking neither of them,” he said quickly when he saw Jungkook open his mouth. Shamefully, Jungkook closed it. Was he that easy to read? Damn.


Taehyung patted Jungkook’s thigh. “I have to go, you walk her out. Remember, my office after my 7pm is done.” He walked away with a wink, and Jungkook, this time with absolutely no shame, let his eyes linger on Taehyung’s ass.


When he was out, he leaned down to pet Helena’s neck one more time, just basking in the good feeling that always came after a good lesson. After lessons like this, he always loved Helena a little more, felt a little more grateful for her. He was also happy with himself and happy with the bit that finally worked for Helena. He knew she was never going to be a slow horse, but being able to take her springs down enough to keep her steady and soft was enough of an accomplishment.


But it wasn’t like he was going to stop there. There was always room for improvement, and he still had a long way to go.




After untacking, Jungkook took a shower, packed his things, went to the dressage end, got his ass eaten until he was trembling, and after he came, he decided to go say hi to Jimin and see the foal.


He was just getting ready to leave, too, so he took all of his stuff and walked to the part where Bellona’s stall was. Jimin spent a lot of time there lately, usually just watching the baby when he wasn’t riding Thalia.


Jungkook found him sitting on a hay bale next to Bellona’s stall, leaning against the wall. He looked a little sleepy, but his face brightened when he saw Jungkook.


“Hey,” Jungkook greeted him with a smile and let his bag down on the ground. “Came to see the baby.”


“She’s so fucking adorable, you need to see her,” Jimin jumped up, clearly very excited, and dragged Jungkook over to the stall, opening the grill. Jungkook peeked in. He’s never seen Bellona before either, so he had to admire how beautifully built she was, even despite just giving birth and not working very much for the past few months. She wasn’t as big as Thalia, but was still sturdy, with light grey coat and dapples on her sides.


“She’s really pretty,” he commented, to which Jimin sighed.


“Of course she is.”


Jungkook stretched his neck to see behind her, where he noticed four thin, dark brown legs stumbling around. Jimin leaned over the door and clucked, stretching out his hand.


“She’s shy,” he said endearingly, but then, from behind Bellona’s butt, a small, dark brown face with perked up ears peeked out.


Jungkook’s heart instantly melted. “Holy fucking shit she’s so fucking cute-“ he started babbling, and covered his mouth with his hands to prevent himself from squeaking.


Little Cantiana hesitantly walked over and sniffed Jimin’s hand, to which he smiled like a proud dad.


“Isn’t she?” he cooed, and Jungkook couldn’t help but stretch his hand out. The foal backed up a little, almost slipping on its feeble legs, but then stilled and stretched its short neck with fluffy tufts of hair.


“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Jungkook whisper-yelled as the tiny mouth nibbled on his fingers with the soft, toothless gums. “This is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen.”


Jimin rested his elbows on the door and just watched. “I know right? I love her so much, fuck. Look how fucking adorable-“


They stayed there for about thirty more minutes, having a meltdown over Cantiana’s ‘tiny face’ and ‘those little cute ass baby feet’ and ‘these small fluffy ears oh my god’. After that, Jungkook petted Bellona’s neck when she decided she wanted some attention too.


“Good job, mama,” he said softly as he stroked her forehead, and with his heart weeping that he had to leave the baby, he slowly got going. Jimin went with him to walk him out of the dressage end.


“Was your lesson good?” Jimin chatted as they made their way out past the offices, “Sorry I couldn’t be there, I was too busy doing what we just finished doing.” Jungkook giggled.


“It was good, and it’s fine, wouldn’t feel like leaving either if I had that cute ass fucking little-“


“Glad you understand,” Jimin chuckled and wrapped his arm around Jungkook’s shoulders. He stopped.


“Is this enough? Don’t feel like walking to the car with you,” Jimin said, sounding a little sorry.


“Yeah,” Jungkook laughed. “it’s fine.”


“See you on Friday,” Jimin patted his shoulder and turned to leave, waving as he walked away.


“See you,” Jungkook answered absentmindedly as he walked away in the opposite direction, passing the club room.


He yawned, ready to get the hell home and sleep, but something hit his tired brain, and he backtracked to the door of the club room, and he had to cover his mouth to prevent a choked snort from coming out.


On the door, written with a thick black marker on a square of paper, was a very clear sign, that made Jungkook feel some sort of internal pride and thrill, but at the same time, he just wanted to laugh.





We kindly beg you to use the club room strictly for club room purposes,especially if you don’t have a horse stalled in this end. Otherwise it’s quite unpleasant afterwards.

Thank you for understanding.


(don’t fuck in here you nasties)