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Misfortune and Explosions

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Originally the Explosive Hothead will all know or love (or not, your choice) was planned out to be a very kind and gentle character that spoke without thinking and unintentionally insulted people, but that idea was scrapped.

But what if one simple girl had the quirk to change that in one failed swoop. Insults were unintentionally thrown, Bakugo was extremely flustered, Midoriya gets a boyfriend, excessive quietness in the classroom happened, even Todoroki and Iida were confused, confessions were made, Kirishima almost tried to kiss Bakugo, the class was freaking out and Bakugo was confused about why they were, Bakugo got kissed, and Apologies were given; not in that order though. They all wondered how they had even got through that week without the school exploding.


It was a normal day for Bakugo, he woke, took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, packed his stuff, and left his dorm. Nothing out of the normal for him. The same for Midoriya he did his usual schedule now that he was at the dorms now, the day seemed normal and it was planned out to be normal like every other day; until a girl with Indigo hair and piercing Gray eyes showed up and turned their whole day upside down.

The blue haired girl slowly walked to the exit of the dorms, humming a sweet tune stuck in her head a carefree expression displayed across her face; seemingly to take her precious time to get to the campus when there wasn't that much time left. Why was she so slow damnit? Bakugo let out a cough trying to signal that someone was behind her and that she needed to hurry up, she didn't and Bakugo was getting aggravated; his eyebrows furrowed as she continued to pace herself as slow as a snail. Midoriya exited the stairs and began walking his way to the exit, a smile on his face like usual, dimples barely visible but there.

Bakugo had enough, he wasn't gonna do anything harsh or rude to her, just tell her to move and then move her himself. "Move," He cautioned and put his hand on the girl's shoulder and gently moved her away. The girl gasped and turned to face him, alarmed at his presence; bright sparks ran down her arms and into her hands and she swiftly tried to push him away only managing to make him stumble a few feet away from her. Midoriya stopped in his tracks and watched the scene in front of him play out, worried that she would possibly use her quirk on him too; an expression of fear displayed across his face.

Bakugo looked at her wide-eyed a confused look shone upon his face until bright sparks danced across him at a fast-paced speed, prickling at his skin like needles. The pain grew at an intense speed as the bright electricity-like sparks ran through his veins making him let out a raw throat-wrenching scream from his mouth. The Indigo-haired girl eyes widened as she let out a mere whimper from her mouth, she stumbled back as she witnessed the painful howl the boy let out, all because she activated her quirk. Grief filled her eyes and a look of shame that was directed toward herself, complete hopelessness filling her piercing eyes. The sparks quickly vanished along with the screaming as Bakugo stumbled onto the floor a loud thud noise echoing throughout the room.

Bakugo's eyebrows were knotted, his lips curved into a scowl, pain displayed across his face.

Tears threatened to spill from her eyes as she uncovered her mouth and rested her hand at her side, fists closed so she couldn't activate her quirk just in case someone came near her again; she slowly moved toward the spiky blonde regret in what she had done to him in every step. She stopped only a few feet away from him, tears creeping out of her eyes as she let out a sob; she didn't mean to do this, she didn't want to do this, it was all her quirk's fault, not her's. Midoriya quickly snapped out of the daze of the scene in front of his and quickly rushed to go see if his friend was okay.

He kneeled next to his friend and grabbed his arm and rolled down his sleeve to his elbow. He grabbed his wrist and checked his pulse, he would thank Mr. Aizawa later for teaching them how to check pulses in case of an emergency or in case someone was badly injured in a fight. His pulse was normal, Midoriya let out a sigh of relief; his friend was okay and that was all that mattered right now. He rolled up his sleeve and let go of his wrist and let his arm drop onto the floor with a silent thud. He looked over at the Indigo-haired colored girl who was mumbling out loud, grief and sorrow spread across her face.

He managed to catch some of the things she said but some he couldn't decipher from her sobs. "I-I... I didn't- I didn't mean to do it again, I-I didn't want too. I d-didn't mean to use my quirk on you... I-I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I-I did it again... I didn't want too, you s-scared me and... I-I'm so sorry..." Her voice sounded heartbroken, voice unsteady and shaky, her voice wavering sobs coming after she finished her sentence. Midoriya looked at her with a sorrowful expression, concern filling his eyes along with curiosity and sorrow. He took a deep breath and then exhaled out ready to confront this situation with the hopefulness that she could answer to what she had done to Bakugo.

"E-excuse me... But... Can you please tell me what you did to Kaachan?" Midoriya asked his voice almost at a whisper. The girl gasped and took a step back and her eyes darted towards Midoriya, she didn't see him there or expect him there either. "I didn't- I didn't want to..." She quickly bowed and tears streaming down her cheeks. "I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry for w-what I did to your f-friend..." She quickly ran away tears streaming off of her cheeks as she ran.

"Wait!" Midoriya pleaded reaching out his hand towards the girl running away. He sighed and placed his hand next to himself, he looked back at Bakugo and a frown spread across his face. How was he gonna get Bakugo to school to get help?


Midoriya straightened out Bakugo's body and kneeled next to him. He wrapped his arm around Bakugo's back resting his hand on his hip, lifting him up into a seating stance; he wrapped his other arm around his thighs resting his hand on his thigh. He lifted Bakugo up and then stood up holding Bakugo bridal style. He wasn't that heavy, but besides that Midoryia started walking out the door, he was going to have to carry Bakugo to school to get help.

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Midoriya watched his step as he carried his classmate to class, making sure to not trip or step on anything he shouldn't or risk hurting his friend or himself. He got weird looks and was eyed by people passing by him. He wouldn't blame them for looking at him like that, it wasn't a usual thing you'd see on a daily basis, and no villains or fights had broken out even near the campus and most people were assured their safety so it was slightly concerning; especially when one of the most proclaimed toughest students was being carried by one of the many weak students at the school.

As he reached the gate footsteps sounded behind him, he turned his head to see Iida quickly coming towards him, he stopped and took a few steps back. He didn't know what Iida wanted, maybe it was too scold him about carrying his classmate, or maybe to ask what was wrong. He stood a few feet away from him a concerned look on his eyes. "Midoriya, What happened to Bakugo?" Concerned voiced in his voice, Midoriya shrugged a frown on his face. "I-I don't know, I ... I think a girl used her quirk on him then she ran off crying... She said she was sorry but-"

"Do you need any help carrying him? We must get him to a safe place this instant!" Iida asked Midoriya shook his head. "I'm fine, he's not that heavy but... Let's get him somewhere safer. Iida nodded and followed behind just in case any extra assistance was needed just in case. Midoriya tried to get to the classroom as quickly as he could, Bakugo didn't look like he was getting any better. He looked like he was in pain, beads of sweat dripping down his face as he shifted side to side, eyebrows knotted a scowl splashed across his face. He had to hurry up.

A loud piercing bell rang out and they rushed to the class door, Iida opened the door so Midoriya could enter in, Iida followed behind him. Everyone was chatting like normal, the usual sitting on their desks and someone showing off their quirk again. Ochaco turned in their direction with a smile on her face, she waved at them and said. "Hey Midoriya, Iida; why are you two la-" Ochaco voice trailed off once she saw what was in front of her, she gasped and pointed towards Bakugo who was held in Midoriya's hands. "W-what happened to B-Bakugo?!" She stuttered, fear visible in her voice, iBakugo was one of the strongest n the class; if someone managed to defeat him it meant that it was possibly a villain or another student here she didn't want to mess with. Kirishima turned with a joking look on his face, he knew that no one could defeat his friend. "Pft- What are you talking about there's no WAY no one could defeat Baku-BrO-... Holy shit... He got knocked the fuck out..." The statement of 'He got knocked the fuck out.' was a true statement, he has indeed been knocked the fuck out. The chattering was soon silenced by a veil of questions that spread across the room like fog on a muggy day. Midoriya tried to answer the question but was stopped when Iida took the lead. "Please, arrange the front desks together so we can lay Bakugo down, then Midoriya will answer your questions," Iida instructed.

Some of them arranged the desk into a straight line and backed up once the desks were arranged into that line. Midoriya walked up to the center of the desk and laid Bakugo down on the desks. He didn't look okay. But at least, Iida didn't object to anyone laying on the desk at this point and time. Midoriya was asked with questioned the only answer being: "I'd tell you if I even know what was going on, I think a girl used his quirk on him," The room soon going silent once they heard a loud creaking sound.

The classroom door opened and then closed everyone looked to see Aizawa entering the classroom, his usual yellow sleeping bag at his side, he walked to his podium his sleeping bag dropping next to him, he looked towards the direction of his students, everyone but Aizawa froze. Confusion displayed across his face, why was one of his laying across the front desks? He shook his head and left a comment to be determined by anyone. "Let me guess, someone's quirk did this?" The classroom stayed quiet as if a veil of silence had been put over the classroom. Iida and Midoriya slowly nodded, Aizawa sighed and placed the papers in his other hands on the desk. "Well, assuming you had enough time to bring him here, I'll assume you'll have enough time to bring him to the Recovery's Office. While you do that, everyone get your notes read-" Aizawa was soon interrupted by the sound of the desks moving.

The spiky blonde haired boy shifted in his spot, and everyone went silent. He wasn't apparently dead at least, a desk moving to let out a loud squeak as it moved across the floor. The student's eyes all focused on him, as he sat up and rubbed his eyes with a. "W-what... What happened?" His arm falling to his side.

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The spiky blonde haired boy shifted in his spot, and everyone went silent. He wasn't apparently dead at least, a desk moving to let out a loud squeak as it moved across the floor. The student's eyes all focused on him, as he sat up and rubbed his eyes with a. "W-what... What happened?" His arm falling to his side. Everyone stayed silent, Bakugo looked around, all eyes were on him; oh god, please no. He blinked, everyone was staring at him, expect Aizawa- wait no he was staring at him too. He covered his face with his hands. "Ah! W-why are you all l-looking at me?! S-stop looking at me!" He stuttered, blush spread across his ears to his cheeks.

The whole class was taken aback, the quirk obviously did something too him, and it was VERY noticeable; Aizawa wasn't surprised by this, maybe a little wide-eyed but then he shrugged it off and told the class exactly what to do, avoiding the situation as a whole. Everyone's attention was directed towards the teacher when he spoke, Bakugo silently uncovering his face. "The current situation with help with the lesson today that I was gonna talk about. Which is about the possible effects quirks can have on a person if used, in which this is an example of the effect of a quirk being used on Katsuki Bakugo. Now put the deks in order and we'll discuss the possible effects of quirks when used on a person, maybe Katsuki will be willing to tell us how he feels right now if he wants too." Aizawa instructed everyone but Bakugo let out an 'Ohhhh'.

Bakugo silently got off the desk and walked over his desk, ending up sitting in his desk in complete silence; everyone was still staring at him. He covered his face, face blushing bright red. "J-just stop looking at me like that! D-do what the teacher said!" Bakugo stuttered.

Everyone was taken aback again, but the quickly followed and the people's who desks were moved, moved their desk back in their place and took their seat, the others that desks weren't moved when and sat in their desk. When Shoto and Iida sat down they didn't understand how one could have a quirk like that since it was one that was never heard of to them or anyone in the class; it must have been a rare kind of quirk.

'Okay, Katsuki's personality has been changed by a girl that was clearly upset overdoing it, which is exactly why she ran off crying; so with her being upset over the matter that means it was a clear mistake and she didn't mean to do it, and accidentally activated her quirk. And in order for it to take full effect, it will cause an immense amount of pain to the person inflicted to the quirk so they can be unconscious so the changes can be in complete effect once they wake up. Bakugo was first crude, arrogant, and explosive, but now with the quirk in full effect he is most likely shy, gentle, and most likely easy to make flustered with very simple actions by how he reacts to people staring at him for what he feels like a long period of time which is actually a short amount. Something that Midoriya does often, which is why he is seemingly the cutest in the class. In which if he keeps this up, I'll start thinking he's cute which he kinda is when he blushes... Please, don't tell me I'm starting to think the boy is cute, Midoriya is way cuter than him...' Todoroki thought.

"They're so confusing... Freaking out over something when's there's really nothing to freak out over... Only idiots would freak over that..." Bakugo mumbled, his tone hushed, speaking his thoughts out loud.

Kirishima leaned against the palm of his hand and thought. 'If I try and kiss Bakugo now... And then tell him my feelings he won't try and blow off my head and maybe he'll accept my feelings too! Get ready Baku-Bro! You won't know what hit ya!' Kirishima grinned.

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Soon lunch came around and everyone was seated at their usual tables, no one was fighting over a chair this time. (That's a story for another time... Comment if you want me to tell it...)

Kirishima was sitting next to Bakugo, now was his time to strike. He looked at Bakugo, "Yo, Baku-Bro. Can I tell you something?" Kirishima asked, and Bakugo let out a "Hm?" Kirishima inched closer to his face, light blush spread across his and Bakugo's face. Mira looked up from her phone and grinned, getting her phone ready to take a picture; for blackmail purposes of course. "I-I need to tell you that..." He inched closer to his face, hand on his. "I really really really..." He stopped only a few inches away from his "... Like- " He pulled away, bright blush on his face. "-YOUR hair! I really really really like your hair it's... REALLy spiky and stuff and really cool Baku-Bro." Kirishima laughed, quickly swiping away his hand which was on his.

Mina groaned and went back to swiping through her phone. Bakugo looked at him confused but shrugged it off. "He's so strange sometimes... So weird sometimes..." Bakugo muttered, Kirishima scowled, why did he have to insult him now?


The last piercing bell rang and everyone got up chatter in the classroom rising, as everyone got ready to leave school. Midoriya walked out of the classroom door only to be stopped by Bakugo, who pulled out at sleeve and stopped him in his place. Midoriya looked at him with a confused look, it was still new that he acted differently and was kinda weird but this was even weirder. "Do... You need something Kaachan?" Midoriya asked. "Yeah... Yeah, I do need something..." Bakugo said. A silence spread across them, it was awkward. "Soooo... What do you need Kaachan?" "O-oh... Yeah, I was wondering if you could maybe... Ah, walk to my dorm with me?" Kaachan asked.

Midoriya blinked, 'K-Kachan wants me to walk me to his dorm? But he never wants to walk to the dorms with people less likely me! Mr. Aizawa told us that just because their personality had changed it doesn't mean that their views change at all, they're still the same person just is shown in a different light. So that means... Kaachan always wanted to walk to his dorm with me he just was too afraid to admit it; so that means he doesn't like being stared at that much by his reaction of being flustered when people stare at him... So Kaachan holds himself by many restrictions and doesn't follow out on many of the things he wants to do, which explains why he was so nice to everyone in the class and even wasn't really that violent when he was sparring against Ochaco and Iida.' Midoriya thought, quietly muttering to himself. "Ah... Deku? Are you going to walk with my dorm with me?... Please?" Kaachan said, Midoriya snapped out of his muttering trance and lightly blushed; he really needed to get rid of that. He scratched the back of his head and said, "Sure Kaachan, why not,"

Bakugo gave him a small smile, he grabbed his wrist a began walking. "Let's go then Deku," And Midoriya followed him, trying to figure the whole situation as a whole.


They soon arrived at Bakugo's dorm room, Bakugo let go of Midoriya's hand, turned around to hug Midoriya; Midoriya was slightly taken aback, he never hugged anyone, let alone him, except when he was a young child. He let go and looked at the ground, light blush dancing across his face. "Maybe... We could walk to school and walk back here the rest of the week?..." Bakugo muttered Midoriya nodded. "I'd love to Kaachan," Midoriya said with a smile. Bakugo looked up at him and said "Well... I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Midoriya nodded and said "Yeah,"

Bakugo turned around and opened the door stepping in his dorm, he closed the door and sighed; he leaned against the door. "I wish we could always do this, b-but... I won't always be like this for very long... I-I'm sorry Izuku..." Bakugo muttered.

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The carried on with they scheduled they had planned, walking to school and walking back home in a simple pattern, day by day for the rest of that week, that was until Friday turned around and they didn't walk back home together.

They walked to school a smile on Midoriya's face and a frown on Bakugo, once they reached the school gate Bakugo stopped, Midoriya looked back at him with a concerning look. "Are you okay Kaachan?" Midoriya asked. "I'm sorry..." Bakugo whispered, "W-what did you say Kaachan?" Midoriya took a step forward. "I said I'm a sorry! I-I'm sorry for being mean to you!" And with that he ran away, he avoided him for the rest of the day and wouldn't talk to him. This had something to do with what that girl did, so it was now his mission to find her and get the explanation.

Midoriya went to the dorms and looked around the entrance, hoping he'd be able to spot the Indigo-haired girl in the entrance. All he found was two water-fountains, a few Vending Machines, and some chairs; no Indigo-haired girl. He sighed and sunk into one of the chairs, how was he ever gonna figure out this mystery, and how long it would exactly last, Mr. Aizawa had told them it could last to days to weeks to maybe even a month, it was clear that maybe it was going to last a week, but maybe it was going to end in a month which would mean that he'd have to get used to all of the unusual behavior of Bakugo. As his eyes were closed he heard someone sit next to him, he opened one eye to see the exact girl he was looking for. The girl looked down at the ground a frown on her face. "I've been looking for you all over the school, I couldn't find you anywhere in school," She mumbled, a confused look displayed across Midoriya's face. "You go to U.A.?" Midoriya asked. She nodded. "Yeah, I do; I work in the Investigating department, were usually not seen that much due to us being off campus for work but I took a break this week... And with what happened I decided to tell you all that you deserve to know now..." She took in a deep breath.

"I am Aikuako Cheiko, and I'm very VERY sorry for what I did to your friend, but I guess I have a lot of explaining to do now..."

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"So, I know the basics of what the quirk does, but can you tell me more about it then?" Midoriya asked. Aikuako sighed,

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to explain too much, but... I guess I'll have too. Well for starters my Quirk usually last about a few days too between a week, and the person who is affected by the quirk will mean everything they say, and you can get pretty much about any information out of that person when using it; which is pretty much why I'm on the investigating team, and especially with my Fog quirk too. But the thing is that the person that is affected by the quirk won't remember anything. Which is why I'm so good for the investigating team... Any more questions?" Aikuako asked. Midoriya shook his head.

It was then he realized something that can easily turn his and Bakugo's relationship sweet or sour with just one simple question. Why exactly he hated him, and if he even had felt the same way towards him. "What do I do?... He won't remember it probably if I asked him, I should... I'll sleep on it, maybe I shouldn't make that decision, maybe I shouldn't use the quirk to my advantage..." Midoriya said.

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He woke up as the rays of night sun on his face, he rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes and stretched out his limbs. He yawned, and walked to his bathroom, splashing cold water on his face. He ate breakfast and pondered on his decision he planned to make, he decided on breakfast. He decided on asking Bakugo for the truth, but the downside was that Bakugo still wouldn't know that he felt towards him; he wished he could tell Bakugo the truth but he couldn't, he didn't have the courage too. So he wanted to know if Bakugo liked him before he could even say anything about the matter.

He talked to Bakugo about this on Saturday and the conversation went well. He didn't hate him he just didn't know how to express attraction which was the reason, and that he had felt the same way, Midoriya admitted that he had felt the same but they left it like that.

Even though he wouldn't remember anything, at least he got it off his chest.


He woke up Sunday, and all the memories of the week came rushing towards him; he quickly sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Holy shit... I..." He told Midoriya exactly how he felt about him, that he loved him and only called him those things because he didn't know how to express attraction; just like his mom. He told Midoriya everything that he was too scared to say, at least he knew that Midoriya had felt the same. But how was he going to start their relationship? He didn't know how to do it so he started to avoid Midoriya all together. He'd have to get advice from the one he feared to confront about romance... Mina...


Midoriya skimped the page of his book that explained the many different fighting styles of different types of heroes, he got this from the school library; he might just have to go to the shop and buy one for himself because this book told things he didn't even know about heroes and what they could do. He couldn't wait until he was in one of these books, that'd be the day.


Midoriya looked at his phone, he got a text from an unknown number. The wrong number again, he entered in his passwords and opened up the conversation.

Unknown: OH MY GOSH!! Midoriya!!! youll never guess what happened!! someones gonna come confess to u!

Unknown: PS this is Mina btw~

Deku: who???

Unknown: thats 4 me to know and 4 u to find out!

Midoriya shook his head and huffed.


"Huh?..." Midoriya looked at the door, who could be knocking so early in the morning.


Were they trying to wake everyone else, up? He quickly got up from his seat pushing it back and walked quickly towards the door, he opened it to see Bakugo standing in front of teh door, an angered look on his face. He walked into his room not saying hi or anything and stood in teh middle of his room. "D-do you need something Kaachan?" Midoriya asked, closing the door to his room. Bakugo sighed, "I want to be your boyfriend Midoriya..." Bakugo admitted.

"Y-you're joking... Right Kaachan?" He asked beads of sweat dripped down his face. Was this really happening, like, right now? Bakugo looked at him with the look of 'Please tell me you're joking.' Bakugo shook his head. "I'm completely serious right now and you better take me seriously," Bakugo demanded, he sent and sat on Midoriya's bed, arms crossed with a scowl on his face.

Midoriya went and sat next to him and said, "If we are going to be in a relationship then, we should make it official... Right, Bakugo?" Midoriya advised. "And what do you mean by that Midoriya?" Bakugo asked, raising an eyebrow, confusion on his face. Midoriya looked away a light pink dusting his face. "Can I... Kiss you right now?... A-As long as you're okay with it- i-if you're not that's completely fine! I don't mind at all-" Midoriya rambled on until bakugo leaned in closer to him, he was slightly taken aback but looked past that and swallowed his pride and leaned in close. "Sure... You can kiss me. You don't have to ask." Bakugo answered. Midoriya gulped but leaned in closer closing the space between their lips, only separating after a few seconds. A smirk spread across his face, he had finally achieved something he thought he could never achieve. "Alright, Boyfriend~"

His face flushed a bright red, an he looked away, a sort of mad look on his face. "S-shut up Midoriya..." Midoriya chuckled, he learned on his shoulder. "Alright boyfriend~" Bakugo groaned and Midroriya smiled, he could get used to calling him his boyfriend.