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Mondo watched the girl closely, she was a foreigner from (Country), a beautiful girl. And a nice rack! Seriously, her tits are huge! At least a DD. And God damn if The Soatome Mondo wasn't going to fuck her. He made it his mission to corner her and trap her so he could get a chance. Did that make him a horrible person? Yeah, but it's not like he didn't murder and humiliate people all the time.

He road his bike close behind her, her steps even sounded angelic. Or maybe Mondo is just incredibly horny. He hadn't gotten any for 3 months, that's a lot of jacking off. He stalked her all the way to an alley, he stopped just a few feet away from her, parking his bike near a restaurant. The street was extremely sketchy, he didn't know why she went through here, the last couple of times he followed her she walked a different way, through a park instead.

She stopped at the alley, turning on her heels and went into the alley, the street was dark and only lit up by lamp posts around the street, as it was night. This was his chance, when she walked into the alley he stepped in behind her. As he turned into the alley, a knife was pointed at his face, a combat knife. His eyes widened, he looked at the culprit and it was the girl he was following. "Woah, babe" he put his hands up, she narrowed her eyes.

Her face turning into a threatening glare "you're following me! You have been for a days" despite her threatening demeanor, she was shaking head to toe and her voice was laced with a small amount of fear. She obviously knew even with a knife she couldn't take him out, after all, he had a gun strapped to his thigh. Mondo smirked, almost laughing at her, though he suppressed it, after all, he wanted to fuck her, why would he make her get even more mad?

"Aw, come on babe, a guy can get desperate to get his dick wet" he shrugged with a cocky smirk on his face, still keeping his hands up. The girl scrunched her face up in disgust "You pig!" She exclaimed, practically gagging "you can't just-!" She was cut off by Mondo grabbing her wrist, pulling her flush against him, she was quite a bit smaller than him, making him look more intimidating. She gulped as his face got close to hers, his face was plastered with a psychotic grin.

"Look, I was gonna ask nicely-" he pressed his pelvis into her, he was already rock hard, she began to sweat "but I'm not enjoying this treatment from you" he tightened his grip on her wrist, almost crushing the delicate bone, forcing her to drop the knife. He gave her a push and she landed on her butt. He striped off his jacket, throwing it on a crate "it's nothing personal, really, but I can't just cum in my hand for the rest of my life" he unzipped his jeans.

She gulped, sweat covering her forehead, she was hoping he'd back off when she threatened him. So, maybe she wasn't the smartest, cornering herself in an alley, but the city was swimming with people, even at night. "HELP!!" She shouted, Mondo furrowed his eyebrows in anger "come on, I'm not gonna hurt you.… Too bad, anyway" he mumbled the last part. Mondo walked closer to her, crouching down and grabbing her chin, he moved her head side to side, getting a good look at her pretty face.

"Hmmm, you're hotter than I thought!" Joy laced his voice, he was obviously more excited for the deed now. Mondo let go of her face, his hands instead went to her bust, giving her voluptuous breasts a quick squeeze before moving to grip the collar of her shirt "wait! Please!" Mondo paused, he looked at her "what?" He asked in annoyance "can't you just... Ya know, get some other girl, I don't want to, I'm sure you could find someone who does" her hands grabbed his wrists, she was weak and she was aware of that. Mondo grinned as her hands shook, her skin was so soft.

God. His cock was getting unbearably hard, throbbing, desperate for attention. He roughly ripped her top open, pushing her hands away, she quickly covered herself, Mondo scoffed at this. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away from her chest. "Your tits are even bigger without the shirt, now just the bra" she struggled against his grip "no, no, no please!" Mondo pushed her hands above her head, grabbing both her wrists with one hands and ripping the front of her bra open with the other.

Her eyes began to water "I'm gonna let go of your hands alright and you better not try anything, got it?" He growled, she nodded. He stood up about to pull himself out but paused "ya know, I didn't get your name" she didn't know if she should answer him but she thought of the consequences if she didn't "(Y/n)" her voice meek. He nodded and pulled his cock out of his boxers "okay, let's see how long I'll last" he giggled, he grabbed her chin making her face his cock.

She refused to open her mouth "oh come on, now you're trying to stop me" he rolled his eyes. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, her entire body shaking. He squeezed her cheeks with his index finger and thumb, it was painful enough to force her mouth open. He slammed his cock into her mouth, she made a chocking sound, his cock was hitting the back of her throat, he was above average and girthy and stretching her mouth painfully.

He moaned breathlessly as her mouth wrapped around him, he didn't remove his fingers from her cheeks, still holding her flesh tightly. His breath hitched, he had to hold onto the brick wall in front of him, stopping himself from falling. "Fuck, your mouth is so fucking good, ah" he wasn't even moving and he was about to cum. He began to move slowly, his body was shaking and sweating, lack of pussy sure has made him sensitive.

His cock twitched inside her mouth on the third thrust and spurted sticky cum into her mouth, he pulled out, his cock half hard. Cum slipped from her lips onto her breasts, the white substance smelled and tasted terrible, she gagged, about to throw up. What did she expect, a gross guy probably has gross cum. He wrapped his hand around his cock, pumping it until he was hard again "come on, stand up and face the wall" he commanded her.

She wiped her mouth and spit on the ground, but followed his orders and faced the wall. His hands flipped up her skirt, exposing her panties, he slipped his cock between her thighs, flush against her clothed cunt, he needed her at least a little wet. He thrusted between her plush thighs, his cock twitched again, he couldn't cum again, that wouldn't be much fun, would it? He pulled his sensitive cock out from between her thighs, almost cumming from that small bit of stimulation.

"I'm gonna tear you apart" he growled in her ear, roughly biting her earlobe, causing her ear to bleed. He violently ripped off her panties, dropping the shredded remains on the cold ground. He dragged his cock on her slit, smearing his previous cum onto her cunt, she bit her lip, tears slipping down her face as she bit hard enough to draw blood, the tears and blood running down her chin.

He pulled back and spread out her legs, kicking them apart at the ankle. He pulled her back a bit, making sure he had access to her cunt, he lined the tip of his cock against her tight hole. He pushed in and pulled out a few times, making sure he could cause her the most pain possible in one thrust. He was a sadist, after all. He grinned and roughly thrusted his whole cock inside her, her mouth hung a gap in pain, her eyes widened and even more tears rolling down her face.

Her abdomen twitched in pain, her knees buckled and she would have fell if it wasn't for Mondo wrapping his arm tightly around her waist. "Please stop" she cried, her voice was barely audible, muffled from her sobbing. "Those little twitchs are cute" he groaned in her ear "It hurts" she whispered, Mondo pulled her hair, forcing her to face him, he was grinning as he saw her pained face "that's what I want, oh fuck yes!" He thrusted into her tight cunt. The alley walls echoed the sound of his moans, his thrusting was painfully fast, his hips bucking into her felt like a switch being cracked into her skin.

A small amount of blood was coming from her entrance, she wasn't prepared for this and was bleeding from the trauma he was causing. It didn't take long for the black haired male to cum, his semen slid down her thighs, mixing with the blood, creating a strawberry colored goopy mess, he panted next to her face, his lips glistening with drool. Once he came down from his orgasm he pulled out, letting her fall to her knees.

He tucked himself back into his boxer and zipped up his jeans. (Y/n)'s eyes were wide with tears dripping down her face, her eyes were filled with a disturbed and shocked look. "Thanks babe, I really needed that" he laughed, grabbing his jacket and throwing it behind his shoulder and walked back to his bike. Leaving the poor girl to sob loudly, covering her mouth to muffle her distress, though her sobs were so loud anyone who walked by the alley could hear them.

She jumped as she felt a hand on her should "are you okay?" A feminine voice came from behind her, she scooted away from the person. Turning her head to look at them, she dropped her hand as she was met with a beautiful face, even in the dark she could see the person's beauty. They had long raven black hair and pale white skin, but their face was the real prize, clear skin and a perfectly symmetrical face. The person laid a hand on her face and wiped tears away from her face.

"Did someone hurt you?" They asked, she nodded in their hand, she suddenly felt safe around this person. "Here let me help you"