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“This is certainly a problem”

The lord Riku, his personal butler Gaku, and Mitsuki walked into a room Tsumugi prepared for Mitsuki to stay in. However, since Majabah is a world of magic, there are no electrical appliances. Mitsuki cannot light up the room himself at night. He cannot make tea without fire magic even if there is a mini kitchenette in the room. Gaku touched his forehead like it was hurting. He mumbled to himself “To think this brat saved Nanase-sama...”

“My lord if I may” Tsumugi bent down on one knee and bowed her head to speak to Riku. “I am happy to serve Izumi-sama during his stay”

Takanashi Tsumugi is the head of the maids serving Nanase house. She is capable of using a wide range of magic and is able to make basic potions. Not only that, she is skilled with one-handed rapiers so she can protect her lord if need be. Her maid-cafe-like uniform may seem delicate, but it is actually protected with magic for combat.

Mitsuki was taken aback hearing he was addressed as ‘Izumi-sama’. Before he could say anything, Gaku snapped. “That is absurd! Why would you serve a commoner!?!” Even though Gaku may have sounded rude, it was the truth. Mitsuki was just a 'normal' citizen back in Silica. Silica has no royal family so the people with authorities are politicians who are expert scientists with several famous publications. Mitsuki, though talented, is no where near that. “Like Yaotome-san said, I don’t have a title or anything. Please just call me Mitsuki. What’s your name, maid-san?”

“Tsu-Tsumugi desu. Takanashi Tsumugi.” She seemed nervous. Not sure if it was because she was before Riku or she was unsure of Mitsuki’s ‘class’.

“Well then. There is one way to solve the problem.” Riku spoke formally as a lord so Gaku bent down to listen.

“Mitsuki can stay in my room”

Gaku looked up at his lord in total shock. “NO! Nanase-sama, consider your position before you speak!” Gaku shouted. He was probably considered very rude if he was in public, but technically, he was older than his lord and grew up by his side. Riku considered him as a friend, but Gaku would not dare step over the line.

Riku let out a sigh before turning to Gaku. “Why must you be so difficult? Then what is your suggestion, Gaku?”

The butler bit his lip. He hated the idea in his mind but he had no choice. “He will stay in mine.”



As soon as Tenn stepped outside of Iori’s house, he gasped. “Whoa...!” It was already dark outside. While he could not see his surroundings very clearly, it still amazed him. Several tall buildings lined up, forming a busy business area. There were cars driving everywhere. Not that he knew what they were. People were walking past with weird devices in their hands. Some people wore some sort of ‘ear accessories’. Just a few steps away, there was a black box with three colours of lights. His head started to spin. His mind was totally blown when he saw a big train running in the sky.

Tenn started sweating so much. He had never been so terrified. He had established he was in another world, yet he had never seen anything so bizarre during his three years of travelling. “Are you quite alright?” Iori walked up to grab Tenn’s shoulder when he saw that the boy went really pale.

“How is something that size moving in the sky...?” Tenn had several more questions in his head but the ‘sky train’ really confused him.

Iori did not quite comprehend. What was so shocking? “It works like a normal train, just the rails are up in the sky, so it’s called ‘sky train’. What about it?” Tenn just looked at Iori with his wide eyes.

“What do you mean by ‘What about it’? How is it flying in the sky?” He pointed at the street. “What are these metallic thing with wheels? How are the buildings so tall?” The boy was in a total panic, but the one who panicked more was Iori. He did not know how to begin his explanation. He grew up with these things. No one had ever questioned WHAT they were.

“C-calm down, Kujou-san. How about I explain things as we go? It’s likely you will be here for a while so you need to learn things anyway.”

Tenn seemed to have calmed down a little upon hearing the word ‘learn’. He had always been learning things. That was something he was capable of. He nodded and followed Iori. The high school student was not sure what Tenn knew and what he did not so he explained everything, from traffic lights indications, how to cross the road. Iori was glad it was nighttime because people would look at them really weirdly if they could hear their conversation. There were still several things Tenn had not seen such as how to shop using contactless cards or even simple things like how to operate a lift.

To Iori’s surprise, Tenn took in the information pretty well. He was a fast learner and was able to ask relevant questions. He would probably have become a great scientist if he grew up in Silica. Also, he was grateful Tenn understood the consequences of using magic in public. Soon, they arrived at the sky train station.

“Ah!” Iori shouted. He forgot an important process. “We need to get you an ID card first before we can go to the hospital!” Tenn followed him out of the station to the police station. As soon as the two entered the building, an AI robot came to greet them and asked what they were there for. Tenn could not take his eyes of it. “A”

The whole thing was strange to Iori. He thought magic was something out of this world yet here,  a magic user was being fascinated by simple everyday stuffs.

The two were led to a biometric machine which took Tenn’s picture, his blood sample and his fingerprints. A card then was produced which showed Tenn’s information and picture. “No way..!” Tenn’s eyes sparkled as he stared at his new ID card.

“Not happy with how you look?” Iori asked. Most people seem to hate their ID photos. Tenn shook his head “I’ve never seen something like this! It’s like using a mirror!” Iori laughed dryly. Oh, they don’t even have a camera...

They finally got to the hospital after teaching Tenn how to use the ticket machine at the sky train. Iori sank in the chair in the waiting room thinking about Mitsuki. What if Nii-san somehow ends up in another world like Kujou-san? Would there be someone to explain things like what he is doing? What if he ends up in magic world? Will someone kill him?

Tenn’s eyes were welling up with tears when the doctor told him that his left eye was blind for good. When Iori saw the magic user slowly walked out of the examination room with that expression, he knew there was bad news.

“They...couldn’t fix it” Tenn said.

“I’m sorry” Iori looked away. He wished he had something better to say. Mitsuki would know what to do in this situation. Tenn sighed and smiled a little. “At least I still have my other eye.” That was what Riku would say. The boy was always so positive. Tenn really wanted to see him, but the chance was even more slim now that he ended up in Silica.

The two did not say anything to each other on their way home. Tenn only followed Iori quietly until the moment Iori tapped his key fob on the house door to unlock it.

“Unfortunately we don’t have a spare room so you would have to sleep in Nii-san’s room” Iori told Tenn as he held the door for him.

A certain word caught Tenn’s interest. “Nii-san? You have a brother?” Tenn saw when Iori’s expression changed from neutral to a little sad. Iori pulled a chair at the dining table closest to the door and sat down so Tenn did too.

“Yes but he went missing around lunchtime today.” Iori proceeded to explain about the experiment. To his surprise, Tenn actually understood vaguely what happened. He felt sympathetic for the boy. It reminded him of the day Riku screamed for him when he was kicked out of the house. He cared more about his younger twin brother than himself.

“Are you two close?” Tenn relaxed in his seat and asked. “I guess we are.” The scientist told Tenn about the accident that took their parents’ lives which made Tenn freeze. Tenn wished selfishly for a moment. He wished there should have been some sort of accident to take his parents’ lives, and he wished Izumi’s parents lived. Tenn decided to tell his side of story. “I have a younger brother. We are twins actually.”

Iori leaned forward slightly as he listened to Tenn’s family situation. It sent Iori into anger. “How could someone do this to their child?!? That is terrible!” He settled down after blurting the words out. “I’m sorry to hear that, Kujou-san or should I say, Nanase-san?”

Tenn felt a bit alarmed hearing someone call him by that name. He missed it though. “I guess you could call me that here.”

Tenn changed the subject. “Majabah is not a bad place, but it is a harsh world to those with low magic power. Honestly I hope your brother does not end up there.” Iori gulped. Even without any evidence pointing to it, there was still a tiny possibility his Nii-san could end up there if Tenn could get teleported here.

While the two were thinking of what to talk more, a sound of loud rumbling stomach distracted them. Tenn’s face went pink. The high school student had to cover his face with his hand because Tenn looked really cute when he was embarrassed. “Let’s get a late night meal”

Tenn followed Iori into the kitchen saying he wanted to know how people in this world cook without magic. Fascinated by cooking appliances, he watched intently. One thing he noticed though, was that Iori did not seem like a good cook.

The raven haired boy stared at the onion sternly. Just how do I use this..? When Tenn saw Iori grabbed a knife, about to cut an unpeeled onion in half, he pulled Iori’s arm. “Wait. That’s going to be disastrous to your eyes” Holding his right hand out to the onion, Tenn cast wind magic to remove all the peel and sliced it nicely in an instant.

“Unbelievable...” Iori watched in awe.

“So what are you going to do with these onions?” Tenn looked around him and did not see any other ingredients. He then looked at Iori and got his answer. Tenn giggled. “Pffffttt I see you don’t know how to cook”

Iori blushed in embarrassment. “I-I am able to do such things!” I never cooked! Nii-san always had the food ready!

“Then tell me what you can make” Tenn pressed further with a smirk on his face.

Iori wished he could dig a 100 feet deep hole and jump down. “.....sandwiches”

“Hopeless” Tenn took over the cooking duty right away before they both ended up food poisoning themselves. “Teach me how to use these...machines”

Iori showed Tenn how to use the hob, the microwave and the oven to his best abilities. “How convenient!” Iori swore he could see soft pink sparkly eyes when he heated milk in microwave in 30 seconds. After that, Tenn cooked using the combination of science and magic. It was like watching a kid’s fantasy cooking TV show to Iori. They both enjoyed the nice chicken breasts with white sauce. Tenn’s cooking was on par with Mitsuki’s if not better.



Tsumugi casted magic to move the belongings in what was supposed to be Mitsuki’s room to Gaku’s. Pink glows surrounded the objects and made them float in air. “Whoaaaa” Mitsuki was in awe as he followed her down the hallway.

“That is time magic” Riku turned to Mitsuki and explained. “It is one of the most difficult to master. The name is slightly misleading. While you can cast time magic on a person to make them move faster or slower or to manipulate objects, controlling the flow of time itself is impossible.”

Riku turned his head to his butler trailing behind him. “Even Gaku cannot move this amount of objects at one time.” Yes, the lord did mean to tease Gaku and it worked. The silver haired man bit his lip and let out a little ‘Grrrr’. When Mitsuki laughed, he shouted “Magic takes a lot of physical and mental strength, a brat like you would never be capable of such thing!”

Tsumugi placed everything neatly on one side of the room. Gaku sighed. He did not think he would ever have to share a room with a disrespectful commoner. “Ri...Nanase-sama, I don’t get it. How-"

 Gaku suddenly punched Mitsuki’s face with full force, making him fall to the floor. The short boy landed hard on his bum. “When are you going to learn to bend on one knee and bow your head when you speak to Nanase-sama!?” Tsumugi started panicking seeing Gaku was being violent. "Yaotome-san!"

Riku hardly ever gets angry. This time he had enough. He had been yelling at Gaku all day today and he was tired of it. Seventeen blue orbs surrounded his body which was a sign that he was casting powerful magic. The butler gasped and cast protection magic on himself. It was useless. Riku opened his palm in front of Gaku’s head and instantly, Gaku was frozen into an ice cube. Then the redhead cast a strong wind magic which blew Gaku out of the room, destroying the sliding doors and sending the butler to the far wall somewhere as they could hear the sound of ice breaking.

“Phew” Riku sighed in relief before turning to smile and sat down cross legged with Mitsuki. He touched Mitsuki’s face and casted healing magic. Tsumugi excused herself from the room and ran to Gaku. “We have around 10 minutes before Gaku recovers from the impact. What was your question?”

Mitsuki had never been so terrified before in his life. It was even more scary than when Gaku pointed a shuriken at him.