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JSE Ego Drabbles

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It had been a very, VERY long night for Marvin the Magnificent. And even just by looking at them you could tell they were not feeling up to their stage name the next morning. 


Their usually tamed hair was an absolute DISASTER, flying free from it’s bun- due to a snapped hair tie- into a lion’s mane of curls and knots. Instead of a nice shirt and slacks- which were all in the wash- they meandered around the house in grey sweats and a busted up tank top. Not to mention without them wearing the mask or any makeup, the others could easily see the heavy bags under their eyes as they watered the house plants. 


Marvin was moving briskly, footfalls quick and gold-rimmed eyes sharp like the daggers they threw on stage. When picking up books and things to put away around the living room, it was more like he was snatching them from the countertops as if they had done the greatest wrong by being out of place. Even once a task was complete, Marv would stand completely still and stare off into space, seemingly deep in thought or lost in their own head.


They… were not in a good mood.


Jackie had finally built up the courage to approach Marvin by the time he was in the middle of doing the dishes.


Well, that was putting it loosely. When the hero got to the counter he noticed Marvin had been holding the same plate under running water for almost a whole minute now. When he looked to the magician he was shocked to see him practically asleep while standing up.


“Hey, Marv?” Jackie said softly, lightly nudging the ego with his elbow to try and get them back into themselves. “Earth to Marvin. You still with us, buddy?” The hero gently poked at their cheek with their pointer finger- jolting Marvin back into attention with a gasp, almost dropping the plate into the sink but quickly catching it before it could make a loud clatter. 


Marvin huffed and glared weakly at Jackie, who had the decency to give him a sheepish smile. “What’s new, pussycat?” Jackie asked, acutely aware of Marvin’s sharp manicure under the rubber washing gloves. 


“Aside from feeling like the dead reanimated, not much.” The shorter ego mumbled, turning off the water and moving to pick up the scrubber again- before Jackie intercepted before Marvin could get to it.


“Funny, Robbie is usually a bit more lively than you are right now.”  Jackie teased, working to finish doing the dishes so Marv wouldn’t have to.


“Very clever. You come up with that one yourself?” Marvin rolled his eyes, but smiled gratefully as he leaned back against the counter. 


“I can be quippy sometimes.” Jackie smirked, sticking his tongue out at the ego before bumping his hip against theirs. “You should go take a nap.”


“You’re not the boss of me.” Marvin snipped.

“Nope,” Jackie said, popping the P. “But I’m right. You look like shite.”


Marvin rolled his eyes and left the kitchen, leaving Jackie alone for a moment thinking that he crossed a line with his teasing- 


But soon a large white cat with brilliant blue eyes lazily meandered into the kitchen, pretending to ignore the human as it moved to lay in a sunbeam pouring like honey through the window.


Jackie chuckled to himself and shook his head, muttering to himself as he cleaned out a glass, “That still counts as taking a nap.”


A low “murp” came from the ball of fur on the floor, not allowing the dumb human to have the last word on the matter before finally allowing themselves to relax under the warm light.