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Situational Reversal

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This was absolutely no place for a great demon lord to be, not in the slightest.

By this, he could mean this world. Or this small living space, so plain and square. Maybe he meant this situation in general. They’d all be accurate, but incorrect.

No, right now, the place in question that a great demon lord shouldn’t be was on the floor.

Because that was exactly where Mobei-jun was.

Flat on his back, on this weirdly short furred section of the floor, in this room lit by the most irritating magic lanterns ever.

He was staring up at these lanterns - no, glaring. Definitely glaring up at them. Innocuous things were stared at. These were anything but, so deserved more ire.

That strange magic scroll had appeared before himself and Luo Binghe once before they were transported, then again after. It had quite a lot of information, but most of it was phrased with far more words and exclamations than necessary.

Most of the information had had nothing to do with how they were to locate and retrieve their mates either. He supposed they could be considered tactical details, but as they were mostly meaningless and about having ‘fun’ with an ‘event’, he was pretty sure they were worthless.

The important facts were as such: Some force called the System had absconded with their humans. He and Luo Binghe had been brought to a strange place. This was presumably because it was also the place their humans had been snatched off to. This system was taunting them with the game of chase but the worst part of it was what it had done to them.

Part of why Mobei-jun was lying on the floor right now, undignified as it was, had been due to the extreme inability to balance he’d ended up with on arriving. This was due to several usually very important balancing sections of his anatomy being absent.

His tail was missing.

His horns were just gone.

Even his proper regal attire had been replaced by...some strange substitute for robes that felt like it was more akin to underclothing than anything, with how it hugged his skin.

He felt unbalanced.

He felt weak.

Worst of all, he felt overheated.

Unable to stay vertical, he’d fallen to the floor. The lights overhead made him feel even more exposed and out of sorts, and he’d had to peel out of a black leather coat of sorts he’d had on.

His body itched and felt uncomfortable and...moist. Why was his hair wet? Disgusting. Why was everything the wrong temperature?

Being human was unpleasant and it made him both pity and admire his Shang Qinghua all the more for it. Which was awful because that made him worry about his Shang Qinghua instead.

His human was all alone in this place too? Was he alright? He was easily frightened by new situations and prone to crying and wailing about them...but he was also very resourceful. He might’ve figured out this place very fast, and he was already a human. Or did this place make him a demon?

A demon Shang Qinghua might be cute.

Would he have a little fluffy tuft on his tail? He definitely needed a tail.

“Please never make that expression ever again.”

Luo Binghe’s voice cut through his thoughts. The usually half-demon was seated in front of the glowing scrying box and had been pouring over the information left there for them. However, at some point his attention had apparently returned to the state of his lieutenant on the floor and he found something in that displeasing. Not that Luo Binghe didn’t find most anything that wasn’t his human displeasing at some time or another.

“What expression?” Mobei-jun winced at the sound of his own voice, so much weaker and lighter than it should sound. It might have still kept its proper low tone, but there was just something plain about it now, nothing augmented by his nature or power.

“Any of them, really. I am used to you having next to no change in your face, so seeing you go through an entire array of expressions is unpleasant.”

Since when was he making any sort of facial change at all? He was an ice demon and so had a naturally stiff face. He didn’t emote usually, except in extreme anger - and that tended to lead to more misunderstandings than anything.

Though...he did feel like his face was moving a lot. That was part of the general squishy discomfort of this body. His features just liked to move or feel gross randomly. Focusing on it, he could feel his brows knit and his lips twisted, the lower pushed out too far. Wait…

Why was his face doing things? That was just incorrect. He didn’t like it at all.

“Glad to see you’re caught up.” Luo Binghe turned back to the glowing surface before him.

Mobei-jun glared at his superior’s back.

From what he could see, Luo Binghe looked different as well. He was already half-human so didn’t lose quite so many visible features as Mobei-jun had. But there was still visible differences even in his general aura. His face had gained more softness, his build had thickened with weight as well as muscle, and his hair had lost its graceful and shining qualities, instead falling in a wild mess upon his back and shoulders.

Closing his eyes and blocking out the scenery around him, Mobei-jun tried to center himself once more. Lying on a floor forever being uncomfortable with his body wouldn’t achieve anything. If he wanted to stop being human - and more importantly if he wanted to retrieve his human - he had to get through this “special event”.

The information they’d been given initially had listed some important points, apart from its asinine blabber about the event. He and Luo Binghe were presumably meant to work together - or rather, have a shared base of opreations.

What he’d noted, pointedly, was the description of their way home. A mini-Xin Mo Token which would allow them a portal back to their own world. Such a weirdly specific descriptor of it, but that had been some of the sword’s function hadn’t it? He distinctly remembered the merging world’s business.

But the most important part of that whole business was that it was a single use token.

This meant they could only have a portal home once.

One chance to either fully give up or to return when they’d found their mates. There was no backing out of this and coming back later - they had to find their mates before they used the token, or lose them forever.

As Xin Mo’s master, Luo Binghe had the token. So their staying was at his whim. This was both a blessing and a curse.

Because Luo Binghe would absolutely not abandon his Shen Qingqiu. So there wasn’t a chance of him becoming impatient and giving up before he had been found. There wouldn’t be a chance of him just going back to their world and giving up on this quest.

The downside was that it was still Luo Binghe, and he only cared about his Shen Qingqiu. He was reasonably loyal, but extremely short-sighted when it came to his human. If he had regained his human, he would very likely chose to return immediately so there was no chance of losing him again.

If Luo Binghe found Shen Qingqiu first, they would leave shortly after, no questions asked. It was just to be expected when working with this person. Their partnership in this matter would only extend so far as Luo Binghe’s patience lasted, and he would have no patience for anything but his spouse when he was reclaimed. Mobei-jun understood it perfectly well, but knew it would put him in a bad position if he had not yet found his own mate.

The simple answer to this was that Mobei-jun had to make sure he found his Shang Qinghua as soon as possible. That way, he would be secure when Luo Binghe located his Shen Qingqiu and there would be no leaving him behind.

He would find his mate and be ready. That was the only option.

This meant that Mobei-jun was going to have to function in this world.

That meant it was time to get off the floor.