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“How are you two doing? I’ve brought some snacks!”

A short orange-haired young man stepped through an automatic glass door, holding up a large plastic bag in his hand. The room he set his foot on was relatively dark and had several large strange machines, each connected to some sort of computing devices. There, two scientists wearing proper lab coats were focusing on their tasks. One of them had his sharp grey eyes fixated on the monitor and a large keyboard. The other one was wearing glasses and sipping beer from the can while writing up reports.

The raven haired man stopped his hands from rapidly typing when he noticed his own big brother stepped into the laboratory. “Ah, Nii-san. Are you done with work already?” Two of them walked to a large white table. Whenever someone sat at that table, people knew it was time for a break. Soon, the green haired man joined them.

“Yea, I don’t have that many patients today for once. Come on, Ossan you’re walking too slowly. It’s time to eat!” After answering Iori’s question, the short male turned around to shout at his best friend, Nikaido Yamato.

Izumi Mitsuki was a doctor even though he was only 21. His skills as a surgeon and his thoroughness got him this job. In this world, Silica, science conquered everything. Respect was earned by showing skills through inventions or well written research. In Mitsuki’s case, he was able to recognise the patients' symptoms and led other older doctors to the correct diagnoses since he was 16.

Nikaido Yamato was the head scientist researching space distortions. He was hoping his research would some day be a step forward to transport. If space could be altered, an object or a person could be sent from one place to another. Life would be so much more convenient, perfect for a guy like him. Izumi Iori took an interest in his research and so Yamato recruited him as a part-timer. Iori was still in high school and he was a perfect student when it comes to studying.

“Onii-san is tired, you know? Go easy on me” Yamato yawned. Before he took the seat, an idea sparked in his head. It was probably no good. “Mitsu, want to see our progress?” The green haired male spoke as he acted cool by adjusting his glasses.

Mitsuki was intrigued. “Yea, yea show me!” The three then walked to the corner of the room with a huge machine five times Iori's height. Yamato started operating it right away. Iori put a random box on the machine and closed the glass door.

“Nii-san, this is our first step to moving objects by distorting space” Iori smiled at his big brother. Mitsuki felt proud even though he had not yet seen the machine operate.

“Once I press start, this box is going to disappear and appear two metres away from its original position.” Yamato said excitedly as he hard pressed the start button. What seemed like a mini lightning strike hit the box. However, the box was not the only thing it hit. The machine malfunctioned and the lightning was misdirected.

It hit Mitsuki.

“WWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! IORIIIII” Mitsuki screamed. What the doctor felt was not pain. He felt like he lost the control of his body and that gravity was flipped. He floated from the ground. Mitsuki reached his hands out trying to grab Iori’s, but he only floated higher.

Within seconds, the lightning disappeared and Mitsuki was nowhere in sight. The two scientists looked at each other in total shock.


“Make sure no one step onto this ground. Now go!”

The silver haired man with fierce eyes ordered 8 guards to start patrolling around what seemed to be a mansion of a rich family. The whole mansion was made of wood in traditional Japanese style. It was surrounded by a carefully designed garden. The man ordered the guards to cut down anyone who trespass this beautiful ground.

Yaotome Gaku was a butler serving a certain highborn family. Not only he was capable of using magic to heal minor cuts and wounds, he was especially skilled with magic shuriken. Yaotome lineage had been serving this family for over 100 of years and he was proud to inherit that blood.

A glow appeared in the garden, near the large pond full of colourful carps. It grew larger and larger, until the orange haired boy appeared and fell onto the ground on his bum.

“Owwww” Mitsuki groaned as his landing was not the smoothest. After a few minutes, he looked around him. “Huh? W-where is this? A garden?” Mitsuki tried to stay calm and thought about what happened. He came to a conclusion that he was probably transported to some place near to Yamato’s facility. However, he was woken up from his train of thought when suddenly, a large sharp shuriken was pointed right at his neck, ready to slice it into two.

“Who are you!?! How did you get in here?!” Gaku was filled with rage. The guards were all trained by him so not even a single rat could sneak into the house and yet the boy was sitting in the garden.

Mitsuki trembled with fear. Part of the shuriken already touched his skin, making him bleed a little. Gaku shouted at him again, demanding answers. It seemed Mitsuki forgot how to use his vocal chords. No words came out of his mouth. Gaku decided he was not going to get an answer, so he raised his large shuriken high up in the air, ready to strike down a fatal blow to the doctor.

“That’s enough, Gaku!”

Gaku’s eyes widened and lowered his weapon immediately upon hearing the voice he knew too well. He still kept it in his hands as it was his job to always be on guard. Gaku would bend down on one knee and lower his head in normal situation, but he had to keep an eye on the intruder. “Nanase-sama, this intuder trespassed your holy ground” Gaku explained.

“He’s only a young boy, Gaku. Look, he’s terrified.” A man with crimson hair and fiery red eyes walked closer to Mitsuki. Gaku was trying to stop him only to be halted by his master who ordered him to stay on the spot.

Nanase Riku was the head of the highborn house 'Nanase'. This is the world called 'Majabah'. In Majabah, magic was the rule. Nanase house was famous and feared for their terrifyingly powerful black magic.

Riku bent down to the ground right in front of Mitsuki. “Are you alright? From where do you hail, boy?” His genuine lovely smile had a mysterious calming effect to Mitsuki.

“S-silica, I’m from si-” Mitsuki got his voice back and answered the best he could only to be stopped by the red head who touched the cut on his neck with care.

“You’re wounded.” The master turned to his butler. “You did this to him, didn’t you? Heal him now!” He demanded. Gaku was trying to oppose when his master commanded again. “Heal. Him. Now.”

Mitsuki was beyond confused: what did they mean by heal? He was expecting bandages and disinfectants as a doctor when Gaku put away his shuriken. He was surprised when the silver haired man raised his hand and a green glow surrounded Gaku’s body. After mere seconds, Mitsuki’s cut disappeared completely without a trace.

“What? N-no way!? H-how!?!” Mitsuki touched his neck. No blood got on his hand. He did not feel the sting from the cut. It was like the cut was never inflicted. Gaku frowned seeing the boy’s reaction.

“It was just basic white magic, why are you so surprised?” Gaku snapped.

Mitsuki was shocked to hear the word ‘magic’. Such fantasy does not exist. Could it be he was transported into a dream world, or an artificial world? Mitsuki’s head was exploding. Panic hit him and made him pass out.

“Boy!” Riku shook Mitsuki’s body to find he was not moving. “Gaku take him in!”

“But Nanase-sama..!” Gaku did not like the idea one bit.

“Just do it!” Riku snapped.