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Mitsuki was confused as different people seem to be capable of using different types of magic, but what if someone were to be in need of magic skill they did not have for basic operations? For example, when Riku was about to have asthma attack, if Riku himself did not cast wind magic then would Gaku need to run out of the room to get someone else to cast it? Seemed awfully inconvenient for a world with ‘magic’.

“Ahh I understand” Riku smiled at his new friend. “Each person is born with a different aptitude for magic. For example, us Nanase is the strongest at black magic, but we are required to learn other types of magic as well”

Riku stood up as he thought it was best to show it to Mitsuki. “The basic types of magic most people are required to learn to survive are Black and White.” Riku snapped his finger and a small flash of lightning struck outside. “Black magic are mostly elemental. Fire, lighting, water, earth and ice count as black magic.” The lord made an ice rabbit figure and handed it to Mitsuki. It was actual ice. So Gaku really was frozen solid just now. Yipes.

“You have already seen a number of white magic in action. It is for healing and protection. Strangely, wind and light elementals count as white magic.” Riku sat back down, still beaming. “Then we have more advanced types such as time magic” The redhead cast what seemed like a ball of darkness in his hand. Being curious, Mitsuki reached his hand towards it and found out it was a void as his hand disappeared in it. He quickly retracted his hand in surprise. Riku was certainly amused.

“People take these magic skills and develop their own speciality. You can see for yourself in town.”

Mitsuki was getting excited. He still felt quite scared, but curiosity took over his heart more than anything. One question remained in Mitsuki’s head. “So how come Yaotome-san can’t cast wind magic if it is one of the basics?”

“That” Riku tilted his head in a cute way and put his index finger on his chin. “remains a mystery. The Yaotomes have been experts at white magic for generations. From what I know, Gaku is traumatised by something in the past that I do not know of.” His eyebrows dropped a little with worry.

Speak of the devil. About a minute later, Gaku came back to his room with one of the guards assigned to fix the door his lord destroyed. Riku stood back up just before Gaku reached them so Mitsuki would not be in trouble. “I trust you know not to treat our visitor terribly by now, Gaku?”

Gaku bent down on one knee and bowed his head like usual. “Yes, my lord” Getting frozen solid was painful enough, getting thrown into the wall and stabbed by ice shards was even worse. He was lucky Tsumugi was there to cast healing magic on him, otherwise he might have been in serious trouble as his whole body was bleeding and felt numb.

Riku walked to the front of the room. “I originally planned to take Mitsuki to town. Although, evening shall come soon. Perhaps tomorrow morning is better. Gaku, take him to the barracks.” With that, the young lord left the two to bond. Riku had something he wanted to take care of that evening.




Iori nodded. He had told Tenn that he is a student and needs to attend his school everyday. Well, it would not be a problem if Tenn knew how things work in this world, but he literally just got here that evening. Iori did not feel safe to leave him on his own, even inside the house.

The school boy had no choice. While he hated to bother people, he video called Yamato hoping to get some advice.

“Yo, Ichi what’s up?”

Yamato was of course having a can of beer in his hand. Tenn stared intently at the screen, again, fascinated by the technology. “Oh, a friend?” Yamato noticed an unfamiliar face and asked.

“Here’s the thing...” Iori tried very hard to explain the situation. Yamato’s mouth dropped. “Oi, Oi seriously?” He did not want to believe it, but when Tenn cast a mini fireball in his hand, Yamato almost fell off his couch and send his can of beer flying.

Iori explained that he needed to go to school tomorrow and said he could not just leave Tenn on his own. Yamato thought for a while before shouting “Ryuu, come here for a bit?”

“What is it, Yamato?” Ryuu came to sit beside Yamato. The tall man with brown hair noticed two young boys in the video call. “Oh hello, are you Iori-kun and Mitsuki-kun? I heard about you sometimes from Yamato” Yamato then explained the situation to Ryuu. To everyone’s surprise, he listened and took it in without questions. “Ah, I see” He smiled at Tenn and waved. “I am happy to take Tenn-kun out for a city tour.”

“Is that really okay with you, Tsunashi-san?” Iori asked again and Ryuu just laughed and nodded. He seemed like a kind man. “Of course! I usually work at night anyway.”

Tsunashi Ryuunosuke works part-time in the pub as a bartender, but actually, he is a powerful programmer who has created several applications for large companies, including Yamato’s space distortion machine software. Yamato never knew how Ryuu survived working in a pub as he is good looking (not being biased) and tends to attract women. Ryuu is absolutely clueless and hopeless when he is around them girls.

After the plan was arranged, Iori took Tenn to his brother’s bedroom. He pointed to the small grey device placed on the wooden table. “That circular thing is an AI assistant. Order it to turn off the lights, set an alarm or ask about weather. It can do many things. Just say ‘Kinako’ to wake it up”

Tenn quite liked the room. It was simple and clean. As he looked around, Iori said “I’m off to bed. I will need to be up early tomorrow but you don’t have to be. Tsunashi-san will come near lunchtime so just let him in when you hear the doorbell.” With that, Iori left Tenn on his own. Tenn ended up spending half of his night talking to the AI Kinako. He wanted to check out the TV and speakers but his eyes refused to stay open.



“Pick your weapon”

Gaku led Mitsuki into another large wooden room. On the left hand side, there was a long wooden rack with different kinds of weapons including spears, swords, kunais, shurikens, bows and many more.

“....what?” Mitsuki looked at Gaku expecting some sort of explanation on why he was taken here and why he was told to pick a weapon.

“Ugh why must I explain everything? Gaku rolled his eyes. “We mainly use these to hunt for food but there are times we need to defend ourselves.” Gaku swiftly took a shuriken out of who-knows-where and pointed at Mitsuki’s right eye. Mitsuki gasped. “I have a sacred duty to protect Nanase-sama with my life.” The butler put away his weapon, still staring at Mitsuki.

“...huh?” Mitsuki still did not quite get it. Gaku sighed “Our lord is showing his great generosity towards you. It is his wish to ensure that you are able to survive our world should anything happen.”

Gaku walked towards the weapon rack and picked up a huge spear. “Magic means uncertainties. Many have lost their lives or their mentality trying to achieve their goals” He spun the long weapon then stabbed it to the hay dummy nearest to him. “You may encounter people who mean harm to you.”

Mitsuki gulped. He had never seen these weapons in his life, let alone hold them. His body started trembling from fear.

“Do not worry” To Mitsuki’s surprise, Gaku touched his shoulder as reassurance. “While Nanase-sama wishes for you to learn the basics, you can choose your own path afterwards. There is no pressure.” Gaku inspected the doctor’s physical features. “I think a greatsword or a spear would be to heavy for a small person like you. Try something light.” Mitsuki’s eyebrows twitched a little hearing the forbidden word ‘small’.

Gaku picked up a small throwing knife and handed to Mitsuki. “Try this” He went behind Mitsuki, grabbed the shorter boy’s hand and showed him how to hold it. The knife had some weight in it despite its small size. It was perfect for throwing. “Throw it at the dummy in front of you”

Mitsuki threw it like a baseball, making the knife spin 180 degree vertically and not pointing straight at the target. It landed nowhere near the dummy.

Gaku let out his loudest laugh ever. “Interesting. VERY interesting BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA”


Riku’s movements were very limited due to his severe asthma. Normally, he would be sitting down in his room in the evening trying to keep steady breaths, but since Mitsuki made him the miracle medicine that afternoon Riku felt like he wanted to do something. Sure, Breathing was still a little difficult but it was nothing compared to what he had endured everyday for years.

Riku followed the recipes Mitsuki wrote to make more of his powder for the ‘inhaler’ and drinking medicines. When two maids chatting happily together stepped into the kitchen to find Riku, they gasped and quickly kneeled down to bow. “P-Please forgive us for s-sudden intrusion my lord!”

Riku felt sad seeing them so terrified of him. “Rise. Come in. Do not mind me.” The redhead smiled at them but they were too scared to notice his sincerity. The poor Riku decided to turn his back to the kitchen counter and continued working on his medicines before leaving the kitchen.

The lord got the similar reaction when he stepped into the dining room where the butlers were preparing the table for dinner. He only wished to help but it seemed it would be better if he was not there.

Back to his room, Riku sat down on the sofa and started to cry. Even if he did not try to burn the mansion down, people still feared him just because of his last name. Other than Gaku, and now Mitsuki, he could talk freely to no one else. Tsumugi was stiff around him. Most people outside of mansion do not know how he looks so perhaps he could have gone outside and make friends. Then again he was never well enough to do so. Plus, Gaku would panic if his lord were to suddenly disappear.



Tenn only had three hours of sleep when he was woken up by a strange smell. He rubbed his eyes. It took him a minute to register that it was a smell of smoke which woke him up immediately. He sprang out of bed and ran out of the room.

Iori was running left and right in a panic. “W-water! Fire blanket! Where is it?!? Oh no. Oh no!” Soon, an extremely loud fire alarm started.

“What’s going on?!?” Tenn ran to Iori and shouted while covering his ears. When he turned his head to the right, he got his answer. In the kitchen, something in the pan was on fire. “What the..!” Tenn quickly ran towards it and cast water magic to put it out, leaving only smoke coming from the hob.

The fire alarm did not stop, making the sprinkler on the ceiling activate. The two young men ended up soaking wet in their pyjamas. It took around good three minutes for the alarm to stop. Tenn’s ears were still ringing.

Iori flopped to the kitchen counter and had to lean his back on it to keep standing. “I’m saved...” When Tenn demanded an explanation, Iori sat in Seiza, looked down to the floor and admitted he was trying to make pancakes for breakfast. Tenn facepalmed. “And you said you don’t trust me in your place...”

“I’ll make breakfast. Do you need packed lunch too?” Tenn sighed. Iori quickly looked up. However, the first thing he saw was EVERYTHING underneath Tenn’s light translucent soaking wet pyjamas. Iori’s face went red “AHHH GO GET CHANGED FIRST NANASE-SAN!!”

Tenn looked down to find his frilly clothes became a see-through. “WAHHH!!” He casted object manipulation magic in surprise which sent Iori flying to the other end of the room.

Sitting shyly at the table, Tenn casted white magic to heal Iori’s bruises and scratches from the impact. “’s your food” He handed a bento box for Iori to take to school. Iori was also embarrassed with the fact that he almost burnt down the whole house. The high school student left after saying a quiet thank you.