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Situational Reversal

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Watching his husband vanish into thin air before him was one of the most heart-wrenching things Luo Binghe had gone through in recent memory. As someone who had been through a great deal of pain and downright bullshit through his life, he liked to think he had a pretty good perspective of how bad situations were. But every time he lost his shizun always hurt like a new thousand ton weight was dropped into his chest.

It took him all of a moment to move from panic into anger.

This was not some sort of choice - his husband had just been grabbing a book! It wasn’t like he was trying to leave or anything! So the obvious answer was that something or someone had taken him. And there was no way Luo Binghe was letting that stand.

His first thought was to try and track him by the Heavenly Demon Blood still inside Shen Qingqiu. It would be but an instant for him to reach out with his senses to try and locate it. That was the power of Heavenly Demon Blood after all!

But any stretch of his awareness for it hit a frightening void of information. His beloved Shizun was simply...gone.

His second idea occurred quickly after the first. It led him to storm after his cowardly shishu.

Shang Qinghua was frequently aware of more than he let on - it’s one of the traits Mobei-jun was so damn fond of about him! On top of that, he was also the closest to a confidant that Shen Qingqiu had about anything he wouldn’t discuss with his husband, so if he’d mentioned whatever was worrying him, it would have been to that person.

Between his long legged stride and taking off quickly onto his Zheng Yang, there was really no excuse for why Luo Binghe wouldn’t have been able to easily catch up to Shang Qinghua. No matter how fast the An Ding Peak Lord had scurried away to escape being thrown out, there was no way he could actually have gotten particularly far from the cottage at this point!

So why did he find no sign of him at all?!?!?!

After finding the trail of Shang Qinghua quickly proved futile, Luo Binghe returned to the cottage to see if Shen Qingqiu had been returned or if he could retrace any signs of the magic that took him.

He spent the better part of the next several hours looking through his home and trying to trace whatever magic had been used to spirit his Shizun away, using various means of detection. The fact it seemed to leave nothing behind at all bothered him deeply. There should be nothing so beyond his senses!

Just as he was about to get up and start an expedition to Cang Qiong Mountain Sect to see if they were holding his Shizun again - though he doubted it at this point - he found he had a visitor. Why should he have a visitor at all during this time was already an alarm bell, but this particular one knew better than to bother him at home so it had better be important.

The snap of cold in the air was familiar enough that Luo Binghe barely felt the need to glance at his general.

“What is it? I was about to set off on a journey.”

Mobei-jun rarely spoke if he didn’t have to, but knew better than to hesitate giving his reasons. “Your last visitor-”

“I haven’t seen him in hours.” Luo Binghe interrupted with a frustrated snarl, “I was trying to track him down too. My Shizun has vanished and your Shang Qinghua tends to know more about those situations than he should.”

The way the temperature dipped slightly was the only true sign of any distress an ice demon would really show in a situation like this.

“He has not returned home.” Mobei-jun spoke plainly, but his meaning clear, “He would have called for me if he was in distress.”

“If he was able to call, that is.” Luo Binghe glanced suspiciously in the direction of the book he’d placed carefully back on the table, dropped earlier by his husband. Perhaps someone was just in the habit of kidnapping demon lords’ husbands today?

It was as he thought this, that the room began to glow in an odd fashion, and a translucent visage of text appeared before him, as did a strangely toned voice that read the words out. Mobei-jun was looking about, seemingly seeing the same image.

[ Welcome Guest Users to the Situational Reversal Special Event! You are about to begin! We hope you enjoy! ]

What am I looking at? What is this? I have better things to do than this!

[ Thank you for your participation!

~Event Critical Mission - Retrieve Your Husband!~ is starting.

Please ring the System for any inquiries after you begin! Basic briefing will be given on arrival! ]

With a quick, wild-eyed look at Mobei-jun, Luo Binghe saw for an instant the world around them swirling, before everything went blank.

Just what was this?!?!?!