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“Who is he, Niall?” Harry asked curiously; cocking an eyebrow and taking a drag on his cigarette.

He had been staring in the general direction of the pretty boy for half an hour straight, so Niall was not surprised by the question.

“Louis. One of my friends.” Niall replied smugly.

“Then why aren’t you there, with your friend?”

“Because you are my brother, so I’d rather not leave you alone.”

“Oh, Ni, you never cease to impress me,” Harry said and lightly patted his little brother’s cheek, still looking at the petite boy, who was sitting on the grass, across from them. “And who is the other one?”

“Oh... um, he is Zayn.” Niall looked down, playing with the hem of his shirt.

“Zayn. And he is?” Harry asked, paying attention to Niall then, surprised by his shyness.

“Well, I don’t know him, so he is not my friend.”

“You fancy him?” Harry nudged his shoulder, jokingly.

“No, I don’t.”

“But he is Louis’ friend?”

“I... I don’t know for sure. Rumour has it they are boyfriends, but rumours, you know...”

“Rumours. Right.”

Harry dropped his cigarette on the ground and leaned back on his hands, sun kissing his features; face turned towards the two boys laughing a few meters away from them.

It was Thursday and Harry normally visited Niall at his university on that day of the week, because the menace started late afternoon and he always begged for lunch to be brought by him. Even though Niall was not the only one to blame, as Harry enjoyed some time off work and a good laugh with his little brother, so this was the reason he used to visit, until Louis.

The week before, he saw Louis for the very first time.

He was walking across the campus with a large cup of coffee on his left hand while the right one clutched tight around his dark-haired friend’s arm.

The petite boy was beautiful. Harry had only some seconds to catch his face when he walked across from him, but those seconds he caught the prettiest of details on his cheeks, lips, nose and hair. He was so beautiful.

The man never thought about the other boy accompanying him everywhere, though, but it was bothering him there, while he was sitting on the grass and observing.

“Why are you interested in them, so suddenly?”

Niall had seen a lot of girls from his uni, throw themselves at his big brother within the first glance, when he was around. He has also seen his big brother, be very picky on the ones he used to bring home. Either girls or boys.

Niall had never been interested in befriending any of them as he was aware, they wouldn’t be around for long, but he knew for sure, that none of them was like Louis. Louis had no long legs or blonde hair and neither was he a model.

So, he couldn’t quite understand all the questions on the boy.

"I have seen him around here a lot. Was just curious."

Niall sighed and turned fully, to meet his brother's eyes. "Look, Harry, he is not your type, okay? He is my friend, and while I can't say I know him well, I know he is not like everyone else you are used to having around yourself."

Harry’s eyebrows frowned at Niall’s words. He was confused because he had no intentions of approaching that Louis boy, or do what his little brother thought he would. He was just asking out of curiosity.
Besides, the boys were at least four years younger than himself.

“Niall, what do you mean? I have n...” Harry was looking wide-eyed at Niall when he interrupted him mid-sentence and gestured toward his friend.

“Look, Harry!”

The man followed the directions just in time to see Louis on his feet unfolding a white cane and slowly walking beside his friend.

Harry was staring, he knew, but how could he not? Louis, the boy he had seen a couple of times, was blind and he had never noticed it until he saw the cane.

And to think of it, it is not like the information changed something in him for good or bad, but he had this kind of feeling you get when you learn something sad happened to someone you are not related to, but someone you are kind of unconsciously attracted to.

A feeling that resembled emptiness.

“Wipe that look of your face, brother. He hates when people do that."

“What look and how does he even know people's facial expressions?” Harry asked still seeming at the boy’s back, walking away.

“Don’t be rude! He just knows, no explanations.”

Louis held Zayn’s hand for dear life.

They were walking inside their flat and Louis had had enough.

“Please, stop talking Zayn! I do not care, okay?”

The boy soundlessly counted 8 steps to the left from the front door and four more to his right and stopped; extending his arm to open the door of the fridge and grab a cold bottle of water.

“I am sorry, love, I don’t want to upset you. I just wanted you to know that he was staring for years.” Zayn leaned against the counter and watched Louis take some sips from the bottle.

“You know I don’t feel comfortable when people stare so, why would you tell me?”

“Because he is not a student. He seems a couple of years older than us, and fifty per cent of the time that translates into danger.”

“I hate when you treat me like this.” Louis went to get out of the kitchen, but Zayn was fast to catch hold of his elbow.

“Please, Lou don’t be sad! I am not doing this to upset you. I always want you to be safe and happy, I swear!”

Louis stayed unmoving for some seconds, then gave up and turned around, burying his face in his friend’s chest. “I know. I am sorry.”

“Nothing to apologize about, babe,” Zayn whispered smiling and placed a small kiss at the top of the boy’s head. “How about some ice-cream and Imagine Dragons then?”

“Perfect!” Louis giggled. “Your room, though, it is tidier which means fewer chances for me to stumble.”


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Louis sat at the edge of the bath while it filled.

When the warm water was at a certain level, the boy slowly made his way at the wooden tray he had sat on the marble surface of one of the sinks before. He filled four big cups with milk, adding them to the bath, along with 5 sticks of cinnamon.

The Omega loved the smell of cinnamon, it was earthy, relaxing. It entered him in a completely different world. A world where his sight didn’t matter and the only sense of orientation was his heart.

It doesn’t happen like that in our earth though.
Here, one has to open their eyes wide, has to be really sneaky and so strong, in order to survive every day.

“And I have none of these things.” Louis sighed to himself before removing all the clothes lazily and getting in the bath.

The feeling and smell were amazing.

Louis rested his body against the hard surface of the bath, letting the warm water cover his skin from neck to toes.

There were days like this when he was certain he was beautiful.

He ran his hands over his thighs and stomach under the water, wanting to feel the silky texture of his skin.

Yes, there were days like this when he really loved his body.

Zayn kept telling him all the time, how pretty his face was and just how desirable his body could be. Telling him about his curves and how the boys at the university couldn’t stop looking his way.

After that, they would laugh and Louis would go back to his usual insecure self.

He couldn't quite understand the concept of prettiness or ugliness like Zayn did though.
To him, someone pretty was the boy who worked at Starbucks because he always wished the Omega a good day and his salutes were accompanied by big smiles.

Zayn was also pretty. Because he has been Louis best friend since forever. Always playing and holding his hand as kids and being by his side now, that they were grownups. Never once getting bored or annoyed.

Marvin was the one not pretty. He was really ugly to Louis. Hating the Omega because of his disability; laughing and mocking every time the boy stumbles.

Wanting to throw the negative thoughts out of his mind, Louis pinched his nose with two fingers and dunked his head under the scanted water feeling the warmth take over every inch of his skin.

Touching one hand with the other, sometime later, he decided it was time to get out of the bath when he felt the few wrinkles created on his fingertips.

He took his sweet time to carefully shave his legs and pubes and applying some soothing lotion right after. The lotion and the milk added to the water when he was bathing, made his skin soft and smooth. Babylike.

Louis wrapped a fluffy towel around his waist and counted his steps from the bathroom to his bedroom, not worried about Zayn as he knew, the boy worked until late on Sundays.

Wearing his silky pyjamas and combing his hair before bed was Louis long-life routine, so he did just that, then he set the alarm for 6 a.m and started reading his unfinished book until sleep closed his pretty eyes.


Louis knew the voice so he turned his head; a big smile playing on his lips.

“Hello, Niall. How are you?” Louis asked and moved a bit to make room for his friend on the bench he was sitting.

“I am fine. Have a really important exam coming, it’s tiring me out.” Niall said after he set down. “Is Zayn not coming today?”

“Oh, yes, he is! He just is preparing for that arty thing that is happening today.” Louis sipped from his cup of tea and giggled. “The professor's favourite student, that one.”

“He is, I have noticed.” Niall laughed. “Are you going?”

“Umm... I am not sure if we are allowed, but I am sure Zayn is expecting me there.” Louis lowered his head smiling shyly. “Even though I wouldn’t be much help.”

“Don’t say that.” Niall shook his head from side to side; frowning. “We can go together, and I will explain to you every painted canvas I see. Or better say, whatever I can understand, as a hand-painted canvas, usually is a huge mess; only a specialist can understand.” Niall rambled, laughing.

“You sure do know a lot about it though,” Louis said and stood up from where he was sitting, and extended his right arm, waiting for his friend to take the hint.

Niall wrapped Louis’ arm around his and carefully lead the way inside the building, in the direction of the art gallery.
Even though he was not an art student, he had been there countless times for events such as student exhibitions or even attending his brother’s seminars.

“There’s a painter in my house,” Niall said proudly.

“Is that a film title?” Louis asked tilting his head while going closer to his friend’s body.
He could sense Niall putting so much afford in guiding him. It was new for both of them, as it always was Zayn and Louis.

“No no, there is actually a painter in my family. My big brother. I don’t know if you have seen him around, but he visits pretty often.”

“I don’t think I have seen him, no.” Louis said smugly.

“Oh, sorry, Louis I didn’t mean...”

“Come on Niall, I don’t mind, I am just teasing you.”

Both boys made it into the room and it was already packed. Students going from painting to painting; observing and listening to the artists talk. Professors were showing tips and easy techniques on how to draw a body part or how to properly use oil on the painting.

Louis stealthy sniffed where he was staying with Niall, wanting to know if Zayn was there or not, but he couldn’t find the grassy smell anywhere near them, just a sea of strong, sweet and disturbing aromas. So, he decided to ask instead.

“Can you see Zayn anywhere here?”

Niall rose on his tippy toes to scan around the room, frowning when he caught a familiar someone coming towards them.

“No, I don’t see him, but there is my brother coming this way. I didn’t know he would be here.”

“What …”

Louis wanted to ask what is his brother’s name or what was he doing there. He also wanted to call Zayn and ask where he was because he didn’t want to cage Niall with him all day, but he didn’t do either.

The smell of freshly baked coffee mixed with a really familiar earthy sound hit his nose and he was thankful for his friend holding his arm because his knees were getting weak.

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Harry was getting tired with all those university events he got invited to more often than not.

He was monotonously walking from canvas to canvas, meeting students he had met thousands of times before, teaching techniques he had taught many times, everything repeated really.

Until he reached a surprisingly special easel.

There was no one standing behind it and, when the Alpha got around to have a look, he was amazed by the art. It was a collage painting and as soon as he laid his eyes on it, he recognized the muse.

The work was finished and perfect. There were the prettiest pair of blue eyes painted all over the canvas.

Each pair was presented in different angles, and apparently the artist had been trying to change the technique and the brushes each time, but still, something was the same there.

No matter how much the student had been playing with the colours and the little stars or glittery dots over the lids of the eyes, they did nothing to the emptiness in them.

Empty, exhausted and sad.

They were the eyes of that Omega that Harry couldn’t stop thinking about.

Yes, it was so strange, as they had never spoken and the Omega probably didn’t even know he existed, but yet again, there was something that drew Harry close. Something that banged at his chest and woke his Alpha up with a low growl.

“Anything to correct, Mr Styles?” Someone spoke behind him.

Harry turned to find the boy who accompanies Louis everywhere, Zayn.

So, he was the student who had brushed the pretty blue eyes in that canvas. Is he his boyfriend? Niall said he might be.

“Nothing to correct. Was just admiring your talent.” Harry responded and tried to make himself stand taller.

“My talent or my muse?” Zayn replied cheekily.

“I wouldn’t know who your muse is.”

“I bet you do.”

They stayed like that for a short while, no one of them talking or walking their own way until Zayn spoke.

“Look, I saw you staring at him the other day. I didn’t know who you were but asked someone who knew someone who knew Niall and they told me you were the famous artist who conducts different seminars and takes part in our exhibits.”

“Okay, two questions.”

“Go on.”

Now they were talking with some kind of indifference that made it clear how hard they were trying to intimidate the other. Harry taking the lead.

“First, why not go ask Niall straight away?” Harry cocked one eyebrow noticing something change in the Beta’s features in the mention of his brother.

“I have got my own reasons,” Zayn said, but dropped his eyes, not watching at the Alpha anymore. “Next?”

“Well, not to be that kind of person, but around here people pretty much know me for some reason or another, and I have not had the chance to meet you before in classes...”

“Louis and I are new here. Uni and city.”

Okay so maybe this was the reason Harry had never seen them around before and why Niall didn’t know them well, as he had said.

“Okay, then. Great work, amazing talent.” Harry said and attempted at giving a small smile, already walking away.

“I don’t trust the people around him,” Zayn said making the Alpha stop in his tracks.

“I don’t understand.”

“Yes, you do. I don’t trust people with him.” He echoed. “Don’t even try to do anything Alpha-y. You will regret it.”

“Have a nice day, Zayn. Keep up the good work.” Harry turned to go not waiting for Zayn to say anything else.

Walking from one student to another, he tried to stay professional with his critiques and advice, but the conversation he had with Zayn, always waiting in the back of his mind, torturing him into overthinking.

So, basically, what he learned was that there was a huge possibility of Zayn being Louis’ boyfriend, but the unusual in all that was that Harry didn’t bother.

It was not in his nature to disrespect people or step on them, but his Alpha kept growling possessively every time he thought of the Omega, so there was not much he could do to ignore that.

He had yet to meet him, and a huge smile stretched his lips when, moments later, he noticed the boy with his brother, just lingering at the corner of the room, chatting.

He took some steps in their way but stopped when some scent made contact with his nose.
It was sweet and almost instantly filled his lungs and head, fogging all his senses.

Unable to keep his Alpha under control, he let out a low snarl that thanks to all noise in the room, wasn’t caught by anyone.

The Alpha watched ahead and the beautiful form of Louis laughing at whatever Niall had been saying, was the only thing his eyes focused on.

It was obvious that the aroma of fresh fruits and roses belonged to Louis. That sweet lovely creature.

Not missing any more time, he walked until he reached them and tried to keep his hands to himself. The need to touch the art that was Louis kept wilding his inner Alpha even more.

Judging by the boy’s body language, he was affected just as much as Harry was. And it was not helping his case. At all.

“Good day, boys!” The Alpha saluted, the voice raspy and sharp.

Louis turned his head to completely face him.

The painter was amazed by the boy’s beauty. His thin lips shining and bright pink, cheeks coloured a light rosy shade, and the eyebrows seemed like they were painted with the Rigger Brush he usually used for painting details and just the prettiest things on the canvas, that needed the most of the attention.

His body, hair, everything in him was just perfect. But the eyes, the Sapphire blues were the reason that Harry’s last few paintings had become bluer. Every shade of blue really.

But at the end of the day, the painting was just a painting, but Louis’ eyes hid a whole world behind them. They were never shiny, never happy; when the boy was smiling or laughing, it never reached his eyes. They were either empty or stormy.

Harry had inspected them only twice, but it was enough for a painter to tell what that colour expressed, what the colour wanted.

“Hello, brother,

” Niall replied happily. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you think Ni?”

Harry was breathing through his mouth, but it was pointless, as Louis’ scent had captured his senses already.

“Inspecting, of course.” The Omega replied jokingly. “Well, let me introduce you guys. Harry, this is Louis, my friend.” He said and touched his friend’s shoulder, making him twitch. “And Louis, this is my brother, Harry.” He awkwardly ended, still not sure how to act around Louis in such situations.

Harry, narrowed his eyes at the Omega, watching him carefully. He was blind, now it was pretty obvious, but yet Harry felt like he was being watched by the boy.

“It is so nice meeting you, Louis.” He said and beat the urge to touch the boy’s hand.

“You too.” the Omega replied slowly. Nostrils flaring and cheeks blushing.

“Well, are you having fun, then?”

“Yes...” Niall answered just as Louis said a loud “No.”

“What? Lou, you are not having fun here with me?” Niall acted offended adding a loud gasp just for good measure.

Louis smiled brightly at his friend, patting his hand. “No, you are really fun Niall, it is just... You are tied here with me, and I can’t really understand what is happening around, so...”

“Hey, now, I am not tied here with you, okay? If I wanted, I could have gone the moment we got here. I wouldn’t have asked for you to accompany me.”

Harry had never felt prouder of his brother. Hearing Louis say aloud what he thinks of himself, made the Alpha in him growl and claw at his chest.

“Okay, Niall, we get it, you are an angel...” The Alpha decided to lighten the mood, but that earned him a kick at his shin. And a smile from the blue-eyed boy. “Now, Louis, would you like to have a tour?”

“Oh... Umm I fact... It is not like, I can admire the art or anything...”

“That’s why I am offering. I will help you admire art.”