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oh, your hands can heal, your hands can bruise

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            Kaminari wanted him. Despite the constant arguments, the insults, the lies, and the pain he caused, Kaminari still wanted him. It hurt a lot, but hurting is a part of loving, isn’t it? Some would say that he was an absolute fool, wasting his time on someone who could never love him back as much as he loved him, but hey, Kaminari has always been a fool, hasn’t he? Always the happy-go-lucky idiot who couldn’t control his quirk, always this— this positive dumbass who couldn’t understand math for the life of him. But even so, his flaws never hindered him in from loving him.

            Him. The epitome of perfection, the definition of victory, Mr. Number One. Him, with those ruby red eyes that Kaminari could just stare into all day. Him, with that spikey blonde hair that’s just as prickly as his personality. Him, with hands that wield a powerful quirk, hands that gave Kaminari more burns and bruises than comfort. Him, him, him.

            He can’t exactly pinpoint when he started to develop feelings like this towards him, but Kaminari didn’t care. All he cared about was how much his feelings grew, and how much he wanted said feelings to be reciprocated. He dreamt about his hands running through those pale, blond locks, the warmth of the blanket on a cold rainy seeping through their bodies, lips dancing in a slow and gentle rhythm— oh, how much Kaminari wanted these dreams to meet reality. He wanted him

            The day came when they confessed, blushes a bright shade of vermillion. Kaminari’s smile couldn’t have been wider. His eyes sparkled with unshed tears or pure bliss, and his golden irises shined with unparalleled happiness and things were perfect, just like the man before him. He wasn’t as vocal or expressive with emotions, but relief and joy was evident through the profuse blushing and beaming fondness lighting up those ruby-red eyes. His dream was coming true. Kaminari finally had him.

            As most relationships go, the first few weeks were all smiles and disgusting displays of affection. Even for someone like him, PDA was inevitable. Kaminari was happy. They went on frequent dates, they communicate well despite the stark difference with their personalities. They were opposites, but they made it work. It worked so well until 5 months into their relationship when things started going downhill. They started to argue, their petty quarrels breaking out in fistfights partnered with harsh insults and regrettable statements. They started keeping secrets. The negative attributes they tried to conceal surfaced and the light that shined down on their relationship was dimming by the minute. Promises were being broken, smiles turned to tears, and trust turned to paranoia. It hurt. It hurt so, so much, yet Kaminari wanted more. Kaminari loves him and he wanted more.

            His friends said that it was stupid, loving him even after the pain he caused. They said that his affection was bordering idiocy. They tried to convince him that no matter how perfect his hero attributes are, it will never even graze the bare minimum for being a good lover. Even so, even if it made Kaminari an idiot for harbouring a love so massive that it's detrimental, then so be it. After all, Kaminari Denki will always love him, beautiful, exquisite him— Bakugou Katsuki.