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when jeongguk told hoseok he wanted to try something different and possibly painful, the sadist’s eyes lit up. hoseok was on the couch, leaned back with his legs spread. jeongguk sat on his lap, no movement whatsoever, simply staring into his lover’s eyes with determination.  

they always try new things. that was their thing. if either one of them had an idea to try something new, they’d do it as soon as possible (after researching, of course). half of the time it worked and boosted their sex life significantly, while other times it failed and they never brought it up again. so it was no surprise to hoseok when his baby mentioned doing something different the next time they fucked—hoseok just tilted his head and waited for the idea.

“so.” jeongguk said.

“so…” hoseok grinned. he kept staring at the boy. his cheeks were flushed pink of embarrassment and he looked fucking adorable today. he had on a baggy white sweater with only boxers underneath, and his hair was messy and curly since he’d just washed it hours before.

“i love you. i love our relationship, and our sex. god, our sex. i love it so much. which is why i wanna try something new again.”

“go ahead.”

jeongguk sighed, puffing his cheeks up. hoseok pokes the air out of them and leaned forward to give him a small peck on the lips, backing away after. jeongguk looked back up at him, closed his eyes for a bit, opened them again. “overstimulation.”

hoseok’s lips make a perfect ‘o’ shape. with it, jeongguk wiggles in his lap a bit, shifting his weight around nervously. normally hoseok was fine with these things; he loves seeing jeongguk in (consensual) pain, all bare and humiliated. but just as jeongguk’s ready to doubt this, the hold hoseok has around his waist tightens. guk’s also pretty sure his eyes darkened a bit, too.

“baby,” hoseok smiles warmly. he cups jeongguk’s cheeks in his hands, loving the squish it turns his face into. “you know that hurts a lot, right? we’ve done a bunch, even slapping and spanking, but this’ll be hard for you. are you sure, jeongguk?”

“yes. i’ve looked up a bunch on it already and i—i’m ready. and i trust you, hoseok.”

the older male lets out a satisfied hum. staring into jeongguk’s eyes yet another time, he moves his hand down and grabs his jaw. without further word, hoseok leans in and deeply kisses the boy, desperate whines escaping jeongguk’s plush lips. each one manages to send shivers down the both of their bodies, straight to their cocks.

hoseok’s way of kissing tends to change every time they do it. this one is more deep, more meaningful—it feels like he’s taking his trust and kissing it into jeongguk to let him know he’ll take care of him. and the younger really believes him, never hesitating to trust him. ever.

“what do you wanna be today?” hoseok backs away from the kiss for a second, letting them both catch their breath. during this break, he allows jeongguk to start a slow grind against his hips, his jaw still held in hoseok’s hands so he’s forced to look him in the eyes.

jeongguk can’t help but shift around, nervous due to direct eye contact. normally he doesn’t mind it, but hoseok’s eyes are dark and glossy—demanding yet relaxed at the same time. and the fact that he asked guk what he wanted to be, making him look him in the eye to tell him he wants to be dirty, it’s embarrassing. “m-messy.”

“louder, gukkie.”

he gulps, eyes closing softly. the feeling of hoseok’s hard dick rubbing against his was starting to get to him, and he sped up the pace a bit. “messy, ‘s-seok. ahhh, i wanna be messy. a messy little baby.”

“hmm,” hoseok placed a soft kiss at the base of his neck, slowly trailing up. he could feel the burn of jeongguk’s milk skin, and started to move himself against him. the boy went into another fit of whines, cut off by a gasp when hoseok bit the bottom of his ear. “you wanna be my messy, ruined little thing? want me to make you cry and leave you all fucked out across the bed, covered in your mess?”

“hhhh, please—

“stop moving first. don’t want you to cum yet.”


he let go of jeongguk’s hips, arms laying flat by his side. though dominant, hoseok likes to let jeongguk take control of himself partly. right now, he has the control over himself to stop moving like hoseok told him, or keep going. and honestly, the friction feels good , and his cock is pulsing in his pants, aching for some form of release, but he doesn’t want to let the older down. so after a few more harmless grinds, he slows down to a stop, panting, cheeks flushed with slight embarrassment.

“thank you, baby.” he grinned. it took a split second for him to lift jeongguk up with ease, carrying him to their bedroom.

there, he stripped him of his clothes, leaving him in nothing but his underwear. he then pushed him back so his tummy was facing up and his back was against the headboard. hoseok left him there for a minute, coming back from their closet with silk rope and a vibrating wand in his hands, placing them on the bed gently.

jeongguk watched with anticipation as hoseok grabbed his phone, scrolling for a bit then stopping, soft, low volume music playing from the speakers in the room. the younger’s eyes widened once hoseok started to tie his wrists together in front of him, his fingers right next to his dick. the only problem was if he tried to touch it, he couldn’t do it as freely, since his wrists were pushed together.

“how’s that feel, angel? too tight?” hoseok double-checked, serious eyes burning into jeongguk’s.

“no. b-but super... um, close.” the boy blushed, looking down at himself.

the rope was a pretty silver color, tied perfectly by hoseok. it had been another time not too long ago where he’d mentioned wanting to try it, and jeongguk loved it more than he’d like to admit. since then, if they’re not having casual sex, whenever they enter ‘play times’ like these, he makes sure to include it. 

even so, it's always been tied either above his head, or behind his back. this time, hoseok’s giving him tons of control while restraining him, meaning he really trusts jeongguk. “i know, i know. it’s apart of something i wanna do with you later. you’ll love it, but hate me for it.”

“couldn’t hate you. you treat me too good.” jeongguk grinned. hoseok smiled back, leaning over his body and giving him a soft kiss on the lips before pulling back.

he turned up the volume of the song a bit, stood in front of jeongguk at the end of the bed, and began to strip himself slowly. jeongguk looked eager, a quiet whine escaping his lips as hoseok tugged off his pants. he, too, was left in only a thin layer of briefs, and before guk even noticed, hoseok began to touch himself.

he jerked himself off through his briefs, slow and torturing pace making jeongguk whimper. he wanted to reach out and touch him, please him the best he could, but he couldn’t. instead, he was forced to watch and listen to hoseok’s pretty moans, causing jeongguk’s cock to drool out precum. god, he’s so fucking beautiful.

“baby,” hoseok moaned, eyes fluttered shut. jeongguk was absolutely envious of him, desperate to try and touch. though when hoseok opened his eyes, he didn’t call him stupid or laugh at him, he looked jeongguk up and down and tilted his head. “if you want to touch me, come here and try. i won’t stop you.”

immediately, jeongguk rolled himself off the bed. though hands still tied together, his feet weren’t, and he kneeled himself perfectly between hoseok’s legs, staring up at him with fake innocence. “i-i can touch you?”

“try.” he urged. jeongguk opened his mouth wide, small tongue sticking out an inch past his pink lips. hoseok shook his head, taking a step back. “i said touch. i mean with your hands, yeah?”

a long whine floats around the room, helpless little jeongguk looking down at his tied up hands. he can’t even properly pull them apart from each other, let alone fit hoseok’s thickness between them. “hoseok—”

“you can do it, angel. i’m sure you can.” his smile reassuring as he stepped toward jeongguk again. carefully, after a few seconds to reassure himself, jeongguk lifted his hands up, softly rubbing his restricted fingertips against hoseok’s cock. 

he felt ashamed of himself for probably giving hoseok the smallest amount of pleasure possible, which made him try even harder. he’s technically in control, right? that means he can do what he wants, and hoseok will most likely not do anything extreme as a punishment. then again, guk was never one to disobey.

but today was different. a certain urge ran through jeongguk, telling him to just please hoseok, make him feel good for always taking care of him. he wanted to so bad, his mouth got watery at the thought. so as soon as hoseok closed his eyes for a split second, jeongguk wrapped his lips around him.

he gets a few seconds in of innocent licks at the tip of hoseok’s cock before the male grabs his hair and pulls him back, the sweetness from earlier gone. now, he frowns, an unamused look in his eyes. “is this how things are gonna go today?” he sighs.

jeongguk doesn’t get the chance to answer. guilt bubbles up in his stomach as hoseok picks him up easily, placing him back on the bed. this time, hoseok reaches under the bed, and jeongguk immediately goes into a crying fit.

underneath the bed were the things he normally only pulled out for punishments. gags, handcuffs, a cock cage, belts, anything. those are the items that normally he’d use on jeongguk if it were an extreme case. but he must not be too upset about the incident, because he brings out the cuffs and a blindfold.

jeongguk stays wordless as hoseok roughly unties the rope and replaces it with cuffs. he chains jeongguk in a typical style—wrist to headboard, spread out in a crucifying pose, a T-shape, then sighs again. looks down at jeongguk with so much disappointment, giving him a small slap on his cheek. no harm done, just a lousy hit with no actual force behind it.

he leans in close to jeongguk’s face again a few seconds later, and the younger leans towards his for a kiss, only to be rejected. hoseok dangled the blindfold in front of his face, a disrespectful smile on his face when jeongguk began to throw another whining fit. “what? think you deserve a kiss after that? i thought you had more self control, gukkie. turns out you really are just a needy toy, aren’t you?”

hhh—” more sounds of pleads released from his lips while hoseok wrapped the ‘fold around his head. he carefully covered jeongguk’s closed eyes, then tied tightly (but not tight enough for a future headache) in the back.

“can’t humanize something that isn’t human, i guess,” hoseok continued, backing away. he looked down at the beautiful mess he’s been training for a while. though dating, jeongguk admit that he wants to be dominated in the bedroom, and learn to serve hoseok. so that’s what they’ve been working on, and it spiked their sex life more than they’d both like to admit. “be honest with me, jeongguk. can you see?” 


“are you alright with this?”

“yeah. ‘m ready.”

he received a small peck on the cheek.

he felt hoseok’s presence leave the bed, and heard rustling around the room. his heart picked up at the wonder of what would happen next, considering their whole scene right now was already being turned in a few ways. the blindfold was only adding more thrill to everything, keeping jeongguk on his toes and left to guess.

“baby,” hoseok says neutrally. there’s no definite emotion behind his words, like he’s calling guk the name just so he can hear it, not because he cares. “why’d you wanna suck me off so bad, hm?”

oh,” jeongguk sighs out. heat rushed up his cheeks and to the top of his ears, making his skin odd in terms of colors. the rest of him was a soft tan, and seeing the red on him was a bit cute. “because—” he feels a warm, tight wetness wrap around his cock, recognizing the toy immediately. jeongguk goes into a string of moans, voice echoing around the room. “ah-hhhhh, b-because i wanted you. s-so bad, ‘seok. you’re my favorite.”

“and yet you don’t listen to me when i ask something simple of you?” he urges on. if jeongguk could see his face right now, he’d probably cry. hoseok looks completely bored, uninterested in fucking the clear cock sleeve onto the whining boy, simply doing it to get him started. meanwhile, jeongguk’s squirming around, toes curling at the feel of the wet silicone closed around his dick.

ahh, i-i’m sorry. sorry ‘seok. just, f-faster, please? more.” 

“nope. just gonna leave you like this for a bit,” hoseok shrugs, not moving the sleeve. he reaches for his own cock instead, jerking off at a mediocre pace just to set jeongguk off. “mm, so sad. it could’ve been you touching me, but baby wanted to be a brat. stupid little thing, you are.”

“h-hoseok…” jeongguk groans, his voice a bit broken already. to be fair, his dick is pulsing inside the still sleeve, and he’s forced to only listen to hoseok’s moans. he can’t see him anymore, can’t touch him, and can’t even properly speak to him without desperate whines coming from his throat. “t-touch me.”

“alright,” there’s a short moment of silence, then jeongguk feels a pull at one of his nipples, and wetness around the other.

“oh, ohfuck,” jeongguk moans, whimpers following after.

hoseok uses one hand to flick at his nipple, pinches it and rolls it between his fingers. the other, he licks around without touching, listens to jeongguk’s high-pitched moans that lead him on. he looks up at him, watching the details and artwork of his body under so little stimulation.

his wrists tug for anywhere, desperate to touch and pull at hoseok’s hair. but he can’t, the cuffs stop him, probably leaving a few marks for later. his cheeks are also flushed a deep pink shade, mouth hanging open, saliva pooling in it. he’s so fucking pretty, hoseok thinks. but he doesn’t deserve to come yet. 

“‘s-se-seok, i’m—” he cries, “t-the—fuck,” the feeling of hoseok’s tongue against his one of his most sensitive parts overwhelms him, and he’s just now starting to feel the kick of the restraints, too. between the tightness of the sleeve around his cock and not being able to touch hoseok, he can’t help but whine and wiggle around helplessly. “o-oh, ohmygod, hoseok!”

“hm?” the older hums against his nipple, the vibration nice against his skin. still, hoseok doesn’t detach himself from sucking on it.

“slee—sleeve, c-can i? let me? wanna fuck it, please.” 

now you ask for permission?” hoseok laughs sinisterly, pulling back from jeongguk. he leans over close next to his ear, breath brushing past it. “you still haven’t answered my question, jeongguk. need a real reason. why’d you do it?”

“i—i was needy. wanted you. your dick’s good. wanted to please you. i’m sorry.” jeongguk frowns at himself.

“mm, sorry’s cute,” hoseok’s still next to his ear, voice dangerously low and serious. “but i’m still gonna ruin you.”

oh,” he moans out. as he does, hoseok reaches down and holds onto the sleeve, keeping it in place.

“you can fuck it, i won’t be helping you.” he deadpans.

jeongguk nods eagerly, adrenaline ready and dick still hard. he sucks in a deep breath, hips slightly stuttering as he bottoms out and weakly thrusts back in, avoiding the humiliating sound of hoseok’s chuckle. jeongguk knows he doesn’t have the best stroke game, it’s barely a tenth compared to hoseok’s, so he can imagine the face the older is making right now, watching him try and desperately rut up into the air.

“a-ah,” soft whimpers release from him, despite the need to cry. god, he wants hoseok so bad. just wants him to help out a bit, because he knows he’s not doing good. it feels nice, but nothing compared to what he wants to feel. “‘seok, please.”

“what? you’re not getting off from this?” he asks sarcastically. jeongguk looks pathetic from his perspective; heels digging into the bed so he can push himself upwards into the stupid toy. though not seeming to please him enough, his cock’s still coated in pools of precum, the slick sound of sloppy thrusts into the silicone filling the room.

“hhh, i am, s’good. i just—” he stops himself from talking for a second, trying to properly gather his words. “‘m so close, ‘seok. please help me. i’ll be good.”

“you’ll be good?” hoseok reiterates, unimpressed.

“yes, just—please,” he begs again. his thrusts get sloppier and sloppier until hoseok pushes his hips down with one of his hands, and begins moving the sleeve around him with the other. “hh, fuck, t-thank you, thank you, thank you—”

“you’re talking an awful lot,” hoseok sighs. he uses his free hand and toys with jeongguk’s nipple for a few seconds, then grabs his chin. he places a sloppy kiss against guk’s cheek, trails down further and further and skips his lips, kisses his neck instead. jeongguk whines, opening his mouth just long enough for hoseok to place two of his fingers in them, earning another stretched out moan. “so sloppy. how’s it taste, angel? how’s everything feel?”

goohgd,” jeongguk tries. “s-so good,” he adds. with hoseok being in control of the sleeve, he’s able to focus on more than one thing at a time again. he feels the wet, tightness around his cock, feels the warmth of hoseok’s lips against the base of his neck and collarbone (sure to leave marks in the morning, bless), and feels the pool of heat rising in his stomach. “h-hoseok. ‘m gonna—c-can i—”

“how about you show off what you were trying to do to me earlier and i’ll think about it?”

jeongguk doesn’t have to think twice. immediately, he darts his tongue out around hoseok’s slender fingers, sucking them and licking them the same way he would’ve done his dick. he feels gross yet satisfied to have something in his mouth, secretly enjoying the mass of drool leaking from the corners of his lips. 

he’s so caught up in swallowing hoseok’s fingers down that he temporarily forgets about the sleeve on him, his small waist stuttering pathetic thrusts in it to match hoseok’s speed. hoseok takes his fingers out jeongguk’s mouth, wipes them on his cheek and chin (which jeongguk moans at) and pinches at his nipples again instead.

“‘seok, please, please, please. lemme cum, god, please. ‘m so close, i—” he whimpers. his face warms up as a tear escapes his closed eye, only soaking into the blindfold. still, hoseok notices, lifts an eyebrow, even.

“are you crying?” he asks, in such a sardonic tone that only makes another fat tear come out his eye. “baby’s so pathetic he just wants everything, hm? he wants cock to suck, wants me to help him fuck his toys, wants me to touch him. aren’t you asking for a little too much?”

“i-i’m sorry.”

“sorry doesn’t cut it this time. do you really think you deserve to come?”

hesitant, jeongguk thinks about it. hoseok’s right: he has been nothing but needy, asking tons of the older male just so he can feel good. he feels a little bad, but the feeling of wanting to come is worse. “y-yes.”

“hmm,” hoseok hums. “i don’t think so.”

he pulls the sleeve off jeongguk completely, leaving the boy reduced to a mess. cries escape his throat in desperation, hips bucking into the air only to receive no pleasure. he went from feeling overwhelmed to nothing, his cock unable to release any cum. it fucking hurts, he feels it twitching and pulsating for some sort of stimulation that won’t come.

jeongguk wants to cry again, and hoseok seems satisfied at the mess he’s made. he reaches behind him and unties the blindfold, tossing it across the room. only then do guk’s tears actually have the chance to roll down his face, mixing in with dried saliva. he looks sad and pathetic, hips still lightly stuttering into the air. into nothingness.

“how’re you feeling, angel?” hoseok’s soft voice returns, his thumb wiping underneath the pretty boy’s wet eyes.

“i—i wanted it so bad. s’mean, seok. meanie.” jeongguk can’t help but complain even in these circumstances. he looks down at himself, at the mess hoseok’s created, a whimper escaping his lips. there’s precum all over his cock and inner thighs, saliva and tears on his neck and collarbone. on top of that, he has dark purple marks forming around his tiny little nipples. god, they’re not even done yet and hoseok’s ruining him so good.

“mean? that’s the minimum punishment i gave to you. if anything, you should be thanking me for even helping you reach your little ruined orgasm.” hoseok says, voice still low and quiet. he’s not angry. if anything, he’s pleased with the result. loved seeing jeongguk shake and wither in pain, but waits for his high to come down before playing with him again.

“you’re right,” jeongguk says. “thank you.”

“mm,” hoseok blinks at him, smacks his face slightly. unexpected drool drips off jeongguk’s tongue and past his lips, eyes glossy and cheeks flushed of embarrassment. “do you want another one?” hoseok asks. he nods. “thank me again. i deserve it, right? treating you so well.”

“yes, always. thank you,” another slap, this time harder than the last but not extreme. “th-thank you,” another. with each one, he feels his cock working itself up again, even more thankful when hoseok takes his free hand and jerks it. it’s a slow, agonizing speed, but guk’s convinced he doesn’t deserve any better right now. “ahhh, thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you—”

“you’re not gonna come if i keep touching you like this, are you?”

hhh, n-no. just feels good. thank you.” jeongguk repeats. hoseok stops slapping him for a second. he tells jeongguk to sit up instead of lay down, which the younger obliges. hoseok then sits in his lap, one hand still lousily palming him while the other grabs his jaw, steering them into a kiss.

it’s less sloppy than before, more controlled and less wet (with the exclusion of jeongguk’s spit from earlier on his chin). they just sit there and make out, tongues swirling around each other and cocks near inches away from one another’s. the deep, breathless moans hoseok lets out are sinister, filling jeongguk’s ears the way they do. his voice is low and a bit raspy, and each sound he makes is swallowed by jeongguk’s throat. he indulges in them, whining for more and more, almost crying again when he pulls away.

“relax, angel. just grabbing another toy,” hoseok smiles, getting off of him. it amazes jeongguk how he can go from some mean, non-caring jerk to the most caring and soft dom ever, but he has no complaints. he always treats jeongguk well either way. “how’s this one, hm?”

jeongguk eyes the familiar magic wand up and down, nodding eagerly at the white tool. hoseok moves jeongguk to a different position again to prepare him. now, jeongguk’s on his back again, legs spread open with hoseok’s hooked under them. his thighs rest on top of the older’s and he’s not using the blindfold again, something about how hoseok wanted to make sure he could ‘watch himself’.

the wand turns on, and hoseok’s slow with it at first. it’s on the lowest setting, and he lingers it around the base of jeongguk’s dick to start, fondling with his balls in his free hand.

despite the little action, it’s still getting to jeongguk. hoseok occasionally turns his attention from the wand to his baby, watching his breathing through his stomach, adoring the way he sucks his breath all the way in and rolls his hips to match with hoseok’s speed. content sighs also leave the boy, as well as curses in whispered breaths. he wants hoseok to go faster, turn the setting up more, but at the same time, he relaxes for a bit and enjoys the peace.

“you’re alright, angel?” hoseok asks, looking up at him. jeongguk’s biting on his bottom lip, arms relaxed and hung by the cuffs. he starts drooling again, too, making more of a mess than before.

“s’good. fuck, you’re so good.” he moans, innocent little ahh’s leaving him. hoseok chuckles softly, turning up the setting a bit. he trails it up on jeongguk’s dick, close to the top but not touching it yet.

“your little dick’s so cute, baby,” hoseok teases. normally jeongguk would shrink at the words and maybe even jokingly hit hoseok, but now he’s too deep in subspace to not enjoy the humiliation. now, he’ll accept any fate hoseok has for him. he just wants to please him and make him happy, make him feel good and loved and proud of him. he’ll listen and behave like he promised, all because hoseok reassured his trust in jeongguk with their kiss from earlier. “some day, i’d love to see you fuck me. maybe i’ll ride you, have you try and make me scream for you. how’s that sound?”

“good, sounds—ah, ahhhhh fuck, g-good.” in the middle of his speaking, hoseok turned it up again, now circling the toy around his tip.

jeongguk squirms under the new vibration, his mouth shaped into a pretty little ‘o’ while his eyes roll all the way back. hoseok flashes a photo of this in his head, the visual of such a big, muscular boy puddy under his touch boosting his ego too much for his liking. still, jeongguk’s fucking beautiful, all corrupted and whiny and needy under his touch. he’s so good, hoseok leans over and gives him another kiss.

“you’re dropping beautifully, gukkie,” he smiles, resting his spare hand on jeongguk’s precum covered thigh. the mess doesn’t bother him. “what d’you say i give you a reward, hm? would baby want that?”

hh, yes. yes, please. baby wants it.” jeongguk whines. it takes him a few before he can stop tilting his head back and focus on the view in front of him, which he’s very much thankful for. 

hoseok moves the wand back to the base and places a small, innocent peck on the tip of his cock. he sticks his tongue out and licks a long, slow stripe from the bottom to the top, giving jeongguk one last daring glare before wrapping his lips around him. jeongguk tries his best to stay still, to just enjoy the feel and not ruin anything, but his hips almost move on their own, which is something hoseok notices.  

with his previously free hand, he pushes his waist down into the mattress, no doubt to leave a small bruise on him. but jeongguk doesn’t care—doesn’t have to worry about the minor pain when hoseok’s busy pushing his dick all the way to the back of his throat, swallowing jeongguk like it’s nothing. he comes back up after a few seconds, strands of jeongguk’s precum dripping off his tongue, making the boy moan even more.

“fuck. fuck, ah, hoseok, you’re so—so hot. fuck,” jeongguk goes. hoseok kisses the shaft of him, putting the vibrator back at the top and going in circles again. “o-oh. oh, ‘seok, ‘m so close. ‘seok.” 

“i hear you.” hoseok acknowledges, turning the setting up more. the pain from previously not being allowed to cum bubbles back up in his stomach and rushes down, but jeongguk urges to conceal it. he can’t help but curl his toes in bliss when hoseok digs the vibrator into his slit, thighs twitching and arms pulling at the cuffs. 

hoseok, hoseok, hoseok,” he breaks off in a soundless whimper, caught just at the back of his mouth. “g-god, can i—come, ah, please, ‘m s’close. baby wants t-to come.”

“baby wants to come?”

“please. or to—hhfuck—touch y-you.” he tiredly nods at the cuffs above his head, the pain of them suffocating his wrists a little too much to handle now. hoseok gets him right away, understanding and grabbing the key from off the dresser beside the bed.

“open,” he says, and jeongguk’s mouth falls. he places the handle of the wand between his teeth. “hold this for me, pretty.”

jeongguk nods, patiently waiting as hoseok lifts himself off the bed, undoing each cuff in seconds. he tosses them on the floor too, rubs and massages guk’s wrists for a minute before returning back to his original position.

taking the wand back from him, hoseok dives right back into the same high-speed, quick vibrations. jeongguk does his best to hold back, to wait until hoseok wants him to, but can’t help but only moan ‘please’ every second. 

meanwhile, the older moves the wand to his lower shaft again, puts his mouth on the tip and sucks at it a few times. he repeats this—sucking, then backing away with a little ‘pop’ sound, and digging the wand into his slit. it feels good, and with jeongguk’s newly freed hands tugging harshly at the roots of hoseok’s hair, he feels like he has a little more control than before, even if he’s the one being wrecked.

“‘s-seok, ah, please. please, please, please, please—” he moans, pathetic tears coming down from his eyes. he doesn’t try and restrain himself this time when hoseok deepthroats him, he fucks into his mouth with awkward, jittery thrusts, making hoseok chuckle again. 

“you’re taking it so well, angel,” hoseok praises, and he means it. holding back is what they’ve been working on for a while, and the incident from earlier is long gone out his head. he thinks of now, how jeongguk’s clearly on the edge and ready to cum with the blink of an eye, and how well he’s doing. “i’ll let you come soon. how about i prep you first, yeah?”

mmfuck, y-yeah. ye-please.”

he grins at that, turning the wand off and putting it on the dresser. he digs in the drawers for the familiar container, thankful when he finds and grabs it. they’re running out, he notes, and squirts some onto his fingers. “you ready?”

“fuck. yeah, m’ready.”

hoseok tosses the bottle onto another part of the bed, leaving it alone for now. with his free hand, he spreads jeongguk’s legs and waits for him to get in a comfortable position, looking at him one more time for reassurance.

when jeongguk nods, he bends down and circles one finger around his rim, only entering nail-deep for teasing purposes. he leaves it there for a second, waiting for jeongguk to huff and whine like the cute baby he is, then pushes the rest in. 

he fucks in and out with the single finger, switching his concentration between making him cum and stretching him out. once jeongguk seemed well adjusted to the one, he follows with the second finger, this time curling them upwards in a ‘come here’ position. jeongguk lets out a shaky breath at this, fighting the urge to clench and decides to relax instead. but it’s hard when hoseok looks so focused; his tongue’s sticking out (a habit when he’s really concentrated), hair damp and clad across his forehead from sweat, and the view of him sliding his fingers in and out of jeongguk’s hole is just to die for.

“‘seok,” he moans accidentally, not even mad at himself. hoseok’s doing a scissoring motion inside of him, face dangerously close to jeongguk’s dick considering he’s on the verge of cumming soon. he reaches for hoseok’s hair again, whimpers coming from both their lips. just like jeongguk has his own ticks, so does he, and no matter how roughly the younger does it, hoseok’s weak at the knees for having his hair tugged any kind of way. “let me come please.”

“baby,” hoseok fucks his fingers right against his prostate, a loud cry emitting from jeongguk. his back arches in a satisfying way, encouraging hoseok to go on. “beg a little more. tell me how much you love it. how good i’m treating you. i am treating you well, right?”

hh, m-mhm. so—so good,” jeongguk tries, “you’re s’hot, hoseok. fu-fuck, you’re amazing. please—”

“not convinced.” he states dryly, expression now feigning boredom as he adds another finger in.

ahh! f-fuck, hoseok, ‘seok, p-please. i’ve been holding it so long. baby—baby wants—just wants to come. s’good, please. please, let me come. i wanna come, hoseok. pretty please.” 

his possible promises sound decent enough, and hoseok isn’t that much of a meanie to reject jeongguk when the boy’s already crying. his cock twitches when hoseok reaches out to grab and play with it, thumb gliding around and digging into the tip. he gives it one last swallow with his oddly deep throat, a letting out a content sigh. “go ahead, baby. make a mess for me.”

hoseok fingers him throughout his orgasm, watching his dick go from trembling to still. jeongguk continues to cry as long, thick strings of cum splurt out of him, landing on his lower tummy and sliding down to his thighs. it was a heavy load, and jeongguk’s never came so hard in his entire life, the feeling both good and weird to him.

he still manages to stutter his hips at the lightest of touches hoseok does to him, already feeling used and fucked out, but still needy for more. he didn’t wait this long just to not have hoseok’s dick in him, so he sucks it up, stops crying. “i-i’m so… fucked, oh my god. fuckin’ ruined me. i came so hard, ‘seokkie. fuck.”

“mm,” hoseok hummed. he brought his head down between jeongguk’s legs, tongue sticking out and resting on one of them. he licks a stripe up jeongguk’s thigh where most of his cum was, then holds it in his mouth. he leans over jeongguk’s nipples, drooling some out over them to make an even bigger mess, swallowing down what he didn’t spit out. jeongguk stays quiet, eyes wide and entertained at the action, considering that was something they hadn’t done before. hoseok formed a smile, “still tastes good. y’should try it sometime.”

“tasting myself?” jeongguk asks curiously as hoseok coats his dick in lube.

his hole clenches anxiously, eyeing how big hoseok is and how he’s been waiting for this all day. all of a sudden, he notices more things than before about his boyfriend; like how fit and toned he is, how he’s been hard this entire hour yet is so fucking good at self-restraint that he hasn’t needed to touch himself.

hoseok, being the beautiful and hot dom he is, will probably continue holding himself back for jeongguk’s sake. he’ll probably make jeongguk cum a few times before him, then randomly fuck the shit out of him at the last minute. and even though guk’s already so fucking spent and a little tired, he can’t help but start to harden up again at the thought of hoseok burying himself in him, teasing him with daring words and degrading titles. humiliating him, fuck.

“yeah, tasting yourself,” he nods, jerking himself off at a slow pace for a few seconds. just to get started. “how about you lift your legs up for me, hm? want them over my shoulders.”

fuck. fuck, this is one of jeongguk’s favorite positions. not just because hoseok’s dick goes all the way down in him, but because of his control. hoseok’s stroke game is much better than the younger’s, flawless dancer hips never failing to fuck into him right. still, that’s not the point. as he lifts his legs up, he can already imagine the countless thrusts that’ll be pounding into his ass; can vividly see hoseok telling him to cum on command, not pulling out until he’s satisfied.

“oh,” jeongguk sighs out. he looks at his body carefully, and hoseok grabs his hips for support. despite them being at the foot of the bed (hoseok’s standing up on the floor, guk’s on his back on the bed), he still would hate to be going at it and have jeongguk randomly plop down on the floor. “oh, ‘seok, you’re gonna ruin me, fuck.”

“that’s my goal, isn’t it?” he teases. finally, hoseok línea his dick up with jeongguk’s hole, keeping his tip pressed up against the rim but not fully pushing in. jeongguk takes slow and steady breaths, eyes closed while he waits. “ah-ah,” hoseok shakes his head. jeongguk opens them again, tilting his own in confusion. “want you to watch everything. be vocal too, wanna hear you tell me how good i fuck you. how’s that sound?”

“good, good.” jeongguk mumbles to himself. at the moment, he’d do anything for hoseok. his mind’s set on putting on a show for him, making this one of the best times they’ve ever fucked. “i can do that.”

hoseok nods, satisfied. he moves one hand from under jeongguk to help slowly push himself in, then puts the hand back since he’s got it on his own now.

he repeats the slow and steady fuck for a while, allowing jeongguk to adjust to his size and take in the view. but gradually, he speeds up, purposely hitting spots right next to his prostate, but avoiding it in the long-time just so he can hear jeongguk’s puny whines. “f-faster, ‘seok.”

“you want me to go faster?” hoseok repeats, speeding up the pace even more. thanks to their position, he’s deep inside jeongguk, who moans and babbles nonsense while he’s fucked into.

“o-ohmygod,” he lets out, back curving at how hoseok manhandles him. the older digs his fingers into his sides, lifts and moves jeongguk around as he pleases just to get a reaction out of him. “oh god, fuck, hoseok, fuckme.”

“i am.” he replies, bottoming out and pushing in deep again. his pace is definitely fast, hips sharp and able to thrust at whatever angle hoseok wants them to. he’s good and in control, making jeongguk’s toes curl up again while he grabs hurriedly at the sheets. “you look perfect, taking cock like this. fucking made for it, huh? bet you’d get off from someone watching you take me in like this.”

“h-hhseok. please. fuck me, fuuuuck!” he moans, thighs trembling. hoseok tsks, slides out and back in, this time at full force against his prostate, undoing jeongguk completely. “oh, ahhh, fuck! fuck—fuck, h-hoseok, i’m! ohhhhh, fuck. oh god, fuck. me. fuck me!”

jeongguk’s eyes roll back all the way, and he barely fights to keep them open anymore. hoseok doesn’t seem to care; still fucks him roughly, pleased from the lewd sounds coming from both jeongguk’s lips and his cock when it slaps against his tummy. “god, you should see yourself baby. so pretty, laid out like this. how’s it feel? full?”

hhdhhd,” jeongguk whines. he feels good, yes, but that would be the most basic word to describe the amount of pleasure surging through him. hoseok’s hitting everything, going fast and hard, and jeongguk won’t last much longer. he knows it. “f-full, hhyeah. ‘seok—m’gonna—c-can i come soon? may i?”

“i guess so,” hoseok shrugs, fucking into him again. he really is great with control, considering he’s not even cumming yet despite being in pleasure overdrive. jeongguk just looks so fucking beautiful—his hair’s wet and spread out across their sheets, cum from earlier on his tummy and nipples still, rolling down his body towards the dips in his collarbones. and his cheeks are all flushed deep pink too, a pretty color that goes well with the purple hickeys around his nipples. jeongguk’s completely fucked out, eyes glossy and constantly rolling, tongue sticking out, hands desperately grabbing onto the sheets. he’s a masterpiece, and hoseok’s a pretty good fucking artist. “you don’t have to ask me anymore. just come when you feel like it. whether it’s two or three times in a row, do it.”

ah,” he moans, but it drags out more than intended. hoseok smirks, reminding him to stay vocal and tell him how he’s feeling. “feel s’good,” he starts, voice coming slow, “‘seok’s making me feel s’good. so full, and—mm, h-harder, please? harder.”

jeongguk rolls his hips against hoseok’s, clenching around him when hoseok agrees, fucking into him (somehow) harder than before. without warning, jeongguk cums all over himself, thighs shaking violently and tears coming out his eyes. hoseok keeps going though, still hard and steady into his prostate while the boy whimpers pathetically. “you’re good?”

hhhh, yes. y-yes, yes, yes, yes—” he babbles, hands scrambling around the sheets again, trying to grab a different section for more support. hoseok groans with each thrust he does, enjoying the clench of jeongguk’s sensitive walls around him, almost ready to cum too. “o-oh, hoseok, yes, fuck. ohmygod, please. please, please, please.”

jeongguk’s crying and begging again but for no specific reason. he’s just so full, handled so well, fucked so good. hoseok moves one of his hands again, this time toying with jeongguk’s pretty little dick, all covered in cum and some of hoseok’s saliva. he rubs his thumb around the tip slowly, working jeongguk up for another orgasm, just as hard. 

“you know you’re dirty, right?” hoseok states the obvious, but now that he’s pointing it out, jeongguk can’t help but moan again. “taking my cock like this—like the toy you are. you’re so good at it, yeah? being a little thing for me to play with and fuck into. you’re like my own little sleeve, s’cute.” 

“y-your sleeve,” jeongguk mindlessly repeats. he’s fucked out to half-consciousness, the hard orgasm from earlier still getting to him, and on top of that, hoseok still fucking him sharply. at this point, all jeongguk sees is stars, blurry white, and hoseok. he can’t keep his eyes open long enough to make out anything else. “y-your toy, yeah. ‘m—yours. use me. fuck me. so good. your dick’s so good.”

with another tug at his shaft, jeongguk cums again, mouth dry and cock aching. he’s not sure he’ll be able to do it a few more times, it hurts so bad yet so fucking good, and god he should’ve recommended this earlier on in their relationship. his entire body burns of exhaustion and pain, but he keeps pushing, keeps going and trying to please hoseok, too deep in subspace to want anything else. 

hoseok, hoseok, hoseok, hoseok—”

“hm? or are you just babbling again?” he asks, balls slapping against jeongguk’s skin. he’s still touching jeongguk’s cock, too; still jerking it off while he still fucks him. but jeongguk’s so good at rolling his hips around, good at clenching himself around hoseok at the right times, good at being pretty—“fuck, angel, i’m gonna come soon. how’s that sound?”

“fuck me. fu-fuck, im—m’so—yours. hseok, fuuuck. please. i need—come. come, come in me. yeah? please. fuck me.” 

“not even making sense anymore baby,” hoseok chuckles, pace slightly slowing down out of tiredness. “you’re so fucked up, aren’t you? i fuck you that good, huh?”

hh—yes. sogood. ohmyygoddd, fuck hoseok! j-just—please, i can’t—” again, presumably for the hundredth time today, he cries. blood’s rushed to his dick and it hurts, and he needs release but won’t do it without hoseok. but he can’t even properly fucking talk, either. “j-just fucking—fucking come in me, hoseok!”

he finally gets his words out, and hoseok’s eyes widen. for some reason, even with all of their talk from today, that’s the hottest thing jeongguk’s ever told him. the amount of desperation and need in his voice is fucking sick, and hoseok feels himself speed up again. he takes in the feeling of jeongguk’s wet, swollen, clenched walls against his cock, takes in how ruined and stupid jeongguk looks, taking him in like this. how endearing it is that even though he’s tired, jeongguk still lazily moves his hips against hoseok, eyes glued shut and legs shaking.

“oh, you’re so good to me, baby. love you.” hoseok smiles tiredly, cumming into jeongguk. at the same time, jeongguk cums too, cock finally going limp against his skin, another pool sliding down his stomach.

hoseok thrusts gently a few more times just to make sure he rides both their orgasms out, then carefully pulls out. his dick’s all wet and glossy, a few strings of cum still hanging out jeongguk’s ass, so he smears the head of his cock against his rim, somewhat wiping it off. 

carefully, he moves jeongguk’s legs off of him, and it takes a while before jeongguk realizes he’s in full control of his body again before he moves spots on the bed. hoseok grabs wipes from the bathroom, coming back and cleaning them both off carefully. “angel. let’s wash and then we can nap, okay?”

“mm. m’so sleepy, seokkie.” jeongguk whines, reaching his arms out lazily. “carry me? to the tub, please.”

hoseok rolls his eyes but obliges nonetheless. lifting him up, he takes him to their bathroom, carefully putting him in the large tub. he runs hot water, grabs a bath bomb from under the sink, and plops it in there. in his opinion, the smells are better than candles, and they’re a bit safer, too, since he can’t accidentally knock it over.

it takes a few nudges of jeongguk’s shoulder for him to finally move so hoseok can join him, but when he does, the water’s nice against his muscles. they just sit there in silence for a while, soft breathing filling the quiet room.

“i love you too, by the way. was so fucked i forgot to say it earlier. but i do. thank you, hoseok.” jeongguk says, laying down on his shoulder. he gives his boyfriend a peck on the cheek, picking up a rag and running the bar of soap through it, washing hoseok off first, and then himself. “i’ll take care of you now, big guy. you were amazing.”

“yeah?” he tiredly grins, sleepiness getting to him. “we can do it again another time. loved ruining you, you were so well. nothing bothered you, right?”

“right. well, except having a ruined orgasm, then cumming four times in one go after that. that’s a new type of pain. it hurt so bad, but you know i never mind it.”

“i kinda wished i slapped you more. or spanked you. you’re such a mess when you’re in pain, god. i thought i would cum just from hitting you earlier.” hoseok rolls his eyes back dramatically, and jeongguk lightly splashes him, cheeks on fire. 

“speaking of messes: you kept your word,” he says. hoseok lifts an eyebrow at him. “said you’d make me a messy thing before we even started. you were absolutely right.”

“it’s not exactly hard when you’re easy to get wet and drool every five seconds. you also cried more than usual, i was a bit surprised.”

“mm, me too. guess that’s what happens when your boyfriend’s a sex god.” jeongguk laughs. he reaches pulls the stopper up out the tub, standing up slowly (because yes, his ass is fucking sore), he grabs a towel off the counter and tosses one to hoseok, then wraps himself up in another one. “but seriously—thank you. i love you lots, and not just for your dick. you’re a great boyfriend.”

“you’re a great boyfriend too. maybe we can even be more some day.” hoseok vaguely suggests. jeongguk gives him a big kiss at that, tired eyes glimmering even in the dull light.

“yeah,” he smiles, “one day i’d like that too.”