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Magic exists but it’s nothing.


Magic is to casters the same way that instapots are to mortals. Magic is a cheat; a means to make everyday things easier to casters who have far too much power to exert and not enough time to brew their morning coffee. Magic is unbiased and has no laws to abide by until somebody was bound to come around and make them. Magic can open your car door when you’ve locked your keys on the inside but magic can’t force people to fall in love and it can’t bring people back to life. So it’s nothing.


Or so you thought.


Magic was nothing until you learned that magic is everything.


You were a third year at Sir Cornelius Hollowstone’s School For The Phenomenally Gifted, aptly and absurdly named after a famous warlock who hailed as Supreme three hundred long years ago, who once settled the war between casters and the demons in the underworld by slicing his entire right arm off and feeding it to a hungry hell pit. This would actually be your second year attending Hollowstone since the all girls academy you previously attended in your first year was shut down due to poor funding and the plague of talking rodents that infiltrated the school grounds who had demands that no caster was willing to meet. The current Supreme, the man with the living embodiment of magic itself, Toshinori Yagi, was all too willing to flex his power and rule that the boys and girls academies would be merged in hopes of bringing the magical community closer together. However, if anything, that just made everyone all the more competitive.

Witches and Warlocks did not agree on a lot of things and part of the reason for that was because there hadn’t been a witch reigning as Supreme in almost four hundred years, half because one warlock Supreme from the past lived to be over two hundred years old and half because the witches just gave up as a whole.

There was a power imbalance in the community as well that was very obviously misogynistic in its own right. When the time came for a Supreme to retire, both witches and warlocks were to compete amongst their selective gender for the titles of High Priestess and High Priest. After the two champions are chosen, they must compete against one another to see who will be ascending as the next Supreme. Many odd years ago, a warlock Supreme made the preposterous law that when the High Priest champion became the Supreme, the High Priestess champion would be forced to marry him. He made it law on the grounds that he had fallen deeply in love with his champion counterpart, Harleen Blackwater, who did not reciprocate his feelings. Upon hearing the terrible news that she was to wed the Supreme, she exhausted the dauntless task of taking her own life, resulting in the tradition of High Priestesses ending themselves when they did not become the next Supreme, as one last hail to Lady Blackwater. Of course, that wasn’t mandatory. The tradition was never set in stone but when it did happen, it wasn’t something that the community would bat an eyelash at. It just be like that sometimes.

The school year was starting out with an excited frenzy, much to your annoyance, because Yagi had just announced his retirement which meant the trials for the champions were about to begin. Six third year witches and six third year warlocks were to be selected to compete for their champion titles and that was all anybody could talk about. You, on the other hand, didn’t care for the trials, rather, you wished you didn’t. Of course, big changes like this piqued anybody’s interest but you were a cynical witch and a mundane one at that. You were called a T.Di witch, which stood for Telekinesis and Divination. Mortals would think “oh wow, telekinesis! That’s super OP!” but it wasn’t. Not in your world. Telekinesis was the most versatile of the seven affinities and though, when used correctly, it could be very powerful, more often than not, it was only used to float objects to lazy casters. Everyone had telekinesis. To put it simply, you weren’t special. Your other affinity, divination, was looked down upon in your community. Divination: the ability to obtain direct knowledge of an object, person, location, or physical event through a relating energy. Basically if someone needed something to be found, you suddenly became their best friend until you helped them with their lost item and then you’d get tossed back into Loser Village, population: you and Izuku Midoriya.

Most third years already had two of the seven affinities, those seven affinities, the seven divine powers granted to casters, being telekinesis, pyromancy, divination, transmutation, decensum, vitalum vitalus, and concilium. Poor Izuku Midoriya was just a T warlock; he could only use telekinesis and, on top of that, he still had to use a wand. Wands were given to first years so they could get a better grip on channeling their magic. After understanding the basic fundamentals of magic, second years learn to wield their power with their hands and by the end of the of the year, all students should have a better grasp on it. Midoriya was still a ways behind. You felt sorry for him but at least he was pretty decent at memorizing spells. As the two of you were each other’s only semi-casual friends, you helped each other out a lot. He was quite intelligent so he was your encyclopedia and since he was always losing things, you were his finder’s eye.

So you knew that the trials had absolutely nothing to do with you. You hoped whoever was to become the next High Priest and Priestess were two casters that were interested in changing the law a bit but it would most likely be two students who’d already been royal assholes to you. Still, you’d probably end up watching some of the trials, particularly the trials involving memorization or wit but other than that, you’d stay away from the discourse.

You spent most of your time in the herbology room, which was where you were now, since it was the classroom nobody could really use magic to excel in unless one had chlorokinesis like Ibara Shiozaki. You liked tending to the plants. They didn’t care if you were a T.Di witch nor did they talk down to you. They only showed you their appreciation by blooming for you after you’d fed them all your tender love and care.

You were lucky enough to aide for Professor Aizawa’s Herbology 1 class, which proceeded into his Herbology 2 class that you were taking straight afterwards. After taking his Herbology 1 and Potions 2 classes the previous year, he had quickly become your favorite professor at Hollowstone and you, hopefully, had become his favorite student. When the class you aided for ended and it was passing period, Aizawa would ask you for answers to problems he already knew the solutions to, just to humor you and test your knowledge— a fun game that you appreciated.

“A warlock has been struck with a hex that has caused him to convulse and vomit uncontrollably. He’s lost all his teeth in the process. Would you use hawthorn, licorice, or juniper to wean him away from his ailments?”  

You stopped tapping your pen on the lab bench you were sitting on and brought it to your lips, eyeing your teacher to see if he was giving you some sort of tell, but Aizawa’s expression was as unreadable as ever.

“Is he suffering from any other kinds of symptoms? How is his heart?”

“Same as it was before the hex and he has no other symptoms aside from the ones I’ve listed.”

“Alright then, that’s easy! Juniper!”

In response, Aizawa quirked a brow, signaling that he needed more than just a simple answer. There was always a catch with him.

“Juniper and…” one steady tap of the pen on your lips brought the answer to your head, “yarrow!”

Aizawa reached out, grabbed the pen away from your lips and placed it next to you on the bench, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips. “Go on.”

You pulled down on your school skirt, always needing to fidget with something when you had to concentrate. Aizawa rolled his eyes and you jokingly scowled back him.

“I would use the juniper and mix it with crushed yarrow. No-! I’d cut the juniper and fuse it with yarrow extract, then I’d brew that together and give it to the warlock. Then maybe to relax his muscle spasms, I’d have him smoke some lavender because... I’m nice.”

Aizawa clicked his tongue and took your pen from the bench. “Clever witch,” he said, opening his notebook to scribble in it.

“What! That was noteworthy?” You said with a little more excitement than you wanted to show him. If anything, you didn’t want to be a loner and a teacher’s pet but getting Aizawa’s approval was something special to you.

“It was. I would’ve crushed the juniper and something with the same properties as yarrow together and brewed that together but letting the juniper soak in yarrow is close to genius. And I probably wouldn’t have even thought about bringing lavender into the equation. I’m impressed.”

“I carry around dried lavender anyways and I’m always trying to think about what I can use it with,” you grinned sheepishly, trying to hide how thrilled you were at receiving his praise.

“You know, I’m a little disappointed in you.”

You frowned. “I don’t smoke the lavender myself. I just carry it around with me.”

He chuckled. “That’s not why I’m disappointed… why aren’t you taking my potions class this year?”

“Oh…” If you were being honest, you didn’t dislike potions but the students that were going to be taking the class were a whole lot of people you wanted to avoid. Getting bullied at an all girls academy was one thing but now that you had witches and warlocks laughing at the T.Di witch, it was a little overbearing. “I had to choose between aiding and potions and… I don’t know. I guess I really like plants.”

“There are plants in my potions class.”

“Yeah.” And other really gifted casters but you didn’t want him to know how insecure you were.

“Hmph,” he closed his notebook and eyed your school bag that was draped across the chair you were supposed to be sitting on. “So you carry dried lavender around?”

“Mhmm…” your face began to flush.

“And you don’t smoke it?”

“Ha?” Your breath caught in your throat. In the witching world, there weren’t a whole lot things you could get in trouble for but you’d consumed enough mortal media to have a slight fear of getting in trouble with authoritative figures for your recreational activities. “I mean, maybe if I’ve been a bit stressed out.”

“Huh. I wouldn’t have guessed. Do you mix it with anything?”

“Professor!” Your face grew hot and the tie around your neck felt too constricting. You knew that you weren’t in any kind of trouble but you couldn’t keep your stomach from forming nervous knots.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed, I really am just curious about you,” he grinned, amused at your obvious fluster. “So, you have some on you?”

You looked at your teacher and sighed. To hell with it. Reaching over, you grabbed your bag from off your chair and shook the little pouch you kept your treasure in. “If you want some, you’re gonna have to tell me what you’re going to use it for.”

“You might find it hard to believe but a teacher’s life is far more stressful than a student’s. I have… ways of destressing but a little added lavender could be quite beneficial,” he took the pouch from you. “How much can I take?”

“You can have it. I’ve got some growing in the makeshift greenhouse outside my dorm. It’ll be ready for me to clip any day now.”

He looked at you with surprised amusement. “During Autumn?”

“Well,” you smirked, “I am a clever witch.”

“That you are.” Aizawa thanked you and pocketed your pouch. At that moment, the chimes from the bell tower sounded the end of passing period and the beginning of class; a short eerie jingle you still hadn’t gotten used to even after a year.

“Big surprise,” Aizawa sighed, “everyone’s late.”

“They’re excited,” you said pointedly.

“And you’re not?”

You shrugged. You were just thankful that your last school year had something that would keep everyone else occupied.

“Alright,” he tapped your bare knee, surprising you, “get your ass off of my bench before my students think that’s okay too.”

“My ass?” You laughed, hopping down from the table. “I’m your student too, Professor Aizawa.”

He started walking towards his desk. “Then you should know that I have strict rules for my classroom. No ifs, ands, or…”

“Butts?” You offered.

He grinned and snapped his fingers, conjuring signs to sit atop all of the greenhouse benches that read ‘NO “BUTTS!”’ You stifled a snort as your classmates began shuffling into the greenhouse.  

Speaking of the the recreational use of certain herbs, in walked Hanta Sero and Denki Kaminari with two big stupid grins hanging off their faces. You already felt your shoulders begin to tense as Kaminari approached you.

“Hey, tiddy witch!” He tapped you on your back but you kept your head down, resisting the urge to roll your eyes at the horrible nickname. It had been an accident on Kaminari’s part last year when he read off a list of students in your charms class and when it came to your name, he read ‘T.Di’ as ‘tiddy’. Once he saw everyone laugh at his mistake, it was all over for you and the name stuck. You weren’t sure if he knew or even cared that the nickname bothered the hell out of you. “How’s it going?”

“Fine.” You pulled your notebook out of your bag and flipped it open to the next empty page, trying to make a point that you wanted to focus on your work.

“Just fine?” You could hear the smile in his voice as he sat on the chair next to you with Sero joining him. It was a shame that Aizawa didn’t have assigned seating in this classroom. “But we’re here!”

“Uh-huh,” you began scribbling down unimportant words so it looked like you were busy but you could still feel Kaminari’s eyes on you. Finally your gaze met his. “What do you want, Kaminari?”

“I need help finding something!” His golden eyes shined while his grin widened and Sero hit his shoulder.

“Dude, don’t,” Sero said, though he covered his mouth to hide his smile.

Kaminari looked back at Sero and snickered and turned his attention back on you. “Can you help me find it?”

Your eyes narrowed. Your brain screamed, ‘shenanigans!’ but a small part of you wanted to help; the small part of you that wished to be well liked. Against your better judgement, you asked, “what is it?”

“I can’t really say what it is but I can describe it to you!”

...That was the kind of challenge that you liked to indulge in. You sighed and said, “okay. Do you have anything on you that’s related to whatever it is you’re looking for?”

“Errmmm, yes and no… maybe you can just hold my hand while I tell you about it?” He rested his hand palm-up on the table.

Your eyes flicked over to Sero whose head was buried in his arms on the bench, shaking with hidden laughter. Suspicious, you took his hand. “Alright, shoot.”

Sero let out a snort and Kaminari snickered with him. “Cool. Cool cool. Uhhh, okay… how to describe it... Well, it’s big.”

“Okay, big,” you noted, closing your eyes to allow your mind to swim through the nether. A spiral of large objects made their way past your consciousness while you started your search for Kaminari.

“And it makes me happy?”

Happy, ” you whispered, barely even able to hear the chuckles anymore. You were focused.

“It can make you happy too… especially if we were both using it.”

Mmhmmm,” your mind took you to the greenhouse outside of your dorms and swam over to a secret trampoline that was hiding deep inside the eastern gardens of the schoolyard. From what you could tell by holding his hand, Kaminari didn’t have any idea about either of those things. “ What does it look like?”

“Well,” Kaminari’s voice bounced around in your head, “it carries blood… a part of it resembles a mushroom… there’s a long, throbbing vein that runs along the underside…”

Your eyes shot open and you quickly pulled your hand away from his. You saw exactly what he was referring to and it wasn’t lost at all. In fact, it was attached to his stupid fucking body! Fuck!

“Did you find it?” Kaminari gave you a toothy grin, Sero still hunched over beside him, shaking and lost in a fit of laughter.

No! ” You spat in a hushed tone. What an incredibly vulgar joke! Wasn’t that considered sexual harassment?! Judging by the look on his face, it didn’t seem like Kaminari cared. Boys were so dumb! “I’m sorry, Kaminari, I can’t help you. It turns out, whatever you’re looking for is a little too small for me to detect!”

Sero hooted, banging his hand on the table. “She totally saw it!”

Kaminari’s smile faltered only slightly. “It’s not small, I measured it last week! It’s slightly above average!” He let out an embarrassed laugh, “you’re so cruel, tiddy witch!”

You scoffed. You weren’t cruel, he was. He might as well had dropped his slacks and flashed you! At least then everyone else would be traumatized along with you. You turned away from him and snarled, “ are you done?

Kaminari was silent for a short moment. For a second you thought that he’d finished his teasing but then he waved his hand out in front of your face. “Hey,” he whispered, “hey, are you mad?”

You ignored him and leaned closer to your desk, trying to pay attention to Aizawa’s lecture but Kaminari wasn’t having it.

“Shit,” he scooted closer to you, “wait, I’m really sorry I’ve upset you… hey… tiddy witch…?”

When you didn’t pay him any mind he teleported himself onto the other chair next to you. Kaminari was a T.Tr warlock, meaning that he already had the affinities for telekinesis and transmutation. Transmutation was simply the power to move from one location to another without occupying the spaces in between, or, in other words, teleportation. Popping up out of nowhere was just one more thing to add to the list of Kaminari’s annoying qualities. “Please don’t be mad at me!”

Aizawa stopped talking about the different properties of several disintegrating herbs and glanced at your bench, scowling at Kaminari. “Is there a problem?” He looked from Kaminari to you and silence followed. “What could possibly be so important that you need to interrupt my lecture?”

“Nothing, Professor,” the two of you said in unison. As much as Kaminari bugged you, you weren’t about to be a rat— a poor ‘woe is me, life is a nightmare, nobody is nice to me’ kid. At least, not out loud and definitely not in front of Aizawa.

Not believing either of you, Aizawa scanned the room until his eyes landed on Shiozaki, who was on the other side of the greenhouse poking at some tomato berries.

“Mr. Kaminari, switch places with Miss Shiozaki.”

In an instant, Kaminari zapped himself over by Shiozaki and said something as preposterously stupid as “hey there, sweet thang,” only to have Shiozaki toss her gorgeously thick, vine-like hair over her shoulder, stick her nose up in the air, and walk across the room. She offered you a curt smile before taking her seat between you and Sero. You liked Shiozaki. Having the power of chlorokinesis easily placed her at the top of this class with you as a close second, so you were a tad envious of her abilities but it was the kind of jealousy that drove you to do better everyday. She knew about your one-sided rivalry and even though she wasn’t competitive by nature, she’d humor you by glancing over at your work from time to time to make sure she stayed ahead of you.

You tried to relax and focus on Aizawa’s discussion about how magically charged valerian root could knock a person out with a simple whiff if aged and acutely diced but you kept feeling Kaminari’s eyes on you. After you had gotten used to it, a folded note fluttered its way to your bench. You glanced back at Kaminari who had the same damn stupid grin plastered on his face.

The note read, ‘ I really am sorry! Let me make it up to you by taking you to the Cherry Moon Ceremony! ’ signed with a hastily-scribbled little heart.

You nearly gagged.

Hell would freeze over before you let Denki Kaminari escort you anywhere and the world would explode before you even thought about going to the Cherry Moon Ceremony! The witching community had some sort of festival for all holidays and every full moon. The Cherry Moon occurred on the first full moon of September. It involved everyone getting very close to nude, if not completely naked, and engaging in many lewd activities, often regarding a virgin or two. Casters were an open minded people and it wasn’t that you weren’t open minded but having been raised with a caster as a mother and a mortal as a father, you were probably one of the more conservative witches around and that was saying something considering how liberal your father was while he was alive. You wouldn’t call yourself a prude, though you haven’t done anything that says otherwise, but being scantily clad in front of your classmates as well as some teachers just did not sound like a fantastic time to you. But Kaminari didn’t have to know that. Kaminari didn’t deserve to know that the thought of going out with him to an event like that flustered you beyond belief. So instead of explaining yourself to him, you turned back to him and mouthed, ‘ you don’t even know my name!

Kaminari pouted at you before whispering to get Sero’s attention. Once Sero turned to him, Kaminari pointed at you and mouthed, ‘ what’s her name?!’

Sero chuckled and turned back to face Aizawa, muttering, “like hell I’m telling him.”

You leaned in and whispered over Shiozaki, “do you even know my name?”

Sero offered up a half grin and tapped his pointer finger on his temple. Right. Like Kaminari, Hanta Sero was a T.Tr warlock but he was already gifted with powers outside of the seven affinities. He was clairevoyant; a telepath. He could read people’s thoughts as well as project thoughts into other people’s minds if he wanted to. That sort of explained why he seemed more empathetic than everyone else, though, if you were in his position and you knew what was going on in the poor T.Di witch’s head, you wouldn’t let your friends make so many jokes at her expense. Other than that, Sero was an alright guy but it was easy to forget that he was a strong caster since he spends so much of his time with imbeciles like Kaminari.

Sero snickered… did he hear that?!

“Now,” Aizawa’s stern voice interrupted your train of thought, “since the lot of you were late to my class, how about a pop quiz?”

The class groaned when dozens of flower pots appeared on the benches. Every pot held the same desperate and ugly plant that looked like they used to have flowers. It hurt your heart in a way.

“If you can return some of the plant’s chlorophyll,  demonstrating a freshly green hue, you’ll pass. If you can get the flower to bloom again, you’ll get an A. If you’re unable to complete either of those tasks, it’s an automatic fail. Begin.”

Quickly, you got to focusing on your plant. You knew immediately that it was of the asteraceae family. When the plant was in better shape, it seemed like seedlings had dropped down into the pot. That could’ve been the cause of its diminished state, if not from being completely neglected by Aizawa. You grinned. Flower killer Aizawa.

Tenderly, you pinch the stem and tentatively traced the poor thing. You felt your energy surge through you and as your fingers caressed your flora friend, the green hue trailed along with your touch. Reaching an old bud of the plant, your fingers grew warm as the flower began to change and warp underneath them. The corolla started to form and in an instant a gorgeous pink chrysanthemum bloomed and blushed for you.

You let out a long, squeaky yawn. Making the chrysanthemum bloom must’ve drained a lot more of your energy than you thought it would… either that or you could have had a heartier breakfast that morning. You were pleased to see Shiozaki concentrated on her flower, desperately stroking its withered stem with no success and, taking a quick glance around the room, you saw that nobody else had gotten anywhere further; one witch had actually set her pot on fire! T.Py casters.

“If you hadn’t noticed, the plant is dead. And dead means dead. There’s nothing anyone could’ve done to make these flowers bloom. So,” Aizawa’s lips twitched up into that funny grin he did whenever he pulled a past one on his student’s, “you all fail.”

That warranted another groan from the class. You furrowed your brow. Your plant was very much alive. You didn’t fail. You did another once over of the entire room. You were the only student with a flower in full bloom in front of you.

“Now I do curve your grades and since I’m positive that everyone has failed, this quiz doesn’t matter. But you’ve learned a very important life lesson. Which is…?” A pregnant pause from the room lead to Aizawa pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers in frustration. “Dead means…?”

“Dead!” Yelled one warlock from the back of the greenhouse. A wave of unenthusiastic “ dead ”’s followed.

“Tiddy witch’s plant isn’t dead!” Chimed in Kaminari, who, for some reason, still had eyes on you.

Aizawa froze. Slowly he turned to you. From the head of your bench, his eyes twitched down to your pot. “ What?”

Finally, some good old fashioned recognition.

He walked over to behind your chair and leaned over you. He was so close that you could smell him; he had on a nice earthy blend with a hint of coffee. You tilted your head away from him. Liking your teacher’s scent was probably a bad thing. Morally gray, at least to mortals… probably.

It appears you’ve completed the assignment,” he said in a low, hushed tone.

“This was rigged,” shouted a student. “It’s ‘cause she was the only one who wasn’t late! That’s favoritism!”

It wasn’t beyond Aizawa to pull something like that over to make a point to his lagging students but he looked awestruck. But it wasn’t a huge deal… you just healed a plant.

Aizawa cleared his throat and, not taking his eyes away from your pot, he asked, “each of these plants are exact copies of themselves. How did you do this?”

“I don’t know. I just,” another yawn escaped you and you hoped it didn’t look like you were bored or even smug with yourself, I just did it.”

Aizawa examined your flower very closely. He brought his thumb to the steam and steadily traced your plant upwards, fingering the leaves. When he got to your ever-delighted Chrysanthemum petals, he tapped lightly on them, making some of the petals drop and flutter down gracefully on to your bench before they shriveled up back to their previous state.  Aizawa clicked his tongue. He looked you straight in the eye. You held your breath. You were proud of yourself but you were sure you were about to get dragged behind your back again if Aizawa said something about you being a clever witch in front of everyone else… though hearing it again wouldn’t be so bad.

“You get a 90%. The rest of the class gets 50.”

You felt the room grow heavy. In Aizawa’s Herbology class, a 50 out of 90 was still passing but hardly. Most students took this class because they thought it was going to be an easy pass like his Herbology 1 class, so this wasn’t fun news to anybody.

There was salty energy in the air for the rest of the period but other than that, you and your chrysanthemum flower were forgotten about. When class ended, Aizawa instructed you to take the pot with you and take notes on any sudden developments your plant may form. “A pet project,” he called your task. “Take good care of it for me, okay?”

Despite your likeability plummeting after the incident, you were excited for your project. Your mind whirled with ideas on what to do with your assignment; what to do with the plant that wasn't supposed to heal. You didn’t want to disappoint Aizawa. You were, at least to him, a clever witch.

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Yes A week into the school year and the first caster that would be participating in the trials had already been chosen. It was so sudden! You hadn’t yet learned the name of the student, nor did you know if it was a witch or a wizard, but you were sure their name would be plastered to the board in the main hall in no time. You weren’t eager to know who it was just yet anyhow; pretty soon they’d be the only thing anyone talked about. Aside from that, you had your own problem to deal with.

You’d been in your Charms class taught by Professor Kayama, learning, or you should say, relearning the three main properties of light, when a second year sauntered into the classroom and dropped off your revised schedule. And it was terrible.

You didn’t want to be down in the school dungeons but there was no avoiding it. You’d be an anxious mess the entire day if you didn’t take care of your abrupt problem. In mortal schools, you were pretty sure that if there was an issue with scheduling, one would need authorization or a signature from a guardian or something to fix the problem. At Hollowstone, communication with the outside world during the school week was limited; you could send your mother a letter but that was a much too long process that you didn’t want to deal with. However, you could get a teacher at the school to sign a note for you. Aizawa was always the answer.

Twisting the dungeon doors open, you scanned over your schedule once again.


Period 1: Curses, Hexes, and Affinities, Supreme Yagi, Room A- 701

Period 2: Herbology 2, Prof. Aizawa, Greenhouse

Period 3: Magical History, Prof. Yamada, Room C-240

Period 4: Charms 3, Prof. Kayama, Room B-313

Period 5: Runes and Writing, Prof. Ishiyama, Room B-302

Period 6: Conjuring and Summons, Prof. Kan, Room C-415

Period 7: Potions 3, Prof. Aizawa, Room D-104


You were no longer aiding for Aizawa during your first period class. Instead, you had been placed in a more advanced elective, Curses and Hexes, which didn’t suit your interests in the slightest. On top of that— Potions?! Normally you wouldn’t put up too much of a fuss when things didn’t go your way but you wanted your last year at Hollowstone to be as lax as possible! You were going to stay out of people’s sight but with Potions as your seventh period class, that would be impossible.

Not willing to wait until the end of the school day to talk to Aizawa, you decided to visit his class during your lunch period. That meant you had to go down into the dungeons. During your second year, the dungeons were a hard place for you to be in thanks to a T.Tr warlock third year named Mirio Togata.

Last year, you had gotten lost on your first day at Hollowstone while trying to navigate yourself through the damp, dark, and creepy halls under the school. When you used your power of divination, your magic seemed to take to the sky more so you weren’t completely able to find your way around while underground. For a T.Di witch, getting lost was more than enough to have made you frazzled. The bell for passing period chimed and the torches on the walls dimmed to tell you that you were late. In the middle of you panic, a particularly happy looking face popped through the cobblestone walls and asked “first day jitters?” and you had screamed so loud that both students and teachers rushed into the hall to see who was getting murdered.

After that, kid casters with every affinity made it a thing to get the lost T.Di witch to scream whenever she was down in the dungeons. When the school year ended, Mirio ended up apologizing to you for the incident but the damage had already been done. You wondered where he had gone to after he graduated. You knew that he gained at least two more affinities throughout the year but aside from that, nothing.

Taking the last step into the dungeon you half expected to have a fireball thrown at your face. Instead, you were greeted with a couple first year warlocks using their wands to pass their magic energy back in forth. When they saw you, they froze, staring at you wide eyed and slack jawed. You grimaced back at them, wondering if they already knew you were the witch to pick down there and quickly continued your way down the hall, turning the corner to get to Aizawa’s Potions Classroom.

The door was locked but you didn’t even need to use your divination to know that someone was in there; you could hear coughing. You knocked twice with no response.

“Aizawa?” You called. “It’s me!”

A click and the door opened. Walking into the class, you were enveloped in a familiar skunky and floral scent. You saw Aizawa sitting at his desk with the Runes and Writing professor, Hizashi Yamada sitting on top with a joint in hand.

They had clouded the room in smoke! It didn’t bother you, aside from the it burning your eyes a bit, but you were curious to see what they were going to do about it before lunch ended. Warping the mind and body with different herbs and such wasn’t taboo in the witching community but you didn’t think the head master would be too pleased with two of his teachers getting high during school hours… then again, Headmaster Nezu pretty much knew about everything there is to know.

“Oh!” Hizashi coughed, letting smoke escape his lungs. “This is the little witch that gave you the lavender?”

Aizawa nodded, fussing around with a skinny glass tube that sparked when he touched it. Seeing Aizawa in his potions class was weird. During the first two periods, while he taught in the greenhouse, he had his hair down and you could still see the sleep under his eye. He would often brew his own coffee in the classroom and if you were early enough, he share some with you. When the sun hit the greenhouse just right, you would sometimes see Aizawa close his eyes and turn his head up as he enjoyed the natural warmth. It was cute in a way… for a grown ass man. But while he was in the dungeons, he kept his hair tied back and his eyes looked even more tired than in the morning. You hardly ever saw him smile while he was down here.

“Well, let me be the first to say that you’ve got some grade A  product here,” Hizashi gave you a bright grin, “Shouta here let me grind it in with some, er-,” he waved the joint in his hand, “well, you know! And it is simply dee-lightful!”

“Thank you, professor,” you said too quietly. You didn’t dislike Professor Yamada, he was just a… loud and passionate guy, even while he taught probably the most boring subject. However, there was no way anybody could fall asleep while learning how to draw a sealing rune with someone like Hizashi yelling about it. And whenever he had something to say he always said too much about it. He was basically a headache waiting to happen and the fact that Aizawa voluntarily hung out with him baffled you to no end.

“Would you like to indulge with us in our little experiment?” Hizashi held out the joint to you and Aizawa sighed.

Good God, hell no . It was one thing to get high right before another class started but smoking with your teachers just seemed like a ludicrous idea… although, maybe if it had just been with Aizawa and it was the end of the day… You hoped neither of them were clairevoyant!

“I’m good, thanks. I, uh, I came here to ask a favor of Aizawa,” you looked to the man who was still focused on his work.

“In a moment,” he said, without looking up to you. His hands lit up, glowing a vibrant shade of green and the glass tube, glowing with him, levitated off his desk. A light flashed and Aizawa caught the glass before it fell back down. “You ready,  Hizashi?”

“Ooo!” Hizashi took another long drag from his spliff and exhaled obnoxiously long, adding to the mighty pot cloud. “I’m ready!”

Aizawa stuck his middle and pointer fingers in the air and twirled them around. The mass amount of smoke swirled around classroom, papers began flying through the air with it, and you had to hold your hair back to stop it from blowing in your face while the floral scent of your own lavender tickled your nose. Aizawa lifted the glass and pointed his two fingers at it, directed the gathered smoke right into the body. Soon, the room was completely cleared of any evidence pertaining to their scandalous activities.

You snorted when Aizawa put a cap on the glass bottle and handed it to Hizashi. “A productive use of magic,” you snarked.

“I can’t disagree with you more,” Aizawa rolled his eyes.

“Shouta owes me a favor!” Hizashi swirled the bottle in his hand and watched the cloud of smoke bounce around each side of the glass. He grinned, “so now I have a little on-the-go angel kiss!”

“I see…” In a way, Hizashi was no different than your classmates. You wondered if Aizawa was any different when he wasn’t in school.

“How’s your chrysanthemum doing?” Aizawa finally regarded you, sweeping what seemed to be failed experimental glass into his trash bin.

“Fine,” you lied through your teeth. The chrysanthemum had presented you with many challenges while you tried to take care of it. It didn’t seem to like the soil you were using for it and the one time you watered it, more pedals fell from the bud and shriveled up. You ended up using a ‘tempus subsisto’ spell on it, which translates to ‘time stop,’ until you could figure out what the plant needed to go on surviving. It had been aggravating.

“Still alive?”

“Still alive,” but barely. You shifted your weight to one leg. You really didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Alright. So, you needed me?” Aizawa leaned back in his chair and Hizashi nodded enthusiastically at you. What a weird fucking guy.

“Yeah, I just need you to write a note for me. It’s about my schedule.” You unfolded your crumpled palate and placed it out in front of him.

Taking a short moment to check over your schedule, Aizawa passed the paper back to you and said, “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

Where to begin. “I’m supposed to be aiding for you during my first period and my day should be over after period 6. I’m not taking your potions class.”

“That doesn’t appear to be the case.” Aizawa folded his arms across his chest, daring you to challenge the stupid schedule on his desk.

You looked back down at your schedule in hopes that Aizawa had somehow managed to magically change your schedule for you with a glance of his eyes but, unfortunately, nothing was different. You furrowed your brow. “Professor… you don’t happen to have anything to do with my schedule change, do you?”

“I might have little to do with it,” he continued to stare at you as if he was waiting for you. You weren’t sure if he was expecting you to thank him or yell at him.


“If you continue the route you were going then your potential will go to waste. I cannot stand by and watch that happen,” his eyes scanned you carefully, “That’s why I’ve transferred you into my potions class.”

Had you not made it obvious that you didn’t want to take that damn class? “And why aren’t I aiding for you anymore?”

“That has more to do with the school than with me but I’m not saying I’m not part of the reason you’re in that class. I don’t disagree with the school’s decision. You’re an intelligent and capable witch. Taking the Supreme’s class will be good for you.”

You clenched your fist. This felt like a betrayal in a way… “Professor, I appreciate your candor but I don’t think you have any right to say what’s best for me!”

“You can't just breeze by this school year by riding along with the things you already excel in. You need to get out of that lazy mindset immediately. And you can’t continue thinking that you’re higher above everyone because you excel in one class.”

You felt a pang in your chest. You didn’t think that… you were higher above everyone else. You felt quite the opposite, actually.

Hizashi frowned. “You’re being a little too harsh, Shouta. Aren’t you like… her only friend?”

Another pang. You felt like your heart was going to burst. Subconsciously, you let your lips quiver and for a gentle moment, Aizawa’s eyes seemed to soften, until he shook his head. “I’ve said what I’ve said, and I meant every word.”

“But Professor-!” You cried and at that very moment, the glass Hizashi was holding shattered, letting their stupid little drug-induced experiment explode back out into the classroom. Smoke clouded every corner of the room and you may have blown some vials over. You covered your mouth and looked at Aizawa apologetically. You hadn’t meant to exert your telekinesis like that.

Aizawa clicked his tongue, gazing around the mess you’ve made. “You should try channeling your anger into something constructive.”

Ouch. You couldn’t believe that he didn’t care how badly this change was effecting you! So your conversation was over? And he was picking at something else that was wrong with you? That was hardly fair! You’d seen Aizawa be harsh to other students before but never to you. It hurt… but you were done letting him see you any more upset than what you’d already shown.

You bit back your emotions and formed the neutral face you’d perfected through the years and said, “Thanks for your input.”

With that, you turned are you heel, not bothering to apologize for your intrusion or the mess you made, and matched to the door. You were again greeted by the two boys playing in the hall. This time, they stood back and let you pass them. You glared at them, sure they were about to pull a prank on you but instead they just stared with their mouths hanging open. You’d think you were growing horns or something by the way they were looking at you.

“You gremlins should know that if you keep your mouth open like that, locusts will fly in,” you snarled.

One boy covered his mouth as if he believed what you were saying. They didn’t stop staring. You continued your way down the dungeon hall and turned to check if they were still on you. Their awestruck faces turned to that of horror when you felt a cold front pass through you. It hurt . You let your neutrality falter, allowing tears to burn your eyes. Little things began to pile up in your head and you were scared that you were about to have a mental break down when a woman hissed at you.

Excuse me ,” she barked. You froze when white mist circled around you and a surly face formed in front of you.

A ghost.

Ghosts roaming the schoolyard was common at Hollowstone. They were seen whether it was night or day, inside or outside, though they were harder to detect when the sun would beat down on them. The woman forming in front of you that the students had given the suitable name, Hanging Harley, mostly appeared out in the courtyard under an old gangly willow tree but the dungeons were a social habitat for ghosts so see her down here wasn’t all that odd. It didn’t make seeing her any less terrifying.

“Don’t you know how rude it is to walk through a person?” The rest of Harley’s body formed as she folded her arms, one bell sleeve across the other. She scowled down at you.

You could tell that Hanging Harley was probably a very beautiful woman while she was alive. She had large protruding, dark eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips. Her entire body, or, lack of body, glowed a hazy tint of light cyan blue. You didn’t know much about her human life, since it was impolite to ask ghosts about their ‘before,’ but you did know that she was young and, of course, she died by hanging.  Yes, she was beautiful besides the fact that she always looked pissed as all hell.

Your lips formed a tight line and you felt the pile in your head topple over, and a tear trickled down your cheek. “I’m sorry, Harley,” you whispered, “I was being careless.”

“I should say so,” she ruffled, looking you up and down. Her exasperated eyes met the tear on your cheek and she leaned in close to her face, tight curls bouncing and cool aura swirling around her.

“Why are you crying, girl?” Harley demanded.

Quickly you wiped the tears away from your cheek, embarrassed to be confronted by a ghost of all things. “It’s nothing.”

She huffed. “Is it about… a man?

Another fact about Hanging Harley: though she was bitter and resentful to just about any living thing she came into contact with, it was men, particularly warlocks, that she absolutely detested.

You thought about Aizawa. Sure, you didn’t like the attitude he was throwing at you but you were more crying over being reprimanded by someone you looked up to, not because he was a… man.

Harley’s face softened as her fingers ghosted across your cheek, raising goosebumps on your arms.

“No man is deserving of your tears, little witch.”

You shuddered when she snatched her hand back to her side. You muttered out a “Y-Yeah…” afraid to upset her in any way, shape, or form.

She leaned back and the bitter look returned to her face. She looked at you expectantly. You took a step to the side so she could pass you and you watched her float over to the two gawking boys.

You heard a snap! and saw Hanging Harley’s head twist perpendicular to her shoulders as she let out an ear splitting shriek. The two boys yelled in terror and ran in the opposite direction. Harley snapped her head back upright and cast a smug look back at you over her shoulder. Trembling, you’d never been so thankful you weren’t a warlock.


You moped down your school halls and try to ignore the lively chatter from every student talking about the “Chosen Twelve.” You tried to squeeze past a gloating third year, Neitou Monoma, who apparently had been announced to be one of the warlocks to be competing for the rank of High Priest.

Annoying. You couldn’t wait to get back to your dorm to do some trimming and then take a much needed nap. You were so close to getting out of the lively crowd when Izuku Midoriya grabbed your arm.

“There you are!” He sang, pulling you away from the mass of people.

Next to Midoriya was Sero, grinning brilliantly at you. “Congratulations!” He offered you a swift pat on the back and you lifted a quizzical brow back at him.

“Hey, are you okay?” Midoriya took note of the sullen look on your face. His thumb gently caressed your arm and you pulled yourself away from him.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” you rubbed at your arm and scowled back to the crowd. You felt Sero bouncing around in your head and you shot him a look. It wasn’t the time to be nosy!

“Shit, no you aren’t,” he frowned. “I’m sorry that happened to you… but hey, there’s good news! You haven’t heard yet!”

It wasn’t a question. He could already tell by reading your mind that you were out of the loop. You weren’t really in the mood for ‘good’ news anyways.

Sero teleported himself to the outer edge of the swarm of students and gestures for you to follow him. Midoriya nodded encouraging at you. You rolled your eyes. You could only be reclusive for so long.

You followed the boys across the courtyard where even more students were gathered around what appeared to be a caster duel between two third year warlocks. Of course Bakugou was apart of it.

Katsuki Bakugou, a T.Py warlock who had a nasty habit of making explosive flames burst out of his hands when he was being temperamental, which was often, and Shouto Todoroki, another T.Py warlock who specialized in thermokinesis, were yelling at each other. Rather, Bakugou was the one doing more of the yelling.

You, Sero, and Midoriya hurried past the fuss but you happened to lock eyes with Todoroki. His gaze pierced through you and made you feel seriously uneasy. You didn’t think you’d ever been acknowledged by him before. It was feeling you didn’t favor.

“Oi!” Bakugou let out one of his signature explosive bursts in an attempt to grab Todoroki’s attention back. “Don’t look at her! Look at me!”

But Todoroki continued to stare until a warning blast was sent his way and the duel went on.

Midoriya and Sero brought you to the main hall and nervous knots started to form in your stomach. You didn’t like where this was going.

Momo Yaoyorozu, your roommate, and Kyouka Jirou, Yaoyorozu’s secret not-so-secret girlfriend, squeaked together reading off the list on the wall that you were currently dreading.

“I told you!” Yaoyorozu laughed. “It’s gonna be you and me versus everyone else, right?”

They clasped their hands together before quickly pulling away, blushes blooming on their cheeks. A facade. You didn’t know if everyone knew about Yaoyorozu and Jirou but you sure as hell did. As your roommate, when Yaoyorozu had intimate company over, she was shameless about it.

“Oh. Great .” Yaoyorozu spotted you and gave Jirou a pointed look. You sighed. Alone the dorms, Yaoyorozu hardly ever spoke to you but out in public, she made it a point to make you absolutely miserable which you really didn’t understand. The two of you had been pretty close friends during your first year back at the all girl’s academy but as soon as you transferred to Hollowstone, she turned into a wicked witch… at least to you.

“Here to brag, T.Di?” She stepped in front of the list, looking down on you.

“Easy, Momo. She doesn’t even know what she has to brag about yet!” Sero wrapped around an arm around your shoulder and tapped lightly. “Go on! Check it out!”

Yaoyorozu gave you a doubtful look but let you pass, whipping her stupid gorgeous hair back as she did.

You could feel your palms getting sweaty. You looked to Midoriya who only grinned back at you. Fucking hell , you already knew what you were going to read but it had certainly been a mistake! You were pretty sure that was what everyone thought about it already. Your name shouldn’t be on that list!

Gathering pointless courage, you held your breath and looked over the names of the six girls chosen to compete to be High Priestess. Although you were dreading it, pride flooded you when you read your name not only at the top of the witches’ list, but on top of the board as well. You were the first.

The first to be chosen.


Chapter Text

Making your way up the lofty stairway in the High Tower of building A, you panted, thinking about how lucky you would’ve been if you’d gotten transmutation as your second affinity rather than divination. That, and how you really needed to get into better shape. Running up seven flights of stairs was going to be the first thing you did every morning for the rest of your school year, if the trials didn’t kill you first. Big oof.

Nervous hands ran through your hair as you tried to compose yourself before you entered the Curses, Hexes, and Affinities classroom, the class where’d you’d meet your Supreme for the first time and where you’ll be seated with everyone who would basically be your competition.

You still didn’t know why you had been chosen. After reading your name on the board, you’d gone to Headmaster Nezu and asked for answers that he didn’t directly give you.

Nezu became the headmaster after the perilous talking rodent infestation at your old school. He attained his role here at Hollowstone by wielding the fantastic power of precognition, one of the greatest abilities to have and the most painful to live with. Precognition granted Nezu with the power to see significant visions of the past, present, and future which applied to people and events in a series of visions or premonitions. Apparently he had seen some things that made the community, or at least Supreme Toshinori Yagi,  trust him enough to put him in charge of today’s youth. Though, when you went to him, complaining that the school had made a mistake about choosing you, the rat/dog-man merely started shedding tears (something fantastically terrifying that occurred whenever he got visions) and told you that, “there are no mistakes,” and, “everything happens for a reason.” You’d ended up leaving him as soon as he started laughing maniacally.

You entered the room that should’ve been a classroom but you found yourself in a place that was more of a lounge than anything, two luxury couches sat each opposite side of the room, a long mahogany table was placed in the middle of the room with thirteen crystal chalices sitting on top, and beautiful sapphire drapes hanging off each corner of the room. There was a long walnut door  on the opposing side of the one you’d walked in from. You’d think you made a mistake entering the room if not for the eleven other students lost in lively chat. When they saw you come in, the room fell silent and the air grew tense. You were the first to be chosen and the last to arrive and you could see the little specks of curiosity drawn on each of their faces.

The witches, Kyouka Jirou, Momo Yaoyorozu, Mina Ashidou, Tsu Asui, and Itsuka Kendou were all sitting straight in different chaises exchanging silent glances with one another while the warlocks, Katsuki Bakugou, Shouto Todoroki, Hitoshi Shinsou, Hanta Sero, Neitou Monoma, and Izuku Midoriya, were scattered across the room, all standing and eyeing you up and down as if they were sizing you up. It was weird. You hadn’t ever thought of yourself as being a threat, though being ‘the first’ may have put you in the ‘enemy numero uno’ position.

“Hey!” Midoriya greeted you, eyes shining bright with admiration. “You left so suddenly yesterday, we didn’t really get to talk much! This is so exciting, isn’t it?”

Midoriya… what could he have done to be one of the chosen few? Was this some kind of sick joke? Had he been selected to give the other’s an advantage? Your heart fell slightly. Maybe that was what you’d been as well. You’d never been shown to be especially adept in one single subject and you certainly weren’t powerful. Even if it was “meant to happen for a reason” like Nezu had told you, maybe there were a couple students chosen to be throwaways for a specified purpose. The trials weren’t any sort of laughing matter. Still, poor Midoriya.

You offered your best smile, trying to match his good mood and said, “yeah this all… so much, huh?”

You glanced around the room, avoiding the casual glares from your peers. Candles littered each and every surface, igniting the room with a light orange hue and you realized that there weren’t any windows in the room which was strange for a High Tower class.

“So, where’s the Supreme?” You asked.

“That’s what we’ve all been wondering,” Sero stepped to Midoriya’s side and grinned. “How are you doin, T.Di?”

“Tired,” you replied honestly. You hadn’t slept well due to the events of the previous day running through your head on repeat the entire night. That, and Yaoyorozu and Jirou kept you up giggling to themselves, trying out different charms on each other. The two seemed to be nothing but ecstatic for the selection turn out. Ecstatic for everything except for one minor detail.

“So, will you be telling us how exactly you became the first to be chosen, tiddy witch?” Yaoyorozu smirked, “it’s honestly no secret that you’ve been sucking Aizawa’s cock, so might as well come clean about it now.”

Ashido nudged Yaoyorozu’s shoulder and a few snickers around the room made your face heat up.

“I haven’t sucked anybody’s cock, Momo!” You blurted out, flustered by the thought of you and Aizawa being at all intimate like that. You were still upset with him after all the things he told you about wasting your potential the previous day, you didn’t want to think about him like that.  Unfortunately, that was the wrong thing to say because someone barked out a laugh and Yoayorozu’s smile grew even bigger.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she leaned back in the chaise, letting the light from the candles hit her face just right. God, why did she have to look so fucking pretty doing such simple things?

“Now, there’s no reason for us to be catty, ladies,” Sero said, though with the look on his face and the light brush on his cheeks, it seemed as though he might be enjoying your conversation. “The trials haven’t even begun yet!”

“Not yet,” a familiar croaky morning-voice rang throughout the lounge, turning every head to Aizawa who had walked through the walnut door. He closed it, turning the knob once to the right and twice the the left. Your face heated up only slightly, hoping he didn’t hear anything else from your previous conversation.

Aizawa shuffled into the room keeping his eyes ahead of him and said, “As of today you all will be preparing for the trials to come. You will be improving your spellwork, enhancing your affinities, and retaining critical information on conjuring, potions, runes, and dueling. This next year will not be an easy one and you all need to retain your focus in order to excel.”

As Aizawa walked, twelve tiny slips of paper fluttering like moths flew across the room and into the hands of each awaiting student. “Each of you have been selected by your teachers to compete to become the next High Priest and Priestess, ultimately to see who will reign as the next Supreme. These papers I’ve passed out to you have your student information that lists why you’re here.”

“Where’s the Supreme?” Bakugou, one of the T.Py warlocks you’d seen locked in a duel the previous day, asked.

“It seems that he had something to tend to in a few towns over. Apparently, the future of our community comes second in Supreme Yagi’s eyes.”

For some unnamed reason, Aizawa detested the current Supreme and you could hear his scorn in the bitter tone he used while regarding him.

“Don’t you have a class to teach right now, Professor?” Sero hit Aizawa with the same question you were wondering.

Aizawa sighed. “Unfortunately, I am here per our Headmaster’s request. I’ve got Professor Yamada subbing for my Herbology class at the moment.”

Aizawa looked to you as if expecting you make a snarky retort. You would’ve said something about how you hoped the whole building wasn’t on fire because of him but you were still upset with him. He really had bummed you out.  He didn’t deserve your snark.

Instead, you surveyed the room and wondered what was on everyone’s slips, though, taking note of who was there, it wasn’t too hard to hypothesize.

Outside of school, most casters didn’t allow their affinities to be well known because of the natural paranoia that came with wielding a lot of power. There had been instances in the past where dark casters had found a way to convert other people’s powers and affinities over to themselves. Because of this, casters with more than a few affinities and unique magical abilities had been hunted down in the past, often by dark casters who hoped to take their power or kill off strong casters that were seen as a threat.

But in school, powers and affinities were practically worn on each student’s sleeve. The more unique casters were far more admired and usually casters with the same affinities hung around each other in hopes of helping each other enhance their gifts. Not many students kept their powers a secret.

It was no surprise that Yaoyorozu had been chosen. She was a T.Tr witch and though transmutation was the second most common affinity, she was also an excellent conjurer . She could call upon just about any object into her hands or around her. Not only could she conjure but she was fantastic at conversion spells, which may fall flat compared to her conjuring  abilities, but if she didn’t quite understand the properties that make up an object she would try to conjure, she could use her conversion spells to make it right.

Her girlfriend, Jirou , was a T.De witch, so her second affinity was Decensum . She had the ability to astral project herself, going so far that she could even plunge herself into the Netherworld. While you used your Divination to swim through the nether, you didn’t have any control over where your mind took you while you searched for objects or people. When Jirou used Decensum, her soul was actually projected out from her body and she could walk or glide or whatever she did to move throughout the Netherworld in full control. Decensum was a dangerous power to use too much though. Casters can only live so long with their souls projected out of their bodies and if a certain amount of time passed by, their bodies parish and their souls would be trapped in the nether forever.

Itsuka Kendou was a T.Py witch. Pyrokinesis , the power to produce, control, and manipulate fire with one’s mind, was powerful on its own, but Kendou’s use of her telekinesis was what made her stick out from other witches. She exerted her strong hold on telekinesis with her hands that often came in the form of much larger hands, granting her stronger and more precise movement of the energy around her. She had high spirited aura about her and a good morale but when she set her mind on something, there was no getting in her way. To say the least, you were pretty glad you’d never run into any problems with Kendou.

Asui Tsuyu was a weird witch who, like you, was a T.Di witch, though nobody threw her on the back burner because she was also an animagus. Animagi were casters who had the ability to turn into specified animals. The Tsuyu family was famous for their ability to transform themselves into amphibians. Tsuyu could turn into a frog whenever she wished, on top of that, she carried a few amphibious characteristics even while she was human, so climbing on walls and breathing under water came very natural to her. Yeah, she was strange but people seemed to like her enough.  

Mina Ashido , another T.Tr witch, had the unique ability to manipulate time. Casters with this power could warp time so it may speed up or slow down. With enough practice, casters with time manipulation could even stop time. You didn’t think Ashido was quite there yet but you could tell she had fun with what she could do, often showing off by slowing time down and gliding past everyone with the rollerblades she rarely took off. She had a very easy going lifestyle.

The warlocks, you didn’t really have to worry too much about. Not because they weren’t strong, because they were , but because it was highly unlikely that you’d become the new High Priestess. That being said, it was still smart to take note of all the powers and affinities that belonged to the boys who were competing.

There was Sero who you already knew too well had clairvoyance on top of telekinesis and transmutation. Sero was a goofy guy, in his own way, but with the power of clairvoyance, not only could he read minds but the fact that he could project thoughts onto other people, possibly going so far as to making someone believe something untrue to be reality, made him a tricky candidate.

Shouto Todoroki was a very gifted T.Py warlock with a fantastic handle on thermokinesis . The ability to manipulate the temperature of people, objects, and his environments made him extremely overpowered. After laborious effort, he was able to control both fire and ice and can even call upon each of those elements with a flick of the wrist. On the outside, Todoroki seemed sort of like a relaxed, maybe even aloof guy, but you had heard rumors that in his first year, after getting in a fight with a teacher , he had ended up freezing up an entire tower! He was not somebody to mess with. Though, there was a somebody who always wanted to mess with Todoroki.

Katsuki Bakugou had gotten his pyrokinesis before Todoroki but Todoroki had mastered the affinity before Bakugou. Because of this, Bakugou, in his frustration, over exerted his own pyrokinesis and in the process, came up with his own very explosive type of magic. He could ignite a fire in the palms of his hands and when in a certain violent mood (which was often), his fire could blow whole buildings away! If that wasn’t impressive enough, Bakugou was extremely intelligent and learned summoning all too quickly. He was often seen with his own demon thrall, an underling that went by the name of Kirishima, who everyone thought was there to help Bakugou look more intimidating but you speculated that… maybe Bakugou just needed a friend that wasn’t Kaminari or Sero.

Neitou Monoma was a T.Vi warlock with his second affinity being Vitalum Vitalus . He had the ability to balance the scales between one life force and another. He was able to transfer his vitality to other people or things to heal them He could even reverse injuries or stall aging processes, but he could also drain the life force from something else for his own gain. His use of this affinity was unique in a way that if he absorbed some of the life force from a caster with an ability that he didn’t have, he could actually borrow their power for a certain amount of time until the magic energy left his body. T.Vi casters were highly regarded in the community for their spectacular gifts and are often seen as being healers, though the one Supreme who’d lived over two hundred years abused this affinity by targeting younger casters for his own gain, making the community a little more wary of people with this power.

One warlock who you had your eye out for was Hitoshi Shinsou . You were sure he was dangerous and you would not trust him. At all. For one thing, both of his parents had been imprisoned for their connection towards dark casting and another thing, he was a T.Co warlock. With the power to use Concilium , he was able to impose his will onto other people, allowing him control over many parts of their minds. Much like clairvoyance, he could project thoughts into people’s heads but he could also control people’s actions and even their memories. It was pretty much complete mind control . It could be resisted but many T.Co casters have demonstrated the ability to coerce even the strongest of wills. That was pretty much all you knew about his ability because you wanted absolutely nothing to do with the standoffish warlock. An adolescent man with the ability to make one do whatever he desired with little to no fight was not to be trusted.

Then there was Midoriya who only had the power of telekinesis and still had to use his wand. You gave him props for working out over the summer; he’d seriously gotten buff! But you didn’t know how that’d help him in the trials. You knew he was a good student that took so many notes but you had no idea why he was there. You had no idea why you were there.

You read the tiny paper that had fluttered into your hands. It had your name and grade point average, the embarrassing school picture you’d taken last year after a dreadful haircut, then your affinities listed. Telekinesis and divination were of course written next to some notes about how you were resourceful and capable (no doubt Aizawa’s doing) but the very last thing listed was the simple sentence, ‘blooming the power to use resurgence.’

What in the fuck did that mean…?

“Get out of my head, you stupid asshole!” Bakugou’s booming voice made you jump where you stood.

“Hey!” Ashido yelped, shaking her head away at the sudden intrusion.

You watched one by one, as the students before you twitched and threw agitated glares at Sero.

“Come on,” Sero laughed, “you all know why I’m here. I might as well even the playing field while I can!”

That was when you felt him buzzing around in your head. Quickly, you stuffed your note into your blazer pocket but it was too late. You felt his invading eyes scan over the word ‘resurgence,’ as he gave out an, “oooOOoo.”

What does that mean?’ You heard Sero ask in your head.

Not knowing how to communicate properly through your goddamn mind, you looked at Sero and shrugged.

You watched Sero purse his lips and with a nod, he turned to Aizawa and asked, “professor, unrelated to anybody in this room, what is ‘resurgence?’”

The boy couldn’t make himself anymore obvious!

Aizawa grew stiff. He wasn’t expecting that question from someone who wasn’t you.

“Resurgence?” It was Todoroki to speak. “That kind of magic is long dead.”

“It’s supposed to be,” Aizawa’s brows narrowed. He doesn’t look at you as he continued, “resurgence is the power to bring deceased matter back to life. A caster can use resurgence by reaching into the place between life and death to draw a soul back to a once living thing resulting in resurrection.”

“So then that’s what she has?” Ever the speculate, Bakugou nodded towards you.

“You mean because of that flower?” Monoma asked. Of course people were talking about something so average. Hollowstone was such a tight school that the students would find anything to gossip about. “Isn’t that just Vitus Vitalum? Flowers don’t have souls.”

Aizawa sighed, visually showing that he did not want to talk about this but everyone’s eyes, including yours, were glued on to him, searching for answers. “The flower in question was in fact dead and could not be healed like it would have been if the power used was in fact Vitus Vitalum. The debate on whether specified plant matter does or does not have souls has been in fruition for over a century and what happened in my Herbology class a week ago will be borderline historical in a more banal way. Having said that, even if the witch who, what I would say, resurrected the plant, had instead healed the plant, then she would already be the possessor of three affinities, putting her ahead of everyone else in the race to see who will be the next supreme.”

There was a sense of undefined finalty in everything he just said. His words hung over the room and pressed a certain amount of weight against your shoulders. It was the kind of pressure you’d never thought you’d have to feel.

“I suppose that’s all I’ll need to be saying to you all today in regards to the trials. I can’t prepare you twelve for what’s to come anymore than the Supreme can. I might as well get back to the greenhouse before my colleague burns it to ash.” Aizawa glanced your way, hoping to see a glimmer of amusement, a spark of delight at his cynical humor but you just looked to your shoes. He cleared his throat and said, “You all are each other’s competition now. That doesn’t mean that you should see each other as enemies. One caster struggling will not be putting anyone at an advantage. You can all learn something from one another. Often times, we learn from what we teach.”

With that, he headed back to the door, twisted the knob in the same funky way he did before, and opened it to what looked exactly like the greenhouse that was supposed to be on the ground on the opposite side of school. He walked in and closed the door.

Ashido hopped up off the chaise and went to the door, twisting it open to reveal a simple brick wall. Tricky traveling magic. Ashido turned back to everyone else and asked, “so, what do we do now?”

Jirou, stretching her arms above her head, yawned and said, “I could really go for some coffee.”

The majority of students in the room mumbled in agreement. You’d think they’d never gotten up for a first period class in their lives. One by one everyone filed out, Monoma stopping you to say that he thought he knew of a way to see whether you had Vitus Vitalum or not, until nearly everyone was gone and you were left alone with Hitoshi Shinsou.

He wasn’t looking at you and you tried your best not to glance at him but there was so much you could do when you felt as nervous as you did, especially alone with a warlock, a warlock whose family had been involved in plenty of nefarious activities. Were you supposed to start a useless conversation with someone you’d never spoken to while you were alone? All you could think to say would be a very forced, ‘exciting times, eh?’ but that would’ve been stupid.

Instead, you walked to the mysterious door that Aizawa had traveled to the greenhouse through. You tried to mimic how he’d turned it before but your mind was scattered and you finally felt Shinsou’s eyes on you… was it once to the right, once to the left, then right again? You tried that and you found yourself face to face with the brick wall.

“Once to the right and twice to the left,” Shinsou’s surprisingly low voice caught you off guard. You weren’t sure if you’d ever heard him speak before. “If you’re trying to get into the greenhouse.”

You glowered at the door knob and followed his instructions. Twisting the knob the way he told you to, you opened to see the greenhouse room full of first and second years. Aizawa and Hizashi looked your way but before they could say anything, you closed the door.

“Do you know if there are many enchanted doors in the school,” you asked Shinsou but when you turned to finally look at him, he was gone.


The rest of the chosen twelve had gotten the same schedule change you had, meaning that every single one of them were in all of your new classes. It was weird seeing them in your Herbology class; they’d all suddenly taken the subject very seriously. Monoma and Kendou had sat near Shiozaki so they could better absorb the subject, while Bakugou, Ashido, Jirou, and Yaoyorozu, crowded the bench occupied by Sero and Kaminari, thinking that they’d be better versed in the study, while Midoriya and Tsuyu sat by you. After hearing Kaminari advise to his crowd that they’d chosen the wrong person to sit next to, Todoroki had joined your bench, sitting next you, making you feel anxious and, quite frankly, pretty chilly. Normally, while you were in class, you’d be silent but this new silence being so close to your new classmates was incredibly deafening.

Your anxiety didn’t dissipate throughout the entire day. In every other class you felt incredibly inferior to everyone else and when it came to your potions class, you were completely hopeless, especially when you boldly chose to answer questions only to find that you were wrong a lot of the time and Yaoyorozu’s haughty glances your way didn’t help you in the slightest. So instead of really focusing on Aizawa’s lecture, you searched through your potions grimoire to find an easy to make healing potion and brewed that while the other students focused on a sort of knocking-out potion. You realized then that Aizawa’s Herbology and Potions class both coincides with each other. That still didn’t make you any more excited to be there.

By the end of the day, you were worn out from overthinking and ready to back your dorm to clip your plants, experiment on your chrysanthemum, and knock the hell out.

Walking through the courtyard on your way back to the dorms, Monoma’s smooth voice called to you right before you were about to walk through the ghost of a charred looking warlock. Monoma came to you, cradling something in his hands.

“I thought I had the perfect way to test your power! Lucky for us, I happen to have found this little guy next to Hanging Harley’s tree!”

Monoma opened his hands to reveal a gorgeous little blue jay sitting in them with one of his wings snapped backwards. The little bird knocked his head back and forth, looking towards the ground, utterly defeated.

“Poor guy,” you said, not knowing what to do with your hands. A part of you wanted to pet the bird but that wouldn’t help his case.

“It’s an easy fix! At least for me,” Monoma grinned, “but I really wanted to see if you do have Vitus Vitalum. Then maybe we’d be able to help each other out some more.”

A few other students including Bakugou along with his ecstatic looking demon thrall, Kirishima, who, very ridiculously but cute in his own way, had on a school uniform, gathered around you to watch and see what your deal really was. You hadn’t known that you were going to be putting on a performance at the end of the day but apparently nothing could be helped.

“I don’t know… how to heal,” you eyed the sorry looking jay, “like I don’t even know where to begin.”

“It’ll be easy if you have the affinity! You just run your fingers over his wings and think of your vitality as if it were on a scale. Then think about moving your energy, which outweighs the bird’s, and try offering it out to him. If he takes it, he’ll heal.”

“You can do it, flower girl!” Kirishima shouted. You liked Kirishima for what he was. Sure, he was a demon that served Bakugou but he seemed like a compassionate guy regardless of the company he was forced to keep. And ‘flower girl’ was a much better namickname than ‘tiddy witch.’

Keeping what Monoma said in mind, your shaky hands, wary of the bird’s beak, when to its broken wing. You tried to focus on your energy, tried to channel whatever it was you did to the chrysanthemum the previous week, and pushed your energy. Nothing happened.

“I’m sorry,” you said, “I don’t think I can.”

“Not a problem!” Monoma ran his fingers across the bird and, in an instant, the blue jay had its wings snapped back into place and it let out a happy little chirp!

“Awww,” you grinned at the cute tweeting thing. You held out your hand and it hopped into your palm, doing a little one legged dance for you. “Vitus Vitalum really is incredible.” You gazed up at Monoma who was blushing slightly.

“We aren’t gonna know if you’re important unless you actually revive something that’s dead.”

Important? You glowered at Bakugou you had been the one to say something so demeaning to you. Fuck, you knew you weren’t anything to write home about but you weren’t… nothing.

Taking in what Nezu has told you into consideration, you straightened your back, turned to Bakugou and said, “listen! I may not be the most well-versed witch around but I’m here for a reason and if you think you can talk down to me-!”

Snap !

The terrible noise stopped your train of thought.

Your eyes widened as a denser weight fell into your hands. A few of the students watching you made disapproving sounds while others took a step closer to you to see the dead bird in your palm. Someone had used telekinesis to twist its little neck.

Oh my god… oh my God! “ Oh my god!” Your heart fell at the sight of the limp thing in your hold. You snarled at the grimacing blonde, “ did you do that?!”

Kirishima hit Bakugou’s shoulder. “You didn’t just kill an innocent bird, did you?!”

Bakugou scowled forward. “Wasn’t me,” he said, “it coulda been any one of these losers but look now. You have a chance to prove your worth.”

Prove your worth ?!? Like getting a bird killed in your hand was some form of hazing?! That was over the top and mean . No, not mean … borderline evil.

Tears dotted your eyes. Something was killed because someone thought you had something to prove and you didn’t know if you could prove yourself. You didn’t know what you did to bring the chrysanthemum back to life! You just wanted to make it bloom but your guilt wouldn’t let you just leave the bird in this state. In this dead state.

Your fingers pinched the bird’s neck. You didn’t know too much about avian anatomy but using a small bit of your divination, you focused on its bones and tried to ignore the gross sound of crackling at you wired its neck back together with telekinesis. Then, you thought about its life. When you thought about the withered flower before, you were determined to make it bloom. Thinking for the bird, you imagined it flying. The tips of your fingers warmed and buzzed and you felt a surge in energy shoot throw you like an electric current. And you heard a tweet.

The blue jay ruffled its feathered while hopping back up. Hundreds of screaming thoughts flooded your mind as you looked to the bird, incredulous at what you had done! A part of you was afraid the bird was going to attack you then. You knew that because your chrysanthemum wasn’t flourishing right, you must’ve brought it back wrong in a way but there wasn’t a way a flower could get its revenge but a blue jay was a sentient being and you were ready for it to go all Pet Semetary on you. Instead, it simply spread its wings, and took off. You let out a long, exhausted yawn.

“That was incredible!” Midoriya, who you didn’t even realize was watching the entire scene unfold, scooted his way through the thrum of baffled observers and over to you looking seriously impressed and all the more excited. “Do you mind telling me how that felt? Like in relation to other magical properties? How much energy did that expend and was it like Vitus Vitalum like how you share your life force? Or was it simply returning the life to the bird all in all? Do you mind if I take notes?”

“Uhhh…” you didn’t know what to say. Like with the flower you just… did it.

“You ever quit your yammering, Deku?” Bakugou knocked his shoulders into Midoriya as he fronted you. “So you healed a bird. Big whoop. That doesn’t mean you’re gonna be the next Supreme so don’t you go thinking you’re special.” He leaned down close to you, leveling his head with yours, his dangerous crimson eyes boring into yours, daring you. “I’m going to be the next Supreme. Ya hear that, shitty witch?”

You took an uneasy step back. You hadn’t thought of yourself as a threat in the slightest but if Bakugou was trying to pick a bone with you then… maybe you could be. In all honesty you were too soft to say something challenging back at him so you looked away, afraid to start a fight, and muttered out, “if you say so.”

Bakugou scoffed and headed towards the opposite direction with Kirishima trailing behind him. You cradled your arm, nervous and uneasy, and glanced around the crowd of whispering students. Your eyes landed on a pair of icy heterochromatic ones, catching Todoroki staring at you again. The apathetic look on his face was unsettling. Shit, practically every warlock you came into contact with who wasn’t Aizawa spooked you to an extent. But maybe, through this whole ordeal, you’d just made a friend.

You looked to Monoma who was cleaning the dirt out of his nails and said, “hey, do you mind coming to my dorm room with me?”

You’d tried just about everything to get your chrysanthemum back into shape and though you had your own potion from class to use on it with one last ditch effort, you hadn’t yet experimented with the Vitus Vitalum affinity and it seemed like Monoma was just the guy for the job.

“I could use your help with something.”

Monoma, crystal blue eyes shining, raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Of course.”

Together you started your trek across the campus, leaving the other students to ponder what exactly you had done to bring a little bird back to life. You didn’t notice the black cat following behind the two of you.

Your mind was swimming with excitement! You really thought that with Monoma’s help, you could finally figure out a way to keep the plant alive! Then maybe, you’d have a better grasp on undertaking the properties of your new power, resurgence.

Chapter Text

The familiar scent of Egyptian musk enveloped you as you and Monoma entered your dorm room. One benefit to having Yaoyorozu as a roommate was that whenever she was at home chilling out, she’d burn incense and her lovely scents stuck around throughout the entire day. It was nice.

While Monoma stuck his nose in your various mason jars, you set your vial full of liquid vitality on your windowsill next to where you left your frozen mum. You examined its withered petals to make sure none of them had fallen while you were out but your tempus spell had proven itself effective.

“So, you listen to a lot of mortal music,” Monoma asked, regarding the few posters you had up on your side of the room. “How… alternative .”  

Monoma must have had two casters for parents. Listening to mortal music wasn’t too wild for people who had one parent who was born without magical abilities. Witches and warlocks with two magical parents were a little more closed minded than those without. They weren’t prejudiced; there was none of that Harry Potter animosity bullshit towards casters who weren’t ‘pure.’ They just weren’t as… exposed to the other world as much as you were.

“Oh, hah, yeah. Caster music is good and all but it’s a tad too nihilistic for my taste. But even as a mortal, Bowie has a lot of occult references in a few of his albums!”

“Uh-huh,” Monoma pushed his hands down on your bed, seemingly testing out its spring before sitting on it. He tilted his head slightly at you and a small grin appeared on his face. You hadn’t realized until now that you’d invited a warlock into your room and you were alone with him. You hoped he didn’t have the wrong idea about why your brought him here. You held your pot in your hand.

“So…” you waved your hand around the chrysanthemum flower, undoing your spell. “I know you might’ve wasted some energy healing that poor bird but I was wondering if you could try healing this flower. It’s the one that I…”

“Resurrected?” Monoma’s grin grew wider as he hopped up off the bed and walked towards you. You took an involuntary step back, pushing yourself against the windowsill as he loomed over you, examining your little experiment. “It  takes a lot to wear me out, just so you know. The blue jay was nothing for me and this should be a cinch.”

He laughed to himself and brought his fingers around the stem. “The flower that made history…”

“Banal history,” you reminded him, thinking about how Aizawa said it. Like it was nothing. It was nothing but that didn’t make the backhanded compliment sting any less.

“History is history though. What you’ve done is astounding, I’d say. You’ve done more than that self-righteous asshole, Bakugou, has, summoning that idiot demon to follow him around everywhere. I’d say that counts for something,” he flashed you a charming smile. “We’re all going to make history, aren’t we?”

That was nice of him to say. And he was right. The twelve of you were going to be making it in your magical history books. Even if your name is simply mentioned in the books, having your name written down in something permanent was an accomplishment of sorts. It was a pretty neat feeling.

Monoma began running his fingers up the mum’s stem, his eyes furrowing marginally in concentration. When it didn’t respond to his touch, he pulled away and clicked his tongue in frustration. Clapping his hands together, he tried it again. Slowly the pleasant look on his face turned sour as his hands lit up a bright yellow glow while pushed the power of his affinity. But the mum didn’t react, at least not at first, but when it did, it didn’t go the way you wanted it to. The flower dropped down to its soil and the stem began losing its green hue. Quickly, you pulled the plant away from him and placed it on the dresser next to you.

Monoma let out a long, tired exhale, leaning in his arm against the wall. Dark shadows formed under his eyes and he was so close to you that you could smell his sweat. He really must’ve overexerted himself there and the flower still rejected him!

“Sorry! I’m so sorry!” You blurted out, pulling your arms into yourself, trying to make yourself as small as possible as you stood between him and the window. He was so close! “I didn’t think that it’d be such a meticulous job!”

“Don’t worry about it,” he chuckled humorlessly. “I just need to gain some energy back…”

The painful silence between the two of you had your nerves on the absolute edge. Heat radiated off of Monoma and made you feel strange. He eyed your lips and you looked across the room to stare at anything that wasn’t him. The vibes he was giving off weren’t incredibly foreign to you but in the past you’d always had a means to escape; a change of subject, a random fun fact, or any mood killer always made its way to your head your mind was completely empty.

“Yeah, I’m completely drained,” Monoma tenderly whispered, blowing cool air on your neck.


“Mhmm…” he wiped at his forehead, leaving his blonde bangs brushed over to the side. You had the opportunity to move away from him then but a part of you didn’t want to be rude, showing how quickly you wanted to keep your distance between him and all. So you stood stock still. Surely, he’d notice how uncomfortable you were sooner or later, right? “ Say , do you mind if I borrow some energy? Just enough to get me home without passing out.”

You gulped. That wasn’t too bad. It was your fault his life force was depleted and… Monoma had been nice to you. You might as well give him something for the trouble.

“Go for it… sport.” Sport?! Honestly, sometimes you were such a goddamn idiot. Still, his grin told you that he didn’t mind you being so. incredibly. lame.

He tugged on your blazer, prompting you to react to him. Beside yourself, you shrugged it off, loosened your tie, and unbuttoned your shirt slightly so he could place his hand on your bare shoulder. T.Vi casters had to use direct physical contact when transferring or absorbing energy; the closer their touch was to a life force’s bloodline, the stronger the transference. Because of this, they were pretty touchy people, not because the were draining everyone any chance they got, but probably because touching people was something they’d have to get used to in order to use their affinities. You could tell by the way Monoma closed his eyes and hummed as the hand on your shoulder warmed up, he had absolutely no issue with being this touchy with you.

You felt a buzzing current emanating from the palm of his hand. It felt weird, tingly but nice, as it washed your body in a warmth that formed coils in your stomach and curled your toes. You had to grip the windowsill to stop yourself from sighing. That would’ve been embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

Monoma opened his eyes to show you that his irises were glowing a more brilliant blue than before. They were mesmerizing.

“How does it feel?” Monoma asked, licking his lips.

You didn’t really know how to answer that. Slowly your anxieties melted away from you and it felt like your atoms were being pulled towards where you skin was making contact with him. It was nice but you didn’t know in what way.

“Kinda like… my stomach is turning to jelly…”

“Oh? I haven’t heard that one before,” Monoma brushed his hand up to your ear, winding his fingers through your hair and caressing your cheek with his thumb. Subconsciously, you leaned into his touch, beginning to feel very tired. “A lot of people tell me it’s like their nerves are dancing, comparable to feeling like their on the edge. Like they’re close.”

“Close to what?”

Monoma laughed. “You’re just so cute, aren’t you?” And that’s when he pushed his lips into yours.

He held you firmly while his lips grooved against yours. Monoma was rough but it wasn’t bad , just unexpected. You hadn’t been kissed before and it was thrilling, the sensation of being wanted . So you kissed him back, knotting your hands in his shirt collar, you pulled him closer. He grinned against you before his tongue flicked across your upper lip, prompting you to open your mouth for him.

His hands burned you as they slid down to your chest, pulling your shirt buttons apart swiftly so he could press his fingers against your stomach. Surprised, you pulled away from him, granting him the opportunity to move his lips to your neck.

You managed out an “ Oh!” when an unusual aching sensation fluttered in your stomach. You sighed as Monoma’s tongue ran a warm, wet line along the crook of your neck.

He pushed his body against yours and you reached around to rake your fingers across his back, moaning when he bit down on to you. Your body flushed and stirred. This whole situation was a lot to take in and you didn’t have enough energy to fully react in an appropriate manner. It felt good and you might’ve liked it but when his hand went to your skirt, you swatted him away. He scoffed and tried it again but you grabbed his hand, intertwining your fingers with him.

He lifted your hand to his lips. “You’re so soft,” he hummed in a low tone before kissing the back of your wrist, making you shudder. “God, you’re absolutely adorable. I just wanna make you...” his kisses trailed up your arm, sending exciting waves of pleasure through your body, “sing for me.”

Monoma, holding your hand tightly in his, turned you around and began kissing the back of your shoulder, rolling your shirt down with his free hand. You didn’t know how to react. With every hot press of his lips, you felt your body being drained of your life force, on top of that, you could hardly even find the words to tell him that you weren’t okay with this anymore.

“Monoma… I’m not,” you squeaked out, trying to regain composure as he palmed your stomach.

His fingers began sliding down to the hem of your skirt. “I know. You’re a virgin ,” he chuckled darkly before kissing the back of your neck. “A lot of powerful magic can be harvested when virtue is involved. I think we should take advantage of our situation. Just… relax...” His fingers prodded through your elastic waistband.

“Monoma- !” You tried to push him back, instead, you fell forward and caught your hand on the windowsill, pushing the vial over and off the edge. You heard a crash followed by the shattering of glass. You cursed and peered over the edge but before you could see the fate of your potion, Monoma pulled you back.

“Easy there,” he said, locking his arms around you. “Don’t get too excited. There’s no reason to make a scene.”

“Stop it! Get off me! I need to get my vial!”

“That’s not important right now. What’s important is you and…” suddenly, a queer look crossed Monoma’s face. From the top of his head, a long fuzzy ear resembling a donkey's shot out with a second one following close behind. Monoma, puzzled, looked at you, eyes narrowed, and when he opened his mouth to speak, you saw that his two front teeth elongated. He let out a “heeee-!” and quickly covered his mouth, but his hands were replaced by hoofs! With shaking hands, you pushed him back, making him topple over to reveal two furious looking witches at your dorm door. “HAW!” Monoma yipped out, stunned by Yaoyorozu and Jirou abrupt appearance.

The two witches had their hands pointed at Monoma; they’d hexed him! Yaoyorozu, red faced with terrible anger, growled, “get out. Now!”

“What did you do to me?!” Monoma clacked his hoods together, yelling in an animalistic pitch.

“We’re bringing out your true colors, Neitou! Apparently you’re a real jackass!”

Monoma hopped to his feet. “I didn’t do anything wrong! We were just…” he turned to you as you began buttoning your shirt back up while blushing furiously. “Tell them!” He barked at you. “You wanted this!” He let out another donkeylike winnie.

You opened your mouth to speak, looking from Monoma to Yoayorozu and Jirou, unable to form proper words. Did you want that ? You weren’t able to think clearly while you were kissing him but… you did like kissing him… you just weren’t sure if you wanted to take things where he did… even if there was a powerful magic involved with one’s virtue, you didn’t know Monoma like that and it didn’t really seem like he was giving you many options… you didn’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t dropped your vile and Yaoyorozu and Jirou didn’t show up...

“Obviously she didn’t!” Jirou barked. “Look at her, she’s speechless!”

Monoma glared back at you, his long donkey ear twitching back at the two witches. “She didn’t say no,” he said, more directed at you than to them.

Your cheeks flushed and you averted your eyes. Maybe you had lead him on… maybe you should’ve been upfront with why you needed to begin with… maybe you should’ve-

“Consent goes far beyond yes’s and no’s, Neitou Monoma! You’d know that if you weren’t such a pig!” Yoayorozu raised her finger to Monoma. “You’re lucky I don’t turn you into one of those instead of a donkey! The spell supposedly lasts longer and apparently you’ll grow a cute little curly tail along with it! How does that sound?”

Jesus, ” Monoma seethed grabbing his school bag. “You’re all blowing this way out of proportion! The two of us were totally fine until you showed up!”

“Quit that nasty griping and go take a cold shower, donkey boy,” Yaoyorozu waved her hand at him.

“Yeah, all we hear is hee-haw, lil bitch. Now leave!” With that, Jirou gave Monoma a kick in the butt and slammed the door in his goofy donkey face.

All you could hear from the other side of the door was one last perturbed “HAW!”

You tried to avoid Yoayorozu daggerlike gaze but your shame forced you to look at her. You thought about thanking her butyou were still in shock; everything had happened so quickly. Apparently you took too long because she clicked her tongue and asked, “how could you be so stupid?”

“I didn’t think…”

“That’s right, you didn’t think. Warlocks are entitled enough already but Monoma? You invited Monoma here? Honestly, I thought the quiet girls were more perceptive. Monoma’s a snake and you’re this naïve little mouse and he could probably smell the desperation wafting from you from a mile away! Of course he’d try to take advantage of the little virgin witch with no friends! God, you’re senselessness is infuriating!”

... Ouch .

You and Yoayorozu had been friends before you’d been transferred to Hollowstone. No, not friends, best friends. She had always been sort of like a motherly figure to you while your own mother tried to be your ‘friend.’ Yaoyorozu would give you advice and help you study and she’d even take you out on little friend dates when you were feeling down in the dumps. Before the transfer, she’s been a polite and seriously innocent, often displayed by a shocked look on her face whenever you said anything surprisingly crude. It wasn’t until last year that she decided that she wanted nothing to do with you for whatever reason but apparently she still kept that ‘authoritative parent’ manner about her. It’d tick you off if you didn’t think what she was saying was true.

I’m not a mouse ,” you said very quietly… like a mouse.

Yaoyorozu rolled her eyes at you. “Don’t you have anywhere else to be? Kyouka and I are going to meditate and we don’t need your disturbing aura around for that.”

“Momo,” Jirou said, pointedly. She looked at you sympathetically and said, “maybe she’d like to join us… Maybe we could help clear your mind?”

That was an unexpectedly sweet offer. It would have been nice to maybe calm yourself down after what had happened. It wasn’t like you could seek a real adult for help. What Monoma did actually wasn’t something that would be unexpected for a warlock. They were entitled, yes, but that was just how things were in your world. Warlocks took what they wanted and witches either had to fight or give in. The witching community really was a piece of hot garbage. Clearing your mind to get over the incident would help but you thought you’ve had enough fill of Yoayorozu for the day.

You headed out, not bothering with any ‘thank you’s’ or apologies. You would’ve been more gracious if Yaoyorozuzu wasn’t hostile towards you but maybe with her, it couldn’t be helped. You were done wondering what had happened between the two of you that ultimately severed your friendship and you were perfectly fine staying out and away from her business as much as roommates could.

When you got outside the girl’s dorms a little mewl caught your attention and you found yourself having a stare-off with a little collarless black cat on the cobblestone path outside your building.

“Hello, cat,” you said as the little guy swirled around your feet and yowled. You figured he must’ve belonged to Kouji Kouda, a quiet warlock in your year that had a habit of keeping animals in his dorm room even though that was against the school’s rules unless one were to file a lot of paperwork. Casters often obtained familiars, spirit animals that helped aide them in their craft, but Hollowstone had strict rules about letting familiars onto campus because they had a habit of assisting students during exams. They were basically bonafide cheats to younger casters and the school didn’t favor them around students.

The cat rubbed his little head on your feet and you have him a scratch behind the ear. “I don’t have any food for you,” you said.

The cat looked at you quizzically and you scowled back. You couldn’t waste your time with any strays. You had to go check the status of that lost vial and possibly brew up some more of Aizawa would let you into his classroom after hours.

Rounding the corner of your dorm building, you passed your little greenhouse and approached the place where the vile would’ve landed, all while having the little black cat trailing behind you. Broken pieces of glass scattered around some of the mud you’d previously gathered from the creek in the forest on the outskirts of school. You wanted to experiment with mud instead of soil to grow richer fauna. You’d placed a couple enchantments in it to try to make it an excellent product and you were leaving it out so it could soak up some moon rays but it looked like your little project was over because your liquid vitality had seeped into it.

“God damn it,” you kneaded your fingers into the mud, wondering when this long ass day would finally be over.

The cat approached your side and gave the soil a sniff before meowing curiously at you.

“You don’t wanna eat that, kitty,” you nudged him away from your mess. Just then, the little blue jay from earlier came fluttering by next to you, distancing himself from the cat. It was like you were suddenly running a goddamn zoo .

You pulled the cat into your lap so he wouldn’t attack the blue jay and surprisingly enough, he relaxed in your hold, letting out the softest of purrs.

The bird hopped along over to the wet mud pile and you watched as it pecked at your ruined experiment. He looked at you and let out what seemed to be a happy chirp, then took off.

That gave you an idea. You let the kitty go and scooped up as much as your unprepared hands could and ran back to your dorm.

You used your telekinesis to open the door your full hands could touch and entered the room as quietly as possible so you wouldn’t disturb Yaoyorozu and Jirou, laying on the floor in a meditative trance. The cat, who seemed to take a liking to you, followed you through the door and hopped up on your bed. You were sure you’d be getting an earful from Yaoyorozu in the near future but at that moment, you didn’t care.

Carefully you lifted your mum out of its pot and slathered the mud on the inside. You dusted some residual soil away from the chrysanthemum, careful not to bother its roots too much, and gingerly placed it back in its home. You looked at the cat whose tail was swishing back and forth on your bed and said, “I hope this works.”

You ended up taking a shower so you wouldn’t be tempted to obsessively stare at the flower, hoping it would react, and so you could get the rest of the mud and the gross feeling Monoma left you with off your body. When you came out, you saw the cat sniffing around your pot. You ran to it, making the cat hustle away from your dripping wet hair, and let out a jubilant squeal when you saw that not only had the flower risen once again but a second chrysanthemum was budding out of your mud!

“Will you be quiet?” Came a hiss from Yaoyorozu who was still lying on the floor.

You covered your grin in your hands and hopped onto your bed. The cat rubbed himself on you as your spread your legs out, ecstatic and staring at your flower. You did it! You figured it out! You’d have to thank Monoma for being such a toolbar later on.

The cat nestled himself on top of your body and began to purr. It was nice enough to lull you to sleep which you appreciated because even though your body had been seriously drained of energy, you probably wouldn’t be able to pass out thanks to your thrill. You stroked the cat until your eyes grew heavy and you fell into a much needed rest.

You started to dream about Aizaw congratulating you on a job well done. Even in your dream you thought it was ridiculous that you adored being praised by him, but you figured that was what your mind needed. You probably wouldn’t be talking to him about the chrysanthemums unless he asked about them.

You were grateful that you were able to sleep but unfortunately, someone else had other plans for you.

Your body felt like it was being sucked into a whirlpool. Your head was spinning and your stomach turned. You tried to grip the sheets to keep you grounded but the only thing you found below you was stone floor. You jerked your head up to find yourself back in the high tower class with the eleven other chosen kids looking just as confused as you were.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Came the booming laughter from the center of the room.

Your rubbed your eyes and frowned at the giant boisterous man grinning at all of his students. The Supreme, master of all seven affinities, Toshinori Yagi, stood mighty and proud and saltines you all. “There’s no time for you to rest dear students!” He blasted out. “Not when the trials are about to begin!”

The other students groaned in unison and you found yourself chewing on your cheek, annoyed at being summoned in the dead of fucking night. Yaoyorozu was right. All warlocks were entitled as fuck.


Chapter Text

You thought that you had enough embarrassment for a whole week but standing there in the lounge, arms wrapped around your torso as your tried your best to cover your embarrassing pajamas adorned with little kitty faces, you found yourself blushing more furiously than ever, though everyone else was in there sleepwear as well. Even so, most of the boys had on sweats, their chests either bare or they had tank tops on, and every one of them were so muscular. You hadn’t thought that Sero was the type of guy that worked out but even he was lean! It was intimidating. You weren’t built like that.

At least the girls, who had similarly embarrassing pajamas on, if not more sensual , had the shield of their own friendship on their sides. They paid each other compliments while you stood there shivering and ready to dip out at any moment. You wanted to go back to bed.

“WELCOME, students, to Curses, Hexes, and Affinities!” Bellowed the far too enthusiastic golden haired warlock in the center of the room. “I’m sure you all know who I am but, just in case, I’m your Supreme, Toshinori Yagi! You may refer to me as Supreme Yagi, Professor Yagi, or, if you’d like, All Might!”

You cringed at his self-inflicted title, ‘ All Might,’ had chosen for himself. As if the witching world didn’t already understand that he was basically the embodiment of magic himself, he had to give himself such an absurd nickname. You weren’t trying to think so negatively about the man who was pretty much your king, it’s just that he abruptly zapped you out of bed so he could scream in your face. It was a lot to handle.

“NOW, I know this class is called Curses, Hexes, and Affinities, but I’ll be filling your young minds with much more! There just wasn’t enough room on your class lists for enchantment, bewitching, jinxes, and advanced spell casting,” All Might flashed a charming grin, “come to think of it, this class should have just been named advanced spell casting… and dueling! Because, of course, none of you will be able to make it through the trials without learning how to duel properly!”

Excited murmurs echoed throughout the room. You folded into yourself just a little more. You hadn’t been in a caster duel since before middle school and that was before you’d even gotten your affinity for telekinesis. You just used silly enchantments your mother taught you and the companion you were fighting thought it was a riot. You had no offensive skills whatsoever!

“And we’ll be learning about your affinities and trying to enhance your abilities while simultaneously awakening the other affinities you may wield. Though casters who participate in these trials are almost always guaranteed a seat on the High Council though, they will accept only the strongest witches and wizards in there and what you don’t have in power will have to be made up for with technique.”

The High Council was a legislative body of casters and other magical beings who pretty much make up the government over your community. They’re pretty much over-powered big shots but nothing compared to the Supreme who had the final say over laws and any sort of parliament. One warlock in the high council was actually was actually Shouto Todoroki’s father, an extremely powerful warlock infamous for his spotty temper. You wondered how that kind of pressure affected Todoroki.

All Might continued, “Of course, the warlock or witch who will become the supreme this year will have the power of all seven affinities on their side but not after they win THIS!”

A brilliant beam of light shot out of All Might’s head and suddenly, a blindingly bright golden crown shined off of the top of him, lighting up the room. The Supreme’s crown. Whatever the final task the champions of the trials had to perform, it was going to involve that gleaming crown.

All Might cast a smile that was almost as effulgence as his crown at every student whose eyes widened at its magnificence. Even you couldn’t help but drop your jaw at the sight, the light was so incredible that you could hardly even see it! It really was something special.

“BUT WE’LL GET TO THAT LATER,” All Might yelled and as soon as the crown appeared, and the room seemed much darker than it had been before the crown.

“Grab a partner, students! I’d like to see how capable you all are with your dueling skills and we can only see what we need to practice on by doing!”

A partner?! Oh shoot, oh god, ohhhh no! Your eyes immediately shot to Tsuyu Asui. You’d known her to be more of a pacifist and as another T.Di witch, you’d probably get on better than anyone else. Unfortunately, her arm had already been linked with Mina Ashido’s. Yoayorozu and Jirou were obviously paired together and you narrowly avoided Monoma, who still had one very donkeylike ear protruding out of his head and a snakelike smile saved for you but he was swept away by Kendou.

It was high school bullshit like this that was hard. Sure, you didn’t excel in many of your classes but to change that, you’d simply just have to study more. When it came to social things, you were already the ‘tiddy witch,’ and it was harder for you to talk to anyone. You already felt like everyone formed a negative opinion about you. You weren’t a ‘nerd,’ they were probably more socially accepted at your school, you were an outcast, an ‘other.’  So you were pretty much the equivalent of the last kid to be picked for dodgeball and it always, always stung.

You were so stuck in your own head that you hadn’t noticed yourself staring right into Hitoshi Shinsou’s sleepy eyes. He did not have a partner yet. Maybe he didn’t have any friends either but that was not without reason. Before you could even consider asking him to join you, a grin appeared in his face as he took in your appearance. He lifted a brow at your cat pajamas and instead of letting him say anything snarky or demeaning, you turned on your heel and noped yourself hard away from him, hoping it wasn’t entirely obvious how threatening you thought he was, and, instead, found yourself an excited looking Midoriya.

You gave him a small wave and asked, “partners?”

Sero, using his transmutation, popped himself next to Midoriya and slung an arm around him. “Sorry, sorry, but Midoriya is spoken for! He said he wanted to pick my brain and I’m ready to give him every handicap he can get!”

Your eyes widened at Sero’s blatant call out on Midoriya’s unfortunate hindrance. Sure , everyone knew that Midoriya wasn’t as strong as everyone else but for Sero to say something about it in front of him was just stone-cold.

A pink blush bloomed over Midoriya’s freckled cheeks and he smiled bashfully at you. “If I had known you’d wanna be my partner, I wouldn’t have asked Sero…”

That was sweet of him to say! Sometimes Midoriya could be really cute in a charmingly awkward way. Maybe in the future, you could call permanent dibs over Midoriya.

“Awww,” Sero laughed, “you’ll get her next time! Anyways,” he grabbed your shoulder and spun you around to show you a dazed looking Todoroki, “have you met Shouto?”

With that, he gave you a slight push in Todoroki’s direction. Aghast, you tried to walk backwards but you tripped over your own two feet and grabbed onto Todoroki’s shoulder.

“Oh,” he turned towards you and you backed yourself up, afraid to upset him by being too close. If he was anything like Enji Todoroki then he did not want to be touched. “Do you need a partner?”

“Uh,” your eyes scanned across the room as quickly as you could think. The only people who were left were Shinsou who was cleaning his nails, unphased by how you treated him, and Bakugou who was scowling fervently at the unsuspecting indigo haired warlock. The only way you’d ask Bakugou to be your partner was if you’d want to fucking die. So you had to make do with simply one of the best spell casters at your school.

“Yes…” You hoped it didn’t look like you wanted to be his partner, at least not to anybody else. Yoayorozu had made that crude comment about getting to be where you were because of an indecent relationship with Professor Aizawa which had nothing to do with anything and you didn’t want anybody to think that you were just some hussie, desperate to be paired with the guy who was subjectively the most handsome warlock in school. If anything, you were put off by Todoroki’s reserved nature. You were already so far in your own head on your opinions about other people strictly based off how they looked at you and the fact that you couldn’t really read Todoroki made you uncomfortable. You’d heard that he was a bit of an arrogant prick because of his abilities, then again, what warlock wasn’t arrogant. That answer would be, Midoriya, who just pulled out his wand. God…

Todoroki nodded and stood by your side to face towards the supreme. You watched the rest of your classmates form a circle around All Might with their partners; Bakugou and Shinsou didn’t even have to say anything to each other, they just bitterly accepted that they’d been paired by default. It’d probably be a better pairing if you had ended up with Shinsou and Todoroki was with Bakugou, that way the power imbalance wouldn’t be so vast but you couldn’t stop yourself from being a scaredy cat and though Todoroki was frightening in his own way, at least he wouldn’t be talking much with you.

“Alright, so think of this as a light scrimmage,” started All Might, “some of you are more advanced than others. That being said, none of you are to use spells that may injure the other caster. We’re still in class anyways and harming another student with magic goes against the school’s code of conduct. The trials will be different of course but it is still important to learn more about spells that don’t completely tear their victims apart. So the rules go as follows: three matches, no affinity use besides telekinesis, and no curses. Charms, jinxes, enchantments, and hexes may be used as long as they do not harm your opponent physically. A match is won by the first dueler that can subdue their opponent either in paralysis or full body neutralization. The first dueler with two wins advances on while the loser takes notes with the others. Any questions?”

Charms, jinxes, hexes, enchantments, and curses were all different types of spells casters learn throughout their years at Hollowstone. You pay down hard against your thigh, trying to recall any spells that could give you a fighting chance against the dual-hair colored warlock beside you. Charm and enchantment type spells usually carried a more light or neutral nature to them and those were the spells you were better at performing. Charm spells were used to add properties to creatures or objects by changing the way something might act. A candle could float to a caster if they use their telekinesis to make it do so but to keep the candle in the air without exerting any unnecessary power, a caster could choose to put a levitation charm on it. But charms were a broad term used for most spells. Charms were used for conjuring, summoning, protecting, and fighting but there were other classes that focused on those categories.

Enchantments were just a subcategory of charms that were usually placed on places and objects rather than people and are commonly used for protection. Last year, when the school merger was new, the faculty had put enchantments on both the witches’ and warlocks’ dorms to make sure there weren’t any after-hour canoodling going on but after the ever determined students found a way around those enchantments, they were broken. Enchanted objects, like the door Aizawa used to get back into the greenhouse quickly, were another common sight in your world. Many casters had enchanted mirrors or dressers to tell them how they look or how to dress while kids could enchant their stuffed animals to act as if they were real if, let’s say, they were allergic to real animals. Enchanting objects animated them in a way.

If one were to use an enchantment on another person, that enchantment would turn into a bewitchment. Bewitching was started by casters who envied other casters who had the power of concilium and wanted to exert control over other people. States of bewitchment ranged from an overall dazed state where a caster could be put into a better mood for long periods of time  to absolute change in personality, which could lead to obsessive devotion towards maniacle casters who’d assaulted their bewitched victims, often displayed in illegal cases of ‘consensual slavery.’ Changing the way someone might act or feel for unnecessary purposes was against the school’s code and could lead to immediate expulsion. About a decade ago, there had been a warlock who bewitched his witch daughter so she would excel more in school and because the enchantment was so strong and not well thought out, the witch didn’t eat, sleep or socialize which lead to her getting hospitalized due to malnourishment and her father was thrown into prison for unlawful use of magic.

Jinxes and hexes were closer to the darker side of magic in a way that they had a negative effect on their victims. Jinxes were more of a momentary irritation, spells that didn’t last long but were packed with a punch. A lot of students used jinxes in the halls to pull pranks on their friends; they could cause someone to topple over at random or have one’s bag to spit out the contents whenever someone tried to put something new in it. Jinxes were like practical jokes while hexes were a tad bit nasty. Hexes affected victims in mean, physical ways like when Jirou and Yaoyorozu turned Monoma into a donkey. Hexes wear off in time or they can be reversed with the right type of magic. One could use hexes in duels if they’d rather play by malicious rules rather than decent ones. If a caster wanted to stop their opponents in their tracks, there was a nice stunning spell they could use but there was always a more colorful option when it came to using hexes. For example, making someone vomit spaghetti even though they hadn’t had any, could always stop an offender from attacking.

You were pretty much only adept in charms that made your life easier; the ones that unlocked doors or gave you light when you couldn’t see but you were pretty great at defensive spells thanks to Mirio Togata. If he hadn’t scared the living daylights out of you last year then you wouldn’t be a target for so many ‘jokes’ down in the dungeons and wouldn’t have learned how to defend yourself from jinxes, hexes, and certain affinities. You wondered if Todoroki already knew that about you.

“None?” Asked the Supreme. Your classmates were probably too antsy to get started to think of anything.

“Alright!” All Might clapped his hands together and the walls in the room began growing larger while the floor started to explains all the while making the sort of noise a balloon would make while getting blown up. Soon the room grew to about five times the size and your head was spinning from the sudden change. It was hard to believe that this room could fit on the top of the high tower and you were beginning to believe you weren’t in that building at all. “Remember students, no harming your opponent!”

You turned to Todoroki, still not having a clue as to what you were going to attempt to use against him. He looked at you stoic as ever and said, “I have no intention of going easy on you just because you’re a witch.”

…?! Pardon ?! You were just about to come up with a retort when All Might shouted, “begin!”

Todoroki’s right hand shot up and he made a triangle motion with it; he was going to use a jinx. Students were taught in their first year how to cast spells without having to say the incantation but thinking it. The only way one could tell what kind of spell they were going to use was by looking at their hands: triangular formation for jinxes, circular for regular charms, rectangular for enchantments, and stars for hexes, though the more complicated the spell, the more complicated the hands motion could be, often involving two hands and a lot of concentration. There was no set motion when it came to curses because every spell that dark had a less than simple nature about them. But this match wouldn’t involve curses so it shouldn’t be too hard to see what Todoroki was planning.

You raked your hands through the air and exerted your telekinesis. There were two ways to use defensive magic in duels. One could either predict what spell their opponent was going to use and perform an anti-whatever property spell their going up against, or they could simply use telekinesis as a barrier. To defend against jinxes, one had to cut throw the air sort of like a cat to bat the spell down. So that’s what you did. Unfortunately, Shouto Todoroki was ambidextrous and you didn’t see him make a rectangular motion with his left hand.

Red light emanated from his finger tips and shot to your pajamas bottoms. You heard dozens of mewing coming from the now bobbing heads of the smiling kittens on your pants and you looked down to see the tie strings of your pajamas come undone and stretch out to latch onto your wrists, pulling them down to your sides. With a circular motion of Todoroki’s hands and a flick of his wrist he sent a stun spell your way and you were absolutely motionless.

You frowned. Though this outcome was predictable to begin with, you thought that maybe if you were more focused you could’ve blocked the spell, maybe by exerting more energy while using your telekinetic power with your mind, rather with your hands. Often times, you’d find yourself blowing things up when you were in distress like you did with Hizashi’s ‘angel kiss’ in the potions class but you’d let yourself get distracted and you weren’t thinking right. It was so… late, anyways.

Todoroki approached you and waved away the stunning spell and disenchanted your pajamas. He stopped to give you a look over. When he reached out to dust residual red magic dust off your shoulder, you thought about how Monoma put his hands on you, and flinched.

“Are you okay?” His stolid expression was so hard to read, you couldn’t tell if the question was genuine.

So you shrugged him off and hissed, “just get away from me!”

He retracted his hands immediately, same expression, same demeanor and it almost made you feel guilty. It wasn’t his fault you felt antsy and it sure as hell wasn't his fault you weren’t great at dueling but you couldn’t help yourself, not after what Yoayorozu said about warlocks being entitled. It wasn’t like winning a duel meant he had any claim over you and you were sure that wasn’t how he thought but still…! He didn’t need to fuss over dust on your shoulder…

The two of you watched in silence as the others finished their first matches. It bothered you that yours had finished in a matter of seconds but that only meant you had to try harder the second time. When everyone else finished All Might instructed you to start again.

Once again, Todoroki was fast at throwing spells your way but you were quicker to deflect. Jinx, charm, jinx, jinx, hex- you probably looked foolish swiping your hands through the air so fast but it didn’t matter. At the moment, you just wanted the match to last longer than before.

You let Todoroki get used to your deflecting and protecting yourself. In a game of Rock Paper Scissors, if someone kept throwing out scissors they’d keep losing to rock but their opponent wouldn’t be suspecting of a rock. You’d just need to know what kind of rock and it was a little too hard to focus with Todoroki firing rapidly. You had to do something eventually but you were afraid that even while he was distracted, your movements would be too big or obvious.

Without thinking too much about it, you decided to cast a spell that was neither offensive or defensive. Just a quick flash of light, enough to blind him momentarily, before you made a zigzag motion with your fingers and cast the first spell you could think of his way. It was something from your childhood.

Todoroki froze. His eyes narrowed while his mouth formed a tight line. For a moment, you thought you did the spell wrong. His face flushed and his body started to tremble. You were about to ask if he was okay when he opened his mouth and pink bubbles floated out of him. And then, the laughter came.

Todoroki clutched his stomach, lost in fits of choked up laughter while bubbles poured out of his mouth. It was odd seeing him like that. Laughing didn’t seem like it came natural to him but with the spell you used, he couldn’t help himself. You couldn’t stop yourself from grinning when he doubled down on his knees but your amusement stopped at quickly as it came when a blast of fire was sent your way.

You winced when the flames licked your arm and you hopped your way into a clearing. You could hear All Might yelling about how affinity use was prohibited but you wouldn’t let him interfere with your duel, not when you were about to win. Quickly, you used a stunned spell and Todoroki was locked frozen in an unwillingly jubilant position. The second match was over.

“You didn’t think I’d go easy on you just ‘cause your a warlock , did you?” You probably a little too smugly asked him as you waved away your charms.

Todoroki’s face was a bright red as he stood up, scowling back at you. You gulped in response. Curse your petty tongue, you didn’t want to make him mad!

“Young Todoroki,” All Might’s stern voice shook you from behind, “I strictly instructed you all not to use your affinities. And did you harm this young witch?!”

You turned towards your supreme. The look on his face didn’t match the charming, showy man you were listening to just a few minutes ago. A dark shadow fell over his vibrant blue eyes and the frown he had in drew creases in his cheeks. He was not happy in the slightest.

Todoroki scowled forward, reluctant to say anything.

“It’s not his fault,” you said, “I don’t think he could’ve helped it. He was… uh… being… tickled.”

What a stupid spell, you thought to yourself as you realized the entire class had witnessed the last couple seconds of your match. Here you were, wearing cat pajamas, tickling your opponent like a child.

All Might narrowed his eyes at you. “Are you hurt? Show me your arm.”

You held out your arm, the wrong arm , without really thinking about who you were lying too. “I’m completely fine.”

All Might clicked his tongue disapprovingly. He warned Todoroki once more not to use his affinities and if he did, he’d be getting detention, which really wasn’t any fun for anyone.

When All Might walked away Todoroki grabbed your arm and you stifled a yelp.

“You’re burned,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Nope,” you yanked your arm back. You did have a tendril if red running up your arm but it didn’t mean anything. You didn’t need a powerful warlock in trouble because of you. “And if I were, it was I get for… non-consensually tickling you. Let’s just finish this match.”

“No… I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Well, you’re in luck, because it didn’t happen so forget it did.” You got into your dueling position but Todoroki stood stock still.

“I’m not going to fight you,” he said.

You rolled your eyes. “Then, it’s your loss.”

“I’m not going to lose, either.” There he was, that arrogant prick.

“What- how do you suppose-!”

“BEGIN!” You were cut off by All Might’s booming voice.

Before you could think of any spells, before you could raise your hands in defense, and before the match could even start, it was over. Todoroki raises his right hand and ice rose with it, encasing your body up to your neck in a frozen prison. You couldn’t even twitch. Match over.

Your teeth chattered as you scowled at your triumphant opponent. He didn’t look happy about his victory and you didn’t know why, but that royally pissed you off. Maybe he was just going easy on you before.

He used his affinity to melt the ice until it was just a puddle underneath your shivering feet. You folded your arms across your chest, sheltering yourself from an uninvited stare that never came. He just looked sad.

“You should tell the Supreme you’re injured so you can be excused,” he looked at your arm, “I really didn’t mean to hurt a girl like that.”

“I’m not a girl, I’m a witch , and I’m not going to throw a fit over an accident.”

“And if there was a bigger accident, would you ignore that as well?” Todoroki’s brows narrowed down at you, finally showing a hint of emotion. “Honestly, I thought you were smarter than that but maybe I was wrong.”


“Okay, asshole, ” you raised a pointed finger and poked him in the chest, “I don’t need someone like you evaluating my intellect!”

“Someone like me?” He grabbed your wrist and you snarled back at him. Somewhere deep inside your head you were yelling at yourself for picking a fight with Shouto Todoroki. “Pray do tell, who do you think someone like me is?”

“A pompous rich kid who gets whatever he desires because his bigshot daddy is in the High Council!”

“HA!” You could hear Bakugou bark out a laugh from across the room. Shit , were people watching you? Again??

Todoroki squeezed your wrist, his frigid stare colder than the ice he had locked you in. You didn’t care, fuck him for belittling you; you did that enough to yourself on your damn own. He should have at least thanked you for not ratting on him or maybe apologize for burning you in the first place! Did this silver spoon jerk’s family forget to teach him any manners while he was growing up?!

You were so mad, you could feel the hair on your head standing up; your telekinesis was peeking out through your emotions again.

All Might cleared his throat from behind the two of you, his giant shadow casting down on you. “I believe that your match is over.”

Todoroki loosened his hold on you, not quitting his startling stare and you tore your hand away from his but you didn’t break away from the grim contact.

All Might put his hand on your shoulder. “It’s time for you to take notes now, young lady.”

“Tsss.” Finally, you stepped to the side. What was the use in getting mad if you couldn’t really do anything about it. You were just tired, there was no helping anybody who was ripped away from sleep and forced to fight a fight they couldn’t win.

You sat next to Shinsou, keeping a comfortable amount of distance between the two of you. He was the only other student who finished their fight. You could feel his eyes on you and it only made you wish for your night to be over even more.

“I like the cats on your pajamas,” he said.

Was he messing with you now? You shot him a look but he was unphased by it.

“Yeah?” You said. “Sometimes they meow.”

He let out a low chuckle. You turned your head away and watched the others finish their matches. How were you supposed to take notes without any pens or notepaper?

“I’d like to see that sometime.”

Heat rose in your cheeks. Was the T.Co warlock hitting on you or was he just weird? You peeked at him but he was just staring at the other students. Before you could think much more on it, Sero zapped himself in front of you.

“So,” he grinned, “you’ve met Shouto.”

“I met him alright ,” you muttered, “and you lost? To Midoriya?”

Sero sat between you and Shinsou and you could feel the heat radiating off of him. He was sweating. “Ohhh yeah, big time! I was honestly surprised myself. He’s just… really fast and not just in movement. Like, he thinks really fast too. I was depending far too much on my clairvoyance and I think I let that get the better of me… but it’s all good though! I think he needed that win more than I did and it’s not like this counted for anything and it kinda serves me right for saying he needed a handicap. The kid’s still got a wand .”

He was right. These duels didn’t mean anything so why did you let them put you in such a foul mood?

“So!” Sero slapped his hands in his thighs and turned towards Shinsou. “Note-taking, amiright?”

“We don’t have anything to take notes with,” you said.

“Oh!” He held out his hands and notepad and a pen appeared. He handed them to you and turned back to Shinsou. “You need one?”

Shinsou shook his head.

“Ooof, good ‘cause I am spent!

“I didn’t know you could conjure,” you opened the notebook and began scribbling down the spell you used on Todoroki. It was a stupid one but you might as well jot down the things you do know.

“Oh yeah, I can bring out this and that- small things,” he laughed, “but I am nothing compared to Momo who is on her way over here riiight now!”

“You sure have a lot of energy,” she mused, standing above all three of you.

“And you sure let your girlfriend win!”

Sero, ” Yoayorozu growled. Shinsou scoffed. Yoayorozu was still under the impression that her secret, not-so-secret relationship with Jirou was still a secret. As smart as she was, she could be totally blind in other ways.

“Ope, what I meant to say was you sure let your real close friend Kyouka Jirou win. Good on ya!” Sero shifted in his seat. “But the witch of the hour is sittin’ right here next to me! She actually won a round against Todoroki! Isn’t that something special?”

He let me win,” you bitterly protested. You glanced across the room to see Jirou, Midoriya, Bakugou, and Todoroki, standing around All Might watching Kendou and Monoma, and Ashido and Tsuyu finish up their fight. In an instant, Todoroki’s eyes met yours and you quickly averted your gaze. Stupid.

“Is that what you think?” Sero asked.

I think you should stop being a nosy punk , you thought loud enough for him to hear.

Sero snickered and watched Kendou and Monoma shake hands. “Looks like Kendou kicked his ass.”

“I’m hardly surprised,” Yoayorozu rolled her eyes, conjuring up her own pen and paper.

“Why’s that?” You asked.

“Monoma’s a great dueler and all but he really excels when he gets to use his affinity,” Sero answered for Yoayorozu. “Because he wasn’t allowed to use it, Kendou had the upper hand, figuratively and literally. The rules for these matches were in her favor since she could use her telekinesis. It looks like she gave him the beat down that he deserves.”

… that he deserves?

“Speaking of which…” Sero zapped himself up to Monoma’s side while he made his way over to your group. Sero grinned at him and Monoma gave him a funny look in return.

“You sure looked like an ass out there,” Sero made the snide comment regarding the deflating donkey ear on top of Monoma’s head.

“I’m sorry, is the warlock who lost to Izuku Midoriya trying to degrade me? That’s pretty comical.” Monoma looked Sero up and down and scoffed. Then his eyes slid over to you. “Did you take any good notes that you’d like to share? I saw your second match with Todoroki and I was quite impressed”

He took a step towards you but Sero stepped in front of him. Even Yoayorozu took a small, seemingly protective step closer to you. That was odd. Shinsou gave you a weird look and you gripped your pen hard. You didn’t understand what was happening.

“Sorry, but I’m not gonna let Mr. Bad-touch speak to any ladies tonight! You can sit your mule lookin’ buttnext to Mr. Shinsou and ask about his notes!”

Oh… oh no…

You stood up and clapped your notebook shut, drawing Sero’s attention back to you. Monoma, bored of their conversation, walked past him and sat by Shinsou, but not before grinning at you. He was a creep for sure, you knew that now, but that didn’t mean you wanted everyone to know about what happened between the two of you.

“Why would you say that to him, Sero,” you quietly demanded.

Sero bit his lip, and a considerably guilty look flooded his eyes. “Because he… because of what happened… yesterday.”

“And how do you know about that?” You hoped Yoayorozu hadn’t blabbed about what happened. Even if she hated you, you still hoped that she had the decency to keep something like that under wraps. Of course, Sero had his own way of getting information.

“You were thinking about it earlier. I couldn’t help but pry… a little bit.

“Sero, that was seriously personal! You can’t be digging around in my mind for things like that. If I wanted anyone to know, I’d tell them!”

“Yeah, you’re right. That was all on me, and I didn’t mean to offend or invade your privacy, it’s just… it wasn’t cool… of him. And I just wanted you to know that I’ve got your back. M’kay?”

“Stop sneaking into my mind!”

“Yeah!” Sero threw his hands up in defeat. “Yeah, I’ll try not to!” His face grew to a violent shade of red. You huffed and sat back down, hastily scribbling nonsense words to keep yourself from feeling overly exerted.

Sero came behind you and you could feel the tension wafting off of him. He was sorry and you could feel it.

Asui and Ashido finished their match. Ashido won and Asui hopped her way over to where the other losers sat. She didn’t look upset at all. You were kind of jealous. You wished you were able to take it easy around everyone else too.

After a moment of silence, Sero cleared his throat. “If you want, I could let you in on a little secret. There’s a way to keep clairvoyants out of your mind.”

“Oh yeah?” You tried to sound brightened by that news but your tone came out sarcastic. You squeezed your eyes shut.

“Yeah,” his tone dropped down to a whisper. “But this is between you and me okay?”

You took a deep breath and tried again. “Okay,” you whispered back, kinda like a child who was about to start an imaginary covert operation.

“All you gotta do, when you feel the tickle of anything foreign in your head, is put up a wall.”

...God, Sero, a wall?

“Yes, a wall! I mean like, it’s seriously as simple if just imagining a wall, like a sturdy brick wall, in your head. Reading minds can feel more physical to clairvoyants so if they’re hit with a wall, it’s a major setback! You just gotta think ‘wall.’”

You shook your head at him. He was pulling your leg.

“I’m not! Seriously, just try it! I swear to god, it works!”

“Fine, I’ll try it.” You looked at him expectedly and he gave you a half-grin. “Are you in there?”

“Oh, yeah, right, okay! Sorry, I just hate… walls, ha.”

You felt Sero creep into your mind. He floated around in there for a moment and you tried not to think about anything but your cat pajamas until… wall .

Sero grimaced and clutched his arm. “Yeah, like that, you got it!”

You furrowed your brows. “Does it hurt you?”

“Nah, it’s always just surprising. Not everyone knows about walls so it’s not really something that I’m used to… yet!” He grinned and, looking past your shoulder, he called, “isn’t that right, Hitoshi?”

You turned to see Shinsou laying on the floor staring up at the ceiling. He lifted his hand and gave Sero a thumbs up. Shinsou must’ve known about this mental  ‘wall.’ That might’ve made him a little more dangerous than you thought…

“Anyways, while you work on your mind wall, you should also try bringing down that social wall you’ve got goin’ on.”

“My social wall?” You surveyed Sero’s face. He had nothing but kindness and concern in his eyes.

“People often pick up what the put out, you know,” he said, “if you try being just a little more positive, people will start acting differently towards you. There’s three sides to every story.”

It was hard being positive while everyone else looked down on you though. Did he not understand that? You felt him buzzing around in your head so you threw another wall to keep him out.

Sero bounced back and laughed. “Nobody dislikes you! You just think that because you’re so pessimistic!”

“I’m not pessimistic,” you shook your head even though you knew that he could’ve been a little bit right. “I’m reasonable!”

“Mmm, I think not. Anyways,” he raised his voice, “ you’re shivering! You must be very cold after what happened with the ice prince!”

You narrowed your eyes. “I’m fine…”

“Your lips are blue,” he smirked and suddenly a heavy blanket was thrown over your head. You pulled it down into your lap and looked back to see Yoayorozu glaring at you. She conjured a blanket for you! That was… that was… what was that?

You turned back to give Sero a quizzical look and in response, he simply wiggled his eyebrows at you. “There’s three sides to every story,” he reminded. You wondered when he became such an observant advisory.


The second round of matches flew by without you even noticing them going on. You didn’t know who fought you but you saw that Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kendou came out victorious while Midoriya, Ashido, and Jirou sheepishly scooted their way away from their losses. Finally, All Might called it a night and excused the twelve of you. As you all collected your things Apl Might left you with one final send off, something that surprised the lot of you.

“I would like to inform you chosen students that this year's trials will be different than all of the others. Because of the merging of the boys and girls’ academies, it will be easiest for us to conduct our trials together as a whole. We are not warlocks and witches separately, we are a community. Having said that, during your tests, you’ll all be competing against each other, warlocks and witches against warlocks and witches. You will be examined separately so the selection of the high priest and priestess will be drawn equally but you will not be separated physically in your trials. Times can and will change and I hope… that somehow, someday, we’ll all be able to get along.”

But if you were all going to be competing against each other, wouldn’t that just draw a thicker line between witches and warlocks at your school. You hoped that wouldn’t be the case but you couldn’t help but wonder if these trials were going to be the start of something far more malicious than you originally thought.

While you made your way downstairs, Kendou called out to you and congratulated you on winning a round against Todoroki. You hadn’t ever really spoken to a Kendou before because she, like any other strong physical warlock, terrified you, but that you smiled at her compliment.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen a spell like that before!” Ashido popped herself to your side. “The bubbles were a nice added effect and seeing Todoroki’s face go as red as it did- priceless!”

“Thank you,” you weren’t expecting to be praised for such a silly spell but it made you feel warm in a way.

You glanced behind your shoulder and were instantly met with Todoroki’s apathetic eyes. You were sure he didn’t think what you did to him was ‘priceless,’ but it didn’t matter. You hardly cared what he thought about it anymore, at least, you didn’t want to care.  Sero nudged your shoulder, apparently beckoning you to continue the conversation.

“Uh-mm, if you’d like I could try and show you some other spells,” you offered, a blush creeping across your face. “I’ve got plenty of other spells I learned from when I was a kid. I don’t really think they can be used offensively but they’re still kinda fun.”

“For sure!” Ashido grinned. “That could be fun! I can show you some of my own spells too! We can all go practice during lunch someday soon!”

“Yeah… that would be… really cool actually.”

You cradled your arm, suddenly self-conscious. You hadn’t really hung out with any other witches in a very long time.

You felt a buzzing in your head and rolled your eyes. Wall.

Sero chuckled and leaned in close to your ear. “You’re learning,” he whispered.

Chapter Text

The week that passed had been a strange one. You’d spent half of your lunches eating under Hanging Harley’s tree with Midoriya, deciding to take a break from locking yourself in the school’s greenhouse on the off chance that Aizawa would be there instead of his Potions classroom. Midoriya had something to say about practically every subject in school and he speculated plenty on what kind of trials you were all going to go through based on what had happened in the trials of the past and what all of your teachers were focusing on in each class.

Attempting to wander outside your comfort zone, you spent the other half of your lunch breaks at a table with Sero and his friends, which was odd in its own way. Ashido, who you admired for being so comfortable around warlocks, was nice enough to engage with you in conversations that weren’t as overwhelming as Midoriya’s had been. She didn’t talk a whole lot about school, opting to chat to you about your home life and whether you knew any cute mortal boys, that had got you blushing, while Kaminari brought up the Cherry Moon Ceremony to you a few too many times, which might not have bothered you too much if he didn’t continue to refer to you as the ‘tiddy witch.’ Sero was still Sero, saying goofy things that had actually made you crack a smile a couple times. Still, he never did anything about Kaminari’s offensive behavior, even more so, when Bakugou made rude remarks about you sitting with them, Sero hadn’t stood up for you. Maybe he was expecting you to do that for yourself but thankfully for you, Bakugou’s demon summon, Kirishima, always apologized to you on Bakugou’s behalf. Still, you favored being berated with questions and one sided conversation alongside Midoriya under the tree over the tension that came with being around the temperamental T.Py warlock. That didn’t mean you were completely turned off from being more open to new people though.

In the Supreme’s class, you were woken up each evening at the stroke of midnight to learn more and more about offensive and defensive spells. You’d gotten your ass handed to you by Kendou more than a few times but you were in good spirits about it. Unlike Todoroki, Kendou didn’t hit you with everything she had immediately. She took her time with each spell, making her movements large enough for you to detect was kind of spell she was going to use so you could defend yourself properly. You knew she was doing this, in one way, to see where you were in your dueling abilities but you were sure a part of it was because she knew you weren’t, in anyway, nearly as good a fighter as she was, and decided to go easy on you. At least she never used her terrifying telekinetic hand power on you.

Herbology was still your favorite class despite your crumbling relationship with Aizawa. You were supposed to pair up with a partner (you actually managed to grab Sero before Kaminari did) and raise two different snapdragon plants from the same soil. Once both of your flowers were in full bloom by the end of the week, you could whisper into the plant and Sero could hear anything you had to say from across the greenhouse and vice versa. Communication even worked once you plucked the flower off of its stem and used a preservation spell on it to keep it in tact! The two of you spent a lot of your Friday class period messing around through your snaps, much to Aizawa’s discontent.

In Charms, you’d been learning different types of  finding spells, which you really didn’t need because of your Divination but you knew Midoriya had paid a whole lot of attention to Professor Kayama’s lessons. You were more distracted by the giant python that your teacher usually had draped across her shoulders, her familiar named ‘Dirty Secret.’ The cat that had found you the day you found out how to make your cute little mud concoction for your chrysanthemums didn’t follow you around everywhere but on most nights, he did end up in your room, curled up next to you while you slept before Yagi would indebtedly yank you out of bed with his summoning powers. After asking Kouda whether or not he was missing a black cat and he worriedly shook his head at you, you decided to name the cat ‘Koshka,’ which simply meant ‘cat,’ in Russian. You’d thought about asking Professor Kayama about familiars but decided against it, in case Koshka was your familiar, you didn’t want to get him or yourself in trouble.

In Magical history, you’d actually been learning about a lot of supernatural creatures and beings, specifically ghosts, demons, and something called the Goo Goo Muck. Professor Yamada was super stoked about the changing times and he was very friendly to the twelve chosen students but he was seemingly neglectful towards the rest of the class. They didn’t seem to mind. History, even while the yell-man talked about beings that were mythological to mortals, was seriously sleep inducing.

Runes and Writing was starting off slow since it was a pretty hard subject to grasp. If a caster were to use a rune, their penmanship had to be flawless, so the entire class was working on locking and unlocking runes, though it seemed pretty pointless because if you were really needed to unlock something, your telekinesis would be your key.

Conjuring and Summons was a rough class to place. Professor Kan had adept conjurers try to bring small things like apples and paper clips into the palms of their hands while he focused most of his attention on the stronger conjurers like Yaoyorozu and Bakugou; Yaoyorozu, who could conjure up an entire lunchroom table, replace it with an aquarium, and send it all back in the span of fifteen seconds, and Bakugou, whose pride and joy was summoning an actual demon from the underworld (who was actually quite charming), were probably the two students that Professor Kan has selected to participate in the trials, though there was no way to tell for sure. That was classified information. You wouldn’t even know who else Aizawa had selected, if anyone, as your counterpart competitor.

Speaking of Aizawa, he was dogging all of his students in his Potions class hard. Last year, when you had to learn how to brew something new, the entire class would spend at least a week or two on one potion and you would only move on when everyone had everything down. Now Aizawa was teaching you all new stuff everyday, rushing everyone through eye of newt properties and practically throwing salamander tails and any other reagents at your heads! You had to be quick with your fingers to make very meticulous potions in one day, or, at least, take very detailed notes on whatever Aizawa had to teach, or else you would be completely lost and there would be no going back until exam day. He was such a hardass in this class and though you had plenty of opportunities to chat with him in his Herbology class, you wanted so badly to say something, anything, that would make him crack a grin, the one you had been missing since you’d been avoiding him. In his Potions class, he barely looked at you and you didn’t know why, but it bothered the shit out of you. Of course, it wasn’t like you gave him the light of day in your morning class...

There was someone who was constantly looking at you. At the core of your bizarre week was Shouto Todoroki. One out of three times you glanced his way in any of your classes, you’d catch him staring at you and he didn’t have the decency to quickly look away when you glared back at him. You thought that maybe it was some sort of mental domination game he was playing with you but why ? There was no way that he could see you as a threat. Especially not in Potions while you fumbled around with your cauldron stirrer trying to focus on Aizawa’s quick lesson.

“What’s one key reagent you’ll need to brew a Capture Potion?” Aizawa inquired to his stressed class.

You broke your stare-off with Todoroki to glance down into your boiling cauldron. You weren’t making a Capture Potion at the moment, Aizawa just wanted to watch his class squirm some more. But you knew the answer. It was viper essence or bat wool, and if you wanted the potion to be super effective, you would add in some lemongrass. You’d learned that by reading through your Potions book the previous night with Koshka. You were actually a pretty good student in the class the previous year but since you hadn’t thought you would be taking Potions again this year, you never studied for it over the Summer and you had to get a move on, on your own by studying harder in your free time. However, you were fairly certain Aizawa hadn’t yet covered the Capturing potion class.

Sero raised his hand, “fang of snake?”

“I would appreciate it if you would wait to be called on Mr. Sero,” Aizawa sternly stated, crossing his arms over his dark chest, “and you’re wrong, though fang of snake could be used as a substitute in a desperate situation. Any other try?”

Nobody else raised their hand. You were sure you knew the answer but why risk the embarrassment of answering and being wrong?

Aizawa clicked his tongue in disappointment. Then, he looked at you and your heart did a little jump. Why was he suddenly paying attention to you?

Anyone else?” he asked pointedly. You felt the weight of his stare on your shoulders. You looked up and away from him, bent on not giving him the satisfaction of the answer. If he hadn’t covered it in class, why would he be expecting anyone to know? That was just bad teaching, Professor .

Your gaze went back to Todoroki who was lazily stirring his cauldron. His eyes flicked over to you and your face reddened. That was the first time he caught you looking at him first. Quickly, you shifted your eyes back to your professor who was still looking at you expectedly!

You opened your mouth and Aizawa quirked a brow. No, you thought. He had lectured you about wasting your potential and that was honestly part of the reason why you were studying harder for his class, but you didn’t want him to know that. You didn’t want to know that his little chat with you worked.

He continued his scrutiny but instead of calling on you, he named Shinsou, who hadn’t had his hand up.

“Wool of bat,” Shinsou said, sprinkling the last reagent into his cauldron to complete his potion. The cauldron started bubbling, filling the air with the aroma of sweetened apples. Shinsou waited for Aizawa to examine his assignment. Using a syringe, Aizawa transferred a portion of Shinsou’s potion into a vial, swirled it around and gave out a satisfactory hum. Shinsou was the first student to complete this assignment and he answered Aizawa with ease. Apparently he was really good with potions!

Aizawa roamed around the room to see that nobody else was anywhere near done. Finally, he said, “once you complete this assignment, continue on to brew the capture potion. Whoever finishes will receive extra credit.”

A chorus of curses could be heard throughout the class and you were happy to know that you weren’t the only one struggling. Perhaps Shinsou was actually the one person who was excelling! That was what you thought until you could smell the calming aroma of strawberries coming from Todoroki’s cauldron.

You were working on a pick-me-up potion, that was supposed to be a concoction that, upon ingesting it, would completely change one’s mood into a more cheerful one. Brewers were to know that this particular potion was ready for them when their work started to smell like something that made them happy. You didn’t know why, but knowing that strawberries made Todoroki happy, kinda humanized him a tiny bit for you. For a moment, he wasn’t the T.Py warlock who burned your arm and froze you in place during a dueling match, he was just a boy who liked strawberries.  

But you had to quickly brush that thought out of your mind. Because Todoroki was a better dueler than you, you had to find something (besides fucking plants) to beat him at!

You grabbed a handful of dragon scales and tossed them into the cauldron, which may have been a careless move if the reagent hadn’t been dragon scales, a very magically potent but versatile ingredient for a lot of potions. When your cauldron started to bubble and the floral scent of lavender tickled your nose, you cleared your throat, catching Aizawa’s attention before he could examine Todoroki. The side of Aizawa’s mouth twitched up into a half-grin and he blatantly changed his direction towards you. Todoroki seemed unphased by this conspicuous act of favoritism.

“Are we getting a little competitive?” Aizawa muttered under his breath while he fixed a vial full of your potion.

We are not doing anything,” you shot back at him, eyeing Shinsou who was already starting on the second potion. “I could just use a little extra credit, is all.”

“Of course,” Aizawa’s grin didn’t waver as he labeled the glass with your name. “You should know that, for you, there will be plenty of opportunities to receive extra points,” he paused when your brows furrowed slightly. Just for you? Your cheeks darkened. Aizawa cleared his throat, “you’d just need to participate a bit more.”

“Mhmm,” you tapped at your lab table, impatiently watching Shinsou. Even though Todoroki hadn’t yet been evaluated, he was already grabbing his reagents for the capturing potion as well. “So how did I do?”

“I’ll be examining the properties of your experiment after class. You can start your extra credit assignment now,” Aizawa pocketed your vial. “You do know what you’re looking for, don’t you?”

Without answering, you hopped out of your chair and hurried to the potions storeroom, where Aizawa kept all of the reagents, dried plants, and other ingredients that were ready to be brewed. Because you were in the dungeons, your Divination didn’t work as well. Whether it was because you had really bad anxiety because of how you were treated the previous year, or if it was because you were underground, was beyond you, so you just had to use your eyes in the large dark storage room.

You shuffled through jars of  the odd unmentionables filed through messy shelves that had weird commodities piled on top of each other. The dried lemongrass was the easiest to find but it wasn’t a key component in the potion, collections bar wool hung off of the lines that connected many full shelves together which was easy enough to call to you, and you already had an abundance of dragon scales at your table, but it was far too dark to find the viper essence since it would be in darker jars and the majority of what you were looking through were dark, improperly labeled (probably by lazy teacher’s aids from the past) jars. After letting out an aggravated groan, you jumped at the sound of moving glass behind you.

“Is this what you wanted?”

You turned to see Todoroki standing behind you, swirling around a jar full of a dark liquid suitably labeled ‘viper’s essence.’ He held out the glass to you. You looked past him to see a full shelf of the essence that you just had missed in your rushed pursuit. How embarrassing. But you didn’t need any help from this guy. In fact, out of the need to be irrationally stubborn, you walked over to Todoroki, leaned in so your head squared up with his, and reached around his body to grab your own jar.

His eyes widened slightly at your bold move, you were so close to him that you could get a whiff of the spearmint aroma of his breath. “I guess you don’t need my help.”

“You guessed right,” your cheeks began to burn and you were sure Todoroki could feel the heat radiating off your body that embarrassed you even further. There was something about being alone in a closet with a warlock that you… that you didn’t want to think about.

Todoroki’s eyes trailed down to your lips and as soon as you could blink, they were back on your eyes. What the hell was that and why did it make your stomach flutter?!

“How’s your arm?” He asked. Your school blazer, that was more of a long bell-sleeved, robelike cloak than a blazer, covered it up but your arm had swirling red scar around it. Todoroki had done more damage to you than you had thought. You were probably just too full of anxious adrenaline to even tell you actually had gotten hurt.

“It’s fine.” You were turning into quite the liar now, weren’t you?

“I don’t believe it could be fine,” Todoroki looked towards your sleeve. He reached out but instead of grabbing you, like it seemed like he was going to, his hands only hovered over your wrist. You didn’t respond.

“Can I ask you something,” Todoroki inquired in a low, hushed tone.

“Maybe later,” you blurted before you pulled back hurriedly exited the closet. Ears burning, you sat back down at your table, magicked your cauldron clean and started working on your next potion.

Sero, who’d been sitting next to you the entire class period, leaned towards you and whispered, “you were in that closet with Mr. Shouto Todoroki for quite some time.”

“Was I?” You started mixing in the wool of bat into your concoction.

“You were,” Sero grinned. “Are you thinkin’ you’ll be making some more friends? Or will he be more than just a friend?”

“Absolutely not!” You tried not to let Sero fluster you even more than you already were. There was no way you were thinking those kinds of thoughts for Todoroki, the arrogant prick . “He hates me!”

“I think not, missy. But what do I know?” Just then, you could feel Sero rushing through your mind. You mentally rolled eyes at him and hit him with a wall . In response, he snickered. “Ah, c’mon. I’m only trying to figure out how to finish this potion! Won’t you help a friend out?”

You clicked your tongue and peered over at yellowish gray liquid in his cauldron. It wasn’t completely hopeless but he sure was messy . Sero also hadn’t known he’d be taking Potions 3 this year. In a moment of pity, you whispered some basic instructions into your snapdragon bell that Sero could listen to on repeat when needed until you sent your next message. You tossed in some of your dragons scales into his cauldron for good measure.

“You’re the best, T.Di!” Sero nudged your shoulder and it was such a small statement, but still, your heart warmed up a little bit. It felt nice to ‘help a friend out.’

You measured out a good portion of the vipers essence and when it came to the lemongrass, which wasn’t necessary to complete the potion, you grabbed a handful of the dried plant from its jar and an idea came to your head. The capturing potion was supposed to be used as a defensive product. When thrown at an attacker and the vial would break, then a silver lining with magnetic and cotton like material would erupt from the liquid potion and attach itself to the nearest person and wrap around said person’s body, binding them. Lemongrass would make the silver material heavier and harder to cut through when the neutralized individual eventually starts thrashing around in an attempt to escape. But if you had live lemongrass, you could cut that open and bleed the juice out of it, and you were certain that more liquid properties would act as a stickier substance! So, you grabbed a handful of the dried up plant, placed it on the table, and held your hands up around the reagent. Your hand started to warm and as quickly as a yawn came out of your mouth, the lemongrass was fully alive! Your resurgence wasn’t good for nothing!

“Nice one,” Sero remarked as he continued his previous experiment, though you were sure he didn’t know what the hell you were doing. Still, you were bringing shit back to life, which you could admit was pretty neat. Aizawa has his eyes on you as well but instead of the playful expression he had earlier when he was closer to you, his face was stern as he watched you use your knife to bleed as much juice as you could out of the plant. You dropped the rest of it into your cauldron, added some dragon scales for good measure, and stirred it what you thought was the proper amount.

You ended up being the fourth person done with the second potion behind Shinsou, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu, who you weren’t watching because all she had to do was conjure up anything and everything she needed. She was one of the few students who was going to be in Potions 3 even before the selection of the chosen twelve and it didn’t really burn you to be beaten by her. Nothing really mattered until the trials, and you didn’t really know how you felt about winning any of those anyways.

What did burn you was losing to Todoroki and you didn’t exactly know why. He was a top student and you hadn’t ever been one to be too competitive… well, no that wasn’t true. You were competitive with Shiozaki even though she didn’t give more than two damns about you before The Choosing. And your first year, you’d been a little combative with Yaoyorozu but that was in good fun when you two were friends… and you got a sense of pride when you were the second person to finish your assignment…

Okay, so, you were a little bit competitive but that didn’t explain why you wanted to pick a fight with the Todoroki heir. He just irked you. Even though he hardly spoke and he hadn’t ever said anything to you besides ‘I’m gonna beat you,’ and ‘bitch, why you lyin’?’

When class ended, Todoroki waited at the door, seemingly for you, but Aizawa called you and Shinsou to his desk, and Todoroki, not willing to wait, thank goodness, disappeared with the thrum of students.

Aizawa shrugged his professor’s robe off and you tried to look around at anything that wasn’t him. Another strange happening this week was in your dreams when Aizawa would appear in them. He’d whisper sweet things to you and they were always very reassuring, sometimes a little bit flustering, but when you wake up, you’d always be very puzzled. You thought that maybe it was recurring because you were upset with the nature of your current relationship with him. Hizashi was right, Aizawa was your only friend and it hurt hearing him say that because you knew that Aizawa must’ve mentioned something like that to your teacher and that hurt. Now because of Hizashi and because of Sero, you were trying to open up more but you weren’t ready to be friendly with Aizawa again. Not yet. Even if, because of these odd dreams, you were beginning to notice Aizawa’s broad shoulders and how he was actually kinda handsome with his hair tied up when before you’d found his dungeon look intimidating. Shame on you for developing a schoolgirl crush.

“The two of you,” Aizawa started, “don’t need me, but you should know I have my eye out for you.”

You exchanged glances with Shinsou. He must’ve been the second student Aizawa recommended for The Choosing. Of course he was. He was an excellent potion maker and though he was pretty reserved, Aizawa saw potential in a lot of people who seemed invisible. Besides Shinsou’s family’s reputation, he kinda would be one of those invisible kids. Before you were chosen, you were one of them as well.

“I said this before to the group but I’d like to emphasize this more with you two. Though in a way, you could be each other’s competition one day, for the time being, I do suggest that you keep an eye out for one another. While one of you may have weakness, the other has strength. I have faith that if the two of you work well alongside each other, you’ll both be able to carry yourselves far in this competition.”

That was odd of him to say. Between you and Shinsou, if one of you had a weakness while the other had strength, that would mean you were carrying all the weakness. What, was Shinsou really bad at finding things and he needed your help with that, just like Midoriya? Or was Shinsou always accidentally killing-!

You stopped yourself from thinking that. He was the son of two dark casters and you didn’t know too much about his abilities other than his Concilium. He could very much have issues with… darker magic that you didn’t even want to imagine. Fuck it, you had to admit you were scared of him. Even if he was your counterpart, why would Aizawa want you working with someone like Shinsou?

“And I think you two will work well together,” Aizawa continued.

“A match made in heaven,” Shinsou suggested.

Don’t be absurd ,” Aizawa snapped, making you jump slightly. That was an oddly personal reaction on Aizawa’s end but Shinsou didn’t seemed phased by it.

Alrighty then, maybe a match made in hell, ” Shinsou said under his breath. The thought made your skin prick. You honestly hadn’t thought about making it to the end of the trials but if you did, in the highly unlikely scenario you were to become the High Priestess, you’d have to fight whichever warlock made it to High Priest for the crown, and if you didn’t win, you’d have to marry him. The thought of not picking who you were going to spend the rest of your life with always sounded like bullshit to you but now it sounded like an absolute disaster. A match made in hell .

“This is in no way romantic companionship and I hope the two of you keep things between you to platonic so to not skew your judgement or distract you when the trials begin, which will be very soon, might I add,” Aizawa was getting frustrated. You’d only ever seen him pissed off when he was mad at a student for doing something stupid. “Having said that, the Cherry Moon Ceremony will begin shortly after your first trial and I would hope the two of you have decent enough heads on your shoulders to avoid going to that, and consider joining me in guided meditation and possibly some spell work.”

You weren’t even planning on going to the Cherry Moon Ceremony but what Aizawa was suggesting sounded boring as hell. He had to know that just was not going to happen. Meditation isn’t necessary for casters but some people opted to do it to focus on leveling out their magical energy. One could do it alone or, like Yaoyorozu and Jiro, a caster could do it with somebody they trusted. You did your own meditation when you smoked your lavender but thinking about meditation with Shinsou wasn’t something you’d ever really consider. You didn’t know him well enough.

“Sorry, Professor, but won’t the ceremony be a good opportunity for us to harvest magic? Because the ceremony requires-,” Shinsou side-eyed you. Don’t you say it. Don’t you fucking say it. “-virgins, there will be a lot of powerful energy in the air that the others would be… basking in. It’s not something a lot of people should miss out on.”

“There’s energy with meditation but you can do whatever you want. My offer still stands.” Aizawa switched his attention towards you. “Are you feeling alright?”

How many times was your virtue going to be mentioned in your lifetime?! Casters were goddamn animals, you could swear it right then and there!

“I’m fine,” you lied, “is that all you had to say? I’d really like to get home to my cat-! My plants. Catplants.” You stupid discombobulated virgin, shut your damn mouth. “I’ve got plants that sure look like cats!”

“You’ve got a cat?” Shinsou asked.

Plants .”

“One more thing,” Aizawa finally changed the subject before your head melted off your shoulders. He held out too vials full of a dark purple liquid that nearly sparkles as it swirled around in the container. “I assume the two of you already know what the first trial will be.”

Yes. The first trial had always been the most boring test before things would pick up and get wild. It was maybe the only trial you had a fighting chance at getting ahead in. You just had to study more.

“Potion brewing,” Shinsou answered confidently. It wouldn’t matter if Shinsou was a fantastic brewer because you weren’t exactly competing with him yet but it did bother you a bit that he was better at it than you were and you hadn’t known until today. You thought your observations skills were astute.

“That is correct,” aizawa pushes the vials over to you and Shinsou. “Take these and study their properties. If you can find a way to conceal them property, that would be perfect.”

Conceal them properly…? Was Aizawa suggesting that the two of you cheat on the first trial? Witches and warlocks were known to be tricky, and being cunning was the essence of being a high ranking caster but you’d never expect Aizawa to be one to be so… morally gray. You grabbed the vial full of swirling liquid and examined it closely. For a second, you thought you’d seen a face press up against the glass and you quickly averted your eyes. “What is this?”

“Serum of darkness,” Aizawa placed his hands back down on his desk and watched let out a long, exhausted sigh. “That’s all I’m letting you know. I hope you know that I will not be aiding either you any further when it comes to the trials. As your teacher and your representative, I hope you take to considering joining me in meditation. If not during the ceremony, then some other time,” he turned towards you. Aizawa took a moment before asking, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“She’s just rattled because you suggested that she and I date,” Shinsou smirked.

Agitated, Aizawa’s lips twitched up. “ I did no such thing !”

“Relax, Professor,” Shinsou’s eyes found yours and you gulped. “She’s not really my type.”

!!! What! Not his type?!

The hair on the top of your head started to float up and you quickly patted it down. You looked to your teacher to see if he was going to say anything but he just looked annoyed.

“I don’t… want to be your type!” You spat.

“No?” Inattentive indigo eyes blinked at you and his smug grin bolstered, flashing you his pearly white canines, “then why do you look so upset about it?”

“That’s enough,” Aizawa interjected.

“I’m not upset!” You shot back. The school papers on Aizawa’s desk began to rise.

You should try channeling your anger into something constructive , Aizawa’s words rang in your head. You bit your tongue and the papers fell back down to the desk. Aizawa shared a look with Shinsou and he tilted his chin down, and it almost seemed like he nodded.

Shinsou inhaled and turned back towards you. “Maybe if you weren’t so frigid -,” he began but before he could finish, a cauldron flew across the room, splashing bubbling potion across a couple tables.

You gasped and covered your mouth as you watched the liquid corrode away the wood. You did that. Your second freak out in front of Aizawa. What the hell was your problem.

“I’m- I’m so sorry, Aizawa. That was an accident. I can fix that. I just-,” your breath hitched. Fuck, fuck , speak damn it!

Aizawa shook his head. “You can excuse yourself. I’d like to have a word with Mr. Shinsou alone.”

You dropped the vial in your bag and headed out the door, trying to catch your breath. That was completely uncalled for on Shinsou’s behalf. It wasn’t like you’d ever done anything to him to make such a rude comment about you. Sure , you hadn’t thought very nice things about the dark casters’ son but you couldn’t recall a time where you said anything like ‘hey bad man, I don’t like you.’

You stomped down the dungeon halls, muddled and exhausted. The week was finally over and though it had some perks, it had to end with Shinsou coming at you with some wacky attitude that you didn’t ask for. To think you had started to feel a little guilty about thinking so lowly of him before! Well, it didn’t matter now. You got to go home and spend the weekend getting the rest you had been yearning for.

Or so you thought.

At the end of the dungeon hall, you could see a figure move in the dark. Hesitantly, you stepped to the side, brushing your arm against the cob stone walls. The figure followed your motion and you gulped. Suddenly, a light erupted from what you could now tell were arms and you knew you were facing a T.Py warlock and you thought Todoroki finally had his chance to, ‘ask you something.’

Or. So. You. Thought!

“Hey,” an angry, hoarse voice called from the end of the hall. Katsuki Bakugou’s face was barely lit by the fire emitting from his hands but you could see his terrifying scowl well. “I wanna talk to you.”

Instead of responding, you turned in your heel. There was one another entrance into the dungeons and maybe you weren’t so much to Bakugou that he would follow you! It was too bad your heard the meteoric sound of a blast from behind you, signalling the rapid approach of the ill-tempered blonde.

You yelped when his hand crashed down on your shoulder and yanked you back and into his light. You were positive he could see the fear in your eyes as he held his explosive hand over your face.

Still, you swallowed your dismay and barked out a thunderous, “keep your hands off of me!”

Panic got the better of you and you pushed your hands against his chest, letting out a weak telekinetic blast; the power was just enough to shoot him back about five meters.

He used his affinity to shoot himself upright before slamming against the wall opposite of you. Your chest turned to ice when the blaring sound of his explosions ricocheted around the dungeon. Your palms started to sweat. You couldn’t help but think about how petrified you were the previous year. You tried to catch your breath but you couldn’t and it didn’t seem like Bakugou noticed, if he did, he didn’t care.

“I’m not tryna fight you,” he hissed, this hands once again lit up, “but you’re seriously starting to piss me off.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugou


One Week Ago


Bakugou was a fantastic warlock. He knew it. He was quick, agile, and tactical, not to mention he was very intelligent and he was talented when it came to dueling. He put a lot of work into his studies and he made sure he was the best, the top student in his class. It was no surprise to him when he was one of the students to be chosen to participate in the trials to see who would become the next Supreme. It was going to be him. He was sure about it.

But he wasn’t the first to be chosen. Not even any of his immediate rivals like that half-n-half bastard was the first! No, it was some meek little nobody witch that hid in the shadows and hardly put in effort in any of her classes. It was complete and utter bullshit that a pathetic T.Di witch could ever be seen before Bakugou. She had nothing going on for her besides that stupid power to bring shit back to life. Even Bakugou knew that things that keel over and die, should stay dead and  a power like that shouldn’t have been given to someone so weak. She couldn’t even stand up for herself when Bakugou confronted her! That shitty witch should have just stayed in the shadows.

Bakugou trampled across the courtyard while Kirishima tagged behind him, trying to keep up with his pace. If Bakugou could, he’d find something to help him blow off some steam after witnessing that T.Di witch resurrect that dumb bird but unfortunately, he had something bigger to deal with; he was going home for the weekend.

“You’re walking too fast!” Kirishima complained, bumping into Bakugou’s side as he attempted to catch up with him. “You doin’ alright, man?”

Bakugou didn’t bother answering that. He knew that was very easy to agitate and he was very aware that he took a lot out on Kirishima when he didn’t deserve that. Still, Bakugou couldn’t stop the scoff that left his lips.

“You really didn’t kill that bird?” Kiridhima’s words were filled with worry. It agitated Bakugou. Sure, he was easy to upset but that didn’t mean he was going to murder an innocent creature. That wasn’t what he was about and that definitely wasn’t what he wanted people to think he was the type of person to do something like that.

No ,” Bakugou growled, picking up his pace as his face began to burn. He didn’t have any way to prove that it wasn’t him but he hoped that at least Kirishima would believe him.

“Hey, where ya goin’?” Kirishima grabbed Bakugou’s wrist but Bakugou yanked it back with deliberate force.

“My room.”


“To pack.”

“What!” Kirishima jumped in front of Bakugou, his ruby red eyes searching Bakugou’s, trying to understand what was going on with him. “Why?”

“Tsss,” Bakugou averted his eyes. When he first summoned Kirishima, he’d expected to get a demon who was a feral monstrosity, a creature who’d want to wreak chaos in the caster world that Bakugou would have to control. He wanted a summon that was powerful, one that he could use to spar with, one that would further advance Bakugou casting abilities. Though Kirishima was strong and he had no issue fighting Bakugou whenever he wanted, Bakugou never expected a demon from the underworld to be so attentive, so kind-hearted, and so noble. It baffled Bakugou but he didn’t mind the denim’s personality; he was actually kinda glad he had something like Kirishima around, though he’d never admit it.

“You don’t gotta worry about me,” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “I’m just seein’ my parents this weekend. They’re excited for me, is all.”

“Your parents!” Kirishima’s eyes lit up and Bakugou decided to continue to walk. “Can I come!”

No .” Bakugou didn’t even want to think about how his mother would react to him bringing an… acquaintance home with him.

“Aw, c’mon! I won’t be a bother! I’ll be good, ‘n nice, ‘n polite. I’ll even keep up this schoolboy appearance if that’d make things easier on your folks!”

Bakugou couldn’t help but crack a grin but he made sure Kirishima couldn’t see it. When he first made his summon, Kirishima appeared to him with the whole demon set up: horns, a tail, and a bogus gawdy set up that included crimson robes that barely covered his chest and a redic golden headpiece. When Kirishima first showed up, he did intimidate Bakugou in an exciting way but after Kirishima changed his appearance, Bakugou could see that he was like any other twerp who was ready to impress him. It helped that Kirishima looked good in a blazer.

“And I really like your mom’s cooking!” Kirishima began rubbing his stomach. “I’d like to compliment her myself!”

“You haven’t had my mom’s cooking.”

“Sure I have! The food in your fridge labeled ‘Bakugou’! That’s home cooked grub if I’d ever tasted it! They send it to you, right?”

So he ’s the reason all of Bakugou’s meals have portions missing from it.

“You’ve been eating my cooking, dipshit.”

Kirishima’s mouth fell open, showing his sharpened teeth he hadn’t figured out how to change to look more human, and a blush bloomed over his cheeks. “ You can cook?!”

“Tch! That’s nothin’ you should be surprised about.”

Bakugou continued walking while Kirishima berated him, now insisting that he had to come and meet the people who raised Bakugou until Bakugou not so reluctantly said it would be alright.


Present Day


Bakugou had let himself relax too much this past week. He already knew he was ahead of the curve, so he thought he had nothing to worry about but when he got himself stuck in Potions, a pick-me-up elixir no less, he found himself stumped. Everything he put into his cauldron had been wrong or only half right because he’d been distracted by everyone else working diligently. Bakugou hadn’t realized that there were other pretty decent casters around him until the other chosen students were forced into the same classes he was in. It was infuriating.

So many other students finished both of their potions before them: that icy hot dastardly, that purple haired freak, the black haired lesbian, fucking Deku , and that pathetic divination witch… fucking why? Fucking! Why?!

He was supposed to be the best of the best and he was going to be but why did that mean other people could get ahead of him? What was he doing wrong?! Rather, what was everyone else doing right ? His mother nagged him about the trials all of last weekend and her berating tone climbed up and cling onto every corner of Bakugou’s mind. he could hardly escape her badgering when he’d constantly receive her ‘letters of encouragement.’ She would be incredibly displeased with his craft over the last few days.

It pissed Bakugou off beyond belief that he had to watch that damn witch with the bogus power of resurgence get further ahead than him. She hadn’t even been on his radar before she’d been chosen and Bakugou couldn’t help but suspect that there was something more up with you. You had to be hiding something and Bakugou was going to find out what.

Bakugou glared at the T.Di witch while she and the T.Co warlock was called to Professor Aizawa after class. What, was he going to feed them more praise? It was fucking ridiculous. It wasn’t hard to figure out that they were the two students Aizawa was representing in these trials; he obviously paid a little too much attention to the witch, especially in that bullshit Herbology class Bakugou had to take, and Shinsou, Shinsou was another fucking story all together. It was no secret that Aizawa has dabbled in dark magic in the past, of course he would take interest in the son of two dark casters.

Bakugou waited outside for the little meeting between the three of them to be over. It was too bad he wasn’t the only one waiting. Bakugou sent a venomous glare right at Shouto Todoroki’s ugly scarred up face which Todoroki only returned with an equally frightening stare.

“What are you doing?” Todoroki asked in a low hushed tone he wouldn’t alarm anybody on the inside of the classroom they were there.

“What’s it to ya?” Bakugou couldn’t ever stand this guy’s attitude. Todoroki must’ve thought he was a real mighty warlock because of his upbringing and his overrated power.

“I’m… waiting.”

“Yeah? For what?”

Todoroki’s eyes faltered. He looked from Bakugou, to the classroom door, and down to his feet. He sighed then turned on his heel, heading down the dungeon halls. Bakugou scoffed loud enough for Todoroki to hear him. There was one thing that T.Di witch was right about; Shouto Todoroki was a pompous ass.

Bakugou had half a mind to follow him, to make him answer him when he’d ask a question. In fact, he started walking down the hall as well when he heard the click of the classroom door.

Bakugou never meant to scare her but hell, the way that miserable witch looked at him with such frightened eyes, like a rabbit caught in a trap, was mind blowing. Maybe Bakugou was wrong about her. Maybe she had no secrets and she was just some scared kid forced to partake in these trials because she had unfortunately inherited that blasted resurection power. The thought didn’t make Bakugou any less rough with her.

“I’m not tryna fight you,” he said a little more hostile than he had intended as he used his pyrokinesis to light up your face, “but you’re seriously starting to piss me off.”

The witch’s breathing was shallow, as if she was trying to catch her breath but wasn’t getting enough hair. She clung in to Bakugou’s arms while her eyes moved around the dungeon walls in a frantic search.

“Please,” she gasped, “don’t do this here! Anywhere but here!”

“Whaddya talking about?”

She was shaking now. Bakugou couldn’t tell if it was an act, if she was just being over dramatic, or if what you were feeling was serious. You were probably used to playing the sad little witch for so long that you now knew that people would pity you when lever you frowned but Bakugou wasn’t going to have any of that.

“Oi! I asked you what you meant!”

“I can’t- I can’t breath!”

“You must think I’m an idiot if you think I’m gonna fall for that! You’re breathin’ right now aren’t you?”

Before Bakugou could really register what was going on, the witch fell to her knees, clutching her chest, breathing erratically. Shit-fuck , he really scared her that badly?

Bakugou turned towards the classroom to get help but Aizawa was already there, looking furious, and before Bakugou knew it, glass shattered below his feet and silver tendrils whipped out and erupted from the broken vial’s liquid. The silver material wrapped around Bakugou’s body- he let out a strangled breath as his arms were pinned to his sides by the bonds and he fell to his knees.

“Hmmm” Aizawa leaned down to examine Bakugou’s entrapment. “I was going to go into the forest to test these potions on some goblins, lucky for us there happened to be a goblin right here in the dungeons…”

Bakugou got a bitter taste on his tongue as he spat, “Hey, where do you get off-?!”

“I would advise you to not speak in this moment Mr. Bakugou. You’re in enough trouble as is.”

“Eh?! I didn’t do anything-!” Just then, the silver material wrapped around Bakugou’s mouth. He let out a muffled yell which only beckoned Shinsou, a spectator, to snicker.

Aizawa pulled at the silver wrap and snapped it back against Bakugou’s torso. “Spongey and elastic, yet with very strong and adhesive properties,” Aizawa praised and cast his attention down to the witch who was sitting back against the cobblestone walls. “You’ve done very well.”

She didn’t respond. Couldn’t Aizawa tell that she wasn’t well?

Aizawa’s eyes narrowed. “What did you do to her?”

Bakugou, who couldn’t reply, grunted into the scarf-like weapon. He didn’t do anything. The T.Di witch, for whatever reason, was panicking!

“Hey,” Aizawa said to her in an uncharacteristically soft tone. He reached a hand out towards her and her eyes widened, as if Aizawa was holding a knife out to her.

“Don’t,” she warned in a voice barely above a whisper. Aizawa hesitated for a moment before reaching further. “DON’T!!!”

What happened next tore Bakugou apart.

In a blink of an eye, the panicking witch was on the other end of the dungeon, heaved over as she spat on the floor. She tried to catch her breath but when she realized where she was, she gasped and threw a devastated look towards the three just-as-surprised warlock yards away from her. She took one step back, then another, before turning and sprinting up the dungeon stairwell without another word.

Bakugou was just as baffled as he was pissed. He knew… he knew she was hiding something! He knew she couldn’t just be just a pitiful B-grade witch and be one of the Chosen! He knew there had to be more to her! Turns out, he was right. Not only did she wield the extinct power of resurgence, she also had three affinities: Telekinesis, Divination, and Transmutation. That put her way too far out ahead of the curve…

Tension hung out and into the air and the concern in the professor’s eyes turned cold as they met Bakugou’s.

“Neither of you are to tell a single soul what you saw down here today,” he growled and turned his head back to Shinsou, “Do you understand me?”

Quickly, Shinsou covered his surprise with the same bored and uncaring expression he’d commonly wear as he raised three fingers up in the air. “Got it. Scout’s honor.”

Aizawa returned his glare back on Bakugou. “ Do you understand me, Mr. Bakugou?”


Aizawa’s patronizing tone didn’t please Bakugou in the slightest but there was nothing he could do about it now. Aizawa waved his hands over the silver material bonded over Bakugou’s mouth and the material slowly started to dissipate. As Bakugou rubbed his arms, let out a bitter, “Yeah, whatever.” Whether anyone else knew about you hardly mattered, it could be advantageous for Bakugou if he were one of the only casters who knew. Though a listless feeling washed over his body, Bakugou would keep this a secret.




Wet grass tickled and agitated your ankles as you made your way towards your dorms. The cool contrast of the night air against your burning face made you feel like you had just sprinted a mile without warming yourself up. You were tired, upset, and, most of all, perplexed- hell, you were confused as shit!

You flexed your hands and tried to keep your eyes ahead of you, passing a couple ghosts conversing on the upcoming trial. You focused on your destination, but you couldn’t fight off the nagging feeling that you were being watched. It made sense that you would be paranoid after all that had just happened- of course you were scared! You had been cornered by a warlock in the place you despised most in the world, besides that, you had... teleported.

You had no idea what it felt like to use transmutation beforehand and you wondered if Yaoyorozu and Sero got the same nauseous feeling you had now or if you were just letting your nerves get the better of you. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling in the slightest. Maybe it was because when Aizawa reached for you, you were thrown back into the situation you’d gone through with Monoma. It was odd because you hadn’t thought much about it since it happened and you didn’t think it had affected you too much, it wasn’t like it was the most traumatic thing anybody had ever gone through, but those stressful thoughts of not knowing how to respond when you were scared added in with feeling extremely claustrophobic in the dungeons had you panicking and your body just reacted naturally! If you hadn’t been so bent on getting out and away from the dungeons as soon as possible, you were certain you would’ve thrown up!

Your head heated up even more when you thought back on that humiliating incident. Bakugou really hadn’t done anything to you but still you crumbled against the wall like a child when he raised his voice at you and Aizawa and Shinsou were there to witness that. There was no doubt in your mind that they all thought you were pathetic now, even if what you had done could be considered... well, extraordinary for a witch your age.

If you had used transmutation in a different situation, would your feelings about it be different? Had you not been so rattled, would you have been more… excited ? For such a long time, you’d thought yourself as a nothing caster but in the first few weeks of your final school year, you’d discovered not one but two more powers for yourself! That was something normal casters would be stoked to hell about so why was your stomach in such a tangled knot?

Your thoughts were interrupted by the crunching of fallen leaves behind you. Someone was approaching you. Your nerves told you it was Bakugou, prepared to finish what he started. If you were going to fight him, you would lose, still, that didn’t stop you from making a triangular motion with your hands and sending a jinx blasting behind you as soon as you could turn.

Shouto Todoroki deflected it immediately.

“Jesus,” Todoroki brushed off some residual red magic dust off of his blazer. “Was that just your natural reaction or are you really still upset with me?”

“I didn’t know it was you!” Though, honestly you weren’t sure it mattered. Anyone slinking away in the shadows deserved a tiny jinx. “What were you doing?”

“Following you,” he answered as if it wasn’t at all a creepy thing to be doing.

Why ?”

“It’s late. You shouldn’t be walking around at night without an escort.”

Sure, who knew when another feral Bakugou was going to attack you? You rolled your eyes. “Who are you, my mother?”

Todoroki’s brows knitted together. “I’m not... your mother...”

Your brow twitched. What was the point of talking to this guy if he was completely impenetrable? You had half a mind to keep on walking but if Todoroki was going to act as a stone wall you could release your frustrations on, you could take advantage of this obtuse opportunity.

You nodded towards the T.Py warlock. “Where’s your escort, silver-spoon?”

“Our situations are different.” Todoroki let a pair of ghosts glide past him before stepping closer to you. The ghosts turned their heads back and smiled at the two of you and you could hear the beginning of their gossipy conversation. You were feeling very exposed.

“Different how? Because I’m a witch ?”

“Listen, it’s not that I don’t think that you’re a capable witch but-!”

You held your hand up and, ignoring the fact that you had made a mess of yourself moments ago in the dungeons, and snapped, “I am capable, thank you very much! And I don’t need you watching me from the shadows like some kind of creep shooting demeaning words my way when I catch you!”

“I’m really not trying to sound demeaning.”

“Well, you’re doing a shitty job at it!”

“You sound like Bakugou.”

You scoffed at the insult and looked up at the night sky. Hollowstone was a fair ways away from any city and the faculty had a preference for candles over electric bulbs so there was hardly any light pollution. The sky was spilling with dazzling balls of light. You had never really took advantage of the atmosphere. You should go stargazing more. You knew you’d like to do it more alone but maybe you should invite someone that doesn’t make you feel like a complete asshole all the time. You should ask Sero or Ashido if they’d be available one night… maybe Midoriya but he seemed to be getting busier as they school year progressed. But you wanted to surround yourself with people that didn’t make you feel like a hermit.

“At least that means I’m not frigid.” You didn’t know why what Shinsou said about you ‘ not being his type’ bothered you so much. Maybe it was because he’d made a speculation about you that you didn’t think was accurate. You were quiet, sure but you were enthusiastic when it came to certain things, weren’t you? You were just going through a weird time in your life.

“Frigid? Why would you think that? That’s like the complete opposite of what I’d call you.”

You turned your attention back to Todoroki. His expression really never changed and it was such a struggle to get any sort of read in the guy! “So what would you call me? Hot?”

Todoroki raised a brow and you mentally kicked yourself for not thinking before speaking. It wasn’t like you were looking for some sort of validation from the warlock, you just had a fantastic way with words! Frigid meant cold and the opposite of cold? Hot . Gracious, you were a raging imbecile.

“I do think that you’re pretty…” a blush dusted over Todoroki’s face and you were certain your cheeks were growing darker as well. You weren’t expecting that in the slightest, especially not from the ‘ Ice Prince ’ as Sero called him.


A thought dropped onto your head like somebody threw a shoe at you. Had Sero been hinting that Todoroki had a crush on you? Is that why he pushed you into him the day All Might had you duel each other? Sero insisted Todoroki didn’t hate you, and of course he would know since he could read his goddamn mind, but couldn’t he flat out tell you if he knew something like that?!

Todoroki said you were pretty ? The thought tickled you speechless. You were only now realizing that you’d made too wide of a conversational gap but you couldn’t think of how to respond to that. He was… pretty too, but you didn’t have any need to let him know that. He was arrogant enough, as is.


“But that’s not the word I’d use to describe you. I’d say you’re temperamental.”

Forget ever saying anything nice to Shouto Todoroki.

“Well, it was cool talking to you, Todoroki, but I’m beat. Why don’t you go stalk some other girl now and let me be.” You turned to leave.

“Wait!” You could feel the warmth from Todoroki’s hand hovering over your arm but he didn’t grab you. Despite being one of the most powerful students in school, he wasn’t aggressive which was… nice. You couldn’t say the same about Bakugou or even Monoma who appeared to be sweet to you…

Todoroki let his hand drop down to his side. You turned back towards him and waited for him to continue.

“I said that because it’s what you put out. Obviously, I don’t know you but from what I’ve gathered after the very few instances I’ve seen you react to things, that’s my speculation.”

Okay, buddy. Why are you telling me this?”

“The other day you told me that I was a pompous rich kid who gets everything because of my old man… is that really the vibe I give off or were you overassumig?”

“So this is what you wanted to talk to me about earlier?”

“No, this is completely unrelated but I figured I’d ask.”

“I didn’t really take you as someone who would be insecure enough to let something I said while frustrated get to them.”

Todoroki leered at you. “Is this your way of saying you didn’t mean it?”

You let out a long sigh and rubbed your shoulder. Why was this so hard for you? “I don’t know you anymore than you know me… but you’ve said some belittling things to me that I didn’t like so you haven’t left a stellar impression on me. So maybe, instead of ‘pompous rich kid,’ I’ll shoot for speculating that you’re… contemptuous.”

“Contemptuous,” he repeated the word, considering it. “I’ll take it since I’ve called you temperamental. Who knows, maybe after getting to know you a little more, the word I see fits you the best will change.”

“It will, that is if you do get to know me better.”

“I plan to.” The side of his mouth raised into a half-grin. It was the first time you’d seen him genuinely smile.

Oddly enough, you were slightly enjoying this conversation. You even cracked a smile yourself  which felt weird and foreign on your face after the day you had. If it weren’t for your wistful need to be reunited with your bed, you might’ve wanted to keep talking to him. He was aggravating but in a sort of relaxing way.

You started walking towards you destination and after a moment of hesitation “So… you wanted to ask me something earlier?”

“Yeah. I don’t know if this is an appropriate time to ask though. You didn’t really seem to be in a great mood when I found you.”

“But you thought asking me in a potions closet whatever it is you’d like to know was more appropriate?”

“...Probably not.”

“Hm. Alright, then are you going to tell me why you were stalking me?”

Todoroki rubbed the back of his neck and gave you a sheepish shrug. “I wanted to see to it that you got home safe.”

“That’s not your job.”

“I know but… I overheard some warlocks talking about you and it… bothered me. I just wanted to make sure that you were safe.”

You stopped your stroll. “Talking about me? Talking about me how?”

Just then, a lowly yowl caught your attention and you looked past Todoroki to see Koshka sitting in the grass glaring at the two of you, his pupils reflecting the yellowy light shot down on him from one of the street lamps. His stare was almost patriarchal.

Todoroki glanced back at the cat but gave him no mind. To him, Koshka would be just another feral cat running around the school. “You don’t want to know,” he said.

“Huh,” you continued to walk and checked back on Koshka to see that he was following you. “It must not have been pretty.”

“It wasn’t.”

People- warlock s were talking about you? As if you weren’t fearful of them enough already, you had to deal with some sort of unnecessary attention from nameless fiends. Fantastic. You had to admit that it was sweet in a perverted way for Todoroki to be looking out for you.

“Then, I would like to thank you for being to gallant.”

He chuckled. “Oh? Is the special word you have for me changing already?”

“Well, no, because even if you’re being kinda nice, you’re doing it because you don’t think I can handle myself without you by my side which could still be considered contemptuous. So I’m sticking with that word for now.”

“That’s fair.”

You stopped right outside your dorms, swaying on your toes, not sure how exactly you were supposed to say goodnight. Todoroki looked to his right to see Koshka watching the two of you with his tail swishing back and forth.

“That cat has been following us,” he remarked, narrowing his eyes at your pet.

“Mhmm,” you opened the door to the building and Koshka scurried in. Todoroki raised an incredulous brow at you and you gave him a guilty smile. “You have a good night Todoroki. Get home safe.”

“...yeah,” Todoroki looked down on your smug kitty rubbing his head against your legs.

Once the door closed, you beckoned Koshka to jump into your arms and you were happy to hear that he was purring immediately.

You’re such a nuisance,” you whispered to him as you walked up the stairs to your room, “trying to get us in trouble like that. I don’t think Todoroki is the type to tattle-tell but you never know!”

Koshka chirped happily back at you, unknowing and uncaring about how things were run around here. He was just happy to be in your arms.

You room was empty, Yaoyorozu was probably out in town having a date night with Jirou. A package was left on your bed. It was from your mother. You used your telekinesis to crack the tape around the box open as you fell into bed with your cat in hand. You floated your mother’s hand-scrawled note to you while the contents of the package sprung out and came to life.

…It was a dress, if you could call it that. The satin slip floated around the room animatedly as of an invisible force was wearing it; your mother was big on enchantments. The base of the dress was pink with a floral designer woven in on the sides throwing it off, the trim cut with lace. It was very much your mother ’s taste.

You began reading her letter.


Hiya Pumpkin!


When I got the news that you were one of the students chosen for the trials, my heart just about leapt right out of my chest! I was to-the-moon excited for you! My daughter, a High Priestess?! All of my friends are jealous of us and your Aunt Emi is already building an altar in your name!! I have never been more proud of you and I just know that you are going to give all of your competitors hell!

Now, I know you must be so excited for the upcoming Cherry Moon and I just wanted to help you out a bit before then since I know you’re probably gonna be too busy to visit. Inside is the dress I wore to the ceremony when I went in my third year! I met an old “flame” in this slip so you know it’s lucky! ;)

Please be safe and have fun and don’t forget to write to your dear mother once in awhile. I miss you dearly!






You let the note fall to the floor as you groaned into your pillow. Your mother was a bit of an airhead. She sent you the same slip she had met an ‘old flame’ in?! She sent you a dress she fucked some warlock in! How could she not know how fucking gross that is! Granted, your mother had always been that ‘big sister’ type of ‘oh, I’m the cool mom. I hang out with my daughter because we’re best friends. Nya-nya.’ It didn’t help that she was an attractive woman. Whenever she did drag you out with her, men, warlock or otherwise, would come rushing at her, trying to strike up a conversation or aid her in anyway. It was annoying and an insult to your late father, especially when she brought them home!

God, and she didn’t know you at all! If she did, she’d know that you were not going to that damn ceremony and even if you did, you’d be wearing your cat-jamas before you laid a finger on the slip that was now doing a seductive little dance in front of Yaoyorozu’s mirror!

Koshka climbed up on your backside and gave out a tiny mew, asking for your attention. You turned over and gathered Koshka into your arms, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

“Why does everyone suck, Koshka?”

In response he rubbed his cheek against yours, his loud purrs rumbling out against your ears. He kneaded his claws into your hair against the pillow but you pulled him away before he made any knots.

While you changed into your pajamas, you had to yell at the slip that almost seemed to be watching you expectedly, as if asking ‘ yo, what the fuck? I’m here to be worn!’ You ended up having to chase it around the room with the box in hand to catch so it wouldn’t bother you while you were in bed.

Before crawling into bed, while nobody was around, you tried to tense your whole body up, the way you had done back in the dungeons. You kept speed and movement in your mind as you tried to force your body slip through space but nothing came out of it. You thought they maybe you could ask Sero how he does it but that would only lead to him being curious about why you wanted to know, leading to him trying to prod your mind some more. You were planning on going to the library in the morning to read up on anything it may carry on resurgence, maybe you could read up on transmutation while you’re at it.  

While Koshka slept on your chest, his purrs soothes you, beckoning your eyelids to grow heavy. It wasn’t long until your mouth fell open and your body relaxed and you were absolutely lost in a much needed rest. In your dreams, you were met with the familiar scent of coffee and two dark, tired looking eyes.

Chapter Text

“You surprise me more and more everyday…”

You sat atop one of the tables in a room very similar to Aizawa’s Potion’s class but you knew you weren’t down in the dungeons because instead of a stone ceiling, the top of the building was opened up to a skylight and there were chrysanthemums of every color blooming across every wall, swirling around in constant motion. If that wasn’t an obvious tell that you were dreaming then maybe the fact that you were staring at Aizawa leaning against the table across from you without disdain was. He didn’t look too worn out like he did in the mornings in your herbology class but he didn’t look dark and menacing like he usually did in his potions class. Instead of his usual dark cloak, he wore a white dress shirt which was odd on him. You didn’t think you’d ever seen him in anything lighter than gray but you figured, anything was possible while you slept.

Aizawa watched with you with undemanding eyes and pressed the back of his hands off the table as he sat up to walk towards you. He stopped himself right before your knees, crossing his arms and looking down on you. “Do you know how impressed I am with you?”

How benign he was- the opposite of how he’d been the previous week. It was like some kind of joke you’d sent yourself after being so stressed out from school. Of course you’d keep yourself dreaming about your professor being extra nice to you; where else were you going to get your validation? You laughed out loud.

He quirked a brow, tilting his head slightly to the side. “Is something funny, little witch?”

“I guess,” you snickered to yourself and laid back, reposed against the table, gazing up through the skylight at the changing atmosphere. Pinkened clouds danced across the orange sky while the black of night chased behind them. Nothing ever stayed as a constant in your dreamworld. Nothing, besides Aizawa.

“I just think it’s comical that I’m so desperate for your attention that I have to imagine you feeding me praise so I don’t go crazy,” you let out a long sigh. What would the real Aizawa think about you and your childlike mindset. He’d probably tell you to get over yourself.

“Desperate are you…” Aizawa fingers lightly brushed across you knee, “for my attention? One would think you’d want nothing to do with me by the manner in which you’ve been regarding me. But you’ve just been upset with me, haven’t you?”

His fingers tip-toed up your leg until he rested his hand on your thigh, right below the hem of your skirt. It was odd but not invited. You had no reason to be uncomfortable. None of this was real and his touch made you feel nice, like you were wanted. So this is where you’d let your school girl crush lead you to.

“And if you’ve wanted my attention so badly, you should’ve just asked for it,” he divulged. “I’d give you… many things, if only you’d say ‘ please .’”

“Hmmm,” you closed your eyes and allowed the warm feeling you got from Aizawa’s thumb petting circles into you skin wash over your body. Was this what you wanted from him- his tender regard? Maybe but you could take advantage of dream Aizawa’s seemingly cooperative attitude. You were still pissed at him and he should know.

“I have more friends than just you,” you sat up and held his hand, stopping him from eliciting anymore goosebumps from you. It might not have been true at the time Hizashi said it but it was now; you and Sero were getting on fine and you were just getting to know a couple other people. It wasn’t Hizashi’s place to say anything about you but of course he wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Aizawa. “And I don’t like you gossiping to Professor Yamada about me.”

“I’d like to sew Hizashi’s mouth shut.”

“You were cruel to me as well!” You snapped, seemingly out of nowhere. You couldn’t tell Aizawa this in person but you had a lot of pent up anger. You felt betrayed and you knew it was childish to think so because what were you to the real Aizawa other than one of his students, really? Here you could tell him whatever you wanted and there would be no consequences! “It hurt me…”

“Oh,” he said, his tone softening as he reached up to cup your face, “believe me, I know . I really don’t want you to be upset or frustrated with me but what I said to you in front of Hizashi was necessary. You need to take your work seriously if you’re going to be the Supreme…”

“I’m not going to be the Supreme! There’s not a chance in hell I can beat everyone else and I- I don’t want to! I don’t care about the title!”

Aizawa moves his hand to the back of your head and began gently massaging your scalp. “You’re still so young,” he whispered, “You don’t know what you want.”

“Stop patronizing me, I’m not a child” you griped, though your actions betrayed your words as you leaned against his arm, heart fluttering at his affection. “You sound like the real Aizawa.”

The man smirked, tugging at locks of your hair. “Do I now? If you don’t want me acting as your mentor here, then what would you have me do?”

“Hah…” Heat rose in your cheeks. For the first time since Aizawa started showing up in your dreams, you were nervous and you could tell he knew by the gleaming sparkle of amusement in his eye. “You want me to… tell you what to do?”

He grinned. “Simply put, I want to know what you like. You may ask things of me but you may not command me. At least, not until you’re the Supreme. Until then,” Aizawa steadily grew closer to you, his long hair brushing against your blushing cheeks while he leaned into your ear, “when you want something, all you have to do is say one little word.”

The low raspiness of his voice caused your body to shiver. You let out a shaky breath and grasped into his shirt. Goodness, your subconscious was wild but could you really complain? You were so afraid about repercussions that you must have been repressing a lot of strange emotions that were coming out to you full force when you were at your most vulnerable and you didn’t care. You couldn’t get in trouble for having a… cute little dream.


“Please what, Princess?” His voice dropped an octave and god his musk was enticing to you. Who knew you could be this antsy even while you slept?

“I… I don’t know…” you truly couldn’t fathom what you would have just a figment of your imagination do for you and wouldn’t that be incredibly perverted of you if you’d let things escalate? Jesus , you cursed yourself for being lucid but dream Aizawa only chuckled at you.

“Of course. It’s like I said, you don’t know what you want.” To your own discontent, Aizawa pulled away to look you in the eye. “Until you do, take this,” he held out his hand and presented you with a white geranium flower, “as my token for you.”

You took the pretty little thing and gave it a sniff; it was sweet and slightly peppery, a bit like this strange Aizawa you’d conjured up. You pocketed the flower in your blazer. “A token of what?”

Aizawa’s brows knitted softly together. He looked from your eyes, down to your lips, then towards the door.

“I’ll let you make of it what you will,” he sighed. “You should really request a private dorm room.”


Before he could answer, Aizawa disappeared in a swirling black mist-like abyss. You heard the creak of your dorm door and your eyes shot open.


Hushed giggling entered your dorm room, rather, four blissed out witches smelling of strong liquor stumbled in, brightened smiles and red cheeks covering their faces. Yaoyorozu attempted to hush Kendou and Ashido while Jirou stuck her hand against Yaoyorozu’s mouth, trying to quiet her down. It was a fruitless endeavor. You sat up in bed.

“Oh, she’s awake!” Ashido quietly cried and in a moment, she hopped into bed with you. “Hiiiii!”

Disturbed, Koshka let out a hiss, and the witches watched, surprised, as he skidded out of your bed, hopped up onto your windowsill, and jumped.

“Omigod!” Ashido exclaimed.

“Was that,” Kendou hiccuped before sitting at the foot of your bed, “a cat?

“Oh, I haven’t told you guys about the cat? I swear, if it becomes a flea circus in here, I’m gonna hex the shit out of you and that pest!” Yaoyorozu slumped into the room, swaying slightly into Jirou before nearly toppling over. Jirou, now laughing hard, grabbed her arm, but that only forced both of them to the floor, roaring with laughter.

“Seems like you’ve brought the circus in yourself,” you grumbled, pulling the sheets over your chest. Ashido widened her eyes at you. Oops , there you go being the most unpleasant witch on the face of the planet again. You were about to apologize when the pink haired girl snickered.

“You’re funny!” She crawled closer to you and wrapped an arm around your torso, resting her head on your chest. You held your breath. She was real fuckin’ close! “You need to come out to town with us next time!”

“Uhhh… I would but…” you didn’t really get an invite .

“What’s in the box?” Kendou used her telekinesis to pull the package from your mother into her lap. You were about to object when Ashido nuzzled her head closer to your neck.

“You smell like roses,” Ashido dreamily whispered while Kendou opened the box.

“W-wait!” You didn’t know if you were crying out from too much uninvited human contact or the invasion of your personal effects, all you knew was that when the slip your mother sent you came dancing back to life while four drunk witches ogled at the atrocity, you were flustered as hell!

Jirou rolled off of her back and stared at the far too sensual pink slip. “PFFFFT what the hell is that!”

“It’s looking at you, Momo!” Ashido laughed while the dress seemed to be doing a slow catwalk towards Yaoyorozu. You could have died right then and there.

“It wants me!” Yaoyorozu clumsily jumped back onto her feet and gave the slip a pretty graceless curtsy. “M’lady.”

The slip seemed to shiver with excitement in Yaoyorozu’s presence and accepted her courteous manners with its own curtsy; at least, that’s what it looked like but you couldn’t really tell since it didn’t have any arms or legs.

“Seriously,” Kendou gave you a funny smile, “What is that?”

“It was my mom’s,” you slammed your head back against your bed and pressed your pillow into your head to hide your fuming embarrassment. “She wants me to wear it for the Cherry Moon.”

You were planning on leaving it a secret but with these nosy few, secrets seemed impossible.

There was a moment of silence. You thought you could even hear a cricket chirping, it was so quiet. Until another round of roaring laughter came.

“You’re kidding!”

“That’s nasty!”

“You are not wearing this!”

“I KNOW!” You let out a muffled wail into your pillow. “My mom is just a bit over enthusiastic! Like, I’m not even gonna go to the ceremony but the fact that she thought this would be cool is mind-boggling!”

“Heyyy, don’t hiiiide,” Ashido pulled at your pillow to reveal your humiliated face. She laughed, “Everyone has embarrassing parents. I’ll have you know that my own parents were looking at a list of warlocks who they’d potentially marry me off to after I graduate. Lucky for me, I’ll get to marry the next Supreme once the trials are over!”

“There she goes again, thinking she’s gonna be the High Priestess,” Kendou rolled her eyes.

“You never know,” Ashido winked, “I’m pretty tough.”

Excuse me ,” Yaoyorozu interrupted right before giving the slip a twirl, ending their dance to glare right at you, “but what do you mean you’re not going to the Cherry Moon Ceremony?”

You opened your mouth to speak but the words didn’t find their way out. The girls gawked at you and you didn’t favor the attention.

“Yeah, aren’t you goin’ with Denki? He keeps gloating that he asked you out before he even knew you’d be one of the chosen.”

Denki Kaminari, that rapscallion. “I- yes, he asked me to it but I didn’t say yes!”

“Well, did you say no?” Ashido quirked a brow.


“...” Why would that even matter?


“Fucking warlocks ,” Yaoyorozu huffed. “I don’t care who you go with as long as you know that you’re going.”

“Wait, what? Why? I don’t really think it’ll really be a place for someone... like me.”

Yaoyorozu clicked her tongue in disapproval. “See that's where you’re wrong. The ceremony is exactly a place for someone like you. You’re going to be our token virgin after all.”


“Don’t ‘huh’ me. I’m right! You are a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Well, no shit, but why do I have to... you know... do that ?” ‘That’ being to have sex in front of the entire third year class as well as whichever teachers volunteered to chaperone. The Cherry Moon circled around the celebration of one’s virtue, rather, the taking of one’s virtue. There was a lot of magical properties emitted off of casters whenever they engaged in sexual intercourse, even more so when virtue was thrown into the equation, and on the night of the first full moon of September, that particular type of sensual  magic would be at its strongest- strong enough to be shared amongst a coven. After the token ‘virgin witch’ would spend her night blindfolded, getting offered cherries in exchange for kisses, the pink moon would rise directly above the celebrators, and she and a warlock (preferably a warlock who was a virgin as well, though that was not mandatory because nothing was ever fair game in the witching community ) and the two would engage in sexual intercourse up on an altar adorned with red candles (to boost sensuality or whatever) while the rest of the casters watched in celebration. It was absolutely ludicrous and you wanted nothing to do with it. “I’m sure there are plenty of other virgins that will gladly take that place!”

“One,” Yaoyorozu interjected firmly, throwing a sobering finger up in the air, “because you’re one of the chosen casters to compete in the trials, the magic emitted off of you will more than likely be stronger than any random virgin witch that’d be picked out of a crowd if this was any other year. We’re looking to make the most out of your situation here. I don’t really care about your virtue but I do care about magic.”

“Oh, come on, I can’t be the only witch out of the six of us who hasn’t had sex!” You looked around to find everyone else had sly grins on. You knew Jirou and Yaoyorozu couldn’t be virgins; you’d heard them having sex one too many times but… but -! “What about Asui?!”

Snickers echoed around the room. “You’re kidding, right?” Ashido asked. “Tsu’s a freak!”

“Well… that doesn’t mean she can’t be the virgin instead of me…”

Kendou barked out a laugh. “You’re misunderstanding. Tsu went out with us last night but she left with… what was it?”

“A minotaur!” Jirou snickered. “And his very very friendly wife!”

“WHAT!” You coughed at the idea of the strange frog-like witch getting nasty with a couple , let alone, a very inhuman couple... You didn’t even want to picture it.

“Your cheeks are so hot!!” Ashido said while you tilted your head away from the back of her hands. “Awwww, you really are a virgin! Ohh man, you really need to come out with us next time, seriously!”

“TWO,” Yaoyorozu cut in, growing impatient with the spastic crowd, “it will be advantageous for you. If anyone benefits the most out of the entire coven, it’d be the two up on that altar. The magical power exchanged by two virgins on the altar is immense and you can’t miss out on an opportunity like that.”

You groaned. “I don’t care about the power. I hardly even want to be apart of the trials!”

“You should have thought about that before you became a necromancer, dude,” Jirou said pointedly, as if you had a choice in what power you just happened to inherit.

“And finally, everyone is already expecting you to be our virgin sacrifice. If you back out-“ backing out suggested that you had already volunteered to do it but it didn’t seem like Yaoyorozu cared about semantics, “then you’d be letting a lot of people down. And full offense but, you’re not exactly a crowd favorite around our school.”

Okay, that hurt… Your head fell.

“That’s not true!!!” Ashido cuddled deeper into you much to your chagrin. “People like her plenty! Everyone’s excited for her, really!”

“Yeah!” Chirped Kendou, climbing farther down your bed to join in on your involuntary cuddle fest. “At least we like you and we’ll kick anybody’s ass who wants to pick bones with you if you don’t want to be our virgin. Though, you really should consider it, honestly. It could be really fun!”

“It will be fun,” Ashido agreed, “as long as you don’t wear your mom’s dirty old slip!”

“We should help you pick out something better to wear! Something that fits you!” Kendou grinned. “Maybe something dark purple!! Or, since you like plants so much, maybe a deep forest green.”

“Yeah, I think something black and lacy would look good on her…” Ashido pursed her lips, “though I kinda like the pink.”

“No.” Yaoyorozu walked behind the floating slip and put her hands in it. In a second, that dreadful dress warped out of sight, in its place was a silky white slip with a longer trim. “She’s too pure to be pink. White would suit her and the occasion better.”

You could almost chuckle at Yaoyorozu’s ‘Grease’ reference. Both of her parents were casters so she didn’t know anything about mortal media until you showed them to her. She was pretty fond of late century mortal movies. Of course , she would choose to quote Betty Rizzo in front of her friends who were probably none-the-wiser.

“The cherry juice is gonna stain it,” Ashido laughed.

Yaoyorozu smirked. “That’s what makes it a little more fun.”

“But,” you sighed. Was there any real point in disputing this? If you weren’t going to go, you weren’t going to go and no matter how hard they pestered, it was your decision. You shrugged into your pillow.

Yaoyorozu put the dress on a hanger and floated it to your wardrobe, muttering about how you were lucky she was so giving.

“We really hope you do go, even if you don’t wanna be the token virgin. It’s caster tradition and you’d only benefit from being there.” Kendou reached over your torso to grab Ashido’s hand. Although you were getting used to them being so damn close, their breath reeked of booze and it was making you light headed. You ducked under their embrace, following the sheets down your bed, and poked your head out of the opposite end of your very messy sleeping space. The two girls only cast funny looks at your silly display before crowding closer together. You rolled out of your bed and into the floor with an ‘oof!’

You checked the time on the clock hanging between your wardrobe and Yaoyarozu’s. It was five thirty; far too early for you to be woken up on a Saturday but it wasn’t like you could go back to sleep with two witches raiding your own bed. You were planning on going to the library today anyways, you might as well hop to it now and maybe take a nap later.

You changed in the bathroom. You wore a long sleeved black shirt that fit snugly around your torso, paired with a purple corduroy skirt. It was getting chilly out so you put tights on. The outfit in theory was cute but when you checked the mirror, you couldn’t help but frown. You’d never really thought much about how you looked since all you ever really wore was your school uniform and you didn’t leave the dorms much on the weekends but all this talk about the Cherry Moon got you a bit antsy. It wasn’t like anybody was going to see you today but why were you so unsatisfied? And how could you possibly stand half-naked in front of your class (if you were going to reconsider going) when you looked like that? Embarrassed, you decided to walk out and grab your school blazer; that way if anybody did see you, they wouldn’t have to look at your body.

When you walked out to grab your jacket, Kebdou’s red head bopped out from under the covers; Mina was snoring loudly beside her. “Cute!” She said.

“I’m changing,” you half-laughed. While you were at your wardrobe, you grabbed your plaid black school skirt. You figured you might as well go all out while you were at it.

“What, why? What are you doing? It’s Saturday!”

You shrugged. You didn’t want to sound negative but it was just what you were comfortable in.

“Don’t change! Seriously, you look good!” Using her telekinesis, Kendou swung the skirt out of your grasp. “All you need is a nice pair of boots and you’re good to go!”

You looked at her in disbelief. “I don’t know…”

“Wearing your uniform on any day that you don’t need to is just ridiculous! Besides that, you look good! Are you going to see anyone?”

You shook your head. Who would even be up at this hour?

“Sit down,” she commanded and when you did, to your surprise, Kendou took your foot in hand. “You’re about my size. You’re gonna wear my shoes. They’re perfect for the weather!”

“What! No! Then you won’t have shoes to walk home in!”

“Momo could just conjure up some more boots for me,” she grinned.

“I don’t take requests,” Yaoyorozu murdered from her bed.

“Pfft. She says that as if she didn’t just get you nice silk slip to wear.”


“Yeah yeah, sure sure,” Kendou zipped her boots up your leg. The were black with golden moons and stars embroidered up the sides. They fit snugly around your feet but you couldn’t help but feel nervous wearing them.

“You don’t have to do that…” you said, running your hand around the heel. You couldn’t tell her that you were pretty clumsy and heeled boots weren’t quite your forté; anyways, they were cute and they went well with your outfit.

“You can pay me back by showing me some of your weird spells,” she winked.

“Yeah…” you had no idea why she had any interest in the spells your mother taught you when you were younger but if you were going to teach her a thing or two, you’d have to write your mother back to freshen your memory up. You’d maybe even have to give your aunt a call and that was always a headache waiting to happen. Your stomach growled.

“Make sure you eat something before you leave. I know Momo’s got a stash of granola bars in her wardrobe.”

“Meh, I’m oka-,” you started to object but the snack box was already floating its way towards you. Witches could be really insistent.

“So, you’re nervous?” She asked and you nodded, putting a bar in your bag. “What’s up?”

“I don’t know. Talking about the Cherry Moon… I feel like people would actually be disappointed if it were me up there, y’know? I’m nothing special.” Kendou scoffed at that. “Who do you think… would be the warlock I’d have to… you know…”

“Fuck?” She suggested. Your cheeks heated up and you but your lip. Kendou only laughed. “It would preferably be one of the chosen six. A perfect counterpart, right?”

Your ‘counterpart’ would be Hitoshi Shinsou and they made your stomach churn. You were too ‘frigid’ for his taste anyways.

“And if we’re looking at who of them are still virgins, well, Monoma is out of the picture…”

“You know that a little too well, don’t you, Itsuka?” Jirou snickered from Yaoyorozu’s bed.

“Hey, don’t come at me for my poor decision making!” Kendou yelled back, pink dusting over her cheeks.

“How was that?” You asked, thinking back on when Monoma used his Vitus Vitalum on you, talking about how it made people feel like they were ‘on the edge'. You were stupid not to see how much of a scumbag he was being.

“It… wasn’t bad, per se. If it hadn’t been with Monoma, I’d probably enjoyed myself more. He’s a haughty little twat and he thinks that he holds something over me because we fucked like, two and a half times,” she rolled her eyes. “We’d have to rule Midoriya out too.”

“WHAT!!!” Sweet boy Izuku Midoriya wasn’t a virgin?! The notion was preposterous! You hadn’t seen him even speak to any girls that weren’t you!

“You can ask Mina all about that…”

“Ashido slept with Midoriya?!”

“Pfffft no, no! Though, I don’t think she’d be against it after walking in on him and some mortal chick at a party last summer. In her words, she described him as being purely animalistic. I don’t know if that’s an exaggeration or not but, good on him. There’s some good magic that comes with fucking mortals.”

You were learning far too much about your classmates. Your head was feeling a little bit light but for some reason, you needed to know, if not for knowing what you’d be getting yourself into if you went to the Cherry Moon Ceremony, it would be for sheer unadulterated curiosity. “Who else,” you gulped, “do you know…?”

Kendou shook her head. “You’re good friends with Sero, right? Isn’t he like the keeper of everybody’s dirty little secrets?”

“I guess…” Knowing men your age, they’d probably be thinking about sex often, maybe even more than magic. Sero probably knew too much for his own good.

“So, where are you going all dolled up?”

Dolled up.’ You rolled your eyes. “The library.”

“Gonna go romance some books?”

“Har-har,” books were probably the only things you could romance. You sighed. Kendou’s boots really were nice. “Thank you,” you said while you got up to leave, “again, you really didn’t have to do that.” Even if it were just to make you feel nice about a casual outfit, it lifted your spirits to have this small bout of support from your peers. Kendou was really nice even when she wasn’t obligated to be.

“Just come with us the next time we go out,” Kendou smiled, “the attention you’ll get when let you know just how hot you are.”

“Uhh- huh …” with that, you were on your way out.


Hollowstone’s famous library was at the heart of the school. After taking a series of staircases adorned with silver vines whose luminous glow was dwindling now that the waxing moon that poked out through various skylights was fading away while the sun rose, one had to walk down a hallway full of portraits of various Hollowstone headmasters of the past as well as a few noteworthy Supremes, all who scowled at each onlooker with disdainful eyes; every headmaster had a frown on in their portrait besides the current one, Headmaster Nezu who seemed to have a smile on while his attention was focused on a ball of yarn painted on his desk next to him. You wondered if the artist made a snarky artistic choice when painting Nezu or if the dog-rat-man warlock simply insisted to have a ball of yarn next to him while he was having his work done. He was a very eclectic creature so you wouldn’t put it against him.

Goblins invisible to the human eye by their choice ran the library. They didn’t care for interacting with humans so much that they didn’t even want to be seen. They got paid to do one job and that’s what they were going to do. You’d thought at first that the library had been enchanted to have books fly around back to their respective homes but after bumping into one too many grumbling goblin, you were told by a superior to be extra careful moseying around the library so you wouldn’t be cursed by one of the vengeful little devils. You knew that if the authority figures at Hollowstone did want to enchant the library to work on its own, they would, but goblins worked there for over half a century and to suddenly eradicate them of the jobs they were actually fairly excellent at after so long would be unfair. It would damage Hollowstone’s reputation for providing jobs to all classes of creatures anyways and they wanted to keep the goblin community happy at all costs. Goblins had an unforgiving nature about them.

You stopped at the checkout counter and peered over a massive stack of books to see a pen scribbling in a log journal. Floating glasses with a silver chain connecting the legs told you that there was in fact a goblin working diligently behind the desk. You were lucky to go to a school where the library was open at all hours but you hoped the goblins didn’t mind too much. “Excuse me,” you whispered, though the pen continued to scribble its log. “Um, I was hoping to find a book on… resurgence?”

“Hm? Resurgence?” Replied the goblin librarian in a flat yet, oddly high pitched tone. The large logging journal flipped back a dozen pages and the goblin used their pen to scan through various words you couldn’t read because they were upside down… and in the goblin language.

“Yeah… like… anything on like… resurrecting the… dead?”

The pen stopped on a word and the goblin huffed. “Necromancy? That’s dark magic…”

Oh,” you let out an uncomfortable, shaky breath. “I’m not looking to use that kinda magic, I’m just doing some research.”

“That’s none of my business and I hardly care. There are very few books that mention resurgence and you can find them in the dark magic section of the library. Aisle F, section seven,” the goblin grumbled.

“...thank you…” you had no clue where the dark magic section of the library was. You tapped nervously on the desk.

The goblin let out an audible sigh and you could practically hear the eye roll in their voice when they said, “aisle X is on the second floor near the back. You’ll have to use the ladder to get their since the stairwell is currently crowded with books.” A rolled up newspaper flew across the room and hit your arm, falling flat to the floor. “Take this with you.”

You picked the newspaper up. It had a twine tie around the center and because of the way it was rolled up, you couldn’t see the article heading but you did see a picture of Supreme Yagi, smiling brightly alongside the young, winged mayor of a far away town called Fallen. “What do I need this for?”

“Defense,” snarked the goblin, as if the answer was obvious.  

“Defense against… what?”

“Why, the pixies of course!” The goblin raised their nasally voice up in exasperation. “Some second year student let a whole lot of urban pixies out into the library three days ago and they’ve been wreaking havoc since then! They’re attracted to magic so you better watch your back!”

“Oh! Okay, right, pixies, gotcha.” Whatever you say, you grouch.

You made your way towards the back of the library, first checking the stairwell to see that it was in fact full to the ceiling with large stacks of books without homes. For such a spacious library filled with such elitist caretakers, one would think something would be done about that disaster.

The newspaper didn’t fit in your bag so, using your teeth, you carried the it by its twine tie, beginning your climb up the creaky grey ladder, careful to avoid any jagged edges so you wouldn’t get splinters. Your head began to get very light as you progressively grew higher above the library. Your feet were designed to stay on the ground and that’s where you wished you could stay but for better or worse, research was research and you had to know at least a little bit about your new power.

You got to the top of the ladder and grunted, unable to sigh because of the newspaper in your mouth; the ladder stopped right before a tall railing, one you couldn’t reach even if you stood on your tiptoes. You could try to house yourself up by grabbing one of the metal bars of the railing but you were fairly graceless and you might end up kicking the ladder down causing a possible domino effect on the aisles below, one that the goblins would not be too happy about.

Lucky for you, you were a witch, and you simply had to use just a bit of your telekinesis to project you up. Casters could levitate by using their power but not by much unless they were more expert in using their abilities. You could only levitate for about three seconds but you could blast yourself pretty high, something you haven’t tried since you blew a hole in your roof when you were little and your dad spent three days patching up (choosing to not let your mother use a spell fix it, simply to teach you that magic wasn’t the answer to everything.)

You focused your energy on your calves and let go of the ladder, soon projecting up and over the railing but you overshot yourself and when you reached the ceiling, seeing the sun poke out over distant mountains through the skylight window, you let out a yell when you felt gravity suddenly switch around and ol you back down. The newspaper fell from your mouth as you tried to grasp onto something, anything but nothing was there, falling through sir with you. As you rapidly approached the floor, you threw your hands out and used your telekinesis to catch you, binding you a foot off the ground right before you could injure yourself. You closed your eyes and let your body hit the carpet. When you looked up, you groaned to see there was a second entrance to the library on this story, one you would only know about had you visited as often as you should. Of course, had you figured out how to use transmutation beforehand, this wouldn’t have happened.

Your ears perked at a second, higher pitched groan that didn’t belong to you and saw a little moss green colored creature laying face down next to you. You sat up and the creature mimicked your motion, looking at you with eyes far too large for its face. You tilted your head and the creature did the same before pointing at you and laughing. A pixie.

Pixies were awful, troublemaking gremlins that lived their lives seeking enjoyment out of other people’s misery. Creatures like fairies and elves were seen as citizens in the community and were often seen in cross citizen relationships which was normal because they were humane enough to be with a caster but not pixies . They were just pests.

You scooted backwards against the metal railing and the pixie crawled forward, towards you, webbed wings outstretched with a wide sharp-toothed grin painted across its face. A class hand touched your knee and you jerked yourself forward, kicking it off of you. “Buzz off!”

Your grabbed the paper and swung, barely missing the dreadful thing and jumped up, glaring at the tiny demon bastard flying around you. Just then, you felt a yank on your hair and whirled around to see a second pixie, this one with a nose like a boar and rounded belly. It snickered as it pulled your hair and, frustrated, you swung your wrapping around knocking the thing into its giggling partner.

“Back off, you little bastards!” You yelled, swinging the newspaper around furiously. The pixies danced and dodged around you, shooting you mocking faces and impolite hand gestures. The two guffawed when they saw how frustrated they got you and you rolled your eyes at their pestilence. You reached into your bag and pulled out your granola bar. They watched carefully as your unwrapped what was supposed to be your breakfast.

“You want this?” You asked, waving the treat around. The pixies stared slack jawed at the bar, saliva building up and spilling out as you teased them.  You cracked the granola bar in half and the two made squeaky little sounds, fluttering from side in excitement. “Then go get it!” You said, tossing the two separate pieces over the rating in opposite directions. The pixies took off, calling for their lost treats in a language you didn’t understand, freeing you of their pestilence.

It took you far too long to find anything on resurgence, mostly because when you tried using your divination while thinking the actual word ‘resurgence,’ it brought you to books that used the term as a meaning of ‘bringing something back to light’ like the ‘resurgence’ of gollum creation, a terrible ritual that involved using one’s rib and a portion of blood to create a being to run errands and do simple house work (they could even go on murder sprees for casters if that’s what their masters sonwished for them to do but sheesh that was a tad overboard.) it wasn’t until you searched with the word ‘necromancy’ that you finally found just a few books. They were pretty brutal to say the least.

You sat at a library table, sifting through pages upon pages of book of terrifying stories you couldn’t fathom happening in the community today. Casters have tried many different ways to bring the dead back to life. You read up on a lot of spells and rituals that practically painted the pages of the books red with blood, disaster, and heartbreak. Many times have warlocks tried to bring the dead back to life and there were so many stories full of gruesome slaughters and cannibalistic carnage and it really made you feel sick. A lot of people who wanted to use this magic tried to create armies of the undead and the sheer disrespect for, not only people who once inhabited those vessels used for violence, but magic itself, cast a certain amount of gloominess over you. People used to live in such dark times.

You were about to stop your research when you came across an archive of people who had successfully performed necromancy that didn’t end in tragedy. The names of people brought back to life as well as their resurrectees was a small one but it dated back to nearly biblical times. There were only short spurts of information written about people who were successfully brought back without going complete zombie in the world, and a short passage told you that many people who had gone through that were ashamed of what they had done to get themselves killed, or they opted to live more secluded lives, afraid of what the community would think of what they had become. It made you sad but your attention was more focused on the names of the casters who had used necromancy; all of those names seemed to belong to women, no, witches. One name in particular stood out to you. Harleen Blackwater was pictured in the book, the same witch who had been the first to take her own life instead of marrying the champion crowned Supreme had the power of resurgence. She was the last witch listed in the archive. You suddenly got very sad, staring into the young witch’s dark, almost knowing eyes. A rare gift like hers was wasted because of the warlock dominated world worked and it really sucked. Looking at her, you couldn’t help but think you’d seen her before but you really couldn’t place where. Before you could think too much about it, you heard footsteps from behind you and saw a silhouette standing in the hall doorway. So apparently somebody else knew about the second story entrance.

“Hello?” Called the spiky-haired shadow. “Is that you, flower girl?”

“Kirishima?” You asked, squinting your eyes to try and get a better view of the intruder. You couldn’t see his face but he had crocs on. You’d seen Bakugou’s demon summon loafing around in crocs one too many times to now that it was in fact him.

“It is you…” Kirishima said, gripping into the doorframe. He looked tense, as if he were in pain.

“Is… everything alright?”

“No,” he seethed through his teeth. He was shaking now, changing. From what you could see from the shape of his body, he started to look jagged, as if he were made of stone, while two large horns grew out of his forehead and a whiplike tail appeared behind him. His eyes were glowing deep crimson, glaring right at you. “I need you to run, flower girl.”



And that’s when he bolted forward, sprinting full force towards you. You managed to jump out of your seat just in time for Kirishima to crash into the table, knocking books and papers into the hair as your seating area flew across the room.

“What are you doing?!” You bellowed, trying your best to make out what in the hell was happening. You moved to grab your bag but Kirishima jumped in front of it, glaring at you. He ran at you again but this time you managed to use your telekinesis to blast him back and against the railing, which ultimately ended up toppling over into the first story book shelves.

“You’re gonna have to try harder than that,” Kirishima growled, willing his coarse arm against his bleeding, albeit terrifying mouth. “You’re gonna have to knock me out!”

“Why are you attacking me!” You fkated your bag towards you but you were wasting precious time standing around. Kirishima was back on his feet in an instant!

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice a low roar. “I can’t stop !!”

So you ran for dear life. You ran for dear life, in heels. Not even thinking to exit the library because you were too panicked to make rational goddamn decisions, you darted down the vast library aisles, using your magic to fling books Kirishima’s way, but those had no effect on his pursuit. While you sprinted, you tried calling his name, tried bargaining with him, and tried to see what you had done to him to make him act this way, but you were only met with nearly animalistic snarls. Kirishima was a demon of the underworld after all.

Bookshelves were knocked over, papers and torn books were flying everywhere and you couldn’t think of any damn spells to get him to calm down, the ones you could think to use, simply bounced off his hardened skin.

“Kirishima!!!” You cried, once you got yourself barricaded in between the wall and a shelf. Kirishima was pushing against it, all the while tearing books apart with his clawed hands. The two pixies from earlier were sitting on his back, rippling with laughter at how frightened you looked.

“I’m. Sorry! ” Wailed Kirishima, though the look on his face didn’t match his words in the slightest. The monster wanted blood.

The bookshelf cracked and you screamed. Why couldn’t you do anything? Why were you so helpless? Why could you teleport down in the dungeons when you were  simply freaking out over no big deal but you couldn’t use transmutation when you were in actual danger? Was it just a one time thing? Come on, teleport, dammit! A book fell in your head and the pixies cheered. Teleport, teleport, teleport!

You grit your teeth and pushed a leg up to stop the shelf from collapsing in you. Nonapologetic growling sounded in your ears and you almost didn’t hear someone call your name. Familiar bulky red shoes appeared on the end of the wrecked aisle and Izuku Midoriya called your name once more.

“What’s happening?” He yelled, running halfway down the aisle only to stop when he saw Kirishima ripping apart the bookcase.

“It’s Kirishima. He’s trying to kill me! Go get help!”

“I’m not-!” Sputtered Kirishima, beads of sweat running down from his horns, “-I’m not trying to- kill you- I just have to-!!” He growled and hissed as if it hurt him to even try to speak.

“Midoriya, help!!!”

“Oh~ okay! I just! I left my wand somewhere in here last night! And I don’t remember where!”

God fucking dammit, Midoriya! You closed your eyes and tried your hardest to focus on his wand. “ Somewhere in the library,” you whispered, legs straining against the breaking bookcase as you tried to use your divination. “It’s at the front desk! Someone must’ve turned it in!”

“Right!” Midoriya jumped over the ledge that now had no railing. Jesus, he was reckless, making a jump like that!. One of the pixies on Kirishima’s shoulder, the one with the pig snout, flew after him. You tried calling out to earn him about the pixies but the shelf pressed against your chest, constructing your air circulation.

Please stop ,” you were barely able to squeak out, pleading with the demon on top of you.

“It’s not me,” he said, raising his dangerous hand and swiping it across the wooden shelf, splattering wood across your face. “I don’t mean to be doing this!”


“Please don’t look at me like that! I’m not supposed to be a monster!” Another swipe and you were a completely open prey for the furious looking redhead.

You closed your eyes and prayed it wouldn’t hurt. You said your so longs to the world and lamented the life you had lived thus far. If you died in the library, you would be damned before haunting Sir Cornelius Hollowstone’s School For The Phenomenally Gifted but Jesus were you really going to let your last thoughts be negative ones? You bargained with the universe that if you made it out alive, you’d study more, be nicer to your mother, make friends , help the needy, whatever! Whatever you want, universe!

Nunc somnum !”

You opened your eyes to see a blast of green hit Kirishima’s back. Midoriya stood a few feet away, wand in hand with a pixie pulling at his mouth. “ Nunc somnum! ” He said again, and a flash of light emitted from his wand. A sleeping spell . Why the hell didn’t you think of that?!

Kirishima’s raised hand fell to the side and his eyelids grew heavy but he didn’t budge. The second pixie with the large eyes snickered and flew towards Midoriya, a source of magic , and the two gremlins tainted him by pulling at his sleeves and screeching with glee. Midoriya, showing no sign of agitation, simply whirled his wand around and the pixie were cut up in a tiny telekinetic whirlwind, before getting themselves wrapped up in each other’s wings and falling to the ground. Midoriya kicked them out of the way, pointed his wand at Kirishima once more and yelled the same spell over and over again until Kirishima’s eyes finally closed and he slumped over on top of you.

Slowly the horns on top of Kirishima’s head shrunk back into his skull and his skin changed back to looking more human. Midoriya tan towards the wreckage and pushed Kirishima out of the way. Using his own strength (Midoriya seriously had been working out, good god) he lifted the bookshelf off of you with ease. You stayed stuck in the floor, dumbfounded at what all just happened. You were attacked. By a demon. In a library. And Izuku Midoriya , the kid who still had to use a wand for magic, saved you.

Midoriya crouched down and offered you a hand. “Are you alright?”

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and hugged him tightly, happy to be grasping into something that wasn’t about to break. “Thank you,” you whispered into his hair. “Thank you so much, Midoriya. I was so scared and I couldn’t think and Kirishima was-!”

“Hey,” the green haired boy cooed. His arm curled around your waist and he hoisted you up, pulling you gently against his torso. “It’s okay. You’re not harmed are you? How’s your chest, can you breathe? Can you walk?”

Midoriya pulled you out and away from the mess and let you set your feet on the ground. “I-,” you started to stand but you were feeling dizzy and you fell slightly back into Midoriya.

He chuckled lightly, once again moving his hand to your waist to steady you. “It’s okay, one step at a time, right?”

“Midoriya, you saved me.”

Midoriya grinned and his freckles cheeks grew to be a rosy pink. It was strange. You’d always considered Midoriya to be pretty cute, in like a little boy sort of way, but with sud and dust covering his face from the mess,with points added from him actually rescuing you from probable death, Midoriya was… handsome . “What else are friends for?”

He sat you down in a chair and examined your face, using his wand to shine a light into your eyes, as if he was some sort of magical physician. He asked you questions and you answered them. You felt okay, just spooked to say the least. Midoriya licked his index finger and slid it across your cheek, wiping some blood from a cut you’d got when the bookcase exploded on your face.

“I think you’re gonna live,” Midoriya finally said in his too sweet for words voice. “And how do you still look so-,” he paused, “even after all of that happened?”

“I think so too, thanks to you,” you said, shying away from his emerald eyes. Your face flushed from the odd contact. It was stupid but, Midoriya was really cute?! And how did you look? What did he mean?  “I… really owe you one.”

“You found my wand for me, so I’d call us even.”

“You’re always losing your shit, Midoriya!” You half-laughed, trying to make light of the situation.

“I know,” he cheerfully groaned. “But lucky for me, I’ll always have you to help me out!

Always?” You rolled your eyes and grinned.

Midoriya hummed and stood up, surveying the mess in aisles X through Z of the library. You could already hear boisterous ranting coming from invisible creatures who gripes about having to clean up the mess. “What happened here? Why was Kirishima trying to kill you?”

You told him everything, probably too far in detail. You told him about the rude goblin librarian and how you had to climb the ladder because you didn’t know about the second entrance. You told him about the pixies and the granola bar, and about how you were just there to study there to study when Kirishima showed up out of nowhere and attacked you. You let him know that Kirishima told you he wasn’t trying to hurt you, or was it that he wasn’t going to kill you?, and how he ‘couldn’t stop.’ You told him how you were sure your life was about to end before Midoriya showed up.

“And do you believe him? About not wanting to hurt you?” Midoriya asked, all the while floating Kirishima’s unconscious body towards the two of you.

“I don’t know. Kirishima seemed like a really nice… demon before this,” you sighed. “Aren’t demons supposed to obey every and all commands?”

“Yes. They are.”

“Well, even if Kirishima doesn’t want me dead, I think I know who might…”

“Yeah?” Midoriya’s brows knitted together. He knew exactly who you were talking about. “Are you sure you want to go barking up that tree?”

You laid a hand on Kirishima’s leg and closed your eyes, beginning to swim through the nether in search of the demon’s owner. You found him almost instantly, walking up the steps of the High Tower with his hands in his pockets. An early riser , you saw. Of course he was.

“I’m not going to bark up that tree,” you mentally scowled at the image of Katsuki Bakugou twisting the knob of Room 701. “I’m going to chop it down.”