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When a Bunny Loves A Tiger

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( Taeyon: 1 year old )


" What's a pretty little omega like you doing in a bad bad place like this".

Jungkook resists the urge to snort over his lemonade, instead adopting a cool stare as he eyes the man who approached him.

The alpha's tall, long legs and a broad torso, he has cherry pink hair that glow blue and purple under the room's lighting and there's a tiger eared headband hanging from his ears.

He's hot, really really hot but...

" Sorry, you'll have to move on, I'm a happy little omega, with a pretty baby girl who I have to go back to".

Despite Jungkook's words, the unknown alpha still slides next to him, their thighs almost touching as he invades Jungkook's personal space.

Brown eyes twinkle up at him," Really, just a baby girl? Does that mean I have a chance?"

Huffing at the man's brazeness, Jungkook adjusts the bunny eared headband he's wearing.

" Yes, just a baby girl, my husband....he's not here with us anymore, that's why I'm here I guess, to drink my woes away".

The man gives an empathetic smile," That sounds horrible, it seems like you need to move on, if I may, what happened to him".

"Oh", Jungkook trains his eyes towards the yellow swirly lemonade," My husband, Tae....he used to love cooking breakfast for me you know? He was a baker", the omega gives a sad smile," But one day he......forgot to make me my favourite banana milkshake and then he died".

The man stills," He died....just like that?"

" Yup", Jungkook enunciates the word slowly," Just like that, no clue what happened, I'll always miss his banana milkshakes and mango pies", his eyes glisten with unshed tears.

The alpha next to him gapes incredulously and for good measure Jungkook adds,".....And his legs, he had really nice legs, all shapely and toned".

It's quiet for a few seconds before the alpha bangs his hand on the table," What the hell! You killed me off, just like that! And it's obvious that you're the one who murdered me because I didn't make you breakfast!"

Jungkook sniffs," I have no clue what you're talking about, I'm just a lonely little omega, having to raise a child on his own".

Lies", Taehyung screams, outraged as he points at Jungkook accusingly," At least come up with a believable backstory! I thought we agreed on a scarily hot mafia guy and hot widower roleplay".

Jungkook sighs, stretching his limbs slightly," Don't you think our friend's Halloween party is a weird place to do roleplay", he gestures around to the rest of their friends and the tacky costumes everyone is wearing ( Jin forced Yoongi to wear a Garfield outfit ) and the extremely scary zombie model at the side.

Seriously, it has blood and an extremely realistic eye pooping out of it, Jungkook was this close to covering Taeyon's eyes when they came but the little girl laughed instead at the figurine.

( He's worried about his daughter being a sadist )

Taehyung shrugs slightly," Thought we'd do a quickie in the bathroom ".

"....In Namjoon and Jimin's bathroom".

" Ooh sorry ", the alpha holds his arms up," We'll do it in the shopping mall stall again".

" Don't act like you didn't like it", Jungkook smirks goadingly.

Taehyung keeps eye contact for a moment before smiling a bit sheepishly," Fine, you're not wrong".

There's a cry across the room and Jungkook and Taehyung turn to see Jimin and Hoseok panicking over a crying Taeyon.

Taehyung gives Jungkook a teasing smirk," So, is the little omega going back to his baby girl?"

Jungkook gets up, hooking an arm around Taehyung's waist and dragging him forward," Only if this big bad alpha comes along with me ".

Giggling, the couple make their way to their friends.

Jimin looks jittery as he hovers over Taeyon and Yoongi is rocking the baby alpha girl.

" I-I don't know what happened, we were making funny faces at her and she just started crying ".

" Relax ", Taehyung takes Taeyon from Yoongi's hands, cradling the one year old as he coos at her before rubbing his nose against her tiny button one, " She's just being a bit fussy ".

Jungkook scratches his daughter's scalp slightly, smile widening when she scrunches up before giggling.

" You guys look like naturals", Jimin says in awe," I'm really worried about how Joonie and I are going to handle a kid".

 Namjoon snorts from behind him," Out of all of us Taeyon likes you the most, what are you worried about?"

Hoseok gives a light frown, adjusting his bridezilla costume ( the hair wig he's wearing looks suspiciously like how Jin's hair did last year ), " What makes you so sure it's Jimin?"

Jin joins the argument too," Yeah, I'm pretty sure Taeyon ah likes me the most".

At that Yoongi snickers and Jin turns to glare at them

" Wow", Jungkook turns sideways," Our daughter's got everyone in this room whipped".

Taehyung beams," Obviously ", he holds her up lion king style," She's the product of the cutest people ever and she's smart as hell".

" Taehyung putting a strawberry in a bowl does not make anyone a chef".

" Hush now non believer and you're acting like you didn't demand me to send you a million pictures that day" 

Taeyon's dressed up as a warrior princess, Taehyung insisted on doing all the costume design and hair and makeup.

She's wearing a cute brown frock, bedazzaled with amber gems at one end, soft brown hair plaited and two red stripes on either side of her face.

That's one of the reasons Jungkook and Taehyung are dressed up as a bunny and a tiger, to complete the whole jungle aesthetic.

" Come on Taeyon ah", the hyungs approach the tiny girl snuggled into Taehyung's arms," Whose your favourite uncle?"

She looks up when her name is called, big doe eyes looking up as she gives a shaky gummy smile.

It happens in a fraction of a second, the little girl's mouth opens slowly and-

"Jin ".

Everyone pauses in what they're doing and peer even closer to the baby.

A pin drops somewhere in the apartment and the sound echoes.

( Well, that's kind of a lie because the other guests are going about there own thing but they may as well be backround noise at this point )

" Taeyon ah what did you just say?" Jungkook's face is pasty.

" J-Jin", her face brightens up," Jin Jin Jin".

" Oh no no no", Taehyung looks shocked," My baby's first word is Jin".

With a sinking heart Jungkook realises that he hasn't in fact damaged his ears or been dreaming.

Jin, on the other hand, is filled with glee as he takes Taeyon from Taehyung's hand, twirling her around as he laughs his wind wiper laugh," That's right Taeyon ah, I am your favourite uncle".

Taeyon giggles adorably," Jin, Jin, Jin Jin Jin Jin".

" At this rate, I wouldn't have minded if her first word was asswipe".



( Taeyon: 7 years old )


It's Saturday which also means that Jungkook's going to Cookies and Crumbs.

He's have left an hour back......if it weren't for his brat of a daughter.

" Taeyon ah", Jungkook gives in, collapsing on the couch, they've been playing tag for the last thirty minutes, the tiny girl promising him she'll wear her shirt only if the omega manages to catch her.

It was a losing battle, she's much faster and tinier than him, everytime the omega neared her she'd duck down and go somewhere else.

Taehyung's better with her when she's in a playful mood ( at least he'd never agree to play tag ), Jungkook's much too impatient for that.

" Don't you want to meet Appa! He's going to be so sad if you don't come to meet him", Jungkook calls out.

At least he's good at emotional blackmail.

The tiny devil peeks her head out from behind the kitchen table, her hair tied in two pony tails, one hair tie pink and the other yellow, doe eyes looking up at him.

" Come on Taeyon ah, Papi also wants to meet Appa really badly", Jungkook gives his own rendition of doe eyes and he internally cheers when she comes closer.

" If I'm going then I don't wanna weal a shilt", Taeyon insists and Jungkook smiles at the cute lisp his daughter has when pronouncing her 'r's, it's adorable.

" But Taeyon ah, you can't meet appa without a shirt on, you won't be allowed in the cafe and that means no ice cream either".

Taeyon pouts and Jungkook waits patiently for her to give in.

Finally, his baby walks towards him and the omega immediately brings her on his lap.

" So...?"

Taeyon looks up at him, her pout replaced by a squarish grin as she looks up at him," I'll weal my shilt on one condition".

Taeyon does this a lot, agreeing to perform her tasks in exchange of something and Jungkook doesn't mind giving in because usually the reward is  pretty simple or something  they were planning to give her anyway.

" What is it Taeyie?"

" I want to give appa a hailstyle!"




" Taeyie! Princess!", Taehyung's at the counter, Jungkook having texted him when they were five minutes away and the alpha doesn't hesitate to sweep the little girl into his arms, smiling as the baby rests against his chest.

" Appa appa, I gave Papi a makeove'l ", Taeyon tells him excitedly.

It's at that moment he sees his mate, the omega standing in front of him and promptly chokes on his own spit.

" If you laugh", Jungkook whispers into his ear as he leans in for a hug, " I will kill you".

" What are you saying Kookie", Taehyung gives the omega a peck on the lips," I think you look fantastic in that, the blue really brings out your eyes", he turns his gaze downwards towards Taeyon," Our Taeyie could really be a great hairstylist".

Jungkook's hair has been parted into two halves, one contained in a tiny pony and the other half cluttered with iron man clips, there's a blue head band on his head for no other reason except it looks pretty Papi.

" Uugh, when I told Taeyon that Iron Man was my favourite superhero, this is not what I meant", Jungkook whispers lowly enough for only Taehyung to hear and as the alpha laughs, the girl looks up at the two of them.

" Why is Appa laughing?"

Taehyung places two wet kisses on either of Taeyon's cheeks," Because Appa's happy".





' Boyfriend'

( Taeyon: 15 years old )

" Appa", Taeyon turns to Taehyung, her eyes serious," Papi", she gives Jungkook the same look," I have something to announce".

The couple look back at her expectantly and taking a deep breath, the alpha  girl says," I have a boyfriend".

For a few seconds there's no noise, not even the sound of breathing and then all hell breaks loose.

" What. Did. You. Just. Say".

Taeyon sighs," I have a boyfriend Papi. We've been dating for a week now".

" A week!" Jungkook looks scandilised," You've been dating some random dude for a week and you're telling us now! What do you think this is young lady, some restaurant that you come to for eating and then leave without so much of a trace!"

" Kookie relax", Taehyung gives his mate a light pat on the thighs," This is exactly the reason she didn't tell us sooner".

" Break up with him".

" What the- no", Taeyon argues," I haven't even told you about him".

" Yeah Kookie, let's meet the boy at least", Taehyung reasons and gives the omega a light kiss on the lips when he pouts.

Taeyon gags.

" W-what are you doing?" the omega flushes.

" Kissing your pout away", Taehyung gives him a boxy grin and Taeyon gags once again.

" Stop distracting me!" Jungkook scowls but none the less tangles his hands around Taehyung's waist and puts his head on the alpha's shoulder.

" So you're cool with this appa", Taeyon eyes her alpha father warily and the man gives her an innocent grin.

" You're allowed to have boyfriends or girlfriends Taeyie, we would just like it if you introduced the person sooner and told us something about them you know, for us to approve of them".

Taeyon finds herself nodding along to her alpha father until she hears the last part of his statement.

" Wait, approval?"

Taehyung nods," Well, obviously, I need to know how his grades are, his personality, likes, dislikes, where he sees himself in ten years, isn't that right Kookie?"

Jungkook nods," Oh yeah, he needs to know Spanish too".

Oh god, her parents are going to tear Minsoo alive.

Taeyon gulps," Well, he's a year younger than me and you guys know of him".

Jungkook perks up," We do?"

Taeyon nods, " In fact he'll be here any minute".

" Wait, your boyfriend's coming over now?"

The door bell rings at that moment, the timing impeccable and Taeyon rushes towards the door before her parents can and opens it.

" Hello Taehyung Hyung, Jungkook Hyung", the fourteen year old omega gives them a dimpled smile," I'm Taeyonie noona's boyfriend".

There's a pregnant pause of silence until...

" Park-Kim Minsoo! Is that the reason you and Taeyon were found locked up in that room during last week's Halloween party! What were you two doing in there!"