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"I like Saitama-Sensei."

"Okay, so?"

Genos stares incredulously at King, embarrassment forgotten.

"Don't look at me like that," King says as he wins another battle, "you weren't very subtle."

Now that the older man mentioned it, Genos began to feel incredibly stupid. Or perhaps stubborn was the right word? All this time he refused to acknowledge the signs, signs that he was falling for his Sensei.

His Sensei, who was 'not into dudes'.

What has his life become?

The cyborg groaned into his hand. He grew increasingly aware of the heat building up in his cheeks, courtesy of Doctor Kuseno’s efforts to make him feel more human. Not that he was unappreciative of the Doctor’s efforts, but in times like this he found himself wishing he couldn’t artificially recreate a blush.

With a loud sip to finish his juice packet, King said “So whaddya plan to do about this revelation?”

“… I don’t know.”

The older man paused in his movements, the game forgotten.

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” he asked hesitantly.

“I don’t know.”

For a moment, King remained silent. Then with a hefty sigh, he grabbed his phone from where it had been charging, maneuvering to a few numbers and hitting dial.

“We got a situation.”


The first to arrive was Tatsumaki; the esper having barged in screaming anxiously, only to berate him for making her worry over nothing. Next to arrive were Fubuki and Mumen, whose concerned expressions shifted into a teasing and knowing smile respectively after hearing King’s brief explanation. The last to enter his apartment was Bang, the old man chuckling the moment he saw Genos.

“Hoh, quite the situation indeed.”

Genos’ blush grew even more intense.

“So he finally decided to exercise those smarts of his, what’s the big deal? It definitely wasn’t worth calling us over like you were dying.”

“Onee-chan, you’re the only one who overreacted.”

“S-shut up! Not my point…”

King reached out and squeezed her hand lightly, eliciting a mumble from the esper who forced it out of his grip to fold her arms.

“Sorry, wanted to wait for everyone before I go into detail. Basically, Genos finally knows he likes Saitama bro right?” Everyone nodded. “He doesn’t know what to do about it.”

The following seconds were comprised of absolute silence, only to be broken by Mumen with an awkward gesture. “Go on?”

“Genos, the brash cyborg who jumps into every situation he encounters no matter what, doesn’t know what to do.”

He pauses to let the words to sink in.

“… This is a situation,” Tatsumaki frowned, “good thing you called us here.”

“Quite. Was hoping together we could come up with a plan to help him.”

“You are all wasting your time.” Genos, who had stayed silent all the while suddenly spoke. “Saitama-Sensei is not into dudes.”

“He isn’t into girls either though, is he?”

“I beg your pardon?”

Fubuki rolls her eyes like Genos just missed the most obvious hint in the world. “Hello? Who are you looking at right now?”

“That-you simply aren’t Sensei’s type, he-”

“-His type is a blond, cute and handsome cyborg.”

Genos scowled.

“A-ah, maybe you should lighten up on the teasing, Fubuki?” Mumen attempted to mediate, but hushed when Fubuki winked in reply. She had it under control.

“C’mon, it’s painfully obvious that he cares about you the most brat. Everyone here can attest to that. Right?” Tatsumaki received four hums of agreement in response. She smirked triumphantly. “Baldy himself said he never bothered with relationships even before he started training, so for all you know he’s just a closet gay who never found the way out.”

“Even so, it is foolish of me to hope.”

“Even more so to give up without trying, Genos-kun.” Bang stroked his moustache thoughtfully. “It wouldn’t hurt to tell him how you felt, would it? Get it off your chest as the young ones say?”

“Doing so could potentially damage or even destroy our current relationship Bang-san! I can’t-I won't make Sensei uncomfortable just for my own selfish desires.”

Tatsumaki groaned. “This coming from the jackass who managed to make me accept my relationship with King. I am so miffed right now.”

“You were good for each other, even more so as a romantically involved couple.” Genos argued. “Saitama-Sensei’s problems require help from caring friends, not selfish crushes!”

“God, he’s even more of a lost cause then we thought.”

“I am not a lost cause! I am simply aware of the many ways this desire of mine could go wrong whilst all of you evidently aren’t!”

“W-well, if you’re so worried, why not try to simulate it?”

Everyone simultaneously looked to Mumen with their eyebrows raised.

“I mean, maybe you could like, try to make a program which can effectively simulate how this could go y’know? Kinda like a…uhm-”

“-A dating sim.” King’s eyes widened. “You’re a genius Mumen!”

“Uh, I am?”

“Yes! I know the perfect place too. The Hero Association’s battle simulator should still be working; all we’d have to do is to program it to work like a dating sim!”

Genos realised there was no way out of this one, not when all of their eyes had lit up and they began a heated discussion. He was done for.

“Don’t worry Genos, I’m an expert with dating sims. I’ll guide you through it.”

He was so done for.