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Tenn stopped dancing when he noticed he was being stared by the young student before him. Iori could not be blamed. Tenn's movements were beautiful and flowing so nicely it would be rude not to watch.

Iori coughed to regain his composure. "Sorry, your dance was great..." He then picked up his pencil and pretended to resume working when his mind was everywhere else. "Why thank you" Tenn smiled lightly before continuing to dance for a while longer. Perhaps it was a good start to his 'idol' career.



"Huh?" Tenn looked at Iori in confusion when the boy suddenly said a strange word during dinner.

"Nii-san used to listen to them a lot. Maybe you will like them." Iori then asked Kinako to play their latest hit song 'Mikansei na bokura". Instantly, Tenn came to love that song. He asked Kinako to repeat and already, he started singing along. Iori was just putting food in his mouth when he had to slow down as he noticed Tenn's voice was also as angelic as his dance.

"You...are talented, Nanase-san"

Tenn blushed hearing a complement from a guy who did not seem like the type to be easily impressed. "T-thank you" Tenn had never got many praises. He appreciated Iori's comment.


Tenn walked into a dimly lit bar, almost knocking into a large pillar in the middle of the place since his left eye could not see. He was not used to estimating distance with one eye yet. The boy kept walking to the counter where Ryuu was working as a bartender. A man with shoulder-length blue hair and another with short silverish hair were talking with Ryuu. Since it was pretty early for clubbing, there were no other customers.

"Ah Tenn-kun!" Ryuu waved to Tenn as soon as he noticed the pink eyes. The brunette smiled then introduced the two men. "This is Ogami Banri-san and this is Yuki-san. Together they are the famous idol Re:vale!"

Tenn's eyes widened when he heard that name. He really liked their songs and spent his evening listening to their album. "Kujou Tenn. Nice to meet you both." Ryuu proceeded to explained that Tenn 'got into an accident' recently and 'lost all his memory'. He was not a good liar so he turned his back to Yuki and Banri, pretending to wipe some wine glasses. Only Iori knew about Tenn's blindness so it was not revealed.

"Fufufu how bold. Wanting to step into a cruel business world without any memories." Yuki turned around and looked at Tenn with his neutral face. "My advice, forget about it."

Tenn was taken aback. He frowned. "Yuki! Be nice" Banri looked at his partner disapprovingly "Sorry, Tenn-kun, Yuki is not very good at talking. He did not mean-"

"Oh but I did" Yuki cut Banri off. Tenn was not the type to be affected by those words. Maybe a little, but he was used to it. "Well then, why don't I show you what I can do?" Tenn smiled to indicate that he accepted the challenge from Yuki.

The magic user stepped backwards to find a large room space. He signalled Ryuu to put some music on. Then, he began dancing. Yuki seemed disinterested at first, but soon he leaned forward to watch every move. Ryuu and Banri were in awe just like Iori from last night.

"Hmph" Yuki took a sip from his cocktail. He finally smiled. "Isn't that great?" It was a real compliment. Banri then told Tenn he would need to keep an eye out on internet for auditions. The four were chatting happily. Night came and the club got busy before they knew it.




Mitsuki stopped eating completely. He was intrigued by what Riku said. “What is that?”

“I originally planned for you to learn magic but...” Riku started explaining everything from the beginning. “It is dangerous to both mind and body, especially for a person with hardly any aptitude for magic.”

“I went through some records last night to find the right art for you to learn. And Beastmaster is the one.”

Riku explained that Beast mastery is a very ancient art where a person called Beastmaster befriends or controls animals in the wild through the power of songs. For some strange reasons, people who can use other types of magic cannot become a Beastmaster unless they learn the art before picking up those magic. This means, it is likely that the current Majabah has no Beastmasters.

“Wait!” Mitsuki leaned forward. He liked the idea of befriending an animal. Think how he could summon a horde of fluffy rabbits to surprise Iori, the idea was awesome. However...”Okay I get the idea but I don’t get how it will be useful?”

“Hmmm? Oh” Riku looked like he had forgotten to say something. “Do you realise that animals have powers similar to magic?”

According to the lord, animals have magic power in them but only a very small number can use them. In the olden days, Beastmasters tamed animals and brought forth their powers. It was pretty surprising to Mitsuki but he had already been surprised too many times since yesterday.

Riku got out of his ‘lord’ mode and rested his chin on both hands. “With those animal powers you are free to do anything. You will still need to hone your combat skills in case the animals or people try to harm you. Uwaaaah!” Riku’s eyes suddenly went sparkly. “I would love to see Mitsuki on a dragon’s back one day...” Riku seemed to be picturing a cool orange haired boy on a long white legendary dragon. Unfortunately, they say dragons went extinct centuries ago...

“Ahhh but” Riku panicked slightly when he woke up from his dreamland. “I do not intend to force yo-“

Mitsuki quickly stood up from the table and shouted excitedly. It seemed Riku was not the only one imagining the fantasy stuffs. “It sounds totally cool! I want to do it! Please teach me!”


Mitsuki and Riku just got back to the mansion from their trip to town. The lord told Mitsuki to meet him in his room in half an hour so the doctor decided to make a stop at his room to rest his legs.

Mitsuki slid the door open and was met with an unexpected sight. “Fwah?!”

A topless man stood behind his closet in the middle of the room. His lower body was covered with a white towel. It seemed he just had a steamy hot shower. The man looked totally hot with nice muscle and a tall feature but...

his whole body was full of burn scars.

“What are you staring at? Never seen a man naked?” Gaku huffed when Mitsuki just stood still and did not enter the room.

“Oh..sorry” Mitsuki closed the door behind him. “That...must have been painful huh?”

Gaku took out his butler uniform and started dressing up. “Did Nanase-sama tell you?” Mitsuki nodded slowly. He could not take his eyes off those red scars, not until he saw pain in Gaku’s eyes. “I failed to protect my lord”

“What do you mean, Yaotome? You saved him right?” Mitsuki was confused. Before he could asked anymore questions, Gaku shouted. “My lord has always been going through much pain!! He had to endure harsh training from high lords despite his frail health. He was prevented from associating with Tenn.” Gaku sat down after he was done getting himself armed. He slammed the floor with his fist. “My lord always cried. I couldn’t do anything. My lord still cries. As a lowly butler, I can’t do anything!!”

Mitsuki put his hands on his waist and frowned. “Then start doing something” He did not mean to be rude, but he felt the need to knock some sense into this strict butler. Gaku looked as if he was about to kill Mitsuki. The young doctor simply stared back. “Listen, I only got here yesterday. I get the idea of how this world works though. Riku might be a lord, but he is still a person who needs love and attention! He is a kid who lost his parents and his brother. Do you have any idea how happy he was in town today?”

Mitsuki understood the pain of losing someone dear to him. The time he and Iori lost their parents, Mitsuki was suffering, but he felt hurt even more when Iori cried. Seeing Riku in a similar situation without anyone by his side made him sad. The fact that he tried to take his own life should have said it all.

Gaku was in rage. No one had to say it to his face. He understood Riku’s feelings more than anyone else. He stood back up and grabbed Mitsuki’s shirt collar. He argued back “Do you think I didn’t know that?!? And it’s Nana-“

“Oh cut that crap, Yaotome!” Mitsuki used all his strength to push Gaku away. The butler hardly budged though. “It’s because you are like this. It upsets him! I get it, tradition and all BUT if you are truly his butler, won’t you go against everything for your lord?.” Mitsuki refused to back down. During those hard times, he would do anything for Iori to make the boy happy. Gaku was the only one with that power here, especially when Riku was the sole lord.

“Then ‘the hell am I supposed to do huh?” Gaku spoke, though frustratingly, he did listen to Mitsuki’s words.

“Just be his friend. Starting now. Worry about the rest later.”


Mitsuki was given a thick book on Beast Mastery when he met Riku. Obviously no one knew the art so Mitsuki would have to teach himself. Although, Riku, Gaku and Tsumugi would be able to provide some guidance on some points. Mitsuki spent the rest of his day studying.

Gaku made his way to his lord’s room that night. He paused to take a deep breath before announcing his presence and entering the room. Normally, he would never disturb Riku at night except when the lord had trouble breathing.

The butler could not believe he actually took Mitsuki’s advice. While he hated to admit it, he never liked Majabah extreme tradition about highborns and commoners.

Riku looked slightly pale sitting on his sofa, perhaps from extra walks and excitement today. He stopped drinking his green tea and gave a reserved smile to Gaku. “What is it?”

Shoot. Gaku froze on the spot. He came without preparing any excuses beforehand. The butler was sweating internally. Riku tilted his head in confusion when Gaku did not answer. “Is something wrong?” Gaku remained speechless so Riku started to panic. “U-um Gaku? Is it about this morning? Or Mitsuki? Is there a problem in town?”

Gaku was bursted out of his frozen mode when he noticed Riku’s breathing got somewhat louder. “My apologies, Nanase-sama.” He approached Riku and went on one knee. “I simply...wanted to have a chat with you, my lord” Gaku’s cheeks had light pink blushes on them. He was way too honest to come up with a lame excuse.

“Eh?” The lord was quite shocked. This was new. Riku put his hand on his chest and sighed in relief. “Ahh you had me worried for a minute there...” He then gave Gaku his real smile, which the butler found to be blinding. “Very well. Sit next to me, Gaku” Riku stayed composed. Both the lord and the butler would have to learn more about how to act around each other if they wanted their relationship to change. Gaku went to sit next to Riku without rejecting this time.

“Did my lord enjoy your time in town?” Gaku started. Riku got up and went to the kitchenette to pour some tea. “Yes. You should come next time. That is, if you promise to walk beside me.”

Gaku’s eyes widened. It meant Riku wanted him to act equal to his lord. “My lord...” Gaku swallowed his argument when he thought of his conversation with the doctor. “I understand”

“I am happy to hear” Riku walked back to the sofa and handed a cup of tea to Gaku “Here, your tea”

Looking bewildered, Gaku took a cup from his lord’s hand. “You made tea for your servant?!?”

“Mou Gaku it’s fine!” Riku pouted while flopping into the sofa. It seemed he was letting his childish side come out and using informal speech. Riku sure adapted faster than Gaku. “I don’t understand how you can call Tenn-nii by his first name but not me”

Gaku looked away, taking a sip from his tea. “That was high lord’s order” Tenn was a ‘disgrace’ to the family as said by his parents so he was not treated as a Nanase.

Riku sighed thinking about his twin. He became fidgety as he spoke his mind. “You should do this more often, you know, being your true self around me”

My ‘true’ self. Gaku was not too sure how he would act if he wasn’t like this. As a Yaotome he had always had to act proper. He was trained strictly by his father, Yaotome Sousuke, whom he hated. The high lords also used to punish him harshly if they saw anything inappropriate from the butler. Gaku bit his lip when he realised how right Mitsuki was. He bowed his head to Riku to hide his facial expression. “If that is my lord’s wish, I shall try”



“Here click on this, it is a browser. twice, Nanase-san. Quick double click...oh my head hurts...”

Iori had never thought he would be stuck with teaching someone how to use a computer. EVERYTHING about it, from using a mouse, touch-typing to browsing the internet and using software. The high school student had been teaching Tenn after school and his part-time job every late evening. Iori had to facepalm around 10 times a day. Tenn struggled with typing quite a lot at the start as he lost part of his sight.

In return, Tenn cooked delicious meals, made cute decorated desserts, cleaned the house and most importantly, sang and danced for Iori everyday. The aspiring idol’s performance could take away all of Iori’s fatigue in an instant. Even better, Tenn could cast some magic such as floaty blue water or bubbles while dancing to make it look like a special effect.

“Nanase-san, I don’t understand why you were disowned. You seem capable enough with magic. Or is it normally much more powerful?” Iori asked Tenn who was approaching him on the couch.

“I worked extremely hard to get where I am now. Riku’s magic is probably 10 times stronger.” In fact, Riku’s magic could probably destroy an entire town if he went all out. Tenn sat right beside Iori and set down two cups of rose tea on the low table. “My parents don’t appreciate it.”

“Is that why you are seeking attention?” Iori asked bluntly, making Tenn blush lightly before looking away. “S-so what if I am..?”

Iori smiled warmly. “Don’t worry, you have my full support.” He took a little pause “Since I have been teaching you things anyway, why not let me help schedule your practice?” The magic user turned to look at Iori in surprise. “You will be my manager?”

“Yes, well, I guess until you find and sign a contract with an agency”

While Tenn did not know of Iori’s reasons, he decided to accept. He had deemed Iori to be an organised and proper, just the way he liked.

“Make me a superstar, Izumi”