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Pastel and Punk Rock

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Jimin rubbed his best friend Taehyung’s back gently, trying to soothe the overly emotional Omega. His friend was in pre-heat and had just broken his favorite pink hair clip. His hormonal state turned the small accident into a downright disaster for the flustered male.

“Shh… it’s okay… Hey now, everything is alright. I will buy you a new one, okay? And I’ll run to that coffee shop you like and get you something sweet. How’s that?” Jimin offered, nuzzling him and softly scenting his friend.

“R-really?” Tae sniffled and hiccupped. He looked a mess, and they had less than two hours before they were due on stage.

“Absolutely. You just wait here, I’ll be right back.” Jimin straightened the other’s flower crown and wiped his running makeup with his thumbs.

Jimin quickly untied his pointe shoes and slipped on his flats, not bothering to change out of his tight ballet outfit, just bundling up in his cream-colored cashmere coat and scarf. He left his own flower crown in place, since it had been meticulously pinned into his blond hair, he grabbed his wallet and rushed out the door.

Taehyung’s favorite café was only a block away, a sweet little place called Serendipity. Inside it was all white and cream with accents of yellow and sky blue. It was homey and warm, perfectly suited to Omega’s tastes. The bench seats and sofas that lined the walls all overflowed with soft pillows and thick handmade quilts. Soft, relaxing music played quietly in the background, suiting the atmosphere just right. In a hurry, Jimin ordered two mocha lattes (extra sweet) and a little chocolate cake he knew Tae would love. He paid and took his coffees and little bag with the pastry inside before skipping out the door.

On his way back, Jimin saw a tiny, cramped shop that sold delicate little hair clips and jewelry and stopped. He checked his watch and decided that he had time, so he entered and browsed for a few minutes until he saw it, the perfect gift for his crying friend. He picked up the pink hair pin, it looked like a rose and was covered in glitter and tiny jewels. Taehyung loved sparkly things.

He purchased the hair pin and swept from the store, little bags swinging from his wrists as he jogged back toward the theatre where their ballet company was having a performance that evening.

Not paying much attention to his surroundings, Jimin accidentally bumped shoulders with a tall male as he hurried past. He turned and threw out a quick ‘Sorry’ before moving to head off again.

He was stopped by a strong hand on his arm, and looked up to see an unfamiliar Alpha had a hold on him. “Where are you hurrying off to beautiful?” The male had two companions, both also Alphas.

Jimin tugged his arm, he didn’t like this male touching him without permission. “Let go.”

The Alpha and his two friends laughed. “Ooh. We’ve got a feisty one! Come on little Omega. Don’t you want to come play with us? We’ll have a good time.”

One of the others reached forward and pulled the belt tie on the front of his coat, causing it to fall open and reveal his skintight bodysuit and tights underneath. Jimin began to panic, pulling harder. “Let go of me!” Just as Jimin was about to scream for help, a deep voice came from behind him.

“He said let go.”

The Omega’s eyes widened at the sight of the Alpha who had spoken. He was tall, taller than the three who were harassing him by at least a few inches. His hair was black and windswept, and his face was handsome and masculine with sliver piercings glinting on his lip, nose, eyebrow and ears. Jimin could see the edge of a tattoo peeking over the collar of his worn leather jacket, and as he reached up and took a drag off a cigarette, he saw that his hands were also covered in black ink. Dressed head to toe in black, he was a complete antithesis to Jimin with his blond hair and pastel clothes.

Despite his threatening outward appearance, Jimin felt drawn to him. He couldn’t be bad, he was trying to save him. That had to count for something.

“Fuck off. Can’t you see that the little bitch wants to play with us?” The male who was holding Jimin sneered.

The unknown Alpha just walked forward until he stood next to Jimin on his other side, sandwiching the Omega between the two Alphas. The scent of the stranger was intoxicating like sandalwood and patchouli with a hint of tobacco. Beautiful. He unconsciously swayed toward him, inhaling deeply.

Jimin gasped as a fist shot past him, and he heard a loud crack before the hand that was holding him let go, making him lose his balance and almost drop his coffees. The stranger steadied him and moved him so that he was behind the Alpha, protected by the other’s taller frame. The male who had been holding him had a hand over a streaming bloody nose, his eyes were watering, and his friends were looking shocked.

“If you want some too, come and fucking get it.” Jimin’s protector said to the other two.

They all shook their heads and quickly walked off, helping their friend whose eyes and nose were streaming. Jimin thought vaguely that his nose was probably broken, but he was shivering and near tears, too distressed to think on it too much. His breaths were coming in sharp little gasps as his panic still worked its way through his small body.

The Alpha took the coffees from his hands and sat them on top of a nearby mailbox before turning back to him. “Hey there little one. Don’t worry, they’re gone. I’m not going to hurt you. My name is Jungkook. What’s your name?”

The Alpha… Jungkook took Jimin’s hands in a gentle grip, and the strangest thing happened, his fear subsided and he relaxed. “I-I’m Jimin.”

Jungkook gave his hands a squeeze before letting go and reaching forward to close his coat back up and redo the tie. “Why don’t I walk you to wherever you’re going? It’s not safe for a pretty Omega to walk alone. Why did your mate not come with you?”

Jimin could sense that the question was leading, but he didn’t mind. He wanted this male to know that he was single. So darn single, available as heck. “I don’t have a mate. M-my friend Tae was upset, I was going to get him a coffee and a gift… he’s in pre-heat. I wanted to make him feel better. Then those Alpha’s stopped me…” Jimin trailed off, he could feel himself over talking and blushed. He looked down at the scuffed toes of his baby pink flats, suddenly shy, worried that this cool Alpha would be turned off by his bumbling awkwardness.

Jungkook had no idea what he was doing. This Omega was so not his type and so different from his world, but he had never had such an intense reaction to anyone. The second he had seen the three Alpha’s harassing him, he had seen red. Jimin was so soft and pretty, his shy innocence refreshing. “I see. Well, where are you headed? I can walk with you.”

Jimin looked up with a smile, he hadn’t scared him off. “To the Seoul Theatre just around the corner. My ballet company is putting on a performance there tonight.”

This Omega’s smile left him dumbstruck. He had never met anyone so beautiful. How did this male not already have an Alpha? He needed to remedy that situation PDQ. “I can drop you off there on my way to band practice.” He offered, picking up the two coffees and turning to walk toward the theatre.

Jimin fell in step beside him, only just then noticing the guitar slung over his shoulder. “Oh! Are you a musician?”

“Yes. I’m the lead singer of the band Bulletproof. I don’t imagine you have heard of us, it doesn’t seem like your thing. No offense.”

“Hmm… doesn’t sound familiar, but I will definitely look you up.”

They walked the rest of the way in a comfortable silence, stopping at the side door to the theatre. Jungkook handed Jimin the coffees.

“I know that this might be forward, and your view of Alphas is probably pretty bad at the moment, but can I have your number?”

Jimin’s smile was a victory, and Jungkook smiled back at him. Jimin felt his heart throb as the looked at the handsome Alpha’s adorable bunny smile. “Yes! Totally yes.”

Back in the dressing room, Jimin couldn’t stop grinning. He gave Taehyung his coffee and cake, and the other Omega squealed and hugged him when he presented the pretty new hair pin to replace the broken one.

Jimin took out his phone and put in his headphones, pulling up Youtube and typing in ‘Bulletproof’. He watched the first music video that came up. His eyes widened at the loud thrashing rock music, but he smiled when he saw Jungkook playing his guitar and singing (more like screaming). The Alpha was very talented, his fingers flying over the strings masterfully. It all seemed very violent and screamy at first, but after a few minutes, he actually didn’t mind it. The beat and melody were complex and overlapping in a very unique way.

He liked the Alpha very much.

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Jungkook was so weak for the pretty Omega he had met that day. All through practice he continued to make mistakes and fumble over his guitar strings. By the time their practice was over, his bandmates were thoroughly annoyed with him and demanding an explanation. It was fair, normally he was the last person to make mistakes, and was a perfectionist. They all hated that about him, since he usually harped on them about it.

“Alright. Out with it. What the fuck is your problem?” Yoongi, their drummer asked as he slammed his drumsticks down and stood from his set.

Namjoon, the bass player nodded his agreement along with Hoseok, their lead guitarist. “Yeah man. You never mess up this bad. What the hell is going on?”

Jungkook wiped a hand over his face and looked away before speaking. “I uh…. met someone.”

He looked up to see three sets of wide eyes and mouths hung open in shock. “You? You actually met someone?” Yoongi asked.

“Hell hath frozen over! Jeon Jungkook actually met someone he’s interested in.” Namjoon crowed, smiling.

“Woah! I can’t wait to meet him… her? Whatever. They have to be something special to catch your eye!” Hoseok added.

“He is a male. Actually, a male Omega. And none of you are going to meet him anytime soon. I don’t need you scaring him off.”

“An Omega? That’s… unexpected.” Yoongi raised his brows, looking surprised.

“Yeah. I didn’t think Omegas were your thing dude. You have them offering themselves to you all the damn time and you always turn them down.” Said Namjoon.

“That’s different. Those are fucking groupies who want my knot cause I’m ‘famous’ or whatever. I have no interest in those kinds of Omegas.”

“So… this mysterious Omega you met is not a groupie? How do you know?”

“Believe me. I know.”

“Call him! I wanna hear what he sounds like!” Hoseok demanded, setting his guitar down on its stand.

“Come on. Come on.” Namjoon and Yoongi said together when they saw the hesitation on his face.

Jungkook just sighed and pulled out his phone. He found Jimin’s contact under ‘Pretty Omega’ and called, putting it on speaker and shushing his friends. The call rang a few times, and an unfamiliar voice answered.


Taken aback, Jungkook looked down at his phone with drawn brows. “Uh… hello? I’m looking for Jimin.”

“Sorry. There’s no one here by that name. I think you got the wrong number.”

The call disconnected and Jungkook felt his stomach drop. Had Jimin given him a fake number? He thought that the Omega had liked him… could he really have blown him off?

“What the fuck was that?” Yoongi asked.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s the wrong number.” Jungkooks heart felt like it had a puncture. All the happiness from earlier was leaking out of him.

“Did he give you a fake number? I heard on some podcast that when an Omega is scared that they do that sometimes to escape. Do you think that’s what happened? I mean… you do have a lot of tattoos and piercings. If he didn’t know who you were, maybe he was afraid of you.” Hoseok patted him on the back sympathetically.

“Yeah… I guess so.” Jungkook’s heart dropped and he felt disappointment well up in him at the thought.


Jimin couldn’t stop smiling. He had finally met an Alpha who he liked, and he had even asked for his number. His heart felt light as air as he put his pointe shoes back on and helped Taehyung fix his makeup and hair that had been ruined by the Omega’s meltdown. His best friend noticed his mood quickly and started questioning him.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Taehyung asked suspiciously.

Jimin beamed, excited to share his news with his bestie. “I met someone!”

Taehyung smiled too, his boxy grin showing all his teeth as he giggled. “Really? When? And why am I only hearing this now?”

“It just happened! On my way back from getting coffee, I started getting harassed by some Alphas-“

Taehyung interrupted with a gasp. “Oh my god! Are you okay? Who was harassing you? I’ll kick their butts!” The Omega didn’t look very threatening, with his lavender hair and sparkly nail polish, but Jimin appreciated the offer.

“Just some Alphas, don’t worry. But then, another Alpha came and he made them stop! He hit one of them.” Jimin paused and shuddered, remembering the sound of Jungkook’s fist striking the other male’s nose. “And then they ran away! He was so nice Tae. He comforted me and then walked me all the way back here and asked for my number. I really think he likes me, and I really like him!” By the end of the little speech, both Omegas were giggling and holding hands, shy and excited as they talked about boys.

“I’m so happy for you, and of course he likes you! You are my perfect Jiminie and anyone who doesn’t like you is stupid.”

Jimin just smiled at his friend’s proclamation and continued fixing his makeup, dusting glitter over his cheeks and eyes for the stage makeup.

Their performance went off without a hitch, and everyone was praising Jimin for his excellent dancing, making the Omega proud, if a little embarrassed. It had felt good to dance; he was so happy that it made his movements feel lighter and more airy than in any of their practices.

That night, he had hoped to receive a call or text from his new suitor, and when nothing came, he was a little let down, but he thought the Alpha was probably busy. However as days passed and no call came, he started to doubt himself. Maybe Jungkook had changed his mind, or maybe the Alpha had sensed Jimin’s attraction and had just been trying to be polite? The idea made his heart ache as he remembered the end of the only relationship he had ever had.

‘Why are you doing this? I thought you wanted to be with me?’

‘You’re like a girl! No one wants a male Omega who acts like you do. You’re like a damn baby! We haven’t even had sex because you’re too fucking prude. You need to grow up.’

After a few weeks, people around him began to notice the shift in his mood. Jimin was usually a fluffy ball of sunshine, but lately he had been quiet and downtrodden. Taehyung had tried to cheer him up with gifts and cuddles, but Jimin simply felt horrible. He thought he had gotten past the things his ex had said to him, the way he’d made him feel, but his self-esteem was still fragile even after almost two years.

Jin was the first to approach him besides Taehyung. Jimin was sitting with his back against the wall, tired and sore from his solo practice in one of the company’s many dance studios when Jin knocked lightly and stuck his head through the door. Jin was also and Omega, and his elder at the dance company. He always looked after the younger members, so a lot of them called him Mama.

“Can I come in?” Jin asked from the door.


Jin closed the door behind him and took a seat on the floor next to Jimin. “So my little flower, what has you so wilted lately? It’s not like you to be this way.” The elder brushed sweaty blond hair back from his face and waited for an answer.

Jimin opened his mouth to speak, but something about Jin’s motherly presence broke down his barriers and he couldn’t hold back the sob that escaped. Suddenly he was crying, tears making wet tracks down his red cheeks as he shook with the force of his shuddering breaths. Jin just wrapped his arms around him and let him cry himself out on his shoulder until he was spent.

Finally Jimin pulled back and sniffled, wiping his face with the sleeves of his overlarge pink sweatshirt. “I’m sorry. I’m just being stupid. I’m just a stupid useless Omega.”

“Don’t say that. You are not stupid or useless. You remember we talked about this?”

Jimin nodded. “Yes.”

“And what did I tell you?” Jin paused for a moment to see if he would speak. “Go on. Say it. You need to hear yourself say it.”

“I’m enough. I don’t have to p-prove my worth to anyone.”

“That’s right. You are the amazing person sitting in front of me, and I wouldn’t change one single thing about you. You are perfect just like you are.”

Jin held him again and let him cry into his shoulder. After a while, Tae came and snuggled up to his other side. Once he was calm, Jin spoke again.

“So what happened to upset you so bad my little love?” Jin asked.

Taehyung answered before Jimin could. “Jiminie found an Alpha that he likes, but he rejected him.”

Jin frowned. “Well, if he can’t see your worth, then he’s not worthy of you.”

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(Three Months Later)

Jimin had no idea why he was doing this. He simply hadn’t known what to say when his ex-boyfriend Jiwoo had called and asked him to dinner, saying he had something urgent to talk to him about. The Omega had always been too forgiving (well at least according to Taehyung and Jin) and he was worried that maybe something was really wrong. Sure, Jiwoo had been a jerk to him, but Jimin was always the type to help someone in need. The Alpha had said that it was important, so he was going to go, even if every instinct he had told him to stay away.

That was how Jimin found himself outside of Euphoria, a popular restaurant in one of the trendier districts of Seoul. The Omega had decided to wear his favorite oversized baby blue sweatshirt over white skinny jeans and his requisite pink flats. Taehyung had recently helped him dye his hair to the same baby pink as his favorite shoes, and his light makeup accented the color and made him look pretty.

Jimin had no intention of getting back with Jiwoo, but there was something bolstering about knowing one looks one’s best when confronting an ex (again according to Taehyung and Jin). Jimin sighed. He really didn’t want to do this.

He opened the door and walked to the hostess. “Good evening. Do you have a reservation?”

“Um… I think so. It’s probably under Kim Jiwoo.”

“Yes sir. Right this way.”

The hostess led Jimin through the restaurant. It had a very interesting set up, each table was partitioned by curtains to allow for more privacy. Jimin thought they must be sprayed with some kind of scent blocker, as he couldn’t catch the scent of the people inside the spaces they passed. When they reached their table, the hostess opened the curtain and Jimin saw him for the first time in six months, the last time having been an accidental run-in at the grocery store.

“Jimin! Good to see you. Have a seat.”

“Hi Jiwoo.”


Jungkook loved this restaurant. Euphoria was probably his favorite place to eat. He could eat in relative privacy and not be assaulted by a bunch of stranger’s scents or judgmental stares over his tattoos and piercings. His table tonight had the gap in the curtain faced toward the door, so he was catching occasional scents when the door opened, but it wasn’t a big problem. Until the door opened, and a rush of scent gusted into his little space.

Jungkook would recognize that scent anywhere. Like orange blossoms and jasmine tea, it sweetened the air, and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath of it. Jimin. The Omega he had met months ago. He was here. Jungkook’s instincts screamed at him to go to him, he wanted to find the Omega and demand an explanation, or maybe get on his knees and beg him to give him a chance. He wasn’t sure which.

He strained his ears and heard two sets of footsteps headed toward his area. One the high heels of the hostess, and the other the soft tip-tapping of what he knew were sweet little pink flats. The memory of the adorably pastel-colored Omega in his cream-colored coat and pink flower crown had kept him up more nights than he was willing to admit.

The Alpha listened as the steps stopped just outside his partition and he heard the whisper of the curtain around the next table open, then a deep voice he didn’t know. It sounded like an Alpha, and he rankled at the idea of Jimin dining with another Alpha alone.

“Jimin! Good to see you. Have a seat.”

“Hi Jiwoo.”

Jimin’s voice was still the same sweet melodic tone he remembered, but the sound of him speaking so casually to this unknown male made his skin feel too tight. He didn’t like it.


Jimin took his seat and looked at his ex critically. Jiwoo was still handsome in that phony way that he had always been, but that Jimin had not really seen through until after their breakup. He really didn’t want to be here. Something told him that this wasn’t the innocent meeting that he had thought it was, but he simply took a seat and ordered a glass of water.

“You don’t want any wine?” Jiwoo asked with a smirk.

“You know I don’t like wine, Jiwoo.”

The hostess departed and the Alpha’s next words make Jimin flush with anger. “Still as childish as ever.”

Jimin stiffened his spine and forced himself not to cry. “What do you want? You said it was urgent?” He was proud that his voice came out strong.

Jiwoo raised a brow at his uncharacteristically hard tone. “It’s about your heat. It’s coming up again in a couple of months, isn’t it?”

The Omega drew back at the question and felt his face go hot with embarrassment. “T-that’s none of your business! Why would you even keep track of that?”

“Well, we never did have sex when we were together. I was hoping that you had grown up a bit since then, and I was going to offer to fuck you during your heat. But I can see that you seem determined to remain the eternal virgin.”

Jimin had never felt so mad. How dare Jiwoo say these things to him. They had broken up two years ago, and he had no right to tell him what to do. Had no right to make him feel ashamed for who he was or what he did or didn’t want to do. Jimin stood and grabbed his bag that he’d slung over the back of the chair. He spoke his next words clearly, but was ashamed at the teary waver in his voice.

“I-I’m enough. I don’t have to p-prove my worth t-to anyone. And especially not you!”

Jimin turned to leave, but felt a hand grab his wrist. “Jimin stop this. Why do you always have to be this way?”

Finally he broke, and for once he said exactly what was on his mind. “Because it’s who I am. Maybe I’m childish and maybe I like pastel colors and ballet dancing and maybe I don’t like to drink or swear. Yeah, I’m still a virgin, and I will stay one until I find someone who is right for me! I don’t’ care if it’s old-fashioned or stupid to you because I am never going to change who I am for you or anyone else. Now, let go of my wrist or I am going to make a scene.”

The Alpha looked surprised, but didn’t release him. “Jimin, I-“

And just like all those months ago, a deep and too familiar voice spoke from behind him.

“He said let go.”

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Jungkook felt like a creep, but he couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation at the next table. As he did so however, he felt anger boiling up inside him. Who the fuck did this male think he was to talk to Jimin like that? He ground his teeth at the smug tone in the asshole’s voice as he heard their exchange.


“You don’t want any wine?”

Is he trying to get Jimin drunk? That is unacceptable.

“You know I don’t like wine, Jiwoo.”

Good. But wait, why does this Alpha know things like that about him?

“Still as childish as ever.”

Is that supposed to be an insult? Sure, Jimin has a sort of childlike wonder to him, but there’s nothing childish about what I want to do to… focus Jungkook. Stop fantasizing about him and focus.

“What do you want? You said it was urgent?”

Good job. Don’t take any of his shit. You’re doing great Jimin.

“It’s about your heat. It’s coming up again in a couple of months, isn’t it?”

What. The. Fuck. Oh hell no. This motherfucker is not asking him about his fucking heat. That’s none of his goddamn business.

“T-that’s none of your business! Why would even keep track of that?”

Exactly. Why does this asshole know anything about Jimin’s heat? Did they…?

“Well, we never did have sex when we were together. I was hoping that you had grown up a bit since then, and I was going to offer to fuck you during your heat. But I can see that you seem determined to remain the eternal virgin.”

Oh thank God. They didn’t… but wait… a virgin? No way. Could Jimin actually be a virgin?

“I-I’m enough. I don’t have to p-prove my worth t-to anyone. And especially not you!”

He sounds so upset. Gods I want to go comfort him. I wonder if he’d let me hold him?

“Jimin stop this. Why do you always have to be this way?”

That’s it. I’m gonna go kick his fucking ass. How dare he speak to Jimin like this when he’s so clearly upset?

“Because it’s who I am. Maybe I’m childish and maybe I like pastel colors and ballet dancing and maybe I don’t like to drink or swear. Yeah, I’m still a virgin, and I will stay one until I find someone who is right for me! I don’t’ care if it’s old-fashioned or stupid to you because I am never going to change who I am for you or anyone else. Now, let go of my wrist or I am going to make a scene.”

Woah. Damn baby. You tell him. Jimin… you’re so perfect. I wouldn’t make you change. But… let go of his wrist? Why the fuck to these dickwads think they can lay hands on my Omega?

Jungkook had heard enough. He stood up from his table and stepped out of his area, taking a few quick steps and pushing open the curtain to a scene that made him want to commit murder. Jimin had tears in his eyes and was tugging his wrist, trying to pull out of the Alpha’s hold.

“Jimin, I-“ The repulsive male was still trying to talk to Jimin.

“He said let go.” Jungkook’s voice was as cold and hard as stone.

Jimin looked at him with wide eyes, his long lashes were wet and tangled and Jungkook wanted nothing more than to go to him and wipe those tears away, but first he needed to deal with the one who had caused the tears. The other Alpha didn’t let go, and Jungkook moved forward.

He grabbed the other Alpha’s wrist and squeezed the pressure point until he felt the bones bend under his grip. “He. Said. Let. Go.” The hand holding Jimin released as the Alpha yelped in pain. Jungkook did not release his hold.

“Who the hell are you? Jimin, do you know him?” The Alpha asked, looking to Jimin, who was still staring up at Jungkook with surprise.

“Jungkook? What are you doing here?”

Jungkook didn’t answer Jimin’s question, he just looked down at the Alpha whose wrist he was perilously close to breaking and growled through clenched teeth. “If you ever lay so much as a finger on him again I will break every bone in your fucking body and throw your corpse in the ocean. Stay the fuck away from Jimin, understood?” He increased the pressure on his hold.

“Ah ah ah… okay, yeah. Whatever.”

Jungkook released his grip and turned toward Jimin, giving no more thought to the male he had just assaulted. Jimin was still looking up at him with those big, glassy blue eyes. He noticed that his hair was pastel pink and couldn’t help but think it suited him well. He took the Omega’s small hand in his and pushed up the sleeve so he could see his wrist. His soft white skin was red where the Alpha had gripped him, and he could see the beginnings of a bruise rising under the flesh. He needed to get away from the Alpha or he’d be spending the night in prison. He looked down at Jimin who hadn’t stopped staring up at him.

“Let’s go little one.”

Jungkook wrapped an arm around Jimin and led him out of the restaurant, shoving a handful of hundred dollar bills in the hostesses hand when she’d tried to stop them.

As soon as they were outside, the cold air seemed to slap sense into Jimin and he remembered that this Alpha had rejected him. Humiliation washed over him at having had to be rescued a second time by the same unwilling male. He hoped that Jungkook hadn’t heard too much of their conversation. Oh God… what if he heard Jimin say he was a virgin?

“How much of that did you hear?” Jimin asked, face red.

“All of it.” Jungkook answered honestly.

Since his humiliation was already complete, Jimin decided he had nothing left to lose. He ducked out from under Jungkook’s arm and turned around so he could face the tattooed Alpha. The Omega wrapped his arms around himself protectively as he asked the question that had been burning inside him for months.

They both spoke at the same time.

“Why didn’t you call?”
“Why did you give me a fake number?”

Again, they spoke simultaneously.


“Wait. Let’s start from the beginning.” Jungkook put his hands up in the universal sign for ‘stop’. “So… you didn’t give me a fake number to blow me off?”

“What? No! So… you did try to call?” A little bud of hope bloomed in Jimin’s chest.

“Of course I tried to call! Your number isn’t 555-682-5525?” Jungkook was ashamed that he knew the number by heart. He’d spent a lot of hours staring at the contact ‘Pretty Omega’ in his phone.

“It’s 555-682-5255. You had the numbers switched.” Jimin’s smile fell a bit at the next words. “I- I thought maybe you changed your mind… or that maybe you thought I was too childish or uncool or you know...”

Jungkook’s eyes narrowed at that word ‘childish’ the Alpha in the restaurant had used that word, and it seemed to be something that really affected Jimin. “What’s wrong with being a little childish? My friend Hoseok kicked a hole in our bass drum and almost broke his wrist last week when we were all playing ‘The Floor is Lava’ in the studio to decide who would pay for lunch.”

Jimin covered his mouth with his little sweater paws and giggled, pink hair bouncing and eyes curving into little crescent moon slits. Jungkook felt his heart skip a beat at the sight. This Omega was so ethereal, he was like an angel. “Did you win?” Jimin’s voice was a little trill like a bird.

“Of course. I always win.” Jungkook gave him a thumbs up and a wink, followed by the bunny smile that Jimin remembered from their first encounter.

“I always lose at games and contests. Tae says I don’t ever really try, but I do try, I’m just not good at anything accept ballet. Although one time I did win when we had a flexibility contest, and I got to leave an hour early from practice for a whole week!” Jimin smiled, but looked up at Jungkook who looked like he was in pain. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah! I’m fine.” Jungkook was not fine, a hot rush of images had assaulted him at the idea of Jimin winning a flexibility contest against an entire company of ballerinas. “Hey, so neither of us got to eat in there. Do you wanna go somewhere else and get dinner with me?”

Jimin beamed his crescent eye smile again, little body vibrating with happiness. “Yeah! I’d love to!”

The Alpha held out his hand and Jimin put his small, soft one in the large, calloused palm. Jungkook noted with amusement that his nails were painted. Baby pink.

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Jungkook sat across from Jimin at a small cafe table in a cozy little restaurant called ‘Persona’. The Alpha was simply leaning his chin on his hand and watching and listening to the Omega talk about all his favorite things and his dance practices and his friends. Over-talking seemed to be a habit of his, not that Jungkook minded. He liked listening to his high, smooth voice, and watching his hands flutter around; making shapes in the air to illustrate his words. He was so gone for this pretty male, and he couldn’t even care at this point. After months of thinking that Jimin had wanted nothing to do with him, he was now on a date with him. Life was good.

“…I always like pink best, but Taehyung likes purple. So our kitchen is painted purple but we have pink plates and stuff, so that we both get to be happy. Did I tell you that he is my roommate? Well… he is, and he’s an Omega too. He’s the one I was getting coffee for the day we met. He doesn’t like your music, but I think it’s nice once you listen to it. I like the guitar parts, and on the song Fake Love, you sing part of the chorus and I think your voice is really pretty. I think he won’t give it a chance because he says that he can’t ever support anyone who makes me cry, so…” Jimin trailed off from his monologue, realizing what he had just said. His eyes fell away from Jungkook’s face and down to the table, his little hands suddenly twisting in his lap as the Omega bit his quivering lip.

Jungkook hated the way Jimin seemed to curl in on himself, he knew that insecurity was probably born of his relationship with his ex, and again he felt the impulse to go find the Alpha and kick the ever-loving shit out of him. But his words struck something inside Jungkook. Jimin had cried for him? He was touched, and suddenly felt like the worst asshole in the universe for making him cry. Even if it did give him a little satisfaction to know that the Omega had pined for him.

“I made you cry?”

Jimin didn’t respond, just continued to wring his hands and abuse his lip with his perfect, white teeth. Jungkook reached across the table and laid his hand in front of the upset Omega, palm up. An offering.

“It’s okay little one. I’m sorry I made you cry.”

Jimin hesitated for a moment, then slowly put his hands into Jungkook’s, the cool tips of his fingers delicately resting against the Alpha’s warm palm.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” Jimin pursed his lips and raised one hand giving them three quick little smacks, as if he were telling off his own mouth. “I always do that. Tae says I need to stop over-sharing, but it’s so hecking hard!”

Jungkook bit his lip to keep from laughing. Hecking? Had Jimin just used the word hecking? “I like to hear you talk. I don’t mind listening to you over-share. And… I am sorry I made you cry. I really thought you gave me a fake number. I know I look a bit scary, because of the tattoos and piercings and I didn’t want to scare you more or make you feel pressured to do something out of fear or even out of gratitude if you didn’t want to.”

Jimin looked up at him, blue eyes full of that honest, open expression he had only ever seen on this Omega. “I don’t think you’re scary. I think you’re pretty. I like your tattoos it’s like a painting on your skin. I like it, and your jewelry.”

Jimin reached up and touched the silver hoop in the middle of Jungkook’s lip with his fingertips. The Alpha unconsciously licked his lip, tongue grazing over the Omega’s skin and making him gasp. Jungkook watched in fascination as Jimin’s cheeks tinted pink and he pulled his hand back. As if he didn’t realize what he was doing, the Omega put his wet fingertips to his own lips and swiped a pink tongue across the pads of his fingers.

Jungkook felt as if an inferno had ignited beneath his skin at the sight, and shifted in his chair. Just at that moment, their food came. The Alpha had never felt so happy to be interrupted. Sure, he wanted Jimin, wanted him badly. But he was a virgin, innocent and inexperienced in relationships. And… Jimin was special.

Jungkook was going to court this soft little Omega with all the decorum as if his grandmother was playing chaperone. He wanted more than sex from Jimin. He wanted to be his Alpha, he wanted the Omega to trust him and look to him for guidance, protection and love. His partner in the truest sense, and he would have to earn it, or he didn’t deserve him.

The tense atmosphere dispelled as they ate their dinner. Jimin returned to his rambling between bites, and Jungkook just listened, occasionally adding in a few words of his own or an anecdote about himself and his bandmates. As he listened, he realized that Jimin didn’t curse at all, and he only said nice things about the people he spoke about. It was incredibly endearing.

After they finished eating, Jimin was tracing the tattoo on the back of his right hand, a red rose outlined in black and the letters on his knuckles. The right hand said “OVER” and the left said “COME”, so together they spelled out OVERCOME. Again, he was simply talking, telling Jungkook anything that came to his mind.

“I love roses. Pink ones are my favorite roses, although my favorite flower is hydrangeas. Taehyung likes lavender flowers, cause he says they’re pretty and smell nice. Jin likes calla lilies, cause he likes white, and he says that someday he’s gonna have a garden full of them. Wow, your tattoos are so cool, and you have so many. I really want one. I gue-“

Jungkook perked up at this information, and he interrupted him mid-sentence. “Wait. You want a tattoo?” He was surprised and a little impressed.

Jimin’s shyness came back out, as he glanced down at his hand where it was tracing over Jungkook’s tattoo. “Well… I always thought that if, you know… I ever found a mate, maybe we could get our names together.” His pretty blush came back at his little confession.

Jungkook warmed at the idea of someday getting a matching tattoo with Jimin, of seeing his name permanently marked into that soft, pale skin. “I think you would look good with a tattoo.” It was the closest he could get to saying his true feelings.

After Jungkook paid, he and Jimin took a walk, by the river. The Alpha couldn’t help but be amused at the way his date seemed to naturally dance with his steps. He was so graceful, sometimes balancing on the balls of his feet and turning in little spins, pink hair flying in the wind. It seemed a wonder that he didn’t simply float away, his movements were so light and delicate, Jungkook wondered what tethered him to the earth.

Passersby watched the odd couple with surprise. The two couldn’t be more different but somehow, they seemed to fit together. They were such an unusual juxtaposition, like a tiny white kitten who was friends with a big dog, like a pitbull or a rottweiler. And the way they looked at each other was undeniable. Jungkook’s half-smile and fond eyes watched the Omega, and Jimin looked up at the Alpha with a shy admiration, smile wide and eyes curved into little crescents.

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Jungkook walked Jimin home, both happy that the Omega trusted him enough to see where he lived and worried that he had shown a near stranger his home address so quickly. He wondered if they had a security system, worried that an apartment with two Omegas would be unsafe. He had the presence of mind not to ask, at least not yet. He added it to his list of things to worry about later. He walked him all the way to his door, which was of course, painted pink. It made him smile to see it, and wonder what the inside looked like. Hopefully he would eventually be trusted enough to enter and see the Omega’s private space.

Jimin was shy again. He could tell because the Omega couldn’t meet his eyes. The Alpha wanted to kiss him so badly, but he resisted the impulse. Reminding himself of his vow to court Jimin slowly, let the Omega lead the way and only do what he was comfortable with. So he brought Jimin’s soft pale hand to his lips and kissed his knuckles gently, only allowing himself a single brush of lips that made the Omega giggle and smile.

Jimin giggled as Jungkook’s lip-ring tickled the back of his hand. He liked the feeling of Jungkook’s lips. He returned the kiss, pressing his lips to the rose tattoo that he had been tracing earlier. He looked up into the Alpha’s eyes and again, his mouth instantly blurted out the first thought that struck him.

“I wish I had something with your scent.” Jimin immediately did his little ritual of smacking his lips three times, brows drawing down in adorable frustration and hands balling into tiny fists as he looked down at his feet.

The noise Jungkook made was like a pained little grunt. Jimin wanted something with his scent? Who was he to refuse a request like that? He immediately slipped his favorite worn leather jacket off his shoulders and draped it over Jimin’s. It completely engulfed him, hanging almost to his knees. Jungkook wanted to howl at the moon as he saw the Omega relax, and turn his nose into the lapel to inhale his scent.

“Why don’t you keep this for me?” Jungkook’s voice was low and gentle as he carded his fingers through Jimin’s soft, pink hair.

Jimin’s next question made Jungkook's eyes sting, and he had to blink quickly to not embarrass himself by crying. “Can I put it in my nest?”

An Omega’s nest was their most private space, filled with all their favorite blankets, pillows and other soft things that gave them comfort. To allow an Alpha’s scent into that space was no small matter. He couldn’t stop himself, he reached forward and pulled Jimin into a hug. He pressed a kiss into the crown of his head, inhaling the lovely orange blossom scent.

“Of course you can.”

As soon as he released him, Jimin stepped back and looked up at him, expression suddenly excited. “Wait right here!”

That was all the warning he got before Jimin quickly unlocked the door and disappeared inside, reappearing only moments later with something small and pink hugged in his arms. He offered it to Jungkoook, and the Alpha saw that it was a baby pink stuffed elephant. The little thing looked worn, and the Omega’s scent clung to it so strongly that it must have come from his nest.

“I want you to keep him. He’s my favorite!”

Jungkook took the little toy with reverent care, again surprised by Jimin. Not only was he giving him something from his nest, but his favorite plush.

“I’ll take very good care of him.”


“What are you reading so intensely?” Yoongi asked from his seat where he was polishing and cleaning his drumset.

“Nothing.” Jungkook quickly blanked his phone screen and put it in his pocket. Which was a huge mistake.

“Oh no no. Jeon Jungkook you are hiding something from us! Give me the phone.” Hoseok said, moving to stand in front of Jungkook with his hand out for the phone.

“It’s nothing.”

Namjoon and Yoongi joined Hoseok, and the three looked down at him with stern expressions. “Phone. Now.”

Jungkook sighed and took the phone out of his pocket, placing it in Hoseok’s hand. All three immediately leaned in to see the screen as it was quickly unlocked (Jungkook had to start changing his passwords).

“How to court an Omega? Flower meanings? Gift ideas for Omegas? Dude… what the fuck?” Yoongi looked down at him with a frown.

“You guys remember a few months back when I met that Omega, Jimin?”

“Yeah, and I remember you being depressed for months after he rejected you. Please don’t tell me you are trying to find him. Bro, that’s creepy.” Namjoon added.

“I am not trying to find him, I did find him. I ran into him yesterday, and as it so turns out, I had the number wrong.”

“Wait. So he didn’t reject you?”

“No.” Jungkook snatched his phone back from Hoseok. “I took him to dinner last night and I was thinking about sending him some flowers.”

“Aww… Kookie’s in looooove!” Hoseok said as he skipped out of Jungkook’s reach with Namjoon, and the two started screaming and making kissy noises at him. “Jungkook and Jimin, sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

Yoongi ignored the other two and looked at Jungkook soberly. “Are you really serious about this? I thought before you were just attracted to him. But… Kook, are you trying to mate with him?”

The room fell silent as their other two bandmates turned surprised expressions toward their lead singer. Jungkook started rotating the hoop in his bottom lip, a nervous habit.

“Uh… yeah. I am.”

“Holy shit! REALLY? We gotta meet this guy! When are you gonna introduce him? Do you have a picture of him? What’s he like?” Hoseok was rattling the questions off too quickly to be answered.

“Alright chill. I don’t know when I’m going to introduce him, and I don’t currently have a picture of him either.”

“Ask him to come to the show next week. We can all meet him there.” Yoongi suggested.

“I will try.”


“I’ve got a delivery for Park Jimin!” The strange voice rang through the ballet studio.

Many dancers turned to see a flower delivery man holding an obscenely large bouquet of flowers. Light blue hydrangeas and pink roses.

Jimin rushed over and accepted the burden, quickly finding the card that held an undeniable scent. Sandalwood and patchouli with a hint of tobacco. He opened it and read the words that made him smile and hug the flowers to his chest with joy.

Thinking of you. XOXO Jungkook

Chapter Text

Taehyung and Jin were both happy for their friend when he told them about how Jungkook had saved him from Jiwoo and about their dinner date. Taehyung still said he would have to meet this Alpha before he could approve him however. In the Omega’s eyes, it didn’t matter that there had been a misunderstanding. This Alpha had made Jimin cry for days, almost as badly as Jiwoo had done. Taehyung had spent hours curled up together with him in his nest, comforting him and drying his tears. He had to make sure that Jungkook deserved his best friend.

He could admit that he at least approved of the Alpha’s courting method. Jimin had told him about how he’d given him his jacket, and accepted one of the Omega’s plushies from his nest in return, and he’d sent Jimin his favorite flowers. It was at least a promising start. He had even agreed to take Jimin’s picture with the flowers to send to the Alpha that evening. He’d snapped the picture as Jimin sat in his nest, holding the flowers and smiling, hugging the bouquet to his chest.

Jungkook couldn’t stop grinning as he looked at the picture Jimin had texted him. Jimin’s nest, which was his bed, was very pretty. A thick pink canopy hung over it, draped in twinkling little fairy lights, and strings of gold stars. Inside were mounds of neatly arranged pillows, blankets and plush toys in all different shades of pink and pastels. His eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to the single black item among the mass. His jacket laid half on Jimin’s ruffled pink pillow. His entire body shivered as he imagined the Omega sleeping with his nose pressed into the leather, inhaling his scent. Jungkook responded by sending back a selfie of him on his bed, the little pink elephant pressed to his cheek.

Jimin squealed and showed the picture to Taehyung. “Look Tae! He’s got my gift!”

Taehyung’s eyebrows shot up when he looked at the picture of the Alpha who was courting his friend. Jimin had tried to show him one of their music videos a few months ago, but he’d refused to watch after it appeared the Alpha was rejecting his friend. He could count at least three facial piercings and four more in his ears, his hand was covered in dark tattoos and he could see more on the bit of neck that was showing. Jungkook was not at all what he had pictured.

“He’s kinda scary don’t you think?” Tae asked as he climbed up into Jimin’s nest. He noticed how his friend took the black jacket and tucked it away, under his other things, like he didn’t want Tae’s scent on it.

Jimin shook his head fervently. “No! He’s pretty. And he’s real nice. You are going to like him. He invited me to go see his band play a show next week. You should come with me. I want him to meet you.” Jimin automatically leaned forward and rubbed his face against Tae’s shoulder as he settled next to him.

Taehyung reciprocated by nuzzling against the top of Jimin’s pink-haired head, the temporary dye already starting to fade back to his natural blond, making it almost peach now. “Okay. I will go with you. I want to meet him too, and I need to make sure he is safe for you.”

Over the next days, Jimin received more little gifts each day, and grudgingly Taehyung began to give his approval. A pink faux fur blanket that was soft as a cloud, a pair of delicate gold earrings each with a dangling pink pearl, and his favorite, a set of two little cat plushies, one black and one pink. Each gift came with a little card that held the Alpha’s masculine scent, and had sweet little messages written in Jungkook’s slanting handwriting.

Missing you. XOXO Jungkook

Please wear these for me? XOXO Jungkook

These made me think of us. XOXO Jungkook

He hadn’t seen the Alpha in person since their date nearly a week ago, though they had talked on the phone every night before bed. Jimin would cuddle up in his nest, next to the leather jacket and tell his suitor about his day, thanking him for his gifts and listening in turn while the Alpha talked. The same day that he had received the little cat plushies, Jungkook had asked him to dinner the following evening. Jimin couldn’t forget the Alpha’s words that had made him giggle and dance on his bed with happiness.

“I can’t wait anymore. I need to see you. I miss you. Will you have dinner with me tomorrow?”


Jimin was so excited he couldn’t stop giggling and bouncing. He had a date with Jungkook tonight. The Alpha was taking him out to dinner again. He was thrilled.

Jimin had most of the clothes in his closet strewn about his room as he searched for the perfect outfit. Taehyung sat on his bed, watching his friend make a mess of his room and playing judge at different outfits. Finally, Tae got up and selected a few items, laying them out on the bed.

“This is perfect Minnie. I think he will like it.”

Jimin gathered up the outfit and changed quickly. He studied himself in his big mirror. Pink high-waisted cutoff shorts adorned with gold buttons and a soft white cotton cropped long-sleeve tee printed with tiny gold hearts that showed just a tiny peek of his ribcage when he moved his arms up and loosely hung off one shoulder, the sleeves just slightly overlong. He understood at once why Taehyung had picked this outfit, it complimented his gold and pink pearl earrings perfectly, and when the Omega handed him his ever present pink flats, he fell in love with the outfit. Spring was just turning to summer, and the evening was supposed to be balmy and clear. It was perfect.

He let Taehyung fix his hair and makeup, his hair had now faded to a light strawberry-blond and his makeup was light, just highlighting his natural features. Taehyung fixed a little gold headband into his hair that reminded Jimin of a tiara, but he thought the effect was nice.


Jungkook was wearing one of his few outfits that didn’t consist of torn jeans and band t-shirts. He wore black slacks and a black button up shirt, he was still wearing his usual black timberlands since they looked okay with the outfit. He’d styled his hair off his forehead, pushed back out of his face as best as he could, and had changed all his silver jewelry out for his black ones.

The Alpha knocked on the pink door, and the sight that greeted him made him want to fall to his knees and propose on the spot. Jimin was so cute and so unbelievably sexy. He had never seen his legs before, and he had to make a concerted effort not to stare at the perfect creamy skin of his thighs. He noticed that the Omega was wearing the earrings he had given him, and it made his chest warm at the sight. He took Jimin’s hand and gave a soft kiss to it.

“Hi. You look beautiful.” Jimin blushed and looked down, smile pulling at his lips. At that moment Jungkook noticed the other Omega standing behind Jimin. He was small and golden-skinned with lavender hair and a pretty face. He addressed the male who could only be Taehyung. “Hello, I’m Jungkook. You must be Taehyung, Jimin has told me so much about you.”

“You too. It’s nice to meet you.”

They both reached forward and shook hands. The Omega was looking up at him with indecision, like he wanted to say something, but was unsure. He remembered what Jimin had said about Tae disliking him because he had made him cry.

“I will take care of him. Don’t worry.”

The lavender-haired male nodded. “D-don’t make him cry again.” His voice came out with a little tremble like he was afraid.

The Alpha gave him a kind smile. “Promise.”

Chapter Text

Jimin gasped as they walked out onto the rooftop restaurant. The place was like a garden in the middle of the city. Trellises hung heavy with green ferns and flowery vines, rosebushes filled out long planters, and everything was draped in twinkling lights. The lights of the city provided a distinctive backdrop to the unusually green place. It was enchanting.

Jimin noticed that all the tables were empty, and the only one with candles lit was the one they were headed for. Had Jungkook rented out the whole place just for them? That must have been expensive. He had read online that his band Bulletproof was very popular and lucrative, but he didn’t need to spend all this money on him. The Omega was just happy to be with him. Jungkook pulled his chair out for him and took his seat on the opposite side, looking at him with his soft bunny smile.

“Jungkook, you didn’t have to do all this for me. It must have been expensive.” Jimin looked down at his hands in his lap.

The Alpha hadn’t even really thought about it. He had a lot of money, and he didn’t have anything he’d rather spend it on that this lovely Omega sitting in front of him. Jimin didn’t understand that Jungkook would do anything he asked. Buy him anything he wanted to make him happy. But he could see that the Omega didn’t want things or money, he genuinely only wanted to be with him, and that was worth more than all the money in his bank account.

“Don’t worry about that. I did only what I wanted to do. I just wanted to have dinner alone with you, but it’s a little soon for me to invite you to my apartment. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

Jungkook repeated his offering from their previous dinner, reaching his hand across the table and laying it in front of Jimin, palm up. Almost at once the Omega put his smaller hands into his, curling his soft fingers around his hand. It made him warm that Jimin seemed to be beginning to trust him, his lack of hesitation to take his offered hand a good sign.

They pulled apart when their waitress came with their menus. She waited a discrete distance away while they decided, then took their orders and disappeared to get their drinks. Slowly Jimin became comfortable again, relaxing into the atmosphere, his usual habit of saying anything and everything on his mind back in full force.

“This place is so pretty. I love all the vines and flowers. I have a plant you know, his name is Charles and he’s an orchid. He’s blue, and his color is really pretty and unique. I’ve had him for almost two years, and he always has flowers. Here look.” Jimin took out his phone and showed him a selfie of Jimin holding a pretty blue orchid.

“Very pretty.” He was only partly talking about the orchid. “I have a plant at my apartment. It doesn’t have a name, it’s just a fern that I stole from Yoongi after he almost killed it. He’s very bad with plants.”

This made Jimin laugh, his eyes disappearing into his crescent smile and making Jungkook’s heart melt. They ate their dinner and split a dessert, all the while talking and laughing together.

Once their table was cleared, Jungkook dismissed their waitress, leaving them all alone. Jungkook’s hand was on the table in front of Jimin again, and the Omega was running the tip of a fingernail from his wrist, over his palm and down to the tip of his longest finger, repeating the action over and over as he spoke. The small action had the Alpha shivering at the innocent touch. Jimin seemed to notice his reaction and paused.

Something in the Alpha’s eyes pulled at Jimin. He could see a longing there, one that he shared. It felt like every cell in his body was pulling him toward Jungkook.

“I really want to kiss you.” The Omega blurted unconsciously. Jimin gasped at his own boldness. Hand flying to his lips and eyes going wide. “I’m sorry…”

Jungkook felt a smile tug at the corners of his mouth. His little Omega was so honest and adorable. “Why are you sorry? I want to kiss you too.”

“Umm… it’s just…” Jimin looked down with a little frown. His hands were back to twisting in his lap, teeth pulling on his lip.

Why did he look so upset?

“What is it, little one? Have you never been kissed before? Are you nervous?”

Jimin shook his head, eyes not meeting his as he whispered his next words. “I-I have been… kissed before, but I… um… Jiwoo… he always… he tried to hold me down or make me be still… I didn’t like it. I-it made me feel scared.”

Jungkook felt an anger unlike anything he’d ever felt in his life ignite inside him. Kim Jiwoo better hope that he never appeared in front of Jungkook again because it would end badly for the other Alpha. He had to take several deep breaths to calm the flood of hatred that was coursing through his body. He pushed his tongue against the inside of his cheek, trying to hold back the words that he wanted to say.

Jungkook stood from his seat and moved around the table to kneel next to Jimin’s chair. He held his palm out to Jimin, who glanced down at it, then put his shaking hands into the Alpha’s steady one.

“Look at me little one.”

It took a few moments, but Jimin turned his eyes to the Alpha and met his honest, kind gaze.

“You never have to do anything you don’t want to do. What Jiwoo did to you was wrong, and not your fault. I’m happy to wait for you as long as you need to feel comfortable. If you want to kiss me, I will sit in that chair and not move a muscle, and you can kiss me first if that makes you feel safe. Everything is completely up to you. Okay?”

A single tear clung to Jimin’s long lower lashes and fell when he blinked. Jungkook felt the hot tear land on his wrist. He was going to kill that motherfucker for hurting Jimin. But then, the Omega smiled and let out a watery little laugh.

Jimin suddenly felt so safe. Jungkook was so nice. He wasn’t like Jiwoo. He was a good Alpha, and he wouldn’t hurt him or try to force him to do anything.

“Can I really kiss you first?” Jimin asked as he blinked the wetness in his eyes away.

“Of course.” Jungkook gave him his signature half smile.

Jimin nodded, his smile returning as he looked at Jungkook. The Alpha patted the top of his hands, then pulled away and returned to his chair. He scooted back from the table, leaving a space for Jimin.

The Omega moved toward him in little degrees, as if testing him. Jungkook waited patiently, as Jimin moved forward, one little half-step at a time until he was right in front of him. Jungkook wasn’t much shorter sitting than Jimin standing. The Omega leaned forward, bracing one knee on the edge of the chair between the Alpha’s legs, first just brushing the tip of his nose over the Alpha’s cheek, taking in his scent, letting it calm his racing heart.

Jungkook focused on his breaths, closing his eyes and gripping the arms of the chair to keep from moving. He had promised that he would be still, and he would not break the Omegs’s fragile trust. The feeling of Jimin nosing over his cheek, taking in his scent made his entire body throb.

Then Jimin brushed his lips over Jungkook’s not a kiss, just a testing brush. He repeated it a few more times, each time pressing a little farther, a little more firmly. On the fourth one, he pursed his lips in a soft kiss, then again. The only movement from the Alpha was a slight shift in his lips as he returned the gentle peck.

Jimin liked kissing Jungkook. His lips were soft, and his skin was warm. From so close, he was surrounded by the smell of sandalwood, patchouli and tobacco. The Alpha kept his word, he remained still as Jimin pressed their lips together over and over slowly easing himself forward closer to the Alpha’s body.

Experimentally, Jimin snuck his tongue out and licked over Jungkook’s bottom lip, tracing over the cool metal of his lip ring.


Suddenly the pair fell back, Jimin landing on top of Jungkook with an “Oof!”

Jimin looked down at his date with confusion. The Alpha blushed and raised a hand, in which was gripped the arm of the chair he’d been sitting on.

“Uh… sorry. I think I may have gripped the arm too hard.”

Jimin smiled and giggled, pressing his face into the chest under him and laughing.

Jungkook had broken the chair.

Chapter Text





Again, Jimin and Jungkook found themselves facing each other outside the pink door to Jimin’s apartment. The Omega hadn’t stopped giggling since the chair incident, but now he looked up at Jungkook with a high flush on his cheeks, and lips pulled into a small content smile. The Alpha couldn’t stop himself. He needed to touch him.

Jungkook reached a hand up tucked an unruly lock of strawberry-blond hair behind the Omega’s ear. Everything about him was so soft, his hair was like silk, and the skin that he’d brushed with his fingers was velvety smooth and perfect. He let his fingers trace the Omega’s jaw, down to his chin. He tilted it up with a single finger so that he could look into his blue eyes.

“Can I kiss you goodnight?”

Jimin looked up into the Alpha’s silvery gaze. He studied him as he considered the question. He wanted to feel Jungkook’s lips again, but a tiny part of him was scared still. He reminded himself of how the Alpha had held himself in check as he’d allowed him to explore his lips, and he made a decision.

“Just… softly, okay?”


The word was just a whisper as Jungkook leaned down and pressed his lips to Jimin’s fuller ones. He kept the contact light, resisting the urge to wrap a hand around the back of his neck and pull forward. The only places they touched were their lips, and the single finger against the underside of the Omega’s chin. Jungkook moved his lips slowly, parting them slightly and felt Jimin do the same.

He clamped down on the urge to slide his tongue forward and taste. Jungkook just moved their mouths together, the two of them sharing breaths as the Alpha guided the actions never pushing, never demanding or forceful. On every inhale he could almost taste Jimin’s scent, and he felt the Omega breathe in deeply through his mouth, tasting him in turn.

The Omega made a little noise in the back of his throat, just a tinny little whimper, but it made a shiver crawl up the Alpha’s spine. He pulled back, breaking the kiss and resting his forehead against Jimin’s. He took a few shuddering breaths, trying to slow his pounding heart. When he opened his eyes and met the clear blue gaze of the Omega, he was captivated.

Jimin tilted his face upward more, bumping their noses together, nuzzling against him softly.


Jungkook’s friends weaseled every detail of his date out of him, pestering him until he told them everything. When he finally admitted to breaking the chair, they all lost it. Hoseok and Namjoon were rolling on the floor laughing, faces red and hands clutching at their abs. Even Yoongi was trying to muffle his laughter into his sleeve.

“Screw you guys.” Jungkook said, crossing his arms and looking like a petulant child, which only made the others laugh harder.

“Come on. It’s hilarious.” Yoongi puffed out between laughs.

It took a few minutes for his friends to stop laughing at him, but when they finally were able to wipe the tears from their eyes and stand upright, they surrounded him again.

“I know you have a picture of him. Come on, show us!” Namjoon punched his shoulder playfully.

Jungkook had not shown his friends Jimin’s picture yet, mostly because he wanted to keep the images that he had texted him just for himself, at least for a while. He pulled out his phone and pulled up the first picture the Omega had sent him, of him in his nest holding the flowers. He turned the screen to his bandmates and they all crowded around to look at it. Three sets of eyes widened as they took in the image.

“Dude. Is that what you are into? Weird.” Namjoon joked, making all three of them laugh.

Jungkook was instantly on his feet, he stepped forward until he was chest to chest with the other Alpha. The aggression was instinctive but unfamiliar when dealing with his close friends. He gripped the front of Namjoon’s shirt with a hard hand and pulled him forward with a low growl. “What did you say?”

The other two were pulling them apart instantly, Hoseok wrapping an arm around his mate and pulling him back. Yoongi got in front of Jungkook and crowded him back a few steps, using his own body as a barrier between the singer and the bassist.

“Jungkook! Stop. What the fuck man?” Yoongi said as Jungkook attempted to move forward again.

“Don’t talk about him that way.” The Alpha’s words were directed at the bassist.

There was a beat of pause as everyone realized what had upset Jungkook. A look of surprise passed each face, but Hoseok was the first to speak. The Beta put a hand on the back of Namjoon’s neck and brought his attention around to himself.

“He’s right babe. If someone said that about me you would be upset too.” Hoseok’s voice was calm and rational.

It seemed to take a few moments for his mate’s words to process, but after a short silence the Alpha’s face morphed back to calm and he looked back to Jungkook who was still scowling at him.

“Sorry Jungkook. I didn’t mean it like that man. He’s really pretty. I just meant that you guys are really different. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your Omega. I didn’t mean to insult him.”

Jungkook took several deep breaths; he let Namjoon’s words sink in and relaxed. “I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to lose it like that. I just…”

“I get it.”

Jungkook sat down and lit a cigarette, trying to calm his nerves. No one spoke for a few minutes as the atmosphere returned to normal. Hoseok, as a Beta was the natural peacemaker among the group of Alphas, so he broke the silence first.

“Okay, so why the hell were you gripping the arms of the chair so hard, I don’t think you explained?” Hoseok asked, smile again stretching his heart-shaped lips.

Jungkook ground his teeth as Jimin’s fearful words played back in his head. “He… had some bad experiences with his ex. He said… ugh… the motherfucker would try to hold him down…” Jungkook couldn’t hold back the rumbling growl in his chest as he spoke.

All three of his bandmates faces were twisted into looks of disgust. Yoongi’s lip curled and he actually looked nauseous. “Jesus Christ… you want me to go fuck him up?”

“Nah. But thanks. Anyway, I think he was just scared, so I was trying to give him space to feel comfortable.”

“Wow. You’re a good man, you know that?” Hoseok gave his shoulder a squeeze.

Jungkook rubbed a hand through his messy black hair, embarrassed. He took another drag off his cigarette and let out a non-committal little “Hn.”


As soon as Jimin closed his front door, he leaned back against it and put his hands to his chest where his heart was still beating wildly. His entire face was lit up with a smile of pure happiness, and he sighed as he thought of Jungkook. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to commit the Alpha’s soft kiss to memory.

“So, how was your date?”

Jimin opened his eyes and saw Taehyung standing in the doorway to his bedroom. Jimin rushed forward and took his friend’s hands in his, excited to tell him everything about his perfect evening.

“Oh, Tae! He’s so perfect!”

The lavender-haired Omega smiled at his friend’s happiness. “Come on, tell me all about it.”

Taehyung led Jimin into his room, which unlike Jimin’s pink one, was mostly shades of purple and lavender. The pair settled into Taehyung’s nest, resting comfortably amongst the piles of purple pillows and blankets as Jimin told him about his date.

When Jimin shyly told him about Jungkook’s kind words, assuring him that they could move at his pace, and about how the Alpha had let Jimin take the lead, he felt tears pool in his eyes.

“Why are you crying TaeTae?” Jimin scooted forward and wrapped his arms around his friend.

“I’m so happy for you. I was so scared he would be like Jiwoo… I didn’t want him to hurt you again.”

Taehyung had once accidentally walked in on Jimin and his ex, and he still sometimes had fitful dreams about it. He could still picture Jiwoo’s hand holding Jimin’s wrists above his head as he pushed their lips together, the way his friend was struggling against the grip and making little sounds of protest. The memory made him shiver and waves of goosebumps to bloom over his skin.

“I know. I was scared too at first, but he was kind.” Jimin squeezed the other Omega gently in reassurance. “I really like him a lot TaeTae. I… I think he could even be my mate someday.”

Chapter Text

Jimin spent the night curled up in Tae’s nest with him. The other Omega was sensitive after all his worry over his friend and needed the closeness and support. So Jimin changed into his soft pj’s and cuddled with his bestie, the only light in the room from the strings of fairy lights draped over his lavender canopy.

Taehyung worried that the Alpha would try to come between them. He and Jimin had been together since they were just pups, and their bond was just as strong as any mating pact. Jimin was his Omega life partner, and the idea of someone trying to keep them apart was devastating. He voiced these concerns to Jimin as they lay in the dark, foreheads pressed together, legs tangled and hands clasped between them.

Jiwoo had never wanted Tae to be a part of their relationship; it had been one of the hardest things for the pair to deal with in the aftermath of their very short, but very traumatic relationship. Many nights spent talking until dawn were needed to move past the damage the Alpha had done to their friendship. They had made a promise then that they would never let anyone affect their bond again.

Jimin nuzzled his cheek, scenting him and helping his friend to relax. “You know I will never let that happen. I won’t ever let anyone come between us. We promised.”

The next day, two bouquets were delivered to the ballet studio; one of pink peonies for Jimin and one of lavender flowers and purple roses for Taehyung. They each held a card in Jungkook’s writing.

Jimin’s card read:

You were so beautiful last night. XOXO Jungkook

Taehyung’s card read:

Thank you for always looking out for Jimin. Jungkook

Jimin’s heart swelled at the kindness the Alpha was showing, respecting his bond with Taehyung and making sure to make him understand that he was a welcome part of their courtship, since he was a part of Jimin’s life. His friend had tears in his eyes as he shared his card with him, and then embraced his friend.

“Okay. I approve.” He spoke the words against Jimin’s neck.

Jimin had been excited to curl up in his own nest that night and talk to Jungkook on the phone, thanking him.

“I know he’s a part of your life just as much as Yoongi, Hoseok and Namjoon are a part of mine. I would never try to change that.”

“Jungkook?” Jimin drew his legs up, curling into a little ball, nervous to say the next words.

“Yes, Jimin?”

“I really like you a lot.”

“I like you a lot too, little one.”

The Alpha’s courtship continued over the next days, each day bringing a new gift and a little note. Jimin was always excited to see that Jungkook sent him, and read his sweet notes.


Jimin and Taehyung both looked and felt out of place as they walked into Cypher. Jimin was wearing a ripped up pair of light wash skinny jeans with a wide neck pink cotton tee, he had his pink sunglasses on top of his hair, which had faded back to his natural blond, and his pink converse instead of his usual flats. Taehyung was dressed in a loose pair of dark purple overalls with a cropped white tee underneath that left a view of the sides of his toned abdomen. They stuck out like a sore thumb.

The place was half bar, half concert venue and smelled like cigarette smoke and stale beer. The walls were painted black, and neon signs hung all over them. The most interesting thing about the place byfar however was the clientele. A mix of Alphas, Betas and Omegas all dressed in dark colors. Jimin didn’t see anyone who wasn’t marked up with some kind of tattoo or piercing. Among the sea of dark hair, a few stood out in pops of shocking neon colors.

Every eye in the place seemed to be focused on them as they made their way through the crowded venue. Jimin held Taehyung’s hand as they made their way right up to the front of the stage. The crowd seemed to part in front of them as they walked, countless shocked faces watching them as if waiting for the pair to realize they were in the wrong place.

All of the band’s equipment was set out on the stage, but Jungkook and the others were nowhere to be seen. Jimin looked to his best friend who was eyeing their surroundings skeptically. He squeezed the hand gripped in his and gave him a hopeful smile.

“You okay, TaeTae?”

“Yes. It’s just… this place is a little overwhelming.”

Jimin knew exactly what he meant. The place was packed with concertgoers and the mix of scents was a lot to handle all at once. Neither of them were used to being in large crowds, usually they were the ones on stage, and no one crowded you there. He did have to admit however that there was a general atmosphere of excitement and anticipation that was a bit infectious.

Jimin gave Tae’s hand another squeeze. “It’s kinda exciting though, huh?”

Taehyung smiled then, the expression making Jimin relax a bit. “Yeah.”

After a few minutes, the four males walked out on the stage. Jimin smiled as soon as he spotted Jungkook, the Alpha’s eyes finding him instantly. The two pastel-colored Omegas were easy to spot against the sea of black clad bodies. Jungkook smiled and Jimin heard a chorus of whistles and whoops from the audience. He realized that they were reacting to the Alpha’s smile, and it made a little rock of jealousy fall into the pit of his stomach, but it was quickly forgotten as Jungkook’s eyes never left him.

Suddenly he felt Tae squeezing his hand in little bursts, trying to get his attention. He looked at his friend and the Omega leaned over to speak directly into his ear, as the noise of the crowd was picking up.

“Who is that with the silver hair?”

Jimin looked up at the stage and found the male Tae was talking about. “That’s Yoongi. He’s their drummer. Why?”

Tae’s shrug looked like it was trying to be nonchalant, but failing miserably. Jimin smiled. “Do you like him?”

The lavender-haired Omega looked down shyly, then with a little smile. “He’s handsome.”

The shy admission made the Omega blush and Jimin’s grin widen. The blond squeezed his friend’s hand and nuzzled against his shoulder, trying to relax him.

Their attention was drawn back to the stage as Jungkook flipped the mic on and began to speak. “Hello! Thanks for coming out tonight. We are Bulletproof!”

The cheer that followed these words was deafening, and accompanied by the opening drumbeats and squealing guitar of one of their songs. (See notes 1)

Jimin couldn’t take his eyes off Jungkook. The Alpha was so stunning, his jaw flexing and tendons standing out in his neck as he sang and screamed into the mic. Long, elegant fingers dancing over his guitar as he moved with the heavy beat of the song. His face expressed every word he sang, and soon, droplets of sweat were running down his temples, making his hair damp and stick to his forehead.

Hair and skin glistening under the bright stage lights, the Alpha was devastatingly attractive. Watching Jungkook in his element was fascinating and strangely beautiful.

Jimin and Taehyung quickly got caught up in the atmosphere, jumping up and down with the crowd, pumping their fists in the air and screaming along with the lyrics of the songs. By the time the concert was winding down, both Omegas were overheated and sweaty but smiling.

Chapter Text

This Yoongi


With this Taehyung

As one song ended, Jungkook grabbed the mic and started speaking again. He was out of breath, and his voice slightly husky from use.

“This last song is a new one. I wanna dedicate it to someone very special.”

The Alpha looked directly at Jimin, silver meeting blue. Jimin felt his heart throb. He could feel the blood rushing through his veins, making his fingers and toes tingle. Jungkook wrote him a song? He felt Taehyung squeezing his hand, but all his attention was reserved for the Alpha on stage who had yet to break eye contact.

He heard the crowd around him cheer, excited to hear a new song, but it sounded far away to the Omega, like he and Jungkook were alone here and everyone else was in some separate dimension. Then Yoongi raised his drumsticks and tapped them together, breaking the spell.

The song started up, but his Alpha never looked away as he sang the words. It was a little slower, a little softer than the other songs they'd played, but still their style.
(Please see NOTE 1)

Give me your misery, all of it give it to me
I can hold onto it for you, it's not a problem
I just want your energy, a piece of that fractured mountain
I'll take whatever comes with it as long as it's yours
All I know is that I want it more than yesterday
If I was waiting, I was waiting for just one little spark
You are the brightest I've seen
You are the best side of me
And just for when we're apart
I've got a piece of your heart
But I want the whole damn thing

It was perfect. Jimin put his free hand to his lips as he looked up at Jungkook with awe. He felt his eyes water at the words, happiness swelling in him until he felt like he would burst. He couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than this moment between them, the Alpha laying his heart out before him. This was another one of the Alpha’s gifts. An offering that Jimin was free to refuse, but that like the others he wanted to keep and hold close to his heart.

I feel it inside of me, I feel it inside of you too
Seeing forever this downcast blade from the sky
Could never sever through, not what we have me and you
Burning together and burning forever
I don't know, I just can feel it in the atmosphere
If I'm wandering, I've wandered into just the right spot
You are the fire in my sleep
You are the reason that I dream
And just for when we're apart
I've got a piece of your heart

As the song continued and then came to a close, the crowd went wild. Jimin couldn’t cheer, he was frozen in place. His little body was shaking and he felt a tear escape and roll down his cheek. Taehyung reached up and wiped it away, pulling Jimin into a hug as the crowd around them cheered and jostled them.

The four band members discarded their instruments and came to the front to bow and wave to the crowd. Jimin released Tae and turned to look up at Jungkook who was standing right in front of him, reaching a hand down from the stage. He saw Yoongi reach down to Tae next to him. The two Omegas shared a look then reached up simultaneously and let the Alphas pull them up on the stage.

Without thought or hesitation, Jimin reached up and pulled Jungkook down by the back of the neck. He raised up on his tippy toes and connected their lips in a sloppy, inexpert, but thoroughly enthusiastic kiss. He opened and felt the Alpha do the same, their tongues met and slid against each other, giving both the first taste of each other. The Omega’s entire body lit up as the Alpha pulled him into a strong embrace, he didn’t feel any fear. This was Jungkook, and it was safe.

Jungkook couldn’t stop himself, when Jimin pulled him down into a hard kiss, he wrapped his arms around the Omega and crushed his smaller body to his as he got his first taste of the delicate softness of Jimin's mouth. He never wanted to stop kissing his Omega. He held Jimin to him for a few moments, allowing himself to feel every curve and angle against him even just for a second. He had to force his arms to relax, he didn’t want to scare him.

The entire crowd went wild at the kiss, whistling and whooping, many people taking pictures with their camera phones. Jimin pulled back from the kiss and at the sight of all the flashing cameras buried his face into Jungkook’s chest to hide.

Yoongi pulled the purple-haired Omega up from the crowd, surprised by how light he was. He was able to pull him up with almost no effort. He'd noticed the male as soon as he walked on stage, seen him whispering with Jungkook's Omega. Yoongi felt like the singer had told him the name of Jimin's friend, but he couldn't remember. It seemed a shame, because he wanted to know. He wanted to speak with him, hear his voice. Hear him say his name.

Yoongi had never seen such a creature in his life. His skin was luminous and looked just as soft as the lavender hair that hung adorably into his eyes. The Omega was looking up at him shyly, and when he met his honey-colored gaze, the Omega bit his lip and looked down. The Alpha felt some inner part of himself melt at the bashful reaction.

Unconsciously, he reached forward and hooked a single finger in the loose front of the purple overalls, one knuckle brushing against the soft skin of his hip. He stepped forward, into the Omega's space so he could take in his scent. Lavender and vanilla, a delicate scent that matched the pretty male perfectly.

Taehyung didn't know what to do as the Alpha stepped closer to him, the gentle brush of his knuckle on his hip sent a volley of goosebumps over his skin. The touch felt like a brand, he was so aware of that single point of contact until the other was close enough for his scent to wash over him. He smelled like leather and peppermint. He wanted to moan at the heady scent, but suppressed it by taking in an extra deep breath.

Yoongi saw the movement in his peripheral vision, taking in the disgruntled face of the female in the crowd. He saw her hand come up, throwing her cup of beer at the Omega. He automatically pulled the slender male into his body and turned them, guarding him and feeling the cold beer splash against his back. He heard a gasp and looked down into hazel eyes that were wide and surprised.

He smiled at the little male in his arms. "Hi. I'm Yoongi."

"T-taeyhung." His voice was deeper than he expected, but lovely all the same.

Chapter Text

Yoongi grimaced as he felt the cold beer start to drip from the back of his shirt. Unwillingly, he let go of Taehyung and turned to face the one who had thrown her drink. He looked down to see a female Omega who was pretty but wearing too much makeup, and whose features were too exaggerated, like she’d had a lot of plastic surgery. In his mind, he compared her to Taehyung and the difference was laughable. Taehyung was such a delicate and natural beauty, like a newly bloomed rose.

“What are you doing with him?” She shouted at the Alpha, pointing at Taehyung.

Yoongi took a few steps forward and crouched down in front of her. She looked up at him with eyes full of happy expectation. She thought she had him. Yoongi smirked and turned her face up with a finger under the chin.

“What did you say, Omega?” His voice was sly, falsely flattering.

“Alpha, I love you. You should mate with me!” She whined, pouting her surgically swollen lips.

Yoongi’s smirk fell, his face turning dead serious. “I’m sorry. I don’t do things that I know will make me sick.”

He pulled his hand back, his finger flicking her chin upward. He wiped the hand on his jeans obnoxiously and stood, turning away from her and focusing his attention back on Taehyung who was looking at him with wide honey eyes, pretty hands with sparkly purple polished nails pressed over his mouth. He heard a gasp from behind him followed by a chorus of laughter from the people around her who had witnessed the scene.

Taehyung had felt disappointment well up in him when the Alpha had leaned down to talk to the other Omega, but when he heard his flat rejection, he felt a little bubble of joy inflate in his chest. He was hoping that Yoongi might like him. Taehyung had never felt much attraction to anyone, other than a fleeting notice of someone’s physical beauty. He’d never felt so drawn to an Alpha before. He didn’t know how to handle the unfamiliar feelings blooming inside him. He wanted to pull the male closer, but he was overwhelmed by his own shyness and inexperience. It made him want Jimin. His friend would know what to do.

Yoongi noticed how Taehyung looked at him, his pretty face drawn in lines of innocent bewilderment. It was incredibly endearing, and the closer he moved toward him, the more he seemed to retreat into his bashful apprehension. He saw how Taehyung was eyeing his friend who was currently hiding himself in Jungkook’s chest. He knew they were close, he must be feeling stressed if he was longing for Jimin. He made sure to keep his movement slow, and voice low when he spoke, careful not to touch him.

“Let’s go backstage okay? Get away from all these people.” He offered his hand to the little Omega.

It took a few moments of patience, but he was rewarded with a soft trembling hand. He gave it a gentle squeeze of reassurance before leading the Omega toward the backstage area. Yoongi looked toward Jungkook and met his eyes, tilting his head toward the side stage, indicating to come backstage. He saw the singer wrap an arm around his Omega and start heading toward them.

Once everyone was in the backstage area, Jimin immediately went to Taehyung, clearly sensing his distress. He cupped his friend’s face in his hands and turned him so he could look into his eyes.

“What happened TaeTae?”

Yoongi answered first. “Some bitch tried to throw her drink at him.”

Jimin’s growl was a surprise to them all, the little blond Omega bared his teeth. “Where?”

He moved as if to walk back to the stage, but Taehyung reached out and clung to him, wrapping his arms around his friend and holding him. “She’s gone Minnie. Yoongi protected me.”

Jimin turned into the other Omega’s embrace and pulled him close, rubbing his face over Tae to scent him and help him relax. It worked, and Taeyung nuzzled his friend back, pressing his nose into the other’s neck. Jimin pulled back from the embrace, holding the other at arm’s length and studying him.

“Are you okay, TaeTae? You said Yoongi protected you?” Jimin’s eyes slid to the silver-haired Alpha who was standing next to Jungkook, then back to his friend.

Taehyung nodded, then smiled. He felt better now that Minnie was close, and thinking about Yoongi saving him made a flush come to his cheeks. The Alpha had protected him, that was a good sign, right? “Uh-huh.”

All four members of Bulletproof watched the interaction between the two Omegas with soft eyes, trying not to coo at how cute they were comforting each other. Yoongi felt lightheaded when he saw Taehyung smile, wishing it was directed at him. And then, it was. Taehyung turned to look at him, his eyes not quite meeting his, hands nervously bunched in the loose fabric of his overalls, Yoongi wanted to swoon. The Omega was so adorable and beautiful.

“T-thank you, Yoongi.”

The Alpha smiled and him, longing to reach out and touch him again, but wishing there weren’t so many people around. “No problem.” Internally he groaned at himself. Was that the best he could do? No problem? God… why couldn’t he be more like Jungkook and be better with words?

Jimin finally stepped back from his friend and turned to the four bandmates. “Uh… hi. I’m Jimin and this is Taehyung. It’s so nice to meet you all. Jungkook has told me a lot about you.”

Hoseok stepped forward and shook his hand, introducing himself, then introducing Namjoon as his mate. They all shook hands with the two Omegas, then Jimin approached Yoongi.

Jimin held his hand out and shook the Alpha’s. “Thank you so much for protecting Tae.”

“No problem.” Yoongi looked around at his bandmates. “But… did anyone bring an extra shirt? Mine is cold and sticking to my back.”

As it turned out, Jungkook had an extra tee in a compartment of his guitar case. Yoongi pulled the wet shirt off over his head and caught the shirt Jungkook threw him. Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes off the Alpha’s body. His muscles were lean but defined, his abs flexing as he reached up to catch the shirt. He was covered in tattoos, but the Omega couldn’t make out what they all were in the low light of the backstage area. When Tae noticed the silver piercings glinting in his nipples, he had to bite his lips to hold back a sound from escaping.

Taehyung wanted to move closer, but he was afraid. He wasn’t very comfortable with Alphas. He still remembered the way Jiwoo had treated Jimin, and he was scared. He knew that Jungkook was a good Alpha by the way he treated Jimin, but did that mean his friends would be good too? What if he was misreading the situation and Yoongi didn’t like him, and only protected him because he was an Omega, and it was just natural instinct. He didn’t think he could bear to make an offer to the Alpha and be turned down. The mere idea was a crushing weight on his chest. So, he forced his eyes away from the half-dressed Alpha, immediately wanting to look back up.

Hoseok was the one who suggested they all go out to dinner, since their staff would pack up and transfer all the instruments back to the studio, and they all agreed. Jimin and Taehyung were immediately welcome into their circle of friends. The band laughed and ate, talking about themselves and getting to know the two newcomers to their group.

All throughout dinner, Yoongi and Tae exchanged glances. Occasionally meeting eyes, then looking away quickly.


The next day Taehyung received a small white box from a messenger service. He opened the box to find a dainty pair of dangling silver earrings with little purple gems dangling at the end of the thin chains, and a thumbdrive. His heart raced as he wondered, could it be from Yoongi?

He and Jimin raced to his bedroom to turn on his laptop and plug in the drive. The only thing on it was a single video file. The Omega clicked it and a video opened to reveal Yoongi sitting at a piano. The Alpha looked toward the camera and spoke.

“Hi Taehyung. Um… this is for you.”

He looked down at the piano and began to play a soft sweet song. (Please see NOTE 1) Taehyung felt like he was falling through the floor, his body numb and weightless as he listened to the beautiful tinkling sounds of the piano. The song went on for about four minutes before it ended, and the Alpha stopped playing.

Yoongi scooted his chair over toward the camera. He rubbed the back of his neck with one hand nervously, looking down, then back up at the lens.

“So… I’m not very good at this kind of thing, but I would really like your permission to court you. If you need time to think about it, that’s okay too. Just… when you’re ready, my number is 555-698-3978.”

He reached up and the screen went black.

Chapter Text



Taehyung turned to his best friend with wide, tear filled eyes. “Minnie? Wh-what do I do?”

Jimin was touched by how sweetly the Alpha had proposed his courtship. If he hadn’t already approved of him, this would have done the job. “Do you like him? Do you want him to court you?”

The Omega nodded furiously. “Yes. I like him a lot. More than any Alpha I’ve ever met.”

“You should call him and accept.”

Taehyung nodded again and picked up his phone, he played the end of the video again to get the number, and dialed it quickly. He held the phone to his ear and looked at Jimin, his nervousness showing on his face as his listened to it ring.


“Um… hello, Yoongi?”


“Yes, it’s me. Um… I got your gift, and… I wanted to say… um…. Yes. Yes you can court me.” Jimin gave him a thumbs up, smiling as he gently rubbed his back with the other hand.

“Oh. That’s great… I mean to say, I’m really glad.”

Tae giggled. “Me too.”

“Are you free on Tuesday evening? Would you like to have dinner with me?”

“Yes! Yes, I would love to!”

“Good. I will pick you up at five thirty.”

“Okay. See you then.”

As the call ended, the Omega was vibrating with excitement. He had a date. With Yoongi! He pulled Jimin into a hug, squealing with joy. “I have a date!”

“I’m so happy for you TaeTae. He will be a good Alpha, I can tell.”



Jimin lay in his nest, phone to his ear talking to Jungkook. He stroked one hand over the leather jacket that had started to lose the Alpha’s scent. It made him sad. He missed having it so strong next to him while he slept.

“I miss you.” It hadn’t even been a full day since the concert, but Jimin wanted to see Jungkook again. He wanted to kiss him again, maybe somewhere more private this time.

“I miss you too, little one.”

“Tae and Yoongi have their first date Tuesday. Do you want to come over then and order pizza and watch a movie with me?” Jimin was curled back into his little nervous ball, knees almost touching his chin.

“I would love to come over, but will Tae be okay with me coming into your house? It’s his territory too.”

“I think so, but let me check. Hold on.”

Jungkook heard shuffling as Jimin crawled out of his nest and then the sound of two doors opening. He could hear muffled voices, Jimin’s and Tae’s, the doors again, more shuffling as Jimin re-entered his nest.

“He says it’s okay.”

“What time should I come over?” Jungkook was thrilled; both because he was going to be allowed into Jimin’s private space, and because they would be alone.

“Six thirty?”

“I’ll be there.”


Over the next two days, Taehyung received gifts from Yoongi. A purple pillow made of soft silk and a dainty silver bracelet with a purple ballet slipper charm. However, instead of notes to go along with his gifts, he sent thumb drives with clips of the music he was working on. It seemed the Alpha was more comfortable communicating through his art than his words. Taehyung loved it.

He really felt like he could feel his suitors emotions well through the music, and it made him feel like Yoongi was sharing a special part of himself whenever he listened to his compositions. Once, another piano song, this one more upbeat, and once a drum solo that made him tap his feet and long to dance to the interesting beats.

The tables had turned, as Taehyung was now the one who had scattered the clothes in his dresser and closet all over his bed and vanity, and Jimin sat witness and judge to his indecision. Finally the blond took mercy on him and helped him to select an outfit. Jimin picked out light gray skinny jeans and a loose, soft deep-v neck tee shirt, and when he handed him a pair of suede purple high heeled booties, he fell in love. The shoes made his legs look amazing, and the heels were no problem for a ballet dancer, he could balance on the balls of his feet for hours. He decided to wear both the earrings and bracelet that the Alpha had gifted him.

Jimin took his turn to fix Tae’s hair and makeup, gently curling the strands away from his face and giving him subtle eyeliner and blush across his cheeks and nose that made him look summery. He added a silver headband and a dainty silver necklace that was just on this side of being a choker, and called his work complete. The Omega checked himself out in the mirror and had to admit, he looked pretty. He turned and hugged his bestie just when they heard a knock on the door. Jimin gave his friend a squeeze and ushered him toward the door with a stage whisper of, “Good luck!” and two thumbs up.

Jimin almost burst into laughter when he saw Yoongi’s outfit. It was all black and almost identical to the one Jungkook had worn on their dinner date. The Alphas didn’t seem to have much variation in their wardrobes, but the best part was the way Yoongi looked at his friend. His eyes were glued to Taehyung from the moment he opened the door, looking at him with such a gentle ardency that Jimin wanted to squeal in happiness. Taehyung stepped out the door, and Jimin lost sight as he pulled it closed behind him.


As soon as the door closed, Jimin was off. He raced into his room and stripped, grabbing the cute pj’s he’d picked out to wear for he and his Alpha’s movie night. He wanted Jungkook to think he looked pretty, and he wanted the Alpha to kiss him again. He pulled on his grey cotton shorts and loose white tank top that ended just a few centimeters above the waistband of the shorts, leaving a slice of abdomen showing, and to top it off, grey cable-knit slouchy thigh-high socks. He put on a touch of makeup and a little lip balm to make his lips more pouty-looking. He checked himself in the mirror and was satisfied, he thought he looked pretty. He hoped the Alpha agreed.

Jungkook damn near moaned when Jimin opened the door to his apartment. No. Hell no. Thigh-high socks should be off the table unless he was gonna get to take them off with his fucking teeth. He just dug his fingernails into his palms and took a shaky breath. Relax.

“Jungkook? Are you okay?” Jimin reached up and put a hand to his forehead, and he felt his entire body bloom with heat as he saw the pale, toned abdomen revealed.

“Yep. Fine.” He tried to hide the pained note in his voice, but failed miserably.

“You feel warm. Are you sick? Come inside.” Jimin grabbed his hand and pulled him through the door.

Chapter Text

Taehyung's Outfit

tae top

tae jeans

tae shoes

tae earrings

tae necklace

Jimin's Oufit

jm top

jm shorts

jm socks

Jungkook was pulled into Jimin’s apartment and down a hallway into a small kitchen with lavender walls and pastel decor. Everything was obsessively clean and neat, not surprising since two Omegas lived here. There was a little white two-seat table and chairs that was messily painted with flowers and hearts, he thought that Jimin and Tae had probably painted it themselves. Cute.

The place looked much like what he’d imagined, but he couldn’t spare too much attention for the décor. Jimin was rifling through cabinets, looking for something.

“I know we have a thermometer somewhere…” He bent over to look in one of the lower cabinets, his shorts riding up and showing the bottom half of his round, perfect ass.

Stop staring. Stop staring. Stop staring. Stop. Staring.

The Alpha had to turn and walk stiffly into the hallway to get away from the temptation. He rested his forehead against the light mint colored wall and took several deep breaths. His cock was hard and aching, pressed up against his body by his jeans. Jungkook tried to will himself into a calmer state, but he couldn’t banish the image of Jimin bent over in those soft grey socks. He could feel his pulse in his ears, and his hands were shaking.

Jimin heard Jungkook leave the kitchen and turned around just in time to see his shoulder disappear around the doorframe. He stood and went after him. The Alpha was in the hallway with his forehead leaned against the wall and his eyes squeezed shut. He looked distressed, and Jimin noticed his hands were shaking. Did he feel sick? He looked like maybe he was going to throw up.

“What’s wrong Jungkook?”

Jungkook started slightly at the sound of the soft voice behind him. He turned to see Jimin looking up at him with wide worried eyes.

“I need you to put on some more clothes little one.” Jungkook managed to husk out.

There was a pause.

“Y-y-you don’t like it?”

He felt his stomach drop as he saw Jimin’s face fall. Little arms came up and wrapped around himself, shoulders curling in. He was hiding himself from Jungkook. Suddenly the Alpha felt like a total bastard. The Omega had felt comfortable enough to wear this in front of him, and he’d just hurt his feelings, made him think that Jungkook didn’t like how he looked.

“I love it little one. But… I like it too much. Do you understand?”

“Too… much?” Jimin didn’t get it. It was good to like things, he wanted Jungkook to like the way he looked. “Is that bad? I wanted to look pretty for you.”

His Omega wanted to look pretty for him… Oh God, he was dying. Jungkook didn’t know what to say. He was completely lost in this situation. Honesty seemed like the best course of action.

“You do. Oh… baby you look so pretty, but it’s too much. It makes me want to do things that I don’t think you are ready for.”

“What kinds of things?” Jimin moved closer, drawn by the distress he could sense from his Alpha, wanting to comfort him.

“Sexual things, baby. It makes me want to kiss you… touch you.” Jungkook looked down at Jimin who was now right in front of him. He could smell his sweet orange blossom and jasmine tea scent and it made him lightheaded.

The Omega looked down, hands playing with the edge of his tank top nervously. “I-I want you to kiss me. I want you to touch me.”

Jimin reached forward and took Jungkook’s hand, leading it to his hip, letting it slide up under the edge of the tank top to feel his soft skin. The Alpha made a helpless little grunting sound at the feel of the buttery soft skin of Jimin’s waist.


Yoongi couldn’t stop staring at Taehyung as he walked next to him, his eyes kept looking down at the purple high heeled wedge boots. Did the Omega know how sexy he was? He didn’t think so, Tae looked up at him shyly every now and then, and there was no secret knowledge in his gaze, no expectation. Just a happy little smile and shy blush. He was wearing the earrings Yoongi had given him. It made the Alpha proud that he liked the gift.

“So… I was going to make a reservation somewhere, but… that’s not really me. I wanted to take you somewhere else. How do you feel about a picnic?”

“A picnic? In the city?”

“Well, kind of a picnic. I want to take you to my favorite place.” Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck in his nervous habit. It made Tae smile.

“Okay. I’d love to see your favorite place.”

The Alpha smiled and led him to a motorcycle. Taehyung paused, he’d never ridden on a motorcycle before. It all seemed so exciting. Yoongi held out a helmet to him that he realized the Alpha must have bought just for him, it was painted shimmery purple. He took it, and after Yoongi mounted the bike, Tae got on behind him, sliding up and wrapping his arms around the Alpha’s waist.

Riding on the motorcycle was scary and amazing and thrilling, but the best part was the feeling of Yoongi’s body pressed up against him as the wind rushed past. The motorcycle roared as the Alpha increased their speed, making Tae squeeze him tighter.

The place they stopped was not what the Omega had been expecting. It was a very tall building. It looked like some kind of corporate building. This was Yoongi’s favorite place?

The Alpha led him in and to a bank of elevators. They rode one all the way to the top, then went up a staircase and emerged onto a roof. Taehyung gasped and ran to the railing, looking out on the lights of the city. From this high up they looked like constellations in the night, the moving headlights of cars like shooting stars.

He felt more than heard Yoongi come up behind him. The Alpha put his hands on the railing on either side of Taehyung and leaned down, his chin resting on the Omega’s shoulder.

“Do you like it?”

“I love it. It’s beautiful.”

Yoongi was looking at the lavender haired male when he responded. “Beautiful.”

Tae and Jimin's Kitchen




Chapter Text

The Rooftop Picnic

city picnic


Taehyung turned around to look up at the Alpha with a big smile. On instinct, he hugged him. He hadn’t meant to, but the Omega was a generally affectionate person. He loved to cuddle and hold hands. He liked being touched and held. That was part of the reason he loved Jimin so much, his friend always knew when he needed closeness, and he was always there.

Hugging Yoongi felt different than hugging Minnie. He was bigger, his body was harder and more muscular, but he was really warm. He liked it. He also liked how strong his scent was from up close. Leather and peppermint, it was masculine and lovely. When the Alpha wrapped his arms around him in turn, it made him smile against the broad chest. He looked up at the silver-haired Alpha, setting his chin against his chest.

“Thank you for bringing me here.”

Yoongi had frozen when Taehyung turned and wrapped his arms around him. He hadn’t expected him to be so physically affectionate so quickly, but he wasn’t complaining. The little male was so pretty, so soft. After a moment he wrapped his arms around him, taking a deep breath to take in his lavender and vanilla scent. Exquisite.

“You’re welcome, little flower.” The nickname made Taehyung giggle and hide his face back in Yoongi’s chest. “You want to have a seat?”

Only then did Tae look up and see that the incredible view wasn’t the only surprise. There were strings of lights hanging all over the place, and a thick, soft purple blanket was laid out on the ground, on top of which was a pile of soft pillows and a picnic basket. He noticed a guitar sitting off to the side. He hoped Yoongi would play him some more music. The Alpha must have come and set this up before picking him up. He was touched, and it made him sensitive. He squeezed the body that he still hadn’t released from his hold.

“You did all this for me?”

Yoongi squeezed him back. “Of course I did. I’m courting you, and I want to show you that I think you’re special. I want you to pick me to be your Alpha, little flower.”

The Omega pulled back and looked up at him. There was sincerity in Yoongi’s dark eyes, and it reached out to him. “I want that too. I really like you.” He bunched up the front of his shirt, like he had done with his overalls, nervous. “But I… I’ve never had a boyfriend before. I don’t know what to do.”

Yoongi had to admit he was surprised at the admission, Tae was so beautiful, how had no one else ever tried to court him? Had he simply rejected them? It made his heart warm to think that he was the first to be accepted by this Omega. The Alpha put his hands on his shoulders gently.

“Just be yourself. That’s all you have to do.”


Taehyung’s smile was brilliant, his eyes shining with joy. Yoongi wanted to kiss him but held back the impulse. He held his hand out and Taehyung took it. He led them to the blanket, and they sat down. He had no idea how the Omega managed with the tall shoes, but he was just as graceful as ever as he lowered himself into a sitting position, legs crossed.

They talked and ate and Yoongi poured sparkling cider into tall champagne flutes that made Tae giggle because drinking from it made him feel fancy. Then Yoongi played his guitar for him for a while, which made the Omega get up and start to dance to the soft sounds of the acoustic guitar. He moved through his ballet positions, still in his high heels, not hampered by them at all. He thought they were actually more comfortable that the toe-pinching pointe shoes.

Yoongi didn’t know how to react to the sight of Taehyung dancing. It was so graceful. The Omega moved lighter than air, balancing on one foot as the other swept backward and turning. He took a few steps and jumped into the air, legs spread into a split as he leapt, then landing perfectly balanced on one foot. He continued to move as Yoongi played random songs on his guitar. The Alpha was completely in love by the time the Omega stopped dancing.

Yoongi set his guitar aside and stepped forward. Tae was smiling, breathing a little hard from his exertions.

“You dance beautifully.”

“Thank you. You are good at the guitar. How many instruments do you play?”

“Six.” The Alpha shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Wow. You’re so talented.”

Taehyung was looking up at him with his wide honey eyes. Lips pursed in a little ‘o’. He couldn’t help but notice how thick and dark his lashes were from up close. When had he gotten so close?

“Can I kiss you?” The words were just a whisper.


Yoongi gently cupped the sides of his face and leaned down, pressing a gentle kiss to his soft lips. Once, twice, thrice. Then pulled back. Tae’s eyes were still closed, it took a moment for them to open again. His lids fluttered in a series of little blinks like he was coming back to himself. Then he looked up at the Alpha and smiled.


Jimin's Room/Nest

jm canopy

jm pillows

jm room

jm vanity

Jimin’s skin was so soft. It had to be the softest thing Jungkook had ever touched. “Baby… do you know what you are asking for?”

“Umm… kinda. I mean, I’ve never… been touched like that before. But… I want you to show me… just a little.”

The Omega was shy, his hands curled in the front of Jungkook’s Iron Maiden t-shirt, but when he looked up at him, his eyes were full of certainty. The trust that the Alpha saw there filled him with pride. He had earned this beautiful male’s trust, and he would do anything to keep it.

“Okay. Whatever you want little one.”

Jimin’s smile was brilliant, as he grabbed Jungkook’s hand and pulled the Alpha further down the hall and into a room that was all white and pink and gold. Pretty pastel colors were everywhere, and he saw Jimin’s nest/bed in person for the first time. The entire room smelled just like the Omega; it was heaven. He watched Jimin crawl up into his nest, biting his lips at the view of him on all fours. Was this a good idea? Could he control himself? He pinched his thigh to bring himself back down. He would control himself. He wouldn’t hurt his Omega.

“Take your shoes off, then you can come in.” Jimin’s head poked out of the canopy.

Jungkook kicked off his black Timberlands and walked forward to the bed. He climbed up and Jimin held the curtain open for him. If he thought the room smelled good, it was nothing to the scent inside the nest. His cock throbbed at being so surrounded by the Omega’s scent, he felt like he was buried in the sweet smell of Jimin, and he loved it.

He settled back against the pile of pillows at the head of the bed and looked at Jimin. “What do you want me to do, baby?” Jungkook asked.

“I-I don’t know. I’ve never… well, I mean… have you ever… um… had an orgasm?” Jimin was blushing so hard, he was pink all the way to his chest.

“Of course I have. But you haven’t?” Jimin shook his head. “How is that possible baby? What about during your heat?”

The Omega went back to twisting his shirt edge. “Tae and I get medicine from the doctor, we help keep each other sedated during our heat… so it won’t hurt.”

“Oh… and you’ve never touched yourself like that little one?”

Jimin shook his head. “The nuns always said it was bad. We aren’t supposed to do it.”

Jungkook’s brows drew down. What was Jimin talking about? “What nuns?”

“At Sister Margret’s Home for Omegas. It’s where me and Tae grew up. At least until we got accepted into ballet school.”

Suddenly a lot of things started to make sense. The reason Jimin and Tae were so attached to each other. They were orphans. Without parents or siblings to imprint on, they must have imprinted on each other, as the only family they had. It also explained why he was so innocent. He could only imagine the lies those Sisters told the Omegas about the sins of their bodies.

“There’s nothing wrong with touching yourself baby.” Jungkook reached up and ran a gentle hand through Jimin’s blond hair. “It’s not a bad thing.”

“C-can you show me?” Jimin looked at him apprehensively.

Jungkook felt like all the air had been punched out of his lungs. How did he get so lucky? Whatever he’d done in a past life, it must have been heroic as fuck, because nothing else could have prompted the universe to deliver such a gift to him.

“Yeah. Yeah baby. I can show you.”

Chapter Text

jk shirtless
jm shirtless

Jungkook sat up straight, leaning forward and cupped Jimin’s small face between his hands. “I’m gonna kiss you now, baby. Is that okay?”

Jimin nodded, leaning toward the Alpha. Jungkook brought their lips together. The kiss started chaste, just a series of little pecks, then they began to move together. Jungkook guided the kiss, making sure to go slowly so he had time to gauge the Omega’s reactions. Finally he slid his tongue into Jimin’s mouth, and he couldn’t hold back a moan at the feel of his soft mouth, the sweet taste of his tongue as it hesitantly slid against his. Jimin seemed to grow more comfortable after a few moments, and he moved his mouth more confidently, matching Jungkook’s movements.

Jimin was burning. Kissing Jungkook was lighting a fire in his body that he didn’t know how to handle. So he went with natural instinct, pushing forward so the Alpha leaned back and he climbed on top of him, straddling his waist and sitting in his lap. Jungkook’s hands immediately went to his hips. Jimin broke the kiss for a moment, using the pause to rub his face against the Alpha, scenting him.

“ Is this okay?” Jimin whispered, moving his face down to nuzzle against his neck.

“Nngh… yeah baby.” The Alpha’s voice was strained.

The sound of Jungkook’s voice so haggard made a shot of pure arousal slither through Jimin’s body and he gasped. “Oh… wait! Stop.”

Jungkook immediately pulled his hands away, holding them up to show he was listening. “What is it baby? You wanna stop?”

“N-no it’s…” Jimin reached down between his legs and Jungkook understood at once.

“Are you getting wet?” Just as the words left his mouth, he caught the scent. Like sweet honeysuckle, it matched with Jimin’s natural scent so well, it made his mouth water. Jimin nodded. “That’s good. It means you like what we’re doing.”

“But… my clothes… your clothes…”

The Alpha pushed Jimin’s blond hair back from his face with both hands, bringing them to the back of his neck, he cupped them there and brushed his thumbs over the Omega’s jaw in a soothing gesture.

“Do you wanna take your shorts off?”

Jimin nodded, and Jungkook helped him maneuver off his lap. The Omega laid on his back and lifted his hips up so he could push the shorts down to reveal… oh gods… white cotton panties with little pink hearts all over them. He had to bite his lip as his erection jerked painfully within the confines of his jeans. His cock had started up a steady painful throbbing at the lack of attention, and the pain increased as he watched the grey shorts get pushed all the way down. Glad that the socks were still in place. Jimin hesitated at the waistband of his panties. He looked up at Jungkook with questioning eyes.

“You don’t have to take them off if you don’t want to.”

“Okay.” The Omega left them in place, and sat up. He looked to Jungkook’s jeans. “What about you?”

“I can leave my jeans on if you feel more comfortable that way.”

Jimin looked down, shy again. “I want you to take them off.”

Jungkook unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, lifting his hips up and shimmying them down his legs, keeping his boxers in place and kicking the pants to the end of the bed. Jimin watched fascinated as the long muscled legs were revealed and he saw that they too were covered in tattoos. He wanted to see more of Jungkook’s skin, more of his tattoos. He reached forward and touched the edge of his black tee.

“Can… can you take this off too?” He tugged the edge of the shirt.

“Sure, baby.” Jungkook grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled it off in one smooth motion.

The Alpha held his hand out and Jimin took it, letting himself be pulled forward. Jungkook released his hand and guided him by the hips to turn around, then the Alpha lifted him up and pulled him onto his lap so that Jimin’s back was pressed to his front, and his ass rested right against the Alpha’s cock. Jimin stiffened at the feeling of the hard length pressed to his backside, but Jungkook pressed a kiss to his shoulder and shushed him gently.

“It’s alright baby, relax against me… just like that. Here, just spread your legs a little bit…” He guided Jimin to lean back into his chest and bend knees, opening them slightly, feet resting on the bed beside Jungkook’s thighs.

He pressed a kiss to the Omega’s neck, just over his scent gland. The sensation made him shiver. The Alpha just ran his hands up and down the exposed part of Jimin’s thighs, trying to get him used to his touch and relax him. He could already feel the slick leaking through both their layers of underwear. The liquid was hot between them.

“Okay little one. Are you ready?” Jimin nodded. “Give me your hand.”

Jimin put his hand into Junkook’s. The Alpha put the Omega’s hand flat against his own belly, placing his larger one over it to guide him.

“Slide your hand down here, between your legs. Get some of your slick on your hand.” Jungkook used his hand to guide Jimin’s down, under the waistband of his panties and lower, sliding their hands through the quickly accumulating slick. Jimin whined at the sensation, breaths coming in little gasps. Once it was coated he slid it back up.

“I’m gonna push the front of your panties down, okay?” Jungkook waited for the Omega’s nod, and used his free hand to do so. Jimin’s cock was already hard. The Alpha thought it had to be the prettiest he’d ever seen. Pale, like the Omega’s skin the tip rosy pink with a single bead of precum gathered at the tip.

Jungkook pressed a kiss to Jimin’s jaw, and softly said against the skin as he slid his guiding hand up. “You’re already hard, that’s good. Now you’re going to touch yourself here.“ He used his hand to wrap the Omega’s smaller one around his own member. He whimpered at the contact, shivering at the unfamiliar sensation.

“Now move your hand like this… up and down… that’s good baby. You’re doing so good.” He guided Jimin’s movements, using his hand to move their combined grips up and down the shaft slowly. The Omega was making keening little noises in the back of his throat. His head was thrown back against the Alpha’s shoulder, eyes squeezed shut, mouth hanging open. He started to move his hips in time with their joined hands, his ass rubbing back against Jungkook and making the Alpha pulse with need.

“A-Alpha… Hn… ah…. It feels so good.” Jimin moaned, eyes opening to look up at him. His blue gaze was glassy, cheeks red and lips glossy. He looked absolutely gorgeous, and the view in tandem with the words was bringing the Alpha closer and closer to his own release.

“Okay, baby. We’re gonna move a little faster now… just like that.” He sped the movement of their hands, the increase in speed making Jimin close his eyes again and bite his lip as his moaned.

“Nnnn… Alpha… Jungkook… something… something’s happening. Ngh…something’s… ah, ah, ah…” Jimin panted, hips moving faster with his hand.

“You’re about to cum baby. Let it happen. Ride it out… that’s it.” Jimin started to tremble, his body clenching up as his release approached.

“My Jimin… you’re doing so good. Almost there baby… just a little more…” The Alpha kept moving their hands up and down until finally, Jimin seized up, back bending and pushing his head harder into Jungkook’s shoulder. He cried out a half sob, half moan as his orgasm overtook his body, white ropes of cum shooting from the pink tip of his sex.

Jungkook didn’t stop their movements; he milked him all the way through his orgasm. A hot rush of slick gushed between them, directly onto the Alpha’s leaking cock, and making him clench his teeth at the hot sensation. However, he didn’t cum, too focused on getting Jimin through his release.

Finally Jimin started to soften in their joined grip, whimpering at the sensitivity. Jungkook slowed, then stopped, gently extracting their hands from Jimin’s softening member. The Omega’s breaths were heavy, chest heaving, trembling as the aftershocks of his orgasm worked through his body until he was finally still.

Jungkook pressed a kiss to his temple. “You did so good baby.”

At the sound of Jungkook’s voice, Jimin seemed to come back to himself a bit. He looked up at Jungkook with awe and wonder in his blue eyes. Then his brows drew down and he shifted back against him, realizing that the Alpha was still hard.

“You’re still hard.”

“It’s okay baby. It was enough for me just to see you through your pleasure. You don’t have to worry about me.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Jimin’s pouty lips.

“I want you to feel good too.” The Omega pouted at him. “Can… can I touch you… down there?”

Jungkook’s whole body throbbed at the question. “Yes… God yes, baby. You can touch me.”

The Alpha helped Jimin to sit up and turn around, the Omega still weak from his climax. He was now straddling his knees, facing him. With tentative hands Jimin slowly stroked down his abs until he came to the waistband of his boxers. He looked up at him for permission, and the Alpha nodded, then helped him pull his boxers down far enough to release his cock. It sprang up against his flat stomach, tip a dark, angry red color.

“Oh! It’s so big.” Jimin said, eyes wide as he looked down at the Alpha’s member.

Jungkook chuckled and leaned forward to press a kiss to the Omega’s lips. “You say the nicest things.”

His cock was already wet and glistening from the gush of slick that Jimin had released on him when he’d orgasmed. Jungkook ran a finger through the mess on his abdomen and popped it in his mouth.

The Omega gasped. “What are you doing? That’s dirty.”

“Mmm… you taste good baby.” Jungkook said as he pulled the finger out of his mouth.

“Do I really?” Jimin followed what the Alpha had done, dipping a finger in the slick on his abdomen and touching it to his tongue. Jungkook’s cock jerked, making a little ‘thwap’ sound against his belly. “It tastes like…”

“Honeysuckle.” Jimin’s eyes lit up and he nodded, then looked down at the neglected cock standing at attention before him.

“What do I do?”

“Just like what we just did for you. Wrap your hands around it and move them up and down.”

“Okay…” Jimin reached forward and gently wrapped his soft hands around Jungkook’s cock. Slowly he started to move them, slowly gaining speed as he grew more confident.

“Ngh… that’s it baby… God I’m so close… Just like that….” He groaned as the small hands worked him, up and down. He was in heaven.

What finally threw him over the edge was the visual. Jimin’s pretty hands, his baby pink nails covered in slick working over his hard length was too much. He finally tipped over the edge, knot forming, cock jerking in Jimin’s soft grip, hot cum pouring down over his lovely hands.

Jimin was enraptured by watching his Alpha get pleasure from him. Jungkook’s brows were low, his chest heaving, silver eyes focused on him as he watched Jimin touch him. And when he came, his face morphed from the almost-pain expression to a look of absolute bliss. He made pretty sounds as the Omega felt him pulse and jerk, then the rush of warmth as his release shot from his member and poured over his hands. He did the same thing Jungkook had done for him, and continued his movements until the Alpha had stopped convulsing.

Jungkook leaned forward and pulled Jimin into a deep kiss, pouring all his feelings into the lip-lock. Then pulled back and rested his forehead against the Omega’s.

“You are so amazing baby. So perfect and beautiful. I love you.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook worried for a moment that he was using the “L” word too soon, but Jimin’s reaction wiped any thought of that from his mind. The Omega smiled up at him, eyes disappearing into the little crescents and he felt his heart fill with joy. Jimin pushed himself up and kissed him again, he could feel the smile on his lips as they kissed, until he pulled back.

“I love you too. I’ve never loved anyone like this. It’s different from how I love TaeTae, but strong like that.”

Jungkook wanted to cry. The fact that he was even comparing his feelings for him to his feelings for his Omega life partner was astounding. He pulled Jimin against him, just holding his smaller body to his for a few moments and pressing kisses to the top of his head.

“Speaking of Tae… we should probably shower before he gets back.” Jungkook said as he released Jimin from his hold.

“But… then I won’t smell like you anymore…” The Omega’s voice was pouty, it made Jungkook smile.

“That’s alright honey. I can scent you again after the shower.”

Jimin nodded, then paused. “Jungkook?”

“What is it, baby?”

“Is there more things like this we can do together?” He indicated back and forth between them, biting his lip.

“Yeah, little one. There’s lots of things we can do like this. Lots of ways I can make you feel good.” Jungkook could already feel his cock perking back up in interest.

“Like what?” The Omega scooted forward until he was firmly back in the Alpha’s lap, their faces close together as he looked up at him eagerly.

Jungkook brushed his hands through Jimin’s hair again, a soothing gesture. “Well, I could kiss you.”

“But… we already did that.”

“Not like that baby. I could kiss you in other places.” He put a hand to the Omega’s neck. “Like here on your neck, I could mark you up so everyone knows your mine…” Jungkook slid a hand down and brushed a thumb over the taut nipple he could see tenting the white tank top. “Or here, on your nipples…” Jimin sucked in a little breath at the contact. He moved his hand down to the edge of the damp panties. “Or here, on your pretty little cock, I could take it in my mouth and suck you…” He slid his hand around to the back and cupped the lush curve of Jimin’s ass. “Most of all though, I want to kiss you here. I want to use my tongue on your little hole… open you up for me.”

“Oh… does… that feel good?” Jimin was trembling again, his body still weak from his first orgasm, but reacting to his arousal, nonetheless.

Jungkook leaned down, giving his Omega a gentle kiss, then speaking right against his lips. “Yeah, it would feel really good for you.”

“A-and then what?”

“Then, when you were ready, when you were nice and slick and open for me, I could slide my cock all the way into this pretty little hole and fuck you.” He pressed a single finger between the lush cheeks, the wet panties giving way easily and put a tiny pressure against the place he knew the Omega’s hole was. Jimin jolted at the contact, a strangled cry ripping from his throat.

Jungkook removed his hand and gave the Omega a gentle kiss. “But, let’s save that for next time, little one. I’m hoping we’ll have the rest of our lives together to do those things. We don’t have to rush it. That’s probably enough for today.” The Alpha kissed him lovingly before helping him up and letting the Omega guide them to the bathroom.

Jimin & Tae's Bathroom


Jungkook wasn’t surprised to find the bathroom just as neat, clean and pastel as the rest of the house. It had both a deep bathtub and a stall shower. He smiled when he looked at the two sinks and could immediately tell who’s was who’s. Jimin’s side had a pink toothbrush and Tae’s a purple one. Jimin started the shower so the water could heat up, and turned around, looking up at Jungkook shyly.

Even after what he and Jungkook had just done, Jimin was still a little self-conscious about the Alpha seeing him completely naked for some reason. He played with the edge of his tank top and looked down, trying to build up the courage to remove the rest of his clothes. He did want them off, they were getting cold and sticky, his hands too where the Alpha’s seed was starting to dry.

As if he could sense his turmoil, Jungkook came to him and kissed his forehead. “Hey, little one. Do you want privacy?” Jimin shook his head. “Are you nervous to take off the rest of your clothes?” Jimin nodded. “It’s okay. I’m gonna love what I see no matter what. Because it’s you.”

The words made tears come to Jimin’s eyes. He felt so sensitive after all the new experiences and feelings of the night, and all the love and support his Alpha was offering made him feel like and exposed nerve. Everything was suddenly too much.

He wrapped his arms around Jungkook and sniffled into his chest, squeezing him as hard as he could. “Thank you.”

The Alpha just kissed the top of his head and gave him a gentle squeeze back. “Anything for you, little one.”

Jimin let go and stepped back, eyes still a bit watery, but with a smile on his face. He lifted his arms up and looked at Jungkook expectantly. “Off.”

The Alpha wanted to coo at how cute the Omega was being but did as he was commanded and reached forward and pulled the shirt off, tossing it into a hamper by the door. He slid his hands down to the panties. “Off?”


He knelt down as he pulled the panties and socks off together, letting Jimin lift one foot at a time. When he stood back up, Jimin reached for the waistband of his boxers and looked at him with question. He nodded and the Omega slid them down, leaving them both bare.

Jungkook was half hard and quickly returning to full mast as he looked down at Jimin’s full nudity. His skin was pale and flawless all over, and his pink nipples matched exactly with the lovely rose color of his lips and the tip of his cock. Beautiful.

Jimin took his hand and led him into the shower, pulling them both under a stream of warm water. The Alpha pulled Jimin to him, their bodies flush against each other and smiled down at him. Not his usual kind, but closed-lipped smile, but a full on bunny tooth grin that made the Omega’s heart soar. He loved this male so much.

Just as that thought hit him, Jungkook leaned down and kissed him again. Jimin responded eagerly, opening for his Alpha and letting himself get pulled back into the fever of desire that raged between them. Jungkook leaned down and picked him up with one hand under each thigh and pressed his back against the cool shower wall.

Jimin broke the kiss and looked up at him with a smile. “I thought you said that was enough for today?”

The Alpha started to grind against him, rubbing their cocks together. “Maybe just a little more.”

The Omega nodded as his eyes closed involuntarily and he moaned at the feeling of Jungkook against him. It felt even better than his hand. Jungkook was so big, so strong. He could feel the shifting muscles of his back under his hands, but he wasn’t afraid. This was his Alpha.

Chapter Text

Jimin had never felt anything like this. Jungkook holding him against the wall, moving against him. The Alpha had shown him so many new sensations, both physical and emotional. Having his Alpha all over him made him feel safe, protected. The only experience he’d had before this was with Jiwoo, and he’d been scared, overwhelmed and traumatized.

Jungkook was overwhelming too, but it was a good kind. He wasn’t scared at all; he never wanted the Alpha to let him go. He wanted him to hold him in his crushing embrace, so tight that they felt like one being, moving together through the tides of heat and tenderness. He wanted his Alpha to take pleasure from him and give pleasure in return. He wanted everything.

He remembered what Jungkook had said about marking up his neck, and he wanted it. He wanted to be marked as his. Jimin leaned his head back, tilting it to the side. “Here Alpha…”

Jungkook immediately put his mouth to the offered skin, first nipping, then soothing the sting with his tongue before latching onto the pale column and sucking a dark mark right over his scent gland. The feeling sent Jimin careening into a second orgasm, and this time Jungkook joined him. He felt the Alpha’s moan against his neck and the twitching spasms of their erections trapped between them. It was heavenly. And afterward, the Alpha held him there for a few moments as the both came back down from their high.

Jungkook was so in love. He settled Jimin back down on his shaky legs and looked down at him, eyes immediately drawn to the dark purple hickey on his neck. Oh fuck, he was so sexy. The Alpha used his hands to push the wet blond hair back from Jimin’s pretty face and gave him one last chaste kiss before leading him back under the stream of the shower. He washed Jimin with the gentle soaps and shampoo that were in the shower, pleased that none of them had a scent. He didn’t want anything affecting the Omega’s natural scent.

When they were both clean, The Alpha wrapped a towel around his waist, then dried Jimin gently and bundled the Omega in the fluffy pink bathrobe hanging by the door before roughly drying himself off. One look at his boxers said they were a loss, so he threw his jeans on commando.

The Alpha could tell that Jimin was getting sleepy, so he sat him on the edge of the bed and began to rifle through his drawers until he found his underwear drawer. He had to bite his lip as he looked down into the neatly rolled little rows of panties. He’d thought maybe Jimin was wearing them because his shorts were short, but apparently, he always wore them. He picked a pair off the top that were bright red. He turned to give them to the Omega, only to find that he’d taken off the bathrobe and put on Jungkook’s Iron Maiden t-shirt and was curled up on the end of the bed.

Seeing Jimin in his oversized shirt made him smile and put a hand to his mouth, the sight was so cute. He moved to stand by the edge of the bed and Jimin blinked up at him sleepily.

“Here little one. I’ve got you some panties. You want me to put them on you?”


Jimin rolled onto his back and stuck one foot up, then the other, then lifted his hips so the Alpha could slide the red panties up into place. As soon as he was done, Jimin reached up, making grabby hands at him, and he remembered his promise to scent him after the shower. Jungkook pushed open the curtain of the canopy to check and see if the bedding needed to be changed. It looked like there was a small wet spot, and it still smelled like sex, but he decided it was okay.

“Let’s get up in your nest now, little one. Then I will scent you, okay?”

Jimin nodded and rolled over, crawling into the nest. Jungkook cursed himself for picking red panties as he watched Jimin’s round cheeks flash at him, cupped in soft crimson cotton. He followed the Omega into the nest and immediately started to scent him. The Alpha started at his thighs, rubbing against them and moving upward, over his hips, then lifted the shirt up so he could nuzzle against the skin of his stomach and chest, and finally to his neck and face. Jimin pressed his face into him like an over-eager kitten, scenting and being scented.

Finally, the Omega relaxed, and Jungkook settled next to him, smiling when the smaller male crawled on top of him, straddling him with his face resting on the Alpha’s chest. He immediately started to doze, as Jungkook drew little patterns on his back with a single finger until he too fell asleep. The warmth of Jimin on top of him and the smell of their scents mixed in the confines of the nest were soothing and relaxing.

They were both woken by the sound of Jimin’s door banging open and the quick click-clack of wedge boots before the curtain was yanked open to reveal a smiling Taehyung.

“Minnie! I just had the best night of my li-“

The other Omega’s face immediately morphed into shock as he saw the position they were in. It quickly changed into a smile that looked like it was holding back a giggle. Jimin sat up from his place on top of Jungkook, and turned around, getting off of the Alpha, half asleep.

“TaeTae…? Hey, what time is it?”

“Almost 11 o’clock.”

It was Jungkook’s turn to sit up. He rubbed a rough hand over his face, clearing his eyes. “I should probably go home.”

Jimin looked at him with a pout. “But…”

Jungkook gave him his half-smile and brushed his messy blond hair out of his face. “I’ll let you two have some time. Tae needs to tell you about his date, I will come see you again tomorrow after you get home from dance practice, okay?”

Jimin smiled at the thought of hearing about TaeTae’s date. “Okay.”

Taehyung moved out of the way so the Alpha could exit the nest. He realized he was still shirtless. He looked back a Jimin with his sleepy face and messy hair, red panties peeking out of the bottom of his t-shirt… there was no way he could take it back from him when he looked so cute.

“I’m gonna borrow a shirt from your closet okay?”

Jimin nodded. He thought that Jimin had to have at least one large t-shirt that he used for sleeping or something, so he rifled through the Omega’s clothes and only found one option. Fuck.

He sighed and pulled on the white t-shirt printed to look like it said ‘Barbie’ in lipstick. The things he did for love.


Chapter Text

Yoongi and Jungkook's Apartment

yk apt

yk apt2

yk kit


Jungkook walked into his apartment that he shared with Yoongi, and the first thing he heard was a bark of laughter.

“Nice shirt, Barbie girl.” There was a flash, and Jungkook looked up to see Yoongi holding his phone, with a shit-eating grin all over his face. “The guys will LOVE this.”

Jungkook flipped him off and there was another flash of light, the Alpha didn’t really care, and smirked as he replied.

“My Omega was wearing my shirt. Don’t act like if Tae wanted to wear yours that you would try and take it from him.” He followed the statement with a knowing look.

Yoongi got a far off look in his eyes for a moment like he was picturing that very thing, the little smile was a dead giveaway. He rubbed the back of his neck, looking down at his phone.

“Fair point.”

“So, how was the date?”

Yoongi had a completely star struck look on his face as he replied. “Dude. He’s the one.”

Jungkook lit up a cigarette and went to stand by the window. “That good, huh?”


“He had a good time too I guess.” Jungkook said as he blew his smoke out the window.

“How do you know that?” He came to stand with the other Alpha and Jungkook handed him the cigarette, letting him take a drag.

“He barged in Jimin’s room and said something about how he ‘just had the best night of his life’.”

Yoongi couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night. Both Alphas were on cloud nine, but for different Omegas. Jungkook looked around the apartment that the two Alphas shared and noticed a distinct lack of color. He’d never noticed before, he’d just went along with whatever the designer they hired wanted to do. He’d called it ‘modern industrial’, whatever that meant. Their building used to be a factory, so there was a lot of exposed brick and metal along the walls.

Just before the pair turned to head to their bedrooms, Jungkook couldn’t help but say what was on his mind.

“You know, this place is pretty dark and colorless.”

Yoongi looked around as if just noticing. “Hn. I guess.”

“It feels like it could use some colors, maybe some… pastels.”

Yoongi smiled at the obvious double meaning. “Yeah. I know what you mean.”

As the two lay in their separate beds that night, they both were caught up in longing, picturing their Omegas and wishing they were there in their beds with them. Not necessarily for sex, but just to hold, to protect. Even though they knew logically that the males were fine, it was hard for them not to know for certain, not to be able to see and feel them, whole and healthy, beside their Alphas as they should be.

Taehyung's Nest/Bedroom

th room

th canopy

th canopy2

th vanity

Jimin and Taehyung were curled up in Tae’s nest, because according to Tae, his nest smelled too much like Jungkook. Tae was telling Jimin all about how the Alpha had taken him to the rooftop and surprised him with a picnic.

“…and he played me music on his guitar, and I danced for him. He said I was a beautiful dancer, and then… he kissed me!” The Omega hid behind his hands as he squealed and wiggled in excitement.

Jimin managed to get his arms around his friend and they squirmed together, giggling and laughing. He was so happy that his best friend had found a good Alpha too, one who respected, romanced him and who would give him all the things he deserved.

“What about you Minnie? Did you and Jungkook… have sex?” The last two words were whispered, even though it was only the two of them.

Jimin whispered back, something felt so taboo about the conversation, here in the dim lights of Tae’s fairy lights twinkling above them. “We didn’t have sex, but he did touch me, and… TaeTae it was so amazing. I’ve never felt anything like it before.”

Tae’s eyes were round and shocked. “H-he touched you… down there?”

Jimin nodded, and it was his turn to cover his face and wiggle as embarrassment and joy raced through him. “And he showed me how to touch myself. TaeTae, he says that the nuns were wrong. He says it’s okay to touch yourself. That it’s not bad.”

The Omega looked uncertain. “Really? Are you sure?”

Jimin nodded in complete confidence. Jungkook wouldn’t lie to him. “Maybe Yoongi will show you too. I bet he would if you ask him.”

Taehyung flushed crimson as he thought of Yoongi touching him. “Really? Do you think so?”

“Yes. He would definitely show you. I want you to feel it too.”

“What did it feel like?” Tae scooted closer, whispering quieter.

Jimin thought for a moment. “It… was a little overwhelming at first, but Jungkook was nice. He went slow, told me what to do. I can’t explain it… it’s like… you know when you really want something sweet, like when you’re in pre-heat? Then you finally get it and it tastes and feels so good?”

“Uh-huh.” Taehyung was hanging on his every word, mouth slightly open.

“It’s kinda like that, but a million times better. It makes you feel hot like you have a fever, but it doesn’t hurt like when you’re sick. It feels good… so good.”


That all sounded amazing to Taehyung. He wanted Yoongi to touch him, to help him like Jungkook had done for Jimin. He wondered if he would be brave enough to ask the Alpha. Maybe. He thought of how Yoongi had kissed him. He must want to do those things with him too, right?

The pair of Omegas fell asleep cuddled together under the canopy of Taehyung’s nest, just like they had a million times. However, deep down they both longed for someone else. Not that their connection wasn’t just as strong as always, but they yearned for the warmth and safety of the arms of the Alphas who were slowly coming to mean more and more to them.

Chapter Text

Jungkook smiled when he saw the call pop up on his phone. Jimin didn’t usually call him this early, he had just woken up and was working on his first cup of coffee. He was happy as he answered the call, his Omega must be thinking of him.

“Mornin’ ba- what’s wrong?” The sound on the other side of the receiver made his stomach drop somewhere around the region of his balls.

Instead of the lovely sound of Jimin’s voice he was greeted by two sets of loud crying; Taehyung and Jimin. He immediately took the phone away from his ear to yell across the apartment.

“Yoongi! Out here NOW!”

The urgency in Jungkook’s voice had Yoongi out of his bedroom immediately, and when Jungkook put his cell phone on speaker, and he heard the Omega’s crying, the Alpha was beside him at once.

“What’s wrong baby? What happened?”

“Are you okay, little flower?”

“A-alpha… someone b-b-broke into our house last night… p-please come… I need you.”

Tae’s voice chimed in. “Yoongi… please come get me, I’m s-s-scared…”

Both Alphas were up and moving toward the door before their Omegas were even done speaking. Jungkook caught the keys his friend tossed him without looking.

“Okay, baby. We are on our way. We will be there soon. Don’t move, just wait right there. We’re coming.”


“I’ve gotta hang up now so I can drive. I will be right there. I love you.”

“I love you too. Please… hurry.”

Both Alphas leapt onto their bikes and roared off, not even bothering with helmets. They jumped curbs, zoomed through lots and cut in line as the raced the 14 blocks to the place they were needed. They bounded up to the door and didn’t even bother knocking, they entered together and followed the sound of their Omegas cries.

Jungkook ground his teeth as he looked around the apartment. He’d thought someone had broken in to rob them, which was bad enough, but spraypainted in red along the hallway were the words ‘Stay away from Bulletproof!’ and on the door and wall outside Taehyung’s door the word ‘SLUTS!’ was sprayed in big block letters.

He looked at Yoongi and saw that he too looked shocked and upset. This had been done because of them. What if someone had hurt them? He shuddered at the thought.

The scene that they came upon when they opened the door was devastating. Jimin and Tae, both in their pajamas, in the middle of Taehyung’s nest holding each other and sobbing uncontrollably. Jungkook’s stomach clenched when he saw that Jimin was still wearing his shirt. They were scenting each other in an attempt to calm down, but for once the scent of each other was not enough to make them relax. Both of their faces were red and tear-streaked, and the pair was obviously hyperventilating, not able to get enough air through their sobs.

He and Yoongi spoke at the same time.

“Little flower?”

Two messy heads turned toward them, and then the Omegas were scrambling out of the nest and running to their Alphas. Jimin climbed up Jungkook like a tree, wrapping his legs around his waist and burying his face in the Alpha’s neck. He could feel Jimin’s hot, moist sobs dewing on his skin and it made him wild with anger and protectiveness. How dare someone upset him like this? If he ever got his hands on the ones who had done this, they were so dead.

“Shh… it’s alright now. Alpha’s here. I’ve got you little one. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”

Yoongi felt a little bad that he didn’t ask permission, but he couldn’t fight his instincts. He scooped Tae up bridal-style and started scenting him all over his face and neck. The Omega wasn’t upset though, he pressed back against him as his sobs shook his thin body.

“Little flower… you’re okay now. I will keep you safe. Don’t cry, don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

It took a few minutes, but slowly the scents of their respective Alphas comforted them and their cries turned into little hiccupping breaths and then continued until they were both breathing slower and more evenly.

“Are you both okay?” Jungkook was the first to speak.

“N-no. I don’t wanna stay here… what if they come back?” Jimin was trembling.

Yoongi cut in before Jungkook could answer. “You’re not going to stay here. You can come stay at our place. It will be safe there.”

Both Omegas nodded at once. It would be safe where their Alphas lived. No one could hurt them there.

“That’s good. Now, we need to get some of your clothes and things to take with us. We will get you settled there, then Yoongi and I can deal with the police report, okay?”


Jungkook carried Jimin off toward his bedroom. The inside made his guts twist in anger again. The canopy over his nest had been torn down, and the word ‘WHORE’ was in red on the wall behind it. As soon as the Omega saw it, he let out a little squeak of noise that made tears come to the Alpha’s eyes. His little one was so upset.

“I’m so sorry this happened little one. It’s all my fault.” Jungkook pressed a kiss to Jimin’s temple.

“No it’s not! You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re my Alpha, and they can’t have you.”

The Omega punctuated this statement by tightening his arms and legs around him, squeezing him tight. The words made Jungkook swell with purpose. That was right. HE was Jimin’s Alpha and Jimin was HIS Omega, and he would keep him safe. He would make sure the Omega never faced this kind of danger again. He didn’t know what to say, so he turned his face so that he could give Jimin a kiss. Jimin finally released his hold and helped him gather up a suitcase and start packing essentials.

Only when Jungkook and Jimin left did Yoongi look down and realize that his little flower was only wearing a thin white tank top and purple boyshort panties. He swallowed thickly and collared his desire. This was neither the time nor the place for it. He pressed a kiss to Tae’s cheek, nosing along his cheekbone for a moment before he spoke.

“Let’s get you some things packed and get you dressed, honey.”

He set the Omega back on his feet, and Tae seemed to realize his state of undress. He blushed and looked down, hands moving to the front of his panties in modesty. The innocent reaction made Yoongi’s mouth water. He had never been with someone so sweet, guileless and inexperienced. He saw a silky purple robe hanging over the back of the Omega’s vanity chair and grabbed it. He helped him put it on and tie the front to make him more comfortable.

Tae smiled up at him shyly and gave him a hug before turning and starting to gather up things he would need, packing everything into a suitcase that was, unsurprisingly purple.


“Wow. Your apartment is big.” Jimin said as they all made their way into the Alpha’s place.

They’d had to take a couple of cabs back because they couldn’t bring the suitcases on the bikes. Being separated for even the 15 minute cab ride seemed to be upsetting for the Omegas who were now holding hands, pressed side to side. Jungkook realized quickly that wherever they settled them, it needed to be together.

Putting them in one or the other of the Alpha’s rooms would be unfair, as it would overwhelm one or the other with their scents. So he guided the Omegas to the couch and let them cuddle there.

“Here you go, just rest here for a few minutes.” He turned to his roomate. “Yoongi, come on help me.”

The other Alpha followed his lead and the pair of Omegas watched as they gathered up every blanket and pillow in the house and piled them in the living room. The two Alphas used rubberbands and sheets and safety pins to fashion a makeshift canopy out of sheets and hung it from one of the exposed steel beams above to make a little tent in the middle of the space.

They organized all the pillows and things inside and gathered what snacks and things they had in the kitchen, setting it all up as comfortably as possible. Yoongi even managed to find a string of old Christmas lights somewhere in an old box and they draped and pinned them over the tent to create a facsimile of an Omega’s nest.

By the time they were done, both Omegas had tears in their eyes, but this time from happiness. Their Alphas were doing so much to make them feel comfortable. Yoongi and Jungkook led the two into their little spot and the curled up together immediately, Tae’s head pressed into Jimin’s chest and Jimin’s face buried in his lavender hair.

Jungkook and Yoongi shared a look and an unspoken understanding passed between them. Their Omegas were not going back to that apartment. This was where they belonged, and they would do everything to make them stay.


Chapter Text

Once everything was settled down and the Omegas were sleeping comfortably in their makeshift nest, Yoongi and Jungkook contacted the police and went to the apartment to file the report for their Omegas. Jungkook had even gotten Jin’s number from Jimin so he could call and explain why the pair weren’t going to practice. He had agreed to let the Omega come and check on them in the evening, giving him the address. They wanted to make sure everything was taken care of and there would be no further stress on their little ones.

Yoongi had called their company and told them to set up a press conference for the next day. He refused to explain, but his tone and bearing were enough to get the ball rolling. They were going to make a public statement, and whoever had hurt their precious Omegas was going to pay for what they’d done.

When they came back, and found them, they both had to physically turn away from the nest and take a break. Both had kicked their leggings off, which were bunched by the entrance of the nest. They were hugged together, legs tangled in nothing but t-shirts and red and purple panties.

They knew it was not sexual. In their sensitive state, they would want as much skin to skin contact as possible. That however did not penetrate past the part of their brains that saw two beautiful Omegas half-dressed and tangled together in their living room. It didn’t help that they were both feeling extremely possessive after the events of the morning. Jungkook led the way into the kitchen and pulled down two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Without a single word, he poured them each two fingers of the amber liquid and they threw them back, gasping at the burn.

“Okay… we are both gonna fucking chill the fuck out and go wake them up.” Jungkook said through his teeth, fist pressed into the countertop.

Yoongi took a deep breath, then slapped himself in the face a few times. “Alright. I’m cool.”

“Let’s go.”

Both Alphas crouched down by the entrance of the nest, trying not to stare at the perfect, lean legs that were wrapped around each other.

“Hey little ones. Wake up. It’s almost noon.”

Jimin woke up first, the sound of Jungkook’s voice rousing him. His movements seemed to wake up the other Omega. They both blinked their eyes open slowly, hair disheveled and eyes puffy from sleep. It was adorable.

“Are you two okay?” Yoongi asked, brushing his fingers against Tae’s ankle.

As they came to, both Omegas smiled at their partners. They disentangled themselves and crawled toward the entrance where their Alphas were waiting. They sat in front of them cross-legged, side by side, looking up at them happily. Obviously they were feeling better after their nap, and already acclimatizing to their new environment.

“I’m hungry.” Jimin said pressing a hand to his stomach and looking at Taehyung who nodded in agreement.

“Are you hungry too?” Tae asked, looking up at them with innocent curiosity.

Both Alphas nodded dumbly, not even listening to the question, just agreeing to whatever the two were saying.

“Where’s your kitchen?” Jimin looked up at him with wide, trusting blue eyes and his little content smile and all Jungkook could do was point.

The pair stood up and started walking to the kitchen, holding hands. They both had oversized shirts on, Jimin was still wearing his Iron Maiden one and Tae was wearing a plain white one. They didn’t put their leggings back on, since the shirts hung almost to their mid-thighs. As dancers, they had worn less than this during performances, and this apartment felt safe to them. They didn’t need to hide.

Both Alphas watched them go, holding in the knowledge that there was nothing under those big shirts but underwear.

“Do you think they ever..?” Yoongi whispered, indicating back and forth between them.

Jungkook shook his head. “No, man.” He hesitated for a second, then made a decision. “Look… I’m gonna tell you this because you need to know, but you gotta keep your cool. I just about passed right the fuck out when I found out.”

“What?” Yoongi was looking at him with unquenchable curiosity.

Jungkook told him quickly about their heat sedation and how they had grown up in the Catholic orphanage, explaining that they were both virgins and it was entirely likely that Tae, like Jimin had never had any sexual experiences.

Yoongi looked like he was going to keel over at any second. “A-are you fucking serious?”

“Dead fucking serious.”

“Oh… my… god.”

“I know.”

At that moment Tae stuck his head out of the entryway to the kitchen. “You guys don’t have much to work with, but do you like omelets?”

They both nodded dumbly again and slowly made their way to the kitchen. The scene inside was so domestic. Random ingredients from their fridge were scattered over the counter, Jimin had the cutting board and knife and was quickly dicing ingredients, placing them in little bowls that neither of the Alphas had ever used or even known that they owned. Taehyung was cracking and whisking eggs with a fork, adding salt and pepper.

Jungkook and Yoongi pulled up barstools and sat, elbows on counter, chins in hands and watched it play out with gentle fascination. Jimin and Taehyung twirled and danced around each other in old and familiar patterns, one moving as the other needed a space and vice-versa. They laughed and played with each other, Jimin feeding Tae little bites of vegetables as they worked and Tae poking Jimin in the ribs and tickling him, pressing a soft kisses to his cheek. And when Jimin started singing a song and Taehyung joined in, and they were both floored by how beautiful the Omega’s voices were.

After a while, each Alpha was presented with plates holding perfectly cooked and garnished omelets. Taehyung and Jimin took seats next to them at the counter and they all ate together. Jungkook and Yoongi hadn’t thought they could fall more in love, but the exquisite food somehow managed to do it. How had they made this from the meager ingredients in their kitchen?

The Alphas helped clean up after the meal, and once everything was neat and clean Jimin tugged on Jungkook’s sleeve, looking up at him. “Can we take a shower?”

The Alpha smiled as the thought of something better. Their bathroom had a huge bathtub that neither of them had ever used, but had come with the apartment. He knew Omegas were supposed to like baths, find them comforting. “Do you wanna take a bath? We have a tub.”

The Omega’s eyes lit up at the words. “Yes!” He turned to Tae. “TaeTae, do you want to take a bath with me?” The lavender-haired Omega nodded eagerly, moving to Jimin’s side at once.

“Oh. You want… together… Okay.”

Jungkook shared a look with Yoongi that said they had both underestimated how close the pair of Omegas were, but they didn’t question it and led them to the bathroom. As soon as they opened the little partition that separated the tub from the rest of the space, both Omegas gasped and ran to it.

“Look how big it is!” Tae said as he grabbed Jimin’s arm, shaking him.

“I know!” They both turned and looked at the Alphas. “Can we really use it?”

Yoongi and Jungkook were trying not to laugh. It was so cute how excited they were about something that both of them had never had any interest in. Up until this point, it had been a waste of space to them.

“Anytime you want.” Yoongi turned and grabbed one of the decorative bottles that sat uselessly on the shelf where the decorator had placed them. “Here’s some bubble bath if you want it.”

Taehyung took it from him with a gasp and held the bottle to his chest like it was a great treasure, smiling his boxy smile and letting out a series of little giggles. It made his heart melt that this of all things made him so happy. The fact was that he and Jungkook’s net worth was incredibly high, but all the things these two seemed to care about were nothing to them. Their happiness had come from a makeshift blanket fort and a cheap bottle of bubble bath. It solidified his conviction that this Omega was the one for him.

They showed them how to use the taps and left them alone in the bathroom. Both Alphas waited outside, smiling softly at each other at the sounds of laughter and splashing water inside. After about twenty minutes they knocked on the door.

“You guys okay in there?” Jungkook asked through the door.

“You need anything?” Yoongi added.

There was a few little murmurs then Jimin called out. “You can come in!”

The Alphas shared a look and a shrug before opening the door. The bath was so deep and full of bubbles that nothing could be seen below their shoulders. Jimin had a pile of bubbles on his head and was currently in the process of giving Tae a bubble beard that kept getting ruined by his puffs of laughter. The pair melted instantly at the cuteness before them.

Jungkook and Yoongi's Bathroom

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Chapter Text

When Jin arrived at the apartment he was immediately welcomed inside. He had been flustered all day worrying about his little underlings. The pair of Omegas were very precious to him, and the thought that someone might have hurt them had his heart racing and hands trembling. As soon as he walked in his eyes were drawn to a canopy in the center of the living room. He could see both Omegas sitting inside and rushed over to them, crouching at the entrance to their little place.

“Minnie, TaeTae, are you okay?”

Jin was like a mother to them, and his presence made both Omega’s lips tremble and tears return. “Mama!” Jimin cried pulling the other Omega into the nest. “I-it was so scary.”

“I was so afraid!” Tae’s voice was wobbly and teary.

“It’s alright. You’re safe now. Did your Alphas protect you?” They both made little noises of ascent, too busy trying to scent the elder. Jin just laughed at their over enthusiasm and tried his best to scent them in return. “Are you both okay here? Do you need anything?”

“No. Kookie and Yoongi are taking care of us.”

“That’s good.” He lowered his voice so that only they could hear. “Are they treating you well? Do you want to come stay with me?”

“No Mama!” They exclaimed in unison.

“We want to stay here.” Jimin whispered and Tae immediately nodded his agreement.

“Okay, okay.” He put his hands up in surrender. “I just want to make sure you’re safe and happy.”

After a few minutes Jungkook and Yoongi came over and introduced themselves, telling them they didn’t want to interrupt, but that they wanted to assure Jin that his friends were in good hands. When he’d first seen them, Jin had been wary. They both looked frightening with their tattoos and piercings, but after he saw the way the Alphas looked at the pair, he was reassured. The two turned toward the Omegas like flowers to the sun, following them with their bodies unconsciously. And you couldn’t miss Jimin and Tae’s reaction; they lit up whenever their Alphas looked at them, glowing with joy at having their attention. Only after seeing this did he feel safe leaving them in these strangers care.

He stayed and visited with them a little longer, telling them what they’d missed at practice and reminding them to eat well and rest up. He left them with a kiss on the forehead and shook both Alpha’s hands on his way out, thanking them for taking care of his friends.

Not long after Jin’s departure did Namjoon and Hoseok arrive to check everything out for themselves. They had been immediately concerned when Yoongi had told them the situation, both because it involved the band, but also because they were already fond of Jimin and Taehyung, particularly Hoseok who had gotten along with them extremely well when they’d all went to dinner after the concert. Hobi was more soft spoken than the Alphas and always better at putting people at ease. His sunny personality, charisma, and spark of humor made him the perfect counterpoint for his mate who was more acerbic, awkward, and serious; at least until you got to know him well.

When the Omegas heard Hoseok’s voice both heads popped out of the little tent with smiles. They immediately invited him inside with them, and he happily went to them. He told them jokes and made faces at them, making them laugh and giggle while the pair played with the Beta’s many rings he always wore, turning them and making the jewels catch the light.

Namjoon watched with a smile as his mate made friends with their bandmate’s Omegas, fondness for his mate washing over him. He always felt lucky to have him, especially when his personality shined like it was with Tae and Jimin, his heart-shaped smile out in full force. He turned to the other Alphas who were looking at the scene in the nest with such happiness it made him chuckle.

“You two are so fucking whipped.”

“I don’t wanna hear that from you. You literally broke a guy’s wrist last year.” Jungkook said with a grin.

“He touched my mate, and Hobi broke the other one, so… birds of a feather and all that.”

Yoongi looked at their bassist seriously. “Joon, we are holding a press conference tomorrow about what happened. Will you guys come?”

The blond put a hand on the back of each of their necks and pulled them in for a strong hug. “Do you even have to ask?”

By the time their bandmates left, Jimin and Tae were yawning, leaning their heads on each other, tired from their long day. The Alphas helped them settle down in their little nest, bundling them up and tucking them in together, each giving their partner a soft kiss. They left the lights in the kitchen on and the string lights over the canopy, so the Omegas wouldn’t be left in the dark before they went to their separate rooms.

It took about an hour of tossing and turning for Jimin and Tae to realize that no matter how tired they were, they weren’t falling asleep anytime soon. Taehyung was the first to break the silence.

“Minnie?” He whispered, looking over into his friend’s blue eyes.

“What is it TaeTae?”

“Will… will it hurt your feelings if I go stay in Yoongi’s room?” His eyes were downcast, like he didn’t want Jimin to get angry.

The blond reached over and brushed his fingers through the fading purple strands. “No TaeTae. I… to be honest I would feel safer with Kookie tonight too.” He cupped the other’s cheek and met his eyes. “Not that I don’t want to be with you, but…”

“You’re scared too.” Taehyung finished his statement for him, making him nod.

The two Omegas left their nest and tiptoed to the hall, giving each other a parting hug before splitting ways and heading for the rooms that were on opposite sides of the apartment.


Jungkook's Room


Jungkook was roused from his light sleep by a soft, hesitant knock on his door. He smiled as he realized it had to be Jimin.

“Come in.”

Jimin cracked the door only far enough so he could slide inside and closed it behind him. He stood by the door, looking at his feet and twisting the edge of his shirt in his usual way for when he was nervous.

“Are you scared, little one? You wanna come sleep in here with me?” The Omega nodded shyly and he pulled the edge of his covers up, making an opening. “Come on, baby.”

Jimin walked to the edge of the bed, but was still in his awkward mode, his eyes hadn’t even looked up to see the room. He tugged on his clothes and asked, “Can I take these off?”

Like Jungkook was gonna say no to that. “Sure, baby. However you’re most comfortable.”

Jimin slid his sweats down his legs and pulled off his t-shirt, crawling into bed in just his pink panties. He molded himself to the Alpha’s side at once, only then looking up at the room and gasping.

One wall of the room was slightly angled and the entire wall and part of the ceiling was windows, so you could see the stars and moon. He looked up at Jungkook who was studying his reaction.

“Do you like it, little one?”

“It’s beautiful.”

The Omega studied the sky for a few minutes, but after a while he wanted to be closer to Jungkook. He crawled on top of him, just as he had in his nest, straddling him and resting his head on the other’s broad chest. He turned his face up to look at the Alpha in the dark, setting his chin against his sternum.


“Yeah, little one?”

“Will you touch me again?”


Yoongi's Room


Yoongi heard the creak of his door opening and looked up from his notebook where he was writing sheet music to see a lavender head peek inside. Taehyung. His little flower.

“C-can I come sleep in here with you? I’m scared.”

“Of course you can.” He patted the bed beside him in invitation.

The Omega immediately entered the room, closing the door behind him and rushed to the bed, climbing onto it and looking at the room. “Wow. Look at all those windows.”

The Alpha smiled at his look of awe as he studied the floor to ceiling windows that slanted over the bed. It had to be his favorite part about this place. However, now that his Omega was here, he had a new favorite thing.

Tae studied the room for a moment, then shifted down to lay beside the Alpha who was still sitting up, holding his notebook. The Omega looked at him, honey eyes meeting his dark ones before falling away embarrassed. He seemed to be thinking hard about something, and Yoongi noticed how he gripped both hands in the front of his shirt, the way he did when he was upset.

“What’s wrong, little flower?”

“I-I wanted to ask you something.”

“You can ask me anything.” Yoongi cupped his face and turned it up to look at him.

“Will you kiss me?”

Chapter Text



“Will you touch me again?”

Jungkook had to close his eyes for a moment as the question slammed into him, knocking his breath out of him. His Minnie was here in his bed, asking to be touched. Again, he thanked whatever powers there were in the universe as he looked down at curious blue eyes.

“I would love to touch you, baby. What do you want me to do? You want me to help you touch yourself again?”

Jimin shook his head. “I-I don’t know. I just want you to make me feel good.”

Jungkook could hear his own pulse in his ears as he processed the request. He was already so hard that he knew the Omega must feel it between his legs where he straddled him, and when Jimin shifted against him a little he heard a little gasp, followed by a moan. The Omega moved again, this time with more purpose and Jungkook could feel that he was hard too.

The Alpha reached down and put his hands on Jimin’s hips, pulling him down harder, grinding them together with more force and making the blond moan. “Jungkook…”

“I need you to tell me, little one. What do you want me to do to you?”

“C-can you kiss me? Like you said before? In the… other places?” Jimin bit his lip and looked down, too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

“Oh yeah, baby. I can definitely do that.”

Jungkook rolled them over so he was on top, holding his weight up off the Omega on his elbows. He took Jimin’s mouth in a hot kiss, sliding his tongue in to taste him. He explored the sweet cavern for a few moments, letting the Omega get caught up in their passion before pulling back and nosing along his jaw.

“Is this okay, baby? Having me on top of you?” The Alpha was worried that Jimin might feel uncomfortable because of his experience with Jiwoo.

“Yes. I like it.” His mind was so far from Jiwoo that he wasn’t even a blip on the radar. Jimin was absorbed in his Alpha, there was so much of him, and he was all over him. His scent, his heat, the feeling of his hard length pressed between his legs.

“Good. That’s good. If you don’t like something I do, I need you to tell me. Tell me and I will stop. Okay, baby?”

Jimin nodded, not concerned. He wasn’t afraid. Jungkook would never hurt him. He was being silly. He turned his head to present his neck again, showing his trust with the small action. Jungkook let out a little moan and started mouthing along the pale column, sucking another dark mark above the first one, just under his jaw.

The feeling of the hot mouth on his neck made Jimin tremble, and he felt his himself start to leak slick, his hole clenching around nothing and is cock throbbing.

“Kookie! I’m gonna mess up your sheets.” The Omega gasped out, through his pleasure.

Jungkook let the seal of his lips slacken and spoke with his lips right against his prickling, tender skin. “Fuck the sheets. I have more. I want you nice and wet for me, baby.”

He immediately went back to his task, placing open mouthed kisses along his neck and slowly moving down until he reached the taut, pink nipples. Jimin gasped as he licked one, pressing his tongue hard and flat against the little bud before sucking it into his mouth. Jimin’s hands found their way into his dark hair, gripping it and holding the Alpha to him as his breaths gasped out of him on little whimpering sounds.

“Alpha, oh… please. Nnn… it’s… ngh…” He couldn’t get out full words, his body was fluttering as wave after wave of pleasure crested over him.

Jungkook switched to the other side, giving it the same attention. Jimin’s hips canted up involuntarily, looking for any friction, and pressed against the Alpha’s hard abdomen. He continued to undulate up against him, head thrown back and mouth open, letting out a string of high-pitched cries. The Alpha wondered if he could make him cum just from this, and for a moment was sorely tempted, but he had other plans. He wanted to give Jimin better pleasure than grinding hips or hands. But he put it on his mental list of things to do. One day he would have to spend many hours trying to see how many ways he could make his little Minnie cum for him.

When he pulled back from his nipple with a final, sensuous lick, the Omega whined, trying to use the hands in his hair to pull him back down.

“No. Don’t stop.”

The Alpha smirked at the needy tone. “It’s alright, baby. I’m gonna do something that will feel so much better.”

He continued moving down, sucking one more mark into Jimin’s hip, just above the band of his pink panties. Jungkook’s head was swimming. All he could smell was the Omega’s slick, sweet honeysuckle.

“I’m gonna take off your panties, little one.” Jungkook said, hooking his fingers under the edge.

Jimin just nodded, and he slid the pink cotton all the way down and off, tossing them somewhere in the room. He heard them land with a small, wet sound. He leaned back down and found that Jimin was soaked with his slick, and the scent was even stronger without the barrier of the underwear. He licked a long stripe up the Omega’s thigh, getting a heavy taste of his sweeteness.

“I’m gonna take you in my mouth now, baby. You ready?”

The Omega nodded, his breaths were coming hard and fast, his pale chest rising and falling with his panting breaths. Jimin’s thighs and abs were already twitching, he wouldn’t last long. The Alpha was in the same boat, pleasuring his Omega, listening to his little sounds and watching his face contort with ecstasy was hotter than anything he could imagine. He was probably going to cum just from sucking Jimin off. His cock pulsed at the image of Jimin cumming in his mouth.

He briefly considered going slow, taking his time, but he also wanted to make his Omega cum, hard and fast and uncontrollable. He took a deep breath, and slid all the way down the length of Jimin’s cock in one go, the Omega wasn’t very big, the tip just touching the back of his throat as his nose was pressed to the Omega’s pelvis.


Jimin screamed as the hot, wet suction surrounded him. His hands flew back into Jungkook’s black hair, grabbing handfuls of the dark strands and gripping them hard as his body bowed off the bed and he began to convulse. He had never felt anything so intense, every cell in his body was singing with pleasure that culminated at the base of his spine and shot down the length of his cock.

Jungkook, shot into his own boxers, untouched. The sound of Jimin screamining the word ‘fuck’ combined with the hard hands in his hair and the feeling of the cock pulsing in his mouth were enough to take him over the edge. He moaned and nearly choked as he swallowed around the Omega’s length before starting to move, working his mouth up and down as his release washed through him.

The Alpha roughly worked a hand into his own boxers to help his orgasm along. He looked up the expanse of a pale body at a face carved in lines of exquisite torture. Jimin was so beautiful as he came for him, body shivering and twitching until finally the hands in his hair went slack and the only sounds were heavy breathing. He crawled back up the bed on shaking arms and collapsed next to Jimin, breathing hard.

The Alpha looked at his Omega next to him, who still seemed to be floating on his high, eyes glassy and mouth slightly open. He felt pride swell in him at the knowledge that he was the one who had made him like that. It took a few minutes, but eventually he seemed to come back to himself. He looked over at Jungkook with an expression of astonishment.

“Alpha… that was…” He seemed to zone out, as if imagining it again in his head.

Jungkook smiled at the far off expression. “You said the word ‘fuck’, baby.”

The Omega gasped and looked at him with wide eyes. “Nuh-uh!”


Jimin squinched up his face, pushing his lips out in a little pooch and reached his hand up to smack them three times. “That’s bad.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at the cute reaction.

Chapter Text


“Will you kiss me?”

Yoongi tossed his notebook aside, not caring where it landed and scooted down in the bed so he could lay next to Taehyung, face to face.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yeah… but…” Taehyung trembled, brows drawing down and frowning.

“What’s the matter?”

“Will… will you promise not to hold me down?”

At these words, his honey eyes wouldn’t look at him. A wave of protective anger swept through him as he remembered what Jungkook had said about Jimin’s ex. Had someone done that to his little flower too?

“Of course I won’t hold you down. Did someone do that to you?” He hated the question, but he had to know.

Yoongi felt a small relief as Tae shook his head. “B-but I saw… I saw it…” The Omega’s voice was shaking as well as his hands.

The Alpha cupped the side of Tae’s face gently. “What did you see? Did you see it happen to Jimin?”

Taehyung nodded, and all his words spilled out of him at once, like he had been holding them back for years. Which, he guessed he probably had.

“I-I walked into Minnie’s room and Jiwoo was holding him down. Minnie was crying, he didn’t like it. He was trying to get him to stop. He just wanted him to s-s-stop…” The Omega started to cry, but he kept talking. “I tried to make him stop too but he was too strong. He pushed me and I broke a vase of flowers.” He brought up an arm and showed Yoongi a series of jagged scars on his wrist and forearm that he hadn’t noticed before, they had faded almost back to his natural golden skintone, only visible because of the raised skin. “I had to get 46 stitches and the doctor said I almost…” His sentence faded off, like he couldn’t say the words. “…you know… from the blood loss. J-jiwoo broke up with Minnie, he told him all these mean things… I just wanted him to stop hurting Minnie.”

Every muscle in Yoongi’s body was tensed by the time Taehyung finished. He had to physically restrain himself from jumping out of this bed, getting Jungkook and going to find that motherfucker. Taehyung had almost died? Jimin had been crying and trying to get away? He knew that Jungkook couldn’t know this entire story. From what he’d told Yoongi, Jimin must have given him a very watered down version of events.

“Why did Jimin go to meet him after he did all of this?”

Tae hiccuped. “Minnie wanted him to apologize. He wants everyone to be good and nice, but some people are just bad and mean. I tried to stop him, but he said that they would be in public, that he wouldn’t hurt him. I know he still feels like what happened was his fault, but it’s not. Minnie is good, he’s not the one that hurt me.”

His little flower was trembling, tears leaking from the corner of his eyes. He had one hand wrapped around the scarred arm. Yoongi felt murderous, but more than that he wanted to help the Omega. Yoongi reached forward and brushed the Omega’s hair back and cupped his face.

“I would never do that to you, little flower. I’m so sorry that you had to see that, that you were hurt.” He took Tae’s wrist with his other hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a kiss to the old scars. “I would never try to make you do anything you don’t want to. I already told you, I want to be your Alpha. I want to protect you, care for you, and make sure you never have to feel scared or feel pain again.”

“R-really?” His lips trembled as he looked into the Alpha’s dark eyes that conveyed nothing but devotion and kindness.

“Really. So, you can sleep here, and I promise I won’t ever touch you without your permission. You are safe here with me. I promise.”

He held out his pinky and Tae smiled and hooked his with it. The Omega wiped his tears and sniffled before scooting forward to press his face into Yoongi’s chest. The smell of leather and peppermint washed over him, and he wasn’t afraid anymore. Yoongi had saved him over and over, and he could be trusted. Moreover, he wanted the Alpha to kiss him, to touch him and teach him the way Jimin said that Jungkook had done.

He lay in the Alpha’s embrace until he was calm, and his tears had dried. Being in Yoongi’s arms didn’t erase the past, but… it made it somehow more bearable. The pain of seeing his Omega life partner in pain, the terrible burning agony of the cuts on his wrist and arm, the terrifying moment he lost consciousness, it all seemed to fold itself up neatly into a little box in the back of his mind; not something to be thought of or remembered. He lay in the safety of his Alpha’s arms, and even though they hadn’t known each other long, he knew that this Alpha was his one and only.

Finally, after a long period of silence, just Yoongi holding and comforting him, Tae finally looked up at him. “Do… you still want to kiss me?”

The Alpha looked down at him and pressed his forehead to his. “I always want to kiss you, little flower.” Yoongi released the Omega from his grasp and rolled onto his back before looking at Taehyung. “Come here honey. You can be on top, that way you won’t feel scared.”

Tae hesitated for only a second before smiling and climbing on top of the Alpha, straddling his waist and bringing their faces close. “Is this okay?”

“Anything is okay. Just take your time.”

The Omega leaned down and pressed their lips together, drawing back and returning several times. He thought of kisses he’d seen in movies and opened his mouth, feeling Yoongi do the same. When their tongues came forward to slide together, something clicked against one of his teeth. He drew back in surprise. He used his fingers to open Yoongi’s mouth, then slid his pointer and middle finger inside to inspect the silver barbell through the Alpha’s tongue.

“Woah… you have jewelry inside your mouth…”

Yoongi was fascinated by Taehyung’s innocent evaluation of his piercings. Something about his cluelessness and naiveté was so fucking sexy. He sealed his lips around the two digits and sucked, running the silver ball at the end of the barbell over the digits.

“Oh… that…feels…” He felt a sudden rush of hot wetness on his crotch where Tae was straddling him, and the Omega’s eyes grew suddenly wide, his face showing shock. “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…”

He tried to scramble off of him, but Yoongi stopped him with gentle hands on his hips. “It’s okay, little flower. I like knowing you are aroused. You don’t need to apologize.”

“You do? You don’t think it’s dirty?”

“No, honey. I like it, I like feeling you like that.”

Tae smiled at him and leaned back down to reconnect their lips, this time when he opened and slid his tongue into the Omega’s mouth, he felt the other gently exploring the metal barbell, as if measuring its dimensions with his tongue. They moved together, mouths connected as they explored the kiss and learned each other’s taste and feel. He could feel the spot of slick on his lap steadily growing, leaking through both layers of their clothes until is slid down his thighs and pooled under his balls.

He moved his hips involuntarily, and felt his Omega’s hardness pressed next to his own. It made Tae gasp and break the kiss to make a little keening sound. Finally, he looked down at him, honey eyes dark like whiskey now.

“M-Minnie said that Kookie showed him how to touch. Can you show me how to… to feel good? Can you show me how to touch myself?”

Yoongi was about to cum. The feeling of Tae pressed into his hard cock with the hot pool of slick between them and asking such a question. Gods, he was so fucking lucky.

“Yeah, honey. I can show you. Do you want to watch me first?” The idea of his little flower watching him while he masturbated… well, that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Taehyung nodded eagerly. “Can I?”

“Here, let me sit up.”

Yoongi supported Tae’s weight as he sat up and scooted backward to lean against the wall. He could see that the entire front of his grey sweatpants was dark, wet with slick. The Omega’s purple bottoms were even more soaked.

“Let’s take off these pants, honey. They’re all wet.”

Tae nodded and got off him, and he was surprised when he pulled off not only his pants, but his underwear as well, followed by the loose white top, leaving him completely bare. Yoongi followed his lead, lifting his hips and pushing his sweats and boxers off, kicking them off the bed, followed by his t-shirt. Tae swung a leg back over him to resume their previous position, but he sat further down, on his thighs.

The Omega gasped when he looked down between them and saw the shining silver ring at the tip of the Alpha’s cock. He reached out absentmindedly, touching it with his soft fingers in wonder and making Yoongi pulse with heat.

“You have jewelry… even here? And here? And here?” His fingers moved up to the curved barbell of his bellybutton ring, then the rings in his nipples. “Wow… so many.”

“Do you like them?” Yoongi asked as he watched the Omega’s face, mouth open in awe.

“Yes! I like them a lot. They’re pretty.”

The Alpha had to smile at that. He’d never heard his Prince Albert called pretty before, but it seemed to be the way of this Omega to keep surprising him.

“Are you ready, honey?”

Taehyung nodded.

Yoongi was already wet from the Omega’s slick, so he just wrapped a hand around his cock, and started to slide it up and down, the same way he would if he were alone, occasionally swiping thumb over the head, touching the piercing.

Tae couldn’t look away from the sight in front of him. It was… beautiful. His Alpha was so pretty when he touched himself, sometimes making little grunts of pleasure. He wanted to feel it too, so he mimicked the Alpha’s actions, wrapping his hand around his shaft and moving it up and down. The new sensation made his entire body feel hot and he remembered Jimin’s words about how it felt like a fever. He matched pace with Yoongi, trying to do everything he did.

Yoongi felt lightheaded as he watched Taehyung try to follow along with what he was doing. His inexperience was obvious, but he was still moaning, obviously in pleasure. The Omega was so delicate and soft, everything about him was beautiful. From his hands to his very pretty cock to his lovely face and delicate little moans. He saw the Omega start to shake as his orgasm approached, hand stuttering as his pleasure started to mount.

“Yoongi… I-I can’t… mm… I can’t…” Taehyung was trembling.

“Come here, honey. I can do it for both of us.”

The Alpha released his own erection and guided the Omega forward by the hips until their cocks brushed together between them. Taehyung was whimpering at the soft, brushing contact, and when Yoongi wrapped a hand around them both, the Omega let out a quiet sob of pleasure.

He started to move his hand, and he could feel them throbbing together, the heat of them pressed together intimately was overwhelming. Tae leaned forward and pressed their foreheads together, his hands coming up to grip the Alpha’s shoulders, as his hips moved in time with Yoongi’s hand.

“Alpha… It’s… it feels… so… ngh… don’t stop…”

Taehyung’s nails dug into his shoulders as he finally came, making bright little points of pain. This, along with the sound of the Omega husking out his name in his smooth voice and the hot rush of slick on his thighs threw Yoongi over the edge as well. The Alpha continued to work them together with his hand until the final spasms of their orgasms were over and they were both left shaking and panting into each other’s mouths.

Taehyung was the one who connected their lips again, pushing forward and sliding his tongue back into the Alpha’s mouth, his hands sliding from their place on his shoulders to the back of his neck, holding him to his mouth as he kissed him. They kissed like that for a few moments until the Omega finally pulled back. He was smiling.

“I think I love you.” Taehyung said, looking at him with awe.

“I definitely love you.” Yoongi replied, moving forward to kiss him again.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's Bike


Jungkook's Bike


Jungkook and Yoongi were standing in their kitchen, holding two untouched cups of coffee as they watched in desperation as their two Omegas did their morning yoga. Apparently, the pair did it every morning. They chatted happily with each other as they moved through the familiar routine, both Alphas were panting as they bent and twisted.

“There’s no way they don’t fucking know what they are doing.” Yoongi said, watching as they folded themselves in half, pressing their knees to their chests and wrapping their arms around the back of their calves.

“I wish they were trying to tease us. At least then, I could be justified in pulling down those leggings and… oh fuck, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Jungkook interrupted his own sentence as he watched them stand back up and lower themselves into a full side split.

“I think I’m about to either cum or pass out. My body hasn’t decided which yet.”


“You know we’re gonna have to live together for the rest of our lives now, right?” Yoongi said, taking a sip of his half-cold coffee.


Once the Omegas were done with their exercise, they took a shower together and started cooking breakfast, unaware of the torture they had inflicted on their poor Alphas. But neither Jimin nor Tae complained when they were pulled into their partner’s laps to eat breakfast.

The Alphas insisted on dropping them off at dance practice, and Jimin got to ride on Jungkook’s motorcycle for the first time. After they pulled up, the Alphas took of their helmets and each gave a kiss to their Omega. When Jimin and Tae turned to go inside, they both blushed as they saw all their fellows at the ballet studio gathered at the window to watch, pointing and giggling, waving at their friends’ suitors.


Only once they were alone did Yoongi bring up the story that Taehyung had told him. He hadn’t wanted Jungkook to get upset in front of the Omegas. Once they reached their practice space, and Namjoon and Hoseok arrived, he relayed the entirety of the tale to the three of them. All four were shaking with rage by the time he was finished; even Yoongi wasn’t immune to it. Retelling the story made all his anger from the previous night slam into his chest and tore a growl from him.

Jungkook’s teeth were clenched and his hands curled into fists, his chest was making a pumping growling noise on every exhale. “That son of a bitch! That motherfucker did… I thought maybe Jimin just panicked… but, he was crying? Trying to get away? He hurt Tae too? I’m gonna fucking kill him!”

Even Hoseok was losing his temper, none of them had ever seen him like this, and his anger was byfar the most frightening. Instead of growling, hot rage like the Alphas, his was more cold, more calculating. His body was stiff and motionless, his face devoid of any emotion as he asked, “Do you know how to find him?”

Strangely Namjoon was the voice of reason, even if that voice was distorted and deepened by his own fury. “First, we need to go to this press conference and get it dealt with, then you both need to talk to your Omegas about this and then we can all decide together how to deal with that piece of shit.”


Taehyung and Jimin were alone in their shared dressing room at the ballet company, supposed to be changing into their practice clothes, but too busy talking about the previous night.

“TaeTae, did Yoongi touch you?” Jimin’s eyes were wide and curious, his voice just a whisper.

The lavender haired Omega let out a little squeal. “Yes! Minnie, you were so right. It was amazing.”

Jimin started to giggle and squeal along with him, reaching out and grasping his hands, palm to palm as they jumped in a little excited circle, then hugged.

“Did Jungkook touch you again too?” Tae was blushing, and he put his cool hands to his red cheeks.

“He… did something else…” Jimin was blushing too now.

“What? He didn’t hurt you did he?” Taehyung asked, suddenly concerned.

“No, TaeTae!” Jimin leaned forward to whisper the words lower. “He used his mouth on my…” He pointed down to his crotch, and Tae’s eyes widened as he gasped.

“Really? Did it feel good?”

“It felt SO good.”

“Did you do it to him too?” Taehyung was looking at him, impressed.

Jimin shook his head. “No. But… do you think you can do it to an Alpha? Or do you have to be an Omega?”

“Do you think… would they like it if we did it to them?”

“I want to make Kookie feel good.”

“I want to make Yoongi feel good too.”

“Let’s look it up!”

Jimin pulled out his phone and the pair leaned together to read the screen, two sets of eyes widening at the many results that came up at their search. As it turned out, you could definitely do it to Alphas, and apparently they REALLY liked it, according to the websites they read. Jimin found a video, and looked to Tae, who indicated for him to play it.

Jimin hit play and they leaned closer to the screen in unison, eyes round as saucers as they watched a female Omega “give head” to a male Alpha. They watched the video in fascination for about five minutes until the door to their dressing room opened and Jin appeared. The Omega turned his phone off quickly, hiding it behind his back.

“You guys still aren’t dressed? Hurry up! Practice is starting.”

“Sorry Mama…” They said together, moving to get dressed as Jin left.

They changed clothes and discreetly handed tissues to each other to clean up their slick that had gathered as they’d watched the video.

“Should we try to… do that, uh… give head? To Yoongi and Jungkook, I mean.” Taehyung asked as he pulled on his tights.

“Yeah. Let’s try tonight, and we can tell each other tomorrow what happens.”

They did a pinky promise and headed out to practice.

“Hey! Minnie, Tae! Your Alphas are on TV!”

The friends shared a look, not very surprised. They were rockstars after all, but they went to look anyway, wondering if it was one of their music videos. They didn’t expect to see Jungkook and Yoongi standing at a podium, flanked by Namjoon and Hoseok, surrounded by reporters and microphones, making a public statement. All of the dancers were gathered in the breakroom, surrounding the little television to get a look at what was happening.

On the screen, Jungkook was speaking, obviously reading off of the index cards in his hands. “The night before last there was a break in at the home of two Omegas. The Omegas in question are currently being courted and have been claimed by my bandmate Min Yoongi, and myself Jeon Jungkook.”

Jimin and Taehyung shared a look of shock with each other. What was this? Their Alphas were making a public statement about them and their break in? They both felt touched and protected as they watched their Alphas speak for them.

Yoongi moved forward to speak. “Their apartment was vandalized, and they were threatened and insulted, and this was not the first time one of our so-called ‘fans’ tried to harm one of them. The person or persons responsible for this WILL be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

It was Jungkook’s turn again. “Therefore, we are offering a reward of five hundred thousand dollars to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. We are taking this matter extremely seriously, and are doing all that we can to make sure that the perpetrators are caught.”

As the statement ended, reporters swarmed forward all yelling questions at the band.

“Who are the Omegas?”
“Are you getting mated?”
“When will you be mated?”
“Are your Omegas going to issue a statement?”
“When were they threatened by fans?”
“How did you meet?”

These all seemed to be the popular questions, as they could make out multiple voices repeating them. Finally Jungkook held up his hands for silence.

“If such a time comes that our partners want to issue a statement, then they will. For now, please respect our privacy.”

The reporters didn’t like that. They all started to swarm again, and their questions were too many and varied to make out, but the angry tone was obvious. Yoongi was visibly irritated when he stepped forward and leaned to speak close to the microphones.

“I’m sorry, I think Jungkook must have misspoke. What he meant to say was, FUCK OFF. It’s none of your goddamn business.”

The stream was immediately cut, obviously from Yoongi’s language. It was live TV after all, so they went back to the reporter in the studio, a pretty dark haired female anchor, who looked distinctly ruffled. She cleared her throat before she began to speak.

“Those were the members of the alternative rock band Bulletproof, issuing a statement about a personal attack. Please stay tuned after the break for more news.”

Chapter Text


Hoseok insisted on driving them all to pick up Jimin and Tae from dance practice in he and Namjoon’s SUV. He wanted to be there to ask them about this Jiwoo. He didn’t trust the Alphas to keep a cool head and not scare them. He parked outside and got out to smoke a cigarette while they waited.

As soon as the two Omegas saw Hoseok, they immediately broke into smiles and ran into his open arms.

“Hobi!” They both hugged him and laughed as he tickled their ribs. “What are you doing here?”

The doors opened and the others got out of the SUV. The Omegas immediately went to their Alphas and started to rain soft punches on their arms and chests. Both Alphas wanted to laugh as they looked down at squinched up faces that were supposed to be angry.

“You can’t spend that much money!” Jimin was saying between punches.

“We’ll never be able to pay you back!” Tae added.

Yoongi and Jungkook caught their Omega’s wrists in gentle hands and pulled them into hugs. Yoongi pressed a kiss to Taehyung’s hair and Jungkook turned Jimin’s face up to give him a gentle kiss.

“You don’t have to pay us back for anything. It’s our job to keep you safe now.” Jungkook said, and Yoongi nodded in agreement.

Namjoon and Hoseok watched this with happy expressions. Both of them had worried for years that their two friends would die alone, too stubborn to find mates. It was obvious that the two Alphas were completely smitten and half-way to popping the question. This made Hoseok even more angry, however. He had decided to accept the pair of adorable Omegas as part of his family, their bond with his best friends made them precious to him. He felt so protective of them already, their shy innocence had melted him at their first meeting, and when he’d sat in their little nest with them while they played with his rings and laughed at his jokes, he’d fallen in love with them. They were his little brothers now, and no one messed with his family.

“Let’s go back to your place. We all need to have a talk.” Hoseok said, getting into the driver seat while everyone piled into the back.


When they got to the Alphas’ apartment, Hobi sat the pair on the couch and took a seat in front of them on the coffee table, the three Alphas standing behind him. Jimin and Tae could tell something was wrong, and were pressed side to side, holding hands and looking nervous.

“D-did we do something wrong?” Jimin asked, looking up at them with apprehension.

The Beta reached a hand out to each of them, and they gave him the hands that weren’t holding each other.

“No, little sweethearts. You didn’t do anything wrong. But I need to ask you some questions and I need you to be honest with me. Okay?”

“Okay.” They said together, still looking nervous.

“Can you tell me what happened between you and an Alpha named Jiwoo?”

Both Omegas immediately appeared to clam up, glancing at each other, then looking down to their laps. The expression made Hobi want to break something. He waited, giving them time to respond. Jimin was the first to speak.

“He was my boyfriend.” This statement drew a low growl from Jungkook, and the Beta immediately gave him a look that threatened Armageddon if he didn’t shut the fuck up. “He wasn’t very nice, not like Jungkook and Yoongi. We only dated for two months, but he was always trying to pressure me to do stuff I didn’t want to.”

“What kind of stuff?” Hobi asked kindly.

Jimin bit his lip and his eyes got shiny with tears at the memory. “S-sexual stuff. He was always trying to touch me or make me touch him… but I didn’t… I-I didn’t want to.”

Taehyung leaned over and started to rub his face against Jimin’s trying to calm him down. “It’s okay Minnie. Don’t be sad.”

“What happened next?”

Jimin’s words started slow, but gained speed as he remembered the panic of the moment. “H-he told me I just h-had to get used to it, and he started kissing me. It wasn’t bad at first, but then he pushed me down… and he was on top of me, and I didn’t know what to do. It started to make me scared. He was holding me down, and it hurt my wrists, and I could feel his… thing pressed into my belly. I didn’t like it. I tried to tell him no. I told him to stop. I did… I did tell him. But then TaeTae came and he tried to make him stop too, but he pushed him and he got cut on the vase. There was so much blood everywhere… I thought… I thought TaeTae was gonna…”

The Omega obviously couldn’t speak anymore, he turned his face fully into his friend’s neck and the other Omega did the same as they both cried. Yoongi and Jungkook couldn’t hold themselves back anymore. The moved forward to kneel in front of the crying pair on either side of Hoseok. Namjoon too came forward and put a hand on Hoseok’s shaking shoulder.

“Why didn’t you go to the police?” The Beta’s voice was wavering with emotion.

Taehyung answered this time, since Jimin was sobbing too hard into his shoulder. “We did. But they said that we had no evidence of what happened… and that a court would believe an Alpha over two Omegas, and we didn’t have enough money to hire a lawyer.”

“So he just got away with it?” Hoseok asked, voice flat.

Jimin nodded. “Yes. When he asked me to dinner, I thought he wanted to apologize. Maybe he saw that he was wrong and wanted to do the right thing. I used to think he was a good person, we were friends once, before everything. I guess he was lying about who he was.”

“Do you know where he lives? And what kind of car he drives?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I’m just gonna go have a word with him. I want to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone else.” Hoseok said as he released their hands to reach up and brush the Omega’s hair back from their faces, trying to comfort them.

Jimin gave him the address and described the Alpha’s car, and then Jungkook and Yoongi held them in their laps for a while, trying to calm them down before settling them together in their makeshift nest.


Hoseok parked the SUV outside the apartment building, quickly spotting the blue BMW that Jimin had mentioned. He pulled out his phone and typed into Google for a few minutes, then made a call. All three Alphas were looking at him like he was crazy as they listened to the one-sided conversation.

“Hello? Is this the office for the West Point Apartments?”

“Good. One of your tenants has a blue BMW, and the lights are on inside. I think it’s going to drain the battery. Could you call them and let them know?”

“No problem. You’re welcome.”

“Have a nice night.”

He hung up his phone and looked at the three confused faces. “Babe, can you hand me my brass knuckles out of the glovebox?”

Namjoon did as requested. “Uh, sure.”

Hoseok looked at the three Alphas and gave them a very stern look as he pulled all his rings off his right hand. “You three, stay here. I will be back.”

Jungkook attempted to interrupt, but was immediately quelled by a look that clearly said ‘don’t-fucking-argue-with-me-I’m-not-in-the-mood’.

“I will put my phone on speaker, and you can listen from Namjoon’s cell with it on mute. I know that otherwise you won’t be able to stay still.”

Hoseok called his mate’s phone and set up the connection before slipping it into his breast pocket on his jacket. The Beta got out of the car and headed over to the blue BMW that belonged to Jiwoo.

Once he was gone, Yoongi was the first to speak. “Why do you have brass knuckles in your glovebox?”

“Honestly, I didn’t even know we did until just now.”

“Your mate is terrifying.” Jungkook said as he watched Hoseok take up his post, leaning against the blue car.

“I know… isn’t he great?”


Hoseok watched a tall-ish Alpha walked toward him. He evaluated him and wanted to scoff. This piece of shit thought he was good enough for Jimin? What a fucking joke.

As he approached, he gave Hoseok what was probably supposed to be a charming smile. “Are you the one who called the office?”

“Kim Jiwoo?” He needed to confirm who he was.

“How do you know my-?”

He didn’t get to finish the question. Hoseok grabbed him by the front of his shirt and slammed his brass knuckles into the side of the Alpha’s face over and over, hearing a very satisfying set of wet crunching sounds. He’d knocked out at least half a dozen teeth, and his hand was slick with blood, he thought he might have broken his nose. The Beta released his grip and let the male crumple to the ground.

“What the fuck?” His words were hardly recognizable through the injuries.

Hoseok leaned back against the car, pulled out his pack of cigarettes, and lit one up. The blood on his hand and brass knuckles shimmered in the faint glow of the lighter. He took a deep drag before he started speaking.

“Okay. So, here’s how this is gonna go. I’m gonna tell you some things about me. Then I’m gonna tell you some things about you. Then I am gonna tell you some things that are going to happen from now on. Then you’re going to say ‘Yes sir. Thank you sir.’ Got it?” He didn’t wait for a response. “Good.”

“I know you are probably thinking right now that you are going to have me arrested, but you won’t. The first thing you need to know about me is, I am very rich and very well connected. So, feel free to try.”

He took another drag on his cigarette, blowing the smoke downwind.

“The next thing you need to know about me is that you don’t mess with my family. Now, I have recently acquired two sweet little Omegas into my family, and guess what? You hurt them. So, that’s not good news for you.”

Drag on the cigarette.

“The last thing about me, and listen closely, because this is the most important. I don’t fuck around, and I don’t give second chances.”

Again, the cigarette.

“Now, let’s talk about you. What I know about you is that you attempted to sexually abuse my little Jiminie. You also almost killed my little Tae. What I can extrapolate from this is that you are an abusive, rapist piece of shit, and that you deserve far worse that what I’ve just done to you.”

Inhale. Exhale.

“Let’s talk about what’s going to happen now. First, you are never going to hurt another Omega again, and don’t test me, because I will find out. Second, I’m going to send someone to check up on you from time to time, just to make sure you’re being a good boy. And last, if I ever find out you hurt another Omega again, I will be back. And next time it won’t be brass knuckles.”

There was one last pause as he took a final drag and flicked the cigarette away.

“Now, what do you say?”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”


Hoseok turned and walked back to his car, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket and cleaning the blood off his hand and brass knuckles before wrapping the weapon in the cotton and slipping it into his pocket.

No one said anything as he got back into the driver’s seat and drove Jungkook and Yoongi home. Only when they were alone did his mate finally speak.

“I love you so much darling. Now let’s go home and I can show you just how much.”

The Beta smiled as he hit the gas and left black tire marks on the street.

Chapter Text

Hoseok & Namjoon's Home

lr kit dr br rh

Namjoon opened the door to their home and let his mate enter first, always the gentleman. As soon as the door closed however, their fever burst through and they moved at once. The kiss was hard and rushed, full of teeth and tongue and wild, desperate hunger. Namjoon immediately had his Beta up against the wall, pressed there by his slightly larger frame as he plundered his mouth.

Hoseok pushed Namjoon back hard enough that he made contact with the opposite wall, back hitting hard enough to crack the glass on one of their picture frames, and making it hang crooked. He just looked at his mate for a few moments, taking in the heaving chest, the blown pupils, the spit-slick lips. Then he launched himself at his Alpha, trusting him to catch him as he wrapped his legs around his waist and invaded his mouth again.

The Alpha caught his mate under the thighs, turning and slamming his back against the wall he had just been pushed into, making several of their framed prints fall. The sound of glass breaking was the only noise besides their desperate grunts and moans as they devoured each other. Hoseok had his hands buried in his mate’s hair, holding him in place. He pulled back just enough to bite the Alpha’s full lower lip, hard enough to bruise and painful enough to provoke the male’s aggression.

Namjoon growled as he carried his mate to the nearest flat surface, which happened to be the kitchen table. He sat the Beta on the table, to free his hands. He reached around Hoseok and swept several sets of very expensive china off the table, causing them to shatter on the tile floor. Then immediately pulled his mate off and tuned him around, bending him over and pressing his chest flat to the tabletop with a hard hand between his shoulder blades. He used his other hand to hold his hip in a bruising grip and ground his hard cock against his mate’s round ass.

“I see someone wants to play rough tonight.”

Hoseok let out a breathless little laugh, and responded in a bratty tone that only increased his hostility. “Aww… you caught me.”

Namjoon released the grip of the hand on his hip to deliver a hard smack to the Beta’s ass, making him gasp and let out a little moan.

“Okay, darling. Let’s get rough.”

The Alpha reached around and unbuckled the Beta’s belt, unfastening Hoseok’s pants so he could pull them down to his knees. He whipped the belt out of its loops in one smooth jerk before grabbing his mate’s hands and using the belt to tie them together behind his back. He used his hand to press the Beta’s chest down into the table again, hard enough to make it difficult to get a full breath as he leaned over him and mouthed against the nape of his neck.

“You know you look so beautiful when you’re like this, so stubborn yet so needy. I’m gonna make you beg for it, my dear.” The words brought out a whimper from the Beta.

Namjoon slid the hand that was pressed between his mate’s shoulder blades up and around his neck, pulling him back with just enough pressure to make his breaths hard and gasping, giving his throat a gentle squeeze as he growled in his ear.

“Stay. Don’t fucking move, or I’m not going to let you cum tonight.”

The Alpha released his grip and Hoseok gasped and leaned his head forward to rest against the table as he felt his mate move behind him, kneeling down. The Alpha kneaded the soft globes of his ass roughly, opening him up, and without warning, pressed his mouth to him, giving his hole a hard stroke with his tongue and making the Beta jerk at the unexpected sensation and let out a deep moan. He continued the assault with his tongue, pressing forward and holding the Beta by the hips so he could slide his tongue inside, making his mate sob with pleasure.

He pulled back and dug his teeth into the soft flesh of his cheek, leaving a deep bite mark that would definitely bruise, then laving his tongue over the spot to soothe the sting.

“Come on, darling. I need to hear you beg. Tell me what you want.”

He smiled when his mate didn’t reply, still being stubborn. That was perfectly fine with him. He could do this all night. The Alpha returned to his task, fucking his mate with his tongue, licking back and forth over the sensitive bloom until he could feel his legs start to tremble and see his cock dripping precum from between his legs. Hoseok’s whimpers and moans were growing in volume as he was kept on the edge of release, not stimulated enough to orgasm, just enough to make him throb in anticipation.

“P-please…” The word was hardly a whisper, but Namjoon heard it and felt a wave of erotic victory swell inside him.

“Please what, my dear?”

“Fuck me! Goddamnit! Please fuck me!” The Beta was panting, forehead pressed to the surface of the table.

“All you had to do was ask, my love.”

The Alpha walked quickly into their room to grab the bottle of lubricant from their nightstand. He was pleased to see that Hoseok hadn’t moved when he re-entered the dining room. He poured a fair amount of lube on his fingers and without warning, slid two fingers inside, letting the stretch burn a little. The Beta cried out, but not from pain. He could feel the muscles of his walls contracting around his digits as he moved ever closer to his orgasm. He quickly stretched him, preparing him for his Alpha’s cock.

Namjoon untied the belt from his wrists and guided the Beta’s hands to curl around the edge of the table on either side of himself, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before whispering into his ear.

“Hold on.”

He slid inside in one hard thrust, making his mate cry out at the intense stretch and sudden invasion. The Alpha gave no pause before setting a harsh pace, the kitchen table slowly moving across the floor until it begant o bang into the wall, knocking down several decorative mirrors from the wall and shaking the remaining china off the table. He conformed his body around his mate so he could bite his neck, right where the scar of his mating bite was, confirming his claim.

Hoseok was completely overwhelmed by his mate, but in the best possible way. He loved when Namjoon would lose control and fuck him with his full strength. He could feel the edge of the table digging into his hipbones on each thrust, and knew he would be severely bruised, but it only sent his pleasure higher, knowing his mate was lost to his body. Knowing that he was the cause of the Alpha’s deepest, darkest needs and harshest desires.

He finally came as he felt his Alpha’s knot beginning to catch on his rim and he growled against his neck, where his teeth were still firmly latched on. He felt like his body was a coiled spring, and with one last thrust, it released, sending him flying, and the feel of his Alpha locking into place and filling him with hot bursts of seed only rocketed him higher, until he was floating on the last waves of his orgasm.

After a few minutes Namjoon was able to pull out, making him whine at the sensation. The Alpha pulled his pants back up and helped him to stand on shaking legs and turn around so he could place a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Feeling better, darling?”

“Yeah.” Hoseok said as he leaned his head against his mate’s shoulder. “Love you.”

“I love you. Now let me carry you to bed, my dear.” The Alpha said as he scooped him up bridal style, stepping over the remnants of their shattered china.

Chapter Text

As Jungkook and Yoongi walked back into their apartment, they heard a low noise they couldn’t identify. The pair tracked it to the Omega’s nest and felt themselves melt at what they saw. The pair seemed to have taken a bath and raided their bedrooms, because their hair was damp and they were wearing their Alpha’s t-shirts, cuddled together and half asleep. They were gently nuzzling each other on the edge of sleep, and they were purring, which accounted for the unidentified sound. Both Alphas looked at each other with suppressed emotion. An Omega had to feel very safe and comfortable in a place to purr like this, and apparently, they had finally earned their complete trust. The Omegas felt secure and happy here in their Alpha’s home, wearing their clothes.

“They haven’t eaten yet.” Jungkook whispered, trying not to disturb them.

“We both suck at cooking, and I’m not waking them up for that…. Takeout?”

Jungkook nodded and Yoongi snuck off to order Chinese, after which, they both sat on the couch, content to just watch the scene inside the little tent and listen to the soft sounds of their Omega’s purrs. Namjoon was right, they were completely whipped. If they had woken up at that moment and asked them to sign over all the money in their bank accounts, they would have asked where to sign.

They were finally woken when the delivery guy knocked on the door. The sound of purring cut off as they were roused from their sleep. Yoongi went to the door to pay while Jungkook went to the Omegas.

“Hey, little ones. Are you hungry?”

Jimin’s half-mumbled question of “Food?” made Jungkook smile as they came awake, crawling to the entrance of their tent just as Yoongi set the food on the coffee table.

They ate dinner sitting in their Alpha’s laps, using chopsticks to feed each other, the TV on in the background, but mostly ignored by the couples who were more interested in each other. Jimin giggled when he dripped sweet and sour sauce on his arm and Jungkook licked it off, and Taehyung protested eating more, swatting his Alpha’s hands away playfully when he tried to convince him.

Both Omegas were sleepy again now that they were full, and they curled up in their partner’s laps, resting against their chests. After a few minutes the purring started up again with Jimin, the sound seemed to soothe Tae and the other Omega started as well.

Jungkook could feel the soft vibration coming from his Omega as he sat in his lap, face turned into his chest, purring softly. He loved this Omega so much. He couldn’t even imagine his life without him now. He felt satisfaction as he recalled watching Hoseok deal with Jiwoo. He was glad he’d let the Beta do it. He had done a much more thorough job scaring the male that the beating that he and Yoongi could have given him.

Yoongi wanted to snap his phone in half as it started to ring and startled the Omegas, cutting of the soft purring sounds. He swiped to answer and put the phone to his ear.


“Hello sir, I am looking for Min Yoongi?”


“Yes sir, I am with the Seoul Police Department. I am calling to let you know that we have made three arrests in your case.”

Yoongi sat up sharply, jolting the Omega in his lap. “Really? You caught them?” This statement caught the attention of everyone, all eyes turned to the Alpha on the phone.

“Yes sir, and we have someone here who is asking about your offered reward money. We will need all concerned parties to come to the station tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM to make an official statement.”

“Yes! Thank you. We will be there.”

Yoongi hung up and similed. “They caught the people who vandalized your apartment. We have to go to the station and make a statement in the morning.”

Both Alphas seemed happy, but the Omegas shared a sulky look and frowned. Their lackluster response to the good news had their partners confused.

“What’s wrong little ones? Aren’t you happy?” Jungkook asked as he carded his fingers through Jimin’s blond hair.

“D-does that mean we can’t stay here anymore?” Jimin asked, hands twisting the edge of his shirt in his nervous habit. He glanced over to see Tae had his shirt bunched in his hands, the way he did when he was upset.

“Of course not.” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin and saw Yoongi do the same to Tae. “I guess this is as good a time as any to ask, but do you want to come live here with us? We can move all your things here. There are plenty of spare rooms if you want to set up your own nests.”

Yoongi threw in his own two cents. “Yeah, we can even install a ballet bar for you, so you’ll have somewhere to practice. I know it’s kinda a bachelor pad, but we can redecorate, or hell, we can move, I don’t care. We want you to stay.”

Tahyung and Jimin were looking at them like they had just been offered the world, but what they didn’t realize was that to these Alphas they were the world. When an Alpha found someone they wanted to be their mate, they bonded hard and fast, and Jungkook and Yoongi were completely bonded to them already. If they left, the Alphas would be absolutely bereft without them.

The best friends shared a look and a small nod, in unison, they exclaimed, “YES!” and hugged their partners.

Jungkook looked at Yoongi and shared a look of happy relief and got an idea. He wondered if it might be too forward, but he didn’t think the other Alpha would mind.

“Um… if it’s okay with you guys, we… that is to say Yoongi and I could prepare your nests for you here.”

Both Omegas looked shocked. It was one thing for the Alphas to set them up a temporary nest to comfort them after a traumatic event. But to have an Alpha prepare your official nest was a BIG deal, almost tantamount to a mating proposal kind of serious. You were entrusting someone with your most personal, most private space and putting the control of it in their hands, and symbolically your personal comfort and safety.

Again, the Omegas shared a look and a nod and spoke in unison. “Yes.”

Chapter Text


Taehyung looked over at his Alpha as they sat in bed, thinking about how much he cared for him, how safe he felt when he was with him. He started to warm as he remembered the video he had watched with Jimin earlier that day, imagined himself taking Yoongi into his mouth and pleasuring him. The Alpha had his notebook in his lap again, writing music.


“What is it little flower?” The Alpha paused his writing and looked at him.

“Can… can I try something?” Taehyung felt his cheeks warm as a mix of arousal and embarrassment washed over him.

“Sure. What did you want to try?”

Instead of answering, the Omega moved onto all fours and crawled into the space between the Alpha’s legs. He tentatively looked up at Yoongi as he ran a gentle hand over the front of his black boxers. He watched as he hardened, creating a tent in the black fabric.

“Did you want to touch me, honey?” Yoongi asked, voice rough as he set his notebook aside.

Taehyung nodded and started pulling the boxers down. The Alpha lifted his hips to make it easier. He groaned as soft hands wrapped around him and closed his eyes. He gasped and jerked when he felt a wet heat surround his tip, eyes flying open to look down and see Tae’s lips stretched around his cock. He’d thought maybe the Omega wanted to jerk him off, he hadn’t dreamed that he wanted to go down on him.

“Fuck! Ngh… honey, oh fuck… that feels so good.”

Taehyung felt himself start to leak slick as he listened to the sounds of his Alpha in the throes of pleasure. He liked the feeling of sliding his sex into his mouth. The cool metal of his piercing contrasted with the warm flesh of his cock. Tae tried to remember what the Omega in the video had done and replicate it. He moved his head up and down, letting his saliva lubricate the shaft and make the slide easier. Once he pushed down too far and gagged a little but was able to pull back and take a few deep breaths. He looked up at Yoongi as he slid back down onto him and met his dark gaze.

The Alpha’s breaths were coming in hard bursts, his body hot as he watched his little flower take him inside his mouth over and over. His hands fisted in the sheets as he felt his balls begin to draw up, his orgasm approaching. When the Omega looked up at him and met his eyes, he began to pulse.

“Honey… oh god… I’m about to cum.”

Taehyung knew what would happen, he’d seen the Alpha cum the previous night, but it seemed like a lot more when it was shooting directly into your mouth, and it made him choke slightly. The taste was salty and a little bit bitter, but there was an undercurrent of his mate’s scent in his seed. Most of it overflowed his mouth, and only a small bit was able to be swallowed.

When he pulled back, the Omega used a thumb to wipe the excess off his lips and chin before licking it off. Yoongi felt like he was going to combust. This male had no idea what he did to him, what he wanted to do to him. There was such an innocence about him, even now as he sat back, sucking his cum off of his own thumb and looking at him with quiet anticipation.

“Was that… okay?”

“Where did you learn that?” Yoongi was still breathing hard.

“Me and Minnie looked up a video. Did I do it right?”

The Alpha’s response was just to sit forward and pull him into a deep kiss, tasting himself in the Omega’s mouth before rolling them over, pulling off his ruffly purple plaid panties and moving down to repay the favor with enthusiasm.



Jimin fell asleep in Jungkook’s arms almost as soon as they hit the bed. It had been a long and emotional day for him, and he was truly tuckered out. He’d climbed halfway on top of his Alpha and curled into his chest, sleep claiming him instantly.

The Alpha just looked down at his little one, carding gentle hands through the soft blond hair and smiling when he started to purr in his sleep. He watched his Omega until he fell asleep as well, letting the soft scent of orange blossoms and jasmine tea fill his nose and soothe him.

Jimin was the first to rise, and as he came awake, he could feel his Alpha’s hardness pressed into his thigh that was thrown over his hips. He smiled when he heard a little sound from Jungkook in his sleep that sounded like his name. He was dreaming about him, and it had caused the male to become aroused. That knowledge made him ache in his loins, and he felt his body respond in kind.

He glanced up at the sleeping Alpha and then down at the bulge pressed into his thigh and got a wonderful idea. He slowly and carefully shifted himself down, doing his best not to wake Jungkook. When he reached face-level with his hips, he gently pulled the front of his boxers down and took the hard length into his hands, angling it up from the Alpha’s body.

He started his exploration slowly, just pressing his lips to the head and gently tasting the drop of pearly precum gathered at the tip before mouthing down the side with his lips and tongue experimentally before softly probing the twin weights of his sac with his hands and mouth and making his way back up to the top, opening his mouth and slowly sliding the tip inside.

Jungkook was having the best and most realistic dream. His Jimin, testing and teasing him with his soft hands and mouth, but as he blinked awake and glanced down he felt a hot wave of disbelieving erotic heat slam into him. Oh gods, it wasn’t a dream. He had opened his eyes just in time to see those pretty pink lips part over the tip of his cock. He had to bite his lip hard and clamp down on his control to keep from cumming immediately as he felt for the first time the delicate heat and softness of the inside of his little Omega’s mouth.

“Ahn… Baby, what are you doing?” Jungkook groaned.

His voice had obviously startled Jimin, who pulled back with a ‘pop’ and a gasp. “Oh… I’m sorry. Is-is this okay?”

Okay? This was literally the best thing that had ever happened to him. He was pretty sure that if he died this instant, he would still be smiling in his casket.

“Yeah Baby, god it feels good.”

Jimin looked up at him, and he noticed that the Omega’s lips were shiny and a little darker than usual from use. He felt a full body shiver rush through him at the sight.

“Can I… keep going?” Jimin asked as he brushed his lips over the tip again, coaxing another drop of precum to his slit and licking it off.

“Fuck… yes. Please…”

Jimin looked up at his Alpha, his jaw was clenched and brows drawn down, hands fisted in the sheets. He was beautiful like this, he thought as he opened his mouth again and slid back down. His movements were slow and soft, sliding up and down at an even pace, watching Jungkook from under his lashes as the Alpha panted and his back arched off the mattress, his pleasure mounting. He was gasping out his name like a prayer, his voice rising slowly in pitch as he neared his edge.

“Fuck. Fuck… I’m gonna cum, Baby. Ah… please Baby…”

The Omega was simultaneously fascinated and aroused, he could feel his hole leaking slick and making a little puddle on the mattress below him, his cock was throbbing. He felt so powerful as he brought his Alpha to orgasm, the salty liquid filling his mouth and overspilling as Jungkook’s entire body seemed to seize up and quiver under the intensity of his release.

He had managed to hold most of the Alpha’s seed as he pulled back, cheeks slightly puffed out from his mouthful. He wasn’t sure what to do with it, so he swallowed. This seemed to please Jungkook, because as he watched, his erection gave a final twitch and one last spurt of seed shot onto his hard abdomen.

Jimin was trembling, his body was hot and aching. “Alpha… can you please touch me? It hurts…” The Omega whined as he felt another gush of slick slide down to join the growing pool.

Jungkook immediately moved into action, leaning down and guiding Jimin up the bed. He positioned him on all fours, and pulled his adorable strawberry printed panties down. He saw that his arms were shaking, so he moved him so his chest and stomach were against the bed with his knees still slightly bent up and back arched.

“It’s okay, Baby. I’m gonna make you feel so good.”

The Alpha positioned himself over his Omega and used his hands to part his lush cheeks and lick a hot stripe over his wet entrance, overwhelmed by the sweet honeysuckle taste of his Omega’s slick. Jimin jerked and cried out and immediately began to tremble more.

“Is this okay,Baby?”

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” Jimin sobbed into the mattress.

That was all the Alpha needed to hear. He immediately put his mouth back to work, tasting, licking and sucking on the sensitive bloom until Jimin was just a sobbing mess of sensation and need, and when he pushed inside with his tongue, the Omega finally came, biting a pillow to muffle his scream. His body shivering so hard with his release, Jungkook had to hold him by the hips to allow him to work him through his orgasm.

Once every ounce of his bliss was wrung from him, the Alpha kissed up his spine, stopping to place a kiss on his nape. He was hard again already, and his cock slid perfectly between the Omega’s cheeks. Jimin whimpered at the sensation. He wanted to feel his Alpha inside him, desperately.

“Mmm… put it in. Please Alpha… make love to me.”

Jimin looked over his shoulder at him and he could see that his cheeks were red, lashes wet from tears and mouth puffy and red. He looked completely wrecked.

Just at that moment there was a knock on their door, and Yoongi’s voice called, “Guys, get up! We’ve got to be at the station in an hour!”

Chapter Text

Jungkook ground his teeth as his two most fundamental instincts warred inside him. The need to protect and the need to claim. The one thought that managed to break through and tip the scales was that this was Jimin’s first time. He wanted it to be special. There would be plenty of mornings like this when he would be able to have his little one below him, but the first time needed to be somewhere private, at a time when he could take his time and love his Omega with his body completely. He would not rush this no matter how much his body and instincts pushed him to.

The Alpha could feel himself shaking as he fought to control his body. He pressed another kiss to Jimin’s nape, and whispered against the skin.

“Oh… little one. I want you so badly, but not like this. I want to take you somewhere where we can be all alone and I can love you properly. I want your first time to be everything you deserve.”

Jungkook lifted himself off of Jimin and rolled to the side, where the Omega immediately curled against his body pressing his face into the Alpha’s chest. Jimin felt tears come to his eyes. Jungkook was the best Alpha he could have wished for. He always cared for him and treated him like he was special and beautiful.

“Thank you.”

Jungkook pressed a kiss to the top of his Omega’s blond head. “Come away with me this weekend. Let’s rent a cabin the middle of nowhere and spend it all alone, just me and you.”

Jimin had never heard anything that sounded better. To be all alone with his Alpha, just the two of them for an entire weekend, free to touch and feel, to make love and explore this connection that had blossomed between them. The Omega shifted up so he could pull Jungkook into a kiss that shared each other’s taste as the Alpha wrapped his arms around him and held him in his strong embrace for a few moments before pulling back.

“I would love to!”


Neither Jimin nor Taehyung had ever been inside a police station before, and the two pastel Omegas stuck out here just as much as they had at the concert. They clung to their Alphas, like children trying not to get lost in the grocery store. Everything seemed to be moving around them at such a fast pace, phones were ringing, people dashing back and forth, officers dragging struggling handcuffed Alphas toward the holding cells. It was a lot for the sensitive pair of Omegas to take in all at once, and they hid their faces against Jungkook and Yoongi’s chests as they were led to a dingy conference room.

They took a seat and an older, graying Alpha detective named Siwon came into the room to meet them, along with a Beta named Eunhyuk that he introduced as the Chief Prosecutor for their case. He sat down and handed yellow legal pads to all four of them, asking them to write down everything that they could remember about the night their apartment had been broken into. They each made their statements and handed the pads back to the detective, who took them and gave a reassuring smile to the two Omegas who still looked a little scared.

“We had a tip from an Omega who was part of a private online chat group for your fans, and who saw pictures posted on there that had been taken on the night in question, by the perpetrators.”

He slid a file across the table and Jungkook opened it to reveal a stack of photographs. He sorted through them, and all four of them looked at the pictures of three people, two female and one male holding spraypaint cans and vandalizing their Omega’s home. As he went through however, the pictures became more disturbing, some of the pictures showed them holding handguns. The one that made his blood run cold showed Taehyung’s nest, with Jimin and Tae curled up together sleeping under the glow of his fairy lights, and a hand and arm were pointing one of the handguns at them.

Jungkook’s hands were shaking as he looked at the picture. Knowing what could have happened to his precious Omega. He could hear Yoongi growling under his breath, and he couldn’t hold back his own growl. The detective and prosecutor seemed taken aback by them, almost afraid. But it was quickly erased by the sight of the two Omegas reaching up to pet their Alpha’s hair and whispering words of comfort to them. They wormed their way into the Alpha’s laps and started scenting them to help calm their aggression. It worked, and the Alpha’s wrapped their arms around their Omegas and scented them in return. As their partners made reassuring little noises and nosed at them until they were relaxed again.

“Uh… anyway, so do you recognize any of the people in these photos?” The detective asked, sweeping a hand to indicate the pictures.

Taehyung was the first to speak. “Yeah! I know her.” He pointed to one of the females in the pictures.

“Where do you know her from?” Yoongi asked, looking at the photo and feeling like he too had seen her before.

“She’s the one from the concert.”

Yoongi’s face lit up with recognition. That was the female Omega who had tried to throw her drink at Taehyung, he hadn’t even remembered what she looked like. His only memory of that night was of meeting his Omega. They explained to the prosecutor what had happened, and had to fill another few pages of the legal pad with that statement.

“The person who gave the tip that led to the arrest is here and would like to speak with you, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, I’m sure they want their money.” Jungkook said, indicating for him to go get the informant.

The person that was led in by the detective was not at all what they had imagined, it was a tiny female Omega with big glasses and oversized black sweater. She seemed very nervous as she came into the room, she was shaking and could only glance up at the two Alphas every few seconds before looking back at her feet.

Jimin and Taehyung could sense the distress of the other Omega, and instinctually went to her, leading her to a chair and the sitting on either side of her, petting her hair and letting their Omega scents and presence calm her down as she seemed on the verge of hyperventilating.

“It’s alright, don’t be scared.” Jimin said as he petted her dark hair.

“I know it’s a scary place. We were scared when we came in too.” Taehyung whispered as he took her hands and gave them a squeeze.

“What’s your name?” Jungkook asked taking out his checkbook from an inner pocket of his jacket.

“N-n-no! I don’t want the money… I just saw what they were doing, and it was wrong. I w-w-wanted to tell you that some of us support you no matter what and… we’re happy that you found mates.”

The two Alphas shared a look of incredulity. How could this be real? This tiny female was turning away half a million dollars, just because she wanted to help them. Jimin and Tae accepted this answer at once, and the Alphas realized that it was something that their little ones would have done. Just kindness for the sake of kindness, helping others because it was the right thing to do.

They let the Omegas calm her for a few more minutes and then finally thanked her, and took a picture with her at her request. She was smiling as she held her phone to her chest, happy with just a selfie and a thank you.

Once she left, the prosecutor sat them down and explained that the photographs made this case into a much more serious charge. Breaking in and vandalizing their apartment was not a felony crime, but the pictures that showed them with weapons, pointing them at the Omegas made it into a felony case of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The three guilty parties were looking at fifteen to twenty years in prison.

Chapter Text

After the police station, Jungkook and Yoongi dropped their Omegas off at their dance studio, reluctant to let them out of their sight, still feeling the fear of looking at those photos. However, they knew that they couldn’t interrupt their lives and take them away from their work and art. It wasn’t fair to them to hoard all their time, even if it was what they wanted to do. They still held them and placed lingering kisses, scenting them and making sure they were properly marked with their Alpha’s scent before letting them go.

As soon as Jimin and Tae were alone in their dressing room, they immediately took each other’s hands, smiling.

“Oh my god… did you do it?” Jimin asked first.

“Yes! Did you?”

Jimin gave a little squeal and giggle that his friend joined in with. “Yes! He really liked it!”

“Yoongi too… and I… I liked doing it too.” Tae blushed and looked down, shy.

Jimin squeezed his hands, feeling his own blush rising. “Me too. But then… Jungkook also did something else.”


Jimin lowered his voice to just a whisper, both of them leaning in conspiratorially. “He used his mouth… all the way down there.”

Tae gasped and his eyes got wide. “On your…?” He pointed behind him, too shy to say it. Jimin nodded, biting his lip. “Was it… did it feel good?”

“Yes, it felt so good. TaeTae, we almost had sex, but then Yoongi knocked on the door. Then Jungkook said that he wanted my first time to be special, and asked me to go somewhere with him this weekend, so it would be private… and I said yes! TaeTae… we’re gonna do it!”

Taehyung felt so happy for his friend, that his Alpha was going to make sure his first time was special. He hoped Yoongi would do the same. He didn’t necessarily want to go out of town, he was more inclined to familiar places, but it would be nice to have his first time be special, to be made much of.


After their band practice, Jungkook took Hoseok aside to speak to him privately and explain the situation with Jimin and the weekend trip, and ask for the Beta’s help. As soon as he was done speaking, the Beta pulled him into a tight hug, laughing and smiling at his friend.

“Kookie, you are such a good Alpha.” The Beta cupped his face and looked at him with a soft smile. “I am so proud of you for making this special for him. He is such a sweet little thing, and I’m glad you’re being kind to him.”

Hoseok and Namjoon were almost like parents to Jungkook, his own parents having been absentee at best and abusers at worst. The Beta had practically raised him, which had been quite a feat, as he wasn’t but a couple of years older. He swelled with happiness at seeing his little Kookie being a good man and treating his Omega with care, it was one of the proudest moments of the Beta’s life. He wanted everything to be perfect for them, particularly Jimin, who he had come to think of as one of his own as well, and who was so tender and gentle at heart.

Hoseok pulled him into another crushing hug before releasing him and pulling out his phone. He started making calls and doing research on his phone as Jungkook watched, baffled. Before long, the Beta had a notebook in his lap that he was slowly filling with information, dates, times and pricing on various things. Jungkook couldn’t help but notice the hand that held the pen was cut and bruised around the place where the brass knuckles had been the previous day.

The other members of the band became curious quickly and smirked at Jungkook when they found out what he and Hobi were doing. The Beta looked to Yoongi after a while and asked if he was going to need help with setting something up for Tae, but the Alpha just gave a knowing smile and shook his head. Jungkook wondered what he had planned, but didn’t ask. If he wanted to keep his plans private, well, that was understandable.

As the afternoon crept by, it came time to pick up Jimin and Taehyung from work. Hobi insisted on going to pick them up, assigning the Alpha’s various tasks to complete while he took care of the Omegas.


Jimin and Tae were happy to be picked up by Hobi again, running to him and hugging him. They both fretted over his injured hand, petting it and pressing soft kisses to the cut and bruised knuckles, not knowing how it had happened, but still concerned that their friend was hurt. The Beta just smiled at them and patted their soft hair, assuring them that he was fine and asking them to go shopping with him. Both Omegas lit up at the request, excited to go out with Hoseok.

“Where are we going?” Jimin asked as he and Tae climbed into the backseat and the Beta got in the driver’s seat.

“Well, Jungkook told me about your plans for this weekend, and I know that both of you will be all alone with your Alphas for the first time. I wanted to take you to buy something pretty to wear for them. How does that sound?”

The two Omegas smiled and looked at each other happily before looking back to the Beta and nodding with enthusiasm. They wanted to look pretty for their Alphas.

Jimin and Taehyung both felt shy as they followed Hoseok into the high-end lingerie store. Neither of them had ever been in a place like this, but they were fascinated by all the pretty, lacy and soft things that hung all over the place. As they walked through, they couldn’t help but reach out and touch things, feeling the silken materials slide through their fingers. The place was filled with silk, satin and lace in every color you could imagine, jewel tones catching the light and shimmering beautifully. Would their Alphas really like this?

The Beta led them to the counter where a sales associate, a tall, slender female Alpha greeted them and took them back to a little room to get their measurements. After that they were brought piles and piles of things to try on. They were embarrassed at first, but became more comfortable as Hobi complimented them and helped them select a few of the most flattering and prettiest of the things they tried.

Jimin and Tae couldn’t help but giggle and smile as they showed each other the various things that they tried on both feeling giddy at the idea of their Alphas seeing them, and hoping that they would like them, and think they were pretty. At the counter, the two had a little mountain of things that Hoseok had insisted they buy, telling them that Jungkook and Yoongi would love them. The Omegas were excited, but quickly shocked and disappointed at the total amount for the items.

“Hobi… we can’t afford this, I’m sorry.” Jimin said as he looked down, suddenly shy and a little ashamed at their financial situation.

Taehyung took his hand and bit his lip, looking just as embarrassed and disappointed. “Sorry, Hobi.”

The Beta ruffled their hair and gave them each a kiss on the forehead before pulling his wallet out. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to let you pay anyways.”

They tried to stop him from paying, but he just laughed and handed over his card.

Chapter Text

As Jungkook and Yoongi were sat side by side, doing various research on their phones that they had been assigned by Hoseok, the Alpha looked over at him with a little half-smile.

“So… did Jimin give you a bit of an unexpected… uh… surprise?”

“Yeah. What did Taehyung say something to you?”

Yoongi let out a little laugh. “Apparently, he and Jimin did some research online…. Watched a video.”

“They were watching porn to learn how to… actually, of course they did. They really have no idea.”

“Nope. The way Tae talked about it, it’s like he thought it was instructional.”

Jungkook rubbed a hand over his face. “What did we get ourselves into?”

“I don’t know, but I know I don’t want to get out.”



Jimin had to admit that as much as he was excited, he was nervous too as he and Jungkook pulled up outside the beautiful cabin. He wanted this, and he knew that he was ready, but that didn’t stop the butterflies from racing around his stomach at the thought that it was really happening. He was going to be with his Alpha for real. What if he didn’t like it? What if Jimin was bad at sex? He and Taehyung had tried to look up more information on his phone, but it had led them down a rabbit hole of videos and websites that he honestly never wanted to see again. He hoped that the things they had seen there were not a part of what he and Jungkook were going to do together.

As he got out of the car, he looked around at the trees, the little house, the lake behind it. It was so pretty, so quiet without the sounds of the city around them, just the chirping of birds and the soft sounds of nature. He had never been camping or to the woods like this, it was strange, like a dream about some fairytale place. He took a deep breath, the smell of earth and plants and flowers, the air was so fresh and pure.

Jungkook carried their bags up to the cabin, it looked kind of like a big letter ‘A’ made all of wood. Jimin thought it too looked like something out of some storybook, it was so different than the glass and concrete buildings in the city. He decided that he loved this place, and he was happy to be here with his Alpha. Inside it was all dark wood and a mix of rustic and modern décor. He followed Jungkook up a set of stairs to a bedroom that was shaped like a triangle. The bed was white and fluffy, and as Jimin looked at it, he wondered if that was where they would do it. He tried to shake his head free of obsessing over sex, but he couldn’t help it.

Once the Alpha put their things down, he turned and smiled at Jimin who was looking a little nervous. Jungkook went to him and pulled him into a hug, sensing his distress.

“Hey little one. Don’t be nervous.” Jungkook leaned down and gave him a soft kiss. “We don’t have to do anything. If we don’t have sex this weekend, then it’s okay. We have plenty of time to wait until you’re ready.”

“No! I want to! I just… what if it’s not good, what if I ruin it?” Jimin’s cheeks turned pink as he buried his face against his Alpha’s chest.

Jungkook couldn’t help but smile at how adorable his Omega was. How could he even think that he wasn’t going to be good? He pressed another kiss to the top of his head.

“Baby, I know it will be good because it’s you. I love you, and that‘s why it will be special and perfect, because it’s not just sex. We don’t have to jump right into it right this second. Let’s make some dinner and spend some time together. I want to spend time with you outside of the bedroom too.” Jungkook said with a smile.

Suddenly Jimin felt so much calmer, much more at ease. He looked up at his Alpha and pooched his lips so the male would lean down and give him a kiss.

“I love you too.”

Jungkook found some old records in the living room and put on an old Best of Elvis vinyl. The kitchen was fully stocked (thank you Hobi), so they cooked dinner in the little kitchen. Which meant that Jimin cooked while Jungkook tried to help and followed his Omega around the tiny space, touching and kissing him at every opportunity while Jimin giggled and swatted at his hands that tried to steal little bites of the ingredients.

As the song ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ came on, the Alpha pulled Jimin into his arms and led him around the small kitchen slow dancing to the soft song. The Omega could hear his Alpha singing the song under his breath as he held him against his body and they swayed. He was so in love with this Alpha, his heart felt like it must overflow at some point with all his feelings. Jimin was so happy that he’d found Jungkook, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him.

As the song ended, the first strings of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ started. Jungkook smiled and twirled Jimin out away from his body before pulling back in, making the Omega laugh as his Alpha wrapped his arms around him and they kissed through their twin smiles. Jimin finished cooking and they ate at the little dining table, Elvis still playing in the background. By the time they were done eating and cleaning up the kitchen it was almost completely dark out.

Jungkook sat Jimin on the couch giving him a brilliant smile. “Wait here. I will be back in just a few minutes.”

The Omega waited in patient confusion as Jungkook disappeared out the backdoor and he heard some noises from outside, but he stayed where his Alpha had sat him down until he finally appeared in the doorway and waved to Jimin to come. The Omega smiled as he went to the backdoor and followed Jungkook outside and gasped as he saw something he hadn’t know existed. A big silver bathtub full of bubbles… outside. There were lanterns and lights all around it, shimmering off the bubbles. He rushed over to it and looked over his shoulder at his Alpha who was giving him a fond look.


“There’s a bathtub outside! Wow.”

“Do you like it?”

This tub was the reason he and Hoseok had chosen this place, he knew how much Jimin liked to take a bath, and this seemed like it could be romantic. It seemed that he was right as the Omega dipped a hand into the bubbles and lifted them up to his face, blowing them and giggling as they caught the wind and floated away. Gods, his Omega was so beautiful.

“I love it! Can I get in?”

“Yeah, Baby. I prepared it for you.”

Jimin looked at him with his innocent smile. “You too?” He held out one of his tiny hands to him in invitation.


Jungkook walked to Jimin and took his hand, leading it to his heart as he leaned down to give him a kiss. He would never get tired of kissing his little one. Jimin raised his arms up over his head and looked at him with expectation, making him smile at how cute he was. The Alpha helped slide his oversized pink shirt up over his head and drop it to the ground. The Omega followed suit, lifting Jungkook’s t-shirt up until he could get it off. They undressed each other, an once they were both naked Jimin stepped into the warm bath first, followed by Jungkook.

They settled with their backs against opposite sides, facing each other over the mounds of foamy bubbles. That didn’t last long however, Jimin moved forward and wound up straddling Jungkook as he started giving him a bubble beard. The Alpha watched his adorable concentration, brows down, lips pursed as he tried to fashion a mustache from bubbles. Jungkook moved forward quickly and pressed a kiss to the cute little pout, getting the bubbles from his beard all over Jimin’s face and making him sneeze, sending a little puff of bubbles out into the wind. The Alpha laughed at the look of indignation on his little one’s face.

“Hey! You ruined my beard!”

“I think it was my beard, so I get to ruin it.”

Jungkook reached up and pinched the Omega’s nose, using his other hand to guide him back so he could dip him under the water and pull him back up. His blond hair slicked back by the water, he wiped the water and bubbles from his face before scooting back so Jungkook could dunk his head too. As soon as he came up and wiped his face, Jimin moved forward to get back into his lap and kissed him. This time it was deeper, they moved their mouths together and Jimin opened first, drawing the Alpha’s tongue into his mouth. His tiny hands wrapped around the back of Jungkook’s neck as they kissed, holding him to his lips.

Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin, pulling him flush with his body and bringing their lower halves into contact and making the Omega whimper into their kiss. Jimin started to move in little thrusts against him, little noises breaking from his throat. Jungkook moved down over his chin and jaw to mouth along his neck and suck several dark marks into the skin as the Omega let out a steady string of whining moans. He supported his back as he moved down and leaned Jimin back so he could take one of his rosy nipples into his mouth, biting softly and suckling at him, making him cry out and shudder in his hold.

“Jungkook! Ah… please Alpha… please.” Jimin wasn’t even sure what he was asking for, he just felt that wave of needful desire build up in him again and knew that his Alpha could help him.

“It’s okay little one. I’ve got you.” Jungkook mouthed against his chest. “Let’s get out and go inside.”

Jimin just nodded and let himself be lifted up to stand and guided out of the bath where Jungkook dried him with a soft white towel. He purred at the feeling of the warm breeze against his body, the soft towel drying him and his Alpha’s presence. He felt so happy and warm and safe here. Jungkook quickly dried himself and led Jimin inside and up the stairs to the bedroom.

They stood at the foot of the bed and Jungkook pulled him into his arms, looking down at him with such tenderness that Jimin just melted. He was so ready for this. So ready to be with his Alpha to give his first time to this male who had done so much for him, had loved him so completely. Every cell in his body seemed tuned to Jungkook’s presence, vibrating like a tuning fork that had been struck, filling him with nothing but his love and affection for his Alpha.

Jimin turned and crawled up the bed, laying in the middle and letting his legs fall open in invitation. He reached his hands toward his Alpha. Jungkook crawled up the bed until he hovered over him, held up by the strength of his arms he gave Jimin a gentle kiss before nuzzling their faces together, replenishing the scent that had washed off in the water.

He peppered kisses over the Omega’s face and jaw, moving down over his neck, his collarbones, his chest and rosy nipples, then further over his stomach. He looked up at Jimin as he kissed his flat abdomen, picturing it growing round and heavy with his pups. He felt a shiver race up his spine at the thought. He kissed around his bellybutton, bringing his hands up to run over the Omega’s hips, his belly, up to his ribcage.

“Someday, Baby… I want my pups in here. Growing inside you.”

Jimin whimpered and looked down, meeting the Alpha’s dark gaze. “Me too, Alpha.”

Jungkook smiled against the smooth skin and continued his trek downward, taking the Omega’s cock in his mouth, working him up as his moans increased in pitch and his hands tangled in his damp hair. He released the organ from his mouth before he could cum, making the Omega whine and his gripping hands to spasm. He moved down and licked a stripe up the Omega’s core, tasting his slick and feeling more leaking at his attention.

The Alpha licked and tongued at Jimin’s entrance, opening him up first with his tongue, then gently slid a single finger inside.

“Oh… Alpha… mhn… that feels… so good.”

Jungkook moved the finger slowly, getting the Omega used to the sensation of being penetrated. After a few minutes he added a second and watched with awe as Jimin gasped and writhed as he stretched him, eyes closed, head thrown back, mouth open as little sounds escaped. God… he was so perfect. He finally added the third, and could tell that this caused pain. The Omega clenched around his fingers and his gasp was not that of pleasure. The Alpha just kissed along his hipbones softly, not moving his hand.

“It’s okay Baby. I need you to try to relax, I don’t want this to hurt you. Deep breaths… That’s it.”

He felt Jimin start to relax and he began to move the fingers inside him, stretching his hole as tenderly as possible. Jungkook could tell the moment that the pleasure overwhelmed the pain, he felt a rush of slick over his hand as the Omega’s pleasure returned. He continued his ministrations for a little longer, making sure that his entrance was properly prepared, not wanting to hurt him.

“Are you ready Baby?” Jungkook asked, retracting his fingers and using the slick on his hand to coat his shaft as he raised back up and positioned himself over his Omega.

“Yes! I’m ready. Please… kiss me.”

The Alpha leaned down and connected their lips as he lined himself up with his Omega’s entrance, and pressed forward. They both gasped as his head made it past the tight ring of muscle, breaking the kiss as they pressed their foreheads together. Jungkook could feel himself shaking, his little one was so hot, so tight and wet. He was panting from trying to hold himself in check. Slowly, very slowly he started to move forward, one gentle push at a time, letting Jimin’s reactions guide him until he was fully inside, his hips pressed to Jimin’s thighs.

“You okay, Baby?”

“Yes… mm…. I feel so… full. It’s nice.” Jimin said, looking up at him with his blue eyes glazed with his passion.

“I’m gonna move now. Is that alright?”

“Yes, move. I want to feel you.”Jimin said, hands sliding up his back, tracing the curve of his shoulders.

He started easily, just easing out a little bit and pressing back in, letting Jimin get used to the feeling. Jungkook was still shaking, his instincts telling him to move harder, faster, to get as deep as possible and fill his Omega with his cum. He fought those instincts and let the pace build slowly. The Omega arched and moaned under him, nails clawing at his back as he was filled over and over again.

Jimin had never felt anything like this. Even the other things he’d done with his Alpha were not like this at all. He felt so connected with Jungkook, feeling the hard length of him moving inside his inner walls was so overwhelming, but the trust they had built between them made it bearable as his body was claimed by the Alpha he had chosen. This was right, his body and his Alpha moving together, taking pleasure from one another. Jungkook was his now, and he was Jungkook’s. The heat between them flowed like lava, hot and slow moving, but creating a permanent change to their landscape. Nothing would ever be the same after this moment, this perfect experience with his Alpha.

Jungkook could feel everything. More than a physical sensation. An alchemical change that happened deep inside him as he took his Omega’ s virginity, some primal inner beast awakened in him. All he knew was that this male belonged with him now, and that no one else would ever be allowed to see him like this, witness his pleasure. He was the only one who would ever feel Jimin’s inner walls around him, hear his pleasured cries, see his beautiful face twisted in exquisite agony as he approached his climax.

The Omega felt his release building in him as Jungkook moved on top of him, inside of him. It was pleasure like pain, so sharp that it almost hurt. His hands clawed at his Alpha’s back as he felt the first waves of trembling pleasure begin to crest and finally overtake him, pulling him down into the riptide of his orgasm as every muscle in his body tightened and he felt Jungkook push deep inside him as his knot formed and then the burning rush of his Alpha’s seed filling him, stretching his inner walls. The Alpha buried his face against his neck as his entire body shuddered and jerked before he finally stilled.

Jimin ran his hands up and down his Alpha’s back, feeling bad about the long welts his nails had left in the skin. He turned his face so that he could kiss him softly and bump their noses together as he began to purr, at the feeling of safety and warmth and love that surrounded him. They took a lazy shower together, touching and and kissing in the lethargy of their post orgasm bliss before getting out and remaking the bed with clean sheets.


The next morning, Jimin woke early and snuck out of bed, putting on one of the pretty lacy outfits Hoseok had helped him choose. He started cooking breakfast, the smell of cooking food filling the cabin and bringing Jungkook stumbling down the stairs with bedhead and puffy eyes. The Alpha put on another vinyl record, the slow jazzy sound of Billie Holiday ‘All of Me’ filled the space as Jungkook made his way into the kitchen, just then noticing what his Omega was wearing. A lacy black bralette and satin pink shorts trimmed with black lace. Suddenly he was wide awake as he sidled up behind him, putting his hands on his hips and slowly swaying them both to the beautiful music.

“Where did you get this, Baby?” Jungkook asked as he ran his hands over the soft lace and satin.

“Hobi took me and Tae shopping. He bought me a lot of things so that I could look pretty for you this weekend.”

The Alpha thanked the heavens again for sending Hoseok to him. He owed that male so many favors, he would never be done paying him back for everything he had done for him and Jimin. He leaned down and kissed along his Omega’ s neck, holding him against his body as the jazz music filled the room and he thought that he couldn’t picture a better morning than this.

They spent their weekend making love, dancing to slow songs on old vinyl records, and eating picnics surrounded by trees and ancient mosses of the forest or by candlelight in the intimacy of their little cabin. They took long baths and swam in the lake under the moonlight, and every night they fell asleep wrapped up together, bathed in each other’s scents and sated by each other’s bodies.

Chapter Text


Taehyung was both excited and nervous to be all alone with Yoongi for the whole weekend. He wanted to spend time with his Alpha, but he was a little worried about the possibility of them having sex. Tae really wanted to make love with Yoongi, but he was still scared. He’d never done it before and it was frightening, the idea of opening yourself up to someone that way. When he and Jimin had looked up information about it, all of the couplings in the videos they had seen seemed very… violent.

It seemed like it was gonna hurt, and he didn’t know if he would be able to handle the pain, and the invasion of his body like that. At the same time, he wanted to feel that connection with Yoongi. Maybe he could ask that they go slow, at least at first? He looked over at his Alpha who was tuning his guitar. Should he just ask Yoongi? The Alpha hadn’t gotten mad at him when he’d used his mouth on him, or when he’d asked how to touch himself. This wasn’t so different.

The Omega sat the book he was reading on the arm of the couch and stood, walking over to his Alpha hesitantly, stopping just in front of him. His soft purple sweater hung almost to his knees and several inches past his fingertips, so he had to constantly slide the sleeves up. He played with the sleeves while Yoongi looked up at him, setting his guitar aside. The Alpha reached out and pulled Tae to him with gentle hands on his waist, so he stood between his knees and they were almost face to face.

“What’s wrong, little flower? You seem upset. Do you miss Jimin?”

Taehyung did miss Jimin, but that wasn’t his current problem so he shook his head. “Can I ask you something?”


“When… when we have… um… sex… is it gonna hurt?” The Omega looked down at his hands that were playing with a loose string at the edge of his cuff.

Yoongi looked up at his little flower and a small suspicion took root in his mind. “Please tell me you didn’t try to look it up with Jimin again.” He saw the slightly guilty look on the Omega’s face and had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. “You did.”

“I-It seemed really scary and painful.”

The Alpha tilted his face up and gave him a soft kiss. “It might hurt a little bit, but I can only imagine what kind of videos you probably saw with Jimin… Those aren’t how it is between people who love each other. Especially not your first time. It would be slow and I would be as gentle as I could. I don’t want to hurt you, little flower. I want it to feel good for you, or it’s not going to feel good for me either.”

“R-really? Can you show me?”

“Are you sure? We can wait. There’s no rush.”

Taehyung nodded and pulled up the edge of his sweater to reveal satiny lavender boyshort panties. Yoongi instinctively reached up to touch the fabric, and his hands went to the Omega’s hips. He leaned forward and kissed his Omega softly, easing him into a deeper kiss slowly. Tae’s hands came up and tangled in his hair as their tongues came together and parted in a seductive advance and retreat.

The Alpha pushed his sweater up, skimming his hands gently over the Omega’s body on the way up until he had to part their mouths to pull it up over his head and let it drop to the floor. He leaned forward and licked over one of the Omega’s tightened nipples, making him gasp and arch into the Alpha’s mouth. Yoongi took his time tasting his little flower, biting and laving over the taut peaks, pulling back and blowing a cooling breath over the wet skin and making him shudder. Tae made the prettiest noises when he was being suckled, Yoongi decided. His gasping breaths that turned into little ‘ah’ sounds and lengthened into longer, deeper moans made the Alpha hard and aching without even being touched.

He pulled back and glanced down to see that the pretty purple satin of his Omega’s panties was darkened between his legs as it got wet with the slick that was sliding down his thighs. Yoongi wanted to taste as he was hit with a wave of scent. His little Omega smelled like sugared grapes and it made his mouth water. He couldn’t stop himself as he slid a single finger up the trembling thigh and gathered the slick on his fingertip before putting it in his mouth, meeting Tae’s eyes as he tasted his sweet flavor for the first time. He was right, the taste of sugared grapes burst on his tongue and he smiled at the thought that his little flower even tasted purple.

“Let me take you to bed, Honey. Let me taste you.”

“A-Alpha… “ Taehyung was shaking as his arousal coursed through him, still unfamiliar to his virginal body. “Please.”

He scooped up the trembling Omega and carried his slight weight easily. Tae purred and nuzzled against him as he held him close to his body. Picking him up made Yoongi think of the first time they’d met, that first moment he’d touched him when he’d pulled him up on stage and been surprised by how light he was. It made him smile at the memory.

He carried him into his room and kicked the door shut before laying the Omega out on his bed. He gently slid the satin panties down the Omega’s lean legs and tossed them away before pulling off his own clothes and crawling up the bed. He purred his deep rumble as he rubbed his face and neck all over the Omega as he moved up his body all the way to his lips to kiss him again, this time only briefly before backtracking the route he had just made up his body.

The Alpha looked up at his Omega as he hooked a hand under each knee and pushed upward, exposing the perfect, wet place between his legs. Taehyung was blushing, but he didn’t sense any discontent in him. He started at his knee and left a hot trail of kisses as he moved steadily toward the place he wanted to be. The Alpha tasted the sweetness of his Omega’s slick on his lips as he gently bit and licked at the skin. When he reached the soft pink circle of his entrance, he started with just a light, kittenish lick. He didn’t want to over whelm him with too much sensation all at once, but the moment his warm tongue made contact, he felt a hot gush of slick over his lips and chin. Taehyung cried out a sob that was partway between pleasure and something more desperate. He was filled with erotic satisfaction at his perfect little flower’s arousal, the pleasure he was receiving from such a small action. He was so tender and sensitive, so perfect and sweet.

Yoongi moved forward again, pressing with more force, flattening his tongue and licking a hot stripe from his hole all the way to his tightened sac.

“Alpha… please…ooh… god… Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

The Omega’s hands tangled themselves into his hair as he held the Alpha in place, not that it was necessary. Yoongi was perfectly content where he was as he started to kiss and lick over his Omega’s most tender and secret flesh, purring at the sweet taste and pure male satisfaction that bloomed in his chest at the high-pitched cries that hit his ear like the most beautiful song he’d ever heard. Only, as he pushed his tongue against the hole, sliding inside, something changed. He paused as he both heard and felt the change in Tae’s breaths and sounds, pulling back immediately to look up at his Omega.

Taehyung felt like he was drowning in Yoongi. His scent, his presence, his sounds. It felt so good, but as he felt the probing tongue push inside him, suddenly he felt overwhelmed. He felt like he wasn’t getting air, his pleasure turning to panic as his overstimulated body suddenly revolted against him and he began to shake as his breaths felt like there was no oxygen in the room. His Alpha pulled back from him at once, but he was already breathing hard as tears gathered in his eyes and spilled over. He felt like a complete idiot. He’d asked Yoongi to do this and now he was messing it up, which only made him cry more.

Yoongi looked down at his little flower who seemed to be having some kind of panic attack. He felt terrible. Had he done this? He noted the way he was breathing, like he couldn’t get a deep breath and it hit him. He was overwhelmed by his scent. The Omega wasn’t used to being clouded by a scent like this and it was making his body panic. Yoongi thought quickly, and rushed from the room, sprinting across the house and banging the door open as he skidded into Jungkook’s room.

He grabbed the pillow off the bed and smelled it. No. It smelled like Jungkook. He grabbed the other one and it smelled like Jimin. He raced back to his bedroom with the pillow and fell to his knees beside his Omega. He held the pillow up next to Tae’s face so he could catch the scent of his Omega life partner, after a moment, he turned into it and breathed the first deep breath. He wrapped his arms around it and took more deep inhales. The scent of Jimin calmed him and allowed the panic to finally bleed from his body.

Taehyung felt like he wanted to die. He was so embarrassed. He’d had a panic attack in the middle of sex… oh god… Yoongi probably never wanted to see him again after this. He was so stupid, why did he have to be like this? He pressed his face into the pillow as the first sob shook his body. His face felt hot and curled his knees up, wrapping up into a little ball of shame.

“I’m so-sorry!” He wailed into the pillow. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”

He felt the bed dip, and a gentle hand brushed down his side.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, little flower. I’m sorry I went too fast. You just got a little overwhelmed by my scent and all the unfamiliar things. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“I ruined everything.”

“Tae… look at me.” The Omega shook his head. “It’s okay. Please look at me.” After a few moments one honey eye peeked from the pillow. “You didn’t ruin anything. It’s okay. We have so much time to figure this out. Like I said, if it doesn’t feel good for you, then it doesn’t feel good for me. I love you, and nothing is going to change that.” Yoongi ran his hand softly over his flank as he spoke, letting his gentle touch soothe and reassure.

“I love you too.”

The Omega uncurled from his ball and crawled to his Alpha, nudging at his shoulder softly with his nose in apology. Yoongi turned his head and pressed a kiss to the crown of his head.

“How about I run you a nice hot bath, then afterward we can watch a movie, or I can read to you. I know you like that. How’s that sound?”

Taehyung nodded and pressed a soft kiss to the Alpha’s shoulder, again in apology. Yoongi tipped his chin up and pressed a series of soft kisses over his face, reassuring him again.

“Everything is okay. I love you.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi ran Taehyung a warm bubble bath, pulled up a chair in the bathroom next to the tub and read from a book of poetry as the Omega soaked and relaxed. The Alpha was delighted to see that his little flower seemed to be coming back to himself after his panic attack. He wasn’t angry, he was simply concerned. He wanted to make sure that nothing like that happened between them again. Seeing his Omega in such a state was unbearable. As he read, he concocted plan after plan in his mind, discarding them each until finally, a perfect idea came to him.

He knew that Tae wanted to be with him, but his Omega was very sensitive and inexperienced. Over time, he would get used to the strength of an Alpha’s scent on him, but he needed to make sure that he was completely comfortable and relaxed. He concocted a plan in his head to ensure that his little flower would feel special, comfortable and not overwhelmed by him. Having the first time in his room, in his bed was probably not a good idea anyway. The place had absorbed the Alpha’s scent over the years and to Taehyung must have been too strong for someone so unused to such strong scents outside his Omega life partner, which was an entirely different kind of relationship that didn’t include the pressures and stresses that came with sex.

In a way, Yoongi was glad that their first attempt hadn’t worked out. There was merit in Jungkook’s plan, the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to make sure that Taehyung’s first time was special and meaningful. If the Omega was going to trust him with his precious virginity, then it was his job to both prove that he’d earned the right to his trust and to take care of him not only physically, but emotionally. He’d been caught up in the moment, the temptation of his beautiful Omega’s body to consider all the implications and responsibilities he should have.

He hoped to be Taehyung’s mate someday. Yoongi wanted to be the sole Alpha that Tae would ever know with his body. He wanted to be his one and only, and if that were indeed going to be the case, then he would do better to take his time and let the Omega’s body be his guide. He needed an easy hand, a slow touch and most importantly, neutral ground.

When the bathwater began to get too cold, Yoongi helped Tae out and dried him gently with a soft towel before bundling him up in his fluffy purple robe. He carried the Omega to the couch and laid him down to rest while he changed the sheets and pillows on his bed to help dampen his scent and took a through shower, just in case. Taehyung was half asleep by the time he fetched him from the sofa. He was sleepy and pliant, allowing the Alpha to dress him in a big t-shirt and a pair of white cotton panties before laying him in bed and slipping in next to him.

The Omega instantly molded to his side and rested his head on Yoongi’s chest. He was glad to see that Tae was not still bothered by his scent, and that it didn’t seem to be a cause of alarm in general. This confirmed to him that it was less about his scent in particular, and more about being overwhelmed by his senses, which brought him a small amount of comfort.

Yoongi woke to the feeling of Taehyung on top of him, his body gently vibrating with a soft purr as he nosed over the Alpha’s chest and neck. It made him smile as he opened his eyes and looked down to see his pretty Omega scenting him and cuddling him. He purred back lowly, letting Tae know that he was awake. Honey eyes glanced up at him and he was gifted with a brilliant smile that filled him with relief. His Omega was still happy to be with him. He wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s back and hugged him as he tilted his face down to press a kiss to the top of his head. The Omega scooted upward to kiss his lips.

“Good morning, little flower.”

“Good morning.”

They made blueberry pancakes and ate from the same plate, Taehyung firmly planted in his Alpha’s lap as he was fed bites of food. The Omega was so happy that Yoongi had been so understanding last night. It only made him want to be with him even more, but he didn’t want to freak out again and ruin it. He wished that Jimin were here to talk to and ask for advice.

“Little flower?”


“What are you thinking so hard about, my love?” Yoongi tapped a finger against his temple softly. “I can practically hear the gears turning in there.”

“I just… can we try again… with, um… sex, I mean?”

“Of course we can. But, I thought about it a lot, and I want to try something that I think will help keep you from getting overwhelmed. I also want this to be special. It’s your first time, and I want it to be perfect.”

“I want it to be special too, and I want to be with you.”

Yoongi gave him a soft kiss and nuzzled against his cheek. They stayed there for a few minutes longer, just enjoying their quiet closeness as the morning sun came through the windows, warming their skin and filling them with contentment.

They got dressed and Yoongi took Tae for a ride on his motorcycle, something the Omega had grown to really love. They wound around the city until they reached the outskirts where they could really pick up speed. The twin roar of the wind and the motorcycle had Tae crowing with delight as he squeezed his arms around his Alpha’s middle and laughed into the wind. His Omega’s joy filled Yoongi with delight, his Tae was truly so innocent and free and it felt like every moment with him made his love grow more and more.


They stopped for lunch at a little out of the way café in the middle of nowhere that appeared to be run by a single old male Omega who hobbled back and forth in the tiny place with a cane.

“Just mated? You’ve got that look about you.” He said in his wavering old voice.

“No sir, just… in love I suppose.” Yoongi answered, reaching across the table and taking the Omega’s hand.

“You will be soon. I can always tell. Got a real nose for it.”

His claim made Tae giggle and look down shyly with a blush. “I hope so.”


They ate their lunch and chatted with the old owner for a while before they drove back into town. Yoongi stopped at a little nursery overflowing with plants when he heard Tae gasp and glanced over his shoulder to see him looking at it. The place smelled sweet and earthy as they walked through the rows of plants and flowers, the Omega flitting here and there as to touch soft petals with gentle fingers and smell various blooms. The Alpha was filled with fondness, and when Tae saw a single tiny lavender plant the little pot small enough to fit in his palm he picked it up and cradled it to his chest. He turned and held it out to show Yoongi and the Alpha took it into his palm and studied it. It reminded him of Tae, its purple flowers and delicate stem were just like his little flower, the thought of his nickname for his Omega made him realize that he was indeed just like a little flower.

They bought it and Tae tucked it between them for protection as they headed home. Taehyung made his way into the apartment with his tiny treasure cradled in his hands as he danced through the space, spinning on the balls of his feet and twirling as he studied his plant. He settled it in their bedroom where it would get plenty of light. Yoongi watched this with a little smile. His Omega truly had no idea how adorable he was, how dear he was to him. The Omega skipped right up to Yoongi and stretched up on his tippy toes to press his lips to Yoongi’s, wrapping his arms around his neck as the Alpha pulled him in, wrapping his arms around his waist.

Tae broke the kiss and looked up into his Alpha’s eyes. “Can we try again tonight? I know I’m ready now. I love you so much.”

“My little flower. You’re so beautiful and perfect. I love you more than you can even know.”

Yoongi set his Omega up comfortably on the couch with tea and a book before leaving to put his plan into motion. He would make this special and meaningful, and he would do everything in his power to put his lover at ease.

Taehyung sat on the sofa with his book and tea, relaxing but unable to focus on the words in his novel. His mind was full of his Alpha, and of the possibilities that the night held for them. He wanted this night to go perfectly, and he wanted Yoongi to think he was pretty. He wanted to look pretty for his Alpha, and that thought made him smile as he remembered the bag of pretty lingerie that Hoseok had bought for him that was stashed in the bottom of his suitcase. He jumped up off the couch and went to get ready. He giggled as he pulled out a pretty outfit, and the undergarments that Hoseok had told him would “knock his socks off”.

Tae curled his hair gently away from his face and put on shimmery makeup and lipgloss before slipping into his outfit. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought he looked sexy, and hoped his Alpha would agree. He wore a cropped cotton tank top and ruffled white shorts with a sheer lavender button up over the top, a lavender choker showed off his neck, but his favorite part was the lavender thigh highs with white hearts all over them and ruffles around the top that matched his ruffled lavender with white heart panties that were concealed under his clothes. He heard Yoongi come in through the front door and slipped his feet into his lace cut lace up white leather booties and rushed out to meet him.


Yoongi thought he would pass right the fuck out when he saw Taehyung emerge from the hallway. His Omega was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, in his outfit that was somehow both sexy, but still held that air of lovely innocence that he loved so much, and that he’d never seen on anyone else. He was so happy that they’d waited, that he got to see how his Omega looked so pretty for him tonight. It was a memory that he would hold in his mind for the rest of his life, this unique and delicate beauty of his little flower, sweet and soft like a perfect spring blossom.

“You look so beautiful, did you do all of this just to look pretty for me?” The Alpha trailed his hands down the Omega’s arms and took his hands.

Tae blushed and bit his lip. “Do you like it?”

“I love it. You look perfect.”

It was dark now, as they made their way to this mystery location. Yoongi drove them in his car this time, and halfway to their destination, Tae realized where they were going. Their rooftop. The place that they’d had their first date. His heart shuddered inside his chest. It was perfect, a place that was specially theirs. Yoongi parked and they made their way into the building and up the elevator, just like last time. At this late hour the place was quiet and deserted. The Alpha unlocked the door to the roof and as Taehyung walked out he saw that the lights from their date were back up, the blanket and picnic basket were back, but what drew his eyes was something new and utterly familiar. The purple canopy of his nest fluttered softly in the breeze, filled with his pillows and blankets and all his familiar things.

“I hope you don’t mind I moved it here. I thought that it would help you feel more comfortable.”

“It’s so perfect!” Taehyung turned and threw his arms around Yoongi squeezing as hard as he could.

They ate their dinner under moonlight, the soft night breeze ruffling their hair and clothes. They drank sparkling cider out of the champagne flutes again which made Taehyung giggle as he sipped, pinky out. They laughed and cuddled, and talked about nothing and everything as they lay on their backs and Yoongi pointed out different constellations in the sky above.

It was Taehyung who made the first move, crawling on top of Yoongi and kissing him. The Alpha let him lead the way, let him guide their mouths and be the first to open and slide his tongue into his mouth. The Omega pulled back to look down at his Alpha.

“Are you sure no one will come here?”

“I have the only key. I know the building’s owner, so we’re all alone.”

Taehyung stood and walked backwards toward the nest, crooking a finger at Yoongi who followed after him entranced as the Omega started to remove his clothes, until he was left in just thigh highs and panties. Something about doing this outside felt taboo, even if there was no chance of anyone seeing. But it was also freeing in a strange way to feel the warm summer wind against bare skin. The Alpha followed suit until he was just in his black boxers and stood right in front of his Omega.

Tae smiled and took his Alpha’s hand, pulling him inside the nest. Being in this familiar space was so comforting. It smelled like home, a calm came over him as he looked at Yoongi, knowing now that he was so ready. He wanted to lay with his Alpha, make love with him. He laid back and pulled Yoongi on top of him, wrapping his lean legs around the Alpha’s waist.

“Kiss me, touch me, make love to me. I’m ready.”

Yoongi did as he was told, kissing his Omega. He took his time and explored him slowly, gently rolling his hips down against the male under him, pulling little whimpers up and into their kiss. He could feel a growing wetness on the front of his boxers as his Omega started to leak slick. He pulled back, and Tae’s legs unwrapped from his waist. He pulled the panties and thigh-highs off together, wanting to feel every inch of Tae’s skin against his.He slid his own boxers down and maneuvered them off, leaving them both bare.

He pressed a chaste kiss to Tae’s lips before drawing his mouth down to his neck and sucking a dark hickey into the skin, marking his Omega. He listened to his little flower’s body, letting it be his guide as he moved downward kissing and tasting the soft skin under his lips, whispering worshipful words between kisses. Taehyung’s little noises were beautiful as they filled the tent, sighs of contentment mixed with whimpers of arousal.

The Omega felt everything all at once, and this time there was no panic, no feeling of being overwhelmed, just the need the heat and the arousal. He wanted to feel his Alpha inside him, he wanted everything. When he felt the gentle brush of fingers over his entrance, his body tightened up and he felt a rush of slick gush from him as his sensitive body raged out of his control.

“P-please… Alpha… I need you inside me. Please…”

Yoongi whispered against his hip softly, reassuring. “I’ve got you little flower. I’m gonna give you what you need. Just relax. I need to get you ready now.”

The Alpha took the Omega into his mouth as he slid the first finger inside. Taehyung didn’t know what to do with his hands as he was washed over by pleasure, they ended up tangled in his Alpha’s hair as he moved slowly up and down his length, as he matched the slow pace of the finger moving steadily in and out, adding another after a few minutes, then another until Tae was being stretched on three fingers. His body didn’t know which sensation to follow as undulated down onto the fingers then up into the Alpha’s hot mouth it was heavenly. He whined as the Alpha pulled back off of him, his hips moving upward seeking sensation.

“You ready, Honey?”

The question shot straight to his core and made him throb with need. He was so ready, he wanted this with a desperation that he had never felt for anything before.

“Yes! God yes. Do it. Take me Alpha.”

The Alpha pulled his fingers free gently before moving up and giving Tae a gentle kiss as he lined himself up with the Omega’s entrance. Tae gasped at the feel of the cool piercing brushing against his heated hole, shivering at the juxtaposition of temperatures. Then Yoongi was pushing inside slowly and they both moaned together at the feeling of each other in the most intimate way. There was a slight burn as Tae was stretched, but it felt good because he knew it was Yoongi, it was his Alpha stretching him open to accommodate his cock.

He’d thought that it would just be the Alpha taking him, but it didn’t feel like that as Yoongi slowly moved into him until he was as deep as he could go. It was a mutual exchange, much like their relationship. Tae gave his love in exchange for Yoongi’s, and now it was their bodies that they were exchanging, a trade of pleasure and trust passed between them as they connected fully for the first time. He was giving something up, his virginity, but in exchange his Alpha offered his body and his love.

Yoongi kissed him slowly as he began to move inside him, just small shifting movements at first but increasing in intensity as Taehyung clung to him, purple nails digging into his shoulders as he held onto his Alpha for support. He could feel the hard metal piercing inside him, sliding against his most sensitive places and bringing him closer and closer to his release. He was shaking as his body readied itself both for his orgasm, and to receive his Alpha’s knot and seed. He imagined Yoongi taking him during his heat, biting him and marking him as his mate, pumping him full of his essence until he was pregnant and swollen with the Alpha’s pups.

That thought was the one that pulled him into the freefall of ecstasy, he cried out his Alpha’s name over and over as his orgasm raged through his body and he felt Yoongi join him, knot forming as the Alpha buried himself to the hilt and panted into the Omega’s neck with deep moaning breaths as he rode the tidal wave of his own pleasure until everything was still and silent. They held each other just like that, connected and peaceful in the warm summer night, basking in their love for each other and the perfection of the moment.

Finally they pulled apart and Yoongi nuzzled and kissed Taehyung as he cleaned him up as best as he could with the towels he had brought for this very purpose. They lay in the safety and comfort of the nest for a while, Taehyung curled against his side purring as the Alpha drew little patterns on his back. Until Yoongi helped him get dressed, wrapped him in one of the blankets from the nest and carried him downstairs to the car to rest while the Alpha carried down the rest of the pillows and blankets, not wanting to leave his Omega’s nesting things outside overnight.

By the time they got home, Taehyung was lightly dozing wrapped in his blanket. Yoongi took him inside, bathed him, dressed him in a pair of his lavender panties and tucked him into bed, feeling deep satisfaction at having taken care of his little flower.


Hoseok opened the thick envelope curiously and smiled at the contents, calling out to his Alpha in the kitchen.

“Hyojong and Hyuna are finally having their mating ceremony! We’re all invited!”

Namjoon came into the living room smiling, still holding a box of pasta from where he was cooking dinner.


Hoseok scoffed at the date. “Next month… in the Caribbean. You know they’ve never been good at planning things. We’re definitely going though. I have been waiting for those two to finally get mated for years!”

The Alpha smiled and nodded, then as a realization hit his smile fell. “You don’t think she’ll be there do you?”

There was only one ‘she’ that could cause such a mood shift. Hoseok’s smile fell too.

“Ugh… probably.”

“You know, she’s going to be unbearable now that Jungkook finally found someone.”

“She had better not. I don’t care if she’s a woman or an Alpha. If she messes with my little ones, I will kick her ass.”

Namjoon pressed a gentle kiss to his mate’s forehead as his smile returned. He loved when his Beta got so protective and passionate.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Chapter Text

As soon as Jimin and Jungkook arrived back home, Tae and Jimin were all over each other. Hugging, purring and scenting each other furiously, fluttering hands checked to make sure the other was safe and unhurt. The pair couldn’t be separated for the remainder of the day, not that the Alphas tried. Some part of the Omegas was constantly touching, even as they cooked dinner they kept brushing fingers through the other’s hair or placing soft kisses on cheeks and shoulders and any other parts they could conveniently reach. They took a bubble bath together, whispering and giggling as they shared their stories of their first times.

Even just the few days they had been apart was longer than they had ever been separated since they had first met. By the time they were reunited, their longing was starting to make them both jittery. It didn’t matter that they spoke on the phone or sent selfies to check in. It was not the same as being able to smell the other, feel their warmth and hear their heartbeat as they cuddled.

Hoseok and Namjoon came over to the apartment the evening Jungkook and Jimin returned home, partly because the Beta wanted to check in on his little ones and partly to deliver the invitation to their friend’s mating ceremony and deliver the bad news that Hoseok had confirmed. Daeun was coming to the ceremony. He was happy to see that Tae and Jimin were both glowing with happiness as they cuddled on the sofa. When he arrived, they made a space between them and both curled up practically on his lap to scent him and whisper giggling little secrets about the lingerie that the Beta had bought for them, making him laugh and wrap an arm around each of them.

The Alphas watched this with amusement, all three bumping shoulders and sharing little looks of mutual affection. The scene on the couch was so characteristic of the trio, Hoseok the big brother and protector, the Omegas the sweet little brothers. The Beta ruffled their soft hair and nuzzled them back when they scented him, making them wiggle with joy and purr at the affection. Namjoon was the first to bring things around to the subject they had come over to discuss, pulling the envelope out of his jacket pocket and giving his mate a look of question that was answered with a nod.

“So, we came over to visit, but also to bring some good and bad news.” Everyone was looking at Namjoon as he spoke. “The good news is that Hyuna and Hyojong are finally getting mated. They are having their ceremony in the Caribbean next month. The bad news is… Daeun is going to be there.”

This announcement was met with twin groans from Jungkook and Yoongi.

“Who’s Daeun?” Jimin asked, his and Tae’s happy purrs cutting off at the change in atmosphere.

Jungkook and Yoongi answered at the same time, but their responses were quite different.

“She’s my ex.”
“She’s a stupid fucking bitch.”

Both Omegas looked between their Alphas and each other at the response. Jungkook began again.

“She’s my ex. We broke up about four years ago. It… uh… wasn’t on good terms.”

“Not on good terms? You think? That fucking whore cheated on you then dumped you for some rich asshole, then tried to come crawling back when she got dumped!” Yoongi exclaimed, hands balling into fists.

Jungkook answered the unasked question in both Omega’s eyes. “It was before the band really took off. She said she got tired of following around a starving artist and found someone with money.”

Both Omegas scrambled up from the couch and went to their Alphas, wrapping their arms around them and trying to comfort them. It worked almost instantly, as they wrapped the smaller males up in their arms.

“Every time she’s at some event with us, she is unbearable. She always tries to get back with Jungkook, and I’m thinking she’s not going to take the news that you found a new partner very well.” Hobi said from the couch.

Everyone in the room froze as they heard Jimin let out a little growl. The Omega cut it off almost instantly, but they were all looking at him. He hid his face in Jungkook’s chest embarrassed. Jungkook smiled and wrapped his arms around his Omega tighter.

“I honestly don’t care how she takes any news about me. I have been over that for years. I’m just concerned that she’s going to try and start drama.”

“I don’t know what she’s gonna try, but I know she’ll try something. I just wanted to give you a heads up.” Hoseok said, getting up from the sofa and walking to the Omegas, getting their attention. “I also wanted to see if my little ones wanted to go shopping with me again next weekend. We can get you some things for the trip and suits for the ceremony. How does that sound?”

The Beta was clearly trying to cheer up the Omegas who were looking concerned at the serious atmosphere and tenseness of their Alphas. It worked as they both turned to look at Hobi with smiles and nods. He patted them on their heads softly.

“We’ll take your Alpha’s credit cards and go have some fun.”

Both Omegas shook their heads and looked shocked.

“We get paid on Friday. We can pay for it.” Tae said with a frown.

“Absolutely not. It’s for our friend’s mating ceremony, so we will pay for anything you need. Right, Jungkook?”


Hoseok and Namjoon left soon after, and as soon as they left, Jimin dragged Jungkook to their room and locked the door before pushing the Alpha to sit down on the bed and practically attacking him. The Omega had never felt so out of control before, his animal side taking over. He straddled his Alpha and kissed him hard, shoving his tongue into Jungkook’s mouth and kissing him fiercely as his hands wrapped around the back of the Alpha’s neck and held him in place. One word played over and over in his head. ‘Mine. Mine. Mine.’

Jungkook was his, and the thought that someone else might try to touch him, try to take him from Jimin made him absolutely wild. He broke the kiss for a moment to pull his shirt off over his head and throw it away starting to pull at Jungkook’s as well as he whined in the back of his throat. The Alpha helped him get his shirt off, then cupped his face softly.

“It’s alright, Baby.”

“No! You’re mine. Mine. I won’t let her have you.” Jimin was growling again, but he couldn’t stop it. He was out of control.

Jungkook was both shocked and completely fucking aroused by this new side of his Omega. Jimin was always so soft, so gentle, and this new side was enough to have him already hard and aching to be inside his little one. He understood what had provoked it, he had felt the same things when he’d heard about Jimin’s ex, but he was better controlled. He doubted that Jimin had ever had to battle with his animal half before, those of Omegas being more difficult to provoke than Alphas. He needed to show his Omega the truth, that he belonged to him completely and that no one else could take him away.

“That’s right, Baby. I’m yours. I wouldn’t have anyone but you.”

This made Jimin purr as he leaned up and kissed his Alpha again, just as hard and possessive as the first time. That was right, Jungkook was his Alpha and no one was taking him away. But words were not enough to get his unruly body under control. He needed to feel his Alpha inside him, he needed the physical act to go along with his words. He was already wet, soaking through his leggings, so he pulled back and stood, shoving both his leggings and panties down together, before leaning down to unfasten Jungkook’s jeans. He roughly pulled them down to his mid-thigh before straddling him again and immediately sinking down onto his Alpha’s cock.

“Baby, Baby don’t do that you’re not ready, it’s gonna… ah fuck, Baby… Jesus Christ. “

Jimin ground his teeth against the burn of being stretched so far without any preparation. He didn’t care if it hurt. The pain was good, it meant that his Alpha was inside him. Jimin was claiming Jungkook with his body, showing his Alpha the pleasure he could only have from him. He moved his hips, sliding up and down as he claimed Jungkook’s mouth again moaning into the kiss as the sensation turned from pain to pleasure. Jimin broke the kiss to move down and mouth over Jungkook’s scent gland, softly biting and sucking the skin until there was a mark, right where a true mating mark would be.

Jungkook was so hard, so close to cumming already as his little one rode him, and when he felt him biting over his scent gland, his entire body throbbed as his own Alpha instincts came to the forefront. His pretty Omega riding him, laying his claim on his body was so sexy. His entire body was thrumming with heat. He slid his hands up under Jimin’s thighs and lifted him as he turned and laid the Omega back on the bed. He moved his hands up under his knees and pushed until his knees pressed into the bed on either side of his waist and his heels rested against Jungkook’s shoulders, folded in half.

The Alpha took no time to start up a hard, pounding rhythm, taking him roughly for the first time. He slammed his hips forward on each thrust, burying himself to the hilt on every stroke. The Alpha leaned over his Omega and returned the sucking, biting mark over Jimin’s scent gland. His Omega fell apart under him, unravelling until he was just moaning, whimpering need.

“A-Alpha… my Alpha… ngh… so good. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Fill me up… I need you.”

“Mmm… Baby. You take me so well. I’m about to knot you… fuck…”

Jimin let out a little string of ‘ah, ah, ah’ each increasing in pitch as he teetered just on the edge of his orgasm, his Alpha’s knot starting to form and finally pushing him over the edge. Jungkook gasped at the hot, twitching, spasms of Jimin’s hole around him as his knot formed fully and he pumped his seed into his Omega, making them both moan at the sensation. Jungkook pressed their foreheads together as they both panted and tried to relax their breaths.

“I love you so fucking much, Baby.” The Alpha half-moaned through the vestiges of his orgasm.

“I love you too, Alpha… so fucking much.”

Jimin’s cursing made Jungkook let out a little laugh and press his smiling mouth to his Omega’ s as his love swelled like a wave and washed over him. There was no reason for his little one to be worried about his ex. Back then, he’d thought he loved Daeun, but now upon reflection, he realized that their relationship had never been healthy. She was the type to take and take and never give anything in return, and he had given her everything she wanted, all that he could and she’d found him wanting. The Alpha saw only now that what he felt for Jimin was love, and he had never felt even a shred of that for Daeun. Jimin was his, and they would be together for the rest of their lives if he had any say in the matter.


The month passed in a whirlwind for all four of the roommates. Jimin and Taehyung had to get their passports rushed through, get everything ready and still had their regular dance practices and duties at the ballet company to attend to. On top of that was the fact that their Alphas, having had a taste of their Omegas for the first time were now unquenchable, constantly pulling them away for little rendezvous around the apartment, which had resulted in several walk-ins for all parties and had simply become a fact of life in their shared space.

Besides chasing after their beautiful Omegas, the Alphas were busy both with practice and promotion for their band, as well as their most important task, to ready a space and build their Omega’s new nests. The pair were taking their task extremely seriously and had spent a great deal of time planning, designing and even consulting professional decorators who were Omegas themselves to get advice. Every Omega they spoke with gave them the same advice. To trust their Alpha instincts, their Omegas were trusting in them and that was the most important thing.

So, after much research and planning the pair of Alphas started. They were determined to do as much of it themselves as possible, only hiring contractors for installing carpet and a few things that needed a professional hand. They tried to do as much of it as possible while their Omegas weren’t home, spending every available moment working on it until finally they were finished. The pair were extremely proud of it as they finally walked Tae and Jimin into their nesting rooms with hands over their eyes.

Both Tae and Jimin gasped simultaneously, then turned to look at each other. They had come in through different doors, but it was one big room. Half filled with pink and half purple, the space was divided in two. There were two perfect nests, one pink and white, one purple and white, both filled with soft, delicate things and hung with fairy lights and strings of stars and moons. The walls were painted to look like soft clouds of pink and purple against a soft blue sky, the ceiling replete with stars, and the white carpet below their feet was plush and soft. There was a vanity on each side of the room, and the place was full to bursting with pillows, blankets, soft beanbags and stuffed animals. Jimin spotted his little baby pink elephant that he’d given to Jungkook sitting atop the piles of soft things inside his nest. The Alphas showed them the sliding panel that came out from the wall that would separate the space into two, in case they ever wanted privacy.

In the center was something that made them both rush forward in a fit of pretty little giggles, two swings hung from the ceiling, side by side. They both sat and started swinging slowly as they studied their nesting space. It was so perfect, so beautiful. It made tears come to both of their eyes as they realized that this heavenly place with the cloud walls and the starry ceiling was a representation of how their Alphas felt about them. It looked like a place for angels.

“What do you think?”

Jungkook’s innocent question was the tipping point for them both. They simultaneously burst into tears, their bodies having no other way to relieve the pressure of the emotions that had swelled in them. At once their Alphas were before them, kneeling down and scenting them, trying to comfort the Omegas that they thought were upset.

“It’s okay. We can change it.” Jungkook said softly, as he nuzzled against Jimin’s cheek.

“Yeah, we can fix it. What’s wrong?” Yoongi added, bumping his nose with Tae softly.

It took a few minutes for the hysterical Omegas to get themselves under control enough to tell their Alphas that it was so perfect, that they loved it, loved them.

Nest Inspo

walls jm van Tae van JM can jm bed tae can tae bed jm swing tae swing stars

Chapter Text

Jungkook and Yoongi were in agreement that they both loved and hated Hoseok after the Beta took their Omegas shopping for their vacation. They’d come home with bags full of miniskirts and short flowing dresses, short shorts and revealing crop tops and tank tops that had the Alphas simultaneously panting and filled with discomfort at the idea of them looking so sexy in public.

“Hobi says that it’s okay to wear skirts and dresses, even if we’re male Omegas!” Jimin had proclaimed happily, hugging a pretty pink dress to his body with a look of pure excitement.

“Yeah! I’ve always wanted to… but I thought it was bad. Hobi says it’s good!” He said while holding a little purple slip of a dress with reverent care.

“Do you like them?”

The look of mixed joy and hope on the Omega’s faces wiped any feeling or idea of jealousy for the revealing nature of the outfits from their minds. How could they object to something that made their little ones so happy? And, honestly they did like them… a lot.



Jimin and Taehyung were both so excited to go on vacation with their Alphas, even through there was a cloud named Daeun hanging over the event in everyone’s mind. The Omegas had never flown on a plane before and were both extremely nervous and jittery as they waited at their gate, holding hands and scenting each other to help calm down, while their Alphas patted their backs and whispered little reassurances to them. They were adorable in their soft little outfits and sandals, Tae in his silky purple shift dress and Jimin in his short denim skirt, pink tank top and flowery shawl, but Jungkook couldn’t stop eyeing Jimin’s strong lean legs and perfect pale skin. The knowledge that there was nothing but a single layer of soft cotton panties between him and the place he wanted to be was so intoxicating.

Jungkook and Jimin settled together in their first-class seats, side by side and Jungkook put a reassuring hand on his Omega’s knee to help calm him down, as he could sense his distress. The plane took off without any issue, and as they flew, Jimin slowly relaxed as he realized there was nothing to fear. Jungkook got a little smirk as a brilliant idea struck him and he began to slowly move his hand up his Omega’s thigh, massaging the muscle as he worked his way upward until his hand was firmly between Jimin’s thighs, just the edge of his pinky grazing the soft cotton of the white panties he knew were beneath.

Jimin reached down and wrapped a hand around his wrist, gasping as his finger grazed over his soft cock, sending a shiver through his body.

“Jungkook! What are you doing?” The Omega hissed quietly as his cock started to harden from the contact.

The Alpha purred softly, leaning over to nose against Jimin’s neck and whisper against his skin as he felt the Omega’s length twitch against his hand..

“You like that, Baby? You like me touching you where anyone could see? You want them to see how good I make you feel?”

Jimin bit his lip to keep in the keening sound that tried to escape from his throat as he felt himself spasm from the words and the images his mind was creating. He felt himself start to leak slick.

“S-stop… you’re making me wet.” Jimin half hissed, half moaned, his hips involuntarily shifting forward to press against his Alpha’s hand.

“Go to the bathroom, little one. I will meet you there in just a sec.”

“For what?”

“I’m just gonna help you with your problem, Baby.”

Jungkook’s heart was racing, and his mouth watering as he caught the sweet honeysuckle scent of his Omega’s slick. Jimin stood on shaky legs and walked toward the bathroom, Jungkook watched a single bead of slick travel down his Omega’s leg for exactly three seconds before he was up and after him. He followed Jimin into the bathroom, which was far too small for the both of them. They were pressed together in the compact space, and Jimin was looking up at him with question.

“What are we doing in here?”

“Bend over the sink, Baby. I’m gonna help clean you up.”

“O-okay…” Jimin had no idea what he was in for as he turned and bent over the sink, feeling Jungkook crouch behind him.

“Have I told you how much I love you in this skirt? You always look so pretty for me, Baby. I love you so much, you are so beautiful.”

The Alpha pushed his skirt up until it was around his waist and pulled his panties down. The Omega, expecting the feel of paper towels gasped when a hot tongue pressed against his entrance. He let out a whimpering moan as his Alpha tongued over his hole.

“Shhh… you gotta be quiet. You don’t want anyone to hear us do you?”

Jimin felt his face go hot as he realized that there were strangers just outside the door, but it only made him burn hotter at the thought of Jungkook doing this here. It was so dirty, but he didn’t want it to stop. He pressed a hand over his mouth and leaned his forehead against the mirror. His Alpha went right back to his task, licking a long stripe up his thigh where his slick had started to run down and followed the trail all the way up. Jungkook laved and sucked at him with no mercy, sliding his tongue in and out of his throbbing entrance. Jimin felt his thighs begin to shake as his arousal started to mount and had to bite his fist to keep from making an audible sound.

He only made one tiny squeak as his orgasm hit him and he bit his hand harder to stifle the noise. Jungkook continued to clean his slick with his tongue until it was all gone, then softly dried his saliva with a paper towel, the rough texture making Jimin hiss as it cleaned his sensitive skin. Jungkook pulled his panties down and helped him step out of them, they were wet, but they had protected his skirt. The Alpha rolled them up and wrapped them in a paper towel, tucking them into his pocket as he stood and helped right all the Omega’s clothes.

“What about you?” Jimin asked as he looked up at Jungkook with hazy eyes.

“Don’t worry about that. I can wait ‘til we get to the hotel. I’m gonna go back first, count to ten then you can follow me.” Jungkook kissed him and he tasted himself on his Alpha’s lips.

As Jimin walked back, he was intimately aware that he was not wearing panties under his skirt. He felt like everyone knew what they had done, and his face was bright red as he hurried to his seat. When he sat down Jungkook tucked a blanket around him, which made him feel much more comfortable. His post orgasm lethargy started to creep up on him now that he was safe and warm in his chair and he fell asleep for the rest of the flight, only waking when his Alpha shook him to let him know they were landing.



The hotel was really nice, located on the beach it was really just a couple of large buildings and an outcropping of little cabins that stood over the water, positioned along long stretches of docks. Jimin and Tae were both looking around at the unfamiliar tropical surroundings with awe. It looked like something out of a calendar, the palm trees outside swaying in the gentle breeze, the pure white sand of the beach and the crystal blue water that could be seen from the windows.

“Kookie!” An unfamiliar voice called.

Jimin turned to see a tall and beautiful female Alpha wrap her arms around his Alpha’s neck and hug him tightly, he could see her breasts press into Jungkook’s chest as she squeezed him. The Omega felt an immediate hatred for the female he could only assume was Daeun.

Just as Jimin was about to intervene, Hoseok cuffed her on the back of the head, making her pull back and rub the spot with a grimace.

“Fuck off, bitch. No one wants you here.” The Beta said coldly as he glared at her with open hostility.

Jimin felt a swell of affection for Hobi at his words and smiled. Jungkook reached over and grabbed his wrist, pulling him to his side and wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

“Good to see you too Hobi.” She said with a sarcastic little smile.

“You can call me Mr. Kim. Or better yet, don’t talk to me at all.”

Daeun rolled her eyes and turned her suspicious gaze back on Jungkook who was now looking down at his Omega with fondness. Jimin was disgruntled as he could smell the female’s cloying scent all over his Alpha and it made him want to drag Jungkook off for a shower and long scenting session.

“Jimin, this is Daeun. Daeun, this is Jimin, my Omega.” Jungkook introduced.

Jimin felt the female’s gaze rake over him with cold calculation, her face stony and eyes narrowed. She was obviously not impressed with what she saw, but he watched as her gaze turned to Jungkook and melted into an expression of sweet innocence and expectation. It made the Omega want to strangle her.

“Wow Kookie, your tastes have really changed.” Daeun blinked up at Jungkook with big brown eyes and pouted lips.

“Yeah, it improved alot.” Jungkook said with a hard false smile.

She let out a tittering little giggle. “Well, he is kinda… feminine I guess. I know you always preferred females, so I guess he’s almost the same.”

For a single second, Jimin started to let her words affect him, make him feel lesser because of his gender. But then he felt a cool breeze slip under his skirt and remind him that his panties were currently bunched up in his Alpha’s pocket, and Jungkook’s words about his skirt and how much he liked it ran through his head. No. Hell no. This female was not going to come between them or make Jimin feel inferior. Jungkook had chosen him, he belonged to Jungkook and Jungkook belonged to him.

Jimin turned an innocent expression toward Daeun and gave her a soft smile.

“You know, it’s funny that you say he preferred females. In my experience, he just prefers someone who doesn’t whore around behind his back.”

The Omega’s words spoken so innocently caused everyone in their little group to burst into laughter, and Jungkook to wrap his arm around him tighter, pulling him further into his side as he turned his face and chuckled into his hair, pressing a kiss to his crown.

Daeun’s innocent expression fell as she looked back to Jimin with a glare of pure hatred. Her lips pursed into a thin line and nostrils flared. For a moment it seemed that she was going to say something in retaliation, but changed her mind. She turned and stomped off in the direction of the lobby doors. As soon as she was gone, they all crowded around Jimin, hugging him and pressing kisses to the top of his head.

“I love you so much right now, Jimin!” Hobi said through his laughter as tears gathered in his eyes from it.

“Minnie! You cussed!” Tae said with an awed expression.

Jimin brought his hand up and gave his lips three little smacks. “Hm… that’s bad.”

Chapter Text


Their cabins on the water were very nice, the bed rooms were all windows on one side and opened onto a little deck with stairs that led directly into the open water. The bedding was all white and soft as down, the rooms minimalistic and clean light wood, matching the breezy island feel of the place perfectly. The Omega stood, looking out over the water with delight. It was so clear and blue, and went on forever until it met the sky and one shade of blue turned to another. His Alpha wrapped his arms around him from behind and pressed a kiss to the skin just behind his ear.

“I didn’t know you were such a badass. You told Daeun off like a pro.” Jungkook said with a laugh, and Jimin felt his face burn.

“It just came out. I couldn’t stop myself. I just… really didn’t like seeing her all over you. Smelling her scent on you. Sorry.”

The Alpha turned him around and looked at him seriously. “Don’t ever apologize for that. You were amazing. I love you so much. I can’t even tell you how lucky I am to have you. And, let me tell you if the situation was reversed, it probably would have ended in a fistfight.”

Jimin poonched his lips so Jungkook would lean down and kiss him, the Alpha did and Jimin smiled.

“I love you too, and I’m not promising that it won’t end in a fight if she keeps touching you like that.”

“You’re so sexy when you’re possessive.”

Jungkook leaned down with the intent to give his Omega a much more thorough kiss when Yoongi knocked on the door and he sighed and pulled back before calling over his shoulder.

“Come in!”

Yoongi, Tae, Hobi and Namjoon came into their room to fetch them so they could all go and meet the mates to be. As it turned out, Hyuna and Hyojong were very nice and very glad to meet Jungkook and Yoongi’s new partners. Hyuna pulled them both into a tight hug, kissing their cheeks as they giggled and tried to fight their way out of her fluffy red hair. The bride-to-be invited them all to dinner that night, as everyone who was here for the ceremony would be getting together for food and drinks. They all agreed happily and parted ways with the happy soon-to-be-mates.

At Hobi’s suggestion, they all decided to go change and head to the beach to swim and get some sun. The Omegas were jumping with excitement, their happiness returning in full force after its blow from hurricane Daeun. Hobi pulled Jimin and Tae to the side before they reached their cabins, shooing the Alphas away.

“I just need to talk to them for a minute. You guys get changed. We will meet you there.”

The three Alphas headed off with shrugs and occasional glances back at them. They watched the three enter into their cabin as Jimin looked up at the Beta with curiosity.

“What did you need to talk about?” Jimin asked, with a smile as he leaned forward and gently scented Hobi’s shoulder, causing the Beta to nuzzle the top of his head, then repeat the action with Tae.

Hoseok took their hands in his and gave them a conspiratorial smile.

“I thought we would wait just a bit, let them head to the beach first before you two change. Don’t you want your pretty new swimsuits to be a surprise?”

The two Omegas smiled and nodded, excited now about surprising their Alphas, both hoping they would like them. The trio put their heads together and Hobi laughed at his little ones who were now giggling and tittering with excitement about their surprise.

Jungkook, Yoongi and Namjoon were waiting at the beach for their mates, standing around and talking about nothing when suddenly they all froze. The Beta and two Omegas were walking toward them in their swimsuits.

“I hate your mate sometimes.” Jungkook said to Namjoon as he took in Jimin in his pretty pink string bikini bottoms that left nothing to the imagination.

“Me too.” Yoongi groaned as he watched Taehyung laughing and giggling in his equally revealing ruffle-edged lavender bikini bottoms.

“Speak for yourselves.” Namjoon pushed his sunglasses down to watch his mate walk toward him in his short black, skintight swimshorts. “I love him.”

Hoseok was the first to reach them as Jimin and Taehyung had stopped to help each other put sunscreen on their backs. Jungkook and Yoongi both turned to him with twin deadpan expressions that made the Beta smile as he leaned up and kissed his mate before wrapping an arm around his waist.

“What the fuck, Hobi?” Yoongi asked as he continued to eye his scantily clad Omega who was getting sunscreened by Jimin.

“It’s what they wanted! What, was I supposed to say no? How do you say no to faces like that? They were so happy and cute, I had no choice.”

They couldn’t really argue with that as the pair of Omegas finished with their sunscreen and smiled, as they jogged over and stopped in front of the dumbstruck duo. They both looked shy as they looked up at their Alphas, waiting for approval with hesitant little smiles.

Jungkook and Yoongi responded by pulling their pretty Omegas into their arms and raining kisses over their faces and lips, making the boys giggle and squirm at the attention so out in the open. Jungkook let himself be pulled toward the water by Jimin who stopped for a moment just at the edge of the surf. The Alpha felt his heart swell with love as he looked over at his Omega who had his eyes closed and arms out with a soft smile, just feeling the warm sun and soft breeze. He loved him so damn much he felt like he could die from it, and as Jimin opened his eyes and turned his blue gaze to him he felt himself smiling as well.

Just at that moment, something bright red in the background behind Jimin caught his eye and he saw Daeun heading toward them in a bright red bikini. His smile turned to a scowl and the Omega turned to see the source of his change of mood and scowled too. Jimin just turned and grabbed Jungkook’s hand, pulling him into the water before the female could reach them. He really didn’t want to talk to her or see her at all. Jimin knew he was avoiding confrontation, but he wasn’t really in the mood to deal with her at the moment. He was on a tropical vacation with his Alpha and his best friend and he wasn’t going to let anything ruin his good time. At least for now. He had a feeling that he was going to have to deal with her at some point.

The four roommates played chicken in the ocean, Tae sitting on Yoongi’s shoulders and Jimin on Jungkook’s, trying to push each other over with Hobi and Namjoon as judges/cheerleaders. It wasn’t very competitive, as the two Omegas found it hard to be too rough with each other, but they all still laughed when one or the other slipped and splashed into the water. The Alphas played with their partners, dunking them under the surface, then pretending to be overpowered by their Omegas and letting themselves be dunked in turn.

After a while they got out, Namjoon and Hobi disappearing somewhere and leaving Yoongi and Junkook sitting under a big umbrella as they watched their partners surrounded by a group of about 10 pups as they helped them build a sandcastle. Every child on the beach was drawn to them, they were both so pretty and soft it pulled the pups to them naturally. The Alphas watched this scene with soft eyes and gentle smiles as Jimin ruffled a tiny boy’s hair and Taehyung pinched a chubby baby’s fat cheeks, making the pup laugh. All the little children seemed to want to be close to them, and the pair just coo’ed at them and gave them soft tickles and hugs.

“I am so putting my pups in him the first chance I get.” Jungkook said as his gaze was trained on his Omega.

“Yeah… same.” Yoongi responded, watching as sandcastle building somehow turned into a game of tag that had the little group running around screaming and laughing.

“I just… how can he be so sweet and innocent, but at the same time…”

“Make you want to fuck him against the nearest available surface?”


“I’m right there with you. I mean… Jesus the fucking swimsuits. How do they not see what they are doing?”

Before Jungkook could respond, someone sat down next to him, distracting him from his conversation. He glanced over to see Daeun and sighed.

“What?” Jungkook said with exasperation.

“What, what? Can’t I catch up with some old friends?” Daeun’s voice was too innocent.

“We’re not your friends. I don’t know how many times we can say this, but seriously fuck off.” Yoongi cut in from Jungkook’s other side, leaning around to look at her. “Jungkook has an Omega that he loves, so whatever your plan is, it’s not gonna happen.”

“I’m not as devious as you seem to give me credit for. I just want to talk. I miss you guys. We were all friends for a long time, those feelings don’t just disappear. I know I messed up, but I still care about you.” She reached her hand toward Jungkook as if she was going to put it on his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me.” Jungkook snapped before her hand could make contact.

“Can we talk… alone?”

Jungkook gave her a look of complete incredulity. “No. We sure as hell cannot talk ‘alone’. I know what you want, and the answer is no. I won’t take you back. It’s over. Move on. I have.”

“Kookie… please just listen to me. I’m sorry. I truly am. I love you. Plea-”

“What did you just say?” The voice was Jimin’s but the tone in which he spoke was ice cold and furious.

Jungkook looked up to see Jimin and Taehyung standing just in front of them, the pups they had been playing with were all scattering to their parents as it was close to dinnertime. The Omega was looking at Daeun with fire in his eyes, hands clenched in fists at his sides.

“It’s none of your business Omega.” She spat the last word like a curse, as if his Omega status were an insult.

Daeun stood and faced Jimin, looking down at him as she was several inches taller than he was. Jimin looked up at her with no fear, he didn’t care that she was an Alpha and probably physically stronger than him. She had told HIS Alpha that she LOVED him? That was not happening on his watch. That possessive voice in his head was back. ‘Mine. Mine. Mine.’ He could feel himself growling again as his inner Omega took control of his emotions. Jungkook stood as well, standing next to Jimin as if he were ready to intervene if things got physical.

“It damn well is my business! Maybe I wasn’t clear enough before. So let me spell it out for you. Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. My. Alpha.”

“Your Alpha? We have a history you would never understand!” She turned her eyes to Jungkook. “Kookie, you know we are perfect together. We always were! I know you’re just doing this to make me jealous. I still love you.” She reached a hand up and laid it against Jungkook’s neck, right over his scent gland.

That was the final straw for Jimin. The slap was a sudden thing, not a conscious decision. He felt his hand connect with the stinging blow, then he gave her a firm push right in the middle of her chest, making her stagger back a few steps. He would have advanced further if Jungkook hadn’t wrapped an arm around his waist and held him back against his body. Jimin was growling and snarling at her as he totally lost control of himself.

“LEAVE!” Jungkook shouted at her as she stood, looking shocked with a hand over her red cheek.

Daeun turned and walked away quickly, Jimin jerked forward in Jungkook’s grasp as if to go after her, but the Alpha held him back. Jungkook pulled his Omega into his chest, leaning down to whisper in his ear.

“It’s okay, Baby. I’m here. She’s leaving. I’m all yours, don’t worry.”

The Omega turned in his hold and looked up at him, his growling cutting off as he looked at his Alpha. He scowled as he reached up and wiped a hand over Jungkook’s neck where Daeun had touched him. He scrubbed the area with his palm, then used his wrist to scent over the spot repeatedly until he felt satisfied that none of her stench remained on his Alpha. A whine started in the back of his throat as he lifted up on tippy toes to scent Jungkook, which wasn’t very effective in the sand as he just sunk down. The Alpha leaned down and let Jimin scent him thoroughly, until Jimin’s whimpers turned to purrs.

Taehyung rubbed a soothing hand through Jimin’s hair and he turned his face to kiss his best friend’s wrist as a show of thanks.

“You okay, Minnie? I’ve never seen you get mad like that.”

“I’m… I think I’m okay now.” Jimin said, but he couldn’t pull away from Jungkook. Any amount of distance felt like too much. He was feeling that territorial possessive need again.

Yoongi wrapped an arm around Tae. “Why don’t we let you guys have some time alone?”

Chapter Text

Jimin pulled Jungkook into their cabin and slammed the door, immediately pushing Jungkook up against it and sinking to his knees in front of his Alpha. He knew they didn’t have much time before they had to shower and get dressed for dinner, but he needed something. He needed to claim his Alpha in some way. He pulled at the strings on the front of Jungkook’s board shorts and slid them down his legs to pool at his feet. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the head of Jungkook’s cock. He darted out his tongue to swipe over the slit before parting his lips and letting the length slide into his mouth.

Jungkook let his head thunk back against the door as Jimin took him into his perfect, warm mouth. Fuck, he liked when his Omega got possessive. He hadn’t even realized he had that kind of kink, but apparently he was learning something new about himself. It was probably tied to his insecurities that were left over from Daeun cheating on him, not that he was thinking about it now, but it felt good to have someone get jealous over you. Alphas instinctually liked the chase, liked to pursue their partners, but… there was something to be said about being pursued by the one you loved.

He looked down just as Jimin looked up and their eyes met as the Omega pulled back and then moved forward again. They held eye contact for a few moments until Jimin’s eyes closed and he focused on his task. Jungkook moaned at the sight and feel combined, already so close to cumming. He’d been half hard ever since he and Jimin’s escapade on the plane and seeing his pretty Omega so passionate about him, about their relationship was driving him wild. The wet suction of his mouth, the sight of his full lips stretched around him, the feel of his tongue massaging the underside had him racing toward the precipice.

Jimin decided that he loved doing this. He’d done it a few times since he’d tried it the first time, and there was something so powerful about pleasuring his partner with his mouth. Even though he was the one on his knees, he felt like he was in control. Hearing and feeling His Alpha fall apart under his ministrations was so erotic and satisfying. Knowing that he was the one making his Alpha feel so good, that he could bring him to the peak of his pleasure with just his mouth. Feeling him swell and burst into his waiting mouth, was enough to have him hard and aching, just shy of his own orgasm.

As he pulled back, he slid his hands down and pulled at the strings on the sides of his bikini bottoms, letting them fall away. He looked up at Jungkook, meeting his Alpha’s pleasure glazed stare as he simultaneously swallowed and took himself in hand to finish himself off, just like his Alpha had shown him. He didn’t move from his knees, just palmed himself as he let his head fall back with a moan. It took a shamefully short time for him to cum, and when he did, Jungkook crouched down in front of him to pull him into a hot kiss, sharing his own taste from Jimin’s mouth.

They showered together, washing each other and kissing under the hot stream of water which only riled them both up again, but they had to cut it short as they were low on time. Jimin was still feeling possessive, and he wanted to look pretty for the dinner that would surely be attended by Daeun. He knew that Jungkook did not want her, that much was always clear to him, but that fact didn’t completely erase the part of him that wanted to look his best to pull his Alpha’s attention all to him. He thought about the clothes he’d brought and smiled as he remembered Daeun’s red bikini. Jimin had always thought he was pretty in red, and he had the perfect outfit. He wondered if he was being too petty, but she had started it by trying to come after his Alpha.

Jungkook smiled as he watched Jimin get ready. Applying makeup was such a delicate process, not that his Omega needed it, he was just as beautiful with a bare face, but he knew Jimin liked to wear it sometimes. He was leaned in the doorway of the bathroom watching with a little half smile as Jimin leaned toward the mirror to apply eyeliner, the towel wrapped around his waist inching down enough to see the very top of his lush backside, distracting him. He looked back up to see Jimin painting his lips with bright red liquid lipstick and had to bite his lip to hold back a moan.

As he finished, Jungkook watched him turn around and smile at him. He couldn’t take his eyes off the Omega’s red lips. How was he supposed to go to dinner with Jimin and those cherry lips and not be hard the entire time? His Omega breezed past him and started rifling through his suitcase and pulled out a familiar pair of red panties, the very ones Jungkook had put on him the night he’d shown Jimin how to touch himself in his nest. The Alpha watched transfixed as his Omega dropped his towel and slipped into the soft crimson panties. Jungkook wanted to pass out as he looked at him. The red lips, the red panties and all that perfect soft skin. He could feel his heartbeat in his cock as he watched Jimin bend over and pull more clothes out of his bag.

First came the dark cutoff jean shorts, then the white ruffled crop top printed with cherries, the thin red velvet choker, and the shoes… goddamn the shoes… bright red high heels that wrapped ribbons halfway up his calf and tied. Jungkook looked at Jimin as he stood from tying the ribbons and had to physically restrain himself from pouncing on his little Omega. He wanted to bend him over and rip those jean shorts down and fuck him against the table, he wanted to strip him down to nothing but his red panties, heels and lipstick and kiss every inch of his soft skin. But they were running late and so his fantasy would have to wait.

Before his lipstick dried down, Jimin leaned up on his toes and pressed a cherry red kiss to his Alpha’s neck, leaving a bright red lip stamp right over his scent gland as a claim. Jungkook just smiled at the possessive gesture.

They met their group of friends down the dock, and as soon as Hobi saw Jimin he pulled the Omega into a strong hug that made his back pop.

“Aww… look at you. You’re so pretty!” He pulled back and held Jimin at arms length. “I heard what that bitch did, and I’m so proud of you!” He gave Jimin a kiss on the cheek, which made the Omega giggle.

“Hobi…” Jimin whined with a laugh. “I hit her. You shouldn’t be proud.”

“Minnie! That is WHY I’m proud. You did such a good job protecting your Alpha.”

Jimin was embarrassed but a little proud as he was released from Hoseok’s grip and went to his best friend. Tae was pretty in a puffy white peasant shirt and short jean overalls, with white booties. Tae was looking at him with worry, he knew that his Omega life partner must still be stressed from seeing him lose his temper like that. He hugged him and scented him to show that he was okay, and give him reassurance. Tae seemed to relax as he hugged him back and kissed his cheeks.


“You okay TaeTae?” Jimin asked softly.

Tae pressed his face into Jimin’s shoulder, response muffled. “I don’t like that girl. Is she gonna be at dinner?”

Jimin just petted his hair and rubbed his back for a moment. “She probably will be there, but don’t worry. It’s all gonna be fine.”

“Really?” Tae pulled back to look into his eyes.

“Really, really.”

As it turned out, everything was not fine. Jimin was getting really annoyed, which was a strange mood for him. He was usually so easygoing and happy, ready to laugh and play all the time. But it seemed like everywhere they went, Daeun was there. Her eyes were constantly watching Jungkook with that calculating, predatory look. It made that deep instinctual part of him roar to life, wanting to protect what was his. Daeun was wearing some hot pink monstrosity that Jimin supposed was meant to be sexy but made her look like some mix between a Muppet and a prostitute.

Everyone else at the dinner was very nice however, and they all greeted Jungkook and Yoongi’s Omegas with politeness and kind words, congratulating them on finding such pretty partners, which made Tae and Jimin blush. The restaurant didn’t have enough chairs in the rented dining room, so Jimin and Tae ended up sitting in their Alpha’s laps, much to the pleasure of all four. Jimin could feel that Jungkook was hard and it made the corner of his lip pull up into a satisfied little smile. He could feel Daeun watching them, so he relaxed back against Jungkook’s chest and tilted his face toward his Alpha, scenting him along his jaw and neck. As the Alpha’s hands gripped his hips in an attempt to control himself.

Jungkook turned his face to whisper into Jimin’s ear. “Fuck, Baby. I want you so bad right now. Gods you look so pretty for me tonight.”

Jimin bit his lip to keep from making a noise, but responded by turning his head and giving his Alpha a soft kiss. His lipstick had long since dried down, so he didn’t leave any marks. He pulled back and gave him a smile and whispered just loud enough for Jungkook to hear.

“Me too.”

The knowledge that they were both longing for the other was enough to get them through the rest of dinner. They chatted with the other guests, who all wanted to hear how they had met and cooed at the cuteness of their meeting. Jimin and Tae were easily one of the main focuses of the conversation, only taking second place to the discussion of the mating ceremony and of how much everyone was looking forward to it. The Omegas answered questions about their jobs as dancers, talking about all the different kinds of dance they had learned in school and they answered questions about themselves and their relationships both with each other and with their respective Alphas.

Everyone was enchanted by the soft and pretty pair that were so different from their Alphas, with their tattoos and piercings and punk rock style. Daeun watched the scene with a curled lip, scowling at the way Jungkook was constantly touching his Omega, pressing kisses to his hair and face, hands skimming over any exposed skin he could find, and most of all the kind and loving expression he wore when he looked at him.

After the meal, everyone was led toward the wine cellar for a scheduled wine tasting. Jungkook and Jimin waited, letting everyone else file out before them until they were the only two left in the dining room. The Omega could still feel that cold gaze on him and saw in his peripheral the hot pink of Daeun’s dress as she lingered around the doorway. Jimin rankled at the nerve of her to keep watching them.

He turned and captured Jungkook lips in a kiss, closing his eyes and letting the thought of Daeun float away. He moved his mouth against his Alpha in familiar patterns as he opened and their tongues met. Jungkook wrapped a hand around the back of his neck to help hold his head in the turned position. Jimin let out a little sound as his Alpha pushed forward harder, plundering his mouth with his skilled tongue.

The Omega pulled back and gasped little breaths against Jungkook’s lips, he knew he had to stop now. He could feel himself getting more and more aroused, and the last thing he wanted was to be leaking slick in the middle of a restaurant. He pressed one more soft kiss to the Alpha’s lips with a smile.

“Is she gone?” Jungkook whispered.

Jimin peeked an eye open to see that the door way was empty now.



Jungkook leaned forward and kissed him hard again, this time not for show. This was just for Jimin, and it took his breath away.

Chapter Text

After some very uncomfortable adjusting on Jungkook’s part, he and Jimin made their way through the restaurant and down the stairs to the cellar for the wine tasting, both smiling like idiots. The Alpha could not stop watching his little one as he walked in his red heels. They somehow changed his gait and made his hips swing seductively with every step, and it was mesmerizing. He was so whipped for Jimin, the Omega had completely stolen every part of him. He was so filled with love and devotion that only seemed to grow stronger by the minute.

For the first time he really thought about the fact they were here for a mating ceremony, and his mind’s eye conjured up an image of Jimin in white traditional mating robes, maybe embroidered with soft pink flowers, or maybe a baby pink suit, or a flowing dress. His heart gave a shuddering little throb at the image and only just then did he really realize how much he wanted to mate with Jimin. He wanted his Omega to be his forever, to bear his bite mark and he wanted one in return, to be bound together for life. The power of the thought made him pause on the stairs as he looked off into the distance, not seeing what was in front of him, just caught up in what could be, what hopefully would be someday.

Jimin’s soft hand on his face was what brought him back to the present. His Omega was looking up at him with concern, red lips in a little pout. Jungkook smiled at him. He had to lean down very far to reach his lips, with the Omega a step below him.

“Are you okay? You spaced out for a second there.” Jimin said as Jungkook pulled back.

“I just… was thinking how much I love you.”

His words erased the concern and replaced it with a brilliant smile. He realized that he would give anything to see that expression always on his Omega’s face. White teeth on full display and eyes crinkled into little crescent-moon slits. He was so beautiful.

“I love you too.” Jimin giggled, then poonched his lips in his cute way so Jungkook would lean down and kiss him.

Jungkook obliged and smiled into the kiss. They made their way down into the little crowd who were passing around glasses of wine. The group seemed to be made up of more than just their dinner group. Jungkook smiled when Jimin shook his head and refused his, which made him remember that his Omega didn’t like wine. They stood around chatting and enjoying the company, Jimin eventually pressing a kiss to the Alpha’s hand and walking with Tae to admire the paintings that were hung around the space, as the other Omega didn’t like wine either.

He and Yoongi alternated between watching them as they studied the numerous paintings and talking to the group of old friends that were all here for the ceremony. After a few minutes a flash of pink in his peripheral and the familiar unwelcome scent announced Daeun’s arrival to their little group. She took up a place right next to Jungkook and Yoongi making them both roll their eyes, but they didn’t say anything as she simply took part in the conversation and it wasn’t worth making a scene.

“Looks like your Omegas are finding some new company.” Daeun said suddenly, making everyone in the group turn to look at Jimin and Tae who were talking to unfamiliar Alphas.

Jungkook and Yoongi naturally disliked the way the pair of strangers were eyeing their Omegas, but smiled as they could see Jimin and Tae shaking their heads and pointing toward them, their lips clearly forming the words ‘our Alphas’, then waving when they saw that Jungkook and Yoongi were looking. The Alphas waved back with smiles and turned twin looks of arrogant superiority toward Daeun.

Jimin and Taehyung continued their circuit around the room until they had seen all the paintings before returning to their Alpha’s sides. Jimin squeezed into the space between Jungkook and Daeun, smirking when his Alpha wrapped an arm around him. Namjoon and Hobi joined their group as well, the Beta throwing looks of pure hatred at Daeun every time she spoke. The conversation somehow made its way around to Bulletproof, the guys band.

“I heard you guys are doing really well all over the world. Your music is really popular. You must be doing pretty well now that you’re more successful. I remember our old broke college days of ramen noodles and sleeping on futons!” An Alpha named JB said jokingly, making everyone laugh.

“Yeah. Those were the days. Funny how money changes relationships.” Daeun said with a sardonic little smile. Her statement caused the laughter to cease as the previously jovial mood of the group changed.

Hoseok was the first to break the silence. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“I’m just saying that it must be easy to find someone when you’re multi-millionaires. It wasn’t always so easy for us back then.” She looked at Jimin with a look that was meant to be sad but savored too much of satisfaction.

Hobi looked like he was about to reply, but Jimin was the first one to react. He looked up at his Alpha with wide eyes, mouth slightly agape. His open, honest tone and expression were mirrored by Tae who looked up at Yoongi with a little gasp.

“Are you really a multi-millionaire?” Jimin asked with so much truthful surprise that it was impossible to question his honesty.

“Yeah, Baby.” Jungkook laughed as he looked down at his Omega’s kittenish expression.

Jimin and Tae exchanged a look of surprise before looking back up at their Alphas.

“Wow… that‘s so cool!” Tae said with a smile and a little laugh as he bounced with excitement.

“Your music is so popular. You guys are really important, huh?” Jimin added still looking up at Jungkook with awe.

Everyone in the group burst into laughter at the Omega’s innocent reactions to this news. Daeun was scowling again, lips thin and brows drawn down as her arms crossed over her chest. The reaction made Jimin and Taehyung blush and hide their faces in their Alpha’s chests, embarrassed.

“See, it’s not about money. If it were about money, then Joon and I wouldn’t be together.” Hobi said with a smirk.

Namjoon wrapped an arm around him and gave him a kiss. “But that would never happen.”

“Tae! Jimin!” Hyuna’s voice called, disrupting the conversation as the bride-to-be entered their little circle. “Did I invite you to my bachelorette party tomorrow night? The Alphas are all going to Hyojong’s bachelor party, so you have to come! It’s gonna be so fun!”

The Omegas went to her when she reached her hands out to them. She was obviously a bit tipsy from wine as she wrapped them both up in another hug, their faces getting trapped in her frizzy red hair again. They just laughed as she kissed them both over their faces and finally released her hold.

“So, you’re gonna come right?” She asked, looking at them hopefully.

“Okay!” They agreed together and she pinched their cheeks, cooing at them before turning and running off to her Alpha.

This interaction seemed to somehow signal the end of the event, as people began to leave in twos and threes, heading back to their rooms for the night. Jungkook and Jimin parted from their friends as they got to the docks, the Alpha pulling Jimin out toward the beach. The Omega had to stop and slip his shoes off, to walk on the sand. Jungkook carried his shoes for him as they walked along the shore under the moonlight, hands held between them swinging. The Alpha was smiling as Jimin’s old habit of saying anything in his mind was back in full force, a sure sign that he was happy.

“This place is so pretty. I’ve never been to a real beach, like a tropical one before you know. I love it here. But… I think I liked our cabin the best. I want to go back there again someday, it’s a special place for us now. I really like everyone we met. Hyuna is so nice, I’m glad she found a good Alpha. Mating ceremonies are so exciting! Someday when we get mated, I want to… Oh… I mean…”

Jimin trailed off as he realized he said “when WE get mated” which he just now thought sounded a bit presumptuous. They hadn’t even discussed the possibility, and he was jumping the gun with assumptions. He reached up to smack his lips, but Jungkook beat him there with a kiss. The Alpha dropped the shoes he was carrying and released Jimin’s hand so he could cup the Omega’s face in his palms and kiss him properly.

Jungkook wanted to sing, he wanted to run and shout from the rooftops that he was in love and that he’d found his one and only. He kissed his beautiful, perfect Jimin and poured all his love and emotion into him with his lips. He could never and would never get tired of touching him, kissing him, feeling him against his body. It filled him with joy and light to know that his Omega wanted to mate with him too, that he had already assumed that they would, because Jungkook wanted it more than anything.

The Alpha pulled back from the kiss with a smile. “If I had a ring I’d get down on one knee here and now.”

Jimin wrapped his hands around the back of Jungkook’s neck and pulled him down for another kiss, this one short and chaste, but he held the Alpha there in place, bumping their noses together.

“I don’t need a ring. I don’t. I just need you.” Jimin said with desperation, trying to convey his feelings.

“You deserve a beautiful ring, a perfect proposal. Something romantic and special.”

Jimin laughed at how ridiculous Jungkook was. What could be more romantic or more perfect than this? He reached down and ripped a thread from the edge of his shorts and lifted it to show Jungkook before wrapping it around his ring finger.

“This can be my ring. I don’t care about expensive jewels or any of that. I only care about keeping you with me forever. I love you so much and I want you to be mine.”

Jungkook felt tears well up in his eyes as he dropped to one knee before the love of his life and looked up at him with his soft hand held in his, a single light blue thread wrapped around his ring finger. He was so in love, so desperate to claim this beautiful Omega as his own forever, and he was so grateful to the universe for bringing them together.

“Jimin, I love you so much. I promise that I will care for you and protect you for the rest of my life. I will belong to you, and no other. You are the only one I have ever truly wanted for myself. I could look at you for a single minute and find a thousand things l love about you. My eyes search for you when you’re not around and my heart aches when I don’t find you. I could write a million songs about you and still have so much to say. I want you to be mine forever. Will you be my mate?”

Jimin was crying by the time his Alpha finished his proposal, tears trailing down his face at the beautiful words. He was so happy, he felt like he must be glowing as bright as the full moon overhead. This was truly a perfect proposal.

“Jungkook, my Alpha. I promise to love you and be by your side, to support you and help carry your burdens. I put all my trust and faith in you from now on. I will belong only to you, body and soul. Yes, I will be your mate.”

Jungkook stood and they kissed as they both cried from happiness, there on the beach under the light of a full moon and a sky full of stars. They broke apart and half-laughed half-cried as they wiped each other’s tears and basked in their love for each other.

Jimin leaned down and grabbed his shoes with one hand, then grabbed his Alpha’s hand with the other, pulling him along and they ran up the beach. Their shouts of joy and laughter were carried away on the soft, warm breeze as they raced down the dock and into their cabin, closing the door behind them and falling into each other’s arms the moment they were alone.

Jungkook thought that this was just what making love ought to be as they fell into bed smiling and laughing with joy, pulling at their clothes and kissing with smiling lips. They purred and scented each other furiously between passionate kisses as their laughter and giggles turned to gasps and moans. Jimin climbed into his Alpha’s lap, straddling him and claiming his mouth. He pushed forward to taste and to feel, sliding his tongue into Jungkook’s mouth with confidence and surety.

He wrapped his arms around his Alpha’s neck and moaned into his mouth when he felt a long finger press against his entrance. Jungkook prepared him and opened him with his fingers as Jimin worked his hips against his hand and whimpered into their kiss. He pulled back just enough to gasp in more air and to moan.

“Alpha… please. I need you… Take me… nngh… take me.”

“I’ve got you Baby. I’m gonna give you what you need.”

Jungkook extracted his fingers gently before helping his Omega to position himself to slide down onto him. They made twin sounds of contented pleasure as their bodies joined, fitting together perfectly, just like always. Jimin moved with the natural grace of a dancer as he swiveled his hips in smooth undulating patterns that had the Alpha gasping and throbbing with desire. He watched with erotic fascination as his beautiful Omega took his pleasure from him, head falling back with eyes closed and red lips parted, the elegant column of his neck on full display. Jungkook leaned forward and latched his mouth over his Omega’s scent gland, sucking a dark hickey into the skin, a temporary mark that would have to suffice until they could be fully mated.

Jimin was burning as he rode his Alpha, everything felt like it was shimmering with joy and love. He felt everything and tried to commit it to his memory for this perfect moment. The soft night air coming in through the open windows, the quiet roar of the ocean outside and the quiet chirping of the night insects mixed with some distant island music, and best of all the sound of their breaths and gasps mixed into the quiet night. He focused on the feel of his Alpha deep inside him as they made love, and all that tawny skin pressed to his, the soft lips that grazed over his neck and sucked a dark mark over his scent gland.

Every touch took him higher, every movement of his hips and brush of lips and hands brought him closer to his orgasm. Every cell in his body was singing at the closeness to his Alpha, the love inside him, and the love he could feel in return, culminating in a fiery blaze of release that had them both crying out and clinging to each other, the vulnerable moment of climax shared between them in their perfect bubble of sweet desire.

They slept in their tangled sheets, Jimin drifting off first with his head on Jungkook’s chest, hand curled by his cheek. The Alpha looked down at the small hand with the blue thread wrapped around the ring finger and felt himself drift off to sleep with a smile.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke laying on Jungkook’s shoulder, the first thing he noticed was the thin blue thread around his ring finger and he smiled as he studied it closely in the morning light filtering through the windows. He could see the wrapping rope pattern of the thread and the fraying little fuzzes all over it. To him it was beautiful, what it represented was far more precious than gold or jewels or anything else. What mattered was that Jungkook was going to be his mate, officially and permanently. He couldn’t wait to tell TaeTae and Hobi. He was so happy.

He watched Jungkook sleep, a little crease in his brows as he mumbled something under his breath. Jimin watched with fascination as his hips swiveled and he could see that his Alpha was aroused, he heard his name mixed in with the incoherent mumbling. His Alpha was dreaming about him. It made him want to giggle, but he pressed a hand to his mouth to hold in the sound. He very slowly raised himself up until he could straddle his Alpha and gently reached between them, lining his Alpha up with his entrance and taking him into his body. He was still wet from the previous night so he eased the cock inside him with no pain. He started a slow and easy shifting of his hips and watched with delight as his Alpha woke up with a groan, hips pushing up as his eyes blinked open and he realized what was happening.

“Oh god… fuck Baby… good morning to you too… mmnn…”

Jungkook reached his hands down and held his Omega’s hips as he slowly rode him. He grasped the flesh under his hands, fingertips digging in as he thrust upward in a sharp snap of his hips that made Jimin cry out and let out a little shuddering breath. He gripped harder and began to piston his hips upward in hard thrusts as he pulled Jimin downward, enjoying the little jolting noises that interrupted his moans and breaths. He felt his Omega reach his climax first, clenching and massaging around him. He gave one last thrust upward, pulling Jimin down by the hips and burying himself as deep as he could go as his back arched and he clenched his teeth, feeling his knot form and his release spill into his Omega, whose body milked him until he was sated.

They showered together, Jimin taking his little string and lovingly setting it on the counter before entering the water. They washed each other laughing and playing as they took turns under the stream of warm water, Jungkook peppered kisses all over his face, making him giggle and purr in happiness.

Again, the Alpha watched his little one get ready in front of the mirror, applying light makeup and lipgloss before gently wrapping his little blue thread around his ring finger and twisting the ends together to make it stay put. Jungkook felt so much love as he watched this. Jimin treated his little string like it was a priceless jewel. His little one was the personification of summer in his little outfit, sunflower cropped spaghetti strap top and high-waisted yellow shorts, strappy white sandals, dainty sunflower earrings and round yellow sunglass perched on his head, pushing his blond hair out of his face. The Alpha just smiled at him and pulled him in for a kiss.


“You look beautiful today, mate-to-be.” Jungkook said with a smile, making his Omega laugh with joy.

“You always say that. You’re the one who is handsome.” Jimin reached up and booped the tip of his nose with a finger.

Jungkook looked down at his black Rush t-shirt and torn up jeans and wanted to laugh. He felt like a scrub next to his pretty mate, but he just shook his head and kissed him again.

“Are you ready? You wanna go get Tae and tell him our good news?”

Jimin lit up at this suggestion, clapping his hands and bouncing as he squealed with excitement. The Alpha watched this reaction fondly, eyes drawn to the little blue string again as Jimin clapped his hands . The Omega practically dragged him outside and over to the next cabin, knocking on the door.

Taehyung answered the door in a lacy halter top and floral printed shorts, as soon as he appeared, Jimin leapt at him, crushing his best friend in his arms. He was scenting him and nuzzling him wildly, making Tae giggle as he tried to return the enthusiasm of the greeting.

“TaeTae, we’re getting mated!” Jimin half-shouted as he pulled back and showed his little string to Taehyung.

“Is that… a string?”

As he told his Omega life partner the story of Jungkook’s proposal he started to cry, which made Tae cry as well, and soon they were holding each other and crying with happiness as their Alphas rubbed their back reassuringly until they calmed down enough to pull back and wipe away their tears with watery laughter. Hoseok arrived just as they were wiping their tears and sniffling, he rushed right up to the Omegas and pulled them into a hug.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying, did that bitch do something to you again? I’ll kill her.” Hoseok was petting their hair and scenting them, making them laugh.

“No! Hobi, Jungkook and I… we’re getting mated!” Jimin said between bubbles of laughter.

The Beta froze for a moment, as if to process the information and change moods. Then he too was crying as he hugged the Omegas first then released them to hug Jungkook, who was smiling and watching the scene with fondness, then hugging his bandmate and receiving his congratulations from Yoongi and Namjoon.

At breakfast the Alphas all had to sit across from their mates, as the trio couldn’t be peeled apart. They were all squished together, with the Beta in the middle, Jimin and Tae practically in his lap again as they basked in his affection and their mutual joy of Jimin and Jungkook’s mating announcement.

Hoseok cooed and pinched Jimin’s cheeks as he explained the string he had on his finger in place of a ring. The Beta loved his new little ones so much, they were so cute and innocent. He saw the way Jimin cradled his hand to his chest, cherishing the little string as if it were a treasure. He’d been worried at first when Jungkook had told him about finding an Omega, but as soon as he’d met Jimin he knew that there was no malice in him, no greed or calculation. He was a pure and gentle soul, both of them were, and he was so glad that his friends had found their partners at last, and that they were everything he knew the Alphas deserved. He had grown so protective of his little ones now, they were truly special to him just like Jungkook and Yoongi, but unlike the Alphas, the Omegas needed protection. They were so guileless and defenseless, that it made him feel like a mama bear protecting her tiny cubs.

The group spent the day exploring the city, Jimin and Jungkook were inseparable as they walked through the streets, browsing vendors and taking in the unfamiliar sights. When they came across a band playing music with couples dancing all around, they all joined in and moved to the rushing sound of drums and guitar. They danced, learning the rhythms, they clapped and stomped, the Alphas guiding their partners through the movements, twirling them away and pulling them back in to move together. They laughed and sang with the crowd as they danced and swayed under the hot sun, cool ocean breeze ruffling their hair and cooling the burn.

As the dance ended, Jimin and Tae found themselves the center of attention again for another group of pups. All the children surrounded them and giggled as the Omegas crouched down to speak with them, they let the little ones place hand-weaved flower crowns on their heads. The pups crowed with happy laughter as Jimin and Tae patted their hair and chubby cheeks, squeezing soft little hands as they thanked them for the flowers. Everyone seemed to be watching them, they were so ethereal and lovely, like something from another world, but they seemed completely unaware of how special and unusual they were. To them, they were just themselves.

Late in the afternoon, they made their way back toward the hotel as they all needed to get ready for the bachelor/bachelorette parties they would be attending in the evening. Everyone was in need of a shower and change of clothes, as they had spent the day in the blazing sun, sweating. The group was making cheery conversation as they made their way through the lobby toward the outside part of the hotel that led to their cabins. Jungkook was twirling Jimin around, just like they had in the dance, making the Omega giggle and squeak as he was pulled against his Alpha’s body and given a tender kiss.

“We have the parties tonight, but we all need to go out and celebrate with dinner and drinks another night!” Hoseok said to the group who were all nodding in ascent.

“What are we celebrating?” The female voice interrupted their mirth and caused an immediate mood shift within the party.

Jungkook was the one who answered as he pulled Jimin against him more firmly, suddenly protective.

“Jimin and I are going to be mated.”

They watched as a myriad of emotions played across her face. Disbelief, anger, calculation, anger again, and finally she smoothed her features into some semblance of neutral. But when she spoke, her cheery tone was forced through clenched teeth.

“That’s… wow. Mated? Congrats.” She turned her attention soley to Jimin. “So, when’s the baby due?”

The Omega’s eyebrows drew down as a hand went to his belly in confusion, not understanding the intended insult or insinuation that pregnancy was the only reason Jungkook would mate him.

“I’m not pregnant.” Jimin said with honest confusion.

The Omega was confused by the growl he heard from Jungkook, not understanding why his Alpha was upset, but reaching up anyway to put a soothing hand on his neck and pet over his scent gland trying to relax him. Hobi moved forward but for once, Namjoon intervened and wrapped an arm around his mate’s waist, not wanting a fist fight in the lobby.

“Listen up here you stupid bitch, don’t insult my little ones ever again! You are so petty and jealous that you can’t see that Jungkook doesn’t want you. He’s never going to want you because you’re a lying backstabbing whore!” Hoseok was struggling toward her, but Namjoon held him at bay with difficulty. The Beta finally stopped struggling as his Alpha leaned down and whispered into his ear, and he took a few deep breaths to calm himself.

Daeun’s voice was full of venom as she spoke. “You don’t know anything! Jungkook and I are meant to be together, and he knows it. He’s just being stubborn like always. He’s never going to pick some frilly, useless, Omega over what we have together.” Again she turned her focus only to Jimin. “You might be a fun little distraction for him, but don’t think that you mean anything to him. You’re nothing but an stupid, girly little boytoy for him to play with until he realizes that an Alpha will always be better than an Omega.”

All six of them were frozen as they listened to her insane little speech, Jungkook felt his spine stiffen and his heart pounding with rage as she insulted his Omega.

“Fuck you. You think I would ever take you back? The mere thought of touching you turns my fucking stomach. I would rather die than ever be with you again. I never loved you and I never will. You broke me and it took years to get past that, but I have someone I love now and he’s the one who healed me after what you did. You are nothing but an ugly, cheating, unfaithful slut. Stay away from me and stay away from Jimin.”

Daeun had tears in her eyes by the time Jungkook finished speaking. The Alpha had never been so harsh with her, even after they broke up, he had just wanted to move on and not focus on the past. He realized now that that had been a mistake. He hadn’t ever told her the truth about what she’d done to him, and that was what had made her retain hope that he might someday take her back. He had just shattered that hope, and it lifted a weight off of him that he hadn’t even realized he’d been carrying. Jungkook hadn’t realized that he’d still held this grudge and these feelings deep inside himself, sealed away in a little corner, never to be disturbed again. Now that he’d emptied that box, he felt so much more free, and that little space that had once held such harsh and dark feelings was cleansed and filled with the light of the one he loved. His Jimin was like the sun, shining even into the darkest parts of him and warming him completely.

“K-Kookie… how could you say that? We were supposed to be together forever. You promised me that we’d get mated and have a family someday.” She pleaded.

“I honestly don’t care what I promised you all those years ago, it means nothing to me now. You were the one who threw away our relationship, and for a long time I resented you for it. But now I’m grateful, because I have the love of my life and everything that happened led me to him. You need to move on and let it go.” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin and rested his head on the top of his Omega’s head.

“But I love you. I’m sorry for everything. I want to be with you. We can do all those things we said we would do when we had the money. I still want that, I still want that future.”

“You don’t even hear yourself, do you?” Namjoon said, his deep voice sounding disappointed. “What you want are money and objects. That’s not love.”

Her anger returned at Namjoon’s words, overriding her sadness and making her fierce again.

“You don’t know anything! You don’t know what I want or what I feel. That little Omega whore is not going to take what’s mine!”

Everyone froze as they heard a growl from the most unexpected place. Soft and sensitive little Taehyung was growling at her Yoongi managed to catch him and drag him back as he launched himself at her with clawing lavender fingernails. Tae was out of control as he struggled to get to her, wanting to hurt her for insulting his Omega life partner. No one talked about his Minnie that way, and he was tired of people making his friend sad. No more. He wasn’t going to let anyone hurt his Minnie again.

“He’s not a whore! You’re a whore and a stupid bitch. Don’t ever insult him again!” Taehyung hissed as he continued to struggle toward her.

Jimin went to his friend and Yoongi finally released him as Jimin wrapped him up in his arms and the Omega relaxed. Tae was scenting his Omega life partner and still growling lowly as he struggled against his own nature and urge to attack. Jimin just rubbed his back and hummed him the soft little lullaby that he’d used their entire lives to comfort his friend when there was a thunderstorm or he was scared of the dark. It worked and he felt the last of tension flood from Tae’s body. Only then did he turn and address Daeun.

“Daeun, you gave up your relationship with Jungkook. You did. And you did it for something as worthless as money. That’s your fault and you can say whatever you want about me, but the fact is that Jungkook loves ME, and I love him.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s easy to lecture someone about money when I’m sure whatever big diamond ring he gave you had nothing to do with your choice. He might buy your innocent act, but you’re not fooling me.” She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

Jimin lifted his hand and showed her the simple piece of string wrapped around his finger.

“This is my engagement ring, and it’s more precious to me than all the diamonds in the world.”

Jimin turned his back on her stunned face, grabbing Jungkook’s hand and Tae’s he pulled them with him out toward their cabins. He had said what he needed to say, and that was all there was. He wasn’t giving her an ounce more of his thoughts or energy. He was done. What mattered was his love for his Alpha and their future together. She wasn’t worth the breath it had taken to tell her off.

Chapter Text


Jungkook couldn’t help but smile as he watched Jimin slip into a ruffly pink dress and heels. His little one was all pastels again. As much as he liked the red lipstick and bolder fashion choices, he was sure that baby pink would always be his favorite on his Omega. It just looked so right on him, and it was the color he associated with him in his mind. He watched as Jimin put on the pink pearl earrings Jungkook had given him as a courting gift and slipped a pink flower hair comb into one side of his hair.

He was so delicate and beautiful that Jungkook didn’t want to let him go. He wanted nothing more than to keep him here all night, to strip him out of all his baby pink finery and just hold him in their bed. The Omega walked right up to him and adjusted his tie, which the Alpha hated wearing, but he thought that he didn’t mind how domestic it felt to have Jimin fix it for him. Now that he was close, Jungkook could study his glittery lipgloss and the tiny golden freckles that had started to form across his nose and cheeks from all the sun, and it had him aching at how beautiful he was, and when he smiled up at him, happy with his work, the Alpha melted.

“You look very handsome tonight.” Jimin said with a blush as he traced a pink fingernail against the hoop in his lip, drawing it down over his chin and neck, stopping at the collar of his shirt.

“You are far more beautiful.” Jungkook replied, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling the Omega to his body.

The Alpha sighed as he spotted the clock on the nightstand and knew they didn’t have time to play just now. They had to head to their respective parties. So he just placed a light kiss on his lips and pulled away, taking Jimin’s hand and leading him out and to the cabin next door. Just as he raised his fist to knock, they could hear from inside, Tae’s voice.

“Yoongi! Stop we don’t have time for… ah… mmnn… seriously, we need to… ngh…”

Jungkook brought the hand that was about to knock to press over his mouth to keep his laugh inside. He heard a tiny giggle from Jimin who was pursing his glittery lips trying not to laugh.

“What do we do?” Jimin whispered, turning to Jungkook.

“I guess we knock. It’s almost time for the parties, and… I’m sure that if we don’t interrupt them they aren’t leaving the cabin tonight.”

Jungkook brought his hand back up and rapped his knuckles against the wood of the door. There was a beat of pause, then a mad shuffling and Taehyung’s call of, “Just a sec!” followed by Yoongi’s growl of “Ah, fuck.”

Jimin and Jungkook were both bubbling with laughter as the door opened to reveal Taehyung looking very much like a purple version of Jimin in his lavender dress and heels, flowery headband, purple earrings and lip gloss that looked a bit smeared.

“Hey, are you guys ready?” Jungkook asked with a laugh.

Yoongi appeared in the doorway behind Tae looking ruffled with slightly swollen and reddened lips, and a glare that looked like he wanted to kick Jungkook’s ass. The other Alpha just burst into more laughter, which made Jimin burst into laughter as well, and the two tried to reign in their amusement as Tae’s ears went pink and he bunched his hands in the front of his dress. The Omega’s discomfort was enough to bring Jimin back around and he pulled his friend into a hug, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Sorry TaeTae. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You know I love you.”

“Love you too, Minnie.”

They picked up Hobi and Namjoon, and headed to the parking lot where there were two limos waiting, one for the bachelorette party and one for the bachelor party. Everyone seemed to be there, and they got a resounding round of whoops and wolfwhistles as the Alphas pulled their Omegas to them for kisses before they left. Making Tae and Jimin blush and look at their feet as they rushed to the limo, followed by Hobi who was ushering them along with a smile.

Jimin and Tae were both relieved to see that Daeun was nowhere to be seen, so their night was already looking up as they both settled on either side of Hobi, who quickly introduced them to everyone in the bridal party as the car pulled away and took them toward the bar that Hyuna had rented for her bachelorette party. The atmosphere was one of joy and expectation, everyone talking and laughing. It was infectious and soon the Omegas had grown comfortable, Hobi’s presence aiding in that regard greatly.

Jimin and Tae were in the thick of things from the beginning, everyone here having known Jungkook and Yoongi for a long time, wanted to get to know their Omegas. When they arrived at the bar, fruity drinks were pressed into their hands and they sipped at them happily as they took part in all the conversations. The pair of Omegas had never gotten drunk before, and had no idea that the pretty colorful drinks they had were loaded with alcohol until too late. They laughed, giggled and whooped along with everyone else as stories of Hyuna and Hyojong were passed around, everyone having something to add.

Pop music blared through the place and everyone danced and sang along to old 90’s hits as the drinks continued to come, until everyone was merry with alcohol, and at that point the strippers arrived. Two tall, handsome and well built Alphas made their way into the bar, dressed as policemen. Tae and Jimin watched them with wide eyes, thinking they were actual cops, which had Hobi bursting with laughter.

“They’re strippers!” Hobi explained to his little Omegas. The pair might be innocent, but they did know what a stripper was, they looked at him with shock.

“They’re gonna take their clothes off?” Jimin asked, voice slurred.

“Oh yeah they are, and I brought enough cash for all three of us!” Hoseok said as he pulled a roll of bills from his pocket and gave some to the Omegas.

Jimin and Tae looked at the cash in their hands with confusion, then back to Hobi who was laughing again. At that point the music changed to a heavy electronic beat and the pair of Alphas began to dance. The Omegas watched with fascination as the strange Alphas removed their clothes and danced suggestively as the group around them cheered and tucked cash into their g-strings.

At one point, Hoseok pushed Tae forward toward one of the dancers. Miming for him to do as the others in the party were doing and tuck the cash into his underwear. Even drunk, Tae was far too shy to actually touch the Alpha. He simply handed the cash to the Alpha and raced back to Jimin’s side, half hiding behind his friend. Jimin actually did manage to gather the courage to do it after a few more drinks and Hobi just laughed at his red face as he confidently strolled up to them and let them dance with him for a few moments before he split his money between them.

As the night went on, Tae and Jimin found themselves increasingly distracted by things like lights and the softness of their dresses and the rushing flow of conversations. They had both been drinking pina coladas for a while and were thoroughly drunk, even Hobi was fairly drunk as the party began to wind down and the strippers left with smiles and waves, making the crowd cheer and clap.

“I miss Yoongi.” Tae whined and sipped at his drink with a pout.

“I miss Jungkook.” Jimin added, looking pouty and cute in his pink dress.

Unbeknownst to them, Hobi was recording their little pouting on his phone and sending the videos to Yoongi and Jungkook with a text, that got immediate replies.


Hobi: Come get your Omegas. They are drunk and missing you.

Jungkook: What the hell!? You let them get drunk?

Yoongi: We’re coming now! Dammit Hobi!

Hobi: Bring Joon with you.

The Beta wrapped an arm around each of his little Omegas and hugged them. They were still pouting, missing their Alphas.

“I messaged Yoongi and Jungkook, they are coming to get you.”

This news sparked an immediate reaction as they both smiled and their eyes practically sparkled up at him. He melted at their adorable drunken excitement as the bounced in their seats and giggled, so happy that their Alphas were coming soon. He was struck with an idea in his tipsy brain that just filled him with so much amusement that he couldn’t resist.

“Hey, do you guys wanna do something that your Alphas will really like?”

Both Omegas looked up at him with those shining eyes and looks of complete joy and trust, which made him feel a little bad, but honestly he was doing them a favor. He leaned forward and whispered to them. As he talked they seemed confused, which made him smile and pinch their cheeks at their innocence.

Jimin’s brows were drawn down and mouth in an unsure little pout as he asked, “Are you sure they would like that?”

“I’m absolutely certain. They are gonna love it!” Hobi said with a sinful grin.

“Okay!” They said in unison, smiling and giggling.

“TaeTae, when Yoongi get’s here, let me tell you what to say…” He leaned forward and whispered something into the Omega’s ear that made his eyes wide.

“Hobi! That’s a bad word.” Tae said with shock.

“I know. But trust me okay? Have I ever led you wrong?”

“No… Okay, I will try.”

Next the Beta leaned over and whispered into Jimin’s ear who just giggled and nodded, full of trust.

Taehyung gasped as he saw Yoongi, he was so happy to see his Alpha. Everything was so nice and fun, his head felt kinda fuzzy but he felt good.

“That’s my Alpha!” Tae cried as soon as he came through the door.

He ran to his Alpha, heels clicking on the tile floor and jumped into his arms, wrapping his legs around his middle and scenting him furiously.

“Take me home and let’s get naked!”

“How much did you drink?” Yoongi asked amused and a little turned on by his Omega’s sudden brazen attitude.

“I don’t know… but I had pina coladas and they were soooo good. But I don’t want to drink anymore, I want you now.”

The Omega followed this proclamation by leaning forward and mouthing over the Alpha’s scent gland, biting and sucking his neck, moaning against his skin as he tightened his legs around him and moved up to whisper into his ear.

“Fuck me Daddy.”

Yoongi’s hands gripped the thighs in his hold reflexively, spasming as he felt his entire body throb at the words. He thought this had to be a dream. There was no way his innocent little Tae had just said those words to him.


Jimin was unsteady on his feet as he wobbled in his heels, the world seemed to be tilting around him and it was making him angry. He wanted his Alpha to carry him.

“Daddy, will you carry me?” The Omega reached his hands up toward Jungkook with a little pout.

The Alpha felt all the blood in his body rush south, making his head spin as he played the words over in his head. Fuck… he was about to cum.

“What did you just call me Baby?” He asked, voice rougher and deeper than usual.

“D-daddy… Hobi said if I want something from you to call you Daddy and you would like it.” Jimin’s voice was accusatory and indignant as he stumbled a little.

“Did he?”

Jungkook caught Jimin as he started to tip over too far, and pulled his Omega into his chest. His little hands curled in the front of his shirt as he looked up at him with wide eyes and pouting lips.

“I do like it, Baby. I like it a lot.”

“Really?” He giggled, pout turning to a smile.

The Alpha leaned down and pressed a kiss over the dark hickey on his scent gland, then licked the slightly salty skin and nipped him gently before moving up to whisper into his ear.

“Say it again.”

“Mmnn… Daddy…”


Jungkook pulled Jimin against him fully, pushing his hard cock against the Omega’s belly and making him let out a little whimper.

Chapter Text

Jungkook and Yoongi got into the back of a cab, both holding their Omegas on their laps, which was completely illegal. Jungkook shoved a handful of cash at the driver, who just shrugged and asked, “Where to?”

They gave him the address for their hotel and the cab pulled out and into the street. The pair of Alphas had never been tested so much as during that cab ride. Jimin and Tae were both squirming in their laps, mouthing and biting over their necks and kissing their Alphas as they whimpered and moaned into their ears a mix of begging, pleading words with the occasional ‘Daddy’ mixed in.

Jungkook felt like he was about to combust as Jimin took his hand and led it under his dress to press against the hard length concealed by what the Alpha knew were lacy pink panties. His Omega held his wrist as he made little movements against his palm, letting out a breathy, quiet little moan right against his neck. Jungkook, who was himself still tipsy from his night of drinking felt his control slipping. He’d never had Jimin so wanton and desperate for him, it had the Alpha diamond hard and aching. He could feel his heartbeat in his ears, hear his blood rushing as his Omega rode his hand.

Yoongi was having an equally hard time with his little flower straddling him and mouthing over his neck, sucking mark after mark into the tattooed skin. His hands were firmly grasped on the Omega’s ass, pulling him flush against his cock. He and Jungkook had been doing shots of whiskey, and his head was far from clear as his mind whirled around one and only one thought. He needed to get inside his little Omega, now. Drunk Taehyung was full of dirty talk, which was a completely unexpected surprise as he whispered things in his ear that he was sure the Omega would be blushing about tomorrow.

As the cab pulled up outside their hotel, the driver was laughing as he told them “Have a good night!” They scrambled out of the cab, Taehyung back to clinging onto Yoongi with his legs around his waist and Jimin in Jungkook’s arms, bridal style as the Omega whimpered moaning pleas into his ear. Jungkook and Yoongi shared a look that said they were both at the end of their rope, half-drunk and nearly unhinged they strode through the doors into the lobby of the hotel that was mostly empty.

Yoongi disregarded Jungkook and headed for one of the conference rooms that could be rented out, but was currently empty. He looked around surreptitiously before bracing Tae’s weight with one hand and entering, closing the door behind him and locking it, thanking the heavens that there was a lock, and it hadn’t been locked from the outside. He turned and pressed Tae up against the nearest wall, finally claiming his lips in a hard kiss. He dominated his Omega’s mouth as he kissed him with feral desire, consumed by his drunken need.

He had always been gentle with his little flower, knowing his delicate disposition and tendency to be overwhelmed, but the Omega was just as savage as him as they devoured each other. The Omega’s hands were tangled in his hair as he held him against his mouth with a punishing grip, moaning into the kiss. His legs locked around him were being used as leverage to grind against him. Finally Tae pulled back just enough to whine against his lips.


Yoongi growled, pressing the Omega into the wall with the entire weight of his body for just a moment.

“You want Daddy’s cock, Honey?”

“Yes. Please…”

“Say it.” Yoongi leaned forward and growled right in his ear. “Say it, little flower. Tell me you want Daddy’s cock.”

“I-I want… your cock, Daddy.” Tae said, face going hot.

“Good boy.”

Yoongi pulled them away from the wall and turned to the long conference table, kicking several rolling chairs out of the way so he could set Tae down on the wood surface. No sooner had the Omega released his legs from around his waist than Yoongi was pulling him off and turning him around, bending him over the edge and pressing him down with a hand on the back of the Omega’s neck. His other hand pushed the short purple dress up and he felt his lace panties grabbed in the Alpha’s hand, and gasped as they were ripped off in one smooth motion.

Two fingers slid inside his throbbing hole and he moaned as his Alpha stretched him, preparing him for what he needed so desperately. The feeling of being worked open was making his body tremble as he longed for the feel of his Alpha’s length sliding deep inside him. Over the weeks since his first time, he’d become dependent on the feel of being taken by his Alpha. Most of the time he was too shy to broach the subject on his own, but his drunken state had wiped all that hesitancy away.

“Fuck me. Fuck me Daddy. I’m ready… please.” The Omega sobbed against the table, far beyond caring about swearing at this point.

He almost came the second he felt the cool metal of Yoongi’s piercing against his heated entrance, gasping at the temperature and feeling himself clench around nothing. The Alpha slid inside in one hard thrust, the hand on the back of his neck spasming and gripping the skin tighter as he heard Yoongi’s soft groan of pleasure.

“You always feel so good. Mmm… you take me so well. You gonna be able to take it hard, Honey? Cause I wanna fuck you hard.”

“I can take it. I can.” His voice was breathy and strained.

Yoongi pulled back and slammed forward, wrapping his free hand around Tae’s hip and using his hand on his nape to pull the Omega back against him as he began to piston his hips. As the Omega’s voice started to rise, he released his nape and slid the hand around to cover his mouth and muffle his sounds as he continued to pound into him with his full strength. He was sure that Tae would have bruises tomorrow and some part of him felt bad, but he couldn’t stop, the fluttering wet heat of his Omega was addictive.

He could feel himself about to cum as Tae’s walls tightened around him, they both raced toward the precipice of their release and leapt off the edge together, the Omega shuddering through his release and shooting his cum against the underside of his dress as the Alpha’s knot formed and he spilled inside him with a deep moan.

Yoongi moved his hand from over Tae’s mouth and leaned down over him to press kisses against his shoulders and nape apologetically. They stayed connected as they both panted and when Yoongi’s knot relaxed he pulled out gently and tucked himself away before helping Tae to stand. He turned him around and sat him gently on the edge of the table as he grabbed his torn panties and shoved them in his pocket. He pressed a soft kiss to the Omega’s lips.

“You okay, little flower? Did I hurt you?”

Tae was still feeling floaty from drinking and the aftermath of his orgasm as he looked up at his Alpha.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Let’s get back to our cabin now.”

“Are you gonna fuck me again, Alpha?”

“Oh yes, Honey.”


Jungkook kept moving as Yoongi split off from him, and he saw him sneak into one of the unoccupied conference rooms off the lobby. Jungkook walked quickly, practically jogging to the exit that led outside. He knew that there was no way they were making it all the way to their cabin before he got inside his Omega. He spotted the little buildings meant for changing into swimwear for the beach and headed for them with no thought other than getting somewhere out of sight so he could get inside Jimin.

As soon as they were ensconced in the tiny space, Jungkook set Jimin down on his feet, then pulled him against his body and claimed his mouth. The smell of coconut rum mixed with Jimin’s orange blossom scent made Jungkook wild with desire. He pulled his Omega against him with hands on his lush ass, fingertips sinking into the perfect round cheeks as he ground their hips together. They were both half-gasping half-moaning into the kiss as their tongues tangled sloppily.

Jungkook slid one hand under Jimin’s skirt and into his soaked panties and pressed a long finger into his tender entrance, making the Omega whimper into their kiss. The Alpha stretched him open as they kissed until he had three fingers moving inside the Omega and he broke their lip lock.

“Is your needy little hole ready for Daddy to fuck you, Baby?”

Jimin was throbbing at the words, hole gushing slick over the hand that had three fingers still pumping into him.

“Ahh… yes… fuck, yes. Ngh… Daddy…”

Jungkook pulled his hand free and unzipped his Omega’s pink dress, pulling the top down until it only hung at his waist and turned Jimin around.

“Brace your hands on the wall, Baby. Daddy’s gonna give you what you need.”

Jimin followed the instruction, and put his hands flat to the wall. Jungkook pulled his hips back and shoved the skirt up. He just pulled Jimin’s panties down right under his cheeks and slid home with a hard thrust that had them both gasping. There was no stopping as he immediately set up a harsh pace, hands wrapping around his Omega’s hips and holding him with bruising force as he pounded into him over and over with hard, punishing strokes.

“Gods, Baby… mmnn… you’re so tight, so wet for me. I wish you were in heat, so I could fuck you full of my pups.”

These words had Jimin crying out, body shuddering and tightening.

“Oh, you like that Baby. You want my pups in you?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck… Alpha. I’m gonna cum… ah, ah, ah…”

Jungkook felt his knot forming, as Jimin came first, the Omega’s wet, convulsing channel bringing him off too as they were locked together by his knot.

Both caught up in their pleasure, neither of them noticed the eyes watching from the crack in the door, or the tiny red light of the camera that was recording them.


The next morning Jimin and Tae were both swearing that they were never ever ever drinking again. After several hours of vomiting, they were both able to keep down some water and aspirin. Feeling unwell made the two Omega’s long for each other. They had a matched set of headaches and were tired, sore and limping as they’d met up outside their cabins. The pair immediately went to each other and hugged, scenting each other and clinging to their Omega life partner instinctually.

They settled in a shady hammock, curled together in their Alpha’s oversized t-shirts, soft cotton shorts and dark sunglasses as Jungkook and Yoongi fetched them things and tried to make it up to them for being so rough. They were sat a short distance away in wooden beach chairs as they watched over their little ones.

When they spotted Hoseok and Namjoon headed toward them, they could tell something was wrong. The Beta had a ferocious look on his face and his cell phone clamped in his hand looked like it was about to snap in half. The Alphas stood at once and headed to meet him, wondering what could have happened.

“Jungkook! Look at this!”

Hoseok practically threw his phone at him and the Alpha caught it, turning the screen and looking at the headline that made his stomach drop. He felt like his heart was trying to escape from his mouth. “Jeon Jungkook of the Band Bulletproof, Caught On Tape With Mystery Omega”

Under the headline was a screenshot of the video. It showed He and Jimin from last night, the picture only showed from the waist up, and both their faces were blurred. But he was immediately wild with anger. That was HIS Omega’s bare skin. They had published a half naked picture of HIS Jimin, with his creamy skin and pink nipples on clear display as Jungkook had taken him. He could feel himself growling and snarling as anger consumed him.

“What the fuck?!”

Chapter Text

“What the fuck!?”

Jungkook was snarling mad, he didn’t think he had ever been this angry before. His hands were shaking and curled into tight fists. He wanted to destroy something. His inner Alpha was chomping at the bit to hunt down the person responsible and murder them.

“Thankfully the video has not been posted yet. They are trying to drum up interest before releasing it. I’ve already contacted out lawyers and this gossip rag is being informed that if they publish the video they will be slapped with a lawsuit that their great grandchildren will still be having to pay off.”

This statement didn’t even make an impact on the hot wall of anger surrounding Jungkook. All he could think was how embarrassed his little one would be by this. He was supposed to protect him, and he had caused him to be hurt, again. He looked over to see Yoongi growling too, as Hobi passed him the phone and let him look at the article. Yoongi was furious. His mind jumped straight to Daeun, who had to be the one who had recorded them. He thought about Jimin being hurt and shamed and it felt like his heart was being squeezed in a fist. He had come to care about Jimin a lot, he’d seen the way the Omega cared for his Taehyung and that made him special to him.

“Who did this?” Yoongi growled as he felt the hot tide of his anger rising until he was just as feral as Jungkook.

“I don’t know, but I have a good guess.” Hobi said angrily.

“Daeun. That fucking bitch.” Jungkook snarled.

The Alpha’s anger seemed to have drawn the attention of their Omegas who were clumsily scrambling out of their hammock and heading toward them with looks of concern. As they reached them, they immediately hugged them, able to sense their distress. The presence of their little ones was the only thing that seemed to be able to reach past the fire of vengeful hatred that was burning them alive and making their hands shake with suppressed fury.

“What’s wrong Jungkook?” Jimin asked, looking up from where his arms were firmly wrapped around his middle.

“I-I’m so sorry, Baby. This is all my fault again.” Jungkook said as he wrapped Jimin up in his hold and crushed him in a tight hug.

“What happened?”

“Here.” Hoseok said, holding the phone out.

Jimin turned in Jungkook’s arms, and the Alpha released him so he could take the phone and read the article. Taehyung looked over his shoulder and read along as Jimin looked at the headline, the scrolled down and saw the picture. His hand went to his mouth and tears filled his eyes as he looked at the picture. How could they do this? His face burned red as he closed his eyes and hot tears spilled over, rolling down his cheeks. He was so embarrassed as he thought of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people seeing his intimate moment with his Alpha.

The phone fell from his grip, falling into the sand as a sob escaped him and his whole body shuddered with it. He hid his face in his hands, wishing he could hide himself completely from the world as humiliation and shame broke over him in waves. Jungkook pulled him into his arms and he could feel the Alpha trembling too, his voice thick with tears as he apologized.

“I’m so sorry, Baby. I’m so sorry. I love you so much. Please don’t cry.”

“Minnie… Please don’t be sad. It’s okay. It’s all gonna be okay.” Tae said as he wrapped his arms around his Omega life partner from behind.

“Don’t be embarrassed Jimin. Being with your Alpha is nothing to be ashamed of. You love each other and the person who did this is the one who should be ashamed.” Hobi said, joining the hug.

“I’m sorry Jimin.” Yoongi added, joining in.

“We’re gonna find who did this. It’s okay.” Namjoon added and joined the big circle of support around Jimin as they all gave him a group hug.

The love and support of his Alpha and his friends helped to calm him as he breathed in the mix of scents of the ones holding him close. Hobi’s words played over and over in his head. He wasn’t ashamed of being with Jungkook. He just didn’t want everyone to see him having sex. Did Jungkook think he was ashamed of him? Jimin wiped his eyes and sniffled before reaching up and wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck. He pressed a kiss to his throat, right over his scent gland.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault. I love you too.”

It was Jungkook’s turn to sob as he squeezed his arms around Jimin. He’d been so afraid that Jimin would be angry, would hate him for this. He should have known better. His Omega was the kindest and purest soul he’d ever met. He felt ashamed that he hadn’t been able to protect his Omega from this. It seemed to him like he was always failing to keep him safe, and his pride had taken a hit as he’d watched Jimin break down. He felt completely deficient as an Alpha and a man. He didn’t deserve Jimin if all he was going to offer him was hardship after hardship.

Jimin wiped his Alpha’s tears and felt a sudden shift in his own feelings. He was now murderously angry. His Alpha had cried, and that was completely unacceptable. Jungkook was so strong, so kind and gentle with him. He wanted to find the person who had done this and hurt them. He wanted them to pay for his mate’s tears with blood. It didn’t matter if they hadn’t done the ceremony yet. Jungkook was his mate, his Alpha and that was final. When he found them he was going to go crazy, he could already feel his inner Omega straining at his control, wanting to find the person responsible and make them pay. Instead he lifted up on tippy toes to press his face into Jungkook’s neck and rain kisses over any skin he could reach until the Alpha had quieted and calmed and the entire group was quiet, wrapped up in one giant hug.

Jimin took Jungkook back to their cabin and pulled him inside. He’d never seen his Alpha so despondent before. It made him feel a deep hollow feeling in his chest that hurt more than he could express. He stripped them both down to underwear and pulled him into the bed. He scented Jungkook’s whole body, starting at his ankles and moving up over his shins, his thighs, his hips, stomach and chest, all the way up to his neck and finally his face where he pressed soft kisses over his smooth skin. He pressed his lips to him all over his face, just soft, brushing caresses that were whisper soft and reassuring.

He wiped the tears that leaked from the corners of his Alpha’s eyes, and continued his gentle scenting. He ran his hands through his dark hair, scratching softly at the scalp as he traced his lips over every feature of his handsome face. He gave special attention to the metal hoops in his brow, his nose and finally, lingeringly on his lips.

“It’s okay Alpha. I love you so much. Please don’t be sad. You’re my everything Jungkook."

“I failed you again… It’s my job to protect you. To keep you safe, and I failed again.”

Jimin felt his heart break at the despondent note in his Alpha’s voice. He felt a swell of protective anger rise in himself. Jungkook always made him feel so safe, so protected and loved. Now it was his turn to protect and to shelter, to soothe and comfort.

“You didn’t fail me. You are always so strong for me, always protecting me. But, why don’t you let me protect you for a little while? You are always my keeper. But that’s the thing about partnerships. You’re supposed to take turns being the keeper, and sometimes you get to rest and be the one who is kept.”

Jimin pressed his lips to Jungkook’s again, soft and light, then laid his head on his chest. He held him there until his breathing was even and still and finally the Alpha wrapped his arms around him and held him too. They lay there for several hours drifting in and out of sleep as they clung to each other, until it was time to get up and get ready for dinner. Just as they were about to start, there was a knock on the door. Jungkook pulled on his jeans and tee and answered it. It was Taehyung.

“Oh, hi Tae. Let me get Jimin.” Jungkook said, but before he could turn away, Tae stopped him.

“Actually I wanted to talk to you. Would you mind taking a walk with me?”

“Um… sure. Hold on.”

Jungkook went back inside and put on his shoes. He told Jimin where he was going and gave his Omega a kiss before heading back out. He and Tae took a walk down the dock then they walked along the shore for a while before the Omega finally stopped and looked up at him. Taehyung’s eyes were infinitely kind and understanding as he began to say what he had called on him to say.

“I know you must be having a hard time with this. Probably much harder than Jimin is having. But… I want you to know that you’re a good Alpha. The fact that this is hurting you is proof of that. I’m so thankful that you and Minnie found each other. I was so scared for so long after what happened with Jiwoo, and you are the one who proved to me that there is hope for love. I don’t think you can know how broken we both were, how scared and how scarred. Jimin is my Omega life partner and I put his care and happiness in your hands along with my trust. I don’t regret that decision, and I never will. What happened was not your fault and I know that Minnie doesn’t blame you. Even though we had each other, we were so alone until you and Yoongi came along. We never had anyone but each other, ever since we were five years old and I was dropped off at the orphanage with a cast on one arm and no possessions except my raggedy little purple blanket and I met a little Omega with two black eyes and a tiny pink pillow clutched in his arms. Jimin showed me the first kindness I ever knew and I promise you this, that I would not have entrusted him to anyone less worthy.”

Taehyung wiped a tear and gave him a genuine, boxy smile.

Jungkook’s throat felt swollen as he listened to Tae’s speech. It bolstered him up and made him feel like himself again. Jimin’s Omega life partner giving him his trust, turning over the Omega’s happiness and future to his hands filled the aching space in his chest that had been hollowed out by his own self loathing and doubt.

“T-thank you Taehyung.”

“Thank you for taking care of Minnie.” Tae stepped forward and gave Jungkook a hug, patting his back and giving him a squeeze. “Let’s head back, it’s almost dinnertime.”

They walked back along the beach, and by the time they reached their cabins again, they were both smiling. As Jungkook walked back into his cabin and saw his Omega, he smiled and swept him up into his arms, lifting him off the ground as he kissed him. Jimin giggled at the return of his Alpha’s playful romantic ardency. Everything was okay.

Chapter Text

As Jungkook looked down at his Omega, he thought he looked ready for love in his simple outfit of jeans and Jungkook’s oversized Rush t-shirt. He smiled at seeing his Omega wearing his shirt and smelling like him. His talk with Taehyung had helped a lot. Jimin had chosen him, and he shouldn’t let anyone affect how he felt, or their bond. He was still angry, still hurt at the fact his Omega had been hurt, but he was also resolved to move past this and focus on his love for Jimin and on their future together.

“Are you okay?” Jimin asked, looking at him with his blue eyes full of love and concern.

“I will be. As long as I have you, everything will be okay.”

Jimin held up his hand and showed the little blue string on his ring finger. “Looks like you’ll always be okay then.”

The Alpha pulled him into a kiss that had Jimin giggling when the simple peck turned into a volley of kisses all over his face. His Omega was everything to him, and he would never let him go. He would do anything to keep him by his side forever. He had no proof, but he was sure Daeun was the one who had recorded them. He didn’t know why she wouldn’t give up, but he was never going to be with her. His entire world was right there in his arms, wearing his faded black t-shirt and looking up at him with sparkling blue eyes.

Dinner that night was another group event, the entire wedding party was gathered in a restaurant on the hotel grounds that was half restaurant half bar. Jungkook and Jimin were immediately surrounded by supportive friends and being consoled. The general consensus was that what the newspaper had done was completely messed up and that they should sue, and the responsible party should be arrested. Jimin was blushing as he realized that these people had seen the article, but he was pleased that they all seemed to be in support of them.

The word of their engagement had spread through the party so they were on the receiving end of a strange mix of condolences and congratulations. As soon as Hyuna spotted him, she was all over him, hugging him and pressing kisses over his cheeks and hair as she apologized over and over that this had happened during her mating festivities. Jimin hadn’t blamed her at all, and he told her so. The only person responsible was the one who had invaded their privacy. As she pulled away, her fluffy red hair tickled his nose and made him sneeze, which in turn caused a chorus of “Awww…” from the crowd around them, and made Jimin blush.

“He’s so cute, like a little kitten…” Jimin heard a female voice say, which only caused his blush to deepen.

He turned and hid his red face against Jungkook’s chest, which only made a titter of laughter go through the crowd. He felt his Alpha shaking from suppressed laughter, and Jimin gave him a soft punch to the arm to make him stop. This had the opposite effect and caused Jungkook’s laughter to break forth instead of cease. Jimin tried to pull away, but the Alpha just wrapped him up and pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

“I’m not a kitten.” Jimin’s voice was petulant as he spoke against Jungkook’s chest.

Jungkook gave him a squeeze, then released his hold so he could turn his face up enough to give him a chaste kiss.

“I love you, little kitten.” Jungkook said with a laugh.

Jimin wanted to be mad, but seeing his Alpha so happy was affecting him and involuntarily making him smile, especially after the events of the morning and seeing him so depressed and down. His laughter was a joy for the Omega who just gave his arm another soft punch.

“I love you too.”

Jungkook wouldn’t let Jimin out of his arms, he spent most of the evening either in Jungkook’s lap or with the Alpha backhugging him as they talked to various people and enjoyed the party. All the available drinks had alcohol, which made the Omega’s stomach turn at the mere thought. He finally wiggled free with a giggle and stopped Jungkook as he tried to follow. He pressed a kiss to the rose tattoo on his hand headed to the bar to get a soda, hoping the caffeine would help the headache he had been dealing with all day. He ordered his coke and only realized he’d forgotten his wallet when he reached for it and found an empty pocket. He thought Jungkook wouldn’t mind letting him borrow a few dollars.

“Sorry. I forgot my wallet. One second, let me get some money.” Jimin said to the bartender, who gave him a small smile and a nod as Jimin turned to go back to Jungkook.

“Leeching off Jungkook already?”

The voice immediately filled Jimin with irritation and his previously jovial mood took a nosedive. Daeun. Of course.

“I’m not… actually nevermind. I don’t have to explain anything to you.”

Jimin turned to leave, when she caught his arm and pulled him to a stop. His skin crawled where her long-fingered hand was wrapped around his forearm. He yanked out of her grip.

“Don’t touch me.” Jimin spat angrily, rubbing at his arm where she’d gripped it.

“What’s so special about you? How did you make him think he loves you?”

Jimin was so tired of dealing with Daeun. He didn’t know what he could say to make her give up. She was bordering on being a full on stalker at this point.

“I didn’t make him think anything. He does love me, and I love him. Please stop doing this. Let go and move on.”

“No. I won’t move on, because Jungkook is MINE. You’re just some Omega slut who probably fucked your way through every Alpha you could find until you hooked your claws into Jungkook.”

Jimin opened his mouth to reply when he heard Jungkook’s voice from behind him.

“I think you’re confusing him with yourself.” The Alpha said, as he walked up and put an arm around Jimin’s shoulders.

People around them seemed to have realized what was happening, as the party slowly began to grow quiet around them.

“What’s so special about him?!” Daeun yelled at Jungkook, eyes mad and hands shaking. “You never looked at me like that! You never touched me like that! You never fucked me like that! What’s so goddamn different about your little Omega whore?! Because he calls you Daddy when you fuck him?”

The party was so silent you could have heard a pin drop, but only one thing had penetrated past Jimin’s shock. Daeun had seen them having sex, and she knew he had called Jungkook Daddy, which he had only done one time. She was the one who had recorded them. She had sent the tape to the newspaper and humiliated him. She was responsible for Jungkook’s pain, his tears.

“It was YOU! You recorded us!” Jimin growled, bearing his teeth instinctively.

“So what if I did? What are you gonna do about it, Omega?” Again, she spoke his Omega status like it was an insult.

Jimin completely lost it. The entire world fell away in that moment and his inner Omega took control in a way he had never experienced. It was like he wasn’t himself, just pure animal instinct. This bitch had hurt his Alpha, had made him cry. He growled low in his throat as he launched himself at her. A mixture of adrenaline and pure, primal anger made him strong as he felt his fist make contact with her nose and he grabbed her hair with his other hand. He rained several hard hits to her face as they hit the floor, and he felt her long nails scrape over his collarbone and down his chest, the fabric of the oversized t-shirt he was wearing tearing.

The fight lasted only seconds, but when he was pulled back, Jimin fought to get back to her. Her nose and mouth were both streaming blood, and her lips looked busted and swelling quickly. He was completely feral and out of control as he growled and snapped, struggling against the hold around his waist. He turned to attack the person holding him but froze when he saw it was his Alpha. He didn’t want to hurt his Alpha. Jungkook was good, he liked Jungkook. He immediately started to purr, as he met Jungkook’s silver gaze. He turned fully and started to rub his face against his Alpha’s chest. Jungkook was trying to push him away, and it hurt. Why was his Alpha pushing him away? He wanted to be close, to be held in his strong arms. A whimper started in his throat as he tried to get closer.

“Baby, you’re bleeding. You need to let me see.” Jungkook said with forced calm.

His Alpha’s voice seemed to bring him back to himself. He blinked a few times and felt some semblance of reasoning return to his mind. He looked down to see four long scratches down his chest that were slowly leaking blood, it was as if seeing the injury somehow turned the dial back up on everything at once. The pain lanced through him where Daeun had scratched him and his hearing seemed to return to him as the boom of the crowd around them came in to focus like he’d just taken earplugs out.

He could hear Hobi yelling, Tae calling out for him amongst the angry murmurs of voices. He reached up to touch Jungkook only to realize he was holding a fistful of dark hair extensions in his hand. He made a disgusted little noise and released them, shaking his hand to get them off. He realized that Jungkook was softly growling and his body was quivering as if he too was trying to hold himself in check. Jimin’s inner Omega was still clawing for control and seeing Jungkook’s struggle was only making it harder to stay in control.

“Alpha…” Jimin whispered, needing help but not knowing exactly what.

His simple plea was the trigger for Jungkook. The Alpha was shaking as he leaned down and picked Jimin up, lifting him with hands under his ass high enough that he could press his tongue flat against Jimin’s chest and slowly lick up the length of the wounds one at a time. As an Alpha, his saliva encouraged healing in the Omega’s skin. The wounds stopped bleeding almost instantly, but the feel of his Alpha’s tongue on his skin was enough to have Jimin’s control slipping too. Hobi’s voice was what interrupted them.

“Let’s get you guys somewhere private before you have sex on the damn bar.” Hoseok half laughed.

The Beta reached to put a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder and Jimin growled at him, snapping his teeth threateningly. Hoseok bit his lip in amusement, but spoke in a calm, rational tone.

“It’s okay, Minnie. It’s just me. It’s Hoseok. I’m just trying to help. You wanna go somewhere alone with your Alpha? Namjoon and I can deal with things here, but let me lead you back to your cabin, okay?”

Jimin nodded. That sounded good, he wanted to be alone with Jungkook. This time when Hobi put a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, the Alpha allowed himself to be led. He didn’t put Jimin down, he wasn’t currently capable of releasing him from his arms. So he allowed himself to be led out of the restaurant and down the walkway until they reached the dock that led to their cabins.


As soon as Jungkook and Jimin were ensconced in their cabin, Hoseok’s face became instantly serious as he turned and walked quickly back to the restaurant. As soon as he walked inside, Namjoon was by his side. His Alpha walked with him as he approached Daeun and stood in front of her where she was now sitting in a chair with a few of her friends around her trying to help staunch the blood from her nose and mouth. Hoseok grabbed her purse and ignored her shout and attempt to get at him. Namjoon stopped her with a hard hand on her shoulder.

“Touch my mate, and what Jimin did to your face will look like a papercut.”

She looked for a moment like she would risk it, but Namjoon was frightening when he got serious, and particularly when he was protecting his Beta. So she sat back down. Hoseok pulled her small camera out of her purse and opened it, turning it on. He found the video of Jimin and Jungkook easily and he felt himself flush with anger. He remembered Jimin’s crying when he’d seen the article, Jungkook’s depression. He turned to her and walked the several steps to stand in front of her chair.

“Joon, bring her outside. We need to have a little chat.”

She tried to protest as she was dragged outside, but no one dared to stop them. Everyone was looking at her with disbelief and disgust. They pulled her outside and around the side of the building. Hoseok stopped and Namjoon stopped too, not releasing his grip on her arm. The Beta took out a cigarette and lit it.

“I have been wanting to deal with you for a long time. The only reason I didn’t was out of respect for Jungkook, but now you’ve hurt my little one and that’s the last straw. So, here’s how this is gonna go. First, I’m gonna tell you some things about me. Then I’m gonna tell you some things about you. Then I’m gonna tell you some things that are going to happen from now on…”

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“I have been wanting to deal with you for a long time. The only reason I didn’t was out of respect for Jungkook, but now you’ve hurt my little one and that’s the last straw. So, here’s how this is gonna go. First, I’m gonna tell you some things about me. Then I’m gonna tell you some things about you. Then I’m gonna tell you some things that are going to happen from now on.”

Daeun was still trying to staunch the blood from her nose with a towel, but she gave Hoseok a look of pure contempt.

“Screw you, Hobi. I’m not scared of you.” Daeun’s words were muffled and a bit slurred.

“That’s funny, since you just got your ass handed to you by the sweetest and most innocent Omega I’ve ever met in my life. If Jimin can do that to you, you should be scared of what I could do.”

Hoseok took a drag off his cigarette, blowing the smoke into the wind. The look he gave her was one of such cold fury that it gave her pause. She had never seen this side of the Beta. Sure, she had seen his contempt, but never this frightening, threatening side.

“So… let’s start with the things about me. I know that you know who I am, but I don’t think you really understand me. I would do anything to protect my family. There was a time that you were included in that, but now you’re my enemy. Jimin however, is included in my family. That’s not good news for you.”

He took another drag off his cigarette.

“Now let’s talk about you. I don’t think you truly understand what you did to Jungkook. He tried very hard to hide it from you all this time. I think he didn’t want to give you the satisfaction of knowing how deeply you hurt him. He was broken. For YEARS. You messed him up to a point that he couldn’t find happiness with anyone because he had no trust. Jimin was the first person who gave that back to him, and you tried to hurt them both and humiliate them. Again, not good news for you.”

Again, the cigarette. At this point Daeun seemed to have built up the courage to speak again.

“That little Omega whore is no-“ Her words were cut off by a hard backhand from the Beta.

“Talk about him that way again and next time I break something.” Hoseok’s voice was deadly serious.

He took another puff from his cigarette and exhaled into the wind.

“So, let’s talk about what’s going to happen from now on. First, you’re going to leave here. Tonight. You are never going to darken our doorstep again. I don’t ever want the names Jungkook or Jimin to pass your stupid fucking lips again. If you have any more copies of the video than you will delete them, and if I see a single screenshot of that video online again, you are going to wish you were dead. I would also recommend finding a good lawyer. You got all that?”

“I don’t have to listen to you!” She spat, a mouthful of blood at him that left a red splatter over his face and neck.

For the first time since Hoseok had started speaking, Namjoon moved. He released his hold on her arm and wrapped his hand around her neck, pushing her back against the building with a growl.

“It’s fine, Joon.” Hoseok said, lifting the edge of his shirt and wiping at his face and neck. “I’ve got this.”

Namjoon didn’t release his grip, but he slackened it so that Daeun could get proper breaths at least. Hoseok finished wiping at his face and took another drag from his cigarette, then stepped forward so he was nose to nose with her. He blew his smoke right in her face, making her cough.

“What you don’t seem to understand here is that I have all the power in this situation, and you have none. You’re going to jail, for a very long time and I don’t think you’ve grasped that. You seem to think that there is some way that this ends happy for you. It doesn’t.”

This seemed to give her pause for the first time. She had apparently not been prepared for the possibility of going to prison. Her features were suddenly shifting from the smug superiority she had been showing thus far to actual fear.

“I’m not going to jail. It’s just a stupid video!” She yelled, but her voice was laced with uncertainty.

“It’s invasion of privacy, sexual assault and revenge porn. All of which are illegal, and I have the proof right here in my pocket.” He patted his jacket pocket. “So, like I said, you might want to find a good lawyer.”

“You can’t do this!”

Hoseok gave her a deadpan expression. “I can and absolutely fucking will. You were right about one thing. Money is actually good to have sometimes. Now leave, and never come back.”

Namjoon released her when Hoseok pulled him away, and they walked toward their cabin together, leaving the stunned Daeun in their wake. Just as they were about to round the corner of the building and go out of sight, Hobi turned back one last time.

“Run if you want. I hope you do. It would please me to no end to have you hunted down by bounty hunters.”

Namjoon let out a snort of laughter that the Beta joined as they continued on out of sight. Namjoon squeezed his mate’s hand and leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. He loved his Beta so much, that sometimes he felt weak with it as his knees went soft and his stomach filled with butterflies. The way Hoseok cared for others, protected them with his strength and determination made him want to fall to his knees and worship the very ground he walked on. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for his mate, and at the moment all he wanted was to show him how much he loved him, how much he was cherished and appreciated. His mate was like the sun, he burned bright and hot. He thought that a lesser man might actually be afraid of him, of being consumed by his fire, but Namjoon knew his mate, he basked in his warmth and light, never fearing his intensity.

He came to a stop and pulled Hoseok to him, wrapping his arms around his waist and looking down at him. He tried to convey with his eyes all the things he was feeling, and like always his mate seemed to understand without needing to be told. The Beta gave him a soft smile and stretched up to press a kiss to his lips softly, reaching his arms up and wrapping them around the back of his neck to pull him in closer. The meeting of lips was slow and languid, familiar. It was a feeling that they both cherished deep down in their hearts as they thanked whatever powers that be that they had each other, their perfect other half.

Hoseok broke the kiss and pulled back, and took a few steps backward. He turned and continued walking a few more steps before pausing and looking over his shoulder with eyes that were somehow both smiling and not smiling, full of love and erotic promise. It was a look of beckoning, a summons that could not be ignored. He followed as his mate began to move again, drawn involuntarily toward him as if he were magnetized. Every once in a while Hobi would look back at him with that same look, and he felt mesmerized by his love for this male, his perfect Beta.

Ensconced in the silence of their cabin Hoseok was the one who reached for his mate, wrapping a hand around the nape of his neck and pulling him into a kiss that was gentle and loving. He felt all his anger and frustration bleed from him as his Alpha kissed him back, Namjoon had always had the ability to make him forget his problems, to calm his spirit and tame his fire. His touch gave his untenable heat an outlet, a direction, and he was able to channel it toward his love for his mate. He wasn’t sure if Namjoon lessened his fire, or if he was simply immune to it.

The slowness of the kiss seemed to set their tempo as they took their time undressing each other, unbuttoning shirts and pushing them off to flutter to the ground, kicking off shoes and unfastening pants to pool at their feet. Namjoon let himself be pulled toward the bed by Hoseok who walked backward, his heart shaped smile a beacon in the darkness. They fell into the bed together, and resumed their kissing, hands roaming and touching, teasing familiar sensitive spots and appreciating familiar curves and edges.

The Alpha took his time adoring his mate’s body with his hands, his lips, his words. He sung his praises with warm searching fingers and hot sinuous kisses and licks, whispers into the cool, quiet night of how much he loved every inch of his skin. Hoseok loved when his mate got like this, it was the purest representation of is Alpha’s feelings for him. Namjoon was his everything and he had loved him since the very first day they had met.

Namjoon stretched him slowly, letting the heat of their passion build as he worked his Beta open and mouthed over the mating bite on his neck. He loved the scar on his neck and everything it represented. They made slow, passionate love moving inexorably with the ebb and flow of the tide that was their desire, and they crested the wave of climax as one, wrapped together in the familiar embrace of their partner.


Jimin and Jungkook were nothing but fire and fervor and pure unadulterated animal drive as they clung to each other. The violence of the evening had them both shaking with adrenaline. The storm of their emotions whirled around them whipping away thought and reason and leaving nothing but the contact between them, the feel of their lover’s body against them in equal temper. Jungkook forced the door open and nearly fell to his knees as he felt Jimin biting over his neck, right over his scent gland. He could feel the vibrations of Jimin’s soft growl.

As soon as Jungkook kicked the door closed, he had Jimin pushed up against the wall and was grinding his hips against him feverishly. He was out of control of his own body. He was nothing but pure instinct and desperation as he sucked another dark hickey into his Omega’s neck. Seeing Jimin fight, seeing him fight an Alpha and actually win had Jungkook’s inner Alpha wild with hunger for his mate. He needed to get inside Jimin, needed to fill him up and knot him over and over until he could take no more. He needed his Omega to see how he affected him.

“You were so strong, Baby. Standing up for yourself, not letting her hurt you.” Jungkook half growled against his neck.

“Mmnn… For you… it was for you.” Jimin was trying to speak but his mind was distracted by his Alpha’s body against him mixed with his inner Omega wanting his Alpha inside him as quickly as possible. “She hurt you… uhn… you’re mine. No one hurts you.”

Jungkook froze at this declaration, his entire body gave and involuntary shudder. His Omega had fought her… for him? He loved his little one so much, it seemed that every time he thought he couldn’t get any more perfect, he was proven wrong. He’d never had someone protect him like that before, and if he had thought about it before he would have assumed it to be emasculating, but it was sexy. It only made him want his Omega more.

He pulled Jimin away from the wall and quickly strode over to the bed as he felt that wild, feral need consume him again. He needed to be inside his Omega. Now. He dropped Jimin on the bed with a little bounce and started pulling off his shoes, by the time they were off, Jimin had his jeans unfastened and was pushing them down his legs along with his panties. Jungkook helped get them off and without preamble slid two fingers inside his Omega, to begin stretching him. Jimin cried out and opened his legs wider, digging his heels into the mattress to help push down against the invading fingers. Soon he had three fingers inside him and was clenching around them, close to orgasm just from his Alpha’s stretching, but before he could cum, the fingers were withdrawn.

Jimin whimpered as the fingers were taken away, but his whimper turned into a shout of pleasure as Jungkook slid inside him in one hard thrust. He looked down his body to see Jungkook still completely dressed, just his jeans were opened to free his cock, standing as he started to move in hard, fast strokes. Jimin was still wearing the torn shirt, but he didn’t care, he was so overwhelmed by the mix of his rebelling instincts finally getting what they wanted and his body being taken by his Alpha. Jungkook used his hands to guide Jimin’s legs open farther and farther until he was in his full split as his Alpha continued to pound into him relentlessly. The slight pull of the stretch in his joints mixed with the near-violent pace of his Alpha’s thrusts had Jimin close to cumming again.

“F-f-fuck! Alpha… ngh… so good… so close. Please… please knot me…”

Jungkook was amazed at how flexible his little Omega was. He’d wanted to see how far he could bend, twist and stretch for a while now, but had never taken the opportunity. His erection was throbbing with desire as he moved inside the tight, wet heat of his Omega, the visual of Jimin’s legs fully split, his own hands on the Omega’s calves holding him open had him almost ready to cum. His cock tingled at the base as he felt his knot starting to form, his inner Alpha was filled with satisfaction at the realization. He needed to fill his Omega, sate him with his seed until he was full and sore and pliant.

“You’re so fucking hot…. So wet… I’m gonna knot you, Baby. Fuck… aaah…. That’s it… so close…”

Jimin came first, his body going rigid and quivering, the pull of muscles against his tendons was near painful as he was still held in his split by his Alpha. Jimin whimpered in sensitivity as Jungkook continued to fuck into him, thrusts growing sporadic and harsh until the Alpha’s knot formed and he pushed in as deep as he could go and groaned low in his throat, filling his Omega with his essence. He continued to jerk and shudder for a few more moments as his body spent itself inside Jimin. They were both panting into the still darkness of the room as they came back down from their orgasms. Jungkook released his hold on Jimin’s legs, finally allowing them to bend and relieve the pull of the stretch.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Jimin panted between harsh breaths.

Jungkook pulled out as his knot relaxed and turned Jimin over, bending him over the edge of the bed before sliding back inside him. The Omega fisted his hands in the bedding and bit the comforter moaning as his tender hole throbbed and spasmed.

“I’m not done, Baby. Nowhere close.”

These words had Jimin burning with heat and aching with yearning. His inner Omega was preening at his Alpha’s need for him, his unquenchable hunger for his body. It made him feel desirable and sexy, but it also warmed him inside as he knew that this was his future mate, his Alpha who loved him and was showing him his devotion with his strength and prowess.


The next morning found Jimin and Jungkook sore, exhausted and contented in their bed. The sun had been up for hours, but the pair hadn’t moved from the comfortable warmth of their covers. Two purrs filled the room with their soft sound as the soon to be mates cuddled and scented each other, soft fingertips drawing patterns on any skin they could reach. Their bond was now stronger than ever, confirmed by their desperate night together. The deep and abiding love that flowed between them was so palpable in their little cocoon of warmth and peacefulness.

Close to noon they finally rolled out of bed to brush their teeth, shower and dress. The mating ceremony was today, and they needed to eat and get ready for the party. They found the other four members of their party having lunch in the little restaurant and were quickly invited to join. Tae molded himself to Jimin’s side the moment he sat next to him, scenting him and wrapping his arms around him tightly. His Omega life partner had clearly been worried about him. Jimin just wrapped his arms around Tae in return and pressed soft kisses to his forehead and cheeks, scenting him back and trying to show him he was okay.

“Minnie… You were so cool. You were kinda scary though. But Hobi says she’s gone now. She’s not gonna bother us anymore.” Tae said as he rubbed against Jimin’s neck, trying to scent him more.

“She’s gone?” Jimin directed the question to Hoseok, who met his curious look with a smug grin.

“That’s right, little one. She’s not coming back.” The Beta smiled and reached across the table to ruffle his blond hair, making him giggle.

Jimin had never felt so happy. Daeun was gone, and now he could just enjoy the mating ceremony for his new friends with all the people he cared about with him. He couldn’t stop smiling as the realization washed over him. It was like a crushing weight had been lifted from his chest. He wouldn’t have to fight anymore or be mean. The Omega didn’t regret being strong for his Alpha, but it had cost him a great deal to act in such a way. Jimin just wanted to be himself and be happy. It almost made him want to cry as he felt so freed by the knowledge that all he had to think about now were good things. He just gave Tae a squeeze and turned his head toward his Alpha, poonching his lips out so Jungkook would lean over and give him a kiss.

The mood around the table was now easy and joyful as it usually was, the cheerful atmosphere of their group returning and filling Jimin with light and love.

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It was only as Jungkook watched Jimin sprinting after Tae down the beach, laughing as he tried to catch his best friend as they raced toward the area where their cabins were that he realized how much Jimin had been suffering. The change had happened slowly and the signs had been subtle, but now that they were gone, he could see so clearly how his Omega had been affected. He hadn’t heard his high clear laugh and seen this true smile, the one with that made his eyes disappear into little crescent moon slits since their first day here. His smiles had been just a little too forced, a little too stiff except perhaps when he’d been playing with the pups. It filled him with joy to see his innocent little Minnie running after his friend, catching him and two of them tumbling into the soft sand, laughing and crowing with delight. He had missed this so much. Yoongi next to him seemed to be in the same boat, as his expression mirrored his own where he walked beside him.

“That really makes me feel good to see.” Hoseok said from behind them where he and Namjoon were following along.

“Yeah, I guess I hadn’t really noticed that they weren’t their usual selves until just now.” Namjoon added as he leaned over and gave his mate a kiss on the temple, then gave him a little push in the back. “Go on, I know you want to go join them.”

Hobi’s lips stretched into that heart-shaped smile and he jogged off toward the Omegas who were just getting up from the sand. They both collapsed again as the Beta started to tickle them and poke softly at their ribs, making them tumble back into fits of giggles. They could hear them squealing and squeaking with laughter as the cried out, “Hobi stop! I can’t breathe!” and “Tickles, it tickles! Quit it!” By the time they reached them, all three had red cheeks and eyes shining with tears of laughter. Their Alphas couldn’t help but think that they had never looked more beautiful. Happiness was a good look on them.

Hoseok commandeered their Omegas as well as Jungkook and Jimin’s cabin to get ready for the wedding, kicking the Alphas out so he could help his little ones. Both Tae and Jimin were nervous as they dressed in their expensive suits and styled each other’s hair and doing their light makeup. They studied themselves in the mirror with apprehension, would their Alphas like them like this? They had never looked so masculine before. Hobi seemed to understand their fears without needing an explanation.

“They’re gonna love it. You two don’t see how much those Alphas love you, and they’re gonna love this too.”


Jimin’s suit was black with a dark grey tie, his hair styled back up off his forehead, he looked like an elegant businessman. Taehyung’s suit was also black, however he didn’t wear a tie, his collar was left open for a few buttons showing his clavicle. Hobi’s suit was black too, and the Omegas thought it was all very somber, but when they’d picked them, the Beta had assured them that their Alphas would love the dark colors. They trusted their friend and when the time came and the Alphas knocked on their door to fetch them for the ceremony, the trio was floored by the appearance of their partners.

Jungkook felt his head spin at seeing Jimin looking so different from his usual soft and dainty self. Yoongi was about to melt into a puddle at his Omega’s beauty. This masculine side of their Omegas was just as beautiful as their feminine sides. They looked so handsome and refined in their dark suits. They offered their arms and Jimin and Tae took them and allowed themselves to be led toward the beach where the mating ceremony was to take place.

Jimin giggled as he looked at their party and realized that everyone was wearing black, and for once he and Tae actually kind of matched with them. At least they didn’t stick out quite so extremely. He and Tae were still shorter and slighter, and their lack of visible tattoos and piercings was a bit of a giveaway, but it was as close as it ever got. He looked up at his Alpha and found him already looking at him, the intensity of his future mate’s stare made him blush and look away, suddenly shy. Jungkook leaned down to whisper in his ear.

“You’re so handsome tonight my love.”

Jimin’s blush increased. Jungkook had never called him handsome before. Pretty, beautiful sure, but never handsome. It filled him with unnamed emotions of happiness.

“You look handsome too.”


The ceremony was beautiful, the chairs were set up on either side of an isle that was sprinkled with flower petals, and at the end a gauzy sort of tent, draped in more flowers. They began just as the sun was setting, casting the scene in reds and pinks. As they listened to the vows of the bride and groom, Jimin felt himself tearing up. He always loved mating ceremonies and when he felt Tae’s hand reach for him, he glanced over to see tears pooled in his friend’s eyes too. He squeezed his hand to show that he too was affected. Even Jungkook found himself misting up a bit as he listened to Hyojong make his vows to his Omega and he imagined doing that for his Jimin.


The reception took place in a large ballroom draped in lights and flowers, the tables all surrounding the center where a large dance floor took up the lion’s share of the place. When Hyuna tossed the bouquet, it was caught by a smiling and blushing Taehyung, who used the flowers to hide his face as he realized everyone was looking at him. This made everyone laugh and one of the Alphas watching from the periphery pushed Yoongi out toward him. Tae fled into his embrace, using his chest as a hiding spot instead, which made everyone coo and aww at their display.

There was champagne and food and celebration. The atmosphere was one of joy and expectation. Couples danced on the big dance floor, twirling and stepping together to the different rhythms. Jungkook and Yoongi took their Omegas out and led them through a few waltzes and other slow, easy dances before settling back at their table with Hobi and Namjoon. However not long after they sat down, a song started up with the light and thrumming melody of a tango beat. This song had Jimin and Tae reaching for each other at once, they laced their fingers, palms pressed together as they looked into each other’s faces with excitement. They turned toward their Alphas who were watching this interaction with interest.

“Do you mind if we go dance together?” Jimin asked with a big smile.

Their Alphas just shook their heads, watching in fascination as they jumped up and practically ran to the dance floor. The other four members of their party followed to the edge of the dance floor to watch, curious. It was only in that moment that Jungkook and Yoongi realized they had never seen them dance together. Not real dance, they had seen them do fun, playful little twirls and spins around the apartment, but never a real dance. They took their first position, a few feet apart as the song thrummed and plinked through the complicated melody and they moved together at once.

The pair of Omegas had the most amazing chemistry while dancing, it was clear that they had been dancing together for most of their lives. Their eyes fixed on each other as they met in the center, clasping palms and walking slowly around each other in a slow circle. They seemed to sway and undulate with the beat, their movements starting slow and building with the song. Jimin used the grip of their hands to pull Taehyung to him, and the met in the center. Jimin didn’t hesitate to pull Taehyung’s hips right to his and move them together as they began the complicated dance.

Their feet moved as if lighter than air, carrying them across the floor in smooth, rhythmic steps. People around the dance floor seemed to slow and stop, more interested in watching the show than dancing themselves. Everyone slowly backed away until Jimin and Tae were the only two left on the floor. The entire wedding party seemed to be surrounding the space, watching as the pair of beautiful Omegas danced in the center.

Jimin turned them, and dipped Tae back as the purple haired Omega pulled his knee up and wrapped it around Jimin’s hip. Jungkook and Yoongi were watching this with gaping mouths, they had never seen this side of their Omegas before. They were so sexy and sensual as they moved, but as Jimin pulled Tae up and their faces were mere inches from each other they both laughed, full of innocent joy at dancing with their Omega life partner. Jimin twirled Tae away and pulled him back to meet again in the center where they resumed the steps that were like a little war. They moved their feet like they were jostling for position.

Everyone let out a collective gasp as Jimin lifted Taehyung easily and he rolled over his shoulder, wrapping around his body and landing in perfect form, one leg straight to the side, one bent, back arched. Jimin pulled him up and twirled him away again before pulling him back in and wrapping an arm around his waist, holding him to his body as they began to move through the quick steps of the dance again. Their Alphas watched this with absolute awe. They’d had no idea that Jimin and Tae were capable of this level of dance. It was the sexiest thing they’d ever seen.

At first it had seemed like Jimin was leading the dance and Tae following, but they naturally seemed to switch back and forth. One moment Jimin was leading, lifting his friend up again and rolling his weight until he was resting on Jimin’s shoulder, then sliding down to land on one foot, the other ankle still resting on Jimin’s shoulder as he fell into a split with ease and Jimin dragged him back a few steps, then shrugged his shoulder and the ankle on his shoulder rolled off and Tae’s foot landed back on the floor. Then Taehyung took the lead, spinning Jimin around and pulling his back to his front, wrapping his arms around him and holding him there for a mere moment before grabbing his wrist and lifting it up spinning him around in fast, circles that stopped suddenly with them again face to face.

They met palm to palm as they returned to their previous stalking circling, but this time faster than before. It was Taehyung who moved first this time, pulling Jimin in and turning them as the beat of the song hit its final climax. Their feet were moving faster and faster and as the song came to a close, Taehyung gave Jimin one final spin and dipped him back with a palm against the back of his neck holding him up, one of Jimin’s legs came up and Tae caught the leg in his other hand as he too easily did a full split. He jerked his arm forward that was holding Jimin’s nape and released his other leg at the same time and on the final note of the song, they met in the center again, palms pressed together.

They were laughing and breathing a little heavy as the song ended and they turned to see their Alphas watching them from the sidelines. The rushed over to them, curious what they had thought of their dance. It seemed so odd how innocent and unaware they were of their own beauty and talent, and how much they affected the people around them. They simply loved to dance together and to them the dance had been like playing, not showing off. They had just heard the familiar beat and rushed to the floor. Hoseok had a hand pressed to his mouth to keep the sounds inside as he looked at his bandmates and their reaction to their Omegas standing before them, looking up with that guileless expectation that he had never seen on anyone else. The Alphas looked like a stiff wind would knock them over.

“What did you think?” Jimin asked Jungkook, hands playing with the edge of his black jacket.

“Did you like it?” Tae asked looking at Yoongi shyly and bunching his hands in the front of his white shirt.

Applause exploded from all around them, startling the two dancers who had been focused on their Alphas and making them jump. There were choruses of wolf whistles and shouts of approval that made the pair of them shy again and they both moved forward into their Alpha’s chests, hiding again. They were used to applause and cheers for their dancing, but it felt strange to get it in this casual setting. This wasn’t a performance, and they hadn’t been taking it seriously. It made them want to hide in their Alpha’s arms until their faces stopped being so red.

Jungkook and Yoongi were still speechless as they wrapped their arms around their Omegas and laughed as they nuzzled in farther to hide from the applause that had turned into laughter at their embarrassed reactions. Hoseok put a hand on each of their backs and led them back to their table where Jungkook and Yoongi pulled their Omegas into their laps and started scenting them and pressing soft kisses to their faces and necks, making them giggle and squirm.

“I thought you guys were ballet dancers.” Hobi said curiously.

“We are. But that’s not the only dance we know. We know lots of dances.” Jimin said between giggles as Jungkook was still showering him with affection.

“Mm-hmm. We know a lot of dances that we learned from school, or that the other dancers at the company show us too. One girl was trying to show us how to ‘twerk’ I think it’s called. I’m not good at it, but Minnie can do it!”

This statement caused a bark of laughter from Hoseok and groan of pain from Jungkook. They really had no idea.

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As much as Jimin and Tae had loved their island vacation, the Omegas were so glad to be home. The weeklong excursion had been a rollercoaster of emotions for them both, which had left them tired, sensitive and clingy, not only with their Alphas but with each other. They were currently curled up in Jimin’s nest in their shared nesting room as they discussed something very serious. Their heats. The pair had lived together long enough that their cycles were more or less synched up. They usually went into heat within 24 hours of each other, and it was drawing close to their next cycle. They kept their voices in low whispers as they talked.

“Should we go back to the doctor to get more medicine?” Tae asked quietly.

“I don’t know… I mean, I want Jungkook to be with me… but what if he doesn’t want to?”

“I want Yoongi to be with me too. But we could get pregnant… and we’re not even mated. The nuns said that that makes you bad to do that.”

Jimin twisted the bottom of his white pajama top nervously. He and Jungkook were engaged, but they weren’t mated. He wondered what to do. He watched as Tae bunched his hands in the front of his hoodie and bit his lip, looking upset and mirroring the feelings Jimin was wrestling with.

“Should we just ask them? It’s not like we can hide it. We have nowhere else to go…” Jimin murmured as he looked into his friend’s honey eyes.

“I guess so. Yoongi is always nice when I ask him stuff. I think it will be okay.”

They climbed out of the nest and followed the sound of their Alpha’s laughter mixed with the background noise of a video game out into the living room. They hesitated in the doorway as hey watched Jungkook and Yoongi playing some racing game as they laughed and shoved each other, trying to cheat. It made some of their fear dissipate to see their Alphas, but not all. A lot of the time the fear of the embarrassment was worse than the actual event. They knew that their Alpha’s loved them and would understand what they were going through. Their pre-heats were just making them emotional and irrational. They trusted Jungkook and Yoongi.

As their round came to a close, they both seemed to spot their Omegas in the doorway, looking hesitant and a little scared. They were so cute in their pajamas but, Jimin was playing with the edge of white tank top that was over his pink and blue plaid shorts and tall socks and Tae had his hands bunched in his oversized purple hoodie, feet clad in purple socks. They were frowining and looking at the floor mostly, but occasionally glancing up at them. Jungkook hadn’t seen this mood on them in a while and wondered what had them upset.

“Come here little ones. Tell us what’s wrong.” Jungkook said.

He and Yoongi both opened their arms and their Omega’s immediately came to them, but not close enough to be pulled into their laps. It was clear that something was bothering them. Yoongi could clearly see that his little flower was trembling nervously as he bit his lip and looked at the floor. His first instinct was to go to him, but he suppressed it, in favor of waiting and watching them as they seemed to be building up courage to speak. Jimin was the first to do so.

“Can we talk to you about something… um… kinda serious?”

“Of course. What’s going on? Are you guys alright?” Yoongi replied quickly muting the TV, he and Jungkook both sitting forward to rest their elbows on their knees, attentive.

Jimin continued to wring the hem of his shirt and look awkward for a few moments before looking at Tae who met his stare with a pleading one. He felt braver knowing that he was helping his Omega life partner. So he started with a blush.

“Um… our heats are coming soon. Normally we get medicine from the doctor and take turns injecting each other with sedatives, but… we were wondering um… what we should… do?”

Jungkook and Yoongi were both struggling to keep themselves in check and not respond to the pure arousal that the concept of serving their Omegas during their heats stirred in them. Jungkook cleared his throat and forced himself to think rationally.

“What do you want to do? Do you want us to help you?”

“Yes… but, what if we get pregnant?” Tae asked, blushing all the way up to the roots of his lavender hair. “We’re not mated… and I don’t think I want to have pups until I’m mated…” The Omega pulled the collar of his big sweater up to hide behind until just his eyes peeked out.

“Me too…” Jimin said, wrapping his arms around himself protectively. “It’s not that I don’t want to have your pups. I do. It’s just… we haven’t even been mated yet… I’m sorry.”

They both seemed to be cringing away, like they were afraid of being scolded for speaking their feelings. It still hurt both Alphas to see them so scared, to see that fear directed at them. They understood why the pair would feel that way, and knew it was a mixture of their upbringing and life experiences. They didn’t want them to feel like they couldn’t come to them with any problem, that they had to hide their feelings.

“Come here, little ones.” Jungkook said softly, reaching a hand out and seeing Yoongi do the same.

Finally, their Omegas came to them and let themselves be pulled into their laps.

“It’s okay. Don’t be scared.” Jungkook whispered as he hugged Jimin to him and felt some of the tension leave his small body.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, little flower.” Yoongi murmured against the top of Tae’s head as he curled up in his lap.

They stayed like that for a while until the Omegas were both more calm and relaxed, it took a while of scenting and soft kisses pressed to faces and hair for them to get comfortable again. It helped calm the Alphas to have their Omegas in their arms. Their inner Alphas wanted nothing more than to put pups in their Omegas, but at the same time, their rational parts told them that they would have plenty of time to do that in the future. This was about keeping their little ones out of pain and suffering during an event they had no control over. So they just held them and tried to offer support.


Hoseok was the one who came up with the solution the next day at band practice, and as soon as he spoke the words both Alphas wanted to slap themselves. They had been so wrapped up in the suffering of Tae and Jimin that they hadn’t seen the obvious solution.

“What about birth control?”

Both Alphas perked up and looked at each other. Was that a possibility? Of course, they knew that birth control existed, and what it was for, but they had never considered it. Hoseok read their faces and scoffed.

“You two are so dumb. I swear to god… I will make an appointment and take them to get birth control. Do you at least know when their heats are supposed to start?” Hobi asked.

“Uh… they just said soon.” Yoongi rubbed the back of his head as he realized he and Jungkook were both idiots.

The Beta sighed. “I will go pick them up from dance practice today and talk to them about it. I can’t trust you guys with anything. It’s a damn wonder you found Omegas…”


As soon as Tae and Jimin saw Hobi outside the dance studio they ran to him at once, purring and scenting him, trying to talk and scent him at the same time. He just laughed at their cuteness, and noticed how strong their scents were. He was going to kick their Alphas asses for being so dumb. This situation was so easily avoided if they had just used their brains, to be fair they had never had to care for Omegas before, but they should have thought ahead. He couldn’t be mad at his little ones, they were so cute and sweet as they both hugged him together, purring at his closeness.

“What are you doing here Hobi?” Jimin asked smiling up at him.

“I came to talk to you about something. Do you want to go to my house and we can have some tea and talk for a little bit?”

“We’ve never been to your house! Yeah, of course we’ll come.” Tae squeaked as he squeezed him tight.

Tae and Jimin were a bit intimidated by Hobi and Namjoon’s house. It was very nice and clean, but everything was dark and modern to a point of looking severe. They looked around and followed close behind, holding hands nervous to touch anything, afraid to break the expensive looking art that decorated the place. They sat on the sofa as the Beta made tea and brought it out before sitting between them when they scooted to make a space.

“So, your Alphas talked to me about your problem and I have a solution. I know your heats are coming, but you’re not ready for pups. Have you thought about birth control?”

“No, we didn’t think… but that’s perfect. Then we could be with them even during heats and everything.” Jimin said, eyes sparkling with hope.

“Yes, you could. Let’s call and make you a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow after dance practice.”

“Hobi you’re the best!” Jimin squeaked

“We love you so much!” Tae added.

They piled on top of him trying to hug and scent him, making the Beta laugh. His little ones really were too precious for words.

“I love you guys too.”


The next day Hoseok took the pair of Omegas to the doctor and stood to the side as they talked to the doctor and he wrote their prescriptions. He pulled Hobi aside before they left to speak privately.

“Have either of their Alphas ever dealt with an Omega in pre-heat before?” The doctor asked with a serious look.

“No. Why, is there something they need to know?”

“It’s a very hard time for them, and they are going to be very hormonal and emotional. They need to make sure to be patient and kind with them. Especially these two, they are so tender hearted. I’ve been their doctor for almost three years and I would hate to see them get hurt. Please tell them to do some research.”

“I can guarantee that they will be looked after properly. Because if those Alphas hurt them… let’s just say they will sorely regret it. Even if they are my friends.”

Chapter Text

Sometimes Hoseok was extremely scary.

Jungkook and Yoongi were getting a taste of that firsthand as they sat in their practice room with Hoseok standing in front of them with hands on his hips and a look of ‘listen-up-and-listen-good-or-else’ all over his face. Namjoon was standing off to the side, enjoying the show and admiring his mate.

“So, I’ve been doing some research about Omegas and pre-heat and heat. I have already emailed you both a list of websites and articles to read, and you better read them. Here’s the deal. Your little ones have about three weeks until their heat, and they will be going into pre-heat any day now, their scent is already starting to get stronger and they are getting more physically affectionate. I noticed that right away.”

“Okay… so what do you want us to do, and why are you looking at us like you are about to threaten our lives?” Jungkook asked warily.

“Because I am about to threaten your lives.” The Beta said with a serious look. “First, you are going to fix both your beds up as a nest so they can get comfortable and safe in your rooms and there will be a nice, cozy and familiar place for when their heats come.

“Second, you are going to be so damn nice and caring with them that you will make Bob Ross look like Godzilla. They are going to be extremely emotionally sensitive, and the wrong word from you will break their little hearts. You’re their Alphas and that means you only say nice things to them, don’t say anything that even savors of criticism. You tell them everyday that they look pretty no matter what. I don’t care if they haven’t showered in days and are wearing the biggest, ugliest sweatpants you’ve ever seen. Period.

“Third, they are going to be having heat cravings soon, and that means you better get them what they want. If they want cake at 3 AM, then you better get to the damn store. They’ve never had anyone but each other to help them and I know that’s been hard. I don’t want them to hurt anymore or worry about anything.

“Lastly, they are apparently gonna be horny as hell, and that means that you are responsible for making them feel desirable and fulfilled. Rejecting an Omega in pre-heat can cause a lot of emotional problems, and make them feel unwanted and affect their self-esteem. So it’s your responsibility to make sure they are happy and loved. If you hurt them or make them feel unwanted or upset while they are so vulnerable I will end you. I don’t care if we are friends. Those two are the most defenseless and caring little Omegas I’ve ever met, and the idea of someone hurting them… I can’t even go there.

“Look, I trust you both and I know you’re good Alphas, but I need you to put forth your best effort for them this time. They have never had anyone to care for them during this time and tell them they are loved and beautiful and perfect. I just want them to have that, I want them to be happy and loved. Please do this for them.”

Jungkook and Yoongi listened attentively, soaking in the information and processing it. Hoseok really cared about their Omegas and that made them both so happy. It didn’t matter that he was threatening their lives, because if they hurt their little ones they wouldn’t need the Beta to kill them, they would simply die.

“Don’t worry Hobi. We’re going to take care of them, and I promise that if I hurt Jimin, I will willinglly let you kill me.” Jungkook said with a smile.

“You know we won’t hurt them but thank you for taking care of them.” Yoongi added.

Hoseok pulled them into a hug. “Alright. Lecture over. If you need help, you know you can call anytime.”

Namjoon came over and patted the other Alphas on the back in his fatherly way. Just as they were packing up to leave for the day, their manager called them in a fit. Apparently their recent recording session was completely ruined by equipment failure, everyone except Namjoon, whose booth had recorded perfectly. He begged them to come in and re-record right away. They had promotions coming up that needed the recordings done as soon as possible.

“Who’s gonna pick up Tae and Minnie from dance practice?” Jungkook asked, looking around at the little group.

“I will.” Namjoon offered. “My audio recorded fine, so I can go get them and take care of them for a few hours until you guys are done.”

Hoseok looked at his mate with soft eyes. He imagined his Alpha caring for the little ones all by himself and it made him want to pull him into a kiss. He knew Tae and Minnie weren’t totally comfortable with Namjoon yet, but he hoped that this would help them along. His mate was such a good Alpha and a kind and generous person, he just had a hard time expressing that sometimes. Hoseok handed the keys to their car over and reached up to press a kiss to his Alpha’s lips. He scented him lightly before pulling away.


When the two Omegas came out of dance practice, they were surprised to see Namjoon waiting for them next to the SUV instead of their Alphas or Hobi. They walked over to him, and looked up at him. He was very tall, taller even that their Alphas, and his shoulders were broad and square. He was a little intimidating, just from sheer size. But he smiled at them kindly and leaned down a little, resting his hands on his thighs so he could be closer to their heights and not tower over them so much.

“Hey. So, there was a problem at the studio with the recordings, and everyone else had to go in to do some last minute stuff, so it’s just us this afternoon. Is that alright?”

His smile made him much less scary, he had nice dimples and pretty teeth. They remembered that this was Hobi’s Alpha, he had to be good, right? He was speaking kindly, and they didn’t sense any danger from him. They both caught his scent and it was very nice, it was like peppermint. He smelled kind of like Christmas and it made them smile and nod. They had never been so close to fully take in the Alpha’s scent before, but they both liked it very much.

“Where are we going?” Jimin asked, looking at the Alpha with his curious blue eyes.

“Well, there’s a nice café close by called Serendipity. I thought we could go there and get you guys a little snack and then we’ll take it from there. I know you have to be hungry after practicing.”

Tae clapped his small hands and did a bouncy little jump, smiling his big boxy smile. “That’s my favorite place!”

“Perfect. Let’s go.”

Namjoon insisted on paying for their coffee and cakes. They were both in heaven as they ate the dark chocolate cakes that were ambrosia to their heat cravings, and the Alpha had noticed how they were eyeing the little mini-cheesecakes in the glass case. He’d helped Hoseok do all the research about heats and pre-heats, and he knew that they would have intense cravings, particularly for sugary things. So he left them for a moment and came back with two of the tiny cheesecakes and set them in front of them with a smile. They looked up at him with big glassy eyes and pouty expressions, like he had just set a bar of gold in front of them.

“I know you wanted them. Eat up, you need your strength.”

He sat across from them as they nibbled their little cakes, watching them and feeling fond. He thought of how they were with his mate, always sitting with him and scenting him, playing with his many rings. He also thought of how Jungkook and Yoongi had been since meeting them. The Alphas were so much happier and healthier. He had only seen them smoke one cigarette each in the last month, whereas they both used to go through a pack a day. Their moods had been up, minus the interference of one stupid bitch who shall remain nameless.

“So, how has your work been? Do you have any upcoming performances?” The Alpha asked, as he leaned an elbow on the table and rested his chin on it.

“Yeah! We have a big showcase coming up and we have solo performances, and me and Minnie have the two secondary leads for the big performance! We just found out this morning.” Tae squeaked happily, hands balling into excited little fists as he quivered with happiness.

“Wow, that’s amazing. Are we going to be able to come watch?”

They both froze and looked at him with surprise. “You want to come… watch? But, it’s ballet… isn’t that boring for you guys?” Jimin asked.

“Of course not! Hobi and I would love to come watch you dance, and I’m sure Jungkook and Yoongi would be thrilled. You did plan on asking them, right?”

“Not really. We didn’t think you guys would like it… Jiwoo always said… ballet is for girls and no self-respecting Alpha would want to come to that kind of thing…”

Jimin’s face turned down and his shoulders curled in. It made Namjoon want to go find that asshole and knock out whatever teeth Hobi had missed. Tae wrapped an arm around his Omega life partner and pressed a kiss to his cheek. Namjoon reached across the table and laid his large hand over Jimin’s small ones that were balled together on the table in front of him.

“That Alpha is a fucking asshole, whatever he said to you are complete lies. We would all love to see you dance.”

Jimin seemed to relax at his words and the little hands below his uncurled and wrapped around his bigger one, giving it a squeeze. “I would love for all of you to come see us dance too.”

The more time they spent sitting with Namjoon, the more they started to like the Alpha. He was actually really nice. He asked them easy questions and listened to them attentively, adding in little comments here and there. He even asked if their Alphas were treating them right, and if they needed anything. It took a while, but Jimin realized what it was about him that drew them in. He was like… an Appa. At least, what Appas always seemed like on TV. He was making sure they were happy and provided for, and for two Omegas who had never had an Alpha platonically interested in their welfare, it was like having an old dream come to life in front of their eyes.

“So, is there anywhere you need to go? Anything you wanted to do?” Namjoon asked as they finished their coffees.

“Well… we both need to buy new pointe shoes, ours are both getting worn out and we need to break in the new ones before the showcase. Would you mind taking us to the store?” Jimin looked up at Namjoon who just nodded and pulled out his keys.


He drove them to the store and followed them inside, watching as they browsed the shelves of pointe shoes and other dance related items. They both paused in front of a display and pointed at the matching lavender and baby pink shoes, smiling and whispering as they leaned close to the glass. Namjoon thought they were perfect for them, but the Omegas moved on shortly afterward. He walked up to the display and looked at the shoes, wondering why they didn’t purchase them. He read the little placard that described them. They were hand-crafted artisan pointe shoes and the price tag below marked them out at three hundred dollars a pair. Was it the price tag that kept them from buying them?

He heard them ask the assistant for their sizes in other shoes and he pulled her aside, telling her to bring them out pairs of the pretty, lavender and pink shoes to try. As soon as they opened the little boxes that the assistant handed them, they both shook their heads and tried to hand them back, but he could see the way they glanced down at them longingly.


“Just try them on. What could it hurt?” Namjoon said from behind them, patting them softly on their heads.

They shared a look and a little shrug before toeing off their shoes and slipping the satin shoes on and tying the laces up around their ankles. He watched them where they sat on the bench, holding their feet up to look down at them and admire the shoes. Then they stood and lifted up onto their toes to test them. He thought it looked painful, but they seemed to do it with ease, just lifting up until the line of their ankle went straight down to their toes and they balanced perfectly on the very tips.

“Minnie! They’re so comfortable… So much better than the ones we have.”

“I know, but… we can’t afford these, or we’ll have to lessen our donation this month.”

Tae’s face fell and the Alpha wondered what they were talking about. What donation? Now that he thought about it, he knew they got regular paychecks from the dance studio, and without the burden of rent they should have extra money.

“What donation?” Namjoon wondered if he was being rude by asking, but he was really curious.

The Omegas relaxed their feet, and fell back down to stand normally. They both looked shy, as if they’d forgotten he was there and listening to them. He watched as their nervous little habits started up, Jimin twisting the end of his shirt, Tae bunching his hands in his. He thought they were very childlike in a lot of ways, but it was so endearing.

“We, um… we donate most of our paychecks to the orphanage where we grew up. We’re saving up to replace their playground, the one they have is not very nice.” Jimin spoke this like he was embarrassed.

He wondered if they were embarrassed because they were orphans, or because of their charity? Neither of those things were cause for them to shut down like this. He thought they were very kind to give what they could to others. He wondered if Jungkook and Yoongi knew this, and thought that they probably didn’t if the way the pair had reacted was any indication.

“That’s nice of you to do that. Do you go visit often?” He didn’t know what kind of reaction they had expected from him, but his question made them relax and smile.

“We try to go often, but we haven’t been in a while.” Tae said as he sat down and started to unlace the shoes, and Jimin followed suit.

They put the shoes back in their boxes with sad little smiles as they looked at them. Namjoon took the boxes from their hands and walked to the counter. They deserved something nice, and he didn’t mind buying them this little gift. He heard them clamoring after him and turned to see them hopping toward him while they tried to put their own shoes back on.

“No, no, no! You don’t have to buy those! Really. We can get cheaper ones.” Jimin was saying as he slipped his second pink flat on.

Namjoon just smiled and handed his card over to the cashier. They reached him at the same time and tugged at his shirt, looking up at him pouting. Their petulant little tugs on his shirt and the looks on their faces made him laugh. He just patted them on their heads again, then turned to sign the receipt.

“How about I buy you these, then we can go by and visit the pups at the orphanage?”

This suggestion seemed to make them happy again, but they still frowned at him when he handed them their little bags with the new shoes inside. He pulled out his keys and led them to the car.

“Namjoon, you really didn’t have to buy these… you guys are always buying us stuff.” Tae pouted as he sat in the backseat with Jimin.

“Hey, if I didn’t buy those for you and my mate found out, he’d kick my ass.” Namjoon said with a laugh.

Jimin and Tae looked at each other skeptically. “Hobi wouldn’t hurt anyone. He’s nice.” Jimin argued.

Namjoon smirked, they were so innocent. They had no idea that his mate was incredibly capable of hurting people and had done so on their account more than once.

“If you think that, you should ask Hobi the story of how we met.” Namjoon said as he pulled away from the curb.

Chapter Text


Namjoon got the address for the orphanage from Jimin, who helped direct him from the backseat. As he pulled up outside, he thought the place looked rather dreary. It was a big Victorian style house that was aging poorly and looked like it was in need of repairs. The pups that he saw playing outside all looked healthy and well cared for however. He spotted the old playground that looked like it had probably been there since the 70’s and was in dire need of an upgrade. They all got out and as they walked up the path to the house there were little titters from the kids as they watched the visitors. There was finally one call that had all the kids running for them.

“TaeTae and Minnie are here!”

All the little pups swarmed them, trying to get close to the pair of Omegas who were laughing and trying to hug everyone at once. The pups all nuzzled into their hands as they reached out to them, like overeager kittens, seeking attention. Namjoon felt his heart melt at the sight. They were so adorable as they crouched down and got rained with kisses from tiny Omega pups. Namjoon noted that they all appeared to be Omegas, and looked toward the placard on the building, “Sister Margaret’s Home for Omegas”, and it made sense.

As he looked toward the house, several nuns in their black dresses and white habits appeared in the doorway, looking out on the scene with smiles. A few more pups squeezed between them and ran out from the house to see the Omegas too. They were absorbed into the little crowd as they all tried to get the attention of Jimin and Taehyung at once. After a few minutes of this, the nuns made their way down into the little crowd to greet the pair with warm hugs and smiles that were returned in kind. After a few minutes, Jimin pulled away and ran back to the car, rummaging through their bags and retrieving two envelopes that he pressed into the nun’s hands, ignoring their gentle chastising.

“You really don’t have to.”
“You already do so much for us here.”

Tae and Jimin just pressed kisses to their cheeks and hugged them again. “We just want to make sure everyone has what they need. Don’t worry about us.” Tae said as he pulled back.

“Oh, this is Namjoon.” Jimin indicated toward the Alpha. “He’s a friend of our Alphas. Namjoon, this is Sister Irene, Sister Wendy, and Sister Joy.” He introduced the trio of elderly female Omega nuns.

“Alphas? Since when do you have Alphas?” Sister Joy asked reaching out and patting their cheeks.

Both Jimin and Tae blushed and the little pups around them giggled.

“It’s been about two months now… sorry we haven’t visited in so long. Did you get our mail at least?” Jimin asked.

“Yes we did, you two are too good to us here.” Sister Irene added. “I know you want to visit with the little ones, so we’ll get out of your way. Make sure to come say goodbye before leaving.” She turned to Namjoon. “Namjoon, was it? Would you like some tea?”

The Alpha scratched the back of his head awkwardly. Of all the turns he’d expected for the day, having tea with nuns was not one of them. “Uh… sure.”

He followed them up onto the big porch and took a seat in an old metal chair next to Sister Irene while Sister Joy and Sister Wendy disappeared to get tea. He watched as Jimin and Tae talked with the pups, and eventually everyone scattered as they started up a game of tag. Namjoon smiled as he watched Jimin slow down purposefully to let a particularly tiny Omega catch him and tag him.

“You are a friend of their Alphas? Do you know… are they treating them well?” The nun asked, looking at him with worry in her eyes.

“They are treating them very well, and my mate is making sure of it. If they ever hurt them, he’d kick their as-… butts.”

The nun smiled at his almost slip of a curse word. “I’m so glad. I worried that they would never find mates. They are so lonely, they always were ever since they arrived here.”

“You knew them then? You were here when they arrived?” Namjoon looked at her as she watched the scene on the lawn.

“Yes… sad days. Jimin arrived first you know, and he was so small. Undersized and underweight, covered head to toe in bruises and cuts, two black eyes like a little panda. He was so scared then, he flinched at the smallest noise, the tiniest movement. We thought we were going to have to take him to the hospital since he wouldn’t eat, no matter what we offered, he refused to eat for days and days… but he got better once Tae arrived. Taehyung was the only one who could convince him to eat. For a long time, he would only eat from Tae’s hand.”

Namjoon felt the tears pooling in his eyes as he pictured what she was describing and looked out at the laughing, smiling blond that was chasing a little black haired girl in their game of tag. He cleared his throat that was getting thick with tears.

“And Tae?”

She sighed. “Just as bad… if not worse. He arrived only four days after Jimin, he was too thin as well, but not like Jimin. His little arm was in a cast, the police told us that his Appa broke his arm in a fit of temper… terrible thing. He was just as scared as Jimin, cringed away from any touch, wouldn’t let anyone hold him or scent him except Jimin. He had awful nightmares, he’d wake the whole house in the night whimpering and shrieking… We had to hold him down so he wouldn’t hurt himself. Finally we thought to move Jimin into his room and that helped some. The only time he would sleep was when Jimin was there. A couple tried to adopt Taehyung once, but the pair of them both cried for two days straight… pining after one another. Jimin stopped eating again until the couple brought him back. It was cruel to separate them, and we never could find anyone to adopt them both. So they stayed here until they were seventeen.”

Namjoon felt a tear fall and wiped it away, looking out and watching Taehyung pick up a chubby little boy and swing him around, pressing kisses to his face and making him giggle and crow with laughter. Only now did he realize how much the Omegas had been through, and how strong they had to be to get through everything they had endured. He sniffed and wiped his eyes as the other two nuns came back out, one carrying a tea tray and the other a big book, a photo album.

They served him tea and gathered around him, handing him the photo album. He opened the book to see a picture on the first page that made the tears gather in his eyes again as he looked at it. A pair of little baby Omegas, maybe five years old… Jimin and Taehyung curled up together in a tiny little nook between the wall and what looked like a desk. They were snuggled under a ragged purple blanket and resting their heads on one small pink pillow. He could make out Jimin’s black eyes and Tae’s purple cast. Tae’s hair was sandy blond, which must be his natural color.

“That’s from the first day Tae arrived here. They bonded almost at once. I remember Tae crying and watching Jimin approach him so slowly, just inches at a time until he could pet his hair. He just latched on to Jimin and wouldn’t let go, and they just stayed like that for hours and hours.”

He turned the page to see more pictures, Tae still had his cast for the first few pages, but Jimin’s bruises disappeared slowly. He kept turning and it was like watching them grow up in fast forward. Pictures of them holding their ballet slippers, of them dancing, pictures of their high school graduation and more, some of them were pictures from days like today where they played with groups of pups in this very yard, climbing on the old playground. The last picture looked pretty recent, it was of them arms around each other’s shoulders, smiling as they stood in front of the old house. Namjoon touched the last photo and smiled. It was like a storybook and this was the happy ending.

As he went to hand the album back to Sister Irene, she pushed it back into his hands.

“Will you give this to their Alphas? Please tell them… tell them what I told you today. Please make sure they understand what they’ve been through. Tell them to be kind to our boys. Show them this so they know how special they are and how much they have suffered already… don’t let them hurt anymore.” There were tears in Sister Irene’s eyes as spoke.

“Of course… I will. I’ll make sure they are safe and happy. I’ll treat them like they were my own flesh and blood.”

Namjoon sat on the porch with the sisters, watching the pups play with Tae and Jimin for another hour until it was starting to get dark out and it was time to go. His phone rang just as Tae and Jimin came up onto the porch, it was Hobi.

“Hey, Joon. Where are you? We’re at the apartment.”

“I took Tae and Minnie to run some errands and things, I’ll explain later. We’re about to head that way. I’ll see you soon.”

“Okay. Love you.”

“I love you too, Darling.”


As they walked into the apartment that Minnie and Tae shared with their Alphas, the Omegas were clinging onto Namjoon’s hands. Hobi felt his heart melt at the way that his little ones were looking up at his mate with pure adoration and smiles of complete joy. They were both carrying a little pink bag and Namjoon had a thick book tucked under one arm. The Beta wondered what kind of adventures they’d had during their day together. The pair of Omegas looked exhausted. As they saw Hobi and their Alphas they broke away from Namjoon and ran to Hoseok first, holding up their little bags and showing him.

“Joonie bought us new pointe shoes! He said you would kick his butt if he didn’t buy them.” Tae said as he brandished his bag in front of him.

‘Joonie?’ Hoseok thought, smiling. How cute.

“Oh! Let me see.”

They took their boxes out and opened them to show the pretty satin slippers. Jimin’s were pink and Tae’s of course were purple. He could see why his mate had bought them, the way they looked down at them with awe and longing, was too obvious.

“Wow. Very nice. What else did you do?”

“We had coffee and cake, then he took us to buy shoes, then he took us to the orphanage to visit the pups!”

This news came as a surprise to Hobi, Yoongi and Jungkook, who were all gathered together now to see the happy pair.

“Oh…” Hoseok looked up at his mate, who shrugged. “Was that fun?”

“Yes! We haven’t been to visit in months, and it was great to see everyone.” Jimin smiled and it made them realize that it was a good thing, they had wanted to go there.

“Hey!” Tae said suddenly. “Do you want to come to our showcase? Joonie said that you guys would want to. Minnie and I have solos and we’re also dancing the leads in the big performance!”

They all agreed enthusiastically, which made the Omegas glow with happiness as they held their new shoes to their chests and giggled happily. Their Alphas finally pulled them into hugs, unable to resist them when they were so effervescent with joy. Namjoon patted them both on the backs softly and addressed them.

“You two had a long day, why don’t you go take a bath and relax. We need to talk about band stuff. ‘Kay?”

“Okay!” They said together.

They turned to leave and took a few steps, then both turned back at once and ran to Namjoon wrapping their arms around him together and squeezing him tight.

“Thanks Joonie!” Tae said.

“Thank you for everything!” Jimin added.

They ran off together and the four bandmates watched them go. As they disappeared around the corner, Namjoon pulled the album from under his arm.

“I’ve got something to show you and talk to you guys about… it’s… not gonna be easy to see or hear.”

Chapter Text

“What’s up Babe?” Hobi asked, looking at the book in his mate’s hands curiously.

Namjoon led them all over to the sofa and they sat, he sat on the coffee table in front of them so he could face them all. He sat the album in his lap and ran a hand over his face, as if he could push the urge to cry back inside his body with physical touch. He took a deep breath and started.

“First, I was wondering… did you guys know they donate most of their money to the orphanage where they grew up? We were at the store and they were looking at those shoes I bought them, and they said something about not buying them because they would have to lessen their donation this month. When I asked them about it, they got shy and finally admitted to donating most of their paychecks to the orphanage.”

“I had no idea…” Jungkook said, but thought it seemed like the kind of thing they would do.

“Me neither.” Yoongi added, and Hobi just shook his head.

“Hm… so I asked if they wanted to go see the pups at the orphanage, because they said they hadn’t been in a while, and they said yes. So I drove them over there and… guys, the way the pups all love them. It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They introduced me to the nuns that raised them, and they invited me up onto the porch to have tea while Jimin and Tae played with the pups. They told me some things…” Namjoon sighed again, and ran a rough hand through his hair.

Hobi reached forward and cupped his mate’s face, brushing a thumb over his sculpted cheekbone. “What is it, Babe? What did they tell you?”

“The one I talked to, Sister Irene, she was there when they both arrived. Jimin arrived first, and… she said he was covered in bruises and cuts all over. He had two black eyes and was afraid of everything. He flinched at every noise, every movement, and… he was malnourished and undersized. He wouldn’t eat at all, she said they almost had to take him to the hospital because he wouldn’t eat for days and days…”

Namjoon wiped at his eyes and took a shaky breath, looking up to see the three on the couch also had eyes full of tears. Jungkook had known about Jimin’s black eyes, Tae had told him during their talk on the beach, but he’d had no idea it was so bad. His heart felt like it had a puncture and all his lifeblood was leaking from him as he pictured a tiny Jimin, so hurt and afraid, all alone. He swallowed thickly and felt the first tear escape and roll down his cheek.

“She said that Tae was the only one who could get him to eat, and he would only eat from Tae’s hand for a long time. But Tae too… he came four days after Jimin, and when he arrived his arm was in a cast. His Appa broke his arm in a fit of rage, and he was scared too. She said he cringed from everyone, he wouldn’t let anyone hold him or scent him except Jimin. She told me how Tae was crying and Jimin approached him and petted his hair… Tae just latched onto him and wouldn’t let go.”

Yoongi’s stomach felt like it had turned to lead as he listened and imagined his little flower as just a baby, a tiny pup who was so vulnerable and defenseless, scared and in pain. His heart was being slowly carved from his chest by the knowledge, but he didn’t stop Namjoon, he couldn’t. He needed to know everything, even if it hurt him, he needed to know what had happened to his Omega.

“Nightmares… she said Tae had bad nightmares, and would wake up everyone, whimpering and screaming in the night. The sisters had to hold him down so he wouldn’t hurt himself… and eventually they moved Jimin in with him and she said that helped some. He slept better with Jimin there.” Namjoon had to stop again as his voice cracked.

“I can’t even imagine what they went through before the orphanage… no wonder their so attached to each other.” Hobi said, voice stuffy like he had a cold.

Yoongi and Jungkook both had hands pressed to their mouths to try and keep themselves from sobbing as they pictured the things that Namjoon was saying. It was too much to bear, thinking of their precious little ones being so small and alone, abandoned by their parents after years of abuse. They’d had to fend for themselves their entire lives, relying only on each other because it was safe. The fact that they had allowed the Alphas into their lives at all showed a strength of spirit that left them bereft of words to express what they felt.

“That’s not even the worst thing. Apparently at one point a couple tried to adopt Taehyung, but they both wouldn’t stop crying for two days straight. They were pining for each other, missing each other so badly that the couple ended up having to bring him back. She said Jimin stopped eating again when Tae was gone… No one would adopt them together, so they stayed at the orphanage until they were seventeen.”

Jungkook made a quiet sound, a hiccupping little breath as his sob caught in his throat. It seemed to break the dam for all three who were suddenly gasping breaths at the story, trying to reign themselves back in and get control. It took a couple of minutes, but they eventually managed it. The truth of their little one’s childhood was so horrible, so upsetting for their Alphas and for Hobi who looked at them like his own. Once the sadness was under control it was replaced by anger. They felt murderous at the parents who would hurt them, abuse them and abandon them. It was a miracle that they had grown up to be happy and healthy, and not become drug addicts or worse. If they hadn’t had each other for support, what would have become of them?

“The nuns gave me this.” He held up the thick album. “They asked me to tell you what they told me, so you would understand, and to show you. They wanted me to ask you to make sure they are happy, and not to hurt them. They’ve been through so much, and I know you two will take care of them.” He opened the album and flipped it around so they could look at the first picture. “This is from the first day Tae arrived.”

The three leaned close to study the picture and felt their tears returning. Tae and Jimin, so small, curled together. Jimin’s black eyes were clearly visible, and the arm that held Taehyung was skin and bone, the joint of the elbow looking overlarge in comparison. Tae’s purple cast laid on top of Jimin’s side, trying to hold him. The picture held them transfixed, unable to look away from the image that was both horrible and beautiful. Hoseok pressed a hand to the picture, longing to reach through it and into the past and save them from the pain they were in.

“My poor babies.” Hobi said shakily.

“Jesus Christ… they’re so… tiny.” Jungkook whispered as his hand too reached to touch the picture.

“Fuck. I can’t… I can’t…” Yoongi’s voice was just a quaver as he too touched the picture.

They stared at the picture, taking in every detail for a few minutes, until finally Namjoon moved their hands away and started to flip the pages. They let the Alpha slowly turn the pages and they studied the pictures, watching as the Omegas grew. Jimin’s face transformed from the gaunt and hollow cheeked boy covered in bruises to a healthy, slightly chubby little boy with his blond hair and rosy cheeks. Then the roundness of their baby faces changed slowly into the faces they knew and loved today, the final picture of them standing in front of the orphanage smiling had all three of the males on the sofa touching it again.

As they studied the last picture, they heard Jimin and Tae coming down the hall. Their voices were happy and giggling as they appeared in the doorway. Taehyung had his arms wrapped around Jimin’s middle and the blond was tickling his ribs, making him giggle and squirm. Their hair was wet and they were wearing adorable silky pajama sets, Jimin’s baby pink with little black hearts and Taehyung’s a pretty lavender.


“Minnie! Stop! It tickles. It tickles!”

Tae started to tickle Jimin back, which lead to a quick ceasefire. “Okay! Okay! I give up!”

They looked toward the group in the living room as they finished up their little tickle fight and seemed to catch on to the somber mood. They both stopped smiling as they looked at their Alphas whose eyes were red and brimmed with tears. They had been crying. They rushed forward at once and wiggled into their partner’s laps, scenting them and pressing soft kisses to their faces, trying to comfort them.

“Don’t be sad Yoongi. What’s wrong?”

“Kookie? Why are you crying?”

They both looked to Hobi as they heard the album close. Simultaneously the Omegas looked at the book in his hands. They knew what it was, they had seen it many times at the orphanage. How did it get here? They’d noticed Namjoon with a book earlier, but hadn’t thought much of it. Had the nuns given it to him? Why were their Alphas crying? Jimin reached forward and took the album from the Beta’s hands, opening it to the first picture and looking at it. Everyone gaped as Jimin smiled and laughed at the sad image.

“Look TaeTae! It’s from the day we met.”

He turned the album so that the other Omega could look at the picture too. Taehyung smiled as well, taking the album and looking at the picture closer.

“Aww… we were so small then.” He turned to look at his Alpha. “Was this what made you sad?”

“Little flower… how can you smile at this? Doesn’t it… upset you? Doesn’t it make you sad?” Yoongi asked, arms tightening around his Omega.

Tae giggled. “No. This was the best day of my life. This was when all the sad stuff ended. When I met Minnie everything got better.”

Tae reached a hand toward Jimin who grasped it and squeezed, smiling back at him.

“That picture isn’t sad. It’s happy. So happy. That was the day all the bad things stopped.” Jimin said, petting over Jungkook’s black hair.

These words seemed to freeze everyone as they processed his words. The way they looked at this sad memory with a silver lining was incredible. And in that moment they all realized that to them this truly wasn’t sad. Their meeting had brought them so much, happiness, companionship and love. The most important parts of their lives had come down to that very moment, of two little boys facing each other and finding comfort and trust for the first time.


That night as they lay in bed, Jungkook rained kisses over Jimin’s face, pressing his lips over his eyes and cheeks over and over, remembering how they had been black and purple in the pictures. He was so lucky to have his little one here with him, so fortunate that he’d found this one perfect bastion in the raging sea of his life. Jimin had saved him, helped him get over his past betrayal from Daeun and move forward into a brighter future. A better life than he could ever have imagined.

He laid his Omega out and kissed him slowly, passionately. He took his time touching and caressing, appreciating every inch of skin he could find. He opened him with his fingers and made slow, sweet love to him in the quiet of their room, taking his time in a way that he had not before. He wrapped his arms around his soon to be mate and thrust into him with gentle, languid movements that took them both higher and higher slowly, until they climaxed together, holding each other in trembling arms.

Across the house, Yoongi too was worshiping his Omega. He grazed his fingertips over the arm that had once been in the purple cast and realized that it was the same arm that had been ravaged by the vase. The attention seemed to make his little one shy, but Yoongi just remained gentle and kind as he kissed the golden skin and nuzzled it until Tae relaxed and started to purr. It made his heart swell to feel his little flower’s trust in him.

They eased together in the silent night, the blanket of stars above them from the big window the only light as they took pleasure and comfort in each other’s bodies. It was a quiet and restful kind of ardor that they rode slowly together, the love they felt building and finally coming together in a crescendo of warm, gentle pleasure. Yoongi realized how much he loved his beautiful Omega and remembered him catching the bouquet at the wedding, hiding his face behind it as everyone looked at him. If that wasn’t a sign, then nothing was. He needed to make his little flower his forever.

Chapter Text

It took two days for Jimin and Taehyung’s pre-heat to kick into effect. Their Alphas had read every article Hoseok sent them and did plenty of independent research on their own. They had fitted up their beds with canopies and pillows, letting their Omegas arrange everything inside to their liking and comfort, each day bringing them new soft things to add to their heat nests. They showered them in praise until they were happy and purring, curled in their laps, soft and pliant to their Alpha’s summoning hands. They scented them each time they showered or bathed, the Omegas getting upset by the lack of their Alpha’s scent on them.

They noticed the subtle changes in their appearances as their heats drew near, their soft pink lips reddened and grew fuller, swollen and plush, nipples darkening as well, growing puffy and soft, tender to the touch, and their bodies went into reserve mode, putting on weight to face the hard days of their heats, they grew a little soft around their bellies, thighs and ass. Jungkook and Yoongi couldn’t get enough of them when they were like this. When they stripped them bare each night, they took time worshiping their bodies with hands and mouths, delighting in their increased sensitivity and making sure to milk every orgasm they could manage before they let them sleep, then again in the morning.

However, they knew the real deal had started the first time they burst into tears. Jimin and Taehyung were watching a movie on the TV in the living room, while their Alphas sat off to the side, going over sheet music for some of their new songs, making little changes and improvements. Both Alpha’s heads snapped to the side when they heard the hiccupping sounds of two sets of crying. They were on their feet and over to the sofa in seconds, sitting and pulling their little ones into their laps and scenting them gently to help them calm down.

“What’s wrong, Baby?”
“Why are you crying, little flower?”

They looked toward the television and immediately understood what had caused the crying. The movie showed a new mother holding his newborn pup. Jungkook glanced back and forth between them and saw that they had their hands pressed against their stomachs as they cried. Their Omega instincts were pulling at them, their heat hormones making them crave pregnancy. It was the fundamental, biological drive of an Omega’s heat, it made them want their Alpha’s pups, even if their higher thinking knew they weren’t ready.

“A-Alpha… “ Jimin sobbed, turning his face into Jungkook’s neck and shuddering as he cried. “I-I can’t have your pups! W-w-why did I get that stupid shot?”

These words only increased Taehyung’s crying too. They were upset because their bodies and minds were at war between feeling, instinct and higher reasoning. Jungkook and Yoongi both thought over what they had read and knew they needed to get their Omegas to a safe, private space. They needed their Alpha’s comforting and reassurance. They shared a look and a nod, standing and carrying their crying Omegas off to their rooms, tucking them into their carefully prepared nests and climbing in with them.

Jungkook pulled Jimin against him, letting the Omega whimper and cry into his chest. It made his chest ache to see his Omega so upset, but he knew this was just the beginning. Their pre-heat would last for about a week and a half to two weeks and from what he’d read, crying was going to be a constant companion until it was through. He petted Jimin’s hair softly, before wrapping both arm around him and pulling him against his body. One article he’d read said that being held against their Alpha’s body with strong pressure was soothing, so he squeezed Jimin to him and pressed kisses over his face and neck.

“It’s okay, Baby. It’s okay. I love you so much. You’re my Omega and I love you. Just relax… deep breaths… that’s it little one. You’re doing so good, just take your time.”

He held Jimin with that same tight embrace, measuring his breaths and feeling him slowly start to calm down until his breaths were easy and regular. He started to loosen the tightness of his arms, but Jimin whimpered against his chest until he returned the previous pressure, causing the Omega to sigh with contentment. Apparently, this method was good for calming his little one. He made a mental note to keep it in mind when his Omega needed to calm down again.

Jimin started to wriggle upwards, and Jungkook helped him scoot up until he could kiss his Alpha. The Omega immediately opened and whimpered breathy little puffs through his nose as Jungkook’s arms held him tighter and the Alpha kissed him back, sliding his tongue into Jimin’s mouth and plundering the warm cavern with his talented tongue. Now that the sadness was banked, soothed by Jungkook’s words and the feel of being held tightly in his arms, Jimin’s body channeled that emotional energy into desire for his Alpha. Jimin’s body was sensitive as his pre-heat hormones warred inside his small body, his nipples were sore and tingling, his hole clenching around nothing and leaking slick already as his cock hardened and pressed into his Alpha’s hard stomach. Jimin broke the kiss to whimper and plead.

“Alpha… mnnh… please.”

“What do you want, Baby? You want me to make you feel good?”

“Yes… please, will you…” Jimin faded off and Jungkook watched his face darken red in the dim light of the room.

“What is it? You can tell me what you need. I just want to make you feel better. What do you want me to do, little one?”

“C-can you use your mouth on my… hole?” The last word was just a whisper, but it made his entire body burn to hear his Omega asking for him to eat him out, knowing his little one liked it.

“Oh yeah, I can definitely do that… Here, let’s get you out of these clothes first.”

Junkook released his hold on Jimin and sat up, turning to help the Omega pull off his big pink hoodie and slide his wet panties down his legs. Jimin tugged at his shirt and he pulled that off too, along with his pants and underwear so they were both naked in the confines of the nest. Jungkook laid back and used his hands to encouraged Jimin to sit up.

“Come here, Baby. Straddle my chest, bring your pretty hole to me so I can lick you open.”

Jimin did as he was told and moved to straddle Jungkook’s chest, and he felt the Alpha’s hands on his hips and he guided him to turn with his back to him and settle back against his face, he felt the Alpha’s hands move to his cheeks and hold him open. He gasped as he felt the first hot drag of his tongue over his sensitive entrance. His hands were braced on the Alpha’s chest, and he was trembling as Jungkook began to lick him in earnest, laving back and forth over him, gently prodding and pulling back, never fully entering, just teasing little stretches that had him gushing slick right into his Alpha’s mouth and crying out as he got closer and closer to his orgasm.

When Jungkook finally pushed his tongue forward and penetrated him, Jimin’s arms went weak and he leaned forward farther as he quivered on the edge of release. He looked down and saw Jungkook’s hard cock just inches away from his face, and suddenly he wanted to taste it, so he dipped his head down and gave a kittenish lick to the head. He felt Jungkook hesitate for a moment before returning to his ministrations, sliding his tongue in and out of the Omega in velvety thrusts. Jimin tilted forward and parted his lips over Jungkook’s length and let it slide into his mouth. He felt Jungkook moan against his hole, the subtle vibrations making him moan in kind around the hard length in his mouth.

Jungkook tapped his thigh and Jimin pulled back and released the Alpha from his mouth before lifting his hips upward and looking back over his shoulder. His Alpha’s lips and chin were glistening with his slick and it made him throb with desire as he looked at him. Jungkook’s voice was rough and deep when he spoke.

“Push back on me, Baby. I want you to ride my tongue. Can you do that sweetheart?”

Jimin nodded, unable to speak beyond an affirmative little ‘uh-huh’. Jungkook grabbed his hips again and started to guide him back against his mouth.

“That’s good, now come back here. Let me make you feel good.”

Jimin leaned back down and wrapped his lips around the Alpha’s tip, sucking softly and beginning slowly to move. As he shifted forward he took more of the Alpha’s hard cock into his mouth and as he pushed back he felt Jungkook’s tongue slide inside him, lapping at his inner walls. He rocked back and forth, caught up in a war within himself of wanting more of the Alpha in his mouth and wanting more of his tongue inside him. His cock was trapped beneath him rubbing against the hard muscled chest of his Alpha.

It took an embarrassingly short time for him to get back to the edge of his release, and as he approached his end he released the hard length from his mouth to gasp and push back harder against Jungkook’s probing tongue. His arms were shaking, trying to hold himself up, his thighs quivering on either side of Jungkook’s chest, his abs clenching up tight as he was finally pulled under the the tide of his orgasm, his cum spurting from him and onto the Alpha’s chest and stomach as he sobbed with pleasure.

Jungkook helped Jimin to shift forward so he was sitting on the Alpha’s chest. Jimin’s shaking hands were still gripped on his hips, holding himself up with difficulty. He lifted up and got off of the Alpha, needing his help to move as his muscles were weak from his recent orgasm. As he moved, he looked down and saw his Alpha’s still hard length, jutting out from his hips. He wanted it inside him, he wanted to feel his cum hot inside his body, so instead of falling to the side to rest like he’d originally planned, he stayed on his knees and looked over his shoulder.

“Alpha… take me. I still need you inside.”

As Jungkook sat up to comply with the request, he positioned himself behind Jimin and slid inside his slick, heat with a deep moan at how hot he was inside. His approaching heat was making his temperature just slightly higher than average, but it made the velvet channel of his entrance feel burning hot and perfect around him. He decided that pre-heat couldn’t be so bad if it made his pretty Omega want for his body like this, little did he know that this was only the beginning stages of what would be a two week long test of will and self control.

Chapter Text

As Yoongi laid Taehyung in the nest he’d made on their bed, the Omega was still crying and whimpering with hands pressed against his flat belly. It made his stomach drop to see his little flower so upset. He thought hard about all the things he’d read about pre-heat and comforting your Omega. The first thing that came to his mind was skin to skin contact, so he gently eased Tae’s soft purple sweater off over his head, leaving him in just his white cotton boyshorts before pulling his own clothes off until he was just in his boxers.

He started at the Omega’s knees and slid up his body, scenting him and letting him feel as much of his skin as possible. He moved upward and laid his body on top of his Omega, holding most of his weight up on his elbows, not wanting to put too much weight on him. This seemed to help, as his breaths began to ease for a moment, but Yoongi could still feel the hands between them, pressed against his belly. He decided to try praise and comforting to see if that would help.

“Honey, it’s okay. I’m right here. You know I love you, you’re my pretty little flower.” He peppered soft kisses over his cheeks. “Try to breathe, everything’s gonna be okay. I’ve got you.”

This helped and the sobbing toned down to a quiet hiccupping of tiny wet breaths. One more idea came to his head from a study he’d read about. He slid down his Omega’s body until he was faced with Tae’s chest, the swollen nipples peaked in the cool air. He gently licked over one, and heard the little hiccups stop. He opened his mouth and gently latched on to the sensitive bud, sucking gently. This was supposed to be comforting, it supposedly had something to do with sensation of nursing. He didn’t fully understand the psychology part, but it appeared that it was true because Tae had stopped crying, and the stiff, clawing hands between them had relaxed.

The little hiccups were slowly replaced by a soft purr as the Alpha continued to softly pull on his Omega’s nipple with gentle sucks. The hands that were previously pressed to his stomach slid out from between them and found their way into the Alpha’s silver hair, holding him to his chest. He switched to the other side and gave the other nipple the same treatment until Tae’s sounds changed again and the purr turned into little whimpers and Yoongi could feel his arousal press into his belly. His little flower was getting turned on by having his nipples played with.

Yoongi smirked against the skin as he pulled a little harder, his comforting turning to pleasuring now that Tae was not crying anymore. He heard a gasp from his Omega and bit the soft pink bud just a little. The Omega shuddered and cried out, the hands in his hair tangling and grasping at the strands, holding him in place as his back arched and he pressed into the hot mouth. Yoongi slid his hands under the arch of his Omega’s back and lifted him as he sat up. He positioned himself sitting crosslegged and Tae settled into the little cradle that his legs made, wrapping his own around the Alpha’s waist. Yoongi continued his gentle assault on the Omega’s nipples, feeling the wetness against his crotch slowly grow and soak through both their underwear.

He knew Taehyung was close but the little gasping sounds of his breaths and the way his body was jolting with little spasms, the hands in his hair shaking and the grip spasming. He redoubled his efforts, switching back and forth, he slid one hand down Tae’s back and into his wet cotton panties. He slid his longest finger down between his perfect round cheeks to put a gentle pressure on his entrance, not pushing inside, just circling the little ring of muscle with a gentle finger. The small touch did the trick, his Omega’s legs tightened around him and he felt him go completely rigid for a few moments before he fell apart completely, shivering and jerking in his lap as his orgasm wracked his body.

As Taehyung came down from the high of his release, he felt his Alpha hard between them and as he felt the hand begin to pull out from his panties, he whined and pushed back against it. He wanted more. He wanted his Alpha to take him. He realized for the first time that the urges of his pre-heat could finally be fulfilled and he wanted to cry from relief. He was tired of hurting, he wanted to feel good for once, and he knew Yoongi would help him. His Alpha would make sure he didn’t hurt any more.

“P-please Alpha… I need you.”

“Alright little flower, don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”


Taehyung lay in bed, tossing and turning, he looked over at the clock on the nightstand to see it blaring in red 2:00 AM. He couldn’t sleep, he was hot and he wanted something sweet and he couldn’t get comfortable. He was about to roll over again and try to go back to sleep when he heard the little chime of his cell phone getting a text. He reached under his pillow to grab it and saw a message from Minnie. He smiled and opened it.

Minnie: TaeTae I can’t sleep and I’m hungry. Do you want to make pancakes?

Tae smiled and hugged his phone to his chest. Minnie always knew exactly what he needed, it was like they were twins, totally in sync with each other. He quickly typed back a message.

TaeTae: YES! Meet me in the kitchen!

Taehyung quietly sneaked out of bed, crawling out of the nest and trying not to wake Yoongi. He used the light of his cell phone to navigate to the drawer and pick out a pair of panties, then found his Alpha’s discarded Iced Earth t-shirt, pulling it on and silently padding out of the room and heading for the kitchen. Jimin was already there, Tae smiled when he saw that Jimin was dressed like him, in Jungkook’s Iron Maiden shirt that Tae was sure the Omega had claimed as his own. He went to his Omega life partner instantly, wanting to be held, and wanting to be scented.

They hugged and scented each other for a few minutes, purring at having their best friend close. They loved their Alphas, but there was a kind of comfort that they only felt with each other, and it was nice to preserve the usual rhythms of their pre-heat, and middle of the night pancakes was a tradition. They started gathering ingredients only to realize that they definitely didn’t have everything that they needed. They had no syrup, and no eggs. They looked at each other with longing for a few moments before Jimin spoke.

“Let’s get some pants on and go to the store.”

“How? We don’t have a car.” Tae said.

“We can take a cab, or the bus. It’s what he used to do.” Jimin wasn’t really sure they should, but it wasn't the first time they went to the store in the middle of the night, and once a heat craving took hold, there was no stopping it.


They silently crept back into their rooms and grabbed leggings and shoes, meeting back in the living room and pulling them on before grabbing their purses and leaving silently, locking the door behind them. They caught the bus and headed to a nearby grocery store to get supplies. They sat together on the bus and cuddled until their stop, getting out and walking the two blocks to the all night grocery store. They held hands as they walked and just as they were entering the front door, Jimin’s phone rang.


Jungkook woke up groggily, wondering what time it was. He searched for his phone and checked the time, 2:47 AM. He still had plenty of time to sleep, but he wanted to cuddle with Jimin as he went back to sleep. He reached out to find his Omega and found nothing but pillows and blankets. His eyes popped back open and sleep was banished instantly. His little one was gone. He sat up and climbed out of the nest quickly, pulling on his sweatpants and going out into the living room. Jimin wasn’t there. His heart was racing as he couldn’t find him. He went into the kitchen and it too was empty. He practically sprinted up the stairs and into the nesting room only to find it dark and abandoned as well.

Jungkook’s stomach was twisted in knots as he ran to Yoongi’s room and pounded on the door with his fist. He didn’t wait for an answer before barging in. He flipped on the light and heard a muffled, “What the fuck?” from the inside of the nest before a silver head popped out of the entrance.

“Jimin’s gone. Is Tae in here with you?”

Yoongi seemed to wake instantly, glancing back into the nest and then shaking his head. “What do you mean, gone? Where are they? Did you look in the nesting room?” Yoongi was already jumping out of bed and pulling on sweats.

“I checked everywhere. They’re not here.”

Both Alphas were panicking now, they went back out into the living room to see that their purses were gone. Where the hell were they? Jungkook still had his phone clutched tightly in his hand. He pulled it up and called Jimin, putting it on speaker. It rang a few times, each ring seeming to tighten their muscles further until they were so tense that they were like a pair of statues. Finally they heard the sound of the call being picked up.

“Hello, Jungkook?” It was Jimin.

“Baby! Where are you? It’s 3 o’clock in the morning!” He didn’t mean to sound so angry, but he was so worried that he felt like his entire body was covered in fire ants.

“W-we’re at the grocery store.” The Omega’s voice sounded upset.

“Is Tae there with you?” Yoongi asked quickly.

“Yes, he’s here.”

“Are you okay Baby? What store are you at?”
“I’m fine, Jungkook. We’re at the Wings Market. Don’t worry.”

“Oh thank god. Don’t leave. Just wait there. We’re coming to you, okay?” Jungkook said.

“Alpha, we’re fine. We can take the bus back. It’s okay.”

Jungkook felt nauseous as he imagined Jimin and Tae taking the bus alone in the middle of the night. What if they got mugged or kidnapped or worse? He could tell that Yoongi felt the same, as the Alpha’s face was drawn in lines of agonized worry. He had to take a deep breath to keep from snapping at his Omega. He needed to be nice.

“Baby… please let me come get you. I’m so worried. I woke up and you were gone. I just need to make sure your safe.”

There was a short pause, as if Jimin were weighing his words. When he answered he sounded almost… angry. Jungkook had heard his Omega angry before, but never at him.

“Do whatever you want.”

Jimin hung up and the call disconnected. Jungkook and Yoongi shared a look of worry.

“I think we may have reached the moodswings portion of their pre-heat…” Yoongi said with raised eyebrows.

“I don’t care. I’m going to get him whether he likes it or not.”

“Of course. I’m not leaving Tae out there in the middle of the night without protection.”

They raced off to their rooms to throw on t-shirts and shoes, meeting back in the living room and heading out the door together.

Chapter Text

Jimin and Tae were waiting outside the front of the store, with twin expressions of annoyance, arms crossed over chests. They were not children, and did not appreciate being treated like it. They had lived on their own for years before their Alphas came and they were perfectly capable of making a trip to the store without it being a big production. Jimin felt his anger boiling under the surface, and huffed out a breath as he thought about what he wanted to say to his Alpha when he arrived. He wanted him to understand that they were fine, they didn’t need a bodyguard. They were fully grown adults and this nonsense was not gonna fly.

Jimin pressed his tongue to the inside of his cheek as he watched Yoongi’s car park in the space right in front of them, and their Alphas got out of the car. They approached them slowly, Jimin was sure their scents were sharper than usual, as they were annoyed. He and Tae had spent the last ten minutes huffing angrily at each other about how they didn’t appreciate being treated like they were completely useless. Once Jungkook and Yoongi were standing in front of them, Jimin let out a little huff.

“Happy now?” Jimin snapped, and the Alphas just nodded dumbly, unsure what to do with the anger they could feel radiating off their Omegas. Jimin sighed, before reaching out and grabbing Tae’s hand, pulling him along into the store. “Let’s go.”

Jungkook and Yoongi shared an ‘Oh shit’ look before following after them. Their Omegas were much angrier than they had thought. This was the first time they had purposely put distance between them, and not greeted them with kisses and hugs. They followed in their wake warily, pausing as they picked out a cart and tried not to smile as they pushed it together, side by side, pressed together. Even when they were mad, they were still cute.

They both felt uneasy as their little ones ignored them completely and went about shopping as if they weren’t there, not even sparing them a single glance. They may have fucked up. But at the same time, what were they supposed to do? Their Omegas disappeared in the middle of the night, no note, purses gone. They had panicked and they hadn’t been able to fight their instincts that told them they needed to find them, get to them at once and make sure they were safe.

Jimin turned to them with a flat expression. “Can you two go and get eggs? I’m sure we can be trusted to be alone long enough for you to find the cold section.”

“Baby…” Jungkook said pleadingly, reaching a hand out to his little one. But Jimin just gave him a look that quelled his attempt to touch him.

“We’ll talk about it when we get home. Eggs please.”

“Little flower?” Yoongi tried, but Tae’s face was drawn in the same lines of disapproval and he shook his head.

As they walked away, looking tense Tae turned to Jimin. “Are we being too hard on them?”

“Maybe… but they need to understand. We’re not babies. We can do things on our own.” Jimin said and pulled Tae into a hug, sensing his distress.

“I know. I just don’t want Yoongi to be sad.”

Tae’s words touched something deep down in Jimin, and he suddenly felt bad for being mean to his Alpha. Jungkook was worried about him. His pre-heat might be making him irrational. But it wasn’t like he could control it. And, Jungkook and Yoongi couldn’t control their instincts either. Them being in pre-heat was affecting their Alphas too, and they would feel obligated to protect them while they were displaying symptoms of their fertile time. Jimin sighed.

“I don’t want Jungkookie to be sad either… Let’s apologize. But still we need to tell them that we’re not helpless.”

Tae pulled back with a smile and nodded, looking relieved and leaning forward to scent Jimin lightly cheek to cheek. At that moment, a voice rang out that seemed familiar to Jimin, but he couldn’t quite place it.

“Aww… Look at the pretty little Omegas scenting each other.” The familiar voice said.

“That’s kinda hot.” Said a second voice that stirred some old memory in him.

Jimin turned and immediately shunted Tae behind his body protectively. There were three Alphas headed down the aisle, all stumbling slightly and swaying. As they got closer, Jimin could smell the alcohol on them. They were terribly drunk, and as he looked at their faces, he realized where he knew them from. They were the same three who had been harassing him the day he’d met Jungkook.

The memory of his Alpha saving him sliced through Jimin and increased his feeling of guilt. He’d been so terrible to Jungkook and this situation was exactly what he and Yoongi had been worried about. He pushed those thoughts aside and turned away, wrapping an arm around Tae and pushing the cart with one hand. He turned around and started to walk away. He heard footsteps behind them but didn’t stop moving until he felt a hand grab his arm.

“Where are you going, beautiful? Why don’t you come hang out with us? We’ll get some drinks and have a good time.”

“No thank you.” Jimin said, pulling his arm out of the grip and starting away again.

The hand grabbed him again and turned him around, squeezing painfully, cutting off circulation and making his lower arm tingly.

“Ow. Ow. You’re hurting me.”

“Hey… I know you from somewhere…”

“Uh, no. I don’t think so. You must be mistaking me for someone else.”

“No, I definitely know you. Do you ever go out to bars? Maybe I’ve seen you.”

“I don’t go to bars. Now let go of my arm.”

His statement seemed to have done the trick, and the Alpha’s eyes widened in obvious recognition.

“You’re that Omega from the day that asshole broke my nose!”

Jimin tugged on his arm, but the hold was stronger now and it was hurting and throbbing around the strong hold. He was so tired and hungry and he had a little headache and his pre-heat was making him feel too many conflicting emotions. He was full of guilt for upsetting his Alpha and worry that these males would try to mess with TaeTae. He’d really had enough of being manhandled. He bared his teeth and growled at the Alpha that was holding him.

“Let. Go. Now.”

The laughter from the three Alphas had Jimin seeing red. He was tired of being underestimated because he was small and because he was an Omega. He felt that same feral anger that he’d only felt one other time, when he’d attacked Daeun. He balled his little hands into fists. He swung the arm that the Alpha wasn’t holding and put as much strength in it as he could muster making contact with his nose. There was a very satisfying crunch sound and the hand holding him let go as the Alpha stumbled back a few steps, hands coming up to his bleeding nose.

Jimin grabbed Tae’s hand and pulled him along, shouting, “RUN!”

They sprinted down the aisle and increased their pace as they heard footsteps running behind them. They spotted Jungkook and Yoongi turning the corner from the cold section and ran toward them, full tilt, hands still gripped between them, Jimin pulling Tae along. Their Alphas looked surprised to see them running at them, but their faces quickly changed from surprise to anger as they spotted the three Alphas chasing them and heard their shouts.

“He broke my nose! Again!” The leader’s voice was distorted both by his injury and his hand that was clamped over his streaming nose.

“Get back here you stupid bitch!” One of the others shouted.

As soon as they reached Jungkook and Yoongi, they took refuge behind them, letting go of each other’s hands and holding onto their Alphas, just peeking out around their sides. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook and squeezed him.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry. You were right! Please don’t let them get us.” Jimin whimpered, looking up and meeting Jungkook’s dark eyes with teary ones. His hand had started throbbing, punching someone really hurt. He was sure he hadn’t punched Daeun that hard, or if he had, then his inner Omega taking over had dulled the pain.

Tae pressed a kiss to Yoongi’s arm, hands curling in the back of his shirt.

“Sorry Alpha. I’m sorry.” Tae was crying and his breaths were coming hard and fast. He wasn’t used to feeling this much fear and anxiety during his pre-heat and it was making him freak out.

The three Alphas stopped in front of them, suddenly wary when faced with two very tall and well built Alphas, who were looking at them with fury and guarding the offending Omegas with their bodies. There was brief stand off before Jungkook spoke.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“It’s those guys from the day we met. He was grabbing me and I punched him.” Jimin squeaked from behind his Alpha.

“Grabbing you where?” Jungkook growled, brows drawing down menacingly.

“My arm…”

Jimin pulled up his sleeve to show the red skin that was already purpling in the shape of a hand around the slender bicep and Jungkook felt his growl deepen. How many fucking times was he going to have to stop assholes from grabbing his Omega?

“Did they hurt you little flower?” Yoongi asked Tae, eyeing him up and down with worry as he continued to cry.

“N-no, Minnie protected me.”

Yoongi glanced over to see Jimin showing Jungkook the bruise on his arm and his growl joined Jungkook’s. Jimin had been hurt protecting his Omega, and that was unacceptable. He loved Jimin too, how could he not love him with the way he always made sure Taehyung was safe and happy? It seemed that the Omega was always protecting Taehyung, even when they were small. He didn’t want Jimin to have to worry about that anymore. He would keep Tae safe now, and Jimin could focus on being happy.

“Here, little flower. Hold these eggs. I’m gonna deal with this.”

Yoongi handed the eggs to Taehyung, who took them with shaking hands before allowing himself to be pushed further behind his Alpha.

It was strange to be in a sort of stand off in the middle of a grocery store, the scene felt like the lead up to a bar fight, and wasn’t something that belonged in such a innocuous setting. Jungkook and Yoongi had been in their fair share of bar fights over the years. They had performed in bars for years and years, and inevitably found themselves drawn into conflicts as such a setting prompted. They were good at fighting, and something about the prospect of fighting for their little ones was very primally satisfying.

“You would think that you would have learned your lesson last time, but apparently not.” Jungkook growled at the leader, whose nose had stopped bleeding.

“Those bitches were asking for it. I can smell their heats on them, they know they want it.”

This was not the right thing to say to two very protective and already angry Alphas about their little Omega’s who were still in distress. Jimin and Tae cowered back a few more steps as they watched the violence unfold. Jungkook and Yoongi moved with a lethal sort of grace as they stepped forward and clashed with the other Alphas. It lasted only seconds, and ended with all three of the harassers on the floor as a harried looking old security guard huffed and puffed his way toward them from the back of the store. The guard stopped in front of them, panting.

“I saw it all from the security monitors. The cops are on their way! Are your Omegas okay?”

As the Alphas turned to look at them, it caused twin lip quivers that turned into sobs immediately. Neither of them had ever felt so stressed out during pre-heat and they completely broke down, Tae dropping the eggs and only crying harder at his mistake. Usually they were more prepared for it and basically secluded themselves in their apartment with just each other, away from the world, but now here they were. A simple trip to the store for eggs and syrup had turned into a fistfight and they were totally overwhelmed.

Immediately they were gathered up into strong arms and carried away, out to the car where they were settled in the backseat together. They latched on to one another at once and started to scent each other in an attempt to calm down, and it helped, to feel their best friend and life partner together with them.

“What did you need from the store?” Yoongi asked quietly as he petted Tae’s hair, uncomfortably leaned into the open door.

“E-eggs and syrup.” Tae answered tearfully.

“You two stay here. We’re gonna go talk to the security guard and get your groceries, okay?” Yoongi said, leaning in to press a kiss to Tae’s cheek, and Jungkook doing the same for Jimin.

As they walked back into the store, they heard shouts and running footsteps at the other exit. The trio of idiots were running out of the second exit and being chased by the old security guard, as they watched the three jumped into a car and zoomed off. They shared a look, there was no way to catch them, and the fact that they were getting away was enough to have them both grinding their teeth and growling, but there was nothing they could do.

Jungkook wiped a hard hand over his face, rubbing at his tired, burning eyes. How the hell had his night gone from hot sex in his bed and sleeping with his Omega curled up in his arms to being at the store in the middle of the night getting in a fistfight? Was pre-heat always going to be like this?

Chapter Text

Jungkook and Yoongi were so stressed as they moved into the second week of their Omega’s pre-heat. They were pretty sure they had never been so worn down, even when they went on tour and slept no more than a few hours a night for weeks on end they had never been this exhausted both physically and emotionally. But they knew that however tired they were, it was a hundred times worse for Jimin and Taehyung. More often than not, Jungkook and Yoongi would wake alone in the night and find their Omegas in the kitchen cooking or cuddling on the couch, bodies too worked up to sleep.

It didn’t help their stress levels that as they got closer and closer to their heats, their beauty was magnified more and more each day, their skin taking on the glow of an Omega in their prime fertility, lips swollen and hips and ass lush and full as their bodies put on the weight that they would need to keep their energy up during the long days and nights of their heat. It was damn near impossible for them to allow them out of the house, not wanting any other Alphas to see them looking so exquisitely lovely.

After the whole series of events at the grocery store, the assholes that had harassed them getting away, it only left them more protective than ever. Hobi and Namjoon had both been livid when they’d heard the story, and even more so when Jimin had shown them his bruised arm. It wasn’t something that was going to be easily forgotten, and Jungkook secretly thought that those three would do well never to appear in front of Hoseok if they wanted to continue living.

Both Jungkook and Yoongi had dark circles under their eyes, not having gotten much sleep for the last week. Jimin and Tae felt bad for how hard this was on them. Their pre-heat was a stressful time for them and they knew that their needs were getting in the way of their Alphas’ rest and health. They had talked about it a lot, and decided to give their Alphas a little break from the constant sex that their bodies were demanding. They had both been through this without sex many, many times and could handle a single night of just sleep. For their Alphas.

The pair of Omegas sat on the couch, nursing a bag of M&M’s and watching a romantic drama that they liked, while Jungkook and Yoongi were dozing on either side of them. They shared a look and a nod, turning and shaking the Alphas awake. The pair came awake at once, reacting to their Omega’s voices.

“Jungkook? Wake up.”

“Yoongi… Get up. It’s bedtime.”

“What’s up, Baby? You need something?” Jungkook’s voice was hazy with sleep, but his kindness even as he fought his own fatigue was touching.

“Little flower? You need me, Honey?” Yoongi tried to pull Tae into his lap, but the Omega stopped him with soft hands.

“You guys can go to bed. Tae and I are gonna stay up a little while longer.” Jimin said, softly petting Jungkook’s hair and scratching his scalp with his nails.

“We can stay up.” Yoongi offered, even as his eyelids looked heavy with sleep.

“It’s okay, really. Go get some rest. We’ll come to bed later.” Tae responded quietly.

“You guys aren’t going to leave, right?” Jungkook yawned, stretching his arms over his head.

“No, Alpha. We’re gonna be right here. Go get some sleep.”

They watched as the Alphas headed off to brush their teeth and go to sleep, feeling a small victory at taking care of them in some small way. They went back to their show for a couple of hours until they were sure that their Alphas were asleep before finally brushing their own teeth and heading off to join them in bed. As tired as their Alphas were, they were both just as tired, add to that their fluctuating hormones and fragile emotional state and they were on the edge of collapse. Jimin hugged Tae and scented him gently before they parted ways in the hallway, heading for different sides of the apartment and into their rooms.

Jimin realized as soon as he stripped down to his panties and crawled into his heat nest that he probably should have slept in the nesting room. The moment he pulled the curtain aside he ran into a wall of Jungkook’s scent… sandalwood and patchouli with a hint of tobacco. The perfect familiar scent made his whole body light up with desire. He considered leaving and going to sleep alone in the nesting room, but the idea of being alone made his eyes tear up and his chest ache. So he climbed in and settled in his spot, pulling the covers over him and trying to relax.

It took a total of about ten minutes for him to realize that relaxing was impossible in his current state, he was hard and aching, reacting to the scent of his Alpha, his closeness. There was no way he was waking his Alpha up for sex in the middle of the night… again. Jungkook needed rest and honestly, so did Jimin. He lay in his spot for a few more minutes, wondering what to do, thinking maybe he should just go sleep in his nest alone. At least then maybe he could relax.

That was wishful thinking on his part however. He knew there was no damn way he was gonna relax until he had an orgasm. He set out a quiet sigh, thinking that if only he could take the edge off his arousal, he could go to sleep. Then he realized that he could take the edge off. He didn’t need sex to take the edge off, he could masturbate. Jungkook had shown him how, and he knew he could do it.

He turned his gaze toward his Alpha, wondering if he should sneak out and do this somewhere else. But he needed his Alpha’s closeness, his scent surrounding him. He bit his lip as he considered it. He could be quiet… he definitely wouldn’t wake Jungkook if he just stayed quiet. He took a deep breath and slowly pushed his panties down, glancing over constantly to make sure he didn’t wake his Alpha. He kicked his panties off, and shoved them down to the end of the bed with his feet.

Still unsure, but needing relief, he slid his hand over his heated skin, he bent his knees and opened his legs a little so he could get some of his slick on his hand before wrapping it around his hard length and giving a few slow strokes. The feeling was wonderful, and it made his mind replay the memory of that first time with Jungkook, sitting in his Alpha’s lap as Jungkook guided his hand up and down his shaft. He bit his lip harder when a small noise escaped his mouth. He needed to be quiet.

Jimin continued to move his hand, pushing the covers off with the other arm as he got too hot. His teeth were biting his bottom lip harder as he felt his orgasm begin to approach. He needed more, his entrance was throbbing and clenching. He slid the hand that wasn’t on his cock between his legs, and gently pressed a finger against his hole, the way Jungkook did when he was preparing him. His fingers were smaller and shorter than his Alpha’s but it still felt good as he added a second, then a third. As he got closer to his release, he was making small whimpering sounds that he couldn’t stop. But he also couldn’t stop the movements of his hands when he was so so close.

“What are you doing, little one?”

Jimin squeaked and pulled his hands away from himself like he had been burned, grabbing the covers and pulling them over himself, up over his head and hiding. He felt the blood rush to his face as he was washed with embarrassment. He’d been caught. He felt tears spring to his eyes. He had woken Jungkook because he couldn’t control his unruly body. Why couldn’t he have just gone to his nest? He felt himself start to cry as he spoke, hands gripping the comforter that was covering him.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was trying to let you sleep. I know you’re tired. It’s all my fault. I was trying to take care of it on my own.”

Half of his words were incoherent, but Jungkook got the gist of what he was trying to say. He was touched by Jimin’s attempt to let him sleep, but it wasn’t necessary. He gently tugged the covers away from his Omega, feeling a twinge as he saw him crying. He knew he was upset, and that he needed love and support right now more than anything. He wasn’t fully in control of his own body and emotions. Gods knew he was going to be a wreck when his rut came close, but that was nothing compared to the intensity of a heat for an Omega.

“Don’t apologize, Baby. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Jungkook scooted closer so he could scent Jimin, and press soft kisses against his cheek and neck. “Let me help you. Let me make you feel better. Then we can get some sleep together. Tomorrow is Saturday, so we don’t have any plans. We can stay in bed all day if you want.”

“R-really?” Jimin said, sniffling and wiping his eyes with his arm as his hands were still covered in his slick.

“Of course, little one. Whatever you want. But let me help you first okay?”

Jimin nodded and let Jungkook turn him onto his side and pull him back against the Alpha’s body and one of his hands go between them to push his boxers down and free his cock. He felt Jungkook’s hand work over his shaft a few times to bring himself to full hardness. He shifted his hips and used a hand to guide himself as he slid inside slowly. He moved with languid slowness, letting his body warm Jimin’s cool one. It was a very warm and sleepy kind of lovemaking. There was no rush, no race to the finish line. It was just a soft and quiet moment between them.

It was almost soothing to feel his Alpha moving so gently inside him, both arms wrapped around him as he spooned him from behind. It was a familiar position for sleep, but not for sex. Jungkook guided them both back up toward their releases slowly, and when they finally came it left them both tired and limp, already on the cusp of sleep. As Jungkook was about to pull out, Jimin whimpered softly and pressed back not wanting is Alpha to leave his body. He didn’t want to be empty. So Jungkook stayed inside Jimin even as he went soft, and they fell asleep just like that, bodies still connected.

Chapter Text

Taehyung would kill for something sweet right now; his pre-heat cravings were so intense. They had always been powerful, and probably his least favorite part of pre-heat. Not because he didn’t like sweets, but because he was self-conscious about his body, and that morning when he’d tried to put on his usual skinny jeans, they were too tight to button, and he’d had to wear his leggings.

He was glad that Yoongi had not been there to see him cry over something so stupid. He always gained weight before his heat and afterward would lose it quickly, but that was no consolation to his frayed nerves and surging hormones. He felt awful as he looked at himself in the mirror and saw how soft he was getting around the middle. He wanted to hide from how fat he felt as he poked at his soft belly and thighs, worrying his lip between his teeth as he glared at the mirror.

“God… I don’t want Yoongi to see me like this…” He whispered to himself, pressing his hands against the roundness of his hips as if he could push them back into their usual size. It had been a few days since he and Jimin had tried to let their Alphas sleep through the night, and Tae had been avoiding sex since.

Too distracted by his reflection, he didn’t hear the bedroom door open behind him. Yoongi leaned against the doorway and watched as his little flower poked and pressed at his belly, hips and thighs. His brows drew down as he watched the expression on his Omega’s face. A mix of anger and petulant disappointment. It was clear that he didn’t like what he was seeing in his reflection, and that prompted Yoongi into action.

“What are you doing, little flower?”

Taehyung jumped and turned around, putting his hands behind his back and looking guilty. Yoongi didn’t like the way he wouldn’t meet his eyes, like he had been caught doing something wrong.


Yoongi walked forward and used his hands to push back the lavender hair, palms smoothing over the back of Tae’s head and down to rest on either side of his neck. He used his thumbs to gently turn the Omega’s face upward so he could look into his eyes. He was surprised to see a slight sheen of tears there. He knew what was causing his distress, it had been clear enough just watching him in the mirror.

“Are you worried about your pre-heat weight?”

Taehyung didn’t answer, he just bit his lip and closed his eyes, which was all the confirmation Yoongi needed. How could his Omega think that he was anything less that drop-dead gorgeous? The Alpha still got weak in the knees when he smiled at him with that perfect boxy grin, and the way his body was filling out for his pre-heat had every hormone in his body sizzling. The way his fingertips sunk into the softness of the flesh of his hips when he took him, was exquisite and he wanted Taehyung to see that.

He leaned down a pressed a soft kiss to his lips, then slid his hands down to Tae’s shoulders and turned him around so he was facing the mirror again with Yoongi behind him. The Alpha ran his hands slowly down the Omega’s body, tracing the line of his curves and coming to rest on his hips. He could see in the reflection that Taehyung’s eyes were still closed. He pressed a kiss to his neck softly.

“Open your eyes, little flower. Tell me what you see.” Tae shook his head, biting his lip again. “It’s okay, Honey. Come on, look in the mirror. What do you see?”

Tae opened his eyes and looked at their reflection in the floor length mirror and again wanted to cry. He quickly closed his eyes again, hands going back to pressing at his stomach.

“I hate it. I’m so fat. It’s ugly.”

“Oh, sweetheart. You’re not ugly. You’re so beautiful. You always look so pretty for me, especially right now. You want to know what I see?”

“W-what do you see?” Tae’s voice was small, uncertain.

“Open your eyes, Baby. Look at the mirror.”

Tae did as he was told, and opened his eyes, but instead of looking at himself, he met Yoongi’s dark stare. It was still full of the same hunger he always had when they were alone, and it made him feel a little better. The Alpha’s hands reached for the edge of his shirt and lifted it, encouraging him to raise his arms so he could pull it off. His fingers hooked in the waistband of his leggings and slipped them down his legs, helping him step out of them. He was left in just his purple boyshort panties.

“What I see is my pretty little flower looking so lovely, just for me.” Yoongi slid his hands over the golden, velvety skin as he spoke. “I see your perfect curves, so lush and inviting as your body gets ready for your heat, gets ready for me to take you and to fill you up and sate your heat. I see your soft pretty nipples swollen and begging for my mouth on them.” He slid his hands up and ran the pads of his fingers over the sensitive little buds, making the Omega gasp and the sweet smell of slick filled the air between them. “And I see your soft thighs that I want wrapped around my head while I lick you open, or around my hips while I fuck you, hard and deep until all you feel is my cock stretching you open and making you feel so full and so good.”

Taehyung made a soft noise, just a tinny whimper in the quiet air of the room, but it stirred something inside Yoongi, a low, simmering heat that steadily grew as he studied his Omega in the mirror. His face was pink and flushed, lips shiny where he’d licked them, thighs glistening with slick and panties tented outward from his erection. He was so perfectly needy like this. He leaned down and mouthed over the Omega’s scent gland, drawing out another little whimper.

“You look the prettiest though when I’m inside you, when I make you cum for me. You look so beautiful when you’re all mine.”

“Really?” The Omega breathed on a moan as Yoongi’s hand dipped into his panties and softly caressed his hard length with his warm hand.

“Yeah Honey. You wanna see? You wanna see how pretty you are when I fuck you, little flower? You wanna see how perfectly you flush when you cum for me?”

The Alpha wrapped his hand around his length and slowly stroked him inside the confines of his purple panties, making slick leak from him and down his legs in little rivulets.

“Yes…” Tae whimpered. “I wanna see.”

Yoongi slid his hand back out of Tae’s panties and pushed them down, letting them pool on the floor. He took Taehyung’s wrists gently in his hands and guided him to brace his weight against the wall with hands on either side of the mirror. He laid his own hands on top of the Omega’s for a few moments, letting his front press into Tae’s back as he kissed over his neck and shoulder before drawing his hands back, sliding over the skin of his arms to his shoulders then down the line of his body, over his ribs and waist to his hips.

“Look how pretty you are for me, little flower. You're already so wet. Your body knows me and wants my cock so badly.”

“A-Alpha… please.”

Taehyung had never felt so vulnerable, he could see his own face in the mirror in front of him. It was both embarrassing and strangely erotic to watch himself be touched by his Alpha. He wanted to look away, but he couldn’t. He was fascinated by watching Yoongi’s hands travel over his skin, fingertips sinking into the flesh of his hips as he was pulled back slightly and he felt the Alpha’s hard length, still encased in jeans press against the bare skin of his ass. He felt himself throb and leak more slick as Yoongi ground himself against him from behind.

“I’ve got you, Honey.”

Yoongi slid one hand to his entrance and pressed a single finger inside, sliding in and out a few times, as Tae’s breaths became shaky and his knees wobbled before he added a second, and then a third. The Omega was close to collapsing by the time Yoongi was satisfied with his preparation. Little whimpers made their way from his throat as he felt the fingers pull free from him, missing the feel of them already.

He heard the click of a belt unfastening, the sound of a zipper and shuffling of clothes. He gasped when he felt Yoongi bend and lift him up, hooking his elbows with the back of Tae’s knees and straightening up. He looked at the mirror and felt blood rush to his face at how obscene he looked, legs spread wide where they were held open. He could see his entrance clenching and fluttering, dripping slick to the floor.

“Yoongi! What are you doing?”

“I’m showing you, Baby.”

Taehyung watched in a mixture of awe and embarrassment as Yoongi shifted his hips and pressed inside him, using the hold on him to lower him down a little and push inside fully. Taehyung had no idea what to do except watch the mirror as his Alpha began to move them together, pulling out and thrusting back in slowly at first until he got a rhythm going. Tae could hear how hard Yoongi was breathing, the effort of holding him up and thrusting into him had the Alpha’s breaths hard and ragged. But his focus was on the vision in the mirror and the devastating pleasure of being handled so easily, like he was small and delicate. All his earlier feelings were erased by the ease with which his Alpha was holding him.

“Are you looking, little flower? See how well you take my cock? How pretty you are when you’re getting fucked?” Yoongi panted against his neck.

“Y-y-yes.” Tae’s voice jolted with the bounce of Yoongi’s movements.

“Tell me, Honey. Tell me how pretty you are, how pretty you feel right now.”

Tae studied them in the mirror, Yoongi was still fully dressed except for his pants being opened to free his cock, and he was completely naked. He looked at his own flushed face, his lips that were swollen and slightly chapped from biting them, then down his body to the place where he watched his Alpha’s length sliding in and out of him with hard, fast movements. He had never been so aroused in his life, and he could see slick pouring from him, soaking the front of Yoongi’s jeans and creating a little puddle on the floor.

“So pretty… I look so pretty for you Alpha.”

Yoongi growled deep in his chest in appreciation. That was right, his little flower was so pretty, and it was just for him to see. No one else would ever see his Omega like this with his fucked-out expression and perfect pink cheeks. This was just for him to see. That thought had him moving faster, harder until he was practically impaling the Omega on his cock with every thrust. His arms and back were screaming with effort, but he wasn’t going to stop, he wanted Tae to see himself cum, and he could feel that it was close. The warm, wetness of his entrance was clenching up and he could feel him quivering in his hold.

“So close… Alpha… I’m gonna… mmn… ah… please…”

Yoongi felt the Omega go rigid in his arms as his orgasm crested and he moved harder and faster, chasing his own release as the perfect velvet channel around him squeezed tight. Then he felt Tae’s rigidity give way to a full-body shudder as he was wracked by the spasms of his orgasm cum shooting from his cock and slick pouring from his hole as he continued to pound into him finally stilling as his knot formed and he came. Yoongi’s muscles almost gave out as his orgasm slammed into him with the force of a bullet train, but he managed to stumble back a few steps and collapse back on the bed, still connected with Tae by his knot, the Omega laying atop him as he gasped breaths, trying to get his breathing under control.

It took several minutes for him to catch his breath enough to speak.

“Honey? You okay?”

“Mm-hm.” Tae sounded like he was still pretty out of it.

“I’m gonna pull out now, okay?”


He gently pulled out and helped Tae to roll over onto the bed next to him, struggling with arms that were still limp from the strain of holding him up for so long. The Alpha rolled onto his side and gently pushed the lavender hair out of Tae’s face before pressing a soft kiss to his lips and pulling back to study him.

“I love you.” Tae said, eyes opening and a little smile pulling at his lips.

“I love you too, little flower.”

They were quiet for a few moments before Tae finally broke the silence.

“I want something sweet.”

Yoongi had to suppress a laugh at how cute his Omega somehow was even at a time like this, right after great sex.

“You wanna clean up, then go see if Jimin wants to go get ice cream with us?”

Taehyung lit up in his endearing way, eyes sparkling and mouth stretching into his boxy smile, making the butterflies return to his stomach. He really would do anything for this Omega.

“Yes! Let’s go.”

Chapter Text

Jimin woke up sweating, his skin felt too hot and there was a tight coil of pain burning in his gut. He could feel slick leaking from him, the bed under him damp with it already. His heat had arrived and he was dying. His hand reached across the bed to find his Alpha, but his side of the bed was empty. The Omega turned his head and felt a sob work its way up from his chest. Tears filled his eyes as a wave of terrible loneliness slammed into him. His Alpha wasn’t here. He needed him and he was gone. He had no higher reasoning at that moment to realize that Jungkook wouldn’t just abandon him, and that they lived together. He was just a collection of needs and impulses and pure instinct.

Jimin wailed as the pain in his belly re-doubled and he curled his legs up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them, retreating into a little ball of pain. His Alpha was gone… he was alone and he was hurting and he needed his Alpha right now. Only Jungkook could make the pain stop. Only Jungkook could be trusted right now. But where was he? Jimin was wracked with desperate sobs as he felt the hot knife in his gut twist and lance another shot of pain straight through him.

“J-Jungkook…” Jimin whispered, voice thick with tears. He repeated the name getting louder on each call, until he finally screamed out in a loud burst of sound that hurt his throat and rang in his ears. “Jungkook. Jungkook. Jungkook! JUNGKOOK!”

He heard running footsteps pounding down the hall, then a heavy body slammed into the door and it burst open. He heard the door slam and more pounding footfalls before the canopy was jerked open to reveal his Alpha standing at the foot of the bed, looking shocked. Jimin’s whole body lit up at the sight of him, he was pouring slick as his masculine scent washed over him, but the ache in his belly was only increasing. It was unbearable now, he needed help. He needed his Alpha to help him.

“Alpha please…. It hurts.” Jimin was sobbing and whimpering with every breath.

Jungkook had been in the kitchen, when he’d heard the shout. The moment he’d heard the terrible pained scream he’d dropped the coffee cup in his hands and bolted for their bedroom. He knew from the tone that Jimin’s heat had begun. The scene in front of him was heart-rending, but he had no time to focus on that. His inner Alpha was straining at him, his mate was in heat and he needed to get inside him, make it stop hurting. He didn’t hesitate to crawl into the nest and up to Jimin, who was still curled in a tight ball, crying.

“I’m here Baby. I’ve got you.” Jungkook said, brushing his blond hair out of his face. “I need you to relax, I’ve got to get these panties off.”

Jungkook used gentle hands to get Jimin to uncurl from his position and immediately pulled his panties down, tossing them to the side. He reached a hand down to the Omega’s entrance to start opening him up, but the moment his fingers made contact, Jimin growled at him. He was shocked as the Omega bared his teeth and pushed him hard, rolling him onto his back. He climbed on top of him and ripped his sweats down his hips just far enough to expose his hard cock before positioning himself and sinking down in one, swift movement.

His growl immediately turned to a purr as he was filled and the horrible inferno of pain in his belly quieted. He felt bad for growling at his Alpha. He knew he shouldn’t have done that, but he didn’t want to wait. He didn’t want to be stretched and prepped. He was hurting and the only thing that would make it stop was Jungkook inside of him. He’d been right. It hadn’t even hurt to take the Alpha inside him. They’d had sex the night before and he was in heat, his body wanted to be filled, it didn’t resist the invasion at all, on the contrary, it was welcomed as his muscles relaxed.

“Sorry Alpha… I’m sorry…” Jimin whimpered as he began to move, bouncing up and down as the pain started to return.

Jungkook was in the most exquisite agony. Jimin’s body was so fucking hot inside, his heat making his temperature skyrocket. The vise of his body was like a wet inferno around him and it had him shuddering all the way to the tips of his toes and fingers. He wrapped his hands around the Omega’s hips and helped guide him as he began to move.

“It’s okay, Baby. Take what you need, little one.”

Jimin kept moving, bouncing harder and faster as his first orgasm approached. He wanted Jungkook to knot him, he knew it would help the pain once his Alpha came inside him. He could feel Jungkook’s knot forming, catching on his rim every time he dropped down. Jimin’s first orgasm hit him without warning, and he dropped down as his legs went weak and whimpered at the feeling of Jungkook as deep inside him as it was possible to go. The Alpha shifted his hips underneath him and the cock inside him swiveled at the deepest point, drawing out Jimin’s orgasm as he felt the Alpha’s knot form and stretch his rim around it.

The hot bursts of cum inside him doused the fire of his heat, erasing the pain leaving Jimin feeling weak. This was only the beginning, Jimin knew. He had about two days of this to look forward to. He was going to be comatose for days after this was through, if the exhaustion he felt now was any indication. He looked down at Jungkook who was clenching his jaw, still shivering through the last of his orgasm. His Alpha was beautiful. Jimin loved him so much he felt like he would die if Jungkook ever left him. He knew it was his Omega half that was making him so fatalistic and clingy. It was a side effect of heat, it made him ache at the mere thought of Jungkook leaving him alone for even a few short minutes.

He collapsed forward on Jungkook’s chest, resting his nose in the crook of the Alpha’s neck as he was washed with relief. He felt perfectly content with his Alpha’s knot stretching him open and the warmth of his Alpha’s seed inside him. He purred softly and licked over his Alpha’s scent gland, nosing at him until Jungkook’s scent increased and covered Jimin so heavily that his own scent was almost completely covered by it.

“Sorry I growled at you…” Jimin said quietly, pout evident in his voice.

“Don’t apologize, Baby. I know you were hurting. It’s okay. I’m here now. I’m gonna stay with you, don’t worry. I won’t let it hurt anymore, okay?” Jungkook ran his hands over Jimin’s back, soothing him.


They stayed like that until Jungkook’s knot started to lessen, making Jimin whimper at the loss. He didn’t want the Alpha to pull out of him. Everything would come out if he wasn’t inside him. He would be so empty without his Alpha’s seed inside him. He felt Jungkook about to do that very thing, gently wrapping his hands around his hips and starting to shift out of him. Jimin panicked and sat halfway up and clawed at his Alpha’s biceps, whole body shaking as tears filled his eyes when he realized what Jungkook was doing.

“No, no, no!” Jimin sobbed. “It’s going to come out. Please don’t!”

Jimin knew somewhere deep down that he was on birth control. He wasn’t trying to get pregnant, but his hormones and instincts overrode his logical brain. It didn’t matter, his inner Omega was in revolt at the idea of the Alpha’s cum coming out of him. He needed it inside.

“Shh… it’s okay, Baby. Just relax. I’ve got something to help you.” Jungkook cooed quietly, brushing the hair out of Jimin’s face.

The Alpha wrestled one hand out of the nest and over to the nightstand, blindly finding the drawer and rummaging around until he found what he was looking for. The baby pink, glass plug he’d bought online. It had a pretty jewel set in the base, and caught the light as he showed it to Jimin. The Omega took it in his small hands and turned it, studying it from every angle.

“It’s pretty… what is it?” Jimin asked, looking confused.

“It’s a plug, Baby. It’s gonna make sure you keep everything inside.”

Jimin gasped and looked at the pink plug in his hands with reverence. He hadn’t known that such a thing existed. It was perfect.

“Put it in.” He said, offering it to the Alpha, who took it from him.

“Lean forward, little one. Lay on my chest so I can pull out.”

Jimin did as he was instructed, lowering himself back onto Jungkook’s chest and putting his face back in his neck. He still whimpered as the Alpha shifted his hips and pulled out of him, but he felt the cool glass of the plug being settled inside him immediately afterward. It helped ease him.

Jungkook knew that they had a short window of time before the next wave of Jimin’s heat came. From what he’d read, the first day would start out pretty easy, allowing for short breaks between each session, but getting progressively more intense until the heat was constant and in need of perpetual stimulation and more cum to help soothe him. He’d seen pictures online of what Jimin’s belly would look like by the end of the heat, swollen and rounded as he was filled to capacity with Jungkook’s release. He couldn’t wait to see it. His inner Alpha rankled at the knowledge that Jimin was on birth control, he wanted to impregnate him. But his higher thinking knew that this was all for the best for now. He would have many years ahead of him to get Jimin pregnant.

“Alright, little one. You need to eat and drink something while your heat is under control. You’re gonna need your strength. I’m gonna run to the kitchen, I’ll be right back.”


Jimin didn’t want Jungkook to go, but he knew that he was right. They both needed their strength. This was about to be a hellishly long few days, so he just nodded and climbed off of Jungkook, rolling to the side and collapsing back onto his side of the bed.

“I’ll be right back, Baby. I promise.”

Jungkook gave Jimin a soft kiss before climbing out of the nest and pulling his sweats back up. As he walked out of the room, he saw Yoongi enter the hallway from the living room, Taehyung wrapped around him like a koala. It appeared that the other Omega’s heat had begun as well. As Yoongi saw him, the Alpha growled lowly in warning not to come too close. Jungkook felt his own aggression rise, but tamped it down. His Omega was safely in his room and that knowledge kept him stable. Yoongi was reacting this way because Tae was in heat and Jungkook was too near, an Alpha didn’t want anyone to see their Omega when they were in heat. He just took a few steps back and averted his face so he could no longer see Taehyung as a sign of respect.

Yoongi studied him for a moment, letting his inner Alpha approve his averted eyes. A whine from Tae had Yoongi focused back on his task, and he continued down the hall toward the opposite side of the house where he and Tae’s room was. After Jungkook heard their door close distantly, he raced toward the kitchen. They were prepared for this, and he and Yoongi had made supply kits with the help of their Omegas. Jungkook grabbed his and saw that Yoongi and Tae’s was still there. He grabbed that one as well and dropped it outside their door, focusing on not listening to any noise from inside as he left the basket of supplies and rushed back to Jimin.

Jungkook set the basket by the end of the bed and grabbed a bottle of water and two protein bars out of it before kicking off his pants and crawling back into the nest and sitting in his spot. As soon as he was there, Jimin was immediately in his lap, rubbing his face over him furiously and scenting him even more. The scent of orange blossoms and jasmine tea burst over his skin as Jimin nuzzled against him, leaving his smell heavy on his skin. Jungkook set the water and food aside and pushed Jimin’s blond hair back from his face, cupping his jaw and pulling him into a chaste kiss. He broke apart and bumped their noses together.

“Little one, I need you to eat. Here.”

Jungkook grabbed the protein bar and unwrapped it, offering Jimin a bite. The Omega obediently opened his mouth and let the Alpha feed him. Jungkook felt an enormous satisfaction at watching him chew and swallow each bite until it was gone. He unwrapped the second one and made him eat half before Jimin pushed it away and shook his head.

“I’m full.”

Jungkook ate the rest of the bar in a single bite before tossing the wrappers out of the nest and reaching for the water bottle. Again Jimin just opened his mouth a little and let Jungkook offer him the water. He let him drink in little sips until half the bottle was gone and again Jimin pushed it away. Jungkook chugged the rest and tossed the bottle out of the nest before wrapping his Omega up in his arms, one hand guiding Jimin’s head to rest on his shoulder as they waited for the next wave of heat.

It came on slowly at first, Jimin started to feel a little too warm, a little fidgety like his skin was too tight as he dewed with sweat and he felt his cock stirring again, entrance clenching around the glass plug. His breath came faster as his Alpha’s scent increased, reacting to the pheromones he was releasing. He felt Jungkook harden, cock standing to attention between them. Jimin lifted his head from its resting place and met Jungkook’s lips in a hungry kiss. Jimin purred into the kiss, body lighting up as he opened to his Alpha and their tongues met in a desperate clash. There was too much teeth and no finesse to the kiss, but it was perfect. Jimin buried his hands in Jungkook’s dark hair and held him close.

When the first shot of pain lanced through his belly, Jimin gasped and pulled back from the kiss. His hands immediately released the Alpha’s hair and flew to his stomach, pressing against the place where the pain was centered. Jungkook wasted no time in rolling them over, wrapping an arm around Jimin’s back to steady him as he laid him out on his back. He reached a hand between them and gently extracted the plug, making the Omega gasp and whine at the feeling of emptiness. It quickly changed to a sound of relief as Jungkook slid inside at once.

Jimin reached up over his head and braced his hands on the headboard so he could use the leverage to push down against Jungkook as the Alpha started to move. The pain ceased and was replaced by a pleasure so immense that Jimin felt his vision dim for a moment as the feel of his Alpha moving deep within him pulsed pure pleasure through his core. He loved having sex with Jungkook and it always felt good, but this was so intense it was almost unbearable, but he never wanted it to stop. He wanted this feeling to last forever. It was like a constant unending orgasm that had him screwing his eyes shut, head tilted back and mouth open, a constant string of jarring moans falling from his mouth as his Alpha jolted him with every thrust.

“Harder…” Jimin whined, and though the Alpha did move a little harder, it wasn’t enough. “Alpha… Mnn-more… harder…” When that didn’t get the desired result either, Jimin felt anger. Jungkook was going easy on him and Jimin NEEDED more. He opened his eyes and reached one hand up, the other still braced on the headboard, and gripped a handful of the Alpha’s hair, pulling him closer so they were face to face. “Jungkook! Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Alpha.”

The noise Jungkook made was almost inhuman. He loved when Jimin cursed, and there was something so damn sexy about him asking to be fucked hard, showing so much dominance. It was a whole new side of his lovely Jimin and it had a shot of pure arousal and pleasure shooting straight to his cock. He obliged the order at once, one hand going to Jimin’s shoulder to brace him, while the other bore his weight. He began to piston his hips as hard and fast as he could, fingers digging into Jimin’s shoulder to keep him from sliding up the bed from the force of the thrusts.

“You feel so good, Baby. Ah… fuck. God you’re so hot inside, so fucking wet…” Jungkook growled as his fervor only increased.

The headboard was slamming against the wall on every stroke, Jungkook was sure that if the bed hadn’t already been against the wall, they’d be scooting across the floor. Jimin’s moans were almost screams as he came closer and closer to his orgasm, and Jungkook could feel the warm channel around him tightening as Jimin’s end approached.

Everything was so much, but so good. Jimin was on fire, the heat between them raging out of control. Until he finally crested the peak of his orgasm and there was nothing else but the pleasure, the perfect all-consuming fire of his Alpha still moving inside him erratically as he chased his own orgasm and just as the pain of his heat returned and began to overwhelm the pleasure Jungkook’s knot formed and the hot bursts of seed inside him turned the tide.

As his Alpha spent himself inside him again, he already felt so full, so stretched, he didn’t now how he was supposed to take more, but he knew that he would. He needed this, the perfect near pain of being stretched by the volume of his Alpha’s seed inside him. He went lax all at once, melting against the bed as every muscle in his body went limp and he was left gasping. He’d never felt anything like this, and having Jungkook be here, be the one who guided him and sated him made his love somehow deeper, stronger. There was nothing that could ever tear them apart now.

That thought had Jimin’s heart aching. He knew that Jungkook was his, there was no disputing that. They were meant for each other and he’d never love anyone else the way he loved Jungkook. He watched Jungkook’s face, still twisted in the beautiful lines of his orgasm as he was shuddering through the last vestiges, the twitching jerks of his cock getting less and less intense until he was finally still and his knot was holding them together. His muscled arms were shaking from holding himself up, and from expending so much energy at once. His breaths were still coming hard and sweat was beaded on his forehead.

He was so perfect. His Alpha always took care of him, not just sexually, but in every way. He always made sure he was happy and comfortable, that he had everything he needed. He was so happy that they were going to be mated, but as he thought that, he wondered why they were waiting. Sure, he wanted a mating ceremony, but he could still let Jungkook claim him. Here and now he could expose his neck ask for his Alpha to mark him with his bite.

While his head was still clear, and he wasn’t lost to his heat Jimin looked up at his Alpha and met his silver gaze. He tilted his chin up and turned his head, exposing his scent gland. It was a clear offer as he closed his eyes and purred gently, he was showing his complete faith and trust in Jungkook. He felt a shudder run up the Alpha’s spine.

“Are you sure, Baby? We can wait until after the ceremony.” Jungkook’s voice was rough and desperate, clearly trying to hold himself back.

“I’m sure. I’m so sure. Please bite me. I want to be yours forever, Alpha.”

Jimin didn’t flinch, didn’t react at all to the low growl from Jungkook’s chest as his inner Alpha took control of him, his canines elongated in his mouth as he watched the gentle flutter of Jimin’s pulse in his creamy neck. He could feel saliva gathering at the orange blossom and jasmine tea scent that was his Jimin. The only word in his head was ‘mine’ it repeated on a loop over and over as he studied his Omega. There was no fear in him, not the barest hint of hesitation.

Jungkook leaned down and pressed a soft kiss over the spot, just over his scent gland taking a deep breath before opening his mouth and biting hard. He punctured deeply and knew his mating mark would be deep and permanent. The taste of Jimin’s blood like sweet wine flooded is mouth and for a moment he worried he’d hurt him too badly, but as he unlocked his jaw and pulled back, licking over the wound apologetically, Jimin moaned and the sound shot straight through him.

“Now you, Baby.” Jungkook whispered, turning his head and lowering himself to allow Jimin access to his neck.

As Jimin opened his eyes and looked at Jungkook he felt his own canines descend into his mouth as he met the Alpha’s gaze that had gone from silver to a softly glowing red, and he knew his own eyes were white. He glanced down to see the stain of blood on Jungkook’s lips and felt the throbbing pain of his neck distantly. It was done, he was marked as Jungkook’s mate. His eyes found the spot on the Alpha’s neck where he would bite, and the unmarked skin had him feeling wild with possessiveness.

He struck suddenly, without warning. He arched up and sunk his teeth right into the Alpha’s neck, feeling a whimper work its way out of him as Jungkook began a low, thrumming purr that had Jimin’s whole body tingling. As he released his bite, he licked over it to stop the bleeding, his saliva helping to begin the healing of the wound. He fell back against the pillow and looked at the fresh bite mark on the side of Jungkook’s neck. That was his mating mark, he was mated. Jungkook was his now. For life.

He turned his eyes to look into the Alpha’s and saw that they were still red. They met in a kiss that tasted like blood. It was all teeth and tongue and gasping, desperate need as they devoured each other. Jungkook’s knot had relaxed and he was moving again, body rolling in a smooth wave that had goosebumps blooming over Jimin’s skin. He clawed at Jungkook’s back as he Alpha’s weight pressed him down into the mattress, the heat between their bodies like an inferno.

Jungkook could feel everything and as he pulled back from the kiss, he was sure that the image of Jimin underneath him in this moment would forever be branded in his mind. His blond hair a disheveled mess, neck bearing his bite still red and bloody, Jungkook’s blood staining his lips and teeth, eyes softly glowing white. He was so perfect with his mouth slightly open, little sounds escaping as he continued to move inside him. Jimin was his now. For life.

Chapter Text

Taehyung was sitting on the couch with a cup of morning tea when Jimin’s scream of ‘Jungkook!’ Shattered the silence of the morning. He heard a crash from the kitchen and pounding footsteps from the kitchen as Jungkook darted past him and turned to rush down the hall. He distantly heard the crash of their bedroom door opening, then closing. He felt worry begin to build up in his chest. He wanted to know if Jimin was okay, but he knew that he couldn’t go check on him.

Of course, he knew that Jungkook wouldn’t let anything hurt Jimin. His Omega life partner would be fine. He’d given Jungkook his blessing, and he needed to trust in Jimin’s Alpha to take care of him. He knew his own heat was close. He’d felt it since he woke this morning, body aching and too hot. He could feel the tension in his core, ready to turn at any moment from simple discomfort to full on agonizing pain. He sipped at his tea and watched his Alpha, who was working on his laptop and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Yoongi was across the room, at the table. Tae wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing, but the small distance between them, had him feeling discomfort. He wanted Yoongi to be touching him. He wanted to sit in his Alpha’s lap and have him pet over his hair and skin, giving him attention. But he didn’t want to interrupt him if he was doing something important. So he sipped at his tea and longed after his Alpha, watching as he typed and studied his screen, then finally closed the top of the laptop and sat back in his chair, rubbing a hand through his messy silver hair and yawning.

Taehyung set his tea down and walked slowly over to him. He didn’t know why he suddenly felt so shy, but it was probably his approaching heat. He could feel a slight sheen of sweat under his purple sweater, but his body was hot compared to the ambient temperature and it had goosebumps rising on his skin. As soon as he was within grabbing distance, Yoongi pulled him into his lap. Taehyung felt better in his Alpha’s lap. It helped calm some of the restlessness that shifted under his skin.

“Are you okay, little flower?” Taehyung shook his head. “Worried about Jimin?” The Omega nodded. “He’s gonna be alright. You know that Jungkook will take care of him.”

“I know. I just… his scream earlier sounded like he was hurting. But, I know Kookie will make sure he’s okay.”

Yoongi stroked his hands over Tae’s back slowly comforting the anxious Omega. As one hand made its way up to his neck, Yoongi was surprised to find the skin hot and slightly dewed with sweat.

“Are you okay, Honey? You feel hot.”

“Yeah. My heat is close. It’s almost time.” Taehyung’s voice was soft and quiet as he leaned his head against Yoongi’s shoulder and closed his eyes, relaxing into the Alpha’s hold.

Now that he’d said it, Yoongi realized how close it must be. He could smell his scent, sweeter than usual, stronger. His skin was burning hot to the touch and he could practically taste the pheromones in the air around him. It had his heart picking up speed, thumping in his chest as he thought of serving his Omega during his heat. The pheromones Tae was putting off had him already hard as diamonds, ready for his beautiful Omega. But he knew that waiting was best. He was going to be spending the better part of the next couple of days inside of Tae, and it was going to be the best thing that had ever happened to him and would leave him completely wrung out and exhausted. He was thrilled.

“How close do you think it is, little flower? Should we go to the bedroom?” Yoongi asked, running his fingers through the lavender strands of Tae’s hair.

“I’m not sure, it feels li- Ah!” Taehyung gasped at the first shot of sharp pain that lanced through his stomach at the same moment Yoongi’s fingertips touched over his scent gland.

His hands immediately went to his belly, pressing into his core, trying to staunch the lingering pain. It felt like he’d just been stabbed. He’d only felt this a few times in his life. Usually he and Jimin started sedation before the pain began, though there had been a few exceptions when it had hit unexpectedly. It had never felt so powerful before, it must be the presence of his Alpha that was making his body revolt. He felt a rush of slick between his thighs and his entrance convulsed around nothing. The feeling of emptiness made tears spring to his eyes that fell when he squeezed them shut.

Before Yoongi could speak or react, Tae felt a sob work its way up from his chest. He was so empty and he needed something… Yoongi. He needed him now. He shoved his purple sweater up roughly, before grabbing one of his Alpha’s hands and practically shoving it down the front of his shorts and panties. He tilted his hips forward and let out a small, pleased noise as his Alpha’s fingers brushed over his aching hole.

“We should go to the bedroom, Baby. This isn’t really the place for this.” Yoongi managed to say as his mind was focused on the feeling surrounding his hand. Hot. Wet. Perfect.

Tae shook his head and let it fall back against Yoongi’s shoulder. “No… Just touch me. Please, it hurts.”

Yoongi felt conflicted as he knew Jungkook could walk out here at any moment and see them, but he comforted himself thinking that the other Alpha was definitely too busy with his own Omega to come out for a while.

“Alright, Honey. I’ll just make you feel better and then we can go to the room, okay?”

Tae made a little noise of ascent and pushed Yoongi’s hand farther down his shorts. The Alpha slid one finger inside, grinding his teeth at how extremely hot he was inside. He could only imagine how good he was going to feel around his cock. He could feel himself throbbing as he added a second finger and hooked them, pressing into Tae’s sensitive prostate and making the Omega jerk and whimper in his arms. He started up a steady rhythm of pushing his fingers against that spot, feeling Tae start to undulate against him, pushing down against his hand and matching his rhythm.

It didn’t take long for Tae to start shuddering and clenching as his orgasm built up into a crescendo. His cramping was still there, but quickly being overshadowed by the pleasure of his rapidly approaching release. His head was pressing back against his Alpha’s shoulder, mouth open to pull in deep, gasping breaths as the fingers inside him increased their pace and his sensitive inner walls were fluttering just on the edge of orgasm. The Alpha’s other hand disappeared into his shorts as well, rubbing over his hard cock and stretching the waistband of the shorts to their max by trying to fit both hands inside at once.

Yoongi leaning forward and sealing his mouth over his scent glad was the last push he needed to finally reach his peak. It was a glorious kind of pleasure as it rocketed through his entire body, making every cell and nerve shiver with it. He arched up into the hands on him. His head pressing back into Yoongi’s shoulder as he was overtaken and as he came down, the cramping had quieted some. It was still present, unable to be sated by anything other than his Alpha’s seed. As the last pulse of his release jolted through him, he went totally limp against Yoongi’s hard body underneath him, wilting into the Alpha’s arms.

Although Yoongi hadn’t cum, he was still panting just as hard as Tae after the Omega’s orgasm. His hands and the front of his sweats were completely soaked in Tae’s slick, and his scent was getting stronger and sweeter as the heat built back up in him and his body started putting out pheromones. Yoongi tried to be as gentle as possible as he turned Tae around in his arms and wrapped his hands under his thighs to carry him off to the room.

As he stepped into the hallway, his head snapped to the side and he growled as he saw Jungkook there. His mind was consumed by his inner Alpha and didn’t have any room to understand that Jungkook loved Jimin, he didn’t want Yoongi’s Omega. All he saw was another Alpha, much too close to his Omega in heat. He realized how close they had been to getting seen out in the living room, and the idea of anyone else seeing Taehyung in the throes of his heat made him unbelievably possessive. However, Jungkook didn’t look at Tae, he stepped back and averted his eyes from them. He approved of this, and as stared to make sure he would stay like that, Tae whimpered, bringing him back to reality.

He immediately turned and walked them into his room, kicking the door shut and taking Taehyung to the heat nest that was set up on his bed. They climbed inside and didn’t emerge again until late afternoon, when he escaped to go get his Omega a bottle of water and something to eat to keep his strength up. Yoongi’s neck and shoulders were completely covered in hickeys where Tae had latched onto him and sucked at his skin mercilessly. In his heat state, he was being pushed to mark and claim. Yoongi could feel it too, as Tae’s pheromones put him in a frenzied state that was almost like being in rut. He wanted to bite Taehyung. But he wouldn’t. They weren’t even properly engaged yet. They would wait.

He was surprised when he almost stumbled over the basket of necessities outside his door. Jungkook must have left it there. He reminded himself to thank his friend later as he grabbed it and took it inside. He rifled around and pulled out a bottle of water and a couple of granola bars before crawling back inside the little canopy that hung over his bed. Taehyung was there, in the middle of the space, surrounded by the rumpled blankets and pillows, several of which had been torn when Tae had bitten into them to keep from biting Yoongi, pure white feathers were scattered around him.

Yoongi helped his Omega to sit up and opened the water bottle, offering it to Taehyung who took it in his elegant hands and took several deep pulls off of it. Yoongi encouraged him to have more until the bottle was almost empty. He made him eat both granola bars and by the time he was done with chewing and swallowing those, he was already pressing his hands against his belly again as the pain returned. Yoongi looked down and felt all the blood rush south immediately at the slight swell of Taehyung’s usually flat belly. He was already so full of Yoongi’s release, and they had just gotten started.

Two days later, they were both strung out, tired and sore, barely able to move. Yoongi could feel one last, weak surge of pheromones from Taehyung and was shocked that his cock actually managed to get hard. He tried to lift himself up to roll over and help his Omega, but his arms were like jelly. He tried again with a groan and was about to manage it when Tae put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. The Omega lifted himself up and climbed on top of Yoongi, straddling him. The Alpha couldn’t help but to caress the swollen lower belly of his Omega. He was so beautiful, even messy haired with dark, smudge-like circles under his eyes from the lack of sleep, he was perfect.

“Help me with the plug.” Taehyung whispered softly, trying to reach between his legs but failing.

“I’ve got it, Honey.” Yoongi answered back softly, reaching between their bodies and gently extracting the plug with one hand while the other was ready to line himself up with him as soon as it was out, so none of his seed could escape.

Taehyung rode him slow and easy, too sore to do much more than that. Yoongi did his best to help the Omega along, trying to support him with his hands. It was warm and comfortable. These few days had changed the way they looked at each other in the best possible sense. Yoongi had carried Tae to the shower and to the bathroom, helping him stand while he peed. At first it had been so humiliating that Tae had been on the verge of tears, but as his Alpha just pressed kisses to the side of his face and neck, whispering to him that everything was okay, he’d felt himself fall even deeper in love. Yoongi had been so caring and tender with him, that he was left with nothing but his feelings for his Alpha filling up his chest like a balloon.

With one final, shuddering orgasm Tae’s heat was over. It took every last bit of strength to wait for Yoongi’s knot to release and get the plug back inside before he collapsed to the side, asleep almost before his head hit the pillow. The entire ordeal had been exhausting and wonderful. It had brought the pair closer together as a couple and made them realize how deep their feelings truly were. Yoongi pulled a blanket over them and spooned up behind Tae, falling asleep with him.

Yoongi knew now that he was going to ask this male to be his mate. He wanted to be with Taehyung forever. But his Omega deserved a good mating gift and a proper proposal.

Chapter Text

When Jimin finally woke from his long sleep after his heat finally subsided, the first thing he realized was that he felt uncomfortably full. As he glanced down his body, he saw that his lower belly was still slightly distended as the plug held all of Jungkook’s seed inside him. It was mildly painful, but he couldn’t help but reach down and run his hands over it, thinking how he would look just like this in the early stages of pregnancy. When he realized that that wasn’t going to happen he felt tears well in his eyes but blinked them away quickly.

He didn’t want to be pregnant right now. It was just the feeling and sight of his belly that was making him feel that way. Heats were specifically for pregnancy, and it was normal to feel some sadness afterward when pregnancy was not achieved. It was the body’s natural instinct. That didn’t make the sadness disappear, but it made it a little more bearable. He had to focus on his life, his dance career. He and Tae were already close to being too old to be professional dancers anymore. Every year it got harder and harder, their muscles fatigued faster, their joints hurt more and the abuse their bodies had suffered in pursuit of their art had taken its toll.

They were both still amazing dancers, but they only had a few years left before they came to a point where they would have to make a choice to move on from dancing and either becoming instructors or finding a new dream to pursue. Everyone knew that this would be Jin’s last year as the prima ballerina of the dance company. He’d held the position for almost five years, and his time had come to retire. He was going to be moving into the role of teacher after the showcase, an arrangement that the Omega claimed to be happy about, but that Jimin and Tae knew wasn’t as easy as he made it seem.

They knew firsthand how hard this was for him. They had seen the desperation in Jin as he’d practiced for his final solo as prima ballerina. He was only a couple of years older than them, and even they were feeling the pressure of the impending end of their dancing age. Of course, they would always be dancers, and they would never stop dancing, but they would have to surrender the stage to the next generation.

Reminding himself of this fact helped. Jimin was waiting for a reason. He wanted to dance with Taehyung for as long as possible, he wanted to share the stage with his Omega life partner for as long as he could. They had sacrificed so much for dance, the last six years of their lives had been devoted to ballet. He was devoted to that dream that the pair of them had envisioned for as long as he could remember. He would dance with Taehyung until their bodies finally gave out on them, and he knew that they had precious few years remaining on that clock.

Jimin was pulled from his thoughts by Jungkook’s fingers carding through his hair. The Alpha’s touch immediately soothed Jimin’s frayed nerves. He hadn’t realized that he was even awake, so caught up in his own head. He turned his face to look at his mate. His mate. They were mated. There was still some legal documentation to take care of, and a ceremony to have, but they were marked, and that was permanent. Nothing could ever undo the pact that they had created here in this place, in the warm cocoon of safety and love they had created.

“What’s wrong, little one?” Jungkook whispered, looking at him with kindness in his eyes.

“Just thinking about the future. About how time has moved so fast and so slow. How me and Tae’s time is almost up.”

“What do you mean your time is almost up?”

Jimin looked at Jungkook and gave him a smile, reaching up to run his fingers along Jungkook’s jaw to try and comfort him. The Alpha was looking intense and concerned.

“Dancing. Our time is almost up. We’re getting too old.”

“Too old? You’re barely into your twenties. How are you too old?”

Jimin gave a little laugh at the consternation on Jungkook’s face. The Alpha looked like he wanted to fight someone for him, to go talk to whoever made these decisions and make them change their mind. He smoothed his hand over Jungkook’s cheek again, soothing him.

“You’ve never seen us when we’re practicing for a show. You’ve only seen the regular workouts and practices, which are difficult, but nothing compared to preparing for a performance. We’ve been running ourselves ragged for ballet for so long that we’ve destroyed parts of our bodies in pursuit of our dream. I guess we’ve never really talked about this, but ballet is hard on your body. Probably more than any other kind of dance.”

“Are you okay?”

Jungkook was legitimately concerned. He had never really thought about it the way Jimin was describing. He’d rarely heard his Omega talk about anything with such a serious tone, especially not dance. Anytime the Omega talked about ballet it was always with a happiness and passion for his art, but this was different. Jimin was such a happy and free spirit that he seemed so carefree. It was unusual for Jungkook to see his Omega looking so upset. But when Jimin turned back to him, the pensive look vanished and he smiled again, morphing back into his pretty, happy self.

“Yes. I’m perfect. Sorry I just got caught up in thought.” Jimin’s fingers came up and touched gently over the mostly healed bite on his neck, tracing the edge lightly and Jungkook’s eyes followed the movement.

“We’re mated now. So you’re stuck with me for the rest of our lives.” Jungkook whispered, quietly which made Jimin giggle.

“I’m glad… mate.”

“Me too… mate.”

Jungkook thought about the fact that they were really mated and realized that this had all happened so fast, he hadn’t even had time to give Jimin his mating gift. He looked over to his mate and smiled. He knew that Jimin would love his gift.

“Wait here. I’ve got something for you.”

Jungkook quickly climbed out of the nest and Jimin heard quick footsteps and drawers opening and closing, then returning footsteps. Jungkook climbed back in with a small box wrapped in shimmering pink paper and tied with a pink satin bow. It was lovely. Jungkook had to help him to sit up and lean against the pillows in the nest, as he was still sore and his belly still achingly full. Jungkook gave Jimin the tiny box and the Omega held it in his hands delicately, studying the little gift.

“What is it?” Jimin asked, quizzically.

“It’s your mating gift.”


Jimin looked at the minute box in his hands with reverence. His mating gift. It was such a small box, but he knew that whatever was inside, he would love it. If Jungkook had gotten it for him, it would be perfect.

He pulled the ribbon gently and watched the neat little bow unravel. He set the ribbon aside and opened the little pink box to reveal… a key. He picked it up and noticed a small silver keychain, a heart engraved with words. ‘Our Place’ Jimin looked up at his Alpha with confusion, he didn’t understand this gift.

“Our place?”

“It’s the key to our cabin, Baby. I bought it for you as a mating gift.”

Jimin felt his heartbeats pause for a single moment, then redouble. He looked back down at the key in his hand. ‘Our Place’ meant their little cabin, the place where he’d given his Alpha his virginity. That wonderful bastion of peace and tranquility. Jimin felt tears in his eyes as he let out a half-laugh, half sob and his fingers closed around the key in his hand.

“Jungkook… this must have cost a fortune.” Jimin said, looking at him with crystal tears clinging to his long lashes.

‘You’re worth it, Baby. I thought about this a lot, I wondered what to give you for your mating gift. The cabin is our special place. The place where we were together for the first time. I want it to be only for us.”

“It’s perfect…”

Jimin’s hand was clenched around the key in his hand. He pictured the little cabin, the quiet woods and beautiful lake where he’d spent the best weekend of his life. It was theirs now.


When Jimin and Taehyung had finally cleaned up and emerged from their separate bedrooms after their heats, the pair had immediately been inseparable again. Of course, the moment Taehyung had seen Jimin’s neck he had burst into tears and clung to Jimin for a long time, continually moving back to look at it again and again until he was able to finally put together a coherent sentence.

“Minnie! You… You’re MATED! I can’t believe it!” Tae half-sobbed before turning to Jungkook and throwing his arms around the Alpha. “Kookie! Oh my god! You’re my brother-in-law now!”

Jungkook patted Tae’s back as he squeezed him with a surprising amount of strength. Tae only had so much attention to spend on him however and he let go quickly to turn back to Jimin, jumping and making happy little squeaks that made Jimin laugh too. Being apart for any amount of time was hard on them, and they had both been worried about their best friend’s wellbeing. They were hugging and scenting each other as they basked in their happiness. There was nothing that could pull them apart for the rest of they day as they cuddled on the couch and whispered and giggled together cutely, occasionally shooting glances over at Jungkook and Yoongi. It was pretty clear they were talking about what had happened over the last few days.

Yoongi studied Jungkook’s neck, looking at the mostly healed bite that was right over his scent gland. He couldn’t help but think of his own neck bearing Taehyung’s bite someday. He glanced over at his Omega whose cheeks were pink and face split into a smile as he giggled at something Jimin was whispering in his ear. He was so lovely.

“So, when are you going to ask him?” Jungkook said, looking at the way his friend was studying his Omega.


“Tae. When are you going to ask him to be your mate?”

“Wh-what? How did you..?”

“It’s so obvious. I’m happy for you.”

“I’m happy for you too, man. You’re actually mated. What’s it feel like?” Yoongi asked quietly.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier. It’s like… this weight of nervousness and anxiety that I didn’t even know I had is gone. He’s actually mine. Mine. Forever.”

Jungkook was looking at his mate with a sappy expression, and when the blond Omega glanced up at him, he seemed to be waiting for something, like a sign from Jimin. Yoongi realized that his friend was totally whipped, and was about to say something joking about it when Tae looked at him, and he felt himself do the same thing. He waited a moment to see if he was going to be summoned. Oh gods… he was just as whipped as Jungkook. He looked at Jungkook, then down at himself. They were supposed to be these badass rockstars. They were both tattooed and pierced to high heaven, but all it took was one look from the pair of pretty pastel Omegas and they were weak.

“Damn… we’re whipped, aren’t we?” Yoongi asked with a laugh.


Chapter Text

It was like a whiplash for Jungkook and Yoongi how much things changed as soon as Jimin and Taehyung’s heat ended. They went from spending almost every minute of every day in their presence over the last weeks, to almost not seeing them at all. The Omegas were behind their fellows at the ballet company, having taken the time off for their heat, and were struggling to catch up with everyone else. They both had solo showcases as well as big parts in the finale. Jimin and Tae were practicing late every night, aided by Jin who was helping them to get ready.

The older Omega, who was like a mother to Jimin and Taehyung, had flipped his lid when he’d seen Jimin arrive back at the studio with a mating bite. He’d pulled Jimin alone into a room and forced him to confess if he was okay, if he was happy. Jimin just hugged his friend and mentor and told him that everything was perfect and that he had never been happier. The first night after their return to dance practice, Jin had almost attacked Jungkook the moment he’d seen the Alpha outside the studio. Yoongi had gleefully recounted every detail of Jin’s lecture to a laughing Hoseok and Namjoon.

Jin had run out and started smacking Jungkook with a rolled up newspaper he’d been holding, yelling at him between smacks. Jungkook who was protecting his face and head as best he could was dodging backward, not retaliating. He wasn’t the type of Alpha who would hit an Omega, and what Jin was doing didn’t really hurt.

“You! You… Irresponsible Alpha! How dare you mark him before you have a mating ceremony! I can’t believe you have the audacity to show your face in front of me! I should put your over my knee like a disobedient pup!”

Jimin had forced himself between Jin and his mate, eyes full of tears as he pushed Jin back.

“Mama! Stop it. I love him. He’s my mate.” Jimin was sobbing, which brought everything to a halt at once as all four of the others present rushed to comfort him.

This encounter, and Jimin’s distress had resulted in a rocky truce between Jin and Jungkook, who had pulled Jin aside and promised that he was completely serious, and that they would be having a mating ceremony as soon as possible. Though the Omega still seemed to be standoffish with him, Jungkook knew it was only his protectiveness of Jimin that made him that way, and anyone who cared so deeply for his Omega was alright with him. It didn’t matter that Jin seemed to dislike him. Jimin’s wellbeing and happiness was more important.

The Alphas had never really appreciated how hard ballet actually was, but when they picked up their Omegas late in the evenings after long days of non-stop practice, and watched them limp out of the studio, sore and tired from the hours and hours of rehearsing the same routines again and again to perfection, they came to respect how hard they were working. The pair seemed to have a routine for this, as they got home each night, they would shower, then take turns massaging icyhot into each other’s sore muscles until the whole apartment would smell like it. They followed this up with soaking their sore feet in warm water as they both dozed on the couch, feet still soaking. Both of their bodies were covered in bruises from missed steps and tumbles during practice. It was torture for Jungkook and Yoongi to watch them come home in this state day after day, but no matter how tired and sore they got, they still smiled when they saw their Alphas waiting for them outside the dance studio.

After almost a week of being back to dance practice, Jimin and Tae were so sore they could hardly move at all. Rolling out of bed in the morning was almost impossible as every muscle protested the movement. The first few minutes of standing were absolute agony on their feet and ankles that were abused and stiff. They would eventually loosen up and retreat to a dull throb, but it was still present. Once things reached this point, Jimin knew that it was time for drastic action, and after their Alphas picked them up from practice, he asked them to stop at the convenience store on the way home.

Jungkook and Yoongi had been confused when Jimin had asked them to buy ten bags of ice, but did as they were requested, returning to the car with all the requested ice. It became clear exactly what was happening as Tae and Jimin dragged the bags of ice into the bathroom and started emptying them into the bathtub before adding cold water to make a giant ice bath. Jungkook and Yoongi were both watching from the doorway in horror as Jimin and Taehyung stripped down to shorts, preparing to get in the ice water. Jimin went first, stepping into the frigid bath and immediately gasping at the feeling of the water like stabbing knives on his skin. He lowered himself down into the water, gasping and shivering immediately as he was submerged to his chest. Tae followed his lead, getting into the tub as he breathed harshly through his mouth like he was giving birth.

“Is this really necessary?” Jungkook asked from the doorway, watching as his mate shivered and convulsed in the water, making the ice shift and clink.

“I-It w-w-will help us to get some rest and feel better. It’s the best thing for it.” Jimin answered through chattering teeth.

As much as they hated to watch as the two Omegas froze themselves in the water, they couldn’t argue with the results. Jimin and Taehyung both slept better that night than they had in recent days, able to get out of bed with much less difficulty.

On Sunday Jimin and Tae weren’t scheduled for practice, and everyone was sleeping in. Jimin was the first one awake, body too sore to lay still any longer, he’d dragged himself out of bed and put on a pair of sweats and one of Jungkook’s shirts before limping out into the kitchen to make his morning coffee. After a few minutes he heard shuffling footsteps and Yoongi appeared in the kitchen doorway, looking disheveled and puffy from sleep. He was alone, Taehyung presumable still asleep.

“Good morning, Yoongi. You want some coffee?” Jimin asked as the Alpha collapsed onto one of the barstools.

“Morning. Coffee… yes.”

Jimin laughed as he watched Yoongi rest his head on the counter. Jimin knew why the Alpha was likely up so early.

“Let me guess… Tae was snoring.”

“He sounds like someone’s trying to start a lawn mower.” Yoongi groaned into his crossed arms.

“Yep. He only does it when he’s really tired, but when he does… man it’s loud. How do you take your coffee?”


Jimin poured him a mug of coffee and slid it across the bar and picked up his own and started to drink. He watched as Yoongi blew on his coffee and started to sip at it until the Alpha looked more or less coherent. Finally, Yoongi’s eyes settled on him and he saw a look of indecision come over his face, like he was having an internal conversation before he finally spoke.

“Jimin… I’m actually glad I caught you alone. I had something I wanted to ask you.”

The Omega’s eyebrows shot up as he looked at him quizzically.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Have a seat.” Yoongi said indicating one of the stools next to him.

Jimin sat.

“So… I know that you and Taehyung don’t really have parents or any biological family. You are his only family. I’m going to ask Taehyung to be my mate, and it would be really meaningful if you would give me your blessing.”

Jimin felt tears well up in his eyes as he looked at Yoongi. His Omega life partner had found himself a truly good Alpha. He knew that Yoongi would make sure that Tae was happy and he would take care of him like he deserved. Jimin sniffed and tried to blink his tears away, attempting to focus on the situation. He wasn’t successful. He’d been so stressed lately and he was tired and sore, and this amazing news on top of all of that had tears rolling down his face as he reached over and pulled Yoongi into a hug. He could tell that the Alpha wasn’t someone who was comfortable with a lot of physical contact, but he still accepted Jimin’s hug and patted him on the back.

Jimin pulled back and wiped at his eyes before beaming at the Alpha.

“I know you and I haven’t really spent a lot of time together, just the two of us, but I see how you care for him. I’ve never seen him so happy. I’ve never even seen him react to any Alpha at all before you, in the past he seemed… afraid of them. I think that was my fault. I scared him after what happened with Jiwoo, and I think that he was waiting for someone who he could trust. I don’t know if it’s fate or destiny, but I do know that the two of you are meant for each other. You are two halves of the same whole. I know that TaeTae used to be sad all the time, he would try to hide it from me, to make me think he was okay, but I know him. He’s my Omega life partner, and I could see his loneliness. As much as I love him and he loves me, we were both missing something. It was you and Jungkook. Ever since you came, he’s been so happy and I only want him to be happy. Of course you have my blessing. I know you’ll protect him and love him.”

“I will. I promise I’ll take care of him.”

“Do you have a ring, or a mating gift?” Jimin asked, dabbing at his tears with a sleeve of his t-shirt.

“Not yet. I plan on changing that soon though. I have an idea for the mating gift, and it’s going to take some hard work to get it done, but it will be totally worth it. I was actually going to ask for your help with getting me in contact with some people.”

Jimin was intrigued.

“What do you need?”

As Yoongi began to talk, Jimin felt his tears returning. He pressed a hand over his mouth and after the Alpha finished talking, he pulled him in for another crushing embrace.

Chapter Text

Hoseok was on official distraction duty as Yoongi, Jungkook and Namjoon all worked on the secret project that Yoongi had initiated as his offering to Taehyung for his mating gift. The Alpha had been working nonstop on it, spending an inordinate amount of time and money. Yoongi however was like a man possessed. Once his goal was in mind, there was no stopping him. He was bound and determined, and if there was one Alpha whose determination you didn’t want to derail, it was Min Yoongi. The male was a perfectionist and a workaholic, though he usually channeled those parts of himself into music which was much healthier than some of his younger years of drinking and partying. Bulletproof had been the place he’d found direction and focus.

Jimin and Taehyung had been released early from practice along with all the other dancers who would be performing in the upcoming showcase. The dancers needed time to let their bodies rest so they could be in top form for their performance as it was only a week away. They hadn’t had much of a chance to see Hobi and Namjoon since before their heats and the pair of Omegas had been missing him just as dearly as they missed Jin. The trio was currently in Jimin and Tae’s nesting room, painting their nails. Hobi even let them paint his nails a dark, glittery purple color which had Jimin and Tae giggling and happy as the Beta showed them off to them.

As Tae was finishing up the last coat on Hobi’s left hand, Jimin watching with a big smile as the Beta admired his completed right hand, Jimin had a thought. He remembered Namjoon’s words from their first outing with him, when they’d been doubtful that Hobi would ever hurt his mate. ‘If you think that, you should ask Hobi the story of how we met.’ Jimin smiled as he thought of having the answer to the question he’d pondered on a great deal.


“What is it, little one?” Hobi asked, looking at Jimin with extreme gentleness in his eyes.

“How did you meet Namjoon?”

This question seemed to surprise the Beta, but his smile didn’t waver.

“Why do you ask?”

“Namjoon said when he bought us our new pointe shoes that if you found out he didn’t buy them, you’d kick his butt. But we said that you wouldn’t hurt anyone and then he said we should ask how you guys met.”

Hobi blew on his nails and smirked a little at the memory. It was an odd circumstance to be something so dear to him, but he guessed that his relationship with Namjoon was unorthodox in many ways. He smiled very conspiratorially at the pair of Omegas who leaned in close when he crooked a finger.

“That’s actually a very long story…”

10 Years Earlier

At fifteen, Jung Hoseok was tired of being a Beta. He felt like he lived a middling existence between Alpha and Omega, never fitting in with either category. It didn’t help that he was pretty, and that made Alphas pursue him like they would an Omega, which to him was more insulting than anything else. He’d had numerous attempts at courting over the years from random Alphas and he’d always turned them down. Only after the age of 13 when his parents mating had been dissolved and he’d started living with his increasingly distant mother and fallen into a rough crowd. He’d started drinking and smoking, going to parties and hooking up with anyone he felt like.

But his favorite part about falling into the kind of cliques and gangs that he surrounded himself with was the fights. He loved nothing more than a good fist fight. It was even better than sex and it left him exhausted and replete afterward, even if he had a black eye or busted lip, he always won. He’d beaten Alpha’s twice his size in fights. He was a badass, which only seemed to add to his mysterious allure, drawing “bad boy” types of Alphas to him. He hadn’t minded at first, but the novelty had run off quickly, and he was left wishing that he’d never entertained the Alphas at all as they grew more and more possessive over him. Hobi didn’t belong to anyone, especially some piece of shit Alpha who just wanted to be able to flaunt him around like a show dog.

Hoseok was no trophy wife, he wasn’t okay with being shown off to others as if he were some kind of consolation prize. He wasn’t. So he’d formed a plan, and it was effective in keeping unwanted Alphas away from him. Whenever an Alpha would approach him with amorous intent, he’d tell the the same thing every time. “If you can beat me in a fight, I’m yours.” Though, it had led to a lot of people calling him crazy or insane, he didn’t care. He was a strong independent Beta, and he didn’t need an Alpha in his life to control him. Alphas didn’t want to fight a Beta. Because either they would win, and people would look down on them for fighting someone “lesser” than them. Or worse, Hobi would win and they’d be the one who had their ass kicked by a Beta.

All he really wanted from a relationship was respect. He wanted someone to respect him and love him enough to take him seriously and treat him like an equal. He’d had a few take him up on his offer to fight, but everyone who had fought him always lost and afterward somehow in their minds blamed Hoseok. He’d gained a reputation that kept Alphas away from him. All except one. Kim Fucking Namjoon. He was the only Alpha who wasn’t put off by Hoseok’s obvious rancor for him and his kind. Hobi tried to deny that he was interested in the Alpha, because he didn’t do Alphas. But it seemed that Namjoon might be the only odd man out of that game because for some reason when Namjoon greeted him, he always greeted back, even if it wasn’t usually more than a noncommittal shrug or grunt. It was more than most anyone else got from him.

For Namjoon, he’d never met anyone like Hoseok and he was certain that he never would again if he let him get away. Namjoon didn’t feel the way that other Alphas did. He’d never been attracted to Omegas in a sexual way. He of course wasn’t immune to their cute, pretty softness, but when he looked at them, he thought of them the way he thought of children or puppies. Cute, soft, to be protected, but… never in a way the he’d consider them as romantic partners. In fact, he hadn’t felt a lot of attraction in general and had wondered why he wasn’t like other Alphas. When the pretty Omegas with their sweet scents walked past, he didn’t follow them with his eyes and pant over them the way his friends did. He’d never even felt that kind of instinctive attraction until a cold October morning when he’d seen Jung Hoseok for the first time.

The Beta had been in a fist fight with an Alpha who was easily six inches taller than him, but he was winning. Namjoon had been floored the instant he’d seen that heart shaped smile, slightly distorted by a split lip laughing as he landed the final punch and watched as the Alpha he was fighting hit the ground unconscious. He’d been addicted from the very first glance. The Beta was absolutely the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and over the months of his pining he learned a lot about him.

Hoseok was not soft and quiet like Omegas. He was loud, brash and vibrant. His colors painted the world around him in the sunshine hue of his soul. Because no matter how many fights Namjoon witnessed, no matter how many half-hearted greetings he received, he could see past the Beta’s defenses. Hoseok wasn’t all sharp edges, though that’s what he wanted the world to think. He was someone who wanted love, he was someone with a lot of love to give too. Namjoon had seen the way that Hoseok spent his afternoons busking for extra cash, and he’d also seen the way he handed most of that money out to the poorer kids in their neighborhood. The ones whose parents neglected them and let them wander the streets, those who were most at-risk for growing up just like them and finding themselves having to choose between surviving and prospering.

Perhaps Namjoon had stared once too often, or perhaps it was Hoseok’s own attraction to the Alpha that finally brought their situation to a head. Namjoon had been watching Hoseok for months from afar, never approaching because he’d seen what would happen if he did. The Beta would challenge him to a fight, and he’d be forced to fight him. He didn’t want to fight him, but after a certain point there was no choice. Or so he’d thought.

Hoseok had a close relationship with a younger Alpha named Jeon Jungkook. For a while Namjoon had thought that they were dating, but observation had cleared that up quickly. The Beta treated the kid like a younger brother. He was one of the ones that Hoseok always forced his busking money on. He’d seen the young Alpha try to refuse time after time, but he always ended up walking away with a small handful of cash. Over the months, he’d seen Jungkook show up to school with myriads of bruises all over his body. At first, Namjoon thought they must be from fights and scuffles that the Alpha got into outside school, but there was something undeniably strange about them. It took a while for him to see what was wrong. His knuckles. When he came to school all bruised up, he still had his perfect, unbruised hands.

When Namjoon had walked around the corner of the building one day to see Hobi cradling the young Alpha who seemed to be crying, the Beta had reacted on instinct like a protective mother bear. He’d released the crying boy and charged at him, roughly pushing him into the rough brick of the school building, crowding into his space. He was wearing a sneer that had Namjoon shifting uncomfortably. Namjoon might have a crush on Hoseok, but he was still an Alpha and he still reacted to aggression from others. He pushed the Beta away from him, though all he really wanted was to pull him closer. He smelled like fresh cut grass and it made Namjoon instantly more alert, more intense.

“Don’t you dare say a word about this to anyone, you asshole.” Hoseok hissed at him as he glanced over to the young Alpha who couldn’t be more than thirteen and who was cradling his wrist and still crying.

Namjoon immediately regretted pushing the Beta away. He was trying to protect his friend. He didn’t want the Alpha to be shamed for crying, but it was clear that there was something wrong with him. Something more than simple bruises and scrapes. The way the boy was cradling his arm to his chest, it was probably broken or at least sprained.

Hobi was so done with Alphas and all their bullshit. He’d noticed the way that Namjoon’s eyes followed him, they lived only a block apart from each other and he’d seen him often around their neighborhood. He was tired of dealing with the stares that bloomed awareness under his skin like warm bursts of air and left him feeling… some ridiculous desperate desire to have the Alpha’s scent on him to have their skin touch. He wanted to erase the feelings, and if he had to fight this stupid asshole than he would. Jungkook was hurting, and he didn’t have time or energy to spare on trying to convince this Alpha to keep his fucking mouth shut, so he’d have to shut it for him.

“Look, I’m not-“ Namjoon tried to start, but Hoseok’s fist flew before he could finish his statement.

Hoseok told himself that he didn’t feel regret as he watched Namjoon’s head snap to the side. He didn’t. But as he watched the Alpha turn back to him slowly and not make any violent retort, he felt anger burst inside him like fire. He should have known that Namjoon would be just like the others. He didn’t respect him enough to even look at him as a threat, though he definitely was. He’d kicked countless Alpha’s asses and here was Kim Namjoon, who he’d thought no matter now reluctantly, would be different. But when he swung again, his wrist was caught and that only made him more angry. He growled at Namjoon as he yanked at his wrist.

“Let go of me.”

Namjoon was fighting every Alpha instinct in his body not to return the hit. He wanted to very badly, but he could still hear the crying of the boy whose wrist was hurt, Jungkook. He was trying to take deep breaths and keep himself in check.

“Hoseok! Listen to me.” Namjoon said, pulling the Beta closer by the wrist in his grip but Hobi was too angry to listen.

He felt like his temper was constantly bubbling under the surface of his skin and all it took was one prod to make him explode like a volcano and destroy everything in his path. He had no equilibrium; he hadn’t in so long that he’d forgotten how to get himself under control. As Namjoon had pulled him closer by his arm, he’d reacted instinctively, and brought a knee up into the Alpha’s balls. Namjoon grunted but didn’t let him go. Hobi did get some satisfaction in the fact that he seemed to finally have provoked real anger out of the Alpha whose unruffled surface was like that of a smooth pond, unwavering and still. Namjoon turned him and switched their positions, slamming him up against the wall instead, the hand that wasn’t holding his arm coming up to grip his jaw in a bruising hold, forcing him to look into the Alpha’s eyes.

“I get that you don’t like me, and if you want to have a real fight, then we can save it for later. But right now, that boy needs a doctor.”

Namjoon pointed to Jungkook who was now on his feet, seemingly wanting to come and interfere in their confrontation. Hobi could not allow that to happen, Jungkook was already hurt. He tried to calm himself down, and wanted to deny that the cool minty smell of the Alpha was helping, but it was. He got his head back in some semblance of order.

“What exactly are you proposing? I don’t have money for a doctor and his parents aren’t going to give it to us.”

“I know a guy. Just… come on.”

Namjoon released him and Hoseok pushed him back with both hands on his broad shoulders, unsatisfied by how little he’d managed to move the Alpha. He went to Jungkook and wrapped an arm around him to support him. He didn’t particularly want Namjoon’s help, but he also had no other options. He cared more about Jungkook than he did about his damnable pride. There would be time to fight with him later, for now the younger Alpha was his priority.

Namjoon took them to an apartment building a few blocks farther down from their neighborhood, they had to walk up three flights of stairs to get to a ramshackle door with peeling red paint. Namjoon knocked and they were greeted by a young man about their age. He was an Alpha, pale and stern looking with catlike eyes and silver short-cropped hair. Hoseok rolled his eyes as they clasped hands and bumped chests.

“Hey Yoongi. Is Doc home? I’ve got somebody who needs help.”

“Yeah… come on in.”

Hobi walked into the unfamiliar apartment on high alert, not knowing what to expect. What he saw however were a half-dozen kids around their own age, some sitting together, others sleeping on the floor on the sleeping bags that scattered the small space. He wondered if this was some kind of drug den, but he didn’t smell the tell-tale smell of any kind of drugs. Just the mix of unfamiliar scents.

“What is this place?” Hobi asked Namjoon as the Alpha led them inside.

“This is Doc’s place. He takes in kids like me and Yoongi who need a place to stay, or whose homes aren’t really… a good place to be.” Namjoon said this a little abashed, hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. “Come on, Doc might be able to help the kid.”

“’M not a kid.” Jungkook complained from his place next to Hoseok, the first words he’d spoken since they’d left the school.

“Sure kid.” Namjoon replied with a laugh.

As it turned out, ‘Doc’ was a tiny male Omega who looked to be about seventy years old at least. His scent was calming like chamomile tea. He waved them inside, greeting Namjoon and smiling at the two newcomers as the Alpha introduced them. The room he was in seemed to hold all his belongings and was a mish-mash of office, bedroom and exam room. He’d indicated for Jungkook to sit in the chair next to him and he studied the boy’s wrist, gently prodding and poking asking him to say when it hurt.

“Tsk…Tsk… Tsk… You’re very lucky. It’s not broken. But it’s definitely sprained and might have a small fracture. It’s important that you don’t overdo it with this arm for at least a few months. I’m going to wrap it up for you.” He turned and rifled through several drawers before Namjoon finally pulled one open and handed the old man an ace bandage. “So… tell me what happened here.”

“I-I just fell.”

Jungkook suddenly looked scared and nervous, eyes looking everywhere except at the old man they called Doc. The look on the elderly male’s face was kind and understanding and sad all at once. It was clear that he knew what had happened.

“It’s alright, Jungkook. You don’t have to go back there if you don’t want to. You can stay here.”

Jungkook looked to the old man, wary and nervous like a baby deer. Waiting for the carrot of safety to be snatched out of his grasp, pulled away like all good things. He hadn’t seen much hope in his short life and anytime he’d ever seen any it had been snatched away quickly. But Doc just patted his hand and gave him a kind smile.

“C-can I really s-s-stay here?” Jungkook stuttered out, still scared.

“Of course you can.” He said before turning to Namjoon. “Can you and Yoongi find him some bedding and get him set up?”

“Sure, Doc. No problem.”

“What about you, young man? Hoseok, was it?” Doc asked, turning his attention to the Beta. “Would you like to stay?”

Hoseok was about to wave him off with a snide remark about how he didn’t need anyone’s damned help and that he was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. But as he opened his mouth to reply he couldn’t help but think… it would be nice maybe just for tonight to sleep somewhere where his only guest wasn’t the vinegary smell of cooking heroin and the grunting sounds of whatever male his mother had managed to bring home that night. Just one night. What could it hurt?

“I… Okay. Yeah, I’ll stay. Just tonight though. To make sure Jungkook is alright.”

“Of course.” Doc said, his smile too kind and too knowing.

One night turned into many nights. Jungkook and Yoongi became fast friends, spending all their free time together the older Alpha teaching the younger how to read music and promising to teach him to play guitar once his hand was healed up. They were inseparable, and Jungkook was happier than Hobi had ever seen him. Hoseok was still the responsible adult out of the little group, and he was the one who forced them all out of bed in the mornings and into the one busy communal bathroom to brush their teeth and get ready for school.

He could never say exactly how he and Namjoon had become friends. Maybe it was just the kindness that the Alpha had shown Jungkook, or maybe it was something that had always been there, denied by both of them. But they had become friends. Namjoon had gone with them when Hobi, Yoongi and Jungkook had gone to the youngest’s house and taken all his things, and when Namjoon had pinned Jungkook’s father against the wall with an arm twisted up behind him, the Beta’s heart had shuddered. The words he’d growled into the older Alpha’s ear had been quiet too quiet for Jungkook to catch, but Hoseok had been close enough to catch it.

“You’re a piece of shit father to a son who deserves far more than you’ve ever given him. If you come near him again, I’ll kill you.”

Hobi realized at that moment that he’d already fallen in love. He was in love with this strange, mercurial Alpha whose calm surface was as endearing as it was frustrating. He wondered why the Alpha had never made a move on him. But as time wore on and they all cohabitated, Namjoon and Hoseok never moved their relationship past that of friends. They seemed stuck in a weird limbo where they knew that they were attracted to each other, but neither of them made the first move, scared to interrupt their perfectly balanced peace treaty.

It took Hoseok seeing Namjoon kissing a short Omega girl (or more accurately being kissed BY her) to bring the Beta around to the fact that someone was touching what was his. Hoseok had walked around the building and seen the moment that the girl lifted up on her toes to press her lips to the Alpha’s full ones. At once, Namjoon pushed her away gently. Hoseok wanted him to shove her away, to push her so hard she’d stumble back far enough that she wouldn’t be able to breathe his scent. He watched with narrowed eyes as she’d pleaded with him and Namjoon just shook his head, turning away. As the girl ran off crying, disappearing around the other side of the building, their eyes locked.

Hoseok knew his distaste was written all over his face, he could feel how his lip was curled as his mind replayed those moments of the Omega pressing her lips to Namjoon’s, the way her small hands had curled into the front of his worn out Black Sabbath t-shirt. He wanted to rush forward and erase that kiss with his own mouth, to give him a kiss that would burn so deep in his memory that it would wipe away the memory of anyone else who he’d ever touched or kissed. Until it was only him and Namjoon and their mouths together and the rest of the world was nothing. But he didn’t he stood still for a few moments, and as he turned to leave, he heard running footsteps behind him.

He’d only made it half a dozen steps before Namjoon was there, holding him by the arm and looking into his eyes with a frantic kind of desperation. Hoseok didn’t know where the slap came from, but he felt his hand fly and connect with the side of the Alpha’s face with a ringing ‘smack’ before he even knew what he was doing. Suddenly, Hobi was angry. How dare he let some whore kiss him? How dare he allow someone else to touch his strong chest and breathe his scent? He slapped him again, harder this time.

Namjoon’s response was to pull him in closer and kiss him. It was just a press of lips, and it made something hard and cold inside Hoseok’s chest melt completely. But it didn’t erase the fire of his anger, and as the Alpha pulled away, he slapped him a third time but it had much less power behind it. He could feel his hands shaking, feel his heart beats ache with every beat like there was a hole in it and his lifeblood was leaking out of him. Tears gathered in his eyes as he punched his fists against the Alpha’s chest, making a loud thump. He knew he could hit harder, he could hurt him if he wanted to. But he couldn’t bring himself to hurt him. He was in love with him, but that too was the cause of his pain.

“You let her kiss you.” Hobi choked out, hitting his fists against the broad chest under his hands again.

“I’m sorry, Hobi. I’m sorry.” Namjoon said softly, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him closer.

Hoseok tried to fight it, but there was no fighting it as Namjoon’s scent calmed him against his will and he felt soft kisses get pressed to any part of him that the Alpha could reach. His temples and forehead, the top of his dark hair. He was getting showered in affection, and for someone who hadn’t allowed himself to feel true affection in so long, it was devastating. It broke down every last barrier that he had remaining until he realized he’d let Namjoon in a long time ago, but he’d been denying it. He was tired of fighting, tired of running and hiding. He just wanted to be himself.

He could still recall with perfect clarity the way Namjoon’s short hair had felt in his hands as he’d reached up, wrapped his hands around the back of the Alpha’s head and slotted their lips together. He remembered the anger that had burst forward when he’d tasted strawberry lipgloss on Namjoon’s lips, the anger that had spurred them into a deeper, more feral kiss that had ended with Hobi pressed against the building and Namjoon caging him in.

That had been the first moment of the rest of their lives.


Present Day

“And we’ve been together ever since.” Hoseok finished with a clap of his hands, the newly painted nails glittering.

Taehyung and Jimin both had tears in their eyes, which made Hobi laugh.

“Why are you crying little ones? It’s a happy ending. You’re supposed to be happy.”

“B-but…” Jimin started, but was cut off by the Beta who reached forward and pulled the pair into a tight hug.

“No buts. Everything turned out fine and if the past was any different, then we wouldn’t all be here now, would we? I know it’s hard to hear about your Alpha’s pasts, but I promise you that living with Doc was one of the happiest times in our lives.”

“What happened to him?” Taehyung asked, wiping tears from his eyes.

“He passed away a few years ago.” Hoseok answered, and gave the two Omegas a soft smile as their tears overflowed at that news. “But we make several large donations a year in his name to charities that help kids like us, help them get out of bad homes. Let me tell you, he would have loved you two. I wish you could have known him.”

Before any more replies could be spoken, the sound of the front door opening sounded from downstairs. Hobi stood and helped Jimin and Tae up off the floor so they could go down and greet the Alphas. The moment the Beta saw his mate, he was filled with fondness. He hadn’t really thought about the old days for a while, it reminded him of just how dear his mate was to him. How good of a male he was. His one and only.

Chapter Text

There was one side effect of mating with Jimin that Jungkook hadn’t considered, which at this moment left him feeling extremely dumb. Hadn’t they been down this road before? Hadn’t he already seen this particular face of his life and understood the implications? Apparently not, because as he and his bandmates were sitting in their practice space, after rehearsing some new songs for their upcoming album, Jungkook was scrolling through the news feed on his phone when something stopped his heart dead in his chest. A picture of Jimin…. In the news.

Jungkook quickly tapped the screen to open the article and felt that growling beast awaken inside his chest. He read the headline in all caps that had him grinding his teeth ‘JEON JUNGKOOK’S MATE IDENTIFIED’ as he looked at several pictures that made his stomach churn. Jimin. In one shot he was alone, walking out of a café, in another he was with Taehyung, whose face was turned but whose lavender hair was a dead giveaway, in the third, it was both he and Jimin together, both of their mating bites were clearly visible in the blown up shot. Jimin was mid-laugh and he was looking down at his mate with soft eyes. Jungkook felt everyone look at him as he let out a low growl as he read the first few lines of the article.

‘Jeon Jungkook, lead singer of the popular alternative rock band, Bulletproof has been lately rumored to be mated. This has been confirmed by our investigative reporters. His mate has been identified as one, Park Jimin, a dancer for the Seoul Ballet Company. We have discovered that the Omega in question is 23 years of age and was raised in the Sister Margret’s Home for Omegas. There has been some speculation that his best friend Kim Taehyung, pictured above is also dating band member Min Yoongi. It is unclear by what means the pair of Omegas have attracted the attention of the members of the famous musicians, but it appears that for Jungkook at least, it’s a permanent situation.’

Jungkook was on his feet in moments, heading toward the door when Hobi grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop. Jungkook turned toward the Beta with a snarl that didn’t cause any reaction in Hobi who was looking at him with a stern concern. He only tightened the grip on Jungkook’s arm as he spoke.

“What? What happened?”

Jungkook couldn’t bring himself to speak. He just shoved his phone at his friend and waited as he watched Hobi’s face slowly morph from concern to cold anger. Namjoon had come over and were reading over the Beta’s shoulder. He watched them morph from curious to angry as they read over the article. Hobi was gripping his phone so tight his hands were shaking as he looked at the words.

“By what means? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Like they tricked you or something?” Hobi spat, thinking of his little ones with their shy innocence and sweet disposition. “Those two couldn’t trick their way out of a paper bag. I saw Jimin literally help a fly to escape the car window while trying not to hurt it the other day.”

“They put their names and workplace down here. That place has got to be swarming with reporters and paparazzi by now.” Jungkook growled, and as if in answer to his statement, his cell phone went off in Hobi’s hand.

It was Jin. Jungkook snatched the phone out of the Beta’s hand and answered at once.

“Hello?” Jungkook could hear a lot of noise on the other end of the line.

“Jungkook?” Jin was shouting over the din. “I need you to come here right now. There are a bunch of reporters here.” Jungkook could tell Jin had moved the phone away from his ear and was shouting at someone else. “Stay away from them or I swear to god! This is private property and you’re trespassing! Get out!” Jin returned to the phone. “They’re mobbing Jimin and Tae, and it’s scaring them. Come get them NOW!”

“We’ll be there ASAP.”

Jungkook hung up the phone. It was clear that everyone else had heard the conversation because they all moved to the door at once, Namjoon pulled the keys out and tossed them to Hoseok who was back into that cold, distant place he’d been when Yoongi had told them about Jiwoo. The Beta might in fact be the most dangerous of the four of them at the moment as he hopped into the driver’s seat and squealed off before anyone even had a chance to put on their seatbelts.


Jin was watching Taehyung and Jimin critically as they moved through their positions. He could see that they were both exhausted from all the intense practice they had been doing. The showcase was only three days away though, and Jin wanted to make sure everyone was ready to perform their very best. This was his last year as the prima ballerina and he was determined that the show would be amazing for his very last on-stage appearance.

“Jimin! Straighten that leg. Tae! Stop making your hands into fists.” Jin instructed.

The dancers did as he asked and moved on through their routine. The pair were some of the best dancers that he’d ever worked with. They moved light as air and smooth as water when they were completely in their element, on the stage under the bright lights they shone like stars. Jin’s focus was pulled away from watching Tae and Jimin’s dance as he saw movement in his peripheral vision outside the front window of the studio that faced the street. It wasn’t unusual for them to have a passerby stop to watch the dancing inside the studio, but usually it was just one or two people. There appeared to be a crowd gathering outside the window.

It appeared that Jin wasn’t the only one who was noticing the jostling bunch outside the window, many of who were holding cameras and recording equipment. The sound of dancing people quieted inside the studio and someone turned off the music as flashes started to illuminate the space, cameras going off and people seemed to be shouting things through the glass.

“Jimin! Park Jimin! Look this way!”

“Kim Taehyung! Over here!”

“Is it true that you’re mated to Jeon Jungkook?”

“Taehyung, is there any truth to the rumors that you’re dating Min Yoongi?”

More calls and shouts of their names had Jimin and Tae stepping forward, the hard toes of their pointe shoes clicking against the wood floors as they moved forward next to Jin. The elder looked at his two underlings and took in their appearances, frowning. They looked fine of course, but Jin knew their Alphas wouldn’t want pictures of them like this circulating. Tae was in only purple leggings and a cropped white tank and Jimin was wearing his tight black dance shorts and a baggy pink tank top that exposed his arms and most of his chest. The outfits were perfect for dance practice, but Jin, putting two and two together realized that this was about their Alpha’s fame. It had him fuming that his precious little students were suffering because of those… irresponsible Alphas.

Jin knew that Yoongi and Jungkook loved his little ones, but he also knew that there was a cost to fame, and his boys were currently paying that cost as he watched them get shy and seem to curl in on themselves as they realized their state of dress. Jin turned and wrapped his arms around them leading them toward the door that led to the dressing rooms. He guided them quickly down the hallway and into their shared dressing room, patting them both on the back gently as they were clearly upset.

“It’s alright, my babies. Just change clothes. I’ll go see if I can’t get rid of this crowd.” Jin said, softly to the pair who were looking at him with watery eyes.

“Sorry, Mama.” Jimin said quietly.

“Yeah… sorry, Mama. We ruined dance practice.” Tae added.

Jin reached forward and ruffled their slightly sweaty hair.

“You didn’t ruin anything. It was almost over anyway. We all need a break before the showcase. So, just get dressed and I’ll see what’s going on outside.”

“Okay.” They agreed together.

Jin turned to leave and as soon as the door to their dressing room closed behind him, he felt his face morph from the polite mask of comfort for Jimin and Taehyung to the rage that he was feeling inside. Jimin and Tae were not celebrities and these people had no right to invade their workplace or their privacy like this. They were innocent and kind and they didn’t deserve this upheaval in their lives.

As he approached the door from the back, he could hear the sounds of shouting louder and he hurried forward, pushing open the door only to find that a large part of the crowd of reporters and paparazzi had made it inside the dance studio. Jin stomped into the studio and over to the crowd that seemed to be jostling to push into the studio.

“HEY! You’re not allowed in here! Get out! This is a place of business!” Jin shouted over the cacophony of the cameras and calls of questions.

“Where are Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung?”

“Have you known them long?”

“Were you aware of Jimin’s mating to Jeon Jungkook?”

“Do the members of Bulletproof come here often?”

Jin felt like a thundercloud, dark and threatening, ready to strike out at anyone who dared to come near his little ones. He couldn’t make out all the words of the crowd, but he was trying to push them back toward the door before the pair of Omegas returned from changing to their normal clothes. He knew he had failed the moment that the crowd he was trying to usher out surged forward again, as the pair of Omegas appeared from the back of the studio. Before he could do anything, Jimin and Tae were surrounded by reporters who were pushing in on them and shouting their questions at the two Omegas.

Jin shoved his way through the crowd as he pulled his cell phone out of the little slot in his leggings and started to dial Jungkook. He could see Jimin, standing with his arms spread, shielding Taehyung from the chaos as they were backed against the wall. Tae was crying and covering his ears, cringing from the loud, turbulent cloud of people around them. Jin could see that Jimin also had tears gathering and he could see him flinch as shouts rained down at them, but he was trying to be strong for his friend and be the protector.


The tires squealed as Hoseok slammed the brakes and the car skidded to a halt outside the dance studio. They were all out of the car within moments, rushing into the dance studio that was now packed with people and shoving their way through the crowd. The scene that they found had all four of them snarling mad as they watched Jin try to protect Jimin who in turn was trying to protect Taehyung.

Jungkook let out a bark of sound that rose up above the noise inside the packed studio. His voice was byfar the loudest. He wasn’t the lead singer for no reason.


Chapter Text

Everything seemed to quiet at once as Jungkook yelled and all eyes turned to the four recent arrivals in the packed space. Jungkook had no attention to spare for the reporters however. His eyes were locked on his mate, who was breathing unevenly as he tried to hold in his panic at being surrounded by such aggressive strangers, many of who were Alphas. Jimin’s cheeks were red and his eyes full of tears, Jungkook could see his lashes tangled with moisture as the Omega looked toward him. He was more angry in that moment than he could remember being since he’d heard about Jiwoo. And this was his fault again. His Omega being harassed because of him.

It was almost an instant thing. As soon as Jimin looked to his Alpha, he felt all his fragile strength disappear. He didn’t have to protect Tae if their Alphas were here. Jungkook would keep him safe and Yoongi would keep Tae safe. He knew this with a bone deep certainty. His fear of the crowd drained away as they all became quiet and still at the Alpha’s commanding voice. Jimin couldn’t look away from his mate, whose jaw was clenched so hard that Jimin was sure it must be hurting his teeth. A set of low, pumping growls were issuing from between the snarling lips and bared teeth of all four members of Bulletproof.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” Jungkook roared, and Jimin noticed several members of the crowd flinch but not respond other than that.

Jimin had never seen Jungkook look so scary before. His Alpha was feral and growling, panting with every breath as his eyes started to glow that dull red that Jimin recognized from their mating night. Jungkook was losing control to his inner Alpha. The Omega could see that his mate’s hands were balled into hard, shaking fists, like it was taking everything in him to keep from attacking the people around him.

“Alpha?” Jimin’s word was quiet, but the room was so silent you could have heard a pin drop, so it carried to Jungkook easily.

The Alpha’s eyes bore into him with an intensity that would have been unnerving if Jimin didn’t trust Jungkook implicitly. He could tell that Jungkook was close to being a danger to someone, but he knew that it would never be him. His mate wouldn’t hurt him, but it was very possible that he could hurt someone else who he thought was upsetting Jimin. He wasn’t himself at this moment, he was the animal. The feral, dark awareness that lurked inside all Alphas was looking out at Jimin.

The Omega raised his hands, summoning his mate to him with a gentle smile that was a little too watery and shaking, but seemed to work all the same as Jungkook’s head tilted slightly and he continued looking at him.

“Come here, Alpha.” Jimin whispered, voice a little too raspy. “Come hold me.”

Jungkook glanced around at the crowd that hadn’t moved since he had yelled. It seemed that everyone could feel the waves of hostility radiating off of the Alpha and were too frozen in fear as they realized that Jungkook might actually attack one of them, and would have every right to do so. They were on private property without permission and they were harassing an Alpha’s mate. Legally, he was not responsible for what happened to any of them at this point.

“Don’t look at them. Don’t mind them. Come to me, now.” Jimin said softly, keeping the smile on his face as he added the added the words that finally broke through to the Alpha. “I need you.”

Jungkook strode forward in several long strides and wrapped Jimin up in his embrace, crushing him against his body. He was still growling lowly, his whole body vibrating with it as he started to scent Jimin with wild abandon, pushing his face into the Omega’s cheek and neck with more force than he usually would. Jimin did his best to rub Jungkook’s shoulders and scent him back, but the Alpha was much stronger than Jimin and he was mostly just lucky to keep his head upright and not let himself be forced backward by the force of his Alpha.

“It’s okay, Jungkook. I’m okay. You saved me, alright? Don’t worry. Everything is fine now.” Jimin was saying as he allowed himself to be thoroughly scented.

Behind them, a very similar instance was occurring between Taehyung and Yoongi, though Yoongi hadn’t lost control quite as bad as Jungkook. He was still growling and scenting his Omega, but Jungkook was feeling particularly possessive because his mating was recent and it’s bond had strengthened his feelings for his Omega to an almost frightening level. He was absolutely certain that if he ever allowed anything to happen to his little one, he would keel over on the spot.

He hadn’t thought his feelings for Jimin could get any more intense, but apparently he had been wrong. Something had changed inside him after he’d marked Jimin and received his own mating bite. It had awoken an animal part of him that had been locked up deep in the recesses of his mind, but now it was loose and it would lie, cheat, beg, bribe and kill for his Omega. The beautiful, smaller body that was being squeezed against him was more valuable than his own life, or anyone else’s. Only Jimin mattered.

“Mine.” Jungkook growled against Jimin’s neck, as he tightened his arms further and heard the air, whoosh out of Jimin’s lungs.

“That’s right, Jungkook. Yours. It’s okay now. Just relax.” Jimin glanced over Jungkook’s shoulder at the crowd that was looking a bit like they weren’t sure if they should move yet. “You should all probably go now.” Jimin said to them.

“Not so fucking fast!” Hobi said, as everyone seemed to start to leave. “I want any film, tape or memory cards out of those cameras right now.”

This statement was met by a general muttering from the crowd as they were reluctant to turn over their precious footage. The Beta was having none of it.

“Unless you would rather hear from our attorneys?” Hobi asked with a sharp note. “Because if even one photo of this is published, you can be sure you will be hearing from our lawyers. Tapes. Now.”

Slowly everyone pulled out their rolls of tape and memory cards. It was well known that Hoseok didn’t mess around. The news of what had happened to the gossip paper that had tried to publish the footage of Jungkook and Jimin’s sextape had made the rounds. The place had been forced to close after Bulletproof’s lawyers were done with them. That wasn’t the kind of trouble any of them wanted to bring down on their own heads, or their companies. They all knew that they were trespassing and that if they were to publish any of these pictures or footage, they would be liable to be sued for stalking and harassment.

As they started to make a little pile at the Beta’s feet, Hobi spoke loud enough to be heard over the general din of the crowd.

“I can assure you that we’ll be making an official statement about this. But you can go ahead and tell your friends to stay the fuck away from my family if they know what’s good for them. It’s one thing to come after us, we signed up for it. But if I find out one more person followed my little ones around, you can guarantee there will be hell to pay. Now get out before I start throwing punches.”

The last few tapes were dropped at Hoseok’s feet and every one filed out of the dance studio in a hurry. As everyone left, Hoseok finally turned around and took in the scene of Jungkook and Yoongi clinging to their little ones, an Omega standing off to the side who could only be Jin. His little ones had told him much about their mentor at the dance studio. Hobi walked forward and offered his hand to the Omega who had been protecting Jimin and Taehyung as best he could.

“You must be Jin. I’m Hoseok, this is my mate Namjoon.”

“I would say nice to meet you, but… under the circumstances… I think we could have found a better time.” Jin said, shaking the Beta’s hand, then the Alpha’s.

“Thanks for protecting them.” Namjoon added as he shook Jin’s hand.

“Of course. They are like sons to me. I would never allow them to be hurt. You should probably get them home though, they need rest.” Jin paused and seemed to measure the intimidating pair before him before adding. “You had better take care of this. If they get hurt one more time because of them, I’m not going to be responsible for my actions.”

Hobi and Namjoon both felt a respect for the Omega who was such a protector for the little ones that had become a part of their strange, found family.


Jungkook was physically incapable of letting Jimin go. They all realized this as Hobi tried to get them to go out to the car. Jungkook’s inner Alpha was still feeling possessive and it appeared that he wasn’t in complete control of his body at the moment. The best solution they were able to come up with was to have the Alpha carry his mate to the car and climb into the back of the SUV after Hobi stored the third row of seats. The space was still too small for two adults, but Jungkook didn’t mind being crowded by Jimin. In fact it was exactly what he currently needed.

Jimin felt kind of like a ragdoll as he was lifted and moved around like he weighed nothing, but he didn’t complain. He understood what his Alpha was feeling, and he didn’t begrudge him the need for closeness. The Omega was sure that if he forced Jungkook away, not only would he hurt the Alpha by not allowing him to be his protector, but others would still be in danger. Jungkook’s low growl had finally stopped, but he was still breathing heavy and as Jimin looked into his face, there was still a slight red glow behind the dark irises.

Jungkook’s knees were bent up and Jimin was curled into a small ball against his Alpha’s chest in the little space in the back of Hobi’s car. It didn’t matter. He didn’t care about his physical comfort. All he cared about was his Alpha, who appeared to still be having a hard time controlling himself. Jimin petted over his dark hair and used gentle fingertips to smooth over his stern brows, lingering for a moment on the barbell through one of them. He curled himself forward to press soft kisses to Jungkook’s cheeks and lips.

“Are you okay, Kookie?” Jimin whispered softly enough that the others wouldn’t hear.

“I need… to be inside you.” Jungkook answered just as softly.

“We’re almost home. Then I promise we can go right to our room. Okay? Can you wait for me, just a little longer?”


“I love you, Alpha.”

“Love you too, Omega.”

Chapter Text

The moment that Hoseok opened the back door of the SUV outside their apartment, Jungkook was out and pulling Jimin into his arms, jogging inside without a word or look to anyone. The Alpha needed both to get inside his mate, as well as to strip him down and inspect every inch of his skin to make sure no one had hurt him. He could hear his mate calling something over his shoulder, but his blood was pounding so hard in his ears that he couldn’t hear what it was. He was on the verge of a full on loss of control and the only thing that would bring him back down was his little one, his perfect, sweet mate who was his entire world.

He had heard throughout his life that mating changed an Alpha, but he’d always disregarded those stories as superstitious nonsense or overly romanticized ideas about meeting the love of your life. He actually had changed a lot because of Jimin. Not because Jimin wanted him to or didn’t accept him, but because he wanted to be better, to be someone worthy of the love of his pretty, innocent Omega. Jimin had accepted him from the very beginning, and he’d changed a lot in that time, becoming more protective, more patient and more introspective. But those had been conscious choices that he had made as a reasoning, clear thinking Alpha.

But the changes that he’d been feeling since Jimin’s heat and their mating mark exchange were something deeper. He had always had the natural connection with his inner Alpha that was typical of all of his kind. But the mating mark on his neck and the matching one on Jimin’s seemed to have unlocked some door inside him or at the very least strengthened the connection between him and his inner Alpha as well as connecting his inner Alpha with Jimin’s inner Omega. His drives and instincts were getting stronger by the day where his mate was concerned. He worried about him when he wasn’t around, which was nothing new per say, but it was so much more intense.

As soon as they were ensconced in their bedroom, Jungkook was finally able to put Jimin down, but he couldn’t stop touching him. He’d been so worried when he’d seen that picture in the news, remembering when that gossip rag had posted about them and threatened to expose that stupid sex tape that Daeun had recorded. He worried that his mate would be upset again. He’d never forget the soft, sob that had broken forth as Jimin dropped Hoseok’s phone and hid in his hands. Sometimes those few moments played over and over in his head and all he could think of was Jimin feeling that sadness again and him not being there to protect him.

Jungkook was pulling at Jimin’s clothes frantically, wanting to get him naked so he could check for injuries and scent him properly before he got inside him. But his panic and fervor were stilled by his mate’s soft, gentle hands. The Alpha could feel himself shaking like a leaf, his mind still a whirlwind of possessive need and desperate panic. But as he looked down into Jimin’s crystal blue eyes he felt something inside him pause, waiting. Waiting for his Omega to tell him what he needed, what Jungkook could do to make him better.

“Alpha?” Jimin whispered softly, but Jungkook clung to the single word like a lifeline.


Jimin could tell that Jungkook was focused on him with laser intensity, his dark eyes were intent and intense. Jimin wasn’t really sure what to do either, but he allowed his instincts to guide him. His inner Omega could sense their Alpha’s deep distress, and his mood better than Jimin could. Ever since their mating, he had started to feel his inner Omega’s awareness much more than ever before. It was like Jimin’s Omega and Jungkook’s Alpha had connected in that moment and afterward the connection hadn’t broken, it had only strengthened, so he allowed himself to be led by the inner voice of his Omega. Jungkook was clearly still struggling against his own Alpha for control, but Jimin could see that it was him who was the primary focus of his attention and as long as he was calm and rational, his Alpha would follow his lead.

“You can undress me now. I know you need this. Take me, Jungkook. I’m all yours.”

Jimin raised his arms up over his head in an invitation for Jungkook to take his clothes off. He kept his gaze on Jungkook’s eyes and he saw relief there. His Alpha needed this badly. Jungkook was shaking as his hands pushed up Jimin’s shirt and pulled it free, next falling to his knees and pulling the Omega’s jeans and panties off, helping him to step out of his flats. Once he was bare, Jungkook’s hands slid up his legs, over his skin looking for any injuries. He paused at every bruise, inspecting them and Jimin had bruises aplenty at the moment from the hours of hard practice and stumbles. He reached down and cupped the Alpha’s face in his hands.

“Those are from dance practice. No one hurt me.” Jimin said softly, smoothing his Alpha’s furrowed brows. “Come on, Jungkook. I need you inside me.”

That wasn’t a lie. Of course Jimin was trying to soothe Jungkook because he was agitated, but he was feeling needy himself. He’d downplayed how okay he was to his Alpha because he didn’t want to make him feel worse, but Jimin had been terrified at the sea of strangers pushing in on him and Tae. He hadn’t known what to do or where to run. He didn’t know if any of them would try to hurt them, or might accidentally hurt them. It had been a moment of sheer panic and he was still reacting to it. His body shaking as the adrenaline drained away, leaving him just a bundle of needs and wants.

Jimin half expected to be dragged to bed, but Jungkook didn’t move from his place, kneeling on the floor. One of his hands snaked up between his legs, fingers finding Jimin’s entrance and pushing one inside the tight channel of his body, just as he leaned forward and took Jimin’s length into his mouth. Jimin’s whole body shuddered at the dual sensations of his Alpha’s finger moving inside him and his warm mouth surrounding his cock. His hands instantly found their way into Jungkook’s black hair, burying themselves in the strands. The hand that wasn’t fingering him, gently encouraged him to lift one leg and rest his thigh on Jungkook’s shoulder to spread his legs more as the Alpha added a second finger.

Jimin’s weight was all braced on one leg, and he was shaky as his Alpha pleasured him with his hands and mouth. He couldn’t help himself from moving, hips torn between moving back on the fingers or forward into the wet mouth surrounding him. He felt his orgasm building and tried to pull Jungkook off of him to they could adjourn to the bed, but Jungkook refused to be moved, and as his pleasure mounted he found himself pulling Jungkook’s head forward instead of pushing him away.

“Oh… Alpha… mnh… I’m gonna cum… please… Oh… that’s it… Fuck…”

Jungkook loved his mate so much, sometimes he could hardly stand it. But his very favorite had to be when Jimin lost himself to his pleasure at Jungkook’s hands and he cursed. Jimin never cursed outside of these moments of pleasure and that knowledge filled him with a deep satisfaction. He was an Alpha whose mate was so pure and beautiful, and only he could bring down those walls and get him so high he slipped up and let the expletives fall from his lips. He could feel Jimin’s trembling in the hands gripped in his hair, the thigh resting on his shoulder. Jimin’s entrance was clenching around his fingers and the cock in his mouth was pulsing. His Baby was so close, and he wanted him to feel good. His inner Alpha wanted to show his mate that only he could get him so high on his pleasure. It was possessive and hungry, and when Jimin finally burst, shooting himself into Jungkook’s mouth with a tinny whine, slick gushing down over his hand where he was opening him up, he was pleased.

They didn’t emerge from their room for several hours, the Alpha still too possessive to allow anyone near his mate. Even his Omega life partner or his best friend. He took his Omega over and over, until he was finally satisfied that Jimin’s own orange blossom scent was completely obscured by his own and he was completely exhausted from their multiple couplings.

Chapter Text

Hoseok was not the kind of Beta who messed around. Especially not when it came to those that he loved. He’d spent too much of his life being rejected by those who were supposed to love him, and as a youth he’d promised himself that when he found his family they would never have to feel fear or pain. He would protect them all.

Jungkook had been the first member of that family. They’d lived only a few houses apart, and it had never been a secret that the young Alpha’s father was a drunk who liked to take his frustrations out on his mate and child. He’d seen Jungkook come out of his house with mysterious bruises once too often, or wearing big hoodies even in the sweltering heat of summer. He knew what it meant. It meant that the boy was living the same life that he saw among kids in his area, the same life that he himself had lived for many years until his Alpha father had abandoned him with his Beta mother.

Sure, he wasn’t getting the shit kicked out of him on a daily basis anymore, but he had to watch his mother fall farther and farther down into the rabbit hole of addiction and bad choices. He’d focused on getting stronger, and on the few occasions that his mother’s temporary boyfriends would try to assert some kind of fear over him by getting physical, he had no problem showing them that he wasn’t afraid of them. But he still saw too often the marks of abuse or neglect among the other kids around him and it always turned his stomach to think that their lives were just as bad as his own.

He could still remember the day he’d found Jungkook hiding behind the low, crumbling wall that surrounded their little local baseball diamond. It had been well past midnight, and Hoseok had been out for a walk, waiting for his mother and her boyfriend to finish up with the drugs and sex so he could go home and sleep. He’d been walking past the park, when he heard soft sobs, the kind of heartbreaking sounds that instantly pulled on your heartstrings. Upon investigation he’d found a young Alpha, one he recognized from the neighborhood.

“Jungkook? Is that you? Are you okay?”

The Alpha jumped and quickly wiped at face, ashamed to have been caught crying. He stood from his crouch and sniffed, straightening his shoulders and trying to look tough. But Hobi could see the dark bruise of his black eye and the smear of blood on his chin from his split lip.

“What? No I’m fine.”

Seeing the boy trying so hard to be strong made two sensations bloom inside his chest at once. Empathy for the boy in front of him and hatred for the one who had hurt him. He knew it was Jungkook’s father who had beaten him up. He knew it with a bone deep certainty.

“It’s alright, Jungkook. I’m not going to tell anyone you were crying.” Hoseok said gently, watching as the Alpha’s expression went from pretend-tough to wary suspicion.

“Y-you had better not… or, I’ll… kick your ass.”

Hoseok felt his eyes filling with tears as he looked at the boy, no older than 11 that was trying so desperately not to be hurt more. Hobi moved forward slowly, and as he got closer, he saw the fear in Jungkook’s eyes worsen as he seemed to be looking for means of escape. Even if he was an Alpha, Hoseok was bigger and probably stronger than him. But the Beta made no move to hurt him. Instead he pulled him into a hug.

“Shh… it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. You can let go. I know it hurts. I know it’s hard and scary. Believe me. I know.”

That night, Jungkook had clung to him and cried. He’d cried until he was out of tears and Hoseok had cried with him, and from that moment on, they were family.

Hoseok was more fond of Jungkook than anyone else, perhaps excepting his mate, but that was a different kind of love. He felt… responsible for Jungkook. And once he’d met Jimin and Taehyung, he felt that same responsibility and protectiveness for them too. They were kind, sweet and completely defenseless. They had healed two of the members of his found family with their love and to him that made them unspeakably precious.

So, when he’d seen Jimin protecting his Omega life partner from the hoards of reporters, it had hardened something inside him and awakened a protectiveness that was both familiar and dark. He wasn’t going to allow this to continue. The two Omegas were now his little ones, and they were too precious to allow any harm to come to them. In his mind he could still see that picture, the pair of tiny pups, curled together, abused and hurt. They would never be hurt again as long as he could help it and that was final.

“Darling.” Hoseok said as soon as Yoongi and Taehyung were out of the SUV and headed into their apartment after their friends.

“What is it, Love?”

“We need to arrange another press conference. Because I’m absolutely done with this shit.” Hobi’s tone was cold, emotionless and terrifying.

“I couldn’t agree more, Darling.”

They gave their friends time to relieve the agitation that the scene had caused, and called their representing agency to set up the press conference. Hoseok was still murderously angry as he spoke with their press manager, he named off all the companies he could remember seeing at the ballet studio, asking for each of them to be invited to the conference purposely. He felt his mate’s hand massaging the back of his neck, trying to soothe his nerves as he spoke until he got off the phone.

“Are you alright, Babe?” Namjoon asked, looking at his mate with concern.

“Not really. I just think about… do you remember when we first met? Do you remember Jungkook from back then?” Hoseok said, bringing his hand up to place over Namjoon’s on his nape.

“Of course. I could never forget.”

“Don’t you think, the way he was today after the ballet studio… didn’t that remind you of that young, scared pup that he was when we first all moved in with Doc?”

Namjoon thought about that, and couldn’t help but see the similarities. He remembered all too well the sounds of Jungkook’s disturbed sleep, his cries in the night. He remembered how the young Alpha used to be obsessed with scenting his friends before they left… as if afraid that he might lose them, or be forgotten. He couldn’t forget that young boy, whose fear of losing those close to him had shaped him to fear any distance, and led him to attach his heart too easily. He remembered too the way he’d changed after everything had happened with Daeun. How he’d grown cold and distant, even from his friends for a while. It had taken a fistfight with Yoongi to finally break through his walls and allow them inside again. And that’s when he saw in his friend what his mate had seen. Jungkook was afraid.

And that made him angry too.

That night, they had sat the two couples down and told them that they had arranged a press conference. It was time to come out about their relationships and make it crystal clear that harassing their Omegas was not going to be allowed or tolerated, even by members of the press.

Jimin and Taehyung had agreed to come, though Hobi could tell they were both afraid. Scared that they’d be mobbed again. He’d assured them both that they would be safe, and as soon as he pointed out that their Alphas would be there, they relaxed.


Jimin and Taehyung couldn’t be more of a stark contrast to their Alphas as they stood behind a curtain offstage of the place Bulletproof’s company had rented for the event. Yoongi and Jungkook were all in black, though dressed nicer than usual. Their jeans didn’t have holes in them and they wore button ups instead of band t-shirts. Jimin was small and soft in a fuzzy oversized cream-colored sweater and lightwash skinny jeans, his feet in his same old pink flats that always made Jungkook fond when he saw him wearing them. Taehyung was pretty in his loose lavender long-sleeve blouse and jeans, but both Omegas, though pretty were clearly nervous and trembling as the noise outside the curtain ramped up with the arrival of more and more reporters and photographers.

Jungkook looked down at his mate, and wrapped an arm around his waist to pull him in close and scent him to help him relax.

“Everything is going to be okay, Baby. No one’s going to hurt you.”

Yoongi had Taehyung encased in his embrace tightly, gently swaying and turning them to help settle his nerves. He worried that all the scents might bother his sensitive Omega, but there was nothing for it. He would just have to watch over him and make sure no one dared to touch him.

“Just relax, little flower. You know I won’t let anyone get near you, right? I’ve got you, Honey.”

As it turned out, none of them even had to speak. When the time came and they all walked out onstage, there was a flurry of camera clicks and flashes that had both Jimin and Taehyung cringing back and curling in closer to their Alpha’s sides. Hoseok took the center stage and spoke into the microphone.

“Okay. So, here’s how this is gonna go. I’m gonna tell you some things about me. Then I’m gonna tell you some things about you. Then I am gonna tell you some things that are going to happen from now on.”

The listening crowd seemed to sense the Beta’s intensity, and they quieted, camera flashes and shudder clicks lessening as he spoke.

“So let’s start with some things about me. I am a protective person. I don’t take kindly to people hurting my family.” He paused for just a moment to gauge reactions. “And all the family I have in the world is currently up on this stage with me.”

“Next, let’s talk about you. I see some very familiar faces out in this crowd. People who I saw only yesterday, on private property, harassing two members of my family, who are also private citizens. These are things that you need to remember. The members of Bulletproof might be public figures, but our friends and family sure as hell are not. You have no right to harass private citizens or trespass on private property without being subject to stalking laws.”

“Lastly, let’s talk about some things that are going to happen from now on. You are never going to harass my family, and if you attempt it, you will have charges leveled against you and you will be prosecuted. You have no right to stalk private citizens, and if you want to fight it, then you can take it up with our lawyers.”

Hoseok turns and waves his little family to come back with him, but Jungkook moves forward to the microphone instead. His face is drawn and serious, brows pulled down and dark eyes intense.

“If any one of you come near my mate again. I’ll fucking kill you.”

Chapter Text

The day of Jimin and Taehyung’s dance recital had finally arrived. They had both been dropped off early in the morning, for last minute practice and to ready themselves for the performance. Jimin smiled as he walked through the back room of the Seoul Theatre. It brought back memories of the very first day that he’d met Jungkook. They’d had a performance here that same day. He could still remember Jungkook walking him to the side door and asking for his phone number. They went through warm ups all together and then began dress rehearsal to make sure all the cues were arranged properly for the music and lights.

Of course, as soon as there was a free moment Jin was all over his little underlings, making sure they were okay. He’d seen the press conference and approved of how the band had handled the situation. Grudgingly, he had to admit that Jimin and Taehyung seemed to have made good choices in their Alphas. It was hard for him to let the pair make such life changing decisions. He’d known them since they had moved out of the orphanage and into the dorms at their dance school. It had been he who had suggested them to come to the Seoul Ballet Company. They called him Mama, and to him they were like his children. They were precious to him and he wanted them to be safe.

But like any mother, he eventually had to let them grow up and move on into their lives. He had to trust in the hearts that he knew and loved and be assured that they would not be led astray by feelings that he knew to be pure and just. He was protective of his little Omega apprentices, but he would always be there for them, and they could always trust in their Mama to be there to catch them if they fell. So during their break before the final preparations began he sat them down and petted over their shining hair. One blond, one lavender and gave them a gentle smile before giving them the speech he’d been preparing in his own mind over the last weeks as he’d seen more of the care and love that their Alphas had for them.

“My little ones… I know you’ve been worried that I would not approve of your Alphas. I’m sorry I’ve been so hard on them, and on you. I just want you to understand that it’s hard for me to let you go, to let your care fall into the hands of others. I’ve always looked at you like you were my own pups, though we are only a few years apart in age. I’ve made this whole thing harder on you, and I’m sorry about that. I know you love Jungkook and Yoongi, and I have seen how much they love you, how much they suffer when you suffer. But they also respect you, and that’s important. They have protected you when you needed it, and also allowed you to make your own decisions. But let me ask… just one final night for you to be my little ones. Dance with me on that stage like we always have. Together, as a family.”

Jimin reached forward and hugged Jin as tight as he could, Taehyung immediately following and they hugged as a trio and cried as they all tried to scent each other at once. Jimin was the first to speak, as they all finally managed to pull apart.

“Mama… you’ll always be special to us. Just because we found Alphas doesn’t mean that we can’t love you just as much. We’ll always need you. We’re going to open our own studio someday, right? Didn’t we all promise when we were in school that once we retired from dancing we’d all open a studio together, so we could see each other every day and follow our dreams? This might be our last performance together with the company, but we’ll always dance with you, Mama.”

Taehyung was wiping at his eyes, nodding with Jimin’s words, too emotional to speak. Jin reached up and cupped one side of each of their faces.

“Of course, we’re still going to follow those dreams. I’ll never stop loving you. So, let’s make this performance our best ever and move forward into those new dreams.”

This was met with dual nods and another long hug before they had to pull apart and clear their tears to get ready for their performance.


All four members of Bulletproof were dressed in their best suits as they drove up to the valet and got out, looking very much like they were headed to a funeral in their all-black attire, each with a bouquet in their hands. Hoseok tossed his keys at the valet and slipped him a hundred dollar bill with a smile and a wink as they headed into the posh theatre with all the rich and stuffy guests who were there to watch the performance. They had seats right in front of the stage, and as they walked in, many eyes turned to them with curiosity. This crowd wasn’t the type to recognize rock stars, and the four of them stood out like a sore thumb with all their piercings and tattoos sticking out past the cuffs and collars of their shirts.

They took their seats and studied their programs, talking quietly amongst themselves until the music started up and the curtain drew back, signaling the start of the first performance. They watched with appreciation as dancers, twirled and leapt across the stage, none of the figures familiar to them. Taehyung’s performance was third in line, Jimin’s fifth and Jin’s seventh. Then the finale was the tenth performance and that one included all three of them. So they watched and quietly clapped along after the two first performances. But as the curtains opened on the third performance, they all sat up straighter and gave much more attention to the stage.

A single spotlight shone down to reveal Taehyung in nothing but white tights and his purple pointe shoes. The single light cast the elegant, muscled lines of his body in stark relief as he stood still, legs crossed, one foot flat, the other pointed, arms at his side and face turned profile. It was a beautiful image. As the first strains of Moonlight Sonata shivered through the space, he started to move. He danced like there was nothing tethering him to the earth, his movements so light and airy, his steps careful and yet effortless.

The dance was clearly a story. It spoke of freedom and love. Taehyung turned, leapt and pirouetted perfectly. They watched in awe as he lifted up onto his toes and balanced perfectly, every line of his body was grace and beauty. It was a flawless display of classical ballet and technical skill, with something more of emotion and feeling in his movements. Just as his display was coming to an end, he took several steps and leapt, high into the air, higher than it seemed should be possible, into a split, landing turning and just as the final note sounded, and returning to his original posture.

The crowd started up their quiet applause, but the four band members in the front row clapped and whooped loudly. Hoseok even bringing two fingers up to his lips to release several long, loud whistles. Taehyung’s attention went to them, and his face broke into his familiar square smile as he bowed several times to the crowd and waved at his Alpha and friends as the curtain closed in front of him. The general disapproval of the crowd was almost palpable at their loud and boisterous cheering, though the four punk-rockers ignored it completely. It was the kind of thing one got used to when you had tattoos and piercings and made your living playing rock music. A bunch of stuffy, overbearing rich folks who had probably inherited their money rather than earned it, weren’t going to stop them from cheering on Tae.

They sat through another performance before Jimin’s solo and politely clapped along with the audience at its completion as the curtains closed. There was a brief pause, where the theatre became quiet and as the curtains opened again, the lighting had changed. It was now a soft, orangey candlelight glow all over the stage, and in the center was Jimin, on both knees, head turned down, arms relaxed at his sides. The Omega was bare except for a small pair of nude colored dance shorts that were almost panties, and at first glance he almost looked totally naked. Jungkook’s inner Alpha wasn’t a fan of this, but as he looked at him and clearly saw his mating mark on his neck, it soothed him. They were expecting another classical ballet performance, such as Taehyung had done, waiting for the orchestral music, but the song that started up was unexpectedly, ‘Take Me To Church’ by Hozier.

Jimin’s performance could not be more different that Taehyung’s. Whereas Taehyung’s movements had been light and airy, Jimin’s were desperate. He moved with a sensual grace through his dance that spoke of opening up, trusting and sexual awakening. He leapt up and looked for a moment that he was falling, but he caught himself with his hands and rolled onto his back, arching up, arms splayed and toes pointed, he was a picture of need and desperation. When he rose to his feet and began to dance in earnest, he leapt, spun and jumped with consummate skill. As he sprung upward, it was almost as if, at the top of his jumps, that gravity simply forgot him for a single instant, like he hovered just a moment too long. It was an astonishing kind of grace that made his dance seem ethereal and beautiful. Both his expressions and movements were full of powerful emotions, and as the song came to a close, he returned to his original posture, kneeling, arms relaxed and head down, but now his chest was heaving with exertion.

Again, the members of Bulletproof whistled and cheered like they were at a rock show, not a ballet performance, but Jimin loved it, especially when he heard Jungkook’s shout of “That’s my mate! I love you, Baby!” The Omega’s smile was so wide it showed his gleaming white teeth and turned his eyes to little slits as he bowed to the crowd and waved at his mate and friends, turning to rush off the stage as the curtains started to close. They watched one more before Jin’s performance, admiring the skills but thinking that their little ones were superior, perhaps in truth, or perhaps they were simply biased.

But as the curtains parted on Jin, the Omega was standing tall and regal, arms down, fingers meeting in front of him barely touching. His tights and flowing top were pure white, his shoes the same. The song and performance spoke of sadness. Jin lifted to his toes, and moved in small, tender movements, his arms slowly sweeping outward as his spine arched and curved. He was clearly putting on the performance of his life. He moved with so much feeling and sadness that it pulled at the heart. He was like a dying swan, graceful to the last shivering note of the violin as he lowered to the floor into his final position. He did not move as applause rained down on the stage, and as everyone rose, it was a standing ovation. It was truly a spectacular performance. The applause went on even for a few moments after the curtain closed before everyone returned to their seats.

The wait for the final performance was longer than the others, they could hear things being moved around and set up, and they knew there must be a costume change. They lowly spoke with each other about the dances they had watched.

“Oh my god… did you see Tae? He was so amazing. I’m going to buy him a fucking dance studio.” Yoongi whispered to his friends.

“He was amazing, and Jimin… ugh… Jimin is so sexy… I swear they know what they are doing. There’s no way they still don’t know!” Jungkook hissed back.

“I’m pretty sure they don’t know.” Namjoon chipped in with a laugh.

“Shush! It’s starting again.” Hobi said, swatting at them all to make them be quiet.

The final performance included many of the members of the company, and told a story about three fairies, played by Jin, Jimin and Taehyung who were lost and trying to find their way home. Seeing them all dance together was again a new surprise. Jin fit into Jimin and Tae’s dynamic easily, it was clear they had all been dancing together for a long time. When the moved it was as one. They performed lifts and pirouettes and synchronized jumps in perfect harmony with each other. It was incredible to watch them move as one, then split off and come back together. Now it became clear what they had been spending all those long hours at the studio on. They were perfecting this performance down to the last detail, and it was beautiful.

The trio of Omegas were in long, flowing chiffon robes of a soft pink, their hair threaded with pearls and flowers. The “bad guys” were all in navy blue, with monsterish stage paint. The stage went dark, the lights flashing and the sound of thunder mixing into the music as everything crescendoed and fog rolled in from offstage, casting everything into a different mood. All four bandmates were trying not to coo at the perfect characterization of the Omegas as the soft fairies. They watched as the climax came and the evildoers were defeated by the power of the fairies magic and they made their way back home. A perfect happy ending, of course.

They stood and clapped heartily along with everyone else as the performance came to the conclusion and everyone made their way to the front of the stage to bow to the audience. The four rockstars cheered louder than anyone else, whistling and shouting out like they had just watched Iron Maiden perform. The crowd around them seemed to disapprove of this, stepping away from them as they whooped and hollered. But as the performers bowed and the show came to an end, the foursome walked up to the edge of the stage and handed the flowers in their hands to the three Omegas they had come to watch.

The audience watched in astonishment as two of the rough-looking Alphas reached up and the pair of soft, tiny Omegas allowed themselves to be pulled down into the arms of the tattooed Alphas. Jimin wrapped his legs around Jungkook’s waist and laughed as the Alpha pressed kiss after kiss over his mating mark. Taehyung was standing, but being held against Yoongi’s body with strong arms, looking into his Alpha’s face as if to gauge his reaction to their performance. Yoongi just scented him and kissed him softly before Jin crouched down and called them to come backstage to change before they disappeared with their costumes.

As soon as they got backstage, Jimin, Taehyung and Jin were all squealing and hugging each other. The performance had gone off without a hitch. But as they hugged and laughed, their mirth turned to tears as they looked at Jin and realized this was really the last time that he’d perform on stage with them. They held each other and scented the elder softly as he broke down in their arms, until it was just Jimin and Tae holding him up. They supported their friend through his pain, whispering reassurances to him as he pressed his face down into their shoulders and wept. All the feelings he’d been suppressing pouring out of him all at once.

They took Jin home with them, and the three slept curled together in Jimin’s nest. Their Alphas seemed to understand that they need this, and slept alone, giving their Omegas the time they needed with their friend and mentor.

Chapter Text

Taehyung loved one thing more than anything else about having an Alpha. He loved to wake up being held against Yoongi’s body, warm and safe. It was his favorite feeling in the world to come awake and feel so secure, surrounded by his Alpha’s calming scent and gentle warmth. He even loved the way that most mornings the Alpha would be spooned against his back, already hard for him, desiring his body even in his sleep. Nothing had ever made Taehyung feel so secure as Yoongi’s arms. His earliest memory was being yanked out of bed and being hit for some small mistake. He thought it must have been around the age of four or five. He remembered the fear of sleeping, the worry that in the night his Appa would come into his room and hurt him again. He remembered the way he would stack his blocks into a little tower in front of his closed bedroom door, so that if someone came in they would fall and wake him.

It had been many, many years since he’d had to fear the night, the dark. But no matter how long he lived, he was sure that the fear would always be there. It had been Jimin who had given him his first real deep sleep that he remembered. When they were little and the nuns had moved Jimin into his room, the other Omega had offered his tiny pink heart nightlight, setting it up on the nightstand by Taehyung’s bed before he climbed up into the squeaking little wooden bed with him. Jimin had petted his hair and hugged him, and he’d never forget the words that he’d said to him or the grim determination in the other Omega’s face.

“It’s okay, you can sleep. No one comes at night here.”

Jimin had healed his original wound, but Yoongi was clearing away the scar of the past. Night didn’t scare him when he was with his Alpha, he didn’t wake in the dark with a racing heart anymore. He had finally found his safe harbor, after so many years adrift in a sea of fear and insecurity he’d found that one bastion of peace in Yoongi. So as he blinked his eyes open to the cool light of pre-dawn, the light through the slanting windows over them somewhere between purple and blue as the sun crept toward the horizon, he smiled and rolled over, pressing his nose into Yoongi’s neck and drifting back to sleep almost at once.


Yoongi loved waking with Taehyung in his arms. His pretty lavender scent blooming across his skin where they had been pressed together in the night was his favorite. Having someone to hold and keep with him was the most important thing he’d ever felt. Taehyung accepted his quiet, stoic self and his usual preference for silent calmness.

He’d never known what love was until he’d met Jungkook, Hoseok and Namjoon. They had shown him for the first time what it felt like to love someone, to feel like you would let yourself be hurt if it spared them any small pain and to worry about them when you weren’t around. But that had been a love of friendship. He’d never felt romantic love until Tae had burst into his life in a splash of purple color and painted everything in his favorite hue. Yoongi knew that the color most people associated with love was red or pink, but for him, it would always be purple. Purple was the color of his heart and the color of the one who owned it.

Yoongi’s past was a lot different than that of his friends, who had all come from poverty and clawed their way out of it. He on the other hand had come from a very wealthy family. But it wasn’t a happy one. There was truth in the saying that money can’t buy happiness, because his parents had truly tried their best. But he’d watched his Appa become distant and his Eomma throw herself into affair after affair and watched as his Appa pretended not to notice. He’d thought that was love, over the years of his late childhood and early teens.

His fall from grace within his family was his refusal to be betrothed to the Omega daughter of another wealthy family. He had refused to live the same life as his parents did, hating each other but unable to separate for fear of it shaming them in the eye of society. Yoongi was never going to live that life. He’d seen too many couples over the years, at his parents fancy parties for who the absence of pleasure in each other’s company made their mate a burden to be borne rather than a partner for his life. He’d sat up on the upper landing as a small child, looking down on the sea of elegantly dressed people and watching them closely. He’d seen the way that they moved, the way that they looked at each other and spoke. He observed the secret glances between people who were not mated at all, and those who were mated to another. It was a terrible kind of falsity that one could only claim feelings as a kind of social weapon.

Thankfully he’d actually had one example of a healthy mating in his life, an old couple who worked for his parents and lived in a little house on the grounds of their estate. The Alpha was their caretaker and oversaw the upkeep of the property, and the Omega was their head housekeeper who was in charge of all the maids and butlers. He’d seen how they loved each other and he’d wondered at the way that two who had been together for so long could still love. He’d been raised to think that money could get you anything you wanted, and yet the gardener and maid were the happiest people who lived on the Min estate.

He hated the high society and wanted to be in a rockband. He told his Appa as much, and he’d been told to get in line or get out of his house. So that night he’d packed as much of his things as he could and he’d run. He’d been homeless for a few weeks when he’d met Doc on a rainy fall night. Yoongi had been huddled under an awning in front of a store, trying to stay out of the cold and wet. He’d offered him a place to stay, and the rest was history. He’d become the sort of caretaker among the other kids that lived with Doc. He’d lived there for almost two years by the time that the other members of Bulletproof had arrived and changed his life again.

He’d never felt anything so deep as what he felt for Taehyung. His Omega was the most important thing in his life now, bar none. He would do anything to keep him safe, to make him happy. He knew he wanted Tae to be his mate, and he’d wondered long and hard about what he could possibly offer him as a mating gift. Tae wasn’t a materialistic person. He knew that Yoongi was rich and yet, he had never asked him for anything. It had been Namjoon’s visit with Tae and Jimin to the orphanage where they had grown up to give him the perfect idea. His little flower didn’t care about material things, but he did care about others more than anything. He’d seen it in the way that Tae got upset anytime Jimin was hurt or sad. He’d spent the last month between band practice and regular life scheduling, funding and coordinating extensive repairs to Sister Margaret’s Home for Omegas. He’d basically had the entire place re-done, working closely with the nuns who ran the place he’d been able to keep it a secret from Tae. His crowning jewel was the pristine new playground that had replaced the ancient crumbling one. It had been only a few days before the showcase when he’d been told by the final contractor that things were finally complete.

As he woke with Taehyung in his arms, his mind immediately went to the small velvet box that contained an engagement ring, a little princess-cut amethyst. A pretty purple ring for his pretty purple Omega, and hopefully his future mate. He couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to do it today. To ask Taehyung if he would be his mate. He felt his Omega shift around where he was pressed up against him, and heard him yawn before he pulled back and blinked up at him with his sleepy honey eyes.

“Good morning, little flower.”

“’Morning.” Tae yawned in reply.

“Would you come somewhere with me this morning?”

Yoongi reached up and brushed the lavender hair back from Tae’s face, caressing a thumb over the perfect golden skin as he watched the Omega’s face break into his adorable smile.

“Yeah, where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

Tae bit his lip and giggled, suddenly excited by the prospect of a surprise from his Alpha.



Taehyung was sitting in the passenger seat of Yoongi’s car, hands over his eyes and not peeking since he’d promised. The radio was playing some random playlist from the Alpha’s phone and Taehyung was feeling extremely giddy at the whole situation. He had no idea what was going on, but he knew his Alpha must have something special planned to have them out of the house so early in the morning on a Saturday when Yoongi usually liked to sleep in, pulling Tae back into bed with him and claiming he couldn’t sleep without him. This more often than not turned into kissing and cuddling which in turn led to sex almost every time. Not that he was complaining, he loved it. Tae felt the car stop and heard the little clunk of the car being put into park.

“Keep your eyes closed.” Yoongi said, getting out of the car and rushing around to open the passenger side, pulling the Omega out of the car.

Taehyung kept his eyes covered as he was led to walk by Yoongi with an arm around his back. Something in the air was familiar to him, but Tae couldn’t place it. It was like a scent that pulled at his memory, like a place he’d been a lot. It wasn’t exactly a scent though… more like the same air of a familiar place. He walked until Yoongi pulled him to a stop.

“Alright little flower, before you open your eyes I want to tell you something. I love you more than anyone or anything in my life. You helped me to open up to the world, let me be my snarky, acerbic, silent self and you never asked me to change. You just love me in spite of all my flaws and all the reasons that you’re way too good for me. You gave me your virginity and all your beautiful, perfect firsts. I thought a lot about this and what I would do in this moment, what I would say, and I think that the simple thing is the most meaningful. I love you.”

Tae’s mind was whirling, was this what he thought it was? Could his Alpha really be about to propose to him? He felt his eyes already burning as tears gathered and squeezed past his closed lids to slip down his face.

“Open your eyes, Honey.” Yoongi said and Tae did, moving his hands and blinking a few times in the light that was harsh against his sight.

After a few moments of blinking and clearing his vision, he looked up with a gasp at the familiar building of Sister Margaret’s, and yet it was also a completely different place. It had new paint, a new roof, all the broken, drooping gutters were fixed, and the chipping white paint was now smooth and perfect. His eyes devoured the scene, and as he looked to the side, he saw that the faded old metal playground was gone, replaced with a brand new one in a large sandbox that now stood where there had only been hard, earth before. Taehyung brought his hands to his mouth as a little sound escaped him. The place was so perfect, it was everything he’d wanted to do and more, but hadn’t had the money. He looked toward his Alpha, but he was now kneeling next to him with a little black box in his hands that he opened as Taehyung looked at him.

“I knew you wouldn’t want some big expensive gift that you would have no use for, so I did this for you. I wanted to give you something that can not be taken back, because my love for you is permanent and even if I wanted to, I could never erase it. I will love you for the rest of my life. I will keep you safe and make sure that you’re happy and cared for until the day I die. Kim Taehyung, will you be my mate?”

Taehyung burst into tears, kneeling in front of Yoongi and pressing himself against the Alpha’s body for comfort as his emotions burst from him like a dam that had been released.

“Of course! Of course! I love you so much.” Tae sobbed against his chest.

Tae knew that there was more to say, but at the moment he was so overcome by his feelings he just clutched the Alpha to him and wept with devastating, raw, incomprehensible joy.


Chapter Text

There was a lot of discussion about when and where they should have their mating ceremonies. Jungkook and Yoongi professed that they were unbothered with the details, as long as they were getting mated to their Omegas, the rest didn’t matter to them. They would just as soon go down to the courthouse as have a big, fancy ceremony. So, the preparations fell to Jimin, Taehyung, and of course Hoseok and Jin.

Ideas were thrown out and discarded as they proposed one idea after another. Eventually it was decided that they should just have their mating ceremonies together. The idea took root with Jimin and Taehyung at once. They had been together their whole lives, had been through everything together. Moving into the next chapter of their lives together, seemed only appropriate. The two of them were Omega life partners, a bond almost as serious as that of a mating bond. This was something they wanted to embark on together. And so the planning commenced.

Though neither Jimin nor Taehyung wanted to be mated in the Catholic Church where they had gone as children. They were no longer constrained by those rigid formalities. Time and experience had taught them many things, and one of them was to go your own way, and you would find happiness. They were the prime example of that life lesson. By all accounts, Jimin and Taehyung should not mesh so well with Jungkook and Yoongi who were their polar opposites in every imaginable way. Yet, the two couples had found true happiness in each other, regardless of their differences and all the reasons that they shouldn’t work out. Perhaps it was simply their differences that had made them so perfect. Like two puzzle pieces they filled in the spots that the other was missing to create something whole and perfect.

So they looked and looked and finally decided on the rooftop that was Taehyung and Yoongi’s favorite place. Their guest list was small, the wedding would be an intimate affair, just close friends and loved ones. The idea of doing something along the lines of Hyuna and Hyojong’s wedding had been batted around, but neither of the Omegas were comfortable with a huge spectacle of a wedding. They weren’t comfortable being the center of attention for so many strangers. The rooftop was perfect, just enough room for their small wedding party. The plans were made, the paperwork filed with the courts and the date was set.

One part of the business caused Jimin and Taehyung a little bit of anxiety, and as they cuddled together in Taeyung’s nest in their communal nesting space, they whispered to each other in the quiet. This seemed to be their little habit anytime something was stressful, they turned to each other to find the solution. When Jimin had told Taehyung about his feelings for Jungkook, when Taehyung had admitted his feelings for Yoongi. Them making little plans and confessions, plotting out what to do when their heats were nearing. All times they had gathered close in quiet contemplation and sharing with each other. This was their way. No matter how much they loved and trusted their Alphas, the trust that existed between the two Omegas was something sacred. They had been together since they were small, they were each other’s first friend, first real family, and their first comfort.

Their current issue was… they needed someone to walk them both down the aisle, but they didn’t know who to ask. It was an honor usually reserved for the Appa of the bride, or in this case, brides. Yet, they had no Appa to turn to for this.

“Do you think… would Jin be the one?” Jimin whispered quietly, looking into his friend’s honey eyes with question.

“No, I don’t think that’s quite right… He’s like our Mama.” Tae replied equally quietly.

“Hobi then?”

Taehyung’s face got pensive and his lips twisted slightly.

“No… he’s more like…”

“A big brother.”


There was a long pause where they thought and thought.

“We could just… walk each other down the aisle.” Jimin suggested.

“I suppose.” Taehyung said, still sounding unsure.

From downstairs, they heard Jungkook call up to them, “Hey! Namjoon and Hobi are here!”

They looked into each other’s eyes and twin smiles spread across their faces. Of course. They were trying to find someone like an Appa. But they already had the perfect Alpha. Someone tall, kind and who had treated them very much like an Appa would.

“Namjoon!” They gasped together, scrambling out of their nest and rushing downstairs.

Over the last few months, they had started to grow closer and closer to the Alpha. He often took them out shopping when the others were busy with band business or just when they wanted to go somewhere. He was always willing to take them to the dance supply store or to the mall. He’d become their go-to when it came to going out, because as much as they wanted to be independent and not need anyone to shepherd them around, they both still remembered the feeling of being surrounded by reporters. Namjoon was big and scary looking enough that he kept people at bay, no one ever bothered them when he was there. Though they both knew him to have an extraordinarily kind heart.

He’d taken to calling them his “little ducklings” because of the way they held onto his shirttail anytime they were out in public and the crowds were too busy or overwhelming. They both liked it when he patted their heads and smiled at him with his dimple smile and asked if his “little ducklings” were ready to go home. He’d done a lot of things with them that they’d never had before. He gave them sage advice, and they’d realized that he was actually really smart. They had opened up to him about their pasts, knowing that he’d been told about their beginnings at the orphanage by the nuns.

He’d listened to them as Jimin told him about living with his parents, how he’d been so afraid of his Appa that he’d slept under his bed, curled into a tight little ball in the corner. He’d explained that the reason he’d been afraid to eat was that he’d often gotten in trouble for eating. He’d been so hungry for so long that he’d often had to make the choice between starving or being hurt. Namjoon had listened quietly to his stories about his difficulties with food that went well into his teens when he had struggled with anorexia. Jimin had told him everything he’d asked, and the Alpha had listened with his same, calm serenity that he always exuded, neither judgment nor scorn in his countenance.

Taehyung had told him about his early memories, about being woken in the night and hurt for things he couldn’t understand. But as he’d gotten older, he’d begun to comprehend the situation. Taehyung’s mother had left her Alpha, and Tae had been abandoned in his Appa’s care. The Alpha had been angry at his mate for leaving, and he’d taken it out on the only outlet he had, Taehyung. He’d explained how he’d often stay up all night, afraid of his Appa coming to hurt him in the dark. He’d gotten in a lot of trouble for sleeping at school during those years, he remembered being scolded for falling asleep at his desk, but he couldn’t help it when he hadn’t had any sleep the night before. He still feared the dark, feared not being able to see what was around him, and he thought he would always have that fear.

In return for them telling the Alpha these things, Namjoon told them how brave they were, how strong they must be to survive their pasts. He told them that it was important that they love not only each other, but also themselves. He was the one who encouraged them to open up to their Alphas about their fears and feelings, all those terrible memories of the past, and talking to their mates actually helped them a lot. He was the one who they went to when they needed help or advice, he was their protector and their role model. He was so wise, even if he was quiet. He was the father-figure that neither of them had ever known, and that was the reason he was perfect.

Jimin and Taehyung held hands as they skidded around the corner and into the living room. The four band members turned toward them, and as they rushed forward, Jungkook and Yoongi seemed prepared to intercept them, but they rushed right past them, then Hoseok, who also looked like he was expecting to be the one on the receiving end of their excitement. But everyone was surprised, especially Namjoon when they stopped in front of him and each took one of his hands. They had to look way up to see the Alpha’s face, he was taller even than their Alphas, and broader. He was practically a giant, but he was a gentle one.

“Namjoon! You’re the one!” Taehyung said excitedly, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Yes! You’re perfect!” Jimin added, seeming to vibrate with excitement.

“Wait… what’s going on?” Namjoon asked, looking pleased but confused.

“Will you… walk us down the aisle at the ceremony?”

There was a little pause and then Namjoon smiled, his dimples appearing and he patted them on the head in his familiar way.

“Of course I will, if that’s what you want little ducklings.”


The day of the mating ceremony arrived and it was non-stop preparations from the moment they woke up in Hoseok and Namjoon’s guest room (the Beta had insisted that they had to spend the night before the mating separate, since it was tradition) until it was time for the ceremony.

Jimin and Taehyung couldn’t help but get emotional as they fixed each other’s hair and makeup, assisted by a very emotional Seokjin. Their makeup was both natural and a little glittery, just a touch on the ethereal side. Jimin weaved lavender flowers and white pearls into Taehyung’s hair, and Taehyung helped to situate his small blush pink silk flower pins into his hair. They were both doing their best not to cry and ruin all their hard work, but Jin was making that difficult as he sniffled and gently dabbed lipgloss onto Jimin’s lips. They dressed in their gowns and as they were zipped up and standing before Jin, ready for their mating ceremony the elder finally broke down and pulled them together into one giant hug.

There had been a lot of searching and debate on what their wedding clothes would be. At first they had assumed that they would simply wear suits, and they had tried that, but it wasn’t right. They had also tried more traditional mating robes, and those too were wrong. Hobi was the one who insisted on taking them to dress shops and there they found the things that they truly wanted. It was funny how the Beta always seemed to know exactly what they wanted, even when they were denying it themselves. But Hoseok had seen right through their attempts at self-denial and insisted that they get what they wanted, assuring them that their mates would love anything at all that they chose.

Taehyung’s gown was white, marbled with purple and lavender, sleeveless and silky it trailed behind him as he walked, and in it, he was pure and beautiful. He wore the earrings that Yoongi had given him as a courting gift, feeling the sentimentality attached to them. Jimin’s gown was not white at all, but a blush pink, the bodice decorated with small silk flowers. He also wore the dangling pink pearl earrings that Jungkook had gifted to him. Together they were as always pink and purple, a little matched set of lovely Omegas, true Omega life partners.

As the ceremony started, Namjoon walked them down the short aisle, giving them away before going to sit with his mate who was sobbing quietly into a handkerchief, emotional as he watched the culmination of all his hopes for his friends and his precious little ones. Namjoon wrapped an arm around his mate and rubbed his back as they watched the ceremony. When it came time to exchange vows, Taehyung and Yoongi came first, starting with the Alpha.

Yoongi took Tae’s hands into his and looked at his mate sincerely as he delivered his self-written vows.

“Taehyung, my little flower. I love you so much. I don’t think that you could ever understand the depth of my feelings for you. You accept me just as I am, and you’ve never asked me to change a single thing. Growing up, I thought love was just an illusion. I thought it was something temporary and short lived. But you showed me what love truly is, it isn’t just attraction or desire, but a deeper and more meaningful thing than I could ever have thought. But it’s also simple. Love is all the little things that I see in you every day. It’s the way you talk in your sleep, and the way you get excited over small things, and the way that you always reach for my hand when I’m close, and the way you giggle when I kiss your cheeks. I’m thankful every day that I found you and I promise you that I will love you, cherish you and keep you safe for the rest of my life.”

Taehyung’s eyes were glassy and his voice thick with tears as he spoke his own vows in return. “Yoongi, there will never be a time when I’m not thankful for every single experience that I’ve had with you. Every moment of every day since I met you has been so full of a happiness I thought I’d never find. I was afraid… of so many things, but you take my fear away. With you, I’m not scared of the dark, I’m not scared of the past or the future. I know that as long as you’re there, you’ll always save me. You’re my Alpha, and my promise to you is that I will never stop loving you or wanting you. I’ll stand by your side no matter what the future throws at us, because you’re the only thing I’ve ever wanted for myself, and I’m so happy that you chose me to love.”

They kissed in a soft meeting of lips, two opposites and yet two who were perfect for each other. As their part was complete, they turned to watch and listen as it was Jungkook’s turn to make his vows to Jimin.

“Baby…” Jungkook started, reaching up and brushing his hand over Jimin’s cheek, the Omega turning into his touch just like always. “I’ve never met anyone like you and I can’t believe that you’re mine. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you. It has been one crazy ride getting here, but I wouldn’t change a second of it because everything in our pasts led us here to this moment, to this future together. You’re my Omega and I promise that no matter what happens in the future, I’ll be there to keep you safe, to make you smile. Maybe we aren’t the most conventional couple out there…” This was met by a laugh from everyone. “But I’ll always love you. You’re parts and mine are like two halves of the same whole and together we can face anything.”

Jimin’s tears were already running as he sniffed and Jungkook reached up and wiped them away with his thumbs.

“Jungkook, Alpha. I love you. I feel like I can’t even remember what it feels like not to love you. Even before we met, it feels like there was always something there of you inside my heart, just waiting for you to awaken it. You’ve given me so much, I’m so happy that you are my first love, my only love. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that we’ll be together, and that’s all that matters. It feels strange to make these vows here, as if this is the beginning of some new adventure, or as if I’m handing myself over to you. But the truth is that I’ve belonged to you from the beginning. I put myself in your hands long ago, and I’ll never regret it. I’m yours and you’re mine. I’ll carry your burdens with you and love you forever. I don’t have anything else to offer, just myself, and whatever I am, all that I am, is yours.”

They kissed, both of them with tears leaking down their cheeks as they fell together, just as they always did, just as they always would.


Seven years later


“Oh, fuck!”

Hoseok stumbled over a little yellow duck plushie as he walked into the room where Taehyung and Jimin were playing with their pups. Jimin’s son, Soobin was older than Tae’s son Yeonjun by only a week and the two were best friends. But as the Beta exclaimed, Soobin copied his favorite uncle.

“Oh, fuck.” Soobin giggled and Jimin gasped.

“Soobin!” The Omega chastised just as they were joined in the room by Jungkook, Yoongi and Namjoon.

“What’s going on?” Jungkook asked with a smile, looking at his mate who was giving their two year old a very stern look.

“Oh, fuck!” Soobin repeated. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!”

All four of the bandmates burst into laughter which only encouraged him and had Yeonjun joining in on the choruses of cursing. Jimin pulled the two little ones who were giggling and squirming to stand right in front of him.

“That’s a no-no word. We don’t say that.” Jimin told them both.

“Oh, fuck.” Both pups repeated.

Jimin reached both hands up and gave each of them a quick three taps on their lips.

“That’s bad.”