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JSE Ego Drabbles

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“I can send you back, you know.”


Jameson looked up from his tea cup, the air around him shifting from melancholy to curiosity at the magician’s words. He raised an eyebrow quizzically, silently asking what Marvin meant. The man across the table adjusted his mask and cleared his throat.


“Back to your own time. Back home. I.. know how much you really miss it.”


How Marvin could do that, JJ had no idea. But he gave him a sad smile, his shoulders bouncing lightly in a silent chuckle, and shook his head.


Yes, I miss my old home from time to time, ol’ chap. But I don’t wish to go back. ” He signed to the magician.


Marvin blinked rapidly, surprised at the answer. It was just a moment ago that Jameson was telling him how much he had loved his old job in the movie business and how he missed his friends in the cartooning department.


“Why?” The masked man asked softly, confusion evident in his tone.


Jameson gave him a warm smile, replying before taking another sip from his tea,

Because my new wish is to stay here. With my NEW family. ” Jameson’s mustache rose up against his cheeks as he smiled.