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I'll Put You In the Spotlight Tonight

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This is it. Tonight is the night where they either make it or break it.

Opening night.

Seokjin stood in the wings of the stage, picking at the hem of his costume shirt while he took deep breaths in order to stop the nerves from consuming him entirely. He's done this before, plenty of times so he knew that he would be completely fine… except this is the first time he's doing Shakespeare. He was lucky enough to have gotten a lead, the role of Lysander, which he felt he could portray wonderfully. However it was the dialogue he was concerned with, worried that he might somehow mess up a line, or forget one and mess up the whole play. He knew it was a silly thought to have, but he couldn't rid it from his mind.

He was pulled from the rambling of his thoughts by a gentle hand on his shoulder, causing him to look up and see that adorably dimpled face which has tortured him for the past two years. The smiling face which belonged to non other than Kim Namjoon.

Seokjin hadn't even known who he was at first, just seeing this scrawny, tall, awkward kid up top fixing the lights, or checking mics. He's been in the background of nearly all the highschool performances that Jin has been a part of, and really hasn't even gotten to know him until this year working on a midsummer's night dream. He only wished he would have known much sooner.

Seokjin might have been developing a crush on the nerd, but only slightly… okay perhaps maybe a lot. Kim Namjoon was an absolute angel, one that Jin was so happy to now be able to call his friend. A friend who is absurdly smart, and is the only reason why Seokjin can even sound nice when he is on stage. He is the only reason Jin is still in theater production, stopping him when he had wanted to quit from the frequent toxicity and drama involved with the castle each year. Really, Jin only stuck with it for Namjoon.

He was pulled yet again from his thoughts by Namjoon… again.

“Jin? You alright there? You keep spacing out.”

The actor had blinked a few times, in mild confusion, “What? Uh.. Yeah.. yeah I'm okay.” He was okay, thankfully. He was just drowning in a rolling ocean full of anxiety and paranoia.

Namjoon, wisely, didn't look to be convinced in the slightest, “Yeah okay, that's definitely believable.” He took Jin by the hand and pulled him off to the side, giving him a bottle of water which he quickly drank from, who knew he was so thirsty?

“Listen, I know you're nervous, I can tell. No don't even give me that look you know I'm right.” All Namjoon got from Jin then was just a pout before he continued speaking, “I know everyone is telling you this, but you're going to be completely fine. No one in that audience has the whole original script memorized, so if you miss a word or two no one will notice.”

After seeing that Jin was still not that believing, he continued, and pulled out all of the friendship cards he had up his sleeves, “If you do a bad job, I promise I will tell you truthfully, but I really think you're going to be great. I've been in the back watching you guys all rehearse for the past five months and I'm telling you that it's a really good performance. So good in fact, that I even have a present for you, I was going to give it to you after the show, because I knew you've worked hard enough to earn one.”

Seokjin had perked up a bit, mostly from Namjoon's words surprisingly. He really wasn't one for presents, and Joon was really good at making him feel better, no matter what… but still, Namjoon having a present for him? “You got me a present?”

Namjoon gave a laugh, “And there it is, you're back!” He took the water bottle from Jin's hands, placing it back off to the side and checking a few of the props around them, knowing that the play would start soon, “I do in fact have something for you. Why? Would you like it now?” He had a small quirk to him lips.

Seokjin's head tilted slightly, “Are you willing to give it to me right now?” He spoke in a teasing tone, “Did you just carry it on you? Bold mov-” He was cut off by a call from backstage, saying that it was showtime in five minutes. When he had heard the call he had turned to face the sound, a natural thing to do.

It was then that he felt a pair of lips on his cheek, and his head whipped towards Namjoon, who was smiling so cheeky yet adorable at the same time, “There, enjoy your present. I've gotta go to the sound board now, you'll do great!” It was as if there were a pack of wolves on his heels, that was how fast Namjoon had slipped behind the curtains, leaving Jin to stand there wide eyed and stunned.

To say that Seokjin was confused was an understatement, yet that wasn't a bad thing at all. He was quite strangely at ease now, bringing a hand up to touch his cheek, it felt warm to the touch.

Did Namjoon just kiss him?

The answer was yes. It was only a peck on the cheek, yet it filled Seokjin to the brim with warmth and a confidence he thought he had lost for tonight. He knew then that everything Namjoon had said was correct. He was going to do great tonight, and he was going to make sure of it. He was going to put on a show tonight, and make Namjoon proud… then they were going to talk about that kiss, because what the hell?

The curtains rose, and out stepped the cast. A couple of minutes later, so did Jin, the lights beaming brightly and reflecting off of his blond hair, making Seokjin shine radiantly.

And the performance? It went perfectly. The only mess up they had were a few props misplaced are a bit broken, but to be fair they had been made last minute so it was a miracle they were even standing.

After the play had ended, and Seokjin had taken his bows, he was overworked, tired, and extremely sweaty. But none of that stopped the bright smile from spreading on his face as he marched out to find the man who gave him back his confidence without fail. The one who put him back in his spotlight, and allowed him to shine.

He didn't have to look far, seeing the tall brunet off to the side, still fiddling with his sound board. He didn't look up until Seokjin was right in front of him. A dimpled grin split his face when he realized it was Jin, “Hey! You did great! I told you that you would. Seriously you really need to listen to me more- OW! Why'd you do that! Pinching hurts!”

Seokjin had to hide his laugh and smile between an over exaggerated scowl, “That was for completely abandoning me in my time of need! You don't just walk away from that! Rude!” He let Namjoon look guilty for only a few seconds. He leaned in the second Namjoon began to speak, cutting him off by catching his lips in a soft, yet barely there kiss.

He pulled away almost immediately, “And that was for kissing me.” He gave a hum and began to back away, “I gotta go to see my fans now, keep doing great!” He turned and disappeared into the crowd with a snicker.

It was now Namjoon that had been left standing there in shock. It took him a few seconds, but he was soon to chase after Jin, “Hey! Wait don't leave! Let me apologise!”

It would be safe to say that from there, they would have a very interesting relationship.