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Kaminari and Kirishima lay cuddled together in bed when Denki tries to squirm out of Eijiro’s hold.

“Daddy.. let me get up please.” Denki whined out, clearly uncomfortable for an unknown reason. 

Kiri chuckled and simply pulled Denki even closer “No.” He pecked a gentle kiss onto his baby's forehead, rubbing his back.

“Eijiro. Let go, please daddy.” His voice sounded more pitiful than before and the way he whined out ‘daddy’ sent a shiver down Kiri’s spine.

His daddy didn't let go of him and started to nuzzle at his neck, letting out a chuckle at Denki’s begging “But baby, you're warm and I like cuddling with you.”

The smaller boy would be enjoying this if only he didn't need to piss, but he was still trying to squirm out of his boyfriend’s hold, the shifting and struggling only making his need worse. “Ei let me get up or I'll fucking piss on you.” He hissed out.

Kirishima’s face flushed a deep red and he let out a soft growl, pressing his growing boner against the smaller boy's ass and leaning up to nip at his ear, his hand slipping down Denki’s chest and to where his bladder is, teasingly rubbing. “Babyboy, since you offered please do.” He sat them up and held Denki on his lap, pinning him down by his thighs and spreading his legs.

“D-Daddy please don't make me--” He whined, starting to get needier and try and bring his legs together. “-It's embarrassing!”

Eijiro spoke against his ear, voice very low and demanding. “I'm getting tired of waiting” He claimed, applying pressure to Denki's bladder. “You keep your legs spread and piss on me or I fuck it out of you, you're choice.”

Denki was shaking and whining, but he listened, his body relaxing and he wet himself on his boyfriend’s lap and his dorm room bed. He hid his face in his boyfriend's shoulder and moaned softly at the feeling of letting go, the only sounds were Denki's release and his pants and moans.

Denki looked up at his boyfriend only when his briefs got cold and uncomfortable, and when he felt his boner soften, his face was flushed a deep red and his voice was broken. “Did I turn you off?”

Eijiro looked down at him and shook his head “No baby, you made me cum.”

“O-oh… well that was fun. Wanna do it again sometime?” Denki smiled brightly, forgetting all of his embarrassment.