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Izuku's hobby

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Everyone knew not to speak ill of All Might's son, despite the boy's cross-dressing habits. Most people mistake Izuku as a girl with his slender body, feminine features, and the skirts he likes to wear. Amongst themselves, citizens and even Pro Heroes questioned All Might and why he would allow his son to step out the house like that. Eventually, the buzz died down, because no one dared to ask the #1 Hero about his son's hobby, and they soon started to love it.

Izuku followed his father like a lost puppy, accompanying him to events and get-togethers. Toshinori never said no, so he allowed Izuku to come, his smile shining with lip gloss. All the Heroes Toshinori knew personally adored Izuku, and they got used to him showing up with skirts and crop-tops. He had the hobby since young, and as he grew up, the Heroes became concerned. Izuku stayed his usual cheerful self while wearing skirts and jewelry, and no one cared anymore.

One Hero had a problem with Izuku's cross-dressing, but he never vocalized it for everyone's sake. He thought it was scandalous, outrageous that the #1 Hero let his son act so girly, and wondered how Toshinori never felt ashamed. Enji hated it and wouldn't even pay mind if Izuku left his hobby at home, as long as he didn't show to public events looking like a girl. The truth to Enji's hatred was his hidden attraction to the boy. He hated Izuku's young age, yet when he dressed like a girl, he looked so hot, so ripe. When Enji saw Izuku, he had to look away and push his dirty thoughts to the back of his mind. He wanted to lift Izuku's skirt, figure out if he wears panties or men's underwear, and rip them off, imprint his hand on Izuku's plump ass and fuck him. Enji couldn't act on impulses; he's an adult who can control himself, most of the time.

When Izuku accompanied his father to a Hero get-together, wearing a sleek, short black dress and heels, Enji almost broke the wine glass he had in hand. The way All Might had his hand on Izuku's exposed shoulder as if to protect him, made him clench his teeth.

"Izuku looks cute as always!" the Heroes fawned over the boy, and Enji swallowed the lump in his throat. "I'm glad you came, Izuku-chan!"

Enji stared at him from afar, studying Izuku's slender legs and his flat chest, the way he smiled at the older Heroes as they touched him with their perverted hands. He couldn't blame them, but Enji wanted to be the Hero touching Izuku's hair. Enji wanted to touch Izuku, yet he knows if he took one step close to the boy, he wouldn't be able to hold himself back.

"I'm glad to see you here, Endeavor!" Toshinori clasped Enji's shoulders.

"I see you brought your son," Enji said, and met Izuku's doe-like eyes.

Izuku turned red at the eye contact, his shy nature exposing itself. He bowed his head. "N-Nice to see you, Mr. Endeavor!"

Something was off about the boy. Enji noticed he was jumpier than usual, tugging his black dress and hiding half of his body behind the muscular All Might. He stared Izuku down, who laughed weakly.

"I'm sorry about him," Toshinori apologized. "He's a little nervous lately, with high-school coming up and all."

The comment reminded Enji just how young he was. "It's alright," he replied. "You can't blame them for acting jittery... School is important, after all."

Izuku went on his toes and leaned into Toshinori's ears. After a nod from Toshinori, the boy headed off. Enji tried not to watch him. "Now, tell me about your family," Toshinori said, a topic Enji would rather avoid. If it weren't for another Hero approaching them soon after, he wouldn't have been able to leave that conversation.

Enji lied and said he needed to use the restroom. He tried to search for Izuku as he walked across the room but failed. It didn't matter, he told himself. It was time to drop the silly infatuation he had for the boy. Opening the restroom door, he heard a moan and vibrations accompanying it.

"What's going on?" he questioned aloud, eyeing the stalls. Only one stall was locked, and Enji stomped towards it. He heard a soft gasp, the vibrations stopping afterward. When he looked closer, the stall wasn't closed. Enji kicked it open and saw Izuku bent over, his ass exposed with his black panties set aside. He had a black toy in his wet, dripping hole, pulsating.

"M-Mr. Endeavor-" Izuku panicked, his eyes widening when Enji stepped in and closed the stall.

"What is the meaning of this, Izuku?" Enji grabbed Izuku's small, fragile body, and snatched the remote from his hand. "Playing with yourself in the bathroom? At a Hero meet-up? If only your father heard about this..." he chuckled darkly and turned the toy on again. Izuku whimpered as Enji moved the toy in him.

"Please, don't tell him!" Izuku begged with his back arching, gripping the toilet seat. He wiggled his ass to get friction, gulping with his chest heaving. "Mr. Endeavor, please..."

"Oh, but you wanted someone to catch you, didn't you?" Enji questioned as he squeezed Izuku's round ass, almost groaning at his dream coming true. His cock grew hard watching Izuku squirm, body shaking from the vibrator in him. Enji bit his lip and took his cock out, turning the toy off. He spread the boy's cheeks and already felt his cock dripping.

Izuku turned his head and saw Enji slowly remove the plug, replacing it with his cock. He cried out at the loss of pleasure, lips quivering. "Fuck me, please," the tip of Enji's cock teased his hole and Izuku couldn't take it anymore. "I did this for you," he blurted. "I-I saw you staring, and I...I wanted you to fuck me for so long! You're.... you're my first..."

"You're already desperate for cock, and you hadn't even had one yet," Enji growled, shoving his huge cock in Izuku's lubed hole. Izuku moaned, cupping his mouth as he held onto the toilet. "You're tight, Izuku... fuck..." he groaned under his breath, starting to thrust without a second thought. Not even toys prepared Izuku for Enji's monster cock.

The sound of Enji smacking Izuku's ass and his groans echoed in the restroom, unashamed of the noises he made. The music blaring and conversations outside sure no one could actually hear them, but it still made Izuku shy, muffling his moans. The size difference between made it all the better, and Enji loved it. He lifted Izuku's delicate body off the toilet and pushed him against the wall, still thrusting into him. Izuku's hands pressed against the stall, feeling Enji's hot breath on his body.

"Mr. Endeavor," he gasped. "Y-Your cock is so big, it-it's hitting my... I-I'm..." his trembling body couldn't handle Enji's large hands on his body, bruising his skin with his grip. Enji brought him down, pushing Izuku's back to his chest. Izuku whimpered and let Enji know how much he enjoyed it.

"There are so many perverted Heroes who would die to get a chance to fuck you, but you chose me," Enji shoved his cock in deeper, wrapping his hand around Izuku's leaking cock. "You wanted me to fuck you here, huh? Wearing that slutty dress, bringing a toy to the party, staring at me with your innocent eyes. You're a handful, Izuku." he pumped Izuku while his thrusts became erratic, his excitement getting the best of him. Finally, he got to fuck All Might's feminine son, who turned out to be a whore eager for cock.

"Endeavor-" Izuku clawed the wall, his orgasm making his body freeze and tremble. He came with a loud cry, sobbing as Enji refused to stop. His cum stained Enji's hand and the wall, and more of his semen came out while Enji fucked his ass with vigor.

"Want me to cum in you, Izuku? Want me to stain your pretty panties with my seed?" Enji groaned and smacked Izuku's ass, leaving an imprint of his large hands. "I know you want it. Bitches like you want to get bred, dressing like a whore," he squeezed the boy's cheeks and left nail marks.

"Yes, yes!" Izuku choked out and came again when the simulation to his prostate proved too much for him. He couldn't keep up with Enji anymore, his body melting when he felt the man's hot seed enter him. Enji still had some left, so he pulled out and stroked himself, cumming on Izuku's panties.

"Fuck," the Hero groaned, hands still roaming on the boy's ass. "I don't want this moment to end, Izuku... how will I know you won't whore yourself out?" he watched his thick cum dripping out of Izuku's hole and licked his lips.

"I-I won't, Mr. Endeavor," Izuku's words came out with a stutter, relieved that Enji let go of him. "I...I only want you." he turned around and met Enji's eyes, blushing.

Enji smirked and fixed his pants. "Good, Izuku. I hope you come to the next meet-up." he stared at Izuku's shoulders, neck, and his legs. If they weren't in a restroom, he would push Izuku and mark him everywhere. As much as he wanted to, he couldn't, even if they had the chance. Toshinori is already overprotective, and a young boy like him couldn't bear such marks. "To avoid suspicion, stay here. I'll tell your father you're sick."

Izuku nodded like the good boy he is and watched Endeavor leave. He knew about the perverted Heroes with eyes only for him, but Izuku only yeared for Endeavor. If he were honest, he wouldn't care about which Hero walked in on him if it meant having his ass stuffed with cock. He fixed his dress, cleaned the stall and himself the best he could, and hid his toy in his small purse.

"My boy, I heard you were sick," his father busted into the bathroom. "Is everything alright? You were gone for a while."

"Everything's okay, dad," Izuku smiled, pretending to finish up washing his hands. "Sorry for causing you trouble."

"It's okay." Toshinori messed with his hair. "Let's get back to the party. You have Heroes wanting to talk to you! You're more popular than me!"

"Ah, okay." Izuku followed his father out of the bathroom, noticing all eyes in the room went to him and his body. He tried not to blush, remaining clueless as possible. None of them knew Izuku's true nature, and they adored his nonexistent purity. The only person that knew, the only person that fucked him, was Endeavor.

As much as he wanted to keep it that way, Izuku loved the attention.