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A Demonic Family

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This story is going to be run by you guys. If you wanna see something happen, then feel free to leave it down in the comments. As long as the requests keep coming I'll keep writing.

Here are the rules:

1. Be as explicit as possible with your request; otherwise, I can't guarantee that I can give you what you want.

2. No smut.

3. Please be patient when waiting for the response for the prompt. School work keeps me busy and I may have several requests before yours (I also have posted this work on Wattpad).

Other Notes: The requests don't have to be centered around the reader. They don't even have to have the reader. It can be quite literally anything in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe. For example, it can be a one-shot only containing the relationship between the Seven Deadly Sins or a side story only about Meliodas and Elizabeth.

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You were in the training room with your son.

"Widen your stance, sweetie," you called, circling your son for the nth time. You had decided it was time for him to start sword training. He did as you ordered, his face scrunched up in concentration.

"Good," you reached for the hilt of the sword and shifted his hand slightly, so that is wasn't so close to the blade. "There, now, I want you to hold your sword tightly and thrust it out into the air," you commanded.

You waited until he did, then told him, "Great job! That was called a jab. You want to aim for your opponent's soft spots, like their tummy."

You poked Melio in the stomach and his sword clattered to the ground as Meliodas became a giggling mess. You turned your head when you heard a cough, to see your husband standing in the doorway. His head was cocked to the side.

"I thought you were training him," he grunted.

"I am! A little fun doesn't hurt, though!" you cheerily replied, though your voice carried an undertone of warning. You told the Demon King that your child would have a life full of joy, and that he wasn't allowed to be too training-oriented.

"Look father! I can do a jab now!" Melio proudly declared, bouncing happily to your husband with the wooden training sword in hand. Meliodas got into proper stance in front of his father - he was such a fast learner - and pushed his sword out just like you instructed him to.

"That's very good, Meliodas."

He stared up innocently at the Demon King, and asked, "Will you teach me stuff with mommy?"

Your husband stared down at your son, then chuckled, "Sure, Meliodas."

He led Meliodas back to the center of the room, grabbing his own practice sword on the way (he may have not been the most practiced parent, but he knew that Meliodas would want to copy him if he grabbed a real sword, and neither of you wanted to go to the infirmary. Meliodas still hadn't figured out how to use his dark matter to heal himself on command yet). You watched in amusement as your husband directed your son, showing how to properly swing the sword without hurting himself.

Sometimes, you would join in and add little comments here and there. The door creaked open to reveal Derieri walking in with Melascula. The two girls had become training partners.

They stopped and stared in surprise, before a grin broke out on Derieri's face.

She snuck up on Meliodas and ruffled his hair, causing Meliodas to drop his wooden sword again.

"I guess the little munchkin is learning how to use a weapon!"

"Hey!" Meliodas angrily exclaimed, though it was a very cute, angry expression. "I'm not a munchkin! I'm a big bad demon!"

Derieri laughed, "Sure! And I'm a goddess!"

Meliodas growled, and charged at her with a determined yell. He managed to tackle her to the ground, and they wrestled around. You glanced at your husband, who looked like he was about to intervene, and quickly flew over to him.

"Don't interrupt, they're playing," you whispered after you covered his eyes. He chuckled and grabbed your waist, pulling you over his head. You squealed in surprise, squirming in his grasp. You landed hovering above the ground, your back to his chest. Turning in his grasp, you pressed your lips softly to his.

"Ewwwww!" Melio exclaimed, sticking his tongue out in disgust. "Mommy is kissing father!"

You giggled, light and airy, then tackled him to the ground. Tickling his sides, you blew raspberries on his face. "What about now? Is it gross when Mommy kisses Melio?"

"Stop!" he shrieked, attempting to wiggle away, "It tickles!"

You laughed and released your son.

Training stopped for the rest of the day. Instead, you had fun chasing your family around the training room, Melascula leaving out of respect.